Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NOT 13,395. - NEW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1873.-QUADRUPLE SnEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. MtECTMl FOB ADVERTISERS. f AMUSEMENTS? Fourth 1'aub? FSurth, fifth aud sixth ASTBtSiiiOGY? 8ixteent* Page? Second column. ?ALL 8KASON? Fourth Page? Fourth column. BILLIARDS ? Fourth Paoe? Third coluniu. BOARDERS WANTED? Third Page ? Sixth column, and Fourth Page? First and second columns. BO ABU AND LODGING WANTED ? Fourth Pack? Second column. BROOKLYN BOARD? Fourth P ask? Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR HALK? second Pas?? First and second columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? First Page? Sixth col nun. BUSINESS NOTICES ? Ninth Page? Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO? Fourth Pag*.? Fourth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Smond Paub? First CLERKS1 AND SALESUEX-FirrBKsTH Page? Fifth and CLOlllft^a^i'xTBBirfn Page? Second column. COACHMEN AND GARDENER!} ? FirTSENTU Pack? Sixth column; and Sixteenth Pack ? First column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Thirteenth Paob? tilth column. COPARTNERSHIPS? Eleventh Paqk? Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Fourth Page? Third column. DANCING ACADEMIK8? Fourth Pagb? , Third column. DENTISTRY? Sixteenth Page? Second column. DRY GOODS? First Page ? Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LliT, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Tuibo Page? Second, third and fourth columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Thibtbenth Page? Fourth and tilth columns. BUROPU? Finrr Page? Fifth column. BYRS AND EARS? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column. EXCURSIONS? Thirteenth Pagk? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Eleventh Page? Fifth column. FOR SALE ? Second Page? Fifth an J sixth column*. FURNISH KD ROOMS AND APAR1MENTS TO LET? ___ Tninn Page? Fourth column. FURNITURE? Thirteenth Pagk? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixikehth Page? Sec ond column. BBLP WANTED? FEMALES? Firiektb PAflB-Fourth and fifth columns. BBLP WANTED? MALES? Sixteenth Page? First and jecond columns. . , , ?ORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.? First Page? Second, third, fourth and llith column*. HOTELS? Fourth Pagk? Second and third column*. ?OU8ES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? First PAUE-Flfth column. INSTRUCTION? First Page? <=ixth column. , JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE- Second Page? Second column. _ ? LECTURE SEASON? Fourth Pack? Fourth column. LOAN OFFICES? Fourth Page? Third column. LOST AND FOUND? First Page? F irst column. MACHINERY? Second Page? Sixth oolumn. MARBLE MAN1EL8 ? Fourth Page? Fourth column. MEDICAL? Sixteenth Page? Second column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? F'ourtli column. NEWSPAPERS ? Sixteenth Page? Second column. PERSONAL? First Page? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FE MALES? Fifteenth Page? Third and fourth columns. PBOPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? Second Page? Secoud, third, fourth and fifth column*. ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Page? Fifth column. BBAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pack ? Fifth column. REWARDS ? Kiiist Pagk? First column. BALES AT AUCTION? Sixteenth Page? Tlurd, fourth, <lftli and sixth columns. ? SITUATIONS ' WANTED? FEMALES ? Fourteenth Page? First, sccund, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, una KinKeitiii Pagk? First, second aud ? third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES ? Firrr.ENTn Page? Fifth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Page? First and sccouU col umns. SPORTING? DOG?, BIRDS, AC? First Page? Second column. STALLIONS? First Page -Second column. 8T0RA0E? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Pagb? Third column. THE TRADES? Sixteenth Page? Second column. THE' TUKF? First Page? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Third Page First and secoud columns. TRAVELLERS' (JU1DE? Thirteenth Page? Fifth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Page? Fourth, filth ami sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. . WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC? First Pagb? Fifth column. WE8TCHE8TER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second 1'age? Second column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac?First PAOB-Fiflh col umn. HERALD IIHANCH OFFit'E? I'PTOWS. A DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE XKW YORK HERALD. _ J^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL BBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. _ A PERSONAL. PRIL 22, 10 P. M.? COURT STREET CARS TO SANDS ?treet. Address M., box 117 Herald oiltee. A BEAUTIFUL BABE FOR ADOPTION. AT MME. DESPARD'S, 41 East Twenty-eighth street. Ameri can parentage ; full surrender. U8INE88 OF THB GREATEST IMPORTANCE PRE vented me from keeping my appointment Be at Nlblo's to-day, at 1 o'clock. A. T. FOR ADOPTION? a FINE, HEALTHY BOY, OF American parentage, with full possession. Address, tor two days, R. P., Herald office. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF JAMES MAX IX, BY 1 THOMAS SPII.ll&NE, 24 Vandewatcr street, New York. INTRIGUE-LETTER FOR YOU TN BROOKLYN POST office; prevented from writing before by domestic trouble ; rely on my honor. SUFFERER. JR. HUNTRhrOFrTlTlFi iRNIA. WILL I1RAR OF . something to Ills advantage by calling at West Twenty-third street. ART DOOLEY WILL PLEASE OALL AT 44 WEST Seventeenth street and see Mr*. D. M N* LI.IE? I HAVE A LETTER FOR YOU FROM your sister Mary : got letter from Fourth street. SOLDIER. WEDNESDAY MORNING. ABOUT 11 O'CLOCK. MADI son avenue stage, going down town? Will llght cotnplexloned gentleman, with must actio and iiuperitil, dressed in mourning, wearing eye-gla<ses and a larcre pearl sc.arlpin, please send hl? address to thu young lady who sat almost dlroctly opposite, as site has looked tor Ibis opportunity for u long time and taken this uncom mon method of making her wishes known! Address LAST RESORT, Herald Uptown Brunch office. LOST AND FOUND, A? A. -STOLEN? APRIL 2\ IN TIM FLYNN'S BIL ? Uard saloon, n Red Morocco Kauk Pocketbook. If Uin party who took it will return the picture*, bills ami memorandums contained therciu to A. C. \V\, box 2,317 Pout office, Now York, they may keep the money. OST? APRIL 257 FROM 98~ RIVTNOfON STREET, A small black and tan Slut- 910 reward will be paid (tor the return of the same. T OST ? $15 REWARD-ON MARCH 1\ A BLACK AND JJ Tan Dog; had on a black leather collar with silver plate. Return to '.'11 East Fifteenth streot. Lost? tukhd*y evening, on the wall street ferry boat, a mother-of-pearl Opera Ola a*. The fludor will be liberally rewarded by rcturnlug the rauia to 109 Front street. New York. OST? A LARGE BLACK AMD TtN ST. BERNARD Dog, with white cross on 'lis breast ; had r.n a bra?s collar with "Max" on it. Finder will he suitably re warded by returning him to K. A. DooLlTi LE, No. 3 Pine street. Now York. LOhT? ON RBOADW AY, BETWEEN TWENTY, fourth ond Thlity-stcond streets, a portmon.iie. csoral bracelet snrt pair of eye gla?ses. A liberal reward Will be paid for the return or any or atl ot them toM West Twenty-fourth street. OOKBT PICKED? STOLEN'. APRIL FROM MY pocket, a Pockefhook, containing $21 and a Draft of Band other valuah'e paper*. Draft wn< ma da to my order or bearer on a national bank in ihi< city, luit I don't remember name of hank; so all banks in this city ?re requested not to pny said draft. Mrs. M. A. RICHARDSON, Grand Central Hotel, N. Y. BIWARDS. <fc/T REWARD? LOST- A WHITK SPITZ DOG; av swers to the name of Plrr. The above reward will b? paid on his return to 34 East Forty-ninth street. $5 REWARD? I.OST. APRIL 2S, AT SIXTH AVE nnc and Thirty-eighth street, a largo black and tin Dog: answers to thu uainc or Luggy; hair thin on none and legs- one ear drops. Above reward will be paid upon his return to 107 I. it .t I h.rty filth afreet. (tin RBWARD -LOST. ON THE HOBOEBN FERRY ?PwU boat, about 4:S0 P. M., yesterday, a large Pocket book, containing only psners of no use except to the owner. ^Apply at ifi Washington street, Hoboken. WfR "REWARD? LOST, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, ?P I 'J April 19, probably In a Fourth avenue car, going from Twenty-first street to steinway Hall, a gold halt hunting case Watch, one ln?h In dtameftr. No. 2S,^S9. Patak, Phllllppe A Co., makers. Tli* above reward will ba paid for Its delivery to Dr. BELCHfcU, 4.1 Ka?t Twenty first street, and no quvsilons asked Detectives? frink a ackerman. i? Nassau street, furnish reliable aad experienced operatives for all legitimate business on most reasonable term*; communication* by mail or otherwise striotly c.onflden Hal; correspondents In Uultad States, Canadas and Eu rape. SPECIAL NOTH ER. A""ll Officers, sailors and soldiers wound ed, ruptured or inlurcd, however sllgbilr, ?rc on titled to pension. Add. ess or apply to Dr E. B. JACKSON, HlKSeoB I DitcJ bintei Navy, N?|, j|New Chaiubers |t SPECIAL. NOTICES. O. OK U. K.? THK ANNUAL SESSION OK TI1K H. Jx. Grand Lodge State of New York will be held on Friday, April 28, 1873. at 1 o'clock. P. II., at 26 Drlaaoer street. Ail Representatives and P. Gs. are invited to at tend. H Eli KM. CONRAD, Gr. Secretary, A ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ili corner of Fulton aveaite and Boeriun street. Open from n A. M. to 9 1*. M. On Sunday Irom a to 9 P. M. H A-LAROE WAGONS FOR MOVING FURNITURE . city or country furniture: Pianoforte* packed, shipped or stored. G. A K Bl.'KNHAM, US West Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue. BURGLARS' PROOF STORE LOCK-THE BEST IN the world. Come and see it In laotory, 198 Greene sUeet, New York. F. GYSS. Bogus lottery. Editor or tub Hkrald:? Sir? Bring a constant reader of your great paper, whoso sentiments embrace and elevate the whole hutuan race without distinction or class, crecd, clime or color, allow me to draw the atten tion of your reader* to a bogus lottery, scarcely passed the period of incubation. I have reference tq the North Carolina Lottery, whose official drawings were first an nounced in your paper of the 21st Instant Uerkln A Co., arc stvled "Managers." Who they are it would take a "Stanley" or an "0'Kelly"to discover. Luther k Co., 71 Barclay street, are the brokers. With this Mr. Luther the undersigned inv sted $7 or ?8 and drew a prize of t?io. Mr. Luther, true to his past reputation, declines to pny. I believe it a duty I owe to a misguided class? of whom I am one? to make thia public. J. B. Aran. 28, 1871 ("TrEDITOBS OF ROBERT USHER, JR? LATE OF J the city of New York, wlllpleitfe present their claims to the undersigned, at the offices of nis attorneys, Scwell k Pierce, 178 Broadway. RICHARD JOHN USHER, Administrator. Department of taxes and assessments. .12 Chambers Struct, Nkw York, Jan. 6, 1879. Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Roils of the Real and Personal Estate of the city und county of New York tor the year 1878 will be open lor inspection and re vision on and alter Monday, January 13, 1873. and will remain opeu until the 30th day of Aprih 1873, Inclusive, lor the correction of errors and tho equalization of the assessments ot the aforesaid real ami personal estate. All persons believing themselves aggrieved must make application to the Commissioners during the period above mentioned in order to obtain the reiiet provided by law. By order of the Board. B. K. RABCOCK, Secretary. AVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY DRAWING 22d April. German State Lotteries. Circulars mailed free. Kl'HLMANN k CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street; box 3,886 Post office. IITTLE KANAWHA AND ELK RIVER PETROLEUM J and Mining Company. Any one that c^n give any information a* to the above will please address G. B., box 180 Herald Uptown Branch office. MEARES' KARES' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to flt Sent by express C. O. D., to any part of the country, at tho following prices:? 6 Shirts, Musonvllie muslin and line linen $12 00 6 Shirts, Wauisutta muslin and very fine linen 13 80 0 Shirts, New York Mills and best linen 15 00 Boys' Shirts ready made and to order. Fancy shirtings in great variety. Direction* lor measurement sent on application. RICHARD Mi: A K KS, Gefktlemcn's furnishing Goods, Sixth avenue and Ninetieth street, New York. NEW INVENTION? UNEQUALLED, PATENTED Propelling Apparatus.? This apparatus, the only one of its kind for river and canal boats, which oit*n have to pass shallows, stands unequalled. It works with six broad oars, three of which arc const tutly in motion, while three working powerfully against any masses of water the three others are powerfully turning outwards, saving time for speed. Smaller boats to be worked by hand, blfger ones by steam. Apply to the inventor, CORNELIUS SCHILLING, 165 Essex struct, second floor. New York. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. kxtha class NO. 6? apri i. 23, 1878. 68, 1, 37, 14, 40, 7), 32, 6, 60, 69, 39. 22. 87, 25. HORTII CAROLINA, CLASS NO. 6? APRIL 23, 1873. 21, 07. 70. 52, 19, 39, 2, 42. 33. 65. 20. 31. JS. GERKEN A CO., Mauagers. LUXUY it CO., Brokers, 71 Barclay street. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE IMTF.RlRft KJCMl'CBT- IlXIKA ( LASS NO, 201? ArBIL 23, 1879. 11, 41, <W, 66, 4, 47, 29, 24, 77, Ml, 70, 83, 10, 6. KUXTOCKY? CLASS NO. 292? ArBIL 23, 1873. 49, 71, 67, 86, 81, 5. 74, 64, 3, 62, 66, 18, 48. SIMMONS k CO., Mauagers, Covington. Ky. fitklbt collkok? eitba class no. 191? apbil 2;t, 187% 21, 28, 7, 2, 17, 6, 78, 46. 71. 67, 26, 14. 49, 4. SUKLBT COLLKGK? CLASS SO. 192? APRIL 23, 1873. 28, 77, 63, 7.1, 87. 8, 76, 68. 31, 65, 43, 26, 1. SMITH k CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 2U6 Broadway. Post offlcc box 4,909. Royal Havana lottery.-prizes cashed; or. ders filled; information furnished; highest rates paid lor Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. TAYLOR k CO., Bankers, 16 Wall street, New York. Royal saxon government lottery at leip. sic, Germany; 95,000 tickets; 47,800 prizes; Bruns wick Government Lottery: Hamburg City Government Lottery; Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed and in formation given TI1EODOR ZSCHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6.0S0 Post offlcc. STOLEN GOODS.? THE OWNERS OF THE STLK stolen in Church street last Thursday night will pay more for its return than the thieves can get otherwise. rno WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.? NOTICE IS HEREBY 1 given that the undernoted certificates of Erie Rail way common stock, viz 68,103? To L. P. Morton, fiemus k Co., 10 shares, of $100 each, 107,33a?' To Jonathan D. Copeman, 10 shares, of $100 each, 107,339? To Jonathan D. Copcmau, 10 shares, of $100 each, have been lost or destroyed, and that the undersigned will apuly in due course to the Erie Railway Company for new certificates In lien thereof. All persous aro cau tioned against negotiating the said certificates, as their transfer has b. cn stopped. WILLIAM BUTLER DUNCAN, Nos. 9 and 11 Nassau street TO RAILROAD COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS.? The Titan Iron Works manufaefnre Equipments, as Frogs, Switches, Crossings, Turn Tables, Bridge Iron Work, Construction Cars and general Iron Work. For information and prices address STEELE k COND1CT, Jersey City. TO CONTRACTORS.? PARTIES HAVING ONE OR more steam hoisting apparatus, suitable for lifting stone, and are ready to contract Immediately for such work, will apply at once to ALEXANDER HAYNES, No. 8, Liberty street, city. J ANTED? A BUILDER TO ERECT, ON LONG I8L and, a wooden Building ot the price of about $6,000. GL'ILLAUME, Architect, 148 Pulton street. 