Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1873 Page 3
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TO LET FOR Ft ?Bklf K!"* PVRPOSKS. IJKT? tThTsTO K E 1,369 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Thlny-tlrst and Thirty-se -ond ? r'etr, can be con nected, if desired, with store in rear, ""J"'"? ""rough to Bixth aveuue. Apply to W. b. HkLuKUI, l,2b9 Broad ly. * : rLET? OFFICES IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER OK Reade street; also Store 86 I'uaue street Apply to A. B. Ul'TCHlNOS, 58 John street. TO LET? OFFICES. W1TII IIKAT, WATI R A i? I > <IAS, in 318 Broadway, corner of Pearl street. Appiv te R B. HUTCH1NQS,^>8 JohiwtreeL tno LET? TIlii FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS OF 29 A Reekman street, between Nassau and William street*, with Power: each floor 22xS& leet. Inquire ot RORKR K FLUCK, 300 Broadway, or J AMES CONNER'S SONS, cor mtr Centre ana Keadejtreels. m? LET ? AT 36 BLEfcCKER STREET, FINK LARUE J Booms lor offices or light busiucts. also a tnird Floor, Ave rooms, lor private lainiiy. r LET? LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, 117 WEST Forty-Unit street, near Sixth avenue, suitable Tor a physician or dressmaker; location (lr*t class; rent $40 per month. Immediate posses-ion. rLET? STOIIKS ON SPRING STREET, NEAR I1UD *on. Applv to T. FOLLBTT WAKE, 91 Front Btrect wr EDWARD JOHNSON, 284 Spring street rLET-BUILDINO 180 Fl'LTON STREET, NEAR Broadway, Store, Basement, countcr Cellar, tour Lofts, all 25x10 \ rent low to a good tenant. Apply on premises. rpo LET? FINE STORE, 52 CHATHAM STREET. A A tew doors below Leggett's Hotel, suitable lor iewel ?c. Inquire of F.J. gentlemen's furnishing, tal'or, LLDENISERO, No. 6 lohn street. KAQ>EN rLET? SECOND LOFT. AT 460 BROOME STREET. Apply on the premises. rLET? IN A FIRST CLASS BUSINESS LOCATION, a Show Room, sixe 25x50 leet ill best Iloor ol hon e MSEighth avenue. Inquire on the premises, ol UAKO V rLET? A RECEPTION ROOM. WITH CLOSETS- AT taclicd, lor a doctor's olhcc. Apply at 243 East Kinc leenUi street. ITO LET? TWO LAROE OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOR, A at No. 5 Buekmitn street Inquire In room 3. rLBf ? A MERCHANT TAILOR'S STORE NO 9 Johnson street, one door from Fulton. Apply on the premises. N. H.? A lease of Uiree year- if wanted. TO LET CHEAT? FOR BUSINESS I'll RI'OSES, TWO fine Floors, 25x78; plentv light and ventilation; new bnlhling. Inquiry at 312 \Vest Sixteenth street, near Eighth aveuue. IPO LET CHEAP? A LIQUOR OR GROCERY STORE; A has been established lor 20 years as a liquor store. Mid is the best corner in the Ninth ward : is fitted up. and mi excellent corner for groceries. Apply at 603 Hudson street THE STORK, WITH BASEMENT AND VAULTS, .127 Fourth avenue, will be rented reasonably ; splendid front; every convenience. W. O. KNIOHT, 327 Fourth avenue. mo I.ET OR LEASE? THE VACANT LOT, MI2S 1 feet, on the north side ol Morton street, between Washington and West Apply to I'.DWARD UMPSON, t* oat 11, 115 and 117 Nassau street, or to ROBERT SAN J'OKD, Poughkeepsie. LET OR LEASE? FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. Apply, lor two days, at DUNNKJAN It EARLY'S, cor ner ihlrty-lourth street and Eleventh avenue. T r LEASE? STORE, BACK ROOMS AND KITCHEN, and if desired 12 or IB rooms up glairs, of 123 East Fortjr-tourlh street, near Orand Central depot; all ready lor the restaurant business and lodging. WILLIAM S. OAVKY.-34 Bleecker street. T? rE SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR8 OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue (about 6tlx60 t'eet each), in Hie rear of and connected with 1,265 to 1,269 Broailwav, between Thlriy-tlrst an l Thirty-second streets, the whole or any part; will be fitted up to suit tenant*. Apuly to W. 8. MELDRL'M, 1,269 Broadway. 1ST FLOOR 1,161 BROADWAY, BETWEEN THIRTY first and TUjrtv-sccnnd slreets; in perfect order; five rooms; reut *1,000. Inquire of J. YATES A CO., 1.202 Broadway. SHOTS TO LET? IN 137 MAIDEN LANE; RENT, $10 and $13 per month. 2 CO NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WESJ OF t)\ ) Broadway.? A large handsomely furnished front Room, on second floor; everything first class; to let lo two gcntlemeti; references exchanged. #7C WEST BROADWAY.? LAROE STORE AND 4 o Basement, suitable lor auction business, let low. so ?ear May 1. B. I>. ALLEN. 1C*A FIFTH AVENUE.? ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR. IOt suitable for photographers; Office in basement for news stand or telegraphing; rear Basement and Cellar. ^ ,SY\ C WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET.? TO LET. TWO small Parlors lor business or privilege ot lipht housekeeping; gas, bath; private house; small room ibr ? gentleman. pWELMMO HOIHIEI TO LET. Furn lulled. AM ELEGANT RESIDENCE? RETWF.EN FIFTH AND Madison avenues, 2ti Fiftieth street, 28.1x70, wiili ex tension, :.r>xls, parlor* only furnished. but in best style; rent very low. Apply as above. _ An elegant house, location first class, two doors from Madi-on avenue furnished or unfur nished. Apply at 29 East Twenty-eighth street. A FURNISHED norSE ON MADISON avknue below tlio Park, to let for six months or a year, to a private tainily. JACOB S1IARPE, 3? Wall street. A LARGE WELL FURNISHED BOUSE TO LET-TO a private family ; owner now In Kuror>? ; house con tains 18 large rooms, with every modern improvement; ?x acres ot Harden ; --table, gas, church and school con venient; near three depots to New York; 13 trains daily each wav ; distance <0 minutes to New York. Inquire tor foil particulars of (J. DK WITT HltO. A CO., 'JO John street. Possession Immediately. AT OREATI.Y RKDl'CED RENTS? UNUSUALLY fine Houses, furnished and unfurnished, on cross street*, near Madison and Filth avenues, and on these avenues unsurpassed in style and elegance ; also many other really nice, commodious Houses. HARDENBERG A 00, 1,811 Broadway A LARGE HOUSE, NEAR SIXTH AVKNUE, ON Twenty-flrst street, to rent. Hilly furnished ; rent reduced from $000 per month to $250 per month. JAMES K. EDWARDS, 88 West Twenty -third street Aunt boarding HOUSE to let. FURNISHED? Splendid Summer resort tor families ; One grounds, large shade trees; near New York ; cheap tent. WARNER A CO., No. 5 Dey street. A NEAT LITTLE BRICK COTTAGE, 238 EAST FOR. tie t h street, thoroughly furnished ; gas, bath, range, large cellar and yard ; rent to small tatnily $1,000 per vear. Can be seen alter 2 P. M. only. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED THREE STORY high stoop House on Twenty -eighth street, near Madison avenue ; rent $200 per month, m. B. l.OODALK, No. 0 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A HOUSE OF 20 ROOMS ON WEST TWENTY-SECOND street, furnished, and partly filled with boarders; rent $2,100, or part of the l''ttrniturc for sale and $l,wu rest Address HENRY, 308 West Twenty-(hlr<l street. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House to let? Furnished; Thirtieth street near Fifth avenue , also many others, in all locations, at moderate rents. H. HODHON A Co., 176 Fifth avenue. A? HOUSES TO LET AT REDUCED RATES ON ? SSd, Sfith, 86th, 43d st?. , furnished and unfurniahed: S3d, 41st ?ts., 1,100. O'DN YER, 1,270 Broadway. A BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED FOUR 8TORT brown stone hitrlt stoop in a fine location ; Stelnwav piano, linen, silver, pictures, crockery, everything com plete; rent only $:>.ti0fi. GEORGE C. $ORRN,17> Fifth avenue. A? RENTS REDUCED.? FORTY-FIFTH STREET, ? near Sixth avenue, beautifully furnished four story brown stone, $175 per month ; Forty-seventh street, near fcixth avenue, handsomely lurnislied brown stone, $225 per montn; Hfty-lourlh street, near Broadway, hand aomely furnished brick House, $100 per month ; others, furnished anl un urntshed. at greatly reduced rates. E. 8. CRANK, 1,806 Broadway, corner Twenty-ninth street. ?TO LET, A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE, fill ? will rent Part; owner would board if agreeable; Moderate rent to responsible parties Apply at 120 West Port y- filth street. ? A FOUR STORY PARTIALLY FURNISHED HOUSE to let? Or would take n partner with some money ?nd furniture. 