Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,400. NEW YORK, TUESDAY. APRIL 29. 1873.-QUADRUPLK SHEET. PRICE POUR CENTS. DQLECTORf FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Fourth Pack? Fourth, filth ainlmxtl. col u<n iim. ASTROLOGY ? Sixtkknth Paor? Fifth column. BILLIARDS? Eleventh Page? Fitth column. BOARi'ERS WANTED? Kouhtu Paue? First, second and third columns. BOARD AM) LODUINO WANTED ? Koprtu Page? Third column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALJ.2? SECOND Pack? Srcond coin inn BUSINESS OPPORfU N rriEH? Tin Kt> Pag>? Sixth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth Pack? Sixth onlumn CIGARS AND TOBACCO? Third Paok? Sixth column CITY REAL KSTATK FOR KALE ? Second Page? First anil accond column*. CLERK* AN u BALI- SMEN? Sixtoentb Pack? Second cdmn. CLOTH I no ? 3rxTK*irrn Pace? Fifth coloron. COACHMEN AND ?; ARDEN KRS? Sixtkknth PACn? Sec owl, third and fourth columns, COAS'l WISH STEAMSHIPS? 1 hiuteknth Page? Sixth oolumit. ?COPAKI N t.KSHfl'S ? Tkntii Pace? Fifth column. COUNTRY HOARD? Foukth Pauk -Third column. DKKTISTUY? Elkvkntii Pack? Filth column. DRV GOODS? First Pace? Sixth column DWKLEINi. HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED ? Third Pack? Find, second and third column.'*. BWROI'I.A.N STEAMSHIPS? THIRTEENTH Pack? Fifth ami sixth columns. ?CROI'E? Sixteenth Pace? Sixth column. EYES A Nil EAKS? First Pace? Sixth column. ISXCURSioNS-Tiiirtekntii Pack? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Tkn tii Pack? Fittli column. IH?R SALE ? Sixteenth Pack? Sixth column. lOIKNi.sHI-.ll ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Pack? Third itnd fourth columns. VOKNITUHK-Biccoiiii I'ack? Filth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixteenth Pack? Fifth column HELP \\ ANTED? FEMALES-Finr-KNTH Pack? Sixth column, and Sixtkknth Paok? First column. ilEI.I' WANTED? MaLES? Sixteenth Pack? Fourth col umn. HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC.-Firkt Pack? Second, third, fourth, flith and sixth columns. HOTELS ? Ioiiutii Pack ? Third coiumn. MOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? First Pack? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? Eleventh Paqs ? Fifth column. JERSEY CITY, UOHOKEN HUDSON CITY HN1I BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pack? Second and third columns. LECTURE SEASON-Focktii Pack- Fifth column. IXilAL NOTICES? Second Pack? Fitth col nan. DO AN OFFICES? Pint Paok? Sixth column. liOST AN li FOUND? First Pack? First column. MACHINERY ? Sixteenth Pauk? Sixth column. M \ It HI.E MANTELS? Foobth Pack? Third column. MATRIMONIAL? Elkvknth Pack? Fitth column. M F.DICA I. ? Sixtkkntii Pack? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING ? First I'aob? Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Tiurru Pack? Fifth and sixth columns. MISCELLANEOUS? E'.kvkntii Pack? Fifth column. ?fUSlCAl^? Foiirtu Pack? Fifth column. NKW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Pack? Sixth column. PERSONAL ? First Pack? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Fourth Pack- Fourth col umn. PROPOSALS? Elkvknth Pack? Fifth and sixth columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? FiKihKNTii Pack? Filth and sixth columns. PROPERTY OCT OF THE CITY FOR 'SALE OR TO RENT? Second Pack? Third and fourth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE ? SECOND Pack? Folirtn ami Huh columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Recon* Pack? Fifth colnmn. RELIGIOUS NOTICES? First Pack? Sixth column. REWARDS? First Page? First column. RALES AT AUCTION?' Thirteenth Pack? First, second, third, lourth and filth columns. ?TWAT10NS|MV ANTED? FEMALES? Fourteenth Pack? First, so con i. third, fourth, filth and sixth column?, and I'iitkknth Pack? First, sccoud, third, fourth, and tilth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES? Sixteenth Pack? First and second columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Pack? First and second col umns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? Fibst Pack? Second column. STALLION'S? First Pack? Second column. STORAGE? Sixtkkntii I'a m? Fifth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fouuth Pack? Third column. THE TRADES ? Sixtkkntii Pack? Fourth anil Fitth col umns. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Second Pace? Sixth column an.l Third Park? First column. TRAVELLERS' uUIDE? ' Thirteenth Page ? sixth col umn. UNKUttNISHED ROOMS AND AP A RTMKNTS TO LET? Thitsd Pack? Fourth, tilili and sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? Fourth Pack? Fourth col umn. WESTCHESTER CO I N'T Y FROPERTY FOR SALE OR To LET? Second Pack? Second column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC. ? Eleventh Paok? Fifth column. HKKAMI fIliA\?H OK PICK? UPTOWN. J^DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,268 BROADWAY. WEST HIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. EKKltS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE KEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL CM WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OK THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. rMUOMAL. A NY ONE WHO CAN OIVK INFORMATION CON rerning James Mchan, a private in the Seventh Connecticut regiment volunteers, is requested t?? send it -to GEORGE (). SUMNER, Attorney at Law, Hartiord, Conn. Blue beard will find a letter in tiif. Herald Uptown Hra.?"?> otllee. 1,265 Broadway, from Maggie W 1, |>y c.illing lor it. BB BRAVE. BE TRUE. DO AS YOU SAY YOU will and Drove your sincerity. Tie with black ?thread. F* IEND? WILL BE THERE, RAIN OR SHINE. NELLIE. OERTRUDE? HAVE RETURNED HOME; SEND ad. drew to Herald Uptown Branch office II A It it Y HOWARD. ITTIK N. -CANNOT ACCOMMODATE Yor at present porter. iss~ l. dat iTr7-^ariT;,? ATri^N^ i) DE TE8 HOC velles. Port otflec box '2.7(16 '.her lul. K M The lady who kbcognized gent corner Broadway and Fonrihstreet, Mondny morning, send ?dtlrens to BROADW AY, box 152 llerald Uptown Brunch office. WILL THE DARK EYED LADY. WHO BOOB DOWN Eighth avenue car to Astor House with young gentleman. Monday afternoon, and alierwards smiled and bowed to him on corner Fulton and Broadway, ? lease send address appointing interview to FRANK, Herald officer I4t)ST AND FOUND. Bank book lost? bank book no. .107,409 of the Bowery Savings Bank Is missing The tinder is re reqnestcd to return it to the bank. II nut restored before the Mth (lav of May, 1*73, application will he made to the bank tor a new book. _____________________ Loot- hair chain, with antique '-harp, en graved eagle and name ; toimz watch key ; valuable from association. A liberal reward at :U4 East Tlitr tMntkrtreet LOST? MONDAY, ?8TH INSTANT. 10 A. m. on Broadway, between Warren and Morris streets, a Gold l/ocket. Description? lilack onyx; anchor, set with yearls; monogram "R. W. A " on baiils ; inscription. hair work on pearl and lock of hair on inside. The tinder will be anltaMy rewarded by returning It to R. W. ALBERT, care otO. L. (iuillaume \ Co.. 14 Broad way. OST? A BROWN LEATHER PUKHR. CONTAINING MM), also three coupons! the I'urt llnron and l ake Michigan Railroad Company, Nos. 8,4fiH, ijs.'0, 1 ,:tH* . pay ment of wWoh 1? (topped, if the tluder will reiurn the same to WILLI AM STOKES, 17 University place. New York, he shall receive $10 reward. is Fifth REWARDS. REWARD? FOR WALLET, CONTAINING MM ALL nun ol money ami memorandum, losi on leaving Fifth avenue stage this morning i A orll 2ft). On jeturnof papers to H4 H aver street, up stairs, the reward will be REWARD will be paid and no questions asked t<> any one .who will re-turn the small Black snd Tan Punpy taken upon the 26th instant trom stable Si East Thirty second street ' t/r REWA RH. ? .LOST ? YESTERDAY (SUNDAY). A tJ tjla-^k and yelk>w terrier Puppy, ?