Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1873 Page 4
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BOAHDBRS WANTKD. 1ST MOUSE WKHT O F FIFTH . AVKNU Y ? II AN l? <<omely furnished Room* lor families or siugle gentle men. wiU? flratciaw B jurd. No. 7 Went Twenty -ninth hi. 1 LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR wiih Hoard; ul>o tx* o larnc connecting Rooms, largo closeta. hot and cold water. I ST Mucdougul street. 1RI.OOK FROM MADISON SQUARE? ELEGANT Second Floor, or en suite, with t? r>t class Board ; also Suit nnd large Room ou tlilrd. Ecforcuces. Utf East Twenty-third street 111 AN DSOM THIBD STORY BOOM, WITU con'ainitig closets, ?a'rr, Ac., with a iniuitj resoling at IS.' hast Twenty-fourth .^troei. IOR TWO SUITS OK FURNISHED ROOMS, SEP era'ely or tocother, v Ith Board or private table. M West Twenty-third street, near tilth avenue. Reference*. 1 LARGE, ELEGANT SQUARE ROOM AND IIAM. Kooui, connecting. to let. together or separately, with Board, at 2i7 Wost Fourteenth street; house unusually desirable lor Summer resideueo. II BLOCK EAST OF BROADWAY, ? STUYVBHANT 2 street.? Elegantly furuishcl Rooms for single gen. tlem-.'n or< (rcuUeiueii am! their wive*, with or without Boardf prnu.e table ltdc.-ircd; bouse urst class aud pri vate. O GENTLEMEN? ALSO TWO LADIES. CAM HAYB pood Board, .villi pleasant Room*. Turin* ? flentlc meti JO anil ladle- SI |.er week. .No moving lu .May. English laiuily. ;<53 iVest Thirly-ilftli street () BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY. ? >< TO $10 1'KR mj woe k, handsomely lurnlshcd Rooms, with Board, lor laiui! v or single vtnih men : table boarders taken ; good neighborhood. (Jl e.ast Fourth street. 0 ROOMS, Willi BOARD, TO TWO GENTLEMEN, AT ? $14 |I< r w ek, or to a gentleman and wlte. Apply at ?3W Westlhliiy-uinth street. k >[) FLOOR, EN SUITE OR S H PAR ATE L Y, WITH JL Board : a l o liall Ro in; Summer prices; everything s'ricfly first elas . S3 West I hirty-third street, between BroitdVuv and Filth avenue. ?)(i FLOOR -CONTAINING FOUR LK'IIT ROOMS, _ i, st nlterorl and pain ed thronhut, with uticx <e> imiMhle i rlvate tublc ; :il <o twofgont two- iu^miii fourth in.i.r: reiercnces exchanged. o47 F.lili avenue; A HANDSOME ROOMS TO LET? WITH 1IOAUD, IN 1 a private In. aily in the eouittrv: house tlrsl dims; (rood stable room; plenty of trult mid vegetables; within lot.- miles' walk oi depot und 2>.. hours' ride o| the ellv on tin- Morris an 1 Essex road. Cull on or address M. L. 11.. :;n H> ,<l Thirty-first street r II AV'AI E, 124. ?VERY DESIRABLE ROOM.-', ON ? ) hen nd floor, with or without prlvu.e fnbic, to rent; al-o iron! Uusctui ut and oue lar^t Room, on parlor lloor ; fTTII AVENUE, NEAR DKLMOSICO'S. ? AN ELF.OANT ?/ Suit of Boom*, with private table, at $10i.>. GEN UNO'S B( aider.-,' I ' ir- ctorv, 37 Union Square. rjn AVENUE? A COMMODIOUS SUIT OF ROOMS ') mi parlor lloor. furnished or unfurnishod, wlfli pri vate tahle, in the spacious double house 45 Filth a.venue ; coolest uud quietest location in town. rtTH AVENUE, 294? TWO SINOLK OENTLKMKN can have desirable Rooms, with board; family stnall. References required. TTll AVENUE, Ml, SECOND DOOR BKLOW TIIIR ? ' ty-fourtli street.? An elegantly lurnislied I'arlor Floor to rent, with prlvato table, Uuth, closets, Ac.; best of references given and required. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY lurnislied Rooms, for families or siuylo gyitlcmcu, with superior Board. <|?7 TO FEB WEEK.? 0ENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES ?P I can obtain furnished Looms, with Board, at No. 1 Spencer place or 184 West Tenth street; reference. n ASHLAND PLACE. PERRY STREET, 00NVKN lent to Rleecker street and sixth and Seventh ave nue car*.? Rooms, with Board, on tlrst, second nnd third floors ; terms moderate; dinner at luili-past six o'clock. IO WEST NINTH STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM O Filth aveuue.? A large ami elegantly furnished Room, with buy windows, to let. to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; house and table tlrst class; every convenience and Summer prices. ] OTII STREET, WEST, 1W.? EXCELLENT, UNEX JO ccptioliable location; hamtsoiuelv lurni-lied Rooms und Board, with private family ; terms moderate; good table; entire ^eond Story; all' conveniences; no mov ing: references required. 19 WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET, THREE DOORS -LO from Fifth avenue.? To let, with Board, hanfl Mimely furnished Rooms; house llr.-.t class; references exchanged. 1^4 Til 81 BEET, 152 WEST.? LARGE ROOM ON -I J UiirJ lloor, with good Brard ; a l>o single Rooms oil fourth Hour; ouo lor two persons, $14; small family ; ni derate term *1 A Til STREET, VOO AN D 302, CORNER SECOND AVE line.? Desirable Second Floor; hamlsom dv fur nished ; alio large Room on llrst lloor; with Hoard. No eliildrcu or nurses taken. "in EAST FORTY-SIXTH STR LET. -THIRD STORY !?' back and li. ill Rooms to rent, with Board, May 1; references exchanged. . Oil WEST NINTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY FUK nUh"'l Rooms to let, singly or pii suite, with or without Board ; lieuse uewl v renovated aad with all modern improvements ; references exchanged. t)?) EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET.? A LADY HAS a few t' "tun ? to rent, singly or en suite ; with or Hiihout p'lvale table. WAVERLEY PLACE. ? FURNISHED ROOMS, with Board, for gentlemen or a lainlly. Oi)D STREET, 360 WEST.? LARGE, NICELY FUP nished Rooms oil winiiil and iliird floors, widi closets, hot and cold water, to let, with llrst c Is?.* Hoard; family ptivate. OOD STREET, 114. ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON* square.? Elcjantlv lurni-lied large iront Room to let. with first class Board. Refen ncea exchanged. 4>-> SEVENTH AVENUE. .NEAR TWELFTH STREET.? -j") Desirable Rooms, with llrst class Board; terms moderat* ; references. <)-ril STREET. NEAR MADISON SQUARE.? A ? ?> private family would let a choice of Rooms, with out board. Heifer to COLES A RYDKR, l,'-*'2 Broaiiway. ?T) - WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? FURNISHED ' > Rooms to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without board; terms moderate ; reference required. rw?TH STREET. 29 WEST. NEAR BROADWAY.? ? ' ) Pleasant Rooms, on second Moor, with large closets i nid every Convenience, in a quiet family, without chil dren: superior Board; reference. Oft EAST TWENTY -SECOND STRE FT.? FURNISHED ! ? ' ) Rooms for gentlemen; one large it. :om on second , floor; one on third; with Or without lirc.ii.iast. O Q CLINTON PLACE.? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH \ jit'' Board, suitable for gentlemen and their wives; i al-o lor parties o: single gentlemen. OCiTIt STREET, 47 WEST.? LARGE ROOMS TO LET, ?.<" lurnished. tor three gentlemen or families, with 1 B .i rt] ; terniv uimleraie lor this .-uminer' references. *JI\ EAST Till RTY-FI H'H STREET.? HANDSOME ? llf large I'arlor and Bedroom, with Board, to udults, reasonable. References. on EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET,? HANDSOMELY OU in rni-ljcil ltooni", with Board, lor gentlemen and tli lr wives or > Ingle gentlemen. Oil WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? TWO VERY ? desirable : ui'sot Rooms, on tliir.l fb.or, to let, wtth I Board, to lam.lies or gentlemen; also single Knoin-, uti ? fourth lloor ; references. I 3> ? WEST FORTY-FIFTH STRE I; f ? BOOMS TO LET, ? > with Board ; Immediate possession : releii'nces ex changed ?