Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE ^ NfiWVYQRK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1873.-^IiuH^liiKT> DIRECTORY FOR AJtVOlTISERS. ^ "-*? i .. AMW8B1IRNT8? Popbth PAUB-FcUrth, fifth, mil sixth columns. ? _ ASTRO.. OOY ? Second PAflB-Fv.,rth colny*. BILLIARDS? SuTKiMiTn Hack- -sixth colcutn. BOARDERS WANTKU? aiiTtfKNTu p*aK_rhIrd, fourth and fltth columns. B#Ai. D ANI> LOBUINO 1?ANTF.D? thxTKKHTH Page? mth column. BROOKLYN REAL EST'ate FORE ALE-Second Paub First and reeoiid 'columns BUSINESS OPPOR ri', n Il'iuii? .T hi rtbertii Paob? Sixth column. Pack? Sixth column. IMAKfi AND. rci&AOOO? Thirteenth 1'aub? Sixth ool an. ?CTY REAL ESTATE TOR SALE? Sbcond PAOB-Firet OLE K KjTa NT) SALESMAN? Fifteenth PAOK-Kjfth and pbrth columns. ?pOTHINfi? Hecowe Paok? Sixth column. MOABHMEN AND UARUENEKS ? Fiitkknth Pick? Sixth eotamn. Mid Sixteenth Paue ? Flint column. COAL AND WOOD? Second Pack? Fourth column. ?OAHrWI8& STEAMSHIPS? Second Pag a- Fifth and fixlh oohirmiH. COPARTNERSHIPS? Eleventh Pagb? Fifth column. COOHTBJ BOARD? Sixtukntu Paoe--FIU1\ and sixth ?A??IN (TaCADEMIES? Focrth P*OB-Sixth column. ?R* UOODS-Fiuxt Pagb? Flith column. BVBLLINW HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Third Page? Second, third aud fourth columns. SVROPEAN bTEAMSHIPS? Second Pagb? Fifth col una n, BOROFE? Thirteenth Pack? Sixth colnmn. XXOHANUE? THIRTEENTH I'AliB? .-ixth column. RYES AND E AKS? Tu l rtbknt 11 Page? Sixth column. EXCURSIONS? Second Paob? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Eleventh Paob? Filth column. TOR HA EE ? First Paob? FlttU and xixtli columns. BURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Paob? Fourth and filth columns. BURN1TURE ? Sixteenth Page ? Second column. BBBNCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixteenth Pauk? Second columa. HRLP WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Paub? Fourth and fltth column*. HRLP WANTED? MALES? Sixtksnth Paob? First and ?ecoud columns. . HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC. ? First PAGS-Second, third, tourth and fifth columns HOTELS? Sixteenth Paob? Fifth colnmn. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? First PaG?? Sixth column. 1B8TKUOTION? Fourth Paob? Foarth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Page? Second column. LOAN OFFICES? Fourth Paob? Fifth colnmn. LOST AND KOUND-First Paob? First column. MACHINERY? First Pagb? Sixth colamti. MEDICAL? Sixteenth Paob ? fixlh co.uain. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Pagb? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Sixteenth Pagb? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? Sixth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Page? Sixth colnmn. PERSONAL? First Page? First column. PIANOFORTES, GROANS, AC.? Fourth Pagb? Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE? Thirteenth Pagb? Sixth col nmn. PROPOSALS? Thirteenth Page? Sixth colnmn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? 'lhird column. BBOPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Pagb? Second, third and fourth col umns. HEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pagb? Fourth column. ??a1, ESTATE WANTED? Second Page? Fourth col umn. REWARDS? First Page? First and second coinmns. RALES AT AUCTION? Fourth Page? First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fourteenth Pack? First, second, third, fourth, filth and sixtn columns, and Fifteenth Page? First, second and third col umns. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES? Fifteenth PAflF.-Flfth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Paob? Second colnmn. SPORTING-DOGS, BIKDS, AC.? Filial Pack? Sccond columu. STALLIONS ? First Pactb? Second colnmn. 8TORAGE? Sixteenth Pack? Sixth column. 8UMMER RESORTS? Sixteenth Page? .sixth column. THE TRADES? Sixteenth Pagb? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Third Pagb First and sccond columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Second Paob? Sixth colnmn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Page? Filth and sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE-Fourtii Page? Third column. IFESTCH ESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Paok? Second column. BACH rs, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Ihirtkknth PAGB-SUth column. HERALD BHANCH OFFIOE-HPTOWS. A DYERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD BBCEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,268 BROADWAY. WB8T SIDE, BETWEEN TIIIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY 8BC0ND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF AMY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK. HERALD. _ J^ESSRS. KREMER k CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE BEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL 8UPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO 8IMGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PEK80NAL. Ant one~who can give information con ceming James Mehan, a private in the seventh Connecticut regiment volunteers, is requested to send it to GEORGE O. SUMNER, Attorney ?t Law, HarUord, Conn. .. ADDIE-DO NOT FORGET OUP ENGAGEMENT TO day (Wednesday), at two o'clock. If you cannot some send telegram by eleven o'-lock. A. A. A. ADDIE 8T. L?N.,WKST TWENTY-SIXTH street.? Bend address to CHARLIE, Herald Uptown Branch Vf >(!lce. SLUE BEARD WILL FIND A LETTER IN TUB Herald Uptown Branch ?ffice, 1,266 Broadway, from ggle W 1, by calling to? it. IjlOR jS)OPTION-A. FINS NEWBORN BOY. APPLY JP at 149 Charles strert, between Washington anil IFOR ADO PTIO N? A TINE. HEALTHY ORPHAN BOY: JT light complexion' 3 years old ; of respectable par entage; Catholic tun'l.v preterred ; must be of means. Address ADOPTION, tation F. T*rORMATION VANTINO.-TllE AUNT OF MRS. J. 1 Parker, reared hy her grandmother, at Tully Cross Bonds, county ?>an, Irelaud, villi lie thankful for in ^ nation from where she resides. Write to Mrs. NoLY, 156 W*t Hfty-flrst ktreet, near Seventh ar. I? HENRY YfLL CALL AT THE OFFICE IN CENTRE Street he " car of something to his advantage. - ? ILLY? TELEORAM CAME TOO LATE; TRY * gj agair L. M. ROUNDTREE. LILLI' WHITE, OF TROY, FORMERLY RESIDING West Twenty -sixth vtreet, please send present add re' to E. H., Herald Uptown Branch office, l/.'tii ?rail**! |rk JAMES M' ANDREW, LATE OF KIRKINTIL M loch, Scotland? A letter lies for you, from home, at ?lABntlalo Post office. Any one sending Mr. McAudrew's duress to I). F. MENZ1 r 8, 13 Warwick street, Glasgow, ?0tlaud, will greatly oblige. If" H.? WAITED AT RENDEZVOUS FROM 1 TO 2 jUa o'clock; have lost your nddress; make appoint OMnt, near place, and other signal, but definite. Address L. M., Herald office. Masquerade ball?' to-morrow night, at Colnmbia Garden, Greenwich avenue, llnmc sud take your oriae you left. BLUE beard. WILL TR ESSIE, WHO LIVED IN KOUTU FIFTH avenue In March last ?cnd address to a friend r Address box 142 Herald officc. LIIK1 AMI FPUS P. DOG LOST.? LOST, A SCOTCH TERRIER, La ROE slse, yellow color, answering to name of Top; rattier ?ky of persons: $20 reward will be paid lor liiiu. Apply at No. o West Twentieth street Lost? bank book no. 2(1.502, issued hy the Institution for the Savings of Merchants' Clerks. Ike finder will please leave it at the Bank. LOST? 29TH INST., on leaving wall street stage, $1SS. The tinder will be sultablv rewarded by delivering the same to ED. HKLLMANN', 62 Llspenard st LOST-ON SUNDAY, APRIL 27. IN HARLEM OR Third awnne cars, a pearl Earring; the finder will receive a suitable reward by returning it to J. J. BERNE, 132 Broadway. LOOT? ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, AT 6 P. M.. A white Spitsbergen . lut, answering to the name of Coda. The tinder will be rewarded by returning her te 410 W?st Houston street 1- OST? ON TUESDAY, 29TH. 1*73. A SMALL BLACK J and tan Dog; answers to the name of Prince; has ?nr ear turned up. A lllieral reward will be paid by ro tntninu tlio ssiun to IW East Sixtieth street, before 3 n'etock P. M. LOST? FROM 292 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, A small white Spitz l?og; had u red ribbon on her ? nset A liberal reward will be paid on her return to the i above address. HEWABDW. REWARD- LOST, Y ROTE R DAY (MONDAY) A 1 ?Ti? black Newfoundland Dog in the neighborhood of ' Fiftieth street and Fifth avenue Above reward will he 1 paid lor lb* sainc at 738 Eighth avenue. $<t ?WHTTE POODLE, tITB, at ii v m krd O. velvet fi'illor unit bells. Ke turii to 12 Lexington a v. A()n REWARD? FOR M IL1TA RY COAT AND I'NFlN tll^U teller. Frock Coat taken from a boy Ha turd a v : i>r 910 lor information to JOHN V, WALi/iu, n ui*uu,u Since, and no nu?ftUoiu asked. HEWARDX. (fcOlk RKWARD.-LOHT, ON MONDAY 'EVENING, April 28, a suiuot money, in Kiurt street ; the finder will please call at 55 King street, bVjemtnti REWARD.? LOST, A SM KV't, BLACK ANI) tan flat. Any one finding her will return to Grand Hotel, room 6, Thirty- first str' et and Broadway. KKW Alio. ? LOST, t?N MONDAY. 2STII INST., ?T1? j ?) in or about the llarletn. Railroad ireight depot, a Wallet, containing about ?$*! in hunk notes and one check, together with hill* li'ut businesH card* ot .la men SeynuMir. The above rcwarrd will |M paid for it* return to the agent, at the office, turner of Forty-seventh street and (.exiugton avenue, reward-lost, a black passbook. containing $160 currency (eight S20 bill*) and certificate ot deposit lor $l,2iit). the above reward will fee paid mid no qu I'stlons asked oa returulng the same at 229 West Tweilth street, in the bakery. Kf'KCIAl, AOTIC K*. A? THE AMKRTOAN REGISTER, ? the mo.-t widely circulated of the American Journals published In Europe. A capital medium 'or American advertisers addressing themselves to Kutop an patronage. Indispensable to all person* visiting Great Britain and the European Continent. _ Subscriptions and advertisement* for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received and simle c.pies of the pa per mav bo obtained at the office ot ihc New York llerald. New York. __________________ ATLANTIC CABLES. In consequence of the interruption of two of the ATLANTIC CABLES, leaving bnt one for present use, and in view of the ac cumulation ot business resulting thcreironi, an advance In the rates becomes unavoidable. Therefore iroin May 1 until further notice the charges will be ... From New York city, the New England States, Canada and the British Province* To (Jreat Britain and Ireland $1 SO, gold, per word To France? The tariff to London estimated on a ten word message, plus the Continental rate from London to France. HENRY W. WARD, Superintendent. A CARD FROM L. CARRIER, 119 WEST FORTY llltli street, Patentee of Improved Dumbwaiters. To the Puhl'c. I feel sorry to have my name brought before you in thlK manner, but such a contemptible slauderer as the writer ot the notice In yesterday's Herald cannot be allowed to remain unanswered. To prove I have not overestimated the merit* of my improved dumbwaiter, I cannot do bet ter than refer, with their permission, to some of the parlies for whom I have put them up. Their name* will be a sufficient guarantee that my improved dumbwaiters are all I have represented them to be. References. Mr. Sherwood, 522 Fifth avenue, for whom I put up four in his houses, Filth avenue, corner Forty-fourth street. Mr. Bradbrook, 24M West Forty-fifth street, tor whom I but up a large one In hla warehouse, Franklin street, doing service as a hoisting machine. Mr. Amnion, 817 Sixth avenue. Mr. Sllverhrandt, Broadway, Ac., Ac. Respectfully. L. CARRIER. A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of FulUm avenue and Boer urn street Open from W A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured or injured, however slightly, are en titled to pension. Address or applv to Dr. E. B. JACKSON, late Surgeon United Stales Navy, No. 4 New Chambers st A? FURNITURE FAMILIES MOVED CITY OR . country ; furniture, pianofortes packed, shinned or stored. O. A F. BURNIIAM, UK West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. HAVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY DRAWING 22d April. Oennan State Lotteries. Circulars mulled free. KU1ILM ANN A CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street; box 3,585 Post office. VTEW YORK, APRIL 29. 187S.-VARIOU8 RUMORS 1.1 having beeu circulated a* to the solvency of the Continental National Bank, the Clearing House Com mittee have this day, at the close of business, made a careful examination of the hank and a prudent estimate of the value of its asset*, and have arrived at the follow ing conclusions, viz. That the bank is abundantly ablo to pay its depositors, and tsat In the opinion of the com mittee the capital stock is impaired less than five per cent. F. D. TAPI'AN, Chairman. Notice.? all bagqagk left here over one year must be taken away on or before May 10, oth erwise the same will bo sidd to pay storage. SMI TU A McNELL'S Hotel. lft? Washington street. OFFICE OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF Pilots, 40 Rurllnc slip, New York, April 29. 1873. NOTICE TO FISHERMEN.? All shail poles In the har bor of New Yora uitist be removed before Monday, May 5. 1873, or tliev will he removed by this Board and penal ties enforced where the owners can be found. By order of the Board. GEO. W. BLUNT, Secretary. 0 FFIC1A KENTUCKY STATE 187*. .kntAt-kxt"* chu no ^-Y7*V>. ?. 15 7*, 18. lX *? sfc-A RKKTDCKT? CLASS HO. SM? APRIL 29, 187:1 13, 2(1, 5ft, 14. 42, 65, 7 59, 54, 8, 37, 38. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Sll Ijil.SY COLI.KfiK? KXTRA CLASS WO. 201? APRIL 29, 1873. 41, 22, 5, 23, 19, 17, 70, 46, 73, 11. 35, 75, 43. SIIKLBT COLLKGB? CLASS NO. 202? APRIL 29, 1873. 24, 40, 34, 2. 60, 16, 75, 74. ??, 71. 30. 70. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. GLUTE, Broker, 200 Broadway. Post office box 4.W8. _ OFFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. KXTRA CLASS NO. 15? APRIL 29, 1873. 23, 40, Rj, 74, 00, 28. 1, 48, 37. 46, 69, 15, 57. NORTH CAROLINA, CLASS NO. 16? APRIL 29, 1873. . 8, 75, 60. ft. 32, 18. 49, 67, 14, 17, 22, IX C.ERKEN A CO.. Managers. LUTUY A CO.. Broker*, 71 Barclay street. Royal iiavana lottery.? pbizkb cashed; or ders filled; information furnished; highest rates paid lor Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. TAYLOR a CO., Bankers, W Wuil street, New York. SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GltANT-FOR FREE School Fund. PaF PF-TUAL? CLASS 77. 34, 26, 61, 7. 16, 54, 22. 59, 72, 51, 25, 48. CLASS 78. 63, 68, 52, 32, 1, 74, 46, S6, 45, ,,60, 81, 78. COLE A CO., Proprietors ; New York Post office box 3,855. Charleston, S. C., April 29, 1873. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING of the S63d City of Hamburg Lottery, with 50,600 Ticket* and 17,600 Prizes, commences April 30 and ends May 20, 1873. There will be drawn :? 1 premium of lflfl.000 marks. 1 prize of 100. 000 marks. 1 prize of 75,000 marks. 1 prize of 60.000 marks. 1 prize of 40,1X10 marks. 1 prize of 30.0UO marks. 1 prize of 20,000 marks. 2 prizes each of 15,000 marks. 4 prizes each of 12,00^ marks. 10 prizes each of 10,000 marks. 10 prizes each of 8,000 marks. 10 prizes each of 6,000 mark*. 30 prizes each of 0,000 murks. fin prizes each of 3,()ii0 marks. 120 prizes each of 2,ntl0 marks. . 250 prizes each of 1.000 murks and others. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Lottery and Ro.val Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. TH BO DOR ZSCHOCH. 116 Nassau street, Posf office box 6,080. UfrQQ r.QQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL lzed Kentucky lottery. Royal Havaaa and Kentucky circulars Iree; 12l?c. commission allowed. Address BALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. ?PORTI!\iG-DOGS, H1KI1N, &<:. A? FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF F ANCY DOGS, . Birds, Ac.; Medicinal tor sll difcascs, Prepared Food for mocking birds, ut B. (J. IJOVEY'S. No. 3 Greene street, near I anal. gTALLIOWg. I HOWARD EVERETT, THE SJRK OF JOE ELUOTT, t who trotted last Hnmmer on Mystic Park in 2:15 % (the fastest mile ever trotted, either In public or private), also of Commodore Vanderbilt's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2 :??)?<, and ot Judge Kullerton, who has trotted In 2 M%, will make the season at the farm of William Keeteh, near Goshen, orange county, N. Y. For lurther particulars see the "Turf, Held and Farm." IIOKSKS, CARRIAGES, ?C. J ^ fHE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. *ln all weights, tor pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past 15 yoars, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These, wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the. most valued customer, and at prices uniform to alL In order that we mav not tie confounded with a Joint stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our <fwn. and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor flic "Brewster Wagon," wo iH>? the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome street. A -*?H> OLD established HOUSB OF HAM, M i T^wi.Vi "Y." standing, offers the largest assortment of LandatUetmLandaus. Conpes, Ladles' Phaetons, several Bnp?hll!.r> a?fi?KP **ken in exchange. Prices to suit Foorlh utreit A ? OF FAMILY 0AMUAGB8, ROCKA ness Wa^oi, Depot and Busi Wtt^OFlH, nf W Alia Wroili hnixl ? rhpjtuoaf nla^ii in ?ity. 141 West Broadway, near c" umpire, "1 1 A OKNTLBMAff, GOING ABROAD OFFERS FOR * sale n pair of chestnut Mares, verv ntvlish nml tout ? also <>110 double light Harness, one Brewster Wnirnn uiwi one Mall Phaeton. Apply at subie, ond street. 7W A~LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, HO AD WAGONS, EXPBfc 5T Grocery and light Business Wagons, also a secoti.l' hand top Buggy, cheap. MX West T^?,,.^v7nlhTueeL between KlgliQi and NiaUi avennta. w ,,l( * BFAITTIFUL TEAM OF BLACK BORHES-ThfY J\ stand Ift hand* 2^ Inches In height, are ft years old kind for lady to ride or drive, verv stvliah. fearless of locomotives and free from blemish. < an irot to the poln In l' *s than three minutes; tin y are to Iw sold together or senarat?ly. Also one fine hny roune or family llnrse ? si, iiids W, hands hi lieiiiht ; is rt years old. very slyllsh anrf tn st. Thev are warranted In every way, and are aold tor nojault, only from ilcath In the familv Apply at 269 'land tii West Twenty-second street, Imtween Seventh and Eighth tn st. They are warranted In cvery wa^, and are aold ?nty-second street, Ixitween Se avenues. ATHOBOUOFIBRED KENTUCKY SADDLE MARK, hay, 6 yeers old; perfectly sound. Ask lur Ut', Muii a burse, glutei 'j riditiK ichuuU HORSKH, CAHE1AG KB, *C. . ^ ^ Auction house of arch, johnhtoh (late Johnston k Van TmnII). OFFICE AND HALK8ROOM?OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, oppoalte the PurtoWco. THE HOR8E AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS RKMOVKD TO TUB SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, at, and M KA8T THIRTEENTH STREET, between Kilth avenue and University place. The bo sine km will be conducted on precisely the fame strict and honorable principle* which have alwnyschar acUTiwd the dealings ol' our house and won the respect and confidence ol ihe business community, an well as the public ut large. Regular Hale* twice a week throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE AT 13 O'CLOCK. WKDNESIIAY. APRIL 30. EI.EQANT TEAM OK OKAY MARKS, 15** hands. 8 and 9 years; kind and true in alt harness and under aaddle; tree from vice; can trot together in S}. minute* and wurratited sound ; in every respect an excellent gen tleman's road team. . _ TEAM OK BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, Ifi hands. 8 and 9 years; kind an 1 true; stilish acttou ; good travellers and warranted sound. M AO N 1 F1CKNT PARK TURNOUT? Team of coal black Mares, Black Ilawk stock, raised tiy Wm. E. Wil liamson, ot Delaware county, N. Y., I5's iuiikIs. H and 9 years; kind and true in all harness; very st> lish and warranted sound; sucti a team is seldom ottered ; to gether with T ( ART. IN PERFECT ORDER, BY BRRW8TER. SET OK DOUBLE HARNESS, by Phillips, of Phila delphia. SUPERIOR SADDLE MARE, sired by Censor, dam Virginia Mare Censor, hv Lexington, dam Fleur do Lis, 16k hau ls, i> years; kind an<l true in u 11 harness. SIX SEAT WESTCHBSTER ROCKAWAY. black HORSE, sired by Vermont Black Ilawk, Ifi hands, 5 years; kind in all harness and under saddle *, lias been ridden by a lady ; can trotyl! 3}j mlnuies, aud war ranted sound. TOP WAGON. BY BENSON A BRO, GENTLEMEN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT? Bay Horse, 16'a hands, 9 years; kind and true in all harness and un der saddle ; can trot In VIS, and warranted sound, to Kther with ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW, BV SHINS. t of single Harness, city inade. ELEGANT FAMILY MARE, 15^ hands, 8 years; kind In all harness; free lrom vice; can trot in 3>* minutes, and warranted sound. TOP WAGON, HY DUSENBURY A VANDU8BR. BROWN TROTTING MAKE, sired by Vermont Ham bletonian, dum Morgan mare 15 lianas, 6 years; kind and true in all harness and under saddle -. can truf in 3 :10 sure; very stylish, and warranted sound; together with NO TOP Road WAGON, BY UORBETT; Set of single Harness, cltv made. GKAY HORSE, 15)*' hands, ? years; kind In all har ness; tree from vice, and an excellent all-day traveller. BUTCHER'S ESTABLISHMENT? Buckskin Horse, 1G hands, 9 years: kind and true In all harness; Iree trout vice; an excellent work horse; together with butcher's Cart, Harness, Ac. FURNITURE TRUCK HORSK, 16 hands, 8 years old ; kind and true; an excellent worker and warranted sound, together with BOX K l.'HMTl RE TRUCK, set ol Harness, Ac., all in perfect order. . LADY'S PARK ESTABLISHMENT? Sorrel Horse, l.V, bauds, 6 years; kind in all harness and warranted sound ; not ufruid ol locomotive; together with PAKE PHAE TON, set ot Harness, Ac. SEVERAL OTHER EXCELLENT HORSES. Descrip tion time