Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1873 Page 5
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CITI ?"?- MATS FOR RAI.E* ' C?atr?l> An* doors ffiiiT or nrm ATRxr*. o* ktwentk ?>?? ??? ?'-ory. baaeuient (tw# ?tory l>?r?ll m. lirocma; all improvements; -uti<rb . fen* yard. ?.lh Arbor*. ;.,unuui, Ac.. lor sale low; otliar city )'i?|ti r taken la part pajmrnt ?. T. WOUbl.K i ,J1\ airerslty place. AI>KHlrtA?LK^ RESIDENCE ON rOltrY-NIVTH Mnf i. nur F lib ??i ?u' . ?l* or to let; orally Staled unj freneed, tti p*.i?et order. with i-osaession ; (Miea-n lutyir.eui. balane* ? ? lavoralde term*. Apply own or J AH nM C RPKNC IK, X*7 Broadway. a ? a-a. n>* FALr. a' a HArnnicr, a fib t J\ % tla ? iMir rtortr high a.oop lirown -lone House. 717%'h t, i. i t l^i on ?ni side ot MaUiron avenue, fO ;ect Ik utii of i-rveiily-lourth ?tn rl rlear view to Par* : threo Coo i a in bard wi od. pai i?r i . or cal net work by Pettier A with library. t>ut:er a | antry, mnntcl mirror*. Ac. >l?o ? flrat claia lluuan 01 similar dimension* na I au|*ik?r l.n'ali on Mmli-on iv?mi?, 21 leet troin the K beast oortier o? Ptxty-flrat atre< t. Term* to tuli : K< od atl'.ft lot# tuk -!i la j ay m-til ; hoasra orcn lor Impec tlon. Iiiaoire 01 owiirr, A. kl.AIiLB, at tan marble works, IM !'??! at it el. A Kin T CLAIM roL'* story mail rtoop, wki.l prm>ortion?i|, irctrood 2.' loot *ton* Dwelling, Forty ft rat atrcel, just nut of FH'h stenue, for sale low. f. t. ?TKV I N lis, Jr , II I'ine street A-thikty fifth tbk'.t oiurbay iiili.i, hk ? twecn Va't-on an. I P.irk avenuea.? Over dtisira lilc lour n ory blrh stoop ?l-'oot --tone Dwelling, lor stile reasonably, V. K. STLVK.NHON, Jr., II I'liie arrest, or to owm r, 545 itroadwuy. AMAOMFICKNT HOMK. TO HK BOLD AT A B A li ra n, in tlic mo?t desirokle locality, letwron Ki rty eixth and Forty- Ishtti street* anil Madison nnd l-'ifih avenues; four alorv ht|li stoop brown stone, J'ix7 xltu Int. liew cabinet tlmli, at '1 Improvements. wi;h a i or lion o' ihe Imported Fixtures nnd Ftiriiltiirc ; or will ox chance inr ucceptable Property which will readily lei, between Fourteenth Mttd Forty-second streets, Fourth ana Rl\th avenue*, or new lottra.ory Hou-e? 'or smell fami l ea, in c o op.oitmily to Ccn'rul Park; will receive or pay difference* in rptown Lots, or c*-h. No out ot town or tntimproveJ property desired t parly aolnc abroad. Address, htHtlii'.' all particulars, Nos. 8 and iU I'me siieet, room Irom l to 6 I'- II. ASFI.KKDin 8MAI.T. POUR HTORY III'llI S^OOP brown ritotm llouse for salo, 8even y tlilrd alrect. between Fiflh ;md .Vidisotl aveitdf*; calnnet work Irom barciientio lourth lionr jtrateiully'decc rated and henied liy a.eain will be soil, Ini'iiM'iea or iiiiMirnml'ed, at n Ver>* low price; lermseHy; pos?ei?jlon immediately. In nuire of A. OH ATA IN, o75 I<exlni{toii avenue, betwoen Forly-tlrm and r'orty-jecond ktrneta AT BACRmOK*? MAONIFIOKNT I!R(HVN flTONB Tlou e. near Lexin^t'in avenue,*); another, aUxriOxlA SlH.OHJion" lour atorv House. $J4,'0I; nno tior, S2i),rKK>; iiuih; Ik- fold. Al-o lensehold l.ol, west fide, cbean; rare chnuco lor lmi'der. LIONKL FUOKULICH, 'i'hird avenue, corner Piflioth street. AHOUSB IN WBftr TK i ill STBBRT. MTW11* i' onr li and BloeoKer, -lxli.' ; hou-o nil improve luullti; term* en-y. iC. 1,. ? B. T. BU It Nil AM, GDO lluilmm strcet._ ASUPRItli POUB BTORY* BROWN KTONK HOURB, with iliniint room exti'iiaioti, on I Ifty iccond slrrot, lietweou Filth and .-.isth avenuoa; owner In aiix.otia to ?e!L t. U..LUl)liUW A CO., No. X Pine etrcot. A SUPERIOR BR10K STABIjK, 29X100, WITH HIX alall* uttd two box (tall*, eoachmnn'a, harines and wraah rooms, in ebmolete order ; Twenty H -veiitii -treet, near Kixiti uv> nuo. IIATUII A VAN U lui'.S, OlOMxth av, A? rou SA1.B, FOUR FIRST CLASS POUR STORY ? hish atoopktono iront-- (Collere lonsc) on nortli s;,le Ot Forty-ninth Btreet, betwoen FllX!i nnd f-ixtli avenues. !?!x60, aoxffj II nil 10x05. Apply U. \VM. C. L8STBR, 47 \Veat Forty-ninth street. A8PLBNDTO INVI .HTMKNT.-Ti o WttOLB BLOCKS, lid lots, on the west side, north of 1411th street; ensy torms. Apply to I! CO 'I N. t!AMI\ M Broadway. FOR ?aLK? FOUR 8T0BY Hltlll HTOtlP BH0WN atono front House 011 West Fnrty-otehtli xtr -ei, nisi lieen newly pnlnteil and decorated nil throimh, with mantel antl pier KlaMtC'. !? nr nitii rt- will be sold wlili it if dOKlieil, Apply to owner, 132 OiiAue street up i-tairs. TTitOK hALK? 'JN WKST FOBTY-SIXTH BTRBBT, NRAB F Filth avcaue, a flne four story brown atone Mouse; 22}?xf'5xl00; in perieet order: priee $4.1,000. K. II. Lb PLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. FOR BALK-ELEGANT FOUR BTORY BROWN .-TOM', tilth st"op House In West Forty-nintli street, iS'xIWx 1?0, alioii1 201 feel Irom Flltti n venue; Columlda ''o'lege louse, !' y.>ars to rim ; uround rent $ '.'.n Piirlv wenti 11? a bniftniu can apply to FoX BROlllRRS, Wll.LiAM II. ItAYNOit or 1 Human I). KOBINSON, 2 1 Nassau siroet. FOR BALK?AT A LOW PBICR, NO. 2:, FAST SIXTY fourth street; flr.*t cln?s extra cabinet finish: built by day's work. Anplylo S. M. STVLK8 A sons. For KAijK op. to lkt-a foci: story biiown stone House, furnished. Inquire at 44 West Thirty third street. FORSALRORTO LET? ON FORTY-NINTH STREET, ncr Flitn avenne, a bcautitul Resiuence. paln'el and Ircscood and iu ncr.ect order, with Iminedln'o pos Miialon. IIENKV a. SMITH, l.KN! liroadway. PO!l 8a Lw OR TO LKT-AN ELBOANT DOUBLB IIou'C, finished in French flats- central location; very accessible ; Niutli ward. Apply to owner, 61 Liberty street, room 2fL Ii>OR SALE OK TO LET? THREB HANDSOME, SMALL lour rtoyr brown stone Houses on Slxty-llrst street, between Fii;f! mid Madison avenues, near Park ontmnco. Upon every day. D. A J. JAKOINE, ArchitecU, 1.VG7 liroadway. IitOR SALK OR RENT-HOUSE ON SEVENTEENTH 1 street, near Filth avenue. Brooklyn ; rent low. Ap ply to owner, JAMBS L. DAVIS, Ut South street. First chasb four story bbown stone iiicb stoop House and stable on Murray Hill, beauUiully Situated, lorsiUont $67,590. Apply to u. II. Ll'llLOW A CO.. No. 3 I'ine street. First clabs houses? medium and extra sized Houses on 61st. r>Hih, 57th, 56th, 54th, 5.''d , 52<1, IBlh, 47th. 46 h. 42d, 3.4 h, 37th, Sfith and 34lli streets, botwen Madison nnd 6th avenues; 9:15.1x11 to $70,000 and upwards. W. P. .SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway, JF YOU KNEW NO MORB THIS MORNINO THAN YOU K(TkW YESTERDAY, CEAD THB EVENING TELEGRAM TO-MORROW, .? ? AMP RNQW MORE TIIB NEXTDAY. _ Look at this babgain.-on ibving place, for sale, four high atnop Houses; ouch house 27 (rout t>jr BO deep; lot* 100 feet: $26,000 each ; ? Hit feet by SO I pet on Twentieth street, near Second avenue, $15,000; near Fourth avenue, Tliirty-flrst afreet, $lft,ooo. HYLAND, i42 East Nineteenth street. Murray hill, near park avenue.? the bu pcrior built and elegantly furnished Tour story brown stone House. )7x60xliH, at a sacrifice. H a foil * VAN DORKN, till) Six h avenue. qiSK CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE CITlf? 8IXTY-KIROT X strco , near Madison avmuo ; will noil lor S-t.0)0 less than cost: finest location east of tho I'ark. Apply to DUNN A BMAinil, 202 Broadway. W HAT Irt THK MATTER?? FOR A HOUSE O* SKO ond avenue, near Tenth street, 22.3x60, lour story brown stone, lot 125 deep, only $21,000; also 26x60, Ave story, lot 104, on Eleventh street, near Second ave nue, $?!:',<) 0 ; also on Thirtv-tlilrd s reet, a (our story tirown stone House lor $12,006, between Second and Third avonnesi nlso on Twenty-filth street, between Second and Third avenues, a 25x100 lot, front and rear Houses on, bringing S1.R40 per veur, all $14,000; cavli $4,0*1; a eplondnl 2ft loot Lot on Twenty -ninth street, only $i,ono. BYLAND, S42 East Nineteenth street. $35! A 5TH AV., ABOVE 47TM ST.-AN ELEGANT MEDIUM slzcd b'Own stone House, 3 rooms deep. Tor sale ex ceedingly oh 1 ftp, with new and beautliul Furniture. Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 I' rp id way. FTTH AlfEVUR. ABOVE (?I'H STREET.? A FINE COR. ej nerl lot, 4 or 6 lots; jirlee low; also other corner riots, on and near r>th and'Madlson avenues, below and fronting the Park-, bargains. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. f?Tll AV., MURRAY HILL. ? A FINE CORNf R VI Property, 46 feet Iront; modi rn first class Stores and Fla a; tor aaio cheap ; fine investment. W. P. SBYMOPB, 171 Broadway. A FIFTH AV iSN U K. ? $57,00J.? THE ELKO A NT ^.'Irr our story brown stone House, built by Charles Dtlggln, ill 1*71 ; is in every respect strictly first class; Collogc lease; lot 121 feet deep j the house contains a bil liard room, laundry, kitchen, reception, parlor, wiih two ?windows; dining room, with three side windows; laren liall and six bedrooms ? all 'he rooms are largc and well propel t'oned ? ten plate glass mirrors; thu < mire house lias recently been frosooed throughout: the purchaser "will be required to buy a portion of the new Furniture: Sossemlon May I, Apply to H. D. ROLPII, owner, W oworjr, ? RHft ? A POUR STORY BROWN STONE *P46.0\r\J, hig!i strop house, 22x30xlJ0, West Thir ty -niuth street, with Carpets, Ac. HATfiH AXAN LORKN, 610 Sixth avenue. flAf) _ A F,NK ''OUR STORY HIGH STOOP -r-'t'. brown stone House, 21x55x100; pcrfect order; 46th ?t, between 5 h and 6th avs. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broad wsy. nnn ? "R8T CLASS POUR STORY SUB. stantinl brick House; 25x66x100- on -Seventeenth street, nenr Irving plane. B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Pino street. Ea?t feltle. REAL BARGAIN.? 133 EAST FORTY-EIGHTH street, near Third avenue; tour storv hi?b stoop rrown stone Mouse, 13 rooms; pa nted throughout; price 614,00): terms easy. Apply on the premises oratL. I h<<il>EI<so,v.S, 70 Nassau street. A TWENTY FOOT HOUSE, 111(111 STOOP BROWN A et4iiie, near all public places, with possession, enn be had at a sacrifice; only $5,000 wanted. Apply at 142 Kast Tn only-second street AN EXQUISITE LITTLE BROWN STONK HOUSE, elegantly furnished, for sale, before Mav 1. ror $25,000; easy terms. See premises, 21? East Seventy-sec ond street (wide street), or call on SILSBEK, 187 Canal ntrcct. U A CIVIL AN.sWi.R COS'IS NOTHING. " "NO .rV trouble to show houses." All kinds of Property for sale and to oxchango. W. 3. HARPER, BSI Third avenue. A? A.-A.? SPECULATORS NOTICE.-TI1IRD AVE. ? nue, near Eighty-sixth street, fbur full Lota, north west corner; rest 01 block built tip with five story first class houses; these lota free of rocx ami ready for imme diate Improvement ; price $5t.00i>; terms easy. JIIIOMA.SG. HOI Kit, jl'tti Third aven? ? (CORNER HOUSE FOR BALK? ON SEt'OND AVENUE J and ihirtv-ftrit street, price $.0,0 0, also ono House on Thirl a venue, tour story doubc, with two stores ; size 25\60xl0J, price ?2 ,0 0; lerin-. o suit. .tolIN MAQPlttB, 2.02) Tlnrd avenue. 'ZftOR SALE? ON THE BANK OF TI1E HARLEM I1 River, between McCotnii's Dam anl High Bridge, a .fceautmil new t-iree story and basement French roof t'ot tm.e, eoataintng It rooms ; one ol the best sites on tho (lariem Itldge. fur permit apply to BERNARD CKEGAN, M5 West Twenty-fourth street. Vjiuit hai ,C-n ar (Tains in improved' propi-.k J1 ties; brown stone Houses, all modem improvements, I row $1I.W? to $20,000. The attention of buyers is so ttrtod" DJNOEE, PORTER * CO.. ?,SW Third avenue and M fine street iiWft 8ALK-THK THREE STORY BBICK (M)TTAGB', F with Store in iront, S40 Kant 1 wenty-tirst -treet 1 i-rioe Eft terms easy. Apply to owner, PATBICK BTAN, 444 Kam FitteentU street, corner itwtM a. CITY BE4L ESTATE fOR BALE. Eait Hide. CnjH raijx on to rent? four btoby brown r atone high stoop Houra 161 Kast Forty-sixth street! price ?20,0U0; rent, furnished. $175 per month. JOllN M'KEBSON,9l Fulton street. HARI.KM? TWO BTORY HOl'BK AND LOT; PRICE 34 GO I. Inquire on th.i premises 134 East U9th street, betwoeu Third unci fourth a veil up.". HARLEM.-VALUAIiLB BUSINESS PROPERTY ON first, i-ocon I. Third and Fourth avenues, Improved and uuimproved: some a great bargain; small amount cshIi wanted. Apply to JOliN OOSTELLO, comer Third avenue and 118th street. HARLEM. ? $9.71)0 WILL BOY AN EMSUANT TIIREB story high sioup brown stono on Utith street, wide street; ca-h w?nl< d, Sl.TtO; balance long mortgage Apply to JollN COBTELLo, corner Third avenue and 1 1.1th street. HARLRM.-FOR BALK. ONE OR FIVE HOUSES; three story basement brown stone Houses, finished In best style; will he sold cheap. Apply on premises, 134ih street, between Filth and sixth avenues. THOMAS FARRBLL. rilWO BAROAIN*.? ONK FOUR STORY AND ONE 1 three s'.or.v brown stone high stoop, on East Sixty first street, uenr Lexington avenue. tor salo on easy term*, or will take lor either one a smaller home and sumo casli. H()W KM, A IIURST, 921 Third avenue._ O MNK LOIN, COPNER AVENUE A ANI) UKVKNTY. O sixth street lor ^lo, or will exchange for Tonement Property. Tlie.v inns, advanne in price, as bridge is now build ng over the river at seventy-ovonth street. O'B nlKN. owner, 3J9 Bust Twenty -sixth street. OiT VI OO ? 124TII BTKEET, BETWEEN THE ai'AluU. Boulevards, furnished, $12, '00; pos>e< ?ion ; no money it security is given: irame Cottage, 12 rooms; no agents. Address HAltLi.M, Herald ofllce. CL'O -A SMALL, CONVENIENT THREE JjprJ.UUU. story brick Bouse, in East Forty-ninth street, near 'I hlrd aveuue, for tale ; good location and modem improvement*. Address Imix 5,<i79 I ost office. (ft i-i F(\l\ FOR SALE, A NEW BABBMKNT AND ? > I l,t)UU. throo story House, containing 11 rooms, with all Improvements. Apply on tko premisos, 349 East _. iinpri Eigiuy-third street. M'fst Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RKinT, WITn ON ft bait i;iock, 400xHl.rt. for sale or to lease for a term of years; running from Thirteenth avenue to West street. ' E. I. A H. T. Bl'RMIAM. f?'H> Hudson street. A VALUABLE CITY PROPERTY, OONBIBTINQ OF three Lots, with good House, sti>re and Barn thereon, will lie sold on very reasonable terms if application lie made immediately to WM. J. WKLLKIt, Mist s(re?t and Eighth aveuue, or WM. E. HAWS, No 6 Pmo street. ABPLKNDID OHANOB FOB BUILDBB OB 8PB0U later? Southwest corner of Eighth avuitie and Forty-sixth street, 100.6x75 on avenue, mid three four story brown ?ioue Houses, on street, on Astor's lease; must he told this wco'i, and will he sold reasonably ; no Mil required. walDron, 1,012 Third avenue. AFINC FOUR STORY BROWN STONB HOUSE FOB cale? On Korty-tllih street, lot ween Sixth and Sev enth in eliuex; IP Sx.50 leut; well built and arranged and in peril ct order throughout; ? ill i?e sold very reasonably and with immediate possession. E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Fine slroot and 85 East Bevcntoenth street. AFINB PROPERTY? 40 LOTS, HOUSE AND 8TA blo, bcauliluliy located, iromingon Broadway ai d lith av. (Boulevard), above i5<ith st., tor salo low or to exchange. W. 1\ 8EYMOUB, 171 Broadway. Building lots-on fifty-sixth 8tebbt, west ol Ninth avenue, for salo or exfhuuge for good clly Mortgages; long credit Address J. C. LEVI, No. 7 War ren street. DESIRABLE PBOORBB81VB PROPERTY FOB SALE, ai low price, to close six first class lour story high stoop lirown stone Houses, West Fifty-seventh street, 2'Jx 60x100; lilah. healthy location; uninterrupted view of Maten! and North lilver; contiguous to Central Park, boulevard and Uio great west side improvements; commission on sale. Apply to T. W. SMITH, on premises, 4fr>7 West Filiy-scventh street. FOR BALE? A SPLENDID TENEMENT PROPERTY ?>n Twenty-seventh street, near Eighth avanue; largo store. on front, tour story house on rear; store well located .lor grocery or liquor tiade; very little cash wanted. BERNARD OREO AN, 2C5 West Twcnty-lourth street. FOR SAf.E? ? THBBB STORY AND BASEMENT BltlCK House on t'liirty-lourih street, near Ninth avenue; terms to suit purchaser. Apply to BERNARD CREUAN, *Gj We^i Twenty-fourth street. FOR BALE? ON NINTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY third street ears and lerry, a valuable Business Prop erly, consisting ol five Stores and Dwelling Houses; 75 per cent can remain on mortgage. Apply to BERNARD OKKua.N, Kcal Ksiato Broker, 205 West Twcnt/-lourth street. TjH'R sale? FIVE FOUR STOItY BROWN STONE r high sloop Houses, in Forty-fifth street, between ltroadwav and Eighth avenue, 2U) leet west of Broadway ; also fliree three story brown stone high stoop Houses, 15) leet west of Eighth avenue, in Forty -filth street, with re newals Ml years. A -dor lease. Inquire on the premises, or at 242 Nc-it Forty-filth street. IpOR SALE OHBAP OR TO LET-HIGII STOOP 1 House ISP West Tenth street; all the now improve-, inents, price $11,501); or to let, $1,200. Apply to Til I It Y, No. 2 West Thirteenth street. J^OTS FOR BALE-WEBT SIDE. On fith avenue, at 51st. 112th, 113th. 114th, I23d, 124th, 125th, 126th, lMKIi. lXid. l.H4th streets. <>n seventh avenue, at 54th. 57th. 111th. 112th, 113th, 120th, 121st, I'.Td, 128th, l?Glh. 1371h, 140th, 141st streets. On Eighth avenue, at t>0tli, 0i)tb, 70lh. 71st, 74th, 82^, aid, still, 85th, 87lb, HHttl, 91st, 102d. lO'.lth, 110th, 111th. 113th, IWtli. 123d, 128th, 133d, 134th, 137th, 138th, 140th and 1 1. Id streets, On 9tli avenue, from B^th street upwards. On lOlli aveuue. from 49ili street upwards. On the Grand Boulevard, at C2d, Kid, 0.1th, Wit h , C7tli, 68th. 69th, 70th, Hist, Hid, 88ih, 89th, 91st. 90th, 122d, 124th, I2S1H, l.'SUth. I&sih, H 'd, iftl.i and li2d streets. Lots on all the cross streets, from 42d streot to Bpuvtcn Duvvil, from Fifth avenue to Hudson River. JOHN K a V A N A CHI, northeast corner 42d st. and 0th av. TO PBYf ICI ANB AND OTHEBS.