Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1873 Page 12
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THE STATE CAPITAL. The Serious Question of Final Adjournment. Inevitable Board Bills in Opposition to Constitutional Amendments. THE USURY BILL PASSED THE SENATE. Important speculation as t# the Influent* of a Baggage tar from JVew York. A Per Capita Tax of $2 50 for Immigrants. THE iBOARD OF EMIGRATION II DEBT. Objectors to the Route of the Gilbert Ele vated Railroad Can Appeal. Report of the Erie Investi gating Committee. Metal Complaint Against the Hon. Wm. M. Tweed for Running Off. The Appropriation Bill and the Oanal Repair Bill in the House. A HUTT TOR THE CITY GRAND JURY. Albany, April 23, 1873. The great question now wltU everybody here abouts In an? way connected with the Legislature Is? When will the adjournment take place f There is no settled opluion about thu matter us yet, but it Is generally conceded that everything depends upon the report of the Special Joint Committee ap pointed some tliue ago to dcclde when, how aud how long the two houses should occupy themselves with the work of the late lamented Constitutional Commission. The Committee have been at work? at least they say they have? for the past three weeks, and as yet the.v have not been able to come to any detlnlte conclusion. They are of one mind on one thing, however, and that is that the legisla tive business must be got through with before the constitutional work is touched upon. It Is easy to nailers tand WHAT A MUDDLE THERE WOULD BE If tne Legislature made this particular work a part and parcel ol the ordinary routine business ritiht in that very stage of the session when every mem ber Is struggling, or if not struggling, at least heavily log-rolling with every other member to se cure the passage of all his little local bills. 1 here is a rumor afloat to-day that, although the Com mittee have not been able to settle the mooted question among themselves aatlslactorlly, the i general feeling of the two houses is lu lavor of a | ?pecial session, and that this leellug has been dis- ; covered by the soundings taken by the Committee, j (in the other hand there Ib the dead certainty Unit Tim UOVBRNOH WILL NOT CALL A HI'ECIAL HKS.-ION, no matter what pressure may be brought to bear upon mm. Now, then, what will be the upshot of Me whole thing i The members say they can't afford to stay here over a month without pay from the State, although it is rumored in the lobby that there are many men ol skilled talent In town who believe they can, and without pecuniary loss of any kind. He that as it may, the cry is "I want to go home,'" and judging from the present aspect of affairs it will require all the ingenuity of the | lobby on the one side and the determin ation of the Committee ami its friends on the other to make tlie virtuously inclined Senators and Assemblymen remain here long enough to consldor the amendments ol tne Com mission. One of the strongest arguments used by those members who want to get away at j TOR CLOSE OF THE REGt'LAR LEGISLATIVE B1H1NESS j Is that the consideration of the amendments is not absolutely necessary this session, and that if the people will not countenance a special session for an extraordinary work, they don't see why they should sncrlilcc their precious time in beuall of the dear pubdc ior nothing. It is probable that the whoie difficulty will finally be nettled by the two houses Axing a certain day, say the loth or May, when the consideration of the ordinary legislative will be regarded as at an end. Ihis day will be a ( Krldav or Saturday, and then an adjournment will t>e taken io the lollowiug Monday, when operations will be begun upen the con.-.tltutionai amend- i ments There are many wl.o claim that an adjourn men! of ten days ??gtu to be taken alter the closing | ud of the ordinary legislative business, but their arguments arc met by the very stiont; prob ability that it would require A CORPS D'ARMEE as large as that now commanded by Major (.cnerai ilu-<tcd to secure a uuorum after the ten days would expire, it is to" be hoped that no matier what difficulties may lie In the way, thai the lature will not adjourn without disposing of the constitutional amendments in some way. If they do adjourn without considering them and no spe cial session is called the amendments cannot be voted ou by the people before the general election In 187". if they consider ami pass thoiu in some shape and tUe Legislature ol passes favorably upon them the people will be able to act iu tne matter in 1875. It will thus be seen that the present Legislature has it in its power indirectly to give the state a half-new con stitution two years irom now; and that they have also the power to save two years' time by simply considering and passing the amendments this ses sion. It is not reasonable to suppose that u mere question of dollars and cents will have weight iu tins Buttling ol thiB question. THE EMIGRANT PER CAPITA BILL. The bill amending the several acts relating to thepowere of the commissioners ol Emigration, and which Increases the emigrant per capita to as 60 was passed in the Assembly to-day b> a vote Ol 70 to 30. This bill was Introduced last March by Mr Flerson and was backed up, it is said, by all th? nowers and influences that the i ominlssion KK to bear. It is understood that the new Commissioners, or rather uie irieuds Ot the bill which puts out ol office the present Commissioners ?L*? tavor ol this Increase ou the gro u i 1 the Commission Is already In debt, and ail that sort ol tldng. The shipping interests in New lork are arrayed against the bill, and there are those wh i claim that tl it becomes a law It will revive _the efforts i-ome made to Induce the I nited States gov ernment to take charge ol the emigration business eutlrely. and, even if the Uuttcd States should not Interfere, compel emigrant ship owners to mud their Kissengerii at otlier ports than New \ork. bow the 11 will fare lu the M>nate it would be hard even to conjecture. It ih a bill which, if it ever becomcs a law. will seriously afleet a large interest In New York, and It ttehooves those who are most con . earned to squelch it iu the ncnate, if that be a pos sibility. PfBLlC WATCHMEN. At last we are to have an end to the race of irresponsible private watchmen, who are so styled because they are em ployed by private parties wfc'ie faith in the fidelity of the ordinary policeman is not as gTeat ss policemen generally think it ought to be. The bill which naased the Assembly t?**iay establishes a regular arstem ?f public watehiueu. and the ehanees for river thleaes who prowl upon the mer diandlse stored on the wharves over night, play ing the private watchman dodge to av^ul the sus picion ?? passers by. will lie considerably lessened This bill will utVect so many private watchmen In .the city that I append It herewith in tujl:? A> Act ?nliUed An act forth ebe 1 1 , rp jotee tloti of Ihe chipping and mercftOtill inUreM in tin city and ThJHpiople o?' the state of Now York, represented m Aatfo and A?w inhly. .Jo enact as follows:- n<4> ?sen ok 1? The Mayor uliall ^(Mnt an'l terse s uumlxr ol cltl/too. ami suejj clt *< u? o* 6 uj think (lualifled. to l* jKibile watchmen In snd about the city and eetinty of Newport. ?ald ofpolntmrnt. and It eenw toeontlnne during the pleasure ?f ssid Ms) or, not **Hs?'<V -ItThullnot Is' lawmi lor any t *????' n to art aj a DDlilir watchman upot. I.n.v <1ocV . |.i. r. ?ltj& vwwl, W?r< oa i?ln?;e of liusloass wiiimut being licensed as r^yrnMe?&n sn appointed and 'Ir-n-d bv the M*vor n b ft public watohfTiHit V**y Into* ZZZa lut Urn J' lv *? ? J* eerttflttte *>f ami ?