6?TH AVENUE PROPERTY OWNERS, ATTENTION! I An important meeting will he livid at the Harvard Rooms, southwest, corner of Forty-second street and Slxtli avenue, this (Thursday) evening, tho 24th April, at 8 o'clock P. M.. at which time and place the committee will report respecting the Gilbert Elevated Railroad. Tho rights of the property owners Imperatlvl v demand their attendance, in view of the approaching close ot the session of the Legislature. H. A. MORRISON, Chairman. Jas. R. Wathrlow, Secretary. nnn ca8H t? r,ivE awaf to people VtlvVA'UU of speculative minds and others who wish It Tito money Is held by tho Fourth National Bank of New York and Farmersr and Drovers' Bank of Louisville, ami that all may know tho offer to be In good faith, every dollar is guaranteed by cashier's certificate lust as stated. The opportunity to participate Is biief, "and all applications for particulars must be made promptly to Banking Houso of THOS. 11. HAYS k CO., ?i9 Broadway, New York. ?QG la DRAWN DAILY IN THK LEGAL tOU Ued Kentucky Lottery. Roval Havana and Kentucky circulars free ; 12>i ccn's commission allowed. Address BAI.EY k CO. (offlco established thirty years), 174 Broadway. SPORT IK G? DOOB, BIKPg, dccT~ A-FOK SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS, . Birds, Ac.; Medicine* tor all discuss, Prepared lond lor mocking birds, at B. O. DOVEY'S. No. 3Greea? street, near Caual. _____ A N IMPORTED DOUBLE-NOSED. LIVER COLORED f\. and white Pointer Hop. 2. years old and well broken, at auction to-morrow (Friday), at 12 o'clock, at the Horse and Carriage Mart of WILLIAM VAN 'i'ASSELL, 110, 112 and 114 hast Thirteenth street. TUB TIIflF. TBOTTINQ AT FLEETWOOD PARK ON THURSDAY, April 24, at 3 o'clock? Sweepstakes for $700? Mile heats, best 3 In 5, in harness. William l.ovell enters b. m. Topsey. Pierce llovden enters b. m. Ladv Annie. R. J. Andersons outers blk. g. Wlnfleld. Good day and traek. __ W. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. TO LET -FLEETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE. AP ply at the park or 111 Wnll street. W. H. vancott, Superintendent. CTilUOTI. ? IpDWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OK JOE ELLIOTT, a who trotted hi->t Summer on Mystic 1'ark In 1! :1AM (the fastest mile ever trotted, cither (? public or private), aUo of Commodore V underbill's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2:20^. and of Judge Kullerton, who has trotted in 2 :21J4, will make the season at tho larm of William Keotch, Bear Goshen. Orange county, N. Y. Kor lurtlier particulars see the "Turf, Field and I arm."' mm??, < AHRIAGKV. At . Auction house of arch johnston. Office and Salesroom 37 Nas-au street, opposite Post office. ARCH. JOHNSTON wiLL SELL AT AUCTION tui'ushay, april 24, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the private stables of WILLIAM B. DOUGLASS. ESQ., In the rear ot the family mansion I284WEST FOURTEENTH STItl-ET, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SKVENTH AVKNUES, ONE TEAM ELEGANT CARRIAGE HORSES ON h ENGLISH MAIL PlIAKTON, BUT LITTLE U8ID. ONE BROUGHAM, BROWN CLOTH LINED. ONE TWO-WHEEL DOG CART, WOOD BROS., GOOD "n'VtoP CITY BUILT ROAD WAGON. GOODORDER. VICTORIA. IN GOOD ORDER, BY WOOD BROS STANHOPE PHAETON. SHIFTING TOP. GOOD ?ONERCHARIOT AND ONE COUPE. TWO LARGE FAMILY SLEIGHS, BUILT TO ORDER. TWO SETS DOUBLE HARNESS. THREE SETS SINOLE HARNESS. T CART, BY WOOD BROS.. OOOD ORLER. Sale absolutely without reserve. Particulars to morrow. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALR -CROSS A matched Tram (black and gray). 9 years old, with a five-curtain Rockawav, built by Miner A Stevens; sorrel Mare, 8 years old; Road Wagon. Harness Blankets ltobe. Whip, bov s Saddle and Bridle. To ho seen at MofT'S Wtst i vrcuyr-tliird strftt HOKKK*, CAKRIAORg, ?C. Auction house of ahoii. johnston. Office und Salesroom 37 Njwtu street, opposite Post office. ARCn. JOHNSTON WILL HELL AT AUCTION THURSDAY, APRIL 24, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., At the private stables of WILLIAM DOUOLAHM, ESQ., in the rear of the tamlly mansion 128 WEST FOURTEENTH S I'REttT, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH AVENUES: Team of elegant steel grav carriage Hones, 15"^ hand*, 6 and 7 years; kind aud true in all harmai, and war ranted sound. Four wheel Dog Cart, In good order. One English mall Phaetou. out little uacd. One Brougham, brown cloth lined. One two-wliccl Dog Cart. Wood Bros., good order. No top city built road Wagon, good order. Vte'oila, in good order, i.y Wood Hroa. Btanhopo l'hueton, shitting top, good order. One Chariot and one Coupe. Two large family Sleighs, built to order. Two acts double Harness. Three aets single Harness. 1 Carl, by Wood Bros., good order. BALE ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT RESERVE. TO COMMENCE AT 10 O'CLOCK POSITIVELY, RAIN OR SH1NJ1. AT PRIVATE KALE, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, la 21, ?3 AN1) 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE and FIFTH AVENUE. CROSS MATCHED TEAM of young trotting Horaos. SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAY, in good order. BAY TROTTING HORSE "HARRY," 8 years old, 15*i bunds: kind and trne In all harness. COUPE HARNESS. BY CAMPBELL. SET OK DOUBLE HARNESS, 11Y WOOD GIBSON. SHORT TAIL PONY. ELKO ANT FAMILY HORSE; afraid ol nothing; cau be driven up to a locomotive. LADY'S SADDLE HOUSE ON K PARK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER. ONE BAROUCHE, In good order. DARK CHESTNUT MARK, 16.W handi, 8 yearn old; kind and truo; can trot In 3 minutes aud wurranted sound. ? BLOOD BAY HORSE, KNOWN AS THE DECKER PONY; 16'< liund", 11 years; kind and trne and perfectly sound ; has a record of 2:13, and ean trot in 2 :<(> any time, PONY PHAETONS, TOP AND NO TOP, BASKET and panel. , * ROAD WAGON, BY STIVERS. Prioca 25 per cent lower than at any other place in the city. Call and examine. Auction nousE of arch, johnston (Late Johnston A Van Tassell). office and salesroom, old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 1!>, 21. a and 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorablo principles which have always char, acterized the dealings of our h oil re and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. REGULAR BALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sale may he made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, It*, 21, 23 and 2.1 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGN ME NTS. AT AUCTION TO MORROW (FRIDAY), APRIL 2\ BY WILLIAM VAN TAPBEI.L, AUCTIONEER, ftt Ilorse and Carriage Auction Mart, lin, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street. TWO PRIVATE TURNOUTS. BLACK MARE, PIKED- BY BURTON horse; dam a Ti|ipo mare ; Is 15 hands high, 6 vears old ; a very prom ising young more, and ran trot In 2:50 without training; perfectly gentle; ean be driven by a lady, and warranted sound. Also Harness and VERY LIGHT ROAD WAGON, built hy Duaenbury * Van Dust r. ROAN HORSE, 15,'i hands high, 9 years old, kind and true In every way, and can trot in 2-iO or better; h supe rior roadster tor genlleiutiu's driving, and warranted sound. Al?o two sets Harness and TOP YS AGON. NEARLY new, built bv W. H. Gray. A. ?OLD HOUSE OK BREWSTER. Established 18S8. Wc offer a complete assortment of Ar t cla ?