Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 4
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COUNTRY BOARD. STAMFORD ? FINE* ROOMS TO LET, WITH HOARD, from June 15; hottse contains city conveniences; lawn, croquet ground, stabling, Ac.; It) minutes' walk from depot, one hour from citv. Apply at No. 7 West Thirty -second street. TUB BLEU A NT private residi nck at ryk. Westchester county <25 miles from city on New Karen roadt, formerly owned liy Henlamin Loder, Esq., ?will be openad for Summer Boarder* on May 1 ; the house lias gas and hath; is situated on hiicti ground, command - (n( a line view of the Sound ; lt> acres of land in sliado and truit trees; accommodations tor coachmen and borne*; beach within easy distance; location healthy ; twelve minute*' walk Irom" station, For lurther particu lars apply at No. <t Eaal 'lliirty tourth street. TBB form i- R country SKAT < >K HON. JAMBS W. Heekman will he open as a private boarding house l>y the 1st; lawn two acres; locality ffrst class. Heek man mansion, 34i> hast Fiftieth street, entrance lu It ol the carriage gate. mwo XICELY FURNISHED ROOMS UN \ FABM IN, J. New Jersey, about one hour troin Sew York. Call at or address i.'44 \\ est Thirty -eighth street. ___ 11WO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BB ACOOMMO dated with Hoard for the Summer at a private resi dence ten minutes' walk trom depot at 'I'etiany, N. J., per Northern Hiiilroad ; 44.) minutes from foot ol Chambers street; fine stable accommodations it required. Address E., box 2,699 Post office. UTANTED? BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, 000D V T countrv Hoard, within nn hour ol Wall street ; terms $31 a month' inclusive. Itelerences. Address ZACK, box IIS Herald office. WANTED? 1IO ARI > FOR A Vnf.Sii I, ADV. FROM three to ten miles above (atskill landing . terms reasonable. Adclrrsn, wilh lull particulars, l*. IA>HD, Wo. 4 West Twenty-ninth mreet TT|7"ANTEP? BOARD, WITH UNFURNISHED ROOMS. VV lor gentleman, wile, three intant children and servant, within one hour ol city. Address, givm* price and lull particulars, T. A. B., box 145 llurald office. ' SI MMER RESORTS. A*^8T0RIA HOUSE, ASTORIA .-WILL CONDUCTED establishment tor boarders; line apartments ami table: 39 minutes' sail; handsome grounds, scenery, trees. Ac.; terms moderate; country and city uouilorts combined. < COUNTRY BOARD AT CAIRO? FINE LOCATION, J mar Catskllt Mountains; good hoard, Ac.; terms moderate. Address E. E. DARBY, Cairo, Greene county, ?. Y. / 10LUM HIA W1IITH SULPHUR SPRINGS. MAR 1 Hudson, N. Y. ? This water is universally regarded us the best combination of healthy Ingredients of unv in the country; line air, bcuutilul grove. C. H. NASH. (COLUMBIA HALL, LEBANON SPRINGS, N. Y, J will open lor the reception of guests June 2, IXT.'i Board at reduced rates tor the season. A book, illustrat Ing Lebanon springs and surroundings, will be sent on abdication to DANIEL GALE, proprietor. (lOBTI.ANDT PABB BOUSE, OBUOEB'S STATION, J on the Hudson River, If, hours iroiu New York, "ill be open Juae 1. This hoasc has a splendid locality and Is Jurnished new, and with its accessible advantages would recommend it to those wishing Hoard lor the Summer. T. w. BOBINSON, Proprietor. ftLIFF HOUSE, TABBYTOWN? ' WILL BE OPEN FOR reception ol guests on May I; lavorable rates to boarders wishing to remain during the season ; gas and crater throughout the house. Address L. 1*. STILES, 'J arrytown. FAIRV1EW HOUSE, 10 MILES FROM CATSKILL ? Good country Hoard at very mo lerate prices. Extra inducements to those engaging rooms for the season. Address 1). W. JENN'INiiS, Cairo, Greene county, N. V. Heath house, schoolkvs mountain spring Morris county, N. J., will bo open tor the receiition at guests June I. Applications for rooms can lie matte bv mail or personally at theColeman House, lirsadwuy, New York, where the proprietor, with plans of the house, can be seen every Wednesday, irom 12 until S o'clock. J. WARREN COLEMAN, Proprietor. I A TOURETTE HOUSE WILL OPEN MAY 1; 30 J minutes trom New York bv rail or boat. For terms address 1!. McMICHAEL, Bergen I'oiiu. T EIGHTON HOUSE, Newman Springs, Red Bank, N. J This delightful Summer resort, beautifully situated on tlie Shrewsbury River, will be reopened under new man agement May 1. The house has been enlarged and refitted, the grounds improved and made attractive with shady walks, louii tains. Summer houses and tine lawns. Chalybeate iron springs, tine drives, fishing, boating and bathing, billiard room and stabling. For circulars giving lull particulars address box 400 Post office, New \ ork. FREDERICK BERGER, Proprietor. MOKTVEBT HOTEL, Ml DDLETOWN SPRINGS, VT.? Elegant new hotel ; will open June I; gas, w ater, bells. 4c. For circulars address P. DOOLI'ITLE, LI West Forty-first street, or Madison House, New Haven, Conn. Mount prospect house, montcl.ur, n. j.? This delightlul Summer retreat will reopen May 1. Apply as above. Mountain BOUSE, south ORANGE, MONTBOSB station, N. J.? This favorite first class hotel Is open tor Spring anil Summer scuson; It has all the conve niences ami comforts ol a city hotel; 60 minutes trom loot of Barclay street, via Morris au<l Essex Railroad ; trains daily. Extra inducements to parties wishing im mediate Board. C. IllTXEl. BURGEE, Proprietor. MANSION HOUSE-ON THE TERRACE, NEW Brighton, S. I,: 45 minutes from Wall street by boats hourly trom foot of Dey street. Mrs. R. L. BUCK LI N Mansion house, larchmont manor? h> milks on New Haven Railroad; sea bathing, boating, bil Hards, bowling alley : large airy rooms lawn and hade , accommodation lor horses. Apply at .13 Filth uvuitc. WILLIAM SHAW PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will be openeil on or about the 1st ot Mav. For terms, Ac., address COZZENS .t MURRAY, Etude wood, N. J PAVILION HOTEL, GLEN COVE. L I This lavorite Summer resort w ill open about the isth of June ; liberal arrangements made with families for the season; dirt ct boat communication this Miintner. C. L. BRIGGS. PREMIUM POINT IK > ISK ? DE Ll( i IITFCLLT SITU ated on the Sound, one mile Irom New Rochelle de pot ; sea bathing. Ilsbmg, boating, pleasant drives. ,-u? filing, Ac. Early application for choic ot rooms to A. C. PL* MPTON ,54 West Twenty-tourth ?trret. Riverside hotel, carmansvilli foot of 153d street, North Riv> r, iiu btea th ? reft tv-d and newly furnished: will I* op> z : : th* r- ? n of I:uests on or about the l?t of M*- A : : . i:,udj tor towns received at the hotel by th* S. F. PAULL. u I?i NCALF. Richfield sprinor.