** turn of $1 upon tlKj renown! of ouch am) every such licence. Use. 4.? K very micli utmik wiall w<t?r. 111 ? cowypicuou^ ?place about tii* peraon, to wit, upoii the outeide lappel or the coat or tncket, a metal oauge, on which ahull be I in*cr?be<l the naiiw* ot *ueh appointee, the worua pubJc i watchman" and the number of ?uch license. Sac. 5.? The Mayor Khali, previoun to granting any llcem* as a public watchman, tlx a jcale of pricea to be paid tor such nervicca as the aald watchiiian may be called upon to perform, and such price Uttt shftll bo printed upuu the reversed side of the license issued to the ?Pirr k'? And no person nhtll claim, demand or receive any remuneration or pay ^ lor services as a watchman u?les.s tie shall linye been duly licensed and shall wear bis liadjre ax ilit- lukignla ofhi* office. hut. 7.? It f liit 1 1 n?t ho lawful lor any person to repre sent himself an, or to wear or exhibit any badge, inscrip tive i-art I or device purporting or lmplving that he Is em ployed or authorised tiv the cuptain, owner, leasee or aae'iit of nny dock, pier, slip, veaael, atorehousc or place of Nimiickk, without being duly authorized so to do by the Mayor, under a penalty of <2R for every offence. Hue. ft.? Ail person* who ahall violate or full to comply with nny at the provision* ol thin chapter Khali l.e ?deemed guiltv of a tnisdemeauor, and upon conviction (hereof Khali be punished pursuant to the provisions of M'ciioiiM ~M uiul 21 ol an act relative to power* of the Common Council ol the city ol New York and the criminal Courts of said city, pasted by the Legislature of the State ot New York January 23, 1833, or in lieu thereof, shall forfeit and pay Into the city treasurv the sutn of $10 for each and every offence, except where a penalty Is prescribed in salu chupter. b?c. V? 1 'ill is act shall take effect immediately. Ilt'RRYINd CP. The Assembly hat* done a rushing twHlness to-day, and yesterday tt was by no means laggard. To-day over sixty bills were passed, and the day before over seventy. The clerks are working like beavers, and it is likely that In a lew days the busi ness will be even all round. THE C8CKT RII.L. In the Senate this morning Senator WI::slow asked that Ills bill to regulate the rate of Interest, defeated some weeks ago, and laid aside for re consideration at the time, be taken again from the table, which was agreed to by a vote of 10 to 1, Mr. D. P. Wood then said If the hill was amended postponing the time of its taking effect until Janu ary 16, next, he could vote (or It, and he asked unaulinous consent that It be so amended. Bonn tor Murphy objected, and Wood thereupon moved to recommit the bill to the committee reporting it, with Instructions to amend it accordingly. senator Benedict said that the bill had been dis astrously detested when it came up here before, but now there is A FLURRY OVER TnE USURY LAWS in Wall street, and a committee has been sent up here, by means of which the lrlends or this bill hoped to galvanize It into life. They hope to abol ish usury by making it legul, jnst as they might hope to abolish pocket-picking by legalizing the uaaeor the pickpocket. Senator Lewis said it was an easy thing to get around the Usury law. As It Btood now the banks may loan money at seven per cent, and If they charge more they are simply liable to lose the in terest, while private individuals charging these usurious rutes are liable to lose both interest and principal. Money men or this State, instead of loaning money at home, go to adjoining States, where the I'sury laws do not pre-vall, and there obtain higher rates or Interest. This will be the case wherever THIS FOOLISH CSl'RY LAW prevails and us long as money is considered us not a commodity. We ought to have no law at all. Mr. Dickinson favored the additional time, be cause the bill was likely to create a financial revo lution, and the people or 1Kb district, and Indeed of every district where they are content to get rich slowly and loan their money to sure payers at seven per cent, instead, as in New York, of rushing rapidly and recklessly into speculation, satisfied, if one venture at heavy interest oarries, with the loss or several others; the nonest people of all districts will require time to fortify themselves against this revolution. Senator Madden thought that the amendment ought not to prevail, as the bill otherwise would be A DBAD DOCK IN T1IE FIT. Senator P. P.Wood cautioned the Senator against over-confidence. The baggage train has arrived and the Commissary has opened his provision bags. All Wall street has arranged to secure the passage of this bill. The Senator from the Eight eenth (Mr. Winslow) proclaims that this bill will pass now. The men are in tiieir places; he has couuted them and lie knows his strength. Mr. Winslow? It is false, sir ! I). P. Wood? You asserted that the bill would pass, ami if you have not counted and arranged your men 1 know not how you cau make thai asser tion. Mr. Winslow? My judgment. Mr. I>. P. Wood? Then your premises are weak. (Laughter.) Hut I again warn gentlemen against over-confldcnce In the deleat ol this bill, lliuve heard matters that I do not care to repeat. THE UANKS OK WALL STREET have been culled upon to contribute for Its pas sage, and money lias been freely tendered lor that purpose. senator James Wood inquired where was this baggage train* Senator 1). P. Wood said that fie must inquire elsewhere or some one who knew better. Senator Lewis declared thai there was no better place to go ror the tnlormution than to the gentle- ' man who makes the assertion. II any baggage train lias arrived, it 18 for the purpose of lobbying i against tins bill, lor its provlsioub are all againut i the banks. Senator Benedict said no; the deputations here were for the bank*. Senator Lewis? If the Senator from the Fifth has been approached by the baggage train probably he knows. Senator Benedict? I will not call them oy the name of baggage train, but I have been approached by a geutleiuan from the money centre of New I ork city, who argued with me in favor of the pass age ol this bill. Senator Lewis thought we had no more right to put a legal price on money than on manufactures and labor. These men who lorm combinations fn Wail street to lock up money should simply be put in jail ror conspiracy. Senator 1>. P. Wood said as rar as the bill repre sented the interests of banks, he had a petition now, signed by every banking company hi his city (Syracuse), asking him to vote lor this bill. And the presidents of some of these bunks hud been waited upon by the "RBtil'LAH LEGISLATIVE M1I1WIVES,"' and given to understand that substantial reasons must be lorthcomlng to secure the passage ol the bill. "Skilled talent" had lieen brought to bear in its interest. "Legal services"' of men who are not legal adepts had been put in practice. Senator Ttemann asked if tne Senator could tell him w here lie would find a check lor his buggage in that baggage train. (Laughter.) Senator Murphy said tuat the Senator from the Twenty-second was given to insinuating thatmem hers were lniluenced by IMI'UOI'LR MOTIVES in their legislation, und now he hints that the members ure lo be influenced to the passage of this bill by the passengers on tins coming baggage train. Yet he admits thai it Is a good bill and he will vote fur It, provided it is uiuenaed to postpone the day of its taking ctlcct tw January next instead ! of next Suinmet . Now, If It is a good bill, I run see ] no hmob why it should not take effect at onoe. A MEH8AUK FROM TI1E ClOVKKNOR, occqpipanylng the report or the committee of the ! (irand Jury investigating relative to the usury svs- | turn, was announced at this point, but it was nut ' in order to read the report. The question was on rhe motion to recommit with instructions, and it was lost by the following vole (democrats marked in italics) on BKCoamrriKU. Yrak? MeKsr*. Baker, Dickiuson, tiruham, llnrmwrr, Juhugon, Lowerv, < TJin'en , J'tUtiur , Robertson, Wagner, Wcismiinii. D. I4. Wood nad WoudtO? 