Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. whole NO. 13,402. ~ NEW york, thursday, may 1, 1873.-tr1ple ihEET\ PRICE FOUR CENTS\ DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?eighth Page-Fourth, filth and slxtn columns. ASTROLOGY?Second Page? Fourth column. BILLIARDS?ninth Paue?Sixth column. BOARD RS WANTED?eighth Page?First, sccond and third columns. BOABu AND LODGING WANTED?eights Page? Third column. BROOKLYN RI AL ESTATE FOR SALE?second Page? column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?eigiitu Page?Fourth column. BUSINr.SS notices?hetkhto Page?Sixth column. CIGARS anu TOBACCO?.ninth 1'age?Fourth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-second Page? First column. KLERKS AND SALESMEN?twelfth Paoe-Third and lourth coluiuus. ClOTUINU?i wkli'tii Page?Sixth column. coachmen AND GARDENERS?twelfth Page?Fourth and tilth columns. . COASTWISE steamships?second Page?Sixth col umn. COPARlNERsniPS?fifth Page?Filth column. country BOARD?eighth Page?Third column. gi-. NT1KTRY?twelfth Page?Sixth column. RY OOuDo?fieat Page?Filth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND , UNFURNISIIRD? ninth Page?Karond column. european steamships?second Page?FllUi column. EUROPE?ninth Page?Sixth column. EYES AND EARS?ninth Page?Fourth column. EXCVRolON 8?second Paoe?Sixth column. FINANCIAL?fifth Page?Fourth and filth columns. FOR SALE?first Page?Filth and sixth columns. KURN1MIKD ROOMS AND APARTMKNTS TO LET? Ninth Page?Second and third column*. PURNiTURK?second Page?Fourth coluuiu FRENCH advertisements?twelfth 1'ace?Sixth column. ?: HELP WANTED?FEMALES?twelfth Page?Sccond and third column*. IIELP WANTED? MALES?twelfth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.?first Page?Second, third, lourth and tilth columns. HOUSES, rooms, AC., WANTED?second Page? Fourth columa. INSTRUCTION?aEcoxn Pack?Sixth column. JERSEY city, HOUOKEN. HUDSON city AND BER GEN real KSTA1E VOR SALE-Second Page? Second column. loan OFFICES?kirst Page?Sixth column. lost AND FOUND? Fiest pagf.?First column. machinery?first Page?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?eigiith Page?Fourth column. medical?second Page?Sixth column. miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS ? TwKLrTH Page?Sixth column. , MISCELLANEOUS?eighth Page?Fifth column. MUSICAL?eighth Page?Sixth column. NEW publications?seventh Page?Sixth column. personal-first Page?Flrstcoluinn. pianofortes, ORGANS, AC.?eighth Page?Fifth POST?OFF1CE NOTICE?ninth Page?Fourtl} column. PROPOSALS?ninth Pagk?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twelfth Page?Sccond column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE city FOR sale OR TO rent?second Page?Second, third and lourth col umns. REAL estate TO exchange?second Page?Fourth column. REMOVALS?nintii Page?Fourth column. REWARDS?first Page?First nnd sccond columns. sales AT auction?ninth Page?Filth and sixth col umn*. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES?eleventh Page First, sccond, third, lourth. tilth and sixth col umns, and Twelfth Page?First anu second col umns. situations WANTED?MALES?twelfth Page?Third column. special NOTICES?first Page?Second column. sporting?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?first Page?Sccond column. STALLIONS?first Page?Second column. STORAGE?twelfth Page?Sixth column. 8UMMER RESORTS?eighth Page?Third column. THE TRADES?twelfth Page?Sixth column. THE TURK?first Page?Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?ninth Page? First column. travellers' GUIDE?second Pace?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Page?Third and lourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE-Nintii Page?Sixth column. westchester COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?second Page?First and second columns. YACHTS, steamboats, kC.? Ninth Page?Sixth col umn. HKBALD BRANCH OFFICE?UPTOWN. A DVERTISEMENTS FOR TUB NEW YOUK HERALD Deceived at the branch office, 1,268 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECET7TJB FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (8UNDATS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE KfiW YORK HERALD. IJ-ESSRS. KREHER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, AYE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. TI1EY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF this PAPER TO PARTIES EEQUIRING THEM. ~ PERSONAL lXnCHi?T~W^ YOU AT TIIE BAL Masque, Columbia Garden, Greenwich avenue, to night GRAND DUCHESS. BLACK-EYED WILL, OF JERSEY-PLEASE MEET Boston, Mar 1, corner of Vesey street and Broadway, at 7 P. M. RANCI8 C. UPTON WILL PLEASE COMMUNICATE with Mr. STOUUHTON, 52 Wall street, Immediately. F Gray eyes-have you received my letters? Write. If only once, and say whether you have for gotten March 22. Will the strawberry season never re turn? IF MARY JANE GAVAQAN, LATE OF KINGSTOWN, Ireland, will write to Glengoary House, Kingstown, she will hear of something to her advantage. IF THE LADY WHO OFFERED THE GOOD SECOND hand camel's hair Shawl very low has not sold it. she can hear ol a purchaser by addressing C. 8., Filth Avenue Hotel, as one is wanted immediately. f AM HERE. M. Lizzy iiauser, formerly with matilda, in Williamsburg?Please send address to U., Herald office. MRS. MONTAGUE, FORMERLY OF WE8T 8EVEN teenth street. Is requested to scad her present ad dress to CHARLES, box 123 Herald office. L.?ADDRESS W. M. H., HERALD OFFICE. MANHATTA?AM IN TROUBLE; CAN YOU KINDLY let me have $150 to-night or to-morrow; send me word and will send key by bearer. SYRACUSE. PRETTY NECKTIE?YOU WROTE TO F.XPEOT LET* ter Wednesday or Thursday; send by city I'ost office* GOLD DOLLAR. The person who took the shawl from 7f>3 Broadway will please return It, as tho person is known ; no questions asked. T RUST-PLEASE BE MORE EXPLICIT. LOST A ft. 1J FOUND, DOG LOST?A WHITE SPITZ DOO~$!i REWARD will lie paid if returned to 327 East Filly-seventh rtreet near Second avenue. "tp M. C."?SHELL SLEEVE BUTTON, WITH ?A!J? above initials, lost Saturday night Return to E. M. CORK, 192 West Tenth street. Lost?april 30. from 238 west thirty-sixth street, a Mocking Bird. $5 reward. IOST-AT WFSTKRN UNION TELEGRAPH OFFICE, J Forty -second street, leather Curd Case, containing ?bout $15 and cards. I.lbi ral reward will be paid. DUUQlN A GROSSMAN. 63 East Forty-nrst street. LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, ON FIFTH AVENUE between Forlv-stxth and Twenty-seventh streets or on Tweniy-sevcuth street, a Black Lace Mantle. Suitable reward 11 lottat Coleman House. LOST-a LARGE SPITZ DOG (ANSWERS TO THE name ol Hover), on Monday, April 28. A liberal re ward will be given lor his return to ROBERT McCHRIS TIE, corner ol HSth street and First avenue. IOST?IN GOING FROM ELEVENTH STREET AND J Sixth avenue to Broadway and Thirteenth street, a diamond and turquoise Ring, in open gold setting. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same with O. II. KttLLY, 193 sixth avenue. LOST?ON APRIL 29. SOMEWHERE NEAR Six teenth street and second avenue, a small, sky Ter rli ?, with a red leather collar. 