> | EAST THIRTY-SECOND sTRUET.? HANDSOME ? > r Iv lurnislie i tleeend Floor to let; also Rooms on ? third flobr, with tlrst clas? Board . lal Ic boarders accom modated. I O 4 EAST TWENTIETH STCKET, BETWEEN ! O r Broadway nnd Fourth avenu".? A Parlor Floor, i handsomely furnished, to let. to a iir vste laniiiy or sin gle gentlemen, witli or without Board. I 3r EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.? THBEE i ? I lau'.e Roi ins to ;et, with lull or partial Board ; gen- , tleinen only ; private lamily. EAST FORTY NINTH STREET, ONE DOOB FROM j OH Madison avenue.? Handsomely furni-hed large Booms, on second floor, with first . lass Board, suitab'c for gentleman und wife ; reierences required. *yr? EAST TWENTIETH STREET.? A PARLOR | OO Floor and Second Floor; private bathroom on each floor ; without board or with private table, lieivr- { ?ence*. I QQ AND 40 UNION SQU ARK.? FURNISHED ROOMS | UU to let. with or without Bo ird . first ela-s rcstuuraut next door ; references exehan, ed .in OBRAT JONES STRKET. NEAR BROADWAY.? j O" Handsome furnish".l ltoom?, with Board; private : house ; house first class, ?)J BEACH STBBKT.-A DESIRABLE LOCATION OO for Imsine-s parlies; o lew vacancies In u tiist rlass hoarding lion -o. 1* I FOGQ. ')(! WEST THlETy-PiriH STREET.? PLEASANT ? Room* to rent, with Hoard . ul?> mi office tor a fliyxteiMi, oil wwt rw b n tv- sixth btbbet,- blboant O*' Suit, parlor uii'l two hedronini, second fti or, newlr lurnlshed double mnl single Kooms ; location linos ceptionnblr ; table excellent ; prices reasonable. 41 ?T STREET. 139.? NICELY FintNISIIED. PLEAS I ant Roon ?. second Hour, troat ; outliern exposure : rood Hoiir.l ??asonalilc to permanent parlies; rtlcr elites exchanged, 4'> KAOT, NINETEENTH STRE JT.? WLLI. KCR I 1 +j ntxncd Room*. with Hoard, to tcnt'ctmiii and wife i ana (ingle gentl?meu; relereiii ??, excham<ed. "'I i) OftOVE STREET? A HANUSOMR ROOM ON 1 ? < first floor, in let. with Hoard t < ? r two ?lh; ul.-n Rooms for single gentlemen, ?7 uu.l each A 9 WEST SIXTEENTH STUB I. T.-AN EI.MIANT Suit of Room.', cotiid-'imr ot (j.i r! <t- ull,| ccoml floor, to lei. witti privute f*ft!< , or Second I' and Par lor." separate; nil handsomely lurnwheil. M-., other Rooms, aii Ualjl<- lor lamllie* or Mnglc gv.'tlf m<>ii at sum mer prices. Everything dm*. Uelcri uces ex ?lia uged. I ?> WEST TIORTV KIK'H sTRKBf.-A CHOICE op I ? > I to .iii?, w ill. Hoard, in u family ot ithiiu, refer- ! Mice*. ? (E LEXINOTOK AVEM i . fBBIB DOORS ABOVE T?? Twenty- loiirtti street. ?Second and third story 'rout Rooms and Hall Kooms, I ur n i*lie?l. with or without tto.ird. to gentlemen ; all modern eoMtenieuces. J r TH STREET, BETWEEN SIXTH AVENUE AND ?? l) Broad way.? Handsome unmrliislted Second Hcior, Miili Board ; also Extension Room lor a phy.iiciau. Ap ply until May 1. at 18 hasi forty seventh street. a 7 BOND HTREET.-HANI>m>MKLV birmsiikd T I Rooms, with Board, to let to gentlemen or gentle men and wlve? ; table first cia>.? ; convenient to cars and ttages; terms moderate; reference. Vn WBBT POBTY-EIOHTH STUKKT BI.EUANTLY ^ O furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, Willi superior i able Board, can he had in a tUuryi'aJilv tirjt cla* ; rulerencei excliaugtd. ItO/lllimitS WANTKM. r.a LEXINGTON AVENUB.-TO 1-KT, WIIMI BOARD, if." a second -lory front Boom, Willi alcove; relcrOno.'.* given ud rtqiM. \ r[\ WEST FIFTIRT I STREET, BETWEEN I'll^TII ?)" ami Sixth avenues ? A neooili Klr?or to i<*t, with Hoard ; a! ho & kdiuIo Kooiq ; houwo owoou by occupant. C(l V/I.HT Till 1CTV FIFTH STREET. -A PRlVATfc ?)U r i id 1 1 > of lour have a large front Alcove RoonA wi'.h lii-i' class Hoard l terms reasonable lor a handsome I and comfortat If home ; reiorence. 1 r(\ WK T TWBNTY-S1XTII STREBT.-NBW AND i)U handsomely lurnl.-hcd Booing to lot, with Board. ri WEST TWELFTH STRP.ET, BKTWBKN FIFTH ?) I ami Hi x i It ?venue*? Board and Boom* may be ob tained In i small I rivnte lamily; moh-ralc term* /-?> SCOTS WASH I NO TON SQUARE, I'OU KTH ?)?? street.? 'landso.nely furnished Booms and Bed rooms, tvlili or without Hoard, with a Gorman lamily; ?llconvouicaoM; private tiihlc it desired. r.o wkst twenty-fifth htbkbt.? elegantly ?/?> iiiuiwlrvl Rooms, suitable for families or single (fenlli men ; lii'ule an I bouse strictly c!a->s; iilsu nu | r.ii.iiii'iUutittn lor tub'.e hoarder*. I ~ 4 WKST 'I WKNTY FOURTH STRBHT, RETWFT'N ?J'I l ;ttli and Sixth avenues.? Pleasant Booms, with Hoard, on second nnd tlilrd floors, lor Imnilli-Si ?mi{le Cooms lor gentlemen ; terms moderate. K r JANK BTREBT.-A NEWLY FURNISHED FRONT *.'?# l oom to let, Willi or wi.hout Hoard ; also an un turnlshed hack t'arlor; all the Improvement*. rr. GROVE street ? a few furnished rooms, uu with Board, on nodtrtlt terms. WEMT ELEVENTH BTRBKT.? II ANDSOMELY lurniahcd Booms, wilji or without Hourtl r,o WK.T NINETEENTH KTRBKT.? A VERY UK ? JO slrahlc ..'ill oi Uooiua to rent, with Hoard, in a small lamily oi adults; one or two Rooms lor gentlemen ; reference*. fid WKST FIFTIETH HTBKBT, BI'.TWttKN KIFTII ")" ' ami >'i> ;h nv. linos.? -Handsomely furnished Booms to rent, with Hoard, in a quiet, private house; references en hanged j location unexceptionable. flO MADISON AVENIIB, NRAH TWENTY-SEVENTH ")?/ street Handsomely furnished Rooini to let, en su i te or singly, with Hoard; house has liuou newly fur nished ; no moving Muv 1. 17 1\ 1 RVINO PLACE (GRAMEROY PARK). -NOW I 17 vaoanl, thlnl front lurge Kootp. with Dressing Boom; two large linll Booms; smrie Moor; lablo first claw; pri -en moderate; permanent arrangements. 7"| ST STREET, NEAR LEXINGTON AVKNUE. ? FUB I 1 nUlicil Rooms, also Board II' required, in a tlrst class brow n atone front house. Apply at 100 East Fifty tiiird street. n MADISON AVENUE.? ONE FLOOR, WITH PRI vate table; also Booms, with or without Board; unexceptionable reference. 79 WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A DBS lit A It I, I'. _i Boom to let, with Hoard, to gentleman and wife or Rentieineu; terms moderate ; references exchanged. 70 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STRBBT.? FURNISHED I " ) Booms. with Board, to gentlemen with their wives or single gentlemen; house newly furnished. rr A BAST SIXTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR MADISON I r avenue, one block from Central Park.? Hand somely lUi'Blfched inr imiurnisliedl Rooms, with Hoard, singly or en suite, in u new four story brown stone house ; te:erenc. s. lfiA CIIAULES STREET.? BOARD FOB TWO Loo gentlemen, in a private American family ; terms %b SO per week. Call all the week. "in/? EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STRKET. BETWEEN 1\'?J I.exinglon and Fourth avenue?.? Furnished Honins to rent, with Board, to lumilies ano geuUumen. Reterences. lftr. WEST TWBNTY-EIonTH STREET.? TO I.KT, furnished, Second Floor, consisting of three rooms, with or without Board; also third story trout Room. lflfi KAST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? ONE LARGE trout Room, on second floor, to let, with Hoard; references exchanged. ' 1HQ EAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.? SEOOND Il/t7 story front Komi. Bedroom and back Parlor, with Board; also hull Room. UO BAST FORTIETH STREET. - A SECOND FLOOB O of three rooms to let, with or without Board, to parties with good reterences; family privute. H A LEXINGTON AVENUE ? TWO VERY PLEASANT X L HI: Room* to let, wiih Hoard. -11,1 EAST EIGHTEENTH 8TBBBT, FOUR DOORS IJt from Clarendon Hotel.? Furnished Rooms to let to gentlemen, without board; house llrst class. 