Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1873 Page 11
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FINANCIAL AH COMMERCIAL. A More Active Demand for Money and Rates Higher. Up to 40 Per Cent and Down to 12 Per Cent. THE STOCK SPECULATION UNSETTLED. A Duller Movement, with a Rise at Noon and a Fall at the Close. The Western Union Clique Said To Be in Treaty for a Sterling Loan of live Millions. TOREIGN EXCHANGE LOWER AND WEAK The Gold Market Higher and Firm at the Advance. Ctorernment Bonds "Off"? Dulness in the State Bond*? Firmness in Bailroad Bonds? The Government Pnrohase of Five-Twenties. Wail Street, 1 Wednesday, April 23?6 P. M. j t)n 'Change to-day coiton continued qciet and steady for "spot," but slightly easier for "luture." Flour was in fair demand and steady. Wheat was in good demand and firmer, while corn was quiet, Offing to the advanced views of sellers. COMPARISON OP TlIK EXTORTS. The total exports of domestic merchandise from the port oi New York to foreign ports for the week ending April 22 and since the beginning or the year compare as follows 1871. 1872. 1873. For the week ... $3,810,849 $3,S20,052 $6,947,560 prev. reported.. 68,848,931 60,980,563 74,820.296 Bince Jan. L.. $72,159,780 $64,801,504 $81,767,860 TUE GOVERNMENT FPRCII ASE OF BONDS. There were ten proposals to sell flve-twenties to the government, tendering a total of $1,424,660 at prices "flat," ranging from 114.05 to 115.80. The $500,000 was obtained at U4.!>6 a 114.38. The Sub Treasury will pay for the bonds with national banknotes. The government will sell $1,500,000, Cold, to-morrow (Thursday). THE FOREIGN MARKET. Owing to the break in the French cable much difficulty has been experienced in getting the quotations from the other side. The London mar ket lemaina steady, with money still easy enough **on call" to render any early advance of the bank rate quite unlikely. Consols and United States bonds have been steady and dull. Erie shares were heavy. The new French loan was quoted at a premium o.f per cent, and ren tcs in Paris con tinued rising, the last quotation being 56.10. MONEY DEARER. The money market was more active and at times stringent, the rate on call having ranged from 1-32 up to 3-32 and interest, the latter extreme being equivalent to a per annum rate of about 40 per cent. The opening rate was 1-64 and interest, which hardened gradually to 1-16 and interest at the Board, the extreme of 3-32 and Interest being reached on the sidewalk in the flutry at a quarter to three o'clock. The market SUBSEQUENTLY RELAXED, and money at a quarter past three o'clock was offered at 1-32, or on easier terms than at the be ginning or business; but it Is only fair to add that accounts had been made up pretty promptly by the regular honr, so that the last quoted rate is rather exceptional, it is didlcult to account (or the greater scarcity, the past few days particu larly, as money continues to oome In large amounts from the interler, unless we assume that the market is hide-bound, and that tl?i? least per centage or advance in PRICKS AT THE STOCK EXCTIANGI more than absorbs all the influx. From Washing ton we learn that the outstanding extra green backs are now reduced to $l,ooo,ooo? a decrease since yesterday of $112,000. The Winslow Usury bill, which does away with forielture of principal la case of loans at more than 7 per cent, lias passed the State Senate and goes to the Lower House. Transactions In commercial paper have been more or less interfered with by the recurrence of the activity in call loans, but the nominal quotations are about the same ? viz., 9 a 12 per cent for FRIME NAMES. Foreign exchange was weak and the leading drawers lowered their rates for sterling to los ft for sixty days and 109ft for sight bills, a farther concession of ft per cent being allowed for round amounts. The depression to-day was due to the anticipated early negotiation of a sterling loan of between five and ten millions of dollars by a stock clique on pledge of Western Union shares, the re ported lenders being one of the Canadian banks. It was reported at one time this afternoon that the loan had been made, but the statement could not be verified up to the time of closing business. GOLD FIRM? 117ft A 117ft. The gold market was firmer and tho price ad vanced from 117ft to 117ft lor reasons which are aot readily susceptible or explanation, as the in fluences affecting the premium ought to have been attended by a reverse result. The heavier run of the exports and the weaker temper ef the foreign exchanges ought to have exerted a depressing affect, not to speak of the greater embarrassment of the money rate. The course of the market is ehown in the table OOLD FLUCTUATIONS, AC. 10 A. M 117 ft 2. P. M 117ft 10:01 A. M 117ft 2:37 P. M 117ft 10:02 A. M 117ft 8 P. M 117* U 117ft 3:3u P. M 117 * J* M... 117ft 4 p. M 117ft a 117ft I F' M 117ft ? InlM iOAft markpt the rateg ranged froig 7 per cent for carryinS to flat" for* borrowing! The* operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gold cleared $57,348,ooo Gold balances 1.754,064 Currency balances 2,564,322 The Sub- Treasury paid out $32,000 on account of interest. The European steamers took out $606,. ttl in silver. THE CITY BANK STOCKS. The following were the bids for the city bank shares:? New York, 130; Manhattan, 161; Mer chants', 116; Mechanics', 139 ; America, 160 ; Phenix, 100; Tradesmen's, 163; Mechanics and Traders', (x) 138; Gallatin National, 119; Merchants' Exchange, ?0; Leather Manufacturers', 176; State of New Tork, 111; Commerce, 114; Mechanics' Banking Association, 107 ; American F.xcnange, 107; Han over, 100; Metropolitan, 133; Peoples', 140; East River, 119; Market, 123; Nassau, 100 ft ; Continen tal, 76; New York County, 200; Importers and Traders', 180; Park, 147; Central National, 97; First National, 310; Fourtn National, ill ; Gold Exchange, 112 ; Bankers and Brokers' Association, 80;Uerman Vmerlcan, loo. TUB RAILROAD BONDS. The railroad bonds were in betttcr demand and the dealings were larger and well distributed. No special reatnre was developed, If we except a sale of New York Central sixes of 'S3 at 95. Central Paclflcs brought 103ft. The ioliowing were the bids at the call as amended by prices In subsequent ieailngs:? Mew ikC? #?ft II an A f tJo la im JieW ??*??* ?$? !'*" * hi JocouTflit... (>73i hew 12 k* X **"'? J *rk A w '"i in... MM S?w J??* }-?? ifriS*',* i ??n h W 7'* con.. Ml Mew ) or* ten ,'a. M..101 Toi A v ai> i*m, Cx. . . . i?ft Brie IMm, extended... iU3K ToiA W lat m, Ml.div wo Ills i' m. 7* "8 Tol A Walt Ma.., Wft Brie W Jul A \Vub eauiu Ul?,,. 81 Brie rMthin, 91 Of Went litai.lW 94* Kris 7*,l m ra, fi8 1U0 Ot Weat 2d ni. 189B ?'? Eric 7'a, Cuii in gld Ma. 94 III A ?to low* lat m J? Lon* Lcekboiida 97 Qalona * Chicago ex. . .101 Hud K < ??, id ui, 76 101 (inl.-ua A ?. hie -d m. . . ? Harlem 1>, ului IBS Chic, R 1 * Pac 10?* Alb A fells 2d 1*1* 96* Morris 4 *#cx latin... 104 A Hi A t-u.-hd Ijdtt 96 Morria A l.?aex 2d ui . . . 93 Mich fco < i> c iura N J Ceo latui.u IjB'i Micb HAN I at, 7 pc. .liMS N J toutliern lMnWa.. 7f* Cloy A Tol a f 113 Pitt*, KH A Chic lat u?. IOC Clev ? ioiiuw OOa...tfi Clev X Pitta cou it'. ... M> C, PA A <1U lulu. it 8, Clev i, I'l la 3d u? 09k C, I' A A new i.aa. 92* clev A 1' tit?ili m US Ijiko hhcwro ulv tula.... 9:. Cliio A Alt uicouie 96 Lake Shore con r 08V Ohio A Mlaa > on a f 9-i Pao Eft'i''dMo.. ~ Ceu Pacific (told bda. . . W eater u i acilio bda. ... 