13. Navs? Messrs. Adams, Allm, iiciiedict. Howrn, Chat field, fork, Foster, litwir, Madden, Murphy, Tiemaim, Winslow and J. Wood? 1& Senator Tlemann at first voted "aye," and when the absentees were called changed his vote to "no." The bill was then passed by the following vote ON FINAL PASSAGE. Yrss? Messrs. A Urn, Mm wen. Clint field. Foster, (?ra bum. flarrrurrr, Lewi*, I ait* i, M nr/>A V, Robertson, Snrrttby, TV, Km.,, Wagner, Winslow, J. Wood and VVoodln? 17. Mats? Messrs Adanis. iiakei. Benedict, Dickinson, Joluvtui i. Lowery, Muduen, O'JIrien, t'ainier, Weinman und I). P. Wood. TOE ABSENTEES had to be called u number of times, senators seem ing earnestly desirous of evaatng their duty on the subject. I>. V. Wood failed to vote until he had been called by the Clerk tour separate times, and Woodm hud announced that his own vote depended upon that or the Syracuse senator. James Wood held back, equally reluctant to commit hlmseK, and a general disposition to await further returns ir"ni "tliut biiggai'c wagon" was vlslole on all sides throughout the voting. If that baggage wagon w as a mere joke of the humorous Senator from Syracuse, it proved a very cruel one. Senator Perrv was absent when the vote was taken, and on returning wn?, at his request, recorded in the neg ative. The act supplementary, TUB GILBERT K LEV AT Kit RAILROAD ACT, introduced this morning by Senator Welsmann, provides that persons who have reason to object to the route us located by the Commissioners may have the right, within thirty days, to apply to the Supreme Court lor an examination into their ob jections with a view to granting au order changing the route. The Appropriation Bill the Rprclal Order for To-Uay? Th? Canal Htpalr Rill Without a (Quorum? Van Kurt's Salary? Report of the Krl? invniilgM ting Committee? Th? lloary 111 1 1 and the Oca ad Jury. Albany, April 23 ? Evening. The Assembly bill making APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE SrPfOMT OF THE GOV ERNMENT, and ror other purposes, was the spccial order to night in the Hrnate, and took up the whole or the evening session. It appropriates about ten mil lion dollars for the various general uses of the gov ernment. TMfc. bill, engrossed with the Senate Ooniumtoe's amendments, was read, reqnirlug at least au hour in the reading, when ft was discovered that it was very different from the printed bill on th>- tlion, and us attempt was made to progress it In ofder that it mignt be printed, a number of Senator* declaring tii*t they could not conscien tiously or Intelligently legislate for the approprla llOti of so Many biiiioii dollais without having the printed bill before them. The proposition was voted down, however, and the Senate had to con tent Itaeif wjuj y,c rilthcr Uoubtrui iiihst.ittnc Of memory for print. One of the Senate amend ment* provides lor the compensation of quar I antlne commissioners at $2,500 each, and that the present Board of Quarantine Com- ; mlsslonerg be abolished, their duties and | functions devolving upon the Comptroller of the j State and the Health Offlcer of Nov York city. The discussion proceeded, ami Senator Low cry , made a strong argutment against a section which, he claimed, substantially appropriated $121,000 to sectarian schools. Senator Benedict, in reply, shewed that the institutions referred to were not sectarian schools, hut the academics attached to union schools, and that while the principal in some instances might be of one sect, a majority o! tue assistants were of other sects, and possibly the greater number ol scholars of still other sects, the utmost harmony exists in mast of tliem, und theological doctrines are in nowise taught. The bill was finally progressed and made a spcclal oruer lor Thursday idght. A idll wns introduced to-night by Senator Bene dict which provides that TUB SALARY OF THB COMMISSION ER OP PUBLIC WORKS in New Y?rk city shall, after December ai, 1872, lie tlxed at $io.ouo, and the Comptroller is directed to pay Mr. Van Isort all arrears on that basis. REPORT OKTIIK KRIK INYKSTIU ATlNli COMMITTER. Mr. Babcock, from the Erie Investigating Com mittee, submitted a partial report, as loilows:? The select committee appointed by the AMsemhly to in vestigate anil report as to the alleged mlscouduct and mlMiianagcnient on the part of the fcrle Railway Com pany. respectfully report that they have rtlliKently pur sued the Inquiry during the time allotted by the House; Unit the testimony taken has been coacluxive upon koiiic points: but ttiat mey have been unable to secure ihe at tendance or arrest lor contempt under the resolution ol the House, ol Mr. William M. Tweed or John H. Dutclier, witnesses whose testimony, it is believed, would be Important to one branch of this investigation. The committee believe that if a further extension of time was alio wen the attendance of the parties above-named might be secured, bnt th<-y have decided not toasK them selves tor any further extension tor the laktug ot testi mony, bat If the House so orders they will abide by Its directions. A considerable amount of the testimony taken is not yet tirlnted, and by reason of this Act, and the fur ther tact that the committee have been almost constantly engaged iron day to day In the taking ol testimony, they are not able to make their flnal report at this time, aud respectfully ask the House to allow time for the testi mony to lie printed and u tlnul report to he made there from, and therctorc otter the following resolution-? Resolved. That the Select Committee appointed by this House to investigate the affairs and alleged misconduct of the Erie Ralhvuv Company be and they are hereby allowed an extension ol time autllcient to hove printed the testimony taken by them and lor presenting their tlnal report. T. II. BABCOCK. Chairman, in behalf of the Committee. Mr. Opdyke moved to add ten days longer for the purpose of taking testimony, as he understood the committee to say they have been unable to secure the attendance ol certain witnesses. Mr. Wiffhc stated the purport of the resolution. Mr. Kuy thought tills extension ol' time should be allowed. Mr. Roche said that men talked of usl&g ten days now as if they were at the com mencement of the session, while the fact was they were over the hundred days, and it was time they went home and afforded reliel to the people or the State. Mr. Husted said, as be understood it, the committee had asked for no further time. He therefore moved the previous question, antl It was ordered. The question was then taken on Mr. Opdyke'0 motion and it was negatived almost unanimously. The report was then accepted und the resolution of the committee was adopted. TUB CANAL EXTRAORDINARY REPAIR HI LI, was discussed this evening as a special order In the Assembly. The bill was ably championed by the Chairman of the Canal Committee, Mr. Batch elier, which committee, by the way, has, by care fully scrutinizing the estimates sent iu by the Canal Commissioner, rcduced the appropriations from $1,400,000 last year to $800,000. Lust year, beside the former amount, $400,000 was appro priated as a deficiency. The total revenue from the canals last year was a little over three millions, aud Mr. Batcheller believes that not only will the $moo,ooo appropriated for extraordinary repairs be saved, bnt that there will be a surplus. Mr. Al berger also spoke in favor of the hill, as did Mr. Rose, who, however, claimed that we were being taxed too much every year for completing canals that had already been completed. When Mr. Al berger had concluded his speech a motion was made by Mr. Lewis to report progress on the bill. A count was called for on this motion, and it was discovered that there was not a quorum present. A call of the Honse was then moved by Mr. Brewer, and, after the Committee had risen, he renewed the motion In the House. Charley Cornell, however, snraug into the breach with a motion to adjourn, which, on being put, was evidently lost, bui the Speaker, seeing that the members present were up to mischief, de clared the motion carried de, spite cries upon all sloes for a count. 