-any pasties desirous of obtaining private Board for th> summer at this favorite watering place woul I do well to ' all at No. J East Thirty lourtTt street, or ut ti.e oflK-e ot K. W. COVEL A ('<>., 193 Vultoti street, New York. Round hill hotel, Northampton, mass.? Unparalleled drive*, scenerv, boating. groves, foun tains, Ac. : climate healthy; fever and ague unknown; water cure discontinued ; 'ernis flu .VI to $'21 per week; special rates lor fumilicv Send .stamp tor circular. IKAD FULLER, Superintendent <". Kama. Secretary. SOUND VIEW HOUSE. ~ Everton, Mamaroneck, Westchester county, N. T? on the heights; one hour troni cltv : po.?st si<es pe culiar attractions for those desirous of enjoying country life with the conveniences and tare ot a flr-t claM city hotel, which, w ith it k surroundings, ha.-'- only to lie seen to he appreciated. Apply on the premises or address W. T. JENNINUS. 2V. Broadway. SEVEN SPRINGS MOUNTAIN HOUSE, MONROE, N Y., will open Jane 15. 1-or nrraneementi- tor the reason apply to J. M. BETMAN, Manager, or S. A. DA VI 80N, Proprietor. ST. JAMES HOTBL, MARION, N. J.? EltiHT minutes from Jersey city ferry, Cortland! or Dcs torosnes street; Pennsylvania Railroad: beautiful loca tion : first class tuble; elegantly furnished Rooms, en .-uite or single; all modern improvements, boating, driving, good stalling. Ac. ST. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRIGHTON. HTATEN Island, will open for the season V?\ 3. families or ?ingle gentlemen wishing accommodations tor the Sum mer will fliul this the most accessible and desirable loca tion In the vicmity of New \ork. Applications for rooms received at the hotel. O. DE CAMP, Proprietor. Shrewsbury river, bed hank, n. j.? house open tor the season Mav I ; first class in every re aped; finely shadcil lawn ; excellent Imthlnt; and boat ing; terms moderate, and for Kali and Winter, price re duced tlKi iltc; K n. CHAMPLAIN. The continental hotel, Saratoga Springs, N. v., "will be opened for the season on the 4th of June. This Is a tatnlly hotel, and special inducement* will he offered to those who wi.-h to engage rooms tor their families bv the month or for the season. Transient Hoard. $'. >> per .lav Address ADAMS A MANN, Proprietors, KSJ West Forty ilrst street. New York. in/BBSTBR mouse, catskill mountains, will TT open for boarders May 1, 1H73.? Favorable rates to hoarders wishing to remain during the season. Address J. B. WEBSTER, Cairo . Greene county, N. Y. "TI7HITE8TONB HOUSE, WIIITESTONK. L. I., vt will epen May 1 ; so minutes from New York by tioat ar rail ; ga? and water in every ro?ni ; verv favor ?lie arrangeiacnts made with parties coming early. h H. PiiWKl.L, Proprietor. WOODSBURO PAVILION, WOODSBURO, L. I ? THIS ma/nltkent hotel will be opened Junel;canbe reached cy Houthslde or Island railroads. For term!, Ac., address N P. SF.WKLL, Proprietor. *1 :??? ,t= | I/?\V OKKK Ks?. AT 6M7 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, *-:lks. Camel's Hair Shawls, Laces mi l personal property el every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. AT JACKSON'S, 8f6 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV entk street-Money liberally advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, Silk-, Itrv Oo<sls, and per ?wnal Property ot every description. Private entrance tor ladies. Money liberally advanced on diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks. India shawls, A, also a large Stock of the above-named Goods on hand, for wile, I to pay advances. No 1 Washington place, under New I York Hotel, one door from Broadway BROADWAY. OYER IIRRA1.I) . ?'> I cifllce, roorn B.? Parlors tor ladies ; liranel' r,j Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamond'., Walshes, Jewelry. Ac. Sauie bought an I sold. LIN DO BROS. 1 MIHCEIiLANEOl'9. 1,1 WALKER'S SON: ?EXTRA AND PLAIN Book li. binding dom at shortest notice and lowc?t price; editions ot books done In licit style. Ui Dey street. OI.OTE A JANES, STATIONERS, PRINTERS AND Blank Book Manufacturers, Ki Fulfotl street Blank Rooks mode to patterns. SOFT CAPSULW-. SOFT CAPfiri.ES. Castor oil and many oilier nauseous medicines can be token easily and safely in DUNDAH, DICK A CO 'S HOPT CAPSULES. Nu taste, no sinelL SviU by ail eUuggwu lu Uu city. B iMCUHram ? OOTH'8 THEATRE. BOUCICAULT. Edwin Booth... Proprietor and Mauuger. LAST WEEK hut ONE of the great Irish Coined i?n, MR. DION BOUCICAULT. LAST NIGHTS Of his popular Irish Drama of ARRA1I~NA POGUK. I<AST NIGHTS of hU beautiful Comedy Drama. KERRY. * Mil BOUCICAULT aa SHAI N THE POST anil KERRY. Mr Sluel Harry as Michael Feeny. MATINEE of A ItitA II NA I'OGUE on SATURDAY at 2. Scats securnd six days in advance at the Theatre, or at Ditson ?* Co. 'a music store, 711 Broadway. BOOTH'S TIIKATHE. NE1LSON. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Reappearance of MISS N El I. SON on MONDAY, May 12. (in which occasion will !?? produced, li?r the first time In Netv \ork, alter long preparatiou, the grand Historical and Romantic Drama of AMY ROBS ART, hy Andrew J. llal Inlay, Esq., anil founded on Sir Walter Scott's lumoua Historical Romance oi Kenilworlli, in which Miss NKILNON will sustain her original character ol AMY ROBS ART. lBLo's GARDEN. NIBLO'S GARDEN. Lessees and Managers .JAKRETT 4 l'ALMER NONDAY EVENING, April 28, first performance of the entirely new and brilliant Ballet Spectacle Pantomime, AXRAEL; OR, THE MAGIC CHARM. AZRAKL; OR, THE MAGIO CHARM, Produced with ? ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY, GORGEOUS AND ELEGANT COSTUMES, MARVELLOUHAPPOINT M E N TS anil a BRILLIANTLY BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATION, unequalled in any previous scenic display, FIRST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA OK THE GREAT SENSATION GYMNAST, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU. I THE I LULU. MARVEL OK THE AGE, N LULU. LULU. LI LU. WORLD, LULU. LULU, in the most marvellous and thrilling exploits ever performed on anv stage SEE I. I I, l S FLIGHT Til ROUGH SPACE, LEAPING AT O N ft BOUND FROM THE STAGE TO A PLATFORM SUSPENDED IN MID-AIR, THIRTY FIVE FEET ABOVE IT. The pantomime is presented with an exceptionally stroiig oust in the opening, and THE HARLEQUINADE will be rendered hv the uti rival led quartet CLOWN I AMES S. MAFFITT PANTALOON W. II. BARTHOLOMEW HARLEQUIN E. YALARDK CUjjUMiilNE. ..Mile. CLARA LEONTINE THREE GRAND BALLETS, under direction of MME. KATHI l.ANMER. with MLLE. PITTERI, the celebrated Premiere Danseuse, w itb TEN CORYPHEES and A BALLET OF FIFTY YOUNG LADIES. 