49 West Thirty-second street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Elegantly furnished corner housb? on Fifth avenue, to let, with or -vithout stable, to a pri ?? tomily 11 R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty third St., Fifth Avenue Hotel. EURNISHEO AND unfurnished HOUSES to h in.; "J"1 Lnxinirton avenues, 30th, SSd, k, 34th, 40th, 43d. , 40th, 47th. 48th, .'3d and IJMiih streets. m i ?n ? doolby a hknrJques. 96 and 1,360 Broadway, corner Thjrty-second street. Furnished houses to rent for boarders!. Between Fifth and Sixth avenues, uptown at oulte ? reduction in prices. WM. A E. A. CRl'iksiiaNK ?or ner Broadway ami Forty -fourth street. ' Full size house, ios forty-seventh streft fuilv and elegatifly furiiisheil. will be rented low to a responsible party. Apply on premises, or 192 Front street House can be seen up to DP. M. OOI STORY BROWN STONE FRONT 28 WEST Forty-seventh street, fully furnished, torn months rent low to a small private family. Inquire at house alter 11 o'clock. POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, AT A LARGE RE duction of rent, the 2 -foot four story House 2;) Atnltv Street, one block west of Broadway anil Grand Central Hotel; fine, large rooms; lar/e garden and all improve men Is; will let lor business i. required, f-etsn lrom 10to II morn intra r, LET OR LEASE, FURNISHED OR UNKUR nlshed? House, 10 rooms. Tenth street, near Second ?venue; also House on Irving place and Second Floor on Fourth street Nichols A CAFFKRTY, W Fourth avenue and 1,497 Broadway. flH) RENT? FURNISHED, A BROWN STONE FOUR J. story House, East Thirty-third street, between Madi eon and Fourth avenues. Apply to WILLIAM BLISS, Esq.^lONassau street. OlO RENT-FURNISHED, FROM may 1 TO OCTOBER "tory House 12V West Forty-third street; wt. Inquire on the premises. T0J:KiTrfIAND*OMl:l Y FURNISHED THREE STORY "'?ne House, all modern 1m Seth sTree t^' 81* tb avouue. Apply at 104 West Flf T0i#ir.'iSn' ?.R ?HfT_FULLY FURNISHED, BEST Jrn JJ .1 a*"1? firand Central depot, mod .?!/ .*' ,vor/ desirable ; perfec t order; flvivearT^m '.mi'." 'SmJlv on|y ; rent $225 ; lease of ?V years, Address Z. Y., Herald office. WKnLrFim,T.Vv^'i,IT!? STREET, NORTH Sim atone House for rem, t'.diy andWBaMly'nlVnftl h*?l m'-'m" OQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET BETWEEN 4U*r Fifth avenue and Broadway? To let", hnnd somen Jarulsbed s Tmt mm lor three years, It .U slred. DREW. No. 3 Vhi.i i in ntv third slrct I, pWltLUJIGHOIJSKS TO I.RT. \ Untarnished. ? | A THKEK STORY AND BASKMKNT IIOUSK TO T.PT ?Iir.r.i"/0,M| or,,?r:,w? K*n KiltwBiith street, Mwn PermiV.,,,,, to annum, with Ka, llxtures. y ?-,'**) per 1 K HTKVKNSON, Jr., II Pine street an<1 23(1 Fifth a* A -ON TWFNTIHTII ITBRT HKTWFFN WTWn ?.V Md%?vcrfrffi22i?te,^r,n Mm. D.iJow, " A ^ ? A CON VKNIKNT SM AI i 1 1 * 1 1 t u HernlcTomoe. A<,<,rcs8- wilh reierencw, j k, boi*1? A ,n'V:r'o?A?^cLw^ MT TWO or mi Uiis city it applied lur this day stoop 1 looses in TBSiUg MuGPi'rk, lis Second ,wnn, Al.^hr'iek' OwpMim \nSfiEf'?NT AND rI'B.CELLAR Jones street, 27 ten trout wi ?' \p,ace' "oar Oreat "'"I t.? a lirsV rl^ u nan. : U,t ,eo'- ? will lor one cr i wo year*, at S^AUU pei- P"' ' ? C. C. fmcKMEV; ci Pine street. A ' n ! i'ft, ?!$ ?ni ,N T' Y? ?HNISIIBD AND ties, IIu.Im.u Vim \>? lloll?' "; choice local! Island ,w,u ?uu J:?* I ' Htoten and l ong - WILLIAM Tlh.KhU, ao Filth avenue. A ?n'nS?i?hTi|KYT UI4H STOOP IIOUSK TO LKT avt'uu* .m ' Tynly-MPoad street, near Fourth ?v? uue, Mi,,, oUleri(i gmigJ lar 'ourin " HOU8U.N A CO., 1 7ft Fifth avenue. A SSSSf#jK 2?* STi,m' BBOW* stonr ? II, ,'"UN l-r?ini<, near Central Park ? irooil*' all improvements; rout $tiftOa year. ordtr, HIM-.. roi.K a oka y. 6M sixth avenue. A -WHdI.K IIOUSK, 68K WASHINGTON STRFPT Tn AugTSZiSfr ro?,We8t ?%* h. L. A B. T. BtrRMUM. mj liudson Htr't''t A oksirahlk residence to irt or'ivasp & ..rr w im, za 2?;, "-t1"",' men.,; location, IMths.roetSear Kta?h' M. K. CRASTO. jgtQHThir.1 avenue. \Nn?n'K".ANT BRown STONE first g7am w 1 _. ** 11 QAVlv Y, M Bleeokor stree t A O Iu\lln ,,lul? ST001' ?'"<?? Delmonico'i; rent $200 per month Ve i'/i'i'iA'" ih)U< Ur _ 3L^asl '"urte.enth str<et. A Uo^'^ K^'^ve^v^h8,];0^ STONR invntn; iiicoinwleti*??rtli?r- i*wX!}i!Jt i n'* prove -m-.rm AWiSRUSf1'** '"""""i "!<?n KSri,:;i, ssj~ ? ?2s.f?a saj.-jysss A uranm FllUcth street. APPly to owner, 224 West A in.^n r?'7 """? ST,""? another, Ninth street near Fii? 2 street, $1.2(10; Ipsssss W^riS5??^8 ??"? tSR per month. ^ tor,,er hix,h "venue. Rent$tio AWIAU brick iiodse in franklin ~?>7T^ t st rwcnty-sixtli strccf nour \intw J * IjACK, rooms ; ?,?i water; rent M> pe?morth *vv""*< n,m' ? J. Co KBIT, 20,'t N i n tii avenue. wide ; rent $4,000. Apply ,0 I' IL <jka1)Y , H27 Si xtJ i hv ' A i,fTA ,VKRVFI\K thrrk STORY HOI SF to ^ V.al7i?kr:^,Tee^',W,,; App?y'.? A ~V.4/!*!~K "a.impicknt IIOI-SF TO I. FT Ulr-n K??*t i'or ? pie??nt location. Apply at3? A llr?t strrn, near Fltth av.-niiV ?i w*? ?n Sixty ?* ?OS. 1 ,.'172 and IU Broadway. oNE":ir^s:?!S's:r^sT,v,sT"?^ ?? a SfcOw"nm^'*,fe"r*heF"Irk "m" B,Y "ROWN cepUbie j?artlf?. WoiJrrate rents to ac .-AM, EL K 1 1. Pa TRICK. 1.00(1 l hjrd avenue. s^S55.5 stre.-t; rent $l,4Hi and $i ?io an0 f .uukVVtiis " n,h lXl'j West Forty-ninth street. R TO LET? THE RESIDENCE OF THE LATE J. W. Benedict, in Audubon Park, Washington Heights, New York city, with twe acres of ground. stable. Jtc. Apply to COLEMAN BENEDICT, 14 Broad street, or PETE It CARTER, 830 Broadway. TO LET OR FOR SALE? IH EAST SEVENTY-NINTH street, !"?os. to 318, new ami eleeant French Flats; evcrv modern improvement; neighborhood Unit class; grand entrance on the premises. E. KILPATRICK. 110 Llf-OVBUnO HOURS 22ti WEST FORTY. . eighth street, with or without fine stable : also French Flnts. six room.* each. In Ninth ward; modern convent ? ences; unlet nemlihoras verv desirable. Apply to | owner, 61 Liberty street, room 28. TO LET? IN HARLEM, A Ndi AT, COMFORTABLE House; 14 rooms; hot and cold water; first house east ol Eighth avenue ; rent $fl(lo. Appiv on the premises, or to F. R. KENNLY, SS7 Eighth avenue. TO LET? NO. 21 FORTY SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN X Fitth and Madison avenues; a first class tour story brown stone house; rent low to good tenant. J. O. HIGGINS, No. 7 I'inc street. TO LET? A FULL FRONT THREE STORY BRICK House. In Fortieth street, near Park avenue; rent $1,700. Apply to P. II. UKADY, 827 Sixth avenue. rno LET? THB NEW THREE 8TORY AND BASE 1 inent brick front, with modern improvement". 2t.'i East Forty-tlrst street ; rent $76ti. Apnly at 229 Kant For ty-first street. TO LET? THE NEW THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, all improvt ments. Prospect place, between Forty second and Forty-third streets; rent, $ l,U(X>. Apply to W. S. MELDRUM. 1,209 Broadway. To LBt-lTNFURNISHED.'THB FOUR STORY HIOH stoop brown stone House on Twenty-ninth street, near Broadway; low rent, on lease; suitable for a boarding house , in elegant order. 