of sale. Five top Wagons, In perfect order. Doctor's Phaetons. Two-seat Dog Cart, by Lawrence. Park l'haeton,in pood order. SI* Sets ol double Harness. Five Sets of single Harness. Four-seat Germantown. Two Sets of coupe Harness, city made. Depot and Express Wagons. Full particulars in catalogue time of sale. Weather never interfere* with our sale. At private sale at the HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL, 1 ill, 112, 114 East Thirteenth street. TEN FIRST CLASS ROAM HORSES, ALL YOUNG, well broken, perfectly gentle, and warranted sound, kind and true. SEVEN 8UPERIOR WORK HORSES, KIND AND true In every way and warranted sound. ELEGANT WHITE SADDLE PONY. ONE OF THE fnest In the country. TOP WAGONS, FROM $140 UP; TOP AND NO TOP Ponv Phaetons, Cabriolets with poles and shafts, jnmp seat Wagons, Rockaways and Carryalls, Depot, Express and Business Wagons; double and single Harness. Ac. Prices Kw?r than ever. Call ami examine. AT AUCTION THIS BAY. GEO. W. STETSON. Auctioneer. By HOFFMAN, COBURN A CO., Real Ksialc Brokers ami Auctioneers, fi02 Sixth avenue. Elegant private Establishment. 67 West Forty-fourth street, consisting of Horses. Carriages. Road and Top Wagons, Harness, Whips, Riding Saddles, Ac., Ac., as advertised In yesterday's Herald, including bay Horse, 16 hands high.* sired by Ethan Allen ; dam lias record of 2-A2H on Fashion Course, to wagon. For particulars see catalogue at sale. A. -OLD HOUSE OP BREWSTER. Established 1838. I Sole makers ol Brewster Wagons, with the Vertical Steel ? Plates. The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread of the axle, a prevailing source ol un noyance to those using road wagons. Besides the additional strength and security which this great improvement gives to our wagons an experience of tblrtv-lour years enables us to cliallcngu comparison either iri quality or finish. Sec certificate from General McCJellan Nkw Yokk, June 1, 1871. Of-HTurwKw? T have carefully examined your patent vertical steel plate axle. I find that the addition ofthe vertical plate renders the axle about two and a half ('-'!?) times as stiff as it would be without It Very respectfully GEORGE B. McCLELLAN. Warerooms, Fifth avenne, corner Twenty-seventh st Factory, 146 East Twenty-fifth street. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. Auction notice. The Stock, finished and nnflnlshed.W a carriage maker. JACOB BOGaRT. Anetlnnrer, will sell, on Wednesday, April 30, at 11 o'clock, at 77 Greene Htrect, consisting of? One Hotel Coach. One top Wairnn with pole. One top Wagon. One no top .lunar. One, no too .lauar. One liockaway. One I'ony I'haeton. One top Express Wni/on. One no top Express Wagon. One net second hand double liar nets, one set single. Large lot Lumber, Spokes, Hubs, iron Rellows, Forges, Tools, old Iron of paint shop and turning shop. Arrived at last? j. c. dkzo, of jackbon Cltv, Mich., with 34 fiead ?f the finest single and double Horse* ever bronglit to this market, at A. S. OH AMHKHLIN'N, Twonn -filth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. Avery beautiful dark chestnut Virginia li'red saddle Horse for sale, 16*? hands high; young and sate tor ladies. H. in. W. WATBOUS, 51 Ferrv street, New York. A BREWSTER OF BROOME STREET NO TOP WAOON, fMn.a Godwin top Wagon, $iir>. for sale; both In goon order. Apply at Lradhettor's "table. Seventh ave nue. near Forty-tilth street. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR HALE? VERY stylish I'hestnat Horse, 16 hands high, sound and kind; an elegant Landaulcc, used only lour inonlhs;T ("art, made by Turrell A Son, ot London ; one set of double and one coupe Harness, made by Hart, of Loudon ; nearly new. The owner can be seen at stables 1M hast Fifty seventh street, near Lexington avenue. A? TOP PONY I'HAETON, $75; OPEN, $11S; 20 TOP . Wagons, 10 open do., 6 Top Pony Phaetons; Gigs, $40; Jaeger Wagon. $45; :> Business Wagons at 14.3 Broad way, near Forty flr-it street, JAS. JENKINS, A? FOR SALE, SORREL HORSE, 17 HANDS IIIOH, 7 . years old; sound and kind ; without blemish ; suit able for cart, truck or express ; sold lor want oi use. In quire Mart Hlimtll street A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PONY PHAETONS, all stvles and prices, from $120 up; several top Wagons, second hand, by city makers; one Clarence, second band , one curtain Coach, bv Brewster; one six seat l'bacton, do. ; one second hand Brett, suitable lor livery; Harness, Blankets, Whins, Ac. \VM. ii. GRAY. JO and 22 Wooster street A? LIOIIT CARRIAGES A.YD HARNESS? BEST . goods, finest variety, lowest prices, at No. 8Cort landt street, near Broadway. A HANDSOME BAROUCHE FOR SALE-VERY rcasonnble; sold for want of use; city make; itt good condition. Also one very nice ojicn Road Wagon. , Inquire at private stable 144 West Eighteenth street, be- ' tween lo and 12 o'clock or before 1 in the morning. A? FOR SALE? THB PROPERTY OF A GENTLE . man troni the country, a large truck or work I Horse, 6 years old ; warranted sound and kind in single I or double harness ; aim one Marc, io.l bands high; fit lor | grocer, butcher or any business; warranted sound arid kind in nil harness, to be sold reasonably. Apply at 28 South Fifth avenue. RARk77ha1<CE.? WILL BE HOLD, A GENTEEL, stj llsli bay Hamhletonian Horse, N years old, 1I>3, hands;" long, licavv mane and tail; a prompt, easy traveller; well broken to all harness: sound and kind; will be sold to-day for $30(1, cost $800 one year ago, as owner Is called out of the city. Apply at stables 11 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street An ilegant landaulet, made by corbett a Co., for sale low, 57 West Forty-fourth street. A TEAM OF EXTRA FAST ROAD OR TRACK Mares, 7 years old ; one an Ethan Allen mare; the other H amble ton Ian, having a record of 2.35; the former has no record, hut can beat 90 to pole, sure; they are both good single mares; will be sold separately or to gether; both bar, star and one while hind leg; a full warranty and trial allowed. Also two handsome 16 hand coupe llotses. 7 and 8 years; bay and brown. 258 W est Twenty-second street A BARGAIN IN LIVERY AND HACKS? CAR riagex of all kinds, 12 passenger Hta ??, good Hearse,

3 Clarnaeos, 2 class quarter Coaches, 2 Coaches $fi0 each, Buggies and Wagons at all prices. J. W. PIlMBY, 460 Third avenue. A FERFECT 8ADDLR MARE WILL BE SOLD ON Wednesday, at JOHNSTON'S, l?? East Thirteenth street, 12 M. ; broke to all harness, gentle, kind; chest nut : 18.2 hands. CHOICE SELECTION OF EXTENSION AND halt-top Doctors' and Pony Phaetons. 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway. A? TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND ROOT ? Coupe, trimmed with brown cloth. 1,494 and l,49fi Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Fwriyflfth streets. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PA HK PHAETONS, light Rockaways, UeMt Wagons, I'ony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorian, Buggies and other seasonable style* family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand' MANUFACTURERS' UMON, 63* A Broadway. T FACTORY? 