Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1873 Page 11
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tn (kt rom BuaiwHe iwoaEg jT5tB no*. SEW FIREPROOF BPTLDINO. ?? ?? FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN BTREKTS. KLRGANT oVfIGES TO KENT IN THE ABOVE PfKEPSOOF WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN CIjQBE pboximity to the Olfr HALL. THE COtrBTSj THE POST ?PPIOE, OmCFS SUITABLE fYiB LAWYEBS, BROKERS. BAN Kb, INSURANCE COMPANIES. Al!., AC., CAN HE HAD VnoLY OB KN Sl'ITE.OF AVif bBfllRED SIZE, FROM 10X1J FKET TO \t6X(IT PERT, A1 $380, MOD, $5U0 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO BIKE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, AND WILL HK BEADY FOR OCOi/PANCY ON OB BEFORE MAY 1. 1873. ALL APPLICATIONS FOB OFFICES TO BE MADE JO HOMER MORGAN. NO. 2 PINK STREET. A SMALL LOFT TO LET? WITH STEAM POWER runnlag ulgtotand day ; water tad water c I inset on floor. Apply lo J. T. PRESTON, *7 Hose street t SPLENDID FIRST KLOOB AT S29 SIXTH AVE A nne, fl'i teet deep, with modern improvement*, to a respectable family or tor genteel business purposed. A WHOLE BUILDING OR TH1.EE F LOOKS. 30X53, to let, with or without steam power, In Kmc Twen ty -fifth slreet For particulars, apply to LlEBENROTH, VON AUW A CO.. 30 ami 62 Franklin street A ?TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT BTEAM POWER XV. a large Building, four stories, basement ana loft lOU feet front by 79 teet deep ; well salted tor any kinil o Manufacturing business; will be let In rooms lo suit ap plicanti. Inquire at 540 East Twenty-ninth street A SPLENDID STORE TO LET-LARGE AND newly finished, at lift Wooster, near Bleeoker street; good location for flower* leathers or aay other business; ftkewihc Apartments. Apply to J. McDERMOTT, 166 Prjnoe street A STORE AND THE UPPER PART OF THE BUILD tag, 83x86; lour floors; well adapted for business purposes; to rah parties will let the whole or separately, on ttuulh west corner Thirty-fifth street, Broadway; also Store, LSTO Broadway; rent ISO per month: another Store, H77 Third avenue, corner Fifty-third street, $23 a month. Inquire of GEOKfiK MoGOVBRN. A THIRD FLOOB LOFT TO LET-IN BUILDING 149 jTL Bowery ; a lavoiratilc chance for a hatter, having been oerupied as a Wholesale and retail hat factory for the past .six years. Inquire mthe carpet store HUHowerr A -CHEAP RENT-BRICK BUILDINGS, 20X70; JlX? newer, cellars, vard". front and roar entrauces; for manufacturing or other business. UEOKUE E. LOl'D W Abattoir place, loot of West Thirty-ninth street A? TO LF/r, ON SIXTH AVENUE, SEVBRAL ? Stores; some with Dwelling Apartments and one Corner; rents uo object if the owner is suited with the Business. Office 999 Sixth avenue. A SM ALL GROUND FLOOR, FOR OFFICES OR light business; corner of Broadway. J. J. BUKNIER, 62 West Thirty third street A ?TO LET, THE ENTIRE UPPER PART OF THE J\t brown stono irout Store No. 6 Cortland t street, con taining tour lofts; first lolt 25x113; the others 23*90 each. Apply to BLACKWELL A CO., 65 Liberty street, or at 172 Ninth avenue. A POSITIVE BARGAIN TO A FIRST CLASS TEN ANT. Splendlil large Store and Basement; best part ol ?th avanue ; rent $900 a MORRIS B. BAEB, 996 Sixth avenue. Broadway corner house to let-eleven rooms, together or in floors, for business purposes. Call and see at 831 Broadway, corner Twelfth street SilOB RENT? WITH OR WITHOUT STEaM POWER, 1 Lofts and Stores for manufacturing purposes, in the einltvof Broadway. Apply to engineer, on premises, 175 Hester atreet, or to S. T. A A. T. MEYER, 85 Walker Itreet ' ALL TO LET? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES; 60 feet by lOOleet For particulars inquire on premises, 1,400 Broadway, corner Thirty -ninth street. SOTEL ON BOULEVARD? CORNER lOOTlI STREET; a fortune to a pood tenant Apply to owner, C. W. KITCHEN, 349 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Lofts to let or lease.? splendid light, heated by steam, In Grand stree t. neur Centre, with ?r without steam power. Apply to S. V. B. CRUGER, 182 Brand street |" OFT TO LET? CORNER CANAL AND WOOSTER JJ afreets, suitable for salesroom or light manufactur Ing; size 2(1x72; hoistway, Ac. Inquire on the premises T OTS TO LEASE? THHEE OR FOUR LOTS OF JLi ground on Thirty-sixth street, with a front on East Biver. Apply iu coal office on the premises. Lot to lease? for a term of years, in Washington street, near Leroy, suitable for stable*, coal yard, Ac. ; will be improved to suit tenant JOHN F. DOYLE, 37 Wall street OFFICES TO LET? IN THE BUILDING 243 BROAD way; well lighted, heated by steam nnd will ho thoroughly renovated. Apply at the office of the Ithlne lander Estate, 75 Barclay street. OFFICES TO LET? IN THE NEW ANI) ELEGANT Iron building 289 Broadway, earner of Park place, With modern improvements. Including use of elevator. l*slfRANC,KCcirCUll'iCS' *? KN10K1*RB0CK,::B L,1FE ON NORTH UNION SQUARE, SECOND DOOR FROM Broadway, Store 28x60: one of the most eligible lo cations on the square: a very reasonable rent. WM. H. JACKSON A CO., 31 East Seventeenth st. TJOOMS FOR BUSINESS OVER THE STORES 178 AND IV 180 Fifth avenue. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street RBADE STREET STORES TO LET.? FIVE STORY Store 148 and Iflll Beado.street, north side, 30 feet front, and 162 Keade street. 25 feet front, with iron doors, roofs, sashes and shutters. Apply to R. L. & A. STUART, 16 i Chambers street STEAM POWER? FROM I TO 100 HORSE; RELIABLE and cheap ; Rooms, large and small, tor $' 00 and upward. O F. HALL, U7 Elm street STEAM POWER TO LET? WITH BOOMS OF VABIOUS sizes, well lighted, steady power; also three Base ment*; insurance low. Apply to NOBB1S A MILLER, 229 East Forty -first street. STEAM POWER.? TO LET, THE TOP FI.OOR. 60 feet by 28; windows on side and front, with three large skylights. Also large and small Rooms. 113 Nas sau street TEAM POWER.? TO LEASE, FOR A NUMBER OF years, nn exeellenf Loft, 80x113 and 24x23, well light ed all round' possession at once. Apply on premises, corner Eighteenth street and avenue B. CTEAM POWER.? 1- OUR STOBY BUILDING, 50X100, k_ ? to let, Whole or anyjPortion, for any manufacturing turtuoa, at Twenty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. STEAM POWER.? LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS corner building ; light on all side*; steam hotot and low insurance; cheap rent; wood or Iron. _____ P. M. \\ ILSoN, 404 Bleecker street QTEAM POWER.? TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL O Rooms, with or without Power (wood workers al lowed). at the Eureka Machine Carving Works, 60, 62, 61 and 66 Cannon street. STEAM POWER, GOOD LIGHT, TO LET. INQUIRE at 311 and 313 avenue A, between Nineteenth and Twentieth street*. STEAM POWER.? A ROOM, 25X00, TO LET, WITH good steady steam power, and lighted on three sides. Inquire at CEOBUE IloVEY A SON'S, 323 East Twenty second street STEAM POWER.? ONE OR TWO FLOORS, 44X86, TO let; hest*nd cheapest in the city; no wood workers; ?team elevators; insurance low. 160 West Twenty aeventh street TORES, DWELLINGS AND FIRST FLOORS TO LET J on Sixth avenue ; a first class Doctor's office, on Twenty-first street, near Broadway. Leases for sale. O. DWYER, l.ETO Broadway. STORE, CEI/LAR AND LOFT OF 186 WASHINGTON street, between Hey and Fulton. Apply on the premlM'.?. Stores to let-suitable for groceries, Tens, Shoe or Bnkcrv. or almost any other business j ?nt $35 por month, luqulre at bank office, 20 Second a v. QT6RE TO RKNT CHEAP? 