1 C)A EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue.? A very desirable Suit of Rooms, with Board; also single Rooms, ior gentlemen ; house strictly tlrst class, and owned by occupant; references. mEAST TWBNTY-SBVENTH STREET.? TO LET, with Board, two connecting Kooivs on first floor; also two or tlirce other Rooms; references given and re quired. "I no BAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A PABliOR .L^jO Floor to lot, with Board; hot and cold water. ikio East twkmy kiitii street.- a PARLOR Fluor to let, with Board; liot and cold water. mEAST SIXTEENTH STRKKT NEAR IRVINiJ place. ? Desirable Rooms to rent, with Board, to gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; reference*. IO a WKSi THIRTBBNTH STREET (EXCELLENT LOt: central location).? Handsomely furnished Rooms, eu siilto or singly, withBuarn: private lamily; good ta ble; entire second Story if desired; terms moderate; reference required. !??/? MADISON AVENUE, NORTHWEST CORNER lOU oi Thirty-first street ? Parlor Floor, elegantly furnished, with private tabic, from Mouday, April 2K, lor. the Summer or the year. IOQ SULLIVAN STREET. -LARO K ROOM AND ?JO o!her pleasant Room* to let. with Board, to re spoetable men or man and wife ; terms moderate ; Amer ican family. 1 OQ WKST SIXTEENTH STREET.? PLEA8ANT 1 ? )0 Roomi, with Board, lor In in I lies or gentlemen; relercnce. 1?JQ WKST FOURTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOME iO<7 Room* on the second and third floor*, with Board ; slum: ion very desirable; wide, airy and open through to Hi" next street. mffligT FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN SIXTH and seventh avenues.? Handsomely furnished Room*, wlili Hoard, lor gentlemen and their wives or siuje gentlemen; house and table llrst class. 1 .JO WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED I. T* J Rooms to let, with Board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and wives; taring moderate. l IO EA8T MOTH STREET.? nicely FURNISHED I tO alcove front Room, on second floor, and Rood Hoard ; $17 per week for two; one back Room. 914; two minute* from cars. 1 "1 EAST THIRTY-NINTH STREET.? A NICELY I ? ' I ftirnlatied Room, with closets, bath, Ac., with or vlthotit Hoard; also a tront 1'itrlor, unfurnished ; teruis moderate ; ? onre niem to e:?rs and stages. 1 CO WEST TWENTY. FOURTH STREET.? PLEA 1 ?Jv) satif Rooms, with Board ; house contains all im- | i'roveni<nts: tutile well supplied and neutly served; terms, $i> to tamllv small ; relerences ; no moving. IDC WEST TENTH STREET -A CHOICE OF LO?J large, newly and elegantly furnished Rooms to a ccntiemftti and wife or single gentleman, with first class Hoard. References exchanged. m LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER THIRTY first street..? To let. with Board, a pleasant Suit ot" Roonir, to lamily or party of gentlemen ; also single Rooms ; te rtn * reaso liable. AA0 KAsr SIXTY-THIRD STREET. -A SECOND ? <U*J Floor to let, with Board, to a lamily ; also other to suit applicants; house private, with all mo dern improvements term* reasonable. 4l/|7 WEST THIRTY EIOHTH STREET -SI. IT OF ' ' | Room*, hot and cold water, hath, Ac., on first tloor, and Rooms on second floor, to let, with Hoard ; house la thorough repair; table a speelalty. Ol er EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. - FURNISHED Booms to let, with or without Board. t?Q7 EASi TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND _ ? I and Third avenne*. ? Niccly lurntshed front Room*, with Board, for gentlemen, in a French family; moderate prices, references required. ?KU VAST 1MTH STREET, HARLEM.? TO LET, Mi)l ffirnished, with or without Board, a iront Alcove Kioin; also l ack I'arlor; house first class, brown stone. Reiereneei exchanged. q-1 WEST FIFTY-SECOND STREET.? TO LET, ) I with Board, to a gentleman and wile, an un furnished l>a<k Room on second floor, in private house; terms $ls p?r week. Oft WEST THIRTY-RIQRTH STREET.? A SMALL _ ? )') privaie family would rent, with Board, to a gen tleman and wile or ?inglr gentleman, p!ca?aut Rooms; ^ terms reasonable; references exchanged. ' '>^7 w, r THIRTY-EIOHTH STREET. -TO LET, ? '*1 will'. Hoard, large ironi Rooms, suitable for gen tlernen and wives or vinitle gentleaien : also ethers, suits ! blc lor single gentlemen; reierence required. Qftn WEST TWENTY. FIRST STREET.? PLEASANT ? f)\l furnished (looms to let, with Hoard, smglv or en | ,-uite ; house and table first class; terms reasonable; no moving, reierence*. ?>7,J EAST TENTH STREET.? ROOMS TO LET, I TT with Hoard, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. .?|7 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? II AND ?>I I suinclv furnished Rooms to let, with Hoard, on ] the first and second Doors; house anJ tabic first class; 1 references exchanged. 007 WEST THIRTY FIFTH STREET. ? HANDSOME ? >?)! Iv lumi-hcd Rooms, with Hoard, in a private fan ily. for gentlemen and their wives and single gentle men ; no moving; lenna reasonable. , o n O WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A LA RUE ? >?)?! second story front Room to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wile or one or two tougle gcu.lemen, ia"a priv ate tamllv. O f- 7 KAST PORTY-NINTH STREET? ONE OB TWO ? >? ) I neatly furnished Rooms, with all modern im provements, lor one or two gentlemen or man an J wila, with or without Hoard, in a brown stone prlvata h. -< . /J 1 Q WKST KIOHTEENTH STREET ?A ROOM AND ilO Bedroom, OB parlor floor, with Board, tor two gentlemen or gentleman and wile, $14 per week; also j upper Hall R mtn. __________ 40 J FIKIli AVENUE.? BOARD.? A VERY 'CHOICE ?) i of * i Mrtiuents will bevacatedon May I; Rooms tor single irentletlien ___ A Hyff'SOMhLt KUMNISHED ROOM TO LET? ? ,/V With Board to single gentleman, in refined private lamily, neai Fourteenth street west aide; relerences ex changed. Address rll KKKA, box 142 Herald ofllee. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO LET A Comfortable Floor, witli good Hoard, on Madison avenue, vicinity of twenty. ninth atreel, Address ilioiK, hok IW UeralU uptown Branch utligv. L3iw Uivadv.a.v X V ,i BOAKDEUB WANTKD. ^ A FINELY PUUNISIIKD FLOOR OK SUIT ? LSO K nglo Koom , wilh exrellent Hoard; | table if de-"ro<l; h private, roilned homo in every respe< t. "4 l-iulitccirh afreet, third door coal of Broadway. Tortus modern ie. Arj.HAt.ANT PROMT BOOM TO 1H- WITH Board, U> Iwn gentlemen, for $16; hot and cold w itc- ainvle close's ; vicinity ol Fourteenth slieet and 8ovi n h u veil uo. Address M.' B., box WO Herald Uptown Branch MADISON AYF.NUB, MP.AB THIRTY-KOUBTH street.? Board, with etegnnt Seemid or 'I bird floor In n sir, all |ii iva o family, wiio will receive t>u oneor two rar.c i only ; superior anpoliiuiicn!