Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. . WHOLE NO. 13,388. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 1873.? QUI NTUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS. * AMUSEMENTS? Fourth Pace? Second, third, fourth, ttith and sixth columns. ASTROLOGY ? N inkteentu Page? Sixth column. B1LLIARUS? Twentieth Pagi? Filth column. BOARDERS WANTED? Thiko First, second, third, fourth and fifth column*. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Third Pace? Fifth mid sixth columns. BROOKLYN REAL BUT ATE FOR SALE- Fifth Page? Second and third column*, and Eighteenth Page? First and second columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Second Page? Fifth and sixth columns. BUSINESS NOTICES ? Eleventh PAGE-Sixth column CIGARS AND TOBACCO? Twentieth 1'age? Fillh col umn. _ (JITV REAL ESTATE FOR KALE? Firm PA?;e? First and second columns, ami Eighteenth Page ? First column. _ _ CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Fifteenth Page? Fourth and filth columns, aud Twentieth Page? Thirfl col CiLOTlllNG? Seventeenth Pace ? Fifth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? Fifteen rn Pace? Filth column, and Twkntikth Paiie? Third column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Twentieth Page? Sixth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Tiiirii Page? Sixth ?olumn, and Fourth 1'age? First column. DANCING ACADEMIES? Skventeeth 1'age? Sixth col umn. DENTIS I RY? Seventeenth Page? Sixth column. DRY GOODS ? First Page? Second, third, fourth," fifth and sixth columns, aud Second Page? First, second, U-Ird, fourth and tilth columns. DWELLING BOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Sixteenth Page? Second, third and fourth columns, and Nineteenth Page? First, sec ond and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Twentieth Page? Filth aud sixth column*. EUROPE? Seventeenth Page? Fifth column. EXCHANGE? Twelfth Page? Third column. EYES AND BAB8? Seventeenth Page? sixth column. FINAN CIAL? Ninth Page? Third and fourth columns. PINE ARTS ? Thirteenth Page? First column, FOR SALE ? Thirteenth Page? Fifth and sixth columns. rUBNISOED ROOMS. AND APARTMENTS I'O LEI ? Sixteenth Page ? Fourth and tilth columns, aud Nineteenth Page? Fourth and fifth columns. FURNITURE? Eighteenth Page? Sixth column. FRE N C H ADVE RTIS E M E NTS? Tw entieth P ag e? P on rt h column. , HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth PAGE-Third and fourth columns, and Twentieth 1 age? second and third columns. ? _ . HELP WANTED? MALES? Fifteenth Page? Fifth col uinii, and Twkntikth ? Third and fourth col B0BSE8, CARRIAGES, AC.? Thirteenth Page? Second, third, fourth and tilth columns. HOTELS? Th i no Page? Sixth column. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., WANTED? Twentieth Tace? Fourth and fifth columns. INSTRUCTION? Foi'KTH Page? Second column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BKR GEN REAL ESTATE FOR HALE? Fifth Page? Fourth and filth columns., and Eighteenth Page? Second column. LECTURE SEASON? Fourth Pace? Second column. loan OFFICES? Fourth Page? First column. LOST AND FOUND? Tiiirtkkntii Page? First column. MACHINERY? Thirteenth Puce? Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS? Seventeenth Page? Sixth column. MATR1MONI AL? Nineteenth Page? Six tl\ column. MEDICAL? Nineteenth Page? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Second Page? Fifth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Fourteenth 1'agk? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Focrth Page? First column. MUSICAL ? Seventeenth Page? Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS? First Page? First column. PERSONAL? First Page? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, Ac.? TWELFTH PACE-Sixtll column. PROPOSALS? Fifteenth l'AGF^Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? Third column, aud Twentieth Page? Second column. PBOPERTY OUT OF T1IE CITY FOR PALE OR TO RENT? Fifth Page? Filth and sixth columns, and Eighteenth Page? Second, third uud lourtli col umns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHAN'GE-Eiguteknth Page Fourth and fifth columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Eighteenth Page? Fifth ami sixth columns. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?' Twi lfth Page? Sixth column. REMOVALS ? Seconii Page? Sixth column. REWARDS? Thirteenth Page? First column. 8ALES AT AUCTION? Seventeenth Page? First, second, third, and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? First, second and third columns, and Twentieth Page? First and second columns. SITU AT'ufNS WANTED? MALES? Fifteenth Page Forflli column, and Twentieth Page?1 Third column. 8PECIAL NOTICES?' Thirteenth Page? First column. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? Thirteenth Page? Sccou.l column. STORAGE? Seventeenth Paoe ? Sixth column. HUMMER REPORTS ? Fourth Page. ? First column. THE TRADES? Twentieth Page? Fourth column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PUll POSES? Sixteenth Paoe? First and second columns, and Nineteenth 1'age? First column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE-Twentieth Page? Sixth col umn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Page? Fifth and sixth columns, and Nineteenth Page? Filth aud sixth columns. WANTF.D TO PURCHASE? First Page? First column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.? Twelfth Page? Third col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? PiriH Page? Third and fourth columns, and Eighteenth Page ? Second column. TACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Twelfth I'AGE-Third col umn. IIIvKALD BRANCH OFFICE? I'PTOWN. "y^ DTERTISEMENTK FOR THE NEW YORK. BERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,3? BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY BBCOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK. HERALD. "WKSSUS. KRBMBR A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK UERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH C0PIB8 OF THE HERALD, AND ALBO ?INGLE NUMBERS OK THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THKM. PERSONA!*. Any one who can give information con certiing James Mehan. a private in the Seventh Connecticut regiment volunteer*. is requested to send it to GEORGE (J. SUM NEK, Attorney at Law, Hartloril, Conn. A. .irceTM.yUrKC.U.IU' MovE FROM Y'ABICK A. to~yo?-r",u.s". not we her alive- unv /??/. #? # address : if not von wilt nira will be rewarded". 458 CanUsneSt? inlormntlolJ ILLIARDS? THOSE TWO LAMPS IN FRONT OK Uleasoii's Billiard Room, 161 Bowery, are too lar apart. KELL. READ WOULD BE BETTER WITH CAKE, AND ?ice vera. B B T~WIS APPEARED FROM HER HOME? ON SATURDAY iJ morning, April 5, suffering, It is feared, under tempo rary atierratlon of mind, Mr*. E. BeardHley. She In of fair, clear Complexion, gray eye* mixed gray hair. i|uUc thin; neigh! aliont S I'eet 2 inches, slightly built: age be t wean 45 and 50 ; quiet-mannered and low-voice d ; dressed In black. Anv intoriuntion regarding her will he thank fnlly received by her aftticted friend*. 216 South Fourth street Brooklyn, E. D. EW WILL MF.ET E. G. MONDAY, 28TH INST., AT . 2 P. M . without tail. I OWE S.-Vlll' II At E LOST THE WAOF.R. SEE W Beecher, Bo wen Tllton affair in last Woodhull A Claflin's Weekly. That Kettles it: pay up. K. L. J T JTTLF. C.RAC'IE WITH THE LONG HAIR, OF 111. f JLi send address through Personals. F. C. MRS EMMA SIIERW- ? D? HOME YEARS SINCE IN Memphis? Please send address to an old Mend, care fit. Nicholas. WILL L. OH GOD !? PLEASE CALL AND SEE MINNIE AT the Cottage. PEACH? REMEMBER THE PROMISE. AltOYLE Hal Ma?que to-morrow evening; doa't disappoint; Mine spot, on balcony. LEAN OK If. R. M. J.? EVER THE SAME. NO CHANGE. 1 RUST. THE GENTLEMAN INQUIRING FOR MISS NtJTT AT 128 will llnd her at 144 sane street. w OULD LIKE TO HEAR FltoM THE AMERICAN bird doctor. W. A. JOHNSTON, Market Exchange. /?ILL KEAOAN, OF NO. # BERKMAN STREET Me?r tne at Train Matinee to morrow, at 4. F. W. K. ?tini.L THE YOlMi I ADV WHO HAD ALTER tT cation with n gentleman front ol Stewart's, Friday, nth, address S M , licrald ollice t JMTTLL THE YOI N?J LADY WIH> NOTICED GEN Y? tleman In furnlsning Moods store, Coleman House, Saturday afternoon, afterwards entering Stnrt< vant House, please address her admirer, B., Herald Uptown Branch officer NEWSPAPERS. IIOR SALE? A COMPLETE COPY OF THE NEW Ycrk Herald, from the 1st ot Jnconrv, ISftf, to this ?late. Address W WHITE, box 149 Herald office. [' WANTED TO PURCHASE Photographic apparatus, copying camera and stand. Ulass HaUi?, Knttles, Funnels, Trays, Hral-s anil Weights. A e. State lowest < aeh price. Ail dress D. A D.. Herald office. ROOT BEER -W ANTED, A SECOND HAND FOI'N Uin in perfect order. Address ROOT BEER, Herald llW. WAKTMJ)?TWp LARGE WOODEN tanks. APPLY to A. J. WHITE, :?l? Pearl street. Wanted to purcii v>e?onk or two iron T.inks of .VW to I, f)U0 barrels enpailty Address h .l.ins I'osl tli ii kuvss ol iron ?mi pnvv. DRY GOODS. EEEE H II RRR II CC n H 888 K H H K R II C C H H 8 8 B H H R R II C HUH K II II R R II C II II H EE nulla RRR II C II II II II 888 K II H R R II C II H 8 E II H R R II 0 II H K K H II R R II C C II II 8 H EKEE U 11 R R II CC U II 888 <8> ELillTIl AVENUE, NKAK TWENTY-FOURTH STREET. Special inducements in every DcDartuicnt. Will open on MONDAY, Al'ltIL 28, the largest and must extensive assortment of LADIES' MI'SLIN UNDER(iAKMENT8 ^ ever exhibited at any one establishment. We have for the last few months devoted special atten tion to the manulacturc ol'our Ladies' and Children's Underwear, and now offer the Huest class of (tooda at prices guaran teed to be lur lower than any in Uie city. We only ark a lair examination of our goods. CHEMISES. Corned bajwl. front aud sleeves, fine muslin, superior finish, at T*!, worth $1- ... Corded band, front and sleeves, trimmed with rufllc, at $1, worth $1S5. Hosom of alternate tucking and needlework insertion, trimmed Willi