Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,403. bibectoki FOIL ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?fourteenth Pagb?Fourth. filth and sixth column*. bsyftolooy?Fouktbbnth Paob?Fourth column. billiards?fourtkkntb Page?Fourth column. BOARDKKS wanted?Fourteenth Paub?First and srs-ond columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?fourteenth Page? h?conii column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Fourteenth Paok? Second col umn. ?BOOKi.yn REAL ERTATE FOR SALE?thirteenth Paok?First column. BU8INE.1r opportunities?fibbt Page?Sixth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES?nihth Paok?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Sixteenth Page?Third col umn. CRT REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?thirteenth Page? First column. olerks and SALESMEN?sixteenth Paub?First col umn. CLOTHING?fouirri iiXTn Paub?Third column COACHMEN AND GARDKN hrs?sixteenth Paue? First and second columns. COAST W IKK steamsuips?eleventh P AUK?Sixth column. copartnerships?tbnth Page?Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Fourteenth Paub?second column. dentistry?elkventh 1'auk?sixth column. DRY ooods?First Pagb? Fifth column. 9welling HOUSES TO LET, FURNItfHED AND un furnished?Thirteenth Page? Fourth and tilth columns. EUROPEAN steamships? Eleventh Paub?Filth and sixth columns. BYES and kars?sixteenth Page?Third colnmn. EXCURSIONS? Eleventh Paub? Sixth column. FINANCIAL?tenth Paub? Fifth column. FOR HALE -First Paub? Filch and sixth columns. furnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Thirteenth Pars? Fifth and sixth columns. FVRNITURK-Sixtkknth Paub?Third coluinV HELP WANTED?FEMALES?fifteenth Pag*?Filth and sixth columns. BBLP WANTED?MALES?sixteenth pake?Second and third columns. HORSES. carriages, ac.?first Pack?Second, third, fourth and tilth columns. HOTELS? Fourteenth Paub?'?"econd colnmn. HOUSES, ROOMS, ac., WANTED?fourteenth Paub? Third column. INSTRUCTION?fourteenth Page?Fifth column. JEBSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER OEN REAL ESTATE FOR BALE?thirteenth Page?Second column. &bcturk SEASON?fourteenth Paoe?Fourth column. man OFFICES?sixteenth Paoe?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?first Paub-First column. MACHINERY?first Pai;i??Sixth column. ?ARBLE MANTELS?sixteenth Pake?Third colnmn. matrimonial?sixteenth Paok?Sixth column. hedical? Sixteenth Page?sixth column. HISCELLANEOUS ADVERT ISEMENT8 ? Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MUSICAL?fourteenth 1'aob?Sixth column. hbw publication?ninth Page?Sixth column. PERSONAL? Firm Pagb? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, ac.?fourteenth Page? Third column. PROPOSALS?sixteenth Page?Sixth column. professional SITUATIONS wanted?FEMALES? Fifteenth Page?Filth column. pbopekty OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?thibtbbntu Page?Second and third col umns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?1thirteenth Page? Third column. REAL estate WANTED?thirteenth Page?Third column. beligious notices?first Page?Fifth column. removals?sixteenth Paee?.- Ixth column. REWARDS?first 1'agk?First column. BALES AT auction?sixtkenth Pagb?Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? First, second, third, fourth and tltth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?fifteenth Page sLxth column, and Sixteenth Page?First column. SPECIAL NOTICES?first Paub?First and second col umns. 8portino?dogs, BIRDS, AC.?first pagb-Second column. STALLIONS?first Page?Second column. storage?sixteenth Page?Sixth column. Summer resorts? Fourteknth Page?Second and third columns. THE TRADES?sixteenth Pagb?Third column, THE TURF?first i'age?Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?thirteenth Page?Third and fourth columns. TRAVELLERS' guide?eleventh Page?Sixth column unfurnis1ied rooms AND apartments TO LET? Thirteenth I'age?Sixth column. WANTED TO puechase?sixteenth Page?Sixth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR sale OR TO LET?thirteenth Page?First and second col umns. TACHTS. steamboats, AC.?fibst Page?Sixth col urn. HERALD BRANCH OFFICE-UPTOWS. dvertisemexts FOR THE NEW york HERALD BECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,26ft BROADWAY. WEST side, BETWEEN tilirty-FIR8T AND THIRTY SECOND streets. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED from 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK days (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. jl), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK _ HERALD. ^ j^ESSRS. KREMER a CO., american REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE numbers OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES ENQUIRING THEM. "A PKHSONAJL.. NNIE.''?WRITE TO ME. GEOEUE, BOX 119 Herald office. N AMERICAN lady WOULD ADOPT A CHILdToR take on board, between 16 months and 2 yearn. Ad dress Mrs. EILLER, box 163 Herald Uptown Branch office. F RED.? WHY DON'T YOU WRITEf 1,660. Figaro?letter just received, i leave the city to-day. Will return next Tuesday. Can I see yon then? _aVi_ H BRALD. FRIDAY.?PLEASE ADDRESS. STATING where interview can he had. E. J. B., Herald office. JOSIE F.. FORME RI.Y ON EIGHTH AVENUE, WRITE Immediately. 279. AJOR DOMO WILL PAY $K FOR RETURN~OF the Watch. M P EACH.?COME AT FOUR. CAN'T GET OFF. "mo E. 8TRATTON.?PRAY CALL FOR LETTERS J. attain." WANTED?INFORMATION OF ROBERT JAMES Jackson, who left London April 2.1869, and has not Men heard or since. Address J. A. S., box 122 Herald Optown Branch office. WILL THE PARTY WHO RELIEVED THE GEN tleman op a Third avenue ear of a Pocketbook con taining some money anil a draft for $3,100, please return Mid dralt to J. E. itELLER, box 4,203 Post office, and re Mtye the thanks of the owner f LOST AM) FOUND. A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE . ,,ret'0X?ry "f Hn "methvst Ring and a plain gold Wedding Ring; both lett on tnc wasnstand of (I. fl. Did dell's Hair Dressing 8aloon, 482 Broadvrt*-, Wednesday, April 30, at 1 P. M. H. B. THOMSON, *3) Broadway HAORMAN Vf4|0 TOOK co^ViFROM ALBANY train. Central depot, Wednesday evening, to East Twenty-fifth street, will please return UmbriJIa left In hack toM East Tw?Ky-flp street, and receive reward. LOHiT-$IO REWARD?IV A URANI) STREET CAR, A brown Morocco Pocketbook, containing about $27. Address J. H. ()., 90 Grand street, ui) stmrs. Loht-a small black and tan slut! tan fare, ears cut short i had on bead collar. hound with red. A liberal reward tor its return to 204 W est Twent\ third street. Lost-receipt book, printed with the nameofD.D Tompkins A Hro. in the bodv of the receipts. The finder, by returning it to 61 Barclay street, will receive |i. LOOT-WEDNESDAY EVENING, IN GOING FROM ,JSfav,?tf' JhronBh Eighth street to Broadway, down Twelfth street to Sixth avenue and up to TwentV flrst street, a roll of Bank Bills, containing $370 It the Under will return It to room 381 St. Nicholas Hotel will divide equally^ Lost?on Wednesday evening, a black and Tan Dog; answers to the name of Gill: $? reward will be paid tor his return to Dr. W. R. GILLETTE, 149 West Twenty-third street. LOST-SUPPOSED IN "going PROM NO. 6 WALL street to New street and F.xchange place, a Pocket book containing a small sum of money and gold Masonic locaet, the property of a very poor man. The tinder will confer a great favor by leaving the money in Lam brecht'H saloon, corner New street and Exchange place. OUT?ON FALL KIVER STEAMER, OB THERE aboiits. on Tuesday morning, a Pocketbook, contain tag a small sum of money, anil papers, valuable only to the owner. If the finder will return it to 34 Keade street fee will receive $10 re ward, besides the amount found. dm?BETWEEN THE FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL and Twenty-t bird street anil by car to terry, a Rus sia leather I'ocketbook, containing "a large Gold Locket, ? check lor watch, also a small sum of money. The tinder will be su'tably rewarded by leaving the same at no West Thirty-fifth street REUAIIIK. BEWARD?FOR THE RETURN TO 161 WEST 5i street of a small black aud tan terrier Dog; answers to the name of Fidget. REWARD will BB PAID FOR THE BBOOV* pry of a square black Trunk, containing valu *50 r,?aTliuin, valuable books and wearing yi'lfm v i> will be paid on delivering it tfons asked KSON, Yonkern, N. Y., and no ?iues $100 KI':.