Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 2
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_ DRY GOODS. AT JAMES M'CRKKKY k CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, Wijk*.ld. on Monday, April 28, to their* extensive assortment of plain Colored Milk*, 5 caws of New Gootlf, in different Qualities, $1 75, $2 25, ^2 50, $2 75, %'i and upward. Trimming Silks, iu every color, $1 l->i, (1 25, $1 50 and upward. _____ AT JAMES M'CREKRY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. fancy Silks. Fancy Silks. Stripes in uray and Mack and blue, 87ke. Colored Stripe*, in all the new shades, $1 Nt. Uriselle Stripes, $ I 25: reduced from $1 75. 50 pieces gray grounds, with elaborate black stripes, iu designs not 1o be found elsewhere, being exclusively our own pro duction. A T JAMES M'CREKRY A CO.'S, . . . ? Broadway aud Eleventh street, Black Silks. Black Silks The .lame# Met reery A Co. "Family silk,' *2 ciulnet'i Drap de France, #2. The best value ever tillered in tuis city other celebrated makes, and the celebrated t ache mire Extra Sublime," which tor brilliancy of finish and elegance will excel any other silk nianufac tured. AT JAMES M'CRKKBl 4 CO Broadway and Eleventh street. Will ofler on MONDAY, April 28, special bargains ill Real Laces, purchased at the recent auction sale*, comprising Black Thread l.acc Shawls, Thread and Gui pure Sacques, narbes. rapes. Fichus. I'arasol aud Fan Covers, Chantllly Thread and Cuipure Laces, Valcn ciennes,Yak and Colored cluny Lace?.K 'al I'olnt Applbiue and Valencleiinek Iismlkerclilet". Collars, Sleeves, BiU'bes. Ties, Capes and Fichus. French and Spanish Laces, Hamburg Kuiliroldories, Bands, Edgings and In Bert ions, Nottingham and Swiss 1'ldle-, plain ami colored Linen Collars, Sleeves and Cuffs, Pique Trimmings, Puff ings, Uuchinws, Ac. Colored ?ro< drain Ribbon, six and sevrn-lneh, (15c. and 75 c. per yard. Black and colore l watered Sash Rib bons. Plain and fancy Ties in all the new shades. Also a splendid stock of Ladies' and Misses' Parasols au<l Sun Umbrullis in nil the new colors and leading styles. A T JAMES M'CRKERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. Llama Lace Shawls and Sacques a specialty. "? "SIM We will open on MONDAY, April 23, the finest assortment of Llama Lace Shawl-i and Sacques even offered tor -title In this city. Ladies are invited to examine betorc purchasin* else where, as we have marked them ut extraordinarily low prices. A. :i& REAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS. JAMES McCREERY A CO., Broadway and Eleventh street ? On MONDAY. April 88, we will clear out our slock of real India Stella aud Calcutta Shawls at a groat sacrifice. Having marked them down to nearly one-hnlf their original price, now is the time for ludiiis to gel decided bargains in these goods. Open centre real India Shawls, $35; worth : Open centre real India Shawls, $45; worth ! Open centre real India Shawls, $75; worth $l-'d. L'p to the finest imported, ?at a proportionate reduction. AT JAMES M'CRKERY A CO.'S, Droadwav and Eleventh street. Y\ ill oiler on MONDAY, April 28, In their Ladies' anil Children's Furnishing Department, a large lot of Imported Cashmere Dolinun* and Sacqtles, from $11) to $25? much tinder the cost ot importation. Also 1U0 Suits, from $25 to $'!5; worth $40 and $00. Children's Braided I'ique Dresses, trom $-' up. Children's Braided Lined Dresses, v from SI 50 n p. T.ndles' Vnderclothing and Infants' outfits, realv nindo In stock and laundried for immediate use. walking t<uits an, I Dresses made in the latest styles and ut short tlotice, the Styles and fittings uiisiirpa.-sed. Ladies are invited to call and examine our Millinery Department, constantly supplied with the latest styles of Hats lor ladies and children, at popular prices. At TL1E NEW STORE, M. KKIMAN A CO., date of New Orleans), 25 Union square, a tew doors above Tlffaay & Co. 'e, and 2,"> East Fifteenth street, tiavc just opened a tre-h stock of SPRING GOODS, Which we will sell nt. very low prices. Our Cheap Price List tor tills week. 1 ease Wuc Plaid Poplins, 20c ; value, 4l'c 1 ease Black and White stripe Poplme, ISe. ; value, 40c. 5 cases Camel's ilair ('loth. :.0<\, cue. ; worth 7oe and $1. 1 case Black Silk stripe Orenadttie, Iroiu auction, -if. 5 cases Printed Foulards, 25c. Scales Oeersucter, IV. 0 cases English Printed Cambrics, 12l<c. 10 cases Mohair Stripe.-;, Plain and Plain Press Goods, i-'aC., 15c., IS.'., -0e. 3 cases Black Brilliantinc Alpaca, C ->>r. ; value, SOc. Bargains in White Goods. 3 cases white {nainsook, 1-V-. 13c.. I8c , 20c. 2 cast'* white Piques, 20c. 4 cases white .-mvis. .Muslin, 15c., 2.1c., 25c 4 cases white bishop Lnwn. I.V\ ; value 35c. 2 east's Printed Linen I.uh 5 cases %-bleaehed Muslin Uc., value 12'^c. 1 ease (>-4 I Tench Nainsook. Sfic , v.ilue fioc. Pique. Toilet Covers and Hud yitilt-', (1 20. Fine liatiiask Nankins, $1 per doien. Pine Damask Towels, 75 per do/.en. 1(1) dozen Huckaback I'owels, ?i per dozen 10-4 l.iuen Sheeting, X5c., value SI 11). 5 cases 4-4 Irish Linen. 2 5e. Lace Curtaius, $2 i0 anil per set. 100 pieces Cassiuieres and Tweeds, lor boys' wear, 30c., 40c., SOc., 75c. Bargains in Hosiery uml Underwear. 1 button Kill Gloves .V'c. 2-button Klit Glovi s 75c. Laces and embroideries at a great sacrifice. Hamburg Embroideries, He. per yard and upward. Black and colored Yak Laces, Buir, Cluuy Laces uod Insertions. jDUQilKS, B A BOA 1 H8? BARGAINS, the new Store. 25 Union square, a few doors above Tiffany's, end 25 East Fifteenth street, in black and colored Silks. ?V> piece* Spring Silks, all new styles, 75e., H.V., 95c., $1. 17* pieces black tiros Grain $1. (1 in, f 1 25, $1 50, upward. 40 pieces black Grosdc Khiu, fl5r., $i, 'upward. 2ln pieces new pluin colored silks, iust i.inmcl, $1 to $2. 