* Carriages at our wareroomo, Fifth avenue, corner Tw? nty-acventh street Wc beg to remind the public that our experience ol over thirty-four years enanlcs us to produce work which has no superior, and that we sell no carriages, directly or indirectly, but tliose made at our Twenty-fifth street factory. J. B. BREWSTER A CO., ' of T wenty -filth street. Albert b. wai.dron. auctioneer. Salesr >oms 10S Liberty and 111 Ocdur street Horses. Wagons and Harness. THIS DAY, at 13 o'clock. D. W. IVES will sell as above 9 head of good road and work Horses; also Wagons; one superb trotting road Horse, Ac., Ac. Particulars at sale with warrantee. A? THIRTY TOP AND OPEN FULL SPRINGS AND ? side bars, by Brewster, Dusenhury, Corbett and other citr makers; 1 Barouche, nearlv new; 1 second baud Clarence. 1 light cuitaiu Coach and nix-seat J'ark Phaeton, by Brewster; top and open Park Pony aud extension top Phaeton ; Kockaw.iys. Depot Wngous, Jaggcrs, side spring; 1 I>ogCart, by Stivers; Sulktes by Cafferey; 1 Skeleton, by Pray ; 1 top platform Rumble Pony Phaeton, br Wood; top and open Express Wagons; 4 Philadelphia second hand Rockawa.vs. fit*) up ; 1 open Pony Phaeton, $120: Single and DonMc Harness, all kinds, at WM. H. GRAY'S, 20 and 2^ Wooster street Arrived at last-j. c. DESK), or jackron City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single aud double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. S. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twcut\ -fifth street, between Third and Lexiogtou avenues. A GENTLEMAN GOING ABROAD OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish and fast; also one Brewster Wagon and light Harness, one mall Phaeton and Harness. Apply at stable -No. 1 East For ty-second street, or to T. B. BALDWIN, 14 Wall struct. AT FACTORY, 146 AND 148 ELDRIDOE STREET, large stock Top Buggies, Victorias, Rockawaya, Ex tension Tops and Phaetons selling cheap, to make room tor other work. DAY A BON, near Orand street and Bowery. Avery fink, stylish coupe or family horse for snle; 16.' ? hands high ; dark brown; long tail; 6 years old: very gentle, and sound In every respect. Ap ply at private stable ISO East Thlrty-flth street, near Lex ington avenue. AT A GREAT BAROAIN? A ?; LAUNDALET, ON platform and C springs, very light, beautifully finished, iu pcrlcct order: been used bill n short time. A. T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 Broadway. A SECOND HAND SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY, GOOD order; top Coal-box Buggy, top I'ony Phaeton, six seat Phaeton, a Miner A Stevens Road Wagon. A. T. DEMAREST, Broadway. A SPLENDID TEAM MORGAN HORSES, CHEST nut, 16 hands, 7 and 8 year*, sound and kind in all harness; can show loss ttian 3/a, and warranted. 336 Newark avenue, Jersey city. J. WEI.WOOD. A FEW VERY FINE ALDKRNEY AND AYRSHIRE Cows tor sale \ery cheap. Inquire ol WILLIAM WATSON, W Franklin strict. AT DEVON'S STABLES, 103 CHARLES STREET.? Three Top Wsgon?,two Road Wagons, two Phaetons, one Barouchn. all in good order, will sell tor halt value; also one Coach, glass panels. $275; rhoap. AN ELEGANT PAIR OF B\Y HORSES FOR SALE? 15V hands high, 7 and 8 years old, sound and kind; very stylish and remarkably flue drivers; are perfectly Sentle, accustomed to locomotives and in all respects a rat class family team. Apply at THOMPSON'S stable, 136 East Thirteenth street. Avery fine saddle horse for sale? bay; l#?i hands high. 5 years old; perfectly sound and kind ; can lte driven in single anil double harness. Call, before 11 o'clock, at ISO West Tw< nty-eliilith street. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS and Coupe Rockaways, at the West side Carriage Repository. 1,4??4 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty fourth and Forty-filth street*. A DOCTOR'S CARRIAGE, $75; HORSE, $100; 1IAR neas, $30; Stiver's ltoad Wagon, $123; two old lug giea cheap ; saddle Pony, $100. 153 West Forty first btresl. Seven II i avenue. A -THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF COUPES, ? Landaus, Lundaulcts, Phaetons, seaeonablu Car riages In the city, at prices to meet the times; several second hand Carriages. HAM, in East Fourth street. AN ELEGANT SOUREL HORSE FOR S ALE CnE KV? 5 years old. llUf bauds, caa show 2:40, a splendid pole horse ; also a black Mare, 15 hands, can trot III 2 at); all sound and kind : no boots wanted. Call, from 11 to 12, to-day, at Reade strc?t. AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY Eiegaut first class assortment of carriages and Har ness; extra inducements thla week: leather top Bugrv at $110; Stivers Road Wagon, 180 lte ; several light Rockaways, very low; Pony Phaetons a specialty. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. $ Cortlandt stteet. LOT or HORSES, FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY^ sold or exchanged tor Horaei of less value ; suitable for all kinds of business. In<|Uliv a' Ml Canal street. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS, light Rockaways, Depot Wni'ons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, victorias, Boggle* and other s< asouablc styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand. MAN UFACTURKRB' CMu.N, pw Broadway. A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE WANTS TO sellhis Horses: 16 hands, onh 6 years old ; atylisli blacks ; long falla: sound and klad in every way ; also a Brewster Landau and Humes*. O. W. COM STOCK, Grand Hotel^ A -FOB SALE, A SORREL PACING MARE, 15.3, 5 J. 1 ? vears old, perfectly green ; can pace in 2 :to to top wagon or ao sale; sound, kind and gentle in single or nimble harness. D ALEY'S stables, 127 and 129 Ea.-t Filty tliird afreet. 4 -FOR SALE, A BAT ABDALLAH HORSE. 15.3, iV. 6yearsold; free and stylish driver; found and kind in single or double harness; also u city made Top Wagon. used three times, and set of single Harness. HALEY'S atablc, U7 and 1? East Kilty third street. A HANDSOME SECOND HAND CURTAIN COACH and a round trout Coupe, cheap, at 120 West Twenty flHh street

A PARTY LOOKING FOR A PRIVATE STABLE can be accommodated with two or four Stalls in a new and elegant stable. 1)1 East Fifty-seventh street. A? FOR SALE-ONE DARK SOUREL HORSE, SIX . years old, stands 15.2 high; long maae and tall; veryatyllah and warranted to trot In lasa than three mln utea; very docile: he is parted with on account oi death In the family. Apply at 7ft East Fourth afreet, opposite Washington aquarc. A -TWO GOOD HORSES FOR SALE; A FAIR TRIAL ? and warrantee given: sold lor no lautt; a death In the tamll.v ; no dealers need apply ; must bv raid to day. iiiouire at 2 Ml Eighth avenue. HOIISKX, CAIIHIAGKB, <?C. A? SPEED, STYLE AND ELEGANCE AT AUCTIoft, . On FRIDAY, April 25, at lt?* o'clock sharp, at private stable 61 EiM Thiriv-third street, consisting of Uic entire outfit of a prominent broker of this city, who In compelled to clone them out at public Mile, ax he must realize immediately. ThU is some oi the finest blooded stock ever owned in this city and can be relied on in every particular, and the attention of the riding public Is called to the tollowtng High bred and lust team of bav Kentucky-bred car riage or road H or Gen, 16?