70 TOP HUOGIEH. FROM $75 UP; Rockawars, Victorias. Phaetons and one Barouche, cheapest In < If jr. Near Oraud street and Bowery, 140 and 14H Mdrliigi street DAY a WON CUMIAOM ? ItlOHTLY DAMAGED; OREAT BAR J twins, Carriages, flew and second hand, of every d< script ion, at low prices; now is the time u purchase. l>< lore traBe commences. MA.NUir'AiCi tlii.Hh' UNION, t<3e . Broadway* 1 HOK8KB, CARIUAORS, *C? CABRIOLETS AND VICTORIAS, OF THE MOST EX qulslto style and superior workmanship aud tluish, for sale, ?( extremely low prices, l?y A. 8. FLAVOR AH, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, between Hroadway and filth aveuue. I'D WARD SCHBNK, AUCTIONEER. i fine Horses and Carriages, at the private stable. 150 West Eighteenth street, rear, uu THURSDAY MORNINO, May 1, at III o'clock, a hcintlful and stylish pair ot hay Mares (Morei\n's>, fall sisters, closely matched, 7 years old, IS1* hands; great roadsters; can travel 15 miles per hour; have been used by the present owner two \ cars . ire warranted sound and kind. Also, the fist trotting AUIallah Mare Jenny, very handsome; line mane and tail; tine style qnd action; is 6 years old. and warranted sound and kind. Top Pony Phaeton, in perfect order. Top Wagon, side bar, m ark new; two Sets of double and one single ilarnc**; Kohes, lliiiukcts, Ac. Light Victoria, pole au.l stiatta. IilXPBESS FOB SALE-TWO WAGONS, IN OOOD 'J order; one Iiorse and Harness; good work, both up and don n town ; to be sold ut a sacrifice, owner leaving city. Apply, alter 6 o'clock I'. M , at 711 Seventh avenue, Ne je York. I EXPRESS WAOONS, $125 1M II ; VOl'R CHOICE J of two new ones; nlsn two Top laggcr Wagons, one doctor's Phaeton, two saddle* and Bridles and several sets of tlurai'ss; cheap. 111 Eaat Sixteenth street. IJIOR SALE? SECOND ll\\|> CLARFNCE; ALSO A kIah.^ Pnn,^l Coach, new ly done uit; new Doctor's Phaeton; also several top and no-top Btnrgics, one iwo scat extension lop Waifon. LINN HIluH., Carriage Makers, 47 and ta Bergen street, Brooklyn. yoR SALE? A FINE CTIBSTNUT sorrel MAKE. 6 C years old, irot better than 3 mlnntc-i; a black Marc, 6 rears old, in 2:40; also a Carriage ami Sulky. Apply at lt)0 (irand street. Williamsburg. I'r J' LORENZE. JH>K SALE-T1IE ESTABLISHMENT OF A (IKNTLB man going abroad. coii?isilng of a |ialr of bay Horses, Iti'i bands, ireeand stylish drivers, Clarence Park Phae ton and double Sleigh; also heavy double Harness. Kilt mountings, by Campbell. Apply at private stable, in rear pi 330 Has! Seventeenth street. Irwut sale-two Tin > i:. ) t . ; n iii{i:i> imported ' English saddle Horse-, sound, very fast and hand some; drive together; will bo sold cheap if taken iin mtdiatelv. Apply lo TIF.RNAN, coachman, a to 12 morn lug, at Ulanoys stable, 1US West Fort* ninth street. IftOR SALF.-A OOOD STBOMO HOBSB, FIT FOR any kind of work ; sold lor want of use. Inquire at 44K West Forty-second street. UU)R SALE-BY A FAMILY OOINO TO EUROPE, A r match pair of coal black llamhlctoninn Horses, not a white hair on them; l.Vj hands; very stylish; sound, kind and gentle; heavy mains and tails touch the ground. Also one Set ot Harness, gold mounted; one open Ila rouebe. C springs, gold mounted; one C spring Clarence, lined with satin, gold mounted : as good as new. Can be seen at Mott's stable, ll'.l West Twenty-third street. For sale-a very stylish, fine family or coupe Horse, lfij, hands high; six years old; long dark brown tall- ver.v gentle, sound and lilnd in every re spect. Apply at private stable IV. East Tliirty-flflh struct, near Lexington a venim, Tj^OR PALE. ? A OENT1.EM \ N \Bofr LEAVING* F town wishes to dispose of bis complete establish ment, consisting of an elegant coupe Horse, a park Phaeton, nearly new, and Coupe, as also Harness, Blankets. Ac. l-all at Kreunnn's Inerv stables, coruor Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. "L"H>R SALE-A SPLENDID SAUDI. E MAKE, BAY. I1 \:>\i bauds Can he seen ut E. Kctchaw's stables, I 'Jil Raymond street. Brooklyn. irioR 8 ALE"? ME V E R A L SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, r No reasonable idler refused. 1, tat anil 1,4% Broad way. 1MB SALE- TOB WANT in 08B. a BROWN llorsc, 0 years old, 13. 3 high; very tree and stylish driver; raised by present owner; will be warranted lu every particular. Address A. I; , Oox 160 Herald ottlee. FOR SALE-OKAY M A BE, 15 HANDS; BAY PONY, It hands. 718 Second avenue. Warranted sound. lpOR SALE? A CHOICE OF TWO HORSES, ROTH J? under 7 years old; ran travel pretty last and are entirely reliable. Inquire nt 4 a West Forty-seventh st. FOR RALE? A FIRST CLASS LADY'S SADDLE; been used very little. Apply at 138 West Thirty-tlrst street. J^OR SALE? A STYLISH PAIR OF CARRIAGE Horses (a black and a gray), 15.3 hands high ; will be sold separately or together. Can be seen at 113 and 115 East Fifteenth street. For sale -a handsome foub skat half top Phaeton, In first class order. To be seen at JOHN LANOAN'S, 142 West Thirty nmt'i street ijH)R SALE? BAY COUPE HOBSB, 16 HANDS, WITH Coupe and Harness it desired; also shitting top Phaeton, by Wood Brothers. At private stable 118 West Eighteenth street. II*OR SALE? PAIR OF BAYS, ONE SORREL AND two chestnut carriage Horses; all drive singlo or double, and are stylish and sound. Also lighitop Wagon, single and double light Wagon and Coupe llarm -v Situa tions wanted for coachman and groom. Inoulrc at stable 121 East Forty-first street, or ol M. HOW LAND, No. 2 West Thirty -eighth sfv et. fvblt SALE? A PjBfor V*MY HANDSOME TO UNO Horses, lust over l.r> hands; dark hay; quick * ten pern; gentle )n either double or singlo harness, ami In perfect condition ; warranted. Apply at stable, corner Lexing ton avenue and Forty-ninth street; owner a residence at) Went Fifty -sixth street. _ iV>B SALE ? A LOT OF OOOD WORK horses, JUST arrived from the country ; all to be wild cheap ; from f to 8 years old. Apply at 176 Mercer street, near llleccker street. Fob balk? a bay pony, m hands, perfect, kind and sound. Inquire at tl. TKAN liV'S .Stable, m West Forty -lourth street. FOR SALE-TWO single TRUCKS, TWO HOB8B8 and two sets ot Harness; separate or together. In quire of JOHN 1'. DALLIMORK, 438 Water street, or redmono hop an, WJefcnoi amt For sale-a beautiful bat horhe, five years old, suitable lor light work or carriage use. Apply at coal office corner of 'i'wcnty-scvcntli street and Ninth avenue. IjlOR SALE? AN ELEGANT, FAST, THOROUGHBRED ' Colt; bay, 15?^ hands, t'.j years old, well broken. To be seen at stublus corner Lexington avenue and Fil'ty seventh street IjiOR KALE-ONE OF THE FINEST BORBEL H0R8EH in New York, if*1! hands high, 7 y?ars old ; will show 2:441; warranted soeiid and kind. Nos. 3 and 5 West Thir teenth street. TjlOR SALE? A TOP PONY PIIAF.TON AND HAK " ness, used but a few limes; also a steel gray Horse, t> years. 16 hands; warranted sound ami kind; suitable lor a lady to drive; sold separately or together. 