1I1NI ('OLE ft GRAY, 536 sixth avenue. TO LET? FINE NEW COTTAGES, TWO STORY AM) basement, In West IWth street, near Grand Bonlevard ; rent $450. W. R. morgan, 240 Broadway. rpo LKT? THE TWO STORY, ATTIC AM) BASEMENT I dwelling Mouse 2:18 Sullivan street ; lOrooms; reut$H)0. lnouire of i'. J. GIBBONS, 113 Blnccker street. TO LBT? FOUR YEARS LEASE. FIVE STORY House, with Store, near Hudson Uiver Railroad de pot, 36ti Tenth avenue. R. GREACEN. 44:t West Thirty-first street rru LET-A NEAT THBEB STORY BRICK HOUSE, J all improvements, 16 West 129th street, near Fifth avenue; rent $700. M. S. MYERS, 434 Broome street, or mi premises. rpo LET? A FOUR STORY BROWN 8 TONE HOUSE, 1 with all modern Improvements, 68 Second plane* Brn iklyn, between Court ana Clinton streets. Inquire on the premises or of P. ZKGLIO, 12 Centre, street. 'PO LET? 28 AND 29 EAsT SIXTY-FIFTII STREET, 1 four story liigh stoop, $2,900 per year. Apply on premises, to s. M. STYLES IIO LET? A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House, corner 139th street and Alexander avenue, JJ^rth New York; 12 rooms; rent reasonable. Apply to i Rae, comer 138th street and Third avenue. fPO LET? SMALL HOUSg. 9 ROOMS, BATII. CLOSETS, *. tubs, hot and cold water; will be put in order to a good tenant. Mrs. LKE, li>7 Wavei lev place, basement rPO LET?THE DOUBLE HOUSE, 32 LAFAYETTE . -W.&? rejldence of Mr. William B. Astor. Apply ^.Ug^0 ' ?? ? ? 35 T? Hml ""ft*? KOK A TWO STORY AND ATTIC TennViv s' i iV0"?*' harn n"<1 ,wo "'TO" Of land, at nan>, v,j? '7 miles troro city via Northern Railroad. * WHITlNd. No. 8 Bee k man st reet._ T?ilt<^~HnI5?9tE HTORV AND BASEMENT BROWN i.lae.. Wm Fort v Water ani1 Ras< ln Morris Annlv ZVJV&gSSXPM*' *'iObo per annum, tliree days. ' TWrty-fllth street lor T? F'NE COTTAOK HODS* WITH rtiri p 1 adjoining, size ?OxW0, in Seventy ninth street HINE j PfcLL i#7 sixth avenue. TO LET-A SMALL COTTAOB in SEVENTY viktm street, between First avenue and avenue A sintjit, ? for a -mall, genteel family: It lias,4n modern ?? ments and will be rented cheap. Apply to WuS lAli BALFOUR, Baal Estate Broker, W th W a?no. ? OWEN Ml BI'H V, 2ft William street "venue, or ffO LRt-THRBB STORY ENGLISH BASBMRNT I hrown stone front 287 West Kilt v second street- loi a tl< n good, modern Improvements; portion reserved l!v owner; ren| $I,IMi. Apply to Dr. H. T1IATCHEK hear ift7 Wi'?t Fiftj -second slreet. ' rno I.I T-A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN I Utile llMtxe .ii Filly fourth street near Lexington avc dim . $l,JWi. Apply to in r, 4i8 Fourth avenuei DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. liufnrulnhed. TO LIST' ? UNFURNISHED, A VKRY DESIRABLE wide I Inure, on I exingmn avenue, near Thirty-tilth street: lour ?tory high M? p i brown stone. Apply to HOLMES BROS., 4 Kurt Twenty-third urciil. rpo LET CIIKAP-TWO MICK BRICK HOUSES IN I the Ninth ward, with mortem improvements and In good local ions; M motus, *tfJ0; 16 rooms, $1,200. Apply at t!03 Hudson strei't. rpo LET OR LEASE ? THREE STORY HOUSE, COR X ner Tenth avenue and IKid street. It. Utt> AOEN, 413 West Thlrtvtlrst street TO LBT OR LEASE ? ONE OK THOBB SPLENDID tli re? story hr?wn stone first class Houses, t nilt by F. A. I'hurslon, Esq., south nd? ol I2tith street, between Fourth an i Madison avenues: they liave the reputation 01 being the finest lioo-es in Harlem ; rent tor one or three years at $1,600 per year. _ ME. CBA8TO, a, 10$ Third avenue. m<? LEASE? A HANDSOME AND CONVENIENT 1 four story English basement House In East Twenty third street, completely turuistied , rent $.!,000. WILLIAM S. OAVKv, 34 IHeeeli er street. r LEASE? TfiREE STORY AND B \SEMENT House, We?t Eighty-fourth street, near Eighth ave nue; rent 1709: every convenience. WILLIAM RIIAVKY, S4 Bleecfcer street. TO RENT? FIRST CLASS HOUSE ON BROADWAY, near Thirty-second street ; 1(1 rooms; most perfect or der; all conveniences ; imnsfSNini) at once; rent moder ate. a. c. COONM * c?> , i,25t Broadway. TO BENT? FIRST CLASS HOUSE ON THIRTY-FIFTO street, near Filth avenue; house in perfect order ; all conveniences; rent moderate. A. 0. LOOMIS k CO., 1,254 Broadway. To BENT? ON THIRTY SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN Lexington and Third avenues, handsome new thr< ?? storv brown stone Houses, luimeiliate possession. Ap ply on the premise*. TO RENT ?KOlUt STORY STORE, 2HJ WEST STREET, opposite I'eople'x Line steamboats; very moderate rent JAMBS PRICE, an Hudson street. rro RENT? ON WEST TWENTY -SECOND STREET, K I modern and handsome four story brown stone Eng lish basement House, with luruuee, ratine, hot and cold water, bath, water closet; water in rooms; bells and tubes ; house in good order ; rent $1,(100. JAMES It. EDWARDS, ?? West twenty-third street. Unfurnished houses to kkst-at reduced prices; 91,400, 91,900, $1,800, $2,000, $2..'?l and $2,71*). WM. A E. A. CRI IKSI1ANK, corner Broadway and Forty-lourlh street. TIT 11 OLE HOUSES? 698 WASHINOTON STREET, 10 *T rooms. $900; 333 West Eleventh street, 14 rooms, $1,400; 60 Sixth avenue, 12 rooms, $1,200. E. L. A B. T. BURNHaM, 009 Hudson street. YONKBBS.-' TO LET or EXCHANGE, HOUSE, 12 rooms, all improvements; carriage house, stable and coachman's bouse; river view unsurpassed; about 19 lots. HULL, 391 Hudson street II R BAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? A SMALL THREE -II") story brown stone House, in good order; will be rented low to a desirable tenant. Apply to owner, on premises. OA/4 EAST THIRTIETH STREET.? A HANDSOME ?*'~b brick Building. with brown atone basement ami trimmings and modern conveniences; Baltimore heater; hot and cold water; gas, with bronze anil gold fixtures; good neighborhood; rent $1,000. For particu lars and inspection permit apply to Dr. I. J. O'BRIEN, next door. 91 H KAsT FIFTY-THIRD STREET.? SPLENDID ZjI \ ' three story, 227 East Fifty-second street, splendid two story houses, and 60 others to let, now at reduced figures. LIONEL FROBHLICII, Third avenue, eorncr Fiftieth street dfcQnn -TWO MODERN BROWN STONE HOUSES, JjpOUU. in Eighty-tilth street, Nos. 149 and 161 In quire of owuer, L. WARSZAUB, 7X1 Lexington avenue, eorncr Sixty-first street. *QCfk ?TO LET, THREE STORY BIOH STOOP modern brown stone House, in complete or der; convenient to boat* and cars: 2,41t> Second uveuue, neur 124 tli street ; possession at onee. SAMUEL I). MACK, 2,132 Third avenue. <5?1 Ann ? MADISON AVENUE, OOBNBB OF USD ipl.UUUi street, three story and basement stone front; nil Improvements; 12 minutes iroiu Forty-second street. Apply at 1,432 Broadway, near Fortieth street POWER BROTHERS. djl OAA ?TO RENT, A FOUR STORY ENGLISH basement Donne, first rate neighborhood, Twenty-filth street, between Seventh .and Eighth ave nues; bath, gas, hot and cold water, range. Ac. JAS K. EDWARDS, til' West T? euty-third street. <111 Rfin _T? LBT< ?*v FIFTIETH STREET, 24H, between Second and Third avenues, that handsome three story and basement high stoop brown stone House; ali modem improvements: neighborhood unexceptionable. Apply to il. NAGLE, 149 Fourth ave nue, near Fourteenth street Also other House* at re duced rents. FUKMSUKD ROOMS A\1J Al'AKTMKSt*. TO LET. A NICK FURNISHED BOOM TO LET? TO A SINGLE gentleman, from the la! ol' May. Inquire at 244 Ea?t Forty-ninm street. A SECOND STORY II A I I. ROOM TO LET, WITHOUT board, td a gentleman. 412 W<*t Thirteenth street. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET. with every convenience lor housekeeping at $<i pel week. 4 1'J West Thirtieth street, near Ninth avenue. APART or A HOUSE TO LET? SIX ROOMS, partly furnished, on West Twenty-thiril street d.mi don Terrace), tu u family of adult*; ah convenience* for housekeeping Apply to HARRIS SOLOMON, 6fi Reado street. A FURNISHED parlor floor OF FOUR rooms tor housekeeping, with hath, hoi water, gas and piano; also a Second Floor, partly furnished; terms mod erate. 17) ha-t Eighty -seventh street. A choice or BEAUTIFUL FULLY FURNISHED Rooms to gentlemen ; strictly private family; all improvements ; location unsurpassed; references ex changed. f>7 West Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. A? TO LET FURNISHED, ONE OF THE HANSOM ? est French Flats In this city, near Fifth avenue, below Fifty-sixth street, at a moderate renttoa first class family. WdiliHltt nvenue. A LARGE AND PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM with<lorct, running water, hath, Ac.. to gentlemen, within a short distance ot Broadway; term.-- moderate, lot West Twenty-ninth street. A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO A let? Without board, to gentlemen of the highest re spectability only, at .Ki Irving plaee, opposite the West minster Hotel. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY (OBBMARS) WILL let to a gentleman a neatly furnished front lied roont. with gas and hath. 357 Second avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first street*. A FLEAS ANT FRONT ROOM TO LET? ALSO A back llootn, with gas and water, furnished and un furnished, ut 44 Fourth avenue. ALAROE, WELL FURNISHED BEDROOM FOR gentleman ami wife or single gentlemen to let, on top floor 61 W est Sixteenth street. A SMALL FAMILY DESIRES To KENT A NEATLY furnished Room on second floor Owo gentlemen), without board; neighborhood good; terms moderate. :;.'>2 West Flttei nth street, near Kahili avenue. A WIDOW LADY WISHES TO RENT TIIE LOWER Part of a house n? an equivalent for the hoard of two; Parlor, three Bedrooms Dining Room and Kitchen, completely furnished; water, ramie. Ac. ; location un tnrpassrd for Summer ; west side. Address, for two days, s-)UIf ~ LOUIS. Herald office. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH CON venience for housekeeping, or lo gentlemen ; mod ern Improvement*; four lines of ears within one block ; terms low. 4 i? V?e<t Thirty-third street AT 38 EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET? SEVERAL derirablo Rooms will be vacated May I, or before if desired. AT 183 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, THREE doors west from Broad way? Two or three plea-unt Room*, furnished or unfurnished ; all conveniences. A NEATLY FUBNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET At 735 Broadway, opposite Astor place ; price, In cluding liirhts, attendance, ?c., $4 50 per week, inquire on third floor. A? VERY NICELY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK , Parlor*: cosey brown stone; all improvements; sunt II private family ; best references. 117 East Twenty sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. A FRONT ALCOVE ROOM TO LET? FURNISHED tor light house keepiag. 303 West Fifteenth street, corner ot Eighth avenue. AT 36 EAST TWELFTH STREET-TWO NICELY furnished connecting Room*, very desirable for gentlemen, to be vacated May 1. References. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, OF FOUR ADULTS, will lot, to a gentleman, one or two sccond story Rooms, with closets, hath, Ac. ; hou?e first class and Uk a Hon central; an agreeable home to a quiet gentleman ; terms moderate; references exchanged. Address QUIET, Herald Uptown Branch office. A? TO RENT, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, ? the entire Second Floor ot private house, M6 West Forty third street; all the modern improvements ; with in half a block of Broadway ; will give partial Board to gentlemen ii required. A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS, CONNECTING {PAR lor and two bedrooms), well tarnished, to gentlemen only ; closets, hot and cold water ; $IH per week ; location unsurpassed. bft Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. If LEO ANT COM MIT NIC ATI NO APARTMENTS, ON j second floor, aaitabl* for three or four gentlemen; separately if desired ; ail conveniences. 145 Eighth ?treet, near Broadway. ? Furnished floor-in private house, suit able for housekeeping ; gas and hath; Rooms tor Jentleinen, $7 per mouth. II and 17 Abingdon square, ighth avenue, near Twelfth street IjlC BNISHED FOR IlOl'S KKEEPINO? THE UPPER 1 l'??rt of a small House; gns, baih, stationary wash tubs, Ac. ; convenient to all west side cars; rent moderate. 303 Wett Forty ninth street, ?LURNISIIED ROOMS TO LET, WITHOUT BOARD. P 81 Barrow street I BURNISHED ROOM, COMMODIOUS, NEAT AND OEN ' teel. to let to a gentleman, without hoard ; second floor Private house 107 Barrow street, 15 minutes H um City Hall. Reference. Furnished rooms to rent-without board, convenient to cars, stages and restaurants; house first cio*s and Itooins very pleasant 37 East Ninth street, corner of University place. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR TO LIST- IN a desirable portion ot the city lor gentlemen. Ad dress B., box 3ufl Herald office. Handsomely furnished floor to let? to gentlemen or a small family, In brown stone house West I hirtv tl rst street, near Mxth avenuf. Filoll LItillT HOUSEKEEPING, LODOINU OR 1H - I nes* -Large front Room, connecting H ?d room, newly and nearly tarnished; cheap to flr?t m*-* parties; >n-o small il Office Inraiwrn 7ST hroolwuv. room 1U. FURMSIIKI) UOOIUS iwn AI'AUTMK!\TH TO I.KT. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND UK I) room ? Also single Room for aantlemen. without board, in the new, first class Iioiiw fill !? eventh aveuue, junction of Broadway and Forty lourlh street. NEATLY FURN18HRD ROOMS, WITH MOT AND rolil water, gas and bafli, tor gentlemen only; con venient to Sixth avenuo and Broailwuy car*. lis West Klcvcuth strict, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. No moving in kiay. Neatly furnished rooms to lf-i-suitablh for a p'litli limn mid wile or two Mingle gentlemen, at 110 Went l weuty-seconil street. ONK OB TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BK ACCOMM > dated with a Uoom ot ?":oiiil floor, very nlceiy furnished-, modern improvement.- ; reference. 163 Thirty tilth street, third door west ol Third avenue. TO RUNT? TWO KINK FURNISHED ROOMS; PRI vate family; pleusant and convenient situation; refuri n.ies exchanged. 25M West Twenty-fifth street, rpo LET-BY ISRAELITES, IN PRIVATE HOUSE, 531 L l/cxington avenue, splendid furnished Front Koom, with hot and euld water, gas aud use of bath, to one or two rcspcctablc gentlemen. TO LET-A NEATLY FURNISHED THIRD STORY Room. suitable lor one or two gentlemen, in a pri vate American family ; terms moderate. Call at 107 bev enth street. TO LET? TO ONK OR TWO GENTLEMEN, A HAND some 1'arlor, with smail Room attached, ftirnltthed or unfurnished- haih, hot and cold water, Ac., at Ml