1HE SUPERB SCENERY hn< been painted expressly for this production hy Messrs. W. VO EGTLIN, R. SOHELL and Assistant!. THE DRESSES, PROPERTIES AND A I POINTMKNTS are of the richest and costliest description, and have lieen made expressly for the piece. THE MI SIC is charmingly light and sparklim:, having been arranged hv the popular chef d orchestra, Mr. M. CONNELLY, t he startling Mechanism by Mr. Benson Sherwood. FIRST MATINEE OF THE NEW PANTOMIME AND LULU WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 30, AT I'i O'CLOCK. IULU.? NIBLO'S GARDEN, LULU, J the w onder of the world and the marvel of the age, in tier WONDERFUL FLIGHT THROUGH SPACE, at NIBLO'S GARDEN, MONDAY NIGHT, her first appearance in America. U N ION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN shook Manager Mr. A. M. I'ALMEB Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at l'a. Carriage! may be ordered at II. OVERWHELM (NO SUCCESS of NEW YORK'S FAVORITE ACTRESS AON lis ETHEL, tn~ , PRO V KllOir, Til E MOST MAGNIFICENT REVIVAL IN THE HIS TORY OK THE AKW YORK HTAOE. Ercrjr evening until further notice, . I>y special arrani;e,nieiit with Mr. Aiurustin Dalv, hin | FBOU FROU. brilliant adaptation ot Mellliac and llalevy's wonderful drama Characters by Miss Agnes Ethel, Mis* Mary Griswold, Mi-s Ktnlly Mestayer, Min Jennie Leo, Miss Kate Hoi land. Miss Charlotte Cure, Mia* Llllle Edwards, Sir. D. II, narkms, Mr. W. II. Laurens Mr. Ueorcc Parke*, Mr. Ed ward Lamb, Mr. J. W. Thorpe, Mr. J. W. Wilder and Mr. W. Ouiglcy. SECURE SEATS IN ADVANCE. POX SHEET OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Banjo and guitar taught in a single quar ter, by HENRY C. DOBSON, 141 Fourth avenue; also Jig, clog and Song and Dance, and pupils titled lor the stave. INSTRUCTION* A FAMILY OF CHILDREN WANTED? BY A LADY living in a healthy country hotne; bent instructed and affectionate care: f'i50 per year; references ex changed. Addrsss HOME, box Post office. AN experienced teacher of the English branches, primary or advaaced, also of the French language, nas vacancies tor two pupils; especially iktllul with person* of neglected education, who will l>c re ceived confidentially ; also teaches English to foreigners. Address, for one week, CONFIDENTIAL, bo* lift) Herald Uptown Branch office. A? WEST SIDE BUSINESS COLLEGE, SIXTH AVE ? nue and Twenty-third street.? Bookkeeping, Pen manship, Phonography, Ac., day or evening. Open all Summer. Please call. Y -PRIVATE 1NSTRI CTION.-PIANO, VIOLIN, OR. $10 per quarter; under the lending- artists. Ol KA K li COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Broadway and Ninth street. J\, gan, Guitar, Singing, Harmony ; dav aud evening; " HRAKD i-t, N. Y. A T THOMPSON S COI.LEOE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE, J\ opposite Cooper Institute.? BookkccpinK, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladles' department? Telegraphy taught practically with instru me iits. Demand lor operators. A LADY INSTRUCTS ADULTS AND MISSES (FIRST class families) in mathematics, philosophy, astron omy, chemistry, history, grammar, rhetoric, literature; oral explanations on difficult subjects, rendering study delightful. Address SKILFUL, box 119 Herald Uptown Iruck office A LADY, DAUGHTER OF A CLERGYMAN, WHO has the experience of many years as teacher In private families, to advanced as well as lunler pupils, lu English studies, music, French and drawing, wishes to meet with a similar engagement In any healthy part ol the country; highest references will be given. Address INSTRI'C 1 RESS, Herald office. Business writing, bookkeeping, akitiime tie, Ac., tor gentlemen, ladies and bovs.? DoL BEAR'S Commercial College, S75 Broadway, corner Eighteenth street, remains open day nnd evening all Summer. Special attention paid to business writing; stiffness, cramping or trembling removed. Ladies tauehtthc English hand or a business sty le. '1 wo private desks vacant. l^AMILY BOARDING SCHOOL FoR YOUNG LADIES r and children? Near the Shrewsbury River, 26 miles f rom New \ ork : location healthful and invigorating ; science, mathematics and classics. English, French, Latin, drawing anil music ; pupils and tlieir parents ac commodated during Summer vacation ; terms moderate; city reference. For clrculurs, Ac , address Mrs. HAR' WOOD, Seabright, N. j. N EW METHOD OF LBARNHfO FRENCH AND OER mau thoroughly by c en vernation and lecture; no grammar: conversational fluency insured ; terms |3ii week (throe lessons). Address PROFESSOR, box 121 Herald Uptown Branch office. P AIKI'8 BUSINESS COLLEGE, BROADWAY, COR. ner Thirty third street; downtown college, f<2 Bow ery. specialties? Bookkeeping. Arithmetic, Uranunar, .spelling ; 24 W riting Lessons, $2 W; ladles qualified us hoi a keepers and cushlers. No moving. PRIVATE LESSONS IN FRENCH, ITALIAN AND Spanish for ladies atnl gentlemen: quick and accu rate tuition, combining theory and practice ; conver sational fluency Insured. Protessor BONPA.NTI, -'41 West Fourteenth street OPANISII CLASSES NOW FORMING AT THE ME li' ^ cantile Library private lessons at"H9 Sixth avenue, liv Pwnwr PE TORNOS. _______________ (SPANISH AND FRENCH THOROUGHLY TAUGHT; ? 7 method very practical : Instruction to foreinier?; tra*slation? Addrciu or apply toA.Nf'OMO BAMO' .id l mversity pi ecu. THE LBCTDEB NEA80N. * HSOt'lATION HALL. ? FI NNY PEOPLE? TUESDAY A evening, April ?, is/.t. Dr. J. Jay Vlllers' humor ous Lecture Thu Funny People We Meet," will be re p< a:< d by request Fifteen new funny people will he in troduced. Tickets at principal music stores \ FREE LBCri'BR WILL BE DELIVERED BY J\ JOHN FEII KEN BATCH, Esq.. President ot thi V i j chliilsl* and Kiucksiiiiths' Interiiatlonal Union of North 1 America, on ''The Anns and Obiects ol lUr Orgaui/n 1 tlon.", on, Tuesday, April ?, at H o'clock P. M., ot Irving Hall, Irving pla> e and FHtesnth stri ct. Machinists anil plat k smiths (employe and employes) and the public are un ited to attend. Reserved s. .its'tur Ivlies. PETITE HALLE OF THE YutM) MKN S CHRISTIAN Association, Twenty third street, corner Fourth ave nue.? A lecture will In- delivered liv Mile. O. D'Kpery Wednesday, Siltb April, at iSS o'clock, exclusively tor the ladles Subject? Lea Femnies." Tickets *1 at J W. C luuUtfU* ft University place. Aim'HEHRNTS. . CTH AVENUE THEATRE (CURTAIN RISES AT K?. ? ) 728 #h?1 73" Brood wav lir. AUGUSTIN DALY nolo Leasee and Wana?rr DIVORCE t t The great drama of tiic Union EVERY NIGH*. All novelties postponed for the pwaft. an 1 every v ? ? n ing hi 1 1 iu 8 will be acted M i August in l??lj '? ? ? rv I?mI limit drama ot society, entitled DIVORCE. Character* liv Misa CLARA MORRIS, Miss PANHY DAVENPORT, Mlsa FANNY MoKANT, Mts? I.INDA I'lil/ Mis* SAItA JliVVKTT, Missi. II. GILBERT, Mi.u> NELLY MORTIMER. Miss ROBERTA NORWOOD, Mr OBORGE CLARKE, Mr. CIURLRH Kl -ill Kit, Mr. JaMKS LEWIS, Mr W. DAVIDGE, Mr. LOUIS JAMKS, Mr HENRY ? KIM*. Mr. D. WHITING, Mr. OWEN FAWCKIT, Mr. GKORGE DEVBRE, Mr I RANK I 'II A I'M AW, Mr J. A MACK AY, Mr. W. BEEKMAV and other*. Magnificent now acenery by Mr. Jamea Roberta. A DIVORCE MATIN IB Saturday at If-i o'clock. Box sheet open 10 days in advance In preparations special nnil hrllliant revival <.l M AN ami v\' 1 1 r: M?