Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1873 Page 3
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rj *Q IilT >OK BDMJNiffln rtiRPOSKS.^ j^rtnMTjjto. 2__ *BW r,BBPROOF BUILDINO. . Fl'LTON, NASSAU AMU AM* ???** *UBQANT OFFICES TO HfcNT IM JTOK ABOVE QiOwPROOF WELL LOCATED BUILDIKG, WiiNO 1M ?Lose proximity to the , ___ enr* hall, the courts^ thk post office, OFFICES SUITABLE F^R LAWTER&, BROKERS, -ANKH, inhurance COMPANIES, Atl_ ac. can BE HAD, FINOLY OR EN SUITii. UK ANY DESIRED ?IBB, PROM 10X12 KKKT TO MXn PKKT A'l ??W, $M0, BMW AND UPWARD TO *12,0W>, ACCORDING TO ?K AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING K 0 COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, AMD WILL BE READY FOR OCCUPANCY OD OR BEFORE MAY I. 1873. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR OPOTCF.S TO BE M ADR *? HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINK HTREET. A ?TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT STKAM POWER . a large Building, four stories, basement ana loft AM lcet front by 75 feet deep ; well salted lor any kind o manufacturing business; will be lot in rooms to suit mp pfteauU. Inquire at 346 Kant Twenty-ninth street. A WHOLE BUILDING OR THI-EE FI.OOR8, 50X66. to * \ to tot, wlihor without strain power, In Kaw JwjB; p-Hfth afreet. For particulars apply to LIEBENKOril, ON AUW kM DO., fib and ft2 Kranklfn *treot vAJ LARUE OFFICE TO LET? AT 27 OLD BLIP, COR Mr ol Front street; re?t $25. A? TO LET, ON SIXTH AVENUE. SEVERAL ? stores; some with Dwelling Apartment* and one Corner; rents no oliieet if the owner U suited with the business Office 999 sixth avenue. Attention 1?78 gra\d street, between dreei.e and Woostcr.? This three story Building to let, for business purposes; rent reasonable. Apply to L. PKLDMAN, ,'M.l Ka-t Nlneteeuth street, from (J to 18 A M. mmt iron 5 to 8 P. M. A STORE TO LET? BEST LOCATION ON THIRD avenue; rent low ; possession immediately. Apply M the premises, MM Third avenue. A DESIRABLE CORNER STORE TO LEASE-ON .A. Vitthavonuc, near Pltth Aveuue Hotel; rent verv low to good tenant Apply to H. R. DREW A CO., Ho. 3 Was t Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. AFACT.-THE BEST PLACE IN THIS CITY TO rent Stores. Lofts or offices ; have many and at re tnoed rents. Call before rentiuK at N. C. BISHOP'S, 'M Broadway. A STORE? TWO SHOW WINDOWS, FIRST CLASS location tor business, on the west side of fctxth ave MO, near Tltlrfv-fir.-t street. No agents need apply. __ JULES OLAENTZER. 1,24; Broadway. A FIVE STORY STORE BUSINESS HOUSE TO LET, i?i3)i Water ntreet; best stand in the city; cheap vent. THOMAS MnGUIKE, 1,145 Second avenue A SPLENDID STORE ON THE MOST DESIRABLE part of Third avenue; size 25x65; tn fine order; pos MMion May I. II. M. CoNDIT, 139 East Twelfth street. A? SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SIXTH AVENUE AND . Thirtieth street.? Store to let; also the four story Building M and 56 West Thirtieth street, comprising Ilus Man, Turkish. medicated and private hatha; on a lease. to ?M|ionsihle tenants. 2U1 Second avenue. A? TO LET? AT LOW RENT, THE THIRD FLOOR ? of 294 Bowery, well adapted lor offices or any facht manufacturing requiring good light. Apply at 245 Water street A STORE, WITH ROOMS; ALSO THREE, FOUR, aeven or ten first class Rooms; extra conveniences A?ply to OWNER, 64 West Tenth street, near Sixth av. A BEAUTIFUL FIRST FLOOR, FIT FOR ANY KIND of business, rent $6>, 65 West Eighteenth street. Particulars at 838 Sixth avenue. A DOCTOR'S OFFICE, WITH EVERY CONVENIENCE ; ( _f\ also a Room, furnished, suitable for a gentleiuun. Family private; good location, Ac. Apply ut 313 West Ninteentli street, west of Eighth avenue. Bakery and confectionery establishment, with Tools and Fixtures, in Brooklyn ; good rand ; a xare business chance. Inquire at 239 Water street, New York. _ _ Broadway corner rooms for business to lease, at 819 Broadway; also Upper Floor, 48 East Twelfth street. Rent low. Apply ill book store, 61 East T well i li street Desirable first loft to let? in grand afreet near Centre, without power. Apply to tL V. B. CRUOER, 182 Orand street_ DOCTOR'S OFFICE.? A REAUTIFUL OFFICE. FUR nished or unfurnished, tc let, In Thirty-third street, near Broadway. For particulars inquire at 24 West Twenty -ninth street. ACTORY BUILDINUS TO LEASE-IN OOERCK ? ntreet; ground floor 100x70 teet, with two other floors; rent moderate. Apply to D. S. DODD, 234 East Twelfth street, after 6 o'clock In the evening. Factory us and 120 amity street to let; two floors; good liirht all around; moderate rent Apply to U. HARDMAN, 120 Macdougul street. * Fine lofts, 50x100, with steam power, to let, suitable for light manufacturing purposes ; good light 35 and 37 Wooster street. F F?i R RENT? WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWKR, _ Lofts and Store* for lnauufucturini; purposes. in Hie ? vicinity of Broadway. Apply to engineer, on premlaes, I 175 Hosier street, or to S. T. A A. T. MhVKK, S5 Walker st. HALL TO LET-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ; SO fret by lOOIcct. For particulars Inquire on premise*, 1,400 Broadway, corner Thirty-ninth street. House and store to let? 276 eighth avenue between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth street*; two years' lease and cheun rent. Inquire of 8. RICE, No. 8 Maiden lane, between 8 and 10 A. M. Hotel at yonkers to let? situated on the Boulcrard; splendid location; fd) rooms; can be filled all the year; rent very low. OODEN <t CLARK, Broadway, comer of Seventeenth street LA ROE HALL TO LET? FOR SUNDAY SERVICES, lnormug and afternoon. Apply at BROOKE'S As tembly Room", 301 Broome street. Lofts to let^with or without steam tower, splendid light, in Grand street, near Centre ; size 10x70 ; suitable tor heavy or light manufacturing. Apply loS. V. R CRITGER, 182 Grand street. FFICES ~TO LET-IN THE NEW AND ELEGA-VT iron building 239 Broadway, comer of Park place, with modem .improvement*. Including use of elevator. Apply on the premises, to KNICKERBOCKER LIKE IN*URANCEJX>. OFFICES TO RENT? 72 WILLIAM STREET. FOR lawyers, bankers and brokers; f8 to $40 per month ; well lighted ; also I |>per Floor, with *kvlig>L, S2n0. ON NORTH UNION SQUARK. SECOND DOOR FROM Broadwayi near the Everett House --Splendid Store; 18x60; very de'strahle location; rent chsap. WM. H. JACKSON * CO., 31 East s<veutaenth street. PART OF STORE TO LET-721 SH'TH AVENUE, BB tween Forty-flrst and Forty-s?cond streets, suitably for first ciass painter and decarator, or stoves, ranges and lurnistilng goods. ___________________ JCTEAM POWER.? TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL ?? Room*, with or without I\)wer (wood workers al lowed). at the Eureka Machine tar vlng Works, 60, 62, 64 and 66 Cannon street. STEAM POWER? FROM 1 TO 100 HORSE; RELIABLE and chcap ; Rooms, large, and t smalt, for $.'.00 and Hpw:ird. ti ' ? HALL, l.v Kim street. CJTEAM POWKR. WITH J LARGE FIRST FLOOR and Basement, 60*100; rent and insurance cheap. 314 and 316 East Thlrty-fltth'traet. STEAM POWER TO LET-WITII ROOMS OF VARIOUS alias, well lighted, tfady power; also three Base vents; insurance low. -PPly to NORRIS A MILLER, W East Forty-flrst streo STEAM POWER.? Tf LEAKE, FOR A NUMBER OF years, an excelled Loft, 30\1I3 ,ind 24x23, well light ed all round: posse *?on at once. Apply on premises, corner Klghteenth *fcftt and avenue B. STEAM POWER, ?OOD LIGHT, TO LET. INQUIRE at 311 and 31 avenue A, I* tween Nineteenth and Twentieth street*, STEAM POWV--TO RENT, ONE ROOM, 60X80 FEET, with light a" sides; very doairuble lor wood work ers -.noiwcsilor't Apply to NICHOLS A SMALL, 1M Bank *tref STEAM P-.VKR TO RENT? LARGE ROOMS AND plenty .power, at very low rates, by the Manhattan Brass an?L'?*nul*ctl,r|n* Company, Twenty seventh atreet and '?* arentie. STEAM'OWER AND ROOMS TO SUIT? FOR ANY kim-or manufacturing purpoeos; gtww), light and rellabl?",wer. Apply on tiie premises. &39 West Fifty ?rst i;?t, of LYSan g. Hall, or of JOHN 8. BCHPTZE, 63 Wall street. STf4E TO LET-ON THE WEST SIDE OP NINTH venue, between Fifty. tonrtli and Fitty fifth street*; I rooms behind store convenient ior living; thin I in wood Bland lor dining saloon, confectionery or any IV *'?0,.b^'.n?r"; r.