Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 11
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tag done by oar Boston Catholic con tempo rary. The Jewish Times argues in behalf of the Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum. The Hebrew Leader striken up its lyre on the "Reawakening of Nature by King Solomon in the Song of S?ngs":-k The Winter 1b over; Flowers are bedecking the fields; The birds commence to carol; The voice of nature becomes loud on earth. All of which is very pretty and very Scriptu ral ; but it is difficult "to see" the above sorts of things in this vicinity about these chilly and blustering days. The Jewish Messenger touches* on "Rou mania," "Fair Play," "Mixed Worship" and other matters. The Sailors and the "Land Sharks." Jack is not noted for thrift. He is brave and generous, faithful to his obligations and credulous of sincerity in others. But after his hard work is done, his exposure to hard ship and danger over, he is apt to squander his hard earnings with lavish hand and sur render to dishonest custody the wages which should provide for his own comfort and the support of those dear to him. Since sailors j first oame' ashore with money in their pockets there has not ceased to be "land sharks," who, in the character of boarding masters, have relentlessly robbed .Jack. Th.-y not only "cleaned him out," but have established a system of "tick" for him, which mortgages his future industry. He is made to run up a bill as honest as those the old Tamma 3' King charged to the Court House fund ; then, by the aid of Fourth ward rum, the almost or quite unconscious seaman is sold and delivered to a shipmaster whoso craft is ready to begin her voyage, the board ing master getting payment of his very honest account, and Jack getting the chance, by a long term of toil, to pay for a few days' spree. In the hands of the "land shr.rk" Jack is no more able to take his own part than a worried mouse to thrive under t&e care of an active Grimalkin. . Congress in its wisdom undertook to protect the sailors from the sharks. It es tablished in New York and other ports Ship ping Commissioners, in whose offices alone masters of American ships engaged in foreign trade could ship men and pay oft' seamen. The Commissioners are allowed to grant sailors certificates by which they may discharge their actual debts, the certificates being paid ten days after the debtor has started on his voyage. This does not satisfy the hun gry boarding masters, who have combined to resist the law by embarrassing and overawing the Commissioner. So violent have they been in their proceedings that the Commissioner has found it necessary to lay the case before the Grand Jury. Indictments have been found against a large number of these men, who are mostly keepers of boarding houses near the wharves. About fifty of them spent Friday night in the Oak street police station, and were yesterday brought to the City Hall, when Recorder Hackett allowed them to give bail for their appearance in Court to answer the indictments when called. It is clear that these men must submit to the law. If, on trial, their guilt is established, there is no doubt the Court will fully discharge its duty in inflicting such penalties as shall convince the culprits that there is vitality ifa the law and an earnest determination on the part of the judiciary to protect sailors against the rapacity of their false friends ? the boarding house sharks. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. Postmaster W. L. Burt, of Boston, is at the Astor Bouse. Bismarck's fifty-eighth birthday was on the 1st Instant. Ben Field, of Albion, N. Y., is St the Metropoli tan Hotel. Judge J. P. Putnam, of Boston, is at the St. James Hotel. Pfere Hyarinthe is said to intend to revisit this country very soon. Mr. Israel T. Hatch, of Buffalo, is stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Assemblyman Smith M. Weed, or Plattsburg, is at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Captain Totten, of the United States Navy, is staying at the Astor House. State Comptroller Nelson K. Hopkins has arrived from Albany at the Metropolitan Hotel. W. H. Rosslngton has assumed editorial charge Of theTopeka (Kansas) Commonwealth. Governor Beth Padeliord, of Rhode Island, yes terday arrived at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Senator John J. Installs jS to be banqueted In Leavenworth, Kansas, on the 21st Instant. K. M. T. Hunter Is named as a candidate for Gov ernor of Virginia. So are a baker's dozen others. Lieutenant Commander J. C. Kenneth, of the United States Navy, is registered at the Hoffman Bouse. General Forester is now called the Father of the Bouse of Commons, having sat as or member for Wenlock since 1828. Lord Byron's secret, says the London iVnslratea Review, was that he had a wlie when he was mar ried to Miss Milbank. M. Grtfvy, the recent President of the French National Assembly, is passionately fond of chess, and plays a strong game. It is thought that the democrats and liberal re publicans have a majority in the forthcoming Ohio Constitutional Convention. A. K. Cotton, is supposed to be the M. C. from Iowa who sent his back pav in cancclled bonds to the United States Treasurer. "Did General Longstreet sell the battle ef Gettys burg. or did Union valor win it t" Subject for the Bungtown Debating