-ven month* old. ? above reward will be given lor tho same at t<4 Liberty atreet. Ar ?LOST, ON BROADWAY CAR, SITMDAY, ABOUT ?ptl. A o'clock P. M goinw from Thirty fifth to Knar trenth gtreet, a eamhiV Handerohlef, with colored cluar border Above reward twill belaid lor it/ return to 7 4 Weat Thirty-Hill street. REWARD FOR A GOl.D EARRING. LOST April 27. between chiinn, corner Twenty-first reet and Fifth avenue, and ;'t>l W st Twenty tjird street, or possibly in a Broadway car. between Thirty -tilth street and Twenty third. Return to -61 West Twenty third st 4510 REWARD-? I.OHT, A SMALL B1,At\U ANIl fl" J*" N'"*o|i Saturday last. Ey leaving the same ?I 159 West Iwenlv third street will receive above re ?Hd. d>0(l REWARD? LOST, ON SATURDAY EVK&INU. ?T^" A r rl I 28. a ?uiall Black and Tan Dog, with it leather dollar around his neck, with a bell attached and ? plate on with the word Pel. Whoever will return hi in to SI I Wcat Forty -third sirect will receive the above re ward. djr/l REWARD AND NO QURftTIONfT ASKED. ? Stolen Irom private stable, 2!1M IhoniMon ?tr: ??\ on the evening ot tin- 22d instant, Tuesday, a Light' Speeding, ot J. B. Brewster; wagon l ody hiaek, running gear Striped with Sold: hofT <jnt low In front, on hall I springs Address Dr. III'YLAJI. 77 Amity street. int. KPKI'IAIi KIITKRR, IJ.S (TRICKS REIMJcRD), so LI: A 01' NT OF I Havana Lottery, w > Brondwni i . , 4 msi iJBni. wpw Vtrll I?< n'? r? - lit. ti. Circulars rimunl A ,J ivtdfhi (iPKCUli HOTICK8. Almffiocvo ABrarraoTR, bdildbbb, wabb . hnurrwiirn, llotelkeepers nixl all who need Dumb W*it< ri. Hoi ting Machines, Fire Escape Elevators or Elevator* A now patent is issued, anil tho patentee, L. CAKIMKR oil 19 West I'orty fifth street, lia* been adver tising for n lull month in tin- I lines anil Tribune Irving to ntiae the wind, sending circular* around and advancing the lolloping claims on tin- merits of his Invention "It la the s-ifest, most perfectly halatieeil. noiseless Hiunb Waiter In the world." Whew! "It is the nnmt conven ient ami handiest tor any rctjniremeiit.'' W'hcw ! "It is the simplest, most ornamental and most easily worked of anv i?. toe w nrld." Whew I "It gives pcrteet satiilac tlon, aud there la no more annoyance with slack ropes, Jump tug off pnlleys," Ac , Ac. Whewl WbfWl! It only half ol these improvement* could be obtained it would sur pass all other riumli Waiters In the market, but, to con vince nie or anv other man, Mr. Carrier must Inform us where Ilia Invention can lie hccii in operation, or it will fx called humbug, ANONYMUR A-HKKALU BRANCH OPPICK. BROOKLYN, ? corner ol Kill Urn avenue and Hoeruni street. ? ?pen from MA. M. to 9 I*. M. (In Sumluv from 3 to 9 P. M. A I.I. OPFIOKHS, RAILORS ANI> 8OL0IER8 WOl ND eil, ruptured < r injured, however slightly, are en titled In pension Addrcsa or applv toIJr I-.. B. JACKSON, laic Surgeon I nlted State* Navy, No. 4 New Chamber* st A? STORAGE.? WKST 81 DB STORAGE WARE . house s, tor KnrniUire, Planus, Baggage and all oilier lull lily property. All goods placed m separate rm ii.s It. TAGGAKT, owner and Manager. Office* im Hudson street, near Weal Twclttn street A ?FURNITURE FAMILIES MOVED, CITY OK . eonutry; furniture, niano'ortes, iiacked, shipped or stored, G. A K HURNHAM. lift Weat 11th at., near 6th av. /CHRONIC DISEASES. ? A PHYSICIAN IR OPBN TO \ ' an engagement Willi an institution lor treatment of above dlacaeea. Address PIIYSIC|AN, Herald Uptown Branch oflloe. JOHN I) BILLINQB, ATTOBNBY AND OOVkSIL lor at law. Trade Mark and Divorce caacs special ties. Broadway. NOTICE -TfeS public ABB BBBBBT NOTIPIKD that P. L. Taintor ha* this day ceased to be Trra surer ot the Esterhrook steel Pen Mantiiacturlng Cnrii pativ. RICH. ESTERHROOK , President. Arun.28, 1873 OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT terv. idTiti ci. ass NO. IS? Ai-nii 28, 187X. 67, 'ill, 41), 74, J I, ?8, 22, 44, 19, lift, SO, A HOICTII CAROLINA. CLAl? NO. 14 ? APRIL 28, 1873. <?, 77, 33. 7^, *21, 4.1, 39, 44 IK, 71. 49, 19, 26. GERKEN A ?JO., Manager*. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 71 Barclay street OmOIAI* DBAWIKOB KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. It KNTnCK V? KXTItA CLASS NO. 299? A PHIL 28, 1873. 47, 53, 24 , 73, 35. 27. 3, 65, 31, IK, 30, 18. K KNTtJCKT ? Cl.ASS NO. 300? APHII. 28, IH7T4. 39, 711, 59, 18. 50. 56. 72, 32, II, 44 . 8. 57, 76. SIMMOVS A CO., Managers, Covington, Kv. MIKI.RV COLI.KliK? KITKAa'I.ASS NO. 199? APRIL 28, 18?3. 75, 58. 4. 30, 52, fill. 32, 43, 55, 45, 15. 24. Sit K LBV COLLKUK? CLASS NO. 200? API1IL 28, 1873. II, 30, 68, .16, 115. 6. 14, 48, 4, 13, 77, 72, 10. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Kv. J. CLITTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. POCt oflloe box t.9.i9. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. -.PRIZES CASHED-. OB t iters filled ; information furnished; highest rates paid lor Spanish Hank Bills. Ac. TA Y MM! A CO., Hunkers. 16 Wall street. New York. OOI7TH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT FOR FREK O School I'll lid.? Perpetual, Class 75? 26, 72, 9, Z'l, ft, 48. 46, 43, 18. 66, b7, S3. Class 76?14, 47, 10, 31, .'(6. 78, 68, 59, 21, 40, 42, 24. COLE A CO.. Proprietors, New York Post office box 3,865. Chaki.) ston, S. C., April 'is, IK7'I. The principal drawing of the 2ii3d City of Hamburg Lottery, with 50,600 1 ic.keta and 17,600 Prize*, commences April 30 and ends May 20, IH73. There will be drawn :? I premium ot 150.000 marks. I prize ol 100.000 marks. I prize oi 75,000 marks. I prize of 50.000 marks. I prize ol 40, ''00 murks. I prizi of 30,000 marks. 1 prize of 20,000 marks. 2 prizes each of 15,1*10 marks. 4 prizes each of 12,001 marks. 10 prizes each of I0.IUI0 marks. 10 prizes each of 8,000 marks. 10 prizes each of ii,000 lanrk*. 30 prl/.es cacli of 5,iksi marks. fit) prizes each of :i,t??t?l murks. 120 prizes each n!' 2,1100 murks. 250 prizes each of 1,000 marks ami others Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brnnswirk Lottery and Itoval Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. THEOHOR ZRC1IOOH, 116 Nassau street. Post office box (5,080. WII.LJAM H. HANK I NSO VS STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works, 14 Ka?t Twenty-seventh street, be tween Pltth and ManiMiii avenues. Sew York.? No con nection whatever with any other house. The original lluiikinson, and the onlv one ol that name, established in this business in 1861. WH AT ARE GENTS' JEWEL CASKS f dfenruo |s drawn daily in the legal ?.? )(iij laed Kentucky J lottery. Ko.val 1 1 h - vana and Kentucky circulars tree. l2KcenU commission allowed. Address BALKY It CO. (office established .'10 yearn), 174 Broadway. HPORTINO-DOOS. BIRDS, A ? FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOGS. J \ ? Birds, Ac. : Medicine* lor all diseases, Prepared Fond lor mocking birds, a' B. <>. DOTEY'l No. .1 Greene street. near Canal. BIRDS? A WELL KNOWN SCOTCH NATCRALIHT will arrive in New York on or about the 1st offline with a large selection ol Parrot* and Cockatoos; also a magnificent collection of Knirlish and scotch Ringing Birds. Parties wishing a supply will address JOHN V. DliWAR, Naturalist, 48 North Hanover itrwt, Edinburgh, Scotland. F1RANCIS Bl'TLF.R, NO. S PECK BLIP. 1IAS AI.L the choice breeds or Dote* for sale nnd stock. BUT LKK'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 7fi?\ Bt TLKD'S new work. $.'. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicine* lor all diseases. 