^'Jor ?"? W' P?r montb. Inquire at |? -jy West Fllty-tourth atreet Also Cottages to let, cheap. STORES TO LET-SUITABLE FOR GROCERIES. J Teas, Shoe or Bakery, or almost any other business ? ant $3fi per month. Inquire at bank office, 20 Sacond av.' STORE AND BASEMENT, $600 A YEAR ON SIXTH avenue, to let with DwelLna if required. Inquire at the Metropolitan Laundry. 03 and 9fi Sixfili avenue. STORE 112 GRAND STREET. 25 BY 107, OCCUPIED BY Lake A MoCreery for many years, 100 feet west from broadwav, to lease cheap. Apply to AARON IIARDMA.N, 44^ Uroome street. .OTORE 26 BEEKMAN STRBKT TO RENT-NOW BEING iJ put in tine order ; low rent; immediate possessnn; admirable location for paper er metal. PBICE, 290 1 1 lldaoc llmi STORE PROPERTY, ON WEST SIDE OK SECOND avenue, far sale, at a greiat sacrillc.e; eitra weLI built and finished and having a very sure promnective value. F. CRAWFORD W.Vi Tnlrd avenue (new bank lllding). corner ot Fltty seventh rtreet. IVCTORK TO RKNT IN A FINE LOCATION FOE ANY I O business; cheap rent. I ? per ir. . nth. fnqil ire tor E. BK ATTY, southwest corner Twenty tilth street and icnth tvemtte. STORE TO LRT-COBNKR CLINTON AND GRAND fctreeto, suitable lor llqanr or other busiucrs ; IKJH ?he at Iuq lire in store or at 90 Suffolk ^trcei. <TORK TO RKNT CHEAP ? 44 EAST EIGHTEENTH O street, between Broad wny urxl Fourth nvenne; flrtil rate li?ntlon for any business. Apply next door. UB BASEMENT To LET ? SUITABLE FOR A PRINT- I itig or lithographic ottlcc, with use of power it de- ' aired. Apply on premises k3ti Broadway, corner Park place, l? Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company, i^ECONI) SI O II V I .OFT TO l.ET? 2ftXW; TWO FRONTS. L'J Inquire at 34 New Bowery. Studios to let in building i mt broadwav C? rents $225 to $2S0. Apply to W. H. MELDHl'M, l,W Braadway. I SfORBS." STABLES I i i l R r * SMALL STOKE, ! 7? suitable tor tancv roods, tailor, grocery, candy or bat It ore al-oa stable. Fred Stor" and <'?r| enter Shop. k\ #ly at lift Hudson street. T O l.hT? THE STORK, 1,269 KHOAHWAY, BETWEEN Tliirty-flrat anil Thirty-second s'reet*, can bccon ?ectcd. it ?l< sired, with store in tear, rutinlnv thn.i.Kh to Hlxth avenue Apply to W s. MKLDKI'M, l,2M Broad way. Mi LET? A LAHtlE STORK. IN nil. NEW BROWN , Ftnne building S7 Spring street; also Store anil Floor* 111 Mott, near Spring sireet. Inquire at HOUSEKEEP fCR'K 21) Molt airef I or at 20 Secopd avenue. s 1 JTO LRT FOR RMBlUfM P?RPO?ll!?. r.H) LET? THRRK GOOD* ROOMS, 25X50 FHBT; WELL I lifhted, with ?tc*dy (team MWer, lortnaaaActuring purposes A|,,i' vi?IMV * MCHUl,S l!? Woodtr St. rLET? A FINK RESTAURANT; FIXTUIES ANI> I raw lor sale. Apply eo ownur, 61 Liberty rtrtel, room 28. _ To I.fT-DESK ROOM OR I* ART OK FRONT OFFICE on flrst floor, at 'JO FalW.u street. fO LET? STORK 2M GRAND STREET; RENT RE d uced to $12?' : bent block on th'> street' almi suit five Rooms. MH'vml floor. Inquire at cm ly store, Grand street. _ mn LET? TWO OR THREE LOWER LOFTS OF 77 1 (Irwuti street lor storage or other ptirtioNcs, at a low figure Apply at *t Mercer h revt. T W. HKACIIER. To LET? OFFICES, WITH HEAT, WATI R AND UAH In .118 Rroadwuy , corner of I'earl street. Apply to S. B. IIUTCIIINUS..1M John street. " rLET? OFFICES IN :)07 AM) :it? hikiahwav and B5 Duane afreet Auply to 8. H. HUTC1I1NGS. 38 Jonn street mo LET? OFFICES IN 2yo BROADWAY, CORNER OK 1 Head* street , also store 86 Puane street. Apply to A. B. HUTCHING8, 38 John ttrwl. TO LET? THE FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS OK 29 Beukman .street, between Nassau and William street*, with Tower; each floor 22x86 leet. Inquire ot ROBKR A FLOCK, 509 Broadway, or J AMES CONNER'S BON8. cor ner Centre and Kcade s tree in. m LRT? TWO LARGE OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOB, X at No. 6 Beekman streeL iBQBirfl III room 3. fno LET? A MERCHANT TAILOR'S STORE NO. H A Johnson street, one door from Fulton. Apply on the twain* N. b.-a lease oi three year - if wanted. r LET-OFFICES IN 22 ANN STREET. H. MoUyUIN, 20 Ann street. TO~LKT-A MERCHANT TAILOR'S STORE, nK. 9 Johnson street, Brooklyn, one doqf Irom Fulton. Applv un the premises. N. it.? A lease ol three year* If wanted. rpo LET CHEAP? A LIQUOR OR GROCERY STORE; 1 has been established lor 20 years as a liquor store, and is (he bent corner In the Ninth ward: is titled up. and an excellent corner lor groceries. Apply at 603 Hudson street rno let OR LEASE? THE vacant lot, 25x128 1 feet, on tlio north aide ol Morton street, between Washington and West. Apply to EDWARD TIMPSON, riom II, 115 and 117 Nassau street, or to ROBERT SAN FORJD, Poughkeepsie. 110 LES OR LEASE? A FINE OFFICE OR STORE ON Sixth avenue, near Thirty-1'ourlh street and Broad way Junction ; one of the finest un town. HOFFMAN, CQBURN A CO., 602 Sixth avenue T"o LET OR LEASE.? THEEE floors on 'bro.mT way to let, between Howard and Uraud streets. In quire in liquor store, 138 Broadway. TO RENT? FOUR NEW STORES, IN THE GETTY House building, city of Yonkers. FARINGTON A ROCKWELL, No. 1 Getty House. \ oukers. rpo rFnt-the ' upper~pAbt of~~buildi"no 216 1 East Ninth street, near Third uvcniie ; two lofts, well adapted to light niuiitiiactiirlng ; rent $800. Apply 10 L. J CARPENTER, 20 Third avenue. 1MIE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue tabout 60x50 leet each), In the rear of and connected with 1,26ft to 1,26'J Broadway, between Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets, the whole or any part ; w ill be lifted up to suit tenants. Apply lo W. S. MELDRUM, 1,269 Broadway. 1ST FLOOR 1,261 BROADWAY, BETWEEN THIRTt flrst and Thirtv-seeond streets; In perfect order; five rooms; rent $1,000. Inquire of J. YATES A CO., 1.262 Broadway. 1ST 0 LA sa NEW FIVE STO RY D( )UBLB BEIGE Stoies and Tenement, 2ftxt6xW), First avenue, paying ten per cent, to exchange (or Brooklyn Property, with eome cash. THOMAS G. HOJER, Thir l avenue. 2 SHOPS TO LET? IN l!i7 MAIDEN LANE; RENT, $10 and (13 per month. WEST BROADWAY.? LARGE STORE AND BASE nient suitable for any business, at a very low rent. B. D. ALLEN. 75 A lOl FRANKLIN STREET, CORNER WEST BROAD 1 >) I way ? Office on first lioors rent low to a respect aide tenant; Rooms may be had above for storage or otherwise. 11*4 FIFTH AVENUE.? ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR. lU'T suitable for photographers; Office in basement (or news stand or telegraphing; rear Basement and Cellar. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. Furn tailed. A NICELY FURNISHED AND PLEASANTLY LO. ,/Y cated House to rent, to a private lamily, whose owner will take rent in board. Apply at 319 Esitt Twen tieth street. ? A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? ALSO furnished and unfurnished Flats, for housekeeping. Apply for permits at 5H8 Sixth avenue, between Thirty lourtli and Thirtv-flith streets. AN ELEGANT MODERN HOUSE ON FIFTH AVENUE, above Fifty-seventh street and near the Grand Plata, to rent, either lu rnlshed or unturnished ; it Is tour stories high, white marble tront. and has all the modern im provements and conveniences, and In finished in the best manner ; a delightful house lor any gentleman who would like to live 011 Fifth avenue and near the Central Park at a reasonable rent, for the owner Is going abroad and Is desirtons of securing a goi>d tenant. Apply to E. U. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street, or 35 East Seventeenth street. N ELEO A NT K E S 1 1 ) E N 1 J K ? B E T W E E N FIFTH AND Madison avenues, 26 Fiftieth -(reef. 28.1x70. with ex tension, 25x18; parlors only furnished, but in best style; rent very low. Apply as above. . LARGE "NUMBER OK HOUSES TO LET? FUR nished nnd uiilurnished : some very fine. Those wishing houses will do well to call before selecting on N. C. BISHOP. 