-A FINE BROWN slone English basement House, 162 West 34tli st, for sale cheap. Call at house, or at 171 Broadway. W. P. SEYMOUR. mST STREET, NEAR GRAND BOULEVARD.? Three Lots. with CottAge ; three Lois on corner of Hevonty-fcixth street and aveuuo A; four I.ots mi Fifty lourtli street ; on easy terms. 8 LADE A CO., 33 Union square. "I 7 CTII STREET, FORT WASHINGTON.? FOR, SALE, lit) on ensv terms or for Property down town, firsi class Residences, with 40 city l.ots. HLaDE A CO., 23 Union square. Qnn WILL BUY THE NEW TWO 8TORY high stoop Houto, 46 1'eot deep, in Harlem, on lSlst street, between Seventh ond lighth Avenues; tnfldle ot block ; two parlors; Croton; only $2, 000 cash. Owner on premises. &1Q nnn FOK A P,NK THREE ?JLO.UIM/ and lK>t, in pcriect order; house 21x.riO, lot 21x110. 421 WeiM Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth nv. 41Q CAA ? 417 WKST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, VlO.wUu. Uireo story high stoop brick, 21k46xTO; in complete order; $ft,t*?i on mortgage ; Furniture also ir desired. Apply to (.'. G. okay, No. ft Howling Green. JHisreuancnua. For cnEAP nousES, vacant lots andcoun try Property call on WILLIAM I'OK, Kcal Kstate Agent.'S) Montgomery street, Jersey City. BltOOK. Ij Y IV PROPERTY FOR SALE AMI TO LET. TTIRALD BKANOII OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK nERALD RECEIVED AT OCR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND 8AVIN0H RANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM R T. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. If. TILL f P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM S TO 0 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT no. 7 front munrr, woohtk A BROWN STONE FRONT HkCSI' KIRhT CLASS In every respect, btiill tir day*a w.,rk ; -i t- n4M lo cation, within ihrec blocks of the main entrance to the I'urk; will he sold clicsp, ns the owner U retiring from tin.- iness. Inquire ol JOHN DONOVAN, ftt M. Mark * av enue, Brooklyn. A MANSION TO LET 27 FRET BY ?> FEET, Willi Extension 10 feet, partly liiriii?hr I or unfurnished. sltiiAted corner Wasliing'on mid Green* avenw a . a flue location; ami In lawn, Lanlcn ntidfiuit; cuiireiu. nt to CHr?, B) minutes to Ftutoti terry. I'wtiea the ad vantages ol a suburban residence in the eltv will find this a i are opportunity. For particular* and permit ad dress J. DAvl-M'OKI, So. !' (iirene tvruM. A? TO LET, A TWO MMf DWELLING AT GKKNN ? point, Brooklyn, R. I>. ; lent 922 mt month Ad dreseor apply U> LAMBERT A CO., 1/7 Prankha street. Orcenpoint ? NINV EHTM ENT%-?>*,I??) Wll.l. IM.'IU 52fl Tit 8 KK story high stoop brick House Tin President str<-?t Brooklvn, opposite Carroll Park; nice lo atlon ; ri'nted to May. 1174, fit (900. K. R. KKLLOUtJ, No. 3 Broadway, New York. iO to 12 A. M. only. A? FOR SALE, 191 DOVMAI 8TRE KT, BRTWKICN a Ilov and Bond, two Story an I basement t.rn k llcu.-e, sub cellar, 0 rooms. water, gn*, range. heaL r in parlor, nil In good order PrlciSSjtoi; mortgage $1 i?l CUFF A FA KQC All ARM'S, Keal Estate Agents, 111 Weet Thirtj?sl*th street. New York. Apart ok a norsF. in Brooklyn r? ? lkt-m* rooms. iu'iil-h' <1, all Improvements, In atamtli >t tdulta ; the family in the house consists ot owner and wife only. 63 Wibmn street, near Wvllie avennc A STRICTLY PltlVA i E FAMILY ? ?F F< ? I ' R Al)i I H will le.t, t? a gentleman, one or t?" ?> i ond story Rooms, with closets, bath. Ac. ; house first elasa and In ? tion central; nn agreeable home to a quiet gentleman . terms moderate. Reference* e&chaug< -d. Addn ?a QUIET, Herald Uptown Branch efflce. Brooklyn.? house, fully furnished, t?i let. piano, silver, linen, crockery, 1 c.. for one yeur 12 rooms; Cnnibi riand street hill; rent 940 and board two Adults; pleasant people; rare opportunity. Addresa Mr., tiersid office. Brooklyn house-high ground; splendid views; near three car routes; plot lOu leet square fruit. flowers, grape arbors, Ac.; house cost 0l2,t?iO t.. Imi.d; very dca.renblc; will toll cheap; easy terms. .10 minutes from terries. ?I K It K. JOHNSON', Jr , 31 Park row, New Y.>rk. Brick house-th feet from lrr atrnui Hay ward street, Brooklyn ; 15 mlnut< s by ears Itom lerry; good neighborliooil ; all tmprovementa , r? ut reASonalile. ALBERT DAY, W W all .tr^ et IfOR SALK. OR TO LEASE? A LARGR DOCK PR(?P erty, well adapted lor a lumber yard or other bnsi ncss; connected with It la nn engine, boiler ami all the necessary appliance* to saw and plane lumber; lo< atl<.n, Brooklyn, h. I?. For lurther particulars auplv to KRL hEY A CORNWELL. HHi llro;idwav, Brooklyn, H F~ OR SALE? A THREE STORY PHILADELPHIA I brick front Store and Dwelling, on He Kaib aveuuo , good stand lor butoher or baker: well built .and in per fect order; will be sold at a sacrifice ; price 9?,*00. Apply ?1810 Mrrtlo avenue, near Maror avenue. BROOKLYN PROI'KHTV FOB SALIC I AND TO LET._ ^ I FOR SALE AMD TO LKT? FIRST CLASS 1 ?Q | and threo storv Howes. all improvements; from to 30 miuu es from terries: one block ol l uitoit avenue j renu iroin 94B0 to91,2t?; priccs from 93.WJ0 to From 12to 2 to JAS. A. FISHER, -".I Broad wav, room 14, or from ? A. M. to b P. M. at 1,417 Fulton avenue, oppo site car stables, Brooklyn. Ii'OR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, E. D., IN TUB BEST tmrtofihe Nineteenth ward, 14? Kcap struct, be tween Bedford and avenues. a flr-t class three stoiy sub-crUir new Philadelphia brick House, 11x41 feet, lot MB loot, brown ?tone bottom and trimminm, circular head front and vestibule doors, culglaas In slid Inwt dour*, with ail modern improvement!", Fuller A Wurien's six-hole olovated rango; will be fold cheap; half citsh. Inquire of owner, on promises. J. K RYAN, or address 2.'14 South Secoud street. I SOU SU,E-CARLTON AVENUE, THREE RTt)RY 1 brick, '-'1x38*100; all imurovemonts good order ; only $8,500; first mortgage oi 96.*W0 can remain. Apply, froin 12 to i P. M. only, to J AS. A. FISHER, 231 Broadway, room 14. FOR SALE? TWO STORY BASEMENT BRICK noUSE; all lirprovoinents; only tlve minutes' w alk Irom City llall; price 94, 500. Apply on premises, tOJ State street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STORY BASE ment and cellar high stoop l>rtck House on the line of Fulton terry ears ; will tie sold .'it a saerillee ; nut inuoh cash wanted ? part payment would bo taken in liquors. Call on or address .loIlN WBKLAN, !UJ Uighlli avenuo, corner Thirtieth street. Ij^OR SALE? A THREE STORY I1IOII STOOP BRICK Hou-e and 1 ot, "6 Ilush street, Williamsburg ; will be sold cheap ; term* rea-onable. Apply to P. C ROME, 3<i East Broadway, New York. TpOR SAI-E OR TO LKT? TWO STORY RASBMENT r and cellar frame House ; all improvement ., on Fa cine street, nuar Albany avenue, lirookijii. Inquire of s. F. QBBKN, l.Tii 1 niton avenue, Brooklyn. TABOE IBON BUILDING AND POUR LOTS. BOt'TH J oust corner Kent and Division avenues, Willi mis burp, suitable fur any kind ot manufactory, (.table or depot. Apply to lee Company , 132 (.'anal street TO LKT? 171 COLUMBIA IIKIOHT3, BROOKLYN; small three story and basement lilgh Mo# brown stone lroltt ; a 1 Improvements ; house open aii day. WM, TUNBK1IKIK, ?2 Broadway, room 7. rpo LET? BROOKLYN? Tn RBB STORY BASEMENT I sub-cellar, frame House; II rooms; all improvt incuts; complete order ; Clawow avenue, south of wn loitKhby ; rent $<'.nn Apply to C. h. RMtKEK, 576 Myrtle avenue, or II. W. BARTON, hrj Worth street, N. Y. rno LKT? OH BAP, A HOUSE. OARDBN AND FRUIT, J In a healthful and delightful spot. In suburbs ol Brook lyn. W H. HARDEN KB, l.fifM Fulton street, near Troy avenue. rno LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST CLASS CORNER A Store, 58 Mj rtle avenue, corner of Ailaius street, most suitable lor it dry Roods store. Inquire on the iloor above, or ntSM Pearl street, near Myrtle avenue. TO LKT- FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, IN BROOK lyn. two lino large. Floors, about tl feet front, IV> feet rear, by about 80 feet deep, corner of Fulton tiud .Ia\ streets; well adapted for public entertainment*, eon certs, theatricals, lodge, club rooms, or lor first class bil liard rooms; good entrance and plenty ot light on both Honrs, being the premises known as Sawyer's room*. Ap ply to ,1. A. CO LEY, 87 Concord t-treet. rpo LET? A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOU8R, J. with all modern improvements, 68 -Second pbiee1 Brooklyn, between Court and Clinton streets. Inmate on tlie premises or of P. SSEOLIO, 12 Centre street rno LET? THREE STORY AND BASEMKNT BRICK 1 House, all improvements, on Uto most desirable pan of Clinton stroot: rent very moderate. Apply t<> ,1. F. HALLIOAN, 81) II rou;l street, New York, or 25 Wyckoll street, Brooklyn. rno LET? TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSES. J 8 rooms and cellar, improvements, 30 minutes from terries; rent 9360 to $41*0 per year. Owner, Mrs. win it;, 2'.? Nevlnt street, near Fulton avenuo, Brooklyn. mo LET? HOUSE, NINE ROOMS, IMPROVEMENTS, J. 20 miuut"S from terry, 94.1 monthly. BARTI'.I!, :t7ti Atlantic uventte, Brooklyn. ! rilO LET? FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY, A i. cosoy little brick House, completely lurnl-lied, near Prospect Park, Brooklyn; eight rooms, beside bathroom; all improvements: low rent to a good tenant. Address It. S.Jiox 108 Herald office. rpo LET? A NEAT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT A brick House, 79 Ross street; all Improvements; line neighborhood; near Btti'tird avenue; rent reduced to a good tenant, t?VI. Apply to KELSEY A CORNWALL, 19(5 Broad way, Williamsburg, or to A. P. SMITH A lllto., 1,S04 Broadway, New York. rpo LBASE? THE SPLENDID BUILDING 633 FULTON J. street, Brooklyn; store and basement 100 ffcct deen ; occupied the. last three years as u furniture warehouse. Apply to 0. FLEET, 643 Fulton street, Brooklyn. f(1(l RENT? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, Mill)' I. em Improvements, on Warren street, near Sixth ave nue, Brooklyn; rent jscu Apply to E. u. FORCE, No. 6 Dey street, or address box 2,47ti Pott ofllce. rrto BENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE, FUR JL nlshcd or unfurnished, 809 Clermont aveime, Brook lyn, located between two ear routes from Fulton Icrrr. Apply to F. VV. WOODS, 3()3 Fulton street. TTEBY DESIRABLE NKW HOUSES IN THE BEST ? part of Brooklyn ; all the modern Improvements; rents very low to first class tenants. 1ILACK WELL * ca. 65 Liberty street dtl rnn pAsn WILL SECURE A FIRST CLi wliOUu lloine, iinoxccpllonably located and v 4 LOTH ON LINDEN BOULEVARD, NKAE PBOS pect I'ark, Brooklyn, 28x130; price WOO oncli. Apply in store, !??) Sixth avenue, New York. d? .d ft PER MONTH.? FOUR STORY HOUSE 1(W ?J> T() St. .lames place, Brooklyn, near Greene avenue : water, gas and boater. Inquire on the premises, or of owner, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway, New York. dhl nn DOWN AND 920 A MONTH WILL BUY A TWO 3>1UU story nnd basement Irame House and Lot. with sub-cellar, ana water in the lio.usc ; three line# yf tftits pass the street; within 15 minute's ol Hamilton and .Wot Kill ton ferry. Apply on liif prAinlsas, 130 Two nt loth etreot, near Third avenue, Brooklyn. iARS witb all modern improvements: Itirthcr payments can be ar ranged as desired; value Ss.i.HiO; a choap and very dc slrablo property. Address OWN ER, box IM Herald ottico - <#> I 7nn ?NINETEENTH WARD,. BROOKLYN.? iPt. I UU. Very chcap, three story brick, 9 rooms, with modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser. Apply to WM. O. SUMNhR, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, h. D. WE8TCHE8TEB COUNTY PROPHRTT FOR SALE AND TO RENT, A" T WESTCHESTER. WESTCHESTER COUNTY.? For salt or to rent, Residence of Abraham Hattleld, with modern Improvements and in perfect order; sta bles. carriage house, hennery, Ac., new; It-, acres well stocked with fruit, grapes, all kin Is borrins, Ac., within easy distance of steamboat or cars: 12 miles from City Hall. Apply on premise* or Of IIATFlELD A CO., Liil Front street ^ -LOWER WESTCHESTER COUNTY.? IMPORT ANT TO BUSINESS MEN? 38 MINUTES TO FUL TON STREET CARS AND STEAMBOAT? FOR IIEALTII UNSURPASSED.? TO LET, EIOIIT COTTAGES, FUR NISHED AND UNFURNISHED, FROM $D'n TO $1,600. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. Ftllt CHOICE, TO OLIVER BRYAN, RESIDENT WESTCHESTER, IIS BROAD WAY. AT TARRYTOWN, ON BROADWAY, within ten minutes walk of boats or cars, to let, immediate, possession, a Cottage, containing a rooms, nice Kanlcn, Ac., rent $W0; also a new House, containing 12 rooms, all modern improvements; nice ground*; fine river views ; first class location; renttl.OOU. h. KMUERmiN, C !W sixth avenue, near Thirty -eighth street AT TARRYTOWN, NEAR THK DBPOT, ON THE . rjver bank, to let, Inrnlslied, a brick House, 13 rooms; 2 acres hi garden and lawn ;truit mid -bade trees; elegant views; rent $1, 20?. H. EMBERSON, 669 Sixth avenue. A LABOR LINK OF GOOD LOTS AND VILLA PLOTS In vicinity of Fordhsm, Jerome and West Farms, tor sale very cheap ; annexation to city, rapid anil protected lines ot railroads will Insure great Increase in value in a short Ume. P. I.OKILLarD, Id and 13 Chambers street. VT WEST MORRIBANIA.-A GOOD SUBSTANTIAL frame I loose, with six lull city Lots, on a corner, for ?ale cheap; high crouiul ; good location; annexation and rabid insure* great incrcac la vnlue. JOHN S. PIERCE, U? Broadway. \T RYE, WESTCHESTER COUNTY? FOR THE SEA son. an llrilot large Ilonse, lull.v and finely tur , ns.tird ; ?tahir< mi t accommodation tor coachman ; six I acr?-? lawn and garden, with nnnnd view. For turther I particular* address 8. FIKI.D, Mation Agent, Ryn, \T TUCKAHOR, HARLEM RAILROAD, 16 MILES Itow For f X elind Street.? A House, containing II 1 rooms with lull an acre of laud, near depot, to rent: sbumlance ot trull lliolilreot .IAME.S DUSEN H l-.RR V, I iii Xalnje. or ot KtlAUsE Mt'KKL PLATLNO COM 1 FAN V. Ml John street At yonkers, irvin(;t??n, tarrytown, ao.-de airable Ik-sidenceea torsiileor to let, furnished or unfurnished BLACK WELL A CO., M Liberty street? AT TARRYTOWN- AN ELEGANT COUNTRY HEAT, Willi lln* improvements and I ind in htjtb stite of cultivation ; maiHiifti ent rl> er view; near New York, 1 Boston and ttiwtresl Railroad. Apply to BLACKWELL k CO , !? Lit" t? Street New York, or Tarrytown. N. V. A GREAT BLI.SM.NO ARK CHILDREN.? CALL ON OKO. II in KK, I mli .tree!, Morrlsanta, 1 >r band s?.m? l.e.idriice, all improyemen s, large grounds, stable. Mr . at ftl.aifc \T FORDHAM TO LEY, A NEAT COTTAGE ; FRUIT, garden sod rtlMj , range, water in the kit<-h<n; 1 r. nt fJft. Rum. tod f?; fi, so t<? <f um and horse, curs. Inquire of l? NlLORKW, Ford bam. ; ?T ">KW ROCHELLE ?TO I.RT, HOUSES, FUR :\ 1 1 hi <1 .r i-n urn i shed ; rant* n o e at ; b.itlm, I ft?k n? ami Mth n? MoKurs a Hito., I 6; o .Hi i.tth avenue, com r iker struct I fPLEN ID NEW i "TTAuK, H ROOMS, 'IVVn CITY I i\ I ? t? siap- a bor. irult trees; water In bou e ; ?? m nate.lrow i.rsnd t eatral Depot. 4 tint uic- trmn <]e,H,t ;r|. Aldri s. WILLIAM WIIITK, Moi.lll Vera on. S. v. \T M'iTT llAVRN, TREMONT AND FORDII \ M? rurril'he.l and unturnl.'ied Mouses *o lent, $3s: to ? all ?n or address POTTER HIIOTIIKRs, branch ofllee, F.-rdbaio BKAl'TIFt L PI SCK TO RENT AT FORDIIAM, 40 iu. nu(>? tr ni k-rlf second street, nnli a tew uiiii ?slktron> Oepot, on higkaat around fine Mansion * iih all IMrnirariilSj ftalwe. < arrlage house. Ar., Ae , and tlx atresia lawn and garden, with trtiit and in at<nndame all in aioal perfect order; i an l>e reiiled "r Im?'d t>) a dr irable ti oalit tor |l til Apply atoiiee to PtltTll ti hk> ? i llhKS, Nus. 4 aad i? Warrsu street, Branch office. Fordham fURNIMMFD MWHII PLAC?~ TO LRT-ON Tbroaa's N ?ek. Westchester county, 14 mtl?'s from the City MB I f|v? acres, good garden and graoen.lce house ni led aad ail necea-ari outbuildings ; th? contains It rooms, liattiruom, Ac Apply at id East Forty second street, from 10 to IE RING Yol B CHILDREN WITH YOU~ WHEN YOU call on GEO. II DVKK, luili sireei. Mocriaanla tor a pleasant home sal largo grounds, at eatreutaiy low rents. /1HILDRRN NO OBJECTION -It^RiiOM CoTTAHE, v7 cat and water In house . large gar Jea ; Ivcatrm blgb, healthy aad ae ? r a*Dot; rent $401 IRO. U, t>* K R. Filth street, Merruaola A WESTCHESTER COtlSTV PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. fit AST MORRISAN IA.? FOR SMALL FABM IN NEW I'j Jersey, House, five Luis, corner Tinton avenue ; uUo House, two LoU, on 136th street, Mutt llavon. BLADE A i O., '/J Union square. Fob sale or to let? handsome Italian VIIIh, near Peekalull, Lake Mobt|U, 910 aorta, more or loss; one of the handsomest places on the roud. Pho