* hand*, 8 and 7 years old. raised near Louisville, Ky., and both siren by lidwln torrent, dams Messenger; they have long flowing tails, are extra stylish and well behaved; aro afraid of nothing; are easy and gtacelul steppers, drive without checks or gags, ami can travel 10 miles an hour with ease; they have bone and muscle enough tor coaeh and speed and action lor roud work; the owner hud them brought to this city expressly for his own use, and has refused largo sunn for them, but would not sell as their equal Is seldom found; they are warrunted sound and kind, good and true, aud perfect in every reaped. The fast and cclebiutej bav Gelding Whalebone, nearly 15Ji hands aud H years old ; has long full tail, with tine, cleun limbs; cannot be out-styled by any that goes, park or road; was ruised in Kentucky and slrea by Alexander's Abdullah, dam by 1 > amble tonlan ; is a pure, level trotter; does not lug or pull; Is good In company; an excellent polo hone, and can always go to the track in condition aud beat 2:36; has a record of 2:17 to wagon, at Buffalo, two years ago, and has trotted his fifth heat in 2:39, and liia owner was intending to enter him In the 2 -.:16 race at Fleetwood this Spring, and has had several trninem' olfer to handle hint free ol charge; ho is the fastest and best green horse in tlio country and is war ranted sound and Kind. Handsome and blooded Ilumhlotoniail Oelding Hay liick, 15^ lianas, 7 years old; raised in Orango county and sired by .Major Yviiitlcid; he is one of the best broken horses ever driven ; is a bold and fearless driver; can neat 3 minutes, and was never trained; can l;e driven by a lady ; Is lineiy proportioned and goes lu greut My le ; as a gentleman's roadster is unsurpassed; warranted sound and kind. Also a beautiful and stylish black saddle Horse, 13% hands, K years old ; has all gaits to saddle and well broken to all harness; has high knee action and tlnety-arrlicd neck, mid attracts much attention ill the street; war ranted ,si>nnd and kind. Also, the elegant little brown Mare Mollle, 15 hands and (1 years old ; Is a perfect pet and can beat 2:50, und bus been used to basket phaeton and can be driven by ladles with safety; warranted good aud tine, sound and kind. Also, Oonpe, In good order; four wheel Dog Cart, light Trotting Wagon, Basket Phaeton, double aud single Har ness, Kobe* and Bluitkels. Sale absolute and positive, without regard to weather. Stock ou examination at stable. A roll warrantee on all hors-s and twenty-four hours allowed tor trial and examination. JOHN L. VAN UK WAT Kit, Auctioneer. Atthi: horse and carriage auction mart or WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), at the old stand, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF" HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HE 14) EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, at 11 o'clock. Our regular sale to-morrow will Include a car load of very superior lloney, just arrived from Kentucky and Southern ludinnu. Among them are some superior Roadsters and extra flue Work Horses; also u Team ot brown Mares, 15 hands high, very stj llsh and handsome. All of these horses will be at private sale until 12 o'clock to-morrow, when those not disposed of will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. A STYLISH CHESTNUT HOUSE, 16 HANDS, SOUND and kind ; Landmilct, T Cart and one set of English double Humes, nil new ; within t,ix mouths. Apply at stable, 184 East Fltty-scvcnth street. A LA ROE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, all styles; family Roc ka ways, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaeton, at greatly reduced prices. WITTY 's, Fulton und Nevin* streets, Brooklyn. AN IMPORTED TURNOUT FOR SALE CHEAP-CON. histing of a two win elcd English Dog Cart and Har ness; a large, hnng-tailed chestnut Horse, Iflji hands high; n very strong, f lie moving animal, ot high action, great power and courage; can take the cart at 10 or 11 miles nn hour; pericctly gentle, nlra.'d of nothing and re quires no urging; the establishment cost over $2,000, and will lie i old nt hall the nioncv. Can be seen at WOOD BROTHERS CO., 740 Broadway. A? FOR SALE. HORSE, EXPRESS WAGON AND . Harness, sold to pav board and keep, $ I 25 ; also a few other good Workers, cheap. Apply at boarding sta bles, 163 West Utteenm street, near Seventh avenue. B ? SPLENDID PONY PHAETONS, AT THE WEST ? Side Carriage Repository, 1,481 and 1,496 Broad way. /CARRIAGE HORSKS, CARRIAGES AND HARNESS.? " ' For sale, a spun ol young bay Hordes, about 10 hands high, well broken, sound and klnd;al?o anew Coupe, satin lined ; one Landau, in good order; double sua single. Harness, silver mountings: Carriage and Horse Blanket", Robes 4c., lor sale at private stable 63 Madi son aveiiue, and can lie seen dally until Saturday after noun next, between 9 A. M. and 4 r. M. ?TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT BOUND BOOT Jm Coupes; bargains for cash. WEST SIDE CAR RIAGK REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty -tilth streets. FOR SALE-A LIGHT BUSINESS WAGON; ALSO A Top Uuggy; both in good order; or would exchange for Rockawny. WM. MARLOW, Jr., tYankliu sf., corner Grecnpolnt IT., Or? apatot. Ii^OR SALE? A SORREL HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD, 151 1 bands high; got by llambletonian and dam Henry Clay ; can trot In 2 :50; gentle in double and single har ness and without blemish. Call be seen at 1U Bergen street, Brooklyn. M. PETERS. For sale? three single and fouk double Express Wugous, and four gunboat Truck*, all in good order; newly painted; will bo sold cheap. Inquire at stables Erie Railway Company's Baggage Express, 542 West Twenty-fourth street Ii^OR SALE? A FEW FINE GENTLEMEN'S ROAD 1 Horses, bays, 1U to 15 3 high ; young, sound anil lullv guaranteed; fine, prompt drivers; also one Dusenbury k Nelson side-bar fop Wagon, pole and shafts; weighs 230 pounds, and has never bceu run. Inquire at Metropolitan stables, 72 Prince street F OR SALE-TEN FIRST CLASS MILCH COWS, price address A. A. K., Ill Fifth avenue. Tj*OR SALE? A CURTAIN COACH, LITTLE USED, r splendid order. Wood Bros. make. Apply at 33 West Thirteenth street. IIOR SALE-PAIR B.& HORSES. 15^ HANDS HIGH, 7 and S year.-, old ; warranted sound aud kind ; six-seat Roekaway Carriage, set double Harness, good as new. Can he seen at Mr Numara's stable. Seventy third strict and Fourth avenue, or apply to BRUNS, MOORE A Co., 452 Broadway. IjlOP. SALE? A PAIR OF IIAMILTON1AN HORSES, 16 1 hands high; 6 ana 7 years oi l : very stylish; sound, kind and gentle. To be seen at Mansion House stable, corner Henry ami Clark streets, Brooklyn. For sale? a lady* saddle hokhe; war rantd perfectly sound and kind; a bay, near flltecn hands high, eight \ car* old, very stylish. Inquire of I. STKIDE I. angan's stable, 137 West Thirty-ninth street. FOR SALE? AN ELEGANT, STYLISH, THOROUGH bred Kentucky Saddle Horse, 7 years old this Spring, 15.3 high; can he ridden by a lady ; warranted perfectly sound and kind In every respect; sure looted aud with out ,ault or blcinlsli of any description ; is also kiuil and tree in single and double harness; price $600. Can be seen and 'rli d at GREEN'S Riding School, No. 7 West Thirteenth street. FOR SALE? a SORREL HORSE, H YEARS OLD, 1# linii m high; warrunted sound, kind and gentle; work- lu single or double harness. Apply to K. FInCllKR, corner Seventh street and t ulton avenue, Morrisauia, Westchester county. T.10R SALE? FINE MARF, 15.3; SOUND, KIND. F Mvlish and good stepper; excellent for coupe. 11 West 'i hlrtcenth street. I XOR SALE,? A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING 1 town wishes to dispose of his complete Establish ment, consisting of nn elegant coupe Horse, n Park I'lmc ton, nearly new, and a Coupe, as also the Harness, Blan ket*. Ac. Call at DKENNKN'H livery stables, corner of Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. F' 10R SALE? SORREL HORSE GEORGE, $700; CHEST nut horses Charlie, $600, and Steady, #500: all drive in double ami single harness, und any two will make a team. Inquire In the morning before 10, at private stable, 121 East Forty-first streot. U?OR SALE ? A NICE CHUNKY BAY HORSE, SIX r years old; sound and kind ; tit for grocer, butcher, or milkman. 526 Kast Fourteenth street. I NOR SALE-A HANDSOME STAR COLT, RICH SOR 1 rel, Jyear*. 