^.AK!> l!"1'1' BE~PAfirFOR) TnE BE ILnk Mii.7irZ.SLl1 P?c*ctbook. containing about $300 JPJ*Bk.MMjb also two t oapons of Detroit and Milwaukee vSSdutfrn^l fiw,!'.u?l V ""P*1* ?>< Alton and Terre a,H0 ?( nf Union Club bond Of *1A; Also a safe Key. WILLIAM H. JANHKN, Jauncey court, 39 Wall street. ?yciAi. N(nici$, A _|f.".llALD BRANCH OFFICE BROOKLYN Jx, eor.-w qf Fulton avenue and Boorum street' Open Iromh A. M io9 1' M On Rauday troui 3 tn 'j )\ m. D SPKC1AX. NOT1CKS. PBWBON8 HAVING GOODS AT THK 1 KENCH scouring i stalilishment ot i !; * 'l thK ?*R \CO, 1,327 Broadw av, will please cci d (or th*aj <.n .>r before Tuesday. Muy'ii, ia uonsequence n tfroauw.-iv w <1 mm;. LL OKFICfcKh, SAlLuhS AjTlTMiLUlERB WOUND ltd, ruptured i r injured. however slightly, ure cu titled to pc aaion. Add re IS or upplv to Dr. K. B. JACK.-ON, late burgeon United states Navv, No. 4 New Chambers xt R. 8. S. FITCH'S HEART CORBECTOR FOR ftAf.K at 714 Broadway, and by all first da** druggists. GOLD PENS. KELLER, KURTZ A CO., MANUFACTURERS OK gold pens, NfV 1JIAIDEN I.A.W, NKW YORK. Havana and KENTUCKY lottkkies.-pkize8 cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO.. 71 BTOMWly, New Yol k, room SI, firs' floor. OFFICIAL DKAwTnOB ~~ KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. BKNTtUKT?KXTH4 CLAM NO. IKS?MAY 1, 1873. 87, 63, 26, 2#, 74, !?, 73, 12, 47, 40. At, 19. I kentucky?cLAss no. 306?mat 1. 1873. 57, 77, 72, fi?. ."2, 31, :9, 60, 49, SI, 8. 85, 63. 4S. SIMMONS 4 CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SHKLItV COI.LKCK?EXTRA CLASS NO. '.'OS?MAY 1, 1173. ill, 77, 32. 12, 1, 23, 48, 66. 28. 16, M,Jj, 18. SUKLBY COLLKUK?CLASS NO. 206?"AY I, 1WS. 50, 2(1, 39, 42. 68. 74, 29, 28, M, 57, 61. 41. 73, 2. SMITH 4 CO., Manager*, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Host office box 4.1W9. o FFICIAL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOT tery. KXTUA CLASS NO. 19?MAY 1, 1873, 39. 24, .16. a 22. 77, 16. 10. 71. 4, 43, 42, 73. NORTH CAROLINA, CLASS NO. 20? MAY 1, 1873. 21, 77. 19, 7, 33, 63. 34, 27, 60, 67, 30, 32, 3, 99. GERKEN A CO.. Managers. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 234 Greenwich struct. X)OYaL HAVANA LOTTERY.?P RUSES CASHED; OR JV dcrs filled; inlornnition furnished; highest rates paid lor Spanish Batik Bills, Ae. TAYLOR 2 <'<>, Bait ken. 1$ Wall street, Haw York. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OF " CUBA.-PB<>?? ? pectus for 1H73 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM, No. a Weybosset street, Providence, It. I. Roofs made and repaired by wm. price"; office with the Combination Roofing Company, 96 Cortlandt street. SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT?FOR FREE School l uud. PERPETt'AL?CLASS 81. 11, 78, 22, 49, 7, 92, 73, 6, 13, 31, 64, 3. CLASS 82. 69, 46, 18, 1, 96, 2, 33, 98, 19, 90, 68, 43. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New York Post office box 3,850. Charleston, S. May i. 1873. T- HE PRINCIPAL DRAWING OF THE 2t>3d City of Hamburg Lottery, with 50,610 Tickets and 17,600 Prizes, commences April 30 and ends May 20, 1873. There will be drawn 1 premium of 190,000 marks. 1 prize of 100.0(10 murks. 1 prize of 79,000 marks. 1 prize of 90.000 marks. 1 prize ot 40,000marks. 1 prize of 30,000 marks. 1 prize of 20,000 marks. 2 prizes each of 16,000 marks. 4 prizes each of 12,0tti mark*. 10 prizes each of 10,000 marks. 10 prizes each of 8,000 marks. 10 prizes each of 6,000 marks. 30 prizes each of 5,000 marks. 60 prizes each of 3,000 marks. 120 prizes each of 2.000 marks. 250 prizes euch of 1,000 murks and others. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Lottery and Royal Havanu Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. TllEonoR Z8CHOOH, 116 Nassau street. Post office box 6,080. ienna ex position.?Notice is hereby given thnt, in pursuance of an order from the De partment of State, the business of the New York office of the Commission to tlic Vienna Exposition is transferred to the chnrge of Mr. Rndcllffe Baldwin, 72 Broadway, to whom all up plications by exhibitors and all correspond ence respecting the same must be addressed. RADCLIFFE BALDWIN, United States Despatch Agent. WIIAT YOU DO NOT KNOW, WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW, WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW, BUT WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW, BUT WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW BUT WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW, YOU WILL BE SURE TO KNOW. YOU WILL BK SURE TO KNOW. YOU WILL BE SURE TO KNOW. SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM. SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM, SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM, FOR TWO CENTS*, FOR TWO CENTS, FOR TWO CENTS, ALL OVER TIIE CITY. ALL OVER THE CITY. ALL OVER THE CITY. *CQQ CQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THK ILEGAL ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana und Kentucky circulars tree: 12jj cents commission al lowed. Address BALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. A SPORTING?DOGS. BIRDS, SlC. ?FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. > Birds, Ac.: Medicines for sll diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'S. No. 3Grcuue street, near Canal. FOR ~SALE?POINTER8, setters] bull TERBI* ers. Slack and Tans. Scotch Skye Terriers, extra rat Dogs, watch Dogs of all kinds, Spiu Dogs; ^vatch dogs on trial; rats for sale. H. GARDNER, 111 Sonth Filth ave nue, corner Prince street. Newfoundland Pups, black aa<l tan Pups. !)TAl.LIO\N. Edward everett, the sire of joe elliott. who trotted last Summer on M vstie Park in 2:lWi (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), also of Commodore Vandcrbllt's Mountain Boy, who trotted In 2:20?i. und of Judge Fullerton. who has trotted in 2 21^4, w ill make the season at the farm of Willlain Keetch, near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For further particulars see the "I'url. Held and rank" Halls driving park.-purse $90 for 3 min ute class, $100 for .':40 class; trot Thursday. May S; entries clo?c Monday. May 5. at 0, at T. B. JOHNSON'S, Broadwax and Twenty-eikhtli street. THK TIKF. BFLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION.?PURSE OF $100, FOR horses I hat have never beaten 2:40; $?n to flr?t, $30 to second and $10 to third -.entries to close at Chamber lain's Pool Room, 1,1 w Broadwrv, on Friday. May 2. at 2 P. M. Race to lie trotted Saturday, May 3. at 3 P. M. W. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HORSKb, CARRIAGEE> iM'. A THK "BRKWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introdtired by us during the past 15 years, making them the standard for Quallty throughout the United Stules. These wagon* are exclusively the production or our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most rained customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that ? f may not lie enntonnded with a iolnt stock compuny ot carriage dealers who have adopted a Arm name similar to our ov. 11, and impudent I v claim tlie reputation we have made for the 'Brewster Wagon," we bets tin* public will remember that our only warcroom* are at the corner of Fifth avenne und Fourteenth street. and our only I'autory on Hroouie street. BREW8TRR ? CO., ot Broome st rent. A UCTION HOUSE OK ARCH. .lOlINSTON H d.ate John-don A Van Taswll). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, :t7 numiu street, opposite the Post office. TUF, HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PHEMISES, 19, 21, XI and 35 EAST THIRTEENTH street, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will >ie conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealing* 01 our house and won the respect and confidence of the basinew community a.? well ai the Snlilic at. larie. KOULAR sales TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE VKAR. Entries lor sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown bouse, .17 Nassau street, or at the mart, IV, 21, 23 and 25 Ea?t Thirteenth street. LIBERAL AOTA.Ni ES, AS usual, made ON CON ?"ION ME NTS. A~ SPECIAL. POSITIVE andi'nrkherved sale BY PUBLIC AUCTION t?K 5 fast AND WARRANTED TROTTING HORSES. CARRIAGES. WAC.ONS, HARNESS, BLANKETS, AC., THIS DAV (FRIDAY), AI A Y 2. AT 10>? O'clock, AT STABLE 102 EAST FORTY FIRST STREET, BETWEEN lexington AND FOURTH AVKNURS, Including a very tast bay Gelding, sired by Oeueral Knox, liji hands high, 8 years old; is perfectly gentle and kind . afraid of nothing and warranted to trot in 2:45 and is sound and kind. A line black Trotter, sired bv the Morrell horse, dam a Patchen mare. 15U hands high anil fi years old: Is one ol the finest family horses in New York: is gentle ami safe; can heat and warranted sound and kind. A One Hainbletonlan Mare, 15 hand* high. 5 years old ; can trot in throe minutes; is thoroaghlv broken fo all harness, anil warranted sound and kind, and, II properly handled, will trot very fast A brown Hainbletonlan Mare, I.v; hands high. sired by Second llnmbletonian, dam Ahdallah mare: she Is H years old, uiul jo to any truck and tshow 2:35; she Uu very resolute driver, and warranted sound and kind. Also a very line llnmbletonian Mare, sired bv Old Horse, dam thoroughbred : can heat 2:40nnvday; i* hands liisli, 'I year* old and warrantcil sound and kind. Also two open Wagon? one top Wagon. one Rockaway, Pole and Mialts; single and double Hume-*, Blankets, Itooes, Ac. SALE POSITIVE. RAIN OR SHINE. i blood iiay mark. iak hands hioh, for sale A cheap; a good roadster; stylish driver; sound and kind; Just from the country. Inquire at (35 Broadway. .IAMKB A downes. ? HOUSE FOR SALE?RITHKR A BAY. I? HANDS JX nigh. flyears old, or a (fray, 15 hands high, 5 years old. both warranted sound and kind in single or double h? rnets; onuer ha*only work for one. Can be scon at I2ll Attorney streei. Alai:<ik assortment of pony phaetons! nil Styles and pricea, frntn 9120 up; several top Wneons, second hand, by city makers; one Clarence, second hand; one curtain Coach, by Brewster; one. six seat Phaeton, do.; one second hand Brett, suitable for livery; llarnc?, Blankets, Whips, Ac. WM. II OR AY, S) and 22 Wooster street. A VALUABLE HORSE FOR SALE?18 HANDS; Hood roadster ; ?'* minutes; will exchange for Fnrnl ture and other Property. S. C. SMITH, owner, Frankfort House, 209 William street. 4 LA Hi; I LOT OF FAMILY CAR If IAC KS, ROCK \ J\ ?avs, I h;ietori?, Buggy. Express, llepof and Bnsi in -s Wagon*. in- w and second hand; cheapest place i? ?tii*. ill We t Broadway. near Canal strtefc HOK*K-, ( AHKIAUKK 4iC. * T AUCTION THIS l)AT BY A WILLIAM VAN TAS.^ELL, AUCTIONEER. (SUCCBsS.HOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TAB3KLL) HORSE and CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110, 112 mid 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NKAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR ALES Of HORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-eight hour* Riven to purchaser* to le-i warrantees. CATALOGVE OF THIS DaY'S (FRIDAY'S) HALE, AT i2 O'CLOCK. ELBOANT TEAM HAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 16'^ hands lilnh. 9 year* old; kin'l au?l true In all harness; iree irorn vice; good travellers; very stylish and war ranted ouiiil; also nut gold uiouuted Harness, made by Campbell; and FoUIt-SEAT P\RK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER; mnrie by Cone A Co. SPLENDID TfcAJI CHESTNUT SORRI L PONIKK, 14 hands high, Hand years old; kind aud true in all har ness and under Hiiddle; tree trom vice or lault; fast trav ellers ; tear nothing; can be driven by a lady; are very stviish, and warranted -ouud : also Harness, and TOP PONY PHAETON. GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT. CHESTNUT MARE, sired by Black llawk horse, dam a MrMtnnr ninre, 15'., hands lilgh. 6 .vears old. kind aud true in all harness, tree from vice ; an excellent roadster: can irot in 3 minutes any day, without training; in every way gentle and relia ble amf wurranUd sound. Also Harness, and ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW. BLACK TROTTING MARE, s I It K D BY THE BURTON Horse, he by Royal George, dam a Tippo mare, 1A hands high, 6 years old, kind and true in all harness, free Irom Vice or trick ; has never lieen trained, tin* can trot ill 2 :50; is a free and plcasaut driver, warranted sound. Also Harness and ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY DUHENBURY A VAN Duaer. ELEGANT THOROUGHBRED KENTUCKY SADDLE Horse, 1S?4 hands high, 7 years old : kind and trite in all harness, without lnuit or blemish and one ot the best broken and most perfect saddle horses in this city, wu trained in Dickers Riding School, and Is warranted sound, kind and true. CLARENCE, LINED WITH RED SATIN. AND IN perfect order; built by Lawrence; also set line Harness and two gentlemen's Saddles, Bear Kobe, Ac. SORREL HoRSK, HANDS HIGH. 8 YHARS OLD; kind and true in all harness: free from vice. a fast traveller, a splendid roadsier and warranted sound;also Harness, and TOP WAGON. IN GOOD ORDER. BAY HORSE. 15\ HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness and a free and sly lishdriver; also set of Harness and BREWSTER TOP WAGON. BLACK MARK, IS", HANDS niGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; tree irom vice; has a record of 2 M and can trot in 3 minutes; is Known as tliu Gould Mure. CLOSE COACH, IN GOOD ORDER. BAY HORSE, 15 HANDS. 8 YEARS; KIND AND TRUE lii all harness and a good Worker. BAY HORSE, Hi!