Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Nisan 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Nisan 1873 Page 15
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IHTT ATION WA WTBD-ygMAliKS. ^ HoBEtkrep?r?, dfc. A REFIHED AND THOROUGHLY KELIABI E MID A die-aged woman, of experience and ability, ah housekeeper and ci mpanlon In a quiet, first cla<? family ; Rood home more de?irable than salary. Address AM hK l PAW, box WI Herald Uptown Branch office. A TOOK O LADY, WHO 18 EVEBY WAT CAPABLE, J\. as housekeeper In a lamil.v ; that of a wldowor pre ferred; can give and will re.iulre tatlstaclory references, and doe* not wish any replica Irom those having dlshon orable motives. Aduress K. S. T., box 181 Herald Uptown Branch office. HOUSEKEEPER.-BY A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN lady, a situation as houekccper and to take care of children; best cltyycleremes; no objection to the coun try. Address 0. A. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. H0U8BKKEPKR.? A MIDDLE-AQBD LADY IN A private family or in it hotel, or In linen room; la fully competent to superintend any of the above-named departments: city <>r country; good reference. Address HOUSEKEEPER, !>ox 210 llerald office. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION-IN CITY OR COUN trv, by a rest ectable young American lady, every ?way competent retrrence Riven ; parties with dishonora ble motive* need not reply. Address 0. T. L., llerald Uptown Branch office. SITUATION WANTKD? AS IIOUHEKKEPER TO AN elderly gentleman, Address Miss M. P., Herald Up townBranch offlco . SITUATION WANTED? A3 HOUSEKEEPER OR AS companion to mi invalid, by an American widow woman, St) yearn oi ngc, who in thoroughly coinpc'ent; no objection to travelling; good relcreuccs. Address A. H., box 118 Herald oilicc. 107 J-a ndrmcs, <fcc. 0 A VANDFWAT^R ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT able young woman to go out by the day washing and Ironing or lion-coUaiiiug ; pood city reference. Call on or address B. M. VARICK ST.? A COLORED WOMAN, TIIOR onghly responsible, with best city rcl'oronce, now living in Flushing, would like to engage families' and gentlemen's washing tor the Summer. Address or cull on Mrs. THOMAS. WEST 49TII ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A YOUNO woman as laun Iress; good city rcftrences. mWEST S3D ST.? TWO SISTER8: ONE AS COOK or launrtrc.-s-, the oilier as chambermaid or waitress; together or separately; tour years' city refer ence* "1 "I Q WEST 90TH hT., BETWKEN 6TH AND7TH AVS., xJLc/ In the rear ?A respectable woman to go out by the day washing or houseclonnlng. 1A(\ WEST 81S1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Itv girl as flr-t d iss laundress or chambermaid; no objection to the c< uniry ; citv refereaces. 1 4 Q WEST 17TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUN -1ti7 dress and to assist witli chatnberwork ; best city referenoo from lat<t place. ~1(IA WEST 24T1I ST., COHNER 7TH AV.? A COM IUt potent laundress to do a family's wnshlng or that of a I'cw pent emeu and ladles at her own residence ; terms moderate ; good cily reference. 1 R.Q. WEST 85 n ST.? A FIRST CLA9S WASHER JLOO anil Ironer wishes a lew families' or gentlemen's washing to do at her hoiue or to go out by the day. OAO WEST 26TII ST. -AS FIRST CLASS LAUN *J\3 la dross with a family goingto the country for the Summer months; two years' good city reference from last place. Can lie seen lor two days. O (\A EAST 281) ST., TOP FLOOR. -A RESPECTA ?\Jrt We girl, a good waslu r and ironor, would take juore washing to do at her own home. OI rj w R ST 8.VTH ST.? A VERY RESPECTABLE AH girl as Hundreds; understand* her business thoroughly; best ctty references. fVIQ WOO^TKK ST., BETWEEN AMITY AND tJXO Ble.cokcr, scond floor.? A respectable woman to do geutlemen's and ladies' washing and ironing at her ova house; good reference. WEST 17TH ST.? AS OOOD LAUNDRESS IN A private family ; understands all kinds or fluting. 220 OOl EAST MTU ST , TWO FLIGHTS STAIRS, BACK ^ul room.? A pond laundress wishes w ashing to do nt home; understands fluting and all fineries; would do families' washing by trie week or month. WEST 2fiTH HT.? V FIKST CLASS LAUN dress; seven years' best reference. 233 QAQ EAST 44 TIT ST.. Till ill) FLOOR, FRONT.? A Ov/O respectable woman wants work by tho day, to wash and iron or do housecleaning. OI e EAST S9TII ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 3D AVS., OJLtJ third pair ot stairs, tront room. ? A respectable woman to do the washing and ironing of ladles and gen tlemen, or would do family washing by the dozen or month ; understand* French fluting, puffing and polishing in superior style -, children's clothes done up in the neat vst manner; flannels washed the Mine as now; best references If requited, fail oil or address, all this week, Mrs. McCORMACK. QQA WE8T VIST ST.-AS FTR^T CLASS LAUN. *>?\t dress; willing to assist with chomberwork. Call for two (lays. QOQ WF.ST 4TTT ST., ONE STAIRS UP.? A RE spectnble girl In n small, nice family its linn dress, or would do flue washing aud chamber work ; refer once it required. O9Q WEST IfiTII ST., FTRST FLOOR.? A WIDOW O^iO woman to go out by the day to wash or liousc clean;good reterenee. EAST 7?T1I ST.? A WOMAN TO TAKE washing and Ironing; best city reference. 335 O/lft W I'.ST 25TII bT., FIRST FLOOR.? AS FIRST Ot" class laundress In a private family; understands fluting and every kind of tine linen ; best city references. '-1/11 WEST 3<TTI ST.? A YOUNO OTRL AS FIRST OtL class laundress; good city references; no ob jection to the country. ?1^*| LEXINGTON AV? NEAR "9TH ST.? TWO RF OtJ. sj-ectable girl* ; one as laundress and to assist with the cliambcrwork, the other as mir-e, lu a private family. Can be seen at their present place. VAO EAST 83D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO OtO go out by the day washing and Ironing or hnnse cleaning ; is a flr?t class Inundriss; best city references from families she has worked for. <3 A A LEXINOTO* AV., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A O i'I young woman as laundress in a private family. Can be seen for two days. <) {Q EAST 6CTII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUN OtO dress in u pri^he family; best city reference. Call for two days. 04Q WF.ST 4.VTIT ST. -A RESPECTABLE fllRL AS OtO first class laundress in a private family ; best cliy reference. A f|Q ID A V., REAR HOUSE, ROOM 11.? TWO RE T"i7 spoetable voting ;rlr1s; one n? laundress, the other as waitress In a private tinnlly ; 110 ohinctlon to the coun try for the Summer ; best city releronccs. A in 8D AV.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS BY A TTXU respectable yonn? woman. Best city reference. No objection to the country. Cali on A. U. !>., book .-.tfire. >IOQ WEST 41 ST ST., It E ATI, SECOND FLTOIIT IM', T r?0 front room.? A young woman solicits ladies' and gentlemen's washing, at $1 per dozen, or would go out^ithe day. Call on or address, for two days Mrs. A or WEST 32D ST.? A BFSr"CTABLE WOMAN TO do washlag or lioiisccleaning by the day or week; good reference. WEST 3fiTH ST.? \ REPPFCTABLE GIRL AS laundress; goo?l city reference. 448 4QQ fiTII AV., IN' T1IF. STOKE.? A YOUNO WOMAN TOO to go out by the day or take washing in her own house. Ct>l 2D AV., TOP FLOOR. FRONT ROOM.