East 1- iftecnth street rpo LET-FURNISHED, PARLOR AND HALL ROOM, J. with bath. Kan. hot and cold water included. Inquire at 3(16 East Tenth street, opposite Touipkins Park, In basement. rpo RENT? FU UN IS II ED, FROM MAY 15 OR .H'NE 1, L for five or six months, a French Flat ol" 7 rooms; first floor private brown stone front. Address A. J?. 11., Herald oflu-c. rpo RENT-IN PRIVATE HOUSE, A LARGE, WELL X furnished Room, with closet" anil bath, to oliu or two gentlemen. 160 West Thirty-fourth street. rpo l.ET-IN A FRENCH FAMILY, A NICELY FUR L nbthed Room and Bedroom (private bath); very com'v ; also t'rout Hrfsement for doctor's office. 65 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. rpo LET-BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY, THREE WELL J. furnished Itooms, fer housekeeping; references ex changed. 20ft Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth street. To LET? FURNISHED, TO UENTLBMEN. WITHOUT board, a large, pleasant front Room; water and gas in it; references required. 2211 West Fifteenth street. rpo LET? TWO NICELY FURNISH KD ItOOMS, SUIT 1 able for light housekeeping. Apply at 32 Greenwich avenue. rpo LET? TO ONE Oil TWO OKNTLEMEN, A LAItOE A furnished Room, in a private family; references re quired. Apply at M East Fourth (treet. TO LET? TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS AT 149 EAST Thirtv-nintti street. To LET? NICBLY FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAM llv ol adults, in private house, "28 West Eleventh street, an entire Second Floor, part of Third and front Basement; suitable for housekeeping; rooms large; neighborhood flrstclass. Kent StKUl per annum. 9 NEWLY FURNI8HBD ROOMS IN A PRIVATE 4^d fsmily, with balhroom and closet: Summer prices; near Broadway. Apply at 2211 West Forty eighth street. dt? 4 PKR WEEK, AT 40 PERRY STREET; A ?1Pt large, ni.-ely furnished Irolit Room, to two gentle men; via and use ol bath. CTB AVENUE, 1?4. NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STREET - ') Furnished Rooms to let, front and back; balhs on each floor. References. ,-TTH AVENUE, OPPOSITE MADISON SQUARE ? ?/ Elegant Suits of Rooms to rent, without board, at Summer prices. Imjuiru at 206. ? SITTING AND BEDROOM. SUITABLE FOR ? light housekeeping; hot and cold water, pantries, buth, closet; near the Park. 222 West Fifty second street, iieur Broadway. "I Q EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN AO Union square and Filth avenue.? Rooms lor gentle men. without board. CLINTON PLACE, BIOHTH STREET, WEST OF tU't Broadway.? Nicely furnished large front and buck Rooms and oilier small Rooms, for man aud wife or single gentlemen ; everything comfortable. 97 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? TWO VERY & I pleasant Rooms to let, on the third lloor, together or separate, to gentlemen only. 97 WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN I Fifth and Sixth avenues.? Elegantly furnished Rooms for gentlemen. Reterences excliuugcd. OA WEST NINTH STREET.? TO LET, FURNISHED, OU a hack I'nrlor and Extension, with private bulh rooin attached, suitable for a demist or physician; also Rooms lor gentlemen, without Board. OO LAFAYETTE PLACE ?11 A N DSOMELY FUR OO nisheil Rooms to let, in private house, to gentlemen only - terms fcl to $U' per week Call alter II A. M. Q ,1 WEST TWELFTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH A V K - O'T line.? Furnished Rooms to let, without Bourd, lor getiticmen omv. 49 EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR BltOAl) way.? An elcgent Parlor Floor, of four rooms, fur nlshed or illitiirutshed: also other Rooms, newly and tastelully furnished, at summer prices. !/? SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE.? ONE LARGE 1 II pleasant liirnlshcd Room, suitable lor two gentle men, where few are tuken. |J WE T TWENTY - 1XTII STREET, NEAR ST. TO .lame" Hotel. ? N'lcely furnished Rooms; Parlor*, en suite; baths and all conveniences; prices moderate. No moving in May. r>) EAST TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY ?JO and University place.? A private fimilv will let to a permanent px i ty ( -ingle gentleman only) an elegantly furnished Apartment, house first class; references given and required. r/? NINTH ST RE I T, 'a KI'W DOORS WEST OF ? Jl) Broadway.? A large handsomely furnlslied front Koom, on second floor; everything first ( lass; to let to two genllcmeu : relereuces exchanged. r.Q LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY ? )0 fltth street.? Handsomely furnished front Rooms, singly or en suite, to let. without hoard; private faintly ; n.'j moving ; Summer prices ; reference* exchanged. C 1 ST. MA RK R PLACE. ? KRONT ROOM, SOUTHERN t ) I exposure, tarnished or untarnished, to gentleman and wife; Sbo Rooms tor single gentlemen ; only lew tuken; reference. 7 | AMITY STREET ? TO LET, A LARGE SIZED I t neatly furnished hall Room, to a gentleman; lam ily private; no moving in May ' 77 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE I I nne. Newly turnislied ami refitted Rooms, with out board, for gentlemen, single ?r en suite : rcierences re quired. Attendance and appointment* first class. -1/kQ EAST TENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY FUR Al'O nlshed Rooms, with all conveniences, for gentle men ; prices reasonable to permanent parties. -|1 Q WEST TWELFTH STREET, THRBR DOORS J I Li from Sixth avenue.? A furnished Room on third floor, with gas and bath, to a gentlem.ln. 1 (*i\ PRINCE STREET, near MACDOUOAL,? A lOv private futnilv will let, furnished. to gentlemen, without board, sinalf and large Room, large Suit; two wishing to room together, or to gcntluman aud wife, rent i $2i) ana upwards. 9/w\ GRAND STREET.? TO LET? FURNISHED. OR Z'"' will fll the Furniture; 12 Rooms; buck and front basement; house in good order; suitable lor board ing house or private family. Inquire m the store., 99 | EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, THIRD jmHU* lloor.? To let, a nicely furnished front Room, to gentlemen only, without board ; re fere aces req aired. 2- >9 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN ? >? Second and Third avenue*.? To let, In a German family, a large front and Hall Bedroom, furnished, to two gentlemen ; no meals. Relerences exchanged. 979 EAST TENTH STREET. -TWO NICELY FUR I ? r nlshed second floor Iront Rooms to let /{ 79 KKC,,Nn avenue, near thirty-sixth U I ? i street.? A furnished and Bedroom, Willi closets, for house keeping; gas ami hatli; good neighbor hood. /?U1 l.FXINOTON AVENUE.-A NICELY FU FtNISII I: I) UOi front hull Bedroom, for one or two gentlemen, in n prlv??e lamlly, teruii moderate ; rofereuoes. Addresi or Inquire. ? Mrs. STOVER. r*? ^ - _ . INPLKNlXHK.I) UlldMS AND APAKT MBNT8 TO LET. V FIRST FLOOR TO LET? CON8ISTINO OF EKJIIT room*, with every convenience, unliable for private family or light business. Apply at Mi We>t Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. \M r E SECOND FLOOR-i:.NFURNISIIED, IN I'KI vale huuso 7H Maedoiigal street: gas, bath, ample closet#; to small family only ; excellent neighborhood ; reference* required ; rent $46. A -TO LET, ON THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF . FIftv-sixth street and Sixth avenue, one of the handsomest French Hat* ever erected on this Continent, consisting of nine large rooms, aizc 25x75. OUice 9W Sixth avenue. A SECOND FLOOR TO LET? IN BROWN STONE house 22R Ea*t Thlny flith street, five rooms, gat ami water closet; rent t heap. Apply to 11. MAXWELL, Ht'i Third avenue. A -FIRST AND sfecOND CORNER FLOORS TO . let; house brown stone; modern improvements, inquire in the drug store, sO'J Kightli avenue. ATniRDFLOOROF FIVE ROOMS TO LET TO A man ana wile or a small American family In a pri vate house, with conveniences for light housekeeping, inquire at 252 West Thirty-ninth street A? A. -FRENCH FLATS TO LET, 142 AND 144 EAST . Fourteenth utreet; modern Improvements; suita ble for ?mall drat clas* families; best und cheapest in the city. Apply to Janitor. AT REDUCED RENT? TWO ELEOAN'I PARLORS, Basement, Kitchen, Dining, Bed and Hath Rooms; high stoop house; all improvements and conveniences: separate meter. 