24 1 Broadway. A LARGE NUMBER OF UNFURNISHED AND FUR nislied Houses to rent lu first class locations, at greatly reduced rentals. A. C. LOOMIS A CO., 1.254 Broadway. BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED FOUR STORY brown atone high stoop in n fine location; Stelnway piano, linen, silver, pielures, crockery, everything com plete ; rent only $'<,nU0. GEORGE C. SO REN, 173 Fifth aveaoe. A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MADISON AVENUE below th? Park, to let tor six months or a rear, to a private lamily. JACon SHARPK, 38 Pliie street. ALAROE HOUSE, 20X60X 1C0, FULLY FURNISHED, 22 rooms, $2,500; untarnished. $250; furnislied suit able tor hoard purposes. WM TUCKER, 2*0 Fifth ave nue, tirsi door above Twenty-iixth street. A FOUR STORY HIQfl STOOP BROWN STONE House to let. furnished, on Thirty-seventh street, near Fifth avenue; $100 per month. witli immediate pos session. II. R. DREW i CO.. No. 3 West Twenty third street (Fifth Avenue Hotel). AT $2.100? a FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE ; best of order: finely furnished; Thirtv-second street, near Sixth avenue ; also many others which must be let before May. SIMONSON A ECCLESTON, Thirty first street, and Broadway. Open evenings. A? TO LET, A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE, OR ? will rent Parf ; owner would board If agreeable; moderate rent to responsible parties. Apply at 12ti West Forty- filth street A LARGE HOUSE, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE. ON Twenty-first street, to rent, fully furnished ; rent reduced from $300 per month to $250 per month. JAMES R. EDWARDS. 69 West Twe nty -third street AT GREATLY REDUCED RENTS-HOUSES FUH nisned and unturnished 19th and 21st st., near Broad way ; 34th, 35th, 3*th, 3l?th its., near 5th av. ; 45th. 47th, B4th sts., near Broadway ; these Houses must he rented at once; offers waated. E. s. CltANK, 1.205 Broadway, eorner Twenty-ninth street A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE TO LET, Fl R nlshed? On Twenty -third street ; $200 iier month ; possession at once. H. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West 1 wenty -third street Fifth Avenue Hotel. A four STORY SEOW* STORE nousE to let furnished? On Thirty-fifth street, near Fifth avenue $360 per month. H, R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West I'wenty third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. A FOUR STORY Bias STOOP noUSE TO LET? Furnished, on Thirty-third street near Fifth avenue: immediate possession. II. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Tweut.v third street (Fifth Avenue Ilotci) A? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED DWELLINGS) . near Fifth and Msdlsoa avenues, and in al' locations, at reduced rentals. S. B. GOODaLe, No 5 we?t Twenty -thlnl street Fitth Avenue Hotel. LARGE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, West Twenty -third street, full width and extensiou ; handsomely furaished ; rent $300 per month. S. B. GOODALE, No. 5 West Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hew.l. A FULLY FURNISHED BROWN STONE. CHEERFUL House. -. fine, central location; sewerage and fur nace new; 14 rooms ; responsible parties call imm"diaU> ly. OWNER, on premises, 224 East Fourteenth street. Brick oottage-on fifty-fourth street, be tween Seventh avenue and Broadway, furnished ; thp vicinity of the Park makes this desirable ; # rooms, water and gas Apply al W7 Eighth avenue. JOHN UK A MOAN. East 22D street, near broadway-24 booms, elegantly lurnlsbed, $?,.vm. East 24th street, near Jlti avenue? 12 Rooms, elegantly fti rnlshed, $2,400. East 5f SJItf1 near Ath avenue ? 19 Booms, elegantly furnish eo. afi.UOo. Bast 36th street, near 6th avenue? w Rooms, 52 i>?' ',0*roers, $6,000, East 34th street, near 5tb avenue? J? "UpcrUly furnished, $3,800. W. st 47th street, ??*? avanue? 12 Rooms, neatly furnished, $2,100. ~i ,*557' n,'Br St'i avenue? 17 Rooms, fullv furnUli ed, $>>,tiUji. Others in all locations ot reduced rates. HOLMli BROTHERS. 46 am! 4s East 2 id street.^ FVP??SSSS ^OMFLMTRLY AND HANDSOMELY: nriva tl f?m.i W"?o,Ac. j for fl ve moti ths to a .-mall FtV.n J t In Oil!) n0 ifl7.'.*. If .! per a Uiree Siorv high Tn 1 K'>rty-thlrd street, tietw^-n sixth avenue SM BMdWft?, IngiUre n i flffi Ifrottdwa^v, Jn gtort-. VWW n liS'IsilKD THREE STOBY Hf)USE TO 1 t let? For "iix inonilm or yc*r 216 F>i?t Ninpiornib utroct, ton stnalJ lamif/. y ' r-A81 T? (RhHKRVINU I IH sT FLOOR ? 1 '( ? V |'( ?!lf J ably tarnUhet! private Kent donee, u.i Loxinirton av?iue, new Twenty -ninth ntrect. To a d^lrabli lan" ant teriDH satisfactory. Appjy from 2 toft P. M rpo I - 1'- I OR IiIjAHK? Fl'KMsi/ fcii Oil I nislied, Hviisc, 10 rooms, Tenth street, near Second avenue ; rent ll^> per month ; will be nuf in uerl^ct order tor a g? ,d tenart- N ICHoLS A r a" Perty US Fourth atenne and l,4:<; Broatfwav. TO LEASE TO A CAREFUL AN!) RKSpONslHI F tenant In9 Eaat Thlrt.v-flffh street, near Pork nv eai:e, lour story brown stone Residence, Imiwlsome'v fur nlshed. E. L. ANDRi.WS,#! Wtiiium street TO RENT FURNISHED OR UN FCfBISHED, OR FOR ?ale at Vonkern, the residence of Dr. llaylles,A very desirable limns House, filled in with brick, situat ed on Lake uvenue. near Hruadwav, mid alioui ill min utes' welk m m depot The bouse is ;4i\.12 leet, in good order.bnilt by days' work, of 'he best materials. The (.'rounds consist ol '2%i acres, bsndsomeiv laid out ; a good /table Appiv to E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 1'ine (Kreet, or to Mr. T, II. COLLINS, opposite the depot, V ankers. A 11/ .EST THIRTY-BIGHlll STREET, NORTH SIDE, ff Bear Filth avrnue. Four suiry high sb>op brown stone M.i'iise for rent, itilly and elegantly iiirntslied or un Inrnishcrt: In complete order. I or pi rmlls apply to Rowland," hazard, jr . tin Broadway. A IVWKM.IWO HOUSKS TO LBT. (Joluralibed. 1ST CLASH POUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN Tweniy->ev< n'h street, between Broadway und Ixtti avenue, renting a. u n per cent, to private laiuily, to cxchai gj lor tusin h< Proie ty ot leu* value. THO tlAJ O. HujEK, SKW Third avenue. WR8T THIKTYTHIRD STREET, BETWEEN ? Filth avcnu and Broadway- To le', handsomely (urnlsJicd; rent $5,000 tor three vcart. if desired. DKi'.W No. S Wont Tweuty-third street A 1 ?TO ONE OR MORK TBNANTS, NO. 6 LAFAY Aii ette plaoe, n> ar Great .lone? street : rent low. 0. c. p i.<i'KN/.v gfmtrMt A? A.? TO LET. FIRST CLASS THREE STORY HIGH ? stoop brow 11 stone llou e;2t)leet Iront: In complete order ; convenient to boats an I car*; reni SAi\il' 1. 1. D. MAI K, 1,181 Third avenue. A TIIRKK ST> RV AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO let? In good i.rder; 149 Ea-t Fifteenth street, t e twecn 1 hird a> enue an. I irvinir place. For permit apply to 1 11 RAM MEKRlTi, A3 Third uvciiue. All AND80MK NEW TIIRRE STORY HIGH STOOP brown store House to rent, on 'I hirty-sixth street, between Lexington and Third avenues. Apply to DAVID T KENNEDY, on the premises. _ ?ON TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH in avenue and Hroadwav, tliree lirown stone Houses, Nos. 4, (i and very desirable location lor res deuce or business DREW, No. 3 West Twenty-third street. A? WHOLE HOUSE, Ci'JH WASHINGTON STREET, 10 ? rooms, $'J00. 33.1 West llth St., 14 rooms ? 91.4110 &0 Sixth avenue, 12 rooms 1,200 L. A B. T HUltNII A.M. w Hudson street ADEKIKABLE RESIDENCE TO LBT OR LEASE, with seven lull lots and tine stable ; plenty of fruit; the house is larg:1 and In perfect order ; all Improve ments; locution, l24th street, near l-.ig titli avenue. M K. CRA.VTO, 2.10H Third avenue. A SMALL FIRST CI, ASS ENGLISH BASEMENT brown st ine House to kt Apply to owner, 224 West Fiftieth street. A? TO LET, A BEAUTIFUL VILLA AT INWOOI) ? 208th street, on the heights; 111 rooms; hot and cold water, hath, ratine, Ac. ; six minutes' walk front depot; about seven lots ol ground. Apply to H. R. DREW A CO., No. :i West Twenty-third struct. _________ A? 990(1? A VERY FINE THESE STORY HOUSE TO ? let; good neighborhood ; tine location. Apply at 338 hast Forty-first street. \ ?