*, references, 4 c. | Apply m West Thirty ?Mixta wrqot, >ttar :< i*. M. , "pAK't 1KB IN 8SAR0R OP IQABMW FLAOBS CALL I lor Irec leriuitsat QKNUNU'8 Boarding lureclory, 37 Union square. r?WO IiAKGK AND KLKO ANTLY NHWLY FURNISH HI) i connecting Rooms, hi first clMI brown atone house; every convenience; superior Hoard; ternni moderate. Ill hast Twenty-seventh itroit, batween Lexington and Fourth avenue-', 5 or 7 minute* of Filth Avenue uotel and Broadway. ll.gliest reterenno. IIOAUD AND LODaiNU WANTKO. A GENTLEMAN DKBIRES HOARD FOR SULK, wile iiihI> three girl ctiildren (iiimer tf yetirs) in a private family, tiom May 1 ; terms not to < xcoi d $11*1 per month ; reicrciifcs exchanged. Please nildr, ?.i A (!. II., Herald Uptown ltruneli .. ? c AOKNTl.i'MAN WIBHBS TO RNOAOR TAMA Hoard in a licit claim house in Fourteenth street, between University place and Sixth avenue; price $7 per WOek. Address L. S. !>., box 149 Herald office. Board.- a gentleman in business uown town wauls a ? onilortHliIn well turn islieil Room ; closets, water mid tine n bath with or without Brcuk last; il suitable would be permanent: mine need an swer unless all above requisite*. Address HOME, t'oat office box 1,1% J Board wanted? for gentleman, wife. nkk vant and child (three yea ft* old), in private lamily or where there are tew other hoarders, with privili ge ol washing it rtOHlred, below Twenty-third street, In good location; went side preterred. Address, wiiii tornu and location, II. (J. II., box 1,U82 1'oat otlice. Board wantkd? by two oentlkmkn; onr larue I'ooom, with Hoard, botwocii Twentieth and Thirty-eighth streets, Sixth and I oxiiigton avenues; t this not more tbau $9 each. Address 0. KDVVAK1M, Herald oltieo. Board wanted? by gentleman and wifb-, a ltoiim with southern exposure; term* moderate. Address B., box 100 Herald office, stating lull partlcnt irs. Board wantkd? by a i.ady, in a oentral locution ; must not exoeod $8 per weeiu best or ret' crence. Address BOARD, box 111 llerald i:|fiwu Branch office. BOARD WANTED? BY A i.ady OF BBBPBOTABIIal ty ; Rnod sized Koom ; $12 to $14 per week, according to accommodation ottered; smalt family preterred, with home comlorts; between Twentieth anil Fortieth streets. Address CATHERINE, He raid Uptown Branch olilce, l,2l>5 Hi oa I way. Harlem.? an elderly widow lady wishes permanent Board in a small private tumllv ; would furnish room; terms must be moderate. Address, with lull particulars, S., box 171 Herald Uptown Branch otlice. Koom and board wanti.d by a young lady, in u private Ismllv, not fur froip Fourth avenue ami Twelfth street; terms must be moderate. Address BWKDK, box 142 Herald olllee. rpwo rooms, unfurnished, with board, in a 1 Herman private family, lor two persons Address immediately, suiting terms, 0., Herald office. References exchanged. WANTED? BY A LADY, BOARD IN A BBSPBOT able family; terms not to exceed $T>. Address M. s., Herald ottioo. "TIT ANTED? IN A PRIVATE JEWISH FAMILY, AN ?T untnrnixhed Room, with Board, tor gentleman and wife; locality between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets; references exchanged. Address, staling terms, box Im Herald office. i{((TEL?. ANOKLL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, (H Lexington avenue.? Rooms tor gentlemen or l:imi lies, traii.iii'iit or permanent, with or without meals; pri vate table if desired. Bulbs open all night. Boarders wanted? at waverley house, 759 Broad wa v ; 32 n liav, 99 to 912 a week; furnished Rooms, without board, *4 to $7 a week ; laiuily Rooms, $7 to 915 a week. / 1 ALLEN HOUSE, 166 HUDSON STREET, CORNER of Laiglit? Excellent liourd, #(i to $7 so per week, with single Boom : single Room, without hoard, $2 and up wards-, Lodging, 50 cents, gentlemen only, Open all night. Honii st. Abvair, fifth avenue, twenty. second street and Broadway.? E.egnnt Suits and single Rooms now vacant ; table d'hote or European plan ; roost central location ; rooms all front. Maison i'arisienne, :a and 40 east twelfth street, between Unlver-.lty place nud Broadway. ? Elegant suit anil single Rooms; private attendance il re qntre I : table rkttc at 6 ::?) P. M., at $1 30, in chiding lyine. New England hotel, 30 boweby, corner of Bavard street.? 2tKHIght Rooms, neatly furnished, OOc. or 6t)c. per night, $2 DO to $4 per week. KorgcuUcnien only. PICKWICK HOUSE, 147 AND 149 CEDAR STREET, convenient to New Jersey terrie-.? Single Rooms, 28c., S8c. and 50c. per night ; by the week, $i and up wards. Open all night. WATnUT HOUSE. 759 BROADWAY ? Kt'Ll. Board $2 a day, $9 to $12 n week ; Rooms, without hoard, 7.r> cent* a <lav, 94 to Si a week; tuiniiv Rooms $! SO and 92 a day, 97 to 915 a week. COUNTRY HOARD. A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED -Y. with good Board and pleasant Rooms, near Darien i Station, New York and New Haven Railroad. Address S. , SEBLY, Darien, Conn. Board? from ist ok may, for lady andoen- 1 tieinan, with Parlor and Bedroom, ut the Hamilton Honsc. Peterson, N. .r. i Board wantkd-by gentleman and wife, \ j nst out ot the city; convenient to bn'incsss terms I moderate. Address, with lull particulars, tor three day.-, i A. B. C., Herald office. T30ARD ?AT A. P. SMITH'S, NYACK, FROM MAY 1. Board can be had on a farm in westches ter, 30 miles Horn New York ; healthy ; shady; terms tor iid u Its, $8 to $10; children halt' price. Address WELD, Herald office. / 10DNTRY BOARD ? AT PASSAIC, N. J., IN PRIVATE family; 48 minutes troin New York, on Erie Railroad; location best in the town, with fine rooms and splendid outlook. Address A. B. 0., box 121 He raid office. tlOU NTRY BOARD WANTED? IN MAY, FOR THREE ) adults, within walking distance from depot or boat. Address, with terms and particulars. c. B. A., box 175 Herald Uptown Branch office. /lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR THREE ADULTS V' and little boy, accommodations must be desirable and reasonable ; location healthful and easy of access. Address, with lull particulars, box 2.560 Post office. /"I OOD TABLE AND PLEASANT ROOMS? AT \T Orange, N.jJ. Address W. R P., Orange, N. J. r ONO BRANCH.? BOARD WANTED, BY A FAMILY I J ot ndults. about July 1; entire Second Story ot a cot tage ou the beach required. Address, with location and price, ,i., box \ ass Post otiice. ORANGE. N. J.? DELIGHTFUL LOCATION; LARGS, shaded, ornamental grounds; pleasant, comfortable rooms; good table; convenient to two depots; moderate terms. Address Mrs. M., corner Oakland and Central avenues. \lfiNTED-IN FARM HOUSE, ONE ROOM AND i m Board lor a lady and husband, on sea shore, not a j great distance trom New York ; terms low. Address. ! stating means of conveyance and terms, D., box e?3 Post I otiice, New York. "117' ANTED? BOARD IN THE COUNTRY, ON THE ? T New Haven or Harlem Railroad, not over 40 to 50 minutes irom the city, tor gentleman and wife; must have imating and fishing. Address, stating price, L. B. H., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,205 Broadway. ll'MMBR RESORTg' Heath house, schoolevs mountain springs, Morris county^ N. J . will be open tor the reception ot guests June 1. Applications lor rooms cuii be mane bv inail or personally at the Colemun House, Broadwav, New 1 York, where the proprietor, with plans ot the bouse, can be -ecu every Wednesday, irom 12 until :t o'clock. J. Warren coLkman, Proprietor. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will N> opened on or about the 1st of May. For terms, Ac., address COtZENS A MURRAY. Knglewood, N. J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE? DELIGHTFULLY SITU ated on the Sound, one mile from New Rochclle de pot; sea bathing, fishing, boating, pleasant drives, sta bling, Ac. Early application for choice of rooms to A. C. I'EYMi'TON ,54 Wen Twenty-fourth -trc<>t. Riverside hotel, carmaxsvillk, foot of I52il street. North River, has been thoroughly refitted and newly furnished; will lie open tor the reception of Sliest# on or about the 1st of Mav. Applications for ;ooms received at tiie hotel by the undersigned. S. F. PAULL. yj. PUNCALF. DT. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J. -EIGHT O minutes from Jersey city ferry, Cortlandt or Des brosses street; Pennsylvania Railroad: bcautiftil loca ? lion ; first class table; elegantly lurnishea suite or singly; all modern improvements; boating, driving, >.ood stabling, Ac. ST. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRIGHTON. BTATKN Island, will open for the season Mav I). Families or single gentlemen wishing accommodations tor the Mum , mer will tlnd this the most accessible and desirable loca tion Irt the vicinity of New York. Applications lor rooms I received at the hotel. O. I)E CAM P, Proprietor. ; XV IHTFSTonE HOUSE, WHITE8TONE, U L, ?f will open May 1 ; 60 inmates trom New York by I boat or rail; gas and water in every room ; very favor able arrangements made with parties ruining early. E. If. Powell, Proprietor. WfMI POINT Hotel, ?T fronting the parade ground, is now open. For particulars address W ILL IAM B i wZZKNS MARILR HANTI LH. ~~ I A KLAHER, STEAM M ARHLK A > D M ARBLEIZI NO , A. Works, I Si and 198 Bast Eighteenth street? Marble and Martilelsed Mantel.. Tiling, Marble Counters. Motiu nicnts, nV| riee? llint V'y 1 "mpetition Marble Turning lor tne trade. An assortment of mantels, unsurpassed for tM'UUty of design and quality ot vYorkmauship. Mate Work ot all kind- a specialty. PENRHYN SI.VTK company, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Colon square. STEWART'S SLATE M ANTBLS.? RICH AND ELK gant designs; Slate Works ot ever) description ; Mar ble and Wood Mantels. T B. STKWART A Ctk. 1W an J ga West Twenty third street, near Seventh |(MM< N. *i SKLABER A CO.. STEAM MaRHLE AND MARBLE _? i /.lug Works, 221 West Fiiiy-;irst street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. .Marble, m irbiolxud Man tels, MoiiuaMBt*. Headstones, largQ Mtectlofu at vciy I low pruw t . A MIJHEiirENTf*. Booth -H theatre. bouoicault ktlwiu Booth. . . Manager and Proprietor LAST WEliiC 11UT 0?E ot'thn groat I ComedUa. Dr. Dion Bouoicault. LAST MOHTs Of hia popular Irlah Drama of ARK.Ul NA P.IUOK ' Lusi MrhU of Ilia beautiful Comedy-Drama. KBttBY. Mlt. BOUOICAULT uRHAUN TH8 fOHT and. KBRRT MR., BARKY tlx MIL) HA 1. 1., KEiiNY MATINEE of A Kit All NA POGUB on SATURDAY at * Seat* *p 'Mi rod nix days id h i vftrico at Uie theatre, or at DilHoit A Co.'s idumo atoro, ill fcoMWy. BOOMS TH I'.ATit K. - N k: I.HON. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Reappearance or Ml.iS NEIijKON on MONDAY, May 1J. On whieb onfMion will l>o produced, I'or flic first time In Nuw York, iiitor Ion* preparation, tlie grand Historical and Romantic Drama ol AMY ROBSART, liy Andrew Hall, day, bq., and founded on Sir Waller Heott'H innious Historical Koinanco ol Kcnilwortli, in which Miss N M I iSwN will nu.ttam liur original character o? AMY ROBSART. OLYMPIC THBATBB, 6.'4 Broadwav JAMES K. HAYKS MANAGER TH E PUBLIC VOIUfc,. THE PUBLIC PRESS ENDORSE IT. THE I'llrtlilC'H CATERER, in consequence, annoutiooa Hial hii will couUnuo UNTIE FURTHER NOTICE toprenont, |,V!.;HV kvknino at >?, THE FIFTH EDITION . 0f -?-? * 0. L. FOX'S . * ? O. L. POX'S HUMPTY DUUPTY, THOROUGHLY RECONSTRUCTED BY THE AUTHOR. Now Cast.

Now Burlesque Opening, Now Scenery. Now Mimic. Now Tricks and I', (Toots, and AN ENTIRELY NEW PANTOMIME. The following specialty Artists will appear, assisting In lliin CARNIVAL OK PUN. First appcarnnccot die peerless Mile. MORLACCHI. Mile. MOKLACCHI, Milt'. MORt.ACUlII, in her unrivalled DIVERTISShMi.NiS 'lERI'SICORKAN. TIIE WILSON BROTHERS, (iV AINA8TS EXTRAORDINARY WILLIAM and HARRY JEE. CHAMPION II A* HI'INNF.RS OK THE WORLD, in their tauious soecialty, entitled MUSICAL ROOKS. AM ERIC US. (lie wonderful INFANT VIOLINIST. Last week of PROFESSOR NELSON and SONS. Itevival ol the great RAILROAD SCENE COMIC SKATING ACT. A new Historical Tatilouu of WASHINGTON CROSSING THE DELAWARE. M ATI NEKS WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY,' " 2 O'CLOCK. QI.YMI'IC THEATRE. 6 REMEMBER! 6 O. I.. FOX 2 ? appears in 4 COMEDY. B All the R (1REAT O CARDS A ol the D NOVELTY W THEATRBS A will Y, appear. See Hills or the , f?a.v. LET EVERY ONE ATTEND. ENCINO AND BOXING ACADEMY. 18 CLINTON plaec, near Broadway.? Boxing taught in 12 lessons. A flne assortment ol Fencing Apparatus and Boxing (ilovex On huiut and tor sale. Colonel MONSTER Y. ?mi BOWERY. <fe ?A AT ^UI T MATINEE TO DAY T 9i TONY PASTOR'S. <3> ? ^ o'clock. Association hall.? to-night, "funny peo ple." Dr. J. <1 AY V1LLERS, in hi* laughable scene ol the orator under the influence of laughing gus. Re ?erred ?eat?7lcent?, at w. a. nan AM. ARE INVITED TO STUDY THE VIOLIN AND all blanches ol muxle, ut Uirard College ol' Music, Broadway and Ninth street. Cabinet Organs, Ave oc tave, double reed, lor sale. PIANOFORTES, ORGAN*, ?U . I 4 T-HAINES BROS.' | A 27 Union square , Pirst class handsome new Pianofortes tor sale mi very reasonable terms, ami M-vcral used a little. \ cry low tor cash. ATA SACRIFICE? A FIRST CLASS SQUARE BOSE Jx wood Piano! 7.'-4 ocwve; earvcd legs, cane ; round cornered; yet new, with Cover find stool. Parties in want of a Ural class instrument would do well, before purchasing elsewhere, toeall at 63 Orchard street, tourth floor. 4 BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIANO, ONLY $150; A 1\ Stein way Pianoforte, carved leys. overstrung; little used , i-verv improvement ; great sacrifice tor cash. J. BIDDLE, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway. 1 4 PRIVATE FAMILY Of ADULTS, OCCUPYING . V their own house on Lexington avenue, will receive a handsome piano and paintings tor storage lor the use thereof. Address LEXINGTON AVENUE, Herald office. ! A HANDSOME 7 OCTAVK PIANO, STOOL AND I Cover, at a great bargain ; the owner Is leaving the city, t all at 1(7 Charles street, near Greenwich avenue, or will lease the same at $K per month. ? $1-5 BEAUTIFUL iron FRAME PIANOFORTE, . modern improvements; tttlly guaranteed; rose- i wood, 7 octave, agraffe; immense sacrifice. GOLDsMITH'8, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. A LADY WILL SELL FOB $160, COST $4.'0, BEAUT 1 i\ titul rosewood 7 octave upright Pianoforte ; perfect i order, tnodeni style And improvements; sweet, powerful I 1 tone. 28 Third >trcet, near Bowery. TtPBIVATE RESIDENCE 104 HAST TWENTY FIFTH J\ street, between Fourth aad Lexington avenues? Private laniilv will sell their magnificent double round 7'? octave rosewood Pianoforte, brilliant tone, patent j agraffe. tully guaranteed, nearly new; cost $%(), ior $'.(*); Stool, Cover; Cabinet, Parlor Suits, Painting*. Chamber, Library, Dining Furniture; a .sacrifice. Pianoforte has box lor shipping. 