8TALLIOHI8. E'DWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OF JOE ELLIOTT, t who trotted teat Summer on Mystic I'ark in 2:15', (the fastest mile ever trotted either in public or private), also of Commodore Vanderbilt's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2 ssov and ol .Indite Fullerlon, ?Ik> has' I rotted in 2 will make the season at the larni of William Reetch. nenr Goshen, Oranue county. N. Y. For lurtlier particulars see the "Tun', Meld and Farm." HOKSK*. CARRIAGES, ?C. THE "BREWSTER WAOON," A. in all weights, lor pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished and embracing in tiieir construction the various improve ment* introduced by us during the pastlA years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in nualiiy to those luilit to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices unilorm to all. In order that we may not he confounded with a ioint stock company ol carnage dealers who have adopted a linn name, similar to our own, and impiidetulv claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we in a the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of I'ltthm nue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PONY PHAETONS, all sivlcs and prices, from $12i) up; several top Wagons, second hand, by city makers; one Clarcnce. secondhand; ?ioe curtain Coach, by Brewster; one six seat Phaeton, do ; one second hand Brett, suitable for llvcrv; Harness, Blankets. W hips. Ac. W1M. It. OKAY, :i) and 22 Woostcr street. A? THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSE OF HAM, 36 . years1 standing, offers the largest assortment of Luiidaiilct*. Landaus. Coupes, Ladles' Phaetons. Several seoond hand carriages taken in exchange. Prices to fiilt purchasers. 10 Kast Fourth street. A LARGE I.OT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA wave, Phaetons. Buggy, Kxpte**, Depot and Busi nera Wagons. new and second hand; chcapeat place in city. 14 1 West Broadway, near Canal street. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF LIGHT CARRIAGES ami Harness, Park and Pony Phaetons, Depot, Road and Business Wagons, Cut under. Tumble-seat and Skele ton Hock a wars. Top Buggies, irom #1 to up to the very best at No advance yet in our unusual low prices, and the work warranted equal to any In the market. Our Pony Phaeton room ? ill open < n Thursday, May L | ARCH JOHNSTON, No. St., near itroadway. AT OCR FACTORT. 1.404 BROADWAY, ABOVE Thtrly ninth street, second hand carriages Barouche, Victoria, Coupe (round front), Cabriolet, Brniiglinin, Top Wn.?-on, Six seal Phaeton. Depot Wagon. All in enocllcnt order and will lie sold at low prices BRADLEY, Pi! a V * CO , MV8 Broadway, A GENTLEMAN, GOING ABROA D, OFFERS FOR sale a pair of cheitnat Mares, very s'vlish and last, also one (ioMliJc light Harness, one Brewster Wagon and one Mall I h acton. Apply at, No I Fast Forty -sec ond street A LOT OFIOP BI GGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EXPRESS, Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand top Buggy. cheap :w* West Twenty seveiitli street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. 4 (JENTLEMAN MI ST SRLL, TOGETHER OR j 1 separately, hi* beautiful pair of hav I'ainbietonian Bonn s, l?H hands high 7 y.ars old; sound, a has driven them; trot jn J Apply at 194 Broadway, office 1.1 * LOT OF IIORSKR FROM TIIK COUNTRY FIT /V lurall kinds ol hosftiess; one splendid team o'f sor rel Horse'-, young and sound, inquire ol Ml Canal *t. AT FACTORY-70 TOP BUGOIES, FROM S7* I P Kockaways, VI loria", Phscions and ilurouche.' clicapei t it. dly. Near Grand *iri el and Boivcrv, l4i>an<i I4P hl.lridge street DAY' A SON. A RARE CHANCE? COMBINING HEAI'TY AND speed - Ah excellcnl thoroughbred Colt lor sale, Pat clien hi. ink. bay, hands, < years old , well broken ; ?teps very last, and with liaiidlin^ ought lo trot in the twen ties Can be Been, between 9 and I, at stables Corner of I.ejiinglDi) avenue ail I Fifty sc\enth street, t rAST SORREL R >.\n MAUP, AMERICAN STAR J\ sfoi'k. eight vcar* old, 'ro - tn twnt iniunti . , and warranted fv pnrtl. liar . t,ait !?. rtrooti I j n lady ; |il i I crlv o il pr'Vlif' r. ii'lcili.MI , i l.l to ? :t i ulus'r i ?1 i ?''I.?fcf4,iji.i< n fiai'ic-. Luiuvt lli piiutt- I A mmsrcs, i, ?c. STYI-lT. ELEGANCE AND SPEED. ut.. GREaY. IMPORTANT, SPKCIM, POSITIVE AMI PEREMPTORY SALE OK ELEGANT AND KINK BLOODED HOB8K8. WAGONS, At-'., INCLUDING THK FINEST STOCK' OF GENUINE AND 81' PKRIOR H0RSK8 EVER OFFERED TO PUBLIC AT AUCTION IN THIS CITY, ON TUESDAY (THIS l?AV), APRIL 29, AT STABLE 43 (IKK AT JONES STREET, AT ll?>i O'CLOCK, SIIAKP, JOHN (>. HAM I. IN, AUCTIONEER, of all the Oil)' Stock ami clcguBi Turnouts ?i two well known retired and prominent gentlemen. who go abroad this weuk, one ui' whom has lately boon appointed Com missioner to Vienna Exposition, which compels him to Hell tils Hi DC k immediately, Mid in removed from bin rcsi deuce, on Staten Island, 10 stable as above lor conven ience til Kit la, mid Including Rich, haiiilMiiue and extia fine Team ofJi thorongh bred blood bay Horsed, neurly It> bands high, both 7 years old this Spring; were raised In Kentucky and ?elected by Dr. llerr, of Lexington, on orders expressly tor present owner, mid were considered tben, and are now, the finest teitiu lor style, action, color, size and line proportion that left Kentucky last ycai'; they have Hue, long, arched necks, with clea n, blooded anil intelligent heads ?n I titiely proportioned all over, with gi oil iiius cular developments and line, strong, clean Innlis and feet, ami h.ivo as much natural style and action as the most fastidious rould wish, arc elegant drivers, finely broken to all harm s., ami \erv attractive and desirable whether standing or moving : they can travel a 3:30 gait together to phaeton or brolt, fear nothing and are war rante.l sound, kind un I perfect, without vice, trick, fault or bli'iuisli ; an elegent and first class coach or road team. Team of yonng brown Second Hamblctonlan trotting Geldings, nearly lB}g high, 0 years old this Spring, both sired liy Middlctown ami raised by Henry Mltlspaugil. ill orange county; are Hue, free, easy and pleasant drivers; finely iimteil in appearance, action and gait; Mowing manes and tails, without a white liuir nil either oik ; Mr. MUlspaniili exhibited iheiu last October at the Goshen Kail meeting, driving tlicm liims lt, without preparation, to heavy country top wagon, two trials, in 3:IIand 3:>U, timed by a dozen responsible gentlemen, who can be referred to; they have line, even dispositions: can be driven by any ordinary driver; fear iio locomo tive or anything else, and are rich, active, handsome and sty'ish, and promise, with more age and driving, to rank A No. I as a i rotting team, and their gentle and line qualities make them a valuable lamily team ; are war ranted sound, kind and perfect, without lttult or blemish. l ine, large thoroughbred chestnut coupe or lum il> Horse, lfl high, 7 years old ; has tine style, and amiable and flue qualities; lias tew superiors in this city for line, noble and graccliil carriage ; is sensible, honest and courageous ; tine, free and last traveller, with superior action; warranted .sound and kind. Handsome, sale mid stylish brown pony Horse, IS high, 7 years old ; sale for the most timid lady to drive; tears nothing, and knows as much on the roud as un ordinary driver; is extra last traveller, high-headed, stylish and tine; requires no check ; lias been used by a liiilv the last year to ponv phaeton ; warranted sound and kind. rhoroughbrcd chestnut saddle Horse, General tii ant, 165J high, (i years old ; lias all known gaits to saddle ; lias run a mile in 48; Is hncly broken to ull harness and safe tor the most limid to drive or ride , he has no superior in this country for style and line, genteel qualities; is con sidered the finest anil best broke saddle horse ill tlie city: warranted sound and kind. Fast and handsome young dapple <rrey Trotting Horse ; IS' , high ; six years old; sired by Pilot, dntn by Alexan der s Abdullah ; is hall brother to Hull Klin, and is a fac simile of him; is fine, free, easy and plea-air driver, either single or double : is game and prompt ; no road too long for him; has tine, rich si vie and action: no shyer or lugger, and Is pure and rapid gaited ; lie can beat 2:4ft now, and