94* __ Union t ucir.c Ut ui.... 87 M A tot 1' lat ui, 1 A M 1> 84 97)* St loui. A Jtoii At lat.. 96 la... lib* Mil A tit P )?tn.,.Va.l'D.I07* a. ... 94* M A ht P lat ui, L?C I). 8j* Union 1 ?cit.c iuc iu'a. . 7h? Col", Cliu * luu fat. . . 86* Illinola i Hi '.j it ct, 78.101 Col, <'Mc * ltid id 72*4 Belleville A Sfll lat, 8*. 96 Tol, U*,? U 87* Alt A It r li im iii 96 Tol. P A W. Hurl'ii div 86 Alt d. "ltr II, itl m inc. 70)6 Tol, 1* a W con 7'a 74 Chic a\Vil J 00 N Y A Ml us 97 Chic A N W con bda. ... 90 Ced Kalla A Min Ut ill . ? Chic A N W latin 96 Bur, c ?. A al 7'a, laWK- *> Chic iNW c gold bda. 94* soithbrn slci'hitiks htkadt. The Southern State Bonds were steady and qnite dull. The Tennessces sold at so, and the now South Carollnas (July issues) were lower ?t 18, although 26 was bid lor the April Issues. The Mis souri sixi'8 were strong. The toilwtng were the closing quotations:? Tennessee. cx-coupon, 79* a 80*; do., new, 79* a 80* ; Virginia, ex-coupon, 43 a 48; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 53)-, a 64; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 13* a 14; Georgia sixes, 73 a 76; North Carolina, ex-coupon, 31; do., special tax, 14* a 15*; Missouri sixes, 03% a 94: do., Han nibal anu St. Joseph, 90 bid; Louisiana sixes, 48; do. Levee sixes, 50; Alabama lives, 55 a 00; do. eights, 80 a 80; South Carolina sixes, 25 a 40; do., new, January and July, 18 a 19; do., do., April and October, 26 a 28; Arkansas sixes, funded, 39 a 42. UOVKUNMKNTH LOWEK. The government list was lower under a disposi tion to accept tho profits ol the sudden rise of Tuesday, and the market was, iurtliern.ore, sensi tive to the increased demand for money. At tho same time the influence or the firmer market for gold was neutralized by the lower rates for foreign exchange. Hence the market lacked the support of purchases for the other side. The dwcllne was not of Important extent, however, and varied from * to * per cent only, the old '65's and the new lives being about the strongest issue in the list. The government purchase had no effect upon prices, as the umount taken was of moderate ex tent (in the eyes of Wall street), while the offer ings were neither too large to indicate a pressure to Bell nor too little to Indicate an unusual SCARCITY OF BONDS, although there Is no doubt an offer of the govern ment to buy two or three millions would not be at tended with as comparatively large proposals to sell. Th? following were the closing prices :? United States currency sixes, 114* a 114 * ; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 117* a 117*; do. do. do., coupon, 120* a 120* ; do. five-twenties, registered, May und No vember, 114* a 115; do. do., 1802, coupon, do., 118* a 118*; do. do., 1804, do. do.. 118* a 118*; do. do., 1865, do., do., 120 a 120*; do., 1867, registered, January and July, 117* a 117*; do. do., 1866, coupon, do., 117* a 117*; do. do., 1867, do. do., 119* a 119*; do. do., IStts, do. do., 117* a 117*; do. ten-lorties, registered, 111* a 112*; do. do., coupon. 113* a 113* ; do. fives of 1881, regis tered, 114* a 115; do. do. do., coupon, 116 a 116*. STOCKS DULL AND UNSKTfLKD. The recurrence of dear rates for money has dis couraged the speculation for a rise In prices at the Stock Exchange and has prevented the accession of such outside support as would have been fairly enlisted by this time had the rate on call remained at seven per cent, or even at a slight "commis sion." Those who have been through the rccent stringency are unwilling to repeat the sudorific experience of carrying stocks at "shaves" of 1-16 a * per cent a day, and new undertakings are de ferred uutll the money question Is more definitely settled. The market to-uay opened quiet, but became weak at the call, only to recover quite sud denly and become strong during the early part or the afternoon, prices advancing * a l per cent. This BUIEF-LITED BUOYANCY was soon dispelled by the stringency in money between two and three o'clock, a decline ensuing which wiped out the day's Improvement and a little more too. The chief weakness was In Eric, which went off from 65 to 03*, probably on account of a decrease In the earnings for the past week, the official return of which will be received in a day or two. Doubtless all railroads tins side the Mississippi and those connecting with them have suffered a loss ol traffic from the heavy Bnow storm which has prevailed In the region between the Ohio and the lakes. Otherwise the market left off only a fraction below the opening standard. Western Union Telegraph advanced from 85* to 86*, but relapsed to 85* aitalu, the rise being due to the rumor already relerred to concerning negotiations for a loan of live million dollars on pledge of the stock by the clique. In the miscel laneous railways, Panama declined to 107* and New Jersey Southern to 36*. STOCKS DURING TIIE DAY. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Highest. LoiewL New York Central 101* 101* Erie 03* Lake Shore P2* 92 * Wabash 70* 69* Northwestern 82 82 Northwestern preferred 87 87 Kock Island 109* 108* St. Paul 61 * oo St. Paul preferred 73* 73 f Ohio and Mississippi 44* 44* Union Pacific 33 32 * C.. C. and 1. C 38* 38* Western Union Telegraph 86* 85* Pacific Mall 59* 68* In Philadelphia, Beading and Pennsylvania shares were steady and unchanged. BAT/EH AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Wedneiday, April !I3? 10il5 A. M. $1000t*8;.20.c, 'Ci,n.c 117* $800 US M0. c, '68 118 10000U8 M0, c. '67.. 119* 4000 do. ...<#. 117* 1800 US ti'a, cur 114* lO A. 1*1.? Before Call. 800 aha West Un T>l. . .c 86* 800 alia L H A MH RR. . . 9 2* 300 do 86'4 5UJ c 92** 300 do c 8V4 2 O kK c 32* SD0 K5* 300 do 100 do *3 86'4 100 <io 32* 1200 do 86* 100 Ho b3 32* 1200 do 8i?. 200 do 32* 300 do 85* 300 ? do C 32* SCO do c 86* 100 do 33* 400 do C 86 14 200 Chic A R I KR 109* DUO do Hft'. 300 do 109\| im do c 86* 100 do a3 109 soo do H6>J 100 do 109 100 Pac M sst Co C 6S* 300 CAS* RR 82 12,10 do 69 400 Mil A rtt P RR 60* 100 do C 68* 300 do 60* 100 do *3 69 200 do C 60* 800 do 69 800 do 60* 200 .lo 69* 400 do 60* S1 S fi? 200 do c <s8* 200 do 69* 200 Cfo 68* 100 do ?3 goo So.:.:. C 65* 100 do e 60* COO do 68* 100 M 11 A St P RR pf. . .. 73* 3tU do i."* 3W Ohio A MlaaKK...c 44*i jtjuNY C A 11 R RR. ? . . 101* 500 do 44* STr4- du. 101* 200 do c 44ii art Ef. 101 200 do 44* 2700 do............. 1UI* 2U0C.CAIC 38* loo Kric lilt c 20) do 38jS im do 64* 100 ao c 38* WOO do........ ? 100 do 38* Virit Board? 10?30 A. M. tSOOOTcnu 6'*. old. .... 80 100 sha NY C A HR RR. 101* SSJh C flV?n. Jn A Jy. 18 It-oo trie RR be 10000 NY 7'a. t> I, r 10J 300 do ?4* 6000N Y l'6'a, *83... M 98 3600 do M* 1000 Erie 3d in ?S* JW0 do 64* 2000 Alb A Sua 2d in... 97 1000 do MS lOHO Micll S 2d 111 1M0 400 do.... ......... 64* ?)00 Pac It 7'a. atd Mo. 98 200 Harlem RR. 12ft 101*1 fen I'nc klllid bs 103* 800 L b A M 8 RR.b c.c W* 1000 do .... 1' " 100 do 92* 3000 Cn Pac lat m.. .. i'? do c 92* 2000 do i* 200 do. .. 9^* 11000 do 8/ 10 PannmaRR 107 2?ioCb Pac 10'a, inc.. 7S* 100 no -be ll?^ 1000 un 74 lOOUPacRR 42* 190(10 III Cen bonda 103 200 do c 32* ?sw > hlc A N W Iat.?3 98 *10 do 32* 1000 Tol A Wab lat m.. 96 170 CAP KR gtd W* lOOOTol A Wah 2d 94 100 N J Cen RR 100 5000 TAW lat. 8tL dlv 90 400 C A Rock 1 RR. . b c 109 1000 111 A So Iowa lat. 88 400 Oo c 11000 C A R I A Pac 7'a. 104 100 do ll?* lliOOO L Shore con r...c 9K?