<>a powerful new play ot extraordinary emotional effect k'l'H AVENUE THEATRE. U DIVORCE I I WITII ITS PERFECT ORIGINAL CAST Ml Alfred Adriansc, who regarded marriage as an episode and loutul it late Mr. lloorge Clarke Captain L.vnde, a friend In need indeed, and a friend In the way Mr. Louis Jamei Rev. Hurry Duncan, successor to the Martyrs Mr. Henry Crias Do Wolf I)e Witt, an excellent authority on the management ot wives Mr. W in. Davldge Tcmpleton Jitt, bsi|., ot the New York Bar Mr. James Lewi* Mr. Burrltl, cx-1'nlicctnnn and Private De tective Mr. Charted Fisher Faro, hi* Partner Mr. .1. a. Mackay Judge Kemp, a relic of the last genera tlon Mr. I). Whiting Dr. Laiig, late of Hlooimnudal" Asy lum Mr ( loorge De Vere Jim, with a now system lor naturalizing aliens Mr. Owen Kawrelt Richaid, Adrianse's Man - Mr, Carroll Christmas, one ot the Emancipated Mr. F. chapman Guinea, uu.otlicr ol the same sort Mr. W. Beokmun Wedding Guests, Visitors, Ac. Mrs. Ten Eyck, a mother ol society, wno has provide I ivell tor her tv. o daughters M is* Funny Morant Miss Lu Ten Eyek, who made the Newport Match Fanny Davenport Mi-s Faiinv Ten Kyck, who got the best catch of thy season alter all Clara Morris Grxce, "Our Niece," l?r wliom we must t) ml something uiier i lie dear girls are provided tor Liud* Ecitz Flora I'rntleld, a Bud iu the Florida Groves Miss SaraJewett Mrs. Kemp, the partner of the relic Mrs. Gilbert Kitty Crush ie, who la satisfied with lier own "way" Miss Roberta Norwood Molly, the Nurse Nellto Mortimer Jenny, another Miss 'Gritflt hi Alfred, a child Annie / 1 RAND OPERA HOUSE, VT West Twenty-third street, corner of Eighth avenue. Mr. AUOU8TIN DALY Solo Lessee and Manager Curtain rises at a quarter to 8 o'clock. ?."The Box office for the snle of Tickets and Reserved Seats is open dally from 8 o'clock A. M. till ii 1*. M. Seats may always be secured one week in advance. '."An Extra Ticket Oftiee (lor the convenience of the public) Is opened at ttie Filth Avenue Theatre, 728 and <M Broadway. Mr~DALY begs to announce that, as a llttlng close for the present very brilliant season, his ilrst utthls mpgnillccntTheatru, he has arranged with the world-Known artist, Mr. CHARLES FKCHTER to | roduce here his famous and original Dramatic Ro mance of MONTE CHISTO. MONDAY NIOJIT, April 28, IS73, and every evening during the present, week, will be acted tor the Ilrst time in this city, Mr. CH \RLES FECIITER'S Dramatization, in live acts, ot Alexander Dumas' celebrated Roinnnce, entitled MONTE CR18TO. Every Scone new, by GEO ROE HEI8TER, LOUIS IIUFLOCQ and (}. W. DAYTON The Mechanical Effect* (all new) by Tlios. KEI.LY nnil assistant* The Properties by ROBERT CUTLER Costumes by .....Mine. FINCllETTli THg CAST. Edmund Dantes Mr. Charles Fechtcf Noirtler Mr. Charles Wheatlelgh iliii llrst appearance here.; Albert <le Moncert Mr. B. T. Ringgold (of the Kltth Avenue Theatre.) Villefort Mr. D'Orsay Ogden Feruand Mr. O. H. Rockwell (ol the Kiith Avenue Thuutrn.) Dangiars Mr. J. B. Studley Caderousse Mr. Charles Lcclcrci] (Ills first apiiciirance in this country.) Abbe Fair* Mr. George DeTcre (of the Fifth Avenue Theatre.) M. Morel Mr. J. W. .fanning* Old Dantes Mr. J. M. Oolden Penelon Mr. Searle Brigadier Mr. James G. Peakcs First Police Agent Mr. James A. Meade Second I'ollce Agent Mr. E. Chapman Governor of the Prison .Mr. E. Pierce Germain Mr. D. Bebus Commissary of Police Mr. A. G. Knos Sailors, Fishermen, Catalans, Guests, Ac. Mercedes Miss Lizzio Price (her tlrst appearance at this theatre.) % Carcoute Mrs. Chapman (her first appearunce in New York.) Mile. Dangiars Mis* Josephine Henry (her tlrst appearance iu New York.) Catalan Miss Cora Cassldy SYNOPSIS. ACT 1. 1? The Catalan Village. (By Ifalster ) Scknk 2? Villelort'a Cabinet. (By Ileister.) ScbhkS? The Reserve Inn. (By Dayton.) ACT 2. Scene 1? An Apartment at the Count de Moncerfs. (By Dutlocq.) Sck.nk 2? The Cell* of the Chateau d'lt. (Bv Dufloeq.) Sce.nk 3? The Cemetery of the Chateuu u'If. (By Dulloeq.) ACT 3. Sckjik? The Inn of the Pontdu Gard. (Bv Daytan.) ACT 4. Sckhk? Conservatory at the Count de Moncerfs. (By Ileister.) ACT 5. Scbfk? The Forest of Vlncennea. Morning. iBv Heistcr.) After the first act 18 years are supposed to elapse. A MATINEE OF MONTE CRI8TO SATURDAY, AT HALF-PAST ONE. A CADEMY OF MUSIC. LYD1A THOMPSON. Mr. SAMUEL COLVILLE, Business Manager of tho world lamed LYDIA THOMPSON TROUPE, has to announce the clone of the dramatic season of 1S72-3 throughout the I tilled States bv SEVEN GALA PERFORMANCES at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC, commencing MONDAY, MAY 6, w ith AN ENTIRE CHANGE OF HILL EVERY EVENING ol the WEEK and I SATURDAY MATINEE, during which the "Peerless yueen ot Burlesque," MISS LYDIA THOMPSON, ami HER INCOMPARABLE COMPANY, the most complete Burlesque Organization in the world, WILL PRESENT Til MR FILL REPERTOIRE at POPULAR PRICES, POPULAR PRICES, POPULAR PRICES, POPULAR PRICES, . anil NO EXTRA CHARGE Fur RESERVED SEATS. The pieces will be presented with the aid at' FULL CHORUS and CORPS DE HALLFT. together with the SPECIALTIES, MARKED FEATURES ot the Company, including the SKATORlAL phenomenon, MAJOR NEWELL, THE LILLIPUTIAN WONDER, in his pcrformanre upon PAKl.oR SKATES, which has no parallel. Stage Manager HARRY BECKETT Musical Director WM WITHERS, Jr. MONDAY EVENING, MAY ft-Bl.OE BEARD. "That s the sort ot a man I am." TUESDAY EVENING, MAI i. KENIL.WORTII. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 7-LURLINE. "And yet I am not happy." THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 8-ROBIN HOOD. FRIDAY EVENING. MAY S> Benefit ol Miss THOMPSON. ALADDIN? "Will take em in." SATURDAY MATINEE and EVENING last appearances. SCALE OF PRICKS. 1 Boxes accommodating four persons, $0; Orchestra, $1 ;,0; balcony circle, ti ; family circle, rak Ibe sale oi Boxes and Seats will commence at the Academy ot Music Monday, April as and may be had at Scbirmer's, 701 and lit Broadway. SECURE YOUR SEATS l\ ADVANCE WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. Fn:< iiTER'-six good orchestra si-ats" for the first night ot MoNTE cKISTo can be lia.l on mi | mediate application at WEMYSS', 755 Broadway. Also I two Parquet Circle Seats. /'RAN ft OPERA HOUSE-TWO PARI.OH CHAIRS I " f directly in the nilddie aisle, < nii lie purrhascd lor 1 FEi'HTKR'S tlrst night, at a reasonable ailMince, by ad . drrcNsing II. c., Cooke's bakery, corncr of Eighth avenue I and rw?nt| F- ^ECHTKR'ft FIRST, SHCOND OR I 1 1 iTTiT ^N IOHT AT the Grand Opera Mouse ? X nx i . n r . s having a I'ri I vate Box be will dispose ot will tniilai purchaser I by leaving the tickets vwtli the I RE A.