i>rcmises, with more haudliujt. to trot lowdown in the thirties; is warranted sound, kind anil periect, as represented. Also the last, handsome, high hrcit and tine large blood hav Trotting Horse Woodhurn, l.v1. high, 7 years old; raised in Kentucky; shows fine high breeding; is elegant driver and cannot be oiitstvled by any trotting horse that goes the road : requires no check or blind-, : drives himself either jogging or speeding and will walk as tasi as an ordinary horse will trot: lie has fine symmetri cal proportions, with good bone and muscle and line clean limbs and strong feet; he has a record of 2:37 when Ti years old, and has improved In speed since; he can show 2 :39 to road wagon, mid no road too long for him ; he Is warranted sound, kind and perfect In every respect; In tact. Is one of the finest and most genteel road horses tor any gentleman's private use ever driven, and Is seldom beat on road. Also one of the handsomest young chestnut trotting, or gentleman's road Mare in the city: about 15'<; hands high; 6 years old ihis Spring; sired by Stockbrldge Chief, dam by lA'xIngton; is pure, honest and opcn-gniled ; tine, tree, easy am! agreeable driver ; safe lor s la ly to drive ; has never been i rained to lully develop her sp ed ami can beat 2 :fttt now, and her fine gait imil hardy constitution warrant the belief that she must rank No. 1; is war ranted sound and kind. Also one elegant four-seat top Phaeton, by Ham ; one Pony Phaeton, two Wagons, by Brewster; one top Wagon, by Hi own A Godwin, shitting top side liar; trot ting Wagon, by Stivers; double Harness, by Ounscomb; I doub** Harness by Wood Gibson; three single Harness, I by Uuiiscomli; also Blanket;, Robes, Ac., Ac. Tim whole including as tine a collection of choice stock I as was ever offered, and all is positively to be sold to i highest bidder, irrespective ot cost and without the least i restrictions or limits whatsoever, and gentlemen wishing i first class stock, (which they will liml tills to be, and i strictly warranted so), should attend this sale. sal?' positive, rain or shine. N. H. ? Also a celebrated anil last trotting and road Horse, the property of a bank defaulter. Ku 11 particulars at sale. A? THK FOI LOWING 111(111 BRED TBOTTINO ANI? . Road stock are offered AT PRIVATE SAl.K at MARKER A CIIA.'K'S City Auction Mart and New Yorl; Tattersalls, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, and consisting ol oNK OK TUB MOST PROMISING young chestnut Geldings in the state, Kox ilnnter stock. i:>\ high, tf vears idd this Spring ; splendid driver: no puller; always been on a farm, ami call show CLOSE TO 2:40, and is warranted sound and Kind. SPEEDY tM) VERY HANDSOME coal black trotting Marc, sired bv Henry Clay, I.V4 high, ti years old this Spring: never been handled for speed, and ca n SHOW 2:fl0, This mare Is a perfect ladies horse, being perfectly gentle, yet gamy ami very stylish, and Is warranted sound and kind. BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN SORREL GELDING. Ken tucky breit, sired by Dorsey's (iolihtust, about 16 high, 7 years old ; extra style and appearance; been driven by ladles; untrained and can TltoT IN 2:50; has style and size enough for coupe, and is warranted sound nnd kind. HANDSOME AND EXTRA COMIUNED bay. saddle aud harness Gelding, bred in Kentucky, about 16 high, ti ycarsold; tine appearance and extra action; elegant driver; fine under saddle; been used by ladles, and war ranted round and kind DESIRABLE BLACK, COUPE Horse. 16 high, 6 vears old ; very handsome and stylish, sharp traveller, perfect lamilv horse, and warranted sound and kind. ONE OK THE MOST GKNTKKL ami kind brown, phaeton or family Geldings in the cltv, bred in Maine and sire. 1 by the Knox horse, Ifljf high, ti years old ; finely gait ed, sharp traveller, promises sliced ; Is PERFECT FoR LADIES' US fi. because he Is an elegant driver and all. lid ol nothing, it ml is warranted sound and kind. ELEGANT AND YERY FAST BROWN Gelding, 18?i high, 0 vears old. sired bv Henry Clay; trotted when 4 ] years old ill - :.Vi ; can show now close to 2 .40; is one of ilie finest gentlemen's roadsters in the Stutc , and is war ranted sound and kind. KINK BROWN COUPE OP. FAMILY Horse, 16 <4 high, 7 years old; extra tine driver; splendid family horse, aiid warranted sound and kind. TIIK ABOVE IS THE FINEST lot of horses ever offered at private sale in this city, ami will be sold re gardless ol valuation, all the REPRESENTATIONS as KhOAICDS SPEED, AG., will be shown be lore purrhus lug. LOOK THIS STOCK over before buying elsewhere. AT AUCTION TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY), APRIL .'HI, AT 12 O'CLOCK, HY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT HIS NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19, 21, 2Ti AND 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. TEAM OF ELEOANT CARRIAGE HORSES; 16 hands; R years; kind aud true ; no white, about them and war runted sound. ELEGANT SORREL HORSE; Iti hands; 7 years; kind in all harness and under the saddle ; a good all day trav eller; warranted sound. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD IIORSF-; l5\ hands; 5 years; verv stylish, active; can troi in 3:31) now; never handled for speed and warranted sound. SADDLE HORSE : broken to all gaits of a saddle horse. HLACK MARK: lft,'3 hands; fc year* ; kind in all har ness; can trot in :t minutes and warranted sound. SEVERAL GOOD ROAD AN1> WOltK HOKSKS. coupe by Lawrence, In goon order. Park Phaeton, in perfect order. Six seat Westchester Kocksway. Furniture Truck, Harness, Ac. Two seat Oermanfown. Butcher Wagon, Horse, Harness, Ac. .lump Seat Uuggt . Shitting top Park Phaeton. Depot and Express Wagons. Two sct? of Double Harness. Sale positive at 12 o'clock. Weather never interferes with our saie. Auction house of arch. Johnston (late .Wnutnn A Van Tassell), office and males ROOM OLL) stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. IR2I. 23and? EAST i ll J KTKKNTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will lie Conducted on precisely the same strict ami honorable |irtncipl< s which liavn always char acterized the dealing! ol ..or house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well aw the Buhllr at large. EOULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT Til E YEAR Entries for sale may he made, as usual, either at our downtow n house, :\7 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, a and East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES. AS USUAL, MADE ON COX SlONMENTS Auction notice. The Stork, finished and unfinished, of a carriage maker. JACOB BOOAKT, Auctioneer, will sell, on Wednesday, April .'W, at 11 o'clock, at 77 Or< ene stree*, consisting of? I ?ne Hotel l oach. One top Wagon with pole. one top Wagon. One no top Jagar. i >ne tin too .latar. One Koikaway. One Pony I'hai tan. < m'top Express Wagon. One -,io top Express Wagon one set second hand doubla Harness, one set single