< 600M A 8t P RR. ...b c 60* 17000 Chic A N W con. 91 ion 60* IIWK'hlr A Alt inc.... #a 2U) do c ?0S? 2000M A StP.lo dlv.. 84 100 OO b3 6)* 6KWC, C Ji 1 C Ut 8(t?, 100 do C 60* ltmu do 81. W 400 do 60 . aoooc.c AI C2dm... ?.* 200 do 60* 6000 T, P A \V lat, K I). 90 100 do C 60* 1000 T, P A W, lat.W I> B7* 400 do ??* Sooo do 8fl WO do e 60 2000 Bur. <' RAM 1st. 90 tlOO do fiO 5 alia Park Hunk 147 1100 do ?3 w) 28 Pliienix Hank 100 100 do ?3 ?)* lOOCon Colli be 67 a*) do 6014 00 Del A U Caiw c 113* Boo Mil a st P pf. . . .b c 7S 3D do...., 113 1001, W A W R. ..bc.o 69 "% 28 Atn M UU . xp. bC 69 100 fi9* 200 do 61** 21*) 611* 2(0 Weat t'11 "? el bo 86>* 200 do ?>>, :tl)ll do C 88* .**) do 70 700 (I., 88* 100 Boat, II A R RR.b C 3* fiOO do 8.1* 200 N J So S7>J m do... : 11*1 do 37 Hill) do C 88'4 .100 Jo b30 38 llDO do 88* 20JJ <10 37 3000 do 86* 1(0 do C 37 3yy do!, ,\t.. ...... MM 4U)D?1. L& W UU...0 lot) I m h *? b c HM 1! ^2 --C WJ, luOfl C.CAlKll bo -a** 21 ,*}? b?; W'4 Sofilc.Bur AQRR. 1W* 9? ?? M\ 10 N V. MIA Hart UK ito ftu t S3? M4liF?pr I?C ? IflU) , ?*( APO (Jo ??* Jig ?? 5*S WO (to *8 L, M>! UOOOhJo4MRB. bc 44K Smrnioii-i' fcS IW do HH HUN VO A H R. . .bc 101S 500 do 44S ,S !}a 1W? IW <10 0 44 S d,? WIS 30 Ohio A Mis* of. be 75S ff? ?J? lOiJi 1M) G, C A 1 C KB be Six il"" 'Jo ioi ? *oo uo sar* <u0 do 101 j 2U0 do 38S U|15 aad lilts P. M. $1?*) Use's, C, '81.... 120* tajuu US C-JO, r. 't>T....c 117K 5uuu lid 5-:u, r, '64... 1I4W 7000 d? .....* 1I7S ?uw US fk-au. O. ??? IX) 2000 do 117,$ 2000 U6 5-2U, r. '06, n. . 117 WtJO P. M era re Call. iOOshs vVestUn Tel... 8^' 100?hs C A N W RR pi. 87 do MS tOUCAItlKR 109 jW do b3 85* luu Uo WOS J>?W do 85^ ??? do 109*i do 8iS 100 do 109 J0 5*S 3U0 N f houtbern 37 liSJ i? 8^ 1UU Mil AMI' BK. . . .b OM, ?w do ta% out do fit'S ?*{ do <vi Uo ? ?j? ISU0 do BOX 0**1 do 85<i 1U0 do c tt)? 1(100 Pacific Mail S.> Co 5# lUuT. IFi iff KB 7f ? do [,9% luu do 70^ J"" v do.. .. 59 10U Ohio A M BR 44. S ?2 N V C A " BK lu IS 100 do 4?S ?k,7.>. lUl* aw do 44S 041, 10U C, C A 10 BB c tfi 1 J"' -c w?4 ,lW do 38% loo Un l ac BR 35$ 2io do 3?S 2??? ??? ???vl nw do a?s C A N \V KB a 100 do C 38S bteond He n i ll? 1 P. N. $lSfi(X) M Ibnouri C'h 93% SCOshs F.ric KR IMS iOOii Aialiaiuag's HI 200 do IMS 2Uu)t*ac KKol Moist. 86.S 1(V Harlem RK be liiO 1' 00 Un I'ac Intnl.... 87 3txi U5 iiUHIt: A N W c cough ws 4U0 L >AM S KK. bc.b2U 1)3 4UUd 1,0*11. 1st in.. MS 30i> do 925* A aha DeiA 11 Canal.. 114 300 do c 'J2 S 1CU Con Coal ol Md .bo 5SS 100 Un l'ac KB bo 32S SOU Went uti Tel be MS J0U do 33 do 8M? auo do 32% .?WJ/ MS IU0C A K 1 KB be 109 do MjT lyy uo IMS r^U,, do MJl 500 Mil Adt 1* BK 60S }**? do 86 KM) do bo 60S 1WJJ 0" MS WW do til iSf ?'<' 8#S ^ J" ?1S 'Si, 2" 2?S ?*> do 6IS 8"S -HW do til fH^? Jo -- N?S IdOTol. W A WICK., .be 70S IWPac M t> MS ' 92 *i do 09 luu II A J>1 J UK. 43 f", do 59 S 19 1*. Ft W A C. Ktd . . . . lJ'l S ? d S9S 2008tL A I M KB 90S <Jo 59S 500 N J South KK . . . b e 37 ? do... f.9 200 do b30 37S 40N YOA Hudson.. 101S 10 do 35 filW do be 101K 1U0 do MS o00 St) I>4 101 S 2000hio A M RB. .be l>3 44>? 17U0 do 101S 20J do lunKrlcKK be 04S 2W) do 4l?J 2uu Go MS 100 Uo b.1 44 S i00 do MS aooc, C A I 0KK...bC 38S J4?UO to 4 P. Mi 1210 slit) West Un Tel . . 86H 1000 ahs L n A M S BR . 6*S 40u do a:i 88 luu do ... ?3 92J, 1200 do M 6u0 do V2S 1100 do MS 1U0 do 9"-"4 1000 do MS 100 uo WS IjOJ do 86?* lOOUllPaeKlt 12S 800 do 85S I0u do 32S 300 do M M-^i 2WJ uo JVS 900 do M-S 1M0 do i'300 MS 100CA K 1 KK ll>9 MM do 85S 100 do 1"9S 400 do MS 100 do 1"9 auo MM, ??' do IONS 1300 do MS -UO do 10HS IOuUSKxCo 75 luu do lo?S 110 do 7.\s SCO do lots 10U do 75 3U0 QO 108s luu I'ac MS8 Co 1)3 59S loUJIil >v St I' KR. ... 01 aiJU uo S3 58; > 10U do b3 01 aui) do 58S 100 do 0US 4011 do flHS 300 uo 00S ISU0 do 5?s *1? do ?OH IOjO do 6f>S i6J0 do W)S BOO do 58', 400 do b3 WIS J AUO do 68 S 100 do b3 6UJ, 18U0 do 58S WO do OOS 400 Erie KK 04S -0? 0o 60S 800 64* 100 do *3 60 100 do 6l.'4 2J0 do 60 St)0 uo 64S 1000 do b3 60 1000 do 64 '4 JUU do 60S lloO do 04.S 100 Mil A M F KB pi. . . 73S 1000 do b3 64 4U) I'unania UK 1*18 MJ0 do 64 500 do 107S 400 do 6jS 401) T, W A W UK 7US 100 do b3 ?S lUUBost. ii A K KR.... 3S aoO do 64 ltluubio A M RR 44S 200 do 64S 100 do 44 S 000 do 64'., 300 N J Southern KB.. MS 10 Erie KK pret 77 1W) uo M?, lUONYCAUR 1UIS lU)HanA8tJo UK... 43 1000 do lUlS 30UC, C A 1 C BB 3?S J0U do 1UIS '00 do 38, S 21)0 do bS 1U1S 1UJ do .58 S 100 L S A .V S 92* 600 Atian A t'ae pi' ?iS 100 do a3 92 S CL08IB0 PRIOEB? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Wi Mem i nion. 8SS ii MS I'lttsbur* 88S a 80S Uulcknilver 38?4 a 40 hortli western.. 81 a 82 i'unuiou 107S a 10S .N J Central 100 a 1U0S Am Mur Uu . x. t>8 a 68S Roe a Island 10HS a K8S U b Uxpre?k... 75 a 75?J St i'aui Oo.S a tiUS racilie Mail.... MS" Mr, 8t I'aul pret ? 7iii a i3S a Y Central.. .10i'4 .i lOl.i W'alia*n 09S a 69S Eric 6ljJ a t.iS Ohio 4 Mis*..... 44S a 44>4 Harlem 125 a 126 llan A mju 42>a a 43 Lake Shore 92 S . Vi% Boston, tl A E.. :i a 3S Uuion 1'aClUe.. US a 3. ', c, v ji i C 'M% a 39 COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton (inlet; Itecelpt* at the Porta, 4,391 Bale*? Flour Steady? Wheat Ac tive and Firmer*? Corn Firmer? Oats Steady? Pork and Lard Firm? Uro* ccrlee In Better Demand and Firm Pet role um Firm? Spirit* Turpentine (Inlet and Steady? itoniti Active and Firmer? Whiskey Unchanged. Wednesday, April 23? <1 P. U. The increasing movement In general trade circles, noticed yesterday, was even more con' Hpicuous to-day, and Indications are accumulating that with a tolerable easy money market a large amount of htislneHs will yet be consummated be. fore the Spring trade can be regarded as over Indeed, judging from the activity and buoyancy in some departments of trade, the belief would seem to be war warranted that buying had but just begun and that a large business is sure to ensue. The com parative ease In the money market has exerted a marked influence, and a reeling ol relief and of reuewetl confluence In the stability of mercantile Interests are among the happy Incidents oi the present time, and it Is hoped that the evils urow ititf out of a money crude will work their own cure, and a return to a hralty state of affairs ensn# without the in terposition of outside influences. Already the Influence of the partial let-up In the tnoney market is felt In almost every department of trade, as evidenced in the more active movement in produce, dry goods, hardware, Ac., Ac., during the past two days. To day the markets were generally either steady or firmer, and the period of lnertion and depres sion seems to have ended. On 'Change Hour was quiet. Wheat whs in fair request for export on the spot end fu ture delivery, and prices were higher. Corn was held firm, though there was less demaud lor it Oat* were strong. Whiakey was unchanged. Pork was less active and nominal, card was firm, but leas active. Cotton was quiet, but steudy lor spot, while ftiture ruled slightly ea?ier. Uroceries attracted rather more attention, and the market exhibited a steadier tone. Petroleum met with rather more inquiry, and closed a shade firmer. Spirits of turpentine was quiet and uacbanged, while the market tor rosin wasactlve and a trifle firmer. Arruts.? The market has exhibited no essential chaago since our last report Arrivals have been light, and prime Winter apples sold readily at stead v prices. We quote -Selected choice Winter, $1 62 a tl 75; Western .New York, mixed lots, $2 25 a $2 50; frosted lots, 75c. a $1 SOper t<bl. ; river mixed lots. $1 a $2. Horraa.? The market has ruled quiet throughout most of the past week, and prices were easier; at the clo?e the market was barely steady, and the tendency leaning In the buyer's lavor. We quote New Htate, hail fir kins, good to prime, 40c. a 42c. ; 37c. a 39c. lor fair to good ; 40c. a 42c. for Weteh tuba, good to prime; 36c. a 38c. lor fair to good; Western tubs, fair to good, 30r. a 35c , and good to prime , 30c. a 38c . The best grades oi new held ciiKKg*.? Market dnll nad flat Very little Inquiry for export, and only a moderate local deniaad. 