40 EasT EIGHTEENTH O afreet, between Broadway aad Fourth avenue; cen tral and first rate stand lor any business; tailor or good mechanic preferred. STO R EH,- STABLES, AC.. TO LET.? A SMALL STORE, suitable for fancy goods, tailor, grocery, candy or hut ?tore ; also a Stable, Feed Store and Carpenter Shop. Ap ply at 60S Hudson street. S' S' s STORE TO LET-SEVENTH AVENUE j GOOD STAND for cigar store ; has been occupied for that purpose lor a number of years; rent ffio per month. Eighth avenue. Stork and bakery-two stories over storF: nine rooms: rent $(**); corner Yates avenue and Htockton, Brooklyn. AlsoC7 Yates avenue. Uwe In com Si^nrf0. .ilil. imprnvipietits; three stories above ii "* room*'?j"seb< ntvf drawers; fine location, iJ. p?i?ddJ.? minutes from ferry; rent $500. Apply to CAMPBELL, Agent, Myrtle avenue, corner Broadway or room 6, 202 Broadway, New York. ' SUB BASEMENT TO LET ? SUITABLE^ FOJt A PRINT Uig or lithographic office, with use of power II do etred. Apply on premises, 239 Broadway, corner Park place, to Knickerbocker l.ife Insurance Company. BCOND STORY LO FT TO LET? 35X80; TWO FRONTS Inquire at 34 New Bowery. SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A .JEWELLER TO GST poi-rsslon of a good stand.? The line Store South Fifth avenue, near Rleerker street, to let, with or with out the fixtures; rent only $75 per month ; would make a good hardware stand, gents' furnlahing store, hats, ?cigars, Ac. OTU DIOS TO LET-IN BUILDING 1,267 B HO a1>WAV; p rents $225 to $230. Apply to W. S. MELDRUM, 1,269 Broadway. TO LET? OFFICES IN 307 AND 309 BROADWAY AND 93 luiane itreet Apply to S. B. BUTOHINGS, 38 Jonn street. , mo LET? STORE UNDER METROPOLITAN HOTEL, A suitable for a druggist, and Store No. 4 Leroy place, Bleecker street. Inquire of Alexander T. Stewart's agent. Broadway and Chambers street, between 12 and a P. M. TO LET-A LARGE STORE, IN THE NEW BROWN stone building 37 Spring street; also Store and Ktoors 211 Molt, near Spring street Inqulro nt HOUSEKLEI ER'S, '<11 Mott street, or at 20 Second avenue. _ mo LET? BASEMENT STORE 17 EAST SIXTEENTH 1 street, 20x95. Apply to H. H CAMMANN, 25 Pine Pine ?treet. TO LET? THE FOUR LOFTS IN MARBLE BUILD lng, !?5 Beade street; 23 by 73 teet ; will be let sepa rjjte or together. Apply to S. B. HUTCHINOS, 38 .lohn st TO LET? A SPLENDID FIRST FLOOR, SIX ROOMS; good kitchen, gas, water and bathroom - private en trance; suited lor physician, dentist, milliner, dress maker or other busli.oss. Apply to owner, 61 Liberty street, room 28, TO LET? OFFICES IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER OP Reade street; also store 8K Duanc streeL Apply to A. B. llt'TCHINGS, John street TO LET? OFFICES, WITH HEAT, WATER AND GAS, In 318 Broadway, corner of Pearl street. Apply to S. B. IIUTCHIHOS, W Johw street T~0 LET-OFFICE ROOM, IN L1SPENARD STREET. near Broadway ; rent $3no per annum. Apply to A. JOUUMiAV.61 LispcnarJ street. TO LIT WWt ?tlMTCW gg?gPBKB. mo LET? BOOMS OVER JEWELRY STOHB MB 1 Broadway, to? uwl ?? a hair store ; 1* good ehani bera. Inquire in jewelry rt?n. TO LET-TI1E 8TORB ?JW9 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Thirty-ftrst and TMrt?*o?l *reet?; can be con ?eet?4. irdeslrad, wtlb Marc in y?ar, runnlnt; through to Hiib avenue. Apply to w. 8. MELD ROM, 1,268 Broad war __ rpO LET CHEAP? A LIQUOR OR GROCERY STORE; 1 has been astablisheil for 20ya?rs as a liquor store, and U the bett corner in the Ninth ward ; is fitted up. ami an excellent corner for groceries. Apply at 6UB Undson attest _______________________ mo LET? FIVE STORY HOPRE AMI) HTORK. Mrf J. Tenth avenue, occupied a* a liquor store ; four yearn' lease troui May i. Three story House and Store, comer of lBt'd street and Ten lb avenue. Also First Floor of 161 West Thirtv -first street, near Seventh avenue : rent t'J7 per month. Apply to ROBERT OBBAOBN, 443 West Thirty-first street. ' TO U$T? THE FACTORY BUILDING 124 AND 1 2rt West Twenty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue: SftxlflO; tour stories lutfh. Apply to J. N. HaYWaKI), 121 Bowery. TO LET-A FINE LARGE STORE AND BASEMBNT; is an excellent location for a wholesale business or u liquor store. Apply at 18S Spring street fO LKT OR FOR SALE-FOR BOARDING HOUSE, institution or school, furnished or unfurnished, largo House and Grounds, finely located, near ferry, Vander bllt Landing, Staten Island. GEO* J. GREENFIELD. 66 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASE? THE VACANT LOT. '4UU25 feet, on the north side of Morton street, between Washington and West streets. Apply to EDWARD T1MPSON. room 11, 115 and 117 Nassau street, or ROBERT BAN FORD, Pounhkeepale. mo LET OR LE ARK? STORK 606 SECOND A YEN IE. 1. near Thirty-fourth struct. Apply to J. ZIMMER, S88 Second avenue. TO LET OR LEASE? FOR A TERM OF YEARS. ON Sixth aveuue, near Thirty-fourth street and Broad way junction, a splendid Store. HOFFMAN, COBURN A CO., 603 Sixth avcaue. TO LEASE-A FOUR STORY STORE AND DWBLL las. junction of Broadway and Sixth avenue. ' HINE A l'ELL, 557 Sixth avenna. TO LEASE-FOB A LIVERY 8TARLB, A THREE sforvlramo House, on the rear of a lot; sise of va cant lot '22^x72, on East Fiffytlfth street: suitable for above purpose or a milkman, Ac. Inquire for particulars of the owner, S. KAUFMANN, COO Third avenue. TO LEASE? THE LARGE FRAME BUILDING, WITH kitchen attaohed. situate at the foot of West Twenty third street, within 40 feet of the Erie Railway lerrv ; suitable for a restaurant. For further particulars in quire of MAY A KING, No. 1 New street, corner Wall. TO LEASE? THE STORE, BACK ROOMS AND Kitchen, all ready tor thu restaurant business, 123 East Forty-lour ill street. WILLIAM 8. GAVEY, SI Bleecker street. TO RENT? HOUSE AND STORE 510 BROOME street, near South Fifth avenue, at a verv low flcure to responsible party. Inquire of J. M. HERTZ, 39 Mer cer street. TO RENT? FOR BUSINESS. A LARGE BUILDING ON Eighteenth street, ncur Broadway, suitable lor mil linery or dressmaking estsblisliinout on a large scale For particulars apply to WM. H. RAY NOR, No. 5>i Pine st THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue (about 60x50 feet each), in the rear of and connected with 1,2(15 to 1,269 Broadway, between Tliiriy-flrst and Thirty-second streets, the vi hole or any uurt; will be titled up to suit tenants. Apply to W. 8. MELDKUM, I,2(i9 li roadway. mWlSST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET ? A FIRST Floor, ftirnlshed suitable for a dressmaker or mil liner. Apply between 10 and 5 o'clock for one week. 1QA FULTON STREET TO LET.? STORE, BASE lOU metit, counter-cellar, and four lofts 25x70. Anply on premises. Also Store 19i> Fulton street, ;5x30, with or without steam power. Apply In the basement. ^ DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. Furnlalied. A? LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR FIFTY-FIFTH . street, fully furnished, tour story high stoop brown stone House ; rent (lowest) for one year, $3,000. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Fiue street and 226 Filth avenuo. A SMALL COTTAGE, BKH'K, NEAR TIIE EIOHTH avenue entrance to Central Park, to rent partially furnished ; water and gas. It applied tor by a small fam ily who arc responsible the rent will be only (HOO a vear. Apply at 897 Eighth avenue. JOHN BRAMGAN. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED II0(J8E, thirty thlrd street, near Madison avenue, $250 a month; Thirty-flfth afreet, near Fifth avenue. $275; others ut re duced rentals WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avonuo. An elegant three story house to let? Furnished handsomely or unfurnished, either to suit applicant Apply at 29 Enst Twenty-eighth street. A? HOUSES FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED TO ? let elieap, between Sixth and Madison avenues, from Thirty-second to Forty -sixth. Twenty -third, Fortieth and Forty -first streets. O. DWYER, 1,270 Broadwuy. ANTCELY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-ON Thirty-flfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, $25 >; part ot a House, on Thirty -fourth street, $90. Per mits at 6S8 Sixth avenue. Furnished house for boardeks.-a few doors from Filth avenuo and near Thirty-fourth ?tree ; rent $'.'75 per month ; it ought to bring about this rent without furniture. WM. A A. ORl'IKSHANK, coriicr Broadway and Forty -fourth street. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A BEAU lit nl House in 162d street, Carmansvlllc ; splendid view of the Hudson ; modern improvement*; a rare op portunity to get a good homo at a cheap rent. W. N. GUISWOLD, 744 Broadway, Astor place. TO LET? FURNISH KD, THE DWELLING HOUSE 226 West Fourth street, at a moderate rent; house fully ftirnlshed and in good order. Apply to V. 8. WOOD RUFF, 70 West Forty-sixth street. TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE S4 EAST TENTH street, between Broadway and University place; ail modern improvements and In perfect order. W. N. G Rib WOLD, 744 Broadway (Astor place). TO LET? SMALL THREE STORY BASEMENT HOUSE, well furnished, mostly new; some Furniture, Car pets, Ac., must be bought; will sell low for cash or Part on time, or will trade ; possession any time. 221 West Forty-third stroet, near Broadway. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY. FROM MAY TO October, a very comfortable, well furnished House; rem $100 per mouth. Apply to AUG. CttUlKSUANE, 55 Broadway. * WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NORTn SIDE, near Filth aveuue.? Four slory high stoop brown atone House for rent, fully and elegantly furnished or un furnished; in complete order. For permits apply to ROWLAND R. HAZARD, Jr., 110 Broadway. QQ EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR IIAII ZtV isou siiuare? A beautiful medium sized House to let, lnrnlsiicd or unfurnished, with immediate possession. Apply to owner on premises. A MONTH ONLY-FOR A BEAUTIFULLY furnished tour story brown stoue House, on Thirty-filth street, between Lexington and Park avenues; beautiful location. 8. FREiuENRICH k CO., 906 and 308 Third avenue. Unfurnished. An eleoant large house, between fifth and Madison avenues, 26 Fiftieth street, 2S.lxHO, with extension, 25xlM; tn splendid condition; recently deco rated; finished in hard wood; mirrors; gas fixtures; par ties leasing can purchase the carpets very reasonably; rent $3,800. Apply on the premises. AT $2,800, TO A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A FOUR story brown stone House, 17x60, Forty -ninth street, near Finn avenue: carpets, mirrors and fixtures, n benu tnul residence and In perfect order; references reuuirud. Apply to owner, JAMES C. SPENCER, 261 Broadway. A THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET? 809 WEST TWEN ty-second street, JAMES N. WELLS, 191 Ninth av enue. A -ON TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH . avenue and Broadway, three brown stone Houses, No". 4, 6 and 8; very desirable location fbr residence or business. DREW, No. 3 West Twenty-third street. ? D'r'SIUABLR BMIDENCp TO LET OB LEASE, J\ with seveii nifl ioU anil tine stable, plenty of fruit ; the House is large and in perfect order; all improve ment*; location, 124th street, near Eighth avenue. M. E. CKASTO, 8.108 Third avenue. Avery handsome, eleoantly finished, 25 foot four story brown stone House to let, lu Filty second street, near Filth avenue. T. 8. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A FIFTH AVENUE HOUSE TO LET? AS A FIRST class boarding house; lour storv high stiop brown stone trint, near Twentieth street H. K. DREW A Co., No. S West Twenty-third Street, or HOLLY BROS. A KISSAM, No. 6 l'lne street A THREE STORY HMH HOUSE TO LET.? ALL modern improvements; good neighborhood ; rent J'JOO. (I. It 1 1. LIN<;S, :?< 1. ast Fi.rty first street. MAGNIFICENT BROWN STONE CORNER HOUSE to let, bay windows, Ac., $I.5U); also one for $1,400. C. o BILLINiiS, .w East Forty-first stn et. A HOUisE FURNISHED II ANDSOM ELY, IN A VKKV A p!en?nnt part of Madison avenue; extensive grounds; all modern Improvements; to let to a private family ; j^Mper month.^^ snARpE ^ p,nf>Mr(<et i Tn REE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO LET? A In good order; 149 East Fifteenth street, between Third nv. inte and Irving place. Tor permit apply to HIRAM MKRUITT. 58 Third avenue. A FOURSTOKY Iior.-E. TIIIKTY-I-ICII Til STREET* J\ near I'ark avenue, rent $2,500 unfurnlahcu or furnished ; also tour story House, Lexington avenue, near Thirty-filth street, $3.riU0. , R'litEKT T. MEERH, 80 Cedar street T *700? A CONVENIENT SmTuJ/HOUSE, IN COT tage |?laee, near Hleecker street. Address, with ref erences, J. H., box 124 Herald olllee. J^T $l..W0? ELEOANT THREE STORY BROWN stone avenue me; fonr story brown stone, $2,000, near Madisuu ; on Murrav Ilill. $2,500; small II ease, $980. WILLIAM TUt KER, 22n Fifth avennc. A A SMALL FIRST CLASS ENGU8H BASEMENT brown stoue House to let, 224 West FiiUcth stroet; rent $1,260. ?31 CLINTON PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY, HTOH i stoop lull si /p Dwelling to rcut at only $2,01*1 per annum, with ga<< fixtures. V. It. sTEVKNSOW, Jr., 11 Pine street and ? Fifth nv. A TltUEF, STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET? Everything first t class; location delightful; rent $1,1)00. Q. O. BILLTNGS. ,MW E?H Fortv-flrst street. A THREE STORY HIOII STOOP BASEMENT AND under-cellar House to let, with all improvements, possession at once; rent $90 per mouth. Apply on prem ises, 23? Ea?t Thtrty-llith street A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House to let, on Thirty-seventh street, Murray Hill, rent $2.7U); also, 133 Fast f ltty-slxth street, three story high stoop, partly lurnlshcd, rent $1J00; also, 112 I' ast Seventy -fourth street, three story high stoop brown stone, rent fUM; ?? '? "no order. Apply tv JOHN COAR, 152 East Thirty seventh street. N ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE In Forty seventh street, near Firth avenue, 24 feet wide "rent ??,0W. Apply to K U. GRADY, 827 sum ar. ^ BUTUINO HOVUM TO LHT. iBfuraiikeit, A? TO LBT, A rOrB STORY FRENCH BASBMBNT ? Ilonse. 14 r< i r?s, In (food order. 233 West For%v -ttrat !tre#t;ront low j three story Houm 2?J Wen Fortieth street ; rent moderate, inquire of J. MtLLINd, bulkier, 333 West Fortieth itrwt. AN ELBOANT BROWN BTONB FIRST OLASsi House. having everr oonvenlonee, on Fifth avenue, between 124th and lMth streets; ront $I,WjO; to lease. Wll.l.l AM 8. OAVKY, 34 Bleeoker street. 11* AST FOBTY-THIBD STBBBT, OKB DOOR FROM J Fifth avenue.? To let or lease. a ffne 4 story hi?h stoop brown stone llonse, In perieet order; newly painted throughout. Apply to owner, F. F. BKALfc, A Broad street . HARLEM ?TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, SI WBST 133d street, near Fifth avenue, all Improvements. Inquire st BU KH A HILL'S, southeast corner oi Third avenue and 124th street, or SQ5 East Twentieth street; rent moderate. HOUSES AND COTTAOB TO LHT CHEAP? TWO nice brick Houses, all improvements, in the Ninth ward, ?rom $Hfa) to $l,sno each. Neat Cottage ou Ninth avenue, $600. Apply at 603 Hudson street 1 f "FOOT-WEARY MOTHER" REJOICES IN THR 1 happy possession of a husband who Is a reaiicctahlo and reliable gentleman, and who will pay nls rent promptly, she will find, at least, one landlord who doea not obiect to children and who will let at a fttlr prloe an elegant medium sized brown stone front, centrally lo cated. Address OWNER, box 102 Herald Uptown Brunch office. POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, AT A REDUCTION of rent, the large 25- foot House 23 Amity street, one block west of Broadway ; all modern Improvements; fine large rooms and large garden ; will he let lor busi ness If required. Seen trom 10 lo 11 morning. TO LKT-A THREE STORY BRICK VILLA, 37X60. situated on the Boulevard, between 142d and 148d streets, with liund-ome grounds (I* lots) and stable at tached ; view and situation unsurpassed ; rent $1,100 per annum. Apply to EDWARD J. KINO A SONS, 436 Broome street. TO LET ? THE RESIDENCE OF THE LATE J. W. Benedict, in Audubon Park, Washington Uelghta, New York city, with twe aeres of ground, stable, Ac. Apply to COL/KM AN BENEDICK 14 Broad street, or l'L 1'fcK CARTER, 630 Broadway. TO LET-A FULL FRONT THREE STORY BRICK Mouse, in fortieth street, near Pnrk avenue ; rent *1,700. Apply to P. H. GRADY, 827 Sixth aveuue. ' TO LET-THE HOUSE AND GROUNDS BOUNDED by flcventv-cighth street, Seventy-ninth street. Broad way Boulevard and Tenth avenue. Imiulru of J. E. HEALTH, 11^ Chambers street, from 12 to 3 o'clock. TO LET? A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE, FIFTH AVENUE; Cottages, $40 a month, Harlem. Mrs. VERMILYBA, ISO East I13th street, or JENKINS, 71 Broadway, room 00. TO LET? A LAROE NUMBER OF PRIVATE HOUSES, at reduced rents, on fi$d, 53d, 5Mh, 6Hth, f>7th, S8th, 69th, 61st, 65th and 71st st?. Call and get suited. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, corner 57th st. and Third av. TO LET? A SMALL HOUSE. WITH ALL IMPROVE mcnts; will be put in good order; nine rooms; $#0o. Apply to Mr. LEE, 167 Waverloy place, In the basement. TO LET? FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, with tall size store, 424 Third avonue ; also three Story and basement high stoop Dwelling, 201 East Fifty - fllth street. Apply at French's Hotel. TO LET? THREE STORY AND BASEMENT MODERN House, on Seventy-eighth street, near Lexington av enue; rent low to a good tenant. F. CRAWFORD, 053 Third avenue, new Bank building. TO LET? FOUR STORY HOUSE NO. 4 WEST Twenty-eighth street; contains 18 rooms, and is partly furnished ; back parlor rented as a dental office. TO LET-UNFURMSIIED, A SMALL THREE STORY brick Bouse in Fifty-seventh street, between First and Second avenues; rent $1,900; possesion 1st ot Mav; is in tine order anO hns all modern conveniences. Ad dress box 6,.W7 Post office. TO LBT? TIIE FOI'R BTORY HOUSE 30 AND 32 WEST Fifteenth street; contains 2rt rooms; suitablu for boarders. For permits apply to R. P. BERRIEN, 102 South Fifth avenue. TO LET? THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House 205 West Thirty -eighth street, near Broadway, with carpets, oilcloths, mirrors, cornices, chandeliers, gas fixtures, shades, Ac., in the house. All modern improvements. Apply on the premises or ad dress CORNELIUS O'RBILLy, 110 East Forty-fifth street. TO LET-HOUSE 112 BANK STREET, WITH STABLE in rear ; a good chance for a cartmau. For permit apply to H. MK Kill TT, 63 Third avenue. TO LET? HOUSE 17 8TUYVB8ANT STREET, NEAR A. T. Stewart's, suitable for a boarding house; ha* 20 rooms. For permit apply to H. MEKKITT, 53 Third av. TO LET? HOUSE 810 EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR Second avenue, well suited for a boarding house, having 26 rooms. For permit apply to H. MEKKITT, 63 Third avonue. TO LET? HOUSE 381 BROOME STREET; LOT 120 feet deep. For permit apply to U. MURK1TT, 63 Third avenue. Bent $1,000. TO LET? IN HARLKM, CONVENIENT TO BOATS and cars, a three story brown stone House, in good order ; rent $1,00U. HOWFLL A BURST, 021 Third avehue. TO LET? TIIE NEW THREE STORY BIOS STOOP brown stone House, all improvements. Prospect flace, between Forty-second and Forty-third streets; eat $1,600. Apply to VV. s. MBLDRUM, 1,269 Broadway. rpo LET? OR FOR 8ALE, NINTH WARD, AN EI.B 1 gnnt large size Dwelling House, in the liest locality In the Ninth ward ; to be renied reasonably to a responsi ble party, or will lie sold. Apply to UEO. W. MORTON, No. 7 Murray street, room 5. TO I KT OR VOR HALF? IN EAST SE VENTY-XINTU street, N os, 3117 to Sift, new and eleiram French Flats; every modern improvement; neighborhood first class; grand entrance on the premises. E. KILPATK1CK. TO LET? A THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE, ON Eighty -seventh street, near the Boulevard ; 10 rooms and a stable. with two lots of ground; rent $35 pur month. Inquire at 402 West Flftv-tonrth street. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE HOUSE; ALL modern improvements; thirteen rooms; lor one or two families; price $1,000; 1HM Boss street, Brooklyn, E. D., near Lee a\ enue. TO LET? THE THREE STORY AND BA'-EMENT Houses 206 and 110 East lOfiih street, near Third ave nue; all Improvements: $675 per annum. Inquire of G. BAY, 2,020 Third aveiiu?. TO LET OB LEASE? NEAR CENTRAL PARK, ON East Sixty-first street, fine four story high stoop brown stone Houses, cabinet finish, all improvement", mirrors and gas fixtures; immediate possession; rent low to responsible partios. Apply to owner, F. F. BEALH, 31 Broad street. TO LET OR LEASE? ONR OF THOSE SPLENDID three story brown stotie first class Houses, built by F. A. Thurston, Ksq., south side of 126th street, between Fourth and Madison avenues; they have the reputation of being the finest houses in Harlem ; rent for one or threu years at $1,500 per year. * M. K. CBABTO, 3,108 Third avenue. TO LEASH-THRKE STORY AND BASEMENT House West Eighty-fourth street, near Eighth ave nue; rent $70J; every convenience. WILUAM 8. OAVKV, 34 Bleecker street_ TO LEASE? NO. 6 LAFAYETTE PLACE, FOB DWELL Ing or business purposes ; rent very low. Apply to C. C. PINCKNEV, 43 Pine street TO LEASE? A HANDSOME AND CONVENIENT FOUR slory English basement House, in Kast Twenty -third street, completely furnished ; rent $2,000. WILLIAM S. GAVEY, 34 Bleecker street TO LET OR LEASE? PARTIALLY FURNISHED House, 10 room*. Tenth street, near Second aveuuv ; $125 a month. Also llonse on I rvliiif Mace. NICHOLS A CAFFERTV, l>8 Fourth avenne^ rpo RENT? THE LOWER PART* OF A FOUR STORY I tilvh Stoop brown stone bouse, consisting of Base ment, Parlor and Third Floors, with nil modern Improve nil- 11 is. Inquire at 319 West Thirty -third street. WHOLE HOUSES? 6? WASHINGTON STREET, 10 rooms. $900; 333 Washington street, 14roouii>, $1,100; 80 Sixtn avenue, 12 rooms, $1,200. E. L. A B. T. BURSHaM, 609 nudson street 9TII WARD.-THE HOUSE 278 WERT FOURTH street, near Hammond street: ten rooms, range and gas; rent $1,200. Inquire at 176 West Tenth street. A z|n -TO LET, THE NEAT COTTAGE 212 EAST Jprr". 111th street, between Second and Third avenues. The house has 10 rooms; painted and frescoed walis; water on every floor. Inquire of Mrs. HARFORD, 230 West Eighteenth street, or on premises, on Sunday, ttotu 1 to 6 P. M. PER MONTH.? THREE STORY ENGLISH ?QU basement brick, 125th street, ueur Fifth avenue: new elevated ranee, new bathroom. n?w heater and mantels, elegant mirror, to a small family. Inquire of owner, 20^ Broadway, room 12. d?r*n a month-134 west imtr street, har. ?!?*)U lem.? Cottage wltn nlnerooma; large yard and fruit: partially furnished if desired i to small futnily ; or owner would occupy part. <hsr r PER MONTH.? TO LET, THREE HTORY nit! II ?P I O stoop brown slone House, 20 leet front, in com plete order, convenient to bouts and ears; possession at once. SAMUEL D. MACK, 2,1.12 I liird avenue. ffn KAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET? A SMALL HO three story brown stone House, in good order will be rented low to a desirable tenant. Apply to owner, on p re in i ses. ______________________ mKAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET? NEAT, OOZY Houses to rent, near Fourth avenue eurs; Furni ture tor sale ; extra law yard. Reasonable rent t)U? WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.? TO RENT. ZlO al $1,300 a year, by D. O. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, room 42. story brown stone House, 351 East Twentieth ~TO U'"T' T? A PK^'ATP FAMILY, THREE street. 61 Tumi -madiso.v avenue, corner ran vl'V""W, street, three storv nnd basement, stone front; all improvements; 12 minutes from Forty-second street Apply at l,4i2 Broadway, near Fortieth street. POWER BROTHERS. FI R.MSIIED ROOMS A N O APARTMENTS ^ T1M/KT. A COTTAGE? TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK, with all modern Improvement., fronting Boulevurd, near West Sixty-ninth street; rent $700. Bro?nst<>ue Houses, near or overlooking Central Park, on West Futv eighth street, $1,4<M> ; West Sixty first, $2,000; West Fitly fourth, $1,MJ0; West Fifty seventh, $2,5o"; West Fllty fllth, $3,ikO. D. DARROW, '.ejs Eighth avenne AphivaFe family of two ow is i nITa n iVoc". cupvintt a first elsss House on one of the prettiest blocks on Murray Hill, would let one or two e lev mil fur nished Rooms to gentlemen, without hoard; first class references required and (riven. 148 East Thirty-seventh street, ueur I .* ? xmglon am nue. N AMERICAN FAMILY WILL i.ET THREE" FRONT Rooms, well furnished, for housekeeping. 205 fclxth

