Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,397. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENT& DULECTOftf FOR 1BTEETOBM. AMUSEMENTS? Mum Pao?? Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. . ASTROLOGY? Twelfth colomn. BILLIAKIM? Ninth Third colomn. Boarders wasted? Fimt Pack? Pttth and sixth BOAK^'and LODGING WARTBD? Fim* Pago? Sixth colamn. BROOKLYN BOARD? First Pack? Sixth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALB-Sxconn Pid Kirit and second column*. I BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Smom* Page? Flith col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Seventh P .i ox-Filth and Sixth columns. CIGARS AND TOBACCO? Twelfth PAax-Pourth col umn. CITY HEAL ESTATE FOR BALB-Sacono PAon-Firat column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Twelfth PAoa-Thlid col umn. CLOTHING ? Eleventh Pase? Fifth column. OOACUMEN AND GARDENERS ? Twelfth PAon-Third and fourth columns. 00 AST WISE STEAMSHIPS? Twelfth Pac?? Sixth col / umn. COUNTRY BOARD? Fiaar Page? Sixth coloinn. DBNTI -TKY? Eighth Pag?? Sixth column. DRY (iOODH ? Fiust Paob? Blxth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNI- IIED? Eleventh Page? Sccond and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Timm Page? Fifth and sixth column*. EUROPE? Niimi Pass? Fourth column. EYES AND EARS? Eighth Page? Sixth colnmn. , FINANCIAL? Eighth Page? Fourth and fltth columns. FINE ARIS? Fibst P aob? Sixth column. FOK SALE? Second Pace? Filth aad sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Eleventh Page? Third and fourth columns. FURNITURE ? Second Page? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENT^? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. HELP W A NTED? FEMALES ? Twelfth Page- Second column. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelfth Page? Fourth col umn. HORSE. -i, CARRIAGES, AO.? Fiest Page? Third, fourth and Atth columns. HOTE 8? Fi^ct Page? Sixth column. HOUSES,- ROOMS, AC., WANTED? Eighth PAoa-Sixth colnmn. INSTRUCTION? Ninth Page? Fourth column. ? JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY ANDBKR QBN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Sscomo Page? Sccond column. LOAN OFFIC KS? Ninth Page? ThlrU column. LOST AND FOUND? First I'aoe? First column. MACHINERY? Second Page? Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS ? Twelfth PACE-Slxth column. MATKIMONIAL-Ninth PAGE-Pourlh column. MEDICAL? Twelfth Page? Six h column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Page? Sixth column. _ i MISCELLANEOUS? Eiouxn Page? Fourth column. MUSIOAL-Nintii Paoe-FHUi column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Seventh Page? Sixth column. NEW8PAPERS? Second Pack? Sixth column. PERSON Al. ? First PAGE-Flrst column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS. AC.? Ninth Page? Fourth \ POST OFFICE NOTICE- F.ighth Page? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATION 3 WANTED? FEMALES? Twelfth Page? Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SAL* OR TO RENT? Second Pagx? Second, third und lourth columns. _ REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Page? Fourth and tilth columns. _ REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Parr? Fifth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES? Eighth PACE-Sixth column. REMOVALS ? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. REWARD&? First Page? First column. SALES AT AUCTION? Ninth Page? First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Eleventh Page? Sixih column, and Twelfth Paoe? First and second column*. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Twelfth Page? Sec and third columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Page? Second column. SPORTING? DUGS, BIRDS, AC.? Fiust Page -Second column. STALLIONS? First Page? Sccond column. STORAGE? EionTH Page? Sixth column, SUMMER RESORTS-First Page? rlxth column. 1 HE TRADES? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. THE TURF? First Page? Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Eleventh Page? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Twelfth Page-SIxUi column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APA K TMENT.S TO LET? Eleventh Page? Fourth and fi'tli columns, WANTED TO PURCHASE ? Eighth Page? Sixth col | Westchester county property for sale or ^ TO LET Second Page? Second column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.? Fikst Pack? Sixth col umn. HM'AI I? ft' A5< H^UFFICF-UPTOWM. ^DYERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECE1YBD AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WE8T SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIBST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. ~~ PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. VI" ESS ItS. KREMER A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER. HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS F OB. THE KEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE H*RALD, AND ALSO t INGLE NUMBERS OF T??8 PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. " f-EUSO.\ Al?. (TFIoNs" WHO CAN GIVE INFORMATION COfT eeniing James Mehan, a private in the Seventh 1 Co?n*'ticut regiment volunteers, is requested to send it to uEORGU G. SUMNER, Attorney at Law, Hartiord, Conn. A NGXL OF SEVENTY-NINTH 6TREET? DESBRO <RE8 A street lerry, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at M.? Write and make new appointment, FIFTH AVENUE, box 163 Herald oftice. B ROOKLYN.? MEET US AT FOURTH STREET HO tel, 26 West Fourth street, after matinee, (or dinner. A. J. (1HAPEAUX DE BROWN? SORRY TO HAVE DISAP J pointed. Will not fall to meet Argyle Matinee thla afternoon. AZRAEL. r. THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF ANY ONE _ knowing ilic whereabouts of Daniel, Timothy. John, Ellen and Julia, children ot Cornelius O^Neil and Nellie Sullivan, belter known as Curley Beg, from Ballan apittle, |.arl8h of Corscy, rounty Cork, and when killed In tne city ot Cork he was blacasmftli, of Garrlstown, Bochetord's cs ate ; when last heard from Daniel waa In Providence, R. I., and John In Planters' Hotel, New Orleans. Any information concerning them will be thankiully received by tlielr sister, M. A. ?1M0N3, 357 .Went Thirty-ninth street, near Ninth avenue. INFORMATION WANTED? OF M'GANN; WAS THE only son ot his parents, Terence and Mary McGann, of uabrack, county Armagh, Ireland; he cauie to America 46 years avo ; his not since been heard ot. Any Informa tion of him will be thankfully received by his niece, LIZZY McCONNELL, No. 8 Enst Fltty-seveuth street, New York city. Indiana and Ohio papers please copy. C FORMATION WANTED? OF WILLIAM JOHNSON colored), 17 years old, who left homa on the 17th inst. on a'vest with large brass buttons and light pants. Hla mother would rcouest sny officer who should And nim to arrest him ana give Imormation, who shall be jlbcrally rewarded. AdJresa 324 First street, Jersey City, iAMES BROWN, BAKER, NATIVE OF FALKIRK, Stirlingshire, Scotland, left Ireland for Canada In 8; relations wish to communicate. Canada papers ?lease copy. Address A. BROWN, 24 Waverlcy place, Hew York. R. W. JAMES STEWART WILL PLEASE CALL AT 26 Broad street. MAY? YOUR NOTE RECEIVED. YOU ARE A little sarcastic. I have not been wall; but I am aa .?.id as ever," and dvsire an opportunity to return the twenty-five cents. Will you please make an^g^o}11*" << MISCHIEF. "-NIRI.O'S MATIRBB THIS AFTER ill noon, two o'clock. LOST AMI) FUt'KIDi *~~~ Lost or stolbn-io coi' po n.CoTViuT n^Low. Ing niiiiibmaf bonds or tbe United Schuetzen Asao 6 Hon, 1,048 to 1,068; amount SS6; payment thereof hav been stopped. L" OST? A SKVKN-8TONE DIAMOND CLUSTER RINQ. on Wednesday, 2Sd Imt A liberal reward will bo paid by returning it to sample room, No. 2 Clinton place. T OST? ON THURSDAY, IN FIFTH AVSNUB, BELOW AJ Fourteenth street, a lady's Gold Watch, hunting ease, marked C. M. N. Liberal reward paid on return to MWavcrley place. T OST? ONTnURSDAY, APRIL 24, A LARGE BLACK ,Jj Dog, with a leather strnp on. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning htm to MS Grecnwlch st. STRAYED FROM 848 FIFTH AVENUE, ON^aFriTIS, a "mail, yellow slut Pup. The rctarn of the same will be liberally rewarded. M REWAHDi^ A/r REWARD? FOR BUNDLE TAKEN RY MI8TAKE ?U from 16 Spruce street April 25. containing adver tising currency stamps of no use to any one but the fwner. The above reward will be paid for the return ot Vie same at 16 spruce street, and no questions asked ; or Address box 2,043 Post '.fticc. Sin REWARD.? 8TRAYED FROM 127 WEST TWEN vl" ty-flrst street, on Fridsv afternoon (C o'clock), a white Sniu Dog answering to the name of "Puff." The finder win receive the above reward by returning him to U7 WestTwenty-first street AOC REWARD-LOST BETWEEN APRIL 16 AND V*" date, a noto for $767 D3, signed by President hew York and (Mwego Midland Railway, due July S. Payment has been stopped and duplicate Issued. II. V. COLK, 25 Nassau (tract. > *OC REWARD.? STRAYED, FROM M7 fTfTh 'JpZn/ aveuue, a Skye Terrier; answers to the name of "Bustar;" had a ribbon ou ids ne??k, with small bell at taehed^ C biihai."' rvf?? v ' i.amj onAuniifii; lohi O Wednesday, on Broadway, between Twenty -- >cond streets. ^Additional reward for sarao tlirxo. 46 West Twenty-fourth st -LOST, ON "TUESDAY- NIOHT, IN Broadway, between Bleecker and Houston X7V/T REWARD FOR CORAL BRACELET, LOST Wednsvlay, on Broadway, between Twenty aighih and Thirty-second streets. Additional reward for portmonintle lost at same tline. 46 West Twenty-fourth st dtl - REWARD.? LOST. ON TUESDAY NIOHT, "iN ? I O Broadway, between Bleecker and Houston Mreets. a Haa.ney lluntlng ca?e Watch, with Chain. The mhovc reward will he paid aud positively no questions naked by returning the fame. Im'I ween 12 M, and S P. M., B 11. CALDWELL, No. SCuenUaaaliD. i WMc 4 SPECIAL ABBT^a" mIrETINO OF~T II H DWECTOR8 OF THE ? Manhattan Gaslight CoraiMUj*. fc-tld Monday, April 21,1873, the followiup resolutions jfcre adopted:? Resolved, Tbat the thanks of Mb Board be and are hereby presented to James J. Kelso, Esu., Superintend ent ot Police ; John Saunder*. Captain of the Sixteenth precinct; Edward Tynan, Captain ot the Eighteenth precinct, and to the sergeant* and men under their com saand, for the admirable firmness aod judgment displayed [by thcni In the protection of the wdrii or this comply and the men employed therein against tho unwarrant able attacks of the men lately employed in the works of the New York Gaslight Company. Resolved, That copies ot this resolution, signed by Uie President and Secretary, be presented to Superintendent' Kelso and Captains founder* and Tynan, sua be pub- 1 liahcd in the dally paper*. Thanks to the PoBce. At a meeting of the Directors of tbe Manhattan flat light Company held M onlay, April 21, 1878, the followlug resolutions were adopted Rcsoitc<1, That the thaaka of this beard be and are hereby presented to James J. Kelso, Esq., Superintend ent ot Police; John Saunders, Captain ol' the Sixteenth precinct; Edward Tynan, Captain of tho Eighteenth pre cinct, and to the sergeants and men under their com mand, for the admirable flrranea and Judgment dis played by them in the protection ef the works of this company and the men employed therein against the un warrantable nt'acks of the men lattiy employed In the works ot the New York Gaslieht Company. Resolved, That cop>es of this resolution, signed by the President and Secretary, be present## to superintendent Kelso ami i aptalns Saunders and Tynan, and be pub Uahed In the dally papers . . , _ CHARLES jypOME, President. b x ? J a. mbs W. Smith, Seoretary. A LL OFF1CKK8, 8AJLOK8 AND A0LDIEK8 WOUND JX ed, ruptured <r mured, liwwf stlghtiv ere en. tiffed to pension. Address or a#Mf Jew. E. B. JACKSON, la.e ' urgcon t'mteJ states Navy, we! * New Chambers at -HERALD BRANCH O KPIC B%00 KL Y N, corner of Fulton avenue and Beerun street ^^?Opeii from 8 A. M. to ? P. M. Sunday irons a to 6 P. M. ADAR1E8 (PRICES REDUCM), SOLE AGENT OF , Koyal Havana Lottery, MP Broadway : box 4.909 Post office. New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed tree. A? LARGE WAOONS FOR MAYING FURNITURE ? in city or country. Furniture. Plsnotortes boxed, shipped or stored. G. F. BURNUAM, 113 West Eleventh st, near 6th av. "? 1 ? " 1 " ' "'"V* " ' ' " Board of apportionment and audit.? Public notice is hereby given I tint a meeting of the Hoard ol Apportionment and Auat, constituiod under Chapters 9 ana 29 ol tbe Laws ot 1872,*will be held at tlio othce oi the Comptroller of the cltv at New York, on Sat urday, the 26th day of April, 1873, at i o'clock P. M. AND. H. (IKEKN, Comptroller of the city of New York. HEN'KY G. S'FiiHIlINS, President Department of Public Parks. Dated New York, April no, 18/3. W~TJOO US LOTTERIES.1' ? TCTTlIK EHIToil UK THK JL> llerald i? Sir? Noticing in to-day's Herald a com Bnnlcation on "Bogus Lotteries," signed "'J. B.," I dcom necessary to place tho plain tacts of tbe case beforo tho public. "J H." bought of Mom*. Oerkln k Co., North Carolina Lottery, a play lof WOO. His ticket drew a blank. After discovering that no drew nothing he alters the numbers so as to make tnem a prize. Yes terday nc called at the office ot Messrs. Oerkln k Co., and made the remark "that I' doo"?*want any money, nor dot want you to have any hard BeUngs against me; I have another purpose In doing thiap lliut other pur pose I was made aware of by the publication of the article oil "Bogus Lotteries" in to-day's Herald, I sup pose that tills Is the managers ol'tbe Kentucky and Sheluy j.otterie* vain attempt to monopolize Sic lottery tusiness in this city and Brooklyn. They are now running two lotteries, the Kentucky and the ahclby; the Shelby under the nom de plume of J. B Smith k Co. Now for^'Biigus Lotteries." on the evening of Tbursdny, March 6, Clans 110, . hclby Lottery, they gave numbers out early in the afternoon; later In the evoning the 'printed drawings" were issued, as u-ual. at 6:30 P. M.,12 being the last drawn number on the list, Almost twenty-four hours afterwards, probably discovering that hit pretty heavily, tney changed the Inst number from a to 32, thereby deiraudlue the pontic of a great many "hits" The public are fully aware that ir Uic Shelby Lottery Is drawn at Covington. Ky., as advertized, it would have tiken only five mluuteste repeat the draw ing ' h\ telegraph'.' and corrected it that evening. We let the public tudge irom this where ''Bogus Lotteries" arc drawn, atid I can assure them that if Messrs. Cerkin k Co., of the North Carolina Lottery, should sell them a prize of $10,OOU or*.0,UW the money weald bo paid them on deiiiand, without anv alteration ot the printed draw ings. LUTHY k CO., 71 Barclay street New York, April 24. 1873. G DO YOU KNOW ITT WINCHESTER'S HYPOPHOSPHITE OF LIMB AND SODA la a grand chemical food chemical food chemical fool for the brain, the nervous system Ml the blood. It is nourishing and invigorating and uneqMllcd as a specific remedy tor nurviiuii debility and all mtvou* affections, promptly relieving phy-ioal exhaustion* and prostration of the vital forces and power*. It tot perlect ami iu pcrior substltutd lor i.