(14,000? A MAGNIFICENT HOC ilk TO LET. IIKMl J\ , atoop brown stone; pleasant location. Apply at 318 East Forty-Aral street. AT BBOUOBO BENT-TWO ELEGANT PAELOBS, K 1:, he II. Dining. Bedroom and Bathroom ; high stoop house; all Improvements and conveniences ; sep arate meter. *10 East Twentieth street, near Third ar, A THREE STORY HIGH STOOI* HOUSE, HAND JA somely tarnished. on Twenty-eighth street, near Madison avenue ; rent $2(H) S. H. GOODALE, No. 5 West Twenty third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. AT $1,400, TllltF.E STORY HIGH HTOOP BROWN stone; perfect repair, Fortv-ninth street, Sixth and Seventh avenues; another otic, $l>U0 WM. Tft'KEK, 220 Filth aWIIM. A Font STORY BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP House, Thirty-eighth street, near Sixth avenue; rent $2,500. S. B GOODALE, No. 5 West Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. ATHIBTY-SIXTH STREET CENTRAL FINE brown stone House, IS rooms, unfurnished, $1,800; 75 others, with instructions to positively lot belorn May. Open evenings. SIMON SON A ECCLIiSToN, Thirty first street ami Broadway. THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO ' LET? Unlurnlshed, on Twenty-second street: rent $1,(00. H. It. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third Street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. FULL SIZE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE House to let? Unfurnished, on Forty-fourth street, between Sixth avenue und Broadway ; possession at once. II. It. DREW A CO., No. X West Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. A" T MODERATE ~ BENTALS? ELEGANTLY FUB nislted and untarnished Houses, in city, and at Dobbs' Ferry. In wood, Tarry towa, lrvington oil Hudson; Staten Island and Long Island. Rye Beach? Hotel and Cottage. Fordham? Elegantly furnished Place. Orange, 4c. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Piflh avenue. "NUMBER OF HOUSES YET TO RENT AT BE duced rates? $000, 9900, 91, (XXI, 91,100,91,200, $1,300, 91,400. 91,800, $1,6(10, $1,800, 92,000, $2,500, $3,&!J0. Apply to JOHN FETTRhTCH. I.IKW Third avenue. A THREE story HIGH stoop HOUSE TO LET? Unluriiished, on Twenty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue, 92,11*). " R- DREW A CO., No. 8 West Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET - Unfurnished, on Forty -seventh street, near Eighth avenue ; rent 91.2(10. H. R. DREW A (JO., No. 9 West Twenty-third slreet, Uttli Avenue Hotel. THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP brick (louse ; nil improvements ami In good order ; 105 Greenwich avenue; 11 rooms; good neighborhood. Inquire on the premises. A' VERY CHEAP HOUSE? RENT 9US00, FORTY flfth street and Lexington avenue, three story, high stoop, brown stone; first elass house and neighborhood. It. E. BURNS, 838 Sixth avenue. A' ? CH EAP RENT? BRICK BUILDINGS, 20X70; . sewer, cellars, yards, front and rear entrances ; for inaitulai'tuiinir or other business. GEORGE E. LOUD :i(i Abattoir place, loot ol West Thirty-ninth street. AT a great bargain. -I will LET TWO OF THE most convenient three story high stoop Houses in this citv if applied lor this dav. THOMAS .MeG I' 1 RE, 1,145 Second avenue. MUST BE LET BEFORE 1ST OF MAY? A THBBE story and basement brown stone House, in i*evonty elghtli street, near Lexington avenue ; see it and make au offer. FRANClH CRAWFORD, new bank building, Fifty -seventh street and Third a venae. POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY. AT A* LARGE RE ductlon of rent, the 2fi-foot tour story House 23 Amity street, one Hock west of Broadway and Grand Central Hotel; fine, large rooms; lar^e warden ami nil improve ments; will let lor business It required. Seen from 10 to 11 mornings. A SEVERAL ELEGANT POUR STORY BROWN STONE Dwelling* near tlio l'ark Moderate rents to ac ceptable parties. SAMUEL KILPATRICK. 1.009 1 hird avenue. mo LET? THE BB8 IDBMOB ok THE Li TB X W. J Benedict, In Audubon l'ark, Washington Heights, New Yofk eity. with twe aeres of ground, stable, 4c. Apply to COLEMAN BBKEUIOT, 14 Broad street, or PKTftB CARTER, 630 Broadway. mO LBT? THE NEW THREE STORY AND BASS* 1 inent brick front, with modern Improvements. 24S East Foriy-ttrst street; rent $750. Aptily at 229 East For tv-flrst street mo LET? FINE NEW COTTAGES, TWO STORY AND J basement. in West 107th street, near Grand Boulevard 4 rent $450. W. R. MORGAN, 240 Broadway. TO LET?FOUR HTORY BROWN HTONF ENGLISH basement House, 114 East Thirtieth street, in perfect order, with every convenience ; rent moderate. J A MHS DAVIS, Jr., 157 Iluane street. O LBT.? THE THBBB STOBY 1 UWKLLIN<i 11 0 1 SK 1M West Twelfth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues'. Apply to BK.NJ. RM'IIA lilts, Jr., No. ? FM st. TO LBT? A SHALL HOU8K, NEAR BLEECKER street, in first rate neighborhood ; rent $701). Ad dress J. B., box 124 Herald office. TO LET? THRBB STORY BROWN STONE IIIUII stoop House, northeast comer of Fifty -se van th street and First avenue ; rent moderate. Apply at 439 East Fifty-seventh street. T" 6" LET? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT Houses, 21)6 and 210 East 106th street, near 'I hird av enue; all improvement*; rent $500 per annum. Inquire ol G. HAY, 2,020 Third avenue. rpO LET? BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE (FIFTH AVENUE 1 cottage), $40 a month ; Harlem. Mrs. VERM1LYEA, ISO East UDtn street ; JENKINS, 71 Broadway, room 63. TO LET? THE NEW THRBB STOBY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, all improvements. Prospect place, between Forty-second and Forty-third streets; rent. $l,l?li Apply to \V. s. MELDHI'M. 1.2G9 Broadway. TO LET? U N F I" R N IS 1 1 E D, A VKRY DESIRABLE wirle House, on I.exlng4on avenue, near Thirty-fifth street; tour story high stoop brown stone. Apply to HOLMES BROS., 46 East Twenty-third street. TO LET-A SMALL COTTAGE IN 8BVBWTT FIFTH street, between First avenue and avenue A, suitable (bra small, genteel family; It lias all modern improve ments and will be rented cheap. Apply to WILLI AM BALFOUR, Heal Estate Broker, 1,322 Third avenue, or OWEN Ml'RPHY, 25 William street. TO LET? Til F. THREE STORY MODERN DWELLING Honse 146 East Twenty-ninth street ; rent $l,HU0. Ap ply to owner, at 151 East i w< ntv-nlnth street. TO LET? THE CHEAPEST RROWN STONE HOUSE, Filtleth street sixth and Seventh avenues, $1,660; six halt' Houses, Upper and Lower Parts, sixth aud Eighth avenues, frem $50 to $W) per month. M. T FRIEND, *03 Seventh avenue. rLET OB LEASE-ONE OF THOSE SPLENDID three story brown stone tlrst class Houses, tiuilt by F. A. Thurston, Esq.. south side ot 126th street, lietween Fourth an l Madison avenues; the.y have the reputation ot hemic the t) Be st house* in Harlem ; rent ior one or three years at $1,500 per year. M. E. CRA3TO, 2,10ft Third avenue TO BENT.? POUR STORY STORE, 291 WEST STREET, opposite People's Line steamboats; verv moderate rent JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO RENT? FlItsT CLASS HOUSE ON BROADWAY, near Thirty-second street, 16 rooms; most perfect order; all conveniences; possession at once; rent uiudi rate. A. C. LooMIs A CO.. 1,284 Broadway. TO RKNT-A FIRST CLASS STORE ON BROADWAY, near Thirty-first street: rent low to a responsible tenaut; excellent location tor business. A. C. LOOMIS A CO., 1.254 Broadway. TO RENT-FOUR BTORY, ENGLISH BASEMENT House, on Thirty- fifth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues; house In fine order; rent moderate A. C. LOOMIS * CO., 1,264 Broadway. mo LET-IN WEST SEVENTY-SECOND STREET, J near central Park, large Louse : fine view; rent low ; Eighth avi nue ears near; Seventy-second a wide street; paved Boulevard sivle. Inquire of E. VAN AKEN, 316 West Fifty-second street. TO BENT? ON WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, A modern and handsome lour story English basement House, with iurtiaces, range, hot and cold water, bath, water closet; water in rooms; bells and tlities; house in good order, rent $1,600. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 89 Wait Twenty -third street rpo BENT-THB LARGE AND ELBGANT POUR I storv brown stone English basement House. 163 West Thirty-fourth stiect, now vacant; [possession immedi ate!/; r?ut $2,500. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 69 West Twent?-tliird street rpilE WHOLE OR PART OF A THREE STORY HIGH 1 stoop brown atone front House, containing IS rooms, in pcriesM order, to let very low to a desirable tenant.

