Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1873 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AMI COMMERCIAL. The Money Market Progressing in Its Relaxation. The Highest Rate 18 Per Cent and the Last Rate 5 Per Cent STOCKS DULL, STEADY AND FIRM, Reduced Importations and a Decline in Gold? Advance in Government Bonds Reaction in Consols and a Fur ther Decline in Eentes. Walt, Street, \ Friday, April 26? a l*. M. j On 'Chance to-day cotton was in better demand, with the market ruling about steady. Flour was quiet and unchanged, while wheat and corn were in demand und firmer. THE DRY GOODS IMPORTS. The total imports of foreign dry goods at the port of New York during the past week were of the Bpec e value of $2,088,748. The amount marketed during the same period was $2,111,811. THE FOREIGN MARKET. The London quotations are steady In their gen eral aspect and reflect very protiably a quiet mar ket. Consols have lost the rise of yesterday, but United States bonds are unchanged, except in the '85's, which are X higher. Erie shares are v4' a better. The decline in rentes In rarls continues, the last quotation being 05.77. MONEY KASY. The money market was easier, the highest rate ou call having been 1-32 and Interest, equivalent to about 18 per ceut per annum, which was an ex ceptional extreme. The bulk of the day's business was at 7 gold a 1-32, the pressure to lend late in the day causing a further decline to 5 per cent, the rate after three o'plock becoming nominal. Dank accounts were generally made up by half-past two o'clock, and very little boi rowing was done after that time. Tne express companies ami the banks report further large receipts of currency from the interior, a fair proportion of legal tenders being among the arrivals. Mercantile paper was quoted 9 a 12 per com discount for prime names, with signs of an early active market. The foreign ex changes were steady for sight sterling, and l{ higher for sixty-day bills, the narrowing of the margin between long ami short drafts to % per cent, indicating a more settled belief in continued easy money in the London market. GOLD LOWER? 117# A 117 The gold market was Arm and pretty steady until tne receipt ol the Custom House return ol im ported dry goods for the week, the sma.l amount of which and the implied small total importation of general merchandise causing a decline from 11774 to 117*4. At this point a reaction to 117 was occa sioned by purchases to cover speculative sales, and Bome effect also was produced by the Treasury statement from Washington announcing that the outstanding extra greenbacks were $2,083, ooo? an Increase of $121,000 since yesterday. The Secre tary of the Treasury is still reticent of his inten ti?ns as to the May interest, prepayment of which will, doubtless, be made on Monday, any way, after ( the custom so long obtaining. The course of the market is shown in the table:? 10 A. M 117J* 2:16 P. M 117*6 10:15 A. M 117* 3 P. M 117?* 11 A. M 117# 3:3u 1?. M 117 U 12 M 117 J'? 3:40 P. M 117-, 1 P. M 117J4 3:50 P. M 117 * 2 P. M 117 "4 4 P. M 117?i a 117>4 2:05 P. M 117*4 In the gold loan market the rates ranged from 2 to 7 per cent for carrying. The operations ol the Hold Exchange Bank were as iollows:? Gold cleared $49,779,000 Gold balances 1,068,011 Currency balances l,4i4,ooo The Sub-Treasury paid out $112,000 on account of Interest and $100 on acconnt of redeemed five twenties. eorrnERS SEcmiTiKS stagnant. The Southern State bonds were utterly neg lected, the < nly sales during the day having been of ?ne Tennes.-ee bond at 79)*, and $500 of Georgia , sevens at 89. The market was steady, so far as qaotations went, which left off as follows:? Ten nessee, ex-coupon, a 80; do., new. 7B??a80; Virginia, ex-coupon, 42 a fiO; do., registered stock, old, 30 a 42; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 53 >4 a 63 X; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 13X a 14; Georgia sixes, 73 a 78; do. sevens, 89 a 81 ; North Carolina, ex-coupon, 29 a. '50; do., to North Carolina Railroad, 1 67 a 60; 4o., funding, 1866, 18 a 20; do. do., 1868, 17 a 18: do., new, 16 a 17; do., special tax, 14al5; Missouri sixes, 9:i?ia94; do., llannlbal and St. Joseph, 90 a 91; Louisiana sixes, 43 a 48; South Carolina sixes, ,17 a 40; do., new, January and July, 18 a 13; do., do., April and October, 26 a 28; Ar kansas sixes, funded, 38 a 41. GOVERNMENTS STRONG. The government list improved with the early firmness in the gold quotation, the luck of which Influence later In the day was more than compen sated by the continued and hopeful ease in the money market, the result being the maintenance of the Improvement to the close, when the best prices of the season prevailed for the '67's ami new fives, in which the dealings were on an active Bcale and fur the list in general. The following were the final quotations:? United States currency Sixes, 114^? u 115; do. sizes, 1881, registered, 117 S 1173* ; do. do. do., coupon, 120JK a 121; do. five twenties, registered, May and November, 114 a 114% ; d*. do., 1862, coupon, do., 118'4 a U8>, ; do. do., 18ti4, do. do., 118*4 a ll*1, ; do. do., 1865, do. do.. 120'4 a 120 ; do., 18C7, registered, Jauuary and July, 117*4 a 117)45 do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 117Jiall7%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 119*4 '* ll?7i; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117J,' a 118; do. len-fortles, registered, 112 a 112 'i ; do. do., coupon, 113% a 113?< ; do. fives or lbsl, registered, 114,'* a 1 16>a ; do. do. do., coi.pon, no a 116%. THE RAILROAD BONDS. The railroad bonds were moderately active and prices firm. Union Pacific Incomes recovered to 73, ami Central Pacific* were higher, at 103 Boston, Hartford and Erie firsts were lower, at 88%. The following were the bids at the call, us amended by prices in subsequent dealings:? Btvr iul leu ti.iHv Tol IWiii litm.ex.... 9SU New Voife l en b'f ,1187. Vl% li,A\\ l?1 III, h l. uiv wi Nt w \crk Ctii I't.rt. To, JW?b2(!rn 9314 Ni w Vi rk C?B I'f.tub. 80 Ti,i A V> Mi. vi|Ui|i lids. . . Ni% hew Vtrklen / '?. Vd. .101% TdI A Wubcoiiioiiv.... b;i Erie l*t iu, extended. . . il?5% lit West ist m , 18SS ki hrit ' h, 4tli in XI (It Wn>l ui ni, ISiM 8#Jf Eric j'litli in, It 0 ill A So io??i Ist in . . 8 Bail. >> V a I. in in, 77. W Ualena .v < hicugo ex 100 llua H ? '?>, .<1 m, s t, 'S6.104 t.slin.i A< hK .dm.... 99 liuil K i t. . <i in, T 101 Chic, K i Ai'M 113 '4 LI si r 1. in ' ?, im ,i ilii Morris A fcktex 1st in... 106 Alb A fctis. it litis In M"rri- A baaex 2d m . . . 97 Ail' A l II,' . I I . 1,6 fi ,J (,t.|l Ihl in. n liC? M'nh<(ii ? isi in. *2.111 n j southern Htm 7- % i ur v , ? f>>'* i'i i>, ( *4 Chic 1st in. 106 Midi .-I., i < .. m j Cli-vA Pitta cott S I !*5 Midi 8 It N I ? l, 7 t, , it '4 i . i, v ,v Pi1t* M in !<H Cle v A I iii h t ...lOHt CU v ? Cius 3d IB I'M Cltv A lol u?w .Mis... 4 ( U-V A P.IIMtlllU f4% C, P A A C'lUblls VS ( |,ic ,v A Hun > | lug C, P AA new uiu. '.Z% i I., a am i m in 101 U < l>et, V i-li .. I r>l I (Is,... V7 Ohio A .V.lii*. con ? 1 91 Buff * trie in v ul ..93 Oiitu AMI" roil l*kc Hhura uiv nil. ... JB ?ihi? ,v MitaMmVcok. oil "u '.vi'u i'f * I'cti.ii-uin isi in, con. . . 1)0 l'ar KI< I S. fit <1 Mo. . . . . jjj Bt i < ? li it. A lioii M lit.. W ten Pacific-Hold t da.. .1QSH Mil a stf lnn> s'.fii iiru Western i acini '><!? -i i sir a .