1 he tinder will receive $IU upon returning to Rutherford place, S'TOLEN?BANK BOOK, NO. 70,440, ISSUED BY TIIE ) Manhattan Savings Institut on; payment of Hie nine has been stopped; the flndcr will return same to the Bank, 644 Broadway, corner *t Hleecker street. STOLEN FROM 119 BAST FORTIETH STREET.?TWO red painted three wheeled Velocipedes. A liberal reward will be paid and no questions asked. RE W A It OS. te -WHITE POODLE, 29TH, AT 11 A. M; RED velvet collar and bells. Return to 12 Lexington av. dREWARD -LOST, FROM S77 FIFTH AVENUE, A V*-' small black and tan Dog, with red collar, silver pail lock and two bells. Return to above address. No questions asked. tfT REWARD WILL BR PAID FOR THE RETURN tJ ol the Pocketbook and Tapers stolen Irom 637 aud I West Forty-sixth street. No questions asked. $5 questions I RE WARD-FOR A CANARY BIRD. TAKEN (rom 112 West Tweuty-nlnth street *m REWARD.?LOST. APRIL 21, GOLD BRACE LvJ let. In going itoin Twenty third slreet to FittiCtb Itftet Return to 10 East Twenty-third street Al/\ REWARD.?LEFT IN A CAB, ON TUESDAY ? lU nlglit, going from Grand Opera House to Fltty jrintli slreet. a Fan, In a ( aae. Above reward will bo paid by returning same to LEVY BROS. A CO.. 12 and 14 Walker street New York. ! HGWAKDS. ilA REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY NIGHT ?FAv? while riding In a Second avenue car which ar rived at Peckslip at 10 o'clock, a black Tin Box, contain ing a Child'* stiino Attire. 1 hp above reward will be paid aud 110 questions a*Ked on returning uaid bo* to 344 I'eurl street, Brooklyn. 0 BHWAKD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY EVENIKO jfti u Tfiirt,eun?l? and Kltty^cond nireei a Oold Medal lo Wni. 11. Lange. Call at 340 Sixth uvenue. 49^ REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL BLACK AND f*JVnlln. A?.v one finding tier will return to Grand Hotel, room >, Thirty first street ami Broadway. 4*'^^ ARD.?LOST, A DEPOSIT BOOK ON ? T1 ^"th N,utl0"al Bank, containing $115. SuDnosed to have been dropped while getting out of a Broariwav car at corner of Twenty-seventhstreM.ill Broadway l^rfaaV^emhaven^60' ^ the th*uka ot 1,16 9/a REWARD.?LOST, on MONDAY. 28TH INST., WiTnlf ! nh"u' the Harlem Railroad freight depot, a Chills ? .ron!!"nlnK about jaw In bank notes and one ene<k, together with bills ana business curd* ol James " 0,0 "hove reward will he paid for its return to tne agent, at the office, corner of Forty-seventh street and Lexington avenue. REWARD.-IN JERSEY, ON MONDAY, A PAS8 book containing a stpn of money, also a certificate ot deposit, was either lost, stolen trom my overcoat whilo at dinner, or inadvertently lett at some of the houses called at during the day. Payment of the certificate inot endorsed) has now been stopped. The present possessor, however he came by It is hereby authorized to retain the whole ot the money it ha will return the certificate at once. It in y be enclosed by mail to tuc, or directed to the Institution that issued It. O. H. SNYDER 226 West Twelfth street, New York. SPECIAL NOTICES. ?#EIIALD BRANCH OFFICE BROOKLYN ? corner of Fulton avenue and Rocrum street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trom 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured <t injured, however slinhtlv, lire en lined to Mnsi<ui. Address or applv to Dr. fc.'B. JACKSON late surgeon United Mates Navy, No. 4 New Chambers ?t DEPARTMENT OF TAXES AND ASSESSMENT* .< ,32 4 "^anEus Street, New York, Jan. 6, 1873. notice ta hereby given that the Assessment Rolls of the Real and Personal Estate ot the city and county of New York for the year 1873 will be open for inspection and re vision on andf after Monday, January IS, 187.1 and will remain open until the 30th day of April, 187S, Inclusive lor the correction of errors and the equalization of the assessments of the aforesaid real and personal estate. All persons believing themselves aggrieved must make application to the Cnmmisaonersduring the period above mentioned in order to obtain the relief provided bv law By order ol the Board. B. F. BABCOCK, Secretary. DR. 8 9 FITCH'S FAMILY MEDICINES FOR SALE at 714 Broadway and by all first class drugcists. Gold pens. KELLER, KURTZ A CO.. MANUFACTURERS OF OOLD PENS. NO. 1 MAIDEN LANK, NEW YORK. Havana and Kentucky i/jttrriesT-prizkh cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH RATES Agent. 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. MEAREB' EARES' . PARAGON SHIRTS, q #. made to order and warranted to flt S?fote?,?pricM(i.I> ,to*nyp#rt of tho country-at 5 SMrt8' jjasonville muslin and fine linen $12 no WamsutHimusHn and very fine linen 13 60 6 shirts, New \ork Mills and best linen J5 m Boys' Shirts ready made anil to order. rancy shirtings in great variety. Directions lor measurement sent on application. RICHARD ME ARES, o. ... Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, W*tl? avenue and Nlneteeih street, New York. QMAUA LEGAL OIFT ENTERPRISE. POSITIVELY MAY 20. 8,t66 Cash Gifts, amounting to $230,603. Gifts paid in fall. Official lists ofwlnning numbers sent to purchasers ot tickets immediately after the distribu tion. Tickets $1 each; six for $V For sale at p- C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 30 Liberty street, OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KENTUCKY?EXTRA CLASS NO. 913?APRIL 30. 1873. 54, 62, 49, 43. 63, 62, .13. 58, 27, 4S 11, 29 73 gg ? no. 304-april 30, 1873. 61, 13, 48, 11, 34, 62 27. 43, 3?, 61, 71, 25, 55 SIMMONS A <*0? Managers, Covington! Ky. SHELBY COU.ECE?KTTRA CLASS NO. L'ttV-APRII, *1. H73. 4?, 25, 7, 35, 20, 60, 22, 12, 34, 50, 70, 76, 18. 77. SIIEI.PV COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 204?APRIL 30. 1873. 2, 31, 14, 37, 27, 24, 66, 17, 69, 19, 6d, 18, 28. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. ? m CLUTE, Broker, 20J Broadway. Post office box 4.9J9. FF1CIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. 0 ?. 33.2. ?,? 74. T? ^10,"VV'%L3r7 ^ 53 71Ba?cfaEyNstieet " M*na,fera- ^ti1y * CO., Brokers, R?XArL LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED; OR ders filled; information furnished; highest rates paid for Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. b TAYLOR A CO., Bankers. 16 Wall street, New York. SPECIAL NOTICE.-A NEW AND FIRST CLASH Auc tion and Commission House in Brooklyn, having commodious and slegant salesrooms, wish to form a con nectl' ii with a house or houses in New York, Lendon rarls or other European or American cities, to sell works of art, statuary, bronzes, paintings, carriages, first class furniture, books, Ac , 4c.; references exchanged. Ad dress C. B. A., Hcralu Branch office, Brooklyn. S?"T,H CAROLINA LOTTERY ORaSmOB~"FKBE School Fund. PERPETUAL? CLASS 79. 80, 19, 10, 68, 12. 27, ?7, 47, 28, 15, 7. 8. CLASS 80. If. fSO, 17, 00, 44, 33, 69, 34, 70. COLE A (.O., Proprietors; New York Post office box 3,855. Charleston, S. C., April 30, 1873. TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN.?NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the undcrnoted certificates of Erie Rail way common stock, viz. :? 