Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1873 Page 2
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^ CITY SEAL ESTATE FOR RALE. Central* A -A.-A.-FOR SALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST _jUw four story high stoop brown stone House, 22.2x58. i<6 toot l^it on wem aide ol Mudtsoii avenue, HO leet south ot Seventy-fourth atreet clear view to Park ? three floors in hard wood, parlor floor cabinet work by Pottlcr * stymus. with library. butler's pantry, mantel mirrors Ac. Also a flrat class llouae ot similar dimensions and superior finish on Madison avenue, 2 0 tect irom the you I beaut corner of Sixty-first atreet. Term* to suit : good location ; lots taken In payment ; houses open Iflr Inspec tion. Inquire ot owner, A. kl.AHKIt, at his marble works, 134 East Eighteenth street. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP, WELL proportioned. trescoed 22 toot rtone Dwelling, Forty Brat atreet, jusl out ol Fltih avenue, lor sale low. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., II Pine street. A? Till KTY- FIFTH STREKT (MURRAY HILL), BE ? tween Malison and Park avenuea.? Over desira ble four story high sloop 21-toot stone Dwelling, forsule reasonably. V. K. Nl fc.VK.NSoN, Jr., II Pine street, or to owner, 546 Broadway. AMAGMFIt KNT HOME, TO UK SOLD AT A BAR gain. in the most desirable locality between Forty sixth and Forty- lghth streets and Madison and filth avenues; lour story high stoop brown stone, i.5x7oxlU0 feet, new cabinet nnn-h, all Improvements, with a por tion ot the Imported Fixtures and Furniture; or will ex change lor acceptable Property which will readily let, between Fourteenth and Forty-second streets, rourth and fclxth avenues or new tour Story Houses tor small fami lies. in clo-e proximity to Central Park; will receive or pay differences in uptown l*>t.s. or cash. No out ot town or unimproved properly desired ; party gome abroad. Address, statitii: all particulars, Nos. ft ami III Pine street, room 25. Ironi 2 to 6 P. M. A (JREAT BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, HOUSE AND Lot. Sixtv-llrst street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; tour story brown stone, 30x50x100. This house nm-t be sold. I or permits apply to JOHN FETTBETUH, I,0S?i Tlilrd avetiui-. A HOUSE IN" WEST TENTH .STREET. BETWEEN Fourth and Blcccker, 21x95; house all improve menus ; terms cany. E. L. A H_ T. BURNHAM, 6l)9 Hudson atreet. ABARI1A1N.-FOR SALE IN THIRTY-SEVENTH street, lour story brown stone high stoop House, 90x90x98; hardwood; marble hall ; built only two years; price ? <8,900. OGI'EN A CLARK, Broadway, corner of 17th street C1HEAP HOUSES IN tllE EIGHTH, NINTH AND J Twenty-first wards.? Beautiful Lots, 20x100, ran be bought for $f<00 by paving $50 down and $10 a month un til $2.10 are paid ; balance on bond ami mortgage lor two or three years. Any desirous of making a sate invest ment can erect bouses costing $500 on the above lots which will let lor $10 to $15 per mouth, or sell at ii prollt; to let one or two Cottages, $10 per mouth. Apply at 371 Fulton street, room 2. opposite City Hall. Brooklyn. For sale? four new brown stone front first class tenement Houses, 37 Spring and 211, 213 and 215 Mott streets. Inquire at 20 Second avenue. FOR SALE.? MADISON AVENUE, CORNER OF 132D street Nova Scotia stone front; will sell, let or exchange: terms will be made to suit. Apply to POWER BROTHERS, 1,432 Broadway^ * For sale at great bargains? by francis CRAWFOKIK 953 Third avenue, corner ol Fifty-sev enth street the following four storv Houses:? One on Madison avenue, near Seventy-fourth street, at $40,000; Madison avenue, near Eighty-fourth street. $32,000; Seventy-fourth street, near Fifth avenue, $50,009; also several three story Houses at decided bargains, with possession. IjH)R SALE? ON WEST TWENTY-SECOND 8TREET, 1 a modern brown stone English basement House, with turnace, range, hot and cold water, bath, water closets, bells and tubes; house in tood order. Priee $15,000; the owner sacrifices over $3,000 on it. Terms easy if de sired. JAMES R. EDWARDS, fi9 West Twenty -third street. For sale? four story high stoop brown atone front House on West Forty-eighth street, mst been newlv painted and decorated all through, with mantel ami pier glasses. Furniture will be sold with it if desired. Apply to owner, 132 Duane street up stairs. For sale very cheap? and very little cash required, one or two small Houses in the best fart ol Harlem; would exchange. NICHOLS k CAF ERTY, 93 Fourth avenue and 1,497 Broadway. The cheapest house in the city? sixty-first street, near Madison avenue; will sell for $3,0(10 less than cost; finest location east of tbe Park. Apply to l)UNN A SEAICH, 202 Broadway. East silde. A REAL BAROAIN.-223 EAST FORTY-EIGHTH street, near Third avenue; tour story high stoop brown stone House, 13 rooms; painted throughout; price $14,001; terras easy. Apply on tbe premise* or atL. MEnDELSuN'S, 7o Nassau street ASPIC NDID BARGAIN.? FOUR LOTS, NORTH SIDE Ninety-third street Third and Lexington avenues, each 2Sx61, at the low figure of $14,(J00. M. E. CRASTO, 2,108 Third avenue. For sale-five story brown stone house and Lot, 26 witle, Third avenue, near Seventy -eighth atreet ; price $40,0110. Also other finely located Property, improved and ^ikioproved. Boulevard Lots. Apply to A. FANNING, 2-> Kast Fourth street. IjlOR SALE OR To RENT? FOUR STORY BROWN ' stone high stoop House 161 Kast Forty-sixth street; price $20,000 , rent, furnished, $175 per month. JOHN M'KESSON, 91 Fulton street. HARLEM.-FOR SALE, ONE OR FIVE HOUSES; three story basement brown stone Houses, finished In best style : will be sold cheap Apply on premises, 134th street, between Fifth uud MXth avenues. THOM AS FARRELL. STORE PROPKRTY ON WEST SIDE OF SECOND avenue for sale al a great sacrlflet ? Extra well built *nd finished, and having a v*ry sure prospective value. 953 Third aveuue. Went Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONE hall Block, 400x81.6, for sale or to lease for a term of years; running Iroin Thirteenth avenue to West street. E. L. A B. T. BL K.NHA.M, 009 Hudson street IilOR SALE? THE PROPERTY ON THE NORTHEAST 1 corner of 1birty-<ivth street and Seventh avenue; size 98x75; its proximity to Broadway makes it valuable us an investment, price $75,000; terms easv. LYE A CURTISS, SOS Sixth avenue. FOR SALE? at a bargain, to close an ks. tatc. one or two four story English basement Houses, on Twent.v-flftli street, between Seventh and Eighth ave nue*; good neigh! orhood. Price 911, UUU each; hair can remain on bona ami mortgage. JAn. K. EDWARDS, B9 West Twenty-third street DESIRABLE progressive PBOPEBTY FOB SALS, at low price, to close six first c lass tour story high sloop brown stone Houses, West Fifty-seventh street, 20* Wixli*); high, health v location; uninterrupted view of Statcn Island and North River; contiguous to Central Turk, boulevard and the great west Mile improvements; commission on sale. Apply to T. W. SMITH, on premises, 4-C West Kitty seventh street. d>1 Qnnn POK A FINE THREE STORY HOUSE JPIO.HU" and Lot. in periect order; house 21x110, lot 21x 1UU. 421 West Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth av. flllHceliKneona. AT 917 THIRD AVENUE? DO YOU WANT TO SELL, rent or exchatigeT if so. call. Do you want to buy a residence, make an Investment, get ported on the value ot real estate* call. Have you property tor sale, to let or exchange* rail and recister, free of charge. Don't forget address, JAM KS RoWE, 917 Third * venue. BKUOKIiV H PllOPERT Y FOR SALE ASU TO I.ET. JTB8A.LD BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG INLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT * WO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A GREAT BARGAIN? MUCH LESS THAN ITS VAU ue? Neat little Bouse, nine rooms, bathroom, all im provements , good neighborhood ; in Brooklyn; only small cash payment. ttlUUM A 8 ON, 21*6 Broadway. A BltoWN STONE FRONT HOUSE? FIRhT CLASS .aY In every respect, built by day's work ; splendid lo cation, within three blocks ot the main entrance to the Park; will he sold che up, as the owner is retiring from business. Inquire ot JOHN DONOVAN, M St. Mark's av enue. Brooklyn. s ?FOB SALE. Ut DOUGLAS STREET, BETWEEN Hoyt and Bond, two story and lia?ement brick House; sub-cellar, 9 rooms, water. range, heater in parlor; all in good order ; price niorfr-'si'' $2,1100. CUFF A FAROUAIl ARSON, Real Lata ?? Agent*. 