> Paul r ii i ii m I'nion Pscitic in in.... f , m .v m p m Ui, i.^'f i> hj Union Pacific i v 7's. . . ,1 , MA ,-t I' 1st m, I a- Mi) .?? Union i sciflc inc It's. .72?i Marietta A Cin 1st m. M) Illinois 'in il < r ct,7&liilit ? ol, i Ini A In.. l*i Mii; Belleville A 8 III 1st, 8'?. 'J6 Co , ( lili A ln.l .u. V. 'I Alt a u r 11 it-tin 1"0 Tnlf I A W, ; i>. - * Ail A 'Ur II, M III inc. Si) Tol, I' A W. Burl'n <!iv' Hi I hie AK W s t l'JO Tol, P a W i on ,4 t'lili .v N W 1st in H'U Bust, II A Kiir In in 7 ? -'4 Ban A ht Jo convert... 87,' ? fed I alls A Mm l*t ni. . , I), I i.a> X A 1st m.. .l wU liur, C it A M 7'?, l.>t,u , Pol, Lack A W est 2d in . 'SI HTOCKS HTEADT AND PIRM. The stock market was quiet and dull so far us business was concerned, and prices were mostly Heady with toward tlis close a stronger feei ng snd more or les< Improvement. Krle anrt Pacific M ill were the more active feature* and advanced ?b'>ut one per cent, but lost '4 a per cent of the rise before the hour ol adjournment. Wabash and C. C. and I. C. were strong and advanced to the Hlfticst prices sire? tie panic < t last week. Western I'juivu Wii* steH4lo>* at 9->H a 80 nrenrsrr and unwwtt pnicra. i The following table shows the highest ami lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day:? Highest. Lowest. New York Central WW 65 H 64 U Lake 03 %' H abash '"X '?% Northwestern W/i Northwestern preferred H7 87 Rock Island l?? 108% Ht. si #0% St. Paul preferred 74 73% Ohio and Mississippi 44 % 44% Union Paci tic 82% C., C. and 1. C 3?% 38% Wesr?rn ITnion Telegraph 80% 8f>% Pacific Mall 69% &*% Io Philadelphia, Heading advanced to lie aul Pennsylvania to 113^. BALES AT THE NEW YORK 8T00K EXCHANGE. Friday, April ?5? 10il5 A. M. $2000 U 8 5-20, c, '07 .s3 118% $2000 US 5-20, e, '65, n.. 117V 4MH? do C 119*2 4000 US6's, UMU, r.... 111% 700 Uu small ll'J 10 A. M.? Before Call. 100 she West Un Tel.. .c H6% 200?hs L.S AM 8KR..C ?? 100 do c K\% 200 do ?% 400 do M 400 do *3 ?-% 200 do 86 5 do 88 24(0 do 86% 200 do si ?% 200 do S3 86 30U do. ?-%. 100 do S3 85% 1U0 I,W1W UK 70% 400 do 86 100 do C 70% &*) Uo 85% 300 do 70% WO do s3 85$' 800 Mil A St P BR ?"? 100 do b3 85^2 800 do 60% 4w Pac M ss 5?% 7 00 do go% 800 do 59 6<H) <K' $y*i 100 do C 58% 700 do 61. 300 do 59 100 do <Ws 100 Jo b30 59% 200 Uo l>3 60', 600 do C ?9 7U0 do . 8K) do 59 ltW do c U)% 200 do 68% 400 do 00% 300 68% 200 do C 60% 100 UnPac KB 82)2 600 do 61 100 uu 32% 1000 do 60% 100 NY C A II It Kit. ..c 101% WW do l>3 bl aoo do 101%' 400 do 0% 10 do 102 400 do CO',, 500 do 1014* 300 Chlft A HI KK....C 10*% 1U0 do 1)3 lol % 200 do 100 _ do 03 1UI?| 100 Ohio A Miss RR.. . . 44 1 .. ? "H 800 Erie RK t)i% 100 do c 44J 500 do t)3 64jJ 200 do 44 aoo do t!4'4 1O0C.CAIC 38% 000 do 61.', 200 do 38% 100 Panama KK 108% First Hoard? 10: :U) A. M. $7000 Erie 1st m 103% 500 shs NY C A Hit KK. 101% 1000 Brie 3d 111 99 100 do. 1,3 lui ' 1000 Mich South sr.... 104H l.)0 do e loi", 1000 feu I'ucKKKd bs 103, (iOO do 101% 13(00 Un I'mc 1st ui 87 300 do c lol4.. 6OI1O Un 1* 7's. 1 if- . s3 74% 100 do blO 102 6000 L'n i'ac iO's, luo.. 73 loo do loi% lOOODd, L AW 1st.... 101 100 Panama RK. c 108 2000U? .K I A Pu7's.e 103% 100 C A N W KK be 81% 3000M A StP.Io div.. ?i 9KI Erie Kit bo tH% 6000U, U A1 (J 1st 8(i% 1200 do 64% Uo 8?'% 100 da b3 64 ' 1WJ0C.C Al(J2dm... 73 600 do 64'! 10(10 ?,Ult lj,t 38% loo do C 61 % 4000B.C R A M l?t..b3 90 1200 do..... ........ 64 '2 111000 Can South 1st. . . . 92% 300 do s3 64'! 1000 W Un Tel 7's 99 500 do .... . 05 7l*i0 P.FtW A Olst... 100% 600 do 65'.' 3000 8t I.., Jac A Chi 1st 90 100 uo c 66-. 20 sti.s Merchants' B'k 115 1U00 do &'<U 17 Ninth Nut Hunk 103 100 Uo 65'. 200Meehanies' H'k..b3 140 200 do 65% 8 Del A II < anal 114 % 2U0 L S A M SliK .bc 92% lOOAdttms Ex 95? ? 300 do 9 V\ 1200 lV..?tIItl TpI ho H.1?" Ilrii >li) 994? 200 300 1200 WesvUu Tel.... b c 85 yt ino do w 2I'0 do C 85J, 4U0 do C 92s, ,s3 85 % 200 do::::::"::::. 9"?j 100 do r 85 a 500 uo 93 200 do C 85"? 400 do b3 93 300 do 85X lOOUn Puc KK...bC.C 3J'i 300 do 1)8 8i?J 200 32', 2i<0 do s3 bi>3t 200 do 32 '4 400 do 85>, 100 do C 323J 200 do c 8.'>!a 5W) do 3^'i :?i0 do ; 85?, 100 do s3 32>a 100 do s;t 8.');'^ 100 do 32; ? moo do 85?i 200C4RIRR be loy 100 do c 8iJ, 4iio do b3 109 3iKi do 80 100 uo O 108% 600 do 8(i % 800 Uo 109 700 do 86 '4 800M A St P KK....b e 6uJi 300 Uo ho!, UK) OO'j 800 (to *3 80 100 do e 00 200 Harlem RR. ...b c 128)4 300 do 60.', 1000 Pac M SS Co. 58& 100 do b3 WJg 100 uo 58;, 500 do ol 1LKJ0 do Mia 300 do b3 01 lud 58% 200 Mil A St Pol 74 luo do 68j>? loo do be 74 iKW Uu 58 >, 300 ToL W A W BR .be 70% UllO do 58J, 300 do 70% 400 do s3 68^4 100 Pac RilOf Mo 49'i 5X) do C 58 '4 500 II A St J BR.. 43% 2(J0 do 58 , 120 Delt LAW BB 100 loo do 58% 400 do 99% liw UO b3 58^4 130 Mor A EsstfX BK. ... 91 % II mj do 58% lOOOllloA M BB..bC.s3 44'^ 400 Uo 59 200 UO b3 44J,i UK) do 58% 200 do 44% t,00 do 58% 300 do 44% 800 du 56 % iOO do 44% 30 do 58% 2o0 do b3 44^, 7U)N y O A H B....bC I01H 100 do .. .b2 44% 44.O do c 101% 200 Ohio A Miss i>t <?<% loo do bS 101% 300 do be 73% 2M 101% loOO, C jl I C KB... be 3j a*) do 101% 1'^iLI and !iil5 P. M. $1000 trs 5-20, c, 'P2, $1000 US 6-20, c, '1)7... . 119% Called bonds.... 120 1000J do 11'.'% loot' 18 6-20, C. '05 120% 28500 119% 6500 t S 5-20.C, '06, n.. 117% 60(MO U R 5's, c, 81 110% 3600 I S 6'S, 10-40, c.... U3J{ 100W) Uo 110% 2000 US O's, cur 115 10000 Uo 116% 1/4 i U) P. M? llelore Call. 60(1 shs Con Coal 57 50) slis LhA M SBB.. 92% 100 uo 67% 100 do s3 NX) do 57 200 t il Pac KK J^% 100 Erie KK 65 100 C A BIBB 108'4 10O do 64% 100 do 10H% 100 do S3 65 200 Mil A Stl' BB C 60% doo West Un Tel 86 loo do..... . 60% 1.IU do C 85% 100T, W ft W KB C 70% 60U du 85% 500 do 70% 6,j0 do 86 200 N J Southern Bit.. 3?% 1(A) N Y'J A U B RR..b3 101% UO llau ft St Jo KB... 42% 10U (lo 101% 2(0 Ohio A M BR c 44 , 4c0 Pac M SS VJO 58% 100 do 41% 800 do 68% 100 do S3 44% 300 do 58% 100 C, C A I CKKX.... 39 1J0 du 58% Second Board? 1 P. M. $800 Georcia Ts 89 100 shs Erie KR ? be 64% lUOUTennOV, old 79% liOtnPacKK be 3.'% 6000 Ilarlein lsttn.... H'3 100 C A N W l)t 87 6U00 North Mo Istm... 91 60 do 87% ICOOOhioft M 2d. 85 1U) L S A M S Kit 92', 1100 Ohio ft M eon s f. 94 10O do bc.b3 92% 3000 Mor ft K* 2(1 'J7 100 do ?3 92 '4 1 1000 1). M ft Tol 1st. ... 97 91 C A Pitts, gtd.. ..... 89 10 shs Man A Mer's Bk 1' 0 600 do be 88% I 100 Con C? al be 57% 2<J0 do ... blO 88% I 700 do 6/% 21W C A Kock I Kit. .b C 108% , 600 West Un Tel be 86 100 . do 108% 800 do 85% 200 do 108% 100 do b3 85% 100 do 108% 300 do 85% 100 do 108% | 3?Kj du C 85% IOO 10*% ; 4!U do 85% 5C.C.OA1KR 86% ' 100 do C 85% 200 il A St P Kit.... b e 60% 3iP0 uo 86 oOO do 60% 200 do 85% 500 do 60% 1110 Pac Ml SSOo .be 58% too do 6"% 600 do 58% 200 do 60;, 1110 do .V% 400 do b3 60% 100 (io 58% 600 do., 60% 300 do 58% 100 Ohio AAliss ItR. .b C 44% 100 N VC 101% I t) do 41% 100 uo c 101% 100 C, CA 1 C....b c.?3 39 Kl30 to 4 P. >1. 600 shs West l'n Tel... *S% 400shsl.SAM8 92% , 60U do 8.">>, 15 do 93% I 410 do 86% 200 do VS% 100 do 03 8.'.% 1"00 do 93 i M)0 do 85,% 100 do SM',1 100 do 1)3 86 1000 do 9.! iWU do >6 100 9:i% I 400 (I' 86% 5 do 93% 200 do t>3 86S? 100 do ... 93 I 7,n) do ?b% 3)0 Mil ft St P KR.... 60% I 100 do 05 8?il4 300 oo 60% i juo 8(i 600 do 60', : loO do 86!, 400 do 14 60% I 401) do 86 100 do 60% I 17 Del A 11 Canal 115 loo do 6( I 100 Oniek M Co 40 400 do bJ tf1 , HHiPac M SSCo s3 5K% 2l*> do. .......... 