* I 111*. It of the I Grand opera lintiae. 1/ BCIITKR'S MONTI CIM>TO * FEW GOOD SKATS for any nlgfit of tli" 'Irst week sa? Monday, may l?> bad at fvso.N'.-, FirJi Avruue Hotel, farlv applica tion requisite. \f ONTE CRISIO TICKETS, SECURING VERY lair ?eai?. an b 1 found at the Stationery Stand ill tli - vestibule of the lirand t entral llo'el "VTEW MUSIC ?"HIGH I.IKE," WAU/,. STRAUSS, J.1 i?e. ; "From has' to M? <t. wal /, Minimus, 7.V. ; "Melisilie in F," Rubinstein, <"? ,''i'i.r Own." nareli, ('? I H row p. .18c. . J. H. Thoiinis' "Eileen Wi.nna," 40c., it nd "The Old Time." 40c. ; 'Little Darling,' Dank.*, 3'le. ; ? Just Touch the llarpGeiifly," SOr . "So the Story Goe?." Molloy, Sue. i "Pilgrim of Love." Bishop, 40c DllsON & co, I'uI'lUiii r.i ,11 ;tro?,lway MAFFITT ANI? BARTHOLOMEW, the unapproachable i aiitonnimi#U. Their ar?t MiPwaiwc at mju.o's, mondav night. A M CM 16 RMTU rpilBATKS CoHlgt'K. TNKATRB TIIKATKR t'OMNJI'K, TIIEtTU nOMIQHB, TIIKATRK CilMI'JIR, Mr IOHII HtRT FOR THK WV.KR C Kill THE WtlK C MTARTLIMJ NKHftAllONl STARTLING NKNKtTIO* ?T ARTl.l Nil SHI* ATI' is hiM ?i iM'srsiM <- i a Ml R ROADWAY. M4 MROADWAY H? RROADWAT. Ml RROADWAT. Ml RROADWAT. ?*?}? and Propria tnr <IMHKM<I<HI. A I'KlL M, OMHlROIMA APRIL M, MTlRTLINO mRRRATIOXR llltRIUNO MRMRATIONM. ? I. Ml K< >1. Rl K< ? with in I.** I MM RG > MM tr<antU ?uh in M II hta IImc of Ethiopian < liwitrl it i: ? All I lie I.I Iff or I'OWKDIARR. __ ... ? ?)iJ04i HI K< . . H-,? I ? ?? M> IMI.I.I'.W _ HiNRV MART, ___ JOHN MART, ' - JOHM M II. H - ? - J'. IIS ol mm *or, ? I.AkKV T<M?|,K? eight of thr h*?i tori oi*M< in tiii world. IIIINk of IT Mi J II T OUMr.M 4N?. ? It thiwtikti M Ihm in fdilt'i iif* ('Mile Dram*. MWN JKMSIR. TDK RAI I.KT CilRU IUR MAi.l.k.T GIRL. PKOf. TORI**, PRoF Ti.MHS. I'liill' lllttIN '' I'Ktir. TolllNs T W. TotllN M WONDI KM I. FRAhKI NSIEIN MYM r ?: k * ? Tin* iiiiM im ??? I# briefly ilt <rr|i?d w Ml'i*i -A Rlllwawi It (trtM iimlnw ?i ? two. re ili? a mil MM, RpsMMMHR|R_HPRR RMMteAft. Allot R Rfwl lMtr<? duclinli at llir Inollianta the ln"*r |? re<|ue~t?-d I .. aland in |x?aiu<>n lor ?'k|M<riMrnt . vliw liao (?> iM?. by a m m irriiiii? mi'* ? iti-i iirui'i-u kr i trndrrod n?< si lee'ing. aad while aliiw and ?? ir I mum i? mating la divested ol hif lliula. inn liul leg ??h for l>mi In Firal UMarian ul PRur. Tumi MR, tin ?? at id decapitation No h m that kr la nlfu . fir *inir? M I' nyrr allunil i? n iiiain, miy lwr raunaliRM'il cum forma* e ul the i unuui oar ifand upmi The doubt exist* ni> to tlii" tin arid r filed, l.u; the I oal nml la *ever< d tin

cludca Willi a dan e |< IftfK'l pticiioiiiiT ?*? The tlluain* la tin invention ul T Rr T?Mti <?f the Poly tc< hulc lii-llltili'. (jumIiH. wliv ha* rei t uiljr arrived m llil? country Mr Tnliln la tlie IBVcnlor III Um "S|?h> n *, ' I'rntrua" and nlh< r liluai.itia one ?? hta lati ai prodai' 1 1. hi- being the lliaanlviii* *i?ni. ? *!?-. i at Waila< t'a Theatre, In "PyMtaliuM Mud i-ai tira ' Till! IS TKI'I.Y IV . I\ |ih km I. ? Hi nd tin- 1 ijdnl"!!* **l tin1 1*1 i aa i?l A Mr rira Philadelphia Age.? Oho ol the uiial striking and nn terlou* teats i- vt* r alliMiitili d Flw wi ird llm?ii>M Kdraw inn vrry l.irui' und high!) In : < rraiini aaaruililaxra al I he Aincrlraii I In-alrr l'tilUilel|iliia J-: veil in -? llirald ? kn ektrauMmary M>n mtiiin. I'll tin Ii'IjiIhm Kvi-nlnir Ti-lri{ra|>h.? I'r?i'r?-nr T liina Kri'Bl illMkl^iM i ?t I raiiki u^U'itl 1 1 Ha Ill-Ill w iluraml With wuinlrr anil admiratluM tijr Ininii'iiiv aadlni.'.n lla ci rtalnly urn* ol tin' in -t i uriMM aud raiiiarkahw* affair* ul thin kind tlial linn r !>??? it ? 1 1 ? inpli u in Uil- <uly Hu-lun IU- riild i hr Rnaliin intlilu- hivr hitharku kfi'i licriniiud in witiir>? nuiny jiikhi uptlraJ illn<<ii<iu, hut n^vor onp, wi> laiicy. Iiptler than thai now allbrllow nrd, ontitlid lliu " F mnkeMiirin Mj-im ? ? ? \n i It any ono detoctod t ti<* mi'lliod hv whic h li was dun** withoui killing ih. pat ii nt mil h <?,, In hium have had liir eye* nl Arffua. The prrtnriiianri- I* InrMinprrheBailili' EvenliiK Traveller.? fhi- Inlrrmexao lirnughl i ??.- i..n? looki'd lor " Kranki-naUUi M\?ii-ry " Tliui eertainly Ii ttii' tin i?t wniidcriul and inttri'Oinu |iiit nl IMnnou Dial Ikih over lieeii bronitht forward fur mum ? day. It i? suinclelil to hav tliul il waa ? xrelleRtljr will | i rlurnn l, and was received with Imid a | > i ? I :t i ? ? Boston Tlmea.? * iii? ol the ina-t nucre.-aliil alaga Ilia slon- over preni-iiTrd. Boatiiu EveninK il.i/clte ? Tlie lli. ward >* a* crowded to renlotlon every nUhtol tli" |ta?i week ? ? ? rnv clilel attraction, the Kraitkcnitein R>"?terv, in a very clever llliiHiiiii. Kvpnlnn Traveller.? The ureal Krankenmi la M**ii rv l.s a mystery indeed, aud one which is auiusuit! as ft is In soluble. Huston Oloho.? ? * ? Created profuiind{astonlakn>ciii. It in a rotuaikaldy clever llluiiiiiii. Saturday Kveiilng l.xiin lint the Kratik'-niteln Mystery apnearcd to lie the leading xi ii-aium It i. a very Ingeniotts nilalr, and well wnrili wittiei?iiiK To see c man disappear, litnli from limli. ia Mimethitii; rath, r .lurtlmi?, in aay the least. Ami yet it tian bei n witnessed at each perlormance with very caver eyi> Wnndera ar* not likely tn cease, even ii the age is very keeu. Keappearani'ii ol the Cntnliiue lavnriti'i. HAKUIUAN AMI IIART, HAKRK1AN AM) HART. HA It It 111 AN ANI* HART. HARRIUAN AND IIA?T. IIAUltlU AN ami II A It T uim-iiualled) appear In their new and original sketch. tltllNti WKST. OOINII WKKI'. IK >1 Nil WI'ST Kcui'peaianco ol' every body'* lavnnu Miss klTTV O'NKIU Miss KITIV O'NKIU Miss KITTY (I'NKIU Midi KITTY U'NEIL. Mr. JOHN WIU>. Mr JOHN WILD Mr. JOHN WILD THE HOCTSK THE HOUSE THE HOUSE Introducing tils Trained lin* .SPOUT. All the lavorites. Head the lUt. In a new and laughable skculi, DOII, DO) I, DOO, COOL RUROESti, IIAKItlOAN. JOHN HART, J < 1 1 1 N WILD, JOHN OIJEEN, WILLIAM WEST. LAICItY TOOLEY, J, D. OOODING, x. oraver, J. BRADLKV, J. S. CROSSKEN, 0. Ii. STOUT, Miss J and POOL BURiiESS, HART, JOHN HART, JOHN WILD. JOHN OlIEKN, WlLld iX WEiT, LARY TftritP.V; E. D. Ul MIDI Nil, .1 A. ORAVRR. J. IIRADLR V, J. S. t'KilSSKEN. O. L STOUT. IKS, iNNIE HlJfi) Miss JENNIE II Hi