111 West Thirty -sixth street, New York Brooklyn? house, kllly furnished, to let, piuno. silver, linen, crockery, Ac., for one rear ; 12 rooms; Cumtierliuid street lull, rent $4o and hoard two adults; ple&Mint people ; rare opportunity. Address Mr. COLLINS Herald office. Brooklyn house? high ground; splendid views; near three cur routes; plot lt>i Icet square; frutt, flowers, grape arbors, Ac.; house cost $l.',000 to build, very deaireable ; will sell cheap; easy terms; 30 minutes from terries. J K RE. JOHNSON, Jr., -I Park row, New York. IjVjR SALE CHEAP? A DESIRABLE PLOT FOR manufacturer* or builders, < orncr Bridge mid Ply month streets, luoxioyij, two blocks from iirrr.or will be divided if desired. Apply to THOMAS KLLLY, 6b Jay Street, Brooklyn, For bale ok to lease? a large dock prop erty, well adapted inr u lumber vard or other busi ness ; connected ? fid |( ?? engine," boiler and all the necessary appliances to saw uinl plane lumber; location, ?KV iV-ViHvwi- i i'r t!Sri apply to KEL MSi ft C/ORNn ELL, 106 Hrnaduuv, Brooklyn, K. D. WMt. . t*P>r4. fim. STORY PHILADELPHIA .?Wick front store and Dwelling, on De Kalb avenue; good stand tor bub her or baker , well built and in per' fect order; will be sold at a sacrifice ; prl< e ??; suu Aiinlv at 810 Myrtle avenue, near Marey avenue. TO LET? HOUSE, FURNISHED OR I'.NFI RNIsliED I'M Joralemon street, Brooklyn. nearly opposite Packer Institute; handsomely tre.*i ,,i i. ulati >;las* win dows, all improvement* and In excellent condition. Can be had immediately. fIXJ LEASE-THE SPLENDID BL'ILDINO Ml FULTON J. street. Brook1 vn; store and basement 100 feet deen ; occupied the last three years as u furniture warehouse. Apply to C. C. FLEET, ;>43 Kuiton street, Brookly o. VERY DESIRABLE NEW HOUSES IN THE REST part of Brookly n : all the modern improvements; rent* very low to first class tenant*. BLACKWEI.L .1 CO., fB Liberty sfreet. d. a r per MONTH.? FOUR STORY HOUSE 1U* jPrrU St. James place, Brooklyn, near Greene avenue ; water, gas and heater. Inquire on the premises or ol owner, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway, New York. <1 inn down AND ?2U A MONTH WILL BUY A TWO ^IVlf story and basement frame House and Lot, with ?ub-celler, and water in the house) three lines of cars pass Uie street; within lfl minutes ot Hamilton and 30 of Fulton terry. Apply on the preiuiix;*, 13U Twentieth street, near Third areuue, Brooklyn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR MALE AND TO REIIT.^ IT WESTCHESTER, WESTCHEBTER COUNTY.? A For sale or to rent, Residence o! Abraham llarfteld, with modern improvement* Hnd in perfect order ; **ta bleu. carriage house, heunerj^ Ac., new ; N acres well Blocked with trtut, giape*. all kln'ls berries, Ac., within cany distnnce of steamboat or en rs Mini lies irotu , < lty Hall. Apply on premise# or of HAT FIELD A CO., 120 Front street AT TARRYTOVVN, ON BROADWAY, WITHIN TEN minute* walk ol boats or earn, to let, immediate possession, a Cottage, containing 8 rooms, nice garden, Jc rent $tMJ; also a new lloti.-c,, containing 12 rooms, all modern improvements; nice grounds: tine river views; first clus? location : rent $1, <100. H. KMHBK.soN, (jfttf Sixth a vi iiiic, near Thirty-eighth street. At tarrytown, near the depot, on the river hank, to let. furnished, a tirick House. 13 rooms; 2 acres in warden and lawn ;lrult aud shade tree*; elegant views ; rent SI. 20) S. EMBERSON, 669 Sixth avenue. AT TUOKAHOB, HARLEM RAILROAD, U MILES from Forty-second street.? A House, oimi tn IniiiK 11 rooms, with liali an acre of laud, near depot, to rent; abundance ot trult. Inquire ot J4ME8 DUSK N BKR It Y, Tuckahoe. or of KRAUSE NICKEL PLATING COM 1'ANY, ft8 John street AT PORTCH ESTER, WESTCHESTER COUNTY ? TO let or lease, a large Mansion House, live minutes lrom depot; 18 rooms; all the improvements ; carriage bouse, stables, outlmildiima, greenhouse and 1H acres of land, all In complete order anil ready for immediate oc pency; location the choicest ; tine view ot I^oiipr Island Hound ; rent low to a desirable tenant. Apnly. lor terms anil permit, to W. K. PHY I'ON. 27'- and 274 Hroadwav. AT YONKKRS, 30 MINUTES FROM FORTY-SECOND street depot.? For sale, a first class Residence, con tainlng 20 rooms, with everv modern improvement ; one acre of ground, beauliliilly In id out in lawn and garden: first class stable and carriage house; will exchange tor New York or Brooklyn house. T. 8. SHEPHARD^181 Broadway. An improved corner business PROPERTY, also Dwelling adjoining. Melrose, Weatchoster coun ty, for .sale or exchange lor Fann, Residence or Business; $17,1)0!) equity. B1HOS A SON. jjOg Hroadwav . A? HOUSES FOR SALE, LET OB EXCHANQR, ON . Hudson I .'Ivor, Harlem aud New Haven Railroads, Statcn, Long Islands; tree and clear. W 1 1.1,1AM I'L'C K K K. 220 Filth avenue. For sai.e or to let? country skat on the Hudson, in lower Westchester county, within one hour ol Wail street; price ion very easy terms) $.'IT>, 000; rent (to a good tenant) $1,300. Address box 2,81V Post of fice, New York. ?\T0NKERS.? A NUMBER OF HOUSES, OF ALL DE J scriptions, furnished or unfurnished, to let, at greatly reduced rents; write or give tne a call. JAMBS YOPMAN8, Ag. ni, at Yonker*. TroNKERS.? A HANDSOME NEW HOUSE. 10 ROOMS, high, healthy situation, twelve minutes' walk from depot, to let very low ($40.i) to a desirable tenant Ad dress box 139 Station A, New York. YONKERS, WESTCHESTRR COUNTY.? FOR RENT or sale, a tine brick House; 13 rooms; all modern Improvements; line carriage house; 12 lots, on high ground; plenty ol fruit ; a desirable location ; fi minutes' walk from depot: furnished if preferred For particulars apply to THORNE, CARROLL A ' -P., 88 White street &/1 OH BENT? TREMONT, WASHINGTON AVENUE, JpivU 30 minutes lrom New York ? Fine House, 12 rooms, newly papered and painted ; spring and cistern water inside ; large garden. Inquire of ticket agent, Treinont, or at. 2fi8 Greenwich street. New York. JERSEY CITY. 1IOBOKKN, HUDSON CITY _ AND BEIUriKN REAL ESTATE* For Sale. FOR SALE OR TO LET-ON BEROEN HEIGHTS, IN Atlantic street, four blocks north ol Bergen avenue depot, the third House west ol .lacksoti avenue, on south side ; It Is new, finely and substantially finished, lias 1U rooms; all modern improvements; one minute to street cars; price only $5, WW. Inquire on the premises. JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS.? ALDBIDOE A WOOD, Auctioneers, will sell on Tuesday, April 29, on the premises, the first class Business Property on Newark avenue, near Court House ; three story House and Cel lar; lot 22x121). ALDRIDGB A WOOD, General Auctioneers. ?in nnn for six w**8, tw? small and one ?1P lU.oUU large two story and basement House in the finest location near New York, In West Hohoken ; fine ?lew ot the Hudson River and the surrounding country ; schools, churches, court house and all improvements in the neighborhood ; horse cars every 1ft minutes; onlv 5 minutes' walk to the ferry landing that will go lrom the Manhattan Market this summer ; would exchungc for a house and lot in New York, or sellchean: no encum brance. Call at or address 307 Wort Thirty-seventh street, New York. To Let or Leaic. Front and back parlor and bath room on ' second floor ; front and hack, middle and hall Bed- I room nn till ril floor; modern improvements; seven iiiiii utes' walk Cortlandt street terry , $2S per month. l'J2 York street, Jersey City. TO LET? AT WE.ST IIOBOKEN, N. J., ON BERGEN Wood avenue, near Mulone street, fine, 10 rooms, lot 7Sxlt>0: stable, aliondance of fruit, Ac. Apply to I*. M. WELDON, 34 Stone .street, New York, or No, 2 Warren street. West Hoboken ; rent $*-0. TO LET? FURNISHED. A TWO STORY FRAME Dwelling, with Hue lawn aud irnit trees, desirably located in I pper llackensack, S. J., within three min utes' walk of Krie Railway station and eight minutes' walk ot Midland depot ; gas, heater, water, Ac. : an min utes from New York; rent $900. Apply to J AC. s. COVKRT, 15 Kidge street. New York, 7 to ? A. Ml, 12 to 2 and 7 to 9 P. M. TO LET-IN IIOBOKF. N, IBS WASHINGTON STREET, three Rooms; modera improvements. Inquire nest door, in the shoe store. TO LET? ON JERSEY OITY HEIGHTS, CONVENIENT Dwelling Houses In first class location near horse and steam cars and terries ; all modern Improvement*; J3UI to $(>00. THOMAS ALDRIDGE, near Court llousc._ TO LET-ON BEROEN AVENUE, CLOSE BY DUN can. three first class hrick Houses; all Improve ments; one block frotu the horse cars; (food view from thcin that cuiuiot be shut off: possession any time a tenant is found. Inquire ot the owner, JOHN, Wi st Side avenue, toot of Belluiount, Jersey City. PKOPKHTY OUT OK THE CITY KOlt HALE OR TO KKKT. A? ELIZABETH PORT, N. J.. VACIN1TY OF SINGER ? Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two Lots, tor sule; house contains 7 rooms, water and pas; op posite Jackson Park, the proposed site tor the erection of the State Capitol buildings and grounds; will sell very low. Address OWNER, box 15U Herald otllcc. A COSY HOUSE of eight rooms, hath, water closets, wash trnvs, ele vated oven range, heater, cellar, double lot, on sewered and macadumUcd street; five minutes from depot at W'hitestotie, L. I. ; 26 minutes from Hunter's Point; 42 trains daily, K A. M. t<> midnight, by elegant Flushing slid Northstde Railroad ; for s.ile tor monthly payments ot S'at, without interest, and $75Heash; one year's cmnmiitutiuti free ; beautiful scenery ; well drained ; healthy ; churches, schools, and more convenient to business tfian sixtieth street, New York. Neighborhood under restrictions. Call on H K. VAN SICLF.N, 133 Nassau street, and getftee pass and visit It. At knoli.-htown, monmouth county, n. .i ? $1,000 cash and $1,000 mortgage will buy a Dwelling, 32x25, eight rooms, in line order ; quarter acre of land; location healthy, near depot; living reasonable. Ad dress OWNE#t, box 55 Post office. New Brunswick, N?. J. A T NEW BRIGHTON, 8, I.? A VERY DESIRABLE JY Villa Residence to let; location unsurpassed; every convenience and in good order ; about one acre in gar den. The place is situated near fo ihe terry ana In the best neighborhood. Also one adjoining to the above, furnished. Address J. M. PENDLETON , 34 Warren st. AT ELIZABETH, N. J.? FOUR NEW AND HAND somely hullt French root Houses, near depot ; mod ern Improvements; 11 rooms each ; tree and clear -.terms very easy : lowest price $"?, SOO ; or would rent to good tenant* at low rcuta Apply nt 20 Race street, Elisa beth, N. J. A _a.? two Fine dwellings for sale or to . let, very cheap and on easy terms; SO minutes trom City Hall ; commutation $<to a year ; 44 trains a day. from 8 A M to midnight ; price $7, *00 and $9,3i<); worthy of attention; fine neighborhood. Inquire of F. PHILLIPS, 243 Broadway. A COMPLETE TWO STORY AND FRENCH ROOF* new House at Flushing; six minutes' wulk trom de pot, 30 minutes trom city; marble mantels water anil gas. lor $.'>,000; small ca?h payment. Apply fo owner, W. E. LEAVITT. 54 Wall street A HIGHLAND HOME. HEALTHY HEIGHTS, ,f K R sey City, 20 minutes' walk only from business centres New York; horse and steam inr conveniences; beautiful Lots, $700 to $1,600; pretty Cottage*. $ I, SOO to $4.0tU; French r"ol Villas, all modern improvements, $4,500 to ?HJ00, it c. JOHN H. PLATT, opposite Court House. Jersey City Height". A? To LET, TWO COUNTRY RESIDENCES, LO ? cafed on Long Island Sound ; situation unsurpassed for those fona of floating and ftshiug ; one hour from New York , grounds contain everything appertaining to a gen tlrman's residence. T. S. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A FARM FOR .?'ALE? ON MIDLAND RAILROAD, N. J. ; 22 miles; best farm in the township ; very high ; 80 acres choice land ; living spring! . fine water power; new house ; large l.arn; carriage house ; granary ; saw mill; abiineancc fruit; trout pond; absolutely no chills or mosquitoes; near store, church, school, hotel, Ac. ; must be sold. T S. SHEPHERD, 1H Broadway. A MODERN HI'll.T HOUSE, WITH EXTENSION; large rooms, gas, marble mantels, vestibule door, piazza, gi.od dry 'ellar; lot 50x100 ; high ground; convenient to steam :uid liorso cars, prp e oiilv $?l,730; terms easy. R I. BROWN, Fifth street, Morrlsanla depot. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND? TEN RE ally desirable Houses, all Improvements; rent $450 to $2, Miff; latter 20 rooms, seven, furnished, $100 fo $Aoo month tor summer; some with billiard rooms, stables, Cows, extensive grounds. W. A. COLLINS, JS Pine street. r new hi ii. hton ? ro rf.n ? a gentleman'm furnished Residence, containing 13 rooms, billiard rootn with commodious atahtes. cow and cow houses aud pastnre, hennery, gardet's; beautiful view* and agree able surroundings. W A. COLLINS, 2H Pine street At verplanck's, on the hidson-tiie be a u tifnl Residence of the lafe John Henry: a double house; barn, outhouses; all brick; will be sold very cheap ; three minutes' walk from flic boa' landing ; three miles from Peeksklll; apple orchard, fruit trees berries, nardcn. For full particulars address Mr?. GRACE E. IIENRY. Verphmck's. Westchester ciintv. N V / 'ATS KILL? TO LET, FOR THR SUMMER SEASON, a nice Cottage, S room*, furnished or not furnished, with or w ithout Board; fine situation, near Catskill and the Catskill Mountains, half an hour's ride from the landing \ddrcs* No. :!l East Sixteenth street ot Dr. II. MoLVANT, Catskill, Greene eoimtv, N. Y. Also Mrs. I Moivai't's -uminer Residence, Catskill, N. Y A lew person* run be acei tnmislated. Address as above. L'LlGlBLK TOWN SITE 83 ACRES, AT lit AN FORD, jj 17 mites on the Nen Jersey Central Railroad, near station; plctcd an. I gr.uled ; "suited for association of merchants or clerks; commutation $70 per year; will be divided to suit at low price on easy terms or exchanged lor unencumliered property. Apply to owner, 2311 Broad way, room li*. Tj' LIZ A BETH , N .1 \ NEW FIRST (L\SS DOUBLE I J UmiMO, not h fut cold water, Ac. ; xultatilc for private TweuVynlnth street *V' 7 W'"" VOR "ALE OR TO LET? A SEASIDE COTTAGE AT I' Far Rockawsy, near two depot*. ApuIv to G C NORTON, t?Peuil?U wLUiwvki) U. ' J PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SAIiE OR TO RENT. FOR SALE? AT ASTORIA, L. I., HOUSE AND EI'llIT Lot* of Ground, nU'f l y laid out, wiih alum lance 01 fruit of all kinds ; carriage house. Mails lor three horses; beautifully shunted on corner ol 10> foot avenue anil street, or wou d exchange lor small, Ural class city Houao Up towii. Apply t4> (). 0. MEN NET, No. 'J fine street. FA l(M Kill KALE-CONTAINING Ml ACRES, TWO tenant houses, with outbuilding >< n <1 large mansion house; till in excellent order ; splendidly adapted lor peaches ; can lie divided up into two larms: situated -4 miles from Kirk wood, Del., on Delaware Railroad. Mid live miles from Philadelphia : will lie sold cheap, on oasy terms. Address JOHN. W. BUCKMAN, Exccutor, 4<M Walnut street. Philadelphia. Ft<?R HADE? COl'LTBY RESIDENCE, SITUATED AT Tenafly, N. J. (two miles beyond Englewooa), one of the healthiest locations in the .state, 1(5 milt s from Jersey City by Northern New Jersey Kail road, one-half mile from depot, size ot grounds, 173 le<M trout by 388 feet deep, on a corner, nicely fenced; splendid grove ol trees In rear size ol house, Mx37 feet, two story and attl", with Mansard roof, 1* room", besides laundry, range, furnace, batii. water closet, stationary lulis, nevui-tnlllng well, now contains Xt feet water ; the house having iust been newly painted and papered nil through for owner's use; carriage house, stalls for 'hrco horses, Ac., all in perfect order price low ; terms moderate. Apply to A. B. 11US 8hY. 131 Duane street, upstairs. IilOR RENT? AT STOCKBBIDUE, MASS., THE COUN try Scat known as the Judge Hyington estate ; house is large and commodious and in perfect order, having i list been refitted and palmed Inside and outside; gronndsex tensive and location unsurpassed ; will be leased, with a portion or the whole of grounds attached, or with cot tages lor servants il desired ; two train* daily to and irom N. w York. Address HENRY D. CONE, Stockbridgc, Mass. For sale? valuable Delaware peach and gram Farm, right at station on Delaware Railroad, Newcastle county ; 6, (WO trees lull bearing the coming season ; sold low lo close an estate ; terms easy. W. II. JEPFEBSON, Newcastle. Del. IftOR BADE? A HANDSOME COUNTRY HEAT, WITH about six acres, in a pleasant village on the New Jersey Railroad : 2S miles Irom New York: will be sold at a greit sacrifice tor cash ; or in exchange lor city Prop erty. Address box I,.'t8i) Post office. T710R BADE OR TO LET? ON STATE N ISLAND, FIVE F minutes' walk from New