332 Hud son street For bale? a oood sound coupe horse, i? hands; will be sold rheap if called for early. Ap ply at FARMERS A CLARK'S stable, I2d West T hirty-tlrot street. ^ For balk.? a jet black solid mare, Uk hands; 6 years old ; warranted sound ; must be sold lor want ol us>v ('all 86 King street, butcher shop. IlOR SALE? AN ELEGANT SADDLE HORSE, bay, 15 hands S Inches; look first premium at State Fair, Kentucky; goes all fancy gaits ; is every way right; fnir trial given : price <700. t an he seen lor two days at Fleetwood stables, Fortieth street, near sixth avenue. FOR BALE? AN EXCELLENT PAIK OF FAMILY Horses, 8 years old, sound and gentle, dark bay, 16 hands high. Apple at stable, 53 Last Thirty-third street, until Saturday, before II o'clock A. M. and alter 2 F. M. IpOR SALE CHEAP? TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, A ' atyllsn, well trained saddl? Mar"; good driver In double and simile harness ; bay, over 15 hands, sound and kind ; price titi). Ai>ply, trom 10 till 2 o'clock, at stable, 131 West Seventeenth street. BIOR SALE CljU P ? A TWO-WHEEL DOO CART, built by Wood Bros., In apleudld order; onlv been used lour or Ave times. Can be seen at stable in rear ol Fifth avenue; entrance East Forty-third street. FriOR SALE CHEAP? A FIVE YEAR OLD MARE; ' warranted sound and kind. Apply, after 3 o'clock, to T. BARRY, 344 East 1 hirty third street. |7H)R SALE CHEAP-AN EXPRESS OR GROCER'S r Wagon, with shitting lop : also a double Truck and light shilling top Wagon, at 23 West Thirteenth street. (IBEaT ATTRACTIVE SALE TO-DAY, T AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S >EW MaRT, 10, 21, 23, i.'> East Thirteenth street, between linlvnrslty place and FItth avenue. Do not fall to come. Kain or shine. Hale positive at 12 o'clock. Bee catalogue above. ClfVING CP HORSES.? WILL SELL A HANDSOME T IG-hand bay Carriage Team; also black Mare, lor family use . Ton Buggy, Itoad Wagon, Harness, Ac., at 27 West I'wentv sixth street. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, l ap Dustc rs, F'ly Nets, and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warden street. New York. Harness and uorse goods generally.? One ot the largest, Ix-st and cheapest assortments iu the city, at No. 8 Curtlandt street, near Broadway. Horse, harness and truck for sale? Together or separate ; harness aad truck but little used. 7.10 Tenth avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fif tieth streets. _ Horses -six oood, poi nd, young work Horses for sale cheap; a lair trial and warranted. Owner lias no work for them. Inquire at 220 Eighth av. Horses taken to board and pasture, at Leouia. N. J.. Ave miles from Forty-second street lerry. Anplv at 102 Greenwich street. Harness? the cheapest harness store in New York good double truck Harness. $'?)?. good single buggy flames*, hand made, $17 ; a good stable* Blanket, $260; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness tn the city. Cheaper than ever on account ot moving May Ml Please call and examine for yourselves. KISllEll A tiSBOKN K, 41 Mil rrnv street. Harness.-' the largkht vaiiikty or Harness and Horse luriiishhik Goods of every grade and j kind of anv house in New York, at MORE MAN'S Manu factory and Warerooms, 114 chambers street Harness.? two fine, new, light, double Harness, with Key Collars; one suitable lor a pbse- ' ton, sliver mounted ami a hand some iigin single Harness, I to lie sold cheap, at 140 West Thirty-third street, second floor. MANUFACTURERS UNION REPOSITORY, to ll voalway.? Carriages, iiari.ess, largest asmrtfne nt es. r offered, efiooet reasonable prii s. All styletfl Inn.- : ily l arriages and Light Wagons, new and second hand. MAMFACltRfeltb' IMUN. uS? Hioadway? 1 HOR8K8, CARKlAUKft. AC. ONE OP THE MOST ELEGANT I'AKK E8TABLISH ME NTS BVKH OFFERED, FOR BALE AT AUC TION THIS DAY. AT U O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHN STON'S NEW MART, 19, 21,21 and 15 East ThirtecUtU street, between University place ami Fifth avenue, TEAM COAL BLACK MAKM. T CART, KY BREWSTER; HARNESS, 40. PRIVATE STABLES TO LET? 1M WEST EIGH teenth street. Inquire uf S. WEEKS, 49 Mott streeL SADDLE HORSES A * BPECIALTY.-SKVERAL ON hand; receiving eight or ten every few weeks from Woodtord county, Kentucky; lor sale at 239 West For tieth street Call on Mr. ItAILEY. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-SKAT ROCK A way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, rtve Rock a ways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number ot Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargains, MANUFACTl It I . i:s I MOV. u'l> Rrnadway. Ul'PKRIOR llto> STABLE FITTI NGS. ? PARTIES O about to build new slnbles, or relit old ones, are in vited to call and inspect specimens ot nil tile most ap proved Rinds iniiniitacturcil In our own workshops. JANES A KIRTLAND, 8. 10 and 12 Beade street. STABLE ROOM FOR FOUR HORSES AND CAR rlages, at '-1t? East Fourteenth street; possession im mttltNy. TWO SQUARE BOX FULL SPRING NO TD1? WAGONS, the property of a deceased Brooklyn carriage maker, cheap, ?I'i'i apjecc. 1,494 ami I. iw Broadway. rpiIREE EXPRESS WAOONS, TWO OPEN, ONB TOP, I $.10, JtVt.Vs'i very cheap; also one hunk Mure, $10. Call for two days at* grocery , 294 Eighth avenue, corner Twenty-fifth street. rru> LET? FOUR STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AT 1.11 A Went Seventeenth street- between sixth and Seventh avenues. JOHN J. lOWNSEND, 76 Wall street mo RENT - I ROM If AY I. PRIVATE STABLE, S3S EAST I Seventeenth street; lour "tails and large carriage house. Apply on premises or at 1.16 First avenue. TIT ANTED? TO MATCH OR TO SELL, A VERY FINE " Carriage Horse, dark brown, with black points, 15}* hands high, 5 years old ; sound and kind in single anil double harness. Inquire at (il West Thirteenth' street, where he may be seen. WANTED? A DONKEY OR PONY AND CART, SUIT able lor a child to drive. Apply before 1 o'clock at the stable 0.1 Great .ion> s street. TITANTED? ON A FARM IN WESTCHESTER, TWO TT Horses to ilo light work In payment for their board during the Summer ; references ^iven. Address WELD, Herald nfllce. WANTED? A LIGHT ROAD WAGON, TOP OR NO top ; inust be in tirgt class order, city maker and cheap. Address, wiUi price and particulars, J. U., Herald office. WANTED? A STALL BOB ONE llORSE AND ROOM lor a small coupe in a private stable on west side, between Eighteenth and Thirtieth streets. Apply at 528 West Twenty second street. ff FOR A GOOD, STRONG WORK HORSE, 8UIT ? ) able for any business; sold lor want of iwc. 483 DeKalh avenue, Brooklyn. mr? BLACK MARE; BAT, $150, EACH 7 YEARS, ?) 16 W; pony built; stylish black Horse, 7 years. I6K, $200; stylish bay, can beat .H minutes, $225. 418 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty-first street. CiVQ BROADWAY. -CARRIAGES, (HARNESS ; CAR UOO riages, new and second hand, most complete as sortment ever offered, comprising every description of Family Carriages and Light Wagons, at popular prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. DRY GOODS. IT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, JY near Twentieth street, Spring and summer Styles JUST IMPORTED; hcautllul Costumes; Patterns with cloth models now ready, Patterns litted to the form war ranted perfect. Cutting and basting. Coine EARLY In the day. COMPAGNIE'DKS INDIES, Paris. MM. VERDE DELISLE FRERES, of the Compagnle des Indes, respectfully address themselves to ladles of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions of Laces and Cashmere shawls. Exhibited at their warehouses, HI line Richelieu, Paris, and No. 1 Itue de la Rcgcnce, llruxclles. Those who call, either from interest and curiosity or for the purpose of buying, will meet with equal courtesy. As this house pays no commissions under any circumstances ti) agents, tlio direct purchaser obtainsallthe advantages. All goods marked in plain llgures. Prices invariable. English spoken all over the house. Fabrlquesde Dentellcs, | Fabrlqnes de Cashmere des Baycux, 14 Rue Itoyale. I Indes, Alencoti, 20 Rue de Lencrel. ] Cashmere, Umrltzur. F OR SALE CHEAP? A OIIEEN SILK DRESS ; TRAIL skirt. 