'I he absentees, who have Just come lrotn the theafle and ascertained how the Speaker saved them In the nick of time, leel con siderably elated and promise to be good little bojs in the ruture. TTIE P8URY BILL which passed the Senate this morning was, after a little squabble to- night, made a spcclal order lor next Tuesday evening. The Committee of the New York Grand Jury, who are expected here to-iuor row. It Is said, will do their utmost to have the bill go through the House all right. The clamor over the money lock-ups in the city of late ami the representations of the Grand Jury last week, ought certainly to have some weight with the country members. If they do not want to go "the whole hog" in the usury repeal question, they ought, the New Yorkers claim, give New York at least what is so imperatively demanded by the merchants and commercial classcs generally. TJIK WASHINGTON MARKET BILL passed in the Assembly to-night by a vote of 83 to 12. ST. GEORGE AND SHAKSPEARE. Banquet of the St. George Society at Delmonlco's Last Evening? The Cele bration of Shal&speare'a Birthday Speech by Consul Archibald? What the Washington Treaty Has Accom plished? Or rat Enthusiasm and Loy alty to England's <tueen. The eighty-seventh anniversary of St. Georges Society was celebrated iaet night by a banquet at Delmonlco's, Filth avenue and Fourteenth street. About two hundred gentlemen sat down to dinner, Including the President of the Society, Mr. John G. Daie, the Vice President, Mr. F. W. J. Ilurst, Consul Archibald, the Presidents of St. Audrews and St. Patrick's societies: Colonel L. Morion Mont gomery (London, England) ; Mr. Isaac II. Bailey, of the New Kugland Society; the Secretary of St. Andrews Society, Mr. Alexander Rhind aud I'etcr Williams (Bank of England). The room was decorated with the flairs or England, Ireland and America, and immediately in the centre of the room was n full length portrait of the queen In her corouatiou robes. The proceed ings were extremely enthusiastic, and the evening was spent in reminiscences of "the sea-girt Isle'' and congratulations on the good time obtainable in the land the Englishmen had adopted as their home. Mr. Dalk, in proposing the principal toast, "The Day, and All who Honor It," referred to the con dition of the society, and said that It was its eighty seventh anniversary, that It was in a flourishing condition, and that the permanent fund amounted i to $30,900, which was safely invested. The charlta- i ble Innd had enabled lii persons to be assisted. ' The contingent fund had also been largely drawn { upon to assist their distressed country men, not only English, nut Irish. He- urged all | Englishmen In the city to Join the society, i and if this was largely done, the injunction of the i country, that every Kuglishmau should do his I duty would be fulfilled. The death ol l)r. Vinton, I Itisiiop of Indiana; James T. I'uplscott, M. R. Cater. | I Thomas Burley, Charles Best and Henry E. Sharpe i I were referred to, aud Mr. Daie concluded by quot- j j lug the lines on Knglund by Hlshop Co.\. i The toast was drank with all the honors, Includ I lng the thtee English cheers. The Chairman, In proposing "The queen, cod , i Bless Her," said that the personal characteristics ! ol her Majesty shed a halo of virtues around the i | throne. The toast whs drank with musical honors; the company, singing ? Cod save the queen, '; were led by the Anon Clee flub, who during the evening greatly promoted the harmony of the proceedings. The Chairman, iu proposing "The President of the United States," said that Ceneral Crant. though a man of war, w as unquestionably a man of peace, | and was the originator of the Geneva arbitration, and with tills toast he wished to add, "Success to the country of our adoption." This, with the toast, was drunk with loud applause. The Chairman, iu liitKHiucIng the following toast, "Her Majesty's Ministers and Representa tives In the f'nned states," read a letter from sir Edward Thornton, regretting his inability to be present at the banquet; und in introducing Consul Archibald paid an eloquent testimony to the merits of that gentleman. Mr. A kciiib u.n, after expressing great regret at the absetice ot Sir Edward Thornton, on behalf of the hard Worked and HI paid public officers, of which he was a member, said that great harmony existed between Her Majesty's Ministers and the representatives of tue I'nlted States us . to the addendum of the toast? -cement I their divisions am! bind up the petty differences"? | that those differences only existed as to outside , parties. Those lines were Shakspeare's, and, If Shakspeare was riot an American, born at Strat ford, in Connecticut, he certainly has beon an nexed. (Laughter.) When Shiikspeare's statue was unveiled in ? antral Park there was not a word said about Shakspeare being an Englishman, and lie (the speakeri took a mournful look at. the statue, believing that Shakspeare was henceforth an Aipericsn. In tly course of his observations be said that, although It was Inconsistent with the rules of the Society und would be Irregular In otie fllltng his official position to enter intv political discussions, there was one subject en which he begged to say a few words, becuwe It was cognate to the toast, and related to the principal personage whom the toast specially honored. He alluded to the final settlement by the Geneva award, under the Treaty of Washing ton, as a (controversy more critical, more fraught with danger, nof jCone to the peace of two great and kindred nation*, but to tne best interests of humanity, than an/.AuteruaUuual cojjifovora* of modern times. . Few treaties have been more criticised tiian HJie Treaty of Washington. From various standpoints, with partial views, com mentators have excepted to tins role or that provision, forgetful of that great difficulty-*! harmonizing conflicting opinions, but the great body of the people of both countries tuankfuily and cordially recognized and ratified the grand central object and purpose of the treaty? that simple agreement i>y which the two nations consented to settle their disputes peace fully by arbitration and not by the sword. In this respect it was not merely a triumph of diplomacy, liut one of the greatest achievements of Christian civilization. Whatever success might attend this etfort to induce other nations to follow our example, oue thiug was certain that an between England and America, in the event of any fnture controversy and Heaven grant that there might be none? a principle had been laid down, a prece dent lor peaceful settlement had been established, which neither country could venture to violate or