62,153?To. L. P. Morton, Bemus A Co., 10 shares, of $100 each, 107.338?To Jonathan D. Copeman, 10 shares, of $100 each, 107.339?To Jonathan D. Copeman, 10 shares, of $109 each, have been lost or destroyed and that the undersigned will apply in due couhc to the Erie Railway Company for new certificates in lieu thereof: All peisons are cau tioned against negotiating the said certificates, as their transfer has been stopped. WILLIAM BUTLER DUNCAN, Nos. 9 and 11 Nassau street. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING OF THE ~ 163d City of Hamburg Lottery. with 60,600 Tickets and 17,0)0 Prizes commence* April 30 and ends May 20,1873. There will be drawn ;? 1 premium of 150,000 marks. 1 prize of lOO.ijoo marks. 1 prize of 75,000 marks. 1 prize of 50.000 marks. 1 prize of 40,noo marks. 1 prize of 30,000 marks. 1 prise of 30 000 marks. 2 prizes each of 15,000 marks. 4 prizes each of 12,00) marks. 10 prizescach or 10,000 marks. 10 prizes each of 8,000 mxrks. 10 prizes each of 6,000 marks. SO prizc3 each of 5,000 marks. CO prizes each of 3,OH) marks. 120 prizes each or 2,000 marks. 250 prizes each of 1,000 marks _ and other*. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Lottcn ? . and Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. v- TIIHOIiOR ZBCHOCH, 11C Nassau street, Post office box 6,080. <2?QA WILL PURCHASE A SPLENDID WHEELER A Wilson Sewing Machln"; black walnut ease ? hair cabinet; lu perfect order; goo I as now ' Mrs. SMITH, 143 East Twenty eighth street. ifc/iftQ fiHQ !a P5ATNt.D^ILY rNfheTbgalI ?PyP?7.?JO?7 Ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free. like, commisaion allowed Address BALKY A CO. (office established Th^ty year,) 174 Broadway. ' SPORTIMCJ?nOCJS, BIRDS, OiC. A -FOR SALE, ALL KINDs' OF FANCtTdoToS . Bird^ Ac.; itedlclnes for nil difea.?e.?. Prepared Food lor mocking birds, at B. O. DOVEY'S. No. 3 Greene street, near Canal. ^ STALLIONS. IiiDWARD XVBRKTT, THE IIBB or jl)ElELLiOTf J who trotted last Summer on Mystic Park in 2-15li (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private) al.-o of Commodore Vanderbllt's Mountain Boy, who Jfof'fd In 230V, ami ol Judge Kullerton, who has trotied In 1:2lwill make the season at the farm of William Keetch. near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For farther particulars see the "Turr, Field anil Farm." tub: i pF. rpROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PARK.-ON THURSDAY J'ayJ. at 3 P. M., sweepstako* $750; tulle heats, best three it; five, to wagons. wni. Lorell's b. m. TopseT. {*;,"? Anderson's I.Ik. g. Winfield. . I lercc Hayden's b. m. Lady Annie. to wMo'nSf~ $200; mile heats, best three in five, h' i TJ m- X-ady Lovell. J- Anaer?ou's s. g. Stale ol Maine. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. 5??? K *. CABBIAGESI^ ?C. ^ TUB "BBEWBTBB WAGON," ' I in all wtigtite, far JJjoa^i Mring or speeding, and embracing in tbelr eon<truet1on t'tm ??? i i ments Introduced by throughout the Un'ted*?tates f"T wteo^r^s ^'erarth%rj;^u"'os, stock lu all respects eijual in ounl>?v tn iV/Tr/f .1" order ol the most valuid ea^mTr ind a 'prices '10 th? uniform to alL I* srder that we may not lie confounded with a lolnt Stock company ol carriage dealers who have ad on led a llrm name similar to our own, and Impudently cIafin thn reputation wc have made lor the "BrawMer fiiS" w2 tK-g the public will remember that our only wareroomS are at the corner of J WBrcr?<"i?s Filth avenue and Fourteenth street and our only Factory on Broome Htreet. BREWSTER A CO., oiriroome street. A SOUND, GRNTLK AND KIND I5>< HAND IIORSK wanted?Must show a mile In three minutes. Addrcsa JONBH. bos 1J17 Post vfflve. with utlto and description HOBSKS, <\\RRIAGES. diV. An elegant imported two-wheeled doo Curt, built to order by 1' K. M I'LLfNEK, OK LIVERPOOL; body made of compressed mahogany, and made with slides to shiit (or two or tour person#; body painted truch white, wheels carmine, and fitted with Edinburgh dial luinpH; ono or tbe finest oarta ever imported, and en tirely new; at private sale at the Horse and Carriage Hart of WILLIAM VAN TABSELL, 110, 112 and 114 Ham Thirteenth street. At the horse and carriage auction mart OF WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TA88ELL), at the o:d stand, lit), 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will And tins house perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on the came straightforward principles which have gov erned It in the past. We give the purchaser of every horse that is warranted sound from 24 to i? hours for trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. At private sale at the HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION mart OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TAS8ELL, 110,112,114 East Thirteenth street TEN FIRST CLASS ROAD HORBES, ALL YOl'NG. well broken, perfectly gentle, and warranted sound, kind and true. seven SUPERIOR WORK HORSES, KIND AND true In every way snd warranted sound. ELEGANT WHITE SADDLE PONY. ONE OF THE finest In the country. TOT WAGONS, FROM $1(10 UP: TOP "AND NO TOP Ponv Phaetons, Cabriolets with poles and chads, jump teat Wagons, Kocknways and Carrvalls, Depot, Express and Business Wagons; double and single Harness, Ac. l'rices lower than ever. Call and exatnluc. A. -OLD HOUSE OF BREWSTER. Established 1838. Sole makers ot Brewster Wagons, with -the Vertical Steel Plato tt. The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread of the axle, A prevailing source ot an noyance to those using road wagons. Besides the additional strength and security which thia great improvement gives to our wagons an experienca of thlrtv-lour years enables us to challenge comparison either in uuality or finish. See ccrtiticate irom General McClellan s? New York, June 1,1071. Gkntlbmkn?I have carefully examined your patent vertical steel plate axle. I find that the addition of the vertical plate renders the oxle about two and a half (llfi times as stiff as it would be without it Very respectfully OEORGE B. McCLBLLAN. Warcrooms, Filth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh st. Factory, 145 East Twenty-fifth street. J.Ji. BREWSTER A CO. Auction house of arch, joiinston (Late Johnston A Van Tasseil). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21, 23 and 28 HAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will >je conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our lioure and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as tho public at large. REGULAR SALES TWICRA WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sale may ho made, as usual, either at our downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, l'J, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, as USUAL, MADE ON CON 81GNMENTS. AT PRIVATE SALBa-AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19 31,23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between University place and Fifth avenue. Three Dog Carts, city built, in perfect order. Coupe Rockaway, nearly new. T Cart, by Brewster. Coupe Clarence, in perfect order. Barouche, in perfect order. Ton Wagon (side bar), by ('orbctt. Victoria, city made, in good order. I'ricci 25 per cent lower than at any other place in the city. Call and examine. ARCn JOHNSTON. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 108 Liberty and 38 Church street. Horses, Wagons and Harness. THIS IJAY at 12 o'clock. D. W. IVK8 will sell as above a good lot of Fine Koad and Work flor-en, Vehicles 6f all descriptions, Single and Double Harms*. Descriptions at sale. Warrantees extend 14 lionrs. A SPECIAL AND UNRESERVED SALE of five fast Horses, Carriages, Harness, Blankets. Robfs, Ac., TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), Mav 2, at 10H o'clock, at stable 102 East Forty-first street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, including a very fast bay Horse, 15.S hands high, 8 years old ; warranted sound, kind, and tolieat 2:45. one black Trotter, 15S? hands high, 6 years old; war ranted sound, kind, anato bent three minutes. One bay Mare, 15k hands high; sound and kind, and can beat three minutes. One brown Ilamtiletonlan Mare, 15** hands high, 8 years old; sound, kind, and can beat 2:45, Also two open Wagons, one ton Wagon, one Rocknwny, one 1'ark Phaeton, one Pony Phaeton, single and double Harness, Blankets, Kobes, Ac. SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. FOR KI LL PARTICULARS SEE FRIDAY'S HERALD. A?GEORGE W. STETSON, auctioneer.?HOFF . MAN, COBURN A CO. will sell at auction on Thursday, May 1, nt 9Ji o'clock, at private stable, 57 West Forty-fourth street, gent's elegant Private Establishment, Consisting of pair sorrel carriage Horses, 16 hands; war ranted sound and kind; pair black carriage Horses, lr.' J hands,! and A years old; sound and true: bay Horse. 1(> hands, sired by Ethan Allen; bay coupe Horse;ladies' saddle Horse; one Landau, made by Wood Brothers to order; circular front Coupe, by Wood Brothers; pony Phaeton, by Ham; Road Wagons, elegant single and double Harness, sliver mounted; Riding Bridle, Ac., Ac. A -FOR SALE, TWO HORSES, 6 AND 7 YEARS ? old. Ihey have been driver together, and are to he sold together or separately. They are stylish ; one enn trot In2:50: the other Iu2:f5. 1 hey are sound and kind in either slnule or double harness and under the saddle. They stand In height 15:3 and 15:2; are to be sold only In consequence of sickness In the family. Can lie seen at 62 South Kitth avenue, between Houston and Blecckcr streets, New York. At our factory, 1,414 broadway, above Thirty-ninth street, second hand Carriages:? Barouche, Victoria, Coupe (round front), Cabriolet, Brougham, Top Wagon, ? Six-seat I'haeton, Depot Wagon. All in excellent order and will be sold at low prices. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway, Avery stylish ig-hand horse, for doo cart, coupe or T cart; color, chestnut; 7 years old ; Is very kind; can be handled by the most timid, and war ranted by a responsible party; also a very fine English mude double and single Harness, suitable for landaulet or T eart (these are as good as new); also a first class T Cart, but li'tlc used, stable, 151 I n>-t Fifty-seventh street. ARRIVKD AT LAST?J. C. DEZO, OF JACKSON City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double Horses ever brought to ihlg market, nt A. N. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twenty-fifth street, between.! bird and Lexington itwuk * A -TOP Pony I'HAETON. |75; OPEN. $115; 20 TOP ? Wagons, 10 open do., 5 Top Pony Phaetons; Gigs, (40; Jai'ver Wagon, >45; 5 Business Wagons at 143 Hroud way, near Forty llrst street. JAS. JENKINS. LARGE \ ? i > 1:1 M liXT OF PONY PHAETONSj all styles nud prices, from $120 up; several top A Wagons, second liainl, by city makers; one Clarence, second hand, one curtain Coach, by Brewster; one six seat Phaeton, do.; one second hand Brett, suitable for livery; Harness. Blankets. Whips, Ac. WM. II. GRAY, J) and 23 Wooster street AT FACTORY?70 TOP BUGGIES, FROM 175 UP; Rockawsys, Victorias, Phaetons and one Barouche, cheapest In city. Near Orand street and Bowery. 146 and 148 Lldriilgc street DAY A SON. ADOI BLE TRUCK FOR SALE?IN OOOD ORDER. S. D. PETERS, 869 Hudson strecet A LOT OF HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT /V for all kinds of business; one splendid team of sor rel Horses, young utid sound. Inquire of 541 Uanal at CHOICE-selection OF PARK PHAETONS, light Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Rui.'pies and other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand. MANUfACTOlEM' I MoN, 6^8 Broadway. ?NO. scoRTLANDT stiu;ki\ m:akbboaiiway! ? Light Catr a :e? and Harness, very best make. Splendid assortment; very lowest ensh prices. A-OUiXT V LANDAULET. OK "C" SPRINGS, ? at a great bargain; very light; carries four persons; been used four months. Also second bund 6-scat Kockaway, light; Top Buggy, Depot Wagon and lour-seat Rockawny. A. T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 Broadway. A LARGE NUMBER OF TOP AND NO TOP FULL spring and side bar Buggies; also a few of those stylish park and road Phaeton*,all our own make; call and sec before you purchase nt City Carriage Manufac tory. 33 De Kalb avenue, Brooklyn. A -THE FINEST assortment OF PHOTONS. ? Rockaways. Depot Wagons. Pony Phietons ana Top Wagons I11 the city, at WE>T SIDE CARRIAGE DE I'osiToitY, 1,494 and 1,496 Broadwey, between Forty fourth and Forty-fifth streets. A VALUABLE SORREL ROAD MARE, 8 YEARS old; tr us in three minutes ; warranted sound and

kind: sold by a gentleman for want of u?e. Apply at UN Dkltll ILL'S Stables, Lafayette place. A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY carriages, ROCKA v ays, Phaetons, Ruguy, Express, Depot and Busi ness Wagons, new and second hand; cheapest place in city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street A LOT OF TOP RUOGIB8, ROAD WAGONS, EXPRESS, Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand top Buggy, cheat). S4M W est Twenty-seventh street between Eighth and Ninth aWIMSIl A BARGAIN.?HANDSOME PAIR BROWN CARRIAGE Horses, 7 yours old; warranted sound and gentle; cost, a year ago, $1,000; price $700; owner lias 110 use tor tlicin;also two-seated lop I'haeton, Wood's make. In food order; cost91,000; price $400. Stable, corner Finn avenue and Forty-fourth street. A?THE OLD ESTABLISHED IIOI'SE OF HAM, 36 ? years' standing, offers the largest assortment of Landa'iilcts, Landaus, Coupes, Ladles' Phaetons. Several second band carnages taken in exchange. Prices to Milt purchasers. 10 East Fourth street . A STABLE TO LET?WITH SIX OR RIGHT STALLS; suitable for truck or carman. Inquire at U Ninth aYtnue. comer Thirteenth street EDW'D PKIAL. housks. i'akkuuks, ?g. A? FOR SALE, FIVE HORSES, FRESH FROM THE . country: ono very hue rood or Mddle Horse, very fust, 6 years olu, pound; also other three fit tor drlv ing or i umuo.-s purposes; also ono lai^e (ruck or work llornc. They are young and warranted s.uml; to be sold reason ab:e. Apply at <8 und 47 Great J ones street. A GENTLEMAN, (joino ABROAD, OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish and Inst: also one double light Harness, one Brewster wagon and one Mail Phaeton. Apply at stable, No. i East Forty-sec ond street. Boat and depot wagons and light rock a ways in great variety ol styles and prices. BRADlkY, PRAY k CO., 55* Broadway. / A A rrt AO b HORSES FOR SAI-E.