Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 3
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>' BOABDBttl WAWTBP, F 1LAROE, ELEGANT SQUARE BOOM AND HALL Room connecting to let, together or separately, with Board, at 817 West Fourteenth street. House unusually desirable for Slimmer residence. References. Ieart forty must street, corner kiftii avenue. -jRn elegantly furnished Room to let, with Beard; Room lor a single gcr.tleman. IOR 2 GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES CAN HAVE first class Room- and Hoar! in a private family. Ap Krk" ,)rcuiisi's> Wubt sitxti llrst slrtet' ncar Central 1 BLOCK FROM CLARENDON HOTEL, 114 EA8T NINETEENTH STREET. Lurce and single Rooms, with Hoard; retiuced prices tor Summer; everything first class; ri 1 BLOCK AND A H ALF i: AS r OK It K< i A I >\V A Y - El.^anily lurnished Rooms to gentlemen or eeutle man and wile, with or without Heard ; private table n ile ?ired. Apply at Si fttuyvesmit street, uear Cooler Insti tute. _ 1 DESIRABLE SUIT OP ROOMS TO LET? WITH Board, to adults; best relereuee Riven and required. <3 Weil Twenty second street. 1 LARUE FRONT ROOM, ON Bf'.COND FLOOR, with Hoard ; also two larve connecting Rooms, largo close is, hot and cold water. 1ST Macdongal street. 1 BLOCK FROM MADISON SQU A RE.? F.LEO A NT Second Floor, or en suite, with 0 rst. elaft- Roard ; also Suit and large Rooui on third. References. lUiJiust Twenty-third street. 1 BLOCK FROM FIFTH AVENITJ HOTEL? AT 1? West Twenty-third street, medium *ized Room, with Board, for gentlemen or pmUMMB ?W wife. 1 LARGE ROOM ON THIRD FLOOR TO LET? WITH Board, suitable for two persons ; also 3 large lobby Room ; table unexceptionable ; terms to permanent par ties verv low; references. 67 Macdou^al street (SL Clement's place). IOR TWO SUITS OF FURNISHED ROOMS, SEP erately or together, with Board or private table, 54 West Twenty till rd street, near t ilth avenue. References. 1? HANDSOMELY FURKISHED BACK PARLOR, ? with closet, in small private family, lor gentleman and lady preferring coiuturt more than style. $15 per week. Jj7 East Nineteenth street. 1ST FLOOR.? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, with private table, at Summer rates; ul.-o Rooms on Oriit lloor, with Hoard, for gentlemen. 14 East Thirty second street, between Filth and Madison avenues. 1ST H 01788 WB8T OF FIFTH AVENUE? HAND somely furnished Ronms for families or single gentle men. with first class Hoard. No. 7 West Twenty-ninth st. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? RO \RD, HOUSE Hnd location first class. :<0t? East Fourteenth street, near Second avenue. No moving on 1st ol May. 2 SPENCER PLACE, FOURTH STREET, NEAR Tenth.? Two clean nnd handsomely lurnifhed Rooms to let, with Board ; house and location ilrst class; all Im provements; $15 and $10 for two. ____ 2 LARGE AND HANDSOME ROOMS, ON SECOND (loor, to let, to gentlemen, with Hoard, in private ' family, at 4."> West Thirty-teventh sireet. 2 DOORS APOVK 8TU YVES ANT SQUARE, WITH excellent Board, furnished or unfurnished Second Floor, newlv decorated, en r-ulte or singly; all improve ments; references. :W1 Second avenuo, between beven teenthand Eighteenth streets. 21) FLOOR TO RENT? WITH ROARD, CONSISTING of three large and one small room, suitable tor a family or parly of gentlemen; references required. 100 East Twenty third street. 2D Fl.OOR. WITH OR WITHOUT PRIVATE TABUS; also hall Room; everything first class; lib eral concessions for season or yearly arrangement; refer ences required. 33 West Tliirtv-tliird street. 2D FLOOR TO LET, WITH BOARD, LA ROE AND handsome rooms, singly or en suite, from May 1, at 227 West Fourteenth street ; house first class. Rooms can be seen from 1 to 3 P. M. on Monday and Tuesday. 2D AND THIRD FLOORS, ELEGANTLY FURNISH cd, to rent, to gentlemen or small family of adults, with or wiihout Board. 51 West Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. 3 OR FOUR NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? With Hoard, to a family or to single gentlemen, at 267 West Twenty-second street. References exchanged. 3 DOORS FROM BROADWAY, '207 WEST FORTY sixth street.? Large neatly lurnished front Rooms to let, with Hoard ; every convenience ; at moderate price ; location and table unexceptionable ; reference*. 3 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FIRST class Board, for gentlemen and their wives and for ?tnglc gentlemen. 47 West Twelfth street, near Fifth ave nue. No moving. 4 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Fitth and Madison avenues, handsomely furnished Rooms, with or without Roard, bv the season or year, at reduced prices; private table if desired. 4 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.? LARGE, I1AND soinc Parlor and Bedroom on :-ecoi>d lioor, front, with Hoard ; terms reduced tor Summer. y|TII AVENUE, 349.? A LADY WHO HAS RECENTLY taken house would rent newly Minted* papered nnd neatly furnished Rooms, with or without Board, to gen Uemun and wife or single gentlemen ; terms inodorate. 5 EAST THIRTIETH STREET.? HA NDSCMELY FUR nished Suits of Rooms, with Board ; adults preferred ; terms moderate for the summer. 5TH AVENUE, 76.? DESIRABLE AND HANDSOMELY ftirnished Rooms, with Board; reforcnces, he. 5TH AVENUE, 7fi.? A FINE SHIT OF HANDSOMELY famished Rooms (second story, tront), with Board; references. 5TH AVENUE, 343 ?A HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR to let, with or without private table; alio other Booms. Terms moderate. 5TH AVENUE, 224.? VERY DESIRABLE. LARGE, handsome Suit of Rooms to rent, with or Without private table; also two other Rooms; references ex ? banged. 6TH AVENUE.? AT MRS. WYCKOPF'9, 330 FIFTH aveuue, one tine Salt or Rooms to let, with private table. 5TH AVENUE, 127.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Parlor and Bedroom, on second floor, front, with or without Board, will he rented to (Icmrable parties for two months, at Summer price, as the partv occupying them will bo absent that tunc ; also other desirable Rooms. References required. 6COTTAOE PLAOE.-A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE one or two furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board. PER WEEK -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ?J)U tront Room* to let, with Board, to married couples or single gentlemen : house new, with gas, bath, closets. (01 East Thirty-third street. -TO ONE OR TWO OEVTI.EMEN, A LAllCJE third storv lront Room, with Board. Dinner in the evening 843 Slxtn avenue. Aft TO $19 PER WEEK, ?l 50 PER DAY. -FINE *Pn Rooms, with excellent Board, tor families and single people, at 172, 174 and 170 Blecckor street, six blocks west of Broadway. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET? HANDSOMELY turnished Rooms, for families or single gentlemen, with superior Board. 7 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? HANDSOMELY furnished Suit of Hooms to let, witli Board, to a fam ily or party of gentlemen ; Summer prices. 9 WEST TWENTV-NlNTn STREET, FOUR DOORS from Giisey House.? Elegant Rooms to rent, with Board, en suite or .--ingle. 9 WEST NINETEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE nue.? An opportunity for those desiring a pleasant home, neatly furnished Rooms, superior table; every at tention conducive to comfort. For terms applv on 29th Inst, or at any time subsequent. References exchanged 9 WEST TWENTY- FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenue.? Newly furnished front Rooms on second and tnird floors; also rear Room, with first class Board. References exchanged. ID VANDAM STREET. -TO LET, FURNISHED OR J v unfurnished, a large Room on first floor, with or without Hoard. References exchanged. No moving in May. rtl EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET? TWO ROOMS La on lonrth floor, suitable for two or three gentlemen, to let, with Board : references. 13 PARK AVENUE. Desirable Rooms, with Board. References. 