tographic views may be seen and full particulars given. H m. OONDIT, 139 Bast Twelfth street. TOOR HALE ? COUNTRY VILLAS AND VILLA 8ITR8, r fronting on the Sound, at Eaatcliester Bay; the buildings arc new , having licen erected during the past season. are convcnlcntlv arranged and handsome In de sign ; the location I* unsurpassed lor liealthlulncss and beauty of surrounding Keener/, whllo affordiag ample opportunities for boating, sailing, fishing and bathing; the land liaa been lanl out In park stylo, and will only he dt piled to such as will engage not to erect nuisances or obstructions; the prlcosaro moderate ari l terms easy, so as to enable a family ol modcrato iiiciiiih to enjoy a do IlKhttuI home, wittilu easy dii'ancc ot ihc city; tho new Portchestcr railroad, to lie ccniplntod in April, will have a station within lft minutes ol the prorerty. Plana and views can be seen at the office of I*. LORILLABD A CO., IK and IS Chambers street, where lull information will bo obtained. I jt OR SALE-PRICE $-.750, *300 CASH, BALANCE To nut? a two stcry lloti-c, H rooms, gas and water; .1 minutes Iroiti Central Morrisania depot. Inquire of owner, lOCortlandt street. Ti'OB SALE? A STONE IIOUKU, 40X50, WITH 18 1 rooms, SO acres attached, with every convenience; plenty oflralt; four miles from Sin;; Si ni and 3110 yards from depot of the New York and Boston Railroad. Ad dress box 17 Sing Sing I'ost office. FIOR KALE OR TO LET ? COUNTRY SKAT ON THE n ltd sou, in lower Westchester county, within ono hour ot Wall street ; price <ou very easy terms) JHS.tHH); ri nt (In a aoo.l tenant) (I.Stl*. Address bos 'J.Hl'.i Post of llce, New York. F'Olt SALE OR TO LET? AT FORDII AM, A TWO story French roof IIou^, IKxM feet ; splendid store; Corner or I loll man and Jacob si recta; lot ft 'xl2l feet ; terms easy, inquire ler PATRICK Ml'ltPHY, on the premises. 1,-lOR SALE OR To LET? AT MORRISAN'I A, A FIRST I cla-s w room Dwelling Mouse, with nil the modern improvements; situated oil high ground, overlooking the country, and about four city Uits In fruit, shade ami lawn; wiihlu five minutes ot steam ours, 8') minutes from I nrt \ *ccoii I street depot. 1 1> (Hire of JAMK8 L PAR .- H ALL, on Washington avenue, corner of Fltth str< ct. MoltRISAXI A ? FOR PALE, A TEN ROOM COTTAGE House, on high groiiu.l, near the dciiot; lot 30x190. for particulars Inquire of JAMES L. I'ARSH ALL, on Washington avenue , corner of street, Morrisanm. XTO OBJECTION TO CHILDREN.? OA1L OR HliND totii'OiMiE N. DY it It, Fltth stront, MorrUaula, for list ot Houses to let ; f -Vi to $H>io per annum. 1JART1KS DESIROUS t>F SECL'llINQ A HOME OR 1 a I'lot ot land lor speculation or iiiM -ini'iit In Westchester should Mot delay making their selections, us pioporO la now very cheap and rapidly advancing in value. I be lower portion of Wen'chesier will probably Im< annexed to New York city this week. Wo have a nunilier ol choice Properties lor salt), f'otn IfiOncrostoa n iigin lot. Call si our brench ottlca in \\ ostcttester, lit Fordiiam or at Nos. t undo Warren atreet. POJTEit BROTHERS. . UYE AND PORTCHKSTKR FARMS? COUNTRY i Seut?aiil Village Residences for sale or to rent! several to rent furnlshrd tor the Summer; beautiful drives, good roads am! line sifli water bathing at Ryo Peat h For lull information address JOHN F. MILLS, PoruneatiT. H YE.? FOR KALE OR EXCHANGE, COTTAOB, II) rooms, carriage house, two teres, near the depot, tor ii ?i.iiiiti; uo cncumtirance. J. o. IIIUUINS, No. 7 Pine street, New York. OPPCIAI. NOTICE.? FOR SALE, AT MOl'NT VERNON. 0 N V . three minute-, from depot a n. w two story anil iiasement frame Dwelling House, -I'viii, lluislied in best manner; lot auxlus . price 14,1 1*'- Inquire lor Mr. JACOB JAI.lll-K. at .1 Lockwoud's oftlce, ul the depot, loulheast corner ot Fourth avenue and Firt I street. mo LET? TWO MCE HOUSES, WITH SEVEN ROOMS 1 in each house, w it h gss and water all complete, w it Ii a ulce gard"ii to each house rent per year. Inquire on the premises, franklin avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Morrisnnia. rro LET? AN ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN 1 the village ol New Rochelle ; house thoroughly fur nished : Iriilt an I Is rrlcs iii abundance. For particulars address J A COB CABPc.NTEK, Ni w Koohelte. rno I.ET? ABOIT M0 YARDS FHoM M. COMB'S DAM I bridge, a line targ - Mrn-ioa, nearly tul'y furnished ; pond stanlo and ouil>iii|.lin|ta; well shadeil with llnu li rge trees ; plenty of Iriut, shrubbery, Ac.; rent mod erate to a good tenant A poly to JOHN KAVANAilH, northeast corner Forty second street and Sixth avenue. rno LET A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE I all mo b rn Improvement*, situated on ftgdeti av enue, Macomb's Dam, Westchester county, with hand some frrounil* and stable attached; view anil situation unsurpassed. Apply to l> M, l.l iiD, LM ltridgo street. New vork. Possession on Ms* 1 See bill on prcmi-es. rpo LET? TWO COTTAGES, WITH ?; ACRE OP LAND J. each, near Willl?in*hrtdfe; healthy Itnttlolt, vmul water, fruit. Ac. ; rent Si''1 eacli |cr annum. Apply at SA'i West Kortv s ?" mid street. rno LET? AT TBEMONT. NEAR DEPOT. TWO SMALL 1 Stores and Dm elhiigs, ??iiiiibin for a butcher, linker or lit 1 1 1 ii* r complete eider; rents moderate Apply at 181 Third avenue. unntuh w iio.Ikr. rpo LET- FURNISHED RESIDENCE, ONE IIOUR 1 ou Uitig Island , carriage home and stable; milk, butter, eggs, voce tables and Iruit supplied from the larm without osira charge . health) and tree from mosquitoes. Ai<p!.v to JOHN HllKI.KV A W?N, HH^dar atreet. rno RENT? AT YOKK KR?. OX RIVEEDALE AVENUE, I lor 97Mi, House, nine rooms; )ini put In cotnjih te re pair; stable and an acre of ground. Addtoaa SIMMONS, box fi.088 Post office, New York. ? TO LET? AT MAMAKONRCK, ON THEN. II. R. B., a Cottago House, eight rooms, stable and carrtaee house; one acre of land with plenty ol lmlt ami ihatle trfPS; live luliiuliV w sik from depot. Inquire id W. J. MILLER, b Pell street. New York. mo LET FOR 91,000 AND TAXES? 4N Ef.EOANT X Residence ; all lm|irovcments ; four acrus ol ground, stable. Ac., near depot and lloulevard GEOKHE N., Flltli nireet, Morrisanla, rpWO COTTAGES TO RENT? AT IRKMtiNT; HKIll A around; healthy, near depot. M. HARD, tl I'eekman street TITBSTCHBSTBR COUNTY? ON TIIK HOIJND; FINK v? Mouse, outhouses, II acre* of Inml . 40>l leel water front; bathing. boating, fishing, Ac. ; rem moderate to it good tenant ; h lew minute* from llarlcin Mr. App'y Ui JOHN KAVANAtlH, northeast corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. II UST FARMM.? FOR 8ALH OR TO~LBT. TWKNTY ff minutes from Tre mont deoot, flvrlromnorworti house containing 12 room., Htiblc, carriage houM>, si out one acrool lnit'l. cboicc trolls, abundance ol lira pes. In quire on premise* or address W. W. VAI.KNT1NK, Wont Farms. Westchester county. II, V KKRH, w n ST( :|Tf.HT Kit ~CO It N TY.? K ? K It I ; N T 1 or sale, a fine brick llovw; 13 room*; all iniMlern Improvements; fine carriage house; 1 1 lot*, on high ground; |>1< lily ol Iruit ; a desirable location ;(> minute.,' walk Irom depot : lurnishnd If preferred. For purtu iilum apply to THORNS, QARROLI, A CO., M While street. Tonkrrs.-two handsome new oomii Stores. in n Rood location ; very desirable lor hatfrr or grocer; market, with beautiful apartment* above; rent.* low to desirable tenant*. Address eAl.TKIt, Herald oflloo. _____ yuN K KRS-FOR SAflToRIKT-TWO FINK HO I HKH 1 (one with stable), near boat landing; superb river view-. TIloMAS COM, INS, opposite station, or HI'HKRT A l'litssoN, 191 Hroadway. Y ONK l. R s" ? T< ) LBT, FORM I Sll BP BOUS B, (ft X rooms, ua*. water, slaiile, iruit, rinriitw; near depot; low rent to good tenant. OWNFR, 121 Front strr ct, room 5, from 11 to 12. (Jbti-A -RAPID TRANSIT; LOT KKIXItHI rOR HA LB at Will:am*bridgf , tin Harlem, convenient to schools, churches, Post office, telegraph *!? tion nnd stoivi. Address JOHN COYI.K, station D, New York. iiQg RRNT.-TRBMONT, WASHINGTON AYF. nue, 30 minute* Irom New York ; line house, 12 room*, newly papered and painted i-prlm; and cistern; ! water Inside, Urue gulden. Inquire of Ticket Agent, j Treinont, or at Van Dyke'*, aw Ureeuwlch street, .New i York. JF.ttHKY ( ITV, llOIvOiv I'.N, HUDSON CITY AND BKIU1EN IlKAL KMTATK. For Male. A GREAT BAROAIN? FINEST LOCATION IN JBB wv t'lty; beautiful French root Dwelling, 13 room*, hath, fas, stationary tub*, brick turnace; very nicely furnished and in spli ndld order; grounds SOxlAO. Will be sold much below It- value. W. II. IIaYF.S a SONS. 81 Cedar street. IrviR fALB? AT BBBGRN POINT, N. J., A HON BY milking Fancy Ooods, Millinery and Dressmaking Store, Iticlndli k agency tor Ilcinorost patterns Apply to W. H. JHNNiNOS, Bergen Point. 1.10K BALB-JFRSBY CITY HRIOHT8? 17 MINI TF.fl J? from New York via Newark ami New York Rail road, Cottage House, rompio'cly furnished; *even room*, wa er and ga<; lot 25x13(1; will bo wild cheap it taken by the l>-t ol Muy Owner leaving the city. AddreM OWNER, box 1,732 Post office, New York. To Irft or Leane. A WIDOW LADY, OWNING A II A VDSOMF! IIOPSK, fully furnished, with large garden and plenty of Iruit, on the Heigh'* back of llot.ofcen, 1.1 minute* from Barclay *ireet lerry, will rent to a responsible party tor fL'iii a month nnd her board ; horte cars every 15 intnatot. For particulars Inriuire at 215 West Twelfth street. A~ T JERrtBY CITY? TO BERT, TWO HOBBEB, OF A row of in. built a year ago, 3 stories, basement and sub cellsr. high bro? ti alone stoops, with all modern im p rove ii io mi. taeing a line residence and grotimM, silu fttrd m .?'ecoiid street, m ar drove ; rent near ferry anil hoi f# car?. Apply at 251 tiro ve street. /COTTAGE ON JBRflBY CITY HBIOEIT^? fiBVRN " I rooms. g;i* and water. Burden nml fruits; $8U a month. Inquire at 2I.W Kltn s'reet. New York^ J' KRSI.Y CITY, N. J.