disregard. Now, in this great and beneficent act of pacification. In its Inception and in the conduct of its negotiations, there was 110 one to whom both nations were more deeply Indebted than to him whom the toast was intended to honor? Her Majesty's able and excellent representative in the United States, Sir Edward Thornton. When years snail have come and gone, and when he shall have retired irom the arduous and anxious duties of au honorable and useful career In the service of his country, he may well look back with a feeling of pride and satisfaction to the important part whieh he bore In restoring and placing on a Arm, rational, and. let us trnst, a permanent, basis the friendly relations 01 the two greatest nations of the world. (Loud cheers.) The remaining toasts were "The State and Olty of New York," "The Memory and Genius of Shalt speare," "Our Sister Charitable Societies," "The Armies and Navies of England and the United States" and "The Ladles." &A1LB0AD BRIDGE BURNED. Destruction o t tile Wooden Bridge Over tike Kennebec River at Kendall's Mills, Maine? Serious Interruption to Travel. Kendall's Mills, Mo., April 23, 1873. ? The Maine Central Railroad bridge across the Kennebec River at this town took tire by sparks from a locomotive this afternoon and was almost entirely destroyed. The bridge was about two hundred feet in length, and less than forty feet re main standing. The loss to the railroad company by the destruction of mate rial will be about ten thousand dollars, but the delay of freight and passenger trains cannot lall to entail still greater pecuniary suffering. Mr. L. L. Lincoln, superintendent of the road, Is on the ground, and has already put luto practical operation plans for the temporary relief of passengers and the expedition of ireiglit A new and substantial iron bridge will be put into service as soon as posslblo, and the public con venience will be well cared for in the meantime. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for New York?1 Tbls Day. St'N AND MOON. ntOH WATER. Sun rises. S 00 Gov. Island eve 0 43 .sunsets. 6 49 Sandy Hook.... eve 5 58 Moon rises. . .morn 4 10 Hell Gate eve 8 28 OCEAN STEAMERS. SATES OF DEPARTURE FROM NEW YORK FOR TDK MONTHS OF APRIL AND HAY. Steamers. City of Limerick iFriftitt Iieutwhland Italy

City of London. . . . Inula Baltic Manhattan llnnsa Columbia Cltv of New York Denmark Westphalia (?recce City of I'aris Celtic IVreire Mom1! Australia fxinailia Wisconsin City of Baltimore. Thuringia Rhcin Oceanic Citv 01 Montreal. Nevada America Ilainmonla Wcscr Washington .... Adriatic Hill*. I Destination. .April 24. I April 24. April 26. April 20. April 26. April 2l>. April 2i>. April 3D. April 30. April 30. May Mav May Mav ?May May Mav May Mav May Mav May Mav Mav 10 Mav 10 May 1" .May 14 IMhv 14 May 15 Mav 17 Mav 17 May 24 I Liverpool. Illnmnurg . Bremen... Liverpool. Liverpool. Glasgow. . . Liverpool. Liverpool . Bremen. .. Glasgow... Liverpool . London. . . Hamburg. Liverpool. Liverpool . Liverpool . Havre Bremen. . . Glasgow. . Glasgow... Liverpool. Liverpool. Hamburg . Bremen. . . Liverpool. Liverpool. Liverpool. Bremen. . . Hamburg Bremen. . . Havre Liverpool. Office. l.i Broadway. 61 Broadway. 2 Bowling (ireen 69 Broadwnv. 15 Broadwav. 7 Bowling (ireen 1* Broadway. 29 Broadwav. 2 Bowllnglireen 7 Bowling Green 15 Broadway. 69 Broadwav. ill Broadway. 69 Broadway. 15 hroad way. 19 Broadway. 58 Broadwav. 2 Bowline <!reen 7 Bowllnir (ireen 7 Bowling ( ireen 2U Broadway. 15 Brow! way. 61 Broadway. 2 Bowline (Ireen 19 Broadway, lft Broadwav. 29 Broad war. .12 Bowling (ireen 161 Broadway. 2 Bowling (ireen .v Broadwav. 19 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, APRIL 28, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Minnesota (Br), Freeman, Liverpool? Wil liams A (iulon. Steamship Java (Br), Martyn, Liverpool via Quecnstown ? C (J Francklyn. Steamship Koln ((icr), Francke, Bremen via Southamp ton? Oelrlcha A Co. Steamship Merrimack, Weir, Bio Janeiro. Ac? W B Garrison. Steamship Georgia, Crowell, Charleston? H R Morgan A Co. Steamship W amsuttn. Fish, New Bedford? Ferguson A Wont! Ship Isaac Webb, Mortimer, Baltimore? C 11 Marshall A Co. Bark Kplrito (Aus). Staugber, Cork for orders? Sioco vlcli A Co. Bark Zlo Lorenzo (Ital), Faggione, Belfast, I? A P Agresta. Hark Gessner (Gcr), Christoffers, Bremen? H Koop A Oo. Bark Insula Capri (Nar), Andersen, Copenhagen? Te tens A Boekmann. Bark Kvanell, Stockton. Marseilles ? Carver A Barnes. Bark Lndiuu (Br), Ballour, Cow Bay, CB? It P Buck A Co. Brig Express (Ger), Frctwurst, Cronstadt? Jacob W Schmidt A (To. HtIk Meta (Ital), Trapani, Salonlca? Slocovich A Co. Brig D Trowbridge, Klce, Barbados? D Trowbridge A Co. Brig Peter Roberts (Br), Hunter. Wentworth, NS. Brig Macliias, Bartlett. Orange HI u it , Fla? J II Win chester A Co. Schr Diploma, Plnkham, Port de Palx? Isaac R Staples A Co. Schr Francis (1 Dnvls, Doane, Baracna? B J wenberg. Ndir Louisa D (Br), Waguer, st John, NB? Honey A Parker. C M Newins, Roland, Mobile? E D Ilurlbut A Co. Selir Lizzie Batclieldcr, English, Savannah? Evans, Ball A Co. Sehr R 9 Graham, Smith. Wilmington. NC? Evans, Ball A Co. Schr C L llerrick. Partridge, Norfolk, Va? Van Brunt A Pro. _ Schr Sophia Wilson, Wilson, Philadelphia? Jas E Ward A Co Schr W H Bowen, Golden, Providence? II W Jackson A Co. Sloop Mary Klizalteth, Hart, Derby, Ct? II W Jackson A Co. Steamer Bristol, Wallace. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. RETORTED BY THE HERALD WE AM YACTTTS AND II KHALI) WHITKSTONK TELEURAPf] LINE. Steamship Columbia (Br), Hjgglna, Glasgow April 9, via Derrv loth, with mdse and 437 passengers to Henderson Bros." Had fair winds to the Cape, trom thence strong head winds. Steamship flansa (Oer). Brickensteln. Bremen April 9 and Southampton 12th, with mdse and 530 passenger* to OeirlchsACo. 16th, Iat49 40, Ion 29 21, spoke hark Dnns tae (Oer). from t'kermunde. Iiound west Steamship E C Knight. Johnson, Georgetown, DC, with mdse and passengers to Geo B Merrick. 23d, at 8 AM, off Ab*ecom, passed schr Harrv Blutt. hound north. ship (llencorse (ol Liverpool), Sieve ? son, Calcutta and Sand Heads .Ian 7, with mdse, to Judil Linseed and Sperm oil Company; vessel to master. Had very light northerly wind* to (he Equator la the Indian Ocean. Keh ft, encountered a cyclone, which lasted tor three daya; passed the Cape 01" (iood Hone AO days out; crossed the fc'iuator March 23 In Ion 25 2U W ; had fair weather to lat 3rt N, Ion fift W . April 13, 14 and 15, had a terrific gale from NW toll, with a very high sea and thunder and lightning, in which was hove to tor 60 hours; since light variable winds. Hark Wien llohenfelde (Oer, Sehultzc, Montevideo's days, with wool and hides to L E Amslnk A Co? vessel to Punch. Edye A Co. Crossed the Eijuator March 20 in Ion 42 W; had variable weather; been fl days north o* Hat teras: March 4. lal 18 S, Ion Xi W, spoke hark Yenla, from San Francisco for Quecnstuwn, NO days out Hark Sarah A Staples ?