-A VERY fink PAIR v.' black Carriage Horses, fully sixteen hands, sound and kind; sold In consequence ot owner going to the country tor the summer, fan be seen at private stable, 190 West Twenty-fourth street, or apply to owner, 556 Fifth avenue, before 9 A. M. or alter 5 P. tl. C1arriage HORSES AND HARNESS.?for sale, A J span ot voung bay Horses, about 16 hands high; well broke, sound and kind. Abo Double and Single Harness, silver mountings; Carriage ami Horse Blankets, Ac.; tor sale at private stable, 63 .Madison avenue, and can be seen daily iroin 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. /"i ARRI ages?slightly DAMAGED; GRKAT BAR gains; Carriages, new and second hnnd, of every de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase, be fore trade commences. manupac1 URERs'UNION, 638 Broadway. /lOUPE HORSE-BROWN; 16 HANDS; YOUNG, v/1 sound; warranted In ever particular; price $400. Inquire at private stable (alleyway) No. 3 Thirly-flrst street (East), near Mfth avenue. Ct ?two fine CIRCULAR FRONT, ROUND ROOT J? Coupes, trimmed with brown cloth. 1,494 and 1,496 Broadwav, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. Double harness for sale-made by WOOD Glbscn; bat little used. Can be seen at at 608 Seventh avenue, between Forty-secoud and Forty-third streets, harness shop. Ii^DWARD bchenk, auctioneer. It fine Horses and Carriages, at the private stable, 160 West Eighteenth street, rear, on THURSDAY MORNING, May 1, * at 10 o'clock, a beautiful and stylish pair ot bay Marcs (Morgan's), ftill sisters, elo?dy matched, 7 years old, 15?-,. hands; great mkripters; can travel 15 miles per hour; nave been used tiy hie OTtwent owner two years; are warranted sound Also, tlie fast trotting Abdullah Mare Jenny; very handsome; Uno ibatie and tail; fine style and aciiou; is 6 years old. and warr<tnt^d sound and kind. Top_Pony Phaeton, In perfect order. Top Wagon, side tar, nearly new; two Sets of double and one single Harness; Holies, Blankets, Ac. Light Victoria, pole and shaft*. Extension top cabriolets and phaetons, Victorias, in elegant style and finish, for sale, at re duced prices, by A. S. flandrau, Nos. 7 nnd US East Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Kiltn avenue. 17100r HEAVY TRUCK OB CART IIOKSES.-ONE 1 Trotter. $70; one heavy truck Horse, 175; bay llorsc, $45; fast Canadian Pony cheap. 189 South Filth avenue, near Grand street. For SALE?SECOND HAND CLARENCE; also a glass Panel Coach, newly done up; new Din-tor's Phaeton; also several top and no-top Bungles, one iwo seat extension top Wagon. LINN BlloS., Carriage Makers, 47 and 49 Bergeu street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-complete GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT; three minute trotting Horse, 6 years, 15 hands; per fect every w ay; Stivers' lop Buggy, nearly new. Apply at 64 Nineteenth street IjlOR SALE?by A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE, A ' match pair of coal black Ilambletonlan Horses, not a white hair on them; 15)j hands; very stvlish; sound, kind and gentle; heavy mains and tails touch the ground. Also ono Set ol Harness, gold mounted; one open Ba rouche. C springs, gold mounted; one C spring Clarence, lined with satin, gold mounted ; as good as new. Can be recti at Mott's stable, 119 West Twentr-tlllrd street. TjlOR SALE?A VERY STYLI8H, FINK FAMILY OR F coupe Horse, hands high; six i"'' '?n* dark brown tall ? very gentle, ooiinil and ic I mi re spect. Apply at private stable 155 East Thirty-filth street, near Lexington avenue. I~VoR SALK.-A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEA VINO I town wishes to dispose of his complete establish ment, constating of an elW?J11?"uP? "il^'n?rnc? l'linntoii nearly new, and Coupe, as ttiso iiarnos, IUhtiV "ts. Ac. Call at Drcnnnn's livery stables, corner Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. IHOR SALE?FOR WANT OK USE, A BROWN ' Horse. 6 years old, 13.3 high; very tree an<l stylish driver; raised by present owner; will to warranted in every particular^ Address A. H.. box 153 llerald oBlce. T^OR SALE?BAY COUPE 1IORSE, 10 HANDS. WITH f Coupe and Harness if desired; al?o Phaeton. t>y Wood Brothers. At private s;able 118 West Eighteenth street. FOR RALE?PAIR OF BAYS, ONE HOHREL AND two eliestnut carriage llorscs; all drive single or double and are stylMi and sound. Also lifclit top^ 2K7.VI* single Miid double light Wagon and <-'^pe,lariie^. Situ* tions wanted lot'coachman and InquirL ut stable 121 East Forty-first street, or ot M. HOW, no. t Weit Thirty-eighth street. ?>R BAIjB?TWO SINGLE TRUCKS, TW<>HORSES F and two sets ot Harness; separate or together. In ?ire of JOHN P. DALLIMbRK, 438 Water street, or RKHMOND HOOAN, 28 Jefferson street. OR SALE?AN ELEGANT SADDLE IIOBSE, bay. 15 hands# Inches; took first premium at State Fair Kentucky; goes all fancy gaits; Is every way riglit, fnir trial ilven ; price $700. Can be seen tor two days at Fleet wo'uMabies, Fortieth street, near Sixth avenue. saI^K?BLACK MARE, 15 HANDS, 8 YEARS J old; stylish In harness, good NMetli ranted tounu. Apply at private stable 114 West t IfUcth street _ -? vrToRSALE?A STYLISH BAY HOltSE,15? HAND8 F IiIkIi 8 vears old; kind and sound. Can ne seen at Mott's stables, 110 and 121 West I went> third street. T -KORSALE, A SORREL PACING MARE, S YEARS, A. 16 3; euti uace In 2:40 to wagon; double anil single harness. Haley's ?tuble, 127 bast Mlty third street. OR SALE?A VALUABLE CANADIAN MARE, FOR the country; stylish and Iree driver; sound, except ? little sore torw^rd; ?8ft. 77 New Chambers street. ITn? SALE-A SQUARE BOX ROAD WAGON, POLE ' and Shalt* made by Diisenbury A V an Duser, in good order, at a'bargain. 275 Columbia ??trve!, Brooklyn. F?- HALE?OB EXCHANGE FOR LIGHT CAR. riaae or Phaeton, a tine black Colt, very promising; bred irom Itlack Hawk and Vermont Morrill trotting K. inquire at stables, 128 West Twentieth street. 17*011 BALK?SUPERIOR ROAD OR FAMILY HORSE r 16^j hands; stylish action; great endurance;lean KO in 2-6U-sale lor a ladv; warranted in every respect, also WaA Carryall, liarne.s; great bargain. Address MORGAN, boxJJi Brooklyn Pottoffloe. . CQR BALE?A VERY STYLISH COUPE HORSE, SIX r yearn old, bay, with blue* points. 16 and kind In all harness. Apply at private stable 42 West Fifty-filth street, from 8 to 12. - r^OR SALE-TWO SPLENDID LEATHER TOP (CITY r made) Buggies; good for city or countrj , prlcc $2<JU each. Apply at 28 Commerce street, between Blecckcr and iludson street*. _ TTiOR BALE?A FINE CHESTNUT SORREL MARE, ? 