l.arge lot Lumber, Spokes, llulis, iron Mellows, targes. Tools, old Iron of paint shop and turn tig shop. "I BEAUTIFUL TEAM OF BLACK H0RHE8? THEY j\ stand 15 hands Inches In height, are " years old, kind lor lady to ride or drive, very stylish, fearless of locomotive* and tree from blemish, can trot to the pole in less than three; they are to he sold together or wparately. Also one fine I ay coupe or family Horse ; stands Ul hands ia height : li>6 years old, very stylish and fast. They are warranted in every way, and are sola for no toult, only trom death in the family. Apply at 109 West Twenty-second street, hetwi en Seventh anil "Eighth a renors. AUCTION SALE-OP AN ELEOANT I'AlR OF f'A R riage Morses, Harness, Barouche. anj a superb Lati- ! dan, nearly new, imported expressly lor t lie Russian ex- I Minister Catacnzy, on Tuesday, April i."'. at 1 o'clock pre- ! clselv, In front of private residence 44 West Fifty-second i street. For particulars ?ee auction colnmn. A? FOE SALf . TWO HAY HORHE8, ? YEAR* OLD J ? fhev are stylish drivers In single or double har ness: go. id roadsters and last ; the\ are quiet fur a lady to drive, and n. it afraid of locomotives ; stand l&I atnl I.V.'t hands high ; sold on ancount o' the ow ner going tn Europe; sound ami perfectly reliable! nls.. one lauilly II.ii i' 7 >" ears otd ; htts teen ridden ami driven b.v a in I v ; stan.Js without lying tn the street, mid penectl* reliable every Wa; and sound: a . ill wedwilb UlVM fevr?C*. AbUlv 10 the bustler it t 21) ??unlit FiUli av. mm. rAitKinjKs, mo. * T AUCTION THIS DAY, BY ? A WILLIAM VAN TABHELL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), HORSE AND CARRIAOK AUCTION MART. 112 AND 1U EAST THIRTEENTH ST., NEAtt 4TII AV. Hi. Ol'L A II BALES OF llOKSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TlJKSDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours civcn purchasers to teat warrantee*. _ , _ CATALOGUE OF Tills DAY'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. K LEO A NT TRAM DAttK HAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 16 hands high, 7 ami K years old ; kind and true in ull har ness*, Iree from vic?' : out- uu excellent saddle horse ; aro in every respect a first clam carriage team: very stylish and warranted sound , also set double Harness and FOUR-WHEELED IKlU CART, FOLDING SEAT, built t>v Klnp A Marsh. BLACK KENTUCKY HOR8B, Ifi HANDS HIGH, 6 years old: kind and true In nil harness and under sad dle ; iree from vice ; trot* close to S minutes; a splendid pole horse anil warranted bound. Also net Harness, and Tol- WAC.ON, NEARLY .NEW. II A V HORSE, 16% HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; tree ironi Tfce or lault; :? fine, styli?h driver and it superior horse for heavy work, and warranted sound. SIX-SKA r HOCK AWAY, IN PERFECT ORDER. BUILT by Brewster A Co. DARK HAV HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS old; kind and true in all harness; iree from vice; a capi tal truck horse, and wurrunted sound. HAY KENTUCKY SADDLE llOKSF, 1SU HANDS high. 6 years old; well broken to saddle ; free from vice; fine traveller and warranted sound. ISROWN KENTUCKY SADDLE IIOR8R, l.V4 HANDS high, 5 years old; lias been driven but alow times In harness, but wi-U broken to saddle and wurrunted sound. PONY ESTABLISHMENT.? BROWN PONY, 141. hands high, h years old ; kind and true In all harness and tinder saddle'; free troin vice; an excellent pony for adies' riding or driving and warranted miuiiJ ; also liar id ??, and NO TOP PHAETON. DARK CHESTNUT MARF, ir>'4' HANDS HIGH, 9 years old; kind and true mall haruets; Iree from vice; a superior roadster; troUt in 3 minutes; very stylish, and warranted sound. BAY HO ItS 1-1 MACK, SIKED BY ETHAN ALLEN horse, dam a Star mare. hands hiKli, ti years old; kind mid true in all harness, and can trot ill :i minutes auy dav, and warranted sound. BAY lioilSK lft'i HANDS HIGH, 8 YF.AR8 OLD; kind and true in all harness; free from vice or lault ; is in every respect a tlrst class coupe or carriage hor?e, and warranted sound. FOUR SEAT PARK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER, huill hy Wood Bros. BAY HOItME. 1'p', HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness; tears nothing; an extra Hue f ti mil v animal ; also set Harnessand TOP PONY PHAETON. BAY HORSE, 16k H ANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; kiHil and true in all liarurss; tjty from vice; good travel ler; a free and stylish driver and warntnlvti Sound. DAPPLE GRAY COUPE HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, !? years old : kind and true in all harness; Iree from vice ; last Iran Her ; verv tine and stylish driver. SEVERAL OTHER . HOUSES. DESCRIPTIONS TIME of sale. . TOP WAGON, BUILT BY BREWSTER A CO. .1 AGGER WAGON, BUILT BY 1)1' SEN BURY A Nellaon. TRACK SULKY. BUILT BY CAFFERY. LARGE BREAD WAGON, IN GOOD ORDER. CLOSE COACH, IN GOOD ORDER. BOSTON CHAISE, NEARLY NEW. ROCKAWAYS, PHAETONS, At;. Weather never Interferes with our sale?. ^ ? ojiii iior.sK ok bkkwstkk. Established 1K18. Sole makers ot Brewster Wagon*, witli the Vortical Stool Plate*. The maximum of strength, the niiiilniuin of woluMt. ob viating all spread of t lie axle, a prevailing source ot an noyance tn those lining road wagon*. beside* the additional .strength and security which this great improvement gives to ourwagons an experience ot tljlrtv-folir years enables us in challenge comparison either in quality or finish. See certificate troin (leneral McCiellan:? Ni-:w Voiik, Jane 1, 1S7J Gk.ntlbmcx? I li.ivo caretully cxamlited your patent vertical steel plate axle. 1 find thai the addition ot the vertical |ilalc renders the axle about two and a half .) times as slilbas it would be without, it. Very respectfully (jEORliE B. McCLRLLAN. Warerooms, Filth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh st. Factory, 145 East Twenty tilth street. .1. B. BREWSTER A CO. \ REIVED AT LAST? ,1. C. DKZO, OK JACKSON City, Mich., with ,n head ot the finest single anil double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. S. t'll AMBEUl.I.VS, Twenty-fifth street, between Third anil Lexington avenues. A FEW VERY PINE AI.DKIiNEY AND AYRSHIRE Cows tor sale very cheap. Inquire -ot WILLIAM WATSON. U9 Franklin street. A PERFECT SADDLE MARE WILL BK SOLD ON Wednesday, at JOIINSi ON'8, 10 I'.ast Thirteenth street, 12 M. ; liroke to all harness ; gentle, kind ; chest nut ; lfi- hands. A I1AKM0MK PON V \ VD PHAETON FOR SALE? x\ pony sound and kind: can trot close tnSininut*-*; ? child can drive tier. Apply at 178Jay street, Brooklyn, corner of Hi^li street 4 THOROUGHBRED BAY MARK FOB SALE? SIX . \ years old. 15.S bauds high ; very stylish ; trained for both saddle and harness. Apply at .'antes Dowd'* stable, corner ot be vent h avenue and Eighteenth street. * HORSE FOR SALE? EITHER A BAY, 16 HANDS J\_ high. 6 years old, or a gray, 15 hands high, 1 year* > old: both warranted sound and kind iu single or double ' harness ; owner has only work lor one. I'au be seen at i l-si Attorney street. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS, i\ light Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies and other seasonable styles tanilly Carriages and li-tlit Wagons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' I MUN, 638 Broadway. A CHOICE SELECTION OF EXTENSION AND halt-top Doctors' and Pony Phaetons. 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway. A -TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT ? Conpe, trimmed with brown cloth. 1,494 and 1.496 Broadway, between Forty fourth and Forty -fifth streets. AN ELEOANT PAIR OF BAY HORSES FOR SALB 16V hands high, 7 and 8 yonrs old. sound atui kind ; very itylish and remarkably tine drivers; are perfectly gentle, accustomed to locomotives anil iu all respects a first clans family foam. Apply at THOMPSON'S stable, 136 East thirteenth street \? SACRIFICE? WAOONS, TOP PONY I'HAETON . Ho top; fine light new Rockawav, $175; Concord Express Wagon, splendid top Buggy, $176; small Pony lor children. 511 Seventh avenue. Thirty-seventh street. A? FOR SALE CHEAP, A PAIR OF CLOSELY . matched bay carriage Horses, 16^ hands high ; young, sound anil stylish drivers; also a road Mare; trots In 2;V); must he sold this week. Apply to T. A. SMITH, 383 sixth avenue, or at Bailey's stable, 229 West Fortieth street. A? FOR SALE, AT HALF THEIR VALUE, BLACK . Horse, 9 years old, 15'^ hands; sound and kind : can trot In 2:45 . bay Morse, 15 bands. 