avenue, near Seventeenth street. A WIDOW, REDUCED, WOULD LUCK TO MEET with a party of gentlemen who would advaneo money and return In Rooms or Rooms and Board. 0i9 Sixth avenue, second floor. ___ ALAROE AND PLEASANT FUONT ROOM, NICELY furnished, with or without hall Bedroom adjoining, to let to one or two gentlcmei. who would desire the same lyr permanent occupation. luuuite at IS CUfiWtt piuvt. rCHJtlUU&U KlHiHK AND APABVHEITTB TO l<KT. A SECOND FLOOR AND TWO ROOMS OK THIRD floor to l?l-W UofaUo itiMt; imitrovaineaW; im mediate possession. ? K. L. A JI-^BURNHAM. 608 Hudson strsat Mlfllfsggsg A LARGE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BEDROOM Jx. to W I? On top floor. . No. 6 1 Wwt Sixteenth street, between Fifth and tiixth avenues. A HANDSOME FI'RNISH ED ROOM TO RENT? TO one or two gentlemen, without board, or for light housekeeping; gas, bath ; family private; raferoacai ex changed. 1M Third street, m ar Bowery . A? To LET FURNISHED. ONE OK THE HANI). ? somest French Maw In thin city, near Filth avenue, below Fitty-alxth street, at a moderate rent to a llrst claai tsuilly. OiUce 9BU Sixth avenue. AT TRADES' SAVINGS BANK, 275 WEST TWENTY third street.? Pleasant furnished Hootns, with gas, hath, Ac., tor gentlemen. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD BENT AN ELEOANTLY furnished suit of Parlors, also large second story front, buth adjoining; no boarders. 117 Twenty -sixth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. A small family WILL LET HANDSOMELY FUR nished Booms on flrat floor, with kitchen privi leges, moderate to permanent parties. 84 Oreenwleh avenue, near Sixth avenue am' Tenth street. Immediate possession. APBIVATE FAMILY, LIVING NEAR CENTRAL Park. will rent two or three neatly Uirnlslied Booms upon the third floor to gentlemen, without board ? refer ences required. Apply at 34 West Filty-ionrth street. _ A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOt'LD LET ONE or two law handsomely furnished Booths to gentle men or highest rcspee lability . Apply at 123 West Korty flrst street, opposite Reservoir square, Sixth avenue. ComfohTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS, BOW LaRuE ami small. to let. to gentluincn >>uiy, from 92 to >7 per week. Call at 1!H Bleeuker street, one door from Macdongal. ELtOANT FURNISHED ROOMS? WITH HOT AND . w?,*'.r. lor gentlemen only, no moving iu May, at 330 West Thirty-third street " Furnished for housekeeping? the upper I art of a smalt house, with gas, batli. stationary tnhs, *0. ; convenient to all west aide curs ; reut mode rate. 202 V> est 1 orty-uinth street. C^IO AND BEE THAT THREE STORY BROWN STOVE T nouse in Fifty-third street, noar Lexington avenue. Which I will rent tor about *1,500 a your. _____________ F. alTTEL, 1,0B6 Third avenue. PURNISUBD FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, M2 weekly; Hall Room, *3s Suits of Itooms, SB and 93; upper Room, SI fit). Bath anil closet; quiet, private house; central business location. 1(16 East Fifteenth street, vast of Uniou square. Harlem.? one or more furnished rooms to rent, in a fine house, In an open, airy neighbor hood. Address 130TH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE M'E, station L. Handsomely furnished rooms to let? with oiit board, nt 140 West Sixteenth street. Refcrencos. IRVINO PLACR HOTEL, OPPOSITE ACADEM V OF Music.? Nicely furnished Rooms to rent, tat moderate price*. with French restaurant attached. Large and beautiful front room, furnish ed splendidly, for gentlemen; no boarders; first class house and location; superior accommodations: all con veniences. SU West Ninth struct, between i iitli and Sixth avenues. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACOOMMO dated with a large Room on second tloor and two hall Rooms on third If neceasary; modern improvements. 1H3 East Thirty-fifth street. P AIM .OR FLOOR? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, without board, for two gentlemen; three minutes' walk to Fifth Avenue Hotel; at 48 Lexlmrton avenue, third door above Twenty -fourth street; all modern Im provements. PART OF A HOUSE, PARTIALLY FURNISHED, TO let, with owner, to a family of adults. Apply at 125 West Thirty -second street. "DENTS BEDUCED-ON HOUSES IN 13TII, WTII, IV 40th, 4 1st, 491 h, 50th, filst, 8*1, 53d, 68th, 67th, flOth, OlstJ 65th streets, up tollarli-m; large assortment of French Flats and Paris of private Houses. Particulars In Sun day's paper. LIONEL FROEHLICH, Third avennercorner Fiftieth street TO LET? FURNISHED, ROOM AND BEDROOM. FOR one or two gentlemen, with a private family ; no moving in Mav. Call at 21B Eart Eleventh street, be tween Second and Third a von ties. TO* LET-FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED ROOMS In a small private family. 30 West Thlrty-llltli street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. TO LET-TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, A HAND somelv famished front Room, on second tloor; refer ences exchanged. Call at 144 West Forty -tilth street. TO LET? A NEAT THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, 16 West 129th street: will be put in complete order for a small family; rent $700 per annum. M. H. MYERS A SON, 434 Broomo street. TWO LAROE, NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ON third floor, with gas, bath, Ac., to let to gentlemen, without board; private tnmily ; 323 West Twentieth street; rent low; reference required. WEST TWENTY-THIRD STBEET.? TO LET OR lease, the 3!? story brick House, No. 357 ; in good order; rent low to good tenant. Apply to F. h\ UEALS, owner, 31 Broad street. 5 WEST WASHINGTON PLACE, SECOND DOOR flotll MaO'lyltldl ntrtct. To lei. *. lilt UuarJ. (\tri,Utio<l Rooms for gentlemen and their wives or single gentle men; a few select boarders taken ; French and English spoken. Table, Ac., first class. 7 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? DESIRABLE Lo cation and neatly furnished Booms, withuut board, for two or three gentlemen ; two large parlors, seen ml floor, and udjoiniug bedroom; also third floor, front bed room. d?7 (TA ?NO MOVING-WELL FURMSHED PAR ??> I .tHJ. lor, with best kind of sola bed; use of kit chen Are; hot and cold water, bath. 222 Fnlv-bei oiul Street, near Broadway. "I Q VARICK PLACE (SULLIVAN STREET), BETWEEN lO Houston and Bleeckor streets.? To let. to one or two gentlemen only, a nicely ftirul.dicd Room, on second floor ; bath, gas, hot and cold water ; iu ccntral location ; rent $7. 1 Q EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN AO Union square and Fifth avenue.? ltooms lor gentle men. without board. Q 7 WEST THIRTY. FIRST STREET.? TO LET, A JL I large, well furnished Room, to a single gentleman, without board ; family private. A Q WEST TWENTY-SIXTn STREET BETWEEN TI O Sixth avenuo and Broadway.? Elegantly fur nished Rooms, parlors en suit and receptinu room, on first floor ; prices moderate ; bath and uu convenknccs. No moving in May. nn NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF ? JIJ Broadway.? A large handsomely furnished front Room, on first floor: everything first class; to let to two gentlemen ; references exchanged. rQ LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY. ? )0 flith street ?Handsomely furnished front Rooms to let In the second storv ; also Parlor Suit, without board ; no moving; references exchanged. pr(l WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? A NICE, t)r/ well furnished front Room, on the third Hour; family private ; no moving In May. Q/\ USIVER8ITV PLACE, NEAR FOURTEENTH OH street.? -To let, to gentlemen, without board, a fht tiiiK >?(1 Bed Room, newly furnished;' alio a small Hed rooin ; family private. References exchanged. (11 ST. MARK'S PLACE.? FURNISHED FRONT PAR 1/1 lor to let. 1 A n WEST TH IRTV-SECOND STREET, NEAR Broadway.? Furnished Rooms to let. to gentle men only. In a private family; terms moderate; reler cnces exchanged. 