>f Belfast Me), stone, Cardenas 12 tliivs. with stiftur to dossier A Cot vessel to master. Had moderate weather; been 4 days north 01 Hattera*. Brig Zetland (of Liverpool, NS\ Hicks, Point .vl'ltre, (Inad, 17 'lavs, with sugar to Keynatil A Co; vessel to lle nej A Parker Had moderate weather; been 3days north ol Hattera*; April 16, lat 27 #4 N, lon74.i^ W. spoke sehr Mary Helen, boand south; 21st. lat 37 50 N, Ion 72 5d W, tinu Albert .1 Sparry, heno", hound south. Brig Joale, retttgrew, Sagua 10 days, with sugar to Ponvert A Co; vessel to Simpson, Clapp A Co. Had fine Weather. Hrlg Hriittalola (Hal), Haracino, Philadelphia 3 naya. In ballast, to A 1* Agresta. Schr Franklin, Berrv, Indlanola March 19, with cotton, Ac. to 'I upper A Beatlie. Schr Joseph P Comegys, Hubbard, Smyrna, Fla, 11 davs, with live oak to swift Bros; vessel 10 Van Brunt Bros. Had moderate weather ; Iteen 6 days north of Hat teras. fiehr John Howard, Doxie, Virginia. Schr Hurry Landell. Taylor, Virginia. Schr Forest Oak, Parker, Baltimore for New Haven. Passed Through Hell Date, BOUND SOt'TH. Steamship Dlrlgo. Johnson, Portland for New York with mdse and passengers. Steamship Svend iSwej, Hansen, Boston for New York, to Tetelis A Boekmann. Schr Itostna, Cummlngs, St George, NB, for New York, with piling to Jed Fryc .t Co. Schr K Me K wan, Burns, New London for Philadelphia. Schr Kscort. Hawkins, Bridgeport lor New Vork. Schr C St John, Foster. Branttord for New York. Sehr Ontario. Ksrl>er. Providence tor New York. Si hr Susan Mcbevltt, Sumner, Mjstle for New York. Schr John Roinmell, Jr. Miller, New llaven lor New York. Schr George 1' Kane, Dennison, Bridgeport for New York. Sehr llannlhal, Pendleton, New Haven for New York. Sehr Josephine, Cleave land, Bridgeport for New York. Schr Columbia, Donovan, Bridgeport for New York. SchrWiu K Woodall, ltusseli, New London lor Now York. sehr Wave. Hnbbard, Hartford for Trenton. Hchr K F Mcany, Lewis, Portland for New York, with akine to order. Kchr Helen, Hardy, New Haven for New York. SVbr I. Delanay, Peluncy, New Haven for New York, Charles II NorUiaiii, Hubbard, Portland for New York , with stone. Schr A O l'easc. Pease, Portland for Now York, with stone to Hrnrv A Marsden. ?vbr P f Brady. Coleman. Mew liavcn far New lurk. Schr Mercer, Wasson, Bridgeport for New Tor*. Sciir Samuel P Godwin, Wuterbury, Stamford for !W? Turk. _ ? ^ steamer Doris, Young, Providence for New York, wita mdMS and passengers. BOUND ?AST. Steamship Wamsutta. Flsn. New York for New Bedford . Brig Mary J Wilbur (Hr), Muoday, New York for ?t John, NB. Brig J W Drisko, Haskell. Hoboken for Portsmouth. Bchr Lottie Heard, Perry, Mobile for New Bedford. Schr Kate A I.ucila, Gerry. Amboy for Ronton. Bchr S A Boice, Yates, Philadelphia for Providence. Bchr Sallie M Kvutis, Soci, New York for New Haven. 5c!lr A'd- "with, Philadelphia tor Providesoe. Jchr Minnesota, riow, Philadelphia for Eul Greenwich, ?chr Charles 8 Smith, Hanson, Philadelphia for Boston. . Pr glsekHtoae, Wixon, New York lor Providence. 5?5r Frovldence, Halscy, New York lor KaU River. Sc!'r geJen M Wuitc. Yott, Hoboken for Portland. ?fLlr A' "?'"f.r.KinK, Philadelphia for Salem, n 5 Sr?T!5 '* OrowelL Appuiachicola for New Haven. Bchr Montrose, Allen, New York for Providence. Schr Kate J lloyt, Arnold, Baltimore for New Haven, jjchr Caroline Young. Young, Philadelphia for Boston. Bohr Eugene, Smith, New York for Thouiaston. ?fore Allen, New York for Caliai*. Schr <>?n?eis Young, New York for Boston. g?11- J * M Merrlman, Cox, New York for Hartford. Sc^if Hreadnaught (Br>, Brown, New York for Yar mouth, Nb. Schr Kldorado Hamilton, Virginia for Providence. Schr G L Daboll, Sackett, New York for ftreenport. Schr Ksqunuiuux, Hoboken for Portsmouth NR Rctir Harriet Lewis, Hart, Elizubotbport' for Provi dence. Bchr Connecticut, Stapler, New York for Mystic. Schr Isuac Anderson, Johnson, New York for Norwalk. Hchr Hudson, Champion. Now York for New London. Schr Alldn. KuloU, Hoboken tor Providence. Bchr John Farnuin. Chase. Baltimore for Ronton. Schr L <1 Well*. Well*. Amboy for Newport Schr Northern I.lght Harper, Hoboken tor Beverley. Bchr Nellie II Benedict, Ellis, Hoboken for Boston. Schr A 11 Lennox, Lennox, New York for (iloucester. Schr Argo, Besnee, New York for Warehaiu. Schr Damon, Johnson, Klizabethport tor Boston. Schr Mauil Wallack, Norweod, Klizabethport lor Saletn. Schr Gilbert Oreeti, Fisher, Port Johnson for Provi dence. Hchr Mary, Ilallowell, Port Johnson for Danversport Schr E C dales. Freeman. New York tor Pembroke. Schr Ada S Allen, Cohen, Port Johnson for Boston. 8c lu 8 1, TtionipMin, Baldwin, Hoboken for Providunce. Hchr Phenlx, Thompson. New York lor Portland. Schr Julia A Martha, lilunt. Klizabethport lor Boston. Hchr 8 Taher, Cux, New York lor Olen Cove. Hchr Castlllian, Falkenliam, New York lor Salem. Schr Henry Croskey, Rackett, Hoboken for Provi dence. Schr Nelson Harvey, Bourse, Hoboken for Boston. Schr E Runyon, Campbell, Trenton for Norwich. Hchr Sunbeam, Kelly, New York for Providence. Bchr K J Hovt, Arnold, Baltimore for New Haven. Hchr (Joldeti Rav, Davis, Hoboken for Stamford. Schr Herald, Frisblc, Klizabethport (or Portsmouth. Hchr Irene, Murphy. Holioken for Boston. Schr Sarah B. Sanborn, Hoboken for Portland. Schr H V Duryea, Carpenter, New York tor Glen Cove. Schr A J Williams, Morrell, .<?w York tor Stamford. Schr Sallie Burton, Rurley, New York for Stamford. Hchr R A Forsvthe, Hobble, New York for Stamford. Schr Orlando smith. Kerns, New York for Porlchestcr. Steamer Klectru, Mutt, New York tor Providence. SAILED. Steamships Minnesota, for Liverpool; Java, do; Koln, Bremen: Olympla, Olasgow; Merrimack, Rio Janeiro, Ac ; Georgia, (Tiarleston; barks Curacoa, Curacoa ; Ma dura, Hamburg ; Nuovo Achllle, Corfu: Arcadia, Cork; Eidsvold, Dundalk ; Anagar. Hamburg : Marv A Marshall, Buenos Ayres via Rrunswlck, Ga ; brigs New York, Pa lcnno: Soda. Barcelona: Manllus, Matanzas; W H Rick more, do: J K Shafner, Queenstown; schr Carrie A Rent ley, Charleston. Vessels anchored at Quarantine outward bound:? Rarks (iltana, for Nantes; Grev Manderstrom, for l)ant slc; Helios, for Queenstown; Selo, for do; Provident!*, tor do; brigs Kalke, for liottenburg; W H Bickniore, for Matanzas. Marine Disaster*. Bark IUccicia (Ital), Della>'la, while coming ont of Atlantic Docks In charge of a tug, became unmanageable and went ashore on the rocks olT Governor's Island. She was bound to Belfast and huil a cargo ot 34,000 bushels of grain. An elevator and canal boats are alongside dis charging. Hark Wistaria (Rr), Miller, from Rstavia for Boston, before reported at St Helena In distress, had completed repairs March 13, and would reship curgo in a duy or two. Bakk Minkrva, Iloxie, from San Francisco for New Bed ford, before reported, with a cargo of oil, put Into Rto Janeiro March 17. carrlcd away uiaintopsiiilyurd and sailed again March 26. Sho had a rough passage from San Francisco. Hhiu M A Herrkra (Rr). trom Cardenas for Baltimore, with a cargo of sugar, went ashore, head on, at Choc Henry, morning of 22d inst, about half past one o'clock. The vessel was not leaking when the captain lett her. Raker Hros, wreckers, have sent assistance to the brig. Schr Harrikt Nkwkll, at Vineyard Hnven 23d, from Machlos for Providence, reports was in contact with schr ii (1 Hird morning ot 22d oa Mantucket Shoals, and had jlbboom, head gear and foretonmust carried away. ScnR Stahi.khit, from Baltimore for Somerset, returned to port 21st with 1 oss ot bowsprit, Ac, by collision 18th, in the Chesapeake Ray, with schr Jennie M Murphy, from Baltimore lor Charleston, SC. The collision was caused by the Murphy dragging her anchor. Sciir Tickler? Wrecking schr Young Amerlco, of New port, has succeeded In saving the anchors, chains, wind lass. running and standing rigging, sails and a seven-inch cable, the latter in good condition, from the schr Tickler, ot New London, which went ashore and went to pieces on Reaver Tail April 12. The vessel is entirely broken up. and the stuff saved came up in a tangled, contused mass. Schr Porto Rtco was towed to the wharf of the Merri? mar Coal Company, at Newburyport, on Simdav night, and her nnchor was hanging under water on thu larboard side. Assiie came to the whan the