edge, at $1 40, wortli.fl 76. llosoui of alternate pufllng and Hue needlework in sertion, trimmed with ruille, at $1 .V?. Hosoin trimmed with six rows of tucking*, four rows of line needlework Insertion, broad needlework front, band and sleeves trimmed with embroidery, at $1 85. Elegant varletv of Chemises, trimmed in richest sf vies, at $1 Ho, $1 Hs, ?1 90, $1 96 $2, $2 10, $2 15, $2 Id, $2 1',. $2 32, $2 :w, $2 4b, $2 60. $2 68, $2 76, J 2 89, Ac., up lo j:t 85, making an assortment of 120 diflerent styles in Chemises. DRAWERS. Two clusters ol five lucks each, fine needlework edge, at 90c. Two alternate clusters, tucks, needlework insertion and edge, at (I 15. A lot of Drawers, trimmed with two clusters of three tucks each, two rows of pulling, or an insertion of wide bla? tucking, trimmed with rutlle, all at 75c. 8K1KT8. Two clusters of Ave tucks each, 1 road hem, at B8f. - Two clusters oi Jlyt tucks and oue oi six, making six teen tucks ijj all. at 9f<'. ?? - ????*?*?? ? ? TWo clusters of five tucks each, broad rudle, at 91 la Ten tucks, broad six-inch plaiting, ai $1 76. Two c.ustcrsof five tuckseacll, broad needlework edge, at $2 25. (lur very choice selection of Skirts is particularly worthy of notice and examination. RICH ASSORTMENT of Night Dresses, Underskirts, Corset Covers, Toilet Sacijues, Trail Skirts, Ac., Ac. Special attention given to Children's Undergarments and Bridal Trousseaux. We cordially invite ladles to look through our attrac tive assortment, entirely without rcicnnce to purchase. S8S U U II TTTTTTT S88 8 8 U U 11 T S g 8 U U 11 T S 8 U U 11 T 8 8SS IJ U II T 888 8 U IJ II T 8 8 li U II V S 8 8 D U II T 8 8 888 UUU II T 888 Onr Suit Department is winning the admiration of all visitors by tlio elegaut'taste displayed in the variety of our Miits. sirloed and plain linen Suits, trimmed with flounce, at *2 25. Bismarck striped Suits, in six different colors, at $3. Real l.ineu Suit*, trimmed with fringe, from $6 to $10. Large variety oi black (irenadine, Alpaca, Summer I'opliu, swiss and I-awn suits, at popular prices. Cashmere and Drap D'Ete Dolmans. Sacques and Capes, Lace Shawls ami Sacquesat bargains. CHILDREN'S MARSEILLES SUITS. ? <$ Kichcst variety in the city. Beautiful Pique "Madonna" Suits, richly trimmed with braid and needlework insertion, at $3, $:t ?i and $4. Bcnutiiul Scotch Kilt Drees, richly trnnincd witli Mar seilles trimmings, needlework insertion und edge, onr own style, at $4 ft*1. (?rami assortment of Marseilles Cloaks, ('apes, anil Dresses lor children from one to fllteen years of age. CC OO KRK SSS KEEE TTTTT SHS C C O O K R S BE T S 8 C O O R R 8 E TS C O O R R S E TS C O O KRR SSS KEE T 888 C () (I R R S E T 8 C O O K It S E T 8 CCOORR8SE T 8 8 CC OO R R SSS EEEE T SSS Over forty -Ave different styles at reduced rates. Embrolded hip-core Cornet, 16 bones, lac* edge, ot 78c. French woven Corset, ;ifi bones, at 90c. Krenrh Cortille Corset, 18 lionet, side steels, laney stitched, lace edge, at SI 11 Together with a variety of the finest French Corscte, all tft^preatly rcduced prices, KEEE n II KRR II CC II H SSS E H 11 R R II C C II II S S " E II II R R II C II H 8 ' E H II K K II C II II 8 KB HHHI1 KRR II C tlUWI SUSS E 11 11 R R II C H H 8 E II H R R II C II II S K II II R K II C C II II 8 S EEEE II II It K II CC 11 II SSS REAL LACES. -<8> We are now offering real Yak Laces at less than cost of importation. Owing to the stagnation in the wholesale trade, wr have been enabled to buy an immense stock at a grcat sacrifice and now offer our Patrons the benefit of the purchase. Real Yak Laces, 3 inches wide, at 78c., cost over $1 to import Kea! Yak Laces, 4 inches wide, at $1 per yard, cost only $1 40 to import. Special bargains in real (iuiptire Laces. Silk (limps Fringes, Ornaments, Buttons, Ac., Ac. Blac k silk (limps, beaded and plain, Irom itoc. per yard upwards. Black silk Fringes, beaded and plain, from 2Ac. per yard upwards. Fell lines of colored Laces and colored Fringes to match the new shades in dress materials. Bargains from auction in reo! Guipure Dace Pelerines. Real point, and point applique Collars, Handkerchiefs, Keal thread lace Barbes. Black llama Parasol Covers, ('apes. Fichus, Ac., made of Lace Woods of every description at popular prices. New styles of lace and Silk Regalias, lace Ties, lace Collars, Lace Bibs, Ac.. Ac. ^ embroideries! ^ Over 100,000 yards, last edge, at 8c., 10c., lie., 13c., 14c., 16c., 17c., 28c., Ac., up to $1 W per yard. 8 8 SS8 Our black Dres? Silks are winning wide popularity and universal satisfaction. 10 pieces Idnek Silk at 91 -3, worth $1 50. 