Brighton or (Jua ran line Lamling, a large, first class House, IS or H rooms, all modern improvements, water, gas, buth. billiard room, stable for lonr horses, with all conveniences; liii" gar den, lawn, fruit In abundance; nice view ol bav and siir roundiugs ; high ground ; house fully lurilished ; will be let only tu a private lainily ; to a satisfactory tenant rent will be moderate; or will exchange lor New York or Brooklyn property. Address box 6,867 Post office. FOR SALE OR To LET? AT GREENVILLE, N. J., 20 minutes from New York by Central Railroad, several new convenient Houses: terms liberal. Inquire at Post office, or of JOHN MORKELL A CO., corner ol Danlorlh and New Bergen avenues. FOR RENT FOR THE SUMMER ? ON TODE HILL, stnten island, a line furnished House. wUh every modern convenience ; commodious stabling, outhouses,, well sto-kod garden und abundance of liuit trees, with 3ii acres of land; the situation commands a magnificent v ew and is close to a railway staiion with lr> i|uent i ouiinunicallon to New York. Apply to Mc'AN DREW A wans. 40 Broadway, New vork. FOR 8 ALE or TO LET? a GOOD HOUSE 02 ROOMS) and t>7 acre* Land in Washington Valley, N. J. Inquire m NOAH W. PIKE, Plain field, N. J., or P. E. BLACK WELL, 2t7 Broadway, New York. IjIRUIT, TRUCK AND PEACH PARKS, TIMBER Lands on railroads and navigation 5 three proposed railroads and ship canal. Ac. ; bargains to speculators. Address J. T. BUDD, Middlctown, Del. Furnished or cnfobnibhed-thbek cot. tages, near each other and nenr Stamford, Conn., tor sale or to let ; neighborhood first class; best of reier enceswill he required. Address MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Norwalk, Conn. /GARDEN PARK I.OT8 FOR SALE? IK $10 MONTHLY vT payments, without interest; prices irom $:!(>o to $500; under restrictions; five to ten ininutes from depot, at Wlntestniie, long Island; 2t> minutes from Hunter's Point ; 42 trains daily, from ti v. M. to midnight, by elegant Flushing and Northslde Railroad; a year's commutation free il von build lielore May, 1374: houutilul scenery, hlgli ground ; healthy ; churches, schools, and more conven ient to business than up town, Jersey, Brooklyn or Har lem: neighborhood under restrictions. Call on II. K. VaN 8ICKLEN, Hit Nassau street, get free ( ass and visit it R. It. Hopkins will meet vou at the, depot Hotel property for sale? in new jersey, 18 miles Irom New York, live minutes1 walk irom depot: terms easy. Apply to MORRIS LIVINGSTON, 121 Liberty street. , LONtl BRANCH COTTAOES To RENT FURNISHED: printed catalogues with full descriptions anil special survey maps to be had at our offices. F. (J. & 1). BROWN, No. 90 Broadway, corner Wall street, and Branch office, opposite depot. Long Branch. MOBRISTOWN AND MADISON RESIDENCES TO rent? Furnished or unfurnished, lor Summer or r. Full particulars at our office. Farms and Resi dences tor sale. J. HENRY JOHNSON, tw Broadway. ONLY 94U PER MONTH AND $40(1 DOWN WILL BUY i a pretty llouse, six rooms and collar, lot 15*) feet , deep, in Garden Park, eight minutes rrom depot, at Whltestone, Ij. I., "fi minutes from Hunter's Point; i trams daily. 6 A. M. till midnight, by elegant F. and N. S. RR,; one year's commutation free; beautiful scenery, high ground, healtliv ; churches, schools and more con venient to business than Sixtieth street, New York. Why pay rem lor part of a house when your rent will hnv voti a beautiful home? ('all on II. K. VAN SICLKN,"l33 Nassau street, und get free pass and visit it. QTATEN ISLAND ?TO LET OR FOR SALE-HOUSE and two acres, conlains eight rooms, with stable and couch house, line trees, on Richmond road, near Vauderbilt Landing: rent, $400. Inquire of A. AMOS. Esq., near the premises, or at the corner 01 Beach ?nu Varick streets, of P. M. K AZAKH. TO LET? FOR THE SIMMER OR YEAR, A LA ROE House, with stables and garden ; every convenience; high ground and extensive view; 1 miles cast of 81 ng Slug depot. Apply to P. DONALD A CO., 81 and h3 Frank lin jitrect. TO LET. AT NEWAKK-A HANDSOME SUIT OF ftir ill shed Rooms, at low rent, to desirable tenant; 45mlnnlen iroin Corllandt street, hotiso occupied by owner; two adults. Apply as above, at 7tf South street, cast of Orchard street. TO LET? AT WESTWOOI), BERGBN COUNTY, N. J? 011 line ot the llackcnsuck Railroad, one hour anil I seven minutes from toot of Chambers street, a Country 1 Place ; house Swiss cottage, 10 rooms, furnished; stable tor five horses, carriage house, ice bouse. Ac., Ac.; two acres, sniull fruits, lawn?, wood, horse and carriage, cow, hens, Ac. ; for the Summer or year; terms reasonable. Address, lor one week, T. , box 112 Herald office. TO LIT? ON TODE IIILL, 8TATEN ISLAND, *A FI R nlshcd Cottage, with stabling, garden, shade trees, fine views and easy access to a railway station. Apply to MrANDRKW A W ANN, 40 Broadway. mo RENT? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE NEAR WOR I teml.vkc station, on the Midland Kailroad, New.Iersey; one hour from New York . sum turn elevated and liealthv; a most delightful place, particularly during the Summer months. Apply to C. A. TROWBRIDGE, 52 Broadway, or N. MILLARD, No. H Wall street TO RENT? AT NEWARK, N. J.. FIVE MINUTES from Erie depot, four verv handsome brick Cottage Houses ; French roots; bm windows; range, bath, gas, hot and cold water, bells, tubes ; in line order; delight lully situated ; rent $1,000 each to good, desirable tenants. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 61) West Twcntv-third street mo ARTISTS. ? A FINE, LARGE gTUDIO, WITli 1 north skylight, to rent by the ?i as<>n or year, at Cats kill, N. Y. Address lock box 23, Post office, Outakill. milE MANSION HOUSE (NEW), MAIN AND COM I merce streets, Orange, N. J. ; 40 bedrooms; dining and billiard rooms, each 50\2S; to be leased to a good ten ant low. Look through it. KRA L ESTATE T4? EXCHA1TGK. A FARM FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE? WITHIN 80 miles of New York, 75 acres ; also 45 acres, within 60 miles. BURN II AM, 60U Hudson street. New York. A GOOD STOCK OF MERCHANDISE TO XX chatige lor tract of Land on Long Island ; most be free 0! encumbrances; within 35 mile* or New York. WAR.NliK A CO., No. 5 Dcy street. Business wanted-worth from $2,000 to $3,000, In exchange for small houses on Hudson, bringing $432 yearly, ren; prompt,; price $5,500; mort gage $2 ,500. can remain ; title periect-j houses In good order. Particulars 14 Broadway, office No. 1. C1UT THIS OUT !? FOR SALE, EXCHANUF. OK To J let? New lioclielle and on tiie Sound? Six acres of Land, modern House, stables aud outbuildings; price $17,000. Tench Farm, 2, *00 trees, near New Brunswick; 105 Ai res; delightfully situated , two Houses, farm stock, crop, Ac.; $27,1)00. Rtdgetield, N. I.? Two acres of Land, modern House, 15 rooms; stables, Ac.; rverv city convenience; $36,000. Glllord Station. Stolen Island? Three acres of Land, tine House. 10 rooms, stables, Ac. ; $H,0UU; only $2,0(<) ca*h. Morrisanla? Cot tage, verv d?-sirHblc ; three minutes' from depot ; $10,00>). Stamford, Conn.? New llonse, nine rooms, $4,.'j<?'. East Tremont? New House, 14 rooms; well built; 12 minutes' walk from depot ; $9,u00; $ti,UU0 1 an remain on mortgage. Some of the above mentioned places will be leased very reasonably. W O. KNIOIIT, 327 Fourth av. JIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FINE COUNTRY RF.SI. dence at Newburg; large double house, barn and 5>i acres land; price $I6.m)0; free and clear; will take Iioum; in city In i-n rt payment ftl LAND A WHITING, No. 5 Beekmftn street. IIOR SALB? OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR GOOD Tenement a nice three stvry ljl>'h stoop brown stone House, in fine order; price $M,?Jt' BACH A CO., 201 East Fifty-seventh street under the Miflk. IV>R HALE ? AT A SACRIFICE FOR CA??L OR F.X change for good unenc umbered Real Eetatt, * Hard ware and Furnishing Store s. c Li'sK, 222 Thirty-fonrth str#*V_ T/OR SALE OB EXCITANOK-A NEW IloUSE, COK r talnlng about 12 rooms, with all the modern Improve ments, and about 60 city Lots; everything new and in perfect order; very handsome stabfe, chicken house, Ac. ; Is 15 minutes Iroin depot, at Westfleld, N. J., on the only r?ally comfortable railroad to live on running out of New York; Immediate to this heuutlful place can be bad RIKKR, HESSE A Co., No. 5 Pine Street IloR SALE OR TO EXCIIANGh- AN ELEGANTLY furnlsheil House, III highest, healthiest part ot lower Westchester. Call oil DEUltY COAL COMPANY, 106 Broadway. I/OR SALE? OR EXCHANOI. FOR CITY PROPERTY, r a private Residence, at Madison, N. J., ten minutes from depot, built Inst Fall; IJ rooms, tirst class finish; barn, coach house, stable* and hennery ; owe acre ot ground ; irillt and good -bade . good well; price $6,500. Address C. R. !)