* HANDS, li YEARS; KIND AND true in all harness and a good worker; also Harness and Expreiw Wagon. Several other Horses. Description time of sale. FOUR WHhELKD DOG CART, IN GOOD ORDER. SEVEN TOP WAGONS. Rockawavs, Phaetons and Depot Wagons. Harness. Saddles, Ac. Weather never interferes with onr sales. An blbgant imported two-wheeled dog Cart, built to order by V. MULLINER, OF LIVERPOOL; body made of compressed mahogany, and made with slides to shift tor two or four persons; body painted tmch white, wheels carmine, and fitted with Edinburgh dial lamps; one of the llnest Mills ever imported, and en tirely new; at private sale at the Horse and Carriage Mart of WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, 110,112 and 114 East Thirteenth street. A. ?OLD HOUSE OF BREWSTER. Established 1WW. Sole makers ot Brewster Wagons, with the Vertical Steel Plate n. The maximum ofstrcngth, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread of the axle, a prevailing source ol an noyance to those using road wagons. Besides the additional strength and security which this great improvement gives to our wapons an experience of tblrtv-tour years enables us to chulleut;u comparison either in ouality or finish. See certitlcate from General McClellan Nr.w Yoiik, June 1,1871. Gknti.kiik!??I have careftilly examined your patent vertical steel plate axle. I find that the addition of the vertical plate renders the axle about two and a half times us stiff as it would be without it. Verv respectfully GEORt.E B. MoCLELLAN. Warerooms, Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh si. Factory, ll.'i East Twenty-tilth street. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), MAY AT 11 O'CLOCK, BY JENKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEERS, AT TDK CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY, CORNER BROADWAY, 5HTH ST. AND HTII AV? OF THE ENTIRE STOCK A N L> FIXTURES OF ABOVE FACTORY, including Conches. Landau, Roc.kaway, Phaetons, Coupe, top aud open Wugons, Poay Phaetons, Express Wagons, Ac. All the Tools in smith shopviz., Anvils, Bellows, Vices, Ac.; all Tools in wood shop, all Fixture* In trimming ami paint simp. N. B.?SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. TO HIGH EST BIDDER. WITHOUT LIMIT, RESTRICTION OR RESERVATION. AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, Carriage and Harness Wareroonis. First class liKht Wagons, Rockaways, Phaetons, Ac. Pony Phaetons; top. no top, panel, bucket. C spring. Ac. Depot. K oat I and Business, Janitor and Pleasure Wagons. Several Pony Phaetons und Buggies, slightly soled, very low. Harness. Robes, Sheets, Whips, Halters. Clrcinglcs. Ac. All our goods warranted every way reliable and the lowest prices In the city. Pony Phaeton Saloon now open and wall stocked. ARCH. .JOHNSTON. No. s Cortlandt st., near Broadway. At auction to-morrow (Saturday), may 3, at 12 O'CLOCK, BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT HIS NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 1?, 31, 23 AND 20 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. MAGNIFICENT GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT; team of black and hrown Mares. 16hands. 7 and 8years; kind ami true in all harness und warranted sound; can be driven hv a ladv or child; can trot in '(>? minutes. TEAM GftAY MARKS. 15M hands, 8?nd ? years; kind and true ; free from vice; excellent tumilv team. THREE VERY EXCELLENT SADDLE HORSES, broken to all g(tts ol a ndth horse. TOP ROAD WAGON, BY CORBETT. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, BY STIVERS. SEVERAL FINE ROAD HORttES; description time t.1 sale. THREE GOOD WORK HORSES. BAROUCHE, IN PERFECT ORDER. THREE DOG CARTS; ( itv built, and in C.OoD ORDER. T CART, bv Brewster. Coupe Rockaway. Park Phaetons. Depot and Express Wagon. Ten Sets of Double Harness; city made. sale positive, at 12 o'clock, weather never Interferes with our >a!e. A RRIVKD AT LAST?J. C. DRZO, OF JACKSON JY Citv, Mich., with 34 head ot the finest single and double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. S. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twent.v-ilfth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. . A -ELEGANT \ LANDAULET. ON "C" SPRINGS, ? at a great bargain ; very light; carries lour persons; been used four months. Also second hand (t-seat Rockawny, light; Top Buggy, Depot Wagon anil four-seat Rockawa v. A, T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 Broadway. ?THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHvETONS Rockaways. Depot Wagons, Pony Ph nitons and Top Wagons In the city, at WEoT SIDE CARRIAGE DE POSIT! iRY, l,lW ami 1,496 Broadwfy, between Forty fourth and Forty-fifth streets. A LOT or TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS. EXPRESS, Grocery and light. Business Wagons; also a second hand top Bukgy. cheap. 34* Wc?t Twenty-seventh street, between Bhlitli and Ninth avenue*. A -THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSE OF HAM, 3<i . years' standing, offers the largest assortment of Landaulets, Landaus, Coupes, Ladies' Phaetons. Several second hand carriages taken in exchange. Prices to suit purchasers. 10 Bast Fourth street. A HANDSOME BAROUCHE FOR KALE-VERY J\ reasonable; sold for want of use; city make; in good condition. Also one very nico open Road Wagon. Inquire at private .??table 144 West Eighteenth street, be tween 10 and 12 o'clock or before 9 in the morning. A -THE LEASE, HORSE AND WAGON, FIXTURES . and Stock of a good corner Grocery store in Har lem tor ale, eiieap tor cash. Apply to C. E. OAKLEY, 337 Greenwich street, New York. A BASKET PONY CARRIAGE. NEARLY NEW, FOR sale at a bargain. Apply at J. G. BEMAN'S stable, 121 West Eighteenth street A GOOD BHI HORSE. FIT FOR ANY KIND OK work, tor sale; also Cart and Harness. Apply for two duys at 69 Perry street, New York. A PONY PHAETON FOR SALE?CHEAP, IN PER fect order, lo be seen at .11 Third street, CLARKE'S Livery Stable. A BREWSTER WHITECHAPEL DOG CART. NF.AR ly new, for sale at a bargain. Apply at 19 East Twen ty-seventh street A -FOR SALE?A COMPLETE TURNOUT, HORSE, ? wagon and harness; horse sound and kind, can heat 2 SO, Ift hands 3 inches high : bay, 8 years old; God win no top wagon; l>un?conih harness; must be sold. 1.14 West Thirty nintfl strei^ Ask lor WALTKH A A VERY HANDSOME SORREL GELDING, r. YKARS A old, 15*j hands; can trot in 2:40 to pole; all sound ; al*o black Mare, 1ft hands, 8 years old ; can show 2.30:

also, roan Mare. 6 years okl; can show 2 :38; an elegant pole Mare for sale cheap. Apply at 20 Kcade struct, from also, roati Mare, 6 years old , can show 2 :38; an elegant lie Mare f<r ' * - ? - - - r to 1 P. M. A -FOR SALE, FIVE HORSES, FROM THE ? country ; one very fine road or saddle Horse, very fast, fi years old. sound; also oiher three fit for dri\ ing or business purposes; also one large truck or work Horse. They are young and warranted sound; to be sold reason able. Apply at 4ft and 47 Great Jones street. ANY GENTLEMAN W ANTING A SPLENDID FAM lly or carriage team chestnut norses, brother and sister, Morgan stock, 16 hands, 7 and 8, long manes and lalls, verv stvlish, gentle, will go single ? r double, trot in sold cheap, apply at 33A Newark avenue, Jersey City. An elhaant assortment of seasonable Carriages, suited to city or country, Park or seaside driving. n>r sale, at very low priccs. Those purchasing carriages are invited to inspect my stock before Inn ing. A. 8. I LANDKAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, between Broadway ami Hlth avenue. A GENTLEMAN, GOING ABROAD, OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish anil last: also one double light Harness, one Brewster Wagon and one Mail Phaeton. Apply at stable, No. 1 East Forty-sec olid street A CHOKE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS, light Rockaways, Henot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns Victorias, Buggies and other ecs son able styles family I'arrlau's and light Wagons, new and second Ltind. MAMKACJ'l Ki-RS CMuN. t?J? Broadwa,v. HOIt SKS. ?' \14lll AQII) _ A BARtUIN IN UVRRY AND HACKS.?CAR riages of >11 kind*. 