Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORE HERALD HOLE NO. 13,404. ' NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOU DIRECTORY FOB UfBTHEU. AMUSEMENTS?Twelfth PAGB-Fonrth, llfth and Eixth COlUUIUli. _ ASTROLOGY?Eleventh Paoh?Sixth column. BILLIARDS? Eleventh Pack?Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Eleventh Pauk?Fifth column. BOARD AND LODGING WASTED?Elkvknth Paui? Fifth column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Eleventh Page?Plfth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR BALE?Second Page Pint column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES-Ninth Page?Sixth col umu. SUPINES!? NOTICBS?StcTKMTn Page?Plfth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-8ecowd Page- Pint colnnin. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Eleventh Pack?Third column. CLOTHING?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?ELSTajmi Page?Third and fourth column-. IOASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Fwtr Page?Siith column. OPARTNER8HIPS? Ninth Pace?Fifth column. OUNTRY BOARD?Eleventh Page?Fifth and sixth column*. BENTISTRY?Second Page?Fifth column. jDRY GOODS?First Page?Sixth column. ?WELLING HOUSE8 TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?TwELrrn Page?First ana second columns. European steamships-first PAGE-Fifth and sixth columns. BUROPE?Ninth Pace?Sixth column. EYES AND EARS?TwELrrn Pagk?Fifth column. iXOURSIONS?First Page?Fourth column. FINANCIAL? Ninth Page?Fifth column. FINE AllT.1?Twelfth Pagk?Fifth column. FOR SALE?Second Page?Sixlh column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? . Twelfth Paoe?Second column. FURNITURE?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh PAGE-Second _ and third columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. 9BORSES, CARRIAOES, AO.?First Paoe?Second, third anil fourth columns. ?HOTELS?Eleventh Page?Fifth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, 40., WANTED?Twelfth Paoe Fourth column. INSTRUCTION?Twelfth Pace?Fifth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER QKN REAL ESTATE POR SALE?Second Page? Second column. IiECTURE SEASON?Twelfth Pace?Fifth column. liOAN OFFICES?Second Pagk?Sixth column. XOST AND FOUND?Fik3T Page?First column. SLACHINEKY?Second Page?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?First Page?Sixth oolnmn. MATRIMONIAL?Twelfth Pack?Fourth colnlmn. MEDICAL?Second Page?Third column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Sixth column. _ , MI8CELLANE0 US?'Twelfth Page?Third column. MUSICAL?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. 2fEW PUBLICATIONS?SsrENTB Paoe?Fifth and sixth columns. PERSonaL-First Page?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORQANS, AC.?Twelfth Pagh?Fourth column. f08t OFFICE NOTICE?Pirst Page?Fourth colnmn. PROPOSALS?First Page?Fourth tolum. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?PEMAL.ES? Elkvknth Page?Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?Scconil and third columns. SEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANUE-Second PAOi-Thlrd _ column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Page?Third column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Twelfth Page?Third column. REMOVALS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. REWARDS? First Page?First and second columns. SALES AT AUCTION?Second Page?Fourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES?Eleventh Page? Third colnmn. 6PECIAL NOTICES? First i'AGK?Second column. SPORT IN O?D008, BIRDS, AC.?First PAGE-Second cohtniu. 8TALLI0NS?First Page?Sccond column, STORAGE?Second Page?Fifth column. BMMER RESORTS?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. E TRADES?Eleventh Paoe?Fifth column. E TURF?First Page?Second column. FO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Twelfth Page? First column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?First Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Sccond and third columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Twelfth Page?Third co'umn. westchester COUNTY PROPERTY POR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First column. WINES, LIQUORS, AC.?'Twelfth Page?Filth column. fcACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Ninth 1'age-Sixth column. JlKWAJM) BRANCH UFFICE-UPTOWN, 7a DVERTIoEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD Received at the branch office, 1,268 BROADWAY. west SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ^ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, I TILL 9 P. IT.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF *HY KIND. PAH IS AGENCY OF TUBS NEW YORK ^ HERALD. Messrs. kremer a co., american register, VE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW TORE HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF TIIE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PASTIES ^REQUIRING TUEM. "" PERSONAL. box 0,814 Post office. S.-REMOVED FROM 162 TO 100 EAST THIR teenth street <A LESAN'DRO PARENT?THERE IS A LETTER OF A. Importance for you. Address L. D'AUlJETTERE, .X5,814 r a B fSBi ROWN STONE HOt'SE ON TOMPKINS AVENUE, Brooklyn, applied for at Monroe street, New York, be secured by calling at once at No. 2 Jeflerson Park, idem street, Brooklyn. CHARLES HART, CABINET MAKER, OF COUNTY Hligo, Ireland, pleace call at 113 Washington street. Aunt BRIDGET IIART. DOSSETT-JOE ARRIYED IN TOWN. WILL MEET you at the Argyle Matinee this afternoon. CAPT. JACK. .TNFOKMATION WANTED?OK WM. HOG AN, TAILOR; i when last heard of was at 89 Norfolk street. New fork. Any Information concerning liim will be thank fully received by his brother, PATRICK HOOAN, No. S Washington street JOSIE F.. FORMERLY ON EIGHTH AVENUE, WRITE Immediately. 279. HUG -WHERE ARE YOU t I AM SICK. SEND word to Broad street POL. WILL FRANK DONFIELD (FLANGE TURNER) send his address Immediately to box 121 Herald bfflcc ? Important XV ILL MADELINE PARKER, FORMERLY OF BAST T? Twenty-second street late of Bast Twenty-seventh ?tieet, give her addresa through Personals to her old Mend HARRYt LOST AMD FOUND. A SAIL BOAT LEFT AT SEVENTY-SIXTH STREET, J\. North River. The owner ean have it by proving property and paying expenses. FOUND-IN STEINWAY HALL, ON SATURDAY evening, a handsome Shell Sleeve Button; mono gram three letters. Apply by letter, giving description, bo* 194 Port office. New York. EOST-ON THE BOTH OF APRIL, IN OR NEAR THE Treasury Department Wall street, $90 in buff enve e. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it to Department Surveyor BENEDICT, Custom House. OST?RECEIPT HOOK, WITH OWN BITS NAME AND JJ address on cover, l'lease return to JAMES SMITH A SON, 487 Hudson street, and get reward. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY, PACKAGE OF PAPERS, Deeds. Ac.: no aocount to anyone but owner; Dirties foncerncd and recorders notified. Suitable reward to nder by leaving In wine store 49 Park place. T OST OR STOLEN FROM 64 WEST FIFTY-SIXTH lJ street, on Mav 1, a gold Watch, with hunting case, long Chain and Charms. If loft with Mr. SAVAGE, 6e ?nd 68 Worth street, a suitable reward will be paid and no questions asked. 1 OST,?LEFT IN A FOURTH AVENUE STAOE LAST J evening, about 8 o'clock, a silk Umbrella, valued aa a keepsake. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 122 East Twenty-fourth street L08T-YESTERDAY AFTERNOON A SKYE TBRRIER Dog; had on a red collar, on which was written the ewner's address, No. 6 Bast Fifty-third street; his lower front teeth project over the under lip. The finder will be amply rewarded by leaving the dog at the above ad dress. Lost-ai'ril aa a diamond setting, going from 8t Teresa church, corner Rutgers aad Henry streets, to Grand Central depot. By returning it to 174 East Eightieth street the finder will be liberally