Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. r WHOLE NO. 13^9. NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET." PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADf EKT1SERS* AMUSEMENTS? Nimtii Page? Fourth, fltth anil sixth columns. ASTROLOGY? Ninth Page? Fourth column. BILLIARDS? Finn 1'ace ?Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED? Second Page? Fourth and filth columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED-Skcond Pag*? Filth column. BROOKLYN BOARD? Second Page? Filth column. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR oALK-.-mcC.ond Page? Firm column. BUSINESS OPPORT I N1TIES ? First Page? Filth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES ? Seventh Page? Sixth column. OJOAHS AND TOBACCO? Ninth Page ? Third column. CITY REAL. ESTATE FOR BALE? second Pase? First column. CLERKS AND SALEBMEN? Twelfth Pack? Third col umn. ?LOT 1 1 1 NO ? Second Page? Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? TwEMRm Page? Third and fourth columns. ?OASTrtlSK STEAMSHIPS? Twelfth Page? Sixth col umn. OOUNTKY BOARD? Second Page? Fifth column. DANCING ACADEMIES? Second Page? sixth column. DENTISTRY? Ninth Pag*? Fourth column. DRY GOODS ? First Page? Fifth anil sixth columns. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Eighth Pack? Second ami third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS ? Twelfth Page? Fifth and sixth columns. EYES AND EAKS? Fifth Page? Sixth column. EXPRESSES? Skcond Page? Filth column. KIN ANC1AL? Firm Page ? Third and fourth columns. FOR SAL I- ? Fiuar Pack? Fourth and Huh columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Eighth Pack? Third uud lourth columns. FURNITURE? Ninth Page? Third column. HELP WANTED ? FEMALES ? Twelfth Paub- First and second columns. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelith Page? Fourth and fifth columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.-Fibst PAGB-Second, third and lourth columns. HOTELS? Second Page? Fifth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AO., WANTED? Fins* Page? Fifth column. . INSTRUCTION? Fifth Page? Sixth column. JERSEY CITY, HObOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER 01. N REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second 1'aue? Second column. LECTURE SEASON? iSecond Pace? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Fifth Pace? 8ixth column. LOST AND FOUND? First Pace? First column. MACHINERY? Fibst Pack? Filth column. MARBLE MANTELS? Finn Page? sixth column. MEDICAL? Ninth Page? Fourth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Fms* Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Pack? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Second Page ? Sixth column. PERSONAL? First Page? First coiuinn. PIANO FO RTES, ORGANS, AC.? SECOND Page? 8ixth column. PROPOSALS? Fifth Pack? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Twki.i-th Pack? First column. PROPERTY OPT OF THE CITY FOR RALE OR TO RENT? Second Page? Second and third columns. REAL KSTATK TO EXCH ANGE-S?C0KD Page? Third column. REAL ESTATE WANTED ? Second Page? Fourth col umn. REMOVALS? FiFtn Pace? Sixth column. REWARDS? First Page? First column. HALES AT AUCTION? Eighth Pack? Filth and sixth columns, and Ninth Pack ? First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES -Eleventh Pack? First, second, third, fourth, tilth and sixth columns, and Twelfth Pace? First column. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Twelfth Pagf.? Sec ond ami third columns. SPECIAL NOTICES ? First Page ? First and second col umns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? First Page? Second column. STALLIONS? First Page? Second column. STORAGE? Fifth Page? Sixth column. BUMMER RESORTS ? Second Page? Fifth column. THE TRADES? Twelfth Pack? Filth column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Eiuhtu Page? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS ANH APARTMENTS TO LET? Eighth Pack? Fourth and tilth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Fifth Pack ? Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Second column. YACIIT8, STEAMBOATS, AC.? Fifth Page? Sixth col umn. HKBALD BBAWCH offick-uptowh. Advertisements for the new york herald RECEIVED AT TnE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,265 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAY'S (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES."" NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PA It 1 8 AGENCY OF TUB NEW YORK HERALD, jypMIRfl. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR TI1E NEW YORK IIFRALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF TIIE IIERAl.D, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THKM. PBKgQIKAto Any one who can give information con ccrning Jnmes Mohan, a | rivntc in the Seventh Connecticut regiment volunteers, is requested to send it to GEORGE U. SUMNER, Attorney at Luw, Hartford, Conn. T OU.? 68 WEST 10TII STREET THE EXPRESSMAN WHO TOOK THE TRUNKS Itom the Coli man House, on April 23, please deliver them at ill Woi Thirty-first etreet ANNIE MONROE. Vivian? argyle bal masque to night, don't forget, rain or shiue. Expect a good time. ALONZO. Ol'LD LIKE TO HEAR FROM THE AMERICAN bird doctor. W. A. JOHNSTON, Market Exchange. w WlRT AM) FDl ',1). F Qt'ND ? A VALUABLE GOLD-HEADED CANE, WITH owner's name, which he can have by proviug prop erty and paying expenses by applying to WILLIAM ?LOANS, at wenck*i Pharmacy, under tlllaey House. IpOl'ND -A GOLD WATCH. ON CAR NO. 94 OF SIXTH 1 av? nue Railroad, on down trip Sunday morning, about id "'clock Owner can have the watch returned by describing same and puvinii for tills advertisement. Apply In pel son at 11C WW Ihirty-'.lHrd street. IOST? CAMEO SLEEVE BUTTON, ON SATURDAY J night. Hy leaving the same at 81 Rivtngton street will receive liberal rewnvd. Mrs. < i KEEN. LOST OR STOLEN? BANK HOOK NO. 82,7*' (IF THE Emigrant Industrial Savings Hank. The tinder will be rewarded on leaving it ut the bant, 91 Chambers street It' not 'outid application will be made t><r a ni w honk ?n 26th May. JULIA C AH ILL, Depoiiitor. IOST-ON APRIL 27, GOING FROM CHRY!?TIE J street to Bowery, in Canal street, a double-cased Bold Watch and Chain. The finder, by leavifig the same at I). J. >lTLLIVAN'S, corner Canal and Chryslie, will be rewarded with $2ft, and no questions usked. IOST ? TH URSDAY MORNING. APRIL 24. ON THE J 7:1ft train irotn Orange to New York, a Paper Parcel sontaining tour nieces of Guipure Lncc. A liberal re ward will be puid tor its return to Westcott's Express Office, Mi rrls and Essex depot, llohokcn. or toALFRf.D WATKIN8, at H. P. Clatlin ft Co.'s, 140 Church street. New York. MWAEP8, (Jj,- REWARD. -LOST, ON SATURDAY LAST, APRIL ?IP?/ i6, a small Hlnck and Tan slut, answers to the name of "Lyil." The above reward w ill be given to the person returning the sumo to lft9 Went Twenty-third st. REWARD.? LOST. A SMALL BLACK AND tan Terrier Dog. Above reward by returning to West Forty-tlrtt street. tlfl REWARD. -STOLEN FROM A BOY, LAST I I' Siiiiirilav afternoon, corner Seventh street and cond avenue, a Military Coat and an unfinished Frock Coat The ahove reward will be tiuld to an v oerson re turning the same coat? to WALTER, 21 Clinton place, Eighth street. No questions asked. <*><.)