8omc new that is coming in brings 14c. a 14c. for tine. We quote:? State factory, flnn to fancy. 15c. a 16c. : good do., 14c. a 15c. ; tbttmpn to lair, 13c. a 14c., the higher price tor lobbing and th? lower lor shipping; 14c. a 15c. for prime Ohio factory; 12c. a 13c. for good do. ; 10c. a 11c. for fair State farm (lalry -, 12Sc. a 13Sc. tor lair to prime, and 10c. a 11c. tor common. Cotton on the spot was neglected and nominal at the annexed quotations. Future deliveries ruled quiet with out decided change. We sum up thus:? To- Hay. LaM Fretting. Total. Export il? 305 406 Consumption 283 35 318 Speculation 27 ? 27 Tout 410 340 7S0 ?For tuture delivery (Oasis low middling) the sales have been as follows -.?Sales lastevoning alter three o'clock :? April, 3Ui bales at 18 13-I6c.. 100 at f8 27-32c. ; May, 200 at 18 27-*c., 1.I0U at 18 13-lflc. ; June, 200 at 19Sc., 100 at 19 3-lik-., 500 at 19 5-:?c., 20U at 19 3-lBc., 400 at l9Sc.: July, 100 at 19 ll-32c., SOOat 195-16C. Total, 3, AUO bales. Hales to-day up to three P. M. April, 20o at Uftc. ; May, 400 at 18 25-32c., 1.600 at 18Sc. ; June, AUO at 19Sc., NX) at 19 l-10c? WO at 19c., 2UU at 19 1- liic., 2U0 at 19c., 100 at 19 l-32c., KAIat 19 l-16c. : July, 100 at 19Sc., 200 at 19 ft-Mc., BOO at WMc.. 100 at 19 9-32c.. 2U0at 19^c., 100 at 19 7-32C., 3W) at 19 3- l?c., 100 at 19 7 -32c., 810 at 19.Hlflc., ?*) at 197 S2c.. 6uU at 19S-I8C.; August, 100 at 19Sc.i October, 10U at 17 916c. Total, 8, UU) bales. Grand total, 11, SOObales. Receipts at the ports were as follows :? Oalveston, 364 ; New Orleans, 1.58J; Mobile, 416; savaanah. 715; Charleston, 423; Wilmington, 47; Norfolk, 20i); New York, 043: Boston, 10. Total, 4,391. This day last week, 0,111. This day last year, 3.811. Kates on cotton to foreign ports closed as follows .? To Havre, by sua in, ISO. a ISc. . Mil, lc., compressed ; to Hamburg, by steam. Sd., do. to Bremen, by steam, lc. ; to Liverpool, by steam, S?l. a 7 16d. ; sail. M6d. a Sd. We quote:? UvlatuU. Alabama. A?ir (hrltun*. Ttxat, Ordinary IS 15 19 15 Good or.iinary 16V 1"S 16?? 167i Strict good ordinary I7)i 17 'T is 18 Low middling I8S IbS 18S 18S Middling I0S 19S 1?S 20'j, Uood middling 21?, 21S W, ?The quotations arc based on cotton in store, running in oualltv not more than half a grade above or below the grade quoted. CorraE.? The demand for Rio, aa well as for other de scriptions, showed some Improvement today, and the market was steady. We heard of sales ol 2.WI bags Kio. ex Harriet Urewater; 20ft do. do., ex P. C. Warwick, and 2,208 do. Santos, ex Catharine, all on private term-?. We quote:? Rio, ordinary cargoes, l?Sc, a 16Sc. ; lair car goes, 17So- a I7Sc. . ?ood cargoes, 18c. a i8S'c. i prime cargoes, 18S"- a I8fcc.: Java, government bags, 20c. a 21c. ; do . grass mnts, l9Sc. a 2lSc. ; Singapore, 16Sc. a l7Sc. ; Ceylon, 17Sc. n l^vjc. ; Maracalbo, 18c. a I9c. t La ?uayra, 18c. a l9Sc. I Jamaica, 10c. a 18c. ; St Domingo, 1 5 Sc. a 16c. 1 I'orio Rico, 18c. a 19c. ; Costa Rica, Me. a Uc. i Mcjucaa. ll^g. a MtuuU, l??. a Wc. , A tura. 17Uc. a I8t{c. ; Savauilla, !7Hc. and MWc. ; Curacoa. 17! ^c. a ia}fcc., gold, per 11).. M a 'JO Jay*' crv*<fil. Klour and Uraim.? Receipts? Klour. in. ?mi bbls. : wheat, 38,940 bushels; corn. 14,700 do. ; corn meal, 400 bags , na'n, 20, <25 bushels; barley 7,500 do. I he Hour market ruled ate ad y under ? fair demand lor both export and local wants. The sales, comprising all kind*, loot up about 19, 00O bbls., Including 2,760 bbls. of Southern and SO bbls. ol superfine rye, all at prlcaa within the range ol the an nexed quotations. Corn meal waa scarce in demand aud firmer. Sale* 1,325 bbla., at $380 lor brandv wtne, $3 #0 lor golden ear, #,1 Si lor white Wuateru and $3 20 a $3 23 fordo, yellow. Wc quote No. 2 State $4 (M a 93 2ft Superfine state 5 Wt 6 13 Extrastate 7 00 a 7 23 Choice Stat* T 73 a B 00 Superfine Western 6 80 a ti 15 Extra Wcatern 0 73 a 7 23 Extra Minnesota 7 25a 9 00 Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 25 a 7 26 Kound hoop Ohio, trade brands 7 50 a 8 50 Family ?5oa 9 75 St. 1/ouis, low extra 685 a 7 2ft t?t. Louis, stiaight extra 7 75 a 8 2ft St. Louis, choice double extra 8 75 a 9 50 St Louis, choice lamlly 10 00 n 11 00 California 9'*) a 930 Rye Hour 4 00 a 5 40 Southern No. 2 4 23 a 5 00 Southern superfine 5 75 a 6 30 Southern extra 7 <W a 9 51) Southern fainilv 9 50a 11 50 Cornmeal, W estern SI5a 3 4ft Cornmeal, Jersey 3 60a 3 65 Cormneul, Brandywiae 3 to a 3 75 Haltimore 4 UOt. o. b. Caloric 3 60 a 365 l'uucheons 19 30 f. o. b. ?Wheat continued active and prices were again higher, particularly for Spring. The sales were ubout 50,000 ^ a 91 60 lor Interior aud nood No. 3 Spring, ? *:.a, ' 'or No- ' Chicago ?? d Northwest, $1 68 for small lots ..No. 2 Wilwaukeo (choice was held at 9167 a $1 70 In store and afloat), $1 90 a 92 lor red i<> ainber Win ter ; also 31', 000 No. 2 Milwaukee for June delivery at $1 58, and recently, but not before reported, 30,010 bushels amber Winter to arrive at about *1 i?5. Corn was firmer but less active, in consequence of the advanced views ol sellers. The sales loot up only about 30,000 bushels at 6'l^c. for old mixed In store, a 'Wo. for new West ern mixed afloat, asking prices; 74c. lor Western white and 74c. a 7<c., nominally. lor Southern do. Oats con tinued firm and in good demand. The sales toot up 30.000 bushels at 52c. a ?tUfie. for new black Western afloat, 53c. aftlSc. fordo, mixed afloat, M^c. lor do. white on the true* uud Mc. aWSc. tor do, ailont Old lieldatSlo. in store. Barley conffhued quiet. A sale of fair Canada was made In store at >1 2fi. the amount we were unable to learn. Rye remained dull aud nominal. Krkigiits.? Berth freights wore quiet, with rates not esssutially changed. V cssols lor charter were in lair de wand. the call being In good uart for these adapted to general curgo. Kates exhibited 110 inuteriul change. The engagements wore To Liverpool, by steam, 6,000 bush els grain at ti\il. ; 200 bales cotton, Hd- a 7-lt'wl., ami by sail, 150 bales cotton at 5-16d a J,d. To Loudon, by steam. 30 tons of measurement goods at 30s. To tllasgow, by steam, 7,31)0 bushels grain at 6>?d. To Antwerp, 50u tiercos lard and 4IH) boxes bacon at 37s. 6d. ; 300 bbis. ro?ln at 4m. 3d. ; Mthlids. tobacco at 47s. Gd. The charters Include a British bark, 662 tons, hence to Antwerp, general cargo, at current rates; un American brig, .100 tons, licnce to Cadiz, light pipe stuves, at >30; an American brig, 350 tons, hence to the South Side Cuba and buck, sugar, 5J'ac. ; an American hark, to arrive, hence to Cork for orders to the fulled Kingdom or Continent, 3,000 bbls. of crude or refined petroleum, on private terms ; a British brig, hence to Huenos Ay res, general cargo, lump sum; a British brig, KOo tons, heuce to Barbados, at 00c. per ubl. ; an Italian bark, ino tons, hence ta C't'fte, cargo or provisions, ou prl V?te terms: & from Cn?rle?ton to Jho River I'lato, luniWf, S*? and primage; an rtalfnn barf, from >arra gona to New York, general cargo, on private terms. Mol assks. ?There has been a fair Inquiry to-day for both lorciun and domestic, and on grocery goods the mar ket showed considerable firmness. Wo heard of sales of 25 hills, for to Kico, at 54c. a 57c., and 50 bhds. do. on private terms. Also 100 bbls. of New Orleans, In jobbing lots, at from 70c. a 76c. We quote j? Old Crop. Nnr Crop. Cuba, centrifugal and mixod.... 