Society. "As a Longstreet, did ft have a turning ?" is another. A Kentuckian cherishes the remembrance of Jenny Lind by retaining a bouquet of (lowers, now wttbered, which she held in lier hand during one of lier concerts in Louisville twenty years ago. Governor Beverldge, of Illinois, has signed a bill tor the construction of a dam. Trouble has fre quently arisen from the misconstruction of one. Beveridges particularly have produced the latter. "The coming K " has need to conciliate the masses. At a late republican conference in Shef field, England, it was announced that the brother hood would contest the succession of the Prince of Wales. The memorial address on William H. Seward by Charles Francis Adams has provoked a controversy between the Albany Jourruil (administration) and the Argus (democratic). Perhaps Mr. Adams did not think particularly of pleasing either when he prepared his powerful discourse. Ex-Sheriff John Kelly was a passenger for Eu rope on the steamship BaltU, that sailed yester day. Mr. Kelly intends to be absent from home about three months. He was bidden a hearty fare well by numerous friends who had assembled on the steamship, among whom were ex-Congressman S. 8. Cox and John Fox. MOVEMENTS OF PRE8IDENT GRANT, Dknvrr, Col., April 28, 1873. President Grant, his wift and daughter, General 0. E. Babcock, the President's private secretary, and two of his friends reached Denver by special train at two o'clock this afternoon, and will probably re. main In Denver over Sunday as guests of Governor Elbert, sad wo to labo Springs en Monda*. SPAIN. A Modification of the Ministry Spoken of in Political Circle#? The Communurt Proc lamation Hews Denied? Bonrboa irt Eetreat and De feat of Carliati. KlEtPAIS 10 THE HEW YORK HERALft. Madrid, April 20, 187a ltnmors of $ modification of the Ministry are current in Madria. It is said the members of the present government, with the exception of Presi dent Figueras, Seiior Pi y Margall, Minister of the Interior, and Seiior Castelar, Minister of State, will retire, and their places will he tilled by Seflors Contreras, Kstebanez, Garcia, Lopez and lllspa, or other advanced Federalists. CARI.I8T DEFEATS IN THE FIELD. The Cariists have b.'en defeated several times re cently in encounters with the . republican forces. In one engagement over a hundred of the insur rectionists were wounded. HOY AL BOUBBON1ST RETREAT. The Official Gazette , of Madrid, announces that Don Allonso, the brother of Don Carlos, accompa nied by his staff, crossed into Frauce Irom Spain on Wednesday last. _____ Contradiction of the Statement of Com lunnal Proclamation. ? Paris, April 26, 18T3. A despatch from Madrid pronounces untrue the report published here yesterday that the Commune had been proclaimed in that cit$. Legal Proems of British Republicans Against a Carliat Committee. London, April 26, 1873. The London republicans have undertaken the prosecution of the i'arlist Committee in this city, who are collecting funds for Dou Carlos, as -they claim, in violation of international law. THE CAUSE OF COMPLAINT. The cause oi complaint of the Loudon republican party orig.nated us iollows:? The Westminster Gazette, undor request of the Carllst Committee, published the following:? The Carlist Committee for England, at a meeting held on Wednesday, February 19, at its temporary olllcc. No. 0 Sloane street, Belgrave square, passed the loilowiiife resolutions:? That His Majesty Charles VII., by the law of succession and by the law oi inheritance, is the only claimant who has legal and legitimate claims to the throne oi Spain . ihut his principles arc respect for the law, the maintenance of order, ihc support ol religion and morality ; that a large number of Spaniards havu already proclaimed him King; that by the ut.diuatloii of I'rince Amadeo of Savoy the throne of Spain is vacant, and consequently Charles VI I., w ithout exposing Inmsclt to the accusation ot disturbing the peace ol his country or ot lomentlng civil war, is lully entitled to make good his claims; that his accession to the throne would put an end to the revolutionary and unsettled state ot Spain, and that hia government? essentially conservative and just? would promote commerce and Industry ; that the establishment of the Republic will open the way to the members ol the International, the public propagators of evil aud the sworn enemies of society. The Carllst Com mittee, appealing to the lovers ol right and justice aud to the trie tula of monarchy, have ilie honor to an nounce that a public subscription has been opened lu aid ol the cause ol His Majesty Charles VII. of Spain. signed by order ot the committee, C. K. STUaRT, Honorary Secretary. HOLLAND. ? ? ? A Powerful Steam Fleet to Co-operate with the Dutch Army in Asia. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. The Hague, April 26, 1873. The government of Holland has ordered fourteen steam naval vessels to proceed immediately to , Sumatra lor the purpose ol co-operating with the Dutch troops now on that island In their move ment against the Acheensc.' The vessels will carry a large quantity of ammu nition aud arms for the troops. TEE VIENNA EXHIBITION. Prince of Wales' Route to the Austrian Capital TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Brussels, April 28, 1873. The Prince of Waies passed through this city to day en rout*' lor Vienna. TURKEY. An American Admiral in the Capital. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Constantinople, April 1873. Rear Admiral James Alden, of the United States Navy, has arrived in this city. OCEAN TELEGRAPHY. The French Cable Broken and the Point of Buptnre Located. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. London, April 2G, 1873. A critical test of the French cable shows that it is broken at a distance ol 208 miles from the French j coast. THE WRECK OF THE ATLANTIC. Arrival of the Perit. wltli Owe Hundred ? ('?>?? Savrtl from Hrr Cargo?The | Wrecking Operations UnHUcfcmfnl. j The steamer Perit arrived iu the Hay yesterday j and put into Ooek just to southward of Fulton , lerrv. She was chartered by the White star com- i pany and the Coast Wrecking Company for the purpose ef ireighting her with the cargo of the j ill-fated Atlantic. She has been at Prospect, 1 the scene ol the disaster, but her mis sion has not been quite as successful | as was anticipated. At the office of her owners. No. 6 I William street, it was found yesterday tha; she baa brought .but loo cases ot the cargo, but even the na ture of her merchandise could not !><? ascertained, as it is unaccompanied by bills of lading or a mani fest. The captain of the Perit states that the weather has been so rough at Prospect that it is now impossible to proceed with the wrecking operations. It is understood that the Perit will not return to Prospect. She is now moored in the Erie basiu, loot of Van Brunt street. Arrival of the Lackawanna at Halifax, with Good* from the Wreck? Prepar ing to Blow a Hole in the Ship? The Weather Still Wintry. Halifax, N. S., April 26. 1873. The steamer I^ckawanna arrived to-day irom Prospect, with goods from the wreck of the Atlan tic. Captain Williams was on board. The divers have resumed operations at the wreck. The wreck ers are making preparations to blow a hole in the upper side of the nhip, The weather continues wintry; it, lias been snowing nil day. The naviga tion of the dull is dangerous still. I.arge quantities of ice are jammed in the Straits of .Northumberland. The steamer Plcton, wlilch left Pictou lor tjuebec on Tuesday, was obliged to put back. _ , _ The steamship Penedo arrived this morning from Liverpool. ANOTHER MISPLACED SWITCH. An Krie Freight Train Ran* OIF the Track? The Knglneer Killed. Yesterday morning, about nine o'clock, a west ward bound train on the Erie Hallway ran off the track at Ramsey's station. Kirkwood, the engi neer, jumped off, but in doing so was whirled round and drawn upon the track. Several of the cars passed over him. The unfortunate man was carried off in a mangled condition, but he lived till eleven o'clock, when death rnerclfnlly put an end to his agony. The, when called on by Kirkwood to save himself by jumping off, refused and resolutely held on to the railing In the caboose. To this he owes his life. A misplaced switch was the cause of tie accident. THE END Or THE WHARTON TRIALS. Baltimore, Md., April 28, 1873. In the Circuit, Court of Anne Armidel county, at Annapolis, this morifftag, in the case of the People against Elizabeth O. Wharton, indicted for an at tempt to murder Eugene Van Ness, a ttrt was en tered by Prosecuting Attorney Ueveli; with the con sent or Attorney General Sycster. Tuts ends tho >. famous Wharton trials. I CUBA. The Recall of General Riquelme? Confeuion of Insurgent Strength? Education and Gambling. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALO. Havana, Aprlt 46, 1878. General Riquelme lias been ordered to return to Spain. INSURUBNT FORCE AMD PIKE. The Havana journal* admit the burning of the town of Aura and the killing of persona by the In s urgent*. PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND TIIR WI1KEL OP PORTUNB. The Trltmnr, in iu issue of yesterday, attacks the present system of education iu Havana, and says It will denounce the abuses of the Junta, which has embargoed the property of Cubans, and that it will give their names. The Tribune also advises the people to abstain from playing in the Havana lottery. THE BILLIARD TOURNAMENT. The Coming Three Hall Csrrnm Match for the Championship of the World? Chasuy, the Great French Player, to Meet Our Good Shot*. Billiard experts and those amateurs who And delight in rolling spheres of Ivory over the smooth green clothed table, will be pleased to hear that the advent to our shores of a coterie of celebrated players is expected shortly. For a considerable period M. Rudolph held sway in New York as ehaniplon at the throe ball carrom game ; but now there comes one who is said to be mightier than lie? a professional billiard player whose performances have won lor him the title of champion billiardist of the world. Pierre Caruie, on his uppearunce In New ^ ork, won much applause irom native knisrhts of tne cue, but his star was eclipsed by Rudolph. The Dions, Cyrllle and Joe, struggled hard for priority, and Melvln Foster did his best to acquire the title of champion, as did also Deery and others, whose ambition was to ootain possession of tiie diamond cue and the title of champion. Now. Ave or six of the players in America who are most accomplished at the three ball carrom game arc to appear at the grand tournament, which will be held in this city during the first week in June. The tournament, which is to take place at the Academy of Music, Stelnway or