., box 14- Madison, N. .1. FM)R SALE. RENT OR KXOHANoK? 12* CiTY LOTS, , large house an 1 stable, tine fruit und shrubbery ; a delightful resldein e, near tremont. Westchester county, 7 H miles from Forty-second stunt: horse and steam cars. Apply to JOHN CO.-TEI.LO, i,l&*? Third avenue, New York. | WILL KENT Oil KM M I il AT VKKY DEslK I able thri ? storj high stoop brown stone House on the southeast corner ot Kitty first street and Second avenue. Beekman Kstats ; flne location . house repleti with im provements , sliknc-t. in owner's lamilv the cause of It being In the market. Apply to JAM KS ROWE, #17 Third ireitn. Merchandise to kxchanoi for farm or small Place, near depot; ID or SI) miles or less froiu New York. Apply at M Centre street. In store. \\J ILL EXOHAKGR? FOR CITY IMPROVED PROP TT erty, unimproved City l.ots (unincumbered) and; abstracts ready Call on or adurcas OWNER, to ul?'? ollicc, 31 b wuu street. , , RKAE, KSTATK WAVTKI). YXTANTED TO BUY? A SMALL PIB8T CLASS HOUSE, ?? in a desirable neighborhood; in Brooklyn, near Prospeot I ark, preferred : pnc? f to $f,0(JU ; tint must le very cheap at price, an<f will only buy in flrsi class locality. AddrtsB box ti.8B7 Post offlce. BOARDERS WASTED. 1ST HOI SB WIST flK FIFTH AVENI'K ? IIAND fomely mrni-hrd Rooms for families or single gentle men. with first emus Haard. No. 7 Weat Twenty -nlnlb at 1 BLOCK PROM CLARENDON HOTEL, 114 CAST NINETEENTH STREET large anil single Rooms, with Hoard ; reduced prices lor Cumuitr ; everything a rat claw; references. O OR THREE PLEASANT UNPDBKISHBD ROOMS, with Hourd, in private lamlly, at 468 West Forty second street. 2 DOORS ABOVE STUYVESANT SQUARE, WITH excellent Hoard, furnished or uniurnlshed Second Floor, newlv decorated, en -ulte or singly ; all improve ment*; relereixes. nil Second avenue, between Seven teenth and Eighteenth streets. 2D KI.OOR TO LET"SE1'AR\TKLY OR TOOBTHRR, with Board ; private table it preferred : references exchanged. Apply at 21 West Eighteenth street. _ _ OD FLOOR, WITH OR WITHOUT l'RIVATE TABLE: iT.i? ? ! 'in,: ever.vthinc strictly first class; lib crfll conceHr-iioDM for h< hsom or yearly arrunifciiicnt; roter tncea required. 33 Weat Thirty-third ntre<t. OD KLiOOIt, HA.VDHOMBLY K(TllNISHKr> TOIKT IV 2 GENT I. KM EN? ALSO TWO LADIES. CAN HAVE good Board, with pleasant Rooms. Terms ? Gentle men $6and ladies $4 |ier week. No moving in May. English family. 'i.Vt ?Vest Thirty lllth street 4 EAST TWKNTY NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Madison avenues, handsomely furnished Rooms, with or without Board, bv (he season or year, at reduced prices; private Inble if desired. r.T" AVENUE.? A PARLOR FLoou, HANDSOMELY ? ? lu lushed, bath, closet, Ac., to n first ela^s parly tor the season or y< ar , private table. Comer house. No. HO. r.Tll AVKNUE, 224.? VERY DBSIBABLE Rooms, ON ?) second Door, with or without private table, to rent; al"olront Kusoiirui and ouc large Room, on parlor iloor; references. KTII AVENUF.? A SUIT OF ROOMS ON PARLOR fl floor, furnished or unfurnished, with or without pri vate tible, in the spaeious double houae 45 Fifth avenue; coolest and quicteit location in town. dj?fj TO $10 PER WEEK, SI 80 PER DAY-FINE ?EuJ Rooms, with excellent Board, tor families and single pcwplc, at 172, 174 and 176 Bleocker street, six blocks west ot Broadway. 9 WEST NINETEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE nue.? An opportunity for those desiring a pleasant home, neatly furnished Rooms, superior table ; every at tention conducive to eointorl. For terms apply on 2!fth inst. or at any time subsequent. References exchanged WAVERLBY PLACE (THE FINEST HOUSE IN I " " the city).? nandsome Iront Booms, $14 and $16, lor two persons, with Hoard ; no childrcu , also day Board, $5 per week. WEST TWENTIETH STREET. Large second floor Room, with Board. lOTH STREET, 2S1 EAST.? WELr, FURNISHED J.O lull width Room on second floor, with good Board ; all modern improvement*; loeation central aud desira ble; four minutes from Broadway. Reference. MWE-T TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.? ROOMS, singly anil en suite, with or without Board. MTH STREET, 800 AND S02, CORNER SECOND AVE. nue.? Desirable Second Floor; handsomely fur nished: also large Room on first floor; with Hoard. No children or nurses taken. " I 4 TH STREET, WEST, 261.? HANDSOMELY FUR I T: nisticd Rooms, en suite or singly, suitable tor laml lies or parties ol gentlemen, at moderate prices; table unexceptionable, private if desired. MTH STREET, WEST, B28.? HANDSOMELY FUR nished front Parlo', with Hoard, for party of gen tlemen or gentleman and wife; $20 for two; large front Room, $14 for two ; table unexceptionable; references. 1 fr EAST FORTY SIXTH STREET.? TWO HAND J'J somely furnished Rooms, suitable for gentleman and wile or single gonticmen; superior Table Board; references exchanged. ( 1 fT WEST ELBYENTB STREET, NEAR BROAD way.? Second story front Room to let, with Board ; private table if desired ; house and table first class; ref erences given and required. nWAVBBLEY PLACE.? LARGE, ELEGANTLY furnished I'arlors and Bedrooms on first Iloor, and nicely furnished upper Rooms, with first class Board; reference required. Oft PER WEEK.? SECOND STORY ROOM, WITH &\3 extension, southern exposure, as sitting room ami bedroom, to gentleman and wife, with good Hoard, or three gentlemen at $s each, ai 156 Waveriev place. 2 O EAST FORTY SEVENTH STREET ? A LADY HAS ?? a few Rooms to rent, singly or en suite ; with or without private table. ODD STREET 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OK MADISON 4j?) square ? Elegantly tarnished large front Room, third floor, to let, with flrstcluis Board ; gentlemen pre ferred : reference exchanged. or WEST TWENTY .8ECOND STREET.? FURNISHED ?jv Room* to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without Board; terms moderate ; reference* required. 2r GREAT JONES STREET.? TO LET. FURNISHED, *) with Board a Room on the second floor, suitable for a gentleman and his wife; alio accommodation* tor two or three gentlemen. OftTH STREET, 44 WEST ? SECOND STORY FRONT Zt'f Room, adjoining bathroom, in a small New Knit land family, with good Bonrd, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; form* moderate. OA EAST TllIRTY-FIFTn STREET. -HANDSOME ? )' ' large Parlor and Bedroom, with Board, to adults, reasonable. References. QQ WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET TWO VERY 00 defiirahlc Suits of Roc nn. on third floor, to let, with Board, to families or gentlemen; also single Rooms, on fourth floor; references O 4TH STREET. 443 WFST.-FUItNISHED ROOMS TO 0T rent, with Bo.ird, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen ; no moving. ?_ q/:? WEST TENTH STRERT.? A PRIVATE FAMILY 01) will let, with or without Board, a very large iront; Room moderate terms for the Summer. Q L* EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? THE COM 0') forts of a refined, with liundsome Suit of l'ooms and liberal table; reterences< two Rooms fur gentlemen. 07 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? NEATLY FUR 0 I nished Rooms to let. with first class Board, to gen tlemen and wives or single gentlemen : 110 moving in May ; references exchanged. A I WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.? FAMILIES OR T: L gentlemen inn he accommodated with nicely fur nished Rooms, w.tli first class table; relerences. At ?) SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE FURNISHED ? 1 Rooms to let, with Board, for families and single gentlemen ; day boarders taken; terms moderate. 4 k) WI ST SIXTEENTH STEEET.-AK ELEGANT ?j Suit of Rooms, consisting of parlors ami second floor, to let, with private table; or Second Floor and Par lors separate; ail handsomely furnished. Also other Room-, suitable for families or single gentlemen, at Sum mer prices. Everything Urst class. References ex changed. ______ 40 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? A CHOICE OF tO Rooms, with Board, in a family of adults; refer ences. 