6 years old; sound and kind ; can trot in 2 -50. Address box .1,801 Post office. BAROAIN-OENTLEMAN'S hum; FAST STYLISH Road Team, 15 bands high; sound, gentle, easy drivers, single or double; sold together or separate; cheap for cash. 318 Broadway, room 4 BOAT AND DEPOT WAGONS AND LIOflT ROCK away* in great variety of styles and price*. BRADLEY, I'Kw'.t CO., MS Broadway. / 1ARRIAUE HORSES FOR SALE. -A VERY FINE PAIR black Carriage Horses, fully sixteen hands, sound and kino; sold In consequence of owner going to the country lor the summer Can lie seen at private stable, 139 West Twenty fourth street, or applv to owner, 686 Fifth avenue, before 9 A. M. or alter 5 P. M. flARRIAOES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR " ' gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now is ilte time to purchase, be fore trade commences, mancfaci i; hi-. its' i NION, 638 Broadway. FIOR SALE? SECOND HAND CLARENCE; ALSO A glass I'ancl Coach, newly done up; new Doctor's Phaeton ; also several top and" no-top Buggies, one two seat extension top Wagou. LINN BROS., Carriage Milkers, *7 and 49 Bergen street, Brooklyn. FUJI! MALE? A PAIR OF DARK HAY HOUSES, I.M high; uncommonly stylish drivers: warranted sound ; can trot In 3:30; suitable tor a gentleman's road team or coupe Apply to R. A. DONALDSON, 38 Dey st. LM)R SALE? A FINE CHESTNUT SORItEI, MAKE, 8 P years old, trot better than 3 minutes; a black Marc, 6 years old, in i 4": also a Carriage and Sulky. Apply at Hit) Urand street Williamsburg. Hr D. LORENZb. FIOR HALE? A HANDSOME ENGLISH LANDBAU, with double Harness, iust imported, at cost price, l'o be seen at No. 5 East Washington place. ElOR SALE? A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE, 163, FIVE years old ; also a hay Horse, 15.3, 7 years, both sound and kind in double or single harness; also a Landeau. nearly new. made by Wood, together with an Imported Set of French double Harness; owner leaving the city. Seen at statue No. ?'> East Twentieth street. iLiOR sale- rm. establishment 6f~a cjentle " man going abroad, consisting of a pair of hay Horses, Hi1,, hand-, tree and stylish drivers, Clarence I'ark Phae ton and double sleigh; ulso heavy double Harness, gilt mountings, by Campbell, Apply at private stable, linear of 330 East Seven tee nth street ? FIOK SALE? TWO TIIOKOUOIIBRBD IV PORTED English Saddle Horse*: tonnd, very fast and hand some ; doive together: will be sold cbcap i' taken iin mediately. Apply to TIERNAN, coaehman, 9 to 12 morn lug, at Klaney'.- stable, 105 West Forty ninth street LM)R HALE?A BKIullT BAY TEAM, 16K HANDsj r 7 and 9 years old; fast travellers; sound anil sate team; used by present owner three years; also black Team, 15 hanus, brothers ; perfectly sound and sate team ; 6 and 7 years; bad thein two year*; all usedln the city: owner going to Europe reason tor selling. Inquire at private stable No. 3 Eaat Twenty- fifth street, from 10 to il A. M. B'OK SALE? a PAIR OF GOOD MARKS, SOUND AND kind; 1M? hands, heavy built; separated- together; also one top Iinggy, In good order. Feed store, 370 Hud son street. , I Nor rale-a first class mail phaeton s shlttinu t?p 12 spring. ; in perfect order; one of the finest vehicles in lmi city ; also a first class Laudan. built by Binder llro*., Imri-, and a Coupe by Wood Bros. Co., the properly ot Argentinian going to Europe. Apply at prinate stable " i w est Thirteenth stri et. EIV)K SALE? A VERY STYLISH BAY MAKE. IHj TO 1 181^ hands high ; p< -rtectly sound ; Byears old ; price $:ifl0, worth $('-00. Inquire al I. amh's stable. Fifty -eighth street, between fifth and Madi?nu avenues. tjlOR SALE? A CHEAP FLATFORM SPRING FI'RM I tu re Wagon; u*ed a little. Inquire at W. SCHwARS'S, seventy sevntli street, near l lilrd avenue. TpOR SALK-A (IOOD STRONO HORSE, FIT FDR r anr kind of worn ; sold tor want of tise Inquire at 44H West Forty ?eeoU I Street, EIOB SAI.K \ SPLENDID OEAY HORSE. Irt.1. FIVE r ywir* old ; also a bav Mors -, I.'.. 1, 7 years; both *ound and KlfM in ' ' ? uhte or Itwle hnines?:alM a Land an nearly n' > ,nt:ide n> VS<e,| l> gi< I, r vs i 1 1 ? an Imported seti! rnn.b iloul ? l'i<nie-s nnn<r tta< ng tin f. ? ? hi i-ti nt l . ii i"i l-Mt I liMtltlli itftrtl HOHNK.H, oarriagbr, oo ? Emir sale? a gentleman's complhtb turn out ; black Home, IB hands high, 6veursold; a fine Middle horse, kind anittrue In all harness; very fastj witn top Roatl Wagon, Blankets. Kobe*, *??. . l)fl> o *M>>; or will h<> Ho hi at auction at VAN TASSELL'S, 110 Kant i hlrteenth street, Tiininij ? IjlOR HALE? BY A KAMII/Y uoiNil TO EUROPE, A match pair III coat Mack llamhlctonlan Horsem m.f a ?while hiir on thorn ; lft)< bands; very stylish; sound, kimt ami gentle ; heavy inning ami tails (ouch the ground. Also one Set <il Harm-UK, gold mounted; one open Ba rouche, C springs, gold mounted; one c spring Clarence, lined with satin, xotd inoiinii-d ; us Kood a* new. Dan l>o seen at Mott's itiablc, 1 19 West Twenty third street. IilOR SALE? ON B STEEL ORAT I'ONT, II1.; IIANItS 1 high, very handsome, perfect, kind and gentle ; ami a Banket Phaeton, with shitting top and Harness; sold for want of tiae. Inmiire at cencral Read's Hotel, corner ot 125th street and Eighth avenue. IJIOR HALE? A PAIR OP BROWV MARKS, KIT FOR A r gentleman's road team or tight coupe : 15 bands and nn Inch high; sound, kind and gentle; afraid ot nothlm* and c-nii trot close t? 3 minutes; price $600. Can he m-?d at Kelleck's stable, 126 th street, near Fourth avenue. JflOR RALE? A STYLHII BAY llOilSB, 15 HANDS, B 1 years old warranted sound and kind ; can be driven by a lad v or any one : suitable lor doctor, express ?>r milk man ; sold tor want ot use. Apply at 824 Ban Eleventh si. LlilK HALE? A SUPERIOR HOOD BROWN MARE, lft>. F hands high, 7 years old; chunky built; tit for any work; warrante I sound and kind; also u handsome little Pony, LI hands, for children. 89 King s'., near Hudson. flOR HaLE? A VERY STYLISH, PINE FAMILY OR coupe Horse. Ifi'j hands high; six years old: long dark lirown tall- very gentle, sound and kind in every re sped. Apply at private stable 155 East Thirty-fifth street, near Lexington avenue. T7<OR HALE? TWO HORSBH, 8 AND YEARS. IV, r hands', suiiatile for anv business; prices fflft anil fiWi; sold lor want of u*-e. 26 Bcthuiio street, near Washington. EIOR SALE? BROWN MARE, I5? HANDS HIGH. B years old; suitable lor any business purpose, gro cer or lint, her; warranted sound and kind; price $200; brown Horse, suitable for csrt or truck, H years old, soiiijd nnd kind; price $13ft; Coupe and Durness, $150. lininire at 58H Washington street, near Clarkson. m the Iron vard. IV)R SALE? A VALUABLB Bid MARK; WILL FOAL inside of a mouth - sound, except a little sore forward. 77 New Chambers street. IjlOR BALE.? A GBNTLBMAN ABOUT LEAVING town wishes to dispose of his complete establish ment. consisting of an elegant coupe Horse, a park Phaeton, nearly new, and Coupe, us also IWrness, W'UiKvt^ 41:, tjiiji at nruup-ia's Uvcxy stables, eoruur Tlilrty-sevciUli street ami Seventh avenue. ]7tOR SALE? A SPLENDID SADDLB MASK, BAY, . In1, hands Can lie si-en at E. Ketcham's stables, 190 Raymond street, Brooklyn. flOB SALIC? A COUPE HOB8B, WITH HARNESS; price $425 , horse to lie guaranteed kind and sound. Can be seen at Artii's Stone Works, Eighty-sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. FilOR SALE? ONE LIGHT LEATHER TOP WAGON; price $IH5. Also a very hamlsome Clarence; price $650; French plate, glass. H. BURR, SOB Mercer st. Lion SALE- SEVERAL SECOND HANI* CARRIAGES. I No reasonable offer refused. 1 ,4M and 1,4'JO Broad way. TjlOB HALE? A HEAVY CJRAY HORSE, 111 HANDS F high, 9 years old. suitahlo for truck or cart;, wur runteil sound and kind, ft" Churlcs street. Tj^OR SALE? ONE TEAM OP HORSES, 6 AND 7 r years old, just from the country, together or sepa rately. Apply at lis Ludlow street. I|H>R SALE- A SPLENDID BROOD MARE, BAY, 16); hands. 