/ 1 K E W ATI D. ? LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, At rll 2(i, a small Black and Tan Dog. with ? leather collar around his neck, with a bell attached and a plate on with the word Pot. Whoever will return him to .'111 West Forty -third street Will rccelve the above re wind. ~~ (SPECIAL NWICEI. A? HEKA1.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, * comer oi I- niton avenue and Hocrum street Open trom ? A. M. to? P. M. on Sunday from S to S? P. M. ADARTF.S (PRICES REDUCED), ROLF. AGENT OF . Roval Havana Lottery, 58.1 Broadway ; box 4, WW Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed H*e. A? STORAGE.? WEST SIDE STORAGE WAKE . house-, for Furniture, Pianos, Baggage and nil other fanillv propertv. All goods placed in separate rooms. " R. TAGOART, Owner and Manager. Office-- .KB Hudson street, m-iir \V est I'we ? ? 1 1 -I i ?? < t . ^PPLICAHOS will he received until the 20th day of May, IWS, hy the Board of Trustees ot Frederick Female Seminary, located In Frederick City, Md., for Principal, to take charge of ?aid Seminary. The Principal to furnish all the furniture necessary for the boarding department The lurnittire and fixtures for the tuition department, will !>e furnished by the Hoard of Trustees at reasonable cuinpcn<atlon iinnuiil'v. GIDEON BANT/., President pro torn. A. Born, Serrctorj . A? FURNITURE FAMtttlU NOTED IN CITY OR . country : lUmlture, pianofortes. Ac,, packed, shipped or stored. G. A F. HCKNHaM, lift West Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue. G OLD AND SILVER AND ARTICLT'S CONTAINING * goid bought at market prices; Polishing, Filter and holograph Papers lnirncl and smelted bv Refiner AW KL, 2ft John street. "y Photc 81 Havana lottery -extraordinary drawing 23d April. German State Lotteries, circulars mailed free ki II I. MANN A CO., Baakera, 85 Nassau street: bOA 3.SS6 l'oit ullloe. SPEClAli WOTICKS. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KKNTOCKY STATE LOTTERIES. IMTUOKV- KXTHA CU*MH NO. 297? At-Hll. 26, 1 873. 33, 9, C7, 78, 21. tirt, 2, ?a 81, 29, A 43. K UNTUCK V? CUSS NO. 208 -APRIL 26, 1873. 10, 86, 86, 22, 78, 66, tX, 1, 74, 61, 36. 31*. 38, 42. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Kv. 8IIKLDY COLLKUK? KXTKA CLASS NO. 19/? AI'KIL 2t5, 1OT. 6, 80, 43, 46, 1, 16, -0, 10, 6.'i, 71, 4, 27. S1IKLBY I OLLKUB? CLASS NO. 19S? AI'KIL 26, 1S73. ?8, 21, 8, 80, 33. 86, K5, 6<), 28. 2, 84, 29, 7, 14. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Hiuker, 206 Itroadway. Post office box 4,9>i9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. EXTKA CLASS NO. 11? APRIL 2li, 1873. ?9, 44, 13, 78, 20, 18, 4, 65, 33, 69. 60. 2. SOUTH CAKOL1HA? CLASS NO. 12? AI'KIL 26, 1873. 40, 58, 56, 68, 9, 8, 72, 61, 31. 28, 71, 78, 17, 24. . GERKKN 4 CO.. Mauagers. LUTITY A CO., brokers, 71 Barclay street. Royal SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT UHV< sic, Germany; 96,000 tickets; 47,8110 prises; Bruns wick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottery : Royal Havana Lottery, Prizes cashed and in lornta. ion given TUEODOR ZSCnoCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6^080 Post office. Royal Havana lottery.? prizes cashed-, or ders filled; information furnished; highest rates paid tor Spanish Hank Hills, Ac. ? .. . TAYLOR & CO., Banker*. 16 Wall street. New York. STAMMERING.? NEW YORK STAMMERING IN8TI lute, established 1770.? Professors MANN 4 COLV1N, Managers, 107 West Twenty third street; seven days' In struction allowed. Applicant* to satisly themselves. No pay lor Hoaru or services until cured, bend tor prospectus. WILLIAM H. HANKINSON'S STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works, 18 Kast Twenty-seventh street, be tween Filth and Madison avenues. New York.? No con nection whatever with any other house. The original Hankinson, and the only one oi that name, established in this business in 18(51. _ <2ip:QQ ^QO 18 drawn daily in the legal lzcd Kentucky Lottery; Royal Kavana and Kentucky circulars tree; 1-)* coinmUsioii allowed. Address HALEY A CO. lotllce established ~0 years), 174 Broadway. gpoETiie-Doafc mnus, A ?FOR SALE. ALL KINDS OK >ANCY DOGS, ? Bird*. Ac.; Medicines lor all ditcascs, Prepared Food tor mocking buds, at B. (i. DOYEY'S. No. 3Greeue street, near Canal. I pit AN CIS BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS A I.L the choice breeds of Dogs lor sale and stock. BUT LER'S Imallibh: Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 7Sc. BUTLER'S new w.>rk, Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines for all diseases. STALLIONS. TjlDWARD EVERETT, THE EIRE OF JOE ELLIOTT, Pi who trotled last Summer oil Mystic 1'ark in 'J :15>? (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), alMi of Commodore Vanderbilt's .Mountain Hoy. who trotted ln2:20*?. and of Judge luUerton, who has trotted in 2:21%, will make the season at the tarin of William Ke< tell, near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For lurther particulars see the "Turf, Field and Farm." HOR8H9, CARRIAGES, itc. A -STYLE. ELEGANCE AND SPEED. . GREAT, IMPORTANT, SPECIAL, POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF ELEGANT AND FINE BLOODED HORSES, WAGONS, AC., INCLUDING TIIE FINEST STOCK OF GENUINE AND SUPERIOR HORSES EVER OFFERED TO PUBLIC AT AUCTION IN THIS CITY, ON TUESDAY (TO-MORROW), APRIL 29, AT STABLE 43 GREAT JONES STREET, AT 10k O'CLOCK, SIIAKP, JOHN D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER, of all the line Stock and elegant Turnouts of two well known retired un 1 prominent gentlemen, who go abroad this week, oue ot whom has lately been appointed Com missioner to Vienna Exposition, which compels him to sell his slock immediately, find is removed from his resi deuce, on staten Island, to stable as above for conven ience ot sale, and including Rich, handsome and extra fine Team of \ thorough bred blood bay Horses, nearly 10 hands nigh, both 7 years old this Spring; were raided In Kentucky and selected by Dr. Herr, of Lexington, on orders expressly for present owner, and were considered then, and aro now, the finest team for style, action, color, size and fine proportion that left Kentucky last year; they have flue, long, arched necks, with clean, blooded and Intelligent beads and finely proportioned all over, with good mus cular developments and lino, strong, dcas limbs and feet, and have as much natural style and action as the most fastidious could wish, are elegant drivers, finely broken to all harness and very attractive and desirable whether standing or moving ; they can travel a 3 .30 gait together to phaeton or brett, fear nothing and are war ranted sound, kind and pertcct, without vice, trick, fault or blemish; an decent and first class coach or road team. Team of young brown Second namldetonlan trotting Geldings, nearly 16"* high, ti years old this Spring, both sired by Middlctown and raised by Henry Millspaugh, In Orange county; are fine, lree. easy and pleasant drivers; finely mated in appearance. action and gait; flowing manes and tails, without a while hair on cither one; Mr. Millspaugh exhibited them last October at the Goshen Fall meeting, drirlitg lirt-t.t hinislf, without preparation, to heavy country top wagon, two trials, in 3:11 and 3:U9, timed by a dozen responsible gentlemen, who can lie referred to; they have tine, even dispositions; can be driven by any ordinary driver; tear no locomo tive or