II EN,' M JENNIE HUOIIKR, Mils ADA W K A Y, Miss AHA WKA Y, Miss ADA WltA Y, Miss KITTY O'NKIL, Miss KITTY O'NKIL, Miss KITTY O'NKIL. Miss NELLIE SANPORD, MIS.S NELLIE 8ANKORD, Miss KITTY TILSON, , Miss KITTY TILSON, Ac., Ac. i This company appear* In fllty dillereut acts. I'oole's new sensation Drama, JESSIE, THE BALLET GIRL. THE UNEQUALLED OLIO OK Fl'N. THE CNEQUALLKD OLIO OF FUN. Concludes every evening and the Matinees, with John F. Poole's new and comic sensation Drama, entitled. JESSIE, THE BALLET OIRL. and JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESHIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE J ESS IK JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE THE BALLET BALLET UIRL. BALLET JESSIE J I SSI E JESSIE JESSIE JESSIK JESSIR JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JKSSIR JESSIK JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIK JESSIE JESSIK JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE JESSIE GIRL JOHN K. POOLE'S REST. JOHN F. POOLE'S BEST. JESSIE. THE BALLET iilRL. Charley Moore, a East vnunu man i Cnariotte Saddlcroek, an Aspirant for J Mr. John Ilart the Ballet \ ) George Webb, another East Young Man ) Georgiana Catterpillar, an Ambitious ' Mr. Ed. Ilarrifan Coryphee ) Tom Halle*, also a Past Young Man ) Sasajiariiia Corkscrew, a Lady of the j Mr. Tony Hart Toppington Grassgreeu, a Young Man i iroin th Country tM, Seraphina Sugarplum, anxious to join J John wild the Ballet I William stutters, a Young Man about town > Mr. J. A* Josephine Oridlron, after the Ballet ) Oraver Dlok Taylor, a Scenic Artist Mr. J. 8. Cro?sin Mygcl Snyder, a speculator from Prussia Mr. Larrv Toolev Wyman Elton, a Profligate Character.. Mr. E. D. Hooding Mrs. Ilorliert Miss Kitty Tllston Mile. Cclestitia, otherwise Kate Nagle Miss Nellie San ford Mile. Malvlna, otherwise Sarah Smith Mlsa Jenny Hughes Mile. Jolieiambc, otherwise Jenny Brown Miss Kitty O'Nell Mnns. Keeralfee, Maltre de Ballet Mr. John gucen Joe. the call boy Mr. J. Bradley Bob Kox i scoundrels attached ) . .. . Mr. W. West Jim Rose l to Elton, i Mr. R. Hall Copper, a policeman Mr. A. A right Jessie Herbert, the ballet girl, professionally known as Mile. Julletia Zephyriiia Miss Ada Wray Citizens, Ballet Olrls, Performers, Ac. SMinpsm of Scenery, Incidents. Ac. SCENE 1.? Fashionable Saloon. Alter the Play. The Ballet Discussed. The Dutch Pedlar. The Young Man from the Country. Patent Cure lor Corns. A Slight Mis take. A Knock down Argument. Hustle and Tableau. SCENE 2. ? street. The Hack Door ol the Theatre. The Ballet Girls Oomg Home. The Profligate and His Pur Sose. Jessie, the Ballet Girl. A Villainous Proposal. In ustry verhus Indolence. Mygel Snyder In a New Line. Bribing the Police. A Narrow Escape from Blackwclt's Inland, odd Situation. SCENE 3.? Home of Jessie, the Ballet Girl. The In valid. A Visitor. The Heart of a friend. Dick Taylor's Present. The Itallet Girls Visit their Companion. Going iii Keliearsai. Elton Still In Pursuit of Jeaaie. A New Arrival on the Field. Charley Moore In the Way. Fun lor the Girls. Striking Tableau. SCENE 4.? Broadway. The Three Friend*. Will Stut ters Endeavors to Make Things Clear The Paper Mer chant. Charley Moore's Plan. Wanted? Fllty Ballet Girls. A Bright Idea, off for the Theatre. nCKNE 8.? Street Elton's Desperate Resolve. Jessie's Danger The Accomplices at lland. An l'nplea.<aut Meeting. Abduc.tlou ol Jessie. SCENE 6.? Stage of the Theatre During Rehearsal. Tlie Excited Ballet Master. Awkward Positions. A Long Rehearsal. Arrival of Five Yoiiug and Heauttlul Crea tures for the Itallet Clumsy Females. The New Be ginners' Practice. An Uproarious Scene. The Shoe string Vender. Germany to the Front. Dick Taylor's Fears. The Strange Message. An Awlul Discovery "They're Men." Tlie New "Wolves in sheep's clothing." Stunning Sensation and Theatrical Tableau. SCENE 7 ? Street The Fast Men in a Fix. The Incon venience ot F"male Apnnrel Toothpicks. Mygel Snyder and the Torn Stamp. Five Cents Discount. On the War Path. SCKNE S? Elton's House. Jessie, the Ballet Girl, a Prisoner Only Hope of Escape. DHsperatinn of Elton. Jes*ic Fires the House. Alarm. Desperate Attempt to Murder Jessie. Dick Taylor In Time Discomfiture of the Profligate T'x i'nilel Girl's Triumph. "Glas* Pud In." Grand and I ?;< l'i i ; tableau. 1? ?> day, may s. ?MONDAY, MAY 6. Ri.nppeai ani e ot Ni iv \ m K s invorito Comedian, Mr 11. V N K k KliNS Mr FRANK KERNS Mr. FRANK KERNS Xr. FRANK KERNS Mr I RANK K KRNS Mr. FRANK KERNS will inlruiluce Ins ELEPHANT anil relate his woiidertul m'.vi ntures with the ALLI GATOR III Ml.K.S OF FLORIDA. REM EM HER I MONDAY, MAY AGISTS. WATINKI Wi DNESllAY und SATURDAY. MATINEE WEDNESDAY and SATUKDAY. MATINEE WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY MAVNiUt l'UE ENTIRE EVENING l'ROGEA MMB GIV KN AT TH !'I MATINEES EVERY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. . SATURDAY. WtDKblDAT AND SATURDAY. Awprnturawi. WALLACE*. Proprietor and Mtnuer...Ht. LB8TEB WALLACE Mr. WALLACE Wgl ki announce the LAST FIVE NH1IIW and LAST MATINEE of Mr. SOTIIKKN in ^AVID O AIIKICK, ^ and DCNDRRAItY MARRIED AND SETTLED, which |m 1 1 k will l?e prem-nted with the following emi nent artial* Mr sOIIIEItN, Mr. JOliN CI Mil, In', Mr. ?? H 1*1)1. K. Mr HISIIOP, Mr. .1. W. lAKUOl.L, Mr. HRoWNK, Mr. LEON A l( I >. Mr HOLLAND, Mr. EDWIN, Mr 1M KIMN, Mr. I'hCK, Mia, KATHEBINE BOOKBrt, Mr. PANNY Po.TEIt, Mine. PONI8I, Mm. JOHN SEK TOW. OK 8 ATITRDA Y EVENINO, MAY 3, flrat limp III till. City, WITH NKW AND HANDSOME MKIVKKY 1M) A PPOI Vl'M ENTS, Mr. J. II Byron's I'oinedy, ?' milled Til E SOUIBE'S LAST SHIM, INC, In which Mr. SOTIIERN will tiintaiu Inn original charac ter ill _ KyillRK CHUCKLES. - "te eairt cnoii>ruteitl ameaol Mr. SOTHEBN, Mr J. ' ?? "J '"""OP, Mr J. W. CABKOLL, Mr. 1IOL '?* 2 !> A KD- Mr BKOWNK, Mr. I'ECK, SJl.iMfl, ? HOCKKS. Miiw KKKIK OKItMON, Mum VANDt K B <her flrrt ?M?rance> and Mme. PONI8I. IIOX II. AN DPI MONK MONTH IN ADVANCE. < urtatu rtwi at 8 precisely, and carriages may bo or d< red at l? ?. J J MON .sgl AKI) TIIEATBR. Proprietor Mr. KIIKRIDAN SHOOK Mana??r Mr. A. M. PALMEB Benin* at < Saturday Matinen at 1 :30, Carriages may lie or.lcred at It. TniBIl WEEK and OYgBWIIELMlNn HUCCKSM at NEW YORE* FAVORITE ACTRESS, AliNES ETIIKL, in rmoit-PBor. EVERY IVP.MNO and at th? SATURDAY MATINEE, until lurthcr notice, by special arrangement with Mr. Auiru*Un Daly, will Oepr.du od lit* brilliant adaptation ol Vailhac A II alee v ? wonderfrl Drama, KltOti PltoU. Characters by Ml** AUNMi KTIIKL, Mt.? MARY HlllsW* i|.D, Mi. i.MII.Y WE.