-on and cod liw oil. J. WIN 011 ESi KR A CO., 36 John street, New York, Chemists, Proprietors. $1 and $2 par bottle. OLD A Nil SILVER AN*D~ ARTIClA CONTAINING gold bought at market prices; Pnlfehlng, Filler ana Photograph l'arers burnel and naflted by Ke finer frCii a WKL, 25 John street. / 1 UERLAIN? 15 RUE DE LA PAIX, HfcRIS. VJ Ambrosial Cream for Stiuvlor. Fashionable Perfhme for the handkerchief). Eau de Lustre for the halt. Eau de Cologne (preparation epeciale). HP. dTnZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLJT AND MOB t qulto Destroyer and shot. HkH?? (Meet Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste, for the destruction ol all Inn Js ot vermin. 7-' White street, corner Broadway. Havana lottery.? extraordi na?t drawing rid April. German State Lotteries. Circulars mailed free. KMlt.MANN A CO., Bankers, 8S Narsou street; box 3,568 Po st office. HAVANA~LOTTERY, GERMAN STATE LOTTERIES.? Prices reduced. KUHLMANN A CO., Bankers, 86 Nastau street Post offico box 3,585. 0 FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KBNTUCET? EXTRA CLASS NO. 295? APRIL 25, 1873. SS, 48. 43, 49, 24, 68, 61, 6J, 16, 65, 27, 34. XENTOCKT? CLASS HO. 296 -APRIL 25, 1873. 19, 46, 40, 20, 42, 30, 73. 64, 17, 67. S4, 54. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SRXLBY COLLEGE? EXTRA CLASS NO. 106? APRIL 25, 1S73. 26, 48, 76, 74, 15, 54, 73, 70, 17, 62. 27 35. SHELBY COLLEGE? CI-ASS NO. 190? ArKIL 25, 1971. 64, 22, 9, 12. 42, 11. 68, 18, 4, 14, 69, 60. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, ICy. J. CLUTK, Broker, 203 Broadway. Post office box 4,9?9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT. tery. EXTRA CLAM NO. 7? APRIL 24, 1873. 70, 18, 3, 10, 72, I, 39. 51, ?, 65, 7S. NORTH CAROLINA, CLASS NO. 8? APRIL 24, 1873. a, 28. 06, 12. 1, 58, US, 50, 32, 71. 49, 44. 20. OERKkN it CO.. Managers. LOTH* A CO.. Brokers, 71 Barclay street. FFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. EXTRA CLASS NO. 9 ? APRIL 25, 1873. 1?, 60, 09, 27, 22, 67, 38, 7, 44, 8, 80. S& NORTH CAROLINA? CLAfS NO. 10? APRIL 25, 1C73. 47, 43, 20, 62, 54. 7, 25, 76, 77, 6, 10, 14. ' GERKEN A CO., Managers. . LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 71 Barclay street. 0 R OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Grand extraordinary drawing of 22d April, 1873. No. 1,077 drew $600,000 No. ?, 765 drew lO.iXW No. 10,043 drew 50,000 No. 4,743 drew 25,000 No. 2.716 drew 25,00tJ No. 9,710 drew 10,000 No. 10,933 drew 10.HX) No. 5,:il4 drew 10.000 No. 1,740 drew 10,000 No. 14.223 drew 5,000 Ne. 2,887 drew 5,oni) No. 9.64!) drew 5,000 No. 13,:i79 drew 5,000 No. 5,6.'5ilrew 5,000 No. 9,241 drew 5,000 No. 5il.11 drew 5,000 No. 10,816 drew 6,000 No 14,tK'2 d 5,001 No. 12.343 drew... 6.0U0 WE 80L.fl THE FIRST CAPITAL PRIZE THAT DREW $6t0,000, NO. 1,077. J. B. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street (Post office box 4,685), New York. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES GAMED; OB ders filled; information furnished; highest rata* paid tor Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. 1 AYLOR A CO., Bankers, 16 Wall street. New York. Royal baxon government lottery at leip sic, Germany ; 95,000 tickets; 47,600 prizes; Bruns wick Government Lottery: Hamburg City Government Lottery : Royal Havana Lottery. _ Prizes cashed and In formation given THEODOR zscnocH, 116 Nassau street; box 6,060 Post office. SOUTH CAROLINA" LOTTERY ORANT? FOB FREE School Fund. PERPETrAI^-CLASS 71. 49, 18, 52, 64, 29, 77, 78, 20, 19, 60, 43, #. CLASS 71 __ 87, 68. 24, 22, 18, 66. 19, 36. 14, 61. 7* *1. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New Vork Post office box 3,856. Charleston, S. C., April 25, 1873. d? ,'Qfl CQ Q IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL Ized Kentucky Lottery , Royal Havana and Kentucky Circulars free; 12K cents commission al lowed. Address BALEY A CO. (office established 30 years). 174 Broadway. SPORTIiHG? D008i BIRDS, AC. A -FOR tAl.E, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOUfl. ? Rirds, *c. ; Medicines lor nil riiwates, Prepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'B. No. SGrecne Mreet, near Caiml. QOUTHSIDE SPORTSMAN'S CLUB OF I.ONO ISLAND, O Share for sale. Address box 2,274 New York I'oot office. . WANTED-A IIEALTirY_BITCH"TERRIER, W HOSE puppies are a week to two weeks old, to suckle a litter ol young | tipple*; $5 will lie paid for the dog or her use. Apply to stnMe No. 7 East Twenty-eighth street, be tween 10 and 12 A. M. the TITRF. TROTTINO AT FLEETWOOD PAr1T-^ON~SATUR dav, April 26, at t P. M., Sweepstakes $300; inUe heats ; nest 3 in 5, in harness. Wm. l.ovell'sb. m. Ijidy Inivell. Mr. Elliott's br. m. Dutch Maid. R. G. Anderson's s. g. State of Maine. SAME DA Y-Mateh tor $2n0; mile heats. best3lnl Win. Lorell'* br. g. Barney Kelly, to wagon. P. Manee's a. in. Crazy Jane, In h trncss. Catch weight*. WM. H. VAN COTT, Super. ntenddat. TO LET-FLEETWOOl) PARK CLUB HOUSE. AP ply at the park or 112 Wall street W. H. VANCOTT, Superintendent STALLIONS. ^ IJDWARD EV*BETt"t*1 SIRE OF JOB ELLlOTT, U who trotted last Hummer on Mystic Park In 2:l.1W (the fastest miie ever Ireited. either in public or rrlrate), aUo of Commodore \anderbllt's Monntaln Boy, who trotted In t'/oL, an<*. of Judge FuMcrton. who has trotted in 2 21V, will make the season at tho farm of William Keetch. ?ear Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For farther particulars see the, "tait Field and tarm." HOllSKS, CAH.KIAGK"*, AC. A POTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON, o k net* a N n? k a'lkhroo m ,T8Td1 a nd, 37 Nassau street, opposite tbc l'ost ofliue. THE Ho IlKK AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO TUB BPACIoUS PREMISES. 18, II, S3 end ? EAST THIRTEENTH KI KI BT, between tilth a venae end University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the acme strict and honorable principles! which nave always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect nod coniMcnoe ot ino buslnebs oommumty, as well as the public at larne. Regular tales twice a week throughout the rear. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE AT 13 O'CLOCK. SATUHDAY, April 26. TEAM ELEOANT HAY HORSES, 16 HANDS, 8 YEARS old ; kind and true in all harness s very stylish and free drivers, and warranted *mutl ; an excellent family ten in. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. BAY HORSE HARRY, 14)* hands, 9 years old, kind and true in all harness, tree IVom viee ; can be driven by a lady; can trot in three minutes. Together with NO TOP ROAD WAGON by STIVERS, SET of HAR noss. city made ; Blanket. Ac, BLACK FAMILY MARK, 15^ bands, A years, kind aiul true in all harness and under saddle ; a vtry .ast tra veller, and warranted sound. ELEGANT COUPE HORSE, 1< hands, 7 years, kind and true In all harncMt good roadster; warranted souud : together with COUPE, by J. R. LAWRENCE ; aet ot Coupe Harness, by Wood Oibson. BAitoi CHE in good order. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW, MADE BY Moore. FARE TURNOUT? DARK BROWN MARE, 1.1 HANDS, 9yenr?: kind In all harness: an excellent saddle marc and warranted sound ; can be driven by a lady or ohild. TOF FONY PHAETON, N EARL I NEW; SET of single Harness. CHESTNUT SORREL HORSE, LONG FLOWINO inane and tail, hand!), 7 years, kind and true In all harr.ciu) and warranted sonnd; this horse was sired by Toronto Chief, dam lilood mare, and la warranted to trot In It minutes or no sale. TOP WAGON, CITY BUILT, IN GOOD ORDER. FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT? TEAM OREY HORSES, brother and sister, HJ? bands, 9 and 10 years; kind and true in all; can be driven by any one ; very stylish and warranted round; together with COUPE ROCKAWAY, Miner A Stevens; set Harness, city made ; Blankets, Robes, Ac. OKAY TROTTING MARE, SIRED BY SUFFOLK Chief, dam Long Island blood mare, 14 & hands high, 6 years: kind and true in all harness; can trot In 2 a); warranted sound. Bright bay horse, ia.^ hands, s years: kind and true in ail harness; tree IVom vice; is afraid of nothing; u good, free driver, and wasranted sound, BAY COUPE OR EXPRESS HORSE, 16 HANDS, 9 years: kind In all harness; a splendid, good, spirited work horse, and good, fust iravelfer. SIX-SEAf WKHTCHESTBR ROCKAWAY. ELEGANT SADDLE M\RE, 14J< HANDS, 6 YEARS and kind and true in all harness; has been u.sert by a lady ton phaeton; SUPERIOR UNDER THE HADDlJE. SEVERAL GOOD HORSES, DESCRIPTION TIME OF sale. THREE SETS OF DOUBLE HARNESS, CITY MADE, In good order. * _ SET OF COUPE HARNESS BY WOOD, GIBSON. TOP AND NO-TOP PONY PHAETONS. EXPRESS AND DEPOT WaQONB. PARK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER. THREE CLOSE COACHES. Full particulars In catalogue time of sale. Weather never Interferes with our sale ARCn. JOHNSTON'S NEW MART, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, between Fifth avenue and University place. Two superior Carriage Teams. Thrco trottln? Horses. Pony Fftabllshment. Coupe Establishment. Three gool work Horses. Road Turnouts, Two road Wagons, built by Stivers. This day at 12 o'clock. J ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, anil embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by as during the past IB years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wngons aro exclusively the production of oar' well-known Broome street, factory, and aro offered in stock in nil rcsuects equal in quality to tlios" built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prioes uniform to all. In order that wc may not be confounded with a lolnt stock company of carriage doalers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have inane for the "Brewster Wagon," we ben tho public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Hrooine street. BREWSTER A (JO., ol Broome street A. -OLD HOUSE OF BREWSTER. Established 1833. We ofl'rr n complete assortment ot first clan Carriages a*. our wureroonis, Fifth a von no, corner Twenty-seventh street We beg to remind the public that our experience ot r.vcr thirty-lour years enables us to produce work which lias no fuuerlor, ami that wo sell no carriages, directly or indirectly, but those made at our Twenty-fifth street factory. J. B. BRBW8TEK A CO., of Twenty-fifth stroet. Allen k. miner, aitciicneer, SALESROOMS SB CHAMBERS STREET. IIORSK AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK HALES AND STOWAGE REPOSITORY. FOUKTH AVENUE, CORN ER TWF.NTY- FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES AIRWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE HALE. RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN H. MINER A BRO., AUCTIUNliERP. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday at each week. Entries of articles for auction can be made at repository as above or salesrooms of auctioneer*. A ?THIRTY TOP AND OPEN FULL SPRINGS AND J\ , side bars, by Brewster, Dusnnbury, Corbett and other cltv makers; 1 Barouche, nearly now; 1 second hand C:nronei> 1 light curtain Coach and six-scat l'ark Phaeton, by Brewster; top and open Park Pony and extension top Phaeton; Rockaways. Depot Wagon*, Jaggern, side spring ; I l)og Cart, by Stivers; Sulkies by Cafferey; I skeleton, by Pray; 1 top platform Kumlilo Pony Phaeton, by Wood: top and open Express Wagons; 4 Philadelphia second hand Roekawavs, $100 up ; 1 open I'ony Ptiaeton, $(20; Single and Doiibln Harness ail kinds, at WM. H. GRAY'S, 20 and 82 W poster street Avery fine, stylish coupe or family horse for sAle; IKJS hands hiab ; dark brown; long tall; 6 years old: very gentle, and sound In every respect. Ap ply ut private stable 1M hast Thlrty-fith street, near Lex ington avenuo. ___ A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND har.d Carriages, all styles; family Rockaways, top and open Buggies. Pony Phaeton, at greatly reduced prices. WITTi '8, Fulton and Nevins streets, Brooklyn. A THOROUGH BRED KENTUCKY SADDLE MARE, l&U hands high, very handsome and attractive, spirited, gentle and sound ; highly trained, good In all harness: no trick*; will b? sold at a sacrifice. Inquire at 54 Wall street, room Z7. AT PRIVATE SALE. Tup and no top Wagons. Germantown Roekaway. Top and no top Pony Phaetons. Rockaways, Express and Business Wagons. Harness, Kobes, Ac. N. Y. SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ST. AT LESS TnAN COST, IF SOLD BEFORE II O'CLOCK, one Coupe and two driving or saddle Horses. In quire lor SCHL'LTZ, corner Forty-fourth street and Fifth avenue, Mlllward's siablcs. A FEW VERY FINE ALDERNEY AND AYRSHIRE Cows for sale very cheap. Inquire of WILLIAM WATSON, 99 Franklin street. Arrived at last-j. c. dezo, of jackson City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. H. CliAM BERLIN'S, Twenty-filth street, between Third and Lexlagton avenues. A GENTLEMAN GOING ABROAD OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very styllah and fast: also one Brewster Wagon and light Harness, one mail Phaeton and Harness. Apply at slaiilo No. 1 East For ty-second street, or to T. B. BALDWIN, 14 Wall street A? THfe LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF COUPES, . Landaus, Landaulets, Phaetons, seasonable Car riages In the city, at prices to meet the times; several second hand Carriages. HAM, 10 East Fourth street AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? Elegant first class assortment of Carriages and Har ness; extra inducements this week: leather top Buggy at $140; Stivers Road Wagon, 130 iba; several light Rockaways, very low ; Pony Phaetons a specialty. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortiandt stieet 1 CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS,

A light Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies and other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand' MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ABMY WAGONS, FARM CARTB, BLANKETS, TENTS, McClellan Saddles, Mule Collars, Harness; canvas, rubber, waterproof, Wagon, Horse Covers. Feedbags, Army Clothing. W. A. CART E it, IB Cortiandt, near Greenwich street. A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED? ROAD MARE. Wagon, Harness, Ac., separate or together; sound and kind: single or double, and gentle tor a lady to drive ; 8 years; lflk nands hi-th ; took a gold medal at Prospect Park tor style and beauty, which goes with her; must be sold before 1st May. Inquire for GEORGE, 14C West Thirty-ninth street ^T NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. First class light Carriage and Harness Ware rooms. Decidedly the lowest prices In the city. Pony Phaetons a specialty. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortiandt street AN ELEGANT PAIR OF BAY HORSES FOR SALE? IMi hands high, 7 and 8 years old, sound and kind ; very stylish and remarkably line drivers; are perfectly seutle. accustomed to locomotives and in all respects a first class family team. Apply at THOMPSON'S Btatile. 