60;'a 11)0 do 58 '4 200 Mil A St P KR pt... 7.' '4 ilTtO do.. 20OC Alt I Kit 108% lilO do 1)3 68% 100 OO 108% gJjO do 5- '4 100 T, W .V W lilt 7n'., ZOO Erie Kit 05 400 do 70% ! 400 65% 4O0 Uo 7< % I 621 N Y (' A II K KK... 101% 300 do (I U imi lol '4 looOhloAMRli 1)3 44,'i luo do. bio 102 100 do. 41% NV) do 101% 200 C, C A I C Kit.... 1)3 39 800 do... Wl% I'M do 39 700 Un Pac Klt 32% 300 do 39% 100 N .> I'OUtheril 3<I% 400 do 3^., 300 11 A M Jo lilt 42 CLOSING PBICE3-4 O'CLOCK P. M. ; Western t'nion. 86 a 86%' NYrtliweuCn pf. 87 a 87% I UnlcUsilver 39 a 41 N J < entral l"u a H'l 1 <jni( ! -liver pi 47 a 51 Ko? 1. Isl.ind 108% ,t 1(19 I'nnamu 10 J a 1 1>' M I'aui 60% :t 6l5i 1 I'ac 1 tie Ma 1.... > 4 a 58% St I'anl pret ... . "!?> a 7 ?% :? V 1. 1 uu al. . .loi ;, ,i lol% 7 u% a 71 I rle t>5 a ' .V4 Ohio A M.s< 44 ', .4 44 ', llarleiu - .124 a 125 llan ft BlJo.... 42 a 42% i.HM .-tiori 93 I, '.?.(% Huston, ll ft Ii.. 3 4 3% ' moo I'acilic ? .'% a 3.", 1. > ft 1 C 39% a 3i'% pltteburtt ?*% a 89 COMIdiRCIAL REPORT. [ /'of ton Steafly? Kc< cipt? at the Ports, 8,019 llale?? Flour iiuiet? \V hi at Kiriin r? Corn Better? .4)uta Dearer?Pork Dull? Lard Easy-Grortrln (Generally (Inlet ? Petroleum Firm? Naval Stores .Steady? Metal* Neglected? Seed* Firm? East In dia Goods (^uiet? Wool lit Ciood De nial! tl? Whiskey (iulet. Friday, April 25?6 r. M. The niiirkciB continued tolerably active to-daj, ami the Maine degree of buoyatny and conUdcnce were manifest, fhe course uf the money market was watched with no little interest; yet all fears of mercantile disturbances, as a consequence of a money panic, have passed away, and trade ome more flows on in undisturbed cotnpiac ncy, the volume of business ap parently increasing with every Hucceedtng ?lay. The movement in Lreadsiuils is assuming greater importance as the season of canal naviga tion approaches, and "future'' deaiiugs have coma to be looked lor with a marked degree of Interest, tm 'CiinuKe to-day lieur was quiet, but steady. Wheat was firm under a fair Inquiry. Com was lirmer, but not very active. Oats were firmer. \\ hlskey was quiet. Pork and lard were loss active and lowir. Cotton was in better demand and about steady, OrotyritJ, throughout tne guuera) market, were quiet. Eaat India goods were neg 6cte?S, excepting Calcutta linoeed, which baa been ?n fair demand since our last at rail price?. Metals were not sought after to any noticeable extent, ytt values were not essentially changed. Petroleum quiet, but held with considerable firmness. Naval stores were in moderate demand, with prices ruling ? bout steady. Wool was largely dealt in at irregular, and, if anything, easier prices. Whiskey was quiet. Anhils. ?Receipts for the past three days, 37 packages, niarket ruled quiet, trade being confined to jobbing e"?re^m,m*marOU5<1 " * Wblle Pearls wtre Builwmu M a iKR'AiA-Tije demand for brick has been fair since our las', and previously quoted figure* were at aieSl rn^iwhlTn I>nly ln ""Kltriitc request, but steady at Si iiO lor Bockland common and SI 75 lor do lumn iJTur^rWhhl<,Urit.S,'d uno^"ln<Wd ; Rose ii dale nu'oted at i ' i , L",hs were in moderate demand and uu changed in price; quoted at (2 40 a *2 JO lor Eastern spruce. I lasu-r of f'arls ruled steady , quoted at S3 AO a it ?nd as'ue r b, i L* i i? e ? 1 1'^? 'i*' j*8 a ??*??>" whiM ami J. per bhL lot calcined city. Kor liair the market was quiet, with former prices current market branrh";^l7.nie n"tlhln? ?P?'Cial to note in this oraiu n of trade, business being confined to the reuuire WenatS;; ethii^rmV,rH<ie' ."'"prices were utH hangeU. &T&? %: FAa/ue' i ? ha demand lias been moderate since our last for all description ii, with DrleeH ruling steady. We Quote Manila (large and small sixes) loi'c a lQVe ? tLuoX/Tb - V'*" ? St ri*o m a n i la, l5c ! it uvil abo U rop e , 1 t!c . ' ?W ^ufand ?ordags, ???? ? "c. ; ( otton. 1 he market for spot cotton, without eimentiAi change in prices, was rather more active. Kit hire de hverfeii were Inactive, but generally steady. We sum up Export ,0?78y' LtU2MV'"' Consumption 7 fx Speculation Y......... ? 13 7{g Total..,.,. 1,41(1 512 1 012 ?Included in the above are 400 bales to arrive kor I future delivery (basis low middlings) the sales have Ma v ?M 2l ?im" la8J a8l;oning, after three o'clock H i t i<2? iJ'.^VJ00 ?' 18 ?[**?? m nt 18Xc-> Win at . I01,' lHhc- i Ju,,L'? 'Wat 1'J'jC., 200 at 1|} 7 32c % U1& iS % V^c.: ut *8 13-lfic.. It*) at 18 27 32c 1(M) nt Inn iS'l afrl8 27-32c., 401) at 18 13-ltfc. 500 at 18 27-H2<? is-ific., 200 at 18 2V-32c. : June, 100 at 19Wc.t 1 900 at la 'r Vif ' ' July. 300 at lU'ic., 600 at 19 6-1 6c. : August' 100 .'it ftrM&V ^,5t19?fr 100 at W il^lwitl"?c; K for AnHl yJXfrvf? ati 17 28"a2?- ^xchanireif? 300 May K PJf'f V 0,1 ' , ?c- ,la''J t0 exchange BOO May for Juno, >iC. paid to exchange 200 May for July >ie i>aid to exchange 200 May tor August, lc. naid to e x. change 100 August for September. Total 7 000 bales ?if?1!? '****? ^'IC r?celptn at the ports were as hi !i.Ui iiT1 iftl lvc'aton.? tfti balea; New Orleans, l,7ft9; Mo Norlonf ;d&Vn,?I!?1h,8U8i <.?fr,S?u>n' 793; Wilmington, 39; h oiq tV. B,ultimori:. ?m ' New York, 1,899. Total *,019. I his day last week, 7,252. This day last vear 3 U17 i ,?'V* on c:?tton to foreign ports closed sieadv at the 'fob ? to 'ii , Ss Ordinary A,a^ma- ""'Mean*. Tex*,. Wood ordinary 16V lf,V u.t |2.. Strict good ordinary 17? 17?^ 18 }h Low middUng 18*' IhQ iV kt. Middling lojj Good middling 21j; 21^ 21 ^ lne quotations are based on cotton in store, runnintr in grade qi"oa.d?re Uun half a ?rad? ?boVe'o'r'below'the CorFKk ? Business here lias been light, but the market steady. We heard ot sales of 1,000 bags Hlo ex Sout li ttoiwVn'iiil'iHm ttt<! terl"?- There have been lair transac r ii i I Ualt,|nore since our last, with sales reported of ex VirgfniaXUarm'ten,|i|4'Ul? t'atC!,? CX 0!,<'ar' U"<1 3'0U0 ,m*s' V.x ''n-'nia i>arc, all on private terms. Wo ouoti-"? ? I7^er. "a7 < nr?ocf,.,,HXc. a 1(1^.; lair cargoes. 17'ic a 17^e. ; good cargoes, l?c. a 18J<c. ; prime cargoes 1^'V \\ iHJf- ; ?;*trel,,e r"nK? 'or lots, lii^e. a 1!?' ,c g(dd ifer 21 e cml,tl government bags, 2Uc. a 21c., do., J9.5S2 gra>s mats, 19&c. a 2H'c. : Simiauore ln,?ts' '%c a l7,'aC. ; cWlon, I7^r.\ 18' . ^ Mani' cailio, l Sc. a 13c. ; I,agnvra, 18c. a 19'h'c. : Jamalra Itie a ltic. ; St. Doiuingo, l)Uc, a 16c, ; Porto lUco 18e n'lOe i7pStn ii2,a' 'S0- * ,ac>: Mexican, 17, 'ic. a l?*<o. ; Manila' \lc-. tt ; Angostura. I7',e. a isWc. ; Savanftia 17' c a cr't'uV acou' 17>?c- " Islic. goltl per lb., du a 90 days' Fuitrs ; xwn Ohai.v.? Receipts ? Flour, 13,008 bbls ? ini.V Js7 !?' bushels; corn, 12,(i28 do. ; corn meal, 400 bills' !i , . . fes:. ' 7 ' bushels; barley, l.Mio do. Tho Hi! I i nt rej'iained quiet but steady, the sales in w t'i??K#i,a^ II kln is, foot up al out 7,7(iO bbls. at prices within the range of tiie appended quotations. Corn meal at ir , iH'Mlrrute demanu and steady, sales SflO l.lils at f' J' U';'^;vhiu,-?:' 15 ,nr c/mmon V^nni vel! low, $1 Al a $3 23 for good to choice do.. $.'! 50 tor gulden droo II nd $3 60 a $;i 00 lor Brandy wine. We miote ? l^erfl^sute::::;- S Kxtra state 7 fi'* f .'? Choice state 7 7a2 a on Superfine Western ?? , J Kxtra Western . ,j ?'1 S J? Kxtra Minnesota ;;; ;; 4 L Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands "i 6 25 S 7 25 Family .??.P..0hl0' lrade bra,,U8 7 ?'a 8W St. Louis, low extra'.'