1 0TH STREET. WEST, 134.? EXCELLENT, UNEX iu CAptionahle location; handsomely furnished Rooms and Hoard, with private table; terms moderate: good table; entire Ssecotid Story; all conveniences; no mov ing: references required. 1JTII STREET, 250 WEST, BETWEEN SEVENTH J." and Eighth avenues.? Very desirable Rooms, with Board: references exchanged. 1ATH STREET, EAST, 317, NEAR 8EOOND AVE A i nne.? To let, with Board, fine second story front Boom with all conveniences; terms modi-rate . "I ATM STREET, WEST 148. -TO LET, WITH HOARD handsomely furnished front Room on second floor; also Hall Room on third floor ami Attic Rooms. 1 A TH STREET, 35 WEST, BETWEEN FIFTH AND iTf Sixth avenues.? Newly and elegantly furnished Douse, with flrstclafs tabic (private if desired), lor fauii lies or gentlemen ; references. 1 4TII STREET, 304 WEST -A HANDSOMELY FUR It ni&hed Suit of Rooms to let, with first lass Board, to a family or a partv of gentlemen , also single Rooms; references exchanged. l^Tn STREET. 257, BETWEEN SEVENTH AND Eighth avenue-).? A large square Room, single Room adj'jinii'g. front, tonrtli floor, neatly lurnisiied, with good table and cleanliness a spcciilty. Iff EAST f'ORTV-SrXTn STREET? TWO HAND sntnely furnished Rooms, sultabl* for goutleman and wife or single gentieiuen; superior Table Board; MflHWceaue Imaged. fij WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET. NEAR MADI- , JLlJ son square ?Two handsomely furnished, desirable Rooms, second ttoor, wllh or witliout Board, to gentlemen | oaJy; tamfly four adults. n UNIVERSITY PLACE.? TO LET, WITH BOARD, desirable Rdoim. nicely furnished, on second floar ; also *n fourtli floor. House first class r QWEST 10TH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVI NIK - O La "ge. delightful Suit of front Room*. second floor, with sup.-rlor Board; also Room, fourth toor, for gelillc men ; ?\vra wide house , unexceptionable location. Ret ?rences. |1Q WEST" TWENTY FIRST STREET ?BOARD.? M.'J Large noom, second floor, front; also Room, top Boor, two ?enf. < men, >18 , also single Room; n<? moving. ?JO EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? THIRD BTOBY X.O back and bvw Rooms to rent, with Board. -May 1; fOrtaces exehaiyed. ' 1 ( I W EST TW iilTY-KOURTH STREET, OPPOHITB J.tJ rilthAvenuo ilotel.? A Suit of Rooms, elegantly furnished, to rent to a Ofirtv or gentlemen, with or wif li out Board ; also single Rooms. < ) I WEST " ThTr TY-P I It ST STRE KT? TCI KENT ^ 1 with Board . two Hortins on second flowr also two on few Ui ilovi ; jeicreiuws Moftaniied, \ iWAKPBH g WA1ITEP. Q1 8T STREET, GRAWEBCY PARK.? ELEOANTLT furnished Rooms to let, with first class Board ; pri vate table it deslreJ ; beat reference given. Apply at 137 East Twenty-first street _ _ 91 ST STREET, 330 WEST, NEAR KLKVATF.D RAIL u I road depot? Nicelv furnished large and single Room, with Hoard ; large closets, water, gas, Ac. ; :alde unexceptionable ; terms moderate; references ex changed. _____ _ 24? EAST FORTY-SKVKNTH STREET. ? A I.ADY HAS <? a few Room* to rent, singly or eu suite; with or without private table. QOD 8ROOKD STREET, .1110 WEST ? Handsomely furnished Rooms to let with Hoard, to a gentle man and wife, or a party of single gentlemen ; house location and table first class; references exchanged. OOD STREET, 39 EAST.? TWO SINGLE ROOMS TO j let, with first class Hoard. References re(|tilred. OOD STREET. WEST, 318.? PARTIES DESIROUS OF securing a first class home, with superior Rooms and Poard, ut moderate rutes, permanently, please apply. No moving. OtlD STREET, 4S EAST ? WILL OPEN MAY 1, AM) offer a choice of superior Booms, en suite or other wise, with or without Board ; house, location and table first class; also tine accommodation for a physician. For lurthiT particulars call ?t u West Twenty-third street. OONl) STREET. 164.-A HANDSOMELY FUR tLi?i nlshed second story back Room and fourth floor front Room, with excellent Hoard, to first class perma nent parties; references. ni)D STREET, UtSO WEST.? FURNISHED AND UN j-i Li furnished Rooms, with Hoard; and, May '.Ave Rooms on second door, together or separately, furnished or unfurnished. OOD STREET, EXCELLENT LOCATION.? A PRI jJ'J vate family will let elegantly furnished Rooms on second floor; also u back Parlor, with first class Hoard; privilege to parlors; English, French and Oerman spoken ; references exchanged. Address S. E. E., box ISM Herald Uptown Branch office. 2OD STREET, MADISON SQUARE.? VEHY DE i) sirable Kooms to let on second floor, with Poard: private tublc it desired ; reference. 2d East Twenty-third street 9QD STREET, WEST, 161? A PRIVATE FAMILY HAH an elegant Parlor and Bedroom, also two other Rooms, newly furnish. d; house large and thoroughly ventilated; liberal table, Highest relcrences given and rctj u Ired. 2QD STREET. 3-."i WEST ? FURNISHED ROOMS TO O let, with first class Board, to gentleman und wife or single gentlemen; references exchanged. <1 QD STREET, 114, ONE BI.OCK EAST OF MADISON At) square.? Elcgautly turaished large front Room, third floor, to let, with first class Board; gentlemen pre ferred ; references exchanged. e)ATU STREET, 210 WEST. -ELEGANT SECCND Floor, with private bath, to let ; also handsome extension and small and large Rooms; above location unexceptionable ; Hoard first class. Q 1 Til STREET, 200 WEST? FRONT AND HALL i r Bedrooms on sccund tloor to let, with Board; terms moderate. ? 2/r PERRY STREET.? TO LET. LARGE FURNISHED t) Rooms, with Board, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen ; also hall Rooms; terms moderate. <7 r WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. ? FURNISHED Zii > Rooms to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without Hoard ; tortus moderate; references required. Or GREENWICH AVENUE.-TO LET, PLEASANT, Zjf) furnished Rooms, with gas and wutcr, with or Without Hoard. ' 2C GREAT JONES STREET ? TO LET, FURNISHED, with Board a Room on the second floor, suitable for a gentleman and his wife; also ucconimodu lions for two or three gentlemen. 97 WEST THIRTY -FIRST STREET.? TO LET, A a I well furnished Room to a single gentleman, with out Board ; family private. 97 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.? THREE NICELY Jj I furnished Rooms, with superior Board, ut reason able rates for the summer; references exchanged. 90 WEST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE iO nue.? Willi Board, nicely furnished Rooms, for families or party of gentlemen; house and tabic first class. 9QTH STREET, 106. -FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, At O with Board; newly papered and painted; also Reception Room, for doctor or dentist's oitlce. Reier cncos. 90 CLINTON PLACE.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Zj ?' Rooms, with Board, for gentlemen and their wives; also Rooms snitablo for parties of gentlemen. Of) EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? DESIRABLE OU Rooms to let, with Hoard, for single geutlemen. OA EAST NINETEENTH STREET.? TO LET. WITH Ov Board, Rooms, to gentlemen and wives; also single Rooms for gentlemen ; house has modern improvements and good table. * Q"| WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN RROAD Ol way and Filth avenue.? second Floor, handsomely furnished, en suite or separate, to families and geutle men, with Board. Also single Rooms lor gentlemen. OO WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.? ROOMS TO LET, ?)?) with Board; immediate possession; references ex changed. O f WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.? TO LET. WITH Ot Board, 011c single and one double, to eentleuien onlv; terms moderate tor the Summer; references re quired. O .4 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? TO LET, Ot with Bonrd. Rooms on third and lourth floors; first class in every respect; near Fifth avenue ; reference. 34 WEST NINTH STREET? TWO CONNECTING 'r Rooms, nicely furnished, to gentlemen, with or wi'hout Board; reference required. 