1 (IT SECOND AVRNrE, NEAR TWELFTH STREET ? J.e/1) An elegantly tarnished Snlt of Kooms, well adapted for a party of gentlemen; separately or together; private family; beautiful location; terms moderate. OO/I EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, THIRD jiT floor.? Four furnished Rooms to let to adults for housekeeping ; rent low ; reference required. ISFIRNI8IIKD ROOMS A.\l> AJPAHT MRNTS TO LET. A SUIT OR FLAT OF FIVE OR SIX ROOMS p.O let in the European House, 7H West Forty-eighth street, corner Sixth avenue ; the house is In fine condi tion and ha* all improvement*. Apply to the portoror to Mr. TREMOR. 723 Sixth avenue. AVEIIY DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR, FOUR rooms, two Rooms on third, modern Improvements, latindrv convenlenees, Ar., to let, to a small family, at $40 per month ; Eighteenth street, near Niuth aveuue. Apply at 434 West Thirty-third street. An eleoant flat, on a corner, nine rooms; all lighted from the streets size of house, 2f>xM: three blocks from t'cntral Park; westMde; s'rlcilv ilr-t class, with janitor. Apply to JOHN BRA MOAN, VS1 Eighth avenue. A? TO LET, AT M WEST ELEVENTH STREET. BE- . , tween Fifth and Sixth avetines. First Floor and Ilasement: desirable apartments; duo yard;reut low. Inquire M premises. All vacant.? third floor private house Mt West Twcntv-seventh street, modern improvements, one or three years, (da month ; 2M Ninth avenue, til. A mm FINE ~ LARGE UPPER ROOM, WITH Fli?l? place. In private house, !?3 St. Mark's place; rent $4. Apply to the owner on premises. Am PARLOR AND BASEMENT FLOOR, WE>T THIlC tv filth stroet, $86 per month ; Second Floor, West Thirtv'-tourth, $.'*); Second Floor, West Twejity-seventh, $??; First Floor, Eighth avenue, $?); First Hoor, tiroouis, West Nineteenth street. $30, and a niiuiker of others. H. V. MEAD, 422 Eighth avenue. * N UPPER PART? FIVE ROOMS, IN ELEOANT PRL JY vate house, AO East Forty -tilth street, to fmall rami. lv ; can only be seen by pcnnfls on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Ai>ply to LIONEL FROEULlt'ii, Third avenue, corner tiftfeth street A mm SPLENDID ""FRENCH PLAT, CORNER FIFTY slxth street and Sixth avetuie, replete with every Improvement; rent moderate; others troin $ftO to $190. MORRIS It HAhK, !lMi Sixth a venue. Ah -LOWER PARt OP PRIVATE HOUSE TO LET IN , I, a good location ; rent moderate. Apply at 310 West ' Filly-Ural street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. ? Nt MBEIl OF Nil E FLOORS IN THE MEW ' JV House, 1*3 East Forty-fourth street, near the Urand Central depot. In Suits of three and six rooms. WILLIAM S. OAVEY.tM Hleeokcrstraet. A -TO LET. ON SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FIFTY. , eighth street, a delightful neighborhood, four splendid Rooms, with Improvements; reut $30 only. Apply at once Ht '.W Sixth avenue. A? TO f.ET, FLOORS IN THE NFW BROWN STONE . building it2 West Mneieenth street, containing eight rooms each, parlor, sitting room, kitchen and lour bedrooms including ranee, holler, bathroom an I everr other convenience. Apply ou the premises irow 10 A M. to 6 P. M. vmmwiiiHKB noons axb apabt MBlfTS TO LET. A PARLOR FLOOR 2l? SPRING STREET.? FOUR light rooms all Ini ?roveni?nt?, $35; Seoond Floor, tour rimni and bathroom. $40; Lower Part, $40: Third Floor, 108 Varlrk, rtro rooms, >30 Apply at 2Sh Spring at. A? TO LRT, SEYBRAL FLOORS OF THREK TO SIX ? room* each, on Klnth avenue and ou Fifteenth street, between Eighth uud Ninth arenuea. Theae lioora are in Rood order. with Ororon water, separate gas meter*, fixtures ami othur conveniences. Apply to D. A. CUSIIMan, 172 Ninth avenoa, botwaaa Twentieth and Twuaty-nrm streets. A? TO LKT, ON THK NORTHWEST CORNER OF ? Flfty-iixth ?tr*ot and Sixth avenne, ona of the nau<i?omett French Flats ever erected on thia Continent, consisting ot nine large rooms ; aisa 35x16. OlHce W# Hxth avenue. ELROANT FLATS, HIGH HT<?OP hrown stone trout, marble hull, all Improvements : choice fatnl L'?r? r?,.1.7 Inquire on the premise*, 412 Wont Ulty-fltth street, ma r the Park. _ - F LOOKS TO LKT ? IN TIIK BROWN STONE FRONT home 342 East Portv-nlnth street. IT'LCORS TO LET? SIX ROOMS, KACII COMPLETE I with all Improvement*. 1,234 and 1.2J6 Third avenue, np?u; HeTenty-flrat ?trcet. Apply u. vache a BROWN, 971 Thlni avenue, corner Fltty eighth street. FIRST RATH FLOORS AND FRENCH PLATS OX Sixth avenue. HOFFMAN, COiiUKN * CO. 601 Sixth avenue. IOWER PART OF 117 EAST TWENTY NINTH 1 streot. with 2 Rooms on second floor, owner rctnin inpr the rest tor sleeping; balls furnished; rent low, if sure pay ; shown utter 10 A. M. Chiefly furnished, It de sired. Notice to physicians.? a pbivatb family will let a pleasant front Otlleu to a physician ; locu tion Thirty first .street, near Fourth avenue. Address W. O. 0., box 1311 Herald office. PART OF THE FOUR STORY II 1(1 H STOOP HOUSE, to a small family, 207 East Forty-sixth street In quire on the premises. Rents reduced. ? elegant suits of rooms, In now hrown stone buildings, containing all modern improvement*, hot and cold water, Iiatli, stationary tubs, range, water closets, Ac., making a complete fam ily residence. Anply, on premises, to GEORGK STELL OBNBaUM. 2,232 Second avenue, or to the undersigned: also elegant Apartment and Floors on avenue C and First avenue. Apply to ISAAC 6CHREIBER, 340 East Fourth street TO LET? CHEAP TO A SMALL FAMILY, A FLOOR ot six rooms Iti private house, 151 West 15th St., bo twee n 6th and 7th av?. TO LET-TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS, FOUR ROOMS; large room, two bedrooms and kitchen; In brown stone house, 4.18 WestSStn street; water and water closets. Kent $17 per month. TO LET? LARUE THIRD FLOOR, IN ONE OF THK finest stone front houses in Hnrlcui, 225 Kast llCtli street; splendid location; lm) foot street; rent $30 per inouth. Small family desired TO LKT? A HANDSOME SECOND*FLOOR AND front Basement in private house IB Hester street, near Orchard ; only two latnllieg in the house. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-A LARGE AND COMMODIOUS FLOOR IN the private houtc, No. 84 Columbia street; rent $40. TO LET? TIIE UPPER PART OF A FOUR STORY House, 30 Beck man place, between Flltleth and PI# tv-flrst streets; rent low to a desirable family. Apply on premise*. O LET? BASKMENT NO. 12 FRANKFORT STREET. Apply at French's Hotel. T IIO LET-A 8KOOND FLOOR. TWO ROOMS ON THIRD floor and ono room In attic; privilege of laundrv, bath. Ac. ; at .TO West Eighteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; rent $WJ per month ; can be seen from ono to live o'clock. TO LKT? A SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OF FIVE rooms ami bathroom ; gas, hot and cold water; rent moderate to a small family; also a furnished Boom lor a gentleman. 115 Clinton placo. TO LET? FLATS OF NINE ROOMS, WITH ALL THE latest improvements; bum, hot and cold water, stationary washtubs, elevator; all light rooms; location private) ianltor in charge, FRANCIS CRAW FORD, Bank Building, Third avenue and Fifty seventh street. TO LET-UPPER PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE IN East Nineteenth street ; also in Seventh street, four, Ave or seven rooms; rent $45 and $55 a month. Apply at Real Estate office, i:w First avenue, corner Eighth street. TO LBT? THREE ROOMS, FOURTH FLOOR, MODERN brov p rivatc, X brown stono house, gas ami water, to small family, ~ -*7ato, tor $-'5 per mouth, at 258 West Forty-second t ' T O LKT-THK UPPER PART OF TUB HOUSE 221 Qrceno str?et. rpo LET? TWO FLOORS (FRENCH FLATS) IN THE 1 now house 313 West Twenty-first street: nil modern Improvements; fine large yard i other Apartments m 315. Apply at 310, ico office. rflO LET? LOWER PART OF HOUSE, FIVE BOOMS, X 8.1 West Eleventh street; rent $60. TO tET-PtOORS IN FRENCH FL ATS, FROM $26, $tU monthly. Tbrue Cottages In avenue A, between Seventy-seveuth amt Seventy-eighth streets. A eornor Htori' at avenue A and Seventy-fourth street, suitable tor Grocery, and several other Stores. Inquire at W. A. JACU'S office, 411 East Fifty-second street. mo LET- A PEW DESIRABLE SUITS OF ROOMS IN J. a firstciutis apartment building inchurge oi janitor, Ac.. Inquire ot CUAULl-.S C. WAIiELEY, 104 Last Tuuth street. TO LBT? SECOND FLOOR AND BASEMENT. #1 Third avenue, near Stewart's, sultuhle tor a dress maker, milliner, dentist or some light busiucs*. Apply to H. MKRR1 i'T, s:: Third avenue. TO LET? A SECOND FLO<JR, WITH GAS. WATER and closet, $2d; also other Floors. Call at 141 Waverley pluce. TO LET? TO ADULTS ONLY, THIRD FLOOR, FOUR room?, private house in Fiftv-tnlrd street, near Third avenue: house eouUiins all modern Improvement*. In quire at 213 East Vi Hie th street. TO LET-TWO FLOORS, 105 BY 28 FEET, EITHER separately or together. For tarther particulars apply to LDWARO FARRELL, 75 Bowery. rilO LET? A HALF FLOOR (FRONTl HOUSE. 