Apply at 15J East. Fitly fifth street UTII STREET.? TO LET, UNFURNISHED? THRRE storv House ; mil low to a desirable tenant Apply at KM hast Seventeenth street trom 12 to 4. nril sr.. NEAR 2D AV? PERFECT ORDER. VERY choice. $2. M0: rM St.. near 4th av. perfect order, 12 Rooms, $4.lfl)0; l?xingl<>n av., near 24th st, perfect order, IS roons, $2,0(10; .'lltlj at., near Sth av., perfect or der, 15 rooms, $2,500; 4th av., near 2Mth at, perfect order, 16'rooois, $2, MM; 35 th st., near 6th av., perfect order, 1$ rooms, $2,700 ; 49th at, near Mb av., perfect order, 17 rooms, $2,50' i. Others In choice locations at reduced rest bcc new list. HOLMES BH08.. 4t>*fid ViHtUJMtL DWBLtIKO HOUSK4 TO I.RT. tin uriiUlted. AJrtTII BTBBFT, JUST OPPOSITE TIIF BOULB 0?7 vird.-To let, a two story ami basement brick House; water, gn* and ga- fixture* throughout; will be let lo a re.sDon-abhf vnsnt lor $7W) per annum. Apply to JiiSKPil r. UUIN, No. H Went Fourth street, between Broadway and Mercer street f 1 1> EAST FORTY SI X I'll STREET.- V SM AI.I/TH KM K Jlv) Mory brown stone liousc. in good order ; will be rented low to a desirable tenant Apply to owner, ou premise*. (VI A/WI -MADISON AVENUE. CORN K It OK I.I2D I. street, three story and basement stone front; all Improvements; I'.' m niitc* rum Fnr.y-secoud street. Apply al 1,432 Broadway, near Fortieth street i'OW KB BBWTHKRd. Cil /inn KKNT-KOH TIIIIHK story brick I.""'"' Houre, ou Forty fltth street; 91,700 only for | lour story brick House, near I n on square. DOl'V k iiUNDaUK, '23 Union square. finn -TO LKT- ON KLEVENTH STREET, between Broadway snd University place, a nlee throe 8tory and basement stoop brick liou.sC, in tine oider. Apply toil. NagLK, 14J Fourth avenue. d?0 Klin ? TO LKT- ON 1KVINO PLACE, NKAR "TuitMlw. Sixteecntli street, a tine lour story and basrtnent high stoop House, in good order. Apply to U. MAliliK, i4'J Fourth avenue. near rouMttl street. <t?0 r.nn -I'NFURNIHHKD FOUR STORY HIGH stoop, near Westminster Hotel; Imme diate Do?>e?<iinu. a beautilul Gothic Cottage at Pleasant Valley. J. M. LETTS, 24 Sixteenth street, corner Broadway. KI HMXIII.II KOOMS A N i> AI'AU'fMK.MTS TO LET. A third story unfurnished FLOOR TO-LBT In .nut*, or in rooms singly, furnished, to gentlemen. ?.;? West I'wi lliy-thlrd St, betweeu Filth and Sixth avs. A PRIVATE FAMILY IIAVK TAKEN A HOUSE, which 1* being newly llttcd throughout, and would rent handsomely lurni- lied Rooms to gentlemen ; refer ences exchanged. 80 West twelfth street. \f.ADY, IIAVINd A HANDSOME CORNER HOUSE, first class neighborhood, will let the entire Upper Part, furnished ; fill" parlor, piano, bath and kitchen. 3 bedrooms, 2 utiles ; price $MI per week to a permanent party ; no objection lo children. AdlreM Mrs. E. J. O.. station D. Apart of a house to let-six rooms, partly lurnlshed, on West Twenty-third street (Lon don Terrace), to a family <>t' Kit nils ; all convenience* lor housekeeping. Apply to HARRIS SOLOMON, 56 Iteado street A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED BEDROOM FOR gentleman and wife or single gentlemen to let, on top floor 41 West Sixteenth street. i STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT ONE JX or two Rooms, in third story, to gentlemen with good references. Apply at Iftti West Twenty-second street, between Sixth and .-eventh avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO, OWNING AND OC copying a first class House on one ot the prettiest blocks on Murray Hill, would let one or two elegant lur nlshed Rooms to gentlemen, without board ; first class references required and given. 148 East Thirty seventh street, near Lexington avenue. A CHEERFUL SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET-IN A small private family, to gentlemen, wttliout board, together or separately; bathroom ; reterences exchanged. 7s East l nty-third street HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I'AIU.OR FLOOR, ? feet deep ; suitable for a dentist or physician; also four connecting Rooms, handsomely turnished : suitable for a party of gentlemen, with a private lamilv, at 30 West Twenty-ninth street A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, TO GKN tlenien only, without board, ?t Ht> Macitougal street Gas and bath. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET PART OF TIIKIR House, furnished, for housekeeping: rooms large, airy and commodious; rent low to a small family. 212 West Fortieth street , A A BEAUTIFUL FRONT ROOM AND ADJOINING Rooin, on second floor, furnished for housekeeping, in brown stone house 528 West Forty-second street Four teenth street green cars pass the door. A? ELEGANT SUITS OR SINGLE ROOMS, FOR ? gentlemen, in the first class liousts of small family, living in their own residence ; terms reasonable. 230 East Twenty-third street A LARGE NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROHM, on thtrd floor, with gas, bath, Ac., to let, to gentle men only, without board; private family ; reference re quired. 323 West Twentieth street. A LARGE FRONT ROOM TO RENT-FURNISHED with new furniture, on second floor. (ivj sixth ave nue, opposite the Marlborough Hotel. Apply on tlie premises. A PLEASANT PARLOR, ELEGANTLY FURNISHED, to rent? Convenient to Hoffman House and St. James Hotel. :>2 West Twenty-sixth street. A LARGE, PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM TO LET to gentlemen ; gas, bath, Ac. ; family private. 130 East Twelfth street, between l bird and Fourth avenues; A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS IN a private house, to gentlemen only, at No. 17 East Twelfth st A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS ON second floor, front, to let. 48 University place. A I CHOICE OF HOOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, TO gentlemen only : large and airy ; ample closets ; run ning wutor; bath adloining and beautifully furnished; pi Ivale house. 30 West Twenty -seventh street. ^ A LARUE AND PLEASANTLY FURNISHED ROOM, witli closet, running water, huth, Ac., lo gentle men; within a short distance ot Broadway; terms moderate 103 West Twenty-ninth street. / COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT AT \ I moderate prices ; also a front Basement suitable for an office, at 140 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexing ton avenue. ( COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS, BOTH LAUGH J and small, for gentlemen or gcntlemau and wife; from $2 to $7 per week. No moving in May. l34Bleccker street, near Macdougal. F3LEGANT FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ADJOINING !i Room, separate or together, for one or more gentle men ; first class house and location; rent moderate. 216 East Tenth street, near t-econd avenue. Furnished rooms to let.? permanent occu pants will find excellent accommodation at reason able prices; hou>e quiet aud in complete order. Inquire at 146 Wa\crlcy place. Furnished rooms to rent-without board, convenient to cars, stages and restaurants; house first class and Rooms very pleasant. 27 East Ninth street, corner ot University place. Furnished front room, clean in RVSRT regard, to let to a respectable party, very moderate ; also a small Room at $1 .V) per week, at 483 Hudson street. IfURNLSHED ROOMS TO LET? FOR GENTLEMEN, 1 with gas, water and bath ; some $6 month ; private house. llTtnd 17 Abingdon square, Eighth avenue, be tween Bleecker and Twelfth streets. Tj>OB RENT-KLKGANT APARTMENTS. AT 1.160 F Broadway ; suitable for single gentlemen ; parlor, bathroom and one or two bedrooms. Apply on the premises. Five neatly furnished rooms on second and third floors, front; all modern Improvements; price $2 to $S. Private house 224 East Twenty third st I 3LOOR8, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED, TO families <>r single gentlemen, doctors and dentists; all modern improvements; also well furnished and un furnished Houses, 18 and 22 Rooms; rent greatly rcduced. 