3 A EAST TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD 'r way and Fourth avenue.? A Parlor Floor, hand somely furnished, 10 let to a private family or single gentlemen, with or Wtthont Board. OrfH STREET, EAST, 146.? HANDSOMELY FUR. ? IT nislie'i Rooms, with Board: will be vacant about Ma.v I ; house and location first class; references ex changed. 3,ITH STREET, 167 WEST.? VERY DESIRABLE r Rooms to let, with Board, for gentleman and wife or gentlemen ; also hall Room. Unexceptionable refer ences given and required. 3 4 Til STREET, WEST, 323.? THE PRIVATE FAMILY T occupying this flue house have now ana will have other Rooms 1st of May to let, with unexceptional Board; Summer prices. . ? on EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OI'P<l8ITE OU Madison Park.? To let, with first class Hoard, to a desirable party, an entire Second Kloor, handsomely lur nislied ; every convenience possible ; best references. 'in EAST TWENTY SECOND STREET.? A HANDt OU goire suit of Rooms on second floor to let, with firs class Hoard; also one on fourth floor; references ex changed. 07 WKST FOURTEENTH STREET.? NEATLY FUB O 1 nished Rooms to let, with first class Board, to gen tlemen and wives or single gentlemen; uo moving in May; rtiercncos exchanged. Q7 EAST SIXTY SECOND STRKET, NEAR MADISON Of avenue ?One or two gentlemen can find 11 nicely furnished Room, with full or partial Board, aud all com forts of a home. In a small Jewi>h family. QQ AND 40 UNION SQUARE. ? FURNISHED ROOMS OO to let, with or without Board ; first class restaurant next door: references exchanged. QQ EAST NINETEENTH STREET. ? I'K KM A N KNT OO parties can have a very nleasant Seoond Floor with a small private family, with everything first class, references exchanged. . QQ ORANGE STREET, CORNER OF HICKS, ON Orf Brooklyn Height*? Good Hoard, with pleasant ltooms. can be obtained in a French family. QQ WEST WASHINGTON SQUARE.? HANDSOMELY OO furnished Rooms to let. In suits or singly, with Board. QQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN 0?7 Fifth avenue and Broadwny.? Suit of front Kooms, With Board , references exchanged. A A IRVING PLACE.? TO RENT, WITH BOARD, TWO tu furnished front Rooms, on the second and third floors; references exchanged. Al\ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET? A SUIT OP T' I Rooms, also hall Room, third floor, front, to let, with Board. References. A~\ WEST SIXTEENTH 8TERHT. Board, with handsomely furnished Rooms on par lor, second and fourtli floors, front aud back. ? J WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET. ?TWO LARGE H and one small Rooms on third floor, anJ one small Room on fourth floor, with Board ; and alter May 1U one large Room, second floor, irons ; references. Mrs. M. K. SAMPLE. Ai) EAST TWENTIETH STREET-TWO GENTLE | ' r -j men can l>e accommodated wlih large Rooms and : Hoard, or Breakfast, in a ijuicf lain! ly. A 41 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? AN ELEGANT ' X & Suit of Rooms, consisting of parlors and second floor, to let, with private table , sr Second Floor and Par lors separate; all handsomely furnished. Also oilier Rooms, suitable lor families or sL'igle gentlemen, at Sum mer prices. Everything first class. Referei^oes ex changed. - Ai) east nineteenth street. -well fur. X ij nished Rooms, with Board, to gentleman wnd wite ami single gentlemen ; reference* exchanged. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. ?A VERY h.'uid oine Second Floor to lot, with Hoard, for the Summer ; references exchanged. A OD STREET, 107 WEST. ? DESIRABLE BOOMS TO rent, with Board, ti guutlcrucn aud wives ?r sin gle geuilemcii; reference. A'2 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? A CHOICE OF r?J Rooms, with Hoard, 1.1 a faini.y of adults; refer ences. 1 /i W EST FOURTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY I") furnished Rooms to let, with 'irstclass Bof-d, ?ult nt It- I'nr Jauiiiufs or partita o( gentlemen ; rtferances.aa ? Jiangcu. BOARDERS WANTED. _ AH BOND STflEET.-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED i I Room*, with Board, to gentlemen or gentleman and wile ; location central ; table lirst class, u rtutt mod erate ; reference. J QWEST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET.? ELEGANTLY T O furnished Hooiug, en suite or singly, with superior table Board, ran Ic had in a thoroughly tlrst class liouse ; references exchanged . JO WE8T NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND T?/ Sixth avenue*.? To let, with Board, front Room, furnislu-i! ; also ha. I Room; house and appointments first class; term* moderate. References. r;n wkst Washington place.-to let, with ?)w Board. Bloely furnished large Rooms; hot and cold water; terms moderate. rn WEST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET. -TO LET, A ?)*' handsomely furnished single Room on second lioor front, with or without Board . twtMwi wdwiw. r a wkst mnmuxTH st beet.? fob gentle ?)"" men-Two very handsomely fiirniHheil single Rooms, seeond ana third floors, front; strictly first class table; references. -A WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAB FIFTH tMF avenue ?A very pleasant second story Room; ex cellent table and price moderate; references exchanged. No mo v inn ri LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH ?Jl street.? A comfortable third story front Room to let. with or without Board ; also u hall Room; small lamilv. rzt) GREAT JONES STREET.? TWO FRONT AND ONE ?/?-! back Room on second floor to let, with Hoard; terms moderate ; family small ; no moving ; bath and gas, 5 Q WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? THIRD STORY U back Room, with unexceptionable Board ; house ttrst class and location desirable ; suitable for gentleman and wiie or single gentlemen ; terms moderate. eg GREENWICH AVENUE.? TWO GKNTI.KMKN I/O can bo accommodated with good Board anil pleas ant Room in a small private lamiiv ; terms moderate. r? BEACH STREET.? NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS on sccond floor, with or without Board ; also Back Parlor, suitable for a parly of gentlemen ; gas and bath ; terms moderate. CA WEST TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND I *'t Sixth avenues.? Three connecting Rooms, on second floor, elegantly furnished and having all modern improvement#, to lot, en suile or separately, with or without full or partial Board, to gentlemen or gentlemen and wives. CC WEST TWELFTH STREET.? TO LET, WITH '>') Board, largo front and buck Rooms, suitable for families; also small Rooms. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? PLEASANT ? JO Rooms on sccond ami third floors for families or Jcntlemeil, with good Board. Reasonable arrangement# or the season or year. References exchanged. TO CLINTON PLACE, OPPOSITE BBEYOORT ?)0 llouso.? Handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board; also a large front Room unfurnished. /"TO WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A PARLOB AND ?JO Bedroom or one large Room lo rent, with Board, lo genl'eijicu or gentleman ami wife; private family; refcrencos. . A IRVING PLACE? A SECOND FLOOR, WJTH OR UU without private table, or to a fcarty of gentlemen, without hoard : reasonable terms to permanent parlies; references exchanged. ?1 ST. MARK'S PLACE (AMERICAN FAMILY).? I'L Front Room, -o of May, furnished or unfurnished, with Hoard, to gentleman and wile ; Kootn lor single gen tlemen ; onlv few taken ; reference. Of) WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? BAND OG souiely tarnished Rooms for a gentleman and wlfo or two iingl* gentlemen, with first class Hoard, at moder ate prices; also two single Rooms; family small. OS) JANE STREET.? ONE LARGE, NEATLY FUR. \iJj Dished front Room, on seeond floor, with Board; terms moderate ; no moving. n*) WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Uu and Sixth avenues.? Parties desiring first class Board and accommodations will tinil a lew vacancies. r* | WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH v/ i and Sixth avenues.? Third story front Rooms, hand somely furnished, with lirst class hoard, at very reason able terms, in a private family. 