210 Eaat Twentieth street, near Third avenue. A FIRST FLOOR TO LET-IN 273 BOWERY, SUIT. able for bmlnew or dwelling. AN ELEOANT FRENCH FI,\T. HFTYMXTH street, between Fltth and Sixth a\cnues; reut mud trite , also oibcra from (5(1 to $li(l, MORRIS B. BAKR, 99? Uxth avenue. Apartments to let of four rooms-kitchen Sitting Room and two light Bedrooms, with station ary tubs and cloaet*. Inquire at 70S Ninth avenue, be tween Forty-eighth an. I Forty-ninth street*. 4 OENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OCCI'PVINt) A BROWN J\ stone house, will rent the Third Floor to desirable tainily of two or three ; house In perfect order. 327 West l orty fifth street 4 NEAT THIRD FLOOR, 130 EAST FIFTY-FIRST J\ street, bear Uniii ion Avenue, to let.? 1'arier, kitchen and thro* briliouiu*; iai flilurtA watilnRn Ac . ri n:. i,i r i,.< i,tu. UNFURNISHED ItOOMS ABO APART* MENT8 TO LBT. A SUIT OR FLAT OK KIVK OR SIX ROOMS TO let in the European Hons*. TO Went Forty-eighth street, corner Sixth aveuue. Apply to the porter. A BEAUTIFUL SUIT OF SIX Rooms, LOWRB floor, to let to a small family, inelegant brown stone, with owner, 735 Seventh avenue. University place uiui Broadway UN pa** the door An ELBOANT FLAT, 0* A COBNF.It, NINR ROOMS, all lighted from the stieet; si/.e of hoii^e, 25x85; throe blocks troni Central Park; west side: strictly llr*t cla>s, with janitor. Apply to JOHN BBANIOAN, 897 Eighth u venue. A -to lpt, Dome of run handsomest fbench ? r lata ever erected on this Continent; 8 and It) lur^e room-"-, all lighted; 20x90; rent* moderate; only tint cIum fumiliog ured apply. Office 9W sixth avenue. At 122 K AST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH avenue. ? Five Rooms, nicely arranged for house keeping; aU convenience* on same tlo<.r, rent $30 per month. Apply in the store. A SECOND FLOOR AND TWO ROOMS ON THIRD floor to let? f>7 Horatio stree.t: improvements; im mediate possession. K. L. A B^T. BUhwhAM, MS Hudson street. A LOWER PART OF PRIVATE HOUSE TO LET-IN first class locution; rent low Apply at Hit! West Fitty-flrst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. A -DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR TO LET; C)\S . and water. Apply on premises, 30 King street, be tween Varick and Mucdougal. A? SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS TO LET? IN PRI . vate hou'e 330 West Nineteenth street; 7 rooms; nil modern improvements; laundry, cellar, Ac. ; in good or der; excellent neighborhood ; $60 to small tatnilv ; refer encea required . Apply at MO west Twenty-fourth st. A? TO LET, THE ENTIRE UPPER PARS OF THE . brown stone front store No. ti Cortlandt street, con taining four lofts; tlrst lott 25x115; the others 25x!IO each. Apply to BLACKWELL A CO., 56 Liberty street, or at 172 Ninth avenue. A HANDSOME FLOOR TO LET-IN A PRIVATE browu stone house, with owner, for a small family without children; rent $60. Inquire at 232 West Thirty nilith street A KITCHEN, PARLOR AND BEDROOM, WITH 1M. provements, in hon*e witll owner; rent $16; also Floors of four rooms, with wardrobes, stationary tubs and separate pas meter. 1,687 Second aveuue, near Eighty-second street A NUMBER OF NICE PI IN THE NEW House 123 East Forty fourth street, near tlio Grand Central Depot, in suits ot three nnd -ix rooms. WILLIAM s. tiAVj'.V, m Blcecker street. A? TO LET, SEVERAL FLOORS OP THREE TO six . rooms each, on Ninth avenue and on Fifteenth street, between Eighth nnd Ninth avenues. These floors are in good order, with Croton wutcr, separate kus meters, fixtures and other conveniences. Apply to D. A. CUSHMAN, 172 Ninth aveuue, between Twentieth and 1 wenty-flrst streets. A FLOOR TO LET? CONTAINING FOUR ROOMS, OR more if desired, on Fourth avenue, near Nineteenth street Apply at -w Fourth avenue. A FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT TO LBT? IN A nice genteel house ; No. 6 llorntto street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to JOI1N STEW ART, ?18 West Sixteenth street A STORE, WITH ROOMS; ALSO THREE, FOUR, seven or 10 first class Rooms; extra conveniences. Apply to owner, 61 West Tenth street, near Sixth av. AN ELEGANT FIRST FLOOR-AT ffJ9 SIXTH AVE ime, 65 feet deep, with all modern improvements; a splendid location for a dentist or lashionablu dress maker. Basement and parlor floor in new three story high stoop brown stono Dwelling, 205 East six tieth street ; 8 rooms, all lighted, with every known Im provement affording privacy and first class accommoda tions ; ?eu this before you rent. 8. Kl LPATRICE, 1,009 Third avenue. I1LOOR8 TO LET-SIX ROOMS BACH, COMPLETE with all improvements, 1,-24 and 1,226 Third uvenn.*, near seventy-first street. Apply to VaCHE A BROWN, 'J71 Third avenue, corner Filly-eighth street I10UB UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-EN SUITE Sixteenth street. East, between Irviint plane and 'Third avenue; references exchanged. Address M. B., 147 Third avenue. I ['RENCII FLAT TO LEASE? IN HANDSOME STONE house 238 East Thirtieth street; six apartments on fourth floor; boiler, range, stationary tubs, hot and cold wutcr, elevator and csparate iras meter; rent $35 per month. Inquire of ALEXANDER EAGLESON, 58 East Fourth street IOW RENT TO SMALL FAMILY? $10 MONTHLY? J Basement, Kitchen (stationary tubs und heaters), two Parlors, two Bedrooms, In prlvato residence, West Sixty -seventh street. _______ GEORGE It. WALTON, 21 Park row. ON WEST TWENTY -THIBD street- upper part, four or six rooms, to small tamily without children, with range, gas and water closets; rent moderate. Ap ply at 115 West Twenty-fourth street CEOOND AND THIRD FLOORS TO LET-IN A F? brown stone house, on Forty-eighth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, for $i GO, to a small tatntly. Inquire At 80S West Fifty-second street. B. UOIIEN. OPLBNDID APARTMENTS? IN SUITS OR FLOORS, Cj also one single Room; every article In house oew and handsome; location very best tor gentlemen, bcinK op posite St. lames Hotel; best references. 17 West Twenty slxih street rpilORNTON M. RODMAN, REAL ESTATE AGENT J. 696 Broadway, offers for rent the dwelling part of 76 Sixth avenue, corner Waverley place ; six rooms and bath room-, rent $7110 per annum. Also Store and Dwelling 131 Waverley place, together or separately, $1,200 per annum. Also Carpenter Shop, 45 Thomas street; two stories nnd cellar ; $600 per annum. Also the first class brown stone front Dwelling House 322 West Fourteenth street; four stories; high stoop; $2,300 per annum. rilO LET? 7.1 MORTON STREET (NINTH WARD;) I pleavint location ; lower part of prlvato house ; six rooms; front and back basements anil parlors and two attic rooms; rent moderate to a small tamily. rjlO LET-A FEW DESIRABLE SUITS OF ROOMS IN JL a first class apartment building In charge of lanitur, Ac. Inquire of CHARLES C. WAKE LEY, 104 East Tenth street. rpo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A SECOND AND J Part of Upper Floors in u lour storv brown stone house, occupied by owner. Apply at :123 West Thirty third street. . rill l LET? THB SECOND AND PART OF TUIBD 1 Floor ot house ICO West Forty-shah street. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY. SECOND FLOOR and one Room on third floor; all modern Improve ments. Apply at 205 East Eighty-second street near Third uvenue. TO LET-23* WEST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR Broadway, Floor, six large rooms; house 25 feet front; terms moderate. Inquire on the premises. TO LET? IN PRIVATE HOUSE 204 EAs!T TWENTY first stri ct, two Floors, with Basement. mo LKT? FLATS, CONSISTING OK SEVEN ROOMS, J complete, with hath, range, dumb waiter, private hall, Ac. ; in the new building!) on Fifth avenue, between Mucomh and I'arroll streets. Brooklyn; each apartment contain* all the conveniences found in u first class Imuw; the Atlantic and Fifth avenue car* from Fulton, Wall and South ferries pass the premise*; rent*, $150 to $450 per annum. Apply ut the buildings before 12 M. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR, CELLAR AND SUB cellar of 10 Dev. for auctions, other special and tem porary purposes. Inquire of VAN WYCK A UKEKN, !u>i Pine. TO LET? 799 ORBENWIfJH STREET, FIRST FLOOR and Basement, containing eight rooms and three pantries; gun and water. Inquire at 810 Greenwich street. Rent $45 per month. mo LET-A FLOOR OF FOI'R ROOMS IN THE 1 brown stone house 233 West Thirty ninth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues, rent aheap. TO LET? A SUIT OF ROOMS, UNFURNISHED OR partially furnished. 318 BH Nineteenth street TO LET-MVS JUL HALF FLOORS IN Ml AND 345 Bait Thirty-fourth street; three rooms, pantry and water; new papered and painted; rent $10 00 to $12. Apply in the bakery. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE 8BCOND Moor and two Rooms on the third floor of house 113 East Thirty-third street ; rent $80o. TO LET? BASE MK NT AND PARLOR FLOORS OF private house 241 Henry street, with attic Rooms. Owner occupies t he rest. TO LKT? TWO FINE FRENCH FLATS, IN BROWN stone house 568 Lexington avenue, near Kiftv-flr-t Street; rent low. Apply at house or at 20 West Forty third street ___ TO LET? SECOND FLOOR. CONSISTING OF SIX rooms, hath, gas, separate meter, to a family of adults. Inquire at 239 Kan I hlrty-flrst street f|10 LET-SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF TIIIKD, I six rooms, with modern conveniences, on West Thirtj-flrsi street, to a small family : milt $ftX) ; also a number ol other Floors. T. A V. MEAD, 422 Eighth avenue. mo LET? SECOND AND PAST OP THIRD FLOOR 1 in brown stone house, to a small family ; rent rea sonable. Inquire at 333 West Fitty tilth street mo LET? FIRST FLOOR OF 161 WEST THIRTY- FIRST A slreet, near Seventh avenue; rent $27. R. QREACEN, 4t.'1 West Thirty tlft street TO LET OK FOR SALE-IN BAIT SEVENTY NINTn street, Nos. 307 to 315, new and elegant French Flats; every modern Improvement; neighborhood first class; grand entrance to the Park. Inquire on the ori-mlses. K KILP.VTRICK. TO LET-IN PRIVATE HOUSE Sill WEST TWENTI eth street Part of second floor; three rooms, two large pantries, closet, drawers, water aud gas; suitable for small family. TO LKT? AT 214 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET -A very small family of adults would let a Part of a high stoop house (parlor or second floor) to a good family, even If they had a few children; there is a l.irife rear yard; neighborhood first class; possession at once. TO LET? TWO FLATS IN BROWN STONE FRONTS 1 on Ninth avrnne, near Twenty-third slreet; rent $35 and $40 per month. fiOODE.NOt'im A WEBER. Ill Broalwav. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR, TO A SMALL FAMILY of adults; all modern improvements; rent $50; refer ence given and required. UK! West Twentieth street TO LET-THREE ROOMS ON FOURTH FLOOH OF A modem brown stone House; water fcn<l privilege ol hath ; rent $23 per month. 258 tfest Forty' second street. rpo LIST? -SPLENDID LAROE THIRD FLOOR, NEW J (tone front house. No. 225 East llfith street; conve tilhnt to boats and cars; splendid location ; lent only $25 per month. Apply as above. TO LET? AN ENTIRE THIRD FLOOR, CONSISTING of four rooms, closets, Ac. Apply at 2JM West Forfy elghtli street. rpo LET? SECOND FLOOR. FOUR ROOMS, HATII I room, closets, Ac., with laclllticg for housekeeping. 2i)2 Fasl Sixteenth street. ril() RENT-TDK 1.1. Wl R PART OF A FOUR SiORY ; I hl.'li stoop hr.iun s one House, consisting of Hii?e men , r.irior and 'ihl' ! J .nor.*, w uli nil ;n? iiupro* e i null ', Inquire ul i>IU Wist 'fMrt> '.llirii it'tcl. IINFVRKINUF.I) MOOMS %\D AP^RT, MK\TSi TO I.KT. rpo RKNT ? LOWER PART OK A IIO'JS!\ WITH TWO X Rooms on second floor, owner retuininj; tin, r<vt t r sleeping; or the whnle llou-el) r' un. ni'. r Juni- I rent low il sure nn y. 117 East. Twe.iy ninth Mrect Shown after ID A. M. UN FURNISH ED? ONE ROOM AND TWO B - DHO'-.M' on tliiril Hour, to let ; al-o one sin ? <? turn - - i< .* i,, , room to let Apply f*t 77 Mor on street. ves'.ni . . UPPFIIl PART OF A BitOWN STONF. Hfil [?: To let, with all modern Improvement* : r ? 1 1 1 '?.> p? : inontli. 31 1'nit 110th street, nenr Filth avenue WHOLE OR UPPER PART OK 16 MAfiKH . street to tot ? House is in splendid order; iiaaaii in. provemeuts; large yard, <kc. tor permit, Ac., Ii!.|in 5a Vandain afreet. 1ST, THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS ?0 I XT 1 1 WE nue, oAe iloor from Thirt.v-nlnth st ric' ; in pi r'e order: six rooms each; rent SWI>, utid $%> r> > lively; imimrc on nrenil?e-. Al-o First Kim r 1,-11 Hr way. between Thirty-first and Tlnrtj -secoul street* rent $1 .I**). Inquire at Hroadway 1 LA ROB ROOM, LARGR CLOSETS, WITH FRONT Basement, $2fl monthly, private hoi.-e; alliim-my tnents ; good neigh borhood : no children. '151 M osi Thirl ? filth street, between Klithth and Ninth aven Q LARGE, A 1 R V ROOM.-! AND KIT. 1 ? 1 1 N' . W<rv ?j water in It, on third Iloor ol 12 Fone'h av> nue. ne ?< Cooper Institute; also a Room and Pautry on mi . .. 1 Iloor, furnished il re quired. OD AVHNHR.-KKKNCII FLATS TO LEI'. V !T|; M ?> improvements: first flat, $29; second, third, l r?n^e and everything on the one Apply a: I .'.w Third avenue orto J. P. I'AYTKN, I.W llcnr.\ ir.^i lv) OLINTOR FLAO&- RASEMENT. ISO; VRRY -in large Second Floor, $f>S; new Improvement- Apartments front $4ft to $53. Apply on the second Bonr or at 4S Hroad street, room IS. _ t) | TH HTREKT. 210, WEST.? R LEO ANT SECOND t" Floor, with private hath, to let; also handsome cm tension, small and largo Rooms; reference* exchanged. OA 0RTHUNR. STRKKT.? TO LET, SECOND FLOOR OU ?nl partof Tlilrd Floor. Apply on premises; re,!' $ 5 per mouth. CQIH STREET, J u ST OFF THE BOULEVARD. I l)?7 let, a two story and basement brick House; \v?t . pas and nas fixtures throughout ; will he let to a Urst e'a?* tenant tor $7iK) per anntun. Apply to.lo K I'll P. yi'.'N, No. H West Fourth street, between Broadway and Merei r street mW EST FORTY-FIRST STRI'.F.T, NEAR RKSER voir Park ?Two Floors to let, unfiiinihltcd ; one Floor, newly tu.uUhed ; or Furniture will he solit il desired. 000 LEXINGTON AVENUE. ?SECOND FLOOR TO rent; front alcove Room, for small family >>r gentlemen ; all Improvements; family private. Call, or address Col.KS, |,ox Ml Pom otllee. A QQ FOURTH AVHNITK SKVF.N PL'" AHA N'T 1 iO Rooms and l as iuent Klti h n, compi sn: the dwellinR part of the nousc ovi'r dru?' store, northeast corner TwentT-nluih street; price >1,2U0; posseaslon im mediately. BPMIEgl OPPO KTLNITl E S. A? PARTNER WANTED, WITH *1,000, IN A FIU-^'P ? class ofliee bpsiness; a young matt of reliability an I eneruy preferred ; references exchanged. Apply to olio. WEBS'fE it, 'm Broadway. A SUBSTANTIAL, WRLL KNOWN WHOLESALE, retail and manufacturing house, twenty year. -- tabli?hed, desires u partners can occupy position as man auer ol flnaneen if preler/Rd ; decidedly a chance se.ldoin met with, and merits a thorough Investignti' n ; best u' reference required. 