Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 13
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. LMT^AKD POIND. Lost-a small memorandum book, contain ing two S2U uotes. A liberal reward will be given upon leaving the same at the ollteo of the Sturtevaut LOST? THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 24, ON TIIE 7 :15 train froin Orange to New York, a l'aper Parcel containing tour pieces of Guipure Lace. A liberal re ward will be paid for its return to Weatcott's Express office, MoitIh and Essex depot, Hoboken, or to ALFRED W ATKINS, at 11. I*. Cluiiiu 1 Co. 's, 140 Church street, Mew York. LOST-FRIDAY KVKNINO, APRIL 2S, AT BRYANT'S Minstrels or returning to Twelfth street, a Gold Bracelet, valued as a present. The finder will please re tarn the name to JOHN A. KNAPP, 53 Chambers street, np stairs. _ _ LOST? FRIDAY NIGHT, AT TEN O'CLOCK. ON Sixth avenue and Fiftieth street, a black cloth Cloak, faced with silk, and hood lined with silk und tour or five buttons on the front A reward tor its return to 64 West Twentieth street. LOST? APRIL 19, A LARGE WHITE SilTZ DOO; answers to the name ot Nero , $10 reward will be paid at 103 West Twenty -fltth street. L08T? ON FRIDAY, 25TH, IN TflE NEIGHBORHOOD of Eighth avenue and Fifty. fifth street, a Fur Caue. The finder will he compensated nnd receive gratetUl thanks of a widow on leaving it at 116 West Twenty ninth street Lost? april ai, a gold linked bracelet, engraved, in going from Twenty-third street to Fif tieth streeL By leaving it at 10 Twenty-third street a suitable reward will be paid. IOST? BETWEEN FOURTEENTH AND TWENTY J ninth streets. Fourth and Sixth avenues, a (lolil Coil Necklace, with blue mosaic cross attached. The tinder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it at the Gilsey House office. STRAYED FROM 648 FIFTH AVENUE, ON APRIL 23, a small, yellow slut Pup. The return of the tatno will be liberally rewarded. REWAKDs. <Jj1 A REWARD.? LOST, A SMALL BLACK AND ?IpJ-U tun Terrier Dog. Above reward by returning to 102 West Fortv-flrst street Ain REWARD.? LOST, A LOCICET MONOGRAM, C 1 '/ "E. It." The tinder will bring to ETT1NGKR, 35 Walker street, Monday, <tnn REWARD.? LOST, WEDNESDAY, 28D, FROM jP-LU S4 East Forty-ninth street, a white Snitz Dog ; answers to the name of " Beer. " No questions asked if returned to ^4 Bast Forty-ninth street. ______ REWARD.? LOST BETWEEN APRIL 16 AND this date, a note for $7t>7 93, signed by President liew York and Oswego Midland Railway, due July 3. Payment has been stopped and duplicate Issued. II. V. COLE, 25 Nassau street dj')C REWARD. -STRAYED, FROM ?7 FIFTH avenue, a Skye Terrier; answers to the name of Buster:" hud a ribbon on bis neck, with small bell at tached. d>/r/\ REWARD.? LOST, SATURDAY, 2flTH, ON SEC ?pt)U ourt avenue car, between Grand street and Peck slip, a Pockethook, containing roll of $20 bills and busi ness cards of owner, The above reward will bo paid tor return of same to 3U2 East Fifty-first street RE W A RD.? LOST, ON TUESDAY NIGHT, IN ?J> | O Broadway, between Bleecker and Houston Streets, a Heesiey Hunting case Watch, with Chain. The above reward will be paid and positively no questions asked by returning the same, between 12 M. and 3 P. M., to WM. 11. CALDWELL, No. 5 Coen ties slip. Detectives.? frink a ackerman, 39 Nassau street, furnish reliable and experienced operatives for all legitimate business on most reasonable terms; communications by mall or otherwise strictly confiden tial : correspondents in UuiWd States, Canada* and Eu rope. SPKCIAli NOTICES. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured or injured, however slightlr, are en titled to pension. Address or njipl v to Dr. E. B. JACKSON, laie .surgeon United Mates Navy, No. 4 New Chambers at A ? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, > corner of Fulton avemie and Boerum struct. Open lrom 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to UP. M. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF . Royal Havana Lottery, 586 Broadway: box 1.909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. A? POLLACK'S NEW MEERSCHAUM STORK, UP . town, near the Hoffman llousc, has been opened, with the finest seloction ol poods ever offered on tins Continent; repairing done. Also at 27 John street. A. ?OMAHA LEOAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. May 20, 1873. 8,4*5 Cash Gilts, amounting to $2S0,505. A limited number ol tickets I >r sale, at $1 eacll, at P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 31 Nassau street. A? STORAGE.? WEST SIDE STORAGE WARE ? bouses, lor Furniture, Pianos, Baggage and all other family property. All goods placed ill separate rooms. R. TAGGART, owner and Manager. Offices 893 Hudson street, near West Twelfth street. He, DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS ? quito Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste, for tlie destruciion ol &11 kinds ol vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. JF YOU KNEW NO MORE THIS MORNING THAN YOU KNEW YESTERDAY, BEAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM TOMORROW, AND KNOW MORE THE NEXT DAY. Masonic fair at apollo iiall. The following numbers won prizes at the Monnt Neboh Lodge Table, and have not been called for:? 991, 659, 949, 1,4S>, 95.J, 528, 194, 24, !>'J5, .809, ?:?>, 1,17-i, 1,062, 745, 1,096, 1,373, 3lit, 1,469, to). It not called lor within thirty days they will be sold for the benefit of the Masonic llall and Asy.'um Fund. By order of the committee. J. S., 30t5 Broadwuy. MEARES' BARES1 PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to fit. Sent by ?x press. C. o. D., to any part ol the country, at the following prices:? 6 Shirts, Masouvillc muslin and fine linen $12 00, 0 Shirts, Wainsutta muslin and very line linen 13 50 6 .shirts, New York Mills and best linen 15 00 Boys' Shirls ready made and to order. Fancy Shirtings in great variety. Directions tor measurement sent on application. RICHARD MEARES, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Sixth avenue and Nineteeth street, New York. MMES. BF.RTHET, FROM PARIS, ARE NOW ready to take orders lor gentlemen's SHIRTS of any description. 490 Broome street, OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KBirrUCKV? EXTRA CI. ASS NO. 297 ? APRIL 25, 1873. 83, 9, 67. 78, 21, 68, 2. ,03 51, 29, 25, 43. KKNTt'CKT? CLASS NO. 298? APRIL 26, 1873. 10, 86, 56, 22, 78, 66. 66, 1, 74, 61, 36, 39, 38, 42. SIMMONS .t CO., Managers, ?'ovington, Kv. ?MLBY COLLKGK? K.TTRA CLASS Ml. 197? APRIL 26, 1873. 6, 50. 43, 46, 1, 15. 20, 10. 63, 71, 4. 27. SHKLP.T COLLIOH? CLASS NO. 198 ? APRIL 26, 1873. C8l 21, 8, 80, 33, 56, 65, 60, 25. 2. 54, 29, 7, 14. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. .1. CLUTE, Broker. 200 Broadway. Post office box 4,9(9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. EXTRA CLASS NO. 11? APRIL 26, 1873. S9, 44, 13, 78, 20, 15. 4, 65, 33, 69, 60. 2. 1 NORTH 'AtlOLlNA ? CLASS NO. 12? APRIL 26, 1873. <0, 66, 56, t?8, 9. 8, 72, 61, 31, 28, 71. 78. 17, 24. GEKKKN A CO., Managers. LUTnY A CO., Brokers, 71 Barclay street J^OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ~ Grand extraordinary drawing of 22d April, 1873. No. 1,077 drew $500,000 Wo. 6,763 drew lfhi.ouo No. 10.043 drew 80,000 No. 4,743 drew .25,000 No. 2.716 drew '28,(100 No. 9,710 drew 10.000 No. 10.933 drew 10, C00 No. 6,314 drew 10,000 No. 1.740 drew 10.000 No. 14.223 drew S.lXW No. 2,887 drew 6.000 No. J,649drew 8,000 We. 13, 379 drew 5,000 Ho. 6,625 drew. .T 8,000 No. 9,241 drew 8,000 No. 5,131 drew 5.000 No. 10,816 drew 8,000 N? 14,U>2drcw 5,(iO) No. 12.343 drew 8,000 WK SOLD THE FIRST CAPITAL PRIZE TI1AT DREW $560,000, NO. 1,077. .1 II. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers. 10 Wall street (Post office box 4,685), New York. ROYAL SAXoN GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT LEIP sic, Germany, 95,imi ticket*: 47,800 prizes; Bruns wick Government Lottery; Hamburg Citv Governmcut Lottery ; Boyal Havana Lottery Prizes cashed and in formation given THEODOR ZSCBOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Post office. Royal Havana LOTTERY.? prizes cashed: or ders flli"d; information furnished; highest rates paiil for Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. TAYLOR A CO., Bankers. 16 Wall street. New York. SOtTTn CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT? FOB FKEB School Fund. rKRrt*TH al ? class 73. 10, 16, 33, 61, 12, 78, 52. 64, 56, 23, 63, 78. ? CLASS 74. St, 1. a, 4, 2rt, 6, :t9, 58, 62, 18, 81, 9, S8. COLK A CO., Proprietors . New Y'ork Post office box 3.866. Charleston, S. t'., April 25, 1873. STAMMER. NO .-N E W~ YORlT STAMMERING INflTI- ' tnte, established 1 770. ? Professors M VNN A COL) IN, Managers, i 7 w ? t Twenty-third stre et; seven days' in struction albwi d Applicant* to satlsfr themselves. No par for Board or services until cured. Send for pro spectus _ _ _ "-yy HITMAN'S CONFECTIONERY, 80 EAST TWELFTH street, third door west of Broadway, manufacturer of the best fine French Candies, wholesale and retail. Price* twenty per cent k ss than on Broadway. WILLIAM n. H VNKINSON'S STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works, 15 East Twenty-scventh street, be tween F'lt': t,d Madis >u avenues, N w York ? No con nection whatever with anv other house. Tfic origin ?*1 llankinson, snd the only oue ol that name, established in this business in 1861. (J.O ? PASProRTS IN M HOURS. COSTER, 64" Vt). Broadway, St Charles; 8 to 10 mornings, 6 to 9 evenings. (ti^QO ^?2(1 ls drawn DAILY IN TIIF. LEGAL IO?/.? JOi/ I sed Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free; 12'j commission allowed. Aildn ss BALKY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. FIIVK AftTM. GENTRY LEAVING THE CITY FOR THE SUMMER would do well by having their palatings and engrav ings cleaned and restored by EARL, the well-known Pic ture Restorer, 635 sixth avenue, northwest corner of Thirtry seventh street N, lj.-r.Sy charge for sWr&SQ. SPORTING? DOGS. BIRDS, AC. A -FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOGS. . Birds, Ac. ; Medicine* lor all diseases, Prepared Food tor mocking bird*, at fi. G. DOVKY 8. No. SGrvuio street, near Canal. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breed* of Dogs for aal? JUld stock. BUT LER'S In ullitile Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75c. BUTLER'S new work, $2. Dog* boarded and traiued. Medicines lor all diaease* For sale? one or two pairs of fine swans, 3 or 4 years old. Apply to JOHN O'KEKFK, 25 Park place. For sale? pointers, setters, Russian blood Hounds, Watch Dogs, Newfoundland Pups, Esqui maux I>ogs, Black and Tan", Scotch aud Skye Terriers, King Charles Spaniels, Italian Hounds. H. GARDNER, 111 South Filth avenue, corner Prince street JUST ARRIVED? NEWFOUNDLAND DOG: LARGE size ; nine months old ; good watch dog. 273 Spring street. SOUTnSII>E SPORTSMAN'S CLUB OF LONG ISLAND, Share lor sale. Address box 2,274 New York Post office. THE LARGEST STOCK OF FANCY POULTRY IN the city? Fancy Dogs, Maltese Cats, Lop-Eared Rab bits. Squirrels, Guiii?a Pigs, Ac. Gold Fish at wholesale aud retail. HALE A CONK LIN, 809 Fulton street, New York. , HORSES, CARRIAGES, ?KC. A? MAJOR C. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GENTLEMAN'S ELEGANT PRIVATE ESTAB MENY. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ON MONDAY. APRIL ?:$. AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT THE PRIVATE STABLE, 22rt WEST FORT Y- S E V E NT H STREET, THE PROPERTY OF A gentleman leaving the city, and comprising ELEG.vNT PAIR OF FAST trotting Geldings, brown and bav, Messenger stock, 18J? hlsh, 7 and H years oW; extra stylish drivers; can trot lu 2:30; flueiy gaited; no pullers: warrffawd soundjind kind. HANDSOME AND VERY CLOSELY matched pair ot brown Mares, Vormont Hambietonian stock; full sisters: 15^4 high ; 6 and 7 years old; great style, action and appearance; elegant drivers; can trot In SK; heavy, full manes aud tails and warranted sound and kind. ELEGANT COUPELF.T, BUILT by Miner A Stevens, nearly new; pole and shatts. FINE TOP SIDE BAH ROAD Wagon, built by Brew ster A Co., of Broome stre< t ; pole and shafts. ELEGANT 118-POUND SIDE BAK Road Wagon, built bv Stivers; pole and shatts. ONE KIN >) POR I'JjAN D SLEIGH, pole and shafts. SET FINE DOUBLE PHAETON Harness; elty made. SET FINE LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Cum erf'ord. SET FINE SINGLE HARNESS, made by Comerferd. ELEGANT FOX AND WOLF Robes, Kersey and sweat Blankets, stable Blanket*. Lap Robes, Whips, Sheets, Bits, Stable Utensils, Ac. THE WHOLE COMPRISING the Onest private turn out ever offered at public sain. SALE POSITI YE aud without reserve. NO POSTPONEMENT on accouut of weather. STOCK NOW ON exhibition. STABLE TO let. , CATOLOGUES NOW READY. A. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing In their construction the various Improve ments introduced by un during the past 15 yeurs, luukiug them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, ami are offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices unilorm to all In order that wo may not be confounded with a Joint stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim tho reputation we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms ure at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broouie street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broouie street. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. SALESROOMS ?J5 CHAMBERS STREET. HORR1-. AUCTION MART AT NEW YOKE SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday ot each week. Entries ot articles for auction can be made at repository as above or salesrooms of auctioneers. AT AUCTION ON TUESDAY, APRIL 29, at 12 o'clock, by WM. VAN TASSELL, Auctioneer, successor to Johnston A Van Tas.-ell. at Auction Mart 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street. Elegant team dark bay Carriage Horses, with long manes and tuils, 16 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind and true in all harness; tree Iroui vice; very stylish; afraid ot nothing, can be driven by any one. and Is In every re spect a first class family team, und arc warranted sound. Also, Four-wheel Dog Tart, folding hiud seat, nearly new ; made by Kipp & Mush. Also, set ot tluo Double Har ness. Ac., Ac. A UCTION HOUSE OF AKCH. JOHNSTON J\. (late .Johnston A Van Taxsell), OFFICE A.NU SALESROOM OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the i'ost office. THE HORSE AUCTION~RUANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO TllK SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 31, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue anil University place. The business \ril'. be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings oi our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as tho public at large. KLUULAR hALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE TEAR. Entries tor sale may be made., as usual, either at our downtown house, .17 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 2a Thirteenth street LIBERAL ADVANCES. AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SKIN ME N TS. At private sai-e, at arch, johnstovs NEW HORSE AND CARRI AC1E MART, 19, 21, 23 AND 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE and FIFTH AVENUE. CROSS MATCHED TEAM YOUNO TROTTING HORSES. BLACK MARE, 15K HANDS, H YEARS; KIND AND true in nil harness and under saddle ; free from vice ; can trot in 3kj minutes, and warranted ,-ound. ELEGANT COUPE OR FAMILY HORSE. TWO EXCELLENT SADDLE HORSES. BAROUCHE. IN GOOD ORDER. TOP DEI'Ol WAGON. SIX-SEAT WESTCHESTER ROCKaWAY. TOP ROAD WAGON, BY STIVERS. Prices 25 per cent lower than at any other place In the city. A? SECOND HAND CURTAIN COACH. . Second liand omnibus Phaeton. Second hand T Cart. Second hand 4 seat box Wagon. Second hand back-to-back Phaeton. Second hind Coupelctte. Motl of ai.ove our own make and in excellent condi tion, at reasonable prices. BREWSTER, t>* Fifth uvenue, corner Fourteenth st. ALAROE ASSORTMENT OF PONY PHAETONS, all stvles and prices, from $120 un; several top Wagons, second hau l, bv city makers; one Clarence, second hand; one curtain Coach, by Brewster; one six seat Phaeton, do. ; one second hand Brett, suitable for livery; Harness, Blankets Whips, Ac. WM. II. GRAY, iO and 22 Wooster street. ?POSTPONED ON ACCOUNT OF THE WEATHER. One week longer. v The reallv choice Stock of liu'ht Carriages and Harness now on hand atotar spacious and pleasant waivrouius. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. This is the greatest chance ot the season. We offer the entire stock at factory cost prices at private sale and for cu*h only. ARt'II. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street. A. A -WANTED, A STABLE WITH ACCOMMODATIONS . for 40 horses. Apply at BARKER A CHASE'S, cor ner of Br^dway and rnirty-ntatb street. Avery fine, stylish coupe or family horse lor sale; liijj hands high ; dark brown ; long (ail; ti years old; very gentle, anu sound In every respect Ap. ply at private stable 155 East Thirty-flth street, near Lex ington avenue. A GOOD, SOUND WORK HORSE, WITH OR WITH, out nearly new Harness for same; also a strong Butcher Cart; cheap for cash. Apply at livery stables ?OH East Seventeenth street. A? FOR SALE, A HAMBLETONIAN PACING . Mare, 18.3, years old ; perfectly green : can pace in 3*40 to top wavon or no sale ; sound, kind and gentle in single or double harness. Haley's stablos, 1.7 East Fifty third street. A? FOR BALK, A BAY ABDALLAII HORSE, 15.3, ? live years old, sound and kind in double or single harness. Haley's stable, 127 East Fifty-third street. A THOROUGHBRED KENTUCKY KADDLS MARE, J\ , l.Vj hands high, very handsome and attractive, spirited, gentle ami sound; highly trained, good in all harness; no tricks; will be seld at a sacrifice. Inquire at 54 Wall street, room 27. VPEW VERY FINE ALDERNEY AND AYRSHIRE Cows lor .-ale very cheap. Inquire ol WILLIAM WATSON, 99 Franklin street. Arrived at east? j. c. dezo, of jackson City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double Horses ever brought !? this market, at A. S. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twenty-filth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. _____________ A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED? ROAD MARE. Wagon, Harness. Ac., separate or together ; sound and klnu ; single or double, and gentle lor a lady to drive ; H years; lft>. lisnds high; took a gold medal at Prospect Park lor style and beauty, which goes with her; must be sold before 1st May. Inquire tor GEOROL, 140 West Thirty-ninth street. A CIRCULAR FRONT COUPE, NEARLY NEW; ONE close Coach, at a bargain. 30fi West Sixteenth st. Auction sale? of an elegant pair of car riage Horses, Harness Barouche, hb.I a superb Lan dau, nearly ne?v, import* il expressly for tho Russian ex Minister Catacazy, on Tnesdav, April 29. at l o'clock pre cisely, in front or private residence 44 West Filty-socond street For particulars see auction column. A? THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSE OF HAM. 3? standing, offers the largest Assortment of Landaulets, Landaus. Coupe*, Ladles' Phaetons. Several second hand carriages taken in exchange. Prices to suit purchasers. II) East Fourth street. A GENTLEMAN'S COMPLETE TURNOUT-BLACK >Ior*e, In timid* high, long mane and tail, trot* clone to three minutes, with top Road Wagon, Robes, Ac. Hold on account of going abroad, at VAN TASSKLL'H Auction Mart next Tuesday A LARGE LOT OP PAMILY CAKRIAOES, ROCKA way?, 1 haetons, Buggy, Express, Depot and Bust nos Wagons new and second hand; cheapest place la city. 141 West Broadway, near Cm>?1 street. A HANDSOME, STYLISH, K I ND AND EXCELLENT A bay Horse, lo hands, tor sale ; well adapted to a coupe or lady'sT'iacton ; with or without Buggy; a good lady's Phaeton and Harness. Price tor the whole. StWO. A great bargain. AdjiIv ?t private stable 53 East Thirty third street from to 10 A. M. JAH. WHALE N. A -TO LET, STABLES ON NINTH STRUT, NBAS ? fourth avenue. t J r bailey, * ttlgUkfflMtfUltlgh HORSMS, CARRIAGES, AC. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAUE AUCTION MART OK WILLIAM VAN TAMKLL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), * fet the old stand, 110, 113 and 114 East Thirteenth street, ____ near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OK HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT _ 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE, having Hones or Carriages to Boll, will find thts house perfectly reliable, as this business will ho conducted on the same straightforward principles which have gov erned It In the p*?t. We give the purchaser of OTery hornxthat is warrantod sound from 24 to 4 s hours for trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private salo. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR SALE-VERY Stylish chestnut Horse, 16 hands high, sound and kind; an elegant Landaulei, used only tour months: T ? 'art, made by Turrell A Son.ot London ; one set of double and one coupe Harness, made by Hart, of London ; nearly new. The owner can be seen nt stables 114 East Kitty seventh street, near Lexington avenue. AT OUR FACTORY, MM BROADWAY, ABOVE Thirty ninth street, second hand Carriages : ? Barouche. Victoria, Coupe (round front), Cabriolet, BrouKhntn, Top Wagon, Six-seat Phaeton, Depot Wagon. All in excellent order and will he sold :it low prices. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway, A GENTLEMAN, GOINO ABROAD, OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish and fast ; also one double light Harness, one Brewster Wagon and one Mail Phaeton. Apply at stable, No. 1 Last Forty-sec ond street A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE WISH TO DISPOSE Jri. oi a very handsome pair of dark bay Horses; sound and kind : 6 and 7 years old; perfectly matched; very stylish, with black points. Also a three-quarter Clar ence, in excellent order, lined with brown saftn, to gether w ith a double Harness, almost new, made by Wood Gibson; Robes, Blankets. Whips, Ac. Can be seen at FARMER A CLARK'S stables, la* West Thirty-first street .Inquire for Brown. * FI'LL SEAT TOP WAGON. MADE BY BREWSTER, J\. nearly now, for sale. Apply at 1-1) East Fifty-eighth street. A? TWO NO TOP SQI'ARE BOX WAOONS, FI'LL ? spring", the propertv of a deceased carriage maker of Brooklyn, will he sold cheap. West Side Carriage Re pository, M'.M and l.l.W Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EXPRESS*, Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand top Buggy, cheap. 348 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. ACHB8INUT SORREL ROADSTER, 14^ HANDS high?' Trots in 3 minutes; kind in harness anil sad dle; will he sold cheap. Inquire at SIMMONS' stables. Hank struct, near Bleecker. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE? A SUPE rlor road anil saddle Horse, 8 years old, sound and kind, nnd Brewster A Co. top Wagon; new; $600 and no less. Room i, :"ji Broadway. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS, light Roc It a ways. Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies nnd other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ti!8 Broadway. A ?FOR SALE CHEAP, A PAIR OF CLOSELY ? matched bay carriage Horses, 15?* hands high; young, sound and stylish drivers; also a road Mare; trots in 2:50; must be sold this week. Apply to T. A. SMITH, 3->3 Sixth avenue, or at Bailey's stable, 229 West Fortieth street. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF TOP AND ROAD . Wagons, iusr finished? For excellence of finish and durability cannot he excelled ; also a llrstelass Coupe, only used a lew times; all my own make. FRANK ASHE, 163 and 168 Crosby street A STABLE TO LET? WITH EIGHT STALLS. IN quire at 18 Ninth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street Truck and leu Wagons for sale. EDWARD PHIAL. Anew single truck, light express wagon second hand double Truck In good order, second baud butcher's Cart. MeLAUGHLIN A IIAKTE, 336 West Twenty-fifth street. A STYLISH TEAM OF YOUNG CARRIAGE HORSES A for sale cheap ; also a set of gold-mounted Harness, nnd Phaeton, made by Brewster. Address W. C.. box 12u Herald Uptown Branch office. M A BLOODED TEAM OF MAHOGANY HAYS FOR sale at a bargain? 15.2; good roadsters: warranted kind and sound ; superior match ; unsurpassed lor beauty. Address HOTSPUR, Herald office. \ SUPERIOR STAR MARE, EIGHT YEARS OLD, J\ trot* in 3 minutes; warranted sound, kind and true; sold only for want of use by a private gentleman. Apply at Underbill's stable, Lafayette place. B? A VERY CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAE ? tons. Depot Wagons, Rockaways, Pony Phaetons, top nnd no top Wagons, at the West Side Carriage Reposi tory. l.I'.H and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. BREWSTER (OF BROOME STREET).? SECOND hand Wagons. I make a specialty of the above celebrated Wagons, tops and no tops. A. S. FLANDRAU, No*. 7 nnd 18 East Eighteenth street. p ?TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT VA Coupes: bargains lor cash. West Side Carriage Repository, 1,491 and 1,196 Broadway, between Forty fourth and Forty-fifth streets. Boat and depot wagons and light rock awuys In great variety of styles and prices. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 5.'* Broadwaf. pHEAP.-fflVSRAL LARGE DOUBLE TRUCKS, \J Horses and Harness for sale, separately or together. 606 First avenue, near Thirty-fourth street CREAM TAN Rirn.Ni; AND DRIVING GLOWS. Single button, $2; double button, $2 25. Every pair warranted and sent tree on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS A- CO., il'l" Broadway. CARRIAGES? SLtlJIITLY DAMAOKD; GREAT BAR trains; Carriages, new nn<i second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase. be fore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, Broadway. DOCTOR'S TORNOrT? PRICE $M0? HANDSOME bay Mare, young nnd sound, fast traveller; beanti till new city-built Phaeton ; Harness, Blanket, Kobe, whip; all ttr-t class, ui But sixteenth street. TjHBE CARRIAGES, AT LO# PBICEB.? AW RLE r Kn Tit assortment of seasonable Carriages, In all styles and of superior workmanship and finish, for sale at uu urecedetitedly low priced, by A. 8. FLANDRAtT, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, ? between Broadway ami Fifth avenue. IjWB SALE? A Voi NO MIDCH COW ; CALF BIGHT r day* old. Can he seen at No. 4 West Seventeenth street. Large milker. TjIOR SALE? TEN FIRST CLASS MILCH COWS. AD r dress A. A. K., 114 Ki I tli avenue. # Fmi BALE CHEAP? BLACK HARE, 9 years OLD; warranted gentle and sound. Can be seen at stable, 107 West t hirty ninth street "EV)R SALE? CHEAP, A SINGLE AM) DOUBLE r Truck, in ttrst rale order, with Harness for oacli; also a light top-shitting JtiiK^y , at 23 West Thirtet nth at. fjtOR SALE? A LIGHT HAT.P TOP COCPELETTE, r with Pole ami Shafts, Iti good order; two Cabs. light Coach, Clarence and Barouche. II. B. MOTT, 156 West Twenty-seventh street. FIOR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL SADDLE MORSE, WITII out a tattlt. In<{tilre at private stable No. 3 West Thirty-sixth street. 1MB SALE-A* FINE YOUBO PAIR OF MARES; stand 15>i; very stylish; warranted sound; good steppers; price reasonable. Also Brewster T Cart. Ad dress T CART, box ltd Herald Uptown Branch otlli c. I7?OB SALE? AT CLUB BTABLB, 22 AND 24 WEST r Thirteenth street, a tine stylish bright bay Horse, 7 years old, I.V, hands, sound and perfect in every re spect, n ot afraid of tile curs; also a Landuulet and Har ness ; Hold for want ol use. Can be seen from 111 A. M. to 3 P.M. F^olt BALE? A 8CPSBIOB PAIR OP BAY CO UP IS Horses. I.'i1, hands high, sound, kind, last travellers; price $1,500. Apply at private stable 107 West Thirty third street ElOR SALK-A Sl'PEI'IOR ROAD HORSE; TROTS IN 2:S0; sound and kind: alsoton Wagon (city maker). Harness, Ac. : all in good order; will be sold very cheap. Apply at ARMOUR'S, No. 8 Seventh avenue. fittm 8 ALB? A LADY'S FINK OHBSTBtrr KEN F tuckv bred Mare, 15^ hands sound and kind ; -old for want ot use; price $ft0U; also a bay Mare. l.'I'-j hands, sound and kind ; ridden by children: price $329. Apply ut private stable 107 West Thirty-third street. I/toR SALE? A HANDSOME ONE HORSE VICTORIA: F in good order ; first rate maker ; on.y $3U0. Apply ut 49 West Thirty t. inl street. I^O R RALE? A LADY'S TURNOUT, STYLISH BAY Hi.rse, ib^i h inds high, gentle and kind. 6 years old. Phaeton, Harness, Ac. ; original cost over $600; will sed tor less If bought Immediately. Address or inquire for CIIAKLKs MAO EVOT, is East Sixteenth street. N. V. IIOB SALE-AN ELEGANT T t'.VRT. KAS1 BY Brewster. Broome street; hut little used ; splendid style. Address ROB, box 142 Herald ottlce. FPIOK SALE. ?A VERY HANDSOMB, STYLISH 18 bands, dark brown bona; f I stepper; Mack points; li>iiif tall; six years old; sound and perfectly clear limbs. Apply at private stable 59 West Korty-fourtli street. FlOR SALE AT A BARO UN -COMPLETE ROAD Turnout, consisting ot a fast Mare, splendid top Wagon, Harness, Ar., all first class in every respect; or will trade for Building Lot< Mortgages, Diamonds or any other Rood Property. Address TURNOUT, box IfiJ Herald office. I/OR SALE-A BRIGHT BAY TEAM, lfiij HANDS, r 7 and 9 years old; fast travellers; sound and safe team: used hv present owner three years; also black Team. lAhamfs, brothers; perfectly sound and safe team; o nnd 7years ; had them two years; allnsodin tbe city; owner going to Europe reason for selling- Inquire at private stable No. 3 East Tweuty-fllth street, from 10 to tl A. M. TpOR SALE? A HANDSOME FOUR-SEAT, HALF-TOP r Phaeton in first class order. To be seen at 142 West Thirty-ninth ?lreet JOHN LA.NOANH. F^oit 8ALB? A FIRST CLASS MAIL PHAETON ; shirting top. 12 springs; In perfect order ; one ot the t nest vehicles In the city; also a flrstclass l.andsu. built by Binder Bros., Paris, and a Coupe by Wood Bros. i'o., the property ot a gentleman going to Europe. Apply at priuate stable 15 West Thirteenth street. I|H>B BALE? A POET I'll A ETON; ALSO A IBOOBO hand Coupe Rockaway : both In good order: but little used hv a private family. Apply to .foilN FLYNN, Car

riage Maker, Eightieth street and Orand Boulevard. tVIR SALE? ONE OF THE FINEST PAIRS OF CAR T riage llorses In New York: dapple grays, 16 hands; fin* style, sound, sale drivers, a ml can trot very close to .1 minutes together : also an elegant three quarter Clarence and very fine set ot heavy Harness; will sell very cheap; would take one low priced horse in part payment. In quire at 192 Front street V<OK BALK? A FINE PAIB OF BROWN CARRIAGE J1 llorses, 7 years old, gentle and sound; worth $1,HU0; will he sold tor $700; also two seat I'haeton. Wood's make ; cost #1 ,00t); sold for $400, as the owner has no fur ther use for them Apnly at ? tables, corner Ftltli avuuuq _auU ioitj-Aummslnitit. HORSES. CAlt K 1 \G ML AC. FOH HALE? PAIR BAY HORSES. 1SJ{ HANDS HIGH, 7 ami 8 years old ; warranted sound and Kind ; six -seat Rockaway Carriage, net double Jlnrne*?. good an new. Can be seen at McNamara's stable. Seventy third street and Fourth avenue, or apply to URUNS, MOOltE A CO., 4^2 Broadway. FOR 8ALE ? FOR WANT of use, A BROWN Horse, fi veara old, 13.3 high; very tree and stvlish driver ; raised by present owner; will be warranted in every particular Mtff? A. It., box ISO Herald Office. Fob sale-a vkry showy bay carriage Mare, long mane and tall ; ran trot last : 16 hands, 7 years old ; warranted sound and kind ; the property of a gentleman, having lust tlie mate. To be see u at stable SO East Thirty-second street. For sale? elegant thoroughbred ken. tucky Saddle Hone, stand* IS.3, 7 years old ; can be ridden by a lady; wan-ant -d sound, kind, sure-looted and without fault, triek or blemish of any kind; good driver, and free in single or double harness, price fHOil. May be seen and tried at Greeu's Riding School, No. 7 West Thirteenth street For sale? for want op use, a circular front Coupe, made by Lawrence A Co. ; in perfect ordor ; also a light shitting top Wagon, I'ole and Bhatta, and iiirht Double Harness. Apply to J. R. FRANKLIN, 46 East Fourteenth street. TTIOR SALK-A SPLENDID MILCH COW; GOOD JT breed, young ami in tine condition; must be sold ; terms reasonable. Apply t<> R. STEWART. 