2G7 pieces l'ouson, Belloti, Bonnet utul Cashmere. Black Silks at greatly reduced prices. ? M. R El MAN A CO. Tue new and Cheap Store. M. RE1MAN A CO. (late of New Orleans), 25 Union square (a few doors above Titfauy's), and 26 East Fifteenth street, are offering extraordinary Induceuicul* la their wcll ?i lected aud assorted stock of SUITS AND UNDERWEAR. Fine White Victoria and Linen Lawn Suits. Fine White aud Colored Baptist* Suits. Latest styles of silk Suits. Linen Suits troni $4 50 iiiiward. White Lawn SuiU Ironi $4 25. Camel's Hair and Spring l'oplin Polonaise, in great variety. Our Suits are all of the latest importations and of the latest styles. Fine White Muslin Skirts, 75c. Fine White Muslin Chemise*, "Sc. Hnc White (rutMe tuck) Drawers, i'5c Fine White Mu-din Night Gowns, $1. Fine White Cambric Corsat t 'overs, "45c. Fine White Rullled Aprons, 45c. our line of Corsets is complete in every rcspect. Glove fitting Corsets, SI 50. Fine Whalebone Corsets, 7Sc. French coutille Corsets. $2 25. A lull line ol Bustles. Kmc. Moody's Abdominal Corsets. Lace Shawls, Sacoues, Jackets and Dolmans In great ?variety, aud at prices to bring them within the reach ?r all. We invite a call from everyone, jy T GAYNOR'B, 824 Broadway, south of Twelfth street. Corsets, * Skirts and Tonrnours, Just received, several cases of real Paris made Coutille and Woven Corsets, elegant shapes and styles, adapted to any figure. ? Latest Paris Novelties, in French haircloth skirts and Tournours, superior styles and ouality, at reasonable prices. A T TUE POPULAR CARPET STORE, 123 Howerv, near Grand street. Carpets at popular prices. Fine check and white Mattings, 25c. per yard. Ingrain Carpet*. 50c , 8rtc., 75c. and $1 per yard. Three-ply Carpets, $1 25 per yard. English Tapestry Brussels. $1 25 per yard. Bodv Brnssels, tn new designs. |1 75 to $2 per yard. A large stock ol (taper Hangings, Curtains, Cornices, Wiudow Shades, * Oilcloths and Uugs, at equally low prices. All goods guaranteed as represented. f*A T D. BOLINGEIt A Cti.'S NEW STORE. 328 Bleecker, corner of Christopher street, offer this week extra bargains in their ladies' ready made Undergarments and fcuit Department, a special lot of Underwear, damaged by I'moval, at prices never before equalled Ladles will And It to their advantage to call and see a lot of handsome Vorsets at 90c., worth $1: Thompson's gluve-fittift* Cor fct.fl .VI, Mrs. Moody's Corsets, >2 50; elsewhere, .VI A list of mohair Suits. $e . alpaca Suits, $?. All the Wa ling *tv!e? an. I fashionable shades trotn ?12 and up . linen tins Irotn $3 and up. A lot of children's Aprons, slightly died, at 20c., wortfi JOc. Ladies fine Aprons In great D. SOLI NO KK A CO. ", 328 Bleecker, corncr of Christopher street. Am T V. VIGOUR' il'X'S, 122 FOURTH AVENUE. ? STAMP tug, K mbroldery, Lingerie establishment ; ladles' and ?babies' Trousseaux a specialty ot Initials, Monogramsfor 'Handkerchiefs. Table and Hed Cloths. The large-t ? otk of imported i mbroidered French Goods, baby Mar iaeules Dress and Clotk. Ac. Wholesale department, 6'J pwiat Twamh gtwt ? -MAISoN WALTON, ?62 HROADWAY. ABOVE ij\.? Union square, Importer of Paris Honnets and Eng 'li li Round Hals from all the leading houses ; also a choice ^election of Flowers, Bridal Wreaths, Veils, Ac. A ?REMOVAL.? BROWN'S LONDON ROUND HAT# J\ . ana Paris Bonnet*, E. BROWN, sister ol W. C. .Brown, New Bond street, London, has now some new and elegant styles. 842 Broadwa*. h#t???n ti.i-u?uU? ?ml FaartMnth itfwfc Sixth avenue 367 Sixth avenue. Twenty -tfcird street, 110 West Twenty third street, W1H din- * pl?.v tins week an entirely new and elegant selection Of Paris n hi! BERLIN PASSEMENTERIE TRIM MINGf, FRINGES. Oriiamt ut*. Unit ins, Ac., receive J by lust steamers, comprlsum ( : imps, from $1 25 n piece upward* ?. choice Fringe, from Wie. i? yard upwards; also COLORED 'l'AS SKLLEO, KNOTTED anil HA I.I. FRINGES in all the new shades on hand anil miido to order. In our LACK DEPARTMENT we now have most complete lilies of REAL GUIPURE, CHANTILLY, WHITE and BUFF CLIINY LACKS, FRENCH and SPANISH BLONDE Laces, Ileal and Ital ian Valenciennes and a In rue lot of BLACK AND COLORED YAK JL.AGES, lust received, in all widths, from 32c. a yard up ward. POSITIVE BAR GAINS. Dotted and Plain Nets, A Veil , ings in great variety Wo have the past few days greatly replenished oar stock of Parasols Sun Umbrellas, T and are now prepared to offer an Immense assortment of all the leading stylus in plain and changeable Silks and all kinds of riaudlca AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. A comparison of our prices is earnestly solicited. In Millinery Goods we have -? now open an im mense assortment ol all the leading new and desirable styles of round Hats and Bonnets in English and French chip and hair; also Straw Uats at real low prlcei; also a very large selection of French Flowers and Feathers of recent importation, which we are branch ing In all styles to *uit customers greatly below usual prices ot millinery stores. Our as sortment of Gros Grain, Taffeta and Watered Bonnet Rib-bons is extremely largo, and ladies can rely upon finding all the new shades without exception. 7-inch Sash Ribbons in all colors, S7c. AH SilkGros Grain and Watered Hash Ribbon, full 7-inch wide at $1 yard. Roman and Fancy Black Sash Rib bons very cheap. On Monday, and every day during the week, we will offer our entire stocli ot KID GLOVES. ot a reduction of full v twenty per cent of former prices. 600 DOZEN FIRST 'QUALITY LUPIN'S TWO-BUTTON KID GLOVES, in all shades; former price $1 12; reduced to K5c. and SI. 100 DOZEN TTIREE AND FOUR-BUTTON OPERA GLOVES, REDUCED TO Si 15. 225 DOZEN TWO-BUTTON KID GLOVES, ALL COLORS, REDUCED TO 50c. AND 75c. MISSES' TWO-BUTTON RliAl. KID GLOVES AT 85c. AND $1. The balance of our larsc stock at equally low prices. We will display on Mommy, and during the week, a large ami elegant line of I, LAMA SHAWLS, SAlOl'ES, P(Jl, MAN CAPES, PELERINES, III A 1.1 1 1 KKA I) nn<t OU I I'l RECAPES, RKAI. TT1KKAI) ami LLAMA PARASOL roVEHS, purchase.) the pact week at loreed auction sales at extremely low prices. Llama Racqtle* and ?'apes at js, $12, $10, upwards. We will also oiler one entire case ol PARIS and VIKNXA KAN A, Just received, including a largo assortment Of the NEW TRIANON FANS in most ex quisite designs, nt greatly reduced prices. An Immense stock ol KKENCll FANCY OOODS, in oxidized Clasps, Para sol Holder?, Ornaments, Seta Sleeve Kultons, Heal Wliitliy and French Cut Jet Sets, Necklaces, cheap. We will display this week many new and attractive St vies ol LADIES' LINEN, B ARTISTE AND LAWN SUITS, tioni $1 .10 upwards. A choice stock of imported and our own make of LINEN POLONAISES, together with an unequalled stock of LADIES', MISSES' ANli INFANT'S UNDERWEAR, AT POSITIVE BARGAINS. STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue and f wenty-third street. J^T SOLIN RRRR GF. US. R R Inform their R R etneval. patrons and the R It public of tbclr R R educed prices. removal troin R R Carmine, comer RR It at RltR our new store, Bleecker street, to R R ? _ R R 323 Bleecker street, 328 Bleecker street, R K ? ? R R corner R It corner R R Christopher. R R Christopher. With increased advantages we will do our utmost to please all classes bv our prodigiously low prices, low prices, low. Grand opening kY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, ot Ladies' Suits, Undergarments, .Shawls, silks, Dress Goods, Housekeeping Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Kara'sols, Ac. D. SOLINOER A CO., 32rt bleecker street, comer Chris top her. N. B? Open until 9 P. M. LOVE'S, m SIXTH AVENUE, butween Nineteenth and Twentieth street*. Wholesale and Retail Hand Made Worsted Goods Establishment, opening lA_ ? daily every novelty for ladies and children. Sea side Gouds now ready. Inlunts Sacks, hand made, trout 90c up. Carriage Blanket*, hand made, troin $.'