-A RE sper.table woman to tuke In families' and gentle men's washing : can do up lac.'i and all kinds of fluting; best city references. C 4 1 WEST 89TH ST.. BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TTI fjtl. nvs. ? A respectable English woman wishes a lew ladles' or families' wa dung or to take care of gentlemen's houses during tho Summer months or to clean otllces; good references. Mrs. REYNOLDS. 1 1 07 3n AV ? NEAR WITH ST., ROOM 15.? A WOMAN JL?1^ I to go ontliy the day to wash anil Iron ; also washing done nt home. IS nrsru. ftf. 5AV. B. THIRD FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE WO man as wet nurse in .1 Jinnlly. 6 WEST 44T1I ST.? A RKPI'ECTA RLE TOrNO OIRL as nnrsr or chanilx rmaid ; can do plain sewing; In a private family ; goiKl city reference. Apply for two days. QQ WEST I8TII ST.. BRTWBRN fVTH ANI)?Tll AVS.? i-iO A Swedisn girl as nnrse or lady's maid, to t r .vol with a family going nt road. Apply at her piesent em ployer's, where she can tie well ree'ommended, on Tliurs lay. rn WEST 47TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? AB f )4 Infant's nurs?. by an I'ngllsh Protestant woman, who has had many rears' exnerlenee with voung chil dren; thoroughly und> rMands the care and management of a nursery; fully competent to take entire charge 01 an infant from birth; city reference. CO WEST 42D ST.-AS NURSE BY A COMPETENT *)0 woman; understands tho care of an Infant irom Its birth; thirteen years' exi crlcnce In first class family ; good city reference. CA JANB ST. -A RESPECTABLE OERMAN OIRL crx as child's nurse; no oblecfloii to go In the conntry to a small family ; two years' reference. Can be seen at her last place. PQ PRINCE ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS nurse and seamstrcs*; Is capable of taking entire charge of an infant ; good reiercuce. Can be seen lor two days. 7Q WEST 4BTH 8T.? A Ol.RMAN OIRL, WHO 18 4 O never seasick, wishes to go to Europe with a family to take care of children on a sick lady; no wsges asked eqcept passage paid ; willing and obliging; highly recommended by present employer. Call tor two days. HZ WEST MTn ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS I O nurse to growing children and plain seamstress; wsll recommended by present employer. Inquire of JANITOR, from ID to 12. HQ SD BT., Ilf THE STORE.-A OIRL, OF lrt, TO I O Uke eare of children or artist In light housework. Call for three days. QQ 6TH AV., BBCOND FLOOR.? AN ENOLTSIf PROT. Ot/ estantglrlas nurse or chambermaid aud to assist with children. 100 ?I).R[r? * RSSPECTAHLE ELDERLY WOMAN xyw. to Uke entlre Obanto Of a baby from Itst.lrth; unilerstands nil kinds of sewing; can be highly recom mended. Call on or address Mrs. UORE. 1HA <,BARr'R(l ST.? A RESPECTABLE MIDPI.E Ivy aged woman as chlhl's nnrse i>nd plain sewer, or as chambermaid and to imhIm ifk Hue washing and iron ing; five years' city reierence. 1AQ WEST 15TH ST., REAR. ? AH COMPETENT. 1\I{7 experienced nurs?; understands tho esre of a baby from birth; no OBfOtUon 10 tmvei with mauii'y 1 best cily reiercutc. SITTATTOIfH W A WTB D- PK? A LR S_, Nana. d<c. mWEST 19TH PT.. RB AR ? A RBRPECTABLB yoanf woman to take care of ctiitrtran and do plain sewing; will t?' found willing and obliging; no ob jection to the country ; good refereaoe. Can be seen (or two day*. 117 WR8T ??TH HT.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNO girl as child's nurse; boat city raftreaeoa. 1-1(7 FORSYTH BT., REAR.? A RIND, PLEASANT ?11 Oermsn wouianu nurae to ail invalid. Gallon or address Mrs. H. ? HQ EAST KITH 8T.? A RESPECT ABLB GIRL AS lit/ nurse and chambermaid ; beat reference froin her present employer. Call thin day. I "I (\ WEST 24TI1 ST.? A COMPETENT WIDOW LADY J.J. ?' as nurse or companion to an Invalid lady; iscx tieriencod in sickness, and can take caro of housekeeping II required ; best teatimoniala. TO O CLINTON PLACE. 8TH ST., NEAR 6TH AY.? 1 A yonntr girl to mind chiMren In a small private tauiily; no objection to assist with chamber work ; good city reference. mWEST 320 STREET? A RESPECTABLE GIRL a? nurpo, nnd willtnor to make herself generally useful, who has la to ly landed ; and a home preferable to 202 "1 OO WEST 19TH ST.. BETWEEN 6Tn ANU 7TH avs.? A Protestant woman as competent nurse nnd Kcums.'roM; can t iko chargo of a baby, or mso to a growing child or wait on a lady; city or couutry. Call for two days. 1 QC Dl LANCEY 8T.-A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL AS chlldrnn'K nurse in a private family; good city referenco. Address LEVY. "1/17 EAST 33D ST., SECOND PLOOR. FRONT It: 4 room.? A respectable woman, capable of taking care of an Infant from its birth, will take the entire charge; best clly reference tro.n her last place. 1 CI WAVERLEY PLACE (RING UPPER BELL). -AN ,!?)[ cxperieuccd Protestant woman as nurse; good reference. mWE8T lBTII ST., NEAR 7TH AV.-A YOUNG girl ai nurse nnd chambermaid or uurae and to do sewing; city reference. EAST 818T ST.? A MARRIED WOMAN A3 wet nurse In a respectable family. 900 WEST 28TB ST.? A RESr ROTABLE PROTRF. -Vli/ tant woman as nurse ; can take chargc ot a baby from Its birth ; lias city references. 91 rv EAST 40TH ST., TIIIRD PLOOR, FRONT ? A ?il\t young woman, lately landed, as nurse. Can be Been for two days. 91 a east sot ii st. (present employer's).? a All" respectable girl as nurse or companion to an In valid lady; no oblectlou to travel; is a good olaln sower; has best city reference. 91 A. EA8T 38X11 ST- KOOM 9. -A RESPECTABLE ^ Ltc young Protestant woman as nurse and < hambor mai<l ; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing ma chine; be>t city reference. 91 n west :sotii st.? a young girl to take ?l. LU cure of children and sow ; is willing and obliging ; has ax yoars' reference. EAST 28TH ST. ? A TIDY GIRL TO MIND children or make herself geuerally usoiul. C%A Q K AST B9TTI ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ^JtO wants a child to bring up on the buttle. Call for two days. 9zLQ WEST 27T" ST., THIRD FLOOR, BACK if room.? A respectablo young woman as nurse to growing children and to do plain sewing ; good city refer ence; no objection to go a short distance in the country. 9C1 WEST UTII ST.-A LADY WISHES TO PRO ZiUJ. cure a situation lor a respectable girl to take care of growing children and do plain sewing or light chain tier work uud sowing; Is willing und obliging. Can be seen lor two days. 9ftQ WEST 27TII ST ?A RESPECTABLE COLORED <6UO girl as nurse or waitress; no objection to the country; good city rtfetiBWfc WEST 8-!TII ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND8TH AV8., second tloor.? Two Protestant girls ; one to take careof children or do chumberwork, the other to do plain cooking or general housework. Call for two day*. 97ft BIV1NOTON ST.. FIRST FLOOR.? AN AMERI All) can widow woman wishes a baby to bring up on the bottle or a cIMd to board ; reference. Call atter 10 o'olock. 9Q7 GREENE ST., CORNER OF GREENE AND 1ST At/ 4 sts , Jersey City.? A respectable woman us wet nurse. Call for three days. OTA MADISON AY.? A COMPETENT YOUNG WO OlU man as Infnnt's nurse ; no obiection to growing children; can sew neatly 5 best city reference IVom pres ent employer. Q1Q WEST 41ST ST BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH Ol tJ avs.? A respectable woman of experience wishes a baby to bring up on tho bottle at her own homo, where there are 110 other children; a mother's care will be given. Call during tho week. Q9fl WEST 21 ST ST.? A* COMPETENT NURSE OwV nnd seamstress; will take charge of a baby or grown children; good reierencc. Can be seen lor two days. 217 265 822 EAST 22D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS wot nurse ; ha? a fresh breast of milk. 339 Q01 7TH AV., BETWEEN 2STII AND 29TH 8TS.