7 A IRVING PLACE (GRAXSRCY PARK).? NOW I U vacant, third front large Room, with dressing Room; two large hall Rooms; same lloor; table first class; prices moderate; permanent arrangements. 79 WEST NINETEENTH STRKET? FROM MAY* 1, i ? two large and pleasant Rooms to let, with Board ; terms moderate. References exchanged. 79 SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN FOURTEENTH I and Fifteenth streets.? A handsomely ' furnished Room on second floor; also a back 1'urlor, to let, with first class Board ; a small Room to a single gentleman only ; references. 7 A WEST THIRTY FIFTH 8TREBT.? DESIRABLE I *x Rooms for families or single gentlemen, with first class Board; liberal arrangements for the Summer months ; table Boarders accommodated. nERIE STREET, JERSEY CITY.? A LADY, PLEA8 anily located nnd who has lost her only child, will take n child to bourd ; a mother's care guaranteed. Call for one week. 77 WEST FORTY-FIFTH 8TBEET.? TO LET, WITH I I nut Hoard, handsomely furnished Rooms; will be lot In floors or singly. Terms moderate. QO MORTON STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OO or ii few single gentlemen can be accommodated with Roard In 11 wmM family bv applying immediately. QO CLINTON PLACE.? ONE <>R TWO SUITS OP t/O turnislicd Rooms, with Board, lor ramilicn or sin gle gentlemen. References exchanged, QA WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN Broadway and Fifth avenue.? Handsomely flir nsshed Rooms on second and (bird floors, with first class Board, Tor gentlemen and thlr wives or single gentlemen. im ""EST THIRTEENTH STREET.? A PARI, or J ' 'X ami Bedroom to let, with Board, to a gentleman and lady; private table ii desired; lirst class references required ; no other border*. ini) WEST THIRT Y-RIG1ITH STREET.? BOARD. J"'0 Furnished Second and Third Floors to let, to gether or separate; private tnhle if desired , terms mod i rate to parties making permanent arrangements. l(|i WAVERLF.Y PLACE. IUt To let a large furnished Room, with Board ; gas, bath, Ac. 1AP WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.? SECOND AUtl Floor to let furnished ; with or without Hoard; also third story Rooms; dinner middle of day ; reference required. mWEST SIXTEENTH STREET -A LARGE ROOM on second flour ; also one on third floor, with small Room adjoining, with Board; terms moderate. mEAST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD way.? targe, elegant Rooms, en suite, for families; also ball Rooms. Gentlemen in business in "this locality can obtain good Table Board, Dinner and llreakfust. mWEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR Sixth avenue ?A pleasant Room, furnished or unftimisbi'd, with Board. Terms reasonable 11 fi WB8T FORTY -FIRST STREET.-' FEET DE 1 I O sirable Rooms on third and other floors, with Board, for families or gentlemen ; references. 11 A BAST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN 11U Fourth and Lexington avenues.? Floor to let, with Board, to a small family ; a few respectable men can also be aceommodated ; bath anil gas. m SECOND AVENUE.? ROOMS TO LET, WITH first class Roard. mEAST FOOBTEENTII STREET, NEAR RBOAD wa.v.? Newly furnished, ready for families: pleas ant Rooms* lor gentlemen ; a tew table Hoarders taken. "I 1 o east SEVENTY EIGHTH STREET, NEAR CEN J_l0 tral Park ? A small family have three connecting Rooms to let, with Hoard, in modern brown stone house; first rate accommodations; delightful location; cou venleat to Madison avenue cars. No other boarders. lin EAST TENTH STREET.? FIRST CLASS BOARD X L?" for Mingle gentlemen; terms reasonable. 11(1 BAST TWENTY -FIRST STREET, GBAMEBOY lit/ Park. ?One elegant Snit, or a portion of it, with or without private tal la. in handsome residence, front Ing plea*antest part ot Park; rcterenai s. ion EAST TWKNTV. THIRD STHEKT-TO LET, l?\t Second Floor, en suite or singly, to gentlemen, without board. 1?J"| EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? FURNISH ? I ed Booms to let to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen, with or without Board ; terms reasonable. 1 k)i) MADISON AVKM'K. ? A SUIT OF HAND 1 tLZd snniely furnished Rooms, en suite or single, with or without Breakfast 1 Oi EAST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, NEAR I Fourth avenue.? A very desirable Suit of Rooms, with Board; also single Rooms, or strictly first class, aad owned by occupant ; references. mWEST FORTY FIRST STREET, BETWEEN Broadwav and Sixth avenue ?Two nicely tur nished Rooms to let; also table Boarders. lOQ east TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. -A PABLOB J jO Floor to let, with Board ; hot and cold water. I *yn FIFTEEN I'll STREET ?TO LET, WITH 1 Board, a ple.-isant second story front Room, with Alcovo. 1 OQ WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET,? HAND. I somely furnished second floor front Room and liall Room to let, with first clas? Hoard, to gentlemen and ?wives or single gentleman ; references exchanges. ion WEST THIRTY -FOURTH STREET, NEAR JL-OU Broadway.? Suits ot Roams to let, with first class Board; private table it desired ; references. j 10(\ EAST SIXTEENTH STUE ET.-I. A RGK AM' Ol' single Booms to let, with Board, to families uud gentlemen. n/w aces exenanged. | *> 1 LEXINGTON A VENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY iOl eighth :uid Twenty ninth streets.? Desirable Rooms to let, with Hoard ; location n'easant and couven letit; Rooms for singl,' gentlemen ; references. ion WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET.? A LARGE, 1i)m nicely furnished front Room on the second storv (ample closets 1, to let, to a single Kb'itleiiiun, with or without Beard . reference ev banged. 1QO east SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVim; Desirable Rooms ft rent, with Board, to gentleman and wite or single gee tie men ; referetioes. -???- EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVING AOfJ place ?Furnished Room* to let, to gentlemen . r gcutlemeio and wives, wifli or without Rjard. Refer ences exchanged. 1 0Q WEST FORTY THIRD STREET, ONE-HALF lOO block trim Broadway ? Desirable Rooms to let, with Board, for families or gentlemen ; terms moderate; references exchanged : no nnvlng. lOQ EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED IOO Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gentle men and their wives or single gentlemen; uiodcru Improvements. 1^11 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTn It I avenue.? Gentleman and wile ran be accommo dated with handsomely furnished Room ; also single gen Uejjivu . jh uee mid tabic Ural class. titviert'iu.c? BOARDERS WANTED. "1 /| Q WEST FIFTEK.NTH STREET. ? FURNISHED ItO Rooms to let, with Board, to single gentlemen or gentleman and wife , day board. MO EAST THIRTY NINTH STKKFT, N BAR LEX ? J ington avenue.? Nmly turnixlif'tl Rooms at reasonable rate* tor the Summer. Good table. Ill LEXINGTON AVKNl'R, NEAR TWRKTT Itt ninth street? Nicely furnished R?om, with im provements, with or without Board, to single gentleman ; small family of adults. 1 A A' EAST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET, BETWEKN Jtt Lexington and Third avenu**.? Handsomely furnished hack Parlor and Extension: a:s> largo hack Koomun second floor, to let, with Board ; terms reason able. 1 X.II WAVERLBY PLACE, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE.? 1?J" Handsomely furnished Rooms. with or without Board, to itentlcmcn or gentleman and wife; location ccntral ; all modern improvements: terms moderate. "I ff-l EAST THIRTY NINTH STREET, NKAR LEX l.?JL ington avenue. ? A ladv will let a third storv front or second story back Room. nicely furnished, with Board; closets; also a front Parlor, unfurnished, with or