li ving Hall, will last six days. Upon every (lay oi the week during that period there will be matinees, at winch the most celebrated professional billiard players will exhibit their skill. Gamier, Maurice Daly, John Deerv, Joe Dion and young Mr. Cook, the champion of Kng land, will assist. The three ball carrom, or French game, will be played during the day and evening, and prizes will be offered severally of $600, $300 aud $'.200 to the most skiliul competitors, in ad dition a large silver cup, something alter the style of the annual yachting cup, of pure silver, will be the guerdon that the victor win receive. The games are to be 300 points up. aud the duration of each will be about two hours. The prizes are offered b> Mr. William n. Collender, lat ely the partner of the deceased Mr. Michael Phelan, whose name is known wherever billiards are in vogue. Mr. Collender Is the originator and or ganizer of this tournament, ami through his en deavors a committee of gentlemen prominent in science, literature and art will officiate as the jury during the tournament. The great feature of the contest will be the appearance or Mr. Francois Ubassy, the champion ol the world at the thfoc ball carrom game. Mr. Ubassy has lately Been engaged in New Orleans in a great billiard con test, with Miller, ihe champion of the Southern States, in which the Frenchman proved the victor. Mr. L'bassy Is a native of Marseilles, and a towns man and schoolfellow of I^eon Gambetta, the great republican statesman. In lHtiti Mr. l'bassy offered to play any man in France at the thruc ball carrom game lor a stake of 1,000 francs, but could find no one. wilhnsr to ac cept the gage. He became the Parisian billiard lion, anil in ISO" he had won sucli renown that he was urged to meet Charles Berger. The two great bliliardists played a game of French carroms, 4,ooo points up. t bassy won by fi-9, making an average of seven and one-half, his largest run !>elng eighty-live. He I lien came to this country, aud efforts were made to arrange a match between him and Joseph Dion, but the latter declined to compete, rbassy, in ids conception ?! shots, is instantaneous, and he de livers his stroke directly his hand tone, lies the table. He never plays tor effect, and while leaning over the table resembles a Heidelburg proiessor. This.will be the lourth national billiard tourna ment which has been held In New York, and It promises to l>e a grand success. TIlOTTiiICi AT FLEETWOOD. Two trotting events cum'' on at Fleetwood Park ' yesterday, and though the weather was not pro- I pi i i<?us for such sport, there wan a fair attendance j of spectators. First on cue programme was a | sweepstakes of $.;oo, mile neats, best three in five, j In harness, with owners to drive. Entered lor this were R. 0 Anderson's sorrel gelding state of Maine, William Lovell's l>av ninre Lady Lovell. and Mf. Elliott's brown mare Dutch Maid. The latter was distanced in tlio first heat, hat tr required six to deckle the contest, state or Maine scoring the first, third and sixth, the filth being a dead heat. 1 what little Interest the race created was manl- ; fested In the last two heats. The second event was a match lor $200, mile and repeat, catch weights, between Malice's gray mare ! Crazy Jane anil Novell's brown gelding Harney 1 Kelly, the former In harness and the latter to wagon. The gelding was the favorite two to one before ihe start, and seldom lias the turf, in small events oi this character, noted such disappointed men as were the friends of Harney Kelly after lils defeat. The judges ol the day were Messrs. Van Ness, Klmmey and Crawford. The following are summaries ol the spoit:? Flkstwood Park, April 2fl. ? Sweepstakes, jrvio; mile heats, iiest three In five, in harness, 'ovv ners to drive. H. G. Anderson's s. g. State of Maine 1 2 I 2 0 1 William Lovell's b. m. Ladv Lovell. 2 12 10 3 Mr. Elliott's br. ui. Dutch Maid.... dls. TIMK. Quarter, Half. Mile. First heat 45 1:2$ ft 3:04 Second heat 4fl', 1:30 :j:ot Third tieat 46,'j 1:29 3:00 Font th heat 4.'> 1:2) :j;02 1 Fifth heat 4r, 1 :2u 3:04 ) Sixth heat 41 l 2:">8 Same Day.? Mutch for $.oo; mile heats, best two > In three; cateh weights. Peter Manee's gr. in. Crasy Jane, in harness., l l William Lovell's br. g. Harney Kelly, to wagon. 2 2 TIMK. Qunrter. Half, Mile. j Flrsi heat 40'i 1:20 2:4s Second heat 39>i 1:18.' a 2:51 % '? THE MEMPHI3 RA0E8. * M KM PHIS, April 26, 1873. The races next week promise to be very good. A large number of stables have arrived irom New ; Orleans, and others are expected to-day. YANKEE HUMOR, Grave Wrwnwood at Aasoelu < ion Hull? Kon-Apprarancc of Alias Faith full? Leclnrc on the Characteristics of Yankee Humor. The hall of the Young Men's Christian Associa tion was nearly filled yesterday afternoon hv an audience thai was derived for the most part from Ihe female sex. It had been announced that Miss Eiully Fatthfull and Grace Greenwood would be the speakers at yesterday's matlnde, but the cold wind and the clouds of dust were not friendly to the asthma that has been the faithful companion oi the latter during her^tuy In this country, and therefore Grace Greenwood, previous to the delivery ot her lecture, announced with regret Faithfuli's inability to be present. The lectnress, in presenting herselt to her audience, revealed * more youthful figure and manner than might have been expected