anything else, mid are rich, active, handsome and stylish, and promise, with more age and driving, to rank A No. 1 us a trotting team, and their gentle and line finalities make them a vulualile lainily team ; are war ranted sound, kind and perfect, without lault or blemish. Fine, large V thoroughbred chestnut coupe or family Horse, 1C high, 7 years old ; has fine style, and amiatile and line qualities; has few superiors in this city lor tine, noble and graceful carriage; Is sensible, honest and courageous; fine, tree and lust traveller, with superior action; warranted sound and kind. Handsome, sate and stylish brown pony Horse, 15 high, 7 years old ; safe for the most timid lady to drive ; fears nothing, jtnd knows as much on the road as an ordinary driver; is extra fast traveller, high-headed, stylish and fine; requires no check; has been u?ed by a lady the last year to pony phaeton ; warranted sound and kind. Thoroughbred chestnut saddle Horse, General Grant, 15}., filch, 6 years old ; lias all known gaits to saddle ; lias run a mile in 48; Is finely broken to all harness and safe tor the most timid to drive or ride ; he has no superior in this country for style and tine, genteel dualities; Is con sidered the finest and best broke saddle horse in the city i warranted sound and kind. Fas; and handsome young dapple grey Trotting IlorFe; 15tj hl.'h; six years ol.l , sired nv I'ilot, .lom by Alexan ders Abdallati ; is halt brother to Hull Run, and is a fac simile ot him; is fine, free, eas> and pleasant driver, either single or double ; is game and prompt ; no road too long tor him; ha* line, rich style amt action: no sliver or lugger, and is pure ami rapid ga.nd; le can I) at 2:45 now, r.nd : nmls s, with more handling, to trot 1 wdown iu the tlirtks; is warranted sound, kind and per.ect, as repress ntc I. Also ih" ta?t. handsome, high bred and fine large blood bay Trotting Horse WoodDurn, 15V high, 7 rears old; raised In Kentucky f shows flue high breeding; is elegant driver and cannot be ontstyled by any trotting horse that gees the road ; requires no check or blinds: drives himself cither jogging ?r speeding and will walk as fast as an ordinary horse will trot; he liu-. fine symmetri cal proportion*, with good bone and mnscle and fine clean limbs and strong feet, he has a record ot 2:37 when 8 vears old, and has improved in speed since ; he can show 2 :35 to road wagon, and no road too long for him; lie Is warranted sound, kind and perfect In every respect; in tact, is one of t ho finest and most genteel road horses lor any g. utl( ;iun's private use ever driven, and la seldom beat on road. Also one oi the handsomest young chestnut trotting, or gentleman's road Maro In tne city ; atiout 18,'? hands nil h ; 6 years old this Spring; sired by ritockbridge Chief, dam by Lexington ; is pure, honest and open-galted ; fine, tree, easy and agreeable driver; sate for n lad* to drive; has never been trained to fully develop her speed and can beat 2 :5i) now. and her fine gait and hardy constitution warrant the belief that she must rank No. 1; Is war ranted sound and kind. Also one elegant four-seat top Phaeton, by Bam ; one Ponv Phaeton, two Wagons, by Brewster ; one top Wagon, by Brown A Godwin, shifting top side bar; trot ting Wagon, by Stivers; double Harness, by Punscomh; double llarness. by Wood Gibson : three single Harness, by Dunscomb; also Blankets, Robes, Ac., Ac. The whole including as fine a collection ot choice stock a? was ever offered, and all is positively to be sold to highest bidder, irrespective of cost and without the least resirictlons or limits whatsoever, and gentlemen wishing tlr-t cIush stock (which they will find this to bo, and strictly warranted so), should attend tills sale. Stock oil e^hil Ition now, at stable. Kale positive, rain or shine. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various improve ment* imro<luced by us during the past 1ft years, malting them the standard for Quality throughout the I'nlted stales. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factor*, and are offered In stock In all respects equal in duality to tlio?" built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices unltorm to all. In order that we mav not !>e confounded with a Joint stock rompnny ot carriage dealers who have adopted a tlrm name similar to our own, anil impudently claim the reputatlou we have made lor the "Brewster wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Kittli avenue and Fourteenth street, and our onlv Factory on Proonic street. BREWSTER A CO., ol liroome street. A LI, EN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS % CHAMHKRK STREET. MORSE AUCTION MAItT AT NEW YORK SALES AM) STORAOE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HOUSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD MrCULI.OUOH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN It MINER A KRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sale-' ot Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thtirsdav ot each week. Entries ol articles for auction call be made at repository as above or salesroom? ot auctioneers. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK PONY PHAETONS, all st>le* and price*, Iroin $13.' un; several top Wagons, second ban. I, by city maker- . one Clarence, second band: one curtain Coacli, by Brewster; one six seat Phaeton, do. ; one second liana lirett, suitable lor livery; Harnett* KUnketv Whip.-, Ac. V.'M. 11. GRAY, -ti and ? Wooster street. i BAKOAIN IN LIVERY AND HACKS.? CARRIAGES ! V ot all kinds; 12-passcnger Stage, good lle.irse, three i Clarences, two glass Quarter Coaches; two Couches, $fl<) each ; Bugnies and Wagnivt at all prices. J tv. PITNEY, 404) Third avenue. A ?THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUsE OF HAM :?i J\. years' standing, offers the largest assortment of I.andaulcls, Landaus, Coupes, Ladles' Phaeton*. Several I second band carriagi s taken in exehangc. Price* to suit purchasers. 10 East Fourth street. usuu, A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, Rr ? J\ way*, Phaetons, Buggy, Exi>ie*?, Depot u /' KA tiesa Wagons, new and second hand; cheapf <in Husi cltv. Ul West Broadway, .near Canal utreet. ?* place in A? TO LET, STABLES ON NINTH 8" BZ~~- ? ? Fourth aveuu". J. r , \. K N) East Fourth strr '? ' '*'? near Bowery. a Slack horse and brow - - - - J\ bands, H years old ; also Plic EACH is Harness, Side Saddle, n?ed by a |L.iv A. nnd single Plv at lhirty.eli.Uih street aie, Au" HORSKs, CAHRIAaRH. AC. A -MAJOR C. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GENTLEMAN'S ELEGANT PRIVATE E8TAB MENI\ AT PUBLIC AUCTION , ? Til 18 DAY (MONDAY), APRIL '28, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT THE PRIVATE STABLE, 228 WEST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET, TIIP PROPERTY OK A gentleman leaving the city, and co?BMt pair ok kast trotting Geldings, brown and buy, Messenger stock, lf>S high, 7 ami 8 years old; extra stylish drivers; can Irot in 2:60; finely galled; no pullers: warranted nound and kind HANDSOME AND VERY CLOSELY matched pair ot brown Mares, Vermont Hamblutonian stock; lull sisters ; lftj? high; 6 and 7 years old ; great style, action mid upiiearancc ; elegant drivers; can trot in Ak; heavy, lull manes and tails und warranted sound and kind. EbEGANT COUPELKT. BUILT by Miner A Steven*, nearly new ; pole and slialts. FINE TOP SIDE BAR ROAD Wagon, built by Brew ster A Co., of Broome street; pole and shafts. ELKOANT 118-POUND sine BAR Road Wagon, built bv stivers; pole and shafts. ONE KINK PORTLAND SLEIGH, pole and shaft*. SET FINE DOUBLE PHAETON Harness; cltv made. SET PINE LIQliT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Coin orford. SET KINE SINGLE H ARNESS, made by Comerferd. ELEGANT KOX AND WOLF Robes, Kersey and sweat Blankets, stable Blanket*, Lap Robes, WliiDs, Sheets, Bits, Stable Utensils, Ac. THE WHOLE COMPRISING the finest private turn out ever offered at public salo. SALE POS1TI VE und wiihout reserve. NO POSTPONEMENT on account of weather. STOCK NOW ON exhibition. STABLE TO let CATALOGUES MOW READY. ALBERT B. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER, Salesrooms, 1ii8 Liberty and 111 Cedar streets. Horse*. Wagons and Harness, THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, D. W. IVES will sell, as above, A superb grav Horse, l.Vi bands high, 7 vesrs old ; war ranted to trot In 2 :i>. and to be sound, kind and true in al harness; eostowncr $800. A brown Mare, 7 years old. suitable for butcher, Ac. ; warranted sound, kind and true in all harness. Particulars at sale. Warranties extend 24 hours. A. Auction house of arch. Johnston (late Johnston A Van Tassell), . OFFICE ANff SALESROOM OLD StAND, 37 Nassau stroet, opposite the Post olticu. THE HORSE AUCTION~BRANCH OF THE nOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21. 23 nnd 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be confnictcd on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char actorizod the dealings ot our house anil won the respect und confidence ot the business community as well as the public at large. REGULAR BALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries (or sale may be made, as usual, cither atonr downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 2) and '-'5 Kast Thirteenth street LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON BIG.NMENTS. ?POSTPONED ON ACCOUNT OK THE WEATHER. One week longer. The really cholcn Stock of light Carriages nnd Harness now ou haiid at our spacious und plcasinit wareroouis, No. 8 Cortlamlt street, near Broadway. This is the greatest chance, ol the season. We offer the entire stock at lactory cost prices at private sale and lor cash onlv. ARCI1. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlundt street. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), at the old stand, 110, 112 and 114 Eust Thirteenth street, near Kotirih avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will find this house perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on, the same straightforward principles which have gov erned it in the past. We give the purchaser ot every horse that is warranted sound troin 24 to 48 hours lor trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. AT PRIVATE SALE, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19. *1, 23 AND 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE and FIFTH AVENUE. EXCELLENT SADDLE HORSH, BROKEN TO ALL gaits of a saddle horse and kind in all harness ; warranted sound. ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. Coupe, by Lawrence; Top Depot Wugon, Six-seat Rockaway, Barouche. Prices 25 per cent lower than at any other place in the city. A? ELEGANT LANDAU, ONE CLARENCE. ONE ? curtain Coach, one six-seat Rockuwav, one Park Phaeton, one Victoria, one two-wheel I og Cart, one top and one no top Wagon, one pony Phaeton, also two sets of double Harness anil two sets of single Harness, all nearly new and made by the best city makers, to be sold cheap, to settle an estate. Can be seen at M. OURLEY'S carriage factory, 1>9, 111 and 113 East Thirteenth street, nuur fourth avenue. UCTION SALE? OF AN ELEGANT PAIR OF CAB riage Horses, Harness, Barouche, an 1 a superb Lan dau, nearly new, imported expressly lor the Russian ex Minister Catacazy, on Tuesday, April 29, at I o'clock pre cisely, in front ot private residence 44 West Kilty-second street. For particulars see auction column. A? SECOND HAND CURTAIN COACH. . Second hand omnibus Phaeton. Second hand T Cart. ? Second hand 4 seat box Waffnn. Second hand back-to-back Phaeton. Second hand Coupelette. Mo-tut al ove our own make and in excellent condi tion, at reasonable ' rices. BREWSTER, 84 Fifth lurenue. corner Fourteenth st A A GENTLEMAN, GOING ABROAD, OFFERS FOR sale n pair of chestnut Mare*, very nty I ish unit last; also one double llelit Harness, one Brewster Wagon and one Mull Phaeton. Apply at stable, No. I bunt Korty-gec oncl street A LOT OK TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EXPRESS, Grocery and light Business Wagons ; also a second hand lop Buggy, cheap. 348 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth :t tid Mnlh avenues. A CHOICE S ELECTION OF PARK I'HAETONK, light Kockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies anil other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new anil second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, fi;w Broadway. A GENTLEMAN MUST SELL, TOGETHER OR separately, his beautiful pair of bay Hambletonlan Horses, 15H hands high, 7 years old ; round ; u iaii.y has driven them; trot In - Apply at ISM Broadway, office 13. 4 VERY BEAI'TIPCL DARK CHESTNUT VIRGINIA J\. bred raddle Horse lor sale, 15% huuds high; young and safe tor ladies. II. A l>. W. WATROUS, 51 Ferry street, New York. A LOT OF HORSES FROM THB l OUNTRY, FIT for all kinds of business; one splendid team ol sor rel Horses, young and -ound lni|uire ol Ml Canal st. AT FACTORY ? 70 Top BUGGIES. FROM $7 S CP; Rockawsys, Vletorias, Phaetons nnd one Barouche, cheapest in city. Near Grand stri et atid How ery. 140 ami 14* Eldridge street. 1M Y A SON. \ RRIYKD AT LAST?I. C. DhZO, OF JACKSON J\. City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and aouhlc Horses ever brought lo (his murkct, at A. S. ClIAMBERLIN'S, Twenn fifth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. SLIGHTLY DAMAGED: G III: AT BAR gaius; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices ; now is the time to pur<'h i?e. be fore tradu commences. MANUFACI I'BfcKb' UNION, 038 Broadway. CIOUPE FOR KALE CHEAP-CAN BE SEEN aT J stables 113 East Fifteenth street. 1JIOR SALE? A YOUNG MILCH COW ; CALF EIGHT r days old. Can be seen at No. 4 West Seventeenth street. Large milker. FOR SALE? TEN FIRST CLASS MILCH COWS. AD dress A. A. K., 114 Fifth avenue. L^OR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL SADDLE HORSE, WITH r out n fault. Inquire at private stable No. 3 West Thirty-sixth street. FfOlt SALE-A HANDSOME ONE HORSE VICTORIA; in good order; first rate maker; only WOO. Apply at 49 West Thlrty-t.lrd street. f^OR SALE-IM-I ONB TWO WHEEL OIO, WITH top : $75 for one top Wagon ; all iu good order. Apply at 86 \\ alker street, near Bradway. L>OR SALE-A Lot OF GOOD WORK HORSES, JUST F arrived troni the l ountry : to be sold cheap; alio a flue, good driving lior-e. I7>> Mercer street, near Bteecker. I^OIl SALE. A VERY HANDSOME, STYLISH II r bauds, dark brown horse ; good stepper; Id ark

