Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAED. WHOLE NO. 13,394. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1873.? QUADRUPLE SHEET: ~ PRICE FOUlTcENTa DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS. AHDSEMENT8 Focrth Pag?? Feorth, tittli nnd sixth AHTR^oLoG^-Second P*ge? Fourth colunio. BILLIARDS? Fourth Page? Thirn column. Boarders WANTED? Fourth Fiw-nrst aod second BOAR1?"an"u LODGING WANTED-Foceth Page-Sbc ond colvinn. BROOKLYN HKAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pack? Second column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ? Sixteenth Page? First cotumn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth Pag*? Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO ? Fourth Page? Third column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOB SALE? Second Page? Hrst aad second columns. _ _ .. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Fifteenth Page? Fourth column. CLOTHING? Thirteenth Pack? Fourth column. Coachmen and gardeners? Fifteenth Page? Fourth, fifth anil sixth columns. COAL AND WOOD-First PAO-Slxth column. COASTWISE STEAMS lilFS ? Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. , COPARTNERSHIPS? Eleven? PAGE-Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Focrtu 1* ace? Second and third columns. _ .. . _ DANCINU ACADEMIES? FoirBTn PACx-Fourth column. DENTISTRY? Sixteenth Page? Fiwt column. . SKY GOODS? First Paur? sixth column. WEI, 1. 1 NO HOI! ES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? 1'h 1Kb P age? Second and third colnmns. _ _ ? EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Thirteenth Page^- Filth column. ? _ F.UROPE? Thirteenth Page? Fourth column. EYES AND EARS ? Tuietk.enth Pagk? Fourth column. FINANCIAL.? Klkvkntii Page? Filth column. FOR SALE? Tnim> Page? Filth and sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AN'll APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Pagk ? Third and fourth columns. yURNl I CRE ? Fourth Page? Third column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixteenth Page? First column. _ HELP WAN TED? FEMALES? Fifteen? Page? Second and third columns. HELP WANTED? males? Fifteenth Pace? Sixth col umn. HORSES. CARRIAGES AC.? First Page? Second, third, I'ourtli and fllth columns. HOTELS? Fourth Page ? Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC.. WANTED? First Page- Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? Fourth Page? Fourth column. JKKSKY CITY, lioBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Page? Second column. LECTURE SEASON? Fourth Page? Fifth column. LEO A I. NOTICES? First Page? Filth column. 'LOAN OFFICES? Thirteenth Pag* -Sixth column. Lost AND KoUND? First Pagk? First column. MACHINERY? Third Page? Sixth column. M A Klil.E MANTELS? Second Pagk? Sixth column. MEDICAL? Second Pagk? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAK.INU? FlRST PACE-Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Thirteenth Pagk? Fourth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? Fourth column. NKW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Page? Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS? Tin hteentii 1'agk? I'ourtli column. PERSONAL? First'Pack? First column. PIANOFORTES, OltUANS. AC.? Fourth Pace? Fourth column. POST OFFH E NOTICE? First Page? Filth column. PROPOSALS ? Second Page ? Filth and sixtn columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Page? Sccond, third and fourth col umns. _ . | REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANOE? Second PAGE-Fourth I column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Page? Fourth col umn. REV ARDS? First Page? First column. SALES AT AUCTION? stxteentii Page? Second, third, fourth, iliih and stxtii column". SITUATIONS WANTED - FEMALES ? Fourteenth Pagk? First, sccond, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Fifteenth Page? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED ? MALES ? Fifteenth Page? Third and fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? Fiust Page? First and sccond col umns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? First PAGE-Sccond column. STALLIONS? First Page? Second column. STORAGE ? Thirteenth Page? Fourth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Page? Third column. THE TRADES? Fifteenth Page? Sixth column, and Sixteenth Page? First column. THE TURF? First Page? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Third Page? First nnd second columns. TRAVELLERS' G I.' IDE? Thirteenth Page? Sixth col umn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Tunic Page? Fourth and 11 tth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? First Page? Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Sccond column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fikst Page? Fifth co' uuta. PABI8 AGKNCY OF THE NEW YORK IIEUALD. jyj ESSRS. RREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED t'ARIR AGENTS FOR THE NEW TORE HERALD.* THEY WILL SUPPLY DfiXt BR8 WITH COPIES OF THE ITERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. ^ . PBRSOMAIi. AUGUSTE FOLSCRAFT, BUTCHER, WILL PI-EASE call on Gidcoa L. Walker, Esq., 33 Wall streot, room C'. IMPORTANT. A NDREW C. ELLIOT WISHES TO SKE JOHN A. A. Holland, ntthe Washington Hotel, No. 1 Broadway, In regard to Mexican land Krauts, II not alive will tome friend answer aud inform. Beautiful blonde, grand opera house, evening of 21st, noticed two gentlemen in left bal conv? Khidlv address, stating some instance of recogni tion and luture nee tins, B. B. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. (1HARLES S. DUNHAM, SON OF G. W. DUNHAM, IN J 1830 and for vears alter a merchant In Riceboro. Liberty county, Ga., has not iieen heard from since August I860: then wrote that he was in the employ of one of hi* lathor's former friends in New York city : re liable information as to his whereabouts or tale will be liberally paid tor. Address box 2rf 1' office, Darien, (>a. Advertiser and photograph may bu seen for two days. CHARLIE? PLEASE CALL IN HASTE. E. C. f^HARLEY-DO NOT PART WITH MY JEWELRY. \J Meet me to-day at liw Fourth avenue or send word where yon will be. I will do n< you say. Don't be angry at me. We will go aftn see how good we can get along. YOUR WIFE. For adoption? two splendid infants. 149 Charles street Mrs. SMITH, call and explain. I am confounded. Information wanted? ofpatrick m'qroarty, who landed in Castle Garden irom steatrter Spain on the I4tli Inst Address CONDY Mot.ROARTY, Wilkes tiarre, Pa. Third avenue car. su.vday evening.? lady in corner and vot off at Fourth street. Gentleman standing would like an interview. If agreeable state time and place through Personals. MoKTON. The three mev that stole the two statuettes trom Twenty -second street last evening, at 8 o'clock, hail better return them and aavo lurther trouble, as they are known. The young man standing on the corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue (Mncy corner), yesterday morning, would like to make the acquaintance of the young lady who crossed Sixth avenue towards Fifth, and who looked back at him niter she had passed. 8aml address where I may meet you to ADMIRER, box 160 Herald Uptown Branch office. w. L. P.? CALL AT 8 O'CLOCK P. M. THIS (WED nesday. T. L(l!?T AMI Flll>D. F OUND? A POCKETBOOK. CONTAINING A SMALL sum of money, which the owner < an have by prov ing property and naylng ior this advertisement. "Call at 37 East Eighty-third street LOBT? APRILS, ON JOHN STREET. OR BROADWAY, near John street Gold Band Bracelet, marked "T. H. A. to F. R. A." Liberal reward will be paid on the return of the same to C. H. DUNKS. 