18c. a 22c. ? a ? Cuba, clayed ? a ? 30c. a 34c. Cuba, muscovado, reiiiilng ?a? 31c. a 35c. Cuba, muscovado, grocery ? a ? .'16c. a 4.V. Porto Rico ? a ? 35c. a 60c. English Islands. ? a? 25c. a 50c. New Orleans ? a? 65c. a 77c. NAVAi.8T0KKS.-l nc market for spirits turpentine was quiet, but about steady, closing with 5fc. asked and 53>?e. bid; 100 bbls. sold late yesterday at 53Ke. u6fc., and 200 bbls. to-day, to arrive, at 53c. The market tor rosin was flairly active and a shade firmer ; strained quoted at 93 25 u 93 :i& The sales comprise 1,250 bbla of strained, in lots, at 93 30; 850 bbls. do. at 93 25; 1,247 bbls. good strained, to arrive, at 93 35; 5S2 bbla. No. 2, at 93 62)?; 250 bbls. pule at $4 ; 600 bbls. do. at 94 23; 550 bbla. No. 1 at 94. Tar was quiet but firm. We heard ot sales of 101 bbls. of Newborn rope ut 93 65, and 50 bbls. Washington at 93 87 X Potatoes.? The market showed no change lor Irish potatoes up to near the close of the week, when under inorc llberAl receipts prices ruled easier ami closed at the following prices, which ure in bulk ; It In ahtpnlnc order 50c. per bbl. additional must be added. We quote Peach blown, 93 50 a $3 75 j>or bbl. ; Early Rose, $3 a 93 50; Prince Alberts. $3 a $3 25; Peerless, 92 25 a 92 30; Jackson whites, 92 25 a 92 50; Dyrlghta, 91 50 u 92; Sweats, 93 a 94 23; Bermudas, 910 per bill. PKTKOLKm.? The market for refined, as well as for other descriptions, continued dull, with prices ruling nominally steady. Refined quoted at 20c. a -t)'j,c. lor bal ance of uienth, or first half ol May. Crude, in bulk, held at 10c., with bids ot y>?c. refused. Cases were firmly held at27e. Naphtha remained dull and nominal at 10c. a 10'ic. for Western or city. At the Creek the market was firm ; 92 60 was asked at Oil City, with bids ol 92 53. Rousevllle quoted at 92 40. The Philadelphia market was dull and nominal. Refined quoted at 19kc. lor balance of month, and lo^c. lor May. Later we heard of sales of 2,000 bbls. of refined in New York ut 20c. lor prompt de livery; 500 bbls. crude, for prompt delivery, at 93?c., and 600 bbls. do., sellers May. at 9,'Jc. , also 2,000 bbls. of re. fined, for delivery running into June, at 20V- I here has been a large movement in Naphtha during the past lew davs, not previously reported. The sales are said to ag gregate iully 2u.OUO obis, at 10>4C. lor April and early May, undue. for June. Provisions.? Receipts? Pork, 308 bbls. ; cut meats, 1,330 packages; lard, 822 bbL". and tierces and 6 kegs. The market for mess pork continued firm, but the demand to-day was less urgent; we heard of sales of 1,500 bbls., lur May, 500ot which brought 919 46 and the remainder 91# 50; quoted at 919 75 a 920, cash ; 919 75 tor June and 920 for May. llacou was iu light demand aud steady: sales 450 boxes long clear at 99(0., 625 do. do. at 9',c. unci 60 do. of Cumberland, off brand, at R'jc. Dressed hogs were steady at 8c. tor heavy and light city. Beef met with a moderate demand and prices ruled steadv; the sales were about 300 packages, within the range of 99 50 a 911 for new plain mess, libls.; 912 a 914 for do. extra mess, do.; f2U a $32 for do. prime mess tierces and 923 a 925 lor do. India do. tierces. Beef hams remained quiet und unchanged, quoted at 93o a 933. Cut meats were only In moderate request, but llrin. The transactions include :? l.ono smoked shoulders at Uc., 200 pickled do. alBc., 500 smoked do. at 8V4c. a 9c., 50 boxes dry salted do. ut 7hc., ajo pickled hums at 13c., 1,000 smoked do. at 13.Wc a Ufc., 25 boxes bellies, 12 lbs. average, at I0,lio., and 1,000 light fresh bel lies, in bulk, at 10c. Lard? The market for Western was active and very firm. Sales 300 tierces at 9^c., cash : 250 tierces, sellers April, at U^c. ; 2,500 tierces, sellers June, at 10c. ; 500 do., last evening, at 10c. ; 2.6U) tierces, lor Julv, at 10'?c. Lust evening? 1,000 tierces at Chicago, lor June, at 9c., cash, and 250 tierces, for do., at 99 30 per cwt. 2C0 tierces of city kettle sold at 9%c., and 30 do. ot steam ut 9>ac. kick.? There has been a lair amount of business trans acted to-day in both domestic aud foreign, with prices ruling steady. The sales iuclude. 60 tierces ot Carolina at 7\c. a H.Vic., and 273 bags Rangoon at 6Jgc. a 7c. Suoar.? llie demand lor raw sugar has been consider ably better to-day and the market ruled firm. Wc heard ol sales ot 490 hlids. Muscovado, at 7*?c. ; ?50 do. of fair refining, at 7)ic. ; 450 do. of Porto Kico, at /^c. ; 15 do. do., at 8?fc. u 8J4c., and 300 boxes of rollning. at from 7*4c. a 8kc. We quote Cub* ? Refining, Inferior to commou, / c. a i J jC. ; fair to good lair, 7iiv. a i?,c. ; good to prune, 8c. a *l,c. ; grocery, fair to good, H'^c. a 8><c. ; prime to choice. 8^u. a 9c.; ceutriiugal, hhds. and boxes, Htie. a 9Vic.. molasses, hhds. and boxes, 6%c. a 7Xc. ; include, 4c. abS^c. Havana ? Boxes Dutcn standard. Nos. 7 to t), 7l?c. a 7Xc. ;do. , 10 to 12, 8c. a 8ke. ; to., 13 to 15, 3Lc. a i)'?c. ; do.. 16 to 18, 'ike. a 10c.; do., 19 to 20, ll)L,e. a 10)2c.; white, 10c. u He. Porto Kico? Keflulng, common to 6 rime, 7c. a 8Hc. ; grocery, lair to choice, 8,"4c. a 9!<o. raxil? Dutch standard, Nos. 8 to 12, ?J4c. a 8c. Juvn? Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12. He. aB)?c. Manila ? Su perior and extra superior, 7c. u 7\c. Stkakisb.? Continued quiet, hut firm. Sales 16 tierces, at 9>Jc. Tallow.?' Whs steady, with sales of 23,500 lbs., at 9c. W ii isk kt.? 'Receipts, 613 bbla The murket was steady under a lair d euiand. Kales 375 bbls., at 91c. DOMESTIC MARKETS. ? . , . , Oalvestow, April 23, 1873. Cotton qu at; good ordinary, 15c. a 15'4c. Net re ceipts, 354 bales. Sales, 750. Stock, 54,086. ? . , . - ? New Ohlkans, April 23. 1873. Cotton In good demand ; ordinary, 13c. ; good ordinary, 16C. ? ...l.t.llln?. IT4. .. . ,o?^_ ceip 3.13 3,300. Stock, 160,75ft. Moaiut. April 23, 1873. Cotton quiet and easy; middlings, I8?4c. Net re ceipts, 416 bales: gross, 419. Exports to Oreat Britain. 3,4s I ; coastwise, 568. Sales, 500. Stock, 32,323. Savanhaii, April 23. 1873. Cotton qnlet; middlings, 18, 'Jc. Net recelnts, 715 bales. Exports coastwise, 361. Sales, 490. Stock, 39,415. Charleston, April 23, 1873. Cotton ontet; middlings, 18^c. ; good ordinary, 17 c. Net receipts, 423 bales. Exports to (ireat Britain, 3,/27. Coastwise, 312. Sales, 400. Stock. 20,429. Wn.HixGTOPf, April W, 1871. Spirits of turpentine stendv at 48c. Rosin firm; 92 50 for strained. ? rude turpentine steady at 92 30 for hard. 93 56 tor yellow dip, 94 05 for virgin. Tar quiet ?t A1_? .. LortsrtLLC, April 23, 1873. Tobacco very stiff for all grades. Sules 250 hluls. Oswboo, April 23, 1873. Floor unchanged; sales 1,200 bbls at 98 75 lor No. 1 Spring, 99 7ft lor amber Winter, 910 90 lor white Winter, and 9>1 for double extra. Wheat steady; sales lo.uoo bushels fair white Canada at 92 and S,ono do. prime do. nt 92 Corn dull; sales car lots Western at 60c. Barley quiet; uptake Canada held at 91 10. Corn meal? 91 30 for bolted, 91 25 for unboiled per cwt Mlllfeed unchanged; shorts, 921; shipstutfs. (22; middlings, 923 per ton. Railroad freights? Klour to Philadelphia, HOr.; U) Boston, 72c.; to New York, 62e. ; to Albany, 54c. Re ceipts by lake, 10,200 bushels barley, 202,000 feet ot lumber. Bt-rrALo, April 23, 1873. Flour qmet; Western Spring, 97 50 a 98: amber. 