-I A VEIt, Mm* JI.NMK LKk. Ml? CIlAltl.olTE CA8K, Ml.. K \TK HOLLAND. Mla< 1. II. LIE I DWABDH, a'.d Inwij D. II IIARklN.4, INWAiill I.A M It, w it LAUKi:n>. j w. Tim it p J W. M il DEK and W orioLKY. Seat* m'i iir? d i>ue moiiili In advance BOWIir THKATRP MM li PR I I. Hill Mun:iKer MONDAY. April V, IH7:t, ? ad during t lie ?? ??Ik, a u ? drama Iroin the New York Meekly, bjr llarrelt Sylvester, entllled WILDCAT NED. Thi . drama l? In four a. in, embracing the mo?t ntnrtlinir m n atlons and lerritie tableaux ever liei'ore iirewnU'd to our palri-iM. de|iiclliiK in a laitluul mann< r the Mild liiu ot Hie in. untain men ol (>Mon. ?'a?t to the lull ntrenifth ? ' npanj ? ?t?. appropriate miirf and mount. iiun. Pir*l appeal ance at thi? theatre ol the charming ?aruH. NELLIE MI.RKRK The drama will be preceded every evening by the splen did corned v ot OULKUNU A PRIEND. In preparation the area! drama entitled HELD IN CHECK. THE MOHT MAONIKIOENT UhVIVAL in the Ills ro it Y of the NEW YORK STAOE vv rooipa mi'seim do*. Murray. MoNltAY. APRIL ?. IMTS, Evening mi, I Ait.rnoon at 2. ? ? special lor HllsT TIMK I MATINEE PERFORM AN ("KB, the tiFHUtilul ami gltted artimc. Mi?? IRSMK MORTON, in tlio scnuation Drama <>t I lie FEMALE DIRECTIVE. of the celebrated Irisli Comedian. Mr DoMIMCK urn HAT. to III* fr??t Drama <>i HI.' Mil) MOM ICY. Ill.ool) MONEY, w itli efficient cual. rOK- ATIIENKI'M. ? lOtl Rroadwav. oppoalte Metropolitan Hotel. u. w. Ht'Tl.RK Manager Til K In* M TALK TllK RKST PERFORMANCE I.N TIIH CITY. Extraordinary engagement* >t OENKRAL ORAM'S MISSOI'Kl ami KANSAS BCOUTS. CAPTAIN THUM** PIIELAN and CAPTAIN JOHN T. VI'RI'II Y, TlTK OREaTKST M ARESMEN IN TllK WORL Tlir Grand C laaaical Murh-miuc KMratu .nDii p? A-K? l~H. i : With a ?i>l< a lid ? e%t Mlna MSA WKBKK AMU Ui BLEEQl'P. OOMPaNY. Mia Lilt* ISA ARM'TT. MU. LI I.I.IK HALL, Mi -mi HELEMB SMITH. Mlm MINNIE JACKSON l(W I LI kK SCHOOLCRAFT. I imi Specialties I BBYIfOI4> MRoTHERB ? Rpe. laltle*. LlNNtllkWB A, l"r' I.Ak ATIlf>Kl-*--;j^VJtr GKORXE A I K I and It Kill i. a it A I HffN ?? I M IN IMF! It BFECl ILTIRs KVT.IY>VK*I.NU. Door* ?>!>?- ti hi 7. i iirtam ri?.ii at 4. T* Hnx ..rtli i" open dally wait aeeured in advance. BRYANTS OPKRA IIOCSE TWENTY THIRD STREET, between Math and Seventh am., ni-ar Booth ? Thi-atre. iMANHK t>P PRi UiMAMME. bryants minstrel* i biioo fly. BRYANTS MINSritKLS. | PROW ERnWEKuW FRoW. BRYANT* Minstrels I Or. foltnn'* Laugtniifl Uaa BRYANT'S MINSTRELS , Moving Ptrat ot Ma) Rice a* the prima it. .una True luff never did run ?iuooth Character* t-v Dan Hrvant. Nelae Seymour. I>avc Reed, Stanwood, Rrockwa*. Carter. Triuplctoa. Morriaay, Kmc eraoa, Ac. Matinee Salurdav at 1. Hrtu n-i-nrtd THR FOLLOWING ARR A PKW OF TllK DIS. tlngiiiahed peroonage* who have bad kiiicu with CHARLES II. POST Kit, TUB JifJRIT. M KOI I'M, 16 Kaat Twelfth atreet BRYANT'S MINSTREL* BRYANTS MINSTREL*. BRYANT* MINSTRKLs BRYANTS MINSTREL" El' ROPE Duke ot WELLINGTON, Duke D'AUM \LK, Lord LYTTON. Lord STANLEY, Lord PALMERSTOE, Lord ROYBToN, Lord OR TABLKV, THACKERAY. EDMUND YA^ES, 8. C. HALL, KOBKRT BROWNING, TRNNYSON, ROBERT CHAMBERS, RITTENBACK, I)r. ASHBURNKR, Sir EM ERSO.N TENNEEf, EDWARD dyck, HENRY 8PICER AMKHICA ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ANDRKW JOHNSTON, JAY GOl'I.D, TOM ?COTT, CARLTON. BAYARD TAVI.OH. liKOROK AU.NOH', N P WILLIS. JOHN HAY, WALT WHITMAN, LONOFKLLOW, Rev Dr. IIEPWoRTH, RDM IN BOOTH. J WILSON .Mi HONALD, J. d. HOLLAND, ol.KS BI LL, i.oTTCIt Al.K. MARIA LOUIS* KELLOGG OlE Sl< Kl ES, Al.lCE CARY and ten tlmuaand others MR. JKItoMK ROI'KINS announrcii tin- I u-htli Annual Sprint tide Pe>tl val of the "ORPHEoN rlloKil. s?H IKH s t n-. 8c1iim>I? for Monday evening. April H, at the New Vork Academy of Muaic SiKiiora BKLLINI M \ RluTTI. Prima Donna from *<'Uih American opera IIoimo Mr. LKIUII COLE, the eminent Kngltidi Tenor, and oilier aide Arti*f?, with POWERFUL CIIORI s UP AIH' I.TS, til RL> and CH??IE BOYS, and ORCHKSTKA ir. in the PHI Lll aHMo> ic BOCIETT. The ORANDFST SI NO I. F. I ONCKRT nl th. *. ar. ?:i*en under the nmial dl<tlnniii>lie.| auapi.-M H< > \ h.a and SI5 ; TICKET*, auc $1 ind tweured fl it. at Oiu- n a. 711, aad Ward well'*, iwr Broadway, awt at r..n I a # Ciiioii Kijuare. I STEINWAY HALL. BCHt'RERT SolBKK MONDAY KVKNIMi, April ?. i?;V at - a etork Mine I.OMSK Ll< lirMAl, aaaote.l hy Mim ' I ?RA PERL, Ml?? SCHIMXNN Mr HKRNikl' hKMEhTX VON INTKN. Dr DAMRo.-CH ItAKi . > ? l( I k t at Steluway llall, and sehiriuer'*, 7rl Broadway Magical bazaar. I. IK} Erowdwav, under sturtevant ll?n?e 1IARTZ A LKVY Pr.ft r> t r. ^ A CARD. Me**r? HARTS A I.KVt !? t tn ann. B . that | they will conttnne their m>i v k - s at n rir t ?>? ( KNT KflTAEUaHMKNl aiml tlM eatr ? Iter ationx lire eoliip I leil lit thvir a. ? 1 - ' n t- i 111 BROADWAY. I NIX R ST .1 A M t S IK > 1 1 I 1 a>k for tiik woNDRoca uEAMAM'ura A MAKVKL IN IT-MJ^ I'Kl'K I ALso rilK LATPiiT N?w MtUMDBa THE TOWEN OF BANKI NEW TRICKS .. IT Ml Kkt* BOX KS OF TIIH KS AT ?* *NI> ( i'? *HI> KVENINO PAR I IRS ATtKhDED WITH RtulUL ENTERTAINMENT. Price IM ?eal re* hj m*< fTlVOLI OARDEM, J KiKhth tlfeet, tietween Seeond an. I Th-r l a* "? ? THIS KV K N INO, at a o'clock, i?ra?d ?Mm red i' *?rt TWENTY-FIVE O! THE BF?I Miol. I * n ? TWENTY-FIVE or Tllr. B?-*T Ml mi I* Conductor . AI O Rohih m.% Ailniiiwlon cents. '"At I. tin rrHE NEW PARK Tfl I ATR F HR ??KI Y* N ? J With entrance hrourhi la a le*' I wltti Ih ? ? .? drcaa circle, new ataue. new ? . u. rv 'tee..ra<i..?? ? .4 n,t nitnre and completely rem. ?lellrd, with * ? > 11 ? Of 1. 40U, will he opened on >>r aboui th? l-t ..t l, ,i, , iiniler the pronrietoralnp And mana*. m< 1 w ? ? k snmuella Arti?ta and %tnr- of a< know i?rln.. ro.i ,r Inn cnnafcmenta for or during tin .1 i.?r>? , a* ail J real TIIOB. K. MORRIS, xaKe an>l t~i?tai)t Manaa ? HS Kaat Thirty aecimd litre, t. New * rk (GALLERY of PAINTINOS T LOUIS DURR'S HISTORICAL COLLI s comprlaiag orar EltpBnitinR/> the ?> at uiaa Ir..iu the tourteeath ci ntnrr down t tpe vr ?? n* tin, Now open lr?m I to l" I' vt i..r iii bean. : ?t THE HERMAN llosPlt AL. in tt-e GERMAN -lAMMla H?SK III II.KIV ), entrance on Fourth avenBe, i? ar i-ou-te n"i ?tr ?? l AiIhiinuuii iluria/ the day. joi , in the evontn^ a rrniK ORPHEONIHI SHRINOTIDK? FKsTIV 4L P< ill I the Orphe. h Society'*" tree S. hool F?n t, M..nd*v erening. April Acadt my 01 Mu?lc under ihe ?-?al diitlngiliahed atw?lee*. si?uora Man .tn prima itonna, an. I other crcat iriift*. iiramt ? tioru. t.nd Orchtftra. Ticket* Si uud laecared) (I Bt. at Dr *"i'?, 711; WardwMf% '."*7 Broadway, and 1. rui'n, H Union Mjiiate Boxen flu unit ?l.i. TlANJD.