213 128th str >ot, betweeu Seventh and Kightli avenues. IrtOR SALE-A SQUARE BOX TOP WAGON, POLE 1 and Shafts; run one season ; Dusenbury ,v Van I)u wr makers, .price $3tH), at BROWN A DAVIS' stable, lit West Thirty-second street I ilOR SALE? TWO NEW AND ONE SECOND HAND Express Wagon, one carpenter's, one tobueco or con fectioner's. one phoiograidi and one depot Wagon, one Coup)-, one t<?|> and one no-top Huggy; one iurnituiu Truck, at SSB Spring street, corner < i trite. Foit SALE? HAY MARE, EIGHT TEARS OLD, 15 hands, warranted sound and kind. Cun bo seen at 449 West Thirty-third street. FtOR SALE? A PONY HU1LT HOUSE; SUITABLE tor a grocer or express; price $so Inquire tor TEN NY, at Vi. :i Cornelia street, to day aod to-morrow. TjtOR SALE? A ROCKAWAY. WITH SEATS FOR I1 lour, will- pole and shafts, but Utile used, bought from Wood Bros.; will be sold cheap. MCDONALD'S stables. Forty-first street, between Lexington and Third avenues. I poll SALE? A SPLENDID (1 KAY MARK, SOUND and kind; harness and Phaeton new, all complete; price $800. Apply at the Rink, Jersey City. T?OR SALE? A FINE CHESTNUT SORREL MAKE, 6 r years old, trot better than 3 minutes; a black Mare, fi years old, in 2:tt>; also a Carriage and Sulky. Apply at lWMirand street, Williamsburg. Dr. D. LORENZc. For SALE? A PARK PHAETON, IN FINE ORDER, butlittle used; seats tour. Apply at BRIGGS' stable, corner Seventh avenue and Forty -second street. For salk-a pair of bay PONIES; VERY 8TYL lsh, sound and kind; one unite last; the other suita ble for a lady ; both six years old. Apply at stable 210 East Thtrtv-cighth street For sale-a handsome English landeau, w ith doublo Harness, just imported, at cost price. To be seen at No. 5 East Washington iilace. I, "ton SALE? A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE, 18.8, FIVE J" years old ; also a bay Horse, lfi.3, 7 vears, both sound and Kind in double or single harness; also a Landeau, nearly new, made by Wood, together with an imported Set ot French double Harness; owner leaving the city. Seen at stable No. S East Twentieth street. IrtOR SALE? HANDSOME WHITE PONY-BUILT Mare; trots and paces very last; handsome as a pic ture. Also open road Wagon and Harneaa complete, All seen at Fulton stables, Noa, 6 and 8 Seventh avenue. FIOR SALE? THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A GENTLE man going abroad consisting of a pair ot hay Horses, 16t? bands, tree and stylish drivers, Clarence Park 1 line ton and double Sleigh r also heavy double Harness, gilt mountings, by Campbell. Apply at private stable, in rear of33ii East Seventeenth street. I|lOR SALE CHEAP-FINE TEAM GENTLEMAN'S 1 carriage Horses and Clarence, in first class order; also a six-seat Phaeton, Brewster's make. Apply at LANGAN'S stables, 142 West Tliirty-ninth street. IIOR SALE CHEAP? ONE CAFFERY TRACK SULKY, one lull seat Duscnburv dagger Wagon and one Brewster iop Carriage, call at SILLICK'S Boarding Stable, 12.1th street, near Fdurth avenue. TjlOR SALE CHEAP- A NEW CLARK HOB, SATIN' r lined, built by Dunn ; one team of young Homos, Double llu mess ; aLsu a Mure in foul, ut 124 hast Kiity fourlli street. IjlOB SALE? AN ELEGANT LANDAULET, MADE TO order, but will be sold low, as tlic owner liu.s no use or it 12t> West Tn euty-fifth street. * 17*011 SALE OR TO LET? a HOUBE; 10 BOX STALLS, . sheil, carriage house ; convenient to Fleetwood track; al Ilighhridge nvetnic ; suitable lor horse training or auy man keeping horses, Inquire at Florencc'a Ho tel, ot 1 .IOI1N BAR Ity. Esq., McComh's Dam. or JOUN I'DRDY, 321 West Twenty-sixth street. New York. Funk coach team for sale? by private gen tli man, selling' out ; Havs, 16 hands, 7 and S years old ; One style, and will step in V2 together; sound, klnii and every way reliable; parties in want will find the in unex ceptional nml just what they arc look.n.c tor; arc mates ami drive iustasone hone. Also a fine single Horse,' equally deslrahio; will trot in 2:50. Six-sent Park Phae ton, in (food order ; i ? >p liuggy a n.t double Harness. Ad dress L. WILKINSON, S71 Hrondwuy. J710R SALE? SECOND HAND CLARENCE. AI.SO A I class panel Coach, newly done up : new doctor's Phaeton ; also scverul toil and lio-tt.p Bugcics; one t wo scat extension top Wagon, LINN liitOS., Carriage Makers, 47 ttlid t'J Bergen street, Brooklyn. FOU SALE? A PAIlt OK DARK HAY HOK8K8, 15.1 high; iincoinmoiily stylish drivers; warranted sound ; can trotin .t ; suitable tor a gentleman's road team or coupe. Apply to R. A. DONALDSON, 38 Dey street. n'ABNBSS, SADDLES, HORSE CLOTHING, CAR. riatfe Robes, Lap Dusters, Klv Nets, and a large variety ot Suddlery Goods always on hand. C. It. 8M1TII A CO.. 4ll Warren street, New York. n A UN ESS. ? THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN Now York ? good double truck Harness, $3U: good single btiggv Harness, hand made, $17; a good stable* Blanket, $2 50; the largest assortment ot Curt Harness In thcclty. < 'benper tliun ever on account ot moving May 10. I'leasc call anil examine for fourgelyes. KlslIER .t oSBO it NE, 43 Murray street HARNESS ? THE LARGEST VARIETY OF HARNESS and Horse Furnishing Goods of every grade and kind of any house in New Vork, at MOSK\tA.VS Manu factory and Wurerooms, 114 Chambers street. Harness. A complete assortment of tine double and single Harness at low prices. One si t of Conch Harness, (lib son niaki , but little used, tor sale low bv A. S. FLANDRAU, No*. 7 and 1M East Eighteenth street. HORSE AND TRUCK FOR SALE? HORSE 18,4 HANDS high, Sound and kind. Can be seen an stand, Maiden lane, on Monday and Tuesday. Horses, fresit from rome, oneida county.? Two pairs ot blacka; one pair. Iti hands, stylish, good steppers; t lie other l.V^, stylish, good roudcrs; also one bay, K'V one roan, Ifi hands Inquire tor G. L. WflKKl.Eit, atA. Cuok's stable, 247 West Forty-ilrst st. IRON STABLE FIXTURES OF THE MOST APPROVED designs; also Copper Wcatlu r Vanes, manufactured and tor sale by .1. W. PISKE, 9!) Cham hers ?t., New York. Tt ST ARRIVED, FROM VERMONT, ONE PAIR OF #1 young mahogany bay Horses; Messenger and Slack llnw'k stock; W.'i hands nigh; ver.v stylish and last trav eller.-; gentle ana sound ; al'O one Moruan Driving Mare ; at the stables id' Dr. E. 1!. MIDDLKBltooK, 170 Kast Se v enty-eighth street. TADY'S horse FOR SALK-DARK SORREL; VERY J stylish, lonif mane and tall ; trots in about 3 minutes ; warranted in every way; also a t*w other last Horses at J. Cult's stables. 154 Jane street, North liiver. ONE GOOD HEARSE, TWO ROCKAWAY CAR riages, one Ice Casket, tor sale cheap. Apph to THEODORE HTCII or WILLIAM RII.EY, Yonkers, S,Y. ONE HEAVY CHUNK, FOR TRUCK OR CART? Stylish Gray, lor coach or express, lor sale cheap, on account ol removal. IHJ South Filth avenue, near Broome street. PONY-BAY; HEAVY MANE AND TAIL; FAST; A beauty ; over 12 hands; groomed entirely by chil dren; perlect pet; also miniature Phaeton; verv stylish. A. <1. DARWIN, 1(1 Pine street "PRIVATE STABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOB POUR .1 or live horses, in new and first class stable, at livery prices. 154 East Kitty-seventh street, near Lexington av. ?DONY MARK FOR SALE? SOUND AND KIM); GOOD I stepper drives any way and fit for anything ; ulso Harness and Wagon. JOIIN A. gross. Builder, .KM West Thirty ninth street P~ ONY PHAETONS^ A tine stock of Willow and Panel Phaetons, with and without topi, and on 'J. 3. l and C springs, with and without rumbles, tor sale at vcrv low prices by A. S. KLANI1RAU, Nos. 7 and is East Eighteenth street, l>etweon Broadway and Fifth avenuo. OKELKTON WAGON FOR SALE? NEVER BEEN in used; very strong; suitable for road use. Apply at 155 Ea?t Thirty-filth street, private stable. ___ (M'l E". SPRED.