> tip. Shawls, baud made, from ?- 50 up N. B.? The Tr iU'.h'in Head Dress. for ladle*. only U> I <? seen to be admired. ()?r PATENT SILK HEAD DRESS for In rants, recommended bv physicians as superior to anything ever wade in head wear, wholesale and retail at LOVE'S. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, Bear Twentieth street, Spring and Summer Stvles JUST IMPORTED; beautiful Costumes; Patterns with cloth models now ready, Pattern* fltu-d to the form war ranted perfect Cutting and basting. Come EAltLY In the day. __ AT MME. COLLINS' DRESSMAKING ESTABLISH ment, 2? West Eleventh street.? Ladles can rely op fetting perfect-fitting dresses made and trimmed in lalest 'arisian styles. Ladies invited to call, A KRENCII MoyUETTE CARPET, $2 7?; j\ worth S4. English Velvets, 92 25; worth $3. SHEPPARD KNAPP. Ktand IIS Sixth avenue E'NULLSII PRINTED TAPESTRY BRUSSELS ^ . . Carpet*. $1. Body Brussels, 5 frame, 1 1 f>5. SHEPPARD KNAPP, MS anil W Sixth aventM. GHKAT BNItOAIN IN lNiiKAIN AND THREE-PLY Carpels, Oilcloths, Mattings, An. SHEPPARD KNAPP, 1.11 ami 188 Sixth avenue. J" ACTS AND NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS. I J Mndow Shades, Hollands, 4e. Cords, Tassel* and (iuups ol every kind SHEPPARD KNAPP, I*1 aud bit Sixth avenue. T T i'HOLST E R Y GOODS, U slightly damaged bv smoke and w iter Piano and Table Covers, 97 50 , worth 111 -7 Dauiaak lU us at At U; worth ?*. ""?** SHEPPARD KNAPP 143 and l? stavu tvotu. DRY GOODS. J ^ T. STEWART A CO. will open, on Mondtr, April M, SPECIAL BARGAIN'S in CARPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. 5 frame English Body Brussels. $179 per yard. former price $2 '25. Superfine Ingrains and Tapestries. ROVAL WILTONS, Al'BUSSONS, AXMINSTERS and TURKEY CARPETS, New style*, exclusive patterns, by the yard or In ono piece. Rl/SS MATS, MATS, MATi'INOS. Oilcloths, 4c., Nottins ham, <;uipure and Tamhourd LACE CURTAINS. LACE SHADES AND LAMBRBQUINR TABLE DAMASKS, NAPKINS, HUCKAHUCK. Linen Damask Table Cloths, :i yards wide, in all lengths up to 8 yards long. Nankins to mntcl'. SHEETINGS, SHIRTINGS. FLANNELS, BLANKETS, QUILTS, DOMESTICS, Ac. BROADWAY, FOURTH A V ENIJE, NINTH AND TENTH STREETS. J ^ T. STEWART A- CO. will make, ou MONDAY, April 2H, au immense display of NOVELTIES in all the department* of their RETAIL STORK, comprising every requisite for AMI SUMMER WEAR. PLAIN, FANCY AND BLACK SILKS. Rich Laces and Emb rod cries. ELEOANT AND EXCLUSIVE STYLE8 IN DRESS GOODS, and lu the Fourth avenue section EXTRAORDINARY BARliAlNSiu SUITING METERIALS. REAL INDIA CAMELS' HAIR SHAWLS. I'arls Broche long and square Shawls. Ladies' and M Isms' PARIS, BERLIN, LONDON and NEW YORK made Silk, Poplin, Mohair, Linen and Lawn SUITS and DRESSES. Elegant Chintz French percale wrappers AT A REDUCTION OF OVER FIFTY PER CENT. Undergarments, Infants' Wardrobes. BOYS' CLOTHINu in the highest, fashion on hand or made to measure. ELEGANT PARIS TRIMMED and UNTRIMMED HATS and BONNETS. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Ornaments. PLAIN and FANCY RIBBONS. Fancy Goods ami Yankee Notions. DRESSMAKING. UNDER~8UPERI0R MANAGEMENT, executed at short notice, without disappointment In tllne or fitting, EQUAL IN STYLE and ELEGANCE TO THE BEr-T FOREIGN PRODUCTIONS. Charges moderate. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTn AND TENTH 9 STREETS. AT M BARKS', Sixth avenue and Nlnot.eonth street. OPENING ON MONDAY. Great bargains in Dress Goods in ull the now shades of Merges, Cashmeres, Poplins, Mohairs and Alpacas. Extra good colored Alpacas, 2fte., worth 35c. Japanese Silks, .'Wc , same as sold lust year at 75c. Twilled Serges, in all the now shades, .'17c. Finest I willed Serges and Cashmeres, choicest colors, 60c. to 80c. Silk ami Wool Pongees, 65c., 75c. and 80c. 90c. Very tine shades Mohair foulards, 50c., 5'ic. and fiOc. Crepe du Chine and Camels' Hair Cloth, 55c. and i!3c. Brocaded Silk anil Wool Serges, 88c., worth $1 60. Striped Lisle Thread and Pineapple Lustres 20c , 28c., 30c. Japanese I'oplins and Mohairs, in great variety, 25c., 30c., 38c., 44c. and .'Hie. Best brands tdaek Alpacas, 28c., 30c., 88c., 40c and 50c., and one lot at 33c., worth 56c., a groat bargain. Very line black Cashmeres, '.i5c.. Si, SI 1U and $1 28, with a lull line of Mourning Goods at low prices. Striped Silk Orenadiws, bfack uronnd, 20c. Iron Grenadines, best goods, 44a,, S0e., 6lic. anil 00c. 1,000 nieces Calicoes, choicest |iatterns and lust colors, 12 i jC. Wo are also offering a lull line ot Hlack Silks, in all grades, ol the most popular makers. Fine Black Taffota silks, $1. $1 15, SI 25 and SI 3*. Very superior Taffeta and tiros Grain Silks, SI 50, SI 75, $2, $2 25 and S2 50, 25 per cunt under Broadway prices. Taffeta and Turquoise Silks, in new shades. Real Thread, Mama and Lace Shawls, Sacqucs and Parasol Covers. Spring Shawls, ottoman stripes, S2 75, S3 25, S3 SO to Cashmere Sacqucs, Talmas and Dolmans, Irom meuium to One. embroidered and lace trimmed. Cashmere Talmas and Dolmans, 812. S14, $16, $18 and $20. Suit Department, with show and dressing room attached, In separate part ot the store. Having recently fitted up and opened onr rult room, we arc prepared to otter special Inducements to pur chasers. as it is nor desire to make it the most popular department ot the establishment. We are now opening Ladles', Misses' and Children's Suits, in every style. Ludius' imported Berlin Suits, elaborately trimmed, all colors, $14, 915, $10, $l?, $20, $22, $2.i to S'xl. Black Cashmere and Camel's Hair Cloth 1'olouaise, $K Ladies' Linen Polonaise, SG, $7, $s, $10. Ladies' Lawn, Linen and HuHiste Suits, all sti les. Lawn and Linen Suits. *4, $7, $8, $.), $|fi au I S12. Ladies' Linen ana Batiste Suits, stylishly trimmed, beau tiful design.