12 pwwnwr Stage, (food Hearse, 3 Clarenccs, 2glass quarter Coaches, - Coaches $50 each, Buggies anU Wagous hi all prices. j. w. PI 1NEY, 400 Third avenue. a N BLIOANT I'AIR OF BA Y^HO'SPeS"F 6'rT^XL ^ A. I8*4 hands high, 7 ami 8 years old ; ?oun<l and Kind; very stytWh and remarkably fine driver*; are perfectly Senile, aoepstomed to locomotives ami In all respects a rst clans laiuily team. Apply at TilOMPhON'S stable, 136 East Thiru-ciitn street ___ A HORSE FOR SALE?OOOI> 8KB, STY LIB a, J\. beeu used as private carriage horse ; is Kuitaiilc lor cotipe or any work; color, dark hay. Can lie ?en at private stab In 155 East twenty-second street; price A -FOR SALB-A BARGAIN.?A GENTLEMAN ? (joint! abroad must sell his wliolc Establishment, consisting of a fast trotting Im.v Oelding, Young Ethan Allen, 15\. U:imis ItiKh, H vi'itrs old ; warranted sound and kind ; a lady can drive hint, ami can trot In 2:45. Also a city-made road Wagon. Harness, Whip, Kobe*, and Blankets; all as good as new. Call lor three days at lift West Thirty ninth street, near Seventh avenue. (-1 ?TWO FINE CIBCULAR FRONT, ROUND BOOT J? Coupe*, trimmed with brown cloth. 1,491 and 1,49(5 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-tilth street*. C1ARRIAUES.?A VARIETY OF SECOND HANI) TOP ) and light Road Wagons, Doctors' Wagons, Rocka wa.v. Depot and turn-out seat Buggies, Basket I'haeton, tour and six-scat ritactons, Ac., Ac. Also a very large and superior stock new work, unsurpassed to any partic ular. R.M. STIYEMS, 144 to 152 East'fhlrty-drst at. (1ARRIAOES AT REDUCRD PRICES. / Extension top (Cabriolets and Phaetons. Park and Ponv I'haetons, Victoria* Jtnf Cabriolets, Four and six seat ltockawavs. For sale very low by A. P. FLA ND RAIT. No. 7and 18 East KiKhtecath street, Betxyen Broadway and Fifth aveuue. CtARItl AC.ES?SLIOHTLY DAMAGED; ORI AT BAR i gains; Carriages, new ami second band, of'every de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase, be fore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 038 Broadway. (lABMiflM TAKEN on STORAGE IN LOFTS BUILT J tor the purpose. Apply to A. T. DEMARhST k CO., 628 Broadway. IniBB STABLE TO LET?ON WEST FORTY SEVENTH 1 street, near Broadway; three stulls and box stall: three or four rooms for coachman over stable; rent, SI,000; also, a large Stable to let. Inquire of WILLIAM K. A. CRI'lKSHANK, corner Broadway aud Forty tourtli street, IjlOB BALE?PAIR OF BAY.s, ONE SORREL AND 1 two chestnut carriage Horses; all drive single or double, and are stylish ami sound. Also light top \\ agon, single anil double light Wagon anil Coupe Harness. Situa tions wanted tor coachman and grooui. Inquire at stable 121 East Forty-first street, or ot M. ROWLAND, No. 2 West Thirty-eighth street. IflOB 8ALB?A BRIOHT BAY team, 16U HANDS, 7 and 9 years old; last travellers; sound and safe team; used bv present owner three yearn; also black Team, 15 hands, brothers; perfectly soiind and sate team; 6and 7years; had them two years; all used in the city; owner going to Europe reason for selling. Inquire at private stable No. 3 East Twenty-tilth street, Irout 10 to }1 A. M. FU>R SALE?PAIR OF PONIES, 15 HANDS HIGH; extra style ; cross man h, gulden sorrel and let black ; beautiful flowing iiiauesand tails; been used by a lady; can trot in 3 minutes; Pony 1'liaeton, Duuscombu Har ness complete; Horses sold under lull warranty. This is really a first, class establishment, and must lie seen to be appreciated, CIud stnbies, i:i6 West Thirty-ninth st. B^IOR SALE?a FINE chestnut SORREL MARE. 6 years old, trot better than 3 minutes; a black Mare, 6 years old, in 2:40; aisu a Curriago and Sulky. Apply at UW Graham avenue, WUIIanuburg. Dr. D. LORENZE. For salb?bbbwster top wagon, harness and coinpiete outfit; all excellent comlltion; sold separately If desired. Address T. Q? box 1,293 Post office FOR BALE?POWERFUL STRONG HORSE, OVER IB cwt. weight; sound and kind. Apply at 54G Washing ton street. 1MB SALB?A PARK phaeton, SIX HEATS; BUT little used; made by Brewster, Brown street; cost $1,2.10, price #700; sold for want of use. Stable 172 Pacific street, Brooklyn. Owner G. C. ROBINSON, 14 Coentlev slip. New York. . FOlt SALB?A VERY STYLISH HAY MARE, 0 YEARS old. and from ISjji to 15% hands high; perlccUy sound ; price $350; worth $600. Apply at Ln tab's stables, on Kilty-eighth street, between Fifth and Madison avs. FOR SALE?a FINK BORRBL MARE; SADDLE OR harness; gentle tor a lady; owner gone to Europe; now ut Williams' stable. East Seventeenth street, near Irving Dlace. Address box 1,809 Post oftlce. For SALE?TWO CONCORD STAGES. Apply to P. MOORE, stable 100 Thompson street, until sold. For sale-at stable 122 west forty-sixth street, a chestnut l'ony, Basket Phaeton and Har ness; also a 14 hands high Pony, with a lady's Saddle. 1/OR SALE?A SUBSTANTIAL GLASS IIEARSE ; PRICE " $250. Apply to WM. MCCARTHY, 21 Ridge street, near Orand street. For sale?a beautiful bay coupe horse, very stylish, 6 years old, 10 hands high, warranted sound and kind; alsofi other tine Horses. No*. 3 aud 5 West Thirteenth street. IriOK SALE?A MAY MARK, IB HANDS HIGH, 7 year-'old; very fine under saddle nnd in single nnd double harness; warrauted in every particular. Address J. R , box I2U Herald olUfe. IjlOR SALB?A FINE BLACK BORBR, 8 YEARS, 15X I1 hands, suitable for any business; price $150; also Ti cheap Horse*, $55, $75. $95; all sold for want of work. 128 diaries street, near Greenwich. POR SALB?AT MUCH LESS THAN ITS VALUE FOR F want ot use, a very fast and stylish hay Horse. Sired by Rysd.vk's llainletonian; 12 years old; it>% high ; sound and kind; price $1,250. Apply at private stable. 30 hast Fortieth street. IjlOR SAIJ5-ONE VERY HANDSOME CLARENCE, 1 blue lining, $65(1; one Top Wagon, nearly new, $180; one Coupe Rockawaj , $150. Apply at. BCRR'S Carriage Factory, 203 Mercer street. FOR SALE-AT MADISON PARK STABLE, 48 EAST Twenty-sixth street, a brown Mare, 15'.; hands high, 6 years old ; warranted sound, kind and gentle; cau trot 111 tin' e minute*. IIIUR SALE?A COUPE ROCKAWAY, IN GOOD r order; Brewhlcr A Baldwin makers. Apply at No. 8 University place. ElOR SALE?A SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAY CARRIAGE, Brewster, of Broome street, make; a perfect order; will lie sold cheap, owner having no further use tor it. Apply at broderick'S stable, 229 Ninth street, near Second avenue. IriOR SALE?FOR WANT OF USE, A BROWN Horse, 6 years old, 18.3 high; very tree and slylish driver; raised hv present owner; will be warranted in every particular. Address A. R., box 15.) Herald oftlce. IIOK sale.?A vkry HANDSOME WELL bred u<ne, ltxlii handshigh; sound and kind; or will exchange lor u smaller one. Inquire at stalde 14 Charl ton iml BK)B SALE?ONE victoria, BI'ILT BY BMW8TIB A- Co., Broome street; used one season. Cnn be seen at Ciiimiiiuliuiii A Co.'s Livery and Hoarding Stables, ll'.t and 121 Went Korty-fllth street. cunningham A CO. 171 OR HALF?A VKRY STYLISH CODPB BOMB, SIX J1 years old, tiny, with black points. 