-FOR SALE, A GRAY MARE; WAR- j i; ranted sound and kind in every way : afraid of noth- | itig ; can trot a mile in 2 to on the road uhe is one ol the finest drivers in the citv; must be sold on account of owner being sick. Inquire at 1,309 Broadway, ot WALKER. Stable t7> let-sss west twenty-first i) street, between Eiuhth and Ninth avenues; tour stalls and room for lour wagons; rent $500. Inquire oi GEO. W. GRlPFIN, 382 Hudson street. (STABLE, HORSES, ALHERNEY COW AND BULLS.? ii Private stable, above ground, five stall", ll'.l East Thirty-seventh streot, near Park avenue, would be rented onlv to unexceptionable partv. For sale, a well bred Chestnut Gelding, 8 years old; lias been nsed single, double and tandem; sound, and kind ; a thorough tired Alderney Cow ot remarkable beauty and goo 1 qntlitv; A Ideme'y Bull, "Qnmnlplac," three years old ; "N?nril." two vi ars old ; both superior, and registered A. C. C., Herd-Book. Apply at above stable. ST MILE TO ILET? CONTAINING SIX STALLS, SI'IT able for a truckman. 322 East Twenty-fourth street. CECOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-sKAT ROCKA in way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, Ave Rock aways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number of Carriages, sllghtlv soiled, at bargains, MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 63* Broadway, OTABLK, SIKH'S, ,*(',, TO LKT CHEAP? NEAR THE in corner of Thirty -fifth street and Ninth avenue ; Feed Store, Carpenter and Butchcr shop ; rent $26 to per month. Apply at&H Hudson street , CECOND HAND CARRIAGES, CONSISTING OF LAW dans, Clarences, Park and Pony Phaetons, lour and six seat Rockaways, for sale low ny A. 8. FLANDRAU, Noa. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street QTYLISH BLACK HORSE FOR SALE-ADAPTED To 0 coupe, phaeton or saddle; ridden and driven all last summer by present owner's wife; sold for want ol "sc. Appiy at Green's Riding Academy, 'thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. TO LET ? TWO FINE STABLES IN i'ORTY FOURTH street ; one $1,1*10 rent, another $1. *00. JOHN KAV <iv*uvt ly(Ui')e?wM^ * W* *T? HORSKS, CARBIAOEW. AO. Thomas l. d. balj, a co? us wooster street, Iniwtei Prince ami BoMMUlMdvi; cars pass the door every three minute*, Wholesale ami Retail Harness Manufacturers and Commission Merchants.? Sin gle ai?1 double buggy Harness, express and rock, a way Harness, (arm and truck Harness. Livery und coach Harnett* a specialty. Track and road Harness in large variety. Blanket*, Sheets, Robes, Whips, 4c., and everything lor the stable ami bom. All goulds warranted as n^nantsd. ^P<? LBT? FOUB STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AT IS1 1 West Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh ?venues. JOHN J. TOWNSEND, 76 Wall street TO LET-FROM 1ST OK M AY, TWO PRIVATE STA hlea. In<iuire of WM. H. H ANKINSON. 14 East Twenty -seventh street TO LET-FIVE OR TEN STALLS, WITH AMPLE wagon room. WILLIAM OLEARY. 193 Varick street_ TO RENT? FROM MAY I, PRIVATE STABLE, M-' EAST So vo a tee nth street; four stalls and large carriage Apply on premises or at 13B First avenue. TO BLACKSMITHS and OTHERS? FOR SALE, verv cheap, a second bund Lumber Wagon, platform spring*, al-oa Portable Forgo, Anvil and Heilows. Apply to It. iTEWART, 125th street, between Sevunth and Eighth avenues. \1'ANTKD-A COUPE Ko.'KAWAY, MW OK ?! nearly new, In exchange for Coral Necklace and part cash. Address X. A B , tiox in Heral I office. "I\'\NTE0-A SMALL PONT (ABOUT \< HANDS) i\ suitable for a child to drive; must be gentle and kind in harness or saddle. Ail. tress, stilling price, color. Ac., WM. A. FOWLER, 137 Joralemon street, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? TO HIRE FOB 30 DAYS, A HORSE AND ?? light Business or Express Wagon, with cover. Ad dress, stating terms and where to be .seen, box 112 Herald otllcc. ?flT ANTED? BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, A PONY * ? und Phaeton or Horse and Carriago, lor one month ; will pay for keening for its use. Address S. J., box 4,1X9 Post iilnr.o. WANTED? A HOUSE FITTED FOR LIGHT EXPRESS ? ? business, in exchange tor a b?r o of less viilne : cash difference, or would exchange mate! ed team of varie gated pomes or a very line phaeton home. Apply at (i'J'J Broadway. ?WANTED? A YOUNG HORSE, NOT LESS THAN 15^ ?? li i mis high ; sound, kind and not afraid of locomo tive; must lie a good stepper, with style, for which a fair price will lie paid; must nave two or three days' trial. Address J. M. K., Herald olllce, stating price and full particulars. fc) SIX SEAT PARK PHAETONS, IN GOOD ORDER; ? ulso a splendid light truck or business Horse; war ranted sound and Kind ; price $:!5(!. P. It. MASTEKSON, corner Kiltv- ninth street and Seventh avenue. 0 NEW EXI'HESS WAGONS For SALE-VERY J"w; price $150 and $108. Apply to SEAMAN LOWE ERE ,t CO., 3D7 Spring street. "I C HOUSES? one PAIR OF KBNTDCKY BROWNS; 1 ? ' young, sound, kind and gentle ; great speed and bot tom ; 16VJ hands high. Price $."i(IO. Stables ofK. B. MlD DLEBROOK, 170 East Seventy eighth street FOR SA JLR. AN OLD ESTABLISHED EXPRESS BUSINESS? Four Horses, tour Wagons. In good order; doing a business ol $100 a week. Iiu|iiire at (US Third avenuo. A ?STORE FIXTURES FOR SAI.E.? ON E FULL SET ^ _i\ . ol Boot and Shoe and one full sot of Fancy Goods Fixtures. WM. C. LKSSTER, 1,279 Broadway, corner of Thirty-fourth street. A? FOR SALE? STORE FIXTURES; WILL I?R SOLD ? cheap; about HO foot long, & teet high; shelving, drawers, Ac. ; suitable for shoe, dry goods or others. Ap ply on the premises, 1-1 Franklin street, Greonpoint, Brooklyn, at once. AlilQUOR STORE, STOCK AND FIXTURES AND Furniture, very complete, near Eighth n venue ; rea sons for selling the owner going Wist 1st ot May. It must be sold in threo days. No. m West Forty-seventh st A BARGAIN.? A LONG ESTABLISHED LIGHT A Manufacturing Business, in good location; cheap rent; largo profits; will bear investigation. Address BUSINESS, box 150 Herald ollice. A WELL LOCATED FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR JY Store for sale cheap? In Williamsburg, doing good !m"lno<?: long lease and low rent. Apply to TllOMAS OAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 8 Centre street. AN ELEGANT WHEELER A WILSON HALF CABI net case family Sewing Machine, nearly new, In perfbet order, cost $?&, will be sold lor $35. Apply at 357 Bleecker street. A T 1'. COLE'S, Hf/i BROADWAY? STOCK OF DRY JV Goods to be sold by Mav 1 regardless of cost Shelv ing and Counters for sale. A WHEELER A WILSON FIRST CLASS FAMILY J\ Sewing Machine (nearly new), handsomely encased in black walnut, for sale a great bargain; also a Watch and Chain, at 41)6 Hudson street. A LIQUOR STORE, VERY CHEAP, ON TWO LEAD A ing thoroughfares; also Bakeries, Dry Goods, Gro ceries, Fancy Stores, Restaurants, Saloons, Hotels and s 'Vera! other business places on prominent thormigli tares. KIN'NEN A DEY, 60 West Thirty tlrst street \ GREAT BARGAIN.? A KINDLING WOOD BUSI J\ Bess, with a long Iohsc, doing a splendid business, with all the fixtures. WALTER W. MONTAGUK, Kiuhth avenue and Twenty Hrst street A ?REMOVAL.? HALF-CASB WHEELER A W1L j\ . son Sewing Machine, in perfect order, attachment complete, to lie disposed ot lor $15 if applied for Immedi ately. M University place. AN OLD-ESTABLISHED EXPRESS BUSINESS, I Work all down town, 2 Horses, 2 sets of Harness, 11 Wagon, built to order, almost new, will lie wild cheap; goon reasons tor selling. Cull at 125 Hudson street. .4 N ESTABLISHED CASH BUSINESS, DOINQ PROM J\ $7.r>n to $'?0 per week: profit (food : will hi- ?. >1 d nn reasonable terms. The owner has other business which i must be attended to: u g ''hnuro lor the right party. , Address J. ST. JOHN, Herald office. 