by the unsophisticated observer, who can remember for how long a period Grace Greenwood has occupied a place in the pub lic eye. Her attire was a black velvet robe, and her hair was dressed In the prevailing fashion ot maidenhood, and pendant from her deli cate ears glittered tho gilded ornaments of the period. The subject of the lecture was ??Y ankee Humor and Its Characteristics,'' a lecture that has recently bees delivered In the city. The Imitation of the Yankee dialect was admirable, and the stories told Illustrative of New England man ners, customs, thrift and quiet wit brought out a c.herus of silver-toned laughter that showed now keen was the gentle feminine car for fun. Now and then the stories went to the very ridge of propriety ; but the ladies did not seem to nnnd this, and ac cepted everything with gladness that came from the fair Hps of the lecturer. A SPORTING MAN ACCIDENTALLY KILLED. Baltimorb, Md., April 2fl, 1873. Andrew J. Crow, well known In Baltimore sport ing circles, was instantly killed this morning In Henry Crey's restaurant, on East Madison street, by tho accidental discharge of a gun in the bands John Hell, the bartender, Hell pointed the gun at Crow, supposing it was uot loaded, when the chargo exploded with the above result. j ART MATTERS. Mr. Bherwood'i Gallery. It is not often that such a chance in offered to the public as that now presented ?f inspecting the pictures constituting the gallery of Ur. John H. Sherwood. They are to he seen at that gentle man's residence, No. 522 Fifth avenue, and are 122 in number. The reason for their approaching sale is to be discovered in Mr. Sherwood's projected visit to Europe, where he Intends to remain several years. They were, for the most part, painted to order, and in many instances arc the best examples thus far sent from the stu dios of the artists whose autographs they bear. The entire collection has been on exhibition (by card) at Mr. Sherwood's residence since Inst Tues day, and will be sold at auction next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, by the Messrs. Lcavlit, at their salesroom at Clinton Ilall. There will be no reserve whatever. Scarcely a member of this collection but deserves re-examination ; but we shall contlne ourselves to only a few this morning. In this country, where the nude is almost entirely abjured, and prjidery shuts her eyes to even puro and beautiful naked ness, Cabanel's "Eve After the Expulsion from Paradise'' will not. be so openly admired as it ) would be abroad. And vet it Is' a powerful and most exquisite piece of painting, lovely in its ideal, most exquisitely elaborated aud .exe cuted with a purity of touch aud motive that cannot easily be too highly praised. Eve lies

at full tenth, partly on the left side, and partly on the back, a nearly full front view being pre sented. Her heavy hair, rich with Its own lair brightness, is meshed and tangled in long glitter ing tresses behind tier shoulders. Her head is thrown back, and tlie eyes are closed and partially shaded with the left hand. The right arm upraised, passes ?ver the right side of the face aud upper part of the head, and Is pressed against the trunk of a tree. The limbs arc stretched upon the ground. The whale attitude is exceedingly difficult to reproduce with naturalness, but tlie success with which the task of doing so is achieved is wonderfully perfect. The flesh has that pink firmness and elasticity which belong to youth. There is lulness without' grossness, and a delicately delicious animalism without voluptu ousness. Still, the entire attitude is less sugges tive of tragic abandonment, such as might be sup posed to have overwhelmed our first mother the moment, alter expulsion, than of languor and weari ness of soul, and the loss of in even the memories of lost paradise. One of the finest specimens of Ouy that we have ever seen is "The Little Stranger," in which the sun shines, tempered through azure curtains, upon a criiusou carpeted bedroom, containing a miracu lously painted bedstead, wherein reclines a young mother, who has just passed through the agonies of a second confinement and is beginning to taste the delight of convalescence. Iteshle the bed stands a nurse, with mothcrlincss beaming out of every fold in her doublo etiln? a nurse evidently with a long retrospect of happy deliveries to look back on, and whose diary, did she keep one, might brim with details of tri umphant lyitigs-in. The child who has hitherto been the only one sits at the foot of the bed caressing the gorgeously swaddled new comer, whose slightly parplc visage and utterly linirless head denote tue shortness of its arrival. Tho key note to the picture is fonnd in the handsome and humiliated doll wltieh lies utterly unregarded on the carpet with its face to the ground. "Sunday Morning," by A. Slegert, is a simple cottage lyric, treated with great leeling. A girl ish mother sits, on Sunday morning, by the open window, watching her infant sleep. Her hands hold the Bible open, but her thoughts are on her child, and she sees perhaps its father through her tender musings. People wending churchward are seen through the unshut window, and give a sort of marginal reading to the sweet artistic text. The expression upon the sleeping baby's lace is Indicated with slngnlar felicity? it Is so full of the quiet, half-conscious rapture of dreaming