16 hands, sound and kind In all harness. Apply at private stable 12 West Kilty-filth street. from * to 1*/. For (ulb-one large bay hobse, 16 hands hi<rh, sound and kind; one set of single coupe Harness, almost new; aUo one (loupe anil a Coupe Roclt away, to be sold cheap. Inquire at SIMPSON'S stable, 14,i nnd I ail East Thirty-ninth street. FOR SALE?AT club 8TABLE, 22 AND U WEST Thirteenth street, n line, .stylish bright bay Horse, 7 years old, 16'% hands, sound anil perlect in every rcspect; not afraid ot the cars. Can he ,-een trom 10 A. M. toS P. M. IjlOR BALE, OBBAF?A LIGHT CHESTNUT MARK, 1 5 years old, 15 hands. suitable for a lady, sound, kind and gentle; a perfect bcautv. Address box 4,858 Post ofllee. (-100D FAMILY TEAM WANTED.?WILL SELL OB T exchange a tlrst class Coupe Rockaway, liest city make, anil bay Horse, black points, 155% hands, young, sound, kind, sty list), or will buy a horse to mutch. Ad dress box 2.H74 Post office. RFAT RUSH?GREAT BOSH.? manufacturers' X Union Repository?Carriages, all styles, new and seennd hand, dirt ' heap Don't tall to give us a call. Manufacturers' Union Repository, 63m Broadway . HAMBLKTO.NIAN trotting HOBSBS FORSALE AT TAYLOR'S stock farm, nenr Turner's, Orange county; can show from 2:6) to 2 -:)0, from 15 u> 15% hands high. Parties wanting trotters call and sou; Iroui 3 years to s years old. Harness, saddles, horse clotbino, car riago Robes, I.ap Dusters, Kly Nets, and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warren streot. New York. HARNESS.-THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STOBB IN New York - good double truck Harness, $:hi good simclc buirgy Harness, hand made, #17; a good stable" Blanket, $2 .'id; the largest assortment of Cart Harness in the city, cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10, Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE. 11 Murray street. Harness.-the largest variety ok harness and Horse furnishing Goods of every Kradc and kind of any house in New York, at MOSI-.MAVS Manu factory and Warcroom% ill chambers street. Harness.?i have a large stock of har iicss, all kinds and styles, ot <ny own make, which I offer'it extremely low prices; al?o Biding saddles and Hridies, Whips, Spurs. Ilaltcrs, Blanket*, Sheets, Lap Robes und everything in the horse line cheap lor cash. E. BAR I'LETT, 62 Warren street, corner Collegs place. Harness for bale very low?fink nkw light double Harness, made. In the best manner, with kev coll \rs. Also one handsome lluht single Harness, at 149 West Thirty third street, second floor. _______ IF you WISH A CARRIAGE or harness, II0RSE BLA~NKETS, AO., 00 TO NKW YORK SALES AND storage REPOSITORY, fourth AVKNIJE, CORNKR OP MTU STREET. All articles warranted and I# per cent below any other establishment in the city. No high Broadway or down town rcntfMojpay. Call and examine _____ T ASDAULET?FOR ONE OR TWO HORSES, WILL J J In sold at a very low price, bv BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., &Mi Broad wajr. i ?MMM9M* CABBU8?? *P? ! Private establishment-ikam BAT HOBHErf very stylish and warranted sound ; fine gold-mounted Harness and PARK PHAETON. THREE TROTTWO HoRSKS, ALL YOUNG AND ! warranted sound. TWENTY OOOD ROAD AND WORK HORSES. CLARENCE, BUILT HY LAWRKNl'E. Carriages, Harness, Saddles, Ac. At auction THIS D\Y, hv WIl.LIAM Van TAKtiEUi. Auctioneer. Hor?" and Carrluge Auction Mart, 110, 112, ill East Thir teenth street. PAIR OK TIORSES, BAROUCHE aNI) CLOSE CAM riagcs tor sale cheap, an laimlv arc leaving lor Eu rope. To be hcuii at 67 Irving place. PONY-UNEQUALLED FOR STYLE A Nil BEAUTY perfect pel. miniature riiacton, very st\ IimIi and unique establishment lor boy or Miss tor rlcling or driving A. (J. DARWIN, lu Pine street PRIVATE STABLE.?AN ELEOANT PRIVATE ST A I hie, ti stalls, ample currlag" rorni anil coachman's rooms to lei. Inquire on premises, J2.1 East Twentieth at. Road house for sale-dark chestnut, is hands hitch, 6 years old. long mime and tail. Morgan ?tuck; very stvlisli, and warranted: also a lew other Hood lou ses 154 .latlc street, sale stable*. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, SIX-SKAT ROCK A way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, live llock aways, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number ot Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargains, MANUFACTURERS' UNION, t?H Broadway. ^1'F.iiD, STYLE AND BEAUTY.?TWO TEAMS OK IO trotting Marcs; one handsome saddle and driving Pony, 13 bands, 6 years old : also a good sound lot or work Horses. 268 West Twenty-iecoud struct. THE MOST STYLLslI OENTLKMAN'H ROAD TEAM In the county lor sale.?Black and brown Marc, 15 hands, 7 and H years; kind ami true in all harness and warranted sound; can be driven by a lady or children: can trot in 3:30 together; set oi double Harness, itoad Wagon, pole and shaft, bv Slivers, at the mart of ARCII. JOlINsTON, 19 to 26 Hast Thirteenth street., near Univer sity place. It' not sold at private sale before Saturday, at 12 o'clock, the whole establishment will then be sold at auction at the mart as above, positively without reserve, to the highest bidder. Can be tried at any time previous to sale. II you are in suurch of a first class road team, a ride behind these will save you further looking. TO LET-A STABLE; HAS BEEN OCCUPIED FOB two horses and two beer wauons; rent $16. Inquire on the premises, 46 Wooster street. TO LET?PRIVATE STABLE AT 131 WEST SEVEN teentb street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. JOHN .1. TOWNS END, 7ti Wall street TWO ORAY HORSES KOR SALE-RISINU 7 YEARS old ; tit for trucks or carts or any business; also two Carts and Harness, nearly new. good for any business; going to he sold by reason of going into other business. Apply at the blacksmith shop, 603 East Sixteenth street, ato avenue B. TWO SQUARE BOX FULL SPRINO NO TOP WAC otis, the property of a Brooklyn carriage maker, de ceased, cheap; $123 each. 1.404 and 1,400 Broadway. "117 ILL BE SOLD ON FRIDAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, IN f V front of ABBOTT'S salesrooms, 60 New Bowery, one gray Horse, 6 vears tdd. sound and kind; one gray Mare, H years old, sound and kind; one brown Uorsv, 7 years old, sound and kind ; by prdcr of the Marshal. WANTED?A SECOND HAND BRETT OR PARK Phaeton, In gooil order; also a small Pony Phaeton. Address B. T. T., Herald office. TV'ANTED?A FINE SADDLE HORSE; THOROUOH V > bred preferred. Address box 1,461 Post office, giv ing full particulars. WANTED-PAIR HORSES OR MARES. 1&8 TO 16 hands, that can step well; must lie sound, kind aad gentle In single or double harness, and free drivers. Ad dress, with lull particulars and lowest price, box 4,679 Post office. WANTED TO BUY-A VICTORIA; MUST BE IN flne order. Address box 418 Post office. $~t\ ?EXPRESS WAOON IN PERFECT ORDER; ( also a nice bay Mare. 16^ hands, 8 years; extra long tail; free traveller; price (86. Mineral Water Dupot, 86 Amity street. ? A TOP BUGGY, IN OOOD ORDER, AT 231 Fifth street; must sell on account of moving. dfcUA FOR A DEPOT WAOON; OPEN WAOON, TOP ?0'F Buggy, Dog Cart, all city made, at one-third cost. Real bargains. 168 West Forty-arm street. dfcl r A -BAY MARK, PONY BUILT, 7 YEARS, 15V, ?JVI oO. hands; warranted sound mid kind; must sell; closing partnership. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty llrst street. dj |[1A WILL BUY A PAIR OF SOUND HORSES. iPTUU good steppers, 8 years old, gray messenger and dark sorrell, owner having no further use tor thorn -, nickle plated double harness, uu-d a few times, $911. Ad dres ALOI A, Herald office. RKLKHOUIS IVOTICKS. Proposed united states and Canadian Methodist Local Preachers' Convention this Sum mer. The United State* Local Preachers:?Dear Breth ren?The English Local Preachers meet annually, very profitably, and I venture, therefore, to propose a conven tion for prayer and consultation to guide us in our per plexities, responsibilities and peculiar discouragements and the best course ol study and style of preaching. Should you approve of this, please write me, post paid, suggesting time, place and amount of subscription, that I may acquaint your Canadian brethren, aud oblige, dear brethren, yours affectionately, JOHN MORHEN, Local Preacher, Vespra Mission, Mlneslng, Ontario, Canada, April 29, 1873. Baukers?The Branch Bank of Toronto, Barrie, Ontario. BUY GOODS. MATTINGS, MATT1NGK.