4 4 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET? HANDSOME r 1 Booms on the third and tourth floors to let, with Board ; fine, healthv location tor the Summer, with home comfort* ; single Rooms for gentlemen. .4 Q WEST FORTY- EIGHTH STREET.? ELEGANTLY rO furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, with superior table Board ran tr had in a thoroughly first class house ; references exchanged. A ft GREENWICH AVENUE,? HANDSOMELY FUR r ?/ Dished Romns to let, with or without Board ; suit able for pnrties ol gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; house newly painted anil furnished. PA WRIT FIFTIETH STREET. -A SECOND FLOOR t'** to let, with Board; alio a single Room; house uwiie I by occupant. CA WEST NINETEENTH STRF.ET.-FOR GENTLE ?m" man-Two very handsomely furnished single Rooms, second and third floors, front; strictly first class table ; references. , r 4 WEST THIBTf EIGHTH STREET-ONE LA BOB ? ?'x Room and hall Room, not connecting, to lei with Board, clean house, good table, bent of referenced, till July I. WEST ELEVENTH STREET.- HANDSOMELY I ")U furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board. fr/? JANE STREET.? A NEWLY FURNISHED FRONT ' 0") Room to let. with or without Board : also an un furnished back Parlor ; all the improvement*. eQ WEST THIRTY- I'IFTH STREET -A SMALL FAM 0 llv will let some elegant Rooms, with Board. I hose desiring first '-lass accommodation ouiv need apply. nn WEST NIN Ir.TEKNTH STR E KT . ? B LEG A NT DO Rooms and superior Board, at reasonable prices. References exchanged. TO WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? FROM MAV 1, JJ two large and pleasant Rooms to lew with Board ; terms moderate. References exchanged. 8' r MACDOUOAL STREET. SECOND FLOOR ROOM. with Byard tor two persons; also Room lor a sin gle 'gentleman; go<?l table and home comforts; location desirabv*' i u >?*? ? 1 no ?|.f T WEST V- EIGHTH 8TRKET.-HAND IllVf sonietv ' flirtt^vd Rooms, hot nnd cold water; amp* clA/iirr^ ^,KR'I3m;o/"^Umen on yn tor dentist , with or withou 7 Low Summer prlCM, from $0 u' "* P< r wm a. m EIGHTH STREET ,CLI >-T'u'rNrt 'larlte or Mng^ nished Rooms to let, with B LifVate to rtsnecta all modern imurovemeuts; terms m. ^ fft" wra^acw ble parties. _ - - ion BAST TWENTV-THIRD stre.^.-J'^S JiU Second Floor, en suite or singly, W? ?!l,,uclnen> without linani. ? ? IOQ EAST TWEETT-THimO stkki-.t a F v,tT' "K ?&Cj Floor to let, with Board ; hot and cold * ate _ lilO EAST TWENTY FIFTH STRKKT.-A PHRLO."* l?i O K loor to let, with Hoard ; hot and cold water lqtl WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET -A LARGE, I ? nicely furnished front Room on the sccoti I -torv (ample closets), to let, to a single gentleman, with or without Board : reference exchanged 1?JQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.- PLEASANT 10O Rooms, with Board, to families or K' nlleincn. Reference. 147 WEST TWENTY ME' OND STREET -TO LET, III to physician of dentist or gentleman and wiin, with or without Board, three Rooms, first floor, English base ui?ut house. BOARDERS WASTED. 1 east fifty fifth strbbt.-a raw fur x?/v nlWiod Rooms In tirst class four story brown stone front house ; splendid neighborhood ; Seventy -first street, near Lexington avenue; will also turnUh Board if required. 0"1 i\ BAST THIRTIETH STREET -HANDSOMELY, I \T tarnished Parlor Floor, lor gentleman and wllf, alHo Rooms for gentlemen. $5 to $10; private brown stone bouse, by a Krouch family ; table first claim ; refer ence*. 91 O EAST NINETEENTH STREET. ? TI1KEK NICE ZilO ly furnished connecting Room*, with larne clos eta, to let, with Hoard, either separately or together. References exchanged. ')1Q WKST FIFTEENTH STREET.? TO LET. WITH Board, a very des rnble large Room. nicely fur nished, to a gentleman and wile or two single gentle wen on moJurate terms. 997 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND I and Third avenues.? Nicely furnished front Boom* . with Board, lor gentlemen, in a French family ; moderate prices, reference^ required. OQ/| WEST Til IftTY-NINTH STREET ? TO LKT, FUR r ' with Hoard, a back Parlor; also a large fourth story back Room ; terms moderate; house first class; references. ?'KST TIIIBTY-EIQHTH STREET.? EIjEO A N'T Rooms, 011 first and second floors, for dentist* and physicians, with or without Board; lino Rooms lor gentlemen or families, at moderate prices; fable ilrst class; references exchanged. ()Qr. WEST THIRTY EIGHTH STREET? DESIRA ) ble tVont Rooms, on second and third floors, with first clam Hoard ; terms very reasonable to permanent parties; references exchange 1 l)AC\ WKST I'WENTY-THfRD STREET. ? A GENTEEL Zt^Vi Knvli-li family will let a handsomely furnished front Boom, w ith Hall Room adjoining, to single gentle rnen or a liiNiiiy '>1 adults, with or without Hoard. ?M17 BAST EIOHTR ENTH STREET. ? VERY ELK *?' ' I ganMy furnisheil front Room and Alcove ok sec ond floor to let, to a gentleman or gentleman and wile, wiih or without Board, 111 a private house; neighborhood first class ; terms moderate ; no moving 5 references. 917 WEST THIRTY FIFTH STREET, ROOM 19.? O I I Wanted, two respectable men as boarders; me chanics preferred. O or EIGHTH A YEN UK, SECOND HELL.? A VERY it?'J pleasant rurnlshed Room, with good Board, at reasonable prices, suitable tor two gentlemen. O97 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET -FURNISHED ? ?? 1 I Rooms, on the second and third story, to let, with Board, frouting stuy vesuut Park. Apply lor three days. 3KA MAST 8E VB NTBRNTH STREET. -A TOUNO ')\J man, also two young ladies, can have Board. Board? a handsomely furnished room: furniture, carpets, Ac., the best; family small and table first class. 211 East Thirteenth street, between Sec ond and Third avenues. References. UNIVERSITY I'LAOE, CONVENIENT TO WASHING ton and Union squares.? A comfortable home for parly of two or more. Some furniture may he taken for hoard. Address ROBINSON, box 10m Herald office. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED, A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO RENT A /x comfortable Floor, with good Board, on Madison avenue, vicinity of Twenty-ninth street. Address HUME, box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,265 Broadway. A YOUNG LADY WOULD LIKE A FURNISHED Room and Sunday Board in a private family, be tween Thirtieth and Fiftieth streets. Terms not to ex ceed $3. Address S. C. X., box 184 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board. -a gentleman in business down town wants a comfortable well-furnished Room; closets, water and use of bath ? frith or without Break fast; it suitable would be permanent; none need an swer unless all above requisites. Address liOME, Post office box 4,022. 01 ENTIjEMAN and wife wish a handsomely X furnished Room, second story, front, with Board, in a strictly private family ; vicinity of Twenty third and Fiftieth streets, Lexington and Sixth avenues; terms inust be reasonable references given and required; no boarding house keeper need apply. Address M? box 183 Herald Uptown Bran, h office. IN THE NINTH WARD-ON THE 1ST OF MAY, HOARD tor gentleman, wife, child (3 years) and nurse. Address, stating terms, which must be reasonable, F. D., station C. BROOKLYN BOARD. QQ ORANGE STREET, CORNER OF HICKS, ON Oi7 Brooklyn Heights.? Good Board, with plcasunt Rooms, can be obtained in a French family. HOTELS. ANOELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, 61 Lexington avenue.? Rooms lor gentlemen or fami lies, transient or permanent, with or without meals; pri vate table It desired. HhIIih open all night PALLKN HOUSE, 166 HUDSON STREET, CORNER \J of Lalght.? Excellent Board, $6 to $7 SO per week, with single Keotn ; single Room without board, $2 ana upwards ; Lodging, SO cento, gentlemen only. Open all night. HOTKL ST. QERMAIN, FIFTH AVENUE. TWENTY second street and Broadway.? Elegant Suits and single Itooms now vacant; table d'hote or European plan , most central location ; rooms all front. IRVING PLACE 1IOTKL, OPPOSITE ACADEMY OK Music.? -Nicely furnished Rooms to rent, at moderate prices, with French restaurant attached. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL. 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF Bayard street,? 