20X65. A Inquire at filli Third avenue, near Thirty-tourtn sk rpo LET? TWO PARLORS, WITH EXTENSION, TWO 1 Basements, with pautiic-, water and gas; one Room on third tloor. If required, in perfect order: rent $35, at 2'Jtt Madison street. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, TO ONE OR TWO GEN tlemen, a fine Parlor, with balcony in front; also small Room attached ; hath, hot and cola water, Ac. ; at 141 East Fifteenth street. TO LET CHEAP-FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT, at 58 North Moore street, near Hudson. Apply to P. SHEA HAN, 2S6 West street. TO LET? LOWER PART OF ENGLISH BASEMENT house 117 West Forty-first street, near Sixth avenue; location tlist class; rent $1J per month; Immediate pos session. rnUORNTON M. RODMAN, REAL ESTATE AGENT A f>96 Broadway, offers for rent the dwelling part of 70 Sixth avenue. eornor Waverley place; six rooms and both room: rent $71*' per annum. Also Store and Dwelling 131 Wnverle.v pluee, together or w^iarntely, $l,2uu per uti ti u in. Also Carpenter Shop, 45 Thomas street; two stories and cellar ; $fiiM) per annum. Also the first class brown stone front Dwelling House SB West Fourteenth street: four stories; high stoop : $2,5M) per annum. mWO ELEGANT PARLORS. BASEMENT EITC1IEN, J pantry, dining, bed ana bathroom.? High stoop house; all Improvement* and conveniences; separate meter; possession Immediately. 210 East Twentieth street, near Third avenue. VERY DESIRABLE FRENCH FLAT TO LET.? GOOD location; quiet neighbors; respectable house; pleas ant neighborhood; rent low to good tenant. Apply to owner, 81 Liberty street, room 28. 1" ST, Tlli RD A N D FC1 > U RT Hi FL< ?(>HS, C,7<) SIXTH AVE nue, one door trom Thirty-ninth street, B rooms each ; rent $9mi, $WU and $3t>'i respectively. Inquire on preini ses. Also first floor, 1,261 Broadway, between Thirty first and Thirty second streets; tn perfect order; no ob jection to a light, clean business; rent $1,000. Inquire ot J. YATES A CO., 1,2(!2 Broadway. 2" OR THREE PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOMS, with Board, in private family, at J68 West Forty second street. 2"" D FLOOR? SIX BOOMS; GAS, BATH; ALL IM~ provemeats; possession immediately; also Basement Floor; one step oil' the walk; cheap ront. 208 West Twentv-oighth street, between Seventh and Eighth avs. 3D FLOOR IN PRIVATE HOUSE? PARLOR, DININ' ? room, 4 bedrooms; kitchen, laundry, bathi separate incu r. Applv on the premises, 2il7 East Tnirty-second ?t. r~"UNPURNIS??l 55 R< M ?MS? K ITCHEN, TWb~PAR~. t) lors, dining room and plenty of oJOsets, to a small family of adults, iu private house. Apply at;41 Lexlun ton avenue. ___________ Oft l, ON DON TERRACE, WEST TWENTY -THIRD /jf' street.? Ti> rent. Part of Route, eight rjoms, to a small, responsible family of adults; $8<JU; location beuu titul. call trotn into 5 o'clock. eTj WEST" TWENTY-FOURTH STREET BETWEEN ?)n" Filth and Sixth avenue*.? PtoMant Rooms vacant 1st Mav, suitable for families; also single Rooma tor gen tlemen; central location; terms moderate. ?Q lvERRY "STREET, SECOND FLOOR. 4 ROOH&I $.W 4 O 4t) lloratlo, First Floor, 5 rooms 2H 3S8 West Eleventh street Third Floor. 3 rooms 19 ra West Fourth "treet, Third Floor, 4 rooms 13 6/7 Hudson stri ct, Floors, ? rooms $'.? to $!!5 l7 King street, Second Floor, ft rooms :t:i West 11th st., First Floor and Baaetnent, 2 Attics... 45 K.L.1B. T. BURN HAM, $09 Hudson "treat I t to R/WT TWRN TY-FOURTH 8TRR WFT CO RNER J'"?j of Fnnrth avenue.? Three Rooms to lei. unfur ni-hed. Inquire In the grocery store. Possession Imme diately. ______ ]rQ Wifl TWIN'TY-STXTH STREET.? A PRIVATK ? )0 family will let Second Floor (three Kooins) to a geutieman and wife or party of gentlemen ; tuwdcrn im provements; rent moderate ; nuwjy painted. "ITU WBSi^bL'BT II ' STR K E fl^TH REE PLEAS A N f I I O Rooms to let. Call tor three days. t'UITHlXU. AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOWN ESTAB tisliilteiit, I6D Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street, utmost value pa d for CitHt oil Clothing, carpuls, Ac., by calling on oraddr ssinx Mr. or Mrs. MILLER. AT F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN WasiiniKton and Wiiverly places.- l-adles and gen tlemen wiil be astonished at the prices given for tloat-off Wlotbing, Carpets anil Jewelry. Never before have such high prices lieen paid, as we are bound to fill an ordor, and goods must Im had. For Coats, trom $1to $31; Pants, $2 to $10; Dresses, $:> to $7U. Please call or address as above. Ladles attemlud by Mrs. llarr s. AT H. ROSENTHAL'S. ZO THIRD AVF.NI'E, NEAF NineU'euth street, ladloa and gentlemen will obtain full value of Cast oft Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling or addressing. Ladies intended to b> Mrs. Ri>seutl;al. LADIES AND OBNTLKMRH HAVING CAST-OFF tV. Clothing, Carpets, Furniture. Ac., to dispose of will _o well to call at H. M ANNEs'. Rtli) and SiO Seventh ave nue, as I pav the highest prlee ol any iu the trsde. l.a dles attended to by Mrs. Mantles. <?1(1 ( W \ 0 W oTiTh" T> F CAST.OFF CLOTHING, ?TPJAF.vMM/ Carpets, Ac.. watiUid for Ohloagoi the highost price paid. Call on or address G. ELI AS, 412 Seventh nvenue, Itetween Thlrty-secoud aud Thirty- third street*. Ladies attended by Mrs. lb A MTI'ATIOWW Cook*. <M. QQ EAST 4ATH 8T.-A COMPETENT YOm<? WO MAW i50 as first class cook; 1* an exptsri'-weii h*ud *iall Kindt Of meats, soups, jellies, cake aud uastry. Cuu be noon at present employer's until stilted. 9 7 BOOSEVELT ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROD* & I A respectable young woman ascook; thoroughly understands hor business ; reference. OA OAK ST., NEAR NEW c U A M HE KS. -A It Ol/ spectable womau as cook ; understands cookinc In nil Its branches; no objection to a hoarding hou?a 1 cttj reference. 4r WEST UTH ST., PRESENT EM PLOYER'S.-TWU ') first class girls in a small private family in lha city ; one as cook, washer and ironer, the other us cham bermaid and waitress; references. Call on Friday antl Saturday from H A. M. until i P. M. A 7 WOO.STER ST.? SITUATION WANTED? BY A 'x 1 K reach cook, just arrived trom Pan*; tru? Gordon blou, In a prlrate family ; has good reference. err WEST 51 ST ST., SECOND FLOOR. FROST.? AS OO cook, washer aud ironer lu a private family ; oily reference*. fTC WEST 1OTH ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND 6T? *JO iri-Two English Protestant girls, to go together! ono as II rst class cook ; the other as laundress, iu a pri vate family ; beat city reference. ?Q ORKAT JONES ST.. SECOND FLOOB.? A FIRST ? >0 class German 000k ; good references. QA (JREEN W-ICH ST.? A YOPNG WOMAN IK AM ' '1 American or English gentleman's lamliy ; is a pro fcssionul cook. mWEST 17TH ST., IN REAR.? A YOITNO WOMAN as good plain cook; will assist in washing ; im ohlection to towu or country ; good city reference. Call or address. , mWEST 3JJTII ST.? AS COMPETENT COOK. IN A small family; does all kinds of cooking; iDeatu cakes, desserts, lollies; would do er assist in washing; city preferred ; best reference. UK WEST 36X11 ST.? A SMART AOTIVB GIRL AS iTt' Cook In a private tamily ; understands all kinds of plain family cooking ; will do the coarse wa?liuig ; city rcfrrence. 