235 canal street. LOST? A WHITE SPITZ DOG: ANSWERS TO THE name of Snow, ts will be paid by returning him to 148 West Forty-ninth street. LOST-POCKETBOOK, IN TELEGRAPH OFFICE corner Wall and Broad streets, containing in enrrency, several letters, memorandums, Ac. The parly who found it willbe rewarded by returning the same to owner, WM. A. JONES, at Naval office, Wall street. LOST-S2S REWARD? TUESDAY MORNING. A small black and tan Slut; answers to the name of "Daisy." Any one finding her please return to the Grand Hotel, Thirty -first ana Broadway, room ti. LOST- APRIL 22, FROM 95 RtVlNOTON STREET, A small black and tan Slut $lu reward will be paid for the return of the same. Llr-ON SUNDAY, A SMALL WHITE POODLE, i..Bi yellow ears: lost in the neighborhood of Filtv second street and Third avenue. A lil.ernl reward will be paid by leaving It at First avenue, in drug store. Lost or mislaid? certificate of ten shares Hudson and Delaware Canal Company Stock. In the name of Ellzat.oth A. Bacon, Derby, Conn. Transfer stopped. Finder rewarded l>v leaving It with W. T. HAICU A SON, 34 Wall street. STRAYED? FRIDAY, APRIL M, FROM 39 WEST Tnlrty-ntth street, a large sl/e gray Scotch Terrier ; nas tall and ear* nol cul and answers, to the name pt Haueo. 928 reward will be paid to any one who brings Mm to the above address. I RJCWAROS. C REWARD -LOST, AN IS FOOT BOAT. PAINTED ?/ black ontslde, white inside, blue bottom boards. !nd to WILLIAM DAVAN. Ifi6 Maiden lane. A()C WILL BE PAID AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED dp4*' for the return intact of the Overcoat stolen on Tuesday troin my room, In the office of the New York Life Insurance Company. D. O'DElL M??K< IAI, SIJTICKS. All officers, sailors anp soldiers wound ed, ruptured or injured, however slightly, are en titled to pension. Address or appl\ loDr f U. JACKSON, late buiKwu luiUi fciaive Auw. Nu, * ^ >? w UmuiUiisiI npkvial nuth kk. A? OYSTER CONTBOVBB8Y BKTWKKN TWO ? States ? It wiil t>? remembered thut in the Fall ol IMh a large twd of seed ovsters was discovered near the mouth ol Bridgeport, Conn., harbor. The greater part ot this bed would fall within a line drawn from headland to headland ot the Connec ticut coast, and until recently It bus always lieen admitted to pertain to and form u por tion of that State. Some pretensions to the contrary hay ing lately been advanced, a convention of Connecticut oysternie'n met at Bridgeport February 7 and 22. 1878. ami, atter forming a permanent state association and appoint ing a committee to memorialize the Legislature, passed resolutions pledging its members to use every exertion to bring to iustice all non-residents attempting to take any oysters, dams or shell tlsh within the water* ol the State of Connecticut. A committee of seventeen was also ap pointed to prosecute ail tresspassers. All persons interested are respectfully requested to take notice that the question of boundary between Connectf cut on the north and New York State on the south Is well settled; and their attention is called to a decision, ren dered in May, IH71. by Judge Shipman.of the united States District Court, lit the case of Kcyser vs. Coe. The rules in controversies touching the boundaries of States do not diller materially from those relating to the boundaries of land between individuals. In botli cases resort must he hail to documents ol title, such as grunts, charters and deeds, and in the second place to evidence of use and occupation. All the great document* of title viz., the Warwick patent of lfiol, the famous Charter of Connecticut, grunted by Charles II. in 1662, and the patent to the Duke of York in 1664, concur In bounding Connecticut on the south by the son? that is, by the At lantic Ocean ; and until IGia Connecticut in fact did ex ercise jurisdiction over that part of l-ong Island abreast of her shore* The islands on the north shore of the Sound have also uniformly been held and occupied by citizen* of Coniiectl'-ul down to the present time. The decision of Judge Shiptnan is, therefore, that a straight line drawn irom the extremity of Poini Judith, extend ing westward forty leagues to Lyon's I'oint. at the mouth ol Byraui River, is the tree boundary line between the States. Such a line would pu.-s several miles south ol the oyster bed at present in dispute, unci would consequently leave it entirely within the jurisdiction of Connecticut. A LA RQB WAGON n>B MOVING FUBNITUBB? City or country ; Furniture, Pianofortes, 4c., packed, shipped or stored. <1. & F. BURNUAM, 115 West Eleventh street, near sixth avenue. t ? HEBALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, J\, corner of Fulton aveuiie and Roerum sfr< et Opcn from m A. >1. to M P. M. On Sunilay from S to 9 P. M. A ? TUE AMERICAN REGISTER, S\.t the most widely circulated of the American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Oreat Britain and the l.uropeuti Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received and single copies of the pti Srr may lie obtained at the oiHce ol the New York Herald, ew York. BURGLARS' l'KOOF STORE LOCK? THE BEST IN the world. Come and see it in lactory, 1!)0 (irecne stieet, New York". F. GYSS. Cl HE TUTORS OF BOBEBT U8UER, JR., LATE OF / the city ol New York, will please present their claims to the undersigned, at the offices ol his attorneys. Sewell A Pierce, 17* Broadway. RICHARD JOHN USHER, Administrator. 1 0LD AND SILVER AM) ARTICLES CONTAINING X goid bought nt market prices; Polishing, Filter anu M C ? Photograph Papers luirnei aud smelted by Refiner BCUAWEL, 25. lotin street IT ENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES? $1,000,000 IS DRAWN V. dally ; 12% per cent allowed by B. NATHAN, No. 4 Gilscy Building', Cortlandt street; branch otllcc, 612 Broadway. R. E. VOOR1IEES SKILLMAN, PRESIDENT OF the N. Y. C. C., lately chosen, has resigned both as its President aud member, which we deeply regret N kw You, April S, 1H73. C. 11. H., Secretary. NEW INVENTION-UNEQUALLED. PATENTED Propelling Apparatus.? This apparatus, the only one of its kind for river and canal boats, which oft#ii have to miss shallows, stands unequalled. It works with six broad oars, three of which are constantly in motion, while three working powerfully against, any musses of water the three other? are powerfully turning outwards, saving time tor speed. Smaller bouts to be worked by liuud, bigger ones by steam. Apply to the inventor, CORNELIUS SCHILLING, 105 Essex street, second door, New York. 0 M AHA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. Positively May 20. $230,505. Cash Gifts, amounting to $280,808. I'ri/.es paid without discount. Lists of winning numbers sent to purchasers of ticket. But. few tickets remain unsold. Tickets $1 each ; six lor $5. Drawing will positively take place Mav 20. 0 MAMA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE, '?'* " May 20. \ A few Tickets in the above EntcfnrUe received and lor sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S Stationery Store. SI Nassau street OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tcry. EXTRA CLASS NO. 3? APRIL 22, 1873. 26, 23, 4*J, 38, 22. 43 65, 73, 64, 59, 21, 63, 54. north Carolina. CLASH no. 4? APRIL 22, 1873. 24, 72, 74, 28, 58, 45, 1, 69, 13. 11, 75, 49. OERKBN & CO.. Managers. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 71 Barclay street. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. *KHTr<'BY--f.XTRA CLASS KO. 289? APRIL 22, 1873. 45, 8, 73. ?. 34, 2fi, 67, 55. 27, 31, 71, 16, 21. BkKTCCKT? CLASS KO. 290? ArRIL 22, 1873. 69, 35, 88. 38. 6, .VI, 10. 73, 18. 45, 57, 64. SIMMONS A CO., Mnnacers.Coyinptoii.Ky. fBil.BY COLLM.k? KX1RA CLASS KO. I?9? APRIL 2-', li<7JJ. 71, 74, 86. 38. 48, 22, 9, 14, 30. 52, 72, 45. 49. fllKIKY COLLYGK? CLASS NO. 1!*'? APRIL 22, 1873. 7, 27, 72, II. 23. 54, 45, 66, 62. 