-, plain and embroidered. $l'l to $20. PARASOLS AND SI'N UMBRKLLaS. Opening on Monday great bargains in every style. Prices lower than any house In the city Finest club stick Umbrellas, twilled silk, with belt hooks. $2 75, $3 25, $4 and $1 6J. Tourist and I'romonadu Parasol*, plain and frinsreil, largest assortment on the avenue. Prices lower th.iu auv house in the city. OPENING ON MONDAY, 1,000 Pongee Silk lined, linen lined and grass cloth lined Umbrellas, a manutacturer's stock, at less tliau half regular prices. Children's Pongee Silk Parasols, all colors, 45c. (trass cloth llneiuind Pongee Silk Sun Umbrellas, all lined, 60c . 75c ., 88c. . 81 81 25. 81 50. Don't purchase before examining our stock. NOW OPENING IN OUR LACE DEPARTMENT. Yak, Real Point, Thread. Guipure and Valenciennes. Also lines of colored Laces, to trim Spring suits, French, Italian an I Blondes, all widths. Hamburg Embroideries at very low pricos. Lace Ties, Collars, Sleeves, Bows, Fichus. Handkerchiefs. Buttling*, Plaiting*, in new styles. OPENING ON MONDAY. Housekeeping Goods and Domestic Goods of every style. Napkins, Towels, Linens, Piano Covers nail Tablecloths, Nottingham and real Lace Curtains and Tidies. Tarletans, organdies, Swiss Jaconet and Nainsook Muslins, at lowest prices. Nottingham l.ace Curtains in sets or ny the yard. Fine Nottingham Lace, 28c., 30c., 3^r., 50c. and 60c. OPENING O.N MONDAY, Children's braided Linen and Pique Suits, $1 75 to $2 50. Children's Normandy Caps, real and Italian laco. Merino Cloaks, richly trimmed with silk and satin. Iniuuts' Baskets, embroidered Blankets, Bootees and I'uderclothing and Corsets. We would ask our customers to corefuily inspect our stock In this department before purchasing. w? have added largely to our former assortment and can now offer lines of the finest good* manufactured, many styles of which we have exclusive control. Mght Gowns in all qualities of muslin and cambric. Chemises and Drawers, trimmed all stylos, lace em broidery and putting in muslin, linen and cambric. Toilet Sacqucs in musllti, linen and caiabric, trimmed with lace, embroidery and putting. Under Skirts, Walking Skirt*. Trail Skirts and Pillow Shams. Our assortment of French wove and hand made Corsets Is unequalled, having every style in favor. We sell an embroidered French wove Corset, of which we have sole control, at $1 25, acknowledged to be the cheapest corset in the market, worth $2 25. A largo lot of French wove corsets, 5 )c. Millinery Goods. ? Now opening a very large and elegant assortment ot trimmed Konnd Hats and Bonnets. Imported and of our own manufacture. Fine French Flowers and Millinery of everv description, Straw. Chip and Leghorn Hats and Frames; all the new shapes Elcgantlv trimmed Hats, of superior style and finish, $10 to $15, same a* sold on Broadway, $18 to $10. NOW OPENING, Latest styles of Dress Trimmings and Fringes, Passementerie Gimps, Loops, Buttons and Kraut*. Sash Ribbons, Roman Ties. Windsor Ties and Bows. Gros grain Bounet Ribbons, in all the new colors. NOW OPENING, Balbrlggan, Ennlish ami German Hosiery, in extra lengths, for ladles and children. Merino Undergarments, adapted to the present season. One, two and three button Kid Gloves, In Spring shade*. 100 dozen extra long hnglish Stockings, 35c , worth 6Sc. All goods marked in plain figures and strictly one price throughout the entire establishment. RICHARD MEARES, corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street ? * T EMBERSON'8, 811 BROADWAY, 1 i. Great bargains in Handkerchiefs and Embroideries, in consequence of being damaged ly water. Also closing out Yak Laces, in black and colored, at half price. Tho New Club l'ara*ol at less than manufacturer's prices. Fans and Fancy Goods and French Jewelry at less than halt price. A large assortment or ladies' French I'ndergarmcnt*. Also the new Veils. A fine assortment of infant's Normandy Capes at halt price. Ribbons, Velvets and Dress Trimmings at extremely low prices. AT MME. J. D. LIYERRE'S, 441 SIXTH AVRMITE, 441, between Twenty-sixth and Tweutv seventh streets. Stamping and Embroidery Establishment, <*hlhlren's alque Dresses, stamped and already made, French * eric and ladles' Undergarments ; handsome Initials and lonograms embroidered to order; Laces cleaned and made equal to new. ^ -WALLER A M'SORLEV. Extra Inducements. Dress Goods, Dress Goods. Will open this week 69 cases of the most desirable and fashionable Dress Goods, from auction. In all the new colors and shades, ranging in price from 20c. to $1 per yard, worth fully double the money ; also 130 pieces of latest style* Japanese Silk* at 30c. , formerly $1 per yard ; also 150 pieccs of Japanese Poplins, very rich, at 21c., 31c. and 37c. per yard, worth Uoubln the money. Black SilHs, Black Silks, Real Lyons Silks, of flic best makes, at $1, $1 23, $1 50, $1 75 and upwards. Also 80 pieces of Striped Silks, from auction, at 45c., $1 and $1 28 par yard ; great bargains. Mourning Goods, in everv make and style, at lowest prices. Black Alpacas and Grenadines at great bargain*

?uits. Dresses, Sacqaes, Talmas, Ac., Ac., made of the most fash iounhle materials, in the lau>st styles and best manner, at prices that defy competition. Dressing room* and every facility for fitting Shawls? All the novelties in spriug shawls at bargains. Immense ?loe* of Cloths, (nasi me res. Hosiery , White Goods, Housekeeping Dry Goods, Ac. Ac., at lowest prices. All good! marked iu plain figures? no deviation. WALLER A McSORLEY, UK Grand (treat near Bower r. DRY GOODS. jY ? WHEAT clearing out sale ~ on account of removal. $11), OM worth of Ribbons, i Laces, KUl Glove ft. Parasols, Hosiery, A<\, to Ijc sold, regardless of cost, during (he next two weeks, at the Great Bargain Store of MARK* A UOLDENHORN, m Oram) street, between Eldridge mid Forsyth street*. N. B.? Milliner* supplied at greatly reduced price*. A. UNION BAZAAR, 313 Sixth avcnup. 343 Great reduction in Millinery Trimmed ami untriiniiied Hats and HonneU. tint* Neapolitan llafs ut SI, worth $1 !