points; long tail; *l\ years old: sound ami perfectly clear limb*. Apply at private stuble West Forty-lourth street. yOH SALE-sECOND HAND t'LAKI VE; ALSO A r glass I'atiel Coaeh, newly done uti ; new Doctor'* I Phaeton; also several top and no-top mingles, one two seat extension top Wagon. LINN Hit OS., Carriage Makers, 47 and 49 Bergen street, Brooklyn. FlOR SALE-CHUNK OF CANADIAN IIORSE. |oj hands high ; suit a tiufeher. baker or grocer; t years* sound and kind ; Iree or all blemish. 459 Ninth '.venue. ' FV)R SALE \ PAIS Of DAPR BAT 'iORSBI liTl high; uncommonly stari'.?h' .irivf rs; warranted aound , can trot in 3 :.10; sulta a,j0 |0r a gentleman's road h am or coupe. Atiply to I', A DONALDSON, S8 i)t.y ,t. FORSALB-TTIREE foUNO PONY HORSES, I ft TO I ? liana*; ?ounu, an,l truc ; ,?()M rhrap or traded I tor thoje ??t le*" va tU> 2i>4 west Sixteenth near ; seventh aven uo. I^OR SALE _A VERY STYLISH DAPPLE GRAY J ?_ 'J/?1*0* >vear*old, 16.2 hand* : wound and kind; good -! i vn lJ" jt carriage ; thd owner has no use lor it Apply 1 .*t Koi t V ei;;lith street. | fT? X SVLK-V BROWN MARE, 15*. HANDS HIGH, * 5 yiwirti old : warranted sound and kind; suitable tor ,nv buslm m ; grocer or butcher ; price l-UI ; an I a Coupe tun'l Harness, price *150. I fixture at M8 Washington I street, near Lcroy street FH)R SALE-A VERY SHOWY BAY CARRIAGE Mare, long mane and tall ; can trot fast: II hands, 7 years old ; warrant* d so nnd anil kind ; th- properly ol a gentleman, having lost the mate. To be seen at stable SO ?tan Thirty-second street. 1/OR SALE? A FINE CHESTNUT SORREL MAKE, rt I years old, trot better than 3 minutes; a black Mare, f> Vears old, In 2:40; also a Carriage and Sulky. Apply at 1TO Grand street, Williamsburg. Dr. D. LORENZE. fl^OR SALE? A HANDSOME ENGLISH LANDP.Atl, w ith double Harness just Imported, at coit price. To b? seen at No. 5 Last Washington ulace. HOH8KS. CAKHIAOKS, tfeC. F"~ <Tr SALE? A ?PL?NDID tlRAY HORSE, 16.3. FIVR years old ; also a bay TTclrfCj 16,3. 7 years, both round and kind in double or single harnesr; also ft Landeaii, nearly new, made by Wood, together with an imported Set ol French double Harness; owner leaving the city. Bm at stable No. ft Kast Twentieth iimt FIOB 8ALE? ONK OK T1IK KINK.ST PA1KS OF OAR riage Horse* In New York; dapple gray*, 16 hands; fine style, sound, cafe drivers, u n>t run trot very close to 3 minute* together : also an elegant three-quarter Clarence and very Hue set ot heavy Harness; will sell very cheap; would take one low priced in part payment. In quire at 191 Front street. I NOR SALS?FAIR Hay HORSES, 16X HANDS HIGH, 7 and S years old ; warranted sound and kind ; nix-neat ltockaway Carriage, not double Harness. good as new. Can be Keen at McNamnra's stable. Seventy (liird street and Fourth avenue, or apply to B1UNS, MOORE A CO., 452 Broadway. I NOR SALE? A NICK LIQHT VICTORIA, MADE BY Brewster A Baldwin. Inquire ol Mr. SNOWDEN, Fourth Avenue Railroad stables, Fourth avenue and Thirty-second street IjlOR SALR-A FINE SIX YEAR OLD THOROUGH bred black Morgan Marc, Hi ha I'd* liinh ; steps well; sound, kind and gentle; priue $;t!.Y 256 West Thirty - tourtli street. FM>R SALE-A VEItY HANDSOME GRAY 1IORSE, 1 seven years old. 18 hands: best knee action in tbe city. Bay Horse, 7 years. ISlf hands; very stylish and knee action. No. list Tenth street. FOR 8ALE? TWO VERY FINE THOROUGHBRED Kentucky Saddle Horses; all the fancy gaits; per foctly broken. May bo seen lor two da) s at *9 East For tieth street. # EftOB SALE ? ONE LIGHT LEATHER TOP "WAGON; price $185. Also a very handsome Clatcnee; price F reach plate glass. H. BURB, BB Mercer st. tpOR SALE? THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A GENTLE r man going abroad, consisting of a pair of bay Horses, 16)^ hands, tree and stylish drivers, Clarence l'ark Phae ton and double Sleigh; also heavy double Harness, gilt mountings, by Campbell. Apply at private stable, in rear of 3S0 East Seventeenth street. FjV)R SALE OK TO LET? A HOUSE ; 10 BOX STALLS. ' shed, carriage house; convenient to Fleetwood track ; at Illghbriuge avenue ; suitable tor horse training or any man keeping horses. Inquire at Florence's Ho tel, of JOHN HARRY, Esq., McCmnb's Dam. or JOHN PURDY, 321 West Twenty-itxth street, New York. IIOR SALE? TWO THOROUGHBRED IMPORTED hnglisli Saddle Horses; sound, very fast and hund somo; drive together; will be sold cheap if taken im mediately. Apply to 1'IERNA N, coachman, 9 to 12 morn ing, at Blaney's stable, 105 West Fort* ninth street IiViR SALE? A PAIR OF HORSES, 1M;> HANDS ' high; warranted sound; good drivers; suitable for grocery or express; 7 and H years old. Call at SKI Green wich street, near Houston. Foil SALE CHEAP-NEW AND SECOND HAND Ex press, Grocery, Milk ami Business Wagons; also one new and second hand Buggies. At. .''fid Broome st., N. Y. IjlOR SALE CHEAP? A ONE-HORSE FURNITURE 1 Track, suitable for removing. To be seen at 1,007 Third avenue, between Kitty ninth and sixtieth streets. Harness, saddles horse clothing, car riage Robes. Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety ot Saddlery Goods always on hand. I;. B. SMITH A CO., 40 War en street. New York. Harness.? the cheapest harness store in New York' good double truck Harness, $30; good single buggy Harness, hand made, S17 ; a good stable" Blanket, $2 50; the luruest assortment, ot Cart Harness in thoclty. Cheaper than ever on accountol moving May 10. 1'1'easc call and examine for yourselves. FIH1IER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street. HARNESS.-TIIE LARGE3T VARIETY OF HARNESS and Horse Furnishing Goods of every grade and kind of any house in New York, at MOSKVtAN'S Manu factory and Warerooms, 114 Chambers street. Harness.? for sale low, fine, new silver plated Phaeton Harness ; also tine light double and single Harness. 149 West Thirty-third street, second floor. Horses, fresh from rome, oneida county Two pairs ot blacks; one pair. Ill hands, stylish, good steppers; the other 15%, stylish, good roaders; also one bay, 16*4, one roan, 16 hands. Inquire for G. L. WHEELER, at A. Cook's stable, 247 West Forty first st. JUST ARRIVED, FROM VERMONT, ONE PAIR OF voting mahogany bay Horses; Messenger and Black Ilaw'k stock; l(i}? builds nigh; very stylish and last trav ellers; gentle and sound ; also one Morgan Driving Mare; at the stables of Dr. E. B. MIDDLEBltooK, 170 hast Sev cnty-cighth street ....... i: ' QBOOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX EAT ROCK A way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, five Rock aways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number of Carnages, slightly soiled, at bargains, M AN U KAC IT KICKS' CNloN, OS Broadway. CUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS.? PARTIES O about to build new stables, or refit old ones, are in vi:ed to cell and ?inspect specimens ot all the most ap proved kinds manulactured In our own workshops. JANES A KIKTLAND, 8, 10 and 12 Reade street. rpo LET? FOUR STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AT 131 J West Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. JOHN J. TOWNSEND, 76 Wall street TO LET? FROM 1ST OF MAY. TWO PRIVATR STA Ides. Inquire of WM. H. I1ANKINSON, 15 East Twenty-seventh street TO RENT-FROM MAY I. PRIVATE STABLE, 332 EAST Seventeenth street; four stalls and lurge carriage house. Apply on premises or at 136 First avenue. TWO STABLES TO LET, UP TOWN-ONE LABGB and one small. WM. A K. A. CRl'IK. IIANK, corner Broadway and Forty-fourth street. WANTED? A HORSE SUITABLE FOB A FURNITURE cart; must be young, sound and kind; one or two days' trial required ; price $150 to $200; will pay $2 a day lor use it not purchased. B. M COPERTUWAIT A CO., 156 Chatham street. w 'AitTEI)? TO MATCH OR TO HE LI., A VERY FINK Carriage Ilorsc, dark brown, with niack points, 15k hands high, 5 yearn old", sound an.l kind in single and double harness. Inquire at 01 West Thirteenth street, where he may be seen. 4 HORSES? FROM $128 TO $200; HAT. CAN BEAT 3 minutes, $-25; two-horse Express Wagons, $200; light douMe Harness, $25; must sell. 418 avenue, corner Thirty-first street 4 GOOD HORSES FOIt SALE? KIT FOR TKUCK OR eart; til-? the tin '?t coupe Horses In the city, 7 years old, !