.'.".!'.'.". i; Ji? 2 Sr. Louis, straight extra Jii St. Louis, choice double extra ..' 8 75 a <t V) galiVo^a0.1!?.1?.' .,a"!ily ""a 12 W Boutilern ex'ua""0 Southern iBtniiy . I ?*}? ?{ CorrSme2!: ? f ? * ? 3 I' Caloric * *"? Puncheons , ?> ijo a ?? fi5 $1 " 40 a?*' 'or rejected Spring, ' . u " '7lsU i' U c;' "edl'a ' " r V'0 "m' "" "l,out ill store', "c'hl^iy^at" th^' h ft"' ^ic" " a'W" affo a t" LV? n 1 17 v.? H ?a 1 V 7lc ?orP Wes'tera leM,,^ a'lil, lvun! m,Jr!' at""n ? ? wtic^'r White do a oat; 55c. for ehoice mixed H:atc, on the tracking Peported of ?aw on M:"Kht nfUr> Mies 1 1 ve reii a mi ?i V J ? "i' 11^ $1 lor fair Canada, dc a tte ntl'ln iuid files w^tfe^/f ifus'Kls o! at 91c. afloat, and M,00) bushels o? H ester W i lt Western ?ub-equently closing firmer ?" "ore, f KKioiiTs,? The market for tie, ill freights ruled nnlef K,..T?s? w.'sa bales cotton at ' d ? V i.' i f'.8 ba!;on 1,1 > ;<tw sa^ ! an Amerinfn ?arkj h^ce^S||ravn' ?t'??ir,hieiUni f* ^ ? i mmmwM pipe staves, particulars kep^prlvate ,0 CaUU' witU "?ht bus,' lie. 'or fu,uro deliv"T; Calc utia ' do." lie. j for'aU khlii^bu 'priMs ^.?erk,r,!chSngTP "Ul,' s'eailny h' M'ut^'. 'a Sc1 ' ''^'? '"ed' bu^ was demand and tirm. rhe salesi'br the past thn-e^nl" lH'tu'r gate al out 2,.1H) bales at * fl ~ daysaggrc and 1,200 hales on private terms.* c aIli^ I n'|^ lc es* si nce'onr'iwrt.'1 ' The "d'^nia iuT h*!? ?"hf " n 'S *hr?l the receipts quite liberal VIS i.' Pn K.""d ",,a a?l; retail qualllies, <1 30 a ft)-' cl ovc^'fv "a'^0: r>? ''iiw/.r/ir/ho^do",9^: Tu'er^eo. luTlu'] l!'"' moderate. Moias-ks met wJii. ! 1 ,1t''?lan. 2.c. a Mis cign and domestic. ' We i? Vrl|ln,'1'in'L,,i'(.',,l,v; '?.r for: ?I'orto Kico at 57c a 60e '?7u hi,,i_ ,s'lll s hhds. of and 80 bbls. of New Orleans at 72e. a ^c^W^Sofe':-^0'' Cuba, centrlftigal and mixed. . . . V?c a'^e Srw .^?P' t ubu, elaved ? " ? a ? Cuba, muscovado, relliiing'.;:;:;: _a~ ? ?.'? Cuba, muscovado, grocery St ' R ' I'orto Rico y -a- SSc. a 4.V. English Islands ~ ;J _ Joe- ? ?0c New Orleans . a ? 25e. * aip ^if?tr?rpeS?"?aa J??i bids, at 5?'ic., 70 bfci; ius> ?e7p repined ot l.?) and loo I ? b Is. in shlptong "r^v? ?' < i month at .'>6c. i'o-Iii wa. inm I. V , "P'1'"1- balance strained closing slight y easier a! ?atei? !*'r demand, ol sales Ol 1.000 bbl. ol g' l .Vrf n/V' $l ??' "card $n Wall P21., ; 2001 bis N ? at iVV ?. ,'V- ?' ? $.< .vi. l.wn bliis i, lie nt ? ir ' T ? 180 bbls. do. at Tar and pitch were negated anT, n h , ,l".do ',t,, 5I Oii.s.? Kur linseed the nUrirhas ru^e". ,l-T'1 VTXCC moderate lobliing doinnnil r,,M? J steady under a were quiet and unrhangej I in fi ?!'rr"! wll,,1? rip .. ... udc sperm, $1 .V-'j; natural Winter, {I 67 a $1 70; lib-ached. $1 711 a (I i- ; crude wh ile, 68c. for Northern. 63c. a i'?5c. lor Southern, 7t'c. a 72c f r natural Winter and 73c. a 75c f'?r blear lied; lard oil, 7s< a Hih . h>r prime Winter; Menhndcn, 57e. a We. for -elected light anil 50c. lor choice brown ; crude rotten seed, He. a 4tc. Oil 1 akk ? The murket was tirm. \V, note the sale of j 20 tons of Western, at $41, PimoLMi.-On 'Change to-day the market for refined 1 in- Inaciive, but holders manile'-ted eoiisiderablu llrtn n? -s. Bids 1 t 2t?',c. were refused, the asking price being 2o'4c. Crude, in bulk, was likewise ijuiet, and not ob tainable under 10c. Cases were moderately sought lifter. 1 and tea lily held at 2f>)4c. a 27< . Naphtha was firm af lie. At the <'reek the market, although not active, was buoy ant and strong; quoted $2 60 at Tlfusvllle and ?2 7'? at (hi City. The Philadelphia market was dull; nothing offering. Iteflncd quoted nominally at I'jKc. ; ft.WJ bbls. j sold in New York, for May, iu 2 Wc Provisions.? Itccelpts-I'oi 0 iihls. ; beef. 2M pack age.; cut meats. 1,%" do.; lard . 1.053 bins, and tierce* | and 22ii kegs. The market 1. r mt*? pork wa- dull and nominal. Bound lots, lor balance of month, were quoted at HtfOO. We have only to note, sab s of V) bids., in a Jul biug way, at $20. and 1<0 bills, ol e .tra prime me - nt $1.'. 25 it.i on ? Tin murket ruled quiet and unchanged. I We now sales of soo boxes Western siiert clcar, sellers I May, at .O^c., and ?*> boxer of do, for .fuue, at I0'4c, Hresrcd hogs were steady al 7',c. a m- fer heavy to light elty. Beef confinuetl In luir ileinatid ami stcaly; the .ale. were about 2*1 parkat'es, at pr.rc within I the range of U M a $11 for new plain ine?? bbls. $<2at.4f.r do. extra do. bbls., $30 a $-2 for do. prime d.. lieri . sainl $23 a 52", i(,r do in lia do. ti? rces. ! J.ecf hams remained quiet at $:ti a $;i! Cut meats were on l> 111 moderati deunmd. f-ui the market uns lirin. *'e heard of sales of l,5i?i pickled shoulders at 7 V . ? ?" ''<>3<<'s ilr* salt d do. at 7J,r.. 7 I I...J s lielhes. i3 Itis. average nt MV'- and Ji boxes do., 12'j lbs. average, at lO'.c. Tlains were neglerfed . hut held iiominalh ??-. before, l.ard.? I lh'- iriarKel inr Westa-rn w.i- m > eratcly active, but cl<>?'d ??lightly ea ier 1 he sali ??? Include Lis*) tierces, sel lers May. at ^c.. l.iKJO Menu I .r do. at ? ll-lflc.. I.8J0 tn i res ior June mi I0? ., -iM tierces luier tor do ai Vf,c and 1,IM) tierces lor July at III1... 1 ily lard was indemnnd' but closed easier ; sales, early, 1M> tierces at 94?c. i later, M0 fierce at V}mC. Kici.? iruii- to day Jias becu only fair, :,:it prices wore , yb* sales foot up about 40 fierce* of Carolina at 7xc. a W4C. and 200 ban* Rangoon at 0%c. a 7c. migab.? The market for raw continued quiet, without essential change in price*. We heard of Mica of S7s hlid*. oi centntagal at ?c., M hhds. 01 good refining at 8?c.. 10 hhds., description not given, on private term*, and 68 boxes of centrifugal on private term*. Refined sugar wait <|Uiet and not materially changed In value. We quote : ? ('aha? Refining, inferior to common, 6\c. a 7?c. ; lair to gooil lair. 7kc. a 7Sc. ; good to prime, 7J<c. a 8?c. ; grocery, fair lo good 8c. a 85,'c. ; prime to choice, 8Jgc. a 8Jgc. ; cen trim gal. hhds. and boxes, 8J-?e. a 9^c., molasses, ii litis, and boxes, o'ic. a 7 Wc. : uielado, 4c. a 6c. Havana Boxes Dutch standard. No*. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7Kc. ; do., 10 to 13, 7%ic. a H'.iC. ; do., 13 to 15, 8jic. a 9c. ; do., 16 to 18, 9>ic. a 9Vc. ; do., 19 to 20, 10c. a lH'4c. : white, 9%c. a 10^e. Porto Rico? Refining, common to prime, 6*^c. a 7%c- ; grocery, fair to choice, 8c. a 9'*c. Dutch standard. No*. 8 to 12, ?kc. a 7?>. Java? Dutch standard, No*. 10 to 12, 7?