>). And others at the same low prices. A flue assortment of Hamburg Embroideries, Goinnre I.aces, Passementerie Trimmings and Undergaruicuts ut unprccedcntedly low prices. Just received 23 dozens ol the same. i- Hone Embroidered Corsets for |1 SO, worth $2. Our "f PARASOLS^ ^ ?re acknowledged to be tho cheapest In the city. UNION IJAZAA It, 343 Sixth avenuo. K. MAO XL'S. J^ROADWAY, NO. &M, Twelfth street, northeast corner, REOPENED with an entire new Stock of Men'a, Boy*' aud Children'* Ready-made Clothing. LACY A CO., H2G Broadway, NORTHEAST CORNER TWELFTH STREET. B -NOVELTIES IN PIQUE DRESS TRIMMINGS. Embroidered Flounces, Ruining* and Insurtions. Scotch Work, very handsome and durable. Children'* embroidered Pioue Suits and Apron* offered ut half tliu cost of home manufacture. Spring style* of the i ad* of Lome Panlcr and the celebrated CoIdv Pauier Skirt*. J. & COLBY, Importer, 32 East Fourteenth street, west of Union square. CIOMPAONIE DEi INDIES, J Pari*. MM. VERDB DELISLE I RERES, of the Comnagnlo iles hides, respectfully address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions of Laces and Cashmere .'?bawls. Exhibited at their warehouses, t>0 liue Richelieu, Paris, and No. 1 Rue ila la Rcgcuco, Bruxelles. Those who call, either troin Interest and curiosity or for the purpose of buying, will meet with equal courtesy. As this house pays no commissions under any circumstances to ageuts, the direct purchaser ohtuinsall the advantages. All goods marked in plain figures. Price* invariable. English spoken all over the house. Fabriqticsde Dentelles, | Fabrlques de Cashmere des Bavcux, It Rue Rovalc. Hides, Alencon, 20 Rue deLencrel. | Cashmere, Umritzur. Dresden. Germany.? to families who dur ing their travels in Germany, pass through the city of Dresden we recommend our magnificent stock of black and gray last colored Dress Goods in Silks, Woollens and Cottons, and also our elegant aud tastetul slock ol ready made Ureases, at low prices. IIKYDKR A PAUL LOWE, Dresden, Seetrasse, Kaul'haus. ?LI DE PERCEVAL, r ? 7:i'.? Broadway, opposite Astor place. Infants' Cloaks, Coats and Capes, Dresses, sacqltes, Ac. Infants' Wardrobes, lrom J.ii5 up. Ladies' Outfits, Bridal Sets, Ac. Monograms and Initials embroidered to order. Laces cleaned mid mended equal to i?ew. Stamping and Slumped Goods. XjIRENCH STAMPING PATTERNS of all varieties. Latest styles Stamping, Braiding, Embroidering, Quilting. All the elcguncies In Braid and Embroidery. Call or send lor circular. Attention ot ladies aud the trade invited. Contracts taken at regular discount. Mme. L. CENDRIF.R, Kill Broadway. H VEILS, iXCH FLUTING nt nil kinds of material FOB CURTAINS ANI> FURNITURE, by a now French system. . 737 Broadway, opposite Alitor place. O'NEILL A CO. arc now offering the tiucst assortment of MILLINERY GOODS to be found In the city nt retail, and the cheapest RIBBONS, Qros Gfaln Sash ?Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and Fancy I'laul Sash Ribbons. UK) cartons 7-inch Gros-Grain Sash Ribbons, $1 yard, all silk.. UK) cartons 7 inch Sash Ribbons, 93c., In all colors SO cartons 7-inch Rlack tiros Grain, $1 yard, warranted all silk. 20 cartons 8-inch Watered Sash Ribbons, $1 35, all silk. 90 cartons 7-inch Block Plaid, 05c. yard. Rouian Sashes. Roman Snsh Ribbons. BONNET RIBBONS. All the new Spring shades, in 5, 9, 12 anil 16. FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHIP HATS. BELGIAN .TimTt STRAWS. 90 cases Hair Hats and Bonnets, $1. 200 cases of Milan Round Hats, from 69c. to $2 90. 100 cases o( Milan Bonnets, troni $1 to $3 50. 25 cases of English and French Chips, at $2, worth S3 50. 100 cases ot American Chip Hats, $1 25. We have now on sale the most complete assortment of Straw Uoods ever offered nt retail in the city, and much below iuhbers' prices, as wo nianulacturc and buy our goods Rasu Rich l/occs, BLACK THREAD, GUIPURE, VALENCIENNES, SPANISH LACES, DOLLED NET S. MI LANS, ILLUSIONS. Fringe Veils, In grenadine and crape. Lace Veils, in all the new shapes. MADE-UP LACE GOODS. Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, from S3 to $25. FRENCirVToWERS. Just received, 10 cases of the latest Parisian novelties In MONTIKR8, ROSE VINS, GARLANDS, ROSES. IN ENDLESS VARIETY. which we are prepared to sell cheaper than any other house for the same class ot goods. LADIES' TIES in endless variety. 1,000 dozen 44-Inch Windsor Ties, 4(ic. Crepe de Chiuc Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladles, go to O'NEILL'S for MILLINERY GOODS. All goods marked in plain tk'urcs. N. B.? Reduction to Uic trade. II. O'NEILL ft CO., 327 and 319 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street Hair i t i L. SIIAW. 352 Bowcrv, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, over dry goods t store. The largest stock of Huntan Hair Goods in the city. Import aud manufacture their own goods, and retail them at wholesale prices. Price List. Short Hair Switches, $2 and upward; finest quality Hair Switches, solid, nut dyed, Id Inches long, 4 ounces weight I? Do., 22 inches long, 4 ounces weight ii Do., 26 inches long, 4 ounces weight H Do., 32 inches long, t ounces weight 10 Long single t'urls, naturally eurlv? 22-lnch. *2; 24 inch, *2 30 . 26-inch, $4. Frisette*. 25c. per yard. Thread Switches. 3?tc. each. Shaw's patent Hair Switches, can be combed anil brushed. 91 each. Patent issued October 29, 1.169; re Issued .Itine 24 1870 Can lie seen at .152 Bow ry. Notice ? Any unprincipled person infringing on this patent, or counterfeiting these goods, will lie dealt with according to law. Branch Store, 3*53 Sixth avenne, between Twenty-second anil Twenty-third streets. Ladies' own Hair made over In latest style* Combings made up at 50c. per ounce. GoihIs sent C. O. D. by express, charges prepaid, on re ceipt of color, and money in registered letters or Post ottlee order. N B? Through the Immense Increase of bnsines* we will remove to the. more commodious building 3?>? Bow ery, corner Fourth stroet, alter May 1, 1873. INDIA CAMKL'S HAIR SHAWLS. A magnificent Stock of every description, styles and qnalities unequalled, at exceptionally low prices. J IL CONNOR ft CO., 1.151 Rroadwar. V YOU KNEW NO MORE THIS MORNING THAN YOU KNKW YESTERDAY, READ TUB EVENING TELEGRAM TOMORROW, JlND KNOW MVUM NEXT DAY, ^ 1 DRY GOODS. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARFS ? A raro occasion to buyers ; t ho choicest goods in the trade offered as bargain* ; retiring definitely from basi licas In July. The Building to lease for three or Ave years. J. RUSSELL, 33 East Twentieth street LADIKK? THE ONLY PERFECT SYSTEM OF DRESS making taught in a tew lessons: a perfect (ft eau be guaranteed every time without trying on. Mesdames GRIPPEN ,t I'll.; 7<i!) Broadway. jy^RS. S. A. MOODY, PATENTEE OF TIIE 8KLF-AD justing Abdominal Corset, Informs hor patrons and the public that she has not disposed of her business, ana is still at 17 West Eleventh street, where she will be happy to meet not only her old customers, but all who may wish to wear a perfect-fitting Corset, which may be had ready made or mado to order. N.i one selling her Corsets has a right to make them to order or cause them to be made, and those who do so will be prosecuted. Cut this out. MME. DEMORESrS RELIABLE PATTERN8. Grand exposition of all the latest and most desirublu styles lor the Spring and Summer, 1873, at 838 Broadway and all the branches. What to Wear, price 15e. ; mam moth Bulletin of Kashions, >1. Dcmorest's Monthly Maga zine for May now ready. ^"EW YORK DYEING AND PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, STATEN ISLAND. ESTABLISHED IN 1819. 