200 light Rooms, neatly furnished, fiOc. or wc. per night, $2 50 to $4 per week. For gentlemen only. COUNTRY HOARD. Astori a ? board wanted for three german gentlemen from 1st ot May; best, references given and required. Address MERCHANT, box 14) Herald of fice. A FEW PERSONS CAN HAVE GOOD BOARD AND accommodations and comlorts of a home with a private family, lo ir hour- trom New York, by New York and Oswego Midland Railroad; pnre nfbuntain air ; tine boating and Ashing ; large house, shady grounds; milk, fruit, vegetables, Ac., in abundance. For particulars call on or address F. GARDNER, 76 Reade street. New York. A FAMILY, CONSISTING OF TWO LADIES FIVE children, of 10, H, ti, 4 and 3 years, and baby of 1 month, with nurse, want Board In the country, with a Jrivate lam ly where lew other boarders are taken, trom ulv 1 next to September 12; a healthy location, plenty ol shade trees in the neighborhood ana good milk tor the children are desired. Address, statinv price, size ot/ rooms and references, H. B. T., Herald office. AT MORRISTOWN, n, J.-THE GRAND VIEW house will open May 1; location unsurpassed for Dure mountain air, plcturesoue drives and all the advantages of country living. Particulars at 43 Fifth avenue. Board? from ist of may, for lady and gen. uem.m, with Parlor and Bedroom, at the Hamilton House. Puterson. N. J. Bergen point? board wanted, by a gen tleman. Address, stating term*, Ac., ARGONAUT, box 2li0 Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD. -.TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVES desire Board from about middle of May to middle of September, within one hour of city (Montclair, N. J., preferred), where there will be no other boarders. Ail uress statin* terms (which must be moderate) and dis tance irom depot, A. S. B., Herald office. /COUNTRY BOARD-AMONG THE CATS KILLS, AT V Prattsville, N. Y. ; commodious dwelling, good grounds 4M plcntv of shade; 20 minutes' drive from the N. Y. R. and S. R. Jt. depot; terms moderate ; extra Inducement to those wishing Board for the season. References ? la cob Phillips, !W Watts "treet, and Frank H. Lewin, No. 1 Astor House, Pennsylvania Railroad. New York ; or ud dress MACK MARTIN, Prattsville, Greene county. N. Y. /100D BOARD MAY BR HAD FROM MAY 1, 1* \T hours (rom New York on the Morris and Essex Rail road ; convenient to depots; high ground; inountuin air, Ac. Address box 43 New Providence, N. J. /lOUNTRY BOARDINO.-BBROKN POINT? CHARM \_v ing location, within 30 minutes of city by trains or boat: 80 trains daily: tine views, boating, bathing, fish ing . airy rooms; iresh Irnlt, vegetables and milk; sta bling for horses. House open May 1. Apply at 49 West Thirty-second street SUMMER BOARD WANTED? FROM JUNE 1, FOR gentleman and wile, one hour trom el'y ; state terms, accommodations and location. Address 11., box 7sl Post office. CUMMER BOARD.? THREE FAMII IFU O accommodated; dellghtmi nnland i~...i HE alrr rooms; a lew minnw ? . loc?'lon, large boat Address lx>x .11, Peeksklll, N y oni railroad and gCMKlB RKSOHTS. BELMONT IMLL. HCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. X J~ Wili be opened June 1 fbr the reception of company. D. A. CROWKLL. nOLCMBM WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, NEAR Hudson N. Y,? This water is universally regarded as the best combination of healthy Ingredients of nnv In the country; fine air, beautiful trove. C. B. NASH. T A TOURKTTK Hot SE WILL OPBJf MAY 1; ,10 I j minutes from New York by rail or boat. For terms addre -a R, Mi MICHAEL, Bergen Point PALISADES Mountain house will fie opened on or about the 1st of Mav. For terms. Ac.. address COZZKNS A MURRAY, Englewood, N. J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE? DELIGHTFULLY SITU ated on the Sound. one mile from New Rochelle de pot; sea bathing. Ashing, boating, pleasant drives, sta bling, Ac Early application for choice of rooms to A. C. PLYMPTON . S4 West Twcnty-lourth street PICKWICK HOUSE, 147 AND 149 CEDAR ST BEET, convenient to New Jersey ferries ? Single Rooms 25c., Sftc. and SOc per night) by the week, $1 and up wards. Open all nighL yT. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J.-EIOHT 0 minutes (run Jersey City ferry, Cortlandl or Iles brosscs street; Pennsylvania Railroad: lieautiful loca tion , first class lable; elegantly lUrnlshcd Rooms, en suite or singly ; all modern improvements; boating, driving, good stabling, Ac. t ST. MARK'S HOTKL, NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN Island, will open for the season Mav 3. Families or single gentlemen wishing accommodations for the Sum i me r will find tills the most accessible anil desirable loea tion In the vicinity of New York. Applications tor rooms received af the hotel. O. DE CAMP, Proprietor. SHREWSBURY RIVEK. RED BANK, N. J -HOUSE | i ' open for the season May 1 ; first class in every re spect; flnelv shaded lawn ; excellent bathing anil boat 'ig ; terms moderate, and for Fall and Winter, price re led GEORGE B. CHAM PLAIN, du _ - KXPRKSSKS, i>.TrUUWACOOK'H ? K 1 ,i "? Express and Storage Warerooms, nnd If turnitu. irty-nnh street. Furnltnre stored on the ?>1?7, corner Th. <trms, als* removed In city or country ; most reasonable thirty years' expe. ?< PACKED AND SHIPPED. riJRNlTUR. for sale. Apply at SOT Sixth fine elegant Pianofor ?# BAITLKSON * COOK, avuuue. wruvr Thirty-!* ^ PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &C. AT HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Plrst class handsome uew Pianofortes for sate on very reasonable term., and several u*e?l a little, very low tor cash. A LADY WILL SELL. FOR LESS THAN $KM, handsome rosewood Pianoforte, in perfect order, including >tool - neat anil powerlul tone, modern im provements. 2H Third .street, near Bowery. ALADY HAS A PIANO TO KENT (OR ON IN8TAL meuU) ; rent tO per ; carved lens; every Im provement IS Waverley place, near Broadway A LADY, OOINO TO MOVE 1ST OK MAY, WILL sell an elegant Piano; coal $150, tor $175, with Stool; liana full, rich tone and all modern improvements. 310 East Kightv-second street. A FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY WILL SELL BEAU .4' roi>e_wooU seven octave 1'iano lor $150. Apply at Kant Thirtieth street, between Second and Third avenue*. A responsible PRIVATE family will Its colve a good Piano tor storage for the use of the In struraeut. Address PIANO, Herald Uptown Branch office. Any party iiavinu handsome piano paint Ings, pier gla-a or chandelier and don't wish to store can have same noil eared lor by responsible faintly ia Kast Twentieth street Apply or address lu5 East Twenty seventh street until May 1. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL BELL FOR $300 THEIR magnificent rosewood 7*4 octave tour rouud cor nered I'iantorte , richly carved; all improvements: Broadway maker -, eost $075; a beautiful 7 octave grand square, $700, lor $200 ; al-o entire llouNi'hold Furniture; a sacrifice. Cull at private residence 210 West 21st su, near 7th av. At a sacrifice? a fir.sT class square rosk woodl'lano; ?>$ octave; carved legs, ease; round cornered; yet new, with Oover and stool. Parties in want of a first class itistrniiient would do well, before purchasing elsewhere, to call ai 03 Orchard street, fourth floor. 7M oclave rosewood Pianoforte ; in use 8 months; $900. tor $275; .stool and Cover: celebrated city cr; at private residence 124 West Twenty-sixth st A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD TIaNO, ONLY $150; A Steinway Pianoforte, carved legs, overstrung ; little used, every improvement; great sacrifice tor cash. J. BiDDLl'., l;4 Waverley place, near Broadway. AT 120 WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET. NEAR SIXTH avenue.? Private family will sell their magnificent 7 >4 octave four rouud cornered rosewood Pianoforte; used eight months; coat $1,1*0; tor $300; Stool, Cover and Music Cabinet Also Parlor and Bedroom Suits. N. B.? Pianoforte lias box for shipping. Old Pianoforte for $ioo. A* RARE CHANCE FOR CA^H? A ORAND SQUARE 7>i octavo rosewood Pianolortc; in use 8 months: cost $! maker AT 10* EAST TWKNTY.FIfTH STREET, BETWEEN Fourth and Lexington avs.? Private family will set their magnificent double rnunJ 7'i octave rosewood Pianoforte, brillianl tone, patent agraffe, fully guaran teed, noarly new, cost $95'), tor $300; Stool, (lover, Music Cabinet; Parlor Suits, Paintings, Chamber, Library, Din ing Furniture ; a sacrifice. Call before purchasing else whore. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale? 7'a ooiave, made order, city maker; fiilly guaranteed; used five months; cost $1,100, for $2 75; Parlor Suits, Ktagerea, Paintings, Bronzes, Chamber, Dining Furniture. Silverware. Ac.; a sacrifice; prop erty family leaving city. 30 West Fifteenth street, near Filth avenue. BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, $125, agraffe improvements; 7Vi Weber scale, almost new, $240, richly carved; instalment'* taken, $12 monthly. R. CARLE, 1H7 West - ill st., corner 6th av. (1 BICKERING ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTK ONLY $10#; J great bargain; magnificent instrument, having carved legs, overstrung bass, every modern improve ment, extraordinary sacrifice for cash. JAMES GORDON, 157 Bleockor street. New styles five octave double reed Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES ; $111) anil 5125 each. Filtv other stylus, $55 to $600 and upward each . The MAsON k HAMLIN Or^.an Companv now ofler, at their uew warerooms, -5 lluioa square, the largest assortment of the best instruments of this ciass m the world, at prices which arc rendered possible only by their unequalied facilities tor manufac ture. organs rented with privilege of purchase fur quarterly or monthly payment!. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MEKKELL'S, No. 8 Union square, 105 Fourth avenue. PIANO WANTED.? ANY ONE HAVING A FIRST class instrument to sell at a low figure, on 0 months' time, to a good party, can find a customer by addressing PIANO, box 105 Herald office. PIANOS. SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, IN thorough order, lor sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on instalments, by CHICKEltlNU <* SONS, 11 host Fourteenth street, lietweeu Broadway and Fitth av PIANOS AND OIUJANS.? GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, mid by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 4il Broadway, than can o.-. touud elsewhere. OEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, NEARLY O new, overstrung buss, full iron frame, carved case and legs, only $150, with stool and cover, if taken thin day. 110 Bleecker street, first floor. CPK' IXL IN1H I'KMK.vrs TO THOSE WANTING C5 new or second hand Pianos ? Either cash or ou the easy monthly payment plan. V\ \l A. l'OND A CO.. 547 Broadway. WATERS' LATKST STYLES OF DOUBLE REED ft organs, at greatly reduced prices, $10U,$U0aud $125; other Organs at $50 and upwards. The best manu factured (fully warranted). Organs to let and rent applied if purchased; monthly instalments. Warerooms, 4rfl Broadway, N. Y. HORACE WATERS A SONS. MUSICAL. A card.? THE NEW YORK CONSERVATORY OK MUSIC, No. j Kant Fourteenth street, next to Dolmonlco's, and BROOKLYN BRANCH, Nos. 102. Itj4 and 100 Court street, near State, REMAIN OI'KN TUB ENI'IKE YEAR lor Private anil class instruction in all brandies of Music and Modern languages. A FIRST CLA3S SOPRANO, SUPERIOR VOICE AND educated at the conservatories of Lelpsif and Stutt gart, wishes a position in a choir; (fives singing an J i llano lessons. Address M, M., box 162 lleraUl Uptown Jrunch ?fllee. A RATA PARAVALLI, TENOR SINGER, FROM Italian Opera, tenches Piano ntid Singing at 117 West Twenty-seventh street, near sixth avenue ; terms mode rate. Boys, age 9 to is, to sing in cnuRnir-, must read well. Apply this evening at 7 o'clock, church, 4Utli sr.. near 6th a v., off Reservoir square. L^LUTE WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN, LEAVINO FOR F Europe in a lew days, would like to buy a second hand Boenm Flute, In good condition, silver preferrud, tor which a liberal prl-e will be paid. Apply, as soon as possible, between 3 and 6 P. M.. to WILLIAM RUSSELL, at the office of Teffl. Grlswold & Co., dry goods house, 443 Broadway, New York. THE LECTCB1 HEASON. FREE LECTURE WILL BE DELIVERED BY JOHN PEIIRKN H \TCH, Esq., President of the Ma chlnLsLSHud Blacksmiths' International Uuion of North America, on '-Tho Aims and Objects of the Organiza tion." on Tuesday, April 29, at 8 o'clock P. M., at Irvine Hull, Irving place and Fifteenth street. Machinists anil blacksmiths (employe and employes) and the public are invited to attend. Reserved scats tor ladies. B DANCING ACADKMIRS. ALLET MASTER Dl MAR'S PRIVATE DANCING Academy, 84 West Fourth street, near Broadway.? All fashionable Dances taught. Ballet dances? Instruu* tluii tur single und chorus dances for the stage. CAUSE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. O PRIVATE LESSONS at any hour, day or evening. CIRCULARS at l'rivate Academy. 212 East Eleventh st CLOTHING. Astonishing prices can be obtained for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets. Ac. : for Pants, $2 to $7; Coats, $3 to $20: i resses, (A to $73; Diamonds, Laccs, the utmost value will be paid. Please call on or address by note Mr. or Mrs. H. HARRIS, 81 Sixth avenue, third store above Waverley place. AT a. ANH ALT'S, 178 SEVENTH AVENUE.? LADIES and gentlemen will positively receive the highest pricc for Cast-off Wearing Apparel, Carpets and Jewelry, as 1 have a great demand lor them from the West: tlio price is no object, as I must fill up my orders. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Anhalt AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOWN EST A R lishinent, 160 Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street, utmost value paid for Cast off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling on <>r addri - -hi- Mr or Mrs. MILLER. AT F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTn AVENUE. BETWEEN Washington and Waverly places.? Ladles and gen tlemen will be astonished at the prices given for Cast-off (Clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never before have such high prices been paid, as we are bound to flU an order, and goods must be had. For Coats, from $3 to $21); Pants. $2 to $11). Dresses. $6 to $71). Please call or address M above. Ladle* attended by Mm Harris. AT II ROSENTHAL'S. '-'W THIRD AVENUE. NEAP Nineteenth street, ladles and gentlemen will obtain mil value of Cast off Clothing, Carpels, Ac., by calling or addressing Ladles attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. A -LADIES AND GENTLEMEN HAVING CAST-OPT ? Clothing. Carjiets, Furniture, Ac., to dispose of will do well to call at 11 MAN N ES'. .100 and 3U2 Seventh ave nue, as I p.iv the highest price ot any in the trade. La dle* attended to by Hi* M annus. i T TUK UPTOWN ESTABLISHMENT, 816 SIXTH J\ avenue, near Forty-sixth street? Wanted imme diately, a quantity of Caatufl Clothing and Carpets for the Oinatiu markot. Will pay trom $S to $20 for coats. $3 to $7 tor pants, $Sto$?j6 for dresses. Call onoraddres* Mr. or Mrs. FLATTO. AT 297 THIRD AVENUE. NEAR TWENTY-THIRD street, M. LEON pays the highest price lor Ijidlea* and Gentlemen's Cast-ofl Clothing, Carpets, Ac. Ladle* waited on by Mrs. Leon. ATTHK WELL RENOWNED KSTABLISHMSNT, 246 Seventh a?enue? I have just received orders to the amount of $7A, 000; I ain therefore compelled to pay the following prices: For silk Dresses, $S to $H(; Coats, $o $2A; Pants. $1 to $11 . the highest prices paid for Carpets. Please call on or addre?s Mr. or Mrs. ROSENBERG, _'k? Seventh avenuo. N. B.? Second house nbove Twenty tonrth street AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT l()l Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, Indies slid gentlemen can receive the utmost value In cash lor their Cast-off clothing. Carpets, Jewelry, Laces, Ac. Please call at or address* the number a* above. 1 .tidies waited on by Mrs. Marks. Please try, and satlsty yourselves. AT M COIIN'S, 4*. SEVENTH AVENUE, BELOW Tlitrty-tourth street? Pay* the full value for Ladles* and Gentlemen s Ca t off Ctoihlug, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., by calling on or addressing Mr. or Mrs. M COHN. ATS. MISII'H. 1.17 THIRD \ VENUE -LADIES ANI? . gentlemen can receive the highest price for Cast-off Clothing .in?4 ' arpets by calling or addressing. Ladle* attended to bv Mrs. Mlsh. O'H SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET.? 0*? Ladies and gentlemen will receive 40 per eent more than an v other dealer will pay lor Cast off < loth I ng, Carpels. Ac. tall nn or adtixesi Mr. u( Mir. NAl'lLUI.

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