*c. a 8*gC. Manila ? Superior and extra ?uperlor, 7c. a 7),c. Stain.? There haa been considerable improvement In the demand for linseed and the market remained nrm, closing rtt 92 70 gold. Kale* were reported since our last of 3, am) bag* and 1,000 pocket* at $2 gold 1. a. t. ; 5,000 bags ex City of 1'erth on private terms; 1,000 bag* to ar rive cx City of Hoston, and 1,000 bags ei Tennyson, in BoHton. at $2 60 gold, sixty days' interest added ; 5,000 bags Bombay, In Ronton, at S2 5l> gold ; l,0ll0bag* at do. at $2 60 cash, and 600 bugs ot Calcutta at do. at 92 47>? gold ; also 600 bags and 2,500 pockets, here, at 92 67^ gold. Clover continued quiet. The sales were unimportant and within the ramie of 8}jc. a l?c. Timothy whs neg lected and held within the range of S3 30a 94. Domes tic flax quoted at (2 25 a $2 35. Stkakinic was firmer, 60 tierces selling at 10c. Tobacco. ? The market continued quiet tor all descrip tions, but prices exhibited 110 change. We heard ot sales of 100 cases sundry seed leaf, crop '70, at 9c. a 10c.; 100 cases do., crop '71, at from 20c. a 56c. ; 232 cases do. Penn sylvanla, on private terms; 260 hhds. of Kentucky at from 7c. a 14c., and 300 bales of Havana at 77^c. a 91 02. Tallow was quiet, but flrin. Sales were made of 10,000 lbs, of common at 8J?c. ; 70 bbls. ot outside at the same price, and 10,000 lbs. of city at 9c. a 9 l-16c. Wool.? Quite a large business lias been transacted since our last at irregular, nnd, if anything, ensler prices, dealers manifesting more willingness to meet the views ol buyers. Hales were reported ol 20,000 lbs. X Ohio at 62?o. ; 15,000 lbs. Ohio fleece*, 48c. a 63c. ; 6, 0(H) lb*. X Ohio, 60c. ; 5,000 lbs. Western fleece, 48c. ; 30,000 lbs. of im proved Western Texas, 19c. a 22c. 1 10, in 10 lbs. medium Texas, 37c.; 30,000 lbs. Texas, 18c.; 12,000 lbs Mexican, 13i?c. a 16c. ; 44 bags of extra anil super pulled, ?4c. a 34)Jc. ; 400 do. of pulled wool, 33c. a 46c. ; 800,000 lbs. Ore gon, 100,000 lb*, pulled Calllornla, 200,000 lb*, of Mestlza, 10,000 lbs. Spring California, 1.1,000 lbs. Western Texas, 401) bales Cape, 137 do ol Spring Calltornia and Oregon, 50 do. of olu extra pulled, all on private terms. Whiskey.? Receipts, 782 bbls. Market quiet. Kale* 50 bbls. at 90)?c. We also note sales of 20 bbls. alcohol at 91 68. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Galvestof, April 25, 1873. Cotton quiet; good ordinary, 15c. a 15.'4e. Net receipts, 4f9 bale*. Sales, 700. Stock, 54,303. Weekly net re ceipts, 3,236. Exports? To Great Britain, 661 ; to the Con tinent, 1,316; coastwise, 1,649. Sales, 3,400. Nkw Orleans, April 26, 1873. Cotton In fair demand; middlings, I8??c. -Net receipt*, 1,769 bales ; gross, 2,204. Export*? To Great Britain, 2,713 ; to the Continent, 494 ; coastwise, 418. Sales, 1,000; last evening, 3,700. Stock, 163,875. Weekly net receipts, 19,000 bale*; gross, 20,601. Kxports? To Great Britain, 22,617 ; to the Continent, 10,743; coastwise, 2,371. Sales, 26,000. Montut. April 25, 1873. Cotton quiet and unchanged; middlings, IS^c. Net re ceipts, 1,385 bales. Kxports coastwise, 331 Sales, 700. Stock, It, 977. Weekly net receipts, 5,491. Gross, 5,498. Kxnorui? To Great Britain, 348; coastwise, 1,662. Sales, 6,500. ? Savannah, April 25, 1873. Cotton quiet; middlings, 18J?c. ; low middlings, 17%c.j food ordinary, 163?c. ; ordinary, 15c. Net receipts, 508 ales. Kxports? To the Continent, 4,632; coastwise, 1.759. Sales, 340. Stock. 34,093. Weekly net receipt*, 4,035. Kxports? To Great Britain, 3,090; to the Continent, 4,632; coastwise, 3,130. Sales, 3,483. Charleston, April 25, 1873. Cotton qnlet; middlings, 18>ic. ; net receipt", 793 bales. Exports coastwise. 1,190. Sales, 500. Stock, 20,790. Weekly net receipts, 3,361. Kxports ? to Great lirltain, 3,927; to the Continent, 1,594; coastwise, 3.668. Sales, 4,350. Wilmington, N. C.. April 25, 1873. Spirits of turpentine steady at 47c. Rosin quiet at $2 fiO for strained. 92 75 for low No. 1 and 92 65 for No. 2. Crude turpentine quiet at 9* for Virginia. Tar higher at 92 95. Oswego. N. Y., April 25, 1873. Flour steady, with fair demand ; sales 1,800 bbls. at 98 76 for No. 1 Spring, 99 75 tor amber Winter, 910 50 for white Winter. $11 tor doubha extra. Wheat unchanged ; sale* 5,000 bushels prime white Canada at 92 08^. Corn quint and unchunged. Burley quiet; up-luku Canada held at SI 10. Corn meal sold at 91 30 lor bolted and 91 25 for unbolted per cwf. Milliecd unchanged at 921 for shorts, 922 tor sliipstufTs and 923 tor middling* per ton. Railroad freights lower; Hour to Philadelphia, 60c. ; to Boston, Gilo. ; to Mew York, 60r. ; to Albany, 42c. Receipts by lake? 7,600 bushels burley and 133,000 feet of lumber. BurrALO, N. Y., April 25, 1873. Flour quiet; sales of Western Spring at 97 75 a 98 25; amber, 9.S 00 11 90 25; white, $9 60 a 910. Wheat inactive and scarce; sales ot 700 bushels Michigan in store at $1 95; iiuotcd, Western Spring on track at 91 50; Milwau kee, No. 2 Spring, 91 52 a 91 55; Chicago do., 91 45; white Canada, 91 75 a 91 90; white Michigan, $1 81) a 91 90. Corn scarce and higher; sales of 1,500 bushels Western on track at 55c., 400 bushels in store 56c. Oats scarce, the only stock on hand retailing from store at 45c. Kye quiet, at 85c. for Western No. 2. Barley steady, at 95c. u 91 for Cunnda, 90c. a 95c. for No. 2 Western, 80c. a 85c. for two rowed State, 95c. tor four rowed State. Burley malt firm, at 91 a 91 10 tor Western, 91 10 a 91 15 for prime Winter Western, 91 2u a 91 25 for prime Canada. Rye malt held at 95c. Toledo. April 25, 1873. Flour in fair demsnd and firm. Wheat active and higher; extra whit* Michigan, 92; No. 1 white Michigan, 91 89; amber Michigan, spot, 91 74 a 91 75; Muy, $1 74'., a 91 74% ; June. 91 75'4 u $1 76; No. 2 amber Illinois, 9180; No. 1 red, 9179 a 9180; No. 2 red, 91 74 a 91 75. Corn steady, with large sales for future delivery ; high mixed, spot, ?5l4C. ; last half of May, 48c. ; June, 4til4C. ; July, 47'ic. ; August, 48Wc. a Wic. ; low mixed, 45c. a 45'4C. Oaf* in fair demand and higher; No. 1, 45c. ; No. 2, 40c.; Michigan. 40c. a 41c. Clover seed, 94 80 a 94 85. Re ceipts? 2,000 bushels wheat 12,000 do. corn, 1,000 oats. Shipments? 14,000 bushels wheat, 89,000 do. corn, 1,000 do. oats. Chicago, April 25, 1873. Flour quiet and unchanged; most sales on private terms. Wheat in fair demand and higher, mainly lor future delivery ; No. 2 Spring, 91 24?i a $1 23, regular on spot; 9125V May; 91 28?jJ, June; No. 3 Spring. 91 14 a 91 15; rejected, 96c. Corn in fair demand and firm : de mand mainly lor future delivery; No. 2 mixed, 37>?c. a 37, ^c., cash; 38J{c., May: 40 We.. June ; rejected, 34c. oats in lair demand and Arm; No. 2, 31c.. cash ; 3l>?c., May ; reiectcd, 29c. Kye firm and scarce : No. 2, (S'^c. Barley dull and unchanged; No. 2 Full, 70c. Provisions qaict and weak. Pork dull and a shade lower, closing 917 87>a, May ; 918 35, June. L>ard dull and drooping at 99 spot; 90 15, May; 99 40, June. Meats held off tho market. Whiskey firm at 87c. Receipts ? 0,000 bids, flour, fi.OOO bushels wheat 75,000 do. corn, 29,000 do. oats, 2,000 do. rve, 7,000 do. barley. Shipment*? 7,000 bbls. Hour. 19,000 bushels wheat 51,000 do. corn, 24,000 do. oats, 8,000 do. barley. OOTTON RECEIPTS. The following are the total not receipts of cotton since September 1, 1872:? ? - Half. JBalen. At Oalveston 309,151 At Baltimore 13,707 At New Orleans. ... 1,1(12,892 At Philadelphia 13,4.1ft At Mobile 3116, 740 At Boston 14,394 At Savannah 5K0.321 At New York HK.fiW) At Charleston 337,976 At Providence 6.121 At Wilmington 36,974 At City l'oiut 22,512 At Norfolk 339,1)58 Total 3,201,504 PROVIDENCE PRINT0L0TH MARKET. Providence, R. T., April 23, 1873. Prlntcloths quiet, bnt flrin at previous prices, EUROPEAN MARKET3. Lonpon Monf.t Market.? London, April 25? S P. M.? Consols closed at 93*. i for money and the account; United States five-twenty bonds. I soft's, 91 7/, ; 18<>7's, 93','; ton forties, 8J'4 ; new fives, 80?<; l*.rie, 50s.. Pa wis Books*.? Paris, April 25? P. M.? Rentes closed at 65t. 77e. Livkiipool Cotton Market.? Liverpool, April 25?5 P. M.? Cotton closed dull; middling uplands, 9}?d. ; mid dling Orleans, 9J^d. The sales of the day have been 10 i*?i bales, including 2.i*M for speculation and export Or the sales 6,000 were American. Sales of cotton ship ped from Savannah or Charleston ,9Sd. ; deliverable from same ports April. 