4 RESPONSIBLE FAMILY, HAVING EXTRA BOOM. J3L will take a piano without cost to the owner; good care and security givcu. Address MYRON, 20;! Last For ty eighth street. A MAGNIFICENT fU OCTAVB ROSEWOOD PIANO Vv torte tor sale? Made order, city maker; tully guar- i antced, u-ed 5 months, cost $WW, lor $275; Parlor Suits, ' Efageres, Bronzes, Chamber, Dining Furniture, Slver wure, Ac. ; a sacrifice. Property family leaving city, 36 West 15th St., near 5th av. A ITKNTION. MUSICAL PUBLIC. -THE UNDER i\ signed will remove bis warerooms about May I to 26 ! Bleecker street, near Bowery, and shall constantly keep : oil hand a large assortment ol tirst class new and second hand Planotortes. at exceedingly low prices for cash or I on instalments, or to rent ; Pianofortes tuned, repaired and taken in exchange N. B.? Prior to removal several second hand Planotortes at a sacrifice or balance of stock j at auction April 29. See autlon notice. .IONAS G. GOLD- , SMITH. No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. AT 120 WEST 230 ST. -PRIVATE FAMILY WILL sell their magnificent 7'? octave tour round cor- i tiered rosewood Pianoforte, used 8 months, cost $1,000, tor $:?*), including Stool, Cover and Music Cabinet; cost $100; i also Parlor and Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Mirrors, China and Silver, Buffet, Extension Tables, Basement and Kitchen Furniture, less than half cost. N. B.? House open to-dav (Sunday) or Mondav. t.ood Pianoforte for $lot'. _ _ A FAMILY LEAVING CITY WILL SELL FOB HW their magnificent rosewood 7.'? octave four round cornered Pianoforte, cost $1,000, embracing all improve menis, Broauwav maker; a beautiful 7 octave grand square, $850, for $2.'.'i: also entire Household Furniture ; great ?aeriflee. < 'all at private residence 210 West 21st st., near 7th av. / micKERiNc; BOSBWOOD PIANOFORTE ONLY Mi I ' great bargain; niinriiltlcent Instrument, having carved legs, overstrung bass, every modern improve t incut; extraordinary sacrifice lor cash. JAMES GORDON, 157 Bleecker street. | CI DLL GRAND PIAKO~ Ft'l* SALE? Q~U ITE NEW. r price $?*i0; cost $1,500. Apply at residence, Fifth avc nuc. north west corner 126th street. IillRST CLASS 7l? OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT 1 wholesale prices, direct from factory. Send for cir cular. 7H Barrow street, near Hudson. IjlOlfSALE? AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. A SPLENDID 1 7 octave I'ianol'erte, but little used, has all modern improvements, Ac. Apply at 223 East Forty- seventh street, between Second and Third avenues. EW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DO U B 1 E KKKD Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at RKDUCKll PRICES . $110 anil $125 each Fifty other styles, $55 to $500 and upward each. The MASON A HAMLIN Organ Companv now otter, at their new warerooms, liuon square, the lamest assortment of the best instruments of this class in the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their uneaualled facilities tor manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege of purchase tor quarterly or monthly payments. - - ? ? -- -- ? ? . ? ? ? PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP hs the cheapest, goon us the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed ptircliamtr; at MEKRULL'S, No. f Union squaw, 16(i Fourth avtinue PIANO*. SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, IN thorough order. t?r sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on instalments, by CHICKERINtl A SONS, II East Fourteenth street, between Droadway and Fifth av PIANOS AND ORGANS.? GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at tower prices tor cash, or muntliiv iiistu lun nis, or tor rent, during thJs month, at WATER*', (i Br< rtdunv, than can be found elsewhere. SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS TO THOSE WANTING new or second hand I mnos? Bither cash or on the easy monthly payment plan. WM. A. POND A CO..M7 Broadway. 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, FULL IRON frame, overmrung t>ass, carved cast- and legs, only $150 with stool and caver, li lake u this Jay. A(#ly at lit) Bleecker street, first floor W VM KI) TO PURCHAitK 11' ANTRD-ONB Kit. LI \HD TABLE. NEFRIOKR A TV tor. Bar and Club Room Fixit'iT* and Furnitura. call between ten end twelve, lu^thrw dav* of addryM u. B .if n?rt ar evrwt AWtHICWKNT*. ACADEMY OF^UUSIC. LYDIa THOMPSON. The world-lamed "Poerlea* Quern o? HurJencjuo." MISS LYdTa TIIOMPSOW mill una i n com p a k a blb company,. Mio inOHt complete Burlesque Organization m ttie world, Will clone the dramatic season of IN7J-75 by HBVKN UALA P E K M O M A N OlvS POPULAR PRICKS * POPULAR pricks HO EXTRA CHARGE Villi RRSERVKD SKATS. OH ANflK OF KILL WITH EACH PERFORM A if UK. MONDAY Evening. May 6 BLIJB BEAitD TUESDAY Evening, May 0. KBNILWORTU WEDNESDAY Evening, May 7 LUIIMNK TUURHDAY Evening, May?~~. RUBIN HOOD FRIDAY B veiling, M*y D. . . Benefit of Miss THOMPSON *n<J Kvo,lin* la,4t ajM?e?rdncen. <)ll Mllii SmlT! .|!lSul'?B2t'"toU WiUl ,lt" Hil' ?' FULL k ? ?i'H[ r m u together with the i.i.IALIIls, marked thATUKKH of Uiu Ooinjunr. ,, . . , SCALE (?K PRICKS. Hoxoh, cftDJiblo of iioooniiiiodAUiiff tour ixsraofiH 46* Or* clH htni, $1 W); Balcony Circle, iff? &i?i|y KS2 iJeiniL The mi lo oi> Boxm and HcaSf wlT"J?Vm^nc? ? Vat Ai adeiny ol Music Monday, Aprii ?i, and niav I>o Imd at ^chirmer's, 701 and 114 iiroadway. y 00 1 mu Matinee prices to all part* ol tlio house $1 tor which seals may lie ?? cured lu advance. ft t i i avi'.nue tiikatk;:. (curtain ui.rn at 7". i tj Mr AUGUSTlf? DALY Solo Leiuioo and Manager OIVOROKI! Augnstin Daly's freat Drama ol Hoc.lety, RVI.IIV MGilT AND SATURDAY MAl'iNHH. Characters by Mfca CLARA MORRIS, Miss FANNY DAVCNPORT, MUrt FANNV MORANf, Miss LlNiM DIET/., M hm SARAJKWWfT, Mrs. 0. II. GILHKKI', Miss NkLLY MOftllMEK, Mil* ROBERTA NORWOOD Mr. 'GEORGE Ol.AllKK, Mr. CHARLES FISHER, Mr. JAMES LEWIS, Mr. W. DAVIDOE, Mr. LOUIS JAMES, Mr. I1KNRY CRISP, Mr. D WHITING, Mr OWEN FAWCKTT, Mr. OKORaiC DI.VEItK, Ml FRANK CHAPMAN, Mr. J. A MACK AV, Mr. W. 8KB KM AN. MONDAY, May 3-Rcnetltof Mr. LOU IB JAMES. WEDNESDAY, May 7? Itciiotltol Mrs. G. II. OII.HKRT. IN REHEARSAL for magnificent production, hii orig i lui I pluy of POWERFUL EMOTIONAL CHARACTER, hy Mr. AUOU8TIN DALY, partly louudcd nil n drama by Or. MOSENTll AL ol Vienna, and prepared expressly lor this company. Rvcry preparation is in progress to make thin brilliant jila.v a worthy crowning to Hit: soa-son just ending, and to signnli/.o the closing pcriuriiiuucea ol tne I'll lli A von mi Theatre prior to the Summer recess. CI RAN I) 01' Kit A HOUSE, X West Twenty-third street, corner ol' Eighth avenue. Mr. AUGITSTIN DALY Solo Lessee and Manager Curtain rises at a quarter to 8 o'o look. In consequence ot the extraordinary deiiuin I llio Box Office lor the sain ot Tickels ami Unserved ,Seats will lie open daily I mm 8 o'clock A. M. till 0 P. M. Seats may always he secured one week in advance. ??* Au Extra Ticket Offlco (lor the convenience of the ptililio) is opened at the Kittli Aveuuu Theatre, 728 and 730 Broadway. KVBRY NH1IIT AND SATURDAY MATIN RE will be acted, lor the first time in this city, Mr. CUARLRH PKCIITBR'S Dramati/ution, in tlvo acts, ot Aloxauder Dumas' celebrated Romance, entitled MONTK CIIRI8TO. Rrery Scene, the Mechanical F.ffects, Properties and (!(>stuiues? all new. EDMUND DANTHH...'....~ Mr. CHARLES PBCHTER Other diaracters by Mr. ('hurles Wheatleich, 11. T. Rincw'old. O'Orstiy Onden, C. II. Rockwell, J. B. Studley, Charles Iicclorcq, ueor/e Devere, ,1. W. Jennings, Miss l.ix'.io Price, Mrs. Chaptuan, Miss Josephiue Henry, Cora Casaidy, Ae. SYNOPSIS. ACT I. Scknk I? The Catalan Village. Sckmk 2? Villol'ort's Cabinet. Hck.xa 3? The Reserve Inn. ACT II Scum 1? An Apartment at. the Count do Moncerf's. Schnm 2? The Cells ot the Chateau d'lf. Scmnk .t? The Cemetery ol tho Chateau d'li. ACT X. Sin..!