16 hands; sound and kind ; splendidly devclope I and very promising; at the stable 121 Carroll street, South Brooklj n. Price $soo. riOR SALE-A VICTORIA PHAETON, WITH TOP AN f> JL and rumble, made by Brewster, of Filth avenue, and hut little used; rust $1,400: price *i<H Apply at private stable No. 1 Kast Forty-second street. rlog SALS? A TWO-SEATED FAMILY WAGON, IN F perfect running order; also a black Mare, six years old ; sold for warn or use. Apply ai 402 West Forty-first street, near Ninth avenue. FOR sale-a valuable road mare, ameri can star stock ; trots in 3 minutes; kind mid truo, and warranted sound ; sold by a gentleman for want of use. Apply at UNDERBILL'S stables, Latayette place. FWR BALE-TWO PONY BUILT HORSES, 8 AND 9 years. U}6 and 17 bauds; lit for any work ; prices $35 and $95 ; sold for want Of use. 136 Perry street, rear. i/OR~ SALE? A FINE HOME AND TRICK. APPLY I? at 79 Lewli street. , . i;OH SALE-TWO CANADIAN HORSES, 15'. HANDS, J; 7 >eari old ; warranted sound ; suitable tor groceries or exp'ress. Cau be aetn at 591 Greunwleh street, near Jlousti n. TOOR SALE-A LIGHT TOP BUGGY AND HARNESS, I chei?;i. Ini|tilre at 891 Pearl street. In the saloon. IIOR S/kLE? A PAIR OF FINK BLACK CARRIAGE ' Horses, al-o a pair ot Rl/t and several single Horses at the City llall stables. 337 Adair, tstrett. Hiook lyti (?ll(M?Cl7sLL i_|_ SMITH. TOOK BALK CHEAP? A VERY FINE BAV MARE. 7 1' years old, 15'., hands; can In 3 39; 1< a good drlve'r, and warranted sound, kind and gentle, anil true in all harness. Can lie seen at Underbill's stables, 54 Lafayette place. IIOR SALE CHEAP? A GOOD HOItSE AND A GOAT. Inquire, at 135 East Twenty-sixth street. flOR SALE CHEAP? A ONE SKAT DOG CART; CAN be seen at stable in rear ol 509 tilth avenue, entrance hast Forty-third street. IIOR SALE? ONE OF THE FINEST SADDLE IIORSE9 1 in the city,# years old, lS'j hands high; wry hai.d some tor potiv phaeton; warranted sound and kind. Nos. .1 and s West Thirteenth street fS0R SALE-A PAIR OF BLACK HAWK HORSES; can trot in three minutes; also gray Ponv ; sold as owner u> es to Cincinnati. Inquire at ..'H Kightii avenue SALE-A SPLENDID BLACK PONY, 14 H hands high, 8 rears old ; lit for lady or child to drive ?rride. 121 Forty tilth street FlOR SALF. OR RXCHANGE? SOME VERY FINE 1M. ported < A?hmci'0 Gonu. Address A. U.S., Herald omjs, IIORftBR, l'AIUUAGB8,JtC> J foil HALE DK LEAHK? A STABLE, FIVE STALLS, anil room lor throe carriages) gas ami water ;or would suit any other business; rent very low. Mo west Forty-first street . HARNESS.-I IIAVR A LARGE STOCK OK HAB ness, all kinds and xt\ lo:, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; alfo Riding Saddle* ana Bridles, Whips, Hours, Baiters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the liorsu line cheap lor cash. K. BART LETT, 62 Warren street, corner ? ollcge pla e. HARNESS.? TWO FINK NEW LIGHT DOUBLE HAR nesses, with key collars, lor sale; also line light single covered and lined Bamcse. 149 Went Thirty -third street, second Door. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS.- FOR HALF, A hPLBN .did Mare heavy In foal, $125; one tine chunk ol d Uorsj, $90. 77 New Chambers street JUST ARRIVED THIS MORNING FROM THE WEST 25 (food work and driving horses, suitable for all purposes; to be sold cheap. Apply at 176 Meicer street, near Bleetker street. L1VEBY 8TABLK IN WILLIAMSBURG FOB SAI.E fO by 100; accoinmodutions lor 40 horses; favorable lease ; will be sold cheap with stock or reduced to suit purchaser. WITTY, 10 Nevins street, Brooklyn. LI VERY STABLK WANTED? WELL LOCATED, WITH first clas?*trade, by man thoroughly experienced and well known in New York ; would buy half Interest or would unite with man of means to start One stables; su perior references furnished and required. Address STA BLES, Ilerald Uptown Branch offico. ONR GOOD HEARSE, TWO ROCKAWAY CAR riages. one Ico Casket, lor sale cheap. Apply to THEODORE FITCH or WILLIAM RILEY, Yon ken, K|Y. tAIR BRIOBT BAYS. lft?4 HANDS; BLACK MANES and tails; very stylish ; travel In less than 4 minutes; it.-ed oulv In the country; have hcen driven by ladles; not afraid of cars: Rood .-addle horses. Prlvato stable, No. a West Twenty-second street PONY PHAETON FOB SALE-WOOD'S MAKE. IX quire at 71 Madison avenue. OECOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-SEAT ROCKA way, small Pony Wagou, Depot Wagon, live Rock uways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number of Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargain*. manuVactubers' union, 63* Broadway. STABLE TO LET-HALF OF FIRST CLASS PRIVATE stable. 25x90, in Forty-fourth street, noar Fifth ave nu<>; remit)-.. C1IAR1.ES W. WARD, 79 Cedar street TWO HoBSE-t FOR SALE. ? APPLY 11T BOAT NO. 11 foot of West Tenth street, North River. rpo LET-FOUR STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AtIsI 1 West Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. .loilN J. TO W.N s EN'l), 76 Wall street. To RENT? FROM MAY I, PRIVATE STABLE, SSI EAST Seveafeenth street; four stalls and large carriage house. Apply on premises or at 136 First avenue. "\Vr At.ONS FOR SALE CHEAP. -TWO EXPRESS, t* one Grocery, one Milk aud one light Business Wagon, one top ami one n<> top Buggy, at 2.0 Spring st. "\1 'ANTED? A LANDAULET, OCTAUON FRONT; 1? Brewster's or Ham's mafcn prelerred ; price not to exceed $si*)or $000. Address T. S. GLASS, Ilerald office. WANTED? A LIGHT SECOND HAND ROCKAWAY OR Depot Wagon. In good order; state lowest cash price aud where to be seen. Address COUNTRY, Herald office. TO GOOD WORK HORSES? FIT FOR ANY WORK, I ? are to be sold, and the owner will give a good trial. Inquire at 20 Goerck street, between Broome and Do Inn coy streets, cast side. <kl Oft? LIGHT CONCORD EXPRESS WAAON, m VP I perfect order; small Pony for saddle or phaeton, $r>5; no top Pony Phaeton. $120. Stable Si I Seventh avenue. <S?1 Q ft ?BROWN MARE, PONY MADE, 7 YEARS, 16>? ?jp 1 ?.)? hands. Tennis Maine size and age, #270. Bav norse, can show three minutes, $175. Stvllsh Black, 7 years, 16'.:, $2uo. 41? Eighth avenue, corner Thirty drat st AQftA WILL BUY A SOUND YOUNG lfl HAND high hay Horse ; line driver, either double or tingle ; tiptop coupe horse. 07 West Forty-fourth slreet. fiOQ BROADWAY.? CARRIAGES, HARNESS; OAR UuO riages, now and second hand, most complete as sortment ever offered, comprising everv description of Family Carriages and Light Wagoas at popular prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 038 Broadway. IlOl'SKS, RIH)MS, <V(\, WAXTKI). In this City and Brooklyn. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A SUIT OF ROOMS, not lltrnlshcd, between Eighth and Eighteenth streets, Second and Sixth avenue.-!. Address F. K.,box 106 Ilerald oflicc. A LADY DESIRES THE CHABdE OF A HOUSE, or meot with a middle-aged gentleman (professional) that would assist her in business; letters, with stamp, an swered in person. Address LAMOR, Herald office. ANY GENTLEMAN WISHING TO RENT A FUR nishod House to a widow lady, without cncuin brances, in partial exchange for Board, with the privi lege of taking three or four other boarder#, will address M. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. A THREE OR FOUR STORY HOUSE WANTED ? IN a desirable neighborhood, for strictly private fam ily; moat undoubted references and security, If desired. Address REFINEMENT, Ilerald Uptown Branch office. JJIOUE NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED-FOR " housekeeping, by a small, desirable family of adults; rent not to exceed $30 to $38 per mouth. Address E. S., Herald office. WANTKD-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE FOUR OR five Rooms for housekeeping; good neighborhood; rent must be moderate. Address, staling full particulars, LOWN, Herald office. V\f ANTED? BY A LADY AND SON, TWO OR THREE it itniurnished Rooms, In the upper part of the city, near Broadway. Address, stating terms, Ac., M. W. O., Ilerald Uptown Brunch office. WANTED? A GOOD SIZED, WELL FURNISHED, second story Room, without board, for n gentleman and wife, Thirteenth or Fourteenth slreet, in immediate vicinity of Seventh avenue preferred. Address with particulars, A. E. W.. ls>x 123 lleruid office. Y\r ANTED? AN UNFURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, TT suitable for housekeeping, situated between Eleventh uud Thirty-fourth streets, and Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address, stating terms and location, A. B. C., vii East Sixteenth street WANTKD-THREE OR FOUR FURNISHED ROOMS, lor housekeeping, for a small, quiet family ; rent must be moderate. Address ROOMS, box 111 Herald office. /ANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. IN TnE I neighborhood of the lower end of Central Park a good sized room, uniurnished or partly famished. Ad dress, stating terms, X. I. X., box 1M Herald office. tv WANTED? BY TWO GENTLEMEN, SUIT OF L'NFUR tt tilshed Apartments, three or leur room-.: gas, buih, closets, Ac. ; located between Eighth ami Seventeenth streets and Broadway and Second avenue. Address, giving full particulars, price, Ac., B , box 135 Herald otl)< e. WANTED? BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ONLY, TWO Rooms for ha? no keeping, with a private family. Address, with particulars, 11. J. II., 229 Herald office. WANTED TO RENT-ONE OR TWO FURNISHED V? Rooms, for light housekeeping, lor gentleman, wife and baby. Address, for two iluvs. staling terms, which must bo moderate, A. E , nerahl office. U' ANTED? A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM FOB TWO tv gentlemen In a private family, between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets and Fourth aud Seventh ave nues. Address H. F., Herald offico. IlTAN'Ti'.D-A FURNISHED ROOM FOR IIOUSR t v keeping; location between KourU>enth and Twenty sixth streets and Third and hi.\tli avenues. Address, with lowest terms, II. R.. Herald office. U7" ANTED? A PARLOR FLOOR, FURNISHED, FOR I IT two ladies. Ill a quiet house where purties are not inquisitive. Address L. M., Herald oflicc. Wanted- room and bkdboom with private family. In the neighborhood of Third and Eighth avenues, Twenty-seventh and Thirtieth streets; wlltTonn furniture in exchange for rent ol room, if agreeable. Address H. C., Herald Uptown iiranch office. WANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM, VOX A SINGLE gentleman, between Broadway and sixth avenue and Ninth and Fourteenth st reels. Addle" ALLEN, Herald officc. In the Con lit ry. 1XTANTED? COUNTRY HOUSE, PLAINLY FUR Vf n I shed, for four or live months, on Morris and Eisex Railroad? Montclalr, Bloomfleld or Orange. ,\d drers, stating number ol rooms and particulars. G. W. W., 121 Grand street, Jtr?e> City, EUROPE. V VILLA, CONSISTING OF ONE LARGE DWELLING house, onlbtilldintr, three hothouses and splendid park grounds, comprising In toto 154, tw square teet, Is to be sohl for ?22,500, which sum must he paid up<ntlrely on account ot the regulation ol an inheritance; the villa Is situated 20 minutes trom Dresden mid in the Immediate j vicinity of the villa of Ills Royal Highness the Crown | Prlnoeot Saxony. For particulars addresa N. U , 7">5. i care Of Messrs. Haasenstein A Vogler'i Advertising | Agency, Dresden, Saxony. : AN EXPERIENCED MERCHANT AND PROPERTY ] owner, re?idlng In the very een're of the iron and coal regions of Prussia, acquainted with foreign hard ware men, desires to obtain agencies of ot manufacturer* of hardware, machinery or household obieets; could place i he goods on permanent exhibition. Address W., box 49 ?tatlou D, Now York. Also representation at the Vienna Fair attended. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL. NEAR TUB CRYSTAL Palace, Upper Norwood, I-oiulou.? ' To tourists and families? IU elevated, pleas.iut and most salubrious posi tion, combined with tn? comfort afforded and Its ten* ral management, have made the Queen's Hotel ? lavorite resort of the upper tanks of English society. YACHTS, OTKAMHOATH, A(. I^OR SALE-A SPANISH CEDAR SHELL BOAT, 17 1 feet long, nearly new: price $60, including Sculls ; cost $130. Address FINE ORDER, Ilerald office. 1 ftH BOATS-ALL KINDS AND SIZES, WOOD AND 1?)U metallic, at iny shops, :i?k? nn>l 373 South street, and 114th slieet Harlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. ~~MfATCHKH. JK VV fib* *,?*<. I fioR SALE? A SOLITAIRE D1 \ MONO RING, WEST 1 water; weight 3 carats. Address S. G, Herald office. Ij^OR BALE, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A GOOD r safe -An English Lever, worth $125, gg'd. Addresa SA1E. ID raid ultict. DRY GOODS. AT P. COLE'S, 8M II RO A !> WAY-STOCK OK D;>Y Good* to be sold by 1st May, regardless of font. Shelving and Counter* for sule. HAIR! HAIR ! HAIR I The Urge st stock of Human Hair Goods la the city at SHAW'S, 3S2 Bowery, between Fourth anil tlreat Jones streets, ami ?? sixth avenue, between Twenty second And Twenty third street*, up stairs. SHA%'S Patent Hair Switches, can be coinbed and brushed, $1 each. Human Hair, cheapont and- best in tho market. Short Hair Switches, $2 each and upward*. French Switches, $"?. Cnrlc, $1 and upward*. latent nt.vles always on hand. BUMIlVKtfb OPPORTCSITIKS. A SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED? WITH $28.1X0 CASH i'h pita I, In a business of twenty years' standing; one half ol the ?bore capital will be secured by real estate bv Hie active partner; profits equally divided; profit* will average $10, (Ml to $18,000 per year. Inquire at 413 Water street, New York. A PROFITABLE OPENINO FOR A GENTLEMAN with $3,000 ready, to assist retiring principal in an ?id-established high cluss business, with eiiormoii* profits; net income $ 10, 000 yearly, easily made. Address Al, Herald Uptown Branch ottice. Active ok silent partner wanted-with $15, (KM, in an exceptionally secure business; staplo urticle ot unlimited demand and very (urge profit*. i:i LIS A URl.Nt'KKltUOFK. 48 Hroad street._ An established real estate office, doino a good business; handsomely tnrnlshed Office and large amouut of Property; will be sold cheap. Apply at 18U liast Twenty sixth street. A SPLENDID BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY : FORTY nine aces tttlly developed oil-producing Lnnds in Petrolia, Ontario ; will sell lor cash or good property Apply to owner, 7rt Chambers street. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH #1,201, IN AN OLl> established cash business ; no patent right humhng: good reference given and required; lull particulars ot WARNER A CO., No. 4Dey streot. ? $2,000. ? P A RTN F. R WANTED IN A*IRST CLASS ? established business; legitimate and profitable. WEBSTER & CO, 13119 Broadway. RELIABLE MAN, WITH $5W CASH, WANTED- tM an old established business, paying $200 per month. Call at 10 Burling flip, office No. 6, up stairs. A RARE CHANrE FOR AN ACTIVE AND CAPABLE man, with $3,000 cap Ital, to obtain an interest In an established auction and Real estate biuiucss. Add rose, with reference, appointing Interview, E. L. A Co., box 118 Herald olBoe. ^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED lor merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, ill'., negotiated ; persons with capital seeking busi ness advised of approved opportunities. References: ? Wlllcox A Glbbs1 Hewing Machine Co., 668 Broadway; other leading houses and our many clients, city ana else where. GRIGilS, CARLE1 ON A CO., Financial and Business Agents, tH Broadway. A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD BUSINESS HABITS, with satisfactory city references and $2, SOP, would like to invest lu a sate ce nuierelal or manufacturing business, or would loan the money on good security and take a position ; bookkeeper preferred. Addrees CHAMP ION, box 172 Herald office. A HAT.K INTEREST IN A SPLBNDID RKSTAU. J\ rant for sale; ulso down town Restaurant*, Oyster Saloons, Chop Houses, down town Liquor Stores, Lease, with Fixtures. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Codar street. A SELF-OPENING AND ( Lit .ISO HATCHWAY FOB elevators in stores and warehouses ; State rights lor sale. Address SELF-ACTING, Herald oltico. A SPLENDID Bl'SINESS CHANCE FOR ONR II AV iug publishing experience.? One of tho members ot an old, large and successful publishing firm, desiring to retire from business on account of age nud tailing health, will sell $100,000 to $180,000 worth of his Interest to at* itctive business mnn who wtil be acceptable to the other partners ot the tlrm. Address, in confidence, RETIRING I'l'BLISHER, care of S. M. Pettenglll A Co.. .<7 Park row. New York, (inly principals, with the requisite qualifica tions and capital, will be treated with. AN INFLUENTIAL PARTY, WfTn $20,000, CAM have controlling int rest in a Coal Mine of 40U ucrcs; seven leet vein; shaft already sunk and in work ing order; $10>,ii00 is sure to the right party. Addreta FURNACE A CO., Jersey City, N. J. A CANVASSER FOR ADVERTISEMENTS WANTED? On un established weekly city newspaper ; to a per severing anil experienced man a good opening ia pre ; i- tiled. Address T S.. Herald office. BIS I NESS OPPORTUNITY.? THE ADVERTISER, who lia* a business fully developed and capable ot great extension with corresponding profit, wishes tha co-operation of one or two energetic men of good char acter ; some capital indispensable, which will be ami) ly secured. Address, with reference, UOBART, care of S ; Eddy A Co., No. 1 Park place. FOR SALE? A VALCAHLE PATENT FOR A NEW, article easy to manufacture and meeting with ready sale. Address 6. L. WILD A BRO., 420 Eleventh street, Washington. P. C. FOR SALE? a FIRST CLASS REAL E8TATE BU.sL n.-ss, u,i town ; owner's falling health cause for sell ing. Address S. H. W., Herald office. FOR SALE? TnE STOCK, fixtures and four years' Lease of wine and billiard room 821 Sixth av enue; also four Phelau Tables ; will be sold together o^ separate. Inquire on preniisos. F-^OH 8ALE? ON EASY TERMS, A FIRST CLASS PAY it>g Undertaking Business, Including Hearse, Coaeli. Horses, Ac. : lease of store at moderate rent; reason for selling, party leaving the city. Apply to WM. H.. O'DWYEK, nud 70 V? llliam street. New York. (TREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS.? ONE OF T the most desirable retail Boot aud Shoe Stores In Jersey Citv to lie sold, ou account of death, n; a great bargain; v early cash sales $40,000. For Oirlhcr particu lars call on or uildress HEADQUARTERS, 27 Newark avenue, Jersey City, N. J. , I HAVE CAPITAL, AND SEEK A GOOD, SAFE 1 business. Address, stating what to proposed. EARN EST, bttx 10<J Herald ollice. _________ Manufacturing business for sale-capa Itle of being run at a net profit of $-'tl0a week ; build ings, tanks, tool* and everything neoea-ary for the bii'i ness; retcr to the best mills in the country; regular cm tome rs. GRIOGS, CARLBTOa A CO., 9H Broadway. PARTNER WANTED? IN THE MANUFACTURE Of nil hind of Eeather, Leathercloth, Dan, ask, Wall Decorutlon. Ac., a new and valuable patented invention; goods can be seen ami more particulars at 84 Allen street, New York, dally trom 1 to 8 P. M. SPLENDID OPENING FOR C A PIT \ LISTS. ? PARTI M who are disposed to Invest in the construction and management of a first class hotel in Montreal will find great inducements held out to them. Address DUNCAM il vODONALD, Guy street, Montreal. mnR SUCCESSFUL PUBLISHER of "TIIE FRI- K I thinker." a monthly paper published during the last three years in the German language, treating religion, moral and science, on the platform of trntli, reason and the results ot scientific progress, intends to issue sn Eng lish edition, and is willing to arratnrc with a proper p.irtv possessing a lew thousand dollars. Subscriber* re.itfy: success beyond doubt Address, box 2,178 Post office. O HOTEL MEN? WANTED, A COMPETENT MA V agcr, to tuke charge of u large and popular Sum met resort; one who can purchase an lntere?t preferred. Apply In person to s. EDDY A Co., No. 1 Para Plncc. riMIE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SIXTH AVENUR I and Thirtieth street, suitable for any respectsbo business, us also the lour slory Building, fitted UP us a Russian. Turkish and private bath, on a lease. Agent* receive brokerage. Apply at 201 second avenne. WANTED-A PARTNER WITH $300 CASH, OR tY facilities to manufacture wooden articles in u patented article Just Issued; an article needed in ever* tuinilv In citv and country. For full particulars inouiro of WASHINGTON WHITE, KM Bowery. "WANTED? A MAN TO ASSIST U A LIGHT BlJsf. >? nes*; will pav well ; must have $15) cash. For par? tlculars call on MOODY A(,'0., 1S3 Broadway. T rpilE ADVERTISER WILL ACCEPT A PARTNER IM I a respectable, profitable and well established btisi. ne*s: parties making application, must be of apod habits: but lit tie capital required. Address ACTIVE, Herald office. O/m TONS COAL AND HALF INTEREST IN AM established Coal Yard, with river front and docknge . one of the best locations |n the city ; tor sale at $2,800 cash . satisfactory reasons for selling. Address COAL, Herald office. <iM rWm WILL PURCHASE A HALF INTEREST IM ipl.lMMl a plea-nut aud profitable manufacturing business, well established: sucfi au opportunity neldoiu offered. Call at !U Liberty street, room 24. <J?1 Ann -WANTED, A GENTLEMAN OF MEAN* jpl.U""/. to aid In developing tho greatest inven tion of the ag- in h.v Iraullc*. Apply at WuRL, UEATil * i o '8, t ; hast Fourteenth street. <feo nnn -wanted-a partner with tub i?O.WlHF. above capltul In an established product! commission business , a voting man and one of business ciiH-rieiice preferred. References given and required. Address J. W. B , box Post ofllee. n(W) -PARTNER wanted, active OB silent ; an olil established cash manufac turing business, rayiiu Itue profits and now doing a lino business, with a little advertising sales can be quadru pled ; part of the snm to l>e used for that purpose : every opportunity opportunity given for a thorough Investiga tion. Principals only addreta PROFIT, box 219 Herald office. tfnn nnn to wv?o.? a gentleman of busi. yl'M'UU nes* experience, for some time retired, desire* 1o commence active business: would like fo ex change valuable Improved real es'afe tor an Interest (soy from $10,000 to $.H?.0f?i In a well established h .use of goon standing. Responsible parties having desirabln business and wishing to exchange the same for good r al pr .perty at cash value, may adJress, IB evntldence, K. C. D., Herald office. n Ann ?A THOROUGH businebs man of flO.UuU. character can secure a position as ac tive pai tner in an old established shipping house. ELLIS A BRINCKBKHOFF, 48 Broad street. INSTR CJC'TIOW. A r THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, *> FOURTH AVB?^.>j opposite Cooper institnte.-Bookkeeping, Triti'^ . Arithmetic and Languaires. Day and events*. .I.**"1* department-Telegraphy taught praollo?i.y With tua'.u nients. Demand for operators. __ . v experienced mil: te\ciikr wishes km A plov inent in a district school ; city or coiinfry. Ad dress J. ll. BATTgP. HY, Greenpolnt, Brooklyn. K. D. \"KW VKillODOF LF.\RM.Mi FRENCH AND (IE K II thoroughly by conversation and lecture; ns erammnr; conversational fiueney insured ; tinns it wei k (three lessons). Athlress PROFESSOR, box l-i Herald I PlwVVU Blanch

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