5H Duaue street, near Broadway, ? 752 Broadway, near Eighth street, /New York. CIO Sixth avenue, m ar Thirty sixth St, 1 1?6 and 168 Plerr?pont street, near Kulton, Brooklyn. Dve Cleanse and Reflnish ladies' and gentlemen's Gar ments and Piece Goods in a superior manner. QTUER BARGAINS SECURED. (irunadinos. Grenadines, Grenadines. 1*) pieces, two yards wide, warranted pure silk and wool, ? 1 25. SI 50, $1 75, $2, $2 25, $2 SO. The above priccs are scarcely half cost of Importation. Black Silks, Black Silks, $1 90 and $2, warranted the bttst value in the trade. Handsome Alpacas, 40c. and 5i)c. per yard. JACKSON'S, corner Broa Iway and Waverley place. H. MACY Jt CO. J L'ST RECEIVED PROM EUROPE, per recent iiteamers, n flno line of MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S ROMAN SASHES, ROMAN SASHES, of INCOMPARABLY RICH SHADES. Also a few with alternate stripes in PALE. PINK AND BLUE. We have received, in ailditton, a largo assortment of low-priced LADIES' TIES, which are A DECIDED RARfl AIN. ? R. H. MACY A CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. Q T. TAYLOR'S PATTERN ROOMS, Hlfi BROAD O# way.? Choice Summer Styles, new Designs for gren adines and other Summer Materials S. T. Taylor's system of (larment Suiting taught at liis only establish ment, 810 Broadway. rpHE ATTENTION X of parties changing their residence on the FIRST OP MAY, or those about to set up HOUSEKEEPING, Is called to our VARIED AND SUPERB assortment of Wares for KITCHEN, DININO ROOM and GENERAL DOMESTIC USE, at our USUAL LOW PRICES. R. II. MAOT A CO., Fourteenth street mid Sixth avenue. milE YOUNG LADIES' JOURNAL OFFICE AND PAT J tern Bazaar is at 1,149 Broadway. Udiu arc re sT'ORtliiHy irivned to call and inspect tno large stock or imported Patterns. M T I?IH,LI\BR Y A\U ORE88KAK1SO. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CHILDREN'S NOR mandy Caps, Ladies' Dress Caps and Human Hair Goods, at Mrs. MYERS', No. 3 Union square, west side. CI M. OLNEY, IMPORTER OF FRENCH MILLINERY, J, lias a large and elegant assortment of Spring and Summer Bonnets and Round Ilats, of her own selection, from Virot, Reboux, I'errier. I'alin and other leading Parisian houses. English Straw and Chip Ilats, rich Fremoh Flowers, Bridal Wreaths, Ac. 30 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. MME. BERTHON? MODES, BONNETS AND HATS, 91 Rue Nruve dos Petits-C'hamps, first floor, near the Boe de la I'aix, Paris. MME. CECIL BOMBB, iS FAST TWELFTH STREET, four doors west of llroadway.? Millinery and Dressmaking. Latest styles, perfect tit ; and low prices. MME. NATALIE T I K >f A N A CO., 12 BAST six teenth street, hetween Union square and Filth ave nue, have Just received a large assortment of imported Bonnets. Round Ilats, Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Wreaths, Veils. N. B. ? Dresses and salts made to order. MME. ADOLPHU8 A CO., LATE SUPERIN'TEND ents of Ixird A Taylor's dressmaking, havo com menced business at 40 East Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, where they are now pre pared with their Spring stylet. Ladies' own materials made up at reasonable price*. ME. FAUBBBT, DE I'ARIS, Dress and Cloak Making, 35 West Twenty-third street MLLES. A. VIOL, 65 EAST TWELFTH STREET, near Broadway, are now ready for novelties in Dressmaking; beautiful styles on hand. Also Boonets and Ilats, made and to order, at lowest prices. MRS. M DOWNEY, 299?< SIXTn AVENUE? IS NOW propared to exhibit a handsome assortment of Spring and Summer Bonnets and Kound Hats; also a few India Shawls, both open and tilled centres, at dccidcd bargains. IIE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY will have another oponlng on Monday, April 28, ol their very latest novelties in Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Seta and Veils, Wreathes, Parures and fine white Flowers. Artificial Flower Vases and Baskets filled to order, a specialty. Floral Dress Trimmings tor wedding and evening par ties, to order. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY, J. LOWEN8TEIN, Proprietor, 23 East Fourteenth street, four doors west of University place. New York. No. 9 Rue de Clery, Paris. BPIISEli OFPOHTUHriTIKS. A PROFITABLE OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN with $3,000 ready, to assist retiring principal in an ?|d established high class business, wlta enormona profits; net income $10,000 yearly, easily made. Address Al, Herald Uptown Branch office. AN ESTABLISHED REAL ESTATE OFFICE, DOING A a good business; handsomely furnished office and large amount of desirable property; will be sold very low. Apply at 159 Kast Twenty-slain street. A CAPABLE AND RESPONSIBLE LAWYER WILL take business, fees contingent on result Address II. A. C., box 2,376 Post office. PARTNER WANTED, WITH ML IN A RELIAULK cash manutactnring business; article staple; de mand unlimited ; ready sales; profits 2i? per cent; no risk. Address f. THOMPSON, box HM llerald office. i NEW INVENTION? A SUBSTITUTE FOR J\ leather, leather cloth. Ac., for all purposes, and other valuable Patents for sale or Partner wanted. Apply at :a Allen street fTom I P. M. . dally. AN ACTIVE PARTNER, WITH $5110, IN A BUSINESS which is a monopoly; very large trade, with cor responding profits guaranteed; at least $8,000 can be re alized fir?t year, business safe and legitimate. Address CAMPBKLLTON. Herald office. A SINGLE MAN (ISRAELITE), ABOUT 23 YEARS 1\ ? >ld, wants to enter a business as on actlvo partner; ha? $3,000 cash and understands the dry goods and clothing trade perfectly ; references given and required. Address, for five days, M BBC II ANT, box 1 16, llcrxid MCI. Apart or all OF A GOOD and novel patent for sale. Call at Leggett's Hotel and see model, from 3 to 7 1' M . tor live days. J. 0. COLBMAN, room 68. A" Nr ESTABLISHED MANUFACTUBING BUSINESS, successfully cairled on. Is now