**? The I nu of the Pontdu (lard. act 4. Scknii? (Conservatory at the Count de Moncerf's. ACT 5 Scknk? The Forest ol Vincenncs. Murnitn;. IRLO'S OAEDEN. PANTOMIME, LULU. COMPLETE AND OTEP.WHEl.MINO SUCCESS. The new and brilliant ballet-spectacle-pautoininio, AZKABi.; OK, TIIE MAOiC (ill ARM. azrai:l; or, the maoic charm. ROARS OF LAUGHTER | UNBOUNDED ENTHUSI AT THE I ASM AT TIIE INIMITABI.E DROLLERY | OKACE, SKII.L AN1) DAR OF I IKO (IK THE MAFFWT ANDBARTHOL- | (i REAT SENSATION OYM OMKW AS I N AST. LULU, CLOWN AND PANTA LOON. | LULU. LULU, LUI.U, SUPERB TRIUMPH | OF I IN TIIE MOST LANNIEIT AND PITTERt THRILLING ANI? WON AND I DEKI't'L EXPLOITS CORPS DE BALLET ! IM MID- V 1 It, IN THE I NEW AND UNIQUE ! INCLUDING DANCES | THE REMARKABLE I EAT TIIE MAGNIFICENT | . OF SCENERY, I LEAt'lNG AT ONE ROUND THE MUSIC, I FltOM THE THE COSTUMES AND i STAGE TO A . PROPEKTIKS I PLATFORM PRONOUNCED | THIRTY FIVE FRKT UNAPPROACHABLE. I ABOVE IT. FIRST MATINEE, WEDNESDAY. April 30, at 1*< o'clock. FIRST MATINEE, WEDNESDAY, April M, at ljj o'clock. XTIBLO'S GARDEN. MATINKK, IN WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, af HALF-PAST ONE. M AFFIT and BARTHOLOMEW :i- cluwu and Pantaloon. N1BI<0'B GARDEN MATINEE. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at HALF-PART ONE. Ll LU, "THE MARVEL OF THE AGE. LULU. 1 BLO'S GARDEN MATIN I.E. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, (it HALF-PAST ONE. LaNNIEH. PITTERt and sixty Corps de Ilallrt XT I BLO'S GARDEN. MATIN EE IN WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at HALF-PAST ONE LULU in the STARTLING FLIGHT THROUGH SPACE N N (TQ^- ATHENEUM. ?)0?J Brnsdwav. opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER Manager The Town Talk. The I'.est Performance in the Clt.v. THIS (Y I.EK AN AMI SING AND EXCITING BILL. GRAND BURLESOUE AND OLIO. The beautiful classical hNtravmranica entitled I'-A-R-I-S-; OR. VIVE L. EMPRIERE, with l be billowing cast: Miss LISA WEBER, Miss Louisa Arnott, Miss Minnie Jackson, Mist Nellie Larkelle, Miss Hclcne Smith, Miss l.illle llali. Mis'. Ida Ro??, \lr. George Atkins, Mr. Geo. H. Cties, Mr. Lang, Mr. Pre?cot?, Mr. Kelly. Ac. Miss Mrinie Loder in Seno-Comlc Songs. The sensation ot the dav, GENERAL (JRANT'S SCOUTS, CAPT. THOS. PHELAN and CAPT. JOHN T. MURPHY. THE GREATEST MARKSMEN IN TUE WORLD. LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT, the King of Comedians. Reynold Brothers in their Original Specialties. See sinall bill?. Doors ooon at 7: curtain rises at 8. Box office open daily, i-euts senired in advance. Regular Matinees on Wednesday and Saturday. 34 TH STREET THEATRE. Til K GREAT STAR TROUPE IS \ NEW VNI> ATTRACTIVE BILL. MATINEE TO-DAY AT 21.,. MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2',. MA TIN EE TO-DAY AT 2k. ALL THE COMPANY WILL APPEAR. CHANGE Ol" PROGRAMME IN THE EVENING. Tony pastors opera house, an bowery G KA Nil I FRAN K JON BS, the Musical Wonder. 8KNOR1TA PHILOMKNA. the beautiful am) da-hlne Danscuse. MISS JOHANNA GRANGER TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE ? ATiNEE TO-DAY in her vocal specialties. NELLIE AS SAIVY NELL CHARLEY WHITE and BILLY HARRY. BILLY PASTOR S COMIC SONGS. THE STAGE STRI TK CHAMBERMAID. VARIETIES THEATRE OP NEW ORLEANS TO rent.? Proposal* will be received until the 1st d?.v I of June next lor the rent ut the Varieties Theatre, com [ uicnclng with the next Htatttn. The theatre is complete i in ulllts appointment of wardrobe, acenery, properties, Ac. Address E. RIgNEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans WHERE ARE I THEY ARE GOING TO THE ft ARE ALL THOSE ! Tm sdav MttUnee at Tony Pa* PEOPLE GOING TO? ! tor's > >pera House. Kail 111 and ? i go aloag. ASSOi | ATIoN IIAI I. TO-NIGHT-FI'NNY PEOPLE. l)r. ,1. JAY Y'll.l.KRS in his laughable imitations of the mo?t popular humorist* of the past and present. Re nerve.) seat* at Ditson's mnsio store. New tori m i ski.m ok anatomy, M broad wav, between Houston and Bleecker street*.? Every one should visit the wonderiul Mus?-uin ; it is lull ol every thing people should scs and understand. Lectures daily on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lectures can have them for warded, post One. on receipt of 28 rents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSE I M OK ANATOMY, 018 I Broadway. New York. ? SHOULD HE INFORMED THAT TIfERE ?. is ? grand Matinee to-dav at Tony Pas < tor> opera House Tlir%? hours o< , sparkling wit and fun. ASSOCIATION HAUL.? TO NIGHT? KV'NNY PIX^ A ple-Dr J. JAY VILLERS in his Imitation of lh*t greatest ?if eccentric Comedians, E. A. SVTHEKN. He served coats, 76c. Hluinc's music stores. Prof. h. phrabeaC'S classical matinek at Sreinwav Hall, Wednesday, Aiirll ??. at II o'clock Prof. L. Mayor plays Beethoven's Krrnraer Sonuta . Mr. Auld, Weber s Concerto for the clarioavtte ; septet Milltair*. and his Q'-ilntet. In E rt.u minor, w'll be given by artists. : ? jji T-? ^ MUSICAL. AKIRST class Siil'aRANO, SUPERIOR VOICE. AND ! educated at the conservatories vi Uipzlg and Htutt- ' ; garl, wishes a position in a choir gives sinrJug and I I itinno l?iss>Mis. Address M. M , l o.\ It!'.' iiurald Uptown I 1 Branch oftlce. AFIKB BARITONE WISHES V POSITION IN A ehoir; Catholi . .ervj.-e preferred. Address VOCE, Herald oftlce. Boys, age 9 to I!, ro sing in c.hijrCH; mi st rend well Apply 'hl< evening ni 7 o'clock, ehureli, 4Utli st . near Bt'i hv., off Reservoir square. /10LD Ml. DAI, PATENT Ill.TON GIITAR TOOK \1 gold ut American 'air. Seen st ZOGBAUM'S, Sti > lianibeis street, or at J. JAY WATSCVN'S music rooms, tMCJ&jttun place. TUB LBCT17RR H?AHOW? A Lit: E EECiI'KK WILL BE DBMYKRKD MY J\ JOHN PUHKKNR\TCH, Esq.. President olthe Ms chl'.iisls and Blacksmiths' International Union ol /forth Atiierien, on '-'l|ie Aims and oblects ol the Or/kni/a ?jnn," on Tuesday, April 2>>. nt H o'clock P. M., al. Irving Hall. IrMtigplaci and rlliuenth street, Machinists and bin' k- inillis (employe and ?inplo.rom end tni'^tublte itri invited to .iltend. Reserved R*I4 H?T lU'ltea Manager JlWBIMtfWtTS. BOWERY THEATRE. * WM M. KBKLiGH MONDAY, April J\ H7 . tad during the wi-nk, a new ilram i irom the New York Weekly, by Harioti by 1 vaster. eu'itlad WILDCAT NKD. % Thisdrama is In Tour bc.ik, embracing the moitatarttlaf *c it alioim and terrnic tableaux ever bcmro presented Ut our pa'-ron-*, depicting in a laithlul matim r tin- wild 11% Of Hie mountain moil ol' Oregon. Oast to t ie lull strvattfc in tlio company, with appropriate scene y hiuI utouut iugs. liral appearance at 11 1 is theatre oi the chiifalw. actress. NELLIE MHEKKR. The drama will be preceded every evening by the aplan did couioily ot OBLIGING A PRIEND. In preparation tho meat drama entitled HELD IN CHECK. w /OOD'S MUSEUM. DOM. MURRAY CONTINUED SUCCESS. EVENING aT 8. The celebrated Comedian, Mr. DOMINIC K MURRAY, In Ihe great Drama of BLOOD M ON BY. AKTKK.VOON ATI Npecial lor MATIN KM lVKKoRWANCBM. Tho Imsiitltul and eltted artiste, M Im J i'. N N I r j, MO ETON, in the Drama, the FEMALE DKTi CTIYR. WALLACE'S. Proprietor and Malinger, . Mr. LESTER WAU.Adl Mr. VV A I.LACK negs to announce tho I j A H r P1VB NIGHTS mid I.A.ST MATiN KB of Mr. SOTHERN in OA VII) U A BRICK, and DUNDRKARY M AKR1 1'' I) ANI> SETTLED, which pieces will bo p rose n to J with tho following eotfl m iit artists:? Mr. .