13 ? East Thirteenth street. MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS and Coupe Kocka ways, at the West Side Carriage Repository. 1,494 and 1,4W Broadway, between Forty fourth and Forty-fllth streets. A BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, ONE SINGLE AND ONE double Truck. Apply In shoemaker's shop, ? Amity st Gentleman must sell, together or be pa A GENTLEMAN MUST BfibU, TWaraaa ok nisrA ratcly, his beautiful P??r of bay llamblelonlan Horses, 15H hands high. 7 years old, sound ; a lady may drive them; trot In 1*0; H tljcr. t op Buggy and Har ness, nearly new. Apply at 194 Broadway, otnee 13. Ljfuytom PONT PHAETONS AT THE WEST ? Bide Carriage Repository, 1,4W and 1,4M Broad way. HOR?Mr CARIUAQKS, <cC. A ?MAJOR C. W. UAHHKN, AUUT1UNKKR. A* GENTLEMAN'S ELKOANT PRIVATE ESTAB MEN I. AT; AUCTION. ON MONDAY. APRIL 28. AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT THE PRIVATE STABLE, 218 WBoT FORTY-SEVENTH 8TREET, THE PROPERTY OF A gentleman leaving the city, and comprising BLKOaNT PAIR OF FAST trotting Gelding*, brown and bay, Messenger ctock, lft)j high. 7 and 8 year* old; extra stylish driver*; can trot in 2.40; finely galled; no pullers; warranted sound and klml. HANDSOME AND VERY CLOSELY matched pair ol brown Mares, Vermont Hambleionian stock; Hill timer*, 15J< high; 6 and 7 years old ; great style, actios and appearuncc ; elegant drivers; can trot InSW; heavy, l\ill manes and tails and warranted sound and kind. ELEGANT COUPELET, BUILT by Miner A Stevens, nearly new; pole and shafts. KINK rap SIDE BAR ROAD Wagon, bnilt by Brew- ? ster A Co., of Broome street; nolo and shaft*. ELEGANT 118- POUND BIDE BAR Road Wagon, built bv Stivers; pole and shntta. ONE FINK PORH.AND KLI JOTI, nolo and shafts. SET FINE DOUBLE PHAETON Harness; city made. SET FIN B LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Coin erford. SEP FINE SINGLE HARNESS, made by Comorferd. ELEGANT FOX AND WOLF Robes, Kersey and sweat Blankets, stable Blaukets, Lap Holies, Whins, Sheets, Bits. Stable Utensils, Ac. THE WHOLE COMPRISING the finest private turn out ever offered at public sale. SALE POS1TI VI'. and without reserve. NO postponement on account of weather, STOCK NOW ON exhibition. STABLE TO let D F ?TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT J, Coupes; bargains for cash. WEST SIDE CAR RIAGE REPOSITORY. 1,494 and 1,406 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-tilth streets. ? COUPE HORSE WANTED.? MUST BIS 10 HANDS, OF good figure, style and action, high courage, ample power and endurance. Only parties huvlng horses an swering to this description may address, with full par ticulars, R. T. P.. care the London Harness Agency, 30 East Fourteenth street. ,ON'T FAIL TO READ THE CATALOGUE OF Horses and Carriages to be sold THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, by ARCH. JOHNSTON, at the New Mart, 19, 31, 23 and 35 East thirteenth street For sale? a beautiful saddle horse, with outatault. Inquire at private stable No. 3 West 'Jhlrty-slxtli street. FOR SALE? A LADY'S SADDLE HORSE; WAR rantd perfectly sound and kind ; n bay, near fifteen hands high, eight yea is old, very stylish. Inquire of I. STRIDE Lauguii's stable, 137 West Thirty-ninth street LtOR SALE-A VICTORIA PHAETON, WITH TOP AND J? and rumble, made by Brewster, of Filth avenue, and but little used; cost $1,400; price $700. Apply at private stable No. 1 Kast Forty-second street IIOR SALE.? A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING town wishes to dispose of Ills complete Establish ment, consisting of an elegant coupo llorse. a Park Phae ton, nearly new, and a Coupe, as also the Harness, Blan kets, Ac. Call at DRENNlsN'H livery sUbles, corner of Thlrty-sevenih street and Seventh avenne. For sale? sorrel horse george, $700; chest nut horse h Charlie, $600, and fiteudy, $300; nil drive in double and single harness, and any two will mnkc a team. Inquire in the morning botore 10, at private stable, 121 East Forty-flr?t street. For sale? a handsome star colt, rich sor rel, 5 years. 16 hands; sound and kind ; splendidly developed and very promising; at the stable lil Carroll street, South Brooklyn. Price $5'J0. _ OR SALE? ONE LARUE BAY HORSE, 16 HANDS _ high, sound nnd kind; also one set of single coupe Harness, almost new ; also one Coupe, In good order, and a Coupe Rockaway ; to be sold cheap. Inquire at SIMP SON'S stables, 148 and 160 East Thirty-ninth street FOR RALE? A GENTLEMAN'S very fine, styl* tali coupo or road llorse, 15)4 hands high, dark sorrel, 6 years old ' sound in every respect ; the owner only parts with him lor want of use. Apply at I>amlj A Son's sta ble, Fljty-elghth street, between Madison and Filth ave nues. Inquire for THOMAS MURPHY. ' IIOR BALE? TWO GOOD WORK HORSES, 7 AND 9 1 year* eld, will bo sold cheap. Apply at 117 Charl ton street. ____ For pale? at club stable, a and u west Thirteenth street, n fine stylish bright bay Horse, 7 yeans old, I5& hands, sound and pcrlect, in every re spect ; a ot u l rut. I of the cars; also a Landaulct and Har ness ; sold lor want of use. Can be seen from 10 A. M. to 8P.JL For sale? a superior pair of bay coupe llorsei, 15 % hand* high, sound, kind, last travellers; itrlae Sl.fitX). Apply at private stable 107 West Thirty third street For sale? a splendid family or carriage Horse, 6 years, 16 bands; bay; warranted sound and kind; tor style and action cannot bo surpassed; I am going to Europe ; mutt eclL 181 Union street, Brooklyn. FOR RALE? A PONY, 6 TEARS OLD; LIGHT BOX Waenn and Harness, for $160; at Castleton avenue, opposite Barker street, West New Brighton, 8. I. Inquire OtE. U. DUDLEY, 13) William street rear. FOR SALE? 30 GOOD WORK AND DRIVING HORSES, just arrived Irom the Wert; suitable for all purposes; Irom 5 to 8 years old ; to be sold chcap. 170 Mercer street IjlOR SALE-A SUPERIOR ROAD HORSE; TROTS IN ' 3:80; sound and klndv alao4on Wagon (city maker). Harness, Ac. ; ail in good order; will be sold very cheap. Apply at ARMOUR'S, No. 8 Seventh avonuo. For sale? horse, truck and harness, To gether or separate. Apply at 730 Tenth avenue, be tween Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets. IjlOR SALE? THE PRETTIEST PAIR OF BAY llORKES 1 in the city ; black points; no white ; 15'j hands high ; sound and kind ; under tlic aaddle nothing better; can not be beat for style in the city; used by one man three years. Apply at No. 7 Murray street, room 1. IjlOR SALE? A FINE BROWN MARE, 15 HANDS 1 hijfh, 7 vears old and kind nnd gentle in every way ; also one butcher's Cart and Harnesi ; good reasons for selling. Call, lor three days, at butcher's shop, 26 Oreenv.ich avenue. P. SUMMERS. FOR HALE-HORSE; A VERY FINE AND BEAUTI lul bay Horse, 6 years old. 15 hands high; sonnd, kind und gentle in every respect; for n family there is nothing better suited lor a lady and children or a gentleman who wishes to go in throe minutes; good un d?-r saddle ; stands without tying; also Harness and Pony Phaeton, in good order. Apply ut No. 7 Murray stroet, room 1. FOR SALE-SEVEN HORSES, FOR ROAD AND business purposes, at City llall stable, 317 Adann street. Brooklyn. CHURCHILL C. SMITH. For sa lk or lease? a stable, five stalls, and room for three carriages ; cat and water; or would mit any other business; runt very low. 960 Wen Forty-flrsi street IfOR SALE CHEAP? FINE TEAM GENTLEMAN'S 1 carriage Horn* ami Clarence, in first clam order ; also a six-seat Phaeton, Brewster's make. Apply at LANGAN'S stables, 142 West Thirty-ninth street For sale cheap-two express, two grocery, one Miik and one Depot Wagon; one top and one n? top lluggy, uti-'C Spring street. OR SALE, CHEAP-HORSE, TRUCK, HARNESS and Express Business. $225. J. H. SIEMS, 24 Amity street, corner Oreeno. F F H OR SALE CHEAP-HORSE, HARNESS AND TOP Wagon. Apply at 322 Hudson street, grocery store. Family horse and coupe wanted, with har lives, Ac., complete, or would purchase a good pair family carriage Horses and Carriage ; must be n bargain. Address, stating price separately or together and where to be seen, 1'., box 138 Herald office. HARNESS.