without Board. "I K7 EAST THIRTIETn STREET, BETWEEN LEX I ington atid Third avenues.? Well furnished large and small Rooms suitable tor gentlemen, with or without breakfast; family strictly private ; no moving. "I rr(J WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? MAY 1, IfltJ newly furnished Rooms, single and connecting, for gentlemen, with or without Beard ; references. KiH WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET, BETWEEN iUO Sixth and Seventh avenues.? Desirable Rooms to let. to gentlemen, with first class Board, also Table Board can he had ; references exchanged. m LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER THIRTY first street ? Elegant Suit of Rootns. first floor, with Board ; moderate price; suitable for family or party of gentlemen, single itoom tor gentleman. ?J7(l HENRY STREET.- A FINE LARflE II ALL X I i/ Room to let, on the second floor, to a gentleman, with or without Board. Call any dav hut Sunday. 1Q7 LEXINGTON A VENUE.? NICELY FURNISHED J.O I Rooms to let Willi good Board ; reference given anil required ; no moving in May. OfW WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN Z' '?) Seventh and Eighth avenues.? Third story front and hall Bedroom, nicely furnished, with Board, lor gentlemen. OfM* EAST BROADWAY. -TWO OR THREE GEN ^IM> tlcmcn can be accommodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms. No moving iu May. f)(\7 WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? FRONT *?* * I and back Itoom, on second floor, to let, together or separate, with Board ; house iu thorough repair, in a lirown stone block; table a specialty. ()AQ WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD iUO way.? A private Jewish family will let a couple of handsomely furnished Itooins, on second ilouf1, with good Board ; also other Rooms. QOQ WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? FUR j?*'0 nisbe I Rooms to let, with or without Board, to single gentlemen org'tillemcu und wives; all conven iences. ricusunt locution. WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREF.T.-A SMALL ZA private family have a Room and Bedroom on third floor to let. With Hoard, to gentlemen or gentleman ami wife ; convenient location. OIO WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET. ? DESIRABLE ? 1 _ Rooms to let, with Board for Uie Summer: locu tion convenient. 1)1(1 WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET.? NICELY Zi I tml furnished Rooms to let, with Board, double nnd single; terms $0 to (U a week ; modern improvements: Oerman family. Q1Q EAST FIFTY-TIURD STREET, BETWEEN SEC ZltJ ond and Third avenues.? To let, Iti a private lam ily, a large, nicely furnished Boom, with Board, on mod crate terms; ample closets attached. 09/J WEST ELEVENTH STREET. BETWEEN ZtZ't Waverley p'ace and Fourth street.? Rooms to let, on second ami third floors, with Board. No moving iti May. ()*)7 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND Zw I and Third avenues. ? Nicely furnished trout Rooms, with Board, tor gentlemen, in a French family; moderate prices; references required. 9QH WEST THIRTY NINTH STREET.? TO LET, FUR Zft\r nished, with Hoard, a hack Parlor ; also a large fourth story back Room; terms moderate; house first class; references. OOA WEST TnillTY-EKlHTH STREET.? ELEGANT Rooms, on first and second floors, for dentists nnd Physicians, with or without Board ; line Rooms lor gentlemen or families, at moderate prices; table first class; references exchanged. O.n WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN Zj OI Seventh and Eighth avenues.? A private family will let, with Board, on reasonable terms two Rooms, liuiidsotnely tarnished, to gentlemen nnd their wives and two Rooms to gentlemen; no moving; references re quired. OiQ west THIRTEENTH STREET.? OOOD BOARD Zi TiJ with pleasant Rooms t terms moderate; refer ences. i) A Q WKST FORTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR rO Broadway. ? To let, with Hoard, handsomely furnished Second Floor ; brown stone lioue ; references required. OSA WKST 1 WK NT Y- second STREET. ? TO LET, ij')" a largo Room on second Hour, With Mount, to two gentlemen. ()/>? WERT TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? PLEASANT ?\)\ f furnished Rooms to let, with Board ; finely or en suite; house and table lir?t class; terms reusonaule ; uo moving ; references. WEST TWENTY-SECOND 8TRERT.-TO LET, ijO* ' with Hoard, a second story front Room, nicely furnished ; ample eloset room; modem improvements; unliable lor a gentleman and wile. t)/? Q WKST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET.? HANDSOME )?> Rooms to let, with Hoard, suitable tor gentlemen or gentlemen and wives; house and location first elans; tenns moderate; references exchanged. Q/'Q WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. BETWEEN ?')fl Seventh and Eighth avenues. Nicely furnished Rooms to let, with Hoard, in u small French lumily moderate prices. AAA WEST VOBTT-BIOHTH STREET, NEAR ?>' Ml Eighth avenue.? A private German family have a large Room, handsomely furnished, to let, with 'excel lent Hoard, suitable for one or two gentlemen. qnp WKST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.? A N EATI.Y ?)* M ) furnished Parlor to tot, with Board, to a fa otto man and wife; also accommodations for single men. OA? WEST FIFTY SECOND STREET.? TWO IIAND 01" I somely furnished Rooms, all conveniences, with excellent Hoard. '-M7 EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET-VERY ELK O'l I gantly furnished front Room and Alcove on sec ond floor to let, to a gentleman or gentleman ami wife, with nr without Hoard, in n private house ; neighborhood first class ; terms moderate ; no moving ; references. OZJ7 EAST SIXTY -FIFTH STREET.? ONB OR TWO O" I gentlemen or two genteel young Indies, em ployed during the day, can obtain goo<l Hoard at reason able rates. OIC F.AST THIRTY-THIRD STREET? HAND ?)l?l sotnelv furnished Rooms, on parlor floor, with grate fire, gas, bath, An., with or without Board; very moderate terms: do moving In May. Q1Q EAST 122D STREET, 11 AHLEM ? n A NDSOMELY OlO furnished Rooms on the second and third lioors to let. together or separately, with Board. 00[\ WKST THIRTIETH STREET ? TO I.ET, A NICE O^U back Parlor, furnished, to a gentleman, with or without breakfast ; terms moderate. QQQ EAST TWENTIETH STREET.? ONE LARUE ? I and one. Hall Room to let, with Hoard, for gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. 007 WEST TWENTY- N'fN'TH STREET <28 LAMAR fjZ, i tine place).? Desirable Rooms on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Hoard; house first class brown stone; neighborhood unexceptionable; ref erence. ?? | r WKST FOI'RTEE.N'TII STREET. ? II A N DSOM K Ot:' ) |y furnished doutde Rooms, suitable for a family or a party of gentleuien. with first class Hoard. Refer ences exchanged. 3^7 WEST FORTY- THIRD STREET.? A LA ROE, *11 neatly furnished Room. With or without Boor J ; also lia'l Roem . terms moderate. Q/'Q WEST THIRTY SECOND STREET? A PRI ' 0*)0 vale family can accommodate a gentleman and wife or two or three single gentlemen with Kuoms ami Board. inn WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? SPACIOUS t'"J nnd exceedingly desirable Rooms (second and third floors) to let, en suite or otherwise, with superior Hoard : unexceptionable private table ; to first class par ties only. References. 1 F AST FJFTY-8EC8ND STREET. - ri'BNISBED 'r'lO front Room, on third floor, fur two gentlemen, with Board ; private family ; pleasant surroundings; stone front; terms moderate. A OO WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A FEW 'tOO pleasant Rooms- to let, with or without Board, to 1 gentli men and their wives or single gentlemen ; a large, j commodious house. References. 