(>!* hands; ull sound; warrantee given ; must bo fold. Apply at 220 Eighth avenue. 1 C HORSES-ONE I'AIR OF KENTUCKY BROWNS; _!?/ young, sound, kind and gentle; great, speed utid bot tom ; l.r>W hands high. Price $500. Stables ot K. B. MID DLKBROOK, 170 East Seventy-eighth street FOR RALE. Acinar stork for sale? with or without stork. Apply at 77 Greenwich avenue. A BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE FOR SALE.? Long lease; nine years established ; newspaper reute |inys all expenses. For particulars apply at M7 Third avenue, one aoor from Fifteenth street. A? FOR SALE? COEEEE liquor STORES ON THE ? avenues and business streets, down town Sample Rooms, Ale Vaults, Lunch Houses, Oyster Saloons, ('bop Houses. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A FIRST CLAS > RESTAURANT DOWN TOWN, HALF Interest, tor sale; also Bakeries, Confectioneries, Stationery Stores, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods Stores, llat ft tores, corner Grocery Stores. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street A HOUSE FURNISHING AND WOOD AND WILLOW Ware store tor sale ; also a line Provision Store ; best store on Eighth avenue; Butter Stands, Drug Mores. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street A SPLENDID BUSINESS CORNER ON 8IXTH AVE nne, with brick House and thirty years' lease ot lot at low rent. A rare chance. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street A WELL LOCATED FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR Store (or sale cheap? In Williamsburg, doing good business- long lease and low rent. Apply to 1HOMAS GAFFNEV, Auctioneer, No. 8 Centre street AT NEW BRIGHTON, S. I.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK and Fixtures of the best located Grocery Store in Richmond county, reasons lor selling more than satistae tory. Apply to MARTIN J. BL'NST & CO., 33J and 337 Greenwich street, New York A GOOD BOOT AND SHOE STORE, IS YEARS Es tablished; Lager Beer and Lunch Room down town ; splendid location ; Boarding House up town : Cigar Sturs, Grocery Store, Ac. WAUNEK a CO., No. 5 Dey street. A FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE for sa!e.? Doing nn excellent business; loni leasi and low rent. For particulars apply at W Cannon street Drug stork-located on a prominent cor. tier, between Twentieth and Thirty-fourth streets, on Sixth avenue, a good lease will lie given at a moder ate rent. Apply to STRICKLAND, Drug Agent, 78 Cedar s'.reet. ? F OR SALE- A VALUABLE PATENT. FOR MANU fac til ring Mosaic inlaid flooring; will he sold at a ..acrlllee, as owner is about sailing lor Europe. Applv, for particulars and -aninlcs, to A. J. HENNION, Jr., Counsellor at Law, room 10. No. 5 Dey street New \ork. f^OR SALK-AN OLD ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT; P one ot the best locations In Brooklyn; has two sa loons; In basement has billiard room, bar and ovstcr counter; the best kitchen In the world ; has every taciliiv for furnishing wedding ami ball parties, Ac. line stock of silver* are for loan : Is doing a good cake business. Ap ply at 173 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-LEASE of STORK 86 FULTON ST%B8T. f- . ,r parti' ulars inquire u the premises. IIOR SALE? AT A GREAT BARGAIN. CIGAR Store, l lit Third avenue; Stock, Fixturus and Lease. Inquire at the place. IPOR SALE? A BARGAIN-THAT WELL KNOWN F Liquor Store, southwest corner of Seventeenth street and Ninth avenue ; two years' lease from May 1. lloyd. 29 Broadway. FiOU SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN old established Confectionery Store, in oau of the best locations hi > niton street. Brooklyn. For particulars apply to li. A M.i II \ I M 207 Montague street. fTV)R SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND 3 YEARS' r Lease ot a llrsf class comer Liquor Store, on a lead Inn avennc Inquire at SO < ortlanat street 1.1 OR SALE? CORNER LIQUOR STORE, THREE F years' I -ease, Stock and Fixtures ; will be sold cheap lor cash. Apply at once at No. l Attorney street 1/OR HALE? A FINE ? ORNRR LIQCOR STORK, r with ?ix years' Lease and Fixtures; Is one of the best locations on the west side. Inquire on the premises, corner nf King and Washington streets, of M. U. CAttKUU* roll HALfc For s alk? th f. i.kase and fixtures or a Hftkcrv now tloitiK h buniiiesH ot twelve* bwrelfi u week . rent $4:> per month, luqulre at lti Waier street. IV)R SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES <>F A Liquor Saloon in 70 Murrav street, doing a good busi ness; good chance lor the right man; satisfactory reason given, i :u II on Monday ami Tuesday on tiie premise*. For sale? a five-yrar lease for a three ?tor.v House, with store ami basement, ^ Fourth ave nue. between Tenth ami Klcventh streets; good business location. Forsai.r-the tools ok a manufacturing jeweller given up business. Address JEWELLER, llerald office. FjVMt SALIC CHEAP ? A WELL ESTABLISHED BROWN ami Straw Hoard L'aper Business. Inquire at IK) Ann street. FOR SALE CHEAP? A FINE GROCERY IN GOOD location. Inquire corner lx>c avenue ami I'enu street, Brooklyn, E. I>. Stock and pixturkr ok a new candy AND Toy Store lor 214 East Tbirty-cighlh street, ? (lew doors I rom the entrance to Thirty-seventh street cchool; good dwelling apart inents-, rent 9-0. 1M1E GREATEST CHANCE EVER OFFKRED? A large quantilv ol English Pocket Knives for sale at half their value, by the do/en or lot. Apply at grocery store, 229 Bridge street, Brooklyn. WIL1.COX A OIRBS' SEWING MACHINE STOCK for sale (10 shares) cheap, tor cash. WILLIAM A K. A. CRUIKSIIa.VK, corner Broadway and Forty -fourth st. nf\ ?SODA WATER APPARATUS, GENERATOR. ?Pl'MF, two Fountains and inarhle stand, cheap, at S77 Oreenwlch street, near 1' rankliu street, in the cloth ing store. ?nrn will buy a good paying grocery Store up town ; rent cheap ; rooni? to live in. For further particulars apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, SO New Bowery. < At ut\>; i ? . A? FOR SALE, EIGHT-HORSE poWKIt ENGINE. ? Inquire at PATTERSON'S, 17 and it) Ruse street. \ LARGE 1 .1 )T OF NEW AM) 8KCDND HAND Steam Machines and Boilers, steam Pumps and Tunks. FINNEY A HOFFMAN. Manufacturers, 202 to -lb Water street, Brooklyn. AT WILSON A ROaKE'S, 232 AND 284 WATER street, '25-horso IIoo Table Engine, Ill-horse Portable Holster, horizontal and upright Engines, Boilers, Pumps, Shalting, Pulleys, Ac. I^OIl SALE? BOILER AND ENGINE. BX12, SHAFT* ings. Pulleys, Ac. 334 West T htrty-nintli street. EpOR SALE? A WALKING BEAM, AS GOOD A.s NEW r and very cheap. Apply to K. C. FORCE, No*. 