34. 78. 36. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. w _ J. CLl/TE, Broker, 2t)6 Broadway, rost office box 4,969. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED; OR ders tilted; information furnished; highest rutos paid for Spanish Bank Kills. Ac. TAYLOR A CO.. Hunkers. 16 Wall street, New York. Royal saxon government lottery at leii*. sle, Germany; 95,000 tickets; 47.8(10 prizes; Bruns wick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottery; Koyal Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed ami in forma.ion given. THEOOOR ZSCHOCII, 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Tost office. STANDARD CANNED OYSTKRS, IN ONE AND TWO pound tins, lor sale, with or without labels, by A. E. OUTERBR1DOE, (.9 Pearl street, Agent tor Annapolis Canning Campanv. TO RAILKOAIP COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS.? The Titan Iron Works manufacture Equipments, as Frogs, Switches, Crossings, Turn Tables, Bridge Iron Work, Construction Cars and general Iron Work. For information and priccs address STEELE A CONDICT, Jersey City. 6TH AVENCE PROPERTY OWNERS, ATTENTION! An importaut meeting will be held at the Harvai . Rooms, southwOTt corner of Forty-second street and Mxth ?venue, on I'hursday evening ne.\t. the 24fh Attrll. at 8 o'clock P. M., at which lime and place the committee will report respecting the Gilbert Elevated Railroad. The rights of the property owners Imperatively demand their attendance, in view of the approaching close of the session of the Legislature. E. A. MORRISON, Chairman. Jas. R. Watkrlow, Secretary, fcCQQ COQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?J izeil Kentucky Lottery. Royal Ha Yanii and Kentucky circulars tree; 12', cents commission allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. gPORTIS G-DbGR. BIRDS, &C.^ A? FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicine* tor nil diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. G. DOVLY'S. No. SGreene street, near Canal. Til K 'JPirHK. ROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PARK. On Wednesday, A ;>ril 23, at 3 o'clock ; Sweepstakes $300; mile bests, best 3 in 5. in harness. W. E. Week's blk. m. Betsy King. D. Pinter's blk. g. Paddy Dooley. J. Harbeck's ch. m. Saratoga. SAME DAY? Sweepstakes $450; mile beats, best 3 In 8, in harness. Wm. Lovell b. in. Lady Lovell. Fred Elliott's Hutch Girl. R. J. Anderson's *. g. State of Maine. SAME DAY-Matcli, $210; mile heats, best 3 In 3, to harness. J. Pauling's br. m Belle of Orange. John Murphy's b. in Kate. WM. II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. TO LET? FLEETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE. AP ply at the park or 111 Wall street W. H. VANCOTT, Superintendent 8TALLIOM8. TODWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OF JOE ELLIOTT, 111 who trotted last Sutatner on Mystic Park in 2:15}^ (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), also of Commodore \ underbill's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2 :20V and of .Judge Fullerton, who has trotted in 2 :215,. will make the season at the farm of William Keetch. near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For farther particulars see the "Turf. Field and barm.'' horses. CARRIAGE?, ?fcC. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND bund Carriages, all styles; family Rockaways, top and open Buggies, I'ony Phaeton, at greatly reduced prices. WITTY'S, Fulton and Nevins streets, Brooklyn. A WELSH PONY FOR SALE.? HAS BEEN USED bv children in all harness; warranted sound and kind ; "trie from vice. Also small Log Cart and Harness, Saddles anil Bridle. Apply at liil East Twenty eighth sU A VALUABLE BLACK HORSE FOR SALE? SIX years; 16 bands; ean step hi three minutes; can ontstvie any horse in the city ; will take any reasonable offer this week. Waverley House, 759 Broadway. A? FOR SALE-FAMILY HORSE, 8 YEARS OLD, . very stylish and not afraid of locomotives. Alio very fine buggy Horse, 7 years old; these horses are adapted for a lady to ride or drive in single or double harness, and are verv fast ; they are. warranted sound, kind and true, and reasonable time will he allowed tor trial; these horses are Irom the countrv and owing to change of circumstances owner lias no further use lor them. Inquire at 48 and 47 Great .tones street. AN IMPORTED TURNOUT FOR SALE CHEAP? CON* sisting of a two-wheeled English Dog Cart and Har ness; a large, bung tailed chestnut Horse. I6W bunds high ; a very strong, flue moving nniinal, ot high action, great power (?d courage; can take the cart at lOor 12 Biles mi hour; perfectly gentle. afraid of nothing and re quires no urging; the establWimeiU cost over $2,tK?l). and Will be ?ol<l at half the money Can In teeb tit wool* BUOlUfcUS C'U., itiynU'W' HOKMKM, CAUR1AGBS. AC. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MAKT AND NEW YORK TATTEK HALL'S. corner of Broadway ami Thirty-ninth Itrttt, MAJOR CHAS. W BARKER AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALES OK HORSES, CARKIAOES. AC., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. TWENTY FOUR HOURS ALLOWED FOR TRIAL ON EVERY UOKHE SOLD UNDER WARRANTEE. THIS 18 THE ONLY AUCTION MAKT tn the state having the proper lacilities lor showing Horses on sale, viz., a large Driving Kiug entirely under c?ver. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY. AT 12 O'CLOCK. GENTLEMAN'S ELEGANT ROAD TURNOUT, comprising u very stylish and handsome brown Trotting Gelding. sired by Edsall's llambletotnan, I.'>'{ high, 6 yearn old ; aa extra game, prompt and cany driver; can beat 2 M to tot) wagon and whs never handled lor speed ; is a great roadster; n well known on the road as the Ropers Hornet in afraid of nothing, and is warranted sound and kind. Also, fine top Road Wagon, built by Benson Bros.. Harness, Blankets, Ac. Elegant, tine, l?rK?'. golden sorrel trotting Gelding, sired l>y Dorsey's Oolddust; is I.V4 Ijlgh, 7 years old. a very stylish and pleasant driver; can trot in '.':45; is a great polo horse ; afraid of nothing ; has bean driven bv ladies; has heavy (lowing mane and tail and is war ranted sound and kind. One line half-seat Road Wagon, built by Wood Bros. One tine Basket Wagon. The handsome and extra speedy brown trotting mare Clara, sired by Ethan Allen, |5'4 high, 6 years old ; a very Dee and pleasant driver, with extra style and appear ance; has a record of 2 :45 to the pole, and promises with proper training to rank No. 1 ; has fine flowing mane and tail ; would make a splendid mare lor ladies' use ; has no faults nor vices and is warranted sound and kind. Haudsoine large coal-Mark coupe or family Horse. Kentucky bred, 10 hinh, 7 years old ; extra stvle and ac tion: tine handy driver ; can trot close to three minutes; flowing mane and tail and warranted sound and kind. The very last bav ("rotting Gelding Cl&remont ; Patchen stock ; al~>out I&Sjf high, 6 years olo ; a very free and pleasant driver; has a record of 2:t3*?, and promises grea: speed; tears nothing; flowing mane and tall, and warranted sound ami kind. New and second iiaml Harness, Horse Clothing, Sad dles, Bridles. Whips, llal'ers, Ac. Six (lne, cheap, Work Horses, iust arrived from the West. Elegant Potiv Phaeton Establishment, consisting of a very handsome brown Pony, 14 high, fi years old, elegant driver, sharp traveller, perfectly gentle, and warranted sound and kind; also lop Ponv Pluieton, Harness. Ac. Depot Express and Business Wagons. The fast, brown Trotting Mare Kate Kearnov, Blaek Hawk stock. 1,'iV.