4 BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY, FULL CASE, CABI J\ net Wheeler A- Wilson's sewing Machlue, in perfect Order, for vale; less than half cost. Mrs. SMITH, H.'t Hast Twenty-eighth street. 1 4 LIGHT. DELICATE-COLORED SPRING OVER- j Jv. ci at for sale, nwuer goihtf In mourning; si/' 34; fashionably made to order; price $2U. Aduress MOSS MAN, Herald olllco. BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY FOR hale? ma chinerv, utensils, Lease and Good Will of a we ll known concern ; appropriately titled up ami with spu rious grounds, Ac. : owner has made a competency and desires to retire: will take good unencumbered Property. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO., US Broadway. BAKKRY AND COX FECTIONBRY.? FOR HALE ? the Stock, Fixtures, I /ease and tloodwill of an olij 1 nnd well established Bakery and Confectionery, with Restaurant and li'e ('ream Saloon attached ; Horse and Wagon also; the building is a large brick house ; would make a splendid place for small hotel and restaurant; w ill sell the property or lease it ; is situated within a lew miles limn New York, in a large and healthv town. For particulars address S. S. I,., box 167 llerald oille.e. Butter stand for sale.? one of the most desirable In Manhattan Market. Apply to WM. II. BERGEN, stand 42H. DRUGGISTS.? A LARUE, FINE STORE FOR SALE, situated upon u very prominent corner of Sixth avenue. Address DRUGS, 31o West Fourteenth street. DRUQ STORE? STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, or exchange for Furniture. Address C. D. K., box US Herald office. DRUGSTORE FOR SALE? SITUATED ON A LEAD i'ig avenue; elegant Fixtures and Soda Fountain ; will In' sold reasonable, on good terms. Address PRIM'S, Herald office. DRUG STORE FOR BALE? IN CONSEQUENCE OF the death of the proprietor : established 20 years; ran be pur' hasud for $1,2011. Apply at once to HALK, IjJ William street. Drug store for sale-first class in evejiv appointment; in the suburbs; sales average $.'i0; j | prescriptions average $1H per day; business rapidly in- , creating; no agents noticed. Address, giving real name, i ! Ac.. BEESWAX, box 117 Herald office. DRUG store-located on a prominent cor. ner, between Twentieth and Thirty-fourth streets, on Sixth avenue , a (.'nod lease will be given atninodcr- i ate rent. Apply to STRICKLAND, Drug Agent, 78 Cedar ' street. DRUG STORE FOR SALB-IN THE IMMEDIATE VI- ! cinlty of New York ; store has handsome and com plete fixtures, is well stocked, and doing a business of | over ftH,00U per annum, netting at least $.f, fJOO ; rent $3i?i i per year, with two years' lease ; best ot reasons for sell ing; price $3,1X10, bait cash. Address OPIUM, box 149 , Herald office. I I EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN? ONLY (TOO: OLD EH. j tablished Lithographic and Printing Establishment; presses, stones, ,tr,. complete lor business; rent low. T MANSON, Financial ami Commercial Agent, 2'j Broad way. ' hlOR SALE? A HANDSOME SET OF OAR CHANDB liers. with Fixtures, for a large house; tor sale cheap; family breaking up. 372 West Thirty-third street, coruer ot Ninth avenue. T.10R SALE? A LAUNDRY, IN A FIRST CLASS LOC A I tion. ari'i doing n In rue tiUMiicMi. For particulars, Ac., address A. NOLMNU, station A. tT<OR SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND 8 YEARS' r Lease of a first civs'- corner Liquor Stor?, on a lead ing avenue. Inquire at SO Cortlamlt street FViR HALE-THB STOCK AND FIXTURES of a grocery store. Iilyuire on the premises, rtlO East Seventeenth street. T.Ei)R HALK? A FINELY FITTED UP PORTER HOUSE; n best, thoroughfare in the city; now doing g> od bud nes? ; other business the cause Apply at fl Stone street. tpOR RALE, ?LEASE, GOOD WILL, TRUCK , AC., OF P the old established wholesale and retail Flour and Feed Store WW First avenue, near Thirty-fourth street FIOR HALE? A VALUABLE PATENT, FOR MANU faetnrlng Mosaic inlaid Mooring; will be sold at a sacrifice, as owner is about saillug for Europe. Apply, for particulars and ?amples, to A. J. HENNIO.n jr., Counsellor at I. aw, room to. No. A Dey strei t, N? w * ork. IrtOR SALE? THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF A first class Sample Room the cheat est rent on Broad way. Inquire of C. W. SHAFF.R, I.2SS Broadway, be tween 1 and .'I ajid 5 and 7 o'clock. FIOR SALE? ONE OF YHE BEST LOCATED BUTTER, , eggandcheesi stands in the Manhattan Market, doing a large business , goofl reasons for selling. Address B. Iv, Hera 14 office. | FIOR SALE-FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, A FIRST CLASS Mirki t on the best avenue In New York; every I thing complete ; marble slat's, p. irk machinery, smoke house staples, two Unites, WagflD, Cart, Ac. ; cash trade I about' ??fcio per week; owner leaving the city; price (2(10)1, Inquire of JAMES I1ERNON, 4U8 Washington Market. __ riOK SALE? AN OLD-ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT; f one of the best locations In Brooklyn ; has two sa loons In basement has nil I lard room, har and ovster counter; the best kitchen 111 tlie world . has every facility for furnishing wedding and ball parties, Ac. Fine stock of silverware for loan : Is doing a good cake business. Ap ply at 173 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. l,XMt SALE?AM OLD BSTARUSHED COftNCR r Liquor Storis, imax UiQ I ? luuuircAt KOH *111,1?, tlOR BAI.B? BOOK, STATIONERY AND NKWB DE 1 pot; good p iper route; low rent; doln? a good busi ness; satislactory rtatons tor selling. auuIt tit 1 tM Third avenue ' ' FOB 8ALB-A PATENT ADJUSTABLE LIBRARI Case, Mild walnut, U feet loug ; suitable i?r tlon, clul? or library ; for salt at a bargain. AutiivioB S. BROOKS, '61 Sixth avenuB. ' v* lo *? For sale-the stock and fixtures ok ia old established Confectioner? Store, in one of tha best locations in hultoti Mreet. Brooklyn. For intrticulara apply to D. ft M. t'ilAUNCY, 207 Montague struet. FOR BALE? 8TQCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF tlrst clans Tea and Hour Siore ; other business the cause of selling ; a prorat.t buyer will rind terms easy. Address A., box 117 Herald Uptown Bra noli office. IpOR SALE? CORNER LIQI'OR STORE, THREB yearn' Lease, Stock and Flx'ures; will be sold cheap tor ca?h. Apply at once at No. 1 Attorney street. For rale? wink and billiard rooms, four Table*, complete. Inquire on premises, 931 Eighth avenue No agents FOR SALE? WINK, BILLIARD. LAUER BBER Aim Lunch Room, on easy terms. Inquire on premises, 192 Bloocker street. No agents. EI^OR SALE? The STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A 1 Liquor Saloon in 70 Murrav street, doing a good busi ness; good chance lor the right man; s'ltistaetory reason given. Call on Monday atul Tuesday on the premises. T^OR SALE? A COMPLETE OUTFIT FOB A BARBER, r consisting of 4 Chairs complete, ,t Mirrors, Mack walnut Shelving, Cup Rack, I Show Cane and Counter, marble-top Wash stand complete : all been in use lor about three months. For particulars inquire at lfi2 Broadway. Also ono twelve loot Showcase, plate glass and silver plated; very nearlv new. Inquire at 58 and 60 Fulton st F^ilt SALE? THE OAS FIXTURES IN HOUSE 3? King street; now pattern and iti good order; price (It 510 R BALE? SECOND HAND SODA FOUNTAINS Mathews' six and eight syrup Laplanders, one and two draughts; Dow's eight syrups, one and two draughts; Tint's Aretii ten syrup and three d"ran;hts; Puffer s six syrup mid throe draughts; Llopincott's elizht and ten syrutia, one, two and three draughts, white and colored marble; Itigelow's eight svrtil) iind one draught, aud many other small and eheap urns Vaaes. ftc.. Ac. ;alsa two small Mathews' Generators ; all warranted in good order and will he sold very cheap. Druggists aad confec tioners contcmplatimr iiirchasitig will do well toenlllte tore purchasing elsewhere. Apply to or address IIKALY it SCRIPTURE, 34 Liberty street, New York. IjlOR SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED BOTTLING Business, with Bors" and Wairon and a good Route. Inquire, tor three day", on the premises, Jd I East Thir tci'iilh street, corner of Third avenue, In the basement. FOR SALE? QUARTERLY REVIEW. Hit TO 18*3, and 150 other volumes. Aililress BOOKS, Herald office. IjtOIt SALE? A FIVE-YEAR LEASE FOP. A THRU ' storv House, with store and basement, S7 Fourth ave nue. between Tenth und Eleventh streets; good Ijii.iineaa location IjlOR SALE? TrtK TOOLS OF A M ANUFACTURIMQ 1 Jeweller given up business. Address JEWELLER. Herald office. FjlOR SALE? BUTTER STAND IN WASHINGTON MAR 1 ket. Address!!. V. II W., Herald office. For sale for cash? a well established Hair Business, with Stock, Fixtures and Lease, located in ono ot the best parts of the city : owner retiring on account of health. Address C. O. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. IiOR SALE CHEAP? A WELL ESTABLISHED BROW* and Straw Board Paper Business. Inquire at DO Ann street. IjlOR sale CHEAP-BUTCHER'S ICE HOUBE AND r Fixtures, separate or together. Call at 757 Washing ton street. FOR SALE CHBA1'? A FINE GROCERT TN OOOD location. Inquire corner Lee avenue and Penn street Brooklyn, E. D. For bale cheap? the stock and fixtures of a candy store, with hack ronin ; well located ; low rent; satisfactory reasons given lor selling. Apply on tha premises, 3U Bleecker street, near West Tenth street. IjlOR BALE CHEAP? A NICE LITTLE GROCERT Store, with or without Horse and Wagon. 41 South Fifth avenue. IjlOR BALE CHEAP? MARBLE COUNTERS AND 1 Fixtures of llrst class Butcher Shop. Apply at 150 West Twenty-sixth street T7IOR SALE CHEAP? A FIRST CLASS L1LLIE FIRE r proof Sale, as good tut new. Apply to J. W. ANDREAS, 111 Broadway, room 64. IjlOR SALE CHEAP? FIFTY SECOND HAND 8RW1HO Machines consisting ot Willcox ft fllhhs', Singer'% Wheeler A Wilson's, Ac., Ac. Apply to JOHN NOBl^E. :i2o Fulton street, up stairs. JIOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A first class Grocery ; good location: low reut; cheap for cash to a prompt buyer; excellent location f or a tea store. Inquire at 287 Smith street, Brooklyn. /GALLERY FOR SALK ? CHEAP KoR CASH; OWNER U going West ; or would take a good man and give one hall interest; Herman pr^tecred. Apply Immediately at 311 Eighth avenue. /GROCERY FIXTURES FOR SALE- AT 7214 WABH "T ington street, consisting of Shelving. Tea Minn, Counter Scales, llrst class Coffee Mill, >ins* Fixturoi, Ac., Ac. ; will lie sold cheap, in one lot or separately; must be sold before the 1st of May. Onw door north of West Eleventh street. /^AS FIXTl RES FOR 8 ALB? CHANDELIERS AN1? " T Brnckets, worth $250, tor 175, at the residence 64? Lexington avenue. Ikon FOR SALE? ill WROUGHT IRON PLATES, 23 teet by incites thick ; is Arch Girders, 00x4x5 and ft inch Round Columns; 81 'I Girders. AYRKS A McC ANDLESS, Forty-fifth st. ami Tenth ST. PLATED SHOWCASES, 9 KEET BY 2^, FOB tale cheap? At 562 Broadway, tn the store. Retail.? MEN-a furnishing stock for sale; Kwdaall first clns<; store can be secured at three years' lease ; location Dot to In- surpassed In the city. Ap ply to RUTHERFORD, Cl<ARK A Co., 50 Howard street. rpiIR PROPRIETOR OF A FIRST CLASS CIGAR 1 Store and Sample Room on Central Broadway, who Is about to engage in the wholesale business, wishes to sell out Ills Lease and Good Will on rcasoiiN ble terms to a cash customer. A good chance for an enterprising man is tiius offered. Address L. K., box I1'! Herald ofllce. TWO LARGE SQUARE PIRATE GLASS CASKS FOR sale? 40 by fil incites, 48 inches high; front, top and sides in single plates, with mirror In one end of each ; made by Eraser, nnii have been used for window cases, I. nt are well adapted tor any purpose ; are in perfect order and will In sold cheap ; also a Morning Glorv Heater, new Winter. Apply to HOWARD A *65 nroadway. this 1 CAFES.? FOUR SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALE O vcrv cheap ;otie large, two uiedlutn and three small; ulso a Kelierul assortment, at 72 .Muideu lane. S. G. QUIRK. CAFES CHEAP FOR CASH? ALL SIZES AND O makers . 25 to .'st per cent saved by purchasing before May. Large silk Sales. O o QU I UK, 81 Maiden lane, near Gold street. A | (in WILL BUY A NICE LIQUOR STORE IN TIIB ?ri'lU Seventeenth ward. Humklvn, 14 years estab lished ; will give u goo. I place to a good man. as the owner is about to retire. Apply In the store, alter 12 P. M., SU Franklin avenue, Greenpotnt, Brooklyn. Q?) AAA ?LODGING HOUSB; CORNER; 20 FUR ?JlO.WUU, nlshcd rooms ; near Chatham sqnare ; flvo years' lease; $1,200. confectionery store, on an avenue; reut $35. BUSCll'S Store Agency, Sty Kant Twenty-third street. $?> -(1(1 -FOR SALE, UPTOWN hotel AND O.t)"''. Restau rant. Eighth avenue, uear Central Park; Ions established; well furnished; doing good pay ing business. SLADE A Co., 23 Union square. terms accommodating. _ _ _ . _ . SUMNER A PIERCE, 34 Park row. A. F MACIIIVERV. -FOR SALE, EIGIIT-HORSE POWER ENGINE. Inquire at PATTERSON'S, 17 and iy Rose street. i LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND 1\ Steam Machines and Boilers, Steam Pumps and Tanks. FINNEY .1 HOFFMAN Manufacturers, 303 to 225 Water street, Brooklyn. AT WILSON" a ~ROAKE'S, 2*2 AND 2*4 WATER street. 25-hi.rse Hoe Tallin Engine, ll)-horse Portable Holster, horizontal and upright Euglues, Boilers, I'umps, Shutting, Pullers, Ac. \ small BTEAM ENGINE AND OTHER- MACFIIN j\ 1st*- Toots, Lathes, Punches or Shears wanted in exchange lor Georgia Pine Land ; eonlty #1,500. Addrus* ME( ll\Mr, Herald Uptown Branch office. jlOB SALB ? A WALKING BEAM. AS GOOD AS NEW and very cheap. Apply to E. C. FORCE, Nos. 5 and 7 Hey street, room ti. F~ior sale? engines, "roilkrs. shafting, pul leys. Millstones, Tanks, Pipinu', Steam Pumps, lloislr in l; Engines, Saw Tables, Planer*. Ac. Address lJENJA* MIN FOX, 514 and 51? West Thirty fourth street F^Oll SALE? A HORIZONTAL ENGINE, 12?{X24 AND Flue Boiler, In trood order, now running, by C. W. ALCOTT .t CO., enrner KlghtcentlT street and avenue B. F'OR SALE.-ONE of THOSE FINE LATHES LEFT, ti , -tcel spindle a:t'l ?- in limit ; also Degoner % in. 1:ii:ii Press. K"M LAND, corner ? entre and White. FH)li SALE-THREE BOILERS. APPLY AT 1G3XUI*. ficrrv street, New York. 1/oU SALE ? A JD- HORSE ANDREWS' DOUR LB AfV T tion Knglne, Boiler, Shaftinit and Fixings; best work and very little used. 43 Vesey street. L'uR SALB CHEaP-W lODWOP.TII PLANERS AND l Matchers, Surfacers, Moulding. Mortising, Tenoning. It.' .awing. Sticking, Shaping, Saw, Scroll artif Hand Saw Machines, saw ltlades. Lathes, Rubber and Leather Belting and Hose, nearly new G. HARVEY A eo., S Ferry street. ON SALE? A NEW STYLE THREE-HOBSB ROPES Caloric Engine, fflo Spring street PORTVRLB AND STATIONARY ENGINES AND Boilers new and second baud; store Elevators, Lathes, Drills, six-hor?e Hoisting Kn/lne, in good order. All . \ > T>I-: f f 45 Key street. SL'iTriNG MACHINE FOR SALE? AT HALF ITS cost; vcrv little u.-ed ; seven Ice t between column!. Apply to E. C. FORCE, Nos. # and 7 i>e> street, room 8. C N n Alt rWELL, ENGINEER, WILL ERKOT ANY O. kind of steam machinery, bv days' work or con tract- satisfaction gnaarstecd. Address 28 Fourth place, Brooklyn. Small Engine for salo; ys Liberty ?u, N. Y. Ur ANTED- * GOOD SECOND HAND SOU HOItSB newer sti nin Engine; size of cylinder to range from U> 34x48 inches . condensing engine preferred. Address C. * <'H \ f ' N, 2L"i Market street, Newark. N. . I. TIT ANTED? A GOOD SECOND HAND .*10 HORSH Vt power Horizontal stwam Engine ; size of cylinder to ramie iroin ,#>xM to <4x48 luches; condensing onglne preferred. Address C. A. CHAPIN, 215 Market street, Newark. N.J. r ANTED? FOUR GOOD CYLINDER BOILRRS, ? . > leet long, :)0 inches diameter Address OKU. FUl? B&ikfuUUud. MuiUiuutou cguatjv la. w

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