10 pieces black silk at $1 50, worth 1 1 R.V 10 pieces extra quality at $2. real value )2 40, and better grades in proportion. All the latest Novelties in club stiek and tourist I'arusols, now i>n band, at popular prices. KEEK II M KRR II CC II II S83 E II II It It II C C II II H 8 fc II H K R II C II II S R II It U R IT C II It H EE II II 11 11 ItRR II C II II II If SSS E H H R R II C II II S E II II R R II C II II 8 E II II R R II C C II If 8 S IEEE II II R R II CC II l{ 888 MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. STRAW HATS. We have now on hand upward* of I.tMO dozens at onr well known low price*. All the latest novelties in White chip, straw, Neapolitan, Leghorn and fancy Braid Hats. Our reputation for Straw llats is so well established that this department requires m? special mention. On MONDAY, April 28, we will open 100 cases of the finest Black Neapolitan Hats and Bonnets, in i he most desirable shapes, - at $1 each. *? cam, same as are sold all over for $1 80. Fine black Straw llatsat fiOc.,65e 73 c. upwards. Children's brown straw School Hats at from :10c. up W''r<je French Flowers, Montnres, Garland*, Pompons, Aizgrc'tes, Ac., Ac , in all the finest styles. Ribbons, MUlinery Laces, Chenille Dotted Nets, Ac., Ac., In every quality. t rKIMMKD BONNETS AND ROUND II A I S, ^ in an iniinens<' variety of styles, at less than hall the Broadway pricea. An inspection of this department is solicited without referent ?? U> purchase We ete always pleased to show our goods. No one urged to buy. All got vis marked in plain figure*. ICHRICH'ff TFMPI.F. O! FASHION, X7 und JmkUUi avci^iv. ucar Ivrcuty Igurtll utrccf, B. dry ooona. IAN A CO. OFFER EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS tor the week couimmciicmg MONDAY, APRIL 28, IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. B ALTAIAN A CO., 331, 3.13 Sixth Avenue, . between Twentieth and Twenty-Ural streets, OFFER ON MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, ami tin- entire week, Til E MOST ATTRACTIVE STOCK OK (iOOl)S, EXPRESSLY OFFERED FOR FINE SPRING TRADE, AT EXTRAORDINARY REDUCED PRICES. FINE BLACK DRESS SILKS (Lyons make), 91 76, $2 per yard. EXTRA HLACK DRESS 8ILKS (Lyons make), 92 26, $2 50 per yard. STILL BETTER DRESS SILKS (Lyons make), 92 75, $3 per yard. NEW SPRING SHADES COLORED SILKS, 91, 91 25, $1 45, $1 50, 91 ?> anil 91 75 per yard. STRIPED SIl.KS in Mark and white and gray and white, ate., 91, 91 lo and 91 25 per yurd. 24 inch BLACK OROS CHAIN SILKS, 91 25, 91 50 per yard. TRADE DISCOUNT allowed to MILLINERS and DRESS MAKERS. REAL LACES, in YAK, GUIPURE and THREAD, at 50c., 65c., 75c., 90c. and 91 19, $1 25 and 91 50 per yard. REAL LLAMA LACE SACQUE8, DOLMANS and CAPES. REAL LACE FICHUS, BARHES, HANDKERCHIEFS, COLLARS. parasol covers, lace veils, Ac., *c. REAL LLAMA SACQUES. 9111 50, 913, 916, 91H. EXTRA FINE LLAMA SACQUES, $r>, 927, $30. Fine stock" of REAL LLAMA and THREAD LACE PARASOL COVERS, lrotn 94 to 925. SPANISH LACE and CHENILLE DOT LACK VEILS and FINE LACE VEILS with round anil long Tab*, ready made, AT LESS THAU COST OF MAKING. Fine PPANdTh I.A<'E VK'LH, reduced to $IS(1 12 to 13 W. LACE VEILS at bargain*. SPANISH ami VALENCIENNES LACE trimmed Fichus Hi 91 2,'., 91 50, 91 75. NEW COLORED YAK LACES. NEW COLORED ami HLACK DRESS FRINGES. DRESS and CLOAK TRIMMING." and ORNAMENTS. OXIDIZED Buttons, Ac., all at low prices. ELEGANT BONNET and SASH RIBBONS in plain GROS GRAIN and WATERED in all widths. Also RICH ROMAN and GROS CHAIN SASHES at bargains. AH the above line ot goods are subject to a Trade DISCOUNT for MILLINERS and DRESSMAKERS LADIES' and MISSES' FINE HOSIERY, GLOVES and HANDKERCHIEFS. GRENADINE CREPEand TISSU E VEILS In endless variety. BALBRIGGAN HOSE. 60c., 00c., 75c. per pair, 9,4 $5, 9t> and 9N per box. FINE LISLE THREAD HOSB, 60c., 75c., 90c., 91,91 25 per pair, 97, 9W, 910 to 911 per dozen. ENGLISH COTTON HOSE, 92 75. 93, $4 per box. LADIES' SUPERIOR ENGLISH LONG UOSE, 40c. , 50c., title, per pair, 91 50, 95 anil 90 i'er dozen. LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S COTTON and Lisle Thread STRIPED HoSE at various low prices. Ladies' plire Linen Hemstitch H ANDKERCI1IEF8, l*c., 20c. , 25c., 35e. lo 50c. Fine Cambric tape border do.. 12Jic., lfic., 18c. Misses' and Children's Cambric and Hemstitched do.. Sc., 10c., 12){c. ami 16c. each. Gentlemen's Linen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, 25c., 30c. to 60c. each, 92, 92 50. 9^ to $8 per box. KID GLOVES, ( , ' i 1 Inst oiiinpd [at bargains. all colors, <Ju?t openea, j AN EXAMINATION OF OUR STOCK IS RESPECT. FULLY SOLICITED WITHOUT REGARD lo PUR CHASE. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE. ALTMAN A CO. NECK AND DRESS FLATTINGS AND RUFFLING. Complete lines of Standard TRIMMINGS. MAGIC, COVENTRY AND S A NDR INGHAM FR1LLIKGS. LAWN PLAITINGS AND Ti t KING, In every variety. WHITE MARSEILLES AND COTTON TRIMMINGS, Ac., at low prices. 800 pieces ITALIAN -EDGED NECK RUFFLING, offered at cost ot manulaeture. 1,000 nieces SWISS FOOTING, also SILK AND ITaLI AN-EDOED RUFFLING for ueck wear. 2,1100 pieces SWISS LAWN AND CAMBRIC PLAITINGS, plain, pointed and scolloped, ed^cd with Hamburg Edgings. AI?o Fine SWISS and ORGANDIE DRESS and SLEEVE PLAITINGS, in tasty novelties. Also a very extensive stock of LADIES' PLAIN, TUCKED AND PLAITED SLEEVES, CUFFS, COLLARS AND CHEMISETTES, and many other novelties In the above line. ALTMAN A CO. will exhibit the greatest variety AND SUN UMBRELLAS of any house In Ilie city, Mt VERY POPULAR PRICES. 