1^ vears old, trot better than 3 minutes; a black Mare, 8 years old. In 2 ;4U; alao a Carriage and SulkvAm-y at 1UU Graham avenue, Wllllainsburg. l?r. I>. LORhNiSK. TTtOR SALE?AT CLUB STABLE, 22 AND 24 WEST f Thirteenth street, a tine, stvllsh britfht bay Horse, * vears old, M>\ hands, sound anil pericet In ?v"y respcct; not a I raid ot tho cars. Can be seen lrom 10 A. to 3 P. M. TlOK SALE?A VERY FINE GRAY MESSENGER t Mure, I5!4 hands high, 9 years old; trotted ,*?t 8um' mer In 2 38. Call ut3W5 illntou street, Brooklyn. TTVIlT sALE-A COMPLETE TURNOUT; BROWN I* Ilatnbletonlan Ilor^e, 15}.,' high, 6 years old; J0""1'' kind, anil can trot In 2 :50, single or aooble;JVmiNOUT light top Road Wagon, Harness, Ac. Address TURNOUT, llcald office. __ T^OR SALE-TWO LIGHT RUNNING CLARENCES, IN r first class order, lately done up i ion? brown lined. bv Dunn, and one drab, by Loos * Williams. Apply at Opera Stables, 48 and 50 East Thirty-second street. 1~10R SALE?SEVERAL SECOND "AND WAGONS; NO reasonable offer relused. 1,494 and l,4Jo Broadway. VlOR SU-E-A HANDSOME BAY HORSE, 8 YEARS ]j f)|d, nertectly gentle; must be sold for want of use. MI West Twenty-third street. Ii0R SALE-AN ABDALLAH HORSE, ft HMJl I 15 3 Iiutials; !ree and stylish driver; sound and kind In double and single harness. HALEY'S stable, 127 bast Fifty-third Ktreet. , F"OR SALE-ONE VERY HANDSOME CLARENCE, hlue lining, $860; one Top Wauon, nearly new, $I8U, one Coupe Rockawuy, ?15U. Apply at BU RR'S Carriage Factory, 203 Mercer street. oil SALE?AT MUCH LESS THAN ITS VALUE FOR want of use, a very last and ityUsh liay Hor.e. Hired bv Rvsdyk's Ifauiletonlan: 12 years old , !?>/* nli,n , souiid and kind; price IM4U. Apply at private stable. 30 East Fortieth street. POR SALE?A LARGJf WORK HORSE, 7 OR 8 YEARS p ?1,|; also a ( upl Tart, separate lor together. 518 Tenth avenue. 1,V)R SALE C1IEAP-FOR WANT OF USE, A SORREL ' Mare, 7 years old, haud< hlifh. Inquire at 1,40# Broadway, near Kitty-second street. ARNEBS, SADDLES, HORSE CLOTHING, CAR rlage Robes, Lap busters, Fly Nets, und a large variety ot Saddlery Gooda alwavs on hand.,, ^ CQ 40 Warren street, New_York.__ AHNKS-.-THE CIIBAPEST HARNESS STOREJN New York good double truck Harness, $30: Roou_ simile biigsy Harness, hand made, #17; u good stuble Klaiiket, Mis); the largest assortment of t art Harness tn theclty. cheaper than ever on account of moving May lu. Please call and examine for yourselves. ,u' FISHER * OSBORNE. 43 Murray street. OIISKS TAKEN TO BOARD AND PASTURE, AT Leonla, N. J., five miles from Forty-second street ferry. Applv at 102 Greenwich street. TTARNESB.-THE LARGEST VARIETY OF IURNF.SS II and Horse Furnishing Goods of e?W grade and kind ot anv house In New York,-at MOBKMAN 8 Manu factory anil Warcrooms, 114 chambers street. Horse furnishing bazaar, wholesale and retail.?Harness, Saddles. Blankots. Ae. VERPLANCK BROS., V2 Chambers ilreet. PoNY PIIAETPW8?ALL STYLES; 8EVKRAL NKW patterns; one of the largest, fliu at and cheare^-J as tortment* lu tW city; several ^ No. 8 CorUandt iUeet, near Broadway. HORSKW. (AtfKIAUK?, ?RJ. CECOND hand gakriaobs, hix-kat hooka ,iU.?"a-v- "m*ll Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, Arc Rock Cftrru'tfM ?!?? H.u w?*. Coupe, 1'itrk Phaetou, uumour ot carnages, slightly.soiled, at bargains, MANU> ao l'L'kEKS' UNION, CSS Broadway. strl?l'.w FOR |,'ou,t "OR8ES AND CAR mediately Ea?t Fourteenth street; possession iiu S* horses'InSS?M0P?TIONR F0R POUR OR FIVE ? JOHN J. TOWNBEND, 76 Wall street. THE MOST STYLISH GENTLEMAN'S IK I AD TP AM In the county lor sale?Black an,I hrow? Ma~ u ?lands, 7 and H years; kind and true in all liuruexs and warrant* d souni ; can be driven liv ? m,ii? ifi can trot in 3:30 together; .'t 01 dm* le farne? W ajjon, jpo!o and shall, hy Slivers, at the mart of incw Ail 19 lo 25 Unit ThirteenthalVeot neai- Cn WeJ' ?old auiuctlou?0' f0' bctweon U,iH and ??i"rday will be TWO SQUARE BOX FULL SPRINO NO TOP~WAG ?,*' v10 |)r<ile.rty of a Brooklyn carriage maker, dc ) > aw.I, cheap ; $125 each. l,4t>4 and l,4'J?i Broadway. TyiLL BE SOLI! (IN FRIDAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, IN *" CC""' of ABBOTT H salesrooms, 50 New Bowery, one. i *?' 5, 7e,ri ol(,> found and kind; one grav . 1' nml klnd; one brown Horse,7 ye a rs old, nounj aud kind; hy order of the Marshal. WANTBD-A SECOND HAND BRETT OH PARK Addr?MhBeT"V,va?om"e\'''^ * "mA" P0,,r ,'haCton ava?TEfi-ANY. PERSON nAVINO A BREWSTER Ai.nhi.. .J?. ?.go," <1Ja"K,'r Preferred), lull seat, with goo)l ?n j m.l i k k lr!1r"' for saie cheat) for cash, can nnd a purchaser by addressing II., box 3,4?i Post office. VVras7kd~A, LEATHER TOP hale SI'ltINO BOX l' Atf""\cll,e*P 'or cash, by some good city maker, pw a';" .^n rcm-wlth fun par tymntkd-PONV PHAETON, WITH TOP; ALSO LA PBA ft^im u, ?7 stS'? lowt'st cash price. Address PHAETON, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. Wa2tedr.TO PURCHASE CHEAP FOR CASH, A act of finir'u' i 'arn'...ou1c R,ocl"lw*y I" Rood order; alto McQI ll)^i6 John street^ t0 ?r 'tJdrcs!, (jilio"(iE w wan.T,?,D-A ?MALL PONY OR DONKEY FOR ' ?'Cl?ck' *privut" sUbl? TIfANTED?A GOOD ROAD TEAM, ABOUT 18 HANDS Mrti,?^^,?^ s jw^msu wwnswa; i.?".""1'".1 J agge r, Road, Depot ami Business Wagons! large assortment, low prices and the best ol work. ' $'3(1 POR YOUNG GRAY MARE.-INQCIRE AT 164 ?JpOl/ Division street, near Essex. $110.~H?LA2}l.MA,.llK' 7 YEARS,15Jji HANDS; BAY Svfiii hi.^t 4 ' c?" 8,1<,w 3 minutes, $22.1; i voars, ltu, hands, last traveller, $200. 418 Eighth avenue, corner fliirty-llrst street f)MH BROADWAY.?CARRIAGES, HARNESS; CAR w','u rlages, new and second hand, most comnlcte ??. sortinetit ever offered, comprising every fh-scrli> loS of family Carriages and IdElit Wagons, at popular prices. MAS L i*ACTUIihRS' UNION,638 Broadway. DRY GOODS. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 9U BROADWAY JUvT0fmpoht?riC 1 ka1 K ?.*' yJ',rl"K aml Summer Styles *J. IMIORTED; beautiful Costumes; Patterns with rl?J!' i110 !, now ready. Patterns fitted to the form war the day Cutting and basting. Come EARLY in HAIR! HAIR! IIAIRI The largest stock of Daman Hair Goods in the cltv Ht SHAW'S 5^ ?,?Twry' betwc?rt fourth a ml Croat Jones streets, and third'strects,< ups'uurs.W<;en Twa,?> Twenty SuAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed. $1 eaeli. BnniMB?lr.elie?p?.t and b at in the market bhort llair Switches. $2 each and upwards. French Switches, $5. Curls, SI and upwards. Latest styles always oil hand. 2>ARIS.-AU COIN DE RUE. .? ?? 8 Montesquieu, 16, 18,20 ami 22 Hue des Boris Enfants. near the Palais Royal. Great Emporium of Fashion. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good taste and modest price of each article. ai<i. t In*H? "'J11 Prcnch Cachemlre Shawls, Bilks, Lace c.oods. Mantles. Costumes. Party Dresses, Ready-made Underclothing, Wedding Outfits, Baby Linen, Gloves, Perfumery. Fancy Articles. Tno largest, most varied and cheapest stock In l'arls. p II. macy A 00. JUST RECEIVED from EUROPE. per recent steamers, misses' AND children'S * flllC Hn< ?f ROMAN sashes, Qf ROMAN BASHES, incomparably rich SHADES. ..... ... ?Also a few with alternate stripes in PALE. _ . , , pink AND blue. We have received, in addition, a largo assortment of low-priced which arc LADIES' TIES, A decided BARGAIN. R. H. MACY A CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue* Mattings, mattings.