^ blirli, ti years old; ail extra tine, game and easy driver; can trot in 2:40 to the pole, and is lust single ; isalraid ol nothing; can be driven at speed by a ladv with pcrleet salety, and is warranted sound and kind. One fine T<,p Wagon, city made, sold to pay advances. One fine Top Wagon built by Brewster ? Oo. One no top Business Wagon. Two tine, side Saddles, best makers. One line Barouche, perfect order; millt by Wood Bros. Oae line two-seated l'hacton; made by Miner A suvent. Also several other horses. Full description ut sale. Sales never postponed on occount of weather. This i? the last sale of the season, previous to the tearing dow n ol the front. ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction tne various improve ments introduced by us during the past 13 years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United Stales. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factory, and are oll'ered in stock in all respects equal in duality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a loint stock compauv ot carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudi ntlv claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Brooine street. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms yj Chambers street. Horse. Auction Mart at NEW YORK SALES AN1) STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY- FIFTH STREET. Carriages and Horses always on hand at private sale. RICHARD MoCULLOt'Gll, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac.. Thursday of each week. Entries of articles lor auction cjtn be made ut repository, us above, or salesrooms of auctioneers. A -HORSES AT AUCTION.? J. P. TRAVER, AUG. . tionecr? By E. B. Henry.? On Wednesday, April 28. ai 12 o'clock, will be sold, at 392 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D., 23 prime work and driving Horses, one small" I'onv for child, single and double Harness, depot and roacl Wagons, Blankets. Whips, Ac. The uttciition ot those wanting good stock are invited to this sale. As old HOUSE OF BREWSTER. Established 1838. We offer a romplete assortment ol first class Carriages at our warerooms, Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh street. We beg to remind the public that our experience ol over thirty-four years enables us to produce work which has no superior, and that we sell no carriages, directly or indirectly, but those made ut our Twenty-tilth street factory. J. B. BREWSTER At CO., of Twenty flttli street. A? THE LAST SAI.E OK THE SEASON ? previous to the TEARING DOWN OK THE FRONT AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTERSAI.LS, corner of Broadway and Thlrtv-nintb streets, tukes place THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), APRIL 23, AT 12 O'CLOCK. Read the Catalogue in this column. The regular sales at above mart will be resumed ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, and each succeeding WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY throughout the yeas. A? THIRTY TOP AND OPEN FULL SPRINGS AND . side bars, by Brewster, Dusenbtirv, Corbett and other citv makers; 1 Barouche, nearly new; 1 second hand Clarence. 1 light curiam Coach and six-seat I'urk Phueton, by Brewster; top and open i'ark Pony and extension top Phaeton; Rockawaya, Depot Wagons, Jaggers, side spring; 1 Dog Cart, by Stivers; Sulktes by I'afferev ; 1 Skeleton, by Pray ; 1 top platform Rumble Pony Phaeton, by Wood ; lop and open Express Wagons; 4 Philadelphia second band Rockuways, $1110 up ; 1 open Pony Phaetoa, $I20; Single and Double Harness, all kinds, at W.\l. H. GKAY'S. SO and A Wooster street AT PRIVATE SALE ? TI1E TROTTING MAKE Eureka, sired by old Henry flay; is lft.Sk hands high, 9 years old; kind, perfect and true in all liarncs. ; free from vice; very docile ; can be driven by any one, and is war ranted sound in every respect, and is warranted to beat 2.30 or no sale; has record of 2:33 to harness last Spring at Fleetwood; also last Fall 2:35 to wagon at Prospect Park Can be seen any time at the Auction Mart of WILLIAM VAN TASSEI.L, 110, 112 and lit East Thirteenth street. AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? Elegant first class assortment of Carriages anil Har ness; extra inducements this week; leather top Bug.:v at $140. Stivers Road Wagon. 130 lbs. ; several light Rocka ways, very low ; Pony Phaetons a specialty, ARi II. JOHNSTON, No. SCortlandt sttcet A? AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY ? will always be found a large stock ol wa>?>iiiil>li> Carriages at prices to suit the tunes. 1,494 and l,l9t> Broadway. JOSEPH KEAL k CO. A EOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EX press, Grocery ami light Business Wagons: alto a second liand lop Buggy. .'MS West Twenty-seventh street, between Kiglitli and Ninth avenues. A -FAMILY CARRIAGES -IMMENSE STOCK OF . every style park and pony Phaetons, top and no top, depot, express and business Wagons; top Buggies and no-top. 141 West ltroadwav. near i anal street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK COUPES SELLING AT groat sacrifice, to close out; I.andaulet*. Landaus, seasonable Carriages; several second hand Carriages taken in exchange. HAM. 1U East Fourth street. Arrived at laht-j. c. dezo, of .iackson . City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. S. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twenty-fifth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. A THOROUGHBRED KENTUCKY SADDLE MARE, 8 years old, very stylish and attractive, sound, kind and gentle, good in all harness, will be sold ut a sacrl tlee. Inquire at 64 Wall street, room 27. GENTLEMAN GOING ABROAD OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish and last: also one Brewster Wagon and light Harness, one mail i Phaeton and Harness. Apply at stable No. 1 East For ty-second street, or to T. B. BALDWIN, 14 Wall street ACOl'PK ROCKAWAY, MADE TO ORDER. EN tirely new and never used, will be sold this week cheap, as' the owner Is going away; also stylish Horse, Harness and a plain Rockaway and DogCart that have been used, but In good order. Address J. M. D., box Xul Herald office. 4 STYLISH TWO-SKATED CARRIAGE FOR SALE? A With pole and patont axle; also a double Set of Harness. Apply at SH West Fifty-sixth street A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE WANTS To senilis Horses; Hi hands, only 6 years old; stylish blacks; long talis; sound and kind in every way ; also n Brewster Landau and Harness. G. W. COMSTOCK, Grand Hotel. AT FACTORY, 146 AND 14* KLDR1DGE STREET, large stock lop Buggies, Victorias. Kockaways. Ex tension Tops aid Pfeaetons selling cheap, to make rooui tor other work. DAY A BuN, near Grand street and Bowery. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAKTONS, light Rockawayx, Depot Wagons, I'ony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies and other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. A? FOR SALE. A BAY HORSE, A LIGHT TOP ? Buggy Wagon, good s?tot single Harness - must be sold Immediately to close an estate. Apply to Dr. BUK RAS, 48 Great Jones street, where the whole can be seen. 4 YERY FINE, STYLISH COUPE OR FAMILY IIORSE A for sale; 1S)? hands hiffh ; darkbronn; long tall; ? years old; very gentle, and sound In every respect. Ap ply at private stable ISO East Thirty- flth street, near Lex ington avenue. At a great bargain-a \ laundalet, on platform and C springs, very light, beautifully finished, ir. perfect order; been used but a short time. A. T. DEMAREST k CO,. M Broadway. A SECOND HAND SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY, GOOD order; top Coal-box Buggy, top I'ony I'haeton, six aeat Phaeton, a Miner k Stevens Road Wagon. A. T. DEMAREST, ?;:? Broadway. A SPLENDID TEAM MORGAN DORSES. CHEST -?Y nut, Ifi builds, 7 and 8 years, sound and kind in all harness; nan show less than 3&, ami warranted. XiU J avviiuv, Juuy my, j, HORMKS, CAfLKIAOKH, AC. Auction