3, WO NEW SPRING STYLES LADIES' AND MISSES' PARASOLS will be OPENED ON MONDAY, APRIL 28, comprising THE LATEST NOVELTIES of THE SEASON. CHANGEABLE SILK 8UN UMBRELLAS, in blue, purple, gray, green and plum colors. PINE SILK SERGE PARASOLS anil SUN UMBRELLAS, in black, gray anil drabs, trimmed with deep fringe. BLACK GROS GRAIN AND SER(iK MLR PARASOLS, lined In all colors. XrNE WHITE SII.R PARASOLS. lor lace covering, in plain and (willed silks. GRAY, BI FF AND DRAB REAL PONGEE PARASOLS, plain and lined in all colors and trimmed wktli irii>7?. Also MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S PARASOLS, la all colors, lined and unlin<*i. The above have been carctully selected, with due re gard for colors and styles, with choice *tlck? ia plsiii, rich and fancy curved ; plain, mounted ami inlaid with gilt, silver, oxidized, jet and pearl, with or without Chatelaine, and includes a lull line of LADIES' AND GENTS' KINK SILK RAIN UM BRELLAS, ALL at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES. B ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENI'E, NEAR TWENTY FIRST FTRKET ALTMAN A CO. will also continue lo offer extra novelties in PARIS AND V.IBJNNA GOODS in addition to those placed on sale last week. REAL OXIDIZED GOODS of the rarest andinost antique design*, comprising extensive variety of OXIDIZED CHATELAINES, with attachment*, OXIDIZED BUCKLES. Hat, Drew, Shawl, Veil and Hair Ornaments; OXIDIZED SETS of Earrings, Broaches, Bracelets, Ac , Ac., ?t greatly less than their regular value. also choice goods In GARNET JEWELRY, WIMTBY JET, PEARL and RUBBER JEWELRY. """"'"VlSW^ROonn., TOILET ARTICLES, Ac., Ac., ALL VERY ATTRACTIVE, at extremely attractive prices, B. ALTMAN A :in,l ? 13.1 SIXTH AVENUE, uctwccfl JWIiJIJlitfJl au-j TWLNi V-mtal BlltJiliJU B. DRY GOODS. ALTMAN * CO. EXTRAORDINARY RALE LADIES' SUITS, ,0 LADIES', MISSES', CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR, INCLUDING INFANTS' OUTFITS. COMPLETE WARDROBE and WEDDING TROUSSEAUX ALTMAN A CO. UPPER ON B. MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Hllll , the entire week

tllfl most EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS til LADIES' SUITS, COSTUMES. STREET AND TRAVELLING DRESSES. CLOSING OUT TI1E BALANCE ol ENTIRE STOCK ol LADIES* SUITS aud COSTUMES. Over BOO PINE SILK, CACHIIEMIRE, POPLIN, CRETONNE amJLMOHAIR SUITS nnU TRAVELING DRESSES WILL HE SOLD WITHOUT KKBKRVE ami WITIIOUT REGARD TO COST. 100 MonAIR POPLIN W AI.KINO SUITS at ?1?. PISK MOHAIR POPl.lN WALKING SUITS at $26. FINE MOHAIR 1'OI'LIN WALKING SUITS at$35. All reduced from $31), $35, $40 to (SO. FINK SILK COSTUMES iTT $48, $50, $75, $95; worth $60, $75 to $:oo. LADIES' CACIIEMIRE POLONAISES, CLOAKS, At'., reduced to $1-, $15, $14 unit $20. An INSPECTION of the above is earnestly solicited It. ALTMAN A r O,, 331 and 333 Sixth avenue? between Twentieth and Twen'v first street. B ALTMAN A CO. CONTINUE ? , their GRAND SALE i of * ? S,, V LADIES' FINE MUSLIN, CAMBRIC AND LINEN UNDERCLOTHING at IMMENSELY REDUCED PRICES, LADIES' FINE MUSLIN CHEMISES. corded band find milled; also tucked mid pointed, yoke trimmed, with Hamburg inserting ami ruffle, 79c. and 98. LADIES' FINE MUSLIN CHEMISES, trimmed intvari ous styles, with flue llamhun; inserting, plain and bias tuckiiiK aud ruffling and line Hamhiiri: embroidery, re duced to $1, $1 08c., $1 25c., $1 35c., $1 sue. to $2 50c. FINE MUSLIN NIGHT ROBES, tucked yoke, back and front, and trimmed willt cambric ruffle, also trimmed with cluster of tucks rimiiiiiK down entire trout, robe style and triiumed with ruffle, at $1 19 and $1 50 LADIES' FINE NKJt'T ROBES, trimmed down entire trout with Hamburg Insert ing, putting and tucking or huts tucks aud cambric ruffle, at $1 75. FINE EMBROIDERED NIGHT ROBES, made ol genuine UTICA and WAM SUTTA MUSLINS, trimmed very elabo rately, all at reduced prices. ranging from *2 25. $2 80, $2 75, $2 HS, $:<, $:! 30, $.1 fr.i, $4, $1 45 and upwards. WILL ALSO OPEN (RECEIVED AT A LATE HOUR), TWO ENTIRE CASES VARIOUSLY ASSORTED LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, comprising TOILET AND MORNING SACQUEB, LAWN AMI CAMBRIC BASQUES, LINEN. LAWN AND CAMBRIC BLOUSES, LA III KS' AND MISSES' DRAWERS AND SKIRTS, CORSET COVERS, INFANTS' ttRESSEfl, INFANTS' SLIPS. Also, complete lines of MISSES I'INE UNDERCLOTHING made of real \\ AMSUTTA MUSLIN. INFANTS' COMPLETE WARDROBE, comprising INFANTS' SHIRTS, SKIRTS, BIBS, BANDS, BARROW COATS, MERINO AM) FLANNEL SHAWLS and KACOUES, WHITE PIQUE DRESSES, 1'IQl'E CAPES, CHIl.DRKN'S NORMANDY CAPS. LACE BONNETS, manufactured IN Fl RST CLASS manner, of best materials ? only. AT ASTONISHING LOW PRICES. Our PATRONS and the PUBLIC arc earnestly requested to CALL AND EXAMINE. B ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SI XT1I avenue, B between Twentieth and Twenty-first street*. AL1MAN 1 CO. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT, On MONDAY, April 28, we shall offer a very large and extensive stock of FINE HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, comprising FINE NOTTINGHAM AND LARB CURTAINS, LACE TIDIES, PILLOW AND 8I1EET SHAMS, MARSEILLES AND HONEY COMB QUILTS, FINE TABLE LINEN, TOWELS. NAPKINS, DOYLIES, LINEN AND MUSLIN SHEETINGS nml PILLOW CASINOS, and every variety ol articles necessary for HOUSEKEEPING PURPOSES, anil all offered at EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENTS. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE, between 21 IT II and 2IST STREETS. ALTMAN A CO., ON MONDAY, APRIL 28, will open and offer for sale ~~ NEW AND DESIRABLE DRESS GOODS AT GREAT BARGAINS. f) enure rases in ? II the new SpriiiK Color*. US follows MOHAIR POPLIMS, 84 Inches wide .tie. per yard. FINE MOHAIR DO, 27 inches wide 42c. per yard. MOHAIR AND WOOL SERGES, 27 Inches wide 00c. per yard. FINE SUMMER SATINBS," 7 in all ) ALL WOOL EMPRESS, the ' 62J?c. per yard. COLORED CRETONNES, ' new shades. 1 CAMELS' HAIR CLOTII, tor Polonaises. 73c. per jard, in very eleuant shades. SILK PONGEE POULARDS, in beautilul colors 78c. per yard. 811, K PONGEE POULARDS, extra flne iiuulitv 88c. per yard. BILK PONGEE POLLARDS, still better, fl per yard. FINE SILK CHAIN POPLINS 8Sc. per yard. NEW STRIPED CARMELTINES Me. per yard. JAPANESE STRIPED SILKS reduced U> 16c. per yard. GRENADINE*. SILK AND SATIN STRIPED, also plain all silk and wool. IRON GRENADINES ?t REDUCED PRICES. IRON GRENADINES, allk and wool.. 50c. and 00c pr yd. EXTRA UUALITY IRON (1RENADINES at 7Sc. and HV. per yard. SATIN AND SILK STRIPED CRENADINES, In plain nud openwork, lust opened, at $1 per yard. OCR MOURNING DEPARTMENT comprises full lines of Goods of the finest fabric. OUR CELEBRATED CASHMERES, so popular at >1 10 per jar , we still continue to offer FOR THE SAME PRICE CASHMERES, of same manufacture, we are al>o offi'rinif at tbe surprisingly low price of 95c. per yard. BLACK BOMBAZINES A ND HENRIETT A CLOTHS, extra 'iiiality. In the best black, at |l 40 per yard. LUPIN'S BEST BLACK ALL WOOL DELAINE, in siiin'e and double w^lths. FINE BLACK ( RFPE CLOTH ^ jfl,, ^ ftn(j ji p<.r FINE BLAClTcRKTONNRS \ J""1 The attention of our patrons and the pnbllc Is respeet fnlly ioHcited to an examination of the above depart ment*. B. ALTMAN A CO., Sixth avenue, near Twe.nty-flrst street. urscMi* ONE CASE ASSORTED RIBBONS, JUST OI'ENRD, WILL BE RETAILED, worth 7.V., at See. per >ar ' B. A Li MAM A CV, A I)lt V T Kl.NZKYS. (Irot Ribbon gale. 20,000 pieces Bonnet, Sash iu?l Trimming Ribbons below gold cost of importation. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. No. t all Silk Ribbons, 4c. No. 4 all Silk Ribbons, 6e. No. hall Silk Ribbons, In.-. No. 7 all Silk KiliboiiK, 12 'ac. Nil. 9 all Silk Ribbons, 17c. No. 12 ull Silk Ribbons. 20c. No. 9<Srns drain, nil color*, 10c. No. 12 Oro* Oram, all color*, 23e. No. If! dros (irnln, nil colon, 29c. No. 0 Watered Ribbons, sc. No. 9 Watered KitilKirif*, I5e. No. 12 Watered Ribbons, 25c. All Silk Roman, 2llc. up. Shaded dros drain. 20c. lip. Watered Oros drain, 25c. Four inch Moiled, 2#c. Fancy Ribbons, inc. ii 96e. striped tiros (iraiu, 20e. Watered Sash Ribbons. Mtc. Six Inch watered do., "Sc. Five inch Itlock I'lanlx, 4?>c. All silk plain Sash, 60c. lip. All silk Human Sash, 7.V. up. Fancy Sash Ribbons, 70c. up. SCARF DEI'ABMENT. Roman Windsor Tics, 2Ac. Five inch Windxorx, 2Sc. Fivo inch Crepe Dechlnex, 39c. Fine gros drain xllk Tics, :ttlc. Changeable silk Tie*, 2.V. Wlilr Bilk F ringed, 26c. Windsors, changeable Shades, 39c. Rich brocade Scarfs, 39c. Double luced Roman*, 25c. 1,000 dozen icxtrs rich six inch imported Tics, Klc. anil 69c., win Hi Iroin $1 to $1 Ml curb. Sicli Fichus, r r iiiiri *il, 80c. l'.xtra large Kicluix, 89c Rich grenadine Ties. 75c. Rich embroidered Ties, 44c. up. Figured Wimlsorx, nt ;;ii Jlcavy twilled silk Ties, 26c. H I LOWER DEPARTMENT. ?<S> Tin finest variety And the largest stock ol tine imported Flowers to lie found in the city ; we hftvo over 460 different varieties and styles at populur prices. Montnrns, darlnmN, Roses, Wreaths, Vines, cluster and single Flowers, rinks. Dailies, Pansies, Lilies, Violets Wild Flowers, Ac., French Flowers Irom luc. to 95 yfi a spray. We are opening SOOcnrtons fine French Flowers, closed out irom Die Importer at just Ii n If regular prices; splwndid Ioiik- siiraj for 91, worth 9- . at 9' 2.">, worth 92 W. ? <8> (PARASOL DEPARTMENT. | <& <g> All the new styles of I'araxols, Tourists' Sticks, , club llandlex, Promenade, Ac., with ami without chatelaines, in every shade and color. Lot Silk I'aruxols, 91. Misses Silk Parasols. 69c up. silk Sun Umbccllas, 90e. in 9.r> 04 English Silk I'll ? ?u on Frame Umbrellas, 9< 98. English Alpaca Uuihrclhis, 91 92 up. rhuii|:cnblc Silk I'arasols, 92 9H to $0 40 EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. <? Hamburg Edgings, 4c., fie., 8c., luc. Hamburg Edgings, Inch wide, 16c. Hamburg Edgings, two inches do., 20c. Hamburgs. wide midline, 2'ic. up. Ilumhiirg Insertions,#!'