-A OOl respectable woman to take enre of growing chil dren and sew; seven yoars' reference IHm her last place. EAST UTTI ST.? A GIRL AS NURSE AND TO make herself generally useful. Q /J I WEST 2,1th ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS NURSE O'x.L and scams rcss ; can do all kinds ot family wow ing; can take of charge of a baby or growing children ; best city reference. Q I Q EAST MT1I ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS., UTU f-rst floor, back.? A young girl. 19, as child's nurse and to do light ehambcrwork ; willing to go to the country for Summer; good city reference from last place. Ql r 6TH AV., IN THE MILLINERY STORE. -A OtJ Protestant woman as nurse ; Is fully competent ol taking the entire charne of an infant from Its birth; 408 long experience m nursing and the very be- ity rofer ence. Call lor two days. A HQ WEST 31 ST ST.-A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN two to take the entire chargc of an Infant; six years' reference from last piaoe. ,w 2D AV.? AS COMPETENT NURSE AND ? - "O Fe amstress . understands the caro of a baby from Its birth ; can brim; it up by bottle ; best city reference. A HQ second av.-a competent young wo. tUO man to take care of children and do plain sew ing; willing and obliging; city or country; city re ference. A 9"| EAST 19TH ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK.? A 1 1 re?pectable woman to do washlug or cleaning by the day. Address. A 91 EAST 15TH ST., TIIIRD STORY, BACK ROOM.? I A yonng English woman (Protestant) as chil dren's nurse or as chambermaid; country preferred ; a pleasant home more desired than IiIkIi wages. A Q9 WEST 3HTH ST., THREE PAIR OF STAIRS, room 10.? A respectable woman to take caro of a child ; will have a good horas. A 1A 31ST PT- NEAR 9TH AV.? A OIRL 15 YEARS tOt old, to take care of a baby or assist in chamber work nnd waiting. A AO EAST 16T11 ST-> CORNER AV. A, SECOND TTTrZi floor.? A respectable yrung girl, Protestant, to take care of children or assist at light, housework ; Is will lug and obliging. Call all week. Mrs. FARLEY. 1 WEST S21) ST.? A YOCNO OIRL, 17 YEARS l-'JU old, to mind children and do light chamber work; good reference. \ 71 3D AV., NEAR 32 D ST.? A YOUNG OIRL AS tI I nurse nnd seamstress; good city reference ; no objection to the country. CI 1 EAST 15TH ST.? A LADY WHO HAS LOST HER ?JJ.A own child wl ties a child to wet nurse at liar own home; the best of reference given and required. Call oa or address MRS. FOX. COfl EAST 17TH ST.-A NFAT OIRL AS NURSE Ut)U and senmstress; an excellent operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine and is a good hairdresser; wishes to travel ; good city reference. Call on or ad dress A. L. CO \ WEST 27T1I ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 15 ? years of age, to mind u baby or grown up chil 7TH AV, CORNER OF 40TII ST.-A YOUNG , girl as nurse, to take enro of a baby or growing ! children; willing und obliging. 558 CQA 1(mI AV- BETWEEN 42D AND 4311 8TS., SEC ?/<>'/ ond lloor, front room. ? A rrspectublo Protestant girl as nurse and to do plain sowing or ehambcrwork ; best city reference. r?9Q 6TH AV.? A NEAT, GENTEEL OIRL TO OO TO I IZiO Europe ss nurse; speaks English, German and French; good traveller; never seasick; best city refer ences. -fx fiT,r AV? Afl COMPETENT NURSE; Til REE ?0 years' reference from liur last place. 628 7 (\A SI) AV., NF.AR 4ITH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN I I/t as nurse and seamstress ; sews on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; would assist with chumberwork; Is capable of hearing the children's lessons if required ; good elty reicrence. Q1 A 0TR AT.-AS NITRSB, BY A SMART YOUNG OJL*? Jf|rotestnut girl. 1 HfiQ 1ST AV., CORNER SITU ST.-A YOUNG l.VMFO Herman girl to take care of children and to do sewing In an American family ; best reference given. 1 0^ SD AV-> BETWEEN S2D AND 63D STS.-A X,\tUO respectable voung girl as in a private family ; good city referencea; also a girl for light house work. 1 1Q4. BROADWAY.-A VERY COMPETENT PER. ' ? l "'f son jo take tho entire charge of growing chil dren; is a good sesiustress; unexceptionable city refer ence. VN ENGLISH Woman as nurse and skam stre*?: seven years' reference from last employer. Address J. 0., box 230 Herald ottlce A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL AS NtTRSE TO GROWING children, whom she could Instruct tn French and (il l-man; good releronces. Address 8. K., box I'JO Herald office. A FRENCH PROTESTANT WOMAN DESIRES A situation to take care of children and to do pewlng ; good retorence. Address P. D., Herald Utitown Brunch ottice. RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WISHES TO take corc of growing children ; capable of teaching Oermnn : or as seamstress and to assist with chamter. work ; city relca nee. Address K. 8., box 13f> Herald Up town Hrancli otlleo. COMPETENT PERSON. TO TAKE CARE OF A child not under 3 years old ; 1* a neat, plain seam stress- w..uhl like to help with chumberwork ; 5' city refereiics lrom her last pUoe. Address E. M 8.. Herald Uptown brauch offlco. RrrrmoKH WAirrED-FRnnLEs. Nurses, cee. XAT ANTED ? BY AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT GTRL. A TT situation as nurse with a family going Co Europe. hUttiug particular*, MAKY, Herald Uraucli otlice, Brooklyn. WaitreiMi, Ar. 97 BAST MTH ST.? A RKSPF.OTABI B YOUNO OIRL I m first class waitress; best city references from her last employer. OA WB8T BOTH ST., PRBSBNT BMPLOYKRS.? AS Orst class waitress In a small private family. f* A VABICK ST., FTB8T FLOOR BACK BOOM ? U r A smart young girl, lately landed, to wait on a lady or to assist with the chambrwork. Call for a week. mWBST 1BTH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH a vs.. first floor.? A respectable trlrl as first class waitress and chambormaid. Call lrom 9 till 3 o'clock. 1 AO EAST 23D ST., PBESENT EMPLOYEE'S.? A lUO respectable girl as waitress in a private family. Call for two days. "I OC WEST 47TH ST.? A LADY RREAKINO UP iOU housekeeping wishes n situation fur a waitress and chambermaid whom sliu can highly rccouiracud. Can be seen for two days. ICC WEST 2TTn st-a respectable' oibl A3 lUU competent waitress in a private family , no ob jection to go iu the oountry for the Summer months ; best city reference. "I C>7 WEST ,11. ST ST.. IN THE BASEMENT.? A FIR8T 1" I clan* waitress; best elf v reference. 1 nj WEST 31ST ST., FIBST PLOOK.-AS WAITRESS I ' ' t and chambermaid, or as chambermaid anil to assist with the washing and ironing in a small private lainlly ; no objection to the country ; best city reference. OOQ 7TII A V., BETWEEN 23D AND 24TII 8TS., <u*iO china store. ? A Protectant woman as waitress in a small private lamiiyi country preferred; city reicr ence. O JC WEST S6TH ST.? A OIBL AS WAITRESS AND ZfT"? ) chambermaid ; no objection to the oountry ; ref erence given. O97 EAST SflTTI ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS * I first class waitress in a private family. Has three years' reference from lust place. Of A WEST 3?Tn ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ? ?*xV7 woman as excellent waitress, or fins washer and Ironer if required ; best eity reference. OA Q WEST 25TH ST.. IN TIIE 8TOBE.