-18>4 cents fink WITITE Mattings; rod chock, Inncy and coir Mattings: Kroat inducements offered. Cloth*. Cusaiini'res, Uohes. Ac. ANDREW LESTER A CO. ,103 Chambers street FOR ?AI.K. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STOKE FOR mill) cheap, on the Eighth avenue, doing a good business; 'i good lease und low rent. Applv to THOMAS GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. tt Centre street." A RAKE OPPORTUNITY I* O PTE RID IN A flr.-l clans Grocery; locution wood: will sell low tor ca*h; satisfactory reason given. Inquire of W. II. SNY DER, Orange and Henry streets, Brooklyn. A MILK ROUTE FOft SALE CHEAP.?APPLY TO C. K. B RUNNER, 12? Fiftieth street, comer of Lex ington avenue. A?FOR SALE?CORNER LIQUOR STORES, ON ALL . the avonnes; corner Grocery Store*, Mono Fur nishing, Wood and Willow Ware Stores; corner Drug Store*, Bakeries, Country Restaurant*. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cellar street. A SPLENDID RESTAURANT FOR SALE CHEAP AIso Downtown Coffee and Cake Saloonn, tor $300; also Oyster Saloon*, Chop Houses, Downtown Maniple Rooms, near Stock Exclionge. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A NEATLY FITTED IIP LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE, cheap, in the Fourteenth ward, with rooms at tached; a good lease und low rent Apply to THOMAS OA FFNEV, Auctioneer, No. eCentre Street. AN OLD-ESTABLISH ED MANUFACTURING BU8I neM tor sale?Favorably known : extensively paf ronlzeil; splendid investment: unternrislng party'make torlune. Apply immediately, 2ft Chambers street. GEoitcfc w. siMiiits, Store Akbct. AN OLD establishing STEAM LAUNDRY FOR 'ale?Excellent location: very profltuhlc business; splendid; uriiiiiestionubly rare chance; make uionev fast Particulars X> I'bamhcrs street. GEORGE W. SIMER8, Store Agency. A GOOD CHANCE?FOR S\LF. A LOOKING GLASS und Picture Frame Store, doing H good business, at 318 Seventh avcuue. Boot and shoe stoke for sale ? A RETAIL Boot and Shoe Store, with Lease and Stock, estab lished over 28 years, in one of the best locations in the cily, will be sold cheap. For particulars inquire of ROB BRT IRW I N, 24ft Wafer street. BOOIlfnin FOR sale-TO CLOSE THE Es tate of Christopher Hughs, deceased. Machinery, Tools, Ac., can be seen at 207 Centre street, near Howard. For further particulars apply at ISOfi Broome street. ELIZABETH HUGHS, Administratrix. W. R. IIanpu Administrator. D- RUG STORE?$300-Kl XTrRES, soda FOUNTAIN, Bottles, Ac., complete. Apply at corner of Cherry and Roosevelt street* ? Drug store for sale?the most elegant and finely appointed store In a large city in Kansas: doing $20,000 per year. Apply to STRICKLAND'S Drug gists"Agency, 7s Cedar street. Drug store for sale?well located on the best avenue in the eltv: doing large, first class busi ness. Any one wishing to get a good store will find this a rare opportunity, as the owner i# going out of business. Address box 2.S24 I'k-I otlice. IIOR SALE.?FURNITURE AND LON0 LEASE OF A handsomely furnished House Inquire of F. SALO MON, 6K Division street. OR SALE-A LEASE"?7f STORE AT 85 FULTON street. For parlienlars Inquire on the promises. FitOR, SALE?SHOE MANUFACTORY, ESTABLISHED 16 years; best location in city; large profitable trade ' In ladies' line shoos; accommodation for ?business of | $000.OKI; cheap rent , machinery first class : owner wishes to retire. Address MANUFACTURER, Herald office. IIOR SALE?TOR STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD Will of Grocery Store 201 Third avenue, one door from Eighteenth street, together with Leasehold of property; been established for the last 1ft years, and one of the liost stands in the city lor first class trade. For particulars ap ply to L. II. GATES, 201 Third avenue. IMS SALE?A WELL ESTABLISHED CORNER 1 Liquor Store, near the steamship lines, inquire at fW Carmine street. I/IOR SALE?A SHOP WITH TOOLS, FOR A LIGHT JP manufacturing business, and lease for five years; lease very valuable; near He* York; a rare chance, CHTAS. PLACE A CO., 60 Yesey street, New York. BIOR SALE?LlytlOR STORE 2.VI WEST TniRTY third street, near Eighth avenue; now doing a good traile; Lease, stock und Fixtures. Inquire on premises or ot W. A TV 1.1: It, .W Hii.ail -trenl. New York. IpOR SALE-FOR OBI WEEK, PREVIOUS TO RE ! moval to Hudson street, all the Counters, Show rases, Drug Drawer*, office Railings, Chairs, Stools, Shelving, Stores, Signs, Tea Bins, Caddies; all goods shipped nree. Also Carpenter anil Cabinet work in all Its branches, with despatch and low prices. Apply to JAMES IIODGK, .Y27 Hudson street. FlOR BALE-AN OLD-ESTABLISHRD RESTAURANT; one of the best locations In Brooklyn; has two sa loons; in the basement has billiard room, bar ami oyster counter; the best kitchen In the world ; has every facility for furnishing wedding and ball parties Ac. Fine stock ol silver ware tor loan, is doing a good cake business. _ Apply ul 174 Atiuulic street, Brooklyn. H'l? ' t FlOlt SALE? AN <11.I> KSTABLI8HED LAUNDRY, DO ing u profitable mill successful Mneiu *erv moder ate mil, with I .ease ; owner miring; will l? sold at* bargain, this day. otherwise at auction to-uiurrnw Apply to CAMPBELL A CO., 348 Hudson street. fX?R HALF.?A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR Store, opposite a market and convenient to the Ku ropean and California steamships. Inquire of CHAS O'CONNOR, llu Sullivan street; German preferred; no HgcnlS. IjlOR 8ALE?C11KA1' FOR CASH, THE STOC* ANIi I1 Fixtures of a first class Orocery; good location: low rent; excellent tea business. ami capable m being In creased Inquire at 287 *>mith street, Brooklyn. I'lOR SALE?Till: ffliDW ESTABLISHED HOTEL, Restaurant and Bar on the Eighth avenue, owner retiring; will give * long leaie. Apply on premise*. 390 Eighth avenue. TjlQR SALE?A BUTCHER SHOP: ICE HOUhE A\D r Fixture* all complete, with a good business: sltnated on Second avenue. Inquire oi B. L. bilAIUh A CO., i?7 Bowery. Price $1,800. TTIOh SAM? CHEAP?A WELL ESTABLISHED BROWN r and Straw Board Paper Business. Ini|Ulre at 'JO Ann street. Fior hale cheap?the lease and fixtures of a first class liquor store, on the southeast corner of Tenth avenue ami Thirty eighth street; to be sold in consequence of the death of the proprietor. For further particulars inquire at 201 Fulton street TOE norsKs FOR SALE cheap-suitable for 1 butchers, hotels, restaurants and lager beer saloons. WILLIAM HILL, Thirty-fifth street and Kleventh av _ Meat m arket, tools and alt. fixtures?rrnt paid to June I, nil for $95. Lexington avenue, cor ner Twenty-seventh street PRESS BRICK FOR sale, OF best QUALITY, BY M. C. TAYLOR, 69 Pe.rliy road, PhUtdtlpbli, Photograph gallery for sale or ti? rent? Doing a good business; will sell or rent very cheap. Address PHOTO, lleralil Uptown Ilraneh office. Rare opportunity.-for sale, stock and Fixtures of a first class Bakery; also lee Cream and Soda Saloon, doing a good counter trade; rent, including five nice rooms, $5tV4 a year. Apply at 101 New street, Newark, N. J. ARK CHANCE.?FOR sale, A BUTCHER SHOP ON Third avenue; long lease; reasonable rent; well es tahlished : good reasons for selling. Apply in lager beer saloon, 463 Third avenue. SAfrES.?A LARGE assortment OF SECOND hand Safes, of all stvles and makes, lor sale cheap, ('all and examine at AMERICAN STEAM SAFE COM PANY'S, 300 Broadway. QAFES?HERRING'S, MARVIN'S, WILDER'*, ALL sizes, cheap, to close out; Skeliton and silk Safes; Bankers' Sale, with two vaults. L1LI.IE SAFE CO., 81 Maidon lane, near Gold street Safes.