babyhood. Wo confess, too, to a partiality for that awav-from-the-world senti ment of which "Fair Held Lawn. Isle of Wight," by H. and 0. Shayer, Is full. The trees, burdened with deep greenness, tower up into oaeh other and loltily interlace; a drove of sheep huddle, with meek precipitancy, onward In the distance, and there are the thatched roof, and the buxom housewife, and the alert milk maid, and the lingering horseman, and that delicious penslveness that is produced by i>eace and sunlight., purity and innocence and remoteness irom the world. We must return again to speak ol other and, perhaps, even bettor pictures. Herb sthoifer's "Msit to the Grandparents" shows a rich Polish interior, with wines and viands in the background, gorgeously attired attendants anil a pretty pair or children led by their mother. to do obeisance to their grandparents. Irving's "Rec onciliation" belongs t<> a class of pictures over which ladies and the admirers of J. G. Urowu rave. A little girl and boy of about clglit having quarrelled, arc obviously on the point of making up. The little girl, toying with' a necklace, wears i an expression that implies an amiable readiness t,o . lorgive, and stands leaning against, an arm of a chair with hor back to the boy, who, with one knee resting on the Chair cushion, holds Ills hand hesi tatingly near her curls and looks wlnsomely con trite. "Snapping the Whip" Is one of Wiiislow Homer's most successful pictures. "The Coming storm," by Rouguereau, may possibly have a double signification. A country girl takes shelter under a tree, but the storm that broods over the i landscape is prefigured In her sail eyes, and we I we lear i hat she conceals a secret like Hetty sor rel's In "Ailam llede." We mention no more at present. Private Hecrptlon Liut Night. Last ovemng a private view was given of some pictures at the. Somervllle Art Gallery, 82 Fifth avenue. They are in charge of Mr. II. E. Moore, the accomplished expert, of ui Union square, and constitute, in the opinion of that gentleman, the first competitive sale of fine paintings by American artists in which an effort has been made to gain for our home art. just recognition. The claims upon our space this tnornlng preclude more than a mere mention oi the lact that the reccpi ion took place. Nadamr Hazard. The principal sculptures which Mme. ITaznrd is pi ill so fortunate as to retain will probably soon be exhibited at one of the most popular ami ele gant little public galleries In this city. WEATHER REPORT. W'Att Dkpartvknt, ) Office of the ?'iiikk Sional Officer,} Washington, April 27? 1 A. M. ) Probabilities. The temperature will probably continue to increase very generally throughout the country; for New England and Canada par tially cloudy weather, rising barometer and light northwesterly winds; for the Lower Lakes and Middle Starts clearing weather, the temperature slowly Increasing, with north westerly winds, veering to-nlghi to southwesterly; for the Oulf and South Atlantic States and Ten nessee southeasterly and southwesterly winds and generally clear, wanner weather; lor the Ohio Valley an?< i hence northward and westward to low* and K:insas southwesterly winds, clear weather and rising temperature. The Wrsther In This City Yesterday. The following record will show the changes in the temperature for the past, twenty-four hours in I comparison with the corresponding day of last I year, as Indicated bv the thermometer at uodnut'a Pharmacy, Ukkai.ii Building:? 1ST J. 1S7:!. 1872. 1873. 3 A. M 61 :>? 3 P. M S3 4!? ? A. M 68 39 6 P. M 78 47 9 A. M flfl 44 9 P. M 75 44 12 M 77 40 la P. M 87 41 Average temperature yesterday 43 Average temperature ior corresponding date * last year 70S' Average temperature for past week 43 6-7 Average temperature lor corresponding week last year 57 4-7 FE08T IN NORTH CAROLINA. Golds bobol'ob, April 26, 187X A h' avy rrost visited this portion Of the Stute last night, and seems to have greatly damaged the ; vegctatldn and fruit crops throughout the eastern counties and also in the western counties. The cotton so lar planted is considered ruined. INJURIES BY FROST IN TENNESSEE. Knox tills, April 20, 1873. A heavy frost occurred here last night. Peach trees were killed, and the wheat greatly injured. THE ICE IN THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER "STICKS." Qukbko, Canada April 2fl, 1873. The Ice In the St. Lawrence Kiver Is still Arm above this city. There have been no arrivals from the sea vet. but the Allan line clipper I'omona was reported oil lite yesterday, and a number of ships oil ADtlcoatl. The steamship Peruvian, with 700 passengers, passed Farther Point this morning, but her arwal will depend on the movement of the Ice. A FAMILY POISON E p. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 26, 1873. A fanner residing in Oermantown, near Dayton, Ohio, named Henney, his son John and daughter Catharine, were poisoned at supper on Wedneadaf night. It is supposed that anuiuc ?u out la the cofee. . TAB INDIAN TROUBLES. Hiding Place of the Mo docs Found. Bosnia Charley and Hooker Jim Wounded. General Crook Carrying Out the Presi dent's Peace Policy. AN UNEASY BAND OF SIOUX INDIANS. A Mail Carrier Shot in N ine Places. San Francisco, April 2ft, 1873. A despatch from Yreka to-ntgkt. says that a party of men lias gono to the lava beds to bring in the body of Lieutenant Sherwood, who was fatally wounded in the first attack on Colonel Mason's camp on the 10th last. The body will be sent to the East for burial. Neither (he cavalry nor the Warm Spring Indians found the trail of the Modocs on their scout at first, but finally tho Warm Spring Indians dis covered the place of retreat of the enemy, anil Donald McKay crawled upon them and counted forty Modocs, Including squaws. He did not deem it expedient to make an attack -upon t hem at that time, but it was expected that the troops and the Warm spring Indians would attack them on the night of the 23d. It is now ascertained that iu the flrst, day's bat tle Hogus Charley and Hooker Jim were both wounded. A General Indian Outbreak In Eastern Oregon Anticipated. San Francisco, April 20, 1873. A despatch from Portland, Oregon, to-night, says that the Indians who recently left the Yakiina reservation in that State have made their appear ance in the Lewis Hiver settlements, arrayed iu war paint. A general outbreak of the Indians In Eastern Oregon is feared, and the settlers have requested the Governor ot the State to furnish them with arms. Tlw L?va Reds. San Francisco, April 20, 1873. There is no later news from the lava beds to night, and, probably, no courier will reach Yreka before Tuesday. Government messengers only pass over the route at present. The Perturbed Flutes. Virginia City, Nev., April 26, 1873. It is reported that a number of young Plate bucks, whe spent the Winter among the settle ments In this portlou of the State, lately disap peared, well armed and mounted. It is supposed they have gone to join the Mountain bands iu the North Palisades, from whom trouble is anticipated. Signal tires have been noticed in the mountains to the eastward and northward lor several nights past. The Indians hereabouts profess ignorance j concerning them. Large numbers of Piutes are still In tills vicinity, perfectly quiet. The Indian Peace Policy. Washington, April 2a, 1873. It is said at the War Department that. General Crook is strictly carrying out the pence policy in accordance with the instructions ol the President, through General Sherman, Issued two years ago. i in these instructions It is specifically [ stated that all peaceable Indians on the reservations are to be protected by tho military ! from outside Interference, while those who refuse to go upon reservations are not only to be pre I vented as tar as possible from committing' depre dations, but are to be summarily punished for mis J deeds. The instructions are the saw to all com manders iu Indian localities, and these are given 1 ns an exposition or the peace policy as practised under the orders of the President. The Mlneconjoni Slioot a Mull Carrier. Washington, April 26, i?7:?. The Commissioner of Indian AtTairs this morning received a telegram from D. K. Kislev, Indian Agent at Laramie, Wyoming Territory, saying:? Day before yesterday my mall carrier was shot In nine places by Mineconjous while en route here with the mall. A band ot Chevennes saved his !ile, to whom I made some presents. The post surgeon regards his wounds as very serious. La-t week the same Indians killed an employe within ten miles ol tp.v agency. The Indians under my l charge are {.eaceable, but without any means of ! delouce. Risley is agent for the Whetstone Agency. The Mineconjous are one of the nine bands constltut i ing the Sioux tribe or nation. THE STATE CAPITAL. The Bill Creating n New Board of Emi- , ^ration Signed? Appointments and Par dona by the Governor. Albany, April 20, 1873. The Governor to-day signed the bill creating a new Hoard of Emigration. The new law provided that within ten days after Its passage (that Is, after the Governor's signature is uitlxed to it) six Com missioners shall be appointed by him, two to hold office for two years, two for four years and two lor i six years. The Presidents of the German Emigrant Society and or the Irish Emigrant Society of New I York are to be appointed as additional Commis sioners, l?ut they '-shall not have the right to vote upon the appointment or removal oi subordi nates." Alter the expiration of the terms of office of the llr?t Commissioners appointed under this law their ! successors are to be appointed by t!ie Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, each to i ' hold office for six years. Vacancies are to be tilled in a like manner. The term of office of each of ! the present Commissioners is to cease at the I end ol tlve days alter the tiling of the I oath of the new ('oinnii.-Hloneis In the Secretary of State's office. The law provides that the Com- | mlssloners shall not be required to support "any i I person" (any emigrant), capable of earning a i livelihood, for a longer period than two years, out i this proposition will not take effect until the 1st of 1 May. The Commission are empowered to appoint an agent In ail Incorporated cities at a salary not to exceed |3oo per annum. I The Governor has appointed the following rail way policemen On the Home, Wntertown and 1 Ogdensburg Railroad, Lester Bnshnell, of Klchland, I Oswego county ; on the rtira, Ithaca and Klmira Railroad. Ira M. Judd at Ithaca, D. K. Osborne at j Varna. Clayton E. Rowley at Cortland and George , I W. Stanley at Horseheads. Also the following deputy Inspectors of steam boilers: ? .lames A. Calfl- I well, ol watlflns, Schuyler county, for the