-jr.ST ISSIFO, BOOAN'B 'BANJO MAN IJ mil,'' the mo^t aimnle, complnte and only meitBod if the Kitul ever published, enahlmx the pupil, without the leait knowledge ormuito. to playataight Thi? work 1a not hy note, hut hy iuy well known tnetUod. Price BA N. B,? Banjo, song and Dance, Jig. Clug and I rtah Jig IiBUcinn Uuu'ht lor the ^tagu hy JOBN J. BOUAN, l.M !? 1 it Houston street, near Bowery. / 1LOWN 8UITH, TIGHT8, TRUNKS, SIIIRTS, llosE V' all lise* and color*, plain and atliped, In worited and cottea. incWfs htamp lor circular. . ITNIUH ADAMS A CO., <ST BroBdw?? AMTTSHWWirr*. QLYMP1C THEATRE, 624 Broadway. JAMES B. TIAYES MANAGER TUB PUBLIC VOICE, ~ ? * TIIE PUBLIC PRESS ENDORSE IT. THE PUBLIC'S CATERER, lu consequence, announces that ho will contiuM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE to present, EVERY EVK.VINtl AT 8, TUB FIFTH EDITION of a. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUWTY, THOROUGHLY RECONSTRUCTED BY THE AUTHOR. New Caat. Now Burlesque Opening, New Scenery, New Music. Now Tricks and F.ffeoU, and AN ENTIRELy"nKW I'ANTOMIME. The following Specialty Artists will appear, assisting In till* ? CARNIVAL OP FUN. THE WILSON BROTHERS. GYMNASTS EXTRAORDINARY. WILLIAM and HARRY J E K, CHAMPION HAT SPINNERS OF TUB WORLD, in their famous specialty, entitled MUSICAL ROCKS. AMERICUS, the wonderful INFANT VIOLINIST. Last week of PROFESSOR NELSON and SONS. First appearance of tho pcorle? Mile. MORLAOCIll, in her unrivalled DIVE RT I SS K M E N TS i E R PSICORB AN. Revival ol the great ? RAILROAD SCENE, COMIC SKATING ACT. , A new Historical Tableau of WASHINGTON CROSSING THE DELAWARE. MATINEES ? WEDNESDAY and 8ATURDAY, 2 O'CLOCK. QLYMPIC THEATRE, 0/4 BROADWAY. J.VMES E. HAYES Manager EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. A GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT will be tendered to the WILSON BROTHERS by the nrofossion and the public generally, Thursday afternoon, may i, lsri America's Grimnld: and emperor of all comedians, GEORGE L. FOX. will appear on this occasion in Buckstone's celebrated Farce, entitled the LOTTERY TICKET. OLD WORMWOOD Mr. G. L. FOX Through the kindness of the managers of the novelty theatre* nt this cltv tho following well-known artists have klndlv volunteered their services, and will appear iu their several specialties, Ac. Miss LILLiIE IIALL, MissHKLENE SMITH, Ml? FANNIE BEANE, REYNOLDS BROS., "GUS" PHILLIPS, Pro! NELSON ft SONS. HARRIGAN and 11AUT, joiin hart, john wild, NELSK SEYMOUR, JOHN QUEEN, IIAKRY and WILLIAM <1 EE, BILLY PASTOR, LARRY TOOLBTt KYNHPK and SMITH. LL'KE SCHOOLCRAFT, For further particnlars see bills of the day. LET KVKRY ONE ATTEND. RoS^ahcet now open. I'ours open at 1 ISP. M. ; curtain risesat2. _ _ 0 LYMP1C THEATRE, 6J4 Rr( not wa r. RXTRA announcement. Monday evkmnq, Apra n. Arm ap|ie.iruuco Vt EES lit fAfI''run Jll'lSJ'AvcnT uxs**misa> Inclmllnir hor celcbraf*!} ^'?cUlile*, Dooraopen m t.i? ?'?,?.,? ?AMCK . jD.T JAMES THEATRE ~ tbo n~*m Jo^/J^^VT ONE. IiitLA'vO." I n bounded enthli'iwSf crow<1?l to the do?r?. ?tnE m MAT M RS r. B. CON WAV'S HKiX>K LYN THEATRE. ON CLE saM. Mr* JOHN WOOD, Mr GkuKith H GRIFFITHS, Mr WALTER LENNOX AM) COM PA NY. r?Y PASTOR'S Oi ERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. t PRANK JONES. tii k mcsical. wonder' prank jones. (PltVNK JONES. SP.NORITA PHILOMPNA, THE DASHING DAN8EURE. SEM>R1TA PlllLoMENA. THE HASHING DAN8EUSB* V 1S> joll I N NAII GRANGER, THE ACCOMPLISHED VOCAL*HT. TUB I SAI'CV NELL. I NELLIE CHARM I NO SAI'CV NELL. a* CuMEDV | SAUCY NELL. I SAt'fTT NRI.U ? II A Ki t V WIUTK HILLY BARRY. RILI.Y PASTORS NEW COMIC HON OS All llir ia?..nt. -tar artiati appear. Matinee*' Tuesday ai?l Saturday Ladliia admitted free <>n Friday ?votiingB. \T STEIN* AY HALL Till RSDAV EVENING, MAY 1. 1*73 A.nlr. on Hi.' Ii* ..titjp, rn?u>f>. cliewiatry and ap> bin ?unit in atir??rji of AN AKilTIIRrtlA. BY J MARION SIMS, M D Proft?a..r K. OODILN i>< mEMI'S. M. IV, an. I I'rttf. ??.r FRANK II HAMILTON. M. D. ? III nrilliaiii and novel ?afMirtiiiunta. rioainii ?H? an a<l.lre? :>? RE V III SKY WARD HRRCHRR M A Y 1 1 K HUKMIK WILL PRESIDE. Ait ml <i a. witli *? at >1 Daaea open al 7 To co? IWrara at a orlotfc t ' ti.,' I Mr ALEXANDER HPN'IRR'KIN. Manaaer af tbft I ?.iia Ih. ?!> ??<?? Tr . apt heartaa tlial all kln l? ol e*?K k? rt'nl m>?ta are ? urrrnt ri ? ?.'imj the ?tate ol hi* h-altlt. fce*? m aa? . \m. ? . tint tun > katt? . l? ri* aalit< air Jiaa lia-l the moat bene Brtal ? rt<*> ? and thai h/ iritnU Ui return t.. N.'\* \ ork. ? , h iiw w 'Um in aim.i>i n. ti in p<n iii itj riatorrA hr altfc liitliit Clft, I.'iaixia, April U. 1*71 S' At'Kfc'B CALICO SHIRRR. 1 IR" I Nil H AI.L, w? dnmday. may 7, 1*7*. \? AMIEYtM fBr?TN? ?r Nl W nRI.E AYs tt? i w-at Pr.?i?.?a> will he rerei?e?l umiI Uie I at dar ?f Jan. ii t: >f Hi ? r. nt ai ihr * afii t? ? FIuhmt. cina luetit'MW with an a Thi tlieaUr i? . oinplrt* Matin* ?p;. mil ?. n' ? ?ar'r.^ ~ . n> r\ . pr?|M rtti>% p, AMfna f W'I*?T Pre?iJ?-nt La Vaj-N'1* Aaaoot* tta*. Mr* iirl.-aa* h*IN. i\.. AM M 'MM il (Hi MY l? <I.INT<>M ) ia r near Nr.<a.l* t? -t iiim Uiu hi in IJ leaanna A r a. i>. ifiMt i t .i Irw n Ai.paratua and M .aini( iMikd -hi hand a it. I ? >r ?!? t .1 .n.l MONSTER Y. ?'|.1|T?K I W?R * ?! I'lR IIRtT NIGHT (IP r i r ai tiraifl ' i- a U uat Mtak Apply In Mr MTitKMa Leaart . Il.ital hMR*t MrNKol *TATI * nN ?\Y mT \OR OT TH? t.*,N|( RAIIET SPEi TACI.E _ ? ICliL OR I it R MtillC CH?nM. i?A?HrB. M?i*DAY NIGIIt T H IP BFAI'TIPIII. I'Ahl' PlA*it !???. O HI I TAR alMIINO MIM 1 ? tt-.N rfivi . |.r a'. te?? n? 4a> and ?*i miu. at Iter ri ?.lr? ?. R ? lfnfc*t plaea Kwhi't arrtU lii-lrn far I at 1 1 pra. 'v* 4 ' A Hit -?IU? AYR m?TBI t TION riAHU. VltiUM, V/ iMlR. t.?Mt MMina Mann. it* .|(i aa.t i-?t hina, ?I ? t I, Mot plat' ll(?lli Ml at I K?*?Mi?l.. .1 laM. i in ulan wiiw In*. ' JAY ? lf?<W, Maiiul iMrt-c l?.r ? N'?:W TURK Ml -It' M or A> ATOMY. RROAD ?a?, k M a-bin ?<il lint k?t atri-ru.? Every nil I ?t?! " ? atl.-r:.. *u? .t? ?? laf-ilt .?! rverv lhiu)''.4'i< Jt'H.I a> inJ iial. rr? i t L. iar?? daily ,m Tn* Ph l-taopl ? tf Maenad* " ft ae pari*.-. iinaMa It. ai itatl tlttv imporvtM ie? tar?>? ean thrn lor war-i*4 I- 'f ? a r?i ri^i i* - rins. by a.llr?wi,t| ?RfRKTARY Nr? YUW Ml *Bl M or AN AToMY, "ll Mr.ia iaat New ? ???% ('BAND Uirr t'uNt'RRY M iN!i\Y AM.t TCEMIAV t #V. nia?? ai Bl. eekt r Hit. iu?. .*> I ^ t iti-r aln et. PM?e aH*?r W ar% ml I'aiait.tgi A. , u. t.. iw? away * I KTRtiroLITAN THf A TP It; Al. AN (I tftlOYV PRINYINU R<rT?Rl.t?liMRNr, MKRALIt Mi'll.IMN'l, BROADWAY A NO ANN nTtErT A LlRitl AS4t?rtTM 1ST OP Tup, ITRH'tl* MINSTREL AND YARiKTY i IJ M voNsTANTLf UN UAH*

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