98 50 a 99 25; white Winter, 99 50 a 910. Wheat dull; Western Spring, 91 50 a 91 53; Milwaukee No. 2 Sprimr, 91 52 a 91 53; Duluth No. 1 Spring, 91 do ; white Canada, 91 60 a 91 75; white Michigan. 91 76 a 91 9ft Corn scarce; sales 13S) buihels No. 1, In store, at Me ; 2.250 bushels, on track, at 68c. Oats firm ; Western held at 42c. Barley steady ; Canada, 96c. a 91; Western, 90c. a 95c. ; two-rowed State, 80c. n 88c. ; tour-rowed State, 95c. R>e? sales nominal at 85c. Barley malt steady ; Western. 91 a 91 10; prime Winter Western, 91 10 a 91 15; prime Michigan, |1 20 a 91 25. The balance of the market is unchanged. CniCAOO. April 23, 1873. Flour In fair demand and firm , nearly all sales on pri vate terms. Wheat unsettled ami lower, closing weak, and for cash nearly nominal at 91 22?; May ranged 91 23)? a 91 25!), ? June, 91 26 a 91 27,H. Closing at Inside quotations; No. 3 Spring, 91 13; rejected nominal. Corn unsettled and lower, closing dull; No. 2 mixed, 37c.. regular spot; 37Hc., May; 39Sc., June; rejected sold 34c. Oats in good demand; No. 2, 30c., spot; 30 Wc., May. Rye quiet and unchangnil; No. 2. fresh, 69c. Barley steady; No. 2 Fall, regu lar, nominally Tift. ; fresh sold 78c. Provisions buoyant, unsettled and higher. Pork qnlet; nomi nally 918 20 tor round lots on the spot; active for June, selling ?t 918 75 a 919 00; closing at 918 75. Laril in fair demand and higher for future delivery, at 99 25 tor May, ? 65 for June. Bulk meats active und higher; sales ,000 lbs shonldors, last half of May, at 6?ic. ; 400, WO shortclcar middles. at?r. a 9ke., loose, snot; 9>fc. June. Bacon in good demand at full prices. W'hiskey firm at 86)ic. a 87c. Recolpts? 7,01)0 bbls. flour, 9, ml) bushels wheat, 7ft, oin do. corn, 47, 000 do. oats, 7,000 do. barley. Shipments? 8,000 bbls. Hour, 9,000 bushels wheat, 00, 000 do. corn, 33,000 do. oats, 7,000 do. barley. PRINT CLOTHS MARKET. PHovinsNC*. April 23, 1873. Trlnt cloths firm ; 6^0. a 7c. for 61x64, best go<sls; lair active demand; saies thus far lor thu week, over 100,000 places. EPROPSAH MARKETS. Lo* no 1* Motrir Mahkkt.? Los i>on, April 23?5 P. M.? CviUuU ViilMd Wk utuumi Um kCVUIUtfe Cotton in good demand ; ordlnarv. 13c. ; good ordlnurv. Sc.; low middlings, 17sc^; middlings, I8?<c. Net re Bliits. I,5?3 bales; gross, 1, (TO. Exports to Ureat Britain 191; to the Continent, l.tni. Hales, 2,300; last evening. can securities? United Htates flve-twentlea, 9l)? tor 1*VV?; 'JT-, fur lSiiZ'H ; ten-lortios, S ?'?; new ft yen, rt!?V. Krlo, 61 'i, I'iitu Bouksk.? i'AKia, April <J? 1*. M.? Rentes 801. Lirsurooi. Cotton Markbt.? Livauroob, April B ? 5 P. M ? Oottou closed irregular. Middling upland*, 9!?d. a'.ll?d.; middling Orleans, llkd. The Mien ot the day have been M.UUO bales, including 1,000 American. Salea for speculation and export <M>00 bales. Halo* ot cotton shipped trom Savannah or Charleston, deliverable in April, at M. _ Lirearooi. HRBAnsTorrs MA as it? Litkbpooi.. April 38 ? 1 3U P. M.? Thu market for breadatuff* I* quiet C allfor niu white wheat average, Un 8d. a lis. 7d. Corn, 27s. 8d. a V*. 9d. Spirits turpentine, 41a. Livkkpool 1'bovisions Maskkt.? Livsafooi* April ti?A 1 m p. m ? Beet, fit. per tieioe for new uioss. Lard. 42a. * W. perowL FIMAWCIAIi,.^ August bblmont a co? ? Hanker*, ltf and 21 Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credits, available in all parts ot the world, through the Messrs. DP. ROTUHCHILD and their correspondent* r. A!f? c.o?nierclal Credits and transfers of money oa California, Europe an. I Havana. A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONKY TO LOAN-OX bond and mortgage ; tl rat and socond mortgages cashed; city property only. S. FBE1DKNRH II A (I).. 908 Mid WW Third HUM, A? TRUST MONKY IIST PAID in to I, OA N ANI> . buy Mortgageson City Real Estate, in turns to suit; no bonus. Address TRUHTRK, bo* J.tWI Post offlre, N. Y. A LADY GOING TO HOUdCKKKPINtr DF.SIKKS TO borrow $200 on ample security, wiili the privilege. If desired. of taking pay in first class Board. Address G. D., .'U7 Fourth avenue. A? ?S.iXW, $10,1X10, $13,000, $>1,009 AND 8RVF.RAL ? other sum* belonging to trust estate to loan on ilrst class city property, without boon*. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty street. 4 ?$9,000 FIRST PURCHASE MONKY. MORTGAGE J\? due April, 1874, on ton acres of land at < 'ratine, N. J , valued at $15.HM. Principals address LIBERAL DIS COUNT, box 3,U2 Post office. BL. HANNAH, 40 BROAD STREET, BROKER IN . Stock Privilrgds exclusively. Established IMS. de fers to bankers, brokers and stock operators generally. TTOWRfl k MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OFFER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT TUB BATE OF FOUR PER CENT. HASKISS .1 BB VINE. STOCK AND HOLD BROKERS, II Broad street. -Stock and gold privileges a specially. Any one can speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circulars mailed. MANQANKSE.-I WILL CONTRACT TO DELIVER any quantity ot high grade Manganese Ore. Secu rity given and required. F. W. ROBINSON, 19 Broad stroot, New York. VTOTICE. XI The coupons ol the First Mortgnge Ponds, New York nnd Erie Railroad, falling due May I. 1873, will bo paid on and alter that (late at the offices of Messrs. Dun Can, Slier man k t o., 11 Nassau street. W. 1'. SHEARMAN, Treasurer. WANTED? $5,000 OR $0,000, FOR THREE OR FOUR mouths; liberal bonus and security for ten times the amount. Apply to M. HARRIS, 83 Seventh avenue, before II o'clock. _ --^"rT -.'-'."tf WANTED? $5,000 ON SECOND MORTUAOE. AD dress MORTGAGE, 1,285 Broadway, New York. WANTED TO PURCHASE? FIRST MORTGAGE ON Improved Property, in this city, for an amount of $.\00j or $10,000; principals ouly. C. S. sHEARtf R, 4S4 Broome street. CO EXCHANGE PLACE, ?-?0 Nkw York, April 22, 187S. Central Colorado Improvement Company Bonds. Coupons from the above bonds maturing May 1. 1873, will be paid on aud atter that date upou presentation at our office. DBBXEL, MORGAN A CO. ?3?"| WANTED ? ON REAL ESTATE AND <S>-L?sSUU chattel mortgage, or on partnership in drug stores: good bonus. Ml Second avenue. d?o en n ?wanted to buy, a very good wO.uUu, Second Mortgage, on New York city Property, running about 15 months, not to exceed $3,6110. Address, stating particulars and terms, J. R. W., Herald ofllce. nnn-N.n?, $10,000 AND OTHER SUMS FOR O.vl/U purchase of Mortgages of New Jersey and Brooklyn Property. F. A. VAN DYKE, 347 Broadway. <8}4>n OHO wanted? ON OHOICB stock seou ip.SU.Ul.M7 rityforslx months; 60 per cent margin; liberal allowance tor expenses. Address GOOD BONDS MAN, box 134 Herald office. <|> 4 c nnn TO I'OAN? ON bond and mort VTO.UUu gage, without bonus, lor a term of years, on real estate in this city, JOHN F. CONREY, 162 Broadway, room 9. CITY IHH - - '?iw on liarlem property In funis to suit. W. 1). k F. tsARTLES, 56 Wall street (jfcflfl fWWl TO LOAN ON NEW YORK i?)t/U,UUU and Brooklyn Real Estate; $3U,<J CUPARTVKaSHlPS. rpHK COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING i uudee the firm name of Rob nson A Callan has licen dissolved by mutual consent on HthmsL, Henry