-I HAVE A LARGE STOCK OK HAR new. all kinds anil styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddle* and Bridle*, Whips, Spur*. Halter*, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the horse line cheap tor cash. E. B IKTLKTT to Warren ?trcet, corner College place. ARNF.8S.? THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York- good double truck Harness, $30; pood single buggy Harness, haad inade, $17; a good stable " Blankot, $4 ft 0; the largest assortment of Cart Harness to the city. Cheaper than cycr on account of moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. USHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street. _ Harness, second hand coaches, heavy and light Coach, as good as new, covered, silver and gold mounted; I will lake in exchange for New Humes*. COLEMAN, 1,262 Broadway. Horses and carriages wanted? in ex change for some valuable Lot* at White Plain*, up per Boulevard. Inquire of Dr. BROOKS, 31 West Thirty second street IMPORTANT TO HORSE PROPRIETORS.? DR. CAT" TANACII'S Turkish Bath* for Horses, at 16 West Forty fourth street, are open at all hour*; call and koo them In operation. Look at the sale of horses and carriaoes HY ARCH. JOHNSTON THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. AT THE NEW MART, 1?, 21, 23 and J8 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. J P. TRAVKR, AUCTIONEER.? BY C. B. HENRY.? ? Auction sale of 16 prime young work, driving and family Hordes, to be sola tills day at 12 o'clock, at 392 and 594 Broadway, opposite Johnston avenue. Hrooklyn, E. D. These horses are worthy of inspection, lor buyers will attend this sale ; at the same time, one phaeton Pony, 14 hands high, sound and kind. 1VERY STABLE IN WILLIAMSBURG FOR SALE ? tOby 100; accommodations for 40 horses; favorable lease; will be told cheap with stock or reduced to suit purchaser. WITTY, ID Ncvlns streot Brooklyn. LONDON-MADE HARNESS, of finest ojallty and latest styles, for sale at the LONDON HARNESS AOENCY, 20 East Fourteenth streot, between Filth avenue and University place. VT OTIC E ~TO HORSEMEN.? PASTURAGE CAN BE procured at reasonable rstes for horses at Vall's *tock farm, in Orange county. 1 )i mile* from Mr. Charles Backman's place at Stony Ford; best of earn taken of brooil mares; box stalls furnished in weather notrailabla to turn them out. For terms Inquire at the Orange Coun ty Stables, of JACKS A BENEDICT, East Seventy-eighth street, corner of Fourth avenue. 0~ NK GOOD HEARSE, TWO ROCKAWAY CAR riages, one Ice Cask< t, for sale cheap. Apply to THEODQrV: FITCH or WILLIAM RILEY, Yonkcrs, N,Y. RIVATE STABLE.? A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE Stable, six stalls nnd ample carriage room, for sale or to let Applv on premisea223 Eaat TVentleth street, from 8 to 12 A. M. OECOND nANl) CARRIAGES, SIX-SEAT ROCKA O way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, five Rock a ways, several Buggies. Conpe, I'anfc Phaeton, number ot i'fiWAta'Wai.. m SKELETON WAGON FOR BALE? NEVER BEEN uaed; very strong; suitable for road use. Apply at 166 East Thirty-filth street, private stable. IIOK8B&. CARRIAGES, AC. Superior iron htab lb Finwoa-PABTira ?bout to build new stable*, or refit old oMt are in od 10 oall and inspect specimen* of all the moat ap proved kinds manufactured In our own workshop*. JANEa a KIRTLAND, a. 10 and 12 Reade street. STABLE WANTED? POUR STALLS, NOT TOO FAB from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn or New York. Addrea* m.. box 211 Ileruld office. SPEED?FOR 8AI.P, THE HANDSOMEST ORAT Horse In the city, 8 years old; can trot In |3 SO to road wa?on ; warranted Bound and kind. Apply at Ar nold'g stable, 150 West iwt ntynlnth street r LET? FOUR STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AT 131 Wort Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. JOHN J. TOWN8KND, 76 Wall street TO RENT-FROM MA* 1. PRIVA TE STABLE, SS3 EAST Seventeenth street; lour stalls and large carriage boose. Apply on premises or at 138 First avenue. TWO LIGHT TOP WAGONS, POLB AND SHAFTS, IN good order, nearly new; also a light Harness; will be sold cheap. Private stables No. 7 Wett Ninth street. WANTED-A SMALL PONY (ABOUT U HANDS) suitable for u child to drive; must be gentle and kind In harness or saddle. Address, staling price, color, Ac., WH. A. FOWLER, 1.17 Joralemon street, Brooklyn. WANTED-TO HIRE A STABLE, WITH NOT LESS than three stalls, and carriage room, at moderate rent Addrvsa C. A., 168 West Twelfth street. 2 SIX SEAT PARK PHAETONS. IN GOOD ORDER; also a splendid light truck or business Horse : war ranted riouud and Kind ; prloe $-'W. P. B. MA8TER8ON, corner Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. WILL BUY AN EXPRESS WAGON, AT M Carmine street d>10K EACH.? YOUR CBOIOR OF THREE nA ND ?PL Ait J some new Express Wagons ; also two beautlflil light top Jagger Wagons aiid Doctor'* Phaeton, and ten seta Harness; all cheap. 141 East sixteenth street dfelOK? PONY BUILT MARE. 7 YEARS, IS* vlZO. hands; Team, da, $276; bay llorse, $163; stylish Horse, black, 7 yearn, $200; bay llorse. can show 3 minutes, $223. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-first st COQ BROADWAY. -CARRIAGES, HA*RNE8S; CAR vJOO riages, new and second hand, most complete as sortment ever offered, comprising every description of Family Carriage* and Light Wagons at popular price*. MANUFACTURERS' UNIOft, 638 Broadway. TO KNOW WHAT OTHERS KNOW AND KNOW MORE, O KNOW WHAT OTHERS KNOW AND KNOW MORE, TO KNOW WHAT OTHERS KNOW AND KNOW MORE TO KNOW WHAT OTHERS KNOW AND KNOW MOBS READ ALL THE NEWS BEAD ALL THE NEWS READ ALL THE EEW8 READ ALL THE NEWS AND BEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM, AND SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM. AND SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM, AND SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM. FOR TWO OFNIU FOR TWO OENTfi. FOR TWO CENTS. FOR TWO CENTS, $60 ? w a^tk II. 1 2 BL0CKR F?0M BROADwI?~ ? ~ Largo and single Rooms, with jwj* Nlnete?n?h .tre?t 1LAROF., ELKO A NT SQUARE ROOM AND llALL Room connectlngto let, together or separately. with Board, at 217 Wert Fourteenth street House unusually desirable for Summer residence. Reference*. 2 BLOCKS PROM BROADWAY. -$6 50 TO $10 PER week, handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board, for family or single Kentlemcn; tublo boarders taken ; good neighborhood. 61 Kant Fourth street. 2 ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FURNiSHED OR UNFUR nlshed. suitable for physician or two persons, at HI West Twenty-second street, near Sixth avenue; terms reasonable. 2D AND TntRD STORY FRONT ROOMS AND HALL Rooms, furnished, with Breakfast, for gentlemen, at 43 I-exinston avenue, third door above Twenty-fourth steect, with modern improvements. 2D FLOOR, WITH OK Wt THOUT PRIVATE TABLE? Also hall Room; everything strictly first class; lib eral concession lor reason or yearly arrangement; refer ences required. 33 West Thirty-third street 381'ENCKK PLACE, FOURTH STREET. NEAR WEST Tenth street.? A few gentlemen can be accommo dated with Board by the week, without rooms. 