-A RESPECT OtO ablo girl as waitress or to do chamberwork aud waiting ; best city reference. A A C EAST 9TII ST.? A YOUNO OIRL AS WAIT Tli) ress; willing and obliging. Call on or address for two days. SD AY., TWO DOORS FROM 3?D ST.? AS T:v??J first class waitress; would go to the countrv for the Summer; best city reiureuce. Can be seen for two days. rt7Q 7TH AV.. CORNER 418T ST.? A COMPETENT I i7 yonng wnmnn as waitress and chainborniald in a private family ; no objection to the country; best city ref erence from last employer. 197 f* BROADWAY, BETWEEN 32D AND 33D ST".? .^j I U A younir girl as waitress ; understands her business; umlerNlnndo making salads; no objection to go with a lamily to the country ; best eity reference. ^Isccllanrom, > 9Q EAST 18TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl desires n situation in a fancy or trimming store. Address T. C. A. A 7 WOOSTEB ST.-BY A YOUNO FRENCH GIRL, t"l lust in ill's country, who speaks a little German and can sew good. frr AV. A, SECOND FLOOR. FRONT. -A RESPECT ? '?) aMe Ccruinn woman to clean house, wash, Ac. CQ MAIN ST.. BROOKLYN.? A RESPECTABLE WO man a position in any capacity to accompany a family going to 1 urope ; accustomed to sea voyages; has never been sea sick; bost city references. Can bo seen for a week. 1 HI WEHT MTH 8T- THIRD BELL.? A OERMAN H/-L girl, speaking French and English, wlsli"'s to en gage with a family goin? to Europe as lady's maid or to take care of growing children; understands hair dress ing and several machines. 11 Q BOWKRY, IN THE STORE.? A POOR WIDOW IIO to clean offices or to do washing at home. H Q WEST 25TI1 ST., REAR.? A COLORED WOMAN ?1 O to do hon<oGlcaning by tho day; la a good work er. und can glvo entire satisfaction. "lOfT EAST 17TH ST. -A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Swedish girl as lady's companion for Europe or to take care of growing children; understands dress making. Call lor three days. 9fH EAST 4f.TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT? A ijWI young woman to go out by the day to do house cleaning, or us first clu.vf laundress; best city retoreucc if required. 91 Q 7TII A V.? A YOUNO FRENCH OIRL A3 ?U LO lady's maid ; is a good dressmaker and good hair dresser. Address. 90Q EAST 4 1ST ST., TWO STAIRS UP. FRONT.? A ai)0 respcclablo young girl, living at home, taking care of her mother, to go out by the day or week to do hooMcleaning or washing. (?/L{? WEST 4lST ST- BETWEEN 7TII AND 8TH x-i'i j-t avs.? A respectable woman to go out house cleaning by the day: good reference. 9 A A 3D AV., BETWEEN SOTH AND 3I8T STS., third floor.? A yonng woman, lately from Haiti more, would like to live with a Baltimore family in this city ; good reference. 9Q/t MADISON AV.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A ?0 t highly respectable girl as lady's maid and seam stress. Q! r EAHT 59TH ST., FIRST FLOOR ? A YOUNO ! Oli) girl, lately landed, In a private family. Call for j two days. . BA.KER'!* STORE.? A I Call at Mme(,olard'? AN AMERICAN YOUNO LADY AS COMPANION TO a lady; 110 objection to leave the city ; pood refer ence*. Address C. W., box 118 Herald Uptown Brunch I office. A COMPETENT ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES TO EN gage with a family going to Europe; would make hers If generally useful; salary no object. Address I TRAVELLER, Herald office. A FIRST CLASS LADY'S MAID DESIRES A SITlTA- ; tion; no ob'ection to take care of u growing child; has the hlchest city reference. Address ALICE, Herulil I Uptown Branch office, 1,286 Broadway. A YOUNO FRENCH LADY WISHES TO HAVE A homo In i? family In New York; speaks French. <!er- 1 man and English and Is a good musician ; would make hcrrelf useful; best references. Address M. F., Herald Uptown Branch ofiice. (COLORED GIRL, SPEAKING SPANISH AND ENG J lfsb, wishes a home in the city orcoun'ry. in compen sation for her services as sewer by hand and apprentice on the machine ; good reference. Address, for one week, <J. S. P., Herald Uptown Branch office. Wanted.? by an intklligent protectant yonng woman, a situation to travel with a inmily to Europe ; would eo cither as companion or nur?e -. is not afflicted by sea sickness, and can give undoubted refer ence. Address M. C., Brooklyn Post office. Adoption. A DOPTION.-A PRETTY LITTLE OIRL WANTED, J\ of fair complexion, good, petite figure, and of lively but amiable disposition ; would be wholly adopted into a happy Christian home ami receive it gport education, with every comiort. Applications, with full particulars, must contain photograpn and description to iu jure reply. Address box 4,G18 New York Post ofiice. Intelligence Offlccn. J EMPLOYERS WANTING GOOD COLORED HELP li should call at MM. \18' Select Agency. 613 8th a v. fcup piles on shortest notice. /GERMAN AND ENGLISH HELP FOR ALL POST \JT Hons, capable and trustworthy are found at 21!) (ith St., near liowery. Mine. nOLZSTBIlf. (GERMAN SERVANTS FOR ALL POSITIONS-CAPA X ble and trustworthy, instantly found at 313 Bowery; 1 entrance on Bleecker stiect. Mrs. LOWE. TITELL RECOMMENDED OERMAN SERVANTS CON- I ?T stantly to he found at the Germun Bureau, 203 j Bowerv ; entrance on First street. PltOFKSSlONALKITUATIONI* WASTED? . FEMALES. O79 8TH ST., BETWEEN AVS. C AND P.? A LADY, \ I JU accusloiBed to teaching, speaking French, (!cr man and English llaently, would give a few hours of tui tion and perform some of the lignt household <!utlcs, in ? vchango for a pleasant home ; liighent references. Ad dress T. C., care of Mrs. I.cnnon. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A POSITION IN A SHIRT house to box and examine white shirts. Address, f or two days. Miss K. PATTERSON, 4UC 8th av. A COMPETENT LADY NEGATIVE RETOUCHER ?wishes to obtain negatives to retouch at her home. Addreos N. R? station D. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A POSITION IN SCHOOL as visiting music teacher ; also to do copying or wrtto essays and short stories tor a magazine. Address Miss L. HILTON, Bergen. N. J. A LADY, HIGHLY EDUCATED, AN BXCBLLENT musician, both vocal and instrumental, wishes board in a lamlly where tuition will be received in pay ment; satisfactory references. AddreM TUITION, Her ald Uptown Branch olllce. A CULTIVATED YOUNG FRENCH LADY WISHES a position as governess In an American family or in stitution ; she Is experienced In teaching and has best reference from her present place. Address, until May 18, OKOKGES, Herald olllce. A COMPETENT YOI'NO LADY WOULD LIKE A SIT nation In a family to teach small children; capable ami willing to assist in any kind of sewlux. seen at pres ent employer's all the w< ek, 12 I.lvlngsion place, ltith st., below iid av. ARSfcPKCTABLB LADY, WHO IS A GOOD reader. wliii'"? a aitn.ttlon as ilav nurse and eoni S anion to nu in a id lady for *1* days of tlie week. Ad ress box ltW Post office, Tremout, Westcbi'Sler county, IN. Y. _ J BP FINED AMERICAN YOUNG LADY DESIRES A rositiod In a family in the country whore she can InstrOci two or more children In music ; Is kind an. I of an agreeable temperament, and would endeavor toninko herself .in aeiinl?ft.on to the household ; board anil only a alignt remunerai on expected; hlgliesttoitimonialsglvn. Andri -j, ii?r thice d lys, ML^a D. T., box ~i'J llcraid otlice PROFESSION A V.Hrrr &TIONS WANTED FKNAIiKS. A LADY WISHES A PERMANENT ENGAGEMENT for oopylng and en>ro%aing legal or other papers. A dit run &M. if. box 4,184 font ollite. Puonographer.-a I AIIV WANTS a SITUATION : reports from ISO to 170 words per minute. Address H. A. K., station A.