9d. The sales of the daj?are estimated at 10,000 bales. The sales ol the week have been 09,000 bales. Including 7,000 tor export and 4,1*10 on speculation. The stock in port is 692,000 bales, including 813,000 Ameri can. The receipts oi the week nave been 64, 000 bales, in cluding 26,000 American. Actual export 8.000 bales. The amount at sea bound to Liverpool is 511,000 bales, includ ing 216,000 American. Trade at Manchester.? Li verpool, April 25.? The mar ket for yarns and fabrics at Manchester is quiet but firm. Liverpool BitKAnsTurrs Market. ? Livkiipool, April 2:>? 6 P. M. ? Receipts ot' corn tor the past three davs 2,fi0i) quarters, including 1,500 American. Brcadsturts Arm. Wheat? Average Calilomin, Us. 8d. a lis. 10d. Corn -7s. The receipts for tlM past three days were 6,000 quarters, 4,000 of which were American. Liverpool Phovisions Market.? Liverpool, April 25?5 P. M.? Lard, 42s. Liverpool Produce Market.? Liverpool, April 25? Evening. ? Clover seed, 40s. nils. Spirits turpentine, 40s. London Produce Market.? London, April 2S ? 5 P. M.? Sugar afloat. 2Gs. a Ms. 6d. Spirits turpentine, 40s. per cwt Linseed oil, 13.1 5s. Tallow, 4.1s. 9d. a 44s. per cwt. lteflned petroleum. 14%'d. a 15d pcrgailoii. Petroleum Market.? Antwerp, April 2j? 1'. M.? Pe troleum, 12>? f. FINANCIAL.. ^OQUST BE I MONT A CO., A Bankers. 1'.' and 21 Nassau street, isMie Travellers' Credits, available In all parts ol tho world, through tho Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondent*. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of moncv on ? 'u i Horn ia, Kurope and Havana. 4 ?INVESTMENT BONDS. THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SEVEN THIRTY FIRST MORTOAilF OOLD BONDS, which we recommend as a profitable and well secured Investment, bear 7 3-10 per ccnt gold Interest, and have the following elements ol security, viz. :? 1. They are the obligation ot a strong corporation. 2. They arc a first mortgage on the road, Its equip ments, rights and franchise t, 3. Tin y are a first lien on its net earnings. 4 There to {pledged, in addition, for the payment of principal arid interest, a land grantofl2, Hoo acres permile through thu KlatcMtiid 2.MHSI acres per mile through the Territories traversed. The company 1s already entitled to nearly ten million acres of Its grant, and its land sales thus far have realized %!> 66 per acre. With nearly sot) miles of the road completed and In operation, the earnings for I "73 will be large. All marketable stocks and bonds are received In ex change lor Northern Pacifies on most favorable terms. JAV COOKS A CO., 2.1 Wull street New York. A A.? IMPORTER# AMI ALL TRADERS IN j\t foreign gwoii* and with California, may limit the ri ks of their regular business by purchasing gold privi lege or options at an outlay of but to), percent see uuoutiMs in New York TribOM, Financial Record, Ac. WILLIAM WARD, 3i Broad street, Broker in Uo.d, stocks, Ac? ^ FINANCIAL. A^m -LAPHLYEJA BAZLKY, BROKERS, 47 EXCHANGE ? place.? stock aud Oold Privileges. $100 ami coin nii?Nii>n for a pot or call (first class name*) tor luo share*, 90 or tiO day* No further risk. Explanatory circulars, with practical llliuitrations ami reference*, mailed tree. At REASONABLE BATB8-. MONEY on like and Kudowmeut Insurance Policies, Mortgages and other Securities. Insurances of all kiwis effected with best companies. J. J. H AHK1CII A CO.. 119 Broadway. ALAROE AMOUNT OP MONEY TO LOAN ON Bond and Mortgage ; First and Second Mortgage* cashed: city Property only. ? ? rwElPENRlCH A CO.. 908 and 906 Tliird avenue. RANKING HOUSE OF FISK A HATCH, No. ft Nassau Street, New York, April 24, 1873. The present high pnee of government securities is in creasing the demand for first class railroad bonds, and as the amounts now offering are comparatively small, it is reasonable to suppose the present difference of from 20 to 30 per cent cannot be obtained for any great length of time. Ooverninent bonds are higher now than for seve ral years past A "five-twenty" bond at 130, paying six per cent on the par value, yields but a small income on its market price, and if an entirely safe Investment can be obtained with a difference of 9200 to $300 on each $1,000, it is largely to the interest of the holders to make the exchange. Wa are recommending the following for such ex changes or tor new investments, all of them payable In gold, principal and interest:? The Chesapeake and Ohio six per cents at 88 and ac crued interest, interest payable May and November. These bonds are issued in denominations of $100, $500 and $1,000. The road, 420 miles in length, Is now com pleted, and the business offering is very large and in creasing daily. The Western Pacific Six Per Cents at the market price, which is to-day 9fi, flat These bonds are of $l,0u0each; Interest January and July. This road having been con solidated with the great Central Pacific, and payment of its bonds, principal and interest, assumed by them, we see no good roason why they should not soon approxi mate in price to Central Pacirics, now 103, and becoming very scarce in the market Also, the Chesapeake and Ohio Seven For Cents, in terest payable January and July, secured by a First Mortgage on the Extension to deep water on Chesapeake Bay, on the proposed Kanawha River Branch, and on the great bridge to be built over the Ohio River at Hunt ington, and a Second Mortgage on the Main Line, with all its equipment*, depots, Ac. Only $3,000,000 of these bonds will be offered for sale at present Price 90 and accrued interest We consider them amply secured, and a very desirable investment The proceeds will be used in adding largely to the present equipment nnd In extending to deep water on the Chesapeake Bay, where the largest steamers in ? the world can load and unload alongside the cars. The amount of money to be Invested within the next few months will be very large. The government dis bursement alone for the next three months will reach $100,000,000, and the May and July dividends of the* banks, railroads and other corporations as much more. We continue to deal in government and Central Pacific bonds, receive deposits on which we allow interest, make collections, execute orders at the Stock Exchange for cash and conduct a general banking business. FISK A HATCH. HAHKINS A BRAINE, STOCK AND UOLD BROKERS, 11 Hroad street? Stock and k<>I<1 privileges a specialty. Any one can-speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circulars mailed. Money to loan on bond and mortgage-, also first and second Mortitaires bought. Principals only Inquire of E. B. ROLLINS, :h Park row. Notice. Tlie coupons of the First Mortgage Bonds, Now York and Erie Railroad, falling due Slay 1, 1873, will lie paid on and alter that date nt thu offlcos of Messrs. Dun can, Sherman A Co., 11 Nassau street. W. 1'. SHEARMAN, Treasurer. fj TO 12 PER CENT, We make a specialty of County, City* nnd School Dis trict Bonds; guarantee legality of all bonds sold, collect the coupons without charge, or take same as so much cash on sales. Send tor price list. The Law of Municipal Bonds, just published by our senior, should be In the hands of all interested in this class of securities. Two volumes, price $10. W. N. COLEK A CO., 17 Na.