3 OR FOUR NICULY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? With Board, to a family or to Finnic gentlemen, at 267 Webt Twenty -second street. References exchanged. 4 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Madison avenues, handsomely furnished ltooms, with or without Board, by the season or year, at reduced prices; private table if desired. CTH AVENUE, 917.? A VERY DESIRABLE SECOND ? ) Floor (newly painted), with unexceptionable private table; also two front Rooms on the fourth floor ; refer ences exchanged. Call Saturday and Monday. CTB AVENUE, 70.? DESIRABLE AND HANDSOMELY ? ) furnished Rooms, with Board ; references, Ac. 5TH AVENUE, 127.? handsomely furnished Parlor ami Bedroom, on second floor, front, with or without Board, will be rented to desirable parties for two months, at Hummer price, as iho parly occupying them will he absent that time; a loo other desirable Rooms. References required. 1 d?? TO $10 PER WEEK, $1 SO PER DAY.? FINE ?PO Rooms, with excellent Board, tor families ami single people, at 172, 174 and 176Bleecker street, six blocks west ol Broadway. PER WEEK.? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT ?Pl) Rooms to let, with Board, to married couples or single gentlemen ; house has aU modern Improvements. W l.a?t Thirty-third street. TO WEST SliVKNTEETH STREET.? TO LET, WITH lu Board, finely furnished Rooms, with or without private table ; house first class; references exchanged.^ "1 Q WEST NINTH BTRKRT, FOUR DOORS FROM lu Fifth avenue.? A largo and elegantly furnished Room, with bay windows, to let to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; house and table first class ; every convenience and Summer prices. 1 QTH STREET, WEST, 1 84. ?GENTEEL, UNEXOEP IO tlonable location ; handsomely furnished Rooms and Board with private fannlv ; terms moderate; good table ; every convenience ; entire second story ; bo mov ing ; reference required. ' QOND STREET. 164.? A HANDSOMELY FUR LiJmt ill shed second story back Room and fourth floor front Room, with excellent Board, to first class perma nent parties; reference*. 2QD STREET, 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON O square.? lilegantly furnished Rooms to let, with first c'ass Board ; also largo and small Rooms, top floor. O.ITH STREET, 210 WEST.? E LEO ANTLY FUR. Art nlshed Second Floor, with bathroom, to let, with first class Board ; also large and small Rooms above ; loca tion unexceptionable. o/r WEST TWENTY-SECOND STRRBT.? FURNISHED Zt O Rooms to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without Board; terms moderate ; references required. i)Q WEST FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH ZtO avenue.? Handsomely furnished Second Floor, en suite or singly, with Board ; house first class brown stone ; location excellent ; references required. QQD STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND FIFTH OO avenue.? A few very nice Rooms, with or without Board; also an elegant Office for a physician; house brown stone. Call at 24 West Twenty-ninth street Q .4 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? HANDSOME Ot ly furnished Rooms, on second ami third floors, to let, witn first class Board: table hoarders accommodated Q U east TWENTIETH 8TREKT. ? AN ENTIRE OD Parlor Floor and Second Floor, with private table. ' or without board. References. QQ AND 40 UNION SQUARE.? FURNISHED ROOMS OO to let. with or without Board ; first elm restaurant next door: references exchanged. QQ OREAT JONES STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? OO handsome furnished Rooms, with Board, in a pri vate house ; house first class, QQ KINO STREET.? TWO HANDSOMELY FUR OO nlshed Parlors, with extension, with or without Board ; gas, bath ; suitable for a party orgentlemem To WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? AN ELEGANT 4?? suit of Rooms, consisting of parlors and second Floor to let, with private table, or Second Floor and Par lors separate, all handsomely furnished; also other Rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, at Sum mer prices; everything first class; reference* ex changed A f WEST THIRTY SECOND STREET, BETWEEN 4:4: Broadway and Fifth avenue. ?Large and elesantly tarnished Rooms en suite or r ingle, to let. with Board; private table It desired; references exchanged. rj Q WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? FBOM MAY I, i Zt two large and pleasant Rooms to let, with Board ; terms moderate. References exchanged. QQ CLINTON PLACE.-ONE OR TWb SUITS OF t/O furnished Rooms, with Board, for families or sin gle gentlemen. Relfcrence.1 exchanged, 1A4 WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR WASHINGTON Iv't square.? A pleasant double Room, suitable for two or more persons, to let, with Board ; gas, bath, kc. 1H7 EAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.? FURNISHED IIP I Rooms te let, with Hoard, for a family or party of gentlemen; table boarders accommodated. 19 A. EAST twenttfourtii STREET, NEAR lZi't Fourth avenue.? A very desirable Suit of Rooms, with Board ; also single Rooms, for gentlemen ; house strictly first elass, and owned by occupant; references. ?I f)A_ EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET? TO LRT, lA't with Board, two connecting Rooms on first floor; also two or three other Rooms; references given and re quired. 1 A A WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? A PLSAft. 1.4 4: ant sunny Room to let, with Board, to one or two. gentlemen, In a small family; referenco. 1/1Q EAST 128TH STREET. ? LAROE SECOND AMD 140 third story front Rooms, nicely tarnished, and good Board, in private American family, at moderate prices; two minutes from cara /4 RAST THIRTIETH BTRirl.-A WIDOW LADY IOt will rent handsomely tarnished Rooms, to gen tleman a nd wife ; Board for wife ; no moving In May. gnQ Win THIRTY RIOITH ST RE RT.-ROOM8TO Li UO let, tarnlsbed, with or without Board ; modern conveniences; good locality ; private family. "BASF TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND and Third avenues.? Nicely furnished front Rooms, with Board, fhr gentlemen, In ? French family; moderate prices ; references required. 9AQ WIST T W F S TY SECO ND~STRERT. BETWEEN Alio Seventh and Eighth avenues. -Nicely famished Rooms to let, with Board, in a small French family moderate orices. A Q.A eifth avenue-board.- a very ciroic? tOt: Bolt of Apartment* will b e vacated on May 1 ( Room* for tingle gentlemen />1A Nil*? AVENUE, BETWEEN FOR'fY-THIHD Ulu and Forty-fourth streets.? A few gentlemen can be accommodated with Board (gas and bath) fruin ?5 SO to $8 per -week. QQP EIGHTH AVBNUE, BRTWEEN FIFTY-THIRD 0(/U and Kilty-fourth gtreeU. ? Nicely furnished Rooms to let: also Table Board for gentlemen', terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. DAVIH. A FEW HANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO rent, wltb Break last If desired; also large Room, suitable for an office. 32 West Twenty -seventh street BOARD AWD I,OI)GIJIO WANTED. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A NEATLY FURNI81IED Room, with full or partial Board, in a private Jew ish faintly, west Ride, between Fourteenth and Thirty fourth streets; references exchanged. Address, wilt) terms, L. J., Herald Uptown Branch office. HOARD WANrf n ^TTrT MeralU omce. * 51 'opr'n'Juw <ro,"",V ?U'l' a pleawVt i?KRKA* ? LisPe,lara ,?Mne?tu?