5 and 7 Dcy street, room t>. H HOMER, MACHINIST? DEALER IN NEW AND ? second hand Tools, Lathes, Vices; Screw, Lever and Bookbinders' Presses; large set of Ueared Rolls, tor silversmith or Jeweler, at 51 Kasi Broadway. qlottinu machine for sale? at half its io cost; very little used j seven lect between columns. Apply to E. C. FORCE, No". 5 and 7 Dcy street, room 6. BUSIN ESS OPPORTUNITIES. A PROFITABLE OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN with $3,1*10 ready, to assist retiring principal In an old-established high class business with enormous prollts; net Income $10, IKK) yearly, easily made. Address AI, Herald liplown Branch oflice. Anew invkntion-a SUBSTITUTE for leather, leather cloth. Ac., for all purposes, and other valuable Patents for gale or Partner wanted. Apply at 54 Allen street, from I P. M.. daily. Apart or all of a good and novel patent for sale. Cab at Leggett's Hotel and see model, Iroin 8 to 7 F. M.. lor five days. J. o. COLEMAN, room 68. APAYINt: MANUFACTURING BUSINESS IN PENN sylvanla for sale? Including Land, Buildings and Machinery; price $ 10,000; terms easy 1 or will exchange for real esiaUi in or about New York city; good reasons for selling; no agents need apply. Address A. E. 1'., Her ald oflice. * An energetic man of oood address as agent lor a well established manutactiirliig busi ness; lucrative situation to experienced business men. Address MANUFACTURING, box 204 Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH J.'.DIO. IN A FIRST class business; a jfoujig man of reliability and energy preferred; references exchanged. Apply to GEORGE WEBSTER, 309 Broadway. Active man with ?t, sou cash can join adver tiscr in business In l'liiladelphla that will net $16, INK) per vcur ?ure. For particulars address PHILADEL PHIA, herald office. ARARR AND SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR men of some capital ami energy to make money tiy introducing my new Invention. Call and see it.' 737 Broadway, room 91. F. MANCHK. T ) i; SI NEBS OPPO RT U N IT Y.? Til E AD V ER 1 1 S E R, .1# who has u business tuiiy developed ami capable of great extension with corresponding profit, wishes the co-operation of one or two energetic men of good char acter ; some capital indispensable, which will be amply secured. Address, with reference, HOBART, care ol S; Eddy A Co.. No. I Park place. tlHANCE 8BLDOM MET WITH.? LIGHT MAN'l'FAC I turliig Busiiicsi for sale; cash about SI.OOJ: this is genuine ; 110 agents or tritlers noticed. Address WORTH, Brooklyn Branch Herald oflice. LV)R SALE? THE CHARTER FOR AN ACADEMY OF V Fine Arts, authorising the Is.'ue of stock to the amount of half a million '$.'>00, otKI), the holding of prop erty to an unlimited amount, the creation ot mortgages, Ac., Ac. This Is a rare chance to make a rapid fortune, as tiiere is no art academy now open in Philadelphia. Address CENTENNIAL, box 2,H4I Philadelphia Post office. "PARTNER WANTDD? WITH CAPITAL, IN THE I loan business; well established. Address I). O., box 153 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1, 265 Broadway. STATES RIGHTS FOR SALE FOR OCR IMPROVED Patent Collar; also our patent Detachable Clasp Col lar Button Address FI.ATI.EY A M ARSON, care of our attorney, Henry M. Birkett, 3'j:i Fulton street, Brooklyn, The successful publisher of "Thk free thinker," a munttily paper published during tho last three years In the German language, treating religion, moral and science, 011 the platform ol truth, reason and the ri suits ot scientific progress, intend* to issue an Eng lish edition, and is willing to arrange with a proper party posseting a tew thousand dollars. Subscribers ready; success beyond doubt. Address FREETHINKER, box 2,075 Post oflice. \\T ANTED? A PRACTICAL PRINTER, WITH SoME f ? capital and proper qualifications, to establish, either by liiiusi It or associated w ith another as editor, an Independent, democratic newspaper and iob printing office. 111 au interior and rapidly gro-.ving ?cilv ol 4U.001) inhabitants, presenting now an inviting opening lor such an enterprise. Call upon or address C HEP I'U, BL'CIIKK A MULV1LLK, 17f> Broadway, New York. WANTED? A RESPECT ABLE MAN V.'lTIl $500 TO $1, oof) cash to assist me In a business where there is no risk, and can lie made very profitable. Call, tor three days, at 410 Broadway, ba-ement <J?9 (inn nnu A PARTNER TO OPEN a r, new idea lunch room downtown; good location; big inonct made; services optional ; references exchanged. Address three days F. A. B., Herald office. (Win ? PARTNBR TO TAKE THE FINANCIAL duties ot a lucrative msnulacturing Susi liess In hand, will bear close Investigation; references as to capability. Ac., required. Address SUBSTANTIAL, Herald one*. fllin ruin ? A GENTLEMAN of UNDOUBTED re U"Ui siiecfabllitr and |>rvi t li >n wanted in partner In an established financial business to proceed immediately to Europe ; references exchanged. Fur In terview address U. N.,l>ox 104 He raid office. HOUSES, WMIMS \v \ VTKI). In (bin City and Brooklyn. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE, and HA VI NO A a room to let to a lady, will please scud her address to L. w., ittttoa A. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY RF.Q11RE A PLAIN furiosi. ad Koom : itute term*, wlueli must lie moder ate. Address V. S. K. J., Herald office. A -STORE WANTED, ON WEST WIDE OF BOWERY, . between Spring and Fourth streets; a eorner pre ferred. Atldri with particulars, M5 Water street. A I.ADY DF.SIREH TO TAKE CHARGE OF A HOUSE /V. tor the Snmmer lor parties who are going to oe ul> sent; good references can be given. Address M, 8. B., box :i.2S8 Host office. Any party in thk city or ahoi t leaving and having a Furnished House to rent at a moderate price, can tlnd a responsible family of adult*, who would take the best ot care ; location Tom Fourth to Thirtieth street and from Fourth to Sixth avenue. Answer imme diately Herald office. \rAI'LT WANTED? HUTTED FOR STORING STKRF.O. typo plate*. Address (stating rent per year and di mensions) box 1X2 Herald otllre. ~Y\f ANTED? A SMALL rUMMRID HOCSB, FOR IT four or six months, at Bergen Point or in trie vi cinity, on the line of the Central Kiulroud of Ni w Jersey. Address M, P. It., Herald otticc. WANTBD-HY A (? KNTI.F.M A N AND WIFE, F ' ' K - nished Room and Bedroom adjoining, suitable fur light housekeeping. Address, stating terms and locality, T. K , box 131) Herald Uptown Branch office "lirANTED? IN A OOOD LOCATION ON WEST SIDE II a f loor ot five or six rooms; modern improvements preferred. Address GEO. HAVES, 75 Eighth avenue. In llie Country. AOFNTLKMAN ok B K! II RESPECTABILITY AND retponslbillty. wiih wife and one servant (no chil dren), would like to o?*cupy a small Portion ol a fur nished House for the Summer months or longer at a nominal rent, with the supervision of the* A1"'/; A .ll*.'!" esf reference', nlven. Address or rail on M H. II ILL. Sixpenny Savings llank. Astor place. nil* GOODS. AT SMITH'S PATTERS BAZAAR, tit BROADWAY near Twentieth street, Spring anil Summer styles JUST IMPORTED; beautiful Costumes; Patterns with cloth models tiow ready, Patterns fitted to the form war ranted perfect. tutting and basting. Come EARLY In the day. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARFS? A 1 rare occasion to buyers; the choicest goods in the trade offered as bargains; retiring definitely trom busi ness In July. The Building to lease for three or live years. J. RUSSELL, 38 Bast Twentieth street. MMK a DUVAL, BR' lADWA Y. -ELEGANT novelties in imported Patterns jast received for Grenadines, cbantilly fiituzes anil Guipures, tor the Sum mer. Ladies Invited. Orders by mail promptly attended Iq. Pattarw cut irom measure. 