for sale at a very low price, on easy terms; P'0flu&Bo^e,$Brnli<1wfly> A A" "LIGHT MANUFACTUBING BUSINESS FOB SALE Long established and profitable. Principals wishing to investigate address A. tyLER, box 173 Herald office. A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, WELL LOCATED and In mo*t successful operation, is offered for Mile ; distance trom New York about 100 miles, sutlsiai tnry reasons given for selling; price $14,000, Address PRO PRIETOR, box lf? Herald office. A THOROUGH BUSINESS MAN, WITH $8,000 TO $10,000 capital, wishing to enirsge as partner in a manutacturlng business, now in proi.table operation by tlie advertiser, will find an unusually lavoraide oppor tunity to do so by addressing MANUFACTURER, box 189 Herald offioo. _ ? a PUBLISH SB'S Opportunity of hark occur J\ rence Is now open.? A gentleman of suitable experi ence and energy can take the place ol a member of a prominent successful publishing house, who wishes to retire solely on account of tailing health, ami who will dispose of more or less of his interest to a suitable suc cessor Address, in strict confidence on Ixitli sides, IN VALID, box 2,814 New York Post office, giving experi ence, business and literary qualitlcatiotis and capital. \RARF. CHANCE FOR AN ACTIVE AND CAPABLE man, with $3,000 cap Itnl, to obtain an Interest In an established auction and Re.'il estate business Address with reference, appointing Interview, E. L. A Co., Ikul 115 Herald office. A PARTY, WITH SMALL CAPITAL, TQ OP B HAVE a valuable Patent, iu.stotit, used in every hushling In the country and in tull operation now. Addgess IN VENTOR, box 173 llerald offlca. A LADY, WELL KNOWN IN TIIE HAW FACTUM of Parisian millinery and dressmaking wants a partner with capital; lady or gentleman.. Address u., bax.ui Herald Uptown Branch office. mrsiirans ofhirt ij jiitihs. A GOOD CHANCR FOR A YOUNG MAN, WITH $M)L In an established Business paying over 10d per cent profit For particular* apply at No. 5 I>ey St., room il. ^ -AODITIONAL capital procured lor merchants manufacturers and other* : tnlninr prop erty, 4c., negotiated; persons 'With capital seeking busi ness advised or approved opportunities. Reference*:? Leonard, Sheldon A Foster, bankers 10 Wall street; other leading houses and our many clients, city and else where. URIUOS, tAKLETON A CO , * Financial and Business Agent*, 9t< Broadway. A? CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED ? companies, manufacturers, merchants.? Person* desiring investments informed desirable opportunities. Our register coituins over 100 names each desiring to invest from JlOOiioto $75,000 In legitimate business Con cerns sustaining substantial reputation solicited. Refer ence* ? President Manhattan Life Insurance Company, ?c.?.r.(ie,,??J1;'rJL4 .!>? ,,, arl 8,reet chaklkb o. D \HI.<rRhN A CO., 1 12 and 114 Broadway. ANKW VALUABLE INVENTION FOR SALB.-POB lull particulars, apply at the inventor's rooms A. H. CROZIER, 11 Wall street An eneruetic business man, with to $.r>,000 can secure an Interesting managership in a well established mercantile and shipping paper : .55 per cent profit guaranteed. Address BALTIC, box 181 Herald office. An experienced physician expects to make a professional tour through the States West Indies and Canada; wishes a partner (Interested), cither lady or gentleman, to attend to the financial part of the business; object, money and pleasure. Address TRAVEL LER, Herald office, without delay. TJU8INES8 ? ESTABLISHED 1839; PRINCIPAL JJ street; largo store; legitimate; only ordinary busi ness capacity required ; stO'k about $5,OOU; cash $2,000, balance on time ; would exchange for cosey place near New York, tree or small mortgage. Particulars at 14 Broadway, office 1, from 11 to 3 o'clock. For Vale? at a bargain, half interest ih a first class Family Laundry, doing a nice business; excellent chance to make money on a small capital. Ad d ft 81 LAU y D R Y, lie raid Uplown Branch office. For sale-tiie charter for an academy op fino arts, authorising the Issue of stock to the amount of half a million ($500,000), the holding of prop erty to an unlimited amount, the creation of mortgages Ac., Ac. This Is a rare chance to make a rapid fortune, as there is no art academy now open in Philadelphia. Address CENTENNIAL, box 2,&il Post ofllce, Philadel phia. * /TREAT opportunity for business.? one op V X the most desirable retail Boot and Shoe Stores in Jersey City to be sold, on uecount of death, at a great bargaiu ; vearly cash sales $40,000. For further particulars call or address UK AD QUARTERS, 27 Newark avenue, Jersey City, N. J. Having a large amount of fire insurance under control and being in another business, would like to form a partnership with an agent of out of town company : communications coufldential. Address X. M., Herald ofllce. Have $10,0, to to put in with a well estab. llshed manulucturing ieweler; have been in ttas business. Address JEWELER, Herald olTlcc. T WILL GIVE $250 TO ANY ONE WHO WILI 1 bring me In contact with from $6,000 to $J5,000 seek ing investment. Address FIFTY PER CENT, SIXTY PAYS, Herald office. I WILL JOIN A LIVE MAN IN LIGHT MAN UFA C turlng business; equal interest; none but principal! need apply. Address, stating nature ol' same, ACTIVITY, Herald ofllce. PARTNER WANTED? WITH CAPITAL, IN THH loan business; well established. Address D. Q., box 183 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce, 1,255 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED? AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN; of unexceptionable diameter, with $3,000 read} cash, can obtain a controlling interest in an established, popular magazine. Address X., bo\ 2, 592 Post office. PARTNER, WITH $10,000, WANTED? IN AN ESTAB lishod manufacturing business the only one of Ibi kind in this countrv, and carried on so as to place at re munerative prices a staple article on the market equal t? the best of European manufacture. GRIGGS, CAKLETON A CO., 98 Broadway. I PARTNER WANTED? WITH A FEW HUNDRED dollars, in a packing box factory, well established and in complete order ; or will sell cheap. Apply to J. M. DAILEY, 191 Lewis street. O AMPLE ROOM WANTED.? HAVING A SELECT 0 stock, of liquors and cigars, 1 would join a party al ready established or having a small capital to start a new one. Address LI yUOKS, station 11. STATES RIGHTS FOR SALE FOR OUR IMPROVED Patent Collar; also our patent Detachable Clasp Col lar Button Address FLATLEY A MARSON, care of ous attorney, Henry M. Uirkett, 393 Fulton street, Brooklyn, mo HOTEL MEN.? WANTED. A COMPETENT MAIf 1 agcr, to take charge oi a large and popular Summer resort; one who can purchase an interest preferred. Apply in person to S. EDDY A CO., No. 1 Park place. THE PATENT FOR SALE OF ARTICLE PECULIAR ly adapted to the wants of builders; the whole to be sold lor cash For model and term* apply to J. W. GEE, 944 Broadway. The successful publisher of "The free thinker." a monthly paper published during the last three years In the Herman language, treating religion, moral and science., on the platform of truth, reason and the results ol scientific progress, intends to Issue an Eng lish edition, and is willing to arrange with a proper party possessing a few thousand dollars. Subscriber* reaily ; success beyoi " " ~ box 2,i>7S Post office. success beyond doubt Address FREETHINKER, TO PUBLISHERS.