house of arch, johnston. Office and Salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite Post office. ARi'll JOHNSTON WILI. SELL AT AUCTION THURSDAY, APRIL 24, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., at the private stubles of WILLIAM H. DOUGLASS. ESQ., in tins rear of the family mansion 128 WERT FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH AVENUES. ONE TEAM BLEOANT CARRIAGE HOUSES. ONE ENGLISH MAIL PHAETON. BUT LITTLE USED. ONE BROUGHAM, BROWN CLOTH LINED. ONE TWO- WHEEL DOG CART, WOOD BROS., GOOD ORDER. NO TOP CITY BUILT ROAD WAGON, (lOOD ORDER. VICTORIA. IN GOOD ORDER, BY WOOD BROS. STANHOPE PHAETON. SHUTTING TOP, GOOD ORDER. ONE CHARIOT AND ONE COl'PE. TWO LARGE FAMILY SLEIGHS, BUILT TO ORDER. TWO SETS DOUBLE HARNESS. THREE SETS SINGLE HARNESS. T CART, BY WOOD BROS., GOOD ORLER. Kale absolutely without reserve. Particulars to morrow. Auction uouse or arch, johnston. (Late Johnston A Van Tamil), OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THF. HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, '21, -3 and 'A EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will he conducted on precisely the samo strict and honorable principles which nave always char acterized the dealings ot our house Had won the respect and confidence of the business community, as well as tho public at large. Regular sales twice a week throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE AT 12 O'CLOCK, (WEDNESDAY. APRIL S3.) TEAM CLOSE MATCHED SORREL HORSES, 7 years, l.V.i hands; kind and true in all harness; one ot the hand somest iiikI most stylish teams in the, city ; very tine driv ers ; unsurpassed as a family team; warranted .sound. DARK C1IR8TNUT MARE, lf>\ hands. 8 years; hind and true In ail harness; excellent roadster; can trot in 3 minutes and be driven by any one; warranted sound without blemish. ELEGANT FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT. TEAM RROWN AM) BAY HORSES, 16 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind ami true in all harness anu under saddle ; tree from view; have fine style and action, and warranted sound : together with COUPE, CITY MADE, IN FAIR ORDER; set ot tlnu double Harness, by Wood Gibson, Blankets. Ac. TEAM OF YOUNG TROTTING HORSES, i:"., hands, S yeurs, kind and true in all harness, very stylish action, free drivers; can trot close to three minutes now and ne\ cr been handled for speed, warranted sound without blem ish, together with top Wa on built by Miner A Stevens, set ot Harness, by Banks, Blankets, Ac. PARK TURNOUT.? Elegant bright sorrel Horse, 16)? hnmlH, 6 years, kind anil true In all harness, an excellent saddle horse; can be driven hv a lady ; not airuid of 'lo comotive, and warranted sound, together with TOP PARK PHAETON, NEW ; set single Harness, city made ; Blanket, Whip. DARK BROWN MARK, 14Va hands, 8 years; kind and true In all harness, and warranted sound; an excellent saddle mare ; has been driven by a lady for the past year. ELEGANT ROAD ESTABLISH MENT. SOKREL HORSE, sire, I by HENRY CLAY, dam tlror oughbred mare ; Wi hands, V years old ; kind ami t rue in all harness; lias trotted in 2 :4ft ; can irot in three minutes to-day ; very stylish action ; together with NO TOP ROA '? WAOON, BY STIVERS, set of single Harness, eitv made. ELEGANT TEAM OF CARRIAGE HORSES, 10 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind and true in nil harness; stylish and free drivers; sold on account of owner going * c'lfoSS-MATCHF.D TEAM OF TROTTING HORSES, sired by Toronto Chief and Suffolk Cliief, dam Long Island blood mare; 7 years old; kind and true In all har ness and warranted sound; can trot any time in three minutes. SEVERAL FINE WORK HORSES. FIVE SET OK DOUBLE HARNESS. COUPE HARNESS, BY WOOD GIBSON. TOP AND NO TOP PONY PHAETONS. EXPRESS AND DEPOT WAGONS. SEVERAL ROAD WAGONS, IN PERFECT ORDER, city bnilt. FIVE CLOSE COACHES. CONCORD WAGON. Full particulars in catalogue, time of sale. Weather never interferes with our sales. AT PRIVATE SALE. AT T11K HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION' MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, K spring top Wagon, built hv Dusenbury <lt Vanduser. Top Wagon, bnilt by Corbttt. Two Barouches, built by Lawrence. Open front Coupe Rockaway. Two extension top Cabriolets. Five American Rockawaya. Three jump seat Wagons. Toti mid no top Pony Phaetons. Depot, Express and Business Wagons. One hundred Sets Harness. Prices lower than ever. Cull and examine. Also. A BAY PONY, IS HANDS HIOB, 6 YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harness unu under saddle : perfectly g?n tie for ladies or children to ride or drive; has been a family pet, ami sold only lor want of use; wurranied sound, kind and true. I PERFECT DOCTOR'# 111 IRSE AND PHARTON; .A also elegant Ifihand Carriage Team, warranted sound; also Top Buggv, Roail Wagons, Harness. Address Dr. P., 27 West Twenty-sixth street. A LADY'S ESTABLISHMENT -BLACK HORSE AND brown mare; each 14.', hands, 8 years old; also top 1'haetoB, double and single Harness, Side Saddle, Ac.; have been used the past year by ladies and children ; will be sold separately if desired. Thirty-eighth street and Seventh avenue. i ?FOR SALE, ONE LARGE WORK OR TRUCK J\, Horse, property of a gentleman farmer . six years old; sound, kind ami true in single or double harness; sold only on account <>t sickness in the lainily. Call at 347 Bowery, corner Third street. B? TWO CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT ? Coupes, trimmed with brown cloth, Ac. ; bargains for cash. WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, l,4!t4 and 1,496 Broadway. / 1ARRIAOB horses, carriages AND II \ RNR8S - " ) For sale, a span of young hay Horses, about Hi hands high, well broken, sound and kln?t;al>o anew Coupe, satin lined; one Landau, in good order; double and single Harness, silver mountings Curriage and Horse Blankets, Robes, Ac., lor sale at private stable 65 Madi son avenue, and can lie seen dally until Saturday after noon next, between It A. M. and 4 P. M. (1HRAP HORSES, FOR CITY OR COUNTRY USB; J hay $75; heavy chunk, for truck, $1M); stylish gray gelding". $170; several others cheap. 189 Seuth Filth ave nue, near Grand street. /10UPE ROCK AWAY AND PONY PHAETON. WITH VV shifting umbrella top, both in good order, lor sal.-: also nickel plated double Harness, used t? few times; all for $350; will sell separately il desired. Address NECES SITY, Herald office. _ _ DOCTOR'S TURNOUT. PRICK $550? BEAUTIFUL new city built I'baeton, handsome bay Mare, line traveller, sound, kind and gentle; nice Harness, Robe, Blanket, Whip; all first class. 141 East Sixteenth street. ItOUR FINE FAMILY TEAMS, ONE ELEGANT ROAI) ESTABLISHMENT, FIVE GOOD SOUND BUSINESS HOBSES. ONE ELEGANT DARK BROWN SADDLE MARE, this dav, at 12 o'clock, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MART (branch of 37 Nassau), 19, 21, 23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NE VR UNIVERSITY PLACE. See catalogue above. Come and see, 11 you do not buy. I riOK SALE-PAIR OF MATCHED BLACK HORSES. 16 ' bands high ; very stylish , warranted gentle ; suitable for city or country use ; owner gone t<> Europe. Apply. Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9 and 11 A. M? at 380 Wet Twenty-fifth -.treet, IjlOR SALE? A FULL SIZE DOUBLE THICK. IN ' good order; also* double ami single Harness. In qutre in the coal ottlce 171 Orchard street, corner of Stan toa street FM)R SALE? 25 SUPERIOR WORK HORSES, JUST troin the W est, from 5 to 8 years old : suitable for all purposes; to be sold cheap. Apply at. 170 Mercer street, near Bleecker. BIOR SALE-THE FASTEST PACING HORSE IN THE world. Can he seen on Eighth avenue every after noon or at 2,155 Third avenue tor one week. Price $300. J TOR SALE? TWO DA H K BROWN HORSES, SOUND urn! kind. Can be seen ai NODINE'g stables, Plerro ponl street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. fi()R 8 ALE? A PAIR EXTRA HANDSOME I>.VRK~BAY Horses, aliout7 years old; will trot In about S ;:?