> German. Addrc* * * o uSK *} rpOUR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD? NO #s\?0PJS*.H0n Joono dark K?oin. Address HENItY MA JOR, 137 Broadway. PARTIAL BOARD WANTRD-BY A I.ADY ENGAGED out during the day ; terms must hp very moderate. References given and required. Addre?s Mrs. It. 8., 81 Bedford street WANTED? BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE* for the Summer, from May 1ft, on the New llivn Railroad, not over #<) to 40 minutes from the city ; must have boatiug and Ashing; hotel preferred ; price not to exceed 920 per week. Address A. T. II., Herald Uptown Brunei) office, 1,205 Broadway. BROOKLYN BOARD. Board wanted-for gentleman and wife. Call between 3 and 3 o'clock this Friday, at 3J West Washington place. SUMMER BOARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? First clam Bourd and pleasant Rnoini, with all the comtorte of a home, uf Us Willow street, a few in In rites' walk from either the Wall street or Fultoa street ferries, Brooklyn. HOTELS. AKGELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, ?1 Lexington avetiae.?Koeuis tor genilemeii or fami lies, transient or permanent, with or without meals; prL vate table if desired. Huilis open all nixbt /^ALLBN HOUSE, \(.6 HUDSON STREET, CORNER \J of Lalght.? Rxeelleat Board, $4> to $7 SO per week, with single Room; single Room, without board, $2 and upwards; Lodging, 80 cents, gentlemen only. Open all night. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF II ayard street,? 200 light Rooms, neatly furnished. Me. or wc. per night, $2 ao to $4 per week. For gentleuieu only. Reservoir park hotel, corner sixth ave nue and Fortieth street, opposite Reservoir Park.? A few elegant Suits of Rooms to rent, with Board ; also Rooms Tor single gcctlcincn. COUNTRY BOARD. A GENTLEMAN, TWO CHILDREN AND NURBR wilt want Summer Horn-it in private family taking few, li' an* others, about au hour irom city; one largu ltoom and small one for nurse: rcterences exchanged. Address, during May, A DVEKT1SKR, cart- of B.,37 Bust Fourtli street, New York. A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH' BOARD. FOR TWO gentlemen, in a small private family, one hoar from city on the Central Kallrond of New Jersey ; heat of references given and required. Address A. D., box .3,479 New Verk Post ofllco. - A FEW CHILDREN CAN HK ACCOMMODATED WITll Board at a farm houre in New Jersey. Address Mr*. FRANK, box 137 Herald oBlee. A FEW CHNTI.I.MKN (GERMANS PRRFERRRD) can procure neat, furnished Rooms, with Board, from 1st May, in a private family on Stale n Island, first' landing, overlooking the hay and narrows; terms moder ate. Address D. O., box 141 Herald office. AkEI'INl',1) AMERICAN YOUNG LADY DKS1RE8 A home In a family in the country where she can lnitrnct two or more children In music; is kind and ot an agreeable temperament, and would endeavor to make lie me II an acquisition to the house hold ; hoard and only a slight expected; highest testimonials given. Address, lor three days, Miss L. D. T., box Herald office. BOARDING? A ITGME IN THE COUNTRY. The iiiidsnigned would Inform those of the city who wish a home 1l- the country during the but Hammer iiion I lis that ho has decided to open his large and com modious dwelling for their benefit. It is located flva miles from the Middleburg Railroad depot, on a good road nml pleasant corner. The room* are large and well ventilated. For the lovers of Nature she has furnished splendid places ol retreat, delightful in the hot days of Summer- For further particulars address HORATIO Gates, Breakabeen, Schoharie, N. Y. Price per day $1. HORATIO GATES. Board in nicwark, n. j.-a small family has delightful Kooins, in excellent neighborhood, three minutes from l'aterson and six from Morris and Essex depot, lor a gentleman and wile, small tamlly or four gentlemen. Address M. L. L., or apply at 37 Clark street, Newark, N. J. . ? ? i . - - ..I ? i - . i ? 1 1 i ; Good board can be obtained in the coun-" trv, healthy location, from 1st of May; house newt rooms large and airy ; within three minutes' walk of the station. Address Mrs. A. STEWART, Chester, Oranfe* county, N. Y. Good country board can be secured for the season: house pleasantly situated; pleasant Rooms; plenty of shade. Address Mrs. N. H BOOR, East Chester, Westchester county, N. Y. ^ Xlf ANTED? BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIF* r T In a private family; Bergen Point or New Brighton preferred ; terms innst be moderate. Address box 3,701 New York Post office. SI MMER RESORTS. ? ELMONT HALL, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, N. J.? Will be opened June 1 for the recep (COLUMBIA WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, NEAR J Hudson, N. Y.? This water is universally regarded aa the best combination of healthy Ingredients of any intha country; fine air, beautiful grove. C. B. NASH. ENGLBWOOD HOUSE, englewood, n. j.-bw Northern Railroad of New Jersey, foot of Chambers street, or steamboat foot of Harrison street. Mountain house, south orange, montros* station, N. J.? This favorite first class hotel Is opea tor Spring and Sumincr season ; it has all the conv?. niences and comforts ol a city hotel; SO miautes from foot of Barclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad ; St trains daily. Extra inducements to parties wishing Im mediate Board. O. 11 IT/ K I .B U KG K R, Proprietor. PALISADES MOUNTAIN nOUSK Jill be opened on or about the 1st of May. For ttma c., address COZZEN8 A MURRAY, Englewood, N. J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE-DELIGHTFULLY 8ITC sted on the Sound, one mile from Naw Rochelle de pot; sea bathing, flshmi', boating, pleasant drives, sta bling, Ac. Early application for choice of rooms to A. O. PLYMPTON , 54 West Twenty-fourth street. Riverside hotel, carmansvillr. foot or 13ttd street. North River, has been thoroughly refitted and newly furnished ; wl'.l be open for the reception ol guestu on or about the 1st of May. Applications fog Rooms received at the hotel by the undersigned. ' 8. K. PAULU O. DUNCALF. ?> WHITESTONE HOUSE. WIIITESTONE, L. I., will epen May 1; SO minutes from New York by boat or rail; gas and water In every room ; very favo*? able arrangements made with parties coming early. E. II. POWELL, Proprietor^ ? ? DRY GOOD* fi&S "&'5R ???" "" SM Bowery vhetwoen^Aarth 'and' Twenty can be combert *J?J d \n ,?,? market. Human Hair , ehc?P?* t' and upward*. Short j?/ j nrii Hw Itches, ft Curls, $1 uliwar,1h?n.l Latest styles always on hand. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, <fcC. Fine improved real estate in elizabeth to exchange for Sailing Vessel, too tons or upwards. Address SHIPPER, Herald office. F 'OR SALE CnEAP-A FABT, WELL-BUILT SLOOP Yacht, Mill; nearly new. WM. TUMBliIDGE, 202 Broadway, room ft QTEAMTUG OR YACHT FOR SALE? LENO TH, ?7 O feet; beam, I0X Ceet; can be seen running between the Battery and Governor's Island. Inquire of F. MAR TIN, 4/7 West Thirteenth street. TUO BOAT, lfiXH, NEW AND LATEST STYLE, FOR sale.? Apply to I. C. FOKCB, Nos. sand 7 Dey street, rom?. WANTRD-A SMALL YAWL FOR YACHT TENDER. Address, giving size, weight and price, YAWL, box 117 Herald office. 1 BOATS-ALL KINDS AND SIZES, WOOD AND JLOU metallic, at my shops, XLMijn South street, and 114th street, Harlem Rlror. HTRPHEN ROBKRTS. FINK ARTS. KrIGINAL oTdTaINTINGS TO SELL. . vJ G reuse? "The Old Man," "Oelenhaiux" "Coaatees Potocka." A Cuyp? "Burgomaster." T. Bf. Franck "Painter's Room." For particulars apply to Messrs. v a u LOTTON, Notaries Public, Lausanne. Switzerland. u.

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