-TO LIT, FROM MAY I, TURKU ?tor, y and cetUr brick tlouso 1H2 York street ; only 7 I blocks from lerry ; W room*; ail modern liiinroveincnt*; in line order alia first class neighborhood ; only $750. Two story and i a?< tneiit frame, ltll Railroad avenue ; conve nient to ferries; t rooms; modern lint rovmients ; In , good order *.|00. Also flue More, 20x14, 204 Orovo ?trC0t; koimI i.u*ltio-s location : only t?*l I OKO. W. I I IITII, -II Montgomery street, Jersey City. | rpo LBT? AT MARION HTATION. 7 MiNlTTBS' FROM i 1 Jcr.e\ City terry, a nice French roof House of nino ' room*; f 4"'. ?' FoYE A co.,8f B<adc street. flM) LKT? AT WEST IIQBOKRN, N. ON IIBRtiBN 1 w?o Is* nue, near Mnlono street, tine llou'c, 10 rooms, lot ,'?*b*i; siable, at iindnn''e of fruit, Ac. Apply to l' M W Kl.lniN, 34 Hlone street, New York, or No, 2 Warren street. West llobokrn ; rent >4t.0. 1' XI LET? FRENCH FI-AT, CHE A I'; 6 ROOMS, FIRST floor; rang#, heater, hot and cold water, bnih ; every ? i thing complete slid new ; rent low ; also fine new Storo, Mill. m< <? g?s fixtures; rem $2 0. ?IAMBS M. SAVAOB A CO., Bergen avenue, near Hergen square, Jersey City. 'pi) LKT?Fl'RNIrfHKD," A TWcTmTORY FRAMK 1 D? ??Ibng, with line lawn and iruit ireii, desirably local' d In I iipei llaekens.iek, N. J., within tiiree mill uti ?' ? jIK of l-ile bailway station and eight nnnutcs' walk ol Mi.iland depot ; gas, heater, water, Ac.: .vimln iites irom Now York; rent f'JUO. Apply to J A U. ti. CotBRT, II Ki'lge street. Now York, 7 to 9 A. M.. 1J U>2 Mlil 7 to I I' M JKH8KT Vl'rv, no HOICK*, IinnNOR CITT AND BEROKN tlBAL E8TATW. ?To L?l or 1j??h> TO LET-ON BKRGEN AVENUE, CLOSE IJY DUN can. three first clam brick Houses; all Improve ments; one block trom the horso ears; good view from them that cannot be shut off: pnssessiou My time ? tenant Is found. Inquire of the owner, JOHN IthlLLY, West Hide avenue, foot of Bellinounf, Jm -y City. TO RUNT? FURNISHED, AT BKRGKN POINT. N. J., Ilouic, 12 roums; Isrfci' lot; convenient to car* or I oat , rent $1,200. New on corner, bathroom, Ao. | rent 91, aw. UnfurnMicd Hou?ea, $400, 9800, $d<0. $900. Apply to BRAMII A LI. A SEYMOUR, No. i ExcliangO place, Jersey City. MH> RENT? Kl' KMsIl ki>, AT BRRGEN POINT, N J., *: n>lnute? from New York by (!entr?l Railroad of m* Jersey, lloiiHit of 14 roumn, bathroom. (tun, Ac.: situated on paved street, lighted with gas, five minutes' walk from depot ; full* turnl-iied with things requisite tor housekeeping ; will lie rented moderately to a good ten nut. Apply to BKAMIIALL A .SEYMOUR, No. I lix change place, Jersey City. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR 8AI.B OR TO RKNT, A ?ELIZABETH PORT, N. J., VACINITY OFSINOER J\ , Machine Works; a haulsotao Cottage, witli two I.ots, lor tale; house contains 7 rooms, water nud gas;op ^oUte Jackson 1'nrk, tliu proposed site lor the erection of io Stale Cauito! buildings and grounds; will sell very low. Address OWNER, bo* l.v.t Herald ollice. AT CRAWNFORD, N. J.-FOR SALE OR TO LET, A first class House, with all the modern Improve ments lour minutes' walk trom tho depot of the Central Railroad ot New Jersey; time from New York, M min uted; rent 9700 a year. MONAOIIAN A CD., 1H1 Broadway. AT 'PLAINFIULD, N. J.? IOR SALE-CITY HOTEL, building brick, tour story, 4'>\72 leet, fllty rooms, best location In tho city ; renis tor J3,Uip0 per year ana increasing ; price, $38,000; terms cu ?)'. Ai>pl^ At First National bank, Plainflold, N. J. A COSY HOUSE ot eight rooms, hath, wnler closet*, wash trays, ele vated oven range, heater, cellar, double lot, ou sc v. ered and muc:iditmi/.ed street; five minutes trom depot .it Whilestone, I., i . ; 26 minutes from Hunter's Point; trains dally, 0 A. M. to midnight, by cleirant Flushing and Northside Railroad ; tor s-ile tor monthly payments of $">0, without interest, and $751 cash; one year's commutation free ; beau 1 1 lul scenery ; well drained ; health* ; churches, schools, and more convenient to business titan sixtieth street, New York. Neighborhood under restrictions, call on 11. K. VAN SICLKN, 133 Nassau street, and gcttrco past and visit it A SPLENDID FARM, ON Oil EH \ PEAK 14 BAT, near the city of Annapolis, forming one ol tho fl nest estates in Maryland, at u great bargain. Address PLANTER, box 6t) Annapolis (Mil.) Post nfllee. at^: T liKRI.IallTOVVN', MONMOUTH COUNTY, N. J.? l $1, Kill cash and 1 .on ) mortgage will buy a Dwelling, %!kV5. eight rooms, In fine order ; quarter a '-re of land; location healthy , near depot; liMiig reasonable, Ad dresi OWNER, box 68 Post olttee, New Brunsw ick, N. J. A? TO RENT, FULLY FURNISHED, ON CASTI.fc ? ton Hill, near West Brighton landing, Klnlen Island, a commodious Residence, with stable and extensive (1 rounds; the bouse Is ready lor iimnediuto occupation and is provided with bath, water closets, stationary tubs and all conveniences; stage passes the door; rent low. Apply to JOHN McDONAt.D, No. 8 Battery place. AT ROOKAWAY, Ii. I. ? FOR SALE OR TO LET, FUR nished, for tin! season, tho Residence of the Into J, M. I'litmb, dclightttill v located, overlooking the ocean ; & acres; garden, shade, tru it trees; access by Kouth Si. In and Long Islanil Railroads. Apply to H. STKI.LEN WKRF, 71 Broadv. ay, room ti.1. A HOU.SK TO LET? IN JAMAICA, WITH 12 ROOMS, garden, fruit, (lowers, Ao. ; rent $.W. Apply t<> Mis i KINO, 105 Rust Sixty -first street, city, or to GEORGE SKIDMORK, Jamaica, L. L A VALUABLE BUILDING, 80X50, POUR STORIES, water power rtOO horse, suitable for any msnufucturlng pnrtiosesor grDt mill, 12 miles tr im llarlcm, ou the Bound ; docks, Ao. MORRIS A BROTHER, 01 South Fifth avenue, cornor Hleecker street. A FIRST CLASS GENTLEMAN'S COUNTRY REST* denoe, SO minutes In New Jersey, near two depots; house elegantly finished and contains every modern im provement; tine large stable and carriage house; also In dependent ice house on tho preini-e-i ; three acres of ground: price $30.00^; might take part payment In other property or rent to a desirable tenant; number of trains to and troin New York daily. Aadrcss II., owner, box 110 lie raid ollice. AT BLIZARRTHPORT, N. J.? NICK NEWOOTTAOES, 4 or more rooms, lull lots, convenient to depot and Singer works, for sale? Easy terms; by instalme nt plan If wanted ; aho Lots on Miiall cash iiayments in instal ments. K. R. KELLOGG, No. 3 Bronawav, 111 to 11! A. M. only, or Second street, Elizabethpcrt, all times. AT NEW BRIGHTON, R I.- \ VERY DESIRABLE Villa Residence to let ; location unsurpassed : every convenience and in gpoa order ; about one acre in s?tf den. The tdace is situated near to the forty Aid in the best neighborhood. Also one adjoining to the above, furnished. Address J. M. PliNDLEl'ON, S4 Warren st. At elikabkth, n. j.-four new and hand somely built. French root Houses, near depot ; mod ern improvements; 11 room 4 each ; tree and clear ; terms very easy; lowest prlcc $5,r>K); or would rent to good tenants at low rents. Apply at 20 ltace street, Eliza beth, N. J. At flushing.? ro rent, furnished, a very ? ico Cottage, at $50 per month. J. L. STEELE, Flushing. A BARGAIN.? FINE 12 ROOM COTTAGE, BARN, half an acre garden, only $5,510; also one for $2,(100, one hour trom city. JOHN BLACK, 13 Chambers i-t. A? A.? TWO FINIS DWELLINGS FOR BALE OK TO ? let, very cheap and on cany terms; 5(1 minutes Irom City ; commutation $fl"< a year ; 41 train* a day. from r> A.M. to midnight; price $7,W>0 and $(l,HOO; worthy of attention ; fine neighborhood. Inquire of K. riULI.lFS, I Ali Broadway. , A LARUE BOARDING HOUSE TO LET, Fl'R nislied? Splendid Summer resort tor families; flt-e grounds, Urge allude trees; neiir New York ; cheap rent. WAIiHK.N A CO., No. ft Hey xtraet. A VI'.ICY KINK COUNTRY RESIDENCE.? KI.KOANTLY J \ till lilshcd lioilwo. Imi in, Icehouse (well filled with lee), hetii rv, woodhouse, Ac., Id acre* of good IhiiiI, Ann mapl- grove, fru!t, Ac. ; everything in best of order; high ground, overlooking tlie flourishing town of Muratlion, 25 mile* from Hlughamplnii, Willi river view, very healthy ; no change of cars; five minute*' walk from ala tion. \Y 1 1 1 sell at a great sacrifice for cash, or will cx" change for New York or Brooklyn properly. Address ,1" JBNZlNS, care ol W. It Bee he, 08 WullMreet, New York AHHIIII.AND HOME. HEALTHY HKKillTS, .IKK he v City, 20 minutes' walk only from business centre* New York : horse and steam cur conveniences; b'sutlful I^otn. #."(10 to >1.600; pretty Cottages, Jl.VJOto |4,ooo, French roof Yilla.s, nil modern improvement*, ? ?.r? h> to fs.ra*), An. JOHN II. l'LATT, opposite Court House, Jersey City Height*. AHAIUiAIN-TEN ACRE COUNTKY SEAT IN NEW Jersey: good building*. choice fruit, water front, near depot , ;iUo a fine Dwelling on Jersey City Heights; cheap. H. I'ATTBKRO, 299% Broadway. T| LOOM I'l ELD, N J.