109 East Twenty-eighth street. Handsomely furnished rooms? in a re flucd, social, small family, terms moderate ; relcr cnces Apply at 233 West Thirty-fourth street. Handsomely furnished rooms to let, rea sonably, at 713 Broadway, corner Washington place. Apply at room 10, be lore one o'clock. Handsomely furnished parlor to let-in a desirable portion of the city for gentlemen. Ad dress B., box 2nf> llerald ofllce. Handsomely furnished rooms to let, with out board, no ho usekeeplng, at 140 West Sixteenth street ; references. Handsomely furnished front rooms, sin gle or In stilt. Including a parlor floor, to let with board, in private family. Hcfcronccs exchanged. Ap ply at W Lexington avenue, corner Twenty flitli street Handsomely furnished second floor to lot ? Together or separately, suitable for a narty of gentlemen, 31 East Twentieth street, near Broadway. Handsomely furnished floor to let-also single Rooms to irentlemen, in brown stone house, 126 West Thirtieth street, uear Sixth avenue. , Nicely furnished rooms, to let.? to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives. Good neighborhood ; convenient to several lines of cars. Ap t? I y at 'Jill West Tenth street, two doors from Bleeeker. Neatly furnished rooms, with hot and cold water, icssand hath, tor gentlemen only ; con venient to Sixth avenue and Broadway cars. 118 West Eleventh street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. No moving In May. PLEASANT ROOM OR ROOMS TO LET-IN PKI vate house 413 West Nineteenth street ; modern con veniences. References exchanged. PLEASANT THIRD FLOOR OF PRIVATE HOUSE? furnished or unfurnished; gas. hath, all conveni ences. 1.13 West Thirty -sixth street three doors west from Broadway. CF.COND AND THIRD FLOORS OF FIRST CLASS 0 house. 137 East Sixteenth street near Irving plnce, 8 rooms, to a small respectable family only, at a very low rent, and immediate possession. Apply to JOSEPH ilUN ROE, 60 John street, or IX I lunl street. rpo LET-TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, A LARGE 1 furnished Room, In a private family; reference* re quired Apply at East Fourth street. TO LET-PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE; RENT moderate. Call at 127 East Sixteenth street. TO LET-A LARGE UNFURNISHED ROOM, AT lf.l East Twenty-second street Gas and water. Call between 8 A. M. and 3 P. M. fo LET-TWO WELL FURNISHED ROOMS; EVERY convenience; sitnatien convenient to excellent res taurant; terms moderate; relertnoes exchanged. 248 West I wenty-fllth street TO LET? 103 EAST TENTH STREET, NKAR THIRD avenue, a nlcaly furnished Room, for oie or two persons, with hatli, gas. Ac., at $30 per month. TO LET-ROOMS. FURNISHED AND UNFURMSII ED, III a small private lamlly, at 36 West Thirty tilth street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. rro let- handsomely furnished parloas, 1 Basement*, also iront Room on second floor to single gentlemen er for light housekeeping; term* moderate. 123 Charles street, near Hudson. mO LKT? ? SUIT Of W UhL FURBISHED PARLORS, 1 on the flret floor : also a single Room ; house contains all modem Improvement*; In a small quiet family. Ap ply at 118 West Twenty-ninth street near Slsfh avenue. t) LET? A HANDSOME ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR without board. JIKaet Twelfth street T FURMHHKD ROOMS AND APAKTSIKXTS TO L8T. rpo LET? PARTIALLY FURNISHED, TO A SM ALL I family til adults, second story. Apply at .'16 East Twenty eighth >tre?f. i TO LET-NICELY FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAM ily of adults, mi privafo In mac *V?ll Eleventh street, an euMre Jtecond Floor. Part Third and front Hase uicn', suitable for housekeeping ; rooms large ; neighbor hood first class, rem t'JUDper annum. TO RENT? A FRdNT AND BACK PARLOR, elegantly furnished, with lioi And CO d water; also a Doctor's; uo moving in May. 330 West Thirty-third (tract. TO PHYSICIAN^ ? TO LET, A RECEPTION ROOM l\ the English basement house 247 West I'hlrty-eiglith street; locution unsurpa*>td , also furnished Rooms, If required. ; riM) SINQLB GENTLEMEN.- NEWLY FUlt.NIS.flED 1 rooms, complete in all thing*, at :e Ureal Jones street ; ncur firm cla?s restaurants and vary walking din I taaee to business plassa. rflWO YOUNG men < 'a n obtain a kin.: parlor j 1 in private house (uo board), at 416 l-.u-t N.n li street. rpilRKK FRONT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR 1 ni h)i?vl : water, gu.s and bath; light cooking, tftt Ninth avenue, near Forty sixth street. 2VKRY DESIRABLE PARLORS, CONNECTING; first door; nicely furnished to one, or two gentlemen ; also two pleasant Rooms on third lloor. 12b West Twen ty-secouif street. 4 DOORS WEST OP FIFTH AVENUE. IS WKST Ninth street? Large and elegantly furnished Rooms, with every convenience, lor 6 or t> gentlemen; Bummer rates; house and table unexceptionable. 7 WEST FOURTEENTH 8TRBBT.? NICELY FUR nished back Parlor, second lloor, without board, for a gentleman. "1 Q WRST TWENTY SfXTIl STREET, OPPOSITE ST. .LO .lames Hotel.? Furnished Rooms, without board, including a front Parlor, on second floor; best references required and given. 1 r WEST TWKNTV-H1XTH STREET. OPPOSITE ST. I?? James Hotel ? Handsomely furnished large hall Bedroom to let; luitable lor a gentleman. Refjereaces. UTH STREET -KLKOANT ROOMS, WITHOUT hoard, tor gentlemen only. 1M Kast Seventeenth street, near Union square. Oft WKST TWELFTH STREET.? LOWER PART OP first class house, partially furnished, suitable for physician or private family ; additional Uoouis ifiequlred ; or would rent Parlor Floor separately. PER MONTH.? TO LET, A NICE FURNISHED ?P?U Room in brown stoue house 216 East Thirty-third street, near Third avenue 9'JD STREET, WEST.? ELF.OANTLY FURNISHED ? First Floor to let; everything new; neighborhood the best; bouse has all modern Improvements. Call lor three days at 166. ? 97 WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET.?' TWO VERY ~4 I pleasant ltooms to let, 011 the third floor, together or separate, to gentlemen only. 97 WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN & I Filth anil Sixth avenues.? Elegantly furnished Rooms for gentlemen. References exchanged. 9Q THIRD STREET, NEAR BOWERY. -A (IEV wO tecUy furnished Room to rent to one or two gentle men, without tie ird ; has gas, ha tf), Ac. ; family private; references exchanged. 9Q EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR MAD ison souare. ? Furnished Room* to gentlemen ; also a Floor, suitable lor a doctor or a dentist ; turme mod erate. OA ROOM HOUSE-KI LL OF BOARDERS, FUR <1j\" mslicd or unturnished, a few doors from Broad way. Fortieth street; immediate possession; lortune lor the right person With small capital. IHi'J se ven tli avenue. I 9 EAST NINETEENTH STREET -WELL FUR 'r-j nlslied Rooms, with lljiard, to gentlemen and wives ami single gentlemen; also table boarders; refer ences exchanged. y<9 EAST YlINTH STREET, NEAR BROAD r way.? An elegent-Parlor Floor, of four rooms, fur nished or unturnished; also other Itoous, newly and taste mlly furnished, at Sa turner prion. A 7 HORATIO STREET.? A NEATLY FURNISHED ~r I Room for two gentlemen, with gas; terms mod erate. r/l EAST TWENTY NINTH STREET, CORNER ?)"' Fourth avenue.? Single Room, with closet, fur nished, $:i 10 per week; also square Room, second lloor; bath adjoining, $7 per week, gas included. rt' NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF >H) Broadway.? A large handsomely furnished front Room, on second floor; everything lirst class; to let to two gentlemen ; references cxchaugod. TO BANK STREET, NEAR A BI NO DON SQUARE, TO ?) let.? A newly furnished front Room for couple of geutleiiien or man and wife. n WEST FORTY- FIFTH- STREET.? TO LET, IN floors or separately, furbished Rooms, wlttiout Board ; references exchanged. mWKHf THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, flBAR SIXTH avenue. ? First Floor to let. furnished, lor busi ness or housekeeping ; house small and private ; terms reasonable. Call tor three days. -IOC I'. ASH SIXTEENTH STRF.ET, NEAR IRV1NO 1 0?J place.? Handsomely furnished Rooms to rent, without board, or with private table; references re quired. ? 1/19 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR Broadway .?Furnished Rooms, for gentlemen onlv ; one large one, on second fljor, suitable for two; terms moderate. lfiA PRINCE street. NEAR MACDOU0AL.? A J.UI/ private family will let, furnished, to gentlemen, without hoard, small and large Room, large Suit; two wishing to room together, or to gent^?uian and wile, rent $2 Mild upwards. 