.. 10c., 12i?c. Hamburg Insertions, lflc. to 96c. Plqne Embroidery, 28 ??. yard. Hand Worked Bands, 36c. Ouipitre Hands, 26c. Embroidered Edgings, 12c. Varil I'iecei, at 29c. piece. Tucked Trimmings, 10c. uti. Extra tine F.mbroldery, with Real Valenciennes Laic Kdgc, 26c. Infants' Worked Waists, 39c. U> 92 06 Norinatidy Caps ill Real anil Imitation Laces, very low. I'niiie t'aps, trimmed, 50c. Large Applique Collars, 2T>c. Real lace Collars, fillc. to 99. Lace and linen Sleeves. Organdie and lace Ties in Real and imitation laces, 20c to 92 60. I<ace aud crupc Collars, llic. to 9t>. 2,000 very fine Shetland wool Shawls, large size, 91. Applique lace Tidies, 25c. up. Nottingham lace Tidies, 18c. up. :t IIIHI imported linen Collars, with wide applique, worth 91, at 25c. WHITE UOODH. | Fancy Swiss M uxlinx, 18c. yard. Fine tucked NaitiMiokx, 31c. Satin striped Piques, 25c. Extra quality Dimity, 25c. Victoria Lawn I '4 yards wide, worth 40c , at 25c. yard. Wide lucked Nainsook, with flue embroidery, 60c. yard. Printed Linens, 3le. yard. Striped aud plain Nainsooks, Dotted and fancy Swisses, Revere Muslins, 25c. yard. K1NZKV has the lightest and most cheerful store in the city. You can always see what you are buying. T HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTM ENT 4> u VJ%C* ?v}& W V* \\V *'.??. Wi,.< >A^a ?\tU 0SW0> St&F'w0 %0fi* #&?A X^T'% u" X' n ? "1*&A z-^s^ [GLOVE U KfARTMENT. Berlin stitched Glove*, Ific. pair np. Berlin Glove*, two, three and tonr button* Mi?*e*' Berlin Glove*, 15c. pair up. Mi**ea' Kid Glove*, S9c. Vienna Kid Glovei, 39c. pair. Real Kid Glove*, warranted, Mr. We have 4ti0 dozen Of Lupin'* Kid Glove*. ne w, Ifenh (food", in black*, opera* and mode color*, Mr pair coat more money in Bmop?. Two-button Kld?, 49c., 09c. Tot of three-button Kid*, 96c. We have a lot ol real Kid, a* good a* any glove, at |l. The aeamle*a Kid Glove at Ic?h price than any hou*e in the city ; come andjry them. KM A 1,1. WARS department. &?*/ **? Per tJ hr'^rh^r', *h?rZ 7v*^>< ??e<\ " *? piee? , V" JV?T"Vif i k ##. */>?? . * **7r*r ^ i'tifrSli '>><? r0' *r*fc*5r \*)0 ><p" Nr "lr i-C *' ?. bun,iie line a*?ortmcnt of Bronze Goods, very low. Moheiuian Good* In variety; Perfumeries and Soap*; Boxeiof Note Paper very low Toilet and I'erfume Set*. SWISH DEPARTMENT. fancy Work. fToilct. Nursery and Scrap Basket*. over 1U) different Variolic", much under the ti*nal price*; Fancy I- rather lin*ter* : Tabic Mat* in large Variety. Carved Swi** Good* in Ere at variety ; Bracket*. Book Shelve*, llat Buck*, Towel Rack*, Wall Pocaett, Match Boxe*, Frame*, Paper Cutter*, Bouijuet lloluer*. We are opening a new department lor i hromo*; pretty l.'hromo*,frairteil,29r we have over 100 different *ut>jerta, from 80c. to $10, all ready framed to li un? up. mm SPECIAL NOTICE 7<7 and 709 Br<jn<lway, *ou will find new tlood* added to *toek every day, lioth from the auction room* and from importer* C?iuvf vl -Ninth street A DKV GOO OH. T K I NZEY'H. KINZEY'S, the great resort of the day. Over la. lies have visited" KINZEY'S popular stores the past week i i : ? I liACK DEPARTMENT. Hlack Yak Laces, 29c. tot) '>4. Colored Yiik Laces, 25c. ti? $1 lift Laces, 25c. yard, up. French Point Laces, 50c. yard, up. Maltese Lanes,.*'. yard. up. Colored Cluny laces, I IX'. yard, up. Keal Guipure Lares, IV. to $.1 %. Reul Guipures, one Inch wide. I8C. ; two inches wide, ; 2l? inches wide, 5<le. : .'I Inches wide, 78c.; all the wider widths at the same rates. French Guipure Laces, all silk, from He. to 80c. yurd. French Thread I .aces. Iruin 10c, to 75c. yard. Colored silk l.aces, all shades. Pusher Lace Flouuelngs, up. Valenciennes Laces, 2c. to $ I 29. Valenciennes Laces, 19c. dozen lift Heal l.aces from Sc. to $ii yard. Applique and Thread l.aces. Crochet Laces, So- tofc'c. yard. Duchess Laces, 15c. to 00c. LACK OOOD8. T Spanish Laces, I9e. yard" np. Dotted Veilings, 6<k\ yard. up. silk Brussels net, SOe. yard. Silk Illusions, 25c. yard. Veil Grenadine*, 39c. iii>. Silk chantilly Laces, Me yard. Llama Lace shawls. Capes. Sueqiiis, I '.u ii sol Covers, Ac., Ac. Lace shawls, trom $:t to $fio. 180 I .ace Saequcs, at 50, $4 Ui and $ii. worth $IOeach. Lace hacquea, (.1 SO to $40. Pusher Lace Barhes, SOc., up. I'oilil and Thread liarbes, I .m e Coiitures and Bcaris, Spanish Lace Veils. $1 to $6 Larue Silk Neils, ? to $1 'Jti. White Shetland Veils, 28*'. *| MAT DEPARTMENT, jf All the new shapes in KountV Hats ami lion nets 111 English^ and French Goods, <'hlp, Lace* Neapolitan. Leghorn, Milan and other Braids, in imported! as well as domestic Goods. Among which may ho f?u!id the following shapes Rosalind. Ru liens, Venice, 'I evict, Rival, I'ark, Ague", liijou, Lorgnette, St. I'lair. Rtimca, Cavalier, MiiiiiI, Wave and inuny others. Buy a good sun llat, 31ft. Misses' Sailor Hats, 39c. up. II iir sun Mat, 26c. up. Milan Huts, line, SOc. up. These llats are ull (rush neif goods this season. T SILK DEPARTMENT^ Ail silk. Crape Dechlnes, 80c. Heavy Corded Silks 78c. Wide Lining Silk*. 