-Ft'RNIHHED HOUSE TO KENT I ) until 1 ; three minutes from depot. Apply to JAMES H. kWoKD. Hift Broadway. BAVONNE, N. J.-HOIJHES TO RENT AT fttH, $WU), ?i.A Jvu, Hi u.<e, lot Sl.xliW, and barn, %'* 10; 1 Houses, with ui'Klcrn Improvements. nt $#uo, $i'.75, $700, ?74H. ?!??! Apply to It K A M II A LI* A liKYMOTlB.No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City, or cull at Bayonue office. BE A I Tin 1, FLACR? 41 ACRES, ADMIRABLY adapted to dividing into villa plots, nt Dunellan, on New Jcrrcy Central Kailroad. Apply to Dr. NEIL, Third I avenue, corner illili street. / 1ATHKILL. ? TO I.ET, EOR THE SI MMER SEASON, \J a ruep Cottage, H rooms, furnished or not liirnished, w iUi or w I' lont Muhi- I : line situation, neftr CaUkdl an I the 1'itskill Mountain.*: half an hour's ride from llin laud n-f Addres- No. ^1 East Sixteenth street, or l?r. II. Mol.vANT, Cutsktll, Qreeno county, N. Y. Also Mrs. Molvaiu's miiiin. r Residence, Caiskill, N. Y. A few person* can l>e a coimnodatod. Address na ahove. pUFTOE.? TO BENT. FURNISHED OR I NFER v J nislied. a French roof Ilo, isc, containing II rooms, on four lots a nl on h iixli gn mil, two minute* from dejiot ; 21 trains daily to a*il from New York; sidewalks laid in posses- o i Mil , I marb'e mentals, run. 'e and water Mill commutation. f i . par year: ie.ii, mi'ur nl-dicd. JtfOO; or turiiished, |fi Address CLIFTON VARIETY STOKE, ClilTon. Passaic county, N .1 / 10RNWAI.I*-'iN TIIE HI. HON. -TWENTY AOBRS, \ ' w itii line brick residence on l.ank of ihe river . house SC l< rt si|ii?re, gas. hot and cold water in all rooms, water closet*. bathroom, ranij". stationary wash tub*. every modern convenience , also large stables and < arrlage < Hon -c. kitchen in.l flower giir.1. lis , grapes u ml fruitm alionlame; house tarnished. Address HI..NKY F. CIIaDF AYt'E, ?'..rtiwall,-orarje count v, N. Y Docks and wiiakvem, newakk. h. j , front fng i'u 'iic K.ver (Morris Canal resrl, for mslt hoiise>, factories, mills, lumber or coal depots. Apply to OKOKOE W IIOJ Kit, V iJoane street, N w York. i.tiha betii. n j.? Mansard iiouhf. h rooms, l i all Improveim nls lottifixr'O, corner Jvffi rson avenue and Anna sirtu t . trout* ua'k . sale cheap; e?H\ terms, or exchnngc. tivt, M Vt all street, room 21. |.t LIZA BETH, N. J.? A NFW FIKST CI. ARM DOI RI.K l1i Hon c, hot an t odd water, Ae. ; suitable lor private residence cr boarding bouse. Apply at No. 7 West Twenty ninth street. TJILISABBTII, R J SHIRT OB TEN FEBMONS CAB Vj t*e accommodated with good Hoard, pleasant Kooins | and home comforts in a first class invatis house, eurht minutes' wslk from depot, by addrcanng boa 234 l.liza- I buih l'o*t ofllce ; terms inmlerate. F^NOLEWOOD, N. J.? Tt> RENT, FOR ONE YEAR, A i largo Itirnishnd house, all the mrxl. m Improve I in. nls; four in ri*'<, garden, stable. ? ? . , situation very 1 hesllli * anil pleasant 1 near station ; %"D per IU li I h. Ad dross OWN Eft, box 647 New York I'oat offlce. fjlOB BALE? A DKSIKABI.:. RBKMRCI AND j I acres of Land, aitunted at Moay Kr. ok, L. I 4.v . miles from Ilnnter's I'olnt and IS minutes' walk from >L ' James depot; sljte of house 40* t.r* leet ; cottage built, witli j piazza H tee t wide along the entire front; tie flr-t floor rooms consist of large kitchen dining room, siding room, j parlor and two large bedrooms, two Isrue i antnes h.tad soinclv fitted up with drsw'rs anj shelves. Ihe second fl< or has lour large bedroom-, with clothe* pr. ??<?*; th. re | I* a siiuill barn and hennery on the place, fruit trees, pear, apple and quince, liesidtis -malt Iruil; the house ironf.s on a small lake and is .ihoiit half ? mile from the KOUtid; plenty lit good fishing; the ground Isel'out (iO feet aliove tide water; price $:vooo, inrludimr Furniture and Chickens; part ot the ground Is planlad lor this rear. For particulars inquire of Jameh L? I'AMHALls at Morrisan;a, Westchester county. N. Y. F^OR BALE? AT NORWALK, CONN.. A COTTAOB j Ilou e and Lot. Apply ta owner, JAM Ba L, DAVIS 1R4 Soil 111 street. , P>H SALE ON STATEN ISLAND? A FARM OF 100 acres, cuttin'.' no to 90 tons of tiay, and all other pro dueo. Apply for onu we. -k at l.'si West I hlrteenth streot. LK)R HALE ELEt! ANTI.Y Fl'lt N IHHED, ONE OF I the finest Hotels lor sntntner hoarders to be found wltliiu IH miles of the city ; all Improvements' in perfect ord< r; six acres land ; five minutes from station ; on hi^h ground; will lease lor five year*. WILSON A CLAKK III Broadway, basement, room 0. f>OR KALE -NEAR LAKE M MIOF \C, 10 ACRES Land, part orchard, forming two splt-nlld build, tig sltotf ; turnpike, with barns; $:i.Mo. K. H . LUDLOW A 00., Ro. S Plaa street. FMHt SALE IN Bill .LEV I I.I.K, N. J? A TWO RTORT tranin Mouse, nine rooms; marble mantels, hard and solt water; Ave minntcs trom railroad depot; ttruutatr Apply At tlo Wwt mteenm sUeat. New York. ? ? ? ? ? PXtOPBRTY OFT OP TI1E CITY fob 8ALB OH TO UKNT. For balk? at astoria, l. i . house ANo^Biaov Lotsof Oronnd, nicely llM out, with great nlrinilntra 01 fruit ot ?U kinds; carriage house, ?.?llstur three horsusi! beautifully Minuted oo corner ol 109 foot avenue nu t str.'Ct, or wou'd exchange lor small, flr?! flaw cilv Hutu* uptown. Apply toO. O. BENNUT, No 9 I'lne Htroeu For salb ? ooultry residence, ki tuatkd at Tenafly. N.J. (two mile- beyond Ki.l-Ibw.mhu, one of the healthiest locations in the State, Id miles tiom .Jersey Oily by Northern Now Jersey l'.iilroad. one -half mile from depot , si/.i of grounds, 173 feot front bv 2S8 loot deep, on a corner, nicely lanced; splendid ^rove of liee* m rear, size of house, 'UixJ7 feet, two story and uttlc, will) MniiHnrd roof, I- rouins, bolides laundry, ran-je. tnrnacc, batii, water closet, stationary tubs, ticvor-luilinir wcl', now contains 21 Inct water; the house having lust been newly painted and papered nil tin oi.gli lor owner'* use carriage house, stalls for three horses Ac., ull in perlect order: price low; lerins moderate. Apply to A. B. HUM. Bfc.Y, 13; ini.ino sired, upstair*. For rent? at stockbiudue. mars., the court. try Meat known aa tlm Judge Hvltiiton estate ; house I* large and commodious snd in period order, bavin'; nut been refitted and painted inxiile and outside; ftrounis ex tensive and locution unsurpamed ; will l>e IfAtod, with a portion or the whole of ground* attached, or with cot a"o* lor servants il do -tre d ; two trains dally to and frnrn New York. Addross HKNRY I?. CONK, Htockhridgo, Masa. VTtOB BALB-A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER AND WINTER r Itcsidcnco, centainlng 11 rooms; house newly fur nished; to coniuloto order . all improvements; carria :o house, stable, ice house, rte. ; Ik acres, all free and (dear; location mi ? urpasscd lor healthiness; five minutes' walk Iroin station ; 41 mile* by Harlem Itallroad; mlo.e, far house an 1 furniture, $M,i OO. rull particular* hj mMrese lug ow N K It, box 70 Foil office, Katonati, Wcsictichtcr county, New York. TCINE FARM? 100 ACHES Q0OD BUILDINGS; MIX 1" acres In e is n her lies; all in lino nrflor; 2'-? hour* from New York; jiS.MO; is w^rlh $8,tl'H); terms to suit. I> A It It I N , w B wad street TjlOR8AI.B-.OB UKASE FOR A TERM OF TUM.A I1 brick itnd stone Mansion, Wix IU7 feel, near the city, suitable for hotel, institution or gentleman's residenco. A. II. HATIiBoNE, 170 liro:i-l way. JiOR BALE? NEWARK, N. J.? TWO HTOIIY AND attic Collage, with extension- h 1 1 1 niodorn Improve* incuts; mur minutes oi South Broad street station. New Jersey Railroad, 91, two cash. It on oaiy terms. J. M. HI, I lulT, N?. i William street, Now York, or 8. Vandcrpool street, Newark, N. J. JjlOR S Al l"? AT FRANKLIN, ESSEX COUN'tY, N. J., r on Peterson and Newark lUilroad, four minutes' walk troni depot and 45 minute* troin N'err York, a beau* tilul new House, built by day's work ; contains nil the modern improvement*; [2 (misled room', including bathroom, plenty oi o lose t&, marble inn n t ? 1", ic;plot contain* eight lots; price $IJ 0 fl, quarter down, balance on in rt??i:e. Also a lie w Knelish Cottage ; price 48,1)09. Imitire of .1. W. S i'lTT, f'raiiklln, ot at l.? Uhanibcn street, Now York. riOR SA1.K? r-ONQ ISIAND SOI NII-A NICE COT. F tase House and Stable ami tV acres of urouml; 40 mlnules from New York: (plemild view; dm- sandy bench ; price $1U,OOU. Apply to S. C. 1 1 IN MAN, ?\ Pine ?t. I[tC)R BAI.i:-$IO AN ACRE, A 200- AC RE I' A KM, three or tour hours from hero; uliio others for ealo or exchange. B. FRANKLIN Cli.illK, 9S I,il>criy street. IJIOR BALE OR Tt) LEASE? 