tiuke of the anchor was pressed through her bow, and as she was hcavtlv loaded with coal, it is almost a miracle that she (11(1 not sink in the nlirhl, and that her crew were not drowned; but fortunately the tluke of the ur.chor remained In the planking, thereby preventing the water from rushing in. Sciir Sakaii R Smith, from New Haven for Virginia, which went ashore mi the 21st inst in Hell Gate, hus been got off. Bristol (Pill), April &? The Foam, Sullock, which ar rived here 3d Inst trom Charleston, exDerlenced a severe Bale March 1 In lot S2 N, ion W W, during which she lost bulwarks, spars, Ac, and made much water: I.V) barrels rosin, comprising all her decklond, and a portion of her general cargo, were thrown overboard. Bath, Me. April 23? Tne schr Addle Walton, from Phil adelphia tor this pori, with coal, run into Young's Rock, about 5 miles below this city. At high water she lies with her bows upon the rock. Her cargo Is being dis charged Into lighters. Lubec, April 21. ? Schr Sclo. Smith, for New York, of and for Pembroke, passed through the Narrows, ljth, with jlbboom and foretopmast gone. Norfolk, April 22? Brig Alpha (Hr), from Baltimore for Porto Rico, before reported, was got off Kgg Island, and left in tow for Baltimore. Miscellaneous. Brig Nascy Ross, of Maitland, recently reported miss ing, was at Cardenas on the 10th Inst, ready to sail for Ne w York with a cargo ot sugnr and molasses. Launched? At Port Jefferson, LI, yesterday morning (23), at 8 .15, the schr Thomas D Harrison, from the yard of V T Wines. She is I2S feet keel, ISO feet on deck, 33 feet 5 Inches beam, I7!a feet hold, with double decks; S07 tons register, 760 tons eurpentcr's measurement. As the bow touched the wafer a bottle ot champoge was broken on the bow by the wife of her eommander, Jas A Crossman, formerly lieutenant In the U S Navy. She l? owned In Jersey City. She Is named after the President of the Unique Club, of Jersey City. After th ? launch the com pany sat down to a sumptuous repast, at which the health of the vessel, her owners and captain were drank and general good lecllng prevailed. The schr Win II Keeney, ('apt .lames Bea res, will bo launched from the same yard next Tuesday. Lt'RKc, April 21? ('apt Almon Rowell has contracted with Lnnginude A Miiuitord tor a single-decked 3 masted schr. 1 12 leet keel. 30 feet beam and 12% teet hold. Samuel Staples ,t Son and others have contracted with M B Stevens, ot Curler, for a double-decked schr, to bo commanded by Capt John Small, now of schr Virginia. Notice to Mariners. The light on Partridge Island, St John, NB. Is reported as much Improved In brilliancy by changes recently made in the position of the reflectors. Thu log alarm Is al so rendered more efficient, a uew whistle having been put In in place ot the old one. Whalemen. Arrived at st Helena March 1. barks Oreyhonnd, Smith, of Westport, from a cruise (and sailed 3d for do) ; '2d, Sa rah. Fouler, \B. with 700 bbls sp and 900 do wh (and sailed 6th to cruise); 8th, George .? Susan, Heyer, NB, MO bbls sp and 700 do wh (and snilcd same day to cruls"). Brig Geo J Jones, ofFatrhaven, has been sold at Bar bados tor $1,600. It Is presumed sho had been con demned. Spoken. Bark Sarah, Chenev, from Portland for Buenos Ayrcs, March 2. lat 9 37 N, Ion 33 20 W. Foreign Porta. AsRRnKKif, April ?? Arrived, bark Essex (Br), Morrow, Pensacoia. Liverpool. April 21? Arrived, ship Khcrsonese (Br), Ellison. New York. Arrived 23d, steamship Harmatlan (Br), Wylie, Port land. Martiniuck. about April 7? Arrived, brig Wm Robert son, Maguire, Baltimore. Poirt-a PiTKf, tiuad, April S? In port ship Madura, for Barbados April 4; schr Helen M Woodward, tor Baracos, do. yu*Fs?TOwx, April *2? Arrived, steamships Cltv of Brooklvn iMri, Tibbits, New York for Liverpool; Cltv of Bristol (Brl. lielamottc. do tor do: Batavia (Br), Motir land. Boston for do. Rio J as ''i no, March 16 ? Sailed, bark Minerva, Hoxle (from San Fra nclsoot, New Bedford. SorTHAMrroK, April 23, 7 AM? Arrived, steamship Do nnu (Ger>, Nevnaber, New York for Bremen. St IIklkka, March IS? In port hark Wistaria (Br), Mil ler, fruin Batavia for Boston (repairs completed; would reship cargo lu a day or two). Sr John, NB, April 1H? Cleared, ship Mohongo (Br), Bradley, Londonderry. I (not London). Arrived lIKh, brig Rocky (Hen, Dorr, Portland; 21st, barK Florence (Oeri, Hubner. Boston. Cleared fid, schr Kublna (Rr\ Fecord. New York. Taiu.* Rav. roil, Feb ti ? Arrived, schr llo^cbiid (Br), Collier. Ktru.vs Bay (with tea, Ac, tor New York). Tkimihh. about April 7? Inport, brig U F Getry, Cotiek lln, for New York, Idg; sehrs J K Manning, for Philadel phia. to sail 16th ; Win Hunter, Harkten, trom St Thomas, AC G 111 Tiff. Vlissisorr, April 2TW- Sailed, steamship Stelmnan (Bel), Knudsen. Antwerp for New York. Yokohama, March II? Sailed, bark Adella, McCaslln, Foochow. In port March 22, barks Rurnstde, Pcndcrgracc, and Dllpussund (Br), Dray, unc. American Ports. ALEXANDRIA, April 21? Arrived, schr El wood Doron, New York. Sailed? steamship E C Knight, New York; tark Chap man, Baltimore ; schrs F A Porter nnJ O Y Smith, Boston. APPOKAUO. April 21? ArMved, schr Minuie Klnulc, Parsons, (ioorgctown, DC. Utth? Salleii, schr George II Mills, Tlllotson, Alexan dria, to load lor Providence. BoSTdN, April 22.? Arrived, schrs W 8 Starkey, Blgo low. Cape Has lien I.oiihc (Br), Drak<', Fafsrao, PR; Wllllaniine, Scoit, Pascsgoula; J B Vandusen, t^orson, Wilmington, N Cj II F Baker, Whltfemore. Philadelphia; Jsmcs Satterthwaite, Klnimey, Pnlladelphla ; Martha Walsh. Burge, Philadelphia; Three Sisters. Baker. Phila deldhlu ; N 11 Hall. Murphy, Klizabethport; Thomas Watt, cnrtls, Kllzubethpnrt Aliiomak, Spear, New York. Be low?Bark Krna, from ( Jot ten burg (was boarded Monday night 86 tnlles < a<t ot Boston Light) ; schrs J A Parsons, Nadah, Tarrv Not, w Walton, John r Krant, from New Orleans thaslost torntoianasti.nd Jlbboom) ; also U schrs unknown, bound hi. _ Cleared? Barks Norms (Oen Baenker. Darksn, Gsi Argean, Mutir-K', New York ; bt g H H" right, Mnjrsrs, Bangor; schr Mary F Cnslitnan, Hall, Cape Ann, to load for Troy, NY. . . . , fallen? Steamers Siberia and Cuitlped, bark . tamos H A I? Arrived, steamships Ooorg^Anpoltl, Baltimore Neptune, Baker, New York; t >?? Burrell (Br), Blauvelt, Ar irossau ; brtg Carollnc?'*y. ' irdenas; sciir James A Brown, MayagnoK. P R. M?r,, Also arrived 23d. steamstilps P^ll?vr*.ill.r.).' McPo^.( 'I Liverpool; Seinlnole, Savsnnah^ph" Hattlj Boss, Mut ?UOS: John F kranz. M?yv UtlSO BALTIMORE, April JI-Arrlved, bark Johanaes Rn4 (Nor). Rod, Matanzas; brig Isaac Carver, Williams, Ma. tanzas. 22d? Arrived, steamer Wm Craae, Howe?, Boston via Norfolk; ship Abigail (Br), Raymond, Boston ; barkl Kauwjna. (b^' Bartling,' Humacoa, PRi mouth tor order* . iWgertlia (fior), ShrsSia L TrefethenTStorUng, Governor's Harbor, L 4 ii Kink Hnkcr Boston ? A D Scull, Doutthty , do. SaftoJl? Barii Orion, Limerick ; schr Experiment Clen, X?S iSiduu; Star Racoel Vanamaa. Brewer, ''beaU^oRT. 80, April IS? Arrived, schrs James Blisa ftBAfirA?ril21-A?rt^d!1Slir July Fourth, Cobb, Soutb NQALVBd? April "e?at0n- ** v* Lle^Ai^ ll^^A^l^d- *h ** Malr, F^U^SStoW ntl^ oVpoWsv. Tribblc. Boston, 17th. Annie L McKeen JJcKecn. Hudsom l?th? Cleared, schrs Ella Matthews, Mcblwee, tiuuson. M L<? BftS^Aprll ' sailed, schr Parallel, McFaddea, New *lflth ? Sailed, schrs Sammy Ford, Allen, Windsor, to load for New York : Jeddie. lamer, do do. . . 