49c. Marcellnc S i lit s, Hie. silk Velours, 7Sc. peryatd, up. Bonnet Silks, 02c. yard. Rich Watered Silks, every Color, at 78c. yard, cost $169. tiood It lii e k Silks SI Auction lots ol Silk, 69c. up. We are opening n lot of Grape Dechlnes at 80c., worth $196. TRIM MING DEPARTMENT Head Gimps, 11*1 pieces of Passmeuterle Gimp*. 15c. yard up. Crochet "limps very low. Colored Silk i 1 imps, 25<:. to $3. Bugle (iimps, #1 to $* piece. Embroidery Gimps very low. In Black Silk Fringes we have over lOOdllferent styles in plain, beaded, crochet twist. Kali and fancy Tassel Fringes from 6c. to $3 yard. , ? , In colored silk Fringes we have every shade, color or style you can Imagine. In Twist. Tassel, Crimped, Fancy, Plain and tiiinp Headings trum 6c. to$l 1)0 yard. We are opening over B.0U) pieces ol silk Fringes, Gimps and Trimmings, the richest goods made ; bought at a tiankruiit sale at less thau 60c. on the dollar. Also. -ilk Ornaments, low. Silk Embroidery Cords, all colors. White Pique Trlm'gs, 10c. piece up* Embroidery Braids, every style. Linen tfnd Cotton Fringes. Star and Fancy Braids, cheap. HI FFLlNOri AND TUCKING 8. J Magic ftulllings, 3c. yard. Lawn Ku tilings, So. yard. Skirt Knittings. 10c. yard. Embroidered Kufllings, lfic. yard. Linen Tape Trlmmimrs, JSC pie e. SnslicS, snowdrop trimmings. mi different styles of Neck Ituilllngs, hi ienl iiii.I imitation Ibices and Muslins, 10c. to $1 2Syar ifc I,i*ki nieces Woven Knglish Tucking*. plain and bias. In every width, 10c yurd, worth 20c. KINZEY'S Stores are 767 and 769 Broadway, corner of Ninth street, opposite A. T Stewart's. I'.NDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. -<s Fine trimmed Chemise, 83c. Inserted ami trimmed Chemise, 79o< Finely tneked Bosoms do.. 86c. Embroidered and ruffled do., 96c. Turkod Imi'k mill Imnt, $1 4.'? Very tine Uoods. I rum 1 1 25 U) SO 29. Fine tucki'd Drawers, 47c. Fine tucked and ruffled, 5Hc. Trimmed mi I tucked, 7.V Embroidered and turki'il, 9fic. Embroidered, ruffled and turked. ?1 57. Kichly trimmed tioods, 91 29 to (4 ;w. Fine tucked skirts, 74e. ? Kxtra cluster tu<-k?-il do., Hfle. Kuflled anil tucked do., $1. Cluster, tucked and nulled, 91 '.W Ituflled and tucked Ctlderskh-t, 580, Fine embroidered Skirts, $2 25 to $7. Dressing flaeques, s?e. up. Binliriilili'reil Dressing Sncquefl, 92 15. Trimmed Night Drew, $1. Ruffled and tucked Drew, 91 10. Turked bark and front, $1 .">7. l ine Goods, iroui 92 26 to 9'*. French woven Cornet*, 89c. IM-Bone French Corsets, 99c. 40- Bone Hand Embfoidered, 91 491. Two case* finest French Coutilie. Corsets at 91 96, worth 9>'l 80. Hoop Skirts, Bustles, Ac., Ac. ^ HOSIERY l>KPA KTMKNT. Si 111 Clocked Ha lb riff git n?, 56c. Kxtra long HaNiritioiiis, 4V. Extra long English llosc, 50c. Kcguliir Made Hose, 25c. Fancy HtripeiL for ladle*, 59c. Extra quality Ualbrlggans, 60c. to 91. ' :m dozens Mlssci' and Bovs' Fancy striped Hose, 20c. to 75c. English Hall' Hose, 20c., 25c.. 28c. up? Gentlemen's Balhriggans, 45c. pair. English and French Hosiery, the tiest assortments the city. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Shirts, Collars, CulTs, Bows, Scarfs, Suspenders, Ac., Ac. ? Gents' One I'ndershirts, 6Pc. up. Howes and Tics, 10c. to 91 '^9. Boys' silk Ties 10c. to 19e. | .ll.WKI.KV DEPARTMENT. Oxidized and .let Ornaments. Oxidized Shawl and Veil Pins. < is idl/.cd Buckles and Chatelaine*! rixldireil LockeUMKl Chains. Oxidized Buttons, new styles. Oxidl/ed Veil Pins, f&C. Rei*i Whllhy Jet Earrings, 2#c. English Garnet Jewelry. Pearl Earscrews, 49c pair. Sleeve Muttons, 10c lo 94 pair. H O dozens Fri neh fire k'llt Bracelets, worth 91. at 25c. opening six pases fine rlrB Hoods from Paris, London and Vienna, In Fans, bocks els. Necklaces, Eardrops, Veil Pins, Sets, < hatelalnea. Ornaments. Jet and Co? raline Goods m FANS AND BELTS. I FANS <$5>? ? ? too dozens (ln? Fans, In Silk, Ivory, Russia leather, Lace ami l.lnen. We are selling silk Fans as low as 19c. For 91 we are selling a Fan w urth over 92. Russia leather Portemonnales, ?i0c. un Leather Hells, Iron) 25c. to 92 49. Hags, with Belts, S:?c. to 912. . Fine Hags and Cases, Note Books, Fine Kiissia and velvet rorteuionnaiefc Imported Hans. .'Ale. to 910 20. Tkramh DEPARTMENT. J ? ? lit I'hotograph Frames, 5^- up. Carved swis* Frames, to 95. Fancy Photographic Frames, IHc. up. Oxidl/ed Hinl bronzed Frames, 25c up. Photographic Views and cards. Fancy I'll tures lor training. silk velvet Frames, 75c. tip. silk, velvet and gilt Frames, Very pretty styles at 91. Fine porcelain painted ThPBCIAL NOTICE.^ In consequencc of the dullness of trade among importers we are enabled, by the use of cash, to buy many goods below the gold i ost our customers gi t all the benefli. Broadway, ciiner Ninth street, Medallion*, framed. 91 39 up. Fine Frames vary low. WILLIAM KINBS?'%

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