> ; suitable for a gentleman's road team or coupe. Apply to R. A. DONALDSON, 3H De.v street. TjlOR SALE? A LIGHT BUSINESS WAGON; ALSO A r Top Bony; both in good orders or would ex. hsiigo for Bockswav. WJI. MARI.OW, Jr., Franklin St., corner Oreenpolnt av., Greenpoint. ipOB SALK-A FINE FIVE-VEAIt -OLD THOROUGH r bred hlaek Morgan Mare, lrt hands high; warranted sound, kind and very gentle ; step* well ; price $350. Call al 256 West Thirly-tourth street. I toil SALE-A SORREL HORSE. 7 YEARS OLD. 15 1 hands high ; got by llambletonian and dam Henry Clay; can trot in 3:80; gentle In double and single liar nes's and without blemish. Can be seen at l? Hergen street, Brooklyn. M. PETER.**, FlOR SALE? TWO VERY FAST ROAD HORSES just arrived front Kentucky; are well hroken and sound. Can he seen ut WM. WALTER'S Riding A":i<le my. ?70 to 47? Pacific street, between Nevins and Powers streets. Brooklyn. IIOR SALE? THREE SINGLE AND FOUR DOUBLE Express Wago*?, and four gunboat Trucks, all in good orileft newly painted; will be sold cheap. Inquire nt stables Eric Railway Company's Baggage Express, 1>U West I wenty fourth street _ TJIOR SALE? A GENTLEMAN'S DARK BROWN COB J; built coupe Horse, perfectly sound, stylish and good driver. Ask lor JOHN, at Farmer * Clars's stable, 123 West Thirty-first street, before 11 A. M. IjlOR SALE-A SORREL HORSE, A YEARS OLD, 1? 1 hands high; So and and kind and drives in good style ; good In single or doulde harness; a lady can drivi him: trots Up to 2:30. Apply to 332 or Mi West 1 wenty first street, near Ninth avenue. Fi()R SALE-FIRST CLASS BASKET PARK PIIAE ton: trimmed in best stvle, with seat behind; can bo taken oft; almost new ; cheap. VAN TINE'S s turtles, 413 East Tenth street. TjlOR SALE? A FEW FINE GENTLEMEN'S ROAD J Horses, bavs, 15.2 to 15 3 hiif h ; young, sound and fully guaranteed; fine, prompt drivers; also one Pasenbury m Nelson side bar Top Wagon, pole and shafts: weighs 230 pounds, and has never been run. Inquire at Metropolitan stables, 72 Prince street FOR SALE- TWO GLASS QUARTER COACHES, I doctor's Gig Phaeton, six-seat Roc* a way, 2 Top Buggies, 1 fine Clarence , all in good condition. II. BURR, 2ii3 Mercer street. MnR SALE-BAY MARE, 15 HANDS. 6 TEABU OLD; r kind In all harness , the handsomest saddle marc In the wlatf without fault or hlenush stable vV3 i fWty-St*VIM? tutvt, li?W iMUlll *>UtU0? IIOKKKK. cmnaw, EpORSAI.K-AT MADISON PARK STALLS, 48 R AST Twenty -sixth street. one pair buy Horses, 6 year* olil, IS hand* inches high; fine drivers ; also one pair of brown Horses, 16 hands high. 6 years old; Stylish drivers; all warranted sound auil kind Id every respect. Inquire for J. VAIKIKK. For sale-a bay horse, 6 years old, i?X hands hitch ; warranted Hound ami kind; has hern driven by a hoy lor the pant year ; fearless of locomotive ; Mutable for any light work; lowest price $150; worth double the amount. Apply at stable, Seveut v -first street, near Third avenue. For sale-tbn first class milch cows, for prlee address A. A. K , 114 Kirtli avenue. For SAI.K-A GENTLEMAN'S TEAM OK YOUNG road Horses; warranted Hound and gentle, and can trot in three minutes: also light top Wagon nnd Harness. Addren A. H , box *'!> Fort olBoe. IjlOR SAI.K ? M I I.K WAdON; BOAT BPILT; ONLY 1 run three months; other business cause of selling. Isqsin at 17- West street TjlOR SAI.K? I FIRST CLASS DEPOT WAtlON, CUT r under, Pole, Shalls, single and double llurn<y_, , 1 Buggv, Wagon and Harness; I chestnut Mare, Kln-i end i genie. Apply to WILLIAM H. SMYTH, M Pino street. FIOB RALE? A SORREL HORSE, IV, HANDS HIGH. 7 years old, suitaole lor a rart or truck; warranted sound and kind. 1KI Hank street, near West, in COS- l GROVE'S wood yard. I 10R SALE? THREE CANADA PONIES. .11 'ST I ROM the country ; sound and kind : IMo IV . hands ; one Roan, It! hands, tit for any business. 204 We.t Sixteenth street near Seventh avenue. l?OHi SALE? A TWO-SEATED PHAETON. SHIFTING F top, built by Lawronce. cost $1,100, will be sold lor $5i;o. Apply at 123 West Thirty seventh street, feed store. IIOR SALE AT A BAROAIN? LIGHT Tof* WAGON, pole and shafts ; most new; hyoneol the best city makers. Camp's Stable, M w< .it Thirteenth street. For sale cheap? a good horse and a goat. Inquire at ISO East Twenty-sixth street. I^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? SOME VERY FINE IM ported Cashmere Goats. Address A. K. s., Herald office. HARNESS? THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York ? good double truck Harness, $'iO- good single buttpv Harness, hand made, $17; a (mod stable Blanket, $2M; the largest assortment ol ('art Harness in tlie city, cheaper than ever on account ot moving Muy Id. Please call and examine for yourselves. KlsllER A OSBORNE, 13 Murray street. Harness wareroomh, no. ? oortlandt street.? Rest chance of the season; lot of tine light Harness, slightly soiled, very low, to close out, from i $18 up. __________ _ TF YOU ARE IN SEARCH OF A GOOD FAMILY I Team attend the sale at AKCH. JOHNSTON'S Mi.rt. 111,21,23 and 26 Eust Thirteenth street, this day, at 12 O'clock. See catalogue above. I1GIIT SIDE BAH TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES.? \ J large lot, equal to any manufactured, below omul prices; several second hand Buggies, nc w and se cond hand Harness of all kinds AT N EW \ OIEK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ST. II VERY STABLE IN WILLIAMSBURG FOR BALE? J 80 by 100; iiccoinmodations for 40 horses; favorable lease; will bu sold cheap with stock or reduced to suit purchaser. WITTY, 111 Nevins street, Brooklyn. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND ATTRACTIVE sales ol the season to day, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S new Mart, 10. 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. Re sure anil read the catalogue above and then be sure u ml attend the stile. OAIR BRIGHT BAY AND 8TYLI9H HORSES. PARK PHAETON, seats four. PONY PHAETON, seals for four, hosides rumble for ser vant; both by Lawrence, to order. Top'Wngon, by Dtiseulniry <fe Vunduser. Single and double Harness; all in bent order. At private staple. No. :< West Twenty -second street. OBCOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-SEAT ROCKA way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, live Rock a ways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number ot Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargains, MANUFACTURERS' UNION, Broadway. ] SODA WATER WAGON FOR SALE CHEA1'.? GOOD as new ; or will exchange for lighter one ; would also make first class weiss beer wugou. ('.in be seen until -old at J AMI-.s J. KILLEN'S, soda water iiiniiuiaciurer, 381 and liSTt Second street, Jersey City. TO LET? PRIVATE STABLE, CENTRALLY LO- I catcd, with all improvements; rent $160. Apply at I no West Forty- e Tenth street rpo LET? FOUR STALLED PRIVATE ST A RLE, AT I 111 ; J West Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh : avenues. joiin .i t<i\vs-e\d, 7<; w#u street. rpo BENT? A LARGE STABLE, CONTAINING 1H ' L stalls and room lor H carriages. 151 East Twenty- ] third street. WANTED-A HAMBLETOMAN> HANDS, gooil speed. Address, stating price, Ac.. C. P., 135 East Seventeenth street. WANTED? A OOOD TEAM. A (GENTLEMAN'S TURN out complete, worth #;!, (I'M); will pay a bond and mortgage on property in Kings county, due In II months, on property worth three times the amount. Address W., 101 East Thirty-fourth street. | ?tlf ANTED? FULL SEAT .