75 Monroe street. Mattings, mattings.? ir,^ cents fine whitr Mattings; red check, taucy and coir Mattings; great inducements offered. Cloths. Casslmcrcs, Robes, Ac. ANDREW LESTER A CO. ,11)3 Chambers street PARIS. Au Petit St. Thomas, Rue du Bac 27, 29, 31, 33. 35; 25 Rue do l'Univcrsitc. This house, established upwards of SO years. Is univer sally known and famed as one of the first establishments In Paris, In which thorough confidence may be placed. In its Immense premises, which all foreigners should visit, will be found, at tho lowest prices, the most complete as sortment of Silks, first novelties; India and French Cashmere Shawls, Woollens. Laces. Lingerie, ready-made articles lor ladies. Mantles, Cloaks, Furs, Cotton and Thread Stuffs, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Trimmings, Carpets, Articles of Furniture, English assistants. Wedding ttutiits. Fixed prices. TO THE LADIES.? THE DRY GOODS AND LADIES' Suit establishment of D. HOLINGER A CO., 328 Bleecker street, shall lie closed at 7 o'clock P. M. every evening until further notice. ? J^OR ALL THB NEWS FOB ALL THE NEWS FOB ALL THE NEWS IH IN 18 IN 18 IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM, THE EVENING TELEGBAM, THB BVBNING TELEGRAM, AND SOLD ON EVERY NEWS STAND AND SOLD ON EVERY NEWS STAND AND SOLD ON eVf.RT NEWS STAND FOB TWO CENTS. FOB TWO " CENTS. FOB TWO CBNTg. FOli NAI.Pi. AT~NEW BRIGHTON, S. I.? FOR SALE, THB STOCK and Fixtures of tho best located Grocery Store in Richmond county; reasons K/r selling more than satisfac tory. Apply to MARTIN J. BUNN4 CO., 335 and i'17 Greenwich street, New York. A FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE lor sale.? Doing an excellent business; long lease and low rent. For particulars apply at 59 Cannon street A FIRST CLASS FITTED UP LIQUOR STORE FOR sale, on a prominent corner ; railroad cars from the door to the City llail, Brooklyn ; with or without Stock. Apply to T. E. Rim. ERS, 4.SH Grand street A LOOKING GLASS AND PICTURE STORE FOR sale. 220 <; rand street Price $5(10. A SEWING MACHINE BUSINESS, ESTABLISHED three years, with stock ot the different kimlsof lead ing Machines, doing a lair business, will be sold cheap tor cash. Apply at Uie. store 5>4 Court street, south Brook lyn, or I9uji Division street, New York. V BARGAIN ? MUST BE SOLD THIS DAY-ONE OF the best and cheapest Sample Rooms down town. Apply oil the premises, 15 Ann street V LIQUOR STORE DOWN TOWN.? BEST LOCATION, lor sale for ball Its value ; also corner Liquor stores. Restaurants, oyster Sn loons, Chop Houses, Liquor Stores to let. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. V SPLENDID RESTAURANT, BEST BUSINESS Lo cation, Hall Interest tor sale.? Gentlemen's Furnish ing (iooOS Stores, Hat Stores, Drug Stores, Stationery stores. MITCHELL S Store Vgency, 77 i edur street ? HO USE FURNISH I NO \ND WILLOW WARE STORK JY. for sale cheap.? Also a fine Provision Store, best lo cation, oil Eighth avenue ; Butter Stands, Confectioneries Bakeries. MITCHELL'S Slore Agency, 77 Codar street A LIQUOR STORE ON LEADING TUOROUOHFARE, JY chenn ; low rent, long lease. Also several other business Places, finely located. KINNF.N A DEYO, 1 t 59 West Thirty -first street THE LEASE, HORSE AND WAGON, FIXTURES ? and Stock of a good Corner Grocery Store in Har lem for sale, cheap lor cash. Apply to C. E. OAKLEY, 337 Oreenwich street, New York. V FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale cheap, on the Eighth avenue, doing a good*; a good lease and low rent Apply to THOMAS GAFFNeY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. _ \ N OPPORTUNITY WORTH INVESTIGATION.? MIN J\ eral Soda Water Manufactory lor sale; doing tine business; targe profits; tavorablo terms; ihoroiighly >;s tahltshed. Particulars 25 Chambers street, UsUHQb W. sIM ERS' store Agency. AN OLD ESTABLISHED TEA AND OROCERYhTORH A for sale-Leading business avenue; splendid cash trad*; -mull capital required 25 C^ninborfi street, OKOKuh vv him k kh store Atrency.^ A WELL ESTABLISHED STKAM LAI NDRY FOR JY sale? Excellent location ; profitable cash trade; ex tensivclv patronised; enterprising party rare invest ment. Particulars 25 i hampers street, GEORGE W. SIMKRS' Store Agency. . FIRST CLASS WEST STREET LIQUOR STORE J\ for sale? Excellent business location ; extensively patronised; fortnne live men , extraordinary chance. Particulars 2A Chambers street, GEoitGE W. SIMERS' Wore Agency. t RARE OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED IN A JY flr?t claws Grocery ; location (rood : will sell low for i n-h ; sailsiiK tory rca-on ghon. Inquire of W. II. SNY uEK, Orange and Henry streets, Brooklyn. \ NEATLY FITTED UP liROCKRY STORK FOR Mle. cheap, up Miwn, wi'li rooms attached ;li not sold tin.- ilav will i>e " Id at auction tomorrow. Apply u> lilcMAo UAFFNE*, Auctioneer, Nu li Centre sUuek KOR HAl,K. ARAI^K CHANCE. ?A NEATLY KITTED CP Liquor Store In the Fourteenth wa d; must t>o oolrf this day ; doing good business. Apply tu iilw.UAS GAFI NEYJ Auctioneer, No. I Centra street A FIRST CLASH CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale cheap, in the best location of tin- iwti t li ward, doing a t-'ood business. Apply to THOMAS UAFFNRY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. A milk roctr for sale cheap.? apply to C. K. BRENNER, l-'J Fiftieth street, corner of Lex ington avenue. Boot and shoe stork for sale.? a retai . Hoot anil Shoe Store, witli Leas* ami s (wk, estui llsheil over ;!6 veur.s. In one ol the bout locations in tin city, will he sold cheap. For particular* inquire ot ROi. ERT IRWIN, 1'45 Water street. BOOKBINDERY FOR BALE? TO CLOSE TIIR Us tate of Christopher lliuh-, deceased. Machiner . Tools, Ac., can be seen at 207 Centre street, near Howari. For lurthcr particulars apnly at MM Broome street ELIZABETH illiuiis, Administratrix w. r. it ann*. Administrator. Butter stand for sale cheap.? one of thi most desirable in Fulton Market Appl.v at tli stand if-1 and iHt Fulton Market, Business for sale, together with singi/: truck, double truck, single and double heavy has ness. two large and sound Horses, ?i i the work ?? ,t wholesale tea house ; the whole to be Mold tliil weel, . proprietor has got to ?o South lor his health. Address II A. I*, box 2,7l*>, Pott office. Drug store for bale? sou; fixttkes, bot ties. Soda Fountain, Showcases, Ac. ; all complex Apply at the corner of Cherry atul Booievelt s reels. Dltro STORES.