10th? Railed, schr Virginia, Small, Windsor, N8. to loafl f0LvNkl*Anril'l!l? Arrived, schr Martha Innis, Biggins, 31st? Arrived, schrs H F Potter, Anderson. ?nd<: Cham berlain, Adams. Port Jphaaon \> OM 'potter, Alton n. i ? Anderson, Wheatlev, and Annie B hatford, Powell. Philar delphia; Agnes, Chester. Elizabethport NEW ORLEANS, April 18? Arrived, steamshlp Mar garct, McC Baker. Havana; brig Ifopold 'no, ^MStooPr Rio Janeiro via Galveston; schr Lady Woodbury, wooa ^'cieari'd? Ships John Watt, Morse, Havre ; DW ChajK man, Stetson, Croustads; Koomar (Br), Waycott, Liver* pool ; burks Annie Kimball. Stinson. do; Libra (HoD, Jo? Sn, Ravel: Prosperldad (Sp) Mora, Barcelona; brig Cinque Sorelle (Ital), Adorono. Ghent SoornwKST Pass, April 18 ? Arrived, schr Lilly of tha VPa?s-amA?^t??. April 18? Sailed, schr Helen Hastings. NORFOLK ADrll 21 ? Arrived, brig Cormorant (Nort, Anto li?! ^U Alabafa Nlffj, *??>?( Emma O Curtis l'ayne, Wellfleet; Ida K Freeman, Sbow do; Laura T Chester, Cross, Trenton, G M IIop kins Rich II Ingham ; Lizzie Hannum, Cobb, Froyinco Tinr. ? SSUn scrsnton. Farrell. New Haven -.Bonita, l?ran*. KevDori Clnderilla, Gibson. New York; Henrjr J May^'iurbrottoer, Great Egg llarbor; Charlie Mirier. JONF^RTPORT April 21 ? Arrived, schrs E G , Irwtn, i^-a%jESJSff4CifefaSrM sssrsssk.^ffi??si: 3.wwK2W~&'*^ ^Md^Arrived, schrs M H Read, Benson. Philadelphia; Rlcbard Lawt Eldridire, do; Splendid, Phinney, CohMMi Nffl-^l^S Smith, Snow. New York ; Ben) Eng. 1UNfewPORT.' April 21. HM? Arriv^Ji. Wnr? &roret^ Johnson, New York lor Boston; ldella Sin il , Deer me for Baltimore ; L O Foster, Ela ridge, Dennis far New York- Uastings. Chase. New BedlorJ for do; liieazl, Cob lelgh ' and Wm McOobb, Hill, Somerset tor do, Fred Brown, Baker, Providence fordo. Angler Sailed? Schrs Sarah Jane, Blake, New York , Angier, ^lSt TpM-'Srived^schrs S S Smith, Sn?w, Warrham for New York? l"uisa Francis, Kelley, New Bedford lor do; Majestic. Wvle, and Mary A Predmore, Sherman, PrNORV|0Cll0rApril 23 ? Arrived, schrs Chief. HobokeOl AlVenO^rnev. d,?f ita^ahannock Port Johnson. Sailed ? schr J B Cunningham. New Tork. T NEW HAVEN, April 2ii ? Arrlvee, schr Willie Irving, KClw?Md-^5hrs Oeorge Staples, Lord, Georgetown ; C O Lane. Lane. Baltimore; John Homtnell, Jr, New York. 23d Schr Joseph Marsh, Suffolk, hliiabcthport. . rb-awId-Brig T Towner. Wlllard. Mayague*; schr* Kate Foster, Harnden. Jacksonville; Su>aa K Davis, ,!?!??, Sew Vork ? Or Frauklin, Franklin, do. PRNSACOLA April 19? 1 Cleared, ship NordenaDroib nlng ?Nor? Thon^T Grimsby ; baru Wm HtoptaasoB (Br* nover. Hull ; Jantsen (Bus). Rkland. Swanjwa. PHILADELPHIA. April 22? Arrived, brigs Allee Leo, Foster Trinidad; Minnie Abbie, Harding, Boston Balch'" Hodgdon, New Haven; schr favorite, Clark, PrB.Tio?-o'ff the Brandywlne, bark Oonstant_no<Ger); SaWrBra^^ *1r?^ rt<v il'nrt Delaware briff kudorus, from ( Hrdeoiw; off sjjasiS'iss' a i iN.*.wu sa a?; ?,i' L. Alliance Nichols, hrovldence; ship Wyeming. Baker^ew Orleans; barks Ankathor (.Vor), , llenrlksen, Bristol; Nordstjernen (Sw). Nordgren, C[c?Henr.?VNl7Kerso^ lliu; K Nickerson. Chase, and Kate E Rich, ?Yencn, BTk^ks Del April 22, 9.10 AM.? Arrived last night, brig &i?S aSS^asfj Th^ttame^MJweni^a early this morning. All Su'wa|rf| the MUt Para fer New YPoiTIT^T,A,priT' 2r-A?rrtvKhrs FMerwIn, Pierce, Baltiin<?rc ; M b Marston, Marston, do : Ella, iIST* Sre ws ?sk Srasi'BKtsns ''chfared? Schrs Cygnns, Steele, Calbarlcn ; P G Mal a0&-Zrtr%????A 'x Owen, Oxner, B, ston ; sehr. Marr^lSf^rt Johnson ; Edith D Evernian. Oroston, Cleared1? Brig Orono. McAllister, Montevideo; schr E^R,?VT,DFNCliVnADHi 2?? Arrived, schrs Uriah B Fisk, Pro we u! New Orie a as ; Amelia \l Learning Brewer, Oe^getown, V ; Hob< rt Pettis. Ellis, Virginia; Kldor^ Nicholas Mehrhot, Mel.rhof, i ; Amos liavi r^f m u' fi?r I fl wtuckut ; Henry C'Oie. ^naawicv, rm boken fordo; K W Brown, Wlntow. Hoboken; Hvdrau. '^IMS'p'lolmNVe^ "wSS^'VtalRU ; Eunice Rich, Ple*cc dot Jaiuos ()'1?onnahue. Warren, (i.^orgetown, n,*r 'o*oive It fiiullv, Butcninson. Pniladelihla or Omnretovnu^ DC; >la)eVllc, Doylo. N'ew Vork ; 5olir .IT Jl-lfe- '^ay^inrf M ^yVi^.n):V?:va\\iVe^?^^ jSu aSS!" 'llowifl^yf^ran in >a^nd, do'; ^.'rnntnn P?il?ner do; NlirhttiicaJe, Ywing, do; Mary A Pridmoro, Sherman do ; Nat Holmes No:hrup,do; "'piwTiS^KKT,' ^vpril ^i^-Arriyed. schrs Mary S j'isher, Lawrence, Baltimore ; Henry Cole, Chadwlck, Hoboken;. Arn^?rlK^Ut?P*Mwy??ogg.well. New York. KtrTlMON I> All lit 21? Arrived, steamship i-<:iac Bell, Biakema^ New York ; sebr Belle Crowell, Ntdkerson, "sAVANNAH. April l'.>? Arrived, schr C II Daw. Howes, ^"^ll? Arrived, steamships San Jacinto. Hazard, and M8AVlLWy '0a"1 AvH?>-Arnved; schr Frunk Jameson. K S ALEM.' April '21 -Arrived , sehr? D R Beckford. HarrlS, Savannah; Mary H Wescott, Gundy, and J C Cotting him Avres Philadelphia: J Ponder, Jr. Brown; si. Stevens, Studlev ; Paugusset, Waptos: Abner Taylor, Dodge; Clarnliel. NirKorson, Creamer. Port Johnson; Abbie En lltant . uavis, nireii ?ril A Torrev, Haskell; Mary Means. Parker; Saxon, Abbott and Tangent Newinan, Eltsabethpori ; ^'(ini*ar, Yonng ; Arrlralil, lllekev, and Callsta, Farnham. Hobo ken D M Freneii. chllds. Weehawken. VINEYARD I1AVKN, April 22? Arrive, sterner ',,ntl pede, Boston for Philadelphia; hrfr * V/iiiw wlc f N B, for New York; schooners Jesse Hart, 2d, Brunswick. Ga for Bosu.n ; Wm M Everett, Oroton for do ; Colonel Ertdv, Kllr.abethport for S?eo; Olive Branch, New York <A_ 'paiau* Mnrv Ool inN. Boston lor I?altimorc , M^y Cobb Sslem for do; Martha Nickel^ si George NB for New York; Clecro, Roe';tond. for d? Atbert treat. Windsor, N8, for no; F Nelson. Vlnalhaven fordo- St Elmo, Boston fordo; L St I le rrc, Jt ^0,J5 'fjf do; Southerner. Boston for Philadelphia; Add le Bla la dell, do lor K Iciimond ? Ira Laffreinlei. do lor Albaaj; Cabot, do f->r Newark; S Rogers of Oreeaport, tor *'Valfed? ?>chr? J I' Ames, Waterloo, and Orc laa. ?M? Arrived schrs Lottie. Matanxas. for Portland , BoflUin, for New lurk. , Kri<r Whitakrr; ifhri I? H Sailed, steamer ^n^pede, Treat Knte.Tpri^e. Oolt, Jfmi? Marv J Collins, Ira f4i(Trlenle, J?n?. (VIl^;tn. N>well Nelson Bradtleld. Expre-s Cabot Harriet >ew?u. 0, M ^ ,| pierre. Addle maW? *ar\ha?N Ick les^ ,'Nathsn Cleaves T Walton, Mary Anne, and Mary A Rico. Wilmington, nc. niuainui'm. r?. April J1? Arrived, schrs Snsaa Wright Whitehead, New York; Adle Murchle, Glbbs, Rockport; Brave. Foss. Providence. Cleared? Brig John Pierce, Townsend, Martinlqne; schr Fawn, Crowell, Boston. WARREN, April 21? Arrived, schrs Edward Lameyer, Kelley, Philadelphia : John Manlove, Holland, Ellzabetlt port M1HCBL.L. ANBOVS. Absolute divdrcks obtained from courts of different states 5 legal everywhere ; no publicity; no fees In advance ; advice froe ; commissioner for every State- VREDKmCK L KING, Connsellor-at-Law, Broadway. ABSOH'TE DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM DIFFER ent States; legal everywhere ; desertion, Ac., suffi cient cause; no publicity retired; no charge until divorce granted; advice free. M. HOUSK, Attorney, Brfradway. A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN . corner ol Fulton avenue and Boerura street. Open from ?< A. M. u>!) p. jg. On Sunday troui 3 to 9 P. M. D YOU KNOW IT? HYPOPIIOSPHITE OF LIME AND SODA liTgnwd'8 chemical tood chemical food .. . . chemical food for the brain the nervous system and the blood. Ilia nourishing ai.d invigorating mid unequalled as a specific remedy for nervous debility and nil nervous affections promptly relieving physical exhaustion and prostration Of tne vi t'i i fo rc.'s and powers It l? a perfect and so* lor l<*on and cod llve.r oil. J. WIN. 8 5K? * Now Kork. Chemist^ 1 1 ooflv tufa >1 t^u int[ UuiUe.

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