Robinson being the remaining partner. HENRY ROBINSON. EDWARD CALLAN. Tills IS To INFORM THE PUBLIC THAT THE FIBM of Kandors. Cohen A Co Is dissolved, and that I nun now opening und will carry on business at No. 0 North Moore street MAMUEL COHEN. Nkw Yokk, April 21, 1873. REAL ESTATE MATTEES. Rapid Transit on Sixth Avenue Dis counted. A fair attendance hail assembled on 'Change yesterday at the hoar designated for the sales to commence. Considering that the proffered prop erty partook of a miscellaneous nature the entire transactions may be quoted as successful. In one instance, at least, Is this assertion a vorifled fact.. A Ave story brick hoase and lot, on the northwest corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty-eighth street, 24.8x77.6, was sold to Mr. H. OttemlortTer Tor $5H,'200, and a similar house, adjoining, on the avenue, equal size, to Mr. J. Erdman, brought $44,000, and this in the face of opposition by the "Implacanlea," owning property on the sixth avenue, who oppose the construction and running of the Gilbert Ele vated Railroad on that tlioroughrare. The pur chasers of this propecty know what they are about, and believe, like Mr. R. A. Wltthaus, who owns $600,000 worth of real estate on this avenue, that any public Improvement which tends to bring the public <>n to this street, is abenellt Instead ol a det riment. Now that the route of this Rapid Transit is fieflultelv tlxed by law, these "protestants" should now endeavor to assist the enterprise with all their might, nnd not lay diiliculties In the way, as they would, in accordance with the action of their late public meeting. Routes of conveyances have built up all the avenues and uptown streets, but the surface roads are inadequate for the In creasing population, aud swilter modes of travel must now be resorted to to keep up with the spirit of the times. The great excitement to-day will bo the sale of the celebrated Harsen estate, comprising io0 lots on the (irund Boulevard, Seventieth, seventy -first aud Seventy-seconil streets. We are Informed that "pools" have been made estimating the prices to be obtained for this property. The figures on some of the lots are placed very high. In our opinion the average price to be paid per single lot will be about $8,000. The following are the details of yesterday's transaction at the Keal Estate Exchange ar KKKNKLi.r. 5 s. bk. b. h. and I. E. 17th st., s. .113 ft e. of Av. B. lot 'Z5xMt?; Francis Keelbach $13,025 ar h. n. camp. 5 s. Iik. t. tl. and 1. No. 510. 3!tth st.. s. ?., 175 ft. w. ol 10th av., lot 25X9H.9; M. Churchill, plttl $14,500 sr nt'Li.Kit, iriLKtws a?i> rn. S *. b. s. 11. and lot No. 210 E. 9th ?., HO tt. w. of 2d uv., lot -WxlUO.5; J. HorKenstein $12,400 2 a bk. h. and lot s. s. E. S'Jili st, 281.1 ft e. ol 4th av., Iot5i.lxl00.8i W. H. Allen 11,000 5 s. bk. b. and lot u. w, cor. 8lli av. and W. 28th st, lot 24.8x77.0; H. Ottendorffer 58,*?) ft s. bk. b. and I. adig. above, lot 24.8x77-8; J. Erdman. 44, UUO Brick tactory, stable and about 5 kits, Nos. 145, 147 ami 14a Perry su. aud No. :!60 W. Hth st.. known a? Greenwich Iron Foundry; J. J. Richards 35,750 5 s. bk. s. and I., No. 7J7 .Id av., e. a., 00 ft. n. of E. 4.5th St., I. 30x45x15x6x05: George Beckett 19.100 25 s. bk .10 h. and 2 lots, Nos. 4.45 and 437 loth st, n. a. 64.4 ft. e. of Dry Dock st, 1. 41.Hx75; H.J. Newman 27,860 BNOOKLVN RIAL FSTATS? ?V MULLKB, WILKIM* AND CO. 3 s. b. s. h. and 1.. No. 272 Dean st, n. a., 204.U ft. e. of Kevins at, I. 20xlou: E. SwarU $s,250 0TJ8T0M HOUSE AFFAIES, The long agony la over? the long-expected ap pointment for Port Storekeeper and Deputy Col lector of the Third Division, in the place of Mr. Thomas L. James, appointed Postmaster, has at last been made? and everybody (except the disap pointed aspirants) is happy. Late yesterday afternoon Mr. John R. Lydecker, Special and Deputy Collector of the Fifth Division, assumed the desk of Mr. James as Port Store keeper? (. p., General Storekeeper of all the bonded warehouses In New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City and other places within the customs dis trict of New York. As Special Deputy, Mr. L> decker will also supervise tne Third aud Hfth divisions. Colonel Robert Des Anges, chief clerk under Mr. James, has been promoted to be Deputy Collector ot this division, and Mr. William u. McMahon, Mr. Lydec ker's chief elerx, win advanced to be Deputy Collector of the Filth division. These appointments have been carried out stiictly In accordance with the Civil Service code adopted by General Arthur. He promoted the chief clerks of the divisions, who were presumed to be lully conversant with the requirements of their expected duties, In the face of political pres sure and the legion or applicants for the vacancy. Since the 1st Instant Colonel l>co Angus has conducted the affairs of the Third division, per forming the duties of Mr. James, whose desk he assumed besides his own. There will probably be some contention now for the two vacant chief clerkships, which collector Arthur will till by com petitive examinations. Otherwise the permmnri of the Third aud Fifth divisions will remain as before. Mr. Harvev Major continues as Assistant Superin tendent of the Custom llouse and In charge uf 'ho bttud* Ivl bUtca l/oadQU wurqUvuiK* THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS. The Seventh Annual Sleeting? A Large Attendance of Delegates Present? He port of the Treasurer? The President's Address? The Condition and Success ot the National Board? Report of the Oe? Agent? Appointment of Committees for To-day. The National Board of Fire Underwriter* held their Seventh Annual Meeting yesterday, in Under writers' Hall, 154 Broadway. Mr. H. A. Oakley, President, In the chair, and Mr. Samuel B. Hlagdcn, of the North British, appointed as acting Secretary pro fern. A large number of delegates represent ing the companies or the vatlous principal cities ot the Union was In attendance. A motion was made and carried, that all representatives of lire insu rance companies present be considered members of the Board, and the courtesies of the door ex tended to them. TREASURER'S REPORT. The Treasurer, on request of the chair, then sub mitted his report, which showed the following:? Receipt* for the year, with balance on hand. .. .$33,149 37 bxjMiiiditure* /7,(W2 31 Balance on hand 01 T11K PRESIDENT'S ADD RUSH. The President then delivered an address. He con gratulated tne Board on the suivess of the opera tions lor the past year and on tlio perfect accord that exists and the concert of actum of the differ ent companies, and thanked the various State aux iliaries for their eiTorts. The Board id composed of thirty-one state local boards, each worklug in Har mony with the National Hoard, and each state also divided Into subdivisions throughout the territory of each State. There are over eight hundred lucai boards, with over seven thousand members, throughout the miterent sections of the country. The great dilllculty lias been to succeed In carrying the agents throughout the different States? more so than all the different local boards and the public. The local boards and the publlo were willing to pay all increased rates demanded, but the great dilllculty was to get the agents who opposed the change or increased rates ? doubtless through selfish motives. Although the rates have been advanced to what is deemed a sate basis, yet some equalization Is yet to be tlxed. The advance rates