Twentv- j seventh congressional district, vice Thomas B. i whitemarsli, whose term has expire ! : Teblas II. ! Black well, of Kings county, vice William Dodge, whose term has expired. The Governor has granted pardons as follows:? To Mlchai'l Sullivan, or Kutralo, imprisoned f"r asaaalt and battery ; to Jacob Nlsior, ?t New York, sentenced to Hirnt Sltitr for life for murder in the second degree. Nisler is in the last stages of con sumption. * GENERAL HANCOCK ON AN INSPECTING* TOUR. ? Baltimore, April 'JO, i*7.x Major General W. S. Hancock, Tinted Suites j Army, and Colonel Wharton, his aid, arrived at Harnum's Hotel this morning, having returned J lrom an Inspection of Fortress Monroe. They will inspect Fort Mcllenry to-day and then proceed to Washington. While at Fortress Monroe Cent ral Hancock delivered the diplomas to the urndimt ur/ class of the Artillery School lor 1173, and made au address to the class. CALIFORNIA. Breach of Promise Case? Pending Court ; Martial? A Murder Trial. San Francisco, April 26, 1873. The case of Miss Helena Frazer vs. Thrift, for a breach of promise of marriage, was concluded to night by a verdict In favor of the plaintiff for $12,000. The case has excited much interest here, Thrift being a well known lawyer. The Bogart court martial ease is pending, and will probably occupy several days. ( Hugh McMenomy wan on trial to-day tor the inu> der or James Hogan. The ease will probably l>e concluded on Monday C0N8ECRATI0N OP A ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP TO-DAY II BALTIMORE. IUi.timokb, April 'id, 1873. Tho consecration of the Kev. W. H. Oro,*, a a Roman Catholic Bishop of Savannah, will take place to-morrow at the cathedral, in this city, with imposing ceremonies, commencing at eleven o'clock. Archbishop Kay lev will ortlriate as conse crator, Bishops Gibbons, of Richmond, and Keeker, of Wilmington, officiating aa assistants. Rev. W. A. Way rich will preach the sermon. lushops Wood, of Philadelphia; Domlnlclc, of Pittsburg, and Williams, of Ronton, have arrived and will i>e present, with a larjfo number <>' clergymen irons distant cities, and also editors of Cathohc journals. The Coroner's jury in the ease ol the shooting of Crow by llel! brought to a verdict t h J -> afternoon of accidental shoot ink. apd ltell was discharged. THE FRUIT PROSPECT IN MICHIGAN. 0 Chicago, 111., April m, 1873. J, E. Chamberlain, President of the sr. Joseph Fruit Growers' Association of Michigan, announces tho result of a tour of observation through the farms in that region. 80 many peach buds are alivo that sanguine iruli growers estimate tho crop o peaches at one-third of a hill crop. The perish tr"e* killed by the severe cold wore mostly old and sickly trees. "The apples never looked better. The i>ear trees are uninjured. The grapes promise an abun dant crop. The strawberries are In splendid condi tion, and will yield a lull crop. The cherries and plums promise equally well. RAILROAD ACCIDENT. 0 Memphis, Tenn., April 28, 1873. A* the southern bound train on tho Memphis and Louisville Railroad approached Tresevant station to-day a lndy named Mrs. Ellis at tempted to cross the track, and was run over and instantly killed. TIIE < ; |{ A I'llK'. The Daily Graphic appears to have made a ten strike. So far, the publishers have been unable to supply the demand : and, ns it continues to i'uprove in both its Illustrations and reading matter, it can hardly law to become popular ami proiltabie. Its conductors show that they lullv understand how to make an attractive paper. Its illustrations are Iresh and vigorous, its articles crisp and spicy, and there is Just enough of the sensational about it to make It readable lor all classes. In brief, the Graphic, aside from Its Illustrations, is decidedly the most high-toned, gossipy, wide-awake, newsy and readable evening paper in tho citv. .Success to it I ? The Chiragn Trihinii>. Danger Signals from the Weal Her Bu reau are not more significant. ot 11 storm thim a cough in 01 consumption Providentially, we can cure any cough with HALK'S HONEY OF HUREilOUND ANO TAIi. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in une minute Nhnnld You l)f*lrc a Ooort Jlrrrnrhaum PIPK, go to EALDEN HERO, No li John street, also corner ot John and Nassau streets. 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Horace Orecley was acknowledged universally as Rood anfhnrlty in all important questions relating common sense In life. Ill-, stud \ of the uses and abuses of nature'* fust pro ductions or' food is tninlliur to all. Ill the ureal staples ot' w bent, irnit and vegetables ho writes in his "Recollections of o Busy Life," vlr:? "I profoundly believe that there ia better fond obtain able by the (treat body ot inanklnd than the butcher and the fisherman do or can ?upply, and that a diet uiade of sound (train, ({round but unbolted; ripe, undecaved trnlts; milk, wholesome vegetables, Ac., and verv littln spices or condiments, will enabb- our grandchildren to live, In tli<' average, far longer, ami tall far less tYwjuent ly into the bunds ot the doctors, than we do." F. K. SMITH A CO. >8 SUPERLATIVE GRAHAM FLOUR, Atlantic Flour Mills, Brooklyn, N. Y., is tnnde from the beat w heat the country allords, aud Is always perfectly fresh and pure. Put up In barrels, half barrels and 121b. package*. 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