40 | FIFTH AVENl'E.? BOARD.? A VERY CHOICE ? I 1 Suit of Apartments will btvueatedou Mayl; Rooms for single gentlemen _____ no EAST FIFTY SEVENTH STREET? A PRIVATE i ? J family will let, with Hoard, a very handsomi ly furnished alcove Room, second Moor, to a married couple, j or two single gentlemen ; neighborhood first class. Ret- , e fences exchanged. ,1 1 \ WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET,? FURNISH ? r' I I e l Rooms to let, with Hoard. OAQ HUDSON STREET? A SMALL PRIVATE *M7t) family, ahout to move in a One hou?e in the Ninth ward, will accommodate two single gentlentpn or j a gentleuiaa and his wife with nice Rooms, with or with- | (iiit Hoard. For farther particulars apply as ubove. A1A NINTH AVENUE, BETWEEN FORTY-THI UD Oil/ and Forty-fourth streets.? A few gentlemen can ! be accommodated with Board (gas and bath) iroiu $? 5J to $? per woek. . fO Pi LEXINGTON AVENUE.? A PRIVATE FAMILY, *)"l?J owning their own house, and having more room than they renolre, will let their Second Floor, furnished ! or unfurnished, with first class Board, to gentleman and wife or a party of angle gentlemen ; terms reasonable ; house and location first class. LHXINOTON AVENUE. ?HANDSOMELY FI R OOO nished Booms, single or en suite, second and third floors; first class table; nest attendance; terrnj moderate ; location delightftil. A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO rent, with Breakfast If desired; also large Boom, suitable lor an office. 32 West Twenty-seventh street. A" PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE TWO CO NNECTI NO Rooms to rent, with Board, to not more than two 04bnlts. -ti West Nineteenth street Reference reijuJred A "PLEASANT FRONT HtViM, WITH SOUTHERN exposure, to let, with Hoard, to two gentlemen. Ap ply at 219 West Fifteenth street A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS To HI. ST WITH Hoard ; retereuccs., Address JUHNSCIN, lie r?W i f BOARDERS WASTKB. A HANDSOME Mr FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? With Board, to single geatleman. in refined privato family, near Fourteenth street, wml side; reference* e>. changed. Address EUREKA, bo* 142 Herald ottlce. A 8M A I.I- FAMILY, IIAVINO HANDSOMELY FI'R JY lilshed house on Went T went y-fll'th si roe r, will let choice of rooms to a few persons, with or without Board, offering a pleasant home at reasonable rates. Address LAUBANMR. Herald office. Apkivatk kamii.y will rent two hand sotnclv furnished front Rooms on second floor, with Bawd ; references required. 138 East FHt> -second mw t. \ PRIVATE FAMILY OFFER AN ELEGANT SEC J\ ond Floor, en suite er single, with Hoard, for gentle men and wives or gentlemen; references. Apply at 126 West Forty ?eaconq street A SMALL FAMILY WILL RENT HAVDBOMELY furnished Rooms to n gentleman and wife, with Hoard for wife ; house and location flr-d class; location Snui!?Sb0,n. avenue, Iwilow Thirtieth street. Address i OM FORT, lieniM Uptown Branch offloe* A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THEIR OWN' house, will let. with first class Hoard, one or more Rooms, singly or en suite. 620Lexington avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO LF.T-WITH BOARD, two large Hooms on second floort references ex changed. 50 West Forty-sixth street, between Fillh and I Sixth avenues. A STRICTLY PRIVATE JEWISH FAMILY WILL accommodate a gentleman mid wife or two single gentlemen with line Room and first class Hoard; loca tion excellent, east side, two blocks from Central Park. Address I. J. 11., box 246 Post ollice. A LADY LIVINil IN FORTY THIRD BTRBET, NF.Alt Broadway, will let two or three handsomely inr nlshed Koouis, to gentlemen of highest respectability ; Breakfast if desired. Address Mrs. It. E., llerald Uptown Hranch ollice. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN WEST FORTY, sixth street, will let a Suit of Rooms on si cond or third floor to a gentleman or gentleman and wife, with or without Board ; no other boarders; no moving. Ad dressC. L. WILSON, Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY (AMERICAN) WILL LET TO a gentleman, a front Room, all Improvements; nar tlalor full Hoard; French and lleniiuu spoken, 234 West Thirty -fourth street: A PRIVATE FAMILY IN FORTY-EIGHTH BTRBET, near Fifth avenue, will let a nice Room, with Hoard, suitable tor oue or two gentlemen. Address J., box 2,788 Post office. N UNUSUALLY FINE FLOOR, SUIT OR SINGLE 1 Rooms, near Clarendon Hotel, handsomely I'nr ' of closets, with excel ?d. Apply to HARDEN 1,241 Hroadway. A Rooms, near Clarendon llol nished, all improvements, plenty o lent Hoard ; private tabic it desired HKRtin a do., real estate office, 1,! A LADY, LIVING UPTOWN, ABOVE FORTY-BECOND street, having a handsomely furnished house, will let a Second Floor, with Hoard, t o gentleman and wife; board fyr lady; private table if desired. Those wishing an elegant and quiet home can And one by addressing H. C. H., llerald Uptown Branch office. A "1 ? 148 WAVERLEY PLACE WILL BE OPENED jVI. on the 1st of May aS ft first class hoarding house ; it has been painted and papered throughout; will be also newly rtirntslicd ; parties desiring Rooms, eu suite or singly, may call at lflfl Waverley place. Board can he obtained for one or two children, with instruction In English branches and MUsic, with every attention to lienlth and morals, at 148 East Ninety-first street. H~ ARLEM. -FURNISH KD ROOMS, WITH BOARD. IN Fourth avenue, seventh houue north of 132d street. References exchunged. HARLEM.-HANDBOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let. with Hoard, to gentleman ami wife or single gentlemen, on second and third floors; terms reasonable. Third brown stone house west of Fourth avenue in 121th street. H AIM, I'M, 127TH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, ? Handsomely furnished alcove Room, with Hoard, for gentleman and wile or single gentlemen, $18 per week; back Room, $lti. Address D. A., station L. HO lio KEN.- TO LET, ONE OR TWO SECOND FLOOR handsomely furnished Hooms, with or without Hoard, for one or. two gentlemen, in a private family ; excellent locality ; reasonable terms; reference required. Address E, box 196 Post office, Hohokcn, N. J. IN THE NINTH WARI), ON THE 1ST OF MAY, HOARD tor gentleman, wife, child 2 years and nurse. Address, stating terms, which must be rcsonahle, F. D. station C. Madison avenue, 161? a suit of VERY DE slrahle Rooms, on second floor, with or without Board; references exchanged. Newly furnished rooms? to GENTLEMAN nnd wile; Board for lady: no other boarders; those who will appreciate tile exchange of mutual discretion onlv desired. Address Mrs. M. C., box 200 Herald office. VTEXT DOOR TO GRAND HOTEL.? SUPERIOR AC i\ commodations to let to gentlemen or a tnmil v, with or without Board ; references exchanged. 3ti West Thirty llrst street. Rooms for gentlemen? with or without Kreakfast and Tea, on the beautiful floor R4U sixth avenue ; Come directly up two flights ; prices moderate. mo LET?WITH nit WITHOUT HOARD, A NICELY I furnished large Room to one or two gentlemen. In a strictly private family. Address AMOS, llcr akl Uptown Branch office. TO LET? AN EXTENSION ROOM, FOR A DOCTOR'S office, with or without Board, in a llrst class situa tion, west side. Address L. D. It., llcruld Uptown brunch office, l,2t!fi Broadwu.v. TWO OBNTLBMEN CAN OBTAIN (AT ONCE) nAND toiup large Iron! Hnmn, second floor, 111 a new brown i stone house owned by the occupant; ail home comforts; one block west of Hroadway, Forty-filth street. Address WIDOW, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office. THE former COUNTRY SKAT OF HON. JAME9 W. Beoktnaii will be open as a private hoarding house by the 1st ; lawn two acres; locality first class. Heek man maiLsloii, 343 East Fiftieth street, entrance left of the carriage gate. I YOBKVILLE.? ' THREE FINE ROOMS ON SECOND floor to let, together or separately, with Board, at 1A1 East Ninety -second street. HOA II 1) AND LODGING TED. A gentleman wants a room, with PARTIAL ' Hoard, inn strictly private family, cast of Fourth I avenue, nut above Fourteenth street, refere nee*. Ad Urers, stating term*, Ac., K. It. A 8., box 110, lleral.l office. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES a WELL FURNISHED : Room, with hreakiast only; location mini he eon- | venient to Broadway unil above Fourteenth street. Ad dress, stating terms, F. .1., bo* 107 IteraUl office. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD (5t? YEARS ! . old) desire Hoard, with Room and Alcove or Bed- ) room, on second floor; location, west side. Fourteenth i to Forty-tilth street. Address T. H., box 2,322 Post Offlee. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE A PLEASANT Rnoin, with good Board; terms $20 per week; loca ! f ion between Twenty-sixth and Thirty-sixth streets ami Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address WKLLIN, Herald ! Uptown Branch office. ATOUNG OENTLRRAN DESIRES A ROOK, WITH* or without Board, in a private family, between ; Fourteenth and Twenty filth street*. Addles*, stating . lull particulars, It. II. T., tiox 4,410 Post office. A GENTLEMAN WISHES LA ROB, WELL Fi nished frutit hall Rooms (southern exposure), with I Board, between Twenty-seventh and Thirty fourth streeu I and Fourth and sixth avenues. 'Address, stating terms, i which ffiust be very moderate. R. X A., Herald office. A COUPLE WILL BAY FROM 910 TO 925 PER week for good Hoard In strictly private lamily. Ad dress C. 8. A., Herald Uptown Branch ollice. t SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO RENT A /V comfortable Floor, with good Hoard, on Madison avenue, VMlnlty of Twenty-ninth street. Address Home, I box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,260 Broadway. ' A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DfcSIRKS BOAKD, WITIT out room, in a genteel family ; best reference given ; location' must be near Fifty-sixth or Thirty-fourth street and sixth avenue. Address, with terms, B., box 124 Her ald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted-for a gentleman and wife, with large famished Room and ample closets, west of Fourth avenue, between Twentieth and Fortieth str 'ets ; will pav 9100 a month. Address box 143 Herald 1 ptown Branch otltee. Board wanted? by a gentleman and wife. ill Harlem, West Of Fourth avenue, and within 10 minutes' walk ?f the stcniu cars. Address D. 11., Ileraid office. Board and room wanted-by two men, between Hroad way and Seventh avenue and Eighth and Fourteenth streets; permanent it suited; ! priee m uat he moderate. Address HOME, box 161 Herald ! office. i TJOARD WANTED? for LADY AND ClHILD; IS ! i J> willing to furnish an?l take chanre oi her own room ; i will pav from $9to$l2 per week ; location trom Eighth to Thirty second street; private family preferred. A<1 I dress H. II., Herald office. OOARD WANTED-FOB AN ELDERLY LADY, A J) larce Boi, in ; would turnlsh excepting carpets; per manent lioarrt It ?ulted ; U-rnis $10. Address, stating par ticulars, V., 92 Bleecker street TJOARD WANTED ? FOR GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND I) two children CI and 11) ; wil', furnish if required; lo- j cation above Tenth ?trcet ; terms riot over $1N a week. Address D. X., box 142 Herald office. I) HOARD AND BOOM WANTED-HV A liEV lT ilemaii. between Fourth and Fourteenth streets. Fourth and Sixth avenues ; price $10 to $12 per week; ' tatde must be excellent aild home refined. Address, -tat- - itiK price, exact location, conveniences, Ac., EDITOR, 71 Broadway, room no. TWO YOUNG MEN WISH HOARD-IN A PRIVATE lamily, on the west side. Address BROTHERS, Her- i aid office. rpwo GENTLEMEN AND Til EI K WIVES WANT I A Board, in a first cla-s house, Third to Seventh avc nue, and ThlrMeth to Forty-filth street; hoard and . room not to exceed $22 per week for each party; best references given and required. Addrcrs G. T. II., Her aid office. Two GENTLEMEN DESIRE TWO ROOMS? ONE large and one small, with Hoard, between Fourteenth | and Twenty-third streets and Lexington and Sixth avc 1 nues; i#ice must be tuoderuui. Address, with terms, B. Fm Herald office. A TWO GENTLEMEN DESIRE A NICE AND COM- j fortably furnished Room, with Board, In a repecta- I ble private .lewlsli lainily ; location between I iiirt.v- , fourth and Kiftv-nlnth streets and Lexington and Eigliih I avenues. Address FOLKELES, Herald office. WANTAD? BOARD FOR THREE GENTLEMEN, IN Brooklyn, convenient to ferries; terms must Ik: moderate. Address M.. box 190 Herald office. WANTED? IN THE VICINITY OF CENTRAL PARK, Board for lady and babe, where there are no oth? r boarders; terms not to exceed $10 per week. Address Mrs. R, box 101 Herald office. I llf ANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY OF OOOD CHAR W actcr, a hall Room, with Hoard, In a private lamily ; terms must lie moderate. Address, with terms, J. L It., Herald Uptown Branch office. \ir anted? by a sinolf. gentleman, between fy Se.ventesnth and Thirtieth streets, Fast River, a single Room with Dinuer only ; prt\ ate tamilv preferred , reicrcDcvftglyau aud tcouirtd. Address w. U. V., Humd ANTED ? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A FUR. uished Room, With Board lor wile, where there are ? BOA.RO AVI) IiOnOKVO W4IVTED. WANTED? BOARD FOR OKSTI.KM AN A VI > WIFE* lor the Hummer . term* nqbto exceed $12 tv>r week i American house; relcrence. Address J. u. A , Herald WANTKD? BV TWO OENTLEMBlf] TWO NIGP.LV furnished I(nnm?, between Twenty-third and Fortv second street* and Mudtsou and Sev.nth avenues- break funt required. Address ti. W., box 5, 32:1 Pom office*. w ,T ?????? ? ? ?"'?>" nuctc nu n- srn no other hoarders; locality between Eighth uml Twcn, tleth at*, ifterns moderate. Address E. <>., Herald office. WANTED? bOABD it Y OBNTLBMAtt. VOT, rwi> children and nurse, from May I lilt June 1 ; location between Thirtieth and I'orty-tlfth streets. Address box) 1M Herald Uutown Branch office, staling accommoda tions and terms. ?flTANTKD? BOAltD FOB MAN, WIFE AND LfTTI.H TT girl, at moderate price, in private lainilv who want company; rctcreuces. Address T. S., box 134 Herald oflice. Ur ANTED? A ROOM, SI' 1 1 A RLE FOB A DENTIST, with or without Hoard. Address, stating particu. lars, DENTIST, box 14'.l Herald office. UfAXTBD? THBBB BOOMS, WITH hoard, BU gentleman and wile, and three gentlemen ; ternu moilerate; location between Fourteenth and Twenty third streets, Sccutld and Sixth avenues. Address T. B, J., box 152 Herald Uptown Branch olllce. IITANTEO? FOR A WIDOW LADY, ONE LAROR ?V front Room, with Board, between Third and Kixtli avenues and Fourteenth and Twenty-fourth streets; state t ? ? r in ^ ; hoarding house Keepers need not answer. Addrua* Mrs. I,. J., Ili rald office. HOTEL.*. 4 M.l'l.l. S I I RKISII AND ELECTRIC BATHS, ?? VV Lexington a venue. ? Koorris tor gentlemen or land lies, transient it permanent, with or without meals; pri vate tabic it desired. Baths open all nlgbt 1 RVtNd PLACE HOTEL, OPPOSITE ACADEMY OP I. Music-.? Kieeiv furnished Iiooms to rent, at moderate prices, with trench resiauraut attached. NEW ENGLAND nOTKIi, :tO BOWEBY, CORNER OF ilavard street,? iiuo light Booms, neatly furnished. 60c. or 60c. per night, t- 50to $4 per week. For Kentiemen only. PICKWICK HOI'.-E, 147 AND 149 CEDAR STREET, convenient t> New Jersey ferric*.? Single Rooms, 24c., 35c. and .Vie. ; by the week, >1, and $.'1; meals, 25c. | temperance house; open all night. KBSBRVOIB PARK HOTEL, OOHNER SIXTH AVE i nue and Fortieth street, opposite Reservoir Park.? A lew elegant Suits of Uooms to rent, v\itli Board; also iluontK tor single gcetlenien. ? ? COUNTRY 1IOA ft I). ? ? ? < A OICNi'LEMAN, TWO CHILDREN AND NIIRSHJ Ji. will want Summer Hoard in private family tukintf lew, if tin v others, ubout an hour troin eltv; one largo Room and small one for nurse; references exchanged. Address, during May, ADYER'llsER, caru of H.,37 East Fourth atreet, New J ork. A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH HOARD, FOB TWO gentlemen, in a small private family, one houtf from city on the Central Railroad ol New Jersey; bestot references given uud rei|Uired. Address A. D., box 3,5711 New York Post otllee. Af|:W PERSONS, ALSO A FEW OHILDBBN, CAM be accommodated with excellent Board in aprivato family ill Greenwich, Colill , lour miles froll) depot. Ad dress V\M. P. KNArV, box 51 Post olllce, Orecnwlcll, Conn. ASTORI \ -HOARD WAN I' EI) FOR THREE HERMAN gentlemen from 1st of May ; best references given and reuuirt d. Address MERCHANT, box 14D Herald oil flee. A COMFORTABLE HOME, SIX LOTS, ON BROUN River, :i minutes trom \\ illiamshrldge depot; good (mating, llshing itinl bathing; price $4,UUU. Addre-s Mli< CIIANl>', Herald I'ptown Branch office. A T A LABOE FARMHOUSE ON THE HUDSON River, 42 mites from New York, 2|?from Pcckskill, line air.v Rooms: plenty of shade trees; terms moderate. Address box 45 PcekskOl, N. v. 4 FAMILY, CONSISTING OF TWO LADIES, FIVE ./A children, of It), 8, ti, 4 and 3 years, and baby of 1 month, with nurse, want Hoard iu the country, with n iirivate lain ly where lew other boarders are taken, from tilv I next to September 12; a healthy loeation, plenty ol shade trees iu the neighborhood ana good milk lor thu children are desired. Address, statins price, size ol rooms and references, II. H. T., Herald office. AT MORRIS A N I A, N.J.