-sau street. CO EXCHANOE PLACE, clO New York, April 22, 1873. Central Colorado Improvement Company Bonds Coupons from the above bonds maturing May 1, 1873, will be paid on and alter that date upon presentation at our office. DKKXEL, MORGAN * CO. <J?q enn $4,500, $8,500. $6, mo to buy first or second Mortgages on city Property; no da lay searching titles. SMY I II, 111 Broadway, room A. dtiOfi nnn ?SECOND MORTGAGE on improved ^?SU.UuU. City Property for sale; about 50 per cent on valuation In ali; bondsman unquestionable, Principals please address, with best terms lor two years, SEN' ATQR, Herald office. <t?/l C Hftn TO loan-on bond and MORT gage, without bontis, tor a term ol years, on realoBtate in this city. JOHN F. CONREY, 162 Broadway, room 9. THE CENTBE MARKET ARMORY. The following letter, In explanation of an article that appeared in Wednesday's IIekald giving amount of acconnta sent to the Supervisor's office for work periornted on the Centre Market Armory, has reached this office. The Herald merely gave the lootings of bills, and any errors must he attributed to the manner In which the accounts have been kept or filed with the Clerk of the board. The explanation of the architect pul> lisiied in Thursday's Herald, certainly places the dlifereut contractors right on the record: ? Nbw York, April 24, 1373. To tub Editor or tiik Hf.rai.o? Ukah Sih? We have noticed in your daily Issue Of the Nsw York IIbkalp of April ffl, un article about bills against the city of New York for work of Centre .Market Under the list you have published wc find the namo of our llrm, putting us on the same leVel as certain parlies well known to the public. We earnestly protest against such treatment in a public paper which hurts our name and reputation, for which we have worked lor over twenty-live years. It you till nk you can play with the most valuable weapons? that is honor and confluence ? of burincss nun, and spoil the Mine in the eyes of their friends and cutomers, you are verv much mistaken. Wc tbl?k more of it than ol money liiaklng, such us you re marked. Very respectfully, your>, ' GI'OUOK FISCHER A BRO. SWEPT FROM THE TRAIN. Singular Accident to ? Construction Train. A serious and ?lnfrular accident occurred on the Roonton brunch oi tne Delawaro, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, near the station at Little Falls, N. J., about half-past eight o'clock yesterday morn ing. A construction train, loaded with laborers and iron rails, was backing along at the rate of, perhaps, eighteen miles an hour, when the front end of one of the vails "jawed" irom the car and struck the ground. Tins, ol course, threw the other end of the rail around like lightning, creating sad havoc, among the unfortunate workmen who hap pened to be within reach of the scythe-like swe< p of the rail. Several ol them were brushed iroui the tram, one heiua killed outright and others consid erably inwred. John Shannahan, fifty years of age, living on Stony road, Paterson, had botn lens and arms broken and lus skull fractured. He died uluiost instantly. Ho leaves a wife and live children. An inquest was held on Ills body yesterday afternoon i bv coroner Anuraux, of Paterson, and a jurv, and a i verdict, ol accidental death was rendered. John | Cunningham and Thomas Lynch were knocked off with shannahan and slightly injured. Patrick Gleason. oi Market street, Paterson, was seriously hurt about the legs and mee. Robert Delaoey, (if Vine street, Paterson, had his thumb broken. John Meglnty, or Mill street, Paterson, had his legs bruised and forehead cut. James Monaghan, a young man. although lie had no bones broken, was so generally contused that he had to be re moved to the st. Joseph's Hospital, at i'aterson. The injuries ol none ol the wounded are thought likely to result fatally. THE BOGERT TRIAL POSTPONED, Judge Redle still being ill, Judge Depew, of Newark, yesterday afternoon, at five o'clock, opened the I'atcrsen Oyer and Terminer to dispose of the case of Van Winkle Bogert, whose trial for the murder of Ransom F. flurronahs had been sot down for yesterday. Bogert was tu Court, looking well mid appearing collected. It is under stood that he prefers to have Jwlgo Bedle try him. Judge Depew made the lollowlng somewhat singular order In regard to the case, lie sold that application had been made lor Judge Van hycle to preside over this trial, but no reply having be -n received from lilm, the court would lie adlourned until one P. M. or Saturday, May .(.when it would be further adjourned until some day in tne following week, If Judge Van Sycle could come { if not it would then be adjourned until the second Tuesday In June, when it would lie coin pranced, with Judge Bedle on the bench, IT he is able; |i nyt, by some other Judge. RELIGIOUS lfOTICICa. Apollo hall, bro.vuway and twenty* eighth street.? The Children's Lyccum meets a? 10 A. M. ; Contere nc? at 1\ P. M. ; Professor S. B. Brittou lecture* at 7% P. M.? Subject, "The Philosophy oi Inspi ration." BAPTIST CHURCH. FIFTY -THIRD STREET, 8EV enth avenue.? Rev. William H. Pendleton preacbe* morning and eve nine. Morning subject? "Elijah at Mount CarmM." Evening? "The Brazen Serpent." Bap tlsiiix following. ? BISHOP SNOW WILL PREACH IN THE UNIVER sity (Washington square), on Sunday, at 3 P. M_ Seat* free. Subject? "The ('outing Doom of Antichrist * J^ROOKLTN TABERNACLE. REV. T. DE WITT TaHmaGE, D. D., PASTOR. ACADEMY Or MUSKX? TO-DAY AND HEREAFTEW the Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation will occupy thef Academy of Music MORNING und EVENING, atlU%and; 7>a, until their new church is built. Seats free. Subject) tomorrow morning? "Shall the Bible and Christian In tluences be Driven from Our Public Schools r." C1BURCH OF THE MESSIAH, PARK AVENUE, COR ) ner Thirty fourth street? Rev. Henry Powers wllB preach. Morning subject, "Substance and Shadow i"' evening, "service of Praise." Seat* tree. C1HURCH OP CHRIST, WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH; J street, near Broadway.? Rev. W. C. Dawson, thor pastor, will preach ut 10 UW A, M. and 7 :46 P. M. All aro? cordially invited. C1ALVARY BAPTIST CHURCn.? REV. R. S. M'AK J thur, pastor, preaches to-morrow morning and even in?. Baptism at the close of evening service. You are invited. JOHN B. GOUGH At Association Hall on Tuesday evening, May 8, 1878. Subject, "Eloquence and Orators." Admltsion, 80c.; re served sent*. $1. For sale at B. Stradley's, 127 Nassau street; O. Scbirmer's, 701 Broadway, 114 Broadway, ami Arloii Plaaoiorte Coinpuny. No. 5 East Fourteenth street. Mr. F. J. Barrett will preside at organ. NORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. CORNER OK Ninth avenue and Thirty-first street.? The Rev. Thomas Street will preach his farewell sermon in this church on Sabbath morning, at 10% A. M. PROFESSOR W. 8. HUTCllINGS WILL PREACH AT Glass Hall, Thirty-fourth street, near Third avenue, at 10 :30 A. M. and 7 AS P. M. PRESBYTERIAN MEMORIAL CHURCH, MADISOKV avenue, ^corner Fifty-third street? Rev. Charles S. liobinsou, I). 1>., pastor. Services at 11 A. M. and 7% P. M. Sabbath School at 9% A. M. PILGRIM BAPTIST CH URCH, THIRTY-THIRD street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. ? Rev. J. Spencer Kcnnard pastor. Morning? Twenty-third Psalm. Evening? "Carrying Needless Burdens." strangers wel come. Russian orf.ek chapel, 951 second avenue. near Fiftieth street.? 