7 years old ; can trot in 2 U10; very pleasant driver; perfectly sound and kind. Also a very stylish lirown Horse, lii'a hands; sound, kind ; tit tor coupe. Apply at Fleetwood Stables, Fortieth street, near Sixth av. TpOR SALE? A SORREL HORSE, VERY STYLISH, r Ift hands :t inches, sound and kind. Private stable No. 7 West Ninth street. FIOR SALE CHEAP-NEW AND SECOND HAND Ex press, Orocery, Milk and Business Wagons; also one new and second hand Buggies. At 360 Broome st., N. Y. F^OIl SALE CHEAP? TO ('LOSE AN ESTATE, A stylish, well-trained saddle Mare; good driver in double and single harness ; bay, over 15 hands, sound and kind ; price $2M). Apply, troiii 10 till 2 o'clock, at stable, 131 West Seventeenth street. LH)R SALE CHEAP? A TWO-WHEEL DOG CART, r built by Wood Bros , In splendid order; onlv tieeu used four of tlve tlntcs. Can be seen at stable in rear ot SOB Fifth avenue ; entrance East Forty-third street. I/O!! SALE LOW? A CLABBNCB, "0" Sl'RIN'lS, I " made by Wood. Broadway; cost $2,000*, very light 1 srid in perfect order, wtih all the latest Improvements. I Apply at cigar stand, nam's restaurant, 281 Broadway. IIOUR WHEEL DOG CART, TBLLOW wheels, FOB sale; price $225; also Brewsteptop Wagon and dou i hie Harness. Apply at Mott's stables. West Twenty-third ? street, near sixtn avenue. /"I KORUE W. STETSON, AUCTIONEER, tr By HOFFMAN, COBUBN A CO., Real Estate Brokers ami Auctioneers, | (8 Sixth a venne. HOFFMAN. COBURN A CO. will sell at miction, on , Wednesday, April at 12 o'clock, at the private stable, [ 57 West Forty-fourth Hired, gentleman a elegunt private i eMtit I >li?li me iit , consisting of | Pair Carriage Horses;'l6 hands high, sorrel, between 5 ! anil U years old : sound and true in all harness. j I'm i r elegant, black Road Horses, 14J? lianas high, ' about 6 or ii vears old ; desirable team. I One handsome buy llorse, 16 hands high; sired by I Ethan Allen; dam has a record of 2 :42W, to wagon, on j Fashion Course ; lias never been trained ; kind anil gentle. | one lady's Saddle llorse, LVa hands, 7 years old ; splen did style and action. i dm' gray Coupe Horse, 18 hands, 7 years old ; war ranted Al. | One bay Conpe llorte, 16}? hands. 6 years old ; steady driver. I One sorrel Driving Horse. 16 hands, 8 years old. Twentv-tour hours' trial allowed. Will be on view after A o'clock A. M. Wedn isday. Also at same time, I'ony Phaeton, built In new and elegant design. Handsome t.amlau, built to order by Wood; Coupe, built by Wood. j Several other Carriages and Road Wagons. I One set handsome silver mounted double Harness. I One set handsome double Harness, mounted la Princess metal. One set flno coupe or dog cart single Harness, Whips, I Blankets, Ac. I For further particulars see catalogue at office of auc tioneers. Harness, saddles, iiorse clothing, car riugc Robes, l.ap Dusters. Ply Nets, and a largo variutv oi Saddlery Hoods always on hand. C.. B. SMITH A CO., 411 Warren street. New York. HABNESS.? THE CHEAPEST HARK EM STORK IV New York ? good double truck Harness, $3H\ good I single buggy Harness, hand made. $17 ; a good stablc* { Itlanket, $ ' .'ill ; the largest assortment of Cart Harness in the city. Cheaper than ever on account of moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves FISHER A OSBORN E, 43 Murray street Harness.? the largest variety of haRNBM and Horse Furnishing (loods of every grade and I kind of any house in New York, at MOBSMAN'S Mann I factory ana W an-rooms, 111 Chambers street. Harness and horse goods generally. One of the largest, cheapest and tiest assortments | in t ho city at No K Cortlandt street, near Kroadwav. Horse furnishing bazaar, wholesale and retail.- Harness, Saddles. Blankets. Ac. YRRPLA NCK BROS., 91 CiinnlMll street. 1)KI V ATE STABLE TO LET.-FOIR STALLS, CA li nage room; furnished rooms for coachman; rent I 168 per month. 1, 372 Broadway, between Thirty -seventh I and Thirty eighth streets. GEO. CODLING A SON._ PRIVATE STABLE.? A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE Stable, near Oramerey I'ark, to let; six stalls and ample carriage room. Inquire on premises, 221 East Twentieth street. OTYIJSH (iltAY FOR COACH, EXPRESS on FAMILY Is use, $1. VI; one heavy chuiiek for truck or cart, fl.Vi, on account of removal. 1 South Filth avenue, near Broome street O ADDLE HORSES A SPECIALTY.? SEVERAL ON O liatnl ; receiving t ight or ten every tew weeks from Woodlord Kentucky; lor sale at 22'J West For I tleth street. Cat) on Mr. BAILEY. QUPERIOB IKON STABLE FITTINGS.? PARTIES about to build new stables, or relit old ones, are in vited to call ami lns| specimens of all the most ap proved kinds manufactured in onrown workshops. JANES A KIRTLAND, 8, 10 and 12 lteade street CITABLE ROOM for POUR HORSES AND CAR i~ rlages, at 2Uii East Fourteenth street; possession im mediately. QECOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-" EAT ROCK A 0 way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, live Rock a ways, several Baffles, Coupe, I'ark Phaeton, number of Carnages, slightlv soiled, at bargains MANUFACTURERS' UNION, KW Broadway. TWO SQUARE BOX FULL SPRING No Top WAGONS, the property of a deceased Brooklyn carriage maker, cheap, $I2f> apiece. 1,494 and 1,4% Broadway. TO LET-TWO STORY AND BASEMENT KIM' 'K Stable, eight stalls, on Thirty second street, near Sixth avenue; low rent, on le.ins. II INK, COLE A GREY, 156 Sixth avenue. mO LET-FRO.M 1ST OF MAY. TWO PRIYAT1 STA 1 hies. Inquire or WM. II. I1ANK1NSON. 15 East Twenty-seventh street. rpr, LET? POUR STALLED PBIVATE STABLE, AT 111 1 West Seventeenth street, between Slstlt ami sieventh avenues. JOHN J. To WNSE.ND, 78 Wall street. TO LET.? A OOOD STABLE WITH 10 FIRST CLASS Stall*. Apply at 4Uti West Thirtieth street (.'ail all | week. ! rpo RENT FROM MAY I, PRIVATE STABLE, *12 EAST I | I Seventeenth street, four stalls and large carriage I house Apply on premises or at 1.16 First avenue. ' WANTED? TO MATi'll oil TO SELL. A VERY FINE I ?V Carriage llursc, dark bro-vn. with Mack points, ; I 1M? hund- high. 4 years old ; sound and kind in single \ ami double harness. Inquire at. i.l West Thirteenth street, i i where he may be seen. UT ANTED? A BAT OR BROWN IIORSE OR MARE. 4, 5 or 6 this Spring. l-"i)4 to 16 hands, sound, kind ' nn I ran trot a mile on track any day in 2:ft.i also a Bicwstei Top Wagon, box body, lull seat and springs ami ' single Harness; sLitc lowest price of each. Address CASH, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED \ DONKEY OR I'ONY AND CART. Sl'IT V> a'de 'or :i rtilit t.idrlve. Apply before I o'< lock st tl e s ub e ft', ori a on a soeet. I \?' .WTT'U- .'.Vi t?i; Til itEE i.OOI> sR(tl>D HAND '* I lr * i ? ii i . ii ? ! e.i in i ii-Ii A lilt' A I l ? x . I ii - i own ' ran u oil ? . II and. KID IIOKSICS, CARHIAOKS, At . dj I *)K W1I.I. HI V MNUL:. VICTORIA, SUI i'ABLE ?P I .J'> lor country; will cnrrv Ion;-. Iri |. - i* MOORh'8 stable, sixth struct, between S? CC u i all I I'll 1 ?venues. ^?4^7 - ? TEAM BAY MARKS, 7 YEARS. 13 blocky made. Bin d tiur-.-. 7 hands. $200. Hay Horn; can Im-u three minutes, 418 Eighth avenue, comer Thirty ilr-t street DRY (iOOl)s. Hair i hairi hairi The largest stock of Human Hair Goods in the riiv ut SHAW' S, UV2 Bowery. between Fourth and Great .Tone <.-r. ts, > Ml Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second anl fwcuh third streets, up stairs. siiavv'S Patent nalr Switches, ean he coin bed and brushed. $i each. Hi. man Hair, cheapens and bear In the mi . rk i Short Hair Switches. each ami upward.1'. Kreueh Switches, Curl", $1 and upward*. Latent styles always on hand. GLOVES. AT E. RIDLhY .t SON'S. JUST ARRIVED. *,000 dozen Ladles' t Roves, new Spring shades, IS 2..VI0 dozen two-buttons, at 7.'e. $1 ami <1 2ft. 700 dozen three buttons, at $1 Island $1 23. GENTLKMKN'S. 500 Gents' Kid Oloves. nt $i, $i 28nnd $1 BO We will receive daily Irora Cuntnn IJousc, durhu the coming week, over 6,1*10 dozens, all new and deslrahl. shades ? our own importation and manufacture. EI>WAUT? RIDLEY .t SON 3DP, si I, Sit*, (Iran 1 street, 02, 111, ?j, IM an I 7(1 Allen street Kltth block eas$ trom the notary. MATTINGS, MATTI NOB.? 18J? CENTS FINE WIIITB Mattings; red check, lancy mid coir Matting , inducements offered, Cloths, Casslui'-rcs, Robes Ac ANDREW LESTKR A I'd. ,UKI Chambers street. mo MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS At E. RIDLEY A SON'S ~~ W1IOLKS ALE ESTABLISH MLN l\ Silks, Ribbons, Laces, Flowers and Straw Hood*, cheap. Call. KID GLOVES. MONOGRAM AND EDWARD, New Spring shades, by various steamers. ofllcc iu .