-isx cents fine white Mattings; reil check, lancy and coir Matttngs; irreat inducements offered. Cloths. )'asslm. res, RoImjs? Ac. aANDRbW LESTER A CO. ,103 Chambers street. FOR SAI.K. SEWING MACHINE BUSINESS, ESTABLISHED u"'rce years, with st<.rk ..t the different kiudsof lead ing Machines, doing a lair business, will be sold cheap lor cash. Apply at the store 5J4 Court street. South Brook lyn, or l'JO'j Division street. New Vork. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR htorjt for sale cheap, on the Eighth avenue, doing a good !V\SKk?vvvHAg,?"; l0a"? \ni1 r* nt APP'y to THOMAS uAri'NilY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. A BARE OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED IN A XV flrst class Grocery; location good: will sell low for 1; """"'nctory reason given. Inouiru of W. H. S.NY DEW, Orange and Henry streets, Brooklyn. A MILK ROUTE FOR SALE CHEAP.?APPLY ~TO C. F. BRENNER, ltt Fiftieth street, corner of Lex ington avenue. JpOOD GROCERY STORE, STOCK AND FIXTURES ?*- Boot and Shoe Slore, 1.1 years established; Lager Beer and Lunch Room, down town, splendid location; Cigar Store, Ac. WARNER A Co., No. ? Dey street. A BUTTER STAND CHEAP-MANHATTAN mar". XV ket; also comer Liquor Mores. Bakeries, Confec tioneries, (jroceries, bumple anil large Billiard Rooms. Ilncly located. KIN.YEN & DEYO, 39 West Tnlrty-flrst street. An old-established manufacturing ness tor sale?Favorably known ; extensively patron ized; splendid investment; enterprising party make lor tune. Apply immediately 25 Chambers street GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE?? Located heart business; successful operation 40 J"??r?i excellent cash trade; great bargain. ParUculars 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A FIRST CLASS CIGAR STORE FOR SALE-LO catcd lower psrt city: great business thoroughfare: sold con sequence ill health; sacriflcc. ParUculars 23 Chambers street. OEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. FIRST CLASS TEA AND GROCERY STORE FOR sale?Rent store ?'I0 month; excellent cash trade location unsurpassed, Particulars 25 chamber! street GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A RESTAURANT AND OYSTER SALOON-468 JTX Pearl street, price ?H00; aLso Liquor Stores 57 Greenwich ami 114 New Church street, to lease with ?slur.?*_ MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A -KOR SALE, CORNER LlgUOR STORES? FIRST A. class Restaurants, downtown Sample Rooms, Bak^ rlcs, ( onlectioneries, House Furnlshinir unit Willow Waro Stores, Butter Stand, countr, Restaurants BakeMcs. MncllhLL s Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A kine corner liquor-best business lo. JY cation; owner havlnc two will tell half Interest at low prlcc; a rare chance. al MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. An established manufacturing business, P"yj!!.lJJ.'*rP1-r' novv lor talc at a bargain; splendid prouts, article in great demand; an opportunity seldom offered. Call at 93Xiberty street room <4 A FIRST CI^A8S CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale cheap, on Third avenue, doing an excellent business ; must be sold on account of other business. Ap to Tlios. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street A WELL LOCATEo FIRST CLASS CORNER Li quor Store for salo cheap,in Brooklyn. E. D.; a good lease and low rent. Apply to THUS. GAFFNEY, Auc tioneer, No. 6 Centre street. A^m -ELEGANT WHITE MARBLE COUNTER. WIT!! ? ? Showcase, Gas Candelabra, Ac., made In Paris; also Showcase, wlih Counter and Drawers; both are very superior and offered at a irreat sacrifice; now on exhibition at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Carriage Room*, No. H Corilandt street. A^m GOOD STAND FOR A PUSIIINO MAN IN THE liquor business.?A corner Store, doing a food trade; to be sold without reserve. Apply to J. B. MARRE CELLA. M2 Third avenue. Boot and shoe store for sale.?a retail Boot and shoe Store, with Lease and Stock, estab lished orer 25 years. In one of the best locations in tho city, will be sold cheap hor particulars inquire of ROB ERT1 IRWIN, 245 Water street Bookbindert for sale-to CLOSE TinT~Ei tate of Christopher Hughs, deceased. Machinery Toole, Ac., can be seen at 307 Centre street, near Howard For turtner particulars apply at Mm Broome etreet klizabktii HUGHS, Administratrix. W. R. iiahka, Administrator. ^ TJUTTER STAND FOR SALE CHEAP.?ONE OF TIIR .Und'lM .?Urtl?br*alton ttwM*rk#t Apu'y 81 Ul# kok sxi.h. pioar STORE (?'(lit 8AXE?WITH FINK l !.vi l.'ltkh \J owner has otlicr business to attend. Inquire oi> premises, 5X7 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn. C1rockery, GLASS AND LAMP STORE FOR SALE ! cheajp : in tin- host business location ol tlilril u venue well established ; rent low. Apply to TU08. GAKFNEY! No. 0 centre strict. FOR SALE?counters, WITH WALNUT TOPS ; TWO with drawer*; Desk, Office Table: Iron .-au, iiiO, Marvin a Co.'8: 28 feet light Shelving, store Truck, Ac., at 76 Duane street, second loft. For SALE-A handsome COUNTER, CIRCULAR end,oval panel*, 23 feet long; also walnut, irlaxi pan elling, banking or office, frame % leot lonir, tor fop of counter*. Apply to EDWARD H. LANSING jc CO., ltWund 170 Montague street, Brooklyn. For 8ALE.?FURNITURE AND los<{ LEASE or A handsomely furnished House. Inquire of k SALO M ON, tin Division street. IffOR SALE?the WELL KNOWN SAMPLE ROOM mii'l Ale House corner Hudson and Thomas streets, opposite atiieri-an Express buildings; good lens.", rent low; n good paying business, worthy of investigation; owner lias other huslne-s, which he must attend. Bvilt SALE?THE STOCK, fixtures AND UOOD Will of Grocery Store 201 Third avenue, one door from Eighteenth street, together with Leasehold of property; been established lor the last 1ft years, and onftof th<* best stands in the city lor first class trade. For particulars ap ply to I.. h. GATES, 201 Third avenue. ' Bm)R RALE?entirely NEW SODA FOUNT, cheap, ut lllni) A MURPHY'S, 81 Barclay street. FOR RALE-LIGHT trucking BUSINESS, CHEAP. unal street (express oillce). IjlOR SALE?an OFFICE PARTITION. 34 feet long, In good condition. Apply at 274 Pearl street. New York. For SALE?a WELL ESTABLISHED corner Liquor Store, near the steamship lines. Inquire at 69 Carmine street. For sale?barber siiop in good order-. established 15 years; price cheap, us Prince street. For kale?well FITTED PORTER HOUSE; best business thoroughfare in eily ; good trade and lease; other business the cause. Apply at 44 Stone street For SALB?LIQUOR STORE, 859 WEST TIIIRTY thlrd street, near Eighth avenue, now doing a good trade; Lease, Stock and fixtures, Inquire on premises, or of W. A. TYLER, 58 Broad street. New York. 1jm>R sale IN BROOKLYN?a FIRST class NEW8 paper Route of morning and evening papers; over 7u0dally. Apply to k. CLARK. 