1 FARM, 17 AOr.KH; NEW house ; small water power, good Iruit, veil watcrod, about 2 miles irum depot, 6>? from I'a.i rvm, N. J. ; tenna easy; 1 t iirin, 3 miiee from i'utorfon; i:ood house, barn ami fruit ; Im.h would make splendid Summer re >ldeiicus} also a large House with rupola, 11 rooms, overlooking tlioolty ol I'atcrKon. Incjiitre of B. UKKOE, 171 Main street, ratcrson. N. J. I^tlR KAI.K flit TO I.ET? IN FAIRVIKW, A IIOI'HH ' with li rooms, a hai n linn good well of water: 29 iiilmite.v rld<- by Northern Railroad from l'avonia Icrry, Call at the drug storo opposite the place or at 3HI (Jrevo street, Jersey City, IjlOR BALE ? A lllllCKYARU, ON OANAL, IN JER. soy; con'p'ete machinery; nearly new; splendid op. porlunity; Immedlute work; price S>1 ,OUO; terms oisy; investiuato iinmediutel> . i'ttrlicuiiirs apply to J. A. KAMI'iNU, 80 Cedar street, Ji()R SALK tilt TO LET, FURNISHED ? ONB HOUR'S time from city, five minutes from depot, at Cherry Hill, oil Huoken-ack Ituilroad mil river, large, MaiiRiira rojt Owcllin?, 17 large, a ry rooms, high ceilings, newly lurnUhe l ; H|ileinlid lawn and shade and fruit, largf car. ringe hou'e, ull new ; choice rlvt r iront, bo itiog ami flsh tng; lor season 1 1. (KM, lor year SI. KM. Applj on the prcm ises to J. W. HOVKR, or l;. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers st, TitO H BALE OR TO LET? A HOUSE, LOCATED AT ' Oceanic, N. J., on Shrewsbury liivor, five minutes from steamboat landing ami witlun ttin minutes' drive of Scabrlght station oil the Louu Braach Railroad, 13 ncras of good land, garden, choice fruits, grapes, Ac.; house commodious, 17 rooms; Hue cellars and all pbsstblo conveniences; gardener's cottage, good barn, oarriaso house, boat house, ice house, Ac.; tncilities lor bathing unsurpassed and the d rives oxo?<lletit. Apply to Itoiir, WM. HAM- E, Oceanic, N. J., or TII08. CIIAL.UEIU' SONS, 79 Yarick street. TjV'R SALK OR TO LET -ON STATE N ISLAND, KIVB r minutes' walk from New Brighton or Quarantine Landing, a large, first class House, lior 18 ro mis, all modern improvement*, water, gas, bath, billiard room, stable for fonr liorsus, with ull couvcuitiucog; Mil" gar. deli, latvn, fruit In abundance ; nice view of bay an I sur roundings ; high giouiid ; house fully lunilstied ; will be lot onlv to a private lamily : to a satisfactory tenant rent will bo inKleritc; or will exchange for New York or Brooklyn property. Address box (i,H.-7 t'ost odlfie. I [toil HALE OR TO LET? ON FAVORABLE TERMS, In ttio village of Shrewsbury, N. J , n new two story House, w ith Mansard roof; n rooms and all modern im Iiroveiiients; 15 minutes' walk from railroad drpot, ?ours tmin New York, three-iiuarters of an hour' ironi Long Hiuu Il II T. OODiST, 25 Nuw street, or W. L. B JRDEN, on premi <e>. For sale or ti> let? at, n. j., 20 minutes trom New York by Central Railroad, sowral new conyeuient lloiisos; tonus liberal. Imiulre at I'ost ofilce. or of JOHN MORitEl.L A CO., corner til nanforth snd New Bergen aveaues. ^ F*okulbobto lbt? a bbabidb cottaob at Par Itix'kaway, Bear two depots. Apply to O. O. NORTON, 83 1'enn street. Brook yn. F1ACTOB* FOB 8ALB? II MILKS FROM CITY BALL; 70 horse water power, strain power, heavy buildings; near lour railroads and canal. J. FIBHhR HATTERTIIWAITE, 10 Pine itrcnt FUTRNISUKD COTTAOB UPON AN ACRE OF land Yarlety fruits; g od water ; carriage house ; 15 inlif utes oil Northern iNevr Jersey Kailroad ; terms rcn-.onni>!e, Apply at 68 Wall street, room 111. TOURNLHHBD HOUSE, PLBASANTLT LOCATED, I? near depot, corner or Filth and Poacc streets, I'lala field; all imiirovemenls. Inquire of house agenta, I'mln* Held ; VAN '/.ANDT, 81 Cedar, or owner, W Pearl stxeef Fon tbr hummer.? furnished and unfub. liished Houses and Cottages, on llay sidu, ( liltoa, S la ten Island; line bathing au:l hilling. Address D. T. CONKLL, lleiisn Airent, third landing. IpOR RENT? A VSRY FINE f'OUNTRT RESIDENCE, 1 eight miles trom the citv, at RldffC&Oid, mi line of Nortlmrn Itallroad of Now Jersey; a. I coiivi nienres; about Ave minutes' walk f.-oin station ; go?;rt plan i walk: also a number of oilier very desirable places, on line ol sumo read, lor sale, excharge and to tel. WILSoN A OLA RK, 111 Broadway (basement), room i\ FIOR HUNT Foil TUB FUMMER?ON TOOK JUI.Ii, rtaten Island, a Hue furnished House, wl.h ererf mwlrrn convenience; commodioia in >? ithou *n/u (troennonse, well s ii ken gardtni and atund.Mi ;o of t uit trees with .'fi acres Oi lmd; I ?? Mluati u r >nnn in l? a magnificent v.ew and it rlo e to.a railw iv tuion vrilh trpiiueut communication t<# %?w Vurk. apply u? Mc/M DREW A w ANN, 4J l roadway, >ew mrk. FlRONT and back PARLOR AND HATIl on second floor; Front and bark, middle and lull lied rnoiii on llilrd floor; modorn Improvement*; seven nun nies' walk Cortland t ?truct lorry j $?4 per mouth. I9i York street. (1 RRENWM H, RIVRR8IDU, STAMKOKO.-SKVURAL T rte-ilraMo Residences to lot, lttrnl*hed tin I untur m-dted, tor reason ?ml year; 318i to $I,W9; nthpr* lor sale. J. W. ATWATKK, Riverside station. l!onn. CI IISEN FARE LOTS FOR SALE? IN MONTHLY T payments, without tntcre-d ; prices Irom fiMM to $500; under restrictions; ttvo to ten in i n lit ??? troin (l-not, ?it Wliiieritoiie, Long Island; 2ti nnniit m from Huutcr'a I'olnt ; M trains daiiy, fr on ?i A. M. to nild'ilght. ?>t elegant Flushing mid Nortiialile Railroad; a >eai '? tommutation I'reeHvoU build before May, 1H7I -. I eautitnl scenery ; high crou nd : healthy ; cnurchea, school*, ami more conven lent to business tlian Up town, Jersey, Brooklyn or Har lem; neighborhood under restriction*. Call on II K. VAN KICBLEN, Nassau street, kc I tren pas* and vtiit it. K. It. Hopkins will meet you at the depot. Handhomb cottage TO RENT? Fob BBABOB OR year; II rooms; n ?r depot, IV hours Irom New York ; U. H. Ol.lVKK, No. I I'ark place. n'OUBB and OKors.iH, lots, lawn AND garden, plenty truft, t'-n good room*, waler in kitchen, all in good order, (.11 Butler avenue, East New V. rk, ni'nr Atlnntic , will rent (turuUhed) to oaretul nod responsible party, .W days al 31 .t7 per day, or uniur iiished lor tl l xt ilay, May I, IS7.i. fall at 55 White street; New York (M Steinhardt k <o.'s), on owner. Hotel property for ralb? in hew jersey, 18 nillei from New York, live mimics irslk irom depot ; terms ea?y- Apply to MOKKIS Ll VINOdTON, lit Liberty utreoL Hotel to let. -tiie cliff iioi'mr. rye. west. Chester county, N. T., on i.ooit Iniatul Sound, fur nUhcd ; a bo 'it one hour irom New York hj New llavon Kmlri/.id ; boaiin.'. builimi; ami HsliuiK. Al?o adioinlng ('ottace, Htatile and (iroumi*. Appl> at II Wall street, roam II. ? J Jt I?SON RIVER FROPERTV ?OR hALK. I he Coiilitr* > belollKiltg to tlio Roorinan Tr, st, now cm . in, i? l r,v Mr- ItotuTt Moorman, oT the en*' Kldo of Itrondw.i *.(n Hcarbori'iigh, ?outh ot atoi a>i|oliiliig the re*l ilem eol I irinoa Hiotil. hw|. ; S mite Irom station ?t Hml.toa Hiver Railroad, at fearborotigh, and IS mite* irom ata? lion at ^iiu Nin? , linn' ou railroad about i hours; on tho land eo npriMii^ ni 'Hit 75 aercs, and having u trout on Hroadwayof ?,*>, irot, are several very tine building si;e?, one ot ? hleh lias b< en Improved bv the erect.on of a lirtek mari?lon lom-e >>l the ft r 1 claas, wi h other suiia Me t>uildiii?*, uiiili'r the personal superintendence of John Hat in Hatch, Esq., architect; there are al?o *e verat farm hoi.s -s. 'I'o any liontleinan ilivtli lnji a migainoent ( ,.un ry retldence ill a place celebrated tor health and tM-aaiy ot srenory, or de^iriii^ an iuveatniuiit coiistaniir lio'rnii-lug In value, an opportunily Is presented which set lam occurs. 1 he property will ne sold in one or mora parcels and on easy terms by IH'Oll N. ('AMI', ItW Broadway, corner ot 1'lne street. KATON All. ? FOR HALE, OPPOHITB ,IA Y IIOMR stead, w ithin two miles of statloH. one of tho most tx-autitul as well as healthy region i In ih- State, a gen tleman* Residence, containing <'? neru*. a lino stona h<'U?e, with 15 rnouis, with ad tne convenience* of a cit? house , tine carriage house, stable, cottage, grapery, Ao. Apply to iit'OH n t'AMr, iiw Itroadway. ]ONl? BBAN' ll roTTAOF.S To RENT FURNtSUBO: J printed cataiosnea with lull drscrlations and soeeial aurvey inui*toke hail at our oflleea. Y. (I. A D. KRoWN, Na. *0 Broadway, corner Wall stri ct, and tsrauck olBce, opt asite depot, l<r>ag Branch. MONTRi.SE, N. ,1-A COBBY LITTLE HOtTSB, U rooms; inixlnru improvements; over two acre* flna lawn and Karden , two minutes Imui station ; tor *alo oa verr eaay terms, or win exchange for city property. Ap ply at No. 4 South William street. MORB1RTOWN AND MAHIHON RESIOENCRS to rent? Furnished or unlurnishcd, lor Summer of year. Full particular* at our ofltce. Farms and Heat deuces lor sale. J. HENRY JOUN.soN, W Broadway. Var iUllloMl Real Batata Adr?rtlu> aaaata Itt Aaothtr Part or the Panari

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