4 nrev <)ooni. ^ ? A.? IlDl'SKKr.hl'INi. LiNKN 8. The great ilep. ew'on in huilncsx caused by the total ab sence of Sprinc weitthrr has forced importers to taKo their heavy s ocks to the auction rooms the only plneo where l lie re:i?l\ can lie louud necessary to meet their obligations now lulling due in Kuropc, lias given Mr. KOCH 11 gran I opportunity to liuv mr ready cash unusual bargains, in uiany iust inces buying goods for one-half their original cost, anil whieh will be ottered to-day at prices that will astound even the veteran- ol I Sir. Among the* ? hurgattisare $2,300 worth of l.uce Curtains, Including Keal anil Nottingham Lace Curiam*; No. (milium l.ace.s, troin 15c. up; elegant Muslin Curtains, in set*. of beautiful designs and splendid .juality; Tablu Hariask*, Sheetings, Towels, Mar?eilles yullts, Table Covers, Ac. Also large lots 01 tl no Importrl Dress Goods, in all the latest shades, ut 2Se., Sic., *?c. and Wo. All an I eael ol whieh is a bargain great enough U> ilraw a crowd at ordiuur.v time?. Luce Shawls and Lace Sacques have nlso hoeu received and will be opened to-day. KOCH'S, Carmine and Bleerker streets. A ? ORSJAT CLEARING OCT on accouut of removal. $?10, IKII) worth of iilbbons, Laces, Kid Gloves, Parasols, Tloflory, Ac., to be sold, regardless of cost, during the next two weeks, at the Great Bargain store of MAKKm A <i;?L!iBNHORN, -iM Grand street, between K Id ridge and Forsyth street*. N. B. ? Milliners supplied ar greatly rtdun'd prices. Q^tAND OPENING OF LADIES' SUITS, TUESDAY, APRIL 29. K K OOO CCC II H K K O O C 0 II H K K O O C II H K K O O C II II k k o o c hhhhhhh KK O O C II H K K O O C H H K K O O C H H KK OO CO II H K K OOO CCC H H Blcorkcr and Carmine streets, has. In RON?ei|ueiiee of the general stagnation in bind-, nesti, Uecu induced to buy the eutirc stock of LADIES' SUITS SILK SACQUE8 of one of the first Im porting houses of this city at about HALF THE COST of Importation. This stock ol Suits consists of the latest styles tint* and textures made in Paris and Berlin, unit are Unsurpassed in l'oiutof beamy by any house in this city. Elegant cashmere and Camel's Hair Polonaise, cat and trimmed In the latest und iniint nobby style. 1'oplin Suits, richly trimmed, iroin thi. Beautiful Toplm Suits, very latest stvies, $14, $16 and $is. Fine black Alpaca Suits, very handsome, $9. Very tine Silk Alpaca Suits. $li> and $2U. Mr. Koch has fitted up anil ltirnished the spacious floor over his 1'opular Stor" In magnificent style as a suit department, making It one of the pleasantest and lightest snow rooms in the city. It is nccezaary to close out this stock ijuiekly to make room fur the large stuck of Linen ami Lawn Suits now manufacturing hi both Kuropc and this country for Mr. Koch, and which will commence to arrive about the 16th ol next month. Mr. Koch invites his numerous customers and ladies o( taste to call and inspect this stuck ut ladies' lashlonahle Suits, which urc ottered at such iixtraordiiiary bargains. Corner Carmine and Hleccker streets. V IU GLOVES. AT It. RTDLKY A SOS'S. JOST ARRIVED. 2,ur*l dozen Ladies' Glovcw new Spring shades, 45c. 2..M10 ilu/.eii two-buttons, at 7"c. il ami $1 28. 700 dozen three buttons, ut $1 lit and $1 26. OEM fLK MEN'S. 500 Gents' Kid Gloves, at SI. $1 25 and $1 80. We will receive daily from custom House, dtiriag the coming week, over 8, 000 dozens, ail new and desirable shades? our own Importation and manufacture. EDWAKD RIDLEY A SON, 8119, 311, .'III', Grand street, fi2, i>?, fiti, ts an I 70 Allen street. Filth block east from the Kowcry. UTRAW UOODSI ' RIBBONS. PARASOLS. AT THE GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT, E. RIDLEY A SON, 3J9 Granl slreet, New York. Special offering in all our RETAIL DEPARTMENTS. STP.AW GOOD?. Bound lla's and Bonn t*( in French chip, Relg'an and I'arl pi 1 ' truws I ' i:ir .i h Dunstabies, and csery olhor desirable brad, com: rising about 3, sou ci-es ol new hprnig siyl 'S to elect I roll i ; low to finest grad'is. Prices down Coisiirno 1 Manufacturers'- stoc't, 100 new vhat>e*, both liiiuml Hat* a id bonnets, ai 2 c., SCO., 75c., and $1 less than wholesale pric s. Ilisucct our Trimmed Hats and Bonneta. RIBBONS. (iron Grain Hilibons at He, . inc., lSe . 28c. Ihi- v ry finest quality or Paris Mbboiis at half former prion Tartan Sash Ribbons, "Oc. per yard Blue!; Plaids, large vunntv, flfic. and 8.V. per yard. Seven-inch latieta ar r.ic. per yard. Silks, . atius ami luri|Uolaat75c.,$t and $1 3d [? r van I iijv Flower Pf.artm 'tit Enlarged. 50" cartons of newly imported French Flowers, selling tar i< s>- than c>.s; o't duty. RKAI.~L.AUES. Black Thread, Point Applique, Gnlpnre, Valenciennes. Also. Barbcs, Parasol Covers, I'arlit Embroideries, Ac cheap. '?ARASoLH. All the now styles, 55c.. 75 c., $1, (I 25. $1 50, up. Lined, with club handle* and chatelaine attachments, troin $- 50 up. Examine Dress Trimmings, .--Ilk 1- rinses and Passementerie Gimps. Two floors filled with Fancy Goods, Willow Ware, Carved (loods. Jewelry, Silverware, Cutlery, Inlauts' Car riages, Ac. The largest stock of Oxidized floods In the city. Over 1,IWJ styles and varieties. Leather Travelling Hags and Satchel*, 85c., 75c., 8?c. and SI, up. Fine leather Belts, Russia and Turkey, with steel, gilt, jet and oxidized trimmings, at 75c. ami $1, up. 10.IJUU Pocket books at i5c., Utc., 50c., 75c., >1, up. Perfumery and Toilet Articles. Florida Water, 45c. bottle. EXAMINE OUR CURIOSITY ROOM. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods and Hosiery etienp. Corsets under price to-day, (Be., 7.V.. (I and $1 50. Cheap lines of I nlerelothing for ladle-, misses und iniants. K. K1ULEY A SON, 309 Sll and 311 Grand, 62, tH, W, and 70 Al'.en street, ' New York, tilth block cast from the Bowery. mt) MILLINERS AM) 1'OlNTItY STOREKEEPERS. At E. RIDLEY A SON'S WHOLESALE ESTABLISHMENT, Silks. Ritdions, I-aces, Flowers and Straw Goods, cheap. Call. KU> (> LOVES. MONOGRAM AND EDWARD, New Spring shades, by various steamers. oihce in .--peltnan's building, m BROADWAY, for the convenience of buyers. Our ?tock in Grand street comprise* over twenty thou snnd dozen. Acknowledged to be the best low-pricod Kid Gloves in America EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 3t?. .til nml .111^ Grand street: (>;, 64. Ml. tin and 70 Vlle.i street. Huh block east troin the Bowery. De?bro?ses street cars, trom corner Broadway and Grand street, bring you to the door In lour minutes. MlIsLINBRV AMD UKKM?HVK1^I(1. A" LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CHILDREN'S NOR. manily Caps, Ladies' Dress Caps and Human Hair Hoods, at Mrs. M V Kits', No. 3 union square, west side. All kinds of gents- clothing repaired hit aladr late from London, cheaper and with tnoro care than tailors take, at 2I3K East SUth street, ffrst floor, door to the right. - MMK. a. DUVAL, 878 BROADWAY-WILL EXHIBIT this day and all the week elegant Carriage and Promenade Toilets. Dressmaking in the latest approved Parisian style Ladies' materials made up or furnished It desired. Elegant tit warranted. Order*.. {twin town promptly executed. By sending waut will insure a periect Ut. Term* moderate.

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