-yCARE liO.X TOP WAGON, j ?T pole and shafts. In good order; city made. Ad- ! dress, with particulars and price, E. 11., box 1C5 Herald , office. WANTED? A SMALL AND VERY GENTLE PONY or a well broken donkey, to be used by young chil (Iri-ri liotlt In ride and drive. Apply nt stable 117 East Twenty-second street or nitrons II., box 1,12?S Post office, Kivliig'particulars. WT ANTED? A BREWSTER WAGON OR ANY GOOD Vt maker's ; full springs; used but one seasou. Address room i'4 Brower House. YY'A'ioNS FOR HALE CHEAP.? TWO EXPRESS ONE *? Grocery, one Milk and one llirlit Business Wagon, one Coupe. one Top and one no top Buggy. At 226 Sprint; street. \TOU <'AN ALWAYS PLACE IMPLICIT RELIANCE J on the representations made by the bouse of ARCH. JOHNSTON. If > > 11 are in March ol a Family Team, a Business Horse, a Family Horse or anything In the Horse line, be sure and attend the sale nt the Marl, this day, at 12 o'clock, nt 19, 21, 23 and 25 Baal Thirteenth street, near University place. See catalogue above and be sure and attend the sale. Q YOUNG horses for BALE? SUITABLE FOR Zi any business or private use : also Truck, single and double 'Harness ; but little used. Tenth avenue. 1 i ) HOOD WOI'K HORSES? FIT FOR ANY WORK, I JL arc to be sold and the owner will give a good trial. Inquire at 2<i lioerck street, between Broome and De lancey streets, east side. d?1 7K-BAY HORSE, s YEARS, IS1., HANDS; CAN ??* I I ?) show three minutes; stylish black, 7 years, lii'i hands, $2llii; bay, $165: bay Mare, pony made', $135. 4IH Eighth avenue, earner Thirtv-flrst street. noo BROADWAY ? CARRIAGES, flARNES CA It OO riages, new nnd second hand, most com .lete as sortment ever offered, comprising i very description of Family Carrinires and Light Wagon* at popular prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, IBM Broadway. POST OKFH'K >'OTI('K. POST OFFICE NOTICE. The mails tor Europe during the week ending Satur day. April 26, H73, will close nt this office on Wednesday, at "11 A. M., on Thursday at II A. M. and on Saturday at lijjj A. M. THOMAS L. JAMES, Postmaster. LEGAL NOTICE*. SUPREME COURT. In the matter of the application of III" Department | of Public Parks, for and in behalf 'of the Mayor, Alder men and commonalty of?the city of New York, relatl /e j to the Opening of Kingsbridge Road, northwardly from the southerly line of 156th street to ? the Harlem River, as laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Park, in the city of New York. We. the undersigned Commissioners of Estimate and Assignment in the above entitled matter, hereby uivo notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all bouses and lots and improved or uaimproved Ian Is affected thereto-, and to all others whom It may concern, ''V? That we have completed our estimate and assess inent, and that all persons Interested In these proceed ings or In am of the Inndsaffected thereby, and who mnv be opposed to the same, do present their objections in writing, dulv verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office, 15n Broadway (room 15), In the said city, <,n I or before the 23d day of April. 1373, and that we, the sai I Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within Un ion week-davs next alter the said 23d day or April, H7S and lor that purpose will be in attendance at our said office on each of said ten days, at 11 o'cIock a. M. II.? That the abstract of the said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, nnd also all the affidavits, i estimates and other documents which wore used by us iu making our report, have been deponltad In thr> office ol the Department of Public Works, In the city of Now York, ! there to remain until the 6th day of May, 1S73. I I I.? That the limits embraced by the nsseisment afore said, are as follows, to wit:? All those certain lots, pieces, or parcels ol land contained, lying and being within the following txiunds or limits, that Is to say '?Commencing : at the point formed br the Intersection of the northerly j line or side of l4.'?th street with the westerly line or side of the Eighth avenue; running thence northerly along ' fhe westerly line or side of the said Eighth avenue to the I high water mark of the Harlem River ; thence along the said high wafer mark of the Harlem Riveras it winds | and turns to the Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson River, at lugh water niarlt as said river winds and turns, to the southerly line or side of 15">th street, tnenci* easterly along the said southerly line or side oi 155th street to the easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly, along the said easterly side of said Bou levard, to the northerly line or side of MAth ?treet; and easterly, along the said Hortherlv line or side of 145th j street, to the point or place of beginning. IV.? Thai our report herein will be presented to the Su- ] pretne Coirt of tho State ol New York, at a term thereof, to be field in tho New Court House at the City Hall, in the idly of New York, on tin- 26th day of May, | 1*73, al the opening of the Court on that day, and that ; then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel can lie | heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be confirmed. HENRY PARSONS, ) WII-LIAM J. PARSONS, [ Commissioners. JOHN T MrOOWAN, ) Nkw York, March 18, IS7S. YACHTS, OTBAHUmiB, IriOFt'sALE-PASSEMlER AND FREIGHT STEAM ' boats, stem* Yachts, Ferrvboats, Tugboats, North River Barges, steam canal Propellers. OBO. F PLYMEK. M South street. ! WANTMf? A KTKAM YACHT, 60 FEET LONG, GOOD cabin, covered holler and machinery Address, stating price, Ac., Ac., BOILER. Herald office. \v AM'RIl-A SLOOP YACIIT, FRV)M 40 lo DO FKKT ' ' letip, With Roo4 cabin tnd in perlcot ordei standing riPK ire ol wire repe Address, ?tailns prlei ami where "t- sc4.ii. MAIN I ol', liviald vllii-e A. DRT GOODS. ?GREAT CLEARING OUT SALE ~ on account of removal. 940,000 worth of Ribbons, Uou, Kid Glove*, PimmIi, Hosiery, Ac., to bo told, regardless of coat, during the next thirty any s, at the Great Bargain Store of MARKS A GOLDENH0RN, 77!) Grand street, between Eldridrfc and Forsyth streets. "I)AR1S.? AU COIN DE B'TE. fl RUE MONTESQUIEU. 16, 18, 20, 22 RUE DBS BON 8 ICNFANTB, lie a r the Palais Royal. GREAT EMPORIUM OF FASHION. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good tasto ami modem price of each article. INDIA AND FRENCH CAC1IEMIRB SHAWLS. Silks. Lace Goods, Mantles, Costumes, Party Dresses, rcmly-mado Underciotulng, Wadding Outfit*, Baby Linen, Gloves, Perfumery, Fancy Articles. THK LARGEST, MOST VAKIKD AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN PARIS. IT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, ;\ near Twentieth street?' The latest imported styles, beautiful change* lor Spring and Summer, fc legant toilets. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready, Pat terns fitted to the lorm warranted perfect. Miixic Cos tume in llucii made up is the feature for .summer. Come early. mo T 1 1 r-" LADIES.? THE YOUNG LADIES' JOURNAL I Office and Paris Fashion Uu/.aiir, I H'J Broadway, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets, where the very latest style of full v trimmed Patterns can be obtained, which for eleganee ami perfection In fit, romhlnud with cheapness surpass anythlnu yet offered. For the rccherche tiling in lush ion see the Young Ladies' Journal for May. Now ready, price 35 cents, of all hook tellers and ns above. 