1 WEST 2*TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A* L?JO cook; understands alt kinds of soups, meat* atxt games; is an excellout baker ; city or country; reference. 999 WEST 27TI1 ST., BETWEEN 7TII AND ST. 1 1 ?l?iJu avs.? A Protestant girl as uook, or to do house work tbr a small family ; city or country ; excellent ref erences. OQfi 13T AV., BETWEEN I7TII AS'I) 1ST1I ?m, tJt t\) first floor.? As cook, washer and Ironer ; has best city references. OIK EAST S# I II ST. -A REBPECTABLB GIRL Aft ttlfJ good cook and to assist with washing and Irou lug; good city reference. QQ1 8TH AV., 8ECOND FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? AS Ol/ I first class cook ; all klmls ol meats, soups autl pastry ; >10 objection to tho country ; best references. _ yflQ EAST 16TH ST.? A FIRST CLASS MP AT ANI* 1 _l t7 pastrycook; no ohlection to a flrst class board ing house or to go a short distance In tho country.' A KA WEST MTU ST. ? A YOUNO GIRL AS QOOl> T:?)W plain cook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework in a small family ; no objection to tue couu try; best city reference. 1 71 7 Til AV., BETWEEN 38TB AND 36TH STS.-A T" I 1 rcspcctablo young girl to cook; no objection ta assist with washing and ironing ; best city reierence. r"| 9 EAST 13TII ST. ? A NORTII GERMAN OIRL AS t ) I ? . eook iu a fluo American private family ; first class reierences. r-| r EAST 1GTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ?)1 ? J as first cla-'s cook I11 a hotel or restaurant; under stands meats, soups, jellies, Ac.; no objection to tha, country; good city reference. 7 AO SD AV, NEAR 4f.TII ST.. SECOND FLOOR.? I Tr*> Two respectable girls, to live together: one an good copk, washer ana Ironer - the other as chambermaid and waitress, and to assist with tho washing aud ironing 1 both willing aud obliging ; good city references truin Uuk places. Chambvrmafdi, cfec. 5TII AV., CORNER 88TfT ST. (TRESENT EMPLOP. er's).? A respectable girl as chambermaid and wait ress; or to do housework in a small private family. MWEST 38TH ST.? A LADY WISHES TO OBTAItT a place for a girl as chambermaid and sewer, or to take care of growing children; she is willing and obliging and can sew by hand or machine. Clfi 1ST AV., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM? A RB ' " ? spcctable young girl as chambermaid anil to assist In general housework in a private family ; best city ref erence if required. 1HQ EAST 41ST ST., BETWEEN PARK AND LRX Jl/O Ington uv-i. ? A Scotch girl as chambermaid ami to assist with washing or care of children: city reference. ntt EAST I ITH ST.. BETWEEN SD AMU 4TH A VS.? 1IO A respectable girl n? chambermaid and waitress, or to assist with washing, Ac.; good city reference. mEAST 26TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YODNU girl as chambermaid and to take cure ot growing children ; Is willing and obliging. 19P EAST 61 ST 8T? PRESENT K MPLi IYER'S. ? A. l^w respectable girl a* chambermaid and line w ither and Ironer. "ion WEST 47TH ST.? A. RESPECTABLE AND lOU obliging girl as chambermaid and wailress highlv recommended by her present employer ; will be at liberty 291 h inst. ~t A C EAST 2#TH ST.? A YOUNO WOMAN (PROTKS _l^r?) tnnt) as chambermaid and waitrvw; first cla*i reference Iroin last place. mWKST S9TII ST.? A RF.SPECTABLB YOUNO girl a* chambermaid and waitress; would a.s?ln with the washing .ni l ironing; best ejty referc'ice. 1 ?\A WEST 2HTH ST., THIRD FLOOR.-A RESPECT 1i)t al.le I'roteKtnnt (flrl In a prirste family as cham bermaid and waitress; no objection to tlio country ; beat reference. 1C7 WI ST 31ST ST.. BASE MK NT. ? AS WAITRESS 1?)| and chamberrinld or wonH do the fhie washinr and chamburwork In a private funily; beat referciioee ; no objection to the country ; country preferred. K*'? WEST 27T1I ST.? A RE ^PKCTABLB OIRL Af* )?! chambermaid or seamstress; can operate on Wbeeler A Wilson's machine, or would take care o I growing children; best city reference lrom lierla?1 place. 9|\Q WEST 26TIT ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTE8T i"0 ant as chambermaid and wa1tre-.?, or would do the housework of a small family ; city or country. (ICQ WEST 47TTI ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ^>)0 chambermaid aud waitress lu a private family" best city retcrenco. oni west aurn st., cp our flioitt, no ring Owl ing bell.? A reliable young wr.mitn as chamber maid and waitress, or as chambermaid and to do plain sewing with a tlrst class family ; city or country ; country* preferred; reasons lor leaving family going to Europe; good reference. QQO WEST 17T1I RT.-A YOUNG WOMAN A3 chambermaid and nurse; best reference. Q9A 6TH AY.? A RESPECTABLE UIHL AS CHAM O^iU hertnald or waitress, or to ilo plain sewing or fine washing in a small private family ; highly return* mended bv (.resent ctnplover. A Al\ EAST 9Tn ST.-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO CHAM ttv barwork and waiting aud to wake herself very useful, ('.ill to-day. A 71 7TH AT., BETWEEN 38TH AND 38TT1 ST8.-A T|l respectable young girl to do eharnberwork and fine washing and ironing; best city A -PRESENT EMPLOYKR DESIRES SITUATION* . for her chambermaid and waitress. Apply at 147 West 44th st dally, from 10 to J. WANTED-A SITUATION, FOR AN ENOLfSIC Protestant woman, as chambermaid and seainstrew; is a first cla^s servant. Full partJeulsrx on application in e'r^uii or by note to Manhattan VarnUU Co., IUJ Maiden ue. Dreumaken and Seaatstotuei. v QO WEST NINTH STREET ? MWE. ORENTER MAKES elegant walkingatui evening costumes, in the latest Parisian style, and charge* lesa than other Heat clasa reliable dressmakers. No sign. in/' EAST 40TH 8T A RESPECTABLE YOUXfh I'M) girl as seamstress; oan operato on Wheeler * Wilson's machine; would assist lu taking careofahil dren; good city reference. I 4 A ELDRIDOB ST.-A YOrNO RESPECTABLK J x T Protestant wouiau at? seamstress or chambermaii. in a private family. 1 I"! WKST 30TH ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER 1+1 wishes a lew more engagements by the day. Call or address. 1 WEST 88D ST., NEAR 7TH AY.-A8 8EAM L*l I stress; can run Wheeler A Wilson's sewing ma Chine and cut and tit; no objection to llglit housework. ncn west aisr ht.? a kashionabi.b dress Li) I majter desires a lew more engagements in B'ivatn families, lias all the latest styles of patterns, me. THAUKEIt. oi\n east ami st., third floor.? a first OUO class oper itor "ii wheeler A Wllsou'ssewing ma chine wishes employment by the day or week. Uull or address. AA'i rnl AV? "RL'OND FLOOR? A PRRvnr I i O lady as dres ? ker, wants a few now. re/ere?nce y Uu> " u Houd CUUcr ?ud U"er ; best oily __ M. F. r/t < 6TH A V? A FRENCH LADY AS DRESS ty" t maker bv the duy or weeki ean operate uu all machines. Cull or ndurein. AOIIOD SEAMSTRESS WANTS X b'EW BN-1 ganements by the day in a private family. Adilreis D. H.. box 131 lleral'l Uptown Branch olil .o. Central HooMWork, &?. OO 3D AV.? A GERMAN OIRL TO DO OE.VERAJV' *j? housework. 1111 WEST 3UTIT ST., BETWKI S 6TII AND 7TII AV., I J. ?/ In rear ? A competent middle aged woman to do general housework in a small family. O/l n WEST 27TII ST.-A RESPK<;TAnLE MIDDLE AfTtJ ated woman to do general housework In a email family ; good reference. r*A o av., cornkr of mth st.? a rebpbct,* UHr Zi able young ?lrl, istely lauded, to do light house work or to take cure of children. Ho*?ekeep?rs &c. I BOND ST., ROOM fl, TOP FLOOR.-A YOU NO LADY 'i as housekeeper In a widower's family. , 4)Q MORTON ST.? A MIDDLE-AGED LADY AH JL<J housekeeper in a small nuully ; no objection to th* eonntry. Call on or add rets M. ______ 4C ATLANTIC ST., BROOK I. VN.? AN ENULISlf >) lad v, of the highest respectability, tldv aud indu* trious, as housekeeper, nurse, companion, or an assistant to an invalid ; wi>uld like to travel ; capable of DJUug | either position. Call on or adilrcsi A. J., all Ww *Wt

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