-second hand: one laroe, two me dium, and one small Safe, suitable for n jeweller or banker. Apply at B Maiden lano. S. 0. QUIRK. SHOW CASES for Hale. 841 Broadway. R The well known sample room i? ann street must be sold this week; will sell cheap to the first caller who means business. TO CLOSE OUT A BUSINESS?SHELVING8, WITH Drawers, six Counters, Desks, Railings; all ol" black walnut; two Safes, only a short time in use ; will he sold at a bargain. M. LOIINSTEIN, 421 Broadway. NAt-HlNKRV. WANTED-A SMALL STEAM ENGINE AND MA. chinist Toels, such as Lathes, Punches or Shears, in exchange lor Georgia Pine Laud. Address MECHANIC, Herald Uotown Branch office. _____ WANTED?A sheridan CUTTER; ABOUT THIRTY inch knife ; state lowest cash price. Address box 6,750 Post office. llUHI'VKSS OPPORTUttlTTKH. A SUBSTANTIAL, WF.LL KNOWN WHOLESALE, retail and manufacturing house, twenty years es tablished. desires a partner; can occupy position as man ager of finances it preterm!; decidedly a chance seldom met with, and merits u thorough investigation; beet of reference required. ELLIS Ji BRINCKKRHOFF, 4S Broad street^ A profitable OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN with $3,000 ready, to assist retiring principal in an old-established high class business, with enormous profits; net Income (100,000 yearly, easily made. Address Al, Herald Uptown Branch office. AN ELEOANT LAROE NEW HOTEL FOR RENT Sple.ndld location; a rare chance tomato inouey; owner would board with tenant. Address R. W. holmes. Orange, H. J. A STAPLE MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. E8TAB llshed several years, is offered for sale on account of an injury received by owner which prevents htm from carrying it on; everything in pcrtcct order and working to full capacitv ; terms $5,7>,M) to $10,000. gIuggs. caki.f.ton ft co., w Broadway. An Opportunity seldom offered ?the com plete machinery and fixturesot a box factorv. nearly new, for sale at a" bargain. Apply to or address 191 Lewis street A WHOLESALE HOUSE AND manufacturing company. In successful operation, will Increase capital $S0,il00: a business man who can contribute $10,00(1 to $30,1100 will h.nve a responsible position, with sattsac tory salary. Principals only address for luterview. T. CROSS LEY, box 2,399 Post office. AN established MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, paying largely, now for sale at a bargain; splendid profits; article in great demand; an opportunity seldom offered. Call at 95 Liberty street, room 24. An ESTABLISHED manufacturing BUSINESS, successfully carrlod on, is now for sale at a very low price, on easy terms; profits $75 weekly. LLOYD, 29 Broadway. ?MESSRS. CHARLES Q. DAHLGREN A CO., !I2 . Broadwav, make a business ot securing citpit'il for companies, merchants, manufacturers. Their references are among our most prominent citizens.?Dally Graphic. An old established business, success fully carried on for over thirty venrs, for sale on ea*v tj-rrns on account of 1U health of the proprietor: city property taken in exchange it desired. Apply at 2US and Mi Centre street. APIIYSICI AN, HAVING A PORTION OK HIS TIME unoccupied, would assist a physician in hit* practice or attend an institution a lew flours daily. Address M. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. BU<IN HM OPI'uRTU NITY. -THE ADVE RTI8 KR, who ha* a businass luliy developed ami capable ot great extension with corresponding profit, wishes the co operation of one or two cnergetlc men of good char acter ; some capital indispensable, which will be amnlv secured. Address, with reference, HOBAltT, cue of S; Eddy 4 Co.. No. i Part place. flENTLKMEN HAVINO SMALL CAPITAL CAN SE J cure a business monopoly in the East or West, Riving large prollts. ('all trow 2 to 4 P. M., at 1,149 Broadway. P. A. PECK IIAM. ROTKL MKN?$5,0(0 OR MORE TO INVEST IN A good small paying house, by an experienced man in or out the city. Call on or address P. MASON, 1(3 East 129th street, Harlem. I HOLD THE SPECIAL AOENCY OP A RESPKCTA ble and highly remunerative business, and want a man with energy, reliability and small capital to help itie. ^ddres* SPECIAL, Herald office. VTRT PROFIT LAST YEAR, 75 PER CENT; HALES IN Increasing; wholesale and manufacturing basin***, established right years; active partner wanted, with f H.iHHl. ELLIS A: BKINCKERHOFF. IH liroad street jfipSi BROADWAY AND GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL, at low rent; large House, 23 Amity street; fine Urge mollis, large garden; all improvements. Seen III toll morning*, win let tor business purpose* it required. PARTNER.-WANTKI), A PARTNER WITH CAPITAL to associate In a promising shipping and oommlsaton huslncs. already established In Norfolk, Va. Address K, M., box 115 He.rald office. CJTATE8 RIGHTS FOR SALE FOR OUR IMPROVED O Patent Collar; also our patent Detachable Clasp Col lar Button. Address FLATLBY A MARSON, care of oui attorney, Henry M. Birkett, 303 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. Y T" O HOTEL MEN.?WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN ager. to take charge of a large and popular Summer resort; one who can purchase an Interest preferred. Ap ply In person to S. KliliY A CO., No. 1 I'ark place. TfTANTED?A MAN WITH fLfOO CASH, TO KNTER fV into nn established Butter business. Call for three days, at stand 79 Spring street Market ?\lfANTED?A PARTNER WITH 9300 OR $500 IN A V> first class dramatic entertainment. ^ For par tic ulsrs, address, for one week, or call on J. BARRE, 8t. Charles Hotel. New York city. TI^ANTED?A LIVK MAN (FAMILIAR WITH REAL VV estate), with $1,500 to $2,uno, to take an interest in an established business; unquestionable references given MM required. Address M., box 142 Herald office. P< R< IIAHE A RETIRING PART ner's interest in an increasing and genteel ofllc business now paying $5U) per month: stock on hand $1,000. FULLER k CO., 183 Broadway. |l /WW) OR $3,008 WILL PUBCHASB THH WHOLE tpl.UUU or hull of a pleasant and re spoc table estab lishment, that will pov from $150 to $:150 weekly. Fur ther particulara at 70 Cortlandt street, np stairs, flrom 10 to 4. <Zi~\ nnn TO *7 000 WANTED, WITH ACTIVE OR special partner: business first class and Brotttable: ageuts need not apply. Address A. H. F., lerald office. (fiju fw \f| TO $1 n,(?)0, TO KXTTEND BUSINESH.-A 'IpO.lJW Half Interest In a manufacturing business, located in this city, 14 years at present address; will be disponed of to one that will give his whole attention to the business; it will bear investigation; the present owner to have charge of the manufacturing; the belt reference glvcu und required. Address, with real name (no agent), A. K. 8., box 197 Herald office. YACHTS, HTEAMBOATH, 4fc?'. U?OR SALE?THE HLOOP YACHT 'GLANCE; HA8 r good cabin accommodations; Is fully lurnisbed, anil well found iti sails, Ar.; Is finished In mahogany, black wulnut ami yellow pine. For further particulars call on or address W. L. SWAN, 31 Pine street ITHIR SALE AND CH ARTER?SIDEWHKKL STEAM ' boat, 1.10 ft, 3IVdraught;night accommodations, side wheel steamboat, new, 130 ft., 30 in. draught; pssfvuger Propeller, 79 it.. 3>, tt draught; trelght and passenger , Propeller, 300 it long; splendid plfht accommodation* W. ir II\ZARU, Jr., ?3 Harrison street.^ \\r VNTED?A SCHOONER YACHT OF ABOUT 7' V\ ton* old measurement; must be in good , and completely furnished. Address, with nam* iteolar*, box 3,:J0l Post office, Bvsiuu.

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