-pclman's bin. ding, Iltiil BROADWAY, for the convenience of buyers. Our stock in Grand street comprises over twenty then sand dozen. Acknowledged to be the best low-priced i -i liloven in America. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON. 9U0, :tl 1 and .'lll>a Crand street; fl.', (W, iH>, 6H and 70 Allen street, tilth block east Irom the Bowery. Deshrosses street ears, trom corner Broadway and (Irani! street, bring you to tin1 door In lour minutes. jmUSERY A >i D DHKSH II VKniU. DRKSSMAKING.? LADIES Will) DESIRK I'ERKoOr titling suite, beautifully undo and at moderate prices, should call on Mrs. A. WHi IT V, O'JJ Third aventi ?, second floor. IADY PARTNERS WANTED.? WE HAVE AN* ARTI J cle iu great demand, such as every lady in liw United States will want to purchase, Goods wl I !"? eon signed to tho<n who can give good security an I tin nlsh capital enough to lit up a small store in Cincinnati, I'll .1 dclnhia, Chicago, Buffalo, Baltimore or anv o H i tarn city, Great Inducements offered to good business Woincit Address It. A Ct)., Herald otllce. HOUgBS^ROOMg, <VC., WAVt'ICin In thin t'lly and l!rnnk!}':i. A GENTLEMAN OF If If ; H RKSPECTA (1 1 MTV \SU J\. responsibility, with wilo and one servant (no drcn), would like to occupy a small Portion or a mi nl-h i House lor thr Summer month* ur longer, nt u nomit 1 rent, with tin- stipi rvi-ion of the whole ; li g ' r [r r nn - given. Address or call on M. H. UNDEitiiiJd , Kxpcmn Savings Hank, Actor place. A LADY OP G0LT0RR, HAVINC. Hi It nw: pianoforte, desires a plain or unfurnished Itooin. r would give lessons, with practice, in return for a nf?> Address, with Wrinn, M. M , Herald Uptown Bran li Office, DESK ROOM WANTED? IN OPPIOE BELOW CD W hers street. Address, with price, J. M., box 4,J ? Post ofllce. Tj^URNIsnED ltOOM OR ROOMS FOB LIGHT IIOU' ' r keening ; price must ho. moderate per week *'or re Summer; near WasMngton square preferred, Itcf ren'e Aililri-ns T, M. J., Iiox 4,010 Post office. TIIIIKK ADULTS DESIRE A FURNISHED FLOOR for light housekeeping; will pnv $.'? per month ; n.o 1 em Improvements and good location indupen alilc. A . dren it. M. G., Ilerald office. WANTED? BT A BACHELOR, PARLOR AND BED room, well furnished. Willi nil convenience- ; < i tral to restaurant and pnhllc conveyances and entlrei independent. Address box 5.091 i'ostofllcc. VAULT WANTED^HU IT KD FOR KTORIMi STEKKO type plates. Address (stating rent per year and ?!' mensions) box IH2 Herald office. WANTED? UNFURNISHED LAROK HALL ROOM with closets or two Rooms, water and gnu, us< o bath, between Bleecker and Fourteenth streets; r.'i:? m> over $211. Address B L. , Herald offlco. TirAIfTXD? FURNISHED PARLORS* POR A SOCIAL TT club, between Fourteenth und Twent > .. ? if I ? ? streets, and Fourth and Filth avehnes. Address S r. C R i . TARY, Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. TIT ANTED? IN A MODERN IIODSR. BY TWO TT adults, two Rooms communicating. Ai! Ire? LOOM is, station F. WANTED.? A FIRST CLASS PARTY WISH::-' T > lease a soap manufactory for three or five v<v> with fixtures complete. Address, imtocdia elv, Sma. MAN, Brooklyn Post office. WANTED? BY A O ENTLEMAN AN1' WIFE, IS ' respectable neighborhood in Ninth or n. ward, three Rooms, suitable for honsekce ntig; rent in to exceed $23 per month. Address 11. D., station J). It 'ANTED- FURNISHED ROOMS FOR TWO LADI.'S TT in a quiet house on or near Lexington avcniu Address L. W., Herald Uptown Hranch ofllce. w 7" ANTED? HOUSES, UNFURNISHED AN i Fl I nished, tor good responsible tenants. JAS. k. EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty third street. TITANTED-BY A OENTLEMAN, A S1IT OR IIN", TT large Room, furnished, on second or thir.l flee r, without board, between Fifth and Seventh avenues m l Tenth and Twenty fourth streets. Address, giving loen. tlon, particulars and price, LIVINGSTON, Herald office. WANTED TO LEASE? A HOUSE OR ONE OR TWO iloors, lor club: locality Eighth to Fourteenth street, between Second and Fourth avenues. Address G. W. LOCK WOOD, 170 Broadway. In t.Iie Country. \ FURNISHED COTTA'lE AT TARRYTOWV WANT ed to hire for about two months, from .filly I, torn family o! three. Address (J. A. K., Ilerald offi< Seaside OOTTAQB-OF at LEAST SEVEN ROO is furnished, wanted for the Snminer season : must be near a good bathing beach and 111 a unlet locality. Address, with lull particulars, O. W., Herald office. Wanted? For FOUR Months a furnished House in the country, not over 100 miles trom New York. Address, stating location, terms nil particu lars, C. E. MOORE A CO., 75 John street, second floor. ItEMfilflDS NOTKK*. HEAR I)R. DEEMS' AMUSINO AND INSTRUCTIVE lecture on "Trifles," in church corner of Made on avenue ami Kitty-seventh street, this evenin r, at 8 o'clock. MKN OFFICK*. At f.y; hroadway, corner fourth street. Liberal advances on Diamonds, W itches, Jewelry, Silks. Camel's Hair Shawls, Lace's and personal properly of every description. JAMES P. MA'iTIII. rt s. AD JACKSON'S, HOfl HROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street? Money liberally advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Drv Goods, and per sotial Property of every description. Private entrance for ladies. At WOLF BROTHERS'. BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets? Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds Jewelrv, Silverware. Silks, ail I particularly Pianos; private parlor tor ladies; business strictly confidential. American office (established ism).? on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, India Shawls, Laces, Valuables, Ac., any amount loaned, or will buv;thc utmost value given. J. II. BAKBlNGEB, 735 Broadway, opposite Astor place. AT .17 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY - I pay the highest price for Dlauiouds. Watches and Jewelry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Bioker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. AT HYMavs. 710 > ROADWAY? LI BBRAL ID vsnces made on Diamonds and Watches, Silvt r ware, Ac., or will pay the highest market price for the ss inc. Money liberally \dvanced on diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Silks, India Shawls, A <?. ; als ? .i large Stock ot the above-named tioods on hand, lor - il -. to pay advances. No. 1 Washington place, under ?New York Hotel, one door from Broadway. ?J(J NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? *)?/ Liberal advances maile on Diamonds, Wat. h. ,. Jewelry and all kinds ot Merchandise. I lie some bought and sold. Room I DAYMAN u ? hmld. 1 no SIXTH AVENUE BETWEEN VVI <TV FOURTH TvO and Twenty flttli streets Liberal advances tnadu on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Laces and Shaw Is. Same bought at full vjlue. L. BERNARD. BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? l)0?.) Money liberally advanced on Dlaiimn K Wa'oti. -. Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan office. Sam? bought and sold. M. ItosENBEKw. -I t)/?7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANC i .l.ail) ( office, room B.? Parlors lor ladies; branch I'll Fulton street. Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamond-, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Saiuc bought and sold. K\K* \ M? EARS. R I'D- triAL 8 CM AN l V RS _T J. DAVIS, V ve:itor aivl only maker oi the improved %rti:lei.?l inn ii, uckMowled^ed by the faculty to be the on.y ?r. ? t lii-i. ui. ii i nature' ill the world, lii i-.a -. ?? i.;li .tri-i ?, I eta ten I hir I and Fourth a. inues ?

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