-A PRACTICAL PRINTER OWN ing a considerable quantity of new type, will print a weekly or monthly paper or pamphlet, at very low rate*. Address V. R., Herald offico. rilO HOTEL MEN-WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN X agcr, to take charge ot a large and popular Snnimer Sesort; one who can purchase an interest preferred, ipply in person to s. EDDY A CO., No. 1 Park Place. T~ O MANUFACTURERS OP 8TEAW GOODS AND other headcorerings.? New and valuable inventions patented for the production of such goods: patents or rights tor sale. 54 Allen Street, from 1 to 9 P. M? daily. TXr ANTED ? A PARTNER, WITH A CAPITAL OP tt $1,001 to Join in a first rate established business. Address EXOELoIOB, Herald ofllce. TVrELL KNOWN COAL BUSINESS? HAVING A tt first class wholesale trade and retail with families and business houses, and making money, for sale to a cash customer ; property consist! of a yard and every* thing requisite for bu.-iness at the various offices. GRIGGS, CAKLETON A CO., 96 Broadwar. XKT ANTE D? AN ACTIVE MAN OF EXPERIENCE, tt with moderate capital, to opon a new store at Yonkers as grocer; cheap rent: good location; no com petition and plenty of trade ; a good inan certain to make money. Address PERKINS, Herald odea. WANTED-A PARTNER IN THE FINK ARTS BU8I ncss, with not loss than $10,000. Address T. P., Herald Uptown Branch office. $1,000." first clan# boai WAXTED-A GOOD BUSINESS MAN. WITH A FEW humlrcil dollars, to ioln the inventor in manufac turing a new article iust patented ; machinery all read/ to commence operation; a large In te rent will be (fiven; this will hear investigation. AMrea U. F. U., Brooklyn Branch ITcrald office. WANTED? A MEDICAL MAN. WITH SOME HEADY cash, to take the management af an establishment in Brooklyn. Apply at 345 Wert list st, before 9 A. M. and after 5 P. M. TV' ANTED ? A LIVE MAN (FAMILIAR WITH REAL T T estate), with $1,500 to $2,000, to take an interest in an established business; unquestionable references given and required. Address box 142 Herald office. WANTED? AN ACTIVE OR SPECIAL PARTNER tt with $5,000 or $fi,000, in a wholesale liquor house of long standing and doing a good trade ; any business man who can furnish the above amount can attend to th? financial part, with full control ; this is a safe investment, with large profits; best city reference given and re* quired. Address M. M., Herald officc. Wanted? a practical printer, with some capital and proper qualifications, to establish, either bv himself or associated with another as editor, an lndc|>endent Democratic newspaper and job printing ofllce In an interior and rapidly growing city ot 40,000 Inhabitants, presenting now an Inviting opening tor snch an enterprise Call on or address CHEPPU, BUCHER A MULVILLE, 176 Broadway, New York. -fir ANTED? PARTNER. OR AT 8ALARY? A FIRST TT class smart American business man ; with capital of $1,000. For particulars apply at Fanners' Hotel, M Broadway. WANTED? A PARTNER. WITH |300 OR $500; ONE willing to travel wiili the Arm throughout the whole season. For particulars call at 109 WestTwenty fllth street U()na CASH.? CANDY STORE, 8TOCK, FIXTURES. Kunm and Kitchen Furniture : leaving on ac count of sickness. Address CANDY STORE, ?J8 Flushing avenue. n?nr East New York, Broadway, Brooklyn. ? $1,500.? WANTED, AN ACCEPTABLE _ j party to Join a lady of experience in ft boarding house; lias furniture and desires to extend the business; unquestionable references given and required Address ENTERPRISE, Herald Uptown Branch office. Cll nnfl ~AV energetic man with this sitm can have a half Interest in pleasant and profitable manufacturing business; profits TWO percent; article In great ilcinand. Call sit 95 Liberty at, room 24. ?*) HAft WILL BUY THE STATE RIOHT FOR '? M I one of the best and cheapest Hurglar Alarms In existence ; rare c.hance for light and profitable bost ne*a. Call Monday on J. N WEBSTER, 70S H roadway, from 10 te 5, or ut .-weeny's Hotel in the evening. &inOftn TO $30,000 WANTKD-IN AN EHTAB ?PlU.Ul/v/ llslted manufacturing business, control ling ten popular patents; money wanted to replace capi tal about to be withdrawn. Address, with real name, ??<>?? i i.ak PATENTS, liernld office. A1 /A fWlfi ?WANTED, A PARTY POSSESSING THE aheve amount, lo Join the advertiser in introducing an enterprise ot extraordinary worth, olosoly connected with the shipping and mnrltlmo interests of the United States. I he idea, being the resolt of long and curefnl study. is eitiroly original, and only need* de velopment to insure the most perfect success. Address, staling where an interview can be had, NAUTICAL, S77 Fulton street, Brooklyn. /\fW\-OONFECTIONEEY.? WANTED, A PKR son, oitber active or silent to take the place of a retiring partner, in a first class wholesale con fectioncrv Address CIIiK'oLATE, CR., Herald office. min ~A GENTLEMAN WITH THIS AMOUNT II"', who would place it on First Mortgage on wet side l?is and improved city Property worth $Hft,0H), can add lo his income a voar more, by the collecting oi'cltv retus, as a^ont lor the mortgagee. Ad drestflM MEDIATE, Herald office. HEWOY \LS. DR. WHITE. DENTIST. ? REM OVE D TO 2S? SIXTTI avenue (formerly 7'i), bmutlttil snti of Teeth $5, $10 u r* I $15 , warranted to Ut perfectly ; Teeth tilled, $1. Open SuucUys. I HAVE REMOVED FROM IS KLDRIDOE STltBET to 144 East Twenty second street, between Third and Lexington avenues. Miss C. OOLDMMITn. THE AMERICAN PIANOFORTE COMPANY WABBj rooms, of VI I Fourth avenue, will remove on "jy I to SR.1 Hroadwav. Piannani nif. Unrt class maker* lor Din and lor sale low.

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