1HH.L.INKK Y AMI OUKSH1IAKI1VQ. jyf ME. GALOUPEAU, M KAST TENTH BTRBET? Wlll open her importation of Paris Millinery tor the Summer season on Wednesday, 23d inst. HOUSES, ROOMS VUVTaU, In this City and Brooklyn. A FAMILY OF ADULTS DESIRE A SECOND FLOOR j\ or I'ii r f of House, in a private tainily, in % central location. Address it. , or cull at 139 East I'hirty-I'ourth |t. A PARTMENTS WANTED? FOR FIVE PERSONS JY (adults), live rooms or more ; would like a basement Included, but parlor floor unnecessary; location west side, up town. Rent moderate. Address, with full par ticulars, HOME WANTED, Herald Uptown Brunch office. \ GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND SERVANT BBQUIRK a second Floor, with one or two Itooms on third, un furnished, from I'ourteenth to Fiitieth streets, Third to Sixth avenues; rent not to exceed 940. Add re*, stating fit 1 1 particulars, WILLIAM LINDSAY, 21C East Forty ninth street. A PARTY ABOUT VISITING EUROPE WIRHING TO J\. rent their house to one who would take same rare as themselves, can meet with such a party and un exceptionable references by addressing S., Herald Up town Brunch office. A BUILDING WANTED? SUITABLE FOB MANU .TV faclurlng purposes, small and at a low rent, below ('anal street; Mute rent anil locution. Address box ft, 106 Post office. A RESPECTABLE FAMILY DESIRE TO RENT A J\ good sized House, uuhirnishcd. or partly so, in de sirable location, mid hoard owner tor whole or part of rent. Address, with particulars, ECONOMY, 54 % West Thirty-second street. T71URNISHED ROOM WANTED? WITH A PttlV ATE r family only, bv a gentleman; location must be ho low Fourteenth street. Address, stating terms, MKRTON, Herald office. TjIURKIHHED HOUSE WANTED IN THK CITV, OR P country, convenient to city, where part or whole of rent will be taken in board. Address P. R., 1.1U East Thirty-ninth street, New York. F1URNISHED ROOM, WITHOUTHOARD, WANTED? IN the house ol it verv respectable lady or widow, who understand inlndlng tln-ir own atl'alrs better than others': no other need answer. Address C. 11., box 5, 4511 Post office. House wanted.? wanted to hire, four story modern House, below Forty-second street and between Third and Seventh avenues. Apply to A. JOURNF.AY, SI I.ispenard street. UREE OR FOUR NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS wanted, for housekeeping, by a small desirable fam ily of adult*; rent not to exceed $35 or $40; in genteel neighborhood. Address HOME, box 21M Herald office. TATA NTED? WITn 1 N 5 MINUTES OF FIFTH AVENUE VV Hotel, a furnished Room, without board, in a pri vate family, tor t? o gentlemen, troui May 1 to October. Address, stating terms, E. LBWI8, 187 Broadway. \IrANTED-A NH'K CLEAN LOFT. EAST OF BBOAD V y way and below Chambers street ; rent not over $;tM or $100 R. T. BUSH, 13d Maiden lane. T1/"ANTED? 1 TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS T? with gas. for housekeeping ; rent In advance ; Ami-r ienn tainily preferred. Address S. P., box 142 llerald office. TIT ANTED? A PLEASANT UNFURNISHHD ROOM, Vv within ten minutes' walk of Sixth avenue and Twelfth street; in answer please state what rent is ex pected. Address, lor two days, L. M., 172 Sixth avenue. TITAHTHD? A SHOW WINDOW AND DBSK ROOM, VV on or near Broadwav, between t'hatnliers and Corf 1 si ml t streets. Address BOCKMAN MANUFACTURING CO., llti Chambers street. TIT" ANTED? BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, A VV Floor in a private house, situated within the limit* of Fourteenth anil Forty-llfth streets uml Filth and Ninth avenues; rent not to exceed $25 per month. Address J. B., Herald Uptown Bran li office. "11T" ANTED? BY A FAMILY OF TIIRBB ADULTS yy (Americans), a Second Flour ami Part of Third, suitable tor housekeeping; location below Fifty-ninth street Aildre vs, statnu' t'-rins, which must not exceed $50, EARNEST, llcrtild office. . "1*7 ANTED? FURNISHED HOUSE, OR WITH CAR VV pets, (ins Plxturcs, Mirrors and Window Shades; must be strictly first class anil near Fifth avenue. Ad dress b.. e are Allen, Dooley A Henrlques, Broadway. T W ANTED? (IV A Vol Nil COUPLE, AS UNFUR Vy ni-liod law Room ; ioca'ity trom Eighth to Six fecntli street, l>etwcnii sixth avenue .anil Broadway; terms must he moderate. Address J. MASON, mm Broad - ? ay "Ilf ANTED? FURNISH l!D ROOM, WITH WATER AMD V? -fn s, west side, IkjIhw Tenth street, fur siiigleecn tlrmflii; price not to exceed $15 per month. Addresi FELTON. Herald Uptown Branch office. I \VrANTK D? VV ITt >lfT HOAIID, BY A GENTLEMAN i W and wile, a handsome second storv front Room, | with Hull Room adjoining, furnished or lyifurniahed, ? ni-ur Mudlsoh or Union squares; no housekeeping. Ad tlrcMOKNTII.ITV, llenlil office. L flTANTRD? BY A YOUNG LADY, A SMALL FUR Vr nlshed Room, In a respectable house. Address, I stating price, H. M., Herald office. "\1 r A N TEI >?H V A OENTLEMAN A FURNISHED V? Room io a respectable house. Ail dress, stating prico, W. B. II., Herald office. 1*rANTEO? PERMANENTLY, WITHOUT BOARD, HY ?? a lady engaged through the (lav, a medium sized Boom with clo-et, furnished or anlurntshed (or would take a floor in -mall house), between Fourteenth and Thirtieth street*, Third and Seventh avenues; reasonable price; heft of references given. Address, lor two days, v It , box 161 Herald Uptown Branch office. \VANTKD TO RENT? A LARUE* BU1LDINO FOR V? a light manufacturing business; location west ol Broadway and -011th ol' Cannl street; to contain not less than 40,001) feet of floor room, with good light. Address, with particulars, M ANUFAOTUBER. box 1S1 Herald office. IlfANTED TO RENT? IN BROOKLYN, BY A YOUNG V? couple, a neatly furnished House, good locality, at not exceeding $iinM; reference*. Address, stating ful particulars, L. W. S.. box UH Herald office. WANTKD TO RK. NT? A SMALL ROOM, SUITABLE ?' for sample room, below Canal street, near Broad way; first cla-s reference. Address UK IS WOLD, lleruld office. In the Country. A RF.SPON8IBLE PARTY WISHES TO iflRE, FOR J V. the season, a small furnished House, in the country, with garden attached . must be near sofce river or lake ; one hour -ride from the city. Address, stating term-, which must not exceed 175 per month, B. O. B., box 169 Herald office. /COUNTRY HOUSE WANTED ? TO HIRK BY A FAM V "iv of three persons; a small furnished country House about one hour irom Wall street- on water preferred state lowest rent and location. Address box 5,18# Post of fice, New York. AIT ANTED? A SMALL, NBAT HOUSE IN THE COUN TY trv, completely furnished, for housekeeping; one having "piano, garden and stable preferred ; rent $H) to nr.* monthly, in advance ; immediate possession. Apply t , or undress Mrs. S? West Tw elfth street. New York. WANTKD-A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED House, m a pleasant country place: near the water ? referred , within one hour's ride of the city ; rent musj: i' low. Addren*, with particulars, M. E. ?., llera;* office. W A NTI.D? TO Ki:NT, FOR THE 8UMM E R, ? > M - " mencing with May I to 10, or tor the entire year, if ail suits, a medium sized plainly but well ftirnishedi House, within one hour's ride by rail or boat from New York; neighborhood of Nyaek or Yonkera preferred; must be near depot or landing; rent about $l,i*? per an num. Address, with particulars, MERCHANT, box 2.AM Post office. New York. WAVTKO III PI l(C HANK AN EMBOSSING MACHINE WANTED; ALSO BLOC If cutters and a competent tnan tor drawn stripe a lloWELL A Hoi; i;k E, paper hanging* manufacturers, Philadelphia. 11/ ANTED?SECOND HAND OFFICE FURNITURE. ?t counter, with glass frames, desk, Ac., tn good order. Address D. V., 16 Court street, Brooklyn, room 3. \If ANTED? A BLACK WALNUT CYLINDER DE.-K. \ j Ail dress, stating where to be seen and lowest cadi price, S. K. E., box 1/4 Herald office. COAL AND \\ (KM). I / lOAl, -TIIK BF.ST CUMBERLAND t'OAl,, AT TIMK I imvis coal yard, 157 East rweuty-itii d ? r?< . i f lie lowest market. Also all kinds <d < annel t*o,i uWuM i on baud.

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