TO PARTIES VISITING EUROPE.? A YOtINO LADY would tike a position In a lamily of outturn anil re finement U> a lady or children ; ft rut clans reference* given and required. Addrese i. K. Z., care of Mrs. J union Moore, 133 Wert 16th it TXTANTKD? A SITUATION BY A TIIOROUGLY TV educated youa-r French lady of cultivation an t re flnementas useful companion fo a U ty, or uh governess with a family going to Europe preferred: 1* very obliging and wilting. Addrosa S. M., Herald Uptown Branch ofttce. H1LF WAN TKP? K K 1> A I.K.*. A LADY FURNISHING GOOD REFERENCES. IP qualified. can n cure a permanent positlou as assta fant. Apply to WHITING A CO., No. 5 bey at A FIRST CI.A8H COOK WANTED? IN A PRIVATE family. Apply, between the hours of 9 A. U. and t 1?. M.. at IB West Mth st. __ _ A WOMAN TO WASH DISHES AND MAKI1 HE'' ?elf generally useltit. Apply from 9 to 11 at 376 Htll uv. AkKSPECTABLE AMERICAN OIRI. TO GO TO Cali'orni* with a family as nnrse or in any capa city .32 Haul 3)th M., Home ior (he Friendless. A GOOD LESPECTA11LF. WET NtJRt F, MAY REAR of a good- situation hy applping at the A-o'ltim, 89 Varion st., between the hours o! 10 A. M . unit 4 P. M. A CIIAVOE TO I, EARN TELEGRAPHY.? M EN, women, boys and girls learn and tako post tuna; di manit greater titan ttie supply. THOMPSON'S College, 80 41 It a v.. opposite Cooper Institute. ANGELL'S TURKISH BATns, (Si LEXINGTON AVE nui>, want two first cta?s I'roleUint girls; one laun dress, one chambermaid and waitress; neither older than 2."> years; waxes (15 to $3(1 AOOOD PIAtN COOK, WASHER AND I HON' Kit wanted to 14 mites In the country; wage* $10; references required. Cult at 4ti Coitlandi street, before 12 o'clock. A LADY, GOING TO EUROPE IN A FEW DAYS, would like to have a French innlil accompany her and tike charge of her bac^ngo. Apply at St. Jul ten Hotel, No. H \\ asbiiigtou place, room 41, from 12 till 2 o'clock. A. T. STEWART 4 CO. WANT first claw cloukmakers; also first class operators on white, work on Win der A Wil son's machine ; steady employment aad liberal pay per pleae or week. Ap, ly at 9th st. entrance, Broadway and loth st. ' DRESSMAKERS WANTED.? FIRST CLASS ONLY need uppiy to lima. J. MAI KittE, CO West lOUt at. tfHRST CLASS MILLINER WANTED? THE BEST PAY warranted. Apply at 77 av. C. IAUNDRES3 WANTED? ONE THAT CAN IRON AND J told new work; woman for general housework and milling ; ai o two chambermaids. 4t> West 29th at Early IADY PHONOGRAPH ER WANTED-HY COOK, SON J A JENKINS, 202 H road way; one who lias a good knowledge of bookkeeping and welt informed on Euro pean railway connection!'. IADIES? ?? TO $30 A WEEK EASILY EARNED AT J home by devoting a (ew hours, day or ovemnff, to a light pleasant business ; full insl ructions sent lor '??<. and stamped envelope. Address Mrs. M. L. WILSON, station R. Vfl'RSE WANTED? FOR A CHILD 14 MONTHS OLD; XM one who can do plain howintr. Apply at UEu?t32d st., between 10 and 12 A. M. Nurse wanted? by" a lady in Brooklyn: a nent, tidy and well recommended French or tier man girl, lor child two years old. Address L. II., box 153 Herald oillc.e. SERVANTS OF ALL KINDS WANTED? FOR THE best situations In city or country. Apply at CAR PENTER'S, 133 West .st , corner 6th av. TO MILLINERS.? WANTED, A FIRST CLASS TltlM nter. A. D. PEN'l'ON, 37 Union square, up stairs. WANTED- A COM I'ETE.NT LAUNDRESS RV THE day. Iniititre. with references, at 214 West 14th st. WANTED? A LAI XDRESS, TO ASSIST AT CHAM berwork ; wages $14, 619 6th av., fr,>tn II to 2. W A NTED ?A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE V V work. Call at .15 Ba?t 83d st TDIT ANTED ?SEVERAL GOOD D R H SS M AK EES. AP VI ply at 108 West 28th sL ANTED? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS, at 104 West 2Pth St. w X\f ANTED ? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS, FOR T? waists. 68J 7th av., between 41st und 42(1 sis. W ANTE D? FI R8T f'LAS.i LAUNDRESS, IN FRIVATE ?V tolly, at 443 6th av. WANTF.D? FIRST CLASS WAITRESS, WITH GOOD references. Apply Iroiu U to 11 A. M. at 18 Wash ington place. T1TANTED? A FIRST CLASS GERMAN GTRL TO DO VV the general housework of a snrill private family; must have good reference. Apply atSS East 64d st. WANTED? FIRST GLASS COOK; BEST CITY ltEF erence* required. Apply, Thursday, April 24, be tween in and 12 o clock, at 63 West :<(ith st. WANfED? A FIRST CLASS COOK; BEST CITY REF eronce* required. Apnly Tltttraday, April 24, be tween 10 and 12 o'clock, at 5.1 West .".6ih .<r. UTANTED? A OIK/. TO DO OKNERAL HOUSEWORK ; t> one wlto Is witling and obllgnik'. Call, for two days, at 138 East 17th st WANTED? A CAPABLE OIBL AS COOK IN A FBI vato family; must come rccomuietidcd. Apply at 34 West 51?t at , baioment upor. TTTANTKD? A TRUSTWOKT1IY WOMAN A 1 COOK m and laundress. Call at 13 East 74th at, between 5th and Madison avs. WJANTKII-A YOUNG GIRL AS WAITRESS ANO TO ? V assist in the waslilntt ana lrontng. Cull at West 2t), from 10 till 1 o'clock. \\T ANTF.I1 ? A CERMAN GIRL, WHO IS A OOOD tT washer and Ironer and plain cook, in an American family Apply at M Grove st. TXT ANTF.D ? A GERMAN GIRL TO DO CHAMUER 1? work and to asstKt with taking care of an lufunt; references required. 201 Fast 89th st., near Sd av. TIT ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A PROTESTANT VV girl as cook, washer and ironer; must huve city ref erences. Apply at 331 West 19th st. ANTED? A GOOD SALESWOMAN IN A BAKERY and a young luJy to attend in a restaurant GILMOlt'S, 205 Greenwich St. w TITAN TK l> ? A GIRL AS LAUNDRESS; MU>T BE VV wilting to do M>mo waiting ; wagestjll. 50 Univer sity place. WANTED? A GIKL TO DO THE COOKING, WASH* ing and Ironing ot a small private lamily; wages $15. Apply at West 19th at TXT ANTED ? A GIRL 14 OR 15 TEAM Op AGE TO VV assist in bouse worn. Inquire at 213 West K4th st, Harlem. "fTTANTED? A GIRL FOIt CHAM BERWOIIK, TO AH VV slst to take care of ciiildivn ; must butt good washer and in n r. Apply ut 421 West ZHtli H., near !Hh av. W ANTED? A GIRL TO MIND THREE (,'HILDKEN VV (yotin/est .sir. months) ; tnttily boarding in 21st ?t. Apply to J ' r. CONWAY, 43 East Broadway. ANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A PROTESTANT VV cook, washer and ironer. Appiv, with cityiefer enee, nt 235 West tti.1 at., between 1 anu 3 P. M. VV AN TEL? BY A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A VV yotingglrl (Protestant) to do gonc|al boa e work. Apply ut 127 Ea-it 27tli at nfANTED? A RESPECT A II LH NURSE GIRL TO VV take care of an infant child. Apply ut .1J East 57th at VVANTKt,-TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, WASH AND VV Irou ; the other as chambermaid and to assist with washing. Call at 163 East 01st at WANTED? A GOOD CHAMBERMAID AN?> WAIT VV ress. in a small private family. Apply, between 9 and 12 A. M., nt l.ts Lexington av. "WANTED? A GERMAN GIRL TO GO A SHORT VV distance in the country, to do general housework. Apply at 40 West 2.1th *t., from S to 10 A. M. V\r ANTED? AT 6TII AV., 20 GOOD DRKS3 VV makers, one errand girl and apprentice git!, aud a few plain aewera II f ANTED? A GIRL COMPETENT To COOK. WA-M VV and iron in a -mall lamily. Apply at 11 Ea?t 3.W st? from 9t?p 12 o'clock. WANTED? A SECOND COOK; MUST BE ACTIVE, pica -ant, neat and accommodating. Apply at 41 West 20th st., from 9 to 10 A. M. TtTANTED-A OrRL, 15 YEARS OF AGE, AH AP VV prentice In a fancy goods store, who has some experience in the business ; reference required. Apply lor three days at fancy goods store 8t) 3d av. WANTED? BY A POOR MIDDLE-AGED MAN. A VV clean, honest yonug woman, to keep house with him t no children. Address, for three days, stating where to bo seen, GEORGE, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, IN MODERATE VV circumstances in Newnrk, a Catholic young lady (a good pianist) a* companion to au elderly hut v ; onl,v small remuneration can bo given. Address NEWARK, llerald otlloe. WANTRD-TO GO TO HARLEM, A GIRL FOR GENE ral housework; muj.t be a good cook and laundress; obliging and well rr commended t also a girl us seam stress and to make herself generally nseiul; must under stand Wheeler A Wll.iou's machine; wages tU aud $12. Apply at 129 East 2?d st. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY, WHO IS REFINED AND apt, to learn the art of making wax flowers from nature t one who can he retained as an assistant at $13 a week, with a chance of higher salary ; aNo one to lenrn In exchange tor dres mttkuig, and an unlimited number for cii-b. Address Mine. KOSA, box 142 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? A GIRL AS W AITRESS AND CHAMBEK ntsldt German or Swiss preferred ; she must be willing to go to the country lor the Hutumcr. Call at 24 West loth st. to-day, iri m 4 to ft. WANTED? A FOREWOMAN IN A LA 1)1 1'.V WNDKR W garment manufactory ; mil t he competent; stule reference mi J last placu of occupation. Address box 111 llct uld office. WANTED?. A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, WILLING \V to a<si?f with chnmberwork and waiting. Only competent persons witti best city rulereuce need apply ut SI West With nt WANTED-A DRESSMAKER. TO MAKE UP fUIT8, one thai has i mploycs ft ner own. far n cla < Iiouk Adiiresa, wltti rehreuoee, A, lie. a.U Uptown itr inch oiut-c. IIBI.P WilVTWP-k'UBALES. WANTED? A COMPETENT WOm?*CwTTH GOOD recommendations, to Jo the kdawTorknfi wi*1l family In a pleasant New England village. Cull at 'Mil Wv*t36lh at. WAKTI5D? A COLORED GIRL AB CHAMBERMAID tt and to assist with washing uiul Ironlnir. Ap*>ly. oltjr reference, between the hour* of lOatid 2, at 47th st. v MT ANTED ? A PERSON AS RUBBERY GOVERNESS, tt to take charge 01 a littlo girl about 5 years of age; must be amiable and obliging and a pood seamstress; beat city reference. Apply at HO West 36th st ?\ITANTBD-A RESPECTABLE COLOItKD GIRL OR ? ? woman an cook and to (lo general housework, by a family residing in the Immediate vicinity ot New York. Call for two days at 314 Ba?t 9th st., near 2d av. WANTED.? SEVEBAIj 1RONERS TO WORK IN A steam laundrv. In Limn, South America; good Apply at Free Labor U urea a, betweon 11 and 1 o'clock. flTANTKD? A NKAT (URL AS CH AMHERMAID. TO wait on table and lu Un tine waul) inn anil ironing in Eaat'lStlf't^ ' rctureucim required. Apply at 207 IXTANTED ? FIRST CLASH DRVSSM AKERS ; ALSO ff good operator on Whoelor ft Wilson's maohlne and apprenticed to learn French dressmaking. gome pre pared to work. Apply to Mine. MARIE EUUEB. tt&) Broadway, between i7ih and IMt st*. A\T ANTKD ? A OIRL WHO IS A OOOI) WASHER ANII TT ironer and plain cook, willing to make hermit use ful, In a private family. Apply at His West uth st WANTED-A OIRL TO DO OBNBRAL HOUBBWORK ; ouo that can sleep homo ; no washing. Apply at 27MI udson street XAT ANTKD ? A OIRL AS COMPETENT COOK AND TO ? ? do tho coarse washing and ironing; best reteronco required. t>0 East Mth st. WANTED? A OIRL WHO TS A OOOD WASHER AND ironer and plain cook, willing to niiiko hornlf useful in a private family. Apply atSOt Last HOth st. ?MQ WBBTBD BT.? WANTED, TO GO IN THE sj it/ country, a good cook tonasist with the washing; also a waitress. Apply between 11 and 1 o'clock. SITU ATI oyg WAITTEDb.MALG8. A RESPECTABLE MAN WISHES WORK? HAS A light wagon. Call at M Thompson st A FRENCH COOK AND HIS WIFE DESIRE A place in a private boarding house in either city or country. Address 79 (<roonu strceA. A BOY, 15 YEARS OLD, WHO WRITES A GOOD hand and lives with ills parents, wishes a situation In a wholesale house or ottluc. Address 0. P. H., 806 Ca bal st A re. pf.ctable man and his wife wish to taku charge ol a gentleman's house for the Stimmor or longer : can lie well recommended from present em ployer^ Call at 157 East 52d st. An experienced French courier and guide throughout Europe wishes to find a family; speaks five languages and has the best relurencos. Ad dress FRENCH COURIER, lt?7 Sil av. A STEADY AND INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN wishes a situation where he can learn the grocery or snrao cither business; small salary expect d ; good ret erence. Addrera J., box 2iH Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN BOY, IS yoars old ; used to the city; would like to be in an ofllce; references given. Address J. 11. QUINN, 444 1st av., corner 26th st. A YOUNG COLORED MAN, WHO HAS HAD EIOHT years' experience in a shoe house In Baltimore, and can mark and back well, would like to get a .situation in the same business, or conlil make himself ineiui in any pmlne?. Address J. E, L., 126 West 80th at A YOUNG MAN WHO SPEAKS GERMAN, J. EN OH or English wants a situation ns travelllftR servant to a private lainilygoug to Europe; Is accustomed to travelling; licst recommendations. Address COURIER, Herald Uptown Branch olllco. A YOUNG MAN, SI YEARS OF AGE, WRITING A s\ fair band and not afraid of work, desires a situa tion a* light porter or some like capacity; wages not so much an object lo commence with as a chance of mining ; good references given. Call on or address P. ii.., No. 8 Mate street, city. A METALLURGIST, OF 22 YEARS' EXPERIENCE, Just arrived, desires to flnd a company or party to work for; knows all kinds of reduction of ore and as-aysund analyses of ore ; can put up mill furnaces, blast, Ac. ; well acquainted with mines and ores. Ad dress A. T. G.,27 Front st A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, WITH EXCELLENT REF croucc and good education, wishes a situation as wal'er or valet Address E. D., 116 Madison a v.. corner ,30th st. MAN AND WIPE WANT SITUATIONS WITH PRI vale family; the man as plain gardener ; wife as cook and to at fi nd to dairy, if required. Address ED WARDS, 432 WcstXM st. SITUATION WANTED.-A BOY, AGED 15 YEARS, i ' direct from school (can read and write English and German), wishes a place In an otlicc; best reference, l nil on \V. II. DOI1M, 84 Watts St. CITCATtONS WANTED.-A MARRIED FRENCH O couple wish to obtain situations as waiter an I cook in a tirs' class American family ; b?t>t reterences. Addresi P. 11., 22!) East ?2d st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A Ypt'NG M \N AS B AR O keeper; lias no ototeetlon to city or country ; best ref erence irom last employer, call on or address E. J. B., 18 Grand st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LAD OF 17 YEARS, IN ? ' a banking or stock brokerage house; has had some experience in the burlnoss; Is respectably counected and c u iiiruish satisfactory relerenccs. Address E. S., box 1,71)1 Post ofllce. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, PROTESTANT. A situation as waiter in a private family ; best city references. Ad nc-is P. m.. box t!) West 32d st. XJCT ANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITER BV AN ENG. V? I i ~ 1 1 i n a 1 1 In hotel or boarding- house ; understuuds the business. Address A. l?., Herald ofllce. "fir ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE FRENCH WIDOW, V? a good position in the country for her son. aged 12 years; wou.d preier his adoption in a nice faintly. Ad dress 11. E. A., station F. /"ANTED? BY AN INTELLIGENT MAN A SITUA tlonns porter or wstchuian; isot sirict tonipcrance 'Dies, honest and industrious; best references. Ad w princit dress D. KING, 123 Cedar st. TITANTED? HY A USEFUL MAN, A SITUATION IN TT the ronntry for tho Summer; understands the care af hordes, harness and carriages; can milk and do plain gardening. Address W. II., Herald otHce. JXT ANTED? HEAD WAITER'S POSITION, nOTEL OR TT restaurant, by a young man of experience- will take entire charge; speaks French; country preferred. Address K. P., box ISJ Herald I'ptown Branch oilice. LfANTMD-UY A MIDDLE-AGED SCOTCHMAN AND f wife, a gentleman's house to keep during the fami ly's Absence in the country or Europe; can give 12 ye.irs' relernieo from lust place. Call all ill J week at 144 Ulttli st Mr. T. SMITH. w CLERKS AMD 8ALE8MB5. AN EXPERIENCED DOUBLE ENTRy' BOO|> keeper seeks an i ngageincnt; salary moderate; rel erenccs first class. Address It., box 148 llcruld otlice. A FEW GOOD SALESMEN WANTED? FOR THE Sec or Sewing Machine; salary and commission. Apply at 2,249 3d av. A FIRST CLASS DRV* GOODS WINDOW DBESSBR uiul salcsiiia n wanted. S. IIKILNElt, oifi Third avenue, corner of Twenty-fourth street. A DRUG CLERK WANTED? ONE WHO is OOMPB JV. tent, diligent and honest. Address, statin* age, Ac., CHLORAL li * DBA HE, Brooklyn Branen Herald olllco. VC COUNTS BIGHT LANGUAGBS, ARREARS WRIT ten up, books devised to meet special requirements; tooks opeind, kept, examined or balanced, JAMt-.S COX, 1 1 v. all StJW floor. ACLBRK WANTED? IN A FIRST TLASS GROCERY store; one who thoroughly understands the busi ness. Addrest, with reterences, J. H. II., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. A UCTIONF.FR,? A GENTLEMAN OF EXPERIENCE, /V able, willing ami competent understands every branch oi the business, wishes ft position as auctioneer. Address B. ('. M., Astor House, New York. A RTIFICAL FLOWERS, ORNAMENTS, AC.? A J i young m.'tn, of food address, with a good Boiton and New England trade, wishes to sett on gala ry or com mission t reterences. Address H. W. W., Herald ofllce. \ N EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER AND CORRE J\ spoiiilent wanted iu a wholesale house. Address, ulvini: reterences, Ac., names of last employers and stat ing the computation expected, S. and F., New York Post otlice. \ N i-.NOl.ISIl GENTLEMAN, AGED 28, RECENTLY iV arrived In America, would bo glad ol employment; four years' experience with a tlrst class llrm of mer eiiant-s and ship brokers; go<sl bookkeeper uiul corre spondent Address II. L., box 170 Heruld oilico. * Yf)UNO MAN OF BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, J\. writes a good hand, competent business man, wishes employment; Is not at raid of work, and willing to accept any respectable situation ; satlstactory reference. Ad dress WILLIAMS, HeraHl ofllce. A COMPETENT PERSON TO TRAVEL IN THE FAR J. L Western states to solicit business lor a Wall street banking house; must possess an acquaintance aniouu Western banks and bankers; a Western bank cashier preferred ; must tiring tlrst class relcrences. Address BANKERS. Herald otlice. A FRENCH MERCHANT, WELL TRAINED TO COM . mcrcial and Industrial transactions, also to book keeping, wishes employment without salary In a respect able business or manufacturing hou-o, for the pun oso ot pertectlHg hlmselt in the English language. Address T. M.. 171 Herald odlcc. \? A YOUNG MAN, 28 YEARS OF AOE, HA VI. NO ? been employed some time in the branch of cotton, well acquainted with Dutch correspondence and able to correspond in French, Oerinan and English, wants a sit uation In an oRlce or on a plantation; arriving In New * ork end ot April; best references. Address, post paid, T. U. B., care of S. M. Pettengllt Jk Co., 37 Purkrow, Now York. "OOOKKEEPKR WA NTKD.? STATE REFERENCES .1) and salury expected. Address E. W. B., Herald ofllcc. 0RUO CLEPK WANTED-A GERMAN OR ONE WHO speaks Oerrusn. with good reiercnccs. Address, with particulars, E. J., station K. DRUO CLERK WANTED IN A RETAIL STORE? A competent Protestant. Address, stutlng age, reference and salary cxpccUid, O. P. TaPLING, l,74t> l-'ulton u\euue, Brooklyn. } EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WITH X 8 vears' experience aj bookkeeper and In gem -til otrtce duil >s; not ntraid of work; good reicronces. Ad. dresa INDUSTRY .Herald offce. <??^ts. au UNEROF.TIC TRAVELLER DESIRES T'.i rf.pri' Ti sent Wholesale shoe or leather house, in country, on salary or commission Mil part extCiftes- thorough! v competent; highest r?"l?r. ue#K AiUrisa bo* ill Ui raid otlice CliRWKH A^D ? A I.RNMKIfi I WOULD LIKK A POSITION TO TBAYBL AMU W. troduce?om<< new machine or article ot real merlti itr.iclu uni-it be Uritt elass: l?S)st ol reference in ??.?[.J and inWfrtty. _ a id rem CLABKB, i?j h. raid othee SITUATION WANTKD?DRUGOl^T, Of TWI I VK yarn' experience ; recently iu business for IUuim K. best reicroncetf glvuii. Address T. 11. C., Graud Union Hotel. SALESMAN WANTED? FAMILIAR WITH KINK IM ported hosiery ami underwear similar to Cartwright A M arner's. liav'.iiK a thorough acquaintance with I4r.1i* buyers of these goods throughout the South. Address, with rote re nce.s, 4 c., IMlOKTliit. box lis Herald olltt? TO REhKVOLENT SOCIETIES, AO.? A QUALIFIED physician. whose tune Is not fully occupied, Is de sirous ol devotiag * portion of e.ich day as ?hove. Ad dress DOCTOR, ilerald l-'ptowa Branch oftleo. Tiik advkbtiser, who ha a business west, would make arrangements with some Rood honse ?? sell their goods; grocers' specialties preferred ; uo obioc tiou to liirfit samples. Address S., lot. 136 Herald ofiico. WANTKD? A DRY GOODS SALESMAN. APPLY A* Sweeny's Hotel, between 9 ani 11 A. M. WAMTED? FIRST CLASS SALK^M AN; ONU WITH if good drtigetld grocery conmotlon will be liberally dealt villi. Address II. W.. Herald offlc.e. WANTKD? AN EXPERIENCED DRKSS GOOD* salesman, Apply at aWANM, U5 1 niton st., Brook lyn. WANT I'D? TWO STOCK CLERK?, IN A WIIOLB snlo clothing house. Address, with rofcrencea, boa 3,S23 Post office. WANTED-DRY OOODS SALESMAN TO OO *> Georgia ; one who his business. Ap pi* tills any at til) Wont Broadway, bo lore lit o'clock.^ ^ WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION AS bookkeeper ; can furnish reiereuoe from last em ployers and others it required. Add row UOOKKKKl'EB, lerald oiUce. TXT" ANTED? A SALESMAN OF OOOD ADDRESS TO ?? sell California wines, who has a trade alreadyes tablisheri south. Ksstor Went. Address, with references, box 2.B8H Post office. VirANTKD? A YOUNO MAN. ABOUT SO YEARS OUV Y? as salesman In a provision store ; must live I" Wll linmsliurg; best references required. Address PROYI* tilnN DEALER box INI Herald office. WANTKD ? \ CLEKK IN A LAWYER'S OKFKJB. who ran write a handsome. Rood clear handj salary $5 per week to start. AddrosB box 2,910 Pwi office. WANTKD? A BOOKKKF.PI'.R WnO IS WILLINO and competent to act as salesman and make him self generally useful. Apply to B. 0. KURTZ A CO., 144 East 16th at. WANTKD? A YOUNO MAN AS BOOKKEEPER IN the (lour and lend business, must lie honest and energetic. Addreta by letter, salary expected, wltto ref erences, 0. W. D,, station 0. WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALERS.? AN EXI'EBI. onceil Bookkeeper wishes a permanent position; thoroughly understand* the business; good city refer ences. Address L, box 2(M Herald offico. WANTED-A DRESS TRIMMING AND FANOY Roods salesman to travel New York State and by trade ; none need apply unless with good reference* and acquainted with t fio business and the trade. Address G., box 119 Herald office. WA.VTKD? SITUATION, BY YOUNO MAN OF EKPB rlcnee In general country store, as salesman or stoi'k clerk In wholesale house; grooerlee or dry ifoods preferred ; can control >-onie Connecticut trade ; can give ihe boat reference. Address it. W. K., ITorald oftlee. \VANTKI1-A YOUNO MAN TO TRAYRIj THROUOH ?? the stale ot New York with inllllnery goods ; on? thoroughly acquainted with tho business and who can give undoubted references us to character and ability - Address hox 1UJ Ilerald oftlee. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE AND HONBST YOUNO man, a situation as bookkeeper, assistant or onah ler; ppeaks and writes thn English and German lan WANTED-A FIRST CLASS POSITION. BY A MID die aRcd married man; no capital; aiyear-"' experi ence in mercantile life ; thoroughly qualified In book* I accounts; a rare opportunity lor unv one ronuirin* * n ol experience unil ability. Address ABII.ITY, box Post office. die aged married man ; no capital ; 2djrear-?' experl in merci and accounts man MS "VITANTED ? SALESM AN IN A FIRST CIjASS RETAIL tt hat store ; one who has had some knowledge of the business anil anxious to make himself generally useftil ; a permanent, situation to a thoroughly worthy person. Address stating age and qualifications, UAT8, Ilerald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-A THOROUGH AtJTIVK MAN Ac quainted with all ti e details of Males' sultx and cloaks; also a mail similarly acquainted with silks, fancy dry goods, Ac., to lake charge and act as floor walker ; none but first class men need apply; also a good white poods man to sell anil t ike charge. Address, giving ref erences, with department engaged In, U. G., box 181 Ilerald Uptown branch oftlcc. WANTED? noOKKE!' PER. A MAN THOROUGHLY competent, of good habits and honest, can find a Situation in a firs! clas,-. uptown hotel a* bookkeeper and cashier; none need nprty unless the above requlrcmenta can be lull v established fiy city reference; Now England or 1'" astern man preferred ; must have hotel experience. Address, giving salary required, J. N. O., Herald office. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS, ACOACIIMAX, AGED 26, WANTS A KIlUATIOy; leaving on account of the family going to Europe; b"st city reii retices. Ca.l on or address 109 West 17th st. A COACHMAN AND WIFE. OR COACHMAN, to ,"o In the country ; city reference. Call on or ad dress J. II., Lexington av. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRI J\ vute family as a coachman; can bring the best cltr rcferenon. F. B. COLON, 309 West Twenty-third street. A GENTLEMAN, UOINO ABROAD WISHES TO OKT a situation for his uroom ; understands the earn of horses, mid would take euro ol a garden. Apply at XM East 17 tli st. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A SITUATION FOR 111.4 J\ cnaohman ; excelieut groom ; careful driver ;strletlr sober nnd honest; is a i'rotosluiit. Call on or address it. B., 2I'J West 41st st. A MARRIED MAN AND HIS WIFE WISH KITUA tions; man as conchman and groom ; wife as first class cook or laundress; no encumbrance ; willing and obliging. 247 Sd av., corner of 2dth (t. A COACHMAN AM) OROOX (ENGLISH), WHO UN derstandathe care and treatment of horses; o'' loint experience In London nnd New York; is tempernto; good ci t>' reference. Address coachman, 293 Last 22?i st A SINGLE YOUNG MAN. WITH BEST 01TY REF J\ ercoce, de Ires a situation as coachman with a pri vate family ; Is a careful ci:y driver and first class groom. Call on or address W. L., 1 1 > West lHtli st. A SINGLE YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coachman and gardener; Is a good groom , can milk and make himself generally useful; best reference. Ad dress B. T? Herald Uptown branch office. A SINGLE PROTESTANT MAN WANTS A HITUA Uon on coachman ; can tie highly rccowrniended br his present employer. Call on or address D. M., 36 East 38d at, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, AS coachman; flvo years' reference. Address J. RUCK. 4.'ltiuth av., betwocn 2Cth and 27th sts., or at 127 West 2 l?t st. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN BY A first class single man; 10 years' city experience j Kober, honest and linlustrl mis. reference to correspond. Call at or addraai 19 We>i .^th st. AS GROOM AND CO .CHMAN.? A YOUNO SINGLE man of long exptfrlenco and three ycari'good ref erence trotn last placo; would bo found obliging. Ad drc?s .T. D., Herald Uptown lira nch office. AS COACHMAN AND GROOM, BY A SINGLE MAN (Kn?llsh), one who fhorotwhly undersfands his business, in a private family. Call on or address P. P.. 140 West . ?i ' i : i st., private stable. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED ? HY A RE j\. liable married man; first clas? groom and careful driver; understands gardening; first class city reference. Address box 115 Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANT KD? BY A SIN ,/\ gle man who understands the bnslness thoroughly! s;iictory reiurtnces. Address C. M., box lid lleraltl office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION? BY A SINGLE MaN of long exp rience; understands his duties thor oughly; city or country; eliy reference. Call onor ad dress COACHMAN, 40 Last 32d St A COACHMAN'S SITUATION. WAN TED? BY A FIRST . class man ; uuderstauds his business thoroughly ; hss tho highest city relerenccs from la^t employer. Call, for two days, at the prlvaU' stable, 120 West foth st. A COACHMAN SITUATION WANTKD? IIY A GBR man, married ; no objection going to the country} preient employer is going to Europe ; can be seen at his residenci-, 165 West 21 ^t st. ___________ A YOU NO MAN WANTS EMPLOYMENT ON A GBJI tleman's place; has a good idea of landscape gardenia?; married; no family. Addreas D. DKNI9 tlRYAN, 1,106 ;id av.. for two days. YOUNO MAN DESIRBS A SITUATION IN TnX fllty or country ; understands the caro of horses anil can drive ; reference from last employer. Call at or ad dress 623 East Uih st., between avs. U and C. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COACH man and gardener; thoroughly understands hla business ; Is n ' arelul driver ; has first class reference. Call on or addross, lor two davs, J. G., 25t West 37th st A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OROOMl understands Ms business in all Its branches; best city reference. Call on or address H. D., No. 2 West 22a st r'cet. AOERMAN, PRACTICAL OARDENRR WANTS A situation ; 12 years' experience In thla country i first class references. Address A. A. B., box. 121 Heraltf AS COACHMAN, BY A STRICTLY TKMPKRATB single man ; long experience ; best references frstm his former employers as to honosty, sobriety uud capao ity. Apply al24 Lexington av. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-1Y * single man, of long experience In the city; good ref erence. Address* P. 0., Bradley s stable. Nob. 3 and 10 East 31*t st. _____ ANY GENTLEMAN DESIRING A COACHMAN Of steady habits (married!, can have tho satne by ad dressing P. FORI), New Rochclle, Westchester County, New York, until |he first of May; unexceptional refer ? nces. A "GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO PROCURE A SITU atlon for his co'iuhman; sober, trustworthy man; single ; sate and experienced driver; understands Bur dening; cnii milk; willing and obliging. Address AD? A M.-s, box 117 Herald office. ACOAOHMAN'H SITUATION WA.TED? BY A single German ; thoroughly understands the I'tisi ness; two years' first class city reference trotn last em ployer. Call on or address ROBERT, 1,3*# Broadway, corner 3Sth st. COACHMAN'S SITUATION ft ANTED? BY A single mau; had many years' experience In thta city with the most respectable families; Is high y rer...iH moudod. Ad jr> .? J, B., No. i Wtsi JtiU l(.. IW'WlH stable.

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