are essential to the solvency of any company, and those who oppose these changes, which the last sixty years have demonstrated us indispensa ble for the safety of the company, are ENEMIES OP ALL THR INSURANCE INTKHKSTH. It Is yet claimed by some that the rat -s shonlA still be increased in order to the permanent safety or the companies. The President also brought up the necessity of a more careful governmental so* pervlsion over the forms of the buildings being erected?aame or similar to those in force in the large cities or Europe. Among the proposed build ing regulations dire that all tne buildings shall be President, in view or IHe decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to the effect that each State retaius the exclusive control of the insurance interests ol the country, similar to commercial business. The percentage of state taxation on gross receipts operates oppressively in some of the States. The laws should be on the local premium receipts, Instead of gross receipts. The whole business of STATE TAXATION Is restrictive and exceedingly objectionable te tho Eubllc Interests. The State of Indiana, through Its eglslature, has already proposed an equity bill of State taxation which it is hoped will become a law and become general. The question of legislative provision as to the terms of a policy was alluded to and condemned. The National Hoard is the proper medium througu which uniformity of Jiollcy could be brought out, not through state egislation. THE QUESTION OF DIVIDENDS. Companies sustaining no Boston or Chicago losses made their usual dividend, wtuio tSe dividends of others were materially rednced. The premium re ceipts have materially Increased during 1872 over 1871, doubtloss owing to the iucrease of the pre mium rates. The dividends are tar inferior to the value of the capital invested, as the history ef the last forty years demonstrates. The causes of the recent fires were also freely considered and ex plained. Tho question of CLASSIFICATION OF RISES was considered. Fire insurance, says tho Presi dent, is founded upon as well-ascertained. Invaria ble average laws as life insurance, great fires being similar to epidemics. It will take years to restore the financial condition of companies to that of 1871. Among the admirable modes Is that of the Superin tendent of Insurance requiring companies to re tain surplus premium receipts, instead of dividing tiiem in dividends. The speaker, referring to the lioston fire, remarked that If lioston Is to be re built In a safe manner there must be an amend ment of her iawB with regard to buildings, and we should enact wise and salutary laws to prevent, If possible, a similar calamity. The speaker referred to unjust and unfair taxa tion, and urged decided and united action->ou the part oi companies to prevent the passage of laws imposing such taxes, and securing equitable legis lation TF1E AMOrNT OF PREMIUMS received in 1872 was $66,li(4,Cs3, against $44,801,836 in 1871. The estimated loss by the Boston fire Is $70,, and the amount of Insurance about $l>a, 000,000. There will be paid in fall by the in surance companies nearly thirty-seven million dollars. The gentleman spoKe in commendatory terms of the amendments to the general Insur ance law Introduced in the Legislature by the Superintendent ol the New Verk Department, and which suggests a plan by which, In view of the great tires at Chicago and Boston, the Insured may be made more safe and the companies stronger. lie concluded by relernng to the great power of the National board of Fire Underwriters, and urging that it be used Judiciously and to lay the foundations oi their prosperity grandly and deeply. "Let them be lounded on principle and Justice,** he said, "and we shall havo no reason to regret the time spent or expense lncnrred in making the National Hoard oi Fire Underwriters an Institution which its members may Justly take pride in as the true conservator of sound principles and practice in fire underwriting." The several objects referred to in the addresa were, ou motion, referred to appropriate com mittees. The Kxecntlve Committee was not prepared with a regular report, in consequence or the lUncss of Mr. Garrlgue. chairman. The report of the General Agent, Mr. Thomas H. Montgomery, was then read. It consisted of a full ri'^urmi of the work ot committees appointed at various previous meetings, and the encouraging condition ol agencies in the several States of tne Union, where prompt action had been taken on the suggestions of the Board. The following COMMITTEES were then appointed to send in their reports to day .-?Committee ou Building Laws, Messrs. W. G. Crowell, Philadelphia; Walter Paine, Albert Bow ker, George Hope and G. Van Allen. Committee on Nominations of Officers? Messrs. Barker, Web ster, llodges, Freeman, Su John, Lockwood and liallam. Committee on State Board? Messrs. Piatr, Clarke. Parker, Kcllog and Wuelta. Com mittee on Local Koads? Messrs. Ueald, Browne. Townsend, Ludenbirk and Ailegel. Committee on Causes of Fires? Messrs. Ben kin, Little, Harris, lilagden and Skeeles. The Board adjourned to meet this morning at half-past ten o'clock. BARKERS' RESPONSIBILITIES. Something About the 9150,000 Robbery In September, I860? Suit of Mr. E. W. Stuart to Recover 913,000? Are Daubs Responsible for Securities Left with Them for Safe Keeping I Bridgeport, Conn., April 28, 18731 The Important case of E. W. Stuart vs. The National Bank of Norwalk to recover the sum of $lA,ooo In United states securities, lost by the robbery of the bank, in I860, came np before the Superior Court, Judge Granger presiding, at Bridge port, on Tuesday afternoon. Large numbers of bank officials and capitalists were present, this being the first action on the part of de positors, who lost in the aggregate $150,000 by tho burglary, and who have never re ceived satisfaction of any sort from the bank. Couusel for the bank were H. B. Harrison, of New Haven; W. K. Sceley, of Bridgeport; W. Kandel Smith, of Norwalk. Counsel for Mr. Stuart, Mr. S. R. Bcardsley aid Judge Ami Gld dings, of Bridgeport, and Mr. Asa B. Woodward, of Norwalk. A jury and a large number of witnesses were on hand to procced when, at t?e owning of the Court, Mr. Harrison, lor the bank, entered a dejnurrer to the further proceeding with the case before a lury, and expressed himself as willing to go forward with tne evidence beiore the Judge, on Thursday morning, 24th. This action is a practical acknowledgment ol weakness ou the part of the bank, and all that now remains to be done Is a settlement of the question of dam ages. The circumstances of this robbery are vet fresh In the inluds of readers of the Herald. Mr. Stuart was a depositor and kept a regular account witn the bank. His loss consisted of United States five twenty bonds, a part of which were left in tho bank lor sare keeping. The day before the robbery he had called on the cashier for the bonds, but was unable te obtain iheu. as the key to the bond box had been mislaid. Mr. Stuart had use for the bonds In money transactions in New York and felt somewhat perplexed at the statement of the c ashier as te tne loss of tho key. That night the bank sare was blown open with gunpowder and $160,000 in bonds and other securities taken. The decision in the amount of dapiage* for Mr. Stuart to be arrived at this week settles tho claims of ail the other depositors. KM 1* VlUUg tf r?hk UUttfesW

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