1)1 vine service 111 the English, language every Sunday at 11 o'clock. All cordially in vited. REV. J. W. BARNHART PREACHES IN THE FOR sytli street Methodist Episcopal church to-morrow, at lt)% and 7%. Seats tree and strangers made welcome. EEV. CHARLES R. BAKER, HECTOR, WILL PREACH jn Church of the Messiah. Greene and Clermont ave nues, Brooklyn, Sunday evening. Subject, "Abraham's Place Among Religious Reformers." REV. A. D. GILLETTE, D. D., PREACHES IN PLY mouth Baptist church, Fifty-flrst street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, ?unday, at 10% A. M. and 7% REV. GEORGE C. ESRAY WILL PREACH IN Grace Methodist Episcopal church. West 104th street,, near Ninth avenue, Sunday, April 27, at 10% A. M., ont "The Story of tlie Cross," and at 7% P. M. on "The Prodi gal Son." STEINWAY HALL.? REV. WAYLAND HOYT, PA8TOR of the Tabernacle Baptist church, Secoud avenue and Tenth street, will preach in Steinway Hall on Sunday eveniug, at 7 'JO, and in the church at 10:30 in the morn ing. SUNDAY EVENING LECTURE? SEVENTEENTH kJ street Baptist church. "The Jewish Priesthood" (il lustrated), by pastor, Robert Cameron. All invited. ST. THOMAS' CHAPEL. SIXTIETH STREET, NEAR Second avenue ? Services at 10% A. M., 7% P. M. Rev. Professor Roberts minister in charge. THIRTY-FOURTH STREET REFORMED CHURCH? Rov. Isaac Riley, pastor.? Divine service in thl? church to-morrow, 27th instant, at 10% A. M. and 7% 1'. M. In the evening the pastor will preach the next sermon in the course on "Heaven." WEST TWENTY-TIITRD STREET PRESB YTERIAJT church.? Rev. Knt'us Clark, D. D., of Albany, wilB preach to-morrow (Sunday), at 10% A. M. and 7% P. M. WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST Twenty-second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. ? Rev. J. K. Demurest preaches, morning and eveniug, at 10% and 7%. Strangers cordially invited. ZION CHURCH, MADISON AVENUE, CORNER OP Thirty-eighth street.? The Rev. John N. Galleher, of Baltimore, rector elect of this parish, will preach on Sun day morniug, 27th April, and will assume the office of rector 1st ot October. MTH STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CORNER of Secoud avenue.? Service* 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. The flith lecture of the course to the young people will be Riven on sabbath evening by the pastor. Rev. Robert Moss. Subjcct? "First Principles in Church Life." HOl'SKS, ?r., WAVTKU. In this City and Brooklyn. A SMALL FAMILY DESIRES TO RENT A NEATLY furnished Room on second floor (no gentlemen), without board ; neighborhood good ; terms moderate. 352 West Fifteenth street, near Eighth avenue. A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, WITH SMALL FAMILY, want a furnished House, convenient to Broadway cars or Fifth avenue stages. Address, with particulars, R. 8. CARY, station O. A WIDOW LADY WANTS TWO OR THREE ROOMS. in a good location ; rent must be moderate ; flrsf class retcrc.nce given. Address M. B., Uerald Uptown Branch office. French plat wanted? by a family op two persons; occupation troin August 1. Address, stating floor and terms, U. Q., box 207 Herald office. Furnished room? without board, wanted, with a respectable lady or widow who is not inquisl tive. Address C. II., bo?5, 469 Post office. WANTED? A LARGE BEDROOM (OB TWO SMALt Rooms), not more than two flights up, neatly fur nished, with bathroom accessible, located between Fourth and Twenty-fourth street* and between Third and Sixth avenues. Address, with price and full particulars, GEN TLEM AN. box 4,5t<9 Post office. WANTED? IN PRIVATE HOUSE (BATH AND OAS), t hree or l'onr Booms; second ftoor ; young American couple ; not to excecd $25 to $30. Address M, U., box 117 Herald office. WANTED? A SMALL FLOOR OR TWO ROOMS connecting, unfurnished : good location. Address, stating price, Ac., A. B. X., Uerald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, A PARLOR, WITH one or two Bedrooms, without board, In good loca tion below Twenty-third street. Address B., box 3,838 Post office. WANTED-BY A LADY, AN UNFURNISHED HALL bedroom in a genteel house ; reference. Address H. 8., box 224 Herald office. WANTED? A SECOND OR TniRD FLOOR, BY A \l neat family of adults, 5 or 6 rooms, on second or third floor, below Fiftieth street, near Third avenue. Ad dress, stating rent, to office. No 42 East Eighteenth street. Wanted? a small three story furnished House, by a genteel lamilv; location first class? from Fourth to Thirtieth street and from Fourth to Sixth avenue; rent not to exceed $1,200 per year. Address W., Herald office. WANTED TO PL KCHAsiK Hydraulic press wanted-not less than eight inch ram. Address, this morning, i. S. U., Uerald office^ WANTED? A LARUE SECOND HAND DOUBLE Mack walnut Office Desk. Apply to or see JANI TOR, New York Life Insurance Company, 34ti Broadway. TIT ANTED? A GOOD SECOND HAND PLATFORM Vt Scale, ten to fifteen hundred pounds capacity. Ad dress, with particulars, box 215 Williamsburg Post office. Vn'FeD? A GOOD ~M I ItKOR,- FIVE FEETTHREB inches wide bv five feet four Inches high outsido measure ol frame ; either walnut or gilt frame , mca.Miro might vary, say two inches from above. Address, with lowest price, MIRROR, box 2,016 New York Post office. w E\EM AMD EARS. Artificial human eyes.? t. j. dayis, in ventor and only maker of the improved Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged by the faculty to be the only correct imitation ol nature in the world. 127 hast Fifteenth street, between Third una Fourth avenues. S?TiS A. M > Titursdav tu U V. M-a^ ^tmastor. 11% A. M. STOMACHS. V? STORAGE? WEST SIDE STORAGE WAKE . house*. 503, (KM, 936 Hudson street, 77! ? Greeiiwlclt street, and 10 Abingdon square, for furniture pianow, baggage, and all other faintly property. Ail goods placed in separate rooms. These establishments are the most responsible, reliable, accommodating and lowest In rate in New York. K. TAUGART, Owner and Manager, Offices 593 Hudson street, near West Twelfth street. Zs I'uKAGK. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac. ; ALSO CARRIAGE*. WAGON... Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS W \REIIOU8E, built exi -essly lor the purpose, 102 To lit EAST THIRTY-fU'.COND STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASB.4 and other PACKAGES containing nrticies of EXTRA VALUE can be stored with SAFETY utlow rates. Persons can forward their goods troin any oart of EU ROI'K or A M ERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is invited to examine the superior ac commodations, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which this warehouse possesses over ail others. ? JOHN H. MORRELL, owner and Proprietor. c TO RAO P. FOR FURNITURE~PIAM>S, B At it I A'iTcT O Ac,., in separate rooms.? This Is one ol the -aicst and best ventilated buildings in the city. We invite the at tention of all parties wishing to store their furniture to oar accommodations for hoisting and packing good*, style of rooms, Ac. : all persons having goods .?n storage can have access to them. M1CII ALeS A Si>N, 32 and 34 COMMERCE STREET. NEAR BLBECKKR. DENTISTRY. BEAUTIFUL t^V.T OF TEETH, $8; SINGLE, $1; warranted: Plumpers, Imparting youthful appear ance i Extracting with Das, /file.; Silver Fillings, 80e. open Sunday till 12. 2K2 Sixth avenue. Retuemlier 262. A MISdlLLVSiEOlS. CJTANDARD CANNED OYSTERS, IN ONE AND TWO O pound tins, lor sale, with or without labels, by A. E. tiU'l ERltRIDGE, (ii? Pearl street. Agent lor AauapoU? Caunuig Cempaur,

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