-THE ORAND VIEW llOUHKI will open May I; locution unsurpassed for pure mountain air. picturesque drives and all the advantages of country living. Particulars at 45 Fifth avenue. Board? from ist of may, for lady and gen. tlctnan, w ith I'urlor and Bedroom, ut the Hamilton House, Paterson, N'. J. ]>(> A RD AT TABRYTOV^N? FIVE MINUTES' WALK > from the depot: extensive anil well shaded grounds uusuruasscd view ol the Hudson; moms large mid airy WILLIAM EVANS. Board. in a private family. -two or THBE8 desirable persons can find a first class home, with cverv eouitort ; grounds, shade, Ac. ; ten minutes troia station. Mrs. MOORE, 131 Washington street, Newark, N. J. BAY SHORE. L. I. -WITHIN A FEW MINUTES OF the South B.iv. easily accessible by South Side Rail road.? Families c:in be nieelv accommodated with Board. Apply to T. J. COX, 47 Liberty street, or ISAAC DAVIS, 47 Warren street. New York. / MIII.DRfeN'S PLEASANT HOME, WITH INSTBI C Hon, In privatn family, 27 miles fro in city ; shady, [ healthy locality ; also Board for families In vicinity. Ad. I dress COUNTRY Board, box 152 Herald office. C1HEAP BOARDING AT MOBRISANIA.? CONVENI. / ent Floor or single Room; good Board ; private fam ily. Apply to Mre. KlltMIN, III East Thirtieth street, Neve. York, or M r?. KUWAItDS, W ashlngtoii avenue, neat depot, Morrlsanlu. (10UNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED AT 80UTH ) Norwalk, Conn., convenient to depot; room* largo and pleasant. Address box Si.) South Norwalk, Coon. / 10UNTRY BOARD AT BKOLEWOOD, N. 3. ? GOOD v J Rooms and excellent Table for single parties or for families; 40 minutes from New Vork. 2 minutes from sta tion; price to $11 per week. Address or apply at iha Palisade House, as above. /10UNTBY BOARD? FOR INDIVIDUALS OR FAMI x J lion, on the border of Lake ('hamplain, en route to the Adirondack)! and Saranac Lakes and opposite city ol Burlington; large, airy rooms, well furnished table and pleasant grounds. For particulars, address Mrs. E. B. WATSON, Fort Kent, Essex county, N. V. /lOl'.NTRY BOARD.? PARTIES WISHING BOARD \J lor the Summer, with cool rooms, every COQVI n ienco tor comfort and pleasure. Including bathing, Ash ing, fne croquet grounds, Ac., one hour from City Hall, may apply, tor one week, at ts Went Washington place. /COUNTRY BOARD? NEAR CHATHAM FOUR COR " j tier*, Columbia county, N. Y. ; comfortable farm house, large rooms. good "board, splendid driven, good Ashing. romantic scenery; terms reasonable. Address II A RKIET E. 'MOM |'K I NS, New t 'uncord, Columbia Co., N. Y. Refers to Ralph Bocrcrt, H8# Hudson at., N. Y. , /COUNTRY BOARD-IK HOURS FROM CITY, ON \J New Haven Railroad ; II) minutes from depot; f> pleas ant rooms private table it desired ; ample grounds; tine ? lew ol >o?nd ; stabling : term-* moderate. Call on or ad dress .f BLISS, T?1 East Fortieth street. / 10UNTRY BOARD? AMONG THE CATSKILL8, A1 * 7 Prattsville, N. Y. ;eoinniodiou* dwelling, good itroundi and ulentv of shade ; ?) minute.' dri\c from the N. Y. R. and S. K. K ilepof; terms moderate ; extra Inducements to those wishing Bonrd for the season. References ? ,la col) Phillips, M Watts street, and Krank II. Lewiu, No. I Astor House, Pennsylvania Railroad. New York ; or ad dress M ACK MARTIN, Prattsville, tlreene county. N. Y. /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR MYSELF WIFE V' and our two quiet little girls. with some nice lanilly, not more than one hours distance from i itv Hull; loca tion must t'O healthy and price not exceed tai per week, for w hich we expect Cleanliness and comfort Address, durintr Vav, with lull particulars, -Mr. hUWARU, 312 Broaaway, up stairs. T71IRST CLASS BOARD AND ALL COMFORTS OF A F home can be obtained by a married couple or two gentlemen at the most desirable part ol New Brighton, S. I , witn a tJermau family of refinement. Address M. B. H., Herald utllco. ElIRST CLASS BOARD CAN BE HAD, ROOMS EM suite or singly, TJ minutes iron) New York, 3 min utes from depot. S. M. F , Rutherlurd Park, N. J. flOl R FINE AIRY ROOMS. WITH GOOD BOARD, can be had with a private family residing In a most desirable locality in Norwalk, Conn. ; also accommoda tions for servants, horses and carriages, city reterence required and given. Address COL NTRY BOARD, bo* 3,353 New York Post office. flOOD BOARD may be had fbom MAY 1, IV IX hours trom New York on the Morris and Essex Rail road ; convenient to depots; high ground; mountain air, Ac. Address imx 43 New Providence, N. J. (lOOD BOARD FOR FAMILIES OR ADULTS CAN B9 X obtained at a farm residence, easy of access; terms moderate. For particulars call on Moody a CO. . lad Broadway. /lOOD BOARD, WITH ELEGANT ACCOMMODA "I tions, in a private family; location, house ?ik| grounds unexceptionable; terms moderate to responsi ble parties: references. Address L. P., Post oftlcc. Orange, N. J. /lOOD SUBSTANTIAL COUNTRY BOABD CAN BR IT obtained in Madison, N. J : house large ; location desirable; plenty or shade, fruit, large and small, ia abundance; accommodations tor two large families l those coming In May and keeping their own convey ances preferred. Address box W, Madison, N.J. Gentleman and wifb desire a pleasant Room, with first class Board, within one hour ol ( itv Hall, New York; near seashore preferred ; terms must be moderate. Address, with lull particulars ton. cerulug location of house and grounds, means of access, Ac. Address B. II. W., hox Hi Herald office. MELLICK VILLA. BEROF.N POINT, WATER FRONT, delightful Rooms, excellent Board. ORANGE.? GOOD BOARD, PLEASANT ROOMS; PHT vnto family; terms moderate; no nurses taken| stabling : city reference. Address box 4B2, Orange, N. J. On Ol TWO FAMILIES i'\N OBTAIN BOARD A* alarm house tH miles trom city, oa Long Island Sound ; near steamboat lauding and depot; plenty ol shade tre?s, fruit, 4c.; bathing convenient. Address A. M. , Glen Core, L. i. _ ONK ort TWO OBNTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO. i dated with Board for the Summer at a private resi dence at Fair View. N. J., 3d mutes from Chambers street by Northern Railroad; nouse ID minutes' walU trom depot; billiard table and t!:ic stable aocoinm sla lions. Address bo* 670 New York Post office. T)LK ASANT ACCOMMODATIONS FOR THE SUMMER I in a modern house on the Passaic, 30 minutes froro city ; plenty of shade, tresh vegetal. leu, fruit, Ac. ; stab ling tor l.orses. Address R., box I A.' Herald office. Ql VEKAL PLEASANT ROOMS, COMMUNICATING, O with goo 1, sul'stantlal Board, in a private family; onlv few persons taken ; location high ground, ten nilu iites' walk to lloiisatonic Klver ; gooa tlsliiini, boating, ,lc tine luwn, plenty of Iresh nillli, Ac. ; miles from Stratto d depot, t'onn., fin miles from New York; teruu moderate. Address UOME OOMKuUTS, llerald office. SPECIAL TERMS FOR MAY AND J1 VE.-WKLL VP ? pointed table, siiacions Rooms, siia<lr gronnds, spiets did sea bathing, boating, fishing and stabling. A0P>> t? Mrs. Kiilt?ii..N. uu tbc teAiftorti ^4Ui, L. i.

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