1 QA SECOND AVENUE. NEAR TWELFTH STREET - .1 ?7tl An elegnntly furnished Suit of Rooms, together or sl=gly; beautiful location; private latuily; terms mode rate to permanent parties. OOO LEXINGTON AY.? SECOND FLOOR TO RENT; ZtZi't tront alcove Room for small family or gentle men; all improvements; family strictly private. Call or address COLES, Post office box 51 OOO WEST FOURTH STREET.? A LARGE AND ^?)0 pleasantly furnished room to let, without board. 2% Weft Fourth afreet, corner of West Tenth Ntreet. 000 LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR THIETY-FOUETH street.? Two nicely furnished front It(fc>ms. on second anil third doors, to let on moderate terms, without board. OfJG WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET.? A DIS. 0')?7 connecting bull lledroom on first floor to let to a gentleman, without board : rent $10. 7QQ SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FORTTBECOKD 1 0?7 street ? To let, nicely furnished Rooms, to gen tlemen ; bath and gas, at moderate rates. IIVFI HNISIIKI* Rooms ANI) APART 1 i?HT> TO LET. A FIRST FLOOR TO LET? CONSISTING OF EIGHT rooms, with every convenience, suitable for private family or light business. Apply at 66 West Tenth street, between Filth and sixth avenues. A? A."- FRENCH FLATS To LRT, 142 AND l?4 EAST 1 Fourteenth street; modern improvements; suita ble tor small first clnsa families: bestaud cheapest in the city. Apply to Janitor. A" NEAT THIRD FLOOR,' ISO EAST FIFTY- FIRST street, near Lexington avenue, to let.? 1'arlor, kitchen and three bedrooms; gas fixtures, wardrobes, Ac. ; rent, $:io per month. K ELEGANT FLAT, OE A CORNER, NINE ROOMS, all lighted from the stteet; size uf house, 25xS.V, three blocks Irom Central Park; west side; strietly first class, with Janitor. Apply to JOHN BRAN1GAN, 8/7 Eighth avenue. ?TO LET, SOME OF THE HA N HSOMEST FRENCH ? Flats ever erected on this Continent; * and 10 large rooms; all lighted; 26x110: rents moderate; only first ( lass families need apply. Office 111 sixth avenue. Apartments, FLATS AND FLOORS TO LRT ? Three to eight rooms each; modern improvements; most desirable locations tin town retit flu to $4<) month. SAMUEL D. MACK, 2,?S Third uvettue. A NICE PAELOE FI.00R AND HA SEM [?'.NT, IN A very fine location, and with all modern impro?e inents to let immediately. 205 East Hfteenth street, near Third avenue. A SECOND AND PART OF THIRD FLOOR, FIVE moms, all light, with good closets, to let to a small family. In private house 41 Lexington avenue, corner Twenty-fourth street. A HANDSOME FLOOR TO LET? IN A PRIVATE brown stone houae, with owner, for n small family without children ; rent $60. Inquire at 232 West Thirty ninth street. A NICE FIRST FLOOR To LET, UNFURNISHED, J\. with mirror, gas. water, Ac: newly papered; low rent. 181 Thompeon street, neat Hieeeker. A LL VACANT. -THIRD FLOOR, :W? WEST TWENTY jV seventh street ; private and modern. 6 rooms. $S'<; 40H West Twenty-ninth street, 3 rooms, $16; no children; Mil ill lumii.v. Apply. A ?TO LET, BELOW FIFTY SEVENTH STREET J\ , ami near Fifth avenue, four splendid Rooms, with improvement*. Apply at once. Offiee W9 Sixth avenue. A SECOND FLOOR TO RENT-NEAR WASHING ton square Park; hot and cold water and gas; American family ot adults occupants. Call at 2ID Thomp son street, any time ufter 8 A. M. A SUIT OF FLAT OF 8 ROOMS TO LET, IN EIGHTY fifth street, Nos. 149, H9*^. Inuulro of owner, L. WAltsiiAl K, I.Vf KihiMy-fltih street. AT 122 FAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NF VH FOURTH avenue.? Five Rooms, nicelv arranged for house keeping; all conveniences on same flour; rent $30 per month. Apply in the store. A HANDSOME FIRST FLOOR, ON SIXTH AVENUE, In very desirable nelghl'orhood. __ HOFFMAN, COBCRN A CO., 602 Sixth avenue A -TO LET, SEVERAL FLOORS OF THREE TO NIX ? rooms each, on Ninth avenue and on Fifteenth 1 stri et, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. These doors I are In good order, with Croton water, separate gas meters, fixtures ami other conveniences. Apply to D. A. ( I SIIMaN, 172 Ninth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first atreeta. AN ELEGANT FIRST FLAT? AT ?2# SIXTH AVE nue, 6a feet deep, with modern improvements; splendid location for a dentist or fashionable dresa maker. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LRT? ON THE SECOND story ot a brown atone house, to one or two gentle men; terms moderate Apply at (31 Eaat Forty-first at. A -TO LET, THE ENTIIIK UPPER PART OF THE . brown stone front store No. 6 Cortland t street, con taining lour lotts; first loft 2Ax HA; the others 2Ax*Jtl each. Apply tr> BLAOEWELL A CO., 5B Liberty street, or at 172 Nmtli avenue. A SUIT OR FLAT OF FIVE OR SIX ROOMS TO let in the European Honae, 7* West Forty-eighth street, corner Sixth avenue. Apply to the porter. A FIRST FLOOR OF FOU R LARGE ROOMS. ALL IN good order, la high atoop house 136 East Twelfth street, near Fourth avenue; also a First Floor ot six rooms; siscloSets; water closet, gas fixtures; halls and itaira oilclotheil ; 862 third avenue, west side. Apply to MATTHEW BYRNES 142 Kast rhirtY-Ullrd street. rsrrHMisHrn rooms a*d apart. MKvrx TO LBT, ' A SECOND FLOOR it ROOMS) TO LET; and separate cat meter; immediate possession. 34* West XvreUtu street. K. i.. ,t h. t. hurniiam, - 60'.) II uil.sori street. 4 PLEASA NT SECOND FLOOR TO LET? IN A. J\ rrivatn house, unfurnished, with oilier Rooms M wan 'rii . newly painted; ren vnv low; possession wow. For adilreaa apply at SOU West Twenty third street. A SMALL AMERICAN PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LEV tlielr top Flour, three rooms. all ? ouvenicuces, for $Tt monthly; immediate p., e son Apply m' 3u2 Thirty seventh street, near l.mhth avenue. A SMALL NEW ENGLAND FAMILY OK ADULTS occupying a pre'ty English l arament house in uu' unexceptionable location, would rent their Parlor Floor 01 three handsome rooms, uii urnishcd; all possible eon vennn en; | rtvilege ol kitchen. laumirv uml furnace; runt mo lerat* : highest leieronees. Call at 3a3 W> *t Thirtieth street, Mure 12 or all. r 2. ? PARLOR FLOOR ami BASEMENT TO If E NT? 1 V Fnty fllth street, between Fifth avrnno and Broad way; 7 rooms, be-nle- hath and water closet: this is a most desirable neighborhood; reui %?<?> ? month. Apply at 887 Eighth avenue. JoHN BRANWAN. A II A I. F OK PRIVATK HOI -E -ALSO Flit St OLASR Ia. Suits S I" 10 moms, with extra conveulenei > and store ; rents $25 to $so. A|>|il v to owner, M Went Tenth si. BASEMENT AND PARLOR FLOOR IN NEW THREE story high stoop brown stone Dwelling, 20'. I'as! ix tletli street ; 5 rooms, all lighteii, with every Known Im provement, affording privacy and Aral class accommoda tions; see this before vou rent. S KlLI'ATKIOE, 1,009 Tliiril avenue. 1?LKUANT FLATS? II It J 1 1 STOOP BROWN STONE I i front; marble hulls ; all improvement*; choice funii Ih-m ; rents ( ?.) to $n). Inquire on the premises, 412 West iilty-fllth street, near the Park. Floors to let? six rooms each, complete with all improvements, I, *24 mid I ,22fl Third aven?), near Seventy-first street. Apply u? VXCHE A BKOW ?, 971 Third avenue, corner Fitty-eighlh street. French flat to let? unfurnished-, all im provemenU; rent $20; also a nice Floor in rear, rent $14 per month. 442 w#st Tlilrty-tltiti street. Kin>t No. 2 bell, east itdc, tor bouse kcepc r. French plat to lease? in iiani so, me stone house 238 East Thirtieth treetj six apartments nit fourth floor; boiler, range. stationary tubs, hot and cold water, elevator and esnarat' wis meter; rent $35 per month. Iltqulro of ALEXANDER EAULESON, 58 East Fourth street I FLOORS AND A HOUSE TO LET-NINTH WARD; A 1 Second Floor, water ami ua-. $2! 60; First Floor and Basement. $27 50; brick 1 1 on e. Water anil gas, 14 rooms $800; koi id order and neighborhood. Api ly al ?>').