-O 111 HltN, Mr. .I01IN (.ll.lti.itr, Mr. J. It POLK, Mr BISHOP, Mr. .1 W CAKKH.L, Mr. ItltOWNB, Mr. LEONARD, Mr. HOLLAND. Mr EDWIN, Mr. CIIBKAN, Mr. PhOK. Mi*< KATHtiRIXE BOORR*. MrH. PANNY PO TEE, Mine. PONISI, Mrs. JOHN 3KP TON. ON 8ATDBDAY F.VENIN'J, MAY 3, Aral time in IhU city, WITH NK\Y AM) IIAXDSOMW SCENERY ANO APPOINTMENTS, Mr. J. II Hyroii>? Comedy, entitled TI1E SQUIRE'S LAST SHILLING. in which Mr. SOTUEBN will sustain his original charac ter of HQUIBB CHUCKLES. The east comprises the names ol Mr. SOTHKRN, Mr i. B. POLK. Mr. BISHOP, Mr. J. W. CARROLL, Mr IIOU LAND, Mr. LEONARD, Mr BBOWNK, Mr. PECK, Mlsa K ATM I'HtlNB K( It IK ItS, Miss BPP1K CleRMON. M\m VANDYKB (hor flrnl uppearatioe) and Mine. Pn.NlSI. B< IX PLAN OPKN ONB MONTH IN ADVANCE. Otirlnin rises at 8 precisely, and carriages may be or dered at 10 & rjMIBATKE COMIQUE Mr. josh iiart AN ENTIRE NKIY OLIO. Boars of laughtor, Delighted TUB GREAT OOAL B A ROE SB. COOL BURGK -S, COOL BURGESS, In hia acts and comicalities, HARRTOAN and IIART, JOHN HABT, JOHN WILD, JOHN QUEEN, WM. WEST, LABBY PuOLKY, B. D. GOODING, MISS JKNNIB HUGHES, MISS KITTY O'NBIL. MISS ADA WBAY, and all tho troupe, in a pleading lull. T. M. TOBIN'S KBANKINsiTElN'S M YKTF.kY. KBANKINBTKIN'S MYSTERY. Tho (treat teat oi DECAPITATION. FBANKINSTEIN'S MYSTERY, KRANKENSTEEN'S M YSTKIMT. Tho groat feat of DECAPITATION, To conclude with the now drama, JESSIE; or, THE BALLET GIRL introducing tho entiro company. MATINEES WKDNKSDA Y AND SATURDAY. Tho regular night bill at Matinees. UNION SQUARE THEATRE Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMbR Begins at H. Saturday Matinee at I 30. Carriages may be ordered at U. Sit BROADWAY . fiCBsen and Proprietor thousand*. THIRD WKEIC and unabatnd success ~ NEW YORK^s"" KAVORITE ACTRESS, MISS AON KS ETHEL, in KBOU KBOU. Every evening until fur ther notice, will be pro duced, by special arrange ment with Mr. Augustm Daly, Ills brilliant adapin tinn of Milhoe mid Halevy's wonuerlul Drnftui. PROU I'BOU. I'BOU KBOU, WITH ITS QRRAT . CAST AND ITS MAtr7rKlOEN* SCKNKBY. EVERY~n7oIIT aa? at the SATURDAY MATINEES. Seats secured one mwrtb In advance. Characters bv Miss AON ICS KTIIEL. Miss MARY GRI0 WOLD, Miss EMILY MUSTAYKR, Mi.i:t .(ENN1B l.EE, Miss KATK HOLLAND, Miss CHARLOTTE CAVE and Mlas LILLIE EDWARDS, nnd Messrs. D. H. II ARKINB, ED. LAMB, CEO BOB PA KK ICS, VV II. LAURENS. J. W. THORPE, J. W. WILDER? d W. QUIQLEY. (~1EItMA.N IA THEATRE, I PdUBTEENTH bTBEET, NEAR THIRD AYENVB. AU. NEUENDOBPE Director. TUESDAY. APBIL 20, E1N MODERNER BARBAE, BEI BISMARCK, DKR JltlUENKK. Box oltloe open daily from 9 till 4 o'clock. (JT JAMES THEATRE. IRELAND. O LAST WEEK BUT ONE. STANDING ROOM ONLY AKTKR 8 O'CLOCK. PRANK MAC EVOY'S NEW HIBKBN ICON ; OB, IRELAND IN AMEBICA. The most amusing entertainment In the city. IRISH comedy and (jhabacter company. Irish Sconery, Songs, Dances, Wit and Humor. Popular prices. Orchestra, 78c. Admission, BOc. MATINEE WEDNKSDAY, 2 O'CLOCK. GENERAL ADMISSION, SOC. CIIILDRKN, 1BC. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. UNCLE HAM. Mrs. JOHN Wood, Mr. GEORGE II. GRIFFITHS, Mr. WALTER LKNNOX AND COMPANY. BRYANT'S OPERA noUSE, TWENTY-THIRD STREET, between Sixth and Seventh nvs., near Booth's Theatre. CHANGK OF PROGRAMME. BRYANT'S MINSTKI LS. I SHOO FLT. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. | FROW FROW. FROW FROW. BRYANT'S MlNSTRELS. I Dr. Cotton's Laugliinti Was BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, i Moving First of May. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Rice as the prima donna. True love never ilkl run smooth! Characters by Dan Bryant, Noise Seymour, Dave Recti, Stanwood, Brookway, Carter, Temple ton, Morrisay, Em erson, Ac. Matinee Saturday at 2. Seats secured. B RYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. EXTRA MATINEE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 3D, commencing at i o'clock. in uiil ol the i it ml of the ASSOCIATION FOR BEFRIENDING CHILDREN. BRYANT S MINSTRKLS IN THEIR POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT* Cl ALLERY OF PAINTINGS. 1 LOUIS DUIIR'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over 301) paintings by the best masters, fronm the fourteenth century down to the present time. Now open from 2 to 10 P .V.. lor the benefit ol THE GERMAN HOSPITAL, in the OKRMAN SAV1 N<?K BANIC BUILDING, entrance on Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street. Admission during the day, IK to. ; in the evening, 25c. SMNGBR HAIRED OEORGE-MEET SILVER SKB \T to-day at Tony Pastor's opera House ; wiltbentUka Matinee and explain all about the bands. Don't tail me. JOE. rpHE WANDERING JEW. J LECTURE BY J. P. SOLOMON. ESQ., Grand Saar ot the Ancient JewUh Order of Kosher Sliel Bar/.el, at Sieinway Hall, Tuesday evening, April 49, 1879, commencing at 8 o'clock. Admission r>0 centi. Academy of music. OLE BILL'S GRAND CONCERT in aici ol the 'MASONIC HALL AND ASYLUM FUND, SATURDAY EVENING, May 3. Tickets for sale at Schirmer's mnsie store. 701Bro?4 w ay, and ut Rullman's ticket office. 111 Broadway. o NLY TUESDAY MATINEE IN THE CI I V. TH K M ATI NEE TO-DAY AT Tnnv Pastor's Opera Honae. Everybodv who is anybody will be there. Join Ike throng, Association HALL To nhiut-kunxy pkoplbI Dr. J. JAY YILLIERS in his humorous entertain ment, introducing his laughable Debating Society; Us taees and voices. Reserved seats. 7ft cents ; music stores. TIIF. FIRST OF A S K Rl ES <?F POPULAR ENTEB." tainments will lie given In ihe CHURCH OF THE DISCIPI.KS, corner Mad won avenue and Forty -filth street. ON TUKSDAY KVEN1NO, APRIL W, 187a, , beginning at eight o'clock. The object of these entertainments it to furnish mm* nient and instruction to the people at a very modern!* expense. We call especially opon the young man of Ihln eity to aid tis In our enterprise fiv their presence. 'I he names ol those who will assist tare a sufficient |Mi rantee ol enjoyment. Tho readers wi.l consist ot Rev. (jeorge 11. Hepworth, who has consented to read '"H? Raven ;" Miss Jenny Lewis, Miss Minnie flwayxn. The vocal music will be rendered l>y the 'ollnwing ac knowledged talent:? Mrs. K. Haigh, Mrs. S. B. llcrshey, ' Mr. J. G. Lombard, Mr. c. Henry. M r Louis Berte will preside at the organ. Tickets, SOc To be had at the church on Monday niafc Tuesday and at the door thu evening of the ciao.rtaiUA incut ' A~ 8SOCIATION HALL. -TO-NIGHT, " FUNNY PBoJ pie." Dr. J. -'AY VILLKRS in his imitation of Mm] greatest livlnff elocutionist. J. M Beilew. Reserved inntt', 7ftc. at Schlruier's music store. Association hall,? tonight, Thursday,. April 29, "Funny People " Dr. J. JAY VILLEltS In' his imitation of thateelebrat*d comedian, Slnart Kotwon. Reserved teats 78 onto, at Hall A Sons'. 4< i IMR8-Y0U8LA MUPKJUEr'' "DO YOU M>YK J\ Muslcf" presented free at J. ,IAT W ATMON'S Music Rooms. 92 Clinton place, or mailed lor tea cents. Private Music Lewons. mODAY ? -A TONY PASTOR'S 1 at I matinf.f. T opbra ?}? o'clock. <g> ? $ HOUSE. Association hall-to-night, funny people.? Dr. J. JAY VlLLERS In his imitation of t lie popa lar Dutch comedian, <>ns Phillips, in SCHNEIDER'* RIDE. Reserved seats 7fc., at Scliukerth's. ?jrrKTIlOPOLtTAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET A LARGB ASSORTMENT OF TH'iATHlCAU MINSTREL AND VArTktY CUTrl^ OOXHTANTL* ON "lUNIK

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