4 BRTNCKERHOFF, 4S Broad street AN ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, payitiB largely, now tor ,-ale at a bart::iln ; splen ltd profits; article in (treat demand ; an opnoi tniiily sel.lom offered, t'all at 95 Liberty street, room il. APARTNKR WANTED? WITH tl^OO, IN AN or.'? established casii business', no patent rl^lit hiimbu-t - good reference given ami rei|iilrcd. Full pariK'ttlurs i.t WARNER t CO, No. S Dev street Alabama and tf.nnesskk illustrated.? Vienna, German and Kntfll-ih editions of "The South" offer unstii passed advantages to ailvertlsrrs. Everybody skoaid read it Siuulu copies 10c. ofllcc ltd William street. A PARTNER WITH $6,n00 WANTED IN A CARRIAGE hardware business, owing to a rc-nryaiii/nlimi nt the bouse ; firm has made money, and party In vesting will getu good business, as books will show. UlUUciS, CABLETON A CO, 9S Broadway. A RELIABLE MAN, WITH $r.ilO CASH, IN AN OLD* established business paving $20J per tnotitb. Call at It) Hurling slip, ofllcc ti. up stairs. A PARTNER WITH $AOOO WANTED? Tf? JOIN TH'i advertiser In iiiibiisliing a new weekly journal. Ad dress PUBLISHER, Herald ofliee APROFITAP.LK OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN with $.'1,000 ready, to assist retiring principal In an Old-established high class business, with euorm is profits; net Income $100,(100 yearly, easily made. Add re - AI, Herald Uptown Branch ofliee. An rnrbobtio business man, wnn stood to $S, 000, can secure an Interest in or managership In ?< well established mercantile and shipping pa| er : Ti i cent protlt guaranteed. Address BALTIC, box Ifil Herald ofliee. A GOOD MAN, WITH FROM $250 TO t'tW, IN \ well paying business, established siuco lMi'J; tlii. in a rare Chance. Broadway, ri>?in 16. AOTITI OB SILENT PARTNER WANT:'!', \fl'l' $IS.n00, in an exceptionally secure bUMtiess, Maple article of unlimited demand ami verv lnr::?- profits. ELLIS A BRINCKERHOPF, 4* Broad street An established real estate omen, doing a good business; liu iiUxomoly furnished ofT1?*<- and large .'(mount of desirable property; will be told very low. Apply ut 159 Last Twenty -sixth street. AhPLENDID BAR, COMPLETE, AND LUNCH Counter, Oil paintings, Billiard Tables, Carpets, A". must be sold ; a bargain for one who calls early. *V1 Sixth avenue. Also tour years' Lease ol the premises) cheap rent. Apart or all op a good and novel pat ent tor sale. Call and see model at Lcggctt'.s Hotel, from 3 to 7 1*. M., for Uiree days. J. <?. COLEMAN, room ?& C1APITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED COM ) panles, manufacturers, merchants; our Register coif tiuns exceeding ItJU names, each possessing arum 91 1 >J to $75,U(J0 desiring Investing in business. CBABLKX D a m i.i . RE N A CO., 112 Broadway. /IBAIfCB SKI. I?om MET WITH.? LIGHT MANUFAC turlng Busmen* for sale ; ciish about $1,00.1- lh'-is fnnuine ; no agents or tritlers noticed. Address WORTH, irooklyn Branch Herald office. IIOB SALE? THE CHARTER POR AN ACADEMY OK Fine Arts, authorizing the Is^ue of ?ti ck to tli iiDiniiiit of hall a million ($.r>00,0i]0), the holding of prop erty to an nnllmited amount, the creation ot nioi-'.gu- ; - Ac . Ac. This Is a rare chance to make a rapid fortune, us tliere is no art academy now open in Phllodolplii.i Address CENTENNIAL, box 2,841 Philadelphia Post office. For sale-state and county rights of a ttseiul and beautiful Improvement In window lights; Iteal Instate taken in exchange. Apply to >1. j McG REGOK, 43 ExchaiiKe place, rooin 14. Hardware business-stock about ftlOM clear profit $5,000 to $7. out): will bear investigation, . refer to uuy lead. ng Whol-sale hardware bouse in this city. A. BLOMyV IS r, 1W II? llllll I WILL INVEST 910,000 CASH IN SUBSTANTIAL business wholesale grocery. dry Roods or commission business, preferred ; reasonable security Indispensable. Apply to ELLIS A BRINCKERHOFF, 4s Broad street. IADY PARTNERS WANTED.? WB HAVE AN AKH J cle in ureal demand, such as every lady in the Uniteil States will want to purchase. Goods will be con signed to those who can i/ive (rood security and firni-h capital enough to fit up a small store in Cincinnati, Phila delphia, Chicago, Buffalo, Baltimore or any other large city, Great Inducements uttered to good business women, Aaoreaf it a co , Herald pjjjg. VTET PROPIT LAST YEAR, 75 PER CENT; HALES i.1 Increasing ; wholesale and manutacturlng businens, established eight years; active partner wanted, -nth $8, 000. EI. Lis A BBINCKEKHOFF, 48 Broad street ONE-HALF THE OBOS8 AMOUNT OF ALL BU?L ne.-is done will be paid to an advertising canvasser on an old-tsatabUaiied weekly paper. Address ONE HAL F, Herald office. QTATES RIGHTS FOR BALE FOR OI'R IMPROVED O Patent Collar; also our patent Detachable Clasp Col lar Button. Address FLaTLEY A MAHSON. care ol our attorney, Henry M. Birkett, 3'J.'J Fulton street, Brooklyn, Tide successful publisher of "the frke thinker," a monthly paper published during the last three years In the Merman language, treating religion, moral and science, on the platlorm of truth, reason and the results of scientific progress, intends to Issue an Eng lish edition, and Is willing to arrange with a proper party possessing a few thousand dollar*. Subscriber* reaaV; success beyond doubt. Address FREETHINKER^ box J, 675 Post office. TB|o"hotkl men? wanted, a competent man ager, to take charge of a large and popular summer resort ; one who can purchase an interest preterred. Apply In person to s. kdd v A < '< > . Bhfc i PaiR ntw. TH) PHYSICIANS? -A RESPBOTABLB, GENTEEL office Business and Practice worth $200.00 a year, for ra*h ; present incumbent retires tri m business. Address lor Interview PRACTITION KH, llerald office. IITANTED-PARTNER WITH $10l ON ACCOUNT Ot' \ V business m in auction and real estate business, in vestigation solicited : rare opportunity. ROBERTS A CO., 79 Nassau street <fc| ||(W| -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT ijpli"'''";,ina hotel business, either as partner or clerk. For particulars apply to Major ELMORE, National Hotel. Cortlandt street. fWWl SOLE RIGHT TO NEW ENGLAND tp?).U"Mr Slates, tor one of the be?i selling Patents ever issued ; goods to supply any demaud now manufac tured by pateutee. Call on P. ti., Patentee, French ? Hotel, April IV. Hon WANTED? TO tTSISH THE SUB CRIP ?P? J.VMM I tion to the profitable iron mine in th<? country; the mine la; within ? miles ol New fork city: it will nay at lcas^ too p??i* cent on tlie investment. Ad dress W P. B., hix 3.01:1 Post oiHce. <t!Q A(in TO ?i n, mm. ro ExriKM' business \ ?POi'/VrU Halt Interest in a manufacturing business located in this city; It years at present address; wilt be disposed of to one that will give his whole attention to the business; it will bear investigation; the present owner to h?ve charge of the mantiiacturlng ; the b <st reference given and required. Address, with real name din agent), A K. S., box I '-'7 ller.tld office. dlQ-A nnn ro $hm,hoo wanted -to buy oi i ?fl )! r.t m/'/ a manuiacturin^ establish tnent in V w England, rviw doing a very profitable business and thor oughly established ; tlrst mortgage will be Kiven on ri al estate and machinery, which cost $4.V>.(at>l .- sc\#n per cent inter st allowed and a commission on the busine-?, winch will ainouat to $A),UUU per annum. To psrnes having above amount to invest this offers a most fecun and profitable investment. Full invests Alien and koi reterenco given. Address B. V , box 116 lieraul udlce CIGARS A.M> TOHACQgb WSPANOLAS OP HAVANA TOBACCO I It ' genuine in appenrtim e and cnallty, at p- r thou am! ; ?b>n llic ci lel rulcd "Whitl" Paiietelas, i .t. i > \ v N l it a co., 60 Uit.4?" laaa.

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