< llu.l suti street. First floor to let-consistino of three rooms; hot aud cold water. Apply at -J West Fourth street. Half house or would let three separate Floors; water and gas; First and Second or Second aud Third Floors; owner In bouse. Apply at 3411 East Eighteenth street, between First and avenues. TOW RENT TO SMALL PAMtLT-$40 MONTHLY ? J Basement, Kitchen (stationary tubs ami heaters), two Parlors, two Bedrooms, in private residence, West Sixty -sevcutli street. OEOROE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. PARLOR, BEDROOM AND KITCHEN, WATER AND gas fixtures, all Improvements, on second floor; large yard ; t-0 per month; possession now. 208 We?t Twenty-eighth street, between Seventh ami KiKhtli avs. HOOMS TO LET UN FURNISH RD? THREE FRONT ' Rooms on second floor, $20 per month. Intiuire at 442 Fourth avenue, corner of Thirtieth str et. Thornton m. rodman/ real estate aoent W6 Broadway, offers for rent the dwelling part of 7t> Sixth avenue, corner Waverley place ; six rooms and hath room: rent $700 per annum. Also Store and Dwelling 131 Waverley place, together or separately, $1,2110 per annum. Also Carpenter Shop, 45 Thomas street; two stories and cellar ; $?*) per annum. Also the first class brown slone front Dwelling House 3-2 West Fourteenth street; tour stories; high stoop, $2, 500 per annum. rilO LET? A FEW DESIRABLE SCITS OF ROOMS IN 1 a flrstclass npartment building iueharge of janitor, Ac. Inquire of C11AULKH U. WAKELhY, 104 East Tenth street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND Floor and two Rooms on the third floor ol house 143 East Thirty-third street; rein $.'s?o IK) LET-SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD, six rooms, with modern conveaiences, on West Thlrty-flrsi street, to a small family; rent $?M; also a number of other Floors. T. A V. MEAD, 422 Eighth avenue. TO LET OR FOR SALE? IN EAST SEVENTY-NINTH street, Nos. 307 to 315, new ami elegant French Flats; every modern improvement; neighborhood first class) grand entrance to the Park. Inquire on the premises. E. K I LP ATRICK. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR, TO A SMALL FAMILY of adults ; all modern Improvements ; relit $S0; refer ence given and required. 1UG West twentieth street. TO LBT? SPLENDI0 LA ROE THIRD FLOOR, NEW stone front house. No. Zi5 East 116th street; conve nient to boats and ears; splendid location ; tent only $2ff per month. Apply as above. rpo LET? IN THE NINTH WARD, TWO BLBOANT I Flats, all modern improvements, to small, genteel families. Apply at til Liberty street, room 2S. TO LET? 231 SEVENTH AVENI'E, NF.A1I TWENTY third street, sccond Floor, consisting of 4 rooms, water, Ac., to a small family of adults; rent $27 a month. Apply at 112 Blcecker street or on preinUM, IV) LKT ? Til RLE OR FOl R ROOMS O.N I1HRD floor, to a small family of adults, at 127 East Twen ty seventh street. TO LET? A Until) PAKLMR AND BASEMENT. WITH ? four Bedrooms: gus, bail) and nil Improvements, inquire at 425 West Forty-seventh strceL rpo LET? UNFURNISHED. A HANDSOME SKCONl") 1 Floor, lour or Ave rooms, with all Improvements, ill cxccllrnt to ation ; private house 205 East Sixteenth st. rno LET-PART OF HOUSE ttt M ACDOUO A L STREET, 1 front uudCiaek parlor and extension, front basement nod nelKhboi'huoiI and location. Apply on thepiem iscs Ho LBT? FLATS ol NINE Rim. vs. WITH ALL THE latest improvements; bath, hot and cold water, sta tionary wasiituhs, elevator; all light rooms; location private ; janitor in charge. F. CRAWFORD, D53 Third avenue, corner Fifty-seventh street rpo LET? 10 MORTON STREET, LOWER PART HOUSE, 1 tior" Rooms; gas, hot ami cold water, bath. Ac. rpo LET? A FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, FUR L nlshcd, to a single gentleman. 330 East Eighteenth street. T T T T _ room *, with gas and water; rent low to a good ten ant. Apply at 422 West Forty-se ventli street. TO LET? I IM'ER I'ART OF HOCUS M WEST TIIIR ty-sixtb stn-et, between seventh and Eighth ave nues, with owner; rent $40 per mouth Inquire on the premises. TO LET? A f 3 '8 U I.ST TWELFTH STREET (AlilNO don place) a desirable Third Floor, four rooms ; gas aud water, w ith the use ol bath, to a small lannly. rpo LET? A SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS'" AND J. tine larue pantries, gas, water, Ac.; also a large Par lor and hall Room, suitable tor physician or dentist. 43C Fourth avenue, between Twenty -ninth and Thirtieth sts. rpo LET-FINE PARLOR FLOOR AND BASEMENT, J. Ac., for $55; Second ami Third Floor, $45; in a nice brown stone house E. UACII A CO., 201 Fifty-seventh street, corner Third avenue, under the hank. 6 LET-TUB SECOND FLOOR OF THE THREE story and basement brick house 206 Mulhcrrv street, in good order, consisting of tour rooms, with a?c of liatb, gas and stationary waslitubs. Inquire in otllcu 183 Eliza beth street. rpo LET? THE SECOND FLOOR, EltJIlT ROOMS" 216 1 East Forty fifth street; nil modern improvements; only two other faaiiliesin the house; stairs aud hall oil clothed H. M. CONDIT, 13B East Twelfth street. rpo LET- THE Lt^'ER PART, WITH THREE ROOMS 1 on the third floor, of private house 190 East Hixty filth street, with all improvements. Inquire on premises O LET? THIRD FLOOR IN HOUSE 143 WAVERLEY Place, $30; also 4 rooms. $17; with gas, water and closet, call 141 Waverlev Place. rpo LET-TO SMALL FAMILY, SECOND FLiOOR, IN J cottage house 24 West Fifty-tourth street, near Htth avenue Apply on premises. rpo LET? FIRST FLOOR IN A FIRST CLASS HOt'SE, 1 971 Second avenue, between Fiftv-flrst and Kifly second streets; price $35. rpo LET-FIRST FLOOR OF ENOLISH BASEMENT 1 house, 117 West Forty first street, near Sixth avenue rent $35 per month, or Upper Floor $20; to adults only; immediate possession. TO LET? A FLOOR OF SIX LIOHT ROOMS, WITH all improvements, floors carpeted, inn brown stone house where there is no other family but the owner's. Inquire at 213 Kast Forty-ninth street. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, THIRD FLOOR, SIX rooms, in a high stoop brown stone house; modern Improvements ; rent moderate. Apply at 327 Wtsl Flltiath street. TO LET UNFURNISHED? THE LOWER PART OP house, containing six rooms, gas and water. Inquire at 24 I harltoti street. rptl RENT? THE THIRD Fl.Oolt OF NEW BROWN I stone house occupied by gentleman aud wife; every thing in perfect order 327 West Forty fifth street. rpO RENT-TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS, AN APART J m. n: consisting of two parlor* and extension, two Basements and two Rooms on third floor ; mo tern Im provements. Call at 312 West Twenty seventn j.treet. 11THOLK OR UPPER PART OF 1? MACDOIOAL ? T street to let? House i? in splendid onler; has all im provi ments; large yard, Ac. For permit, Ac., inquire ut 3V Vandain street. 1ST, THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS 670 SIXTH AVE 1 nue, one dour troin Thirty. ninth street: In perfeet order; six rooms each ; rent $!*?>, $4*n and $:?Vi res . c lively ; Inquire on premises. Also First Floor I. Ml Hroad way. between Thlrty-tlrst and Thirty-second streets; rent $1,000. Inquire at 1,262 Broadway l?>1 FRANKLIN STREET. CORNER W1 s I B l!<> A D lOJ way.? Upper Floor, one, two or three rooms, rent low to respectable tenants. 1 "Wl WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH I'J'r avenue.? Uniurntshed Floor to let, in the house of a private tainllv; ad modern Improvements; location unsurpassed; l.est of references mqulred. ^ Ir Q WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET. NEAR 8RV ?)?"> enth a?enue.-Floor to let, all bght rooms, to a respectable lamlty. 'iOI EAST SIXIEENTH street, near Sit 1 itZi L vesaut square.? Second Floor, suitable for a small family . bath, gas, hot and cold water. Rent low lo a suitable party tj.jl WEST FIFTEENTH STREET ?To LKT. SEl'OND ?)?>1 Floor, five light roomt, lour closets, gas, use of bath room; gmsl neighborhood; private lioun* ; $44 per month. References. ?? | (J EAST FOURTEENTH STREET.? TO LET, A O'ifJ Floor and a Part of a Floor; ail modern im provements; rent low to a good tenant. old SIXTH A VENUE-FIRST FLOOR. EIOHT CVI?" rooms, stationary waslitubs, hot and cold water, gas, ratine for cooiUtiit : ' lieau to u irood tenant Inouire ou the Premise*

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