- EITHER OF TWO. i" IN ELY FITTED, well sfoeked. paying trade; reason, difficulty ot pi" ting reliable assistants: price reasonable; terms on * Information of Mr. (lAKDNEit, with McKesson A itnbb m Druo store for SALE OR EXCHANGE-ONE m the (Inest fitted dru? store* tn Brooklyn, s tualc.l . n a prominent corner of one ot the loading avenues, a i to H ALA. ETT, SEAVlvR A BURBANK, 1 IJ Chamber - street, New York. F(IU SALE? LIGHT TRUOKINO BUSINESS, CHEAP Canal street (express office). For sale, sTiklvinu.chkap -apply to.mhi si. LAMI'K A OOi, 98 Chambers street. For sale? a well establi shed houbefi p nisli inland Hardware bust mat- stnc'< : 85,000; a year's sales $t4U,t.OO; wi.i take part in icil egiate; le '"i easy. A. BLOMQVI8T, III) Visttti street. For BALB ? OROVBR A BAKER 8 SWING MAC FIIN I nearly now; cost $t>5, will sell for $33; also bran ii"> Easy Chair in green reps; cost *10, wul sell lor $28. fti: Broadway, room 3. FOR SALE? AN OfAcB PARTITION, 34 FBK'I long, In good condition. Apply at 274 Pearl street, New York. BMR BALB? A "POTTER" CAP 07UN0BR PRESS, cheap ; sold only for want ot steam power; si/.e o bed iHx-4. Apply to THUMas PETI'IT, 80 Fulton itrcet Brooklyn. For sale? lease, stock and fixtures of a first class Bakery and Confectionery, now doing a tine business ; location unsurpassed. Will t> ? sold at a great bargain If sold immediately. Apply at tin) Third u\ . For sale? a well established corneh Liquor Store, near tho steamship lines. Inquire at GS Carmine street IflOR HALE- -FOUR YEARS' LEASE ON STORE K>l Sixth avenue; J:> by ItJO feet deep; splendid loc.i tion. FOR SALE? LEASE, (iOOD WILL, TRUCKS, AC.. OH the old established wholesale and re a I Hour ami Iced store. CM First avennc, near Thirty-loUl ill street LKUl SALE? SHOE MANUFACTORY. ESTABLISH I<. I r 15 years ; best location in clly ; large profitable trai'.t In ladies' tine shoes; accommodation fur business . $600 (100; cheap rent; machinery tlrsl class ; owner wish. to retire. Aiiilress M AM !? ACTII REE, lie raid office. For sale? a first class CORNER LIQUOH Store. For particulars apply at 74 Exit Houston s JjV)R SALE? THE BUTriiR, CHEESE, EGO AM 1 Vegetable Department in market corner oi M\r.:i and Carlton avenues, Brooklyn. UOR SALE? A WELL ESTABLISHED HEAL I . I A I ' r anil Ixian Business, together with the l,et?>e o t handsomely turnished otllcc. In the best location up town. Address!'.,' Herald Uptown Branch otllcc. tjlOR BALK- A FOUR YEARS' LEASE (II HOC BOS 1 the Boulevard ; ltl large rooms and cellar ; Hpleml.. view on Hudson; rent cheap. Address e. J., Hernl office. IjlOR SALE? BARBER SHOP IN <)')til> OHDE ? established 15 years; price cheap. U6 Prlncr* strn t. K?^A"T2!2r?S?.ra!! KX'i ?fa?'SSrtS5 For sale-a medium-sized upright show case ; filver plated and plate ulass; smt'ib e lor n> I liner or dressmaker; cost $45; will be sold low. at II; West Twenty-third street. FOB SALE? BOOK, STATIONERY AND NEWS Hi pot; (food paper route , low rent ; doiiu i good bu ? new: satlstactory reasons for selling. Apply tit l,.ii; Third avenue. For sale-tue well known sample roo>; and Ale House corner Hudson and I homa* ir< ? opposite American Express buildings; food leas* ; km low; a good psylng business, worthy oi lii' i *!i.M;o? owner has other buslne-s, which he Must attend. FOR SALE CHEAP? A WELL ESTABLISHED BROWN and Straw Board Paper Business. Inquire at9? Am street. For sale cheap? lease and fixti ri:s or ? first clam Liquor Store, in the southeast corner ol Thirty-eighth itreet and Tenth avenue - to be mid hi eo *?'<iue"nce of the death of the proprietor. for luriher | a. titulars inquire at 201 Fulton .street. FIRST CLASS HOTEL (2ft ROOM FOR SALE? T A miles trom New York, opposite the depot-. s,,|i| 1-1 .* on account of sickness. inquire at 38 Ann street. New York. No agent*. ICE HOUSES.? TWO BUTCHER'S AM) ONE PAT XVI Ice House for dale cheap; never uncd; suit.-ihlc tot market,*tore, hotel or restaurant. Imimre of WILLIAM HILL, Thirty-tilth street and Eleventh avenue, Lease and fixtures for hale-of a fin: Honse and Store In Grand street; host location In tin city; cheap rent Inquire at E. B. KOKMG'S, 2U2 Oram! itreet Liquor store for sale? on sixth avenue together with Lease and Fixtures ; now doing u good business. Address W. II. It.. I ollli-e. Meat market, Lexington avenue, OOXNSB of Twenty seventh street ? Fixtures and Tools all new; ml paid to June i ; uii for ?*">. SAFES.? TIIR BEST ASSORTMENT OF SECOND hand Sates in the city, suitable for meridian's', hank er?' or jeweller*' use, lur sale, at great bargain*, at liK Maiden lane. SAFES.? HERRING'S, MARVIN'S AND WILDER S all sizes cheap lor cash ; skeleton and silk Sales; nl.-f haak Sate. O. CQl'IRK.Nl Maiden lane, near Hold -i CAFE FOR HALE? i'IIEAI*; A LA ROE SI ZK TW. IO small ami one ini'ilium sale, of Herring'-, Wilder- t Llllle * make, at 72 Maiden lane. h. (). QI'IKK. MAt III > Kit V. AT WILSON A ROAKE'S, 2S2 AND list WATER street, 2ft-hnrse Hoc Table Emrine, ID-horse Portable Holster, horizontal and upright Engines, Boilers, I'um w Sliatting, I'tillevs, Ac. A LARUE LOT OF NEW AND SKCOMI HAND steam Engines and Boilers, Steam rumps an I Tanks. FINNEY' A HOFFMAN, Manuiacturcrs, 20J ic 22 S Water street, Brooklyn. Boilers.? four boilers :um foot with tw?j 16 inch Hues In each. Also 2 gets cylinder Boilers would exchange lor wornout ones. JOH N STUART, IM Broadway. U<OR SALE? BOIIER AND ENOINE, 6X12, SHAFT T iiiL's, Pulleys. Ae rvt ? Wist ihirty ninth street. UOR SALE-A LAROE QUANTITY OF -II \ F 1 1 N 1 Pulleys and Hangers, Planing Machines, Moulding Machines and other kinds of Wood-Working Machinery must tie sold at once ; no reasonable oiler relused. Ap ply at tii and 64 I'annon street, ? PORTABLE AND STATIONARY EN'. INKS AN. I Boilers new and second hand; store Elevator^ Lathes, Drills. six-horse Hoisting l-.ntfine, in good order. WILLAKD A DE BEVOISe, ?j l ey street. IIOl/SKM, KtMl'ls, iV< \\ \ \ ( ?:t?. In thin City ?ii?l Brooklyn. ITNFIJRNISHED ? WANTED? BELOW THIRTIETH I street, for light housekeeping mo children three m four Itoonis and Kitchen; not to exceed $<ntl p> r milium. Address ALBION, No. :? St Mark's place. llf ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE Wl DOW, Til III. I if unturnlshed Room*, west side. Addtess, sta' price, hut not to exceed ?2U per month, B. M., box I I Herald olllce. WANTED-A FIRST FLOOR, WITH FOUR ROOMS, TT in a private house, between Eighteenth a . I Thirtieth streets, west side. Address A. B.C., H-'Sim.i avenue, in hair store. Q OR 4 ROOMS W ANTED? IN A RESP'iCTABl. ?> house, furnished or unturnished. by a small family >. threa adults; nelghborliood of Jefferson Market pr - ferred. Addrc?s. stutlng particulars, W. II drii;; sto , No. 7 Oreonwlch avenue. In tli* t uaitlry. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO HIRE A WELL FDR nlshed Country Hi at lor the season; la i nil v very small ; must have good garden and stable tor three horse . ; rent about $1,1100; location on Hudson River or in C > i ?Mcticut Address c. A., Brooklyn Branca Herald office . IV ANTED? FOR A YEAR, FROM STH To l.VTII Or *T May, a completely turnlshed medium sized Hon with modern appliances ior eotnlort ; must not lie utoro tlian an hour's ride bv rail or boat from New York; nm t not exceed a halt nine from depot or landing ; rent front II.U0U to $l,:is> per annum; any owner hnvtua sti U premises as described, who ilesires io be abroad toe n year or mure, wilt find In the advertiser a careful a-nt respona hie tenant; latntly consists ot Ave pe rsons an.i necessary servants; describe location, numl e ol roo.i - and price. Address C. A. S., box 2,A03 N. Y. F?s! office. W ANTED? A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED COTTAGE II In >aratoga, trotn 15th of June to IMh ot Septem her ; must have 12 room* or mire, and rent not to axced fin tier month. Atfdrcs* ,i. S. b , box l,Uu I'ostofh New York. \\' AN TED?A furnished COTTAGE AT LoM: I'.r.itn li. Address, suiting term*. Ac.. 8., lMtaUl U n low n Branch oilice.

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