494 Dean st., Brooklyn. For sale?an old-established restaurant-. one of the best locations in Brooklyn; has two sa loons; ill the basement has billiard room, bar and orstor counter; the best kitchen In the world; has every facility lor furnishing wedding and ball parties, Ac. Fine stock of silver ware for loan; is doing a good cake buUuess. Apply a! 17S Atlantic street, Brooklyn. IpOR SALE?TWO DINING SALOONS, BOTH WITH bar attached ; one with four years' lease: the other one years' lease from 1st of May. Inquire at 164 Chatham street. FOR SALE-A BUTCHER SHOP; ICE HOUSE AND Fixtures all complete, with a good business: situated on Second avenue. Inquire of D. L. SHAIDE a Co., 287 bowery. Price $1,wk>. For sale cheap?a mutter, cheese, lard. Eggs, Ac., Stand, in the hull tsomest anil best located general market In Brooklyn, with an established trade; only small capital required. Call at 60 Lafayette av., Brooklyn, between 4and 8^ o'clock P. M. For sale cheap?the lease and fixtures of a first class ilqtior store on the southeast corner ot Tenth avenue uud Thirty-eighth street; to be sold in con sequence of the death of the proprietor. For lurther particulars inquire ut All Fulton street. i>or SALE CHEAP?a WELL ESTABLISH ed BROWN r and Straw Board Paper Business. Inquire at w) ana street. For sale cheap?four years' lease, rtock and Fixtures of a good corner Grocery Store in Brook lyn, E. D. Apply to THOS. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre strcut. lixlr SALE OR TO RENT?FIRST CLASS LIQUOR r Store, wttli Lease of whole house for live yours; leasing store more than rent tree; one of the finest stores down town ; will be sold less th in value. Address WM. mc., Ilcrali*. office. /GERMAN DRUG STORE FOR SALE?in WILLIAMS ix burg, in a first class business street. Inquire at fraSER A LEE'S, wholesale druggists, 20 Beck man st. Large glass office for raus.?INQUIRE AT 42 Warren street, between 10 and ii. ' 0" PPORTtJ nity SELDOM OFFERED.?GOOD WILL favorable Lease, first class Fixtures and well assorted Stock of the most desirable and established retail boot and shoe store in New York or Jersey City ; to be sold oil account of death at a great bargain; yearly cash sales 840.000. For further particulars call on or address HEAD QUARTERS, 27 Newark avenue, Jersey Clly, N. J. Rare opportunity.-for sale," rtock~and Fixtures of a first class Bakery; also Ice Cream and Roda Raloan, doing a good counter trade; rent. Including Are nice rooms, $604 a year. Apply at 101 New street. Newark,n.J. SAFES.?HERRING'S, MARVIN'S and wilder'B; all sizes cheap tor cash; skeleton and silk Sates; also bank Sale. q. C. quirk, hi Maiden lane, near Gold st. Safes.?a large assortment of second hand Safes, of all styles and mukes, for sale cheap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAM SAFE COM PANY'S, sul Broadway. S" A FES, SECOND HAND?ONE LARGE, TWO medium and three small Safes for sale cliean tor cash. Apply at 72 Maiden lane. S. G. QUIRK. SHOW CASES for sale. 841 Broadway. THE machinery AND fixtures OF A BOX FAC tory, nearly new, in good order; will be sold cheap or partner taken. Apply at 191 Lewis street 110 CLOSE OUT A BUSINESS?suelyings, WITH Drawers, six Counters, Desks, Railings; all of black walnut; two Safes, only a short time In u>o ; will be sold at a bargain. M. loHNSTEIN, 421 Broadway. d?q ann will b,7y a manufactory, in COM plete running order; article staple; in great demand ; profits large. Address, for ten days, C. F.. box 175 Herald office. ' AlACIUNESKY. AT WILSON * ROAKE'S, 2S2 AND 2*4 WATER street, 25-horse Hoe Tabic Engine, 10-horxo Portable Holster, horizontal and upright Engines, Boiler*, Pumps, Shafting, Pulleys, Ac. FOB SALE?ONE U*24 slide value engine, Judsou's governor, new; one 20 horse power Cut-off Engine, second hand, In complete order. W A HP, STANTON A CO., Newburg, N. Y. FOR SALE?BAXTER ENGINES, MADE BT COLTS Arm* Company, in sizes 2, 3, 5, H and 10 horse power; the most popular because tlicmosi durable, Mile and eco mleal. Circulars mailed Irrc. WM. 1>. BCSSKLL, IS l'tirk place, New York. IpOR SALE?A SECOND HAND 10 HORSE POWKR Engine and Boiler, Baxter's patent, made liy He wet A Phillips, Newark, N. J.; iu good order, haviug been put In thorough repair. WM. a RUSSELL^IS Park placc, New York. IloR SALE?A SECOND HAND 10 HORSE POWER Boiler, good as new; used but three month*; Bax ter's economical. _ ^ D RUSSELL, 18 Park place, New York. For ?alk?engines. boilers, shafting, pul leys, Millstones. Tank*, l'lpint:, Steam Pumps, Hoist ing Engines, Saw Tallies. Planers, Ac. Address BENJA MIN POX, S14 and M<> West Thirty lourth street. ONE FORTY-HORSE ENOINE AND ONE FIFTY FOR sale? At a bargain 11 taken inimediately ; Loth new. To lie seen at machine shop, 137th street, Molt Haven, near Harlem Bridge. STEAM fire ENGINES?FOR TOWNS AND VIL lages, four size* tor $i,2i?) and upwards. PHILA DELPHIA HYDRAUuIC WORKS, Levant street, Phila delphia. WANTED?BOILER, RETl.RN FLUE. ABOUT 25X3. Address, stating where to he seen and cash prlae, which must be low, PERFECT, Herald office. ^ ^LOAS OFFICES. AT 607 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH 8TREET. Liberal advanecson Diamonds, Watches. Jei^Iry, Silks, Camel's Hair Shawls, Laces and personal prnmnr ot every description. JAMES P. MATfllE Wri. AT JACKSON'S, M6 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry UooJs, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance tor ladies. ___ AT wolf BROTHERS', H9G BR<?\DWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth itreets?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelrv. Silverware, SilX*. and particularly Pianos; private parlor lor ladios; business strictly confidential. AMKrTcaN OKKICK (ESTABLISHED ISM).?OR Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, silverware, India wis. Laces, Valuable*, Ac., any amount limned, or will buy; the utmost value given. J. H. BAltKINUKB, 7:Wi Broadway, oppoalt* Astor place. iT HYMAN'S, 710 BROADWAY-LIBERAL" AD MHi-n maile on Diamonds and Watches, Silver ware, Ac., or will pay tho highest market price for tha sn mc. St. jackson" pawnbroker, m west thirty ? first, lorinerly 90 l'rlnee street, loans Money in large or small sum* ou personal I'roperty of every de scription. AT 91 THIRTEENTH 8TBEBT. NBAR BROADWAY? I pay the highest price lor Diamonds. Watches and Jewelry. Advance on Die same ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Money loaned-on diamonds, watcukb, Jawelry and Hllv-rwarc. The wii bought and ?old. GEO. C. ALLEN, &?; Broadway, naar Kuurtaenltk 39 NA88AU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? Liberal advances made on ihamoiMU, Was hes, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchaudlsa. The sama bought and sold. Boom L H AY MAN LEOPOLD. AfiQ ?XTH AVENUB, IIETWKBN TWENTY-FOURTH x* '?> anil Twenty-fifth street!?Liberal advancesmada oft Diamond-*. Watches, Jewelry, Sllkj, Luces and shawls. Same bought at lull value. L. BERNARD. ftQR BROADWAY, CORNER ArMITY 8TREET.? U OtJ Money liberally advanced on Diamonds,Watcher Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan oltlce. Same bought and sold. M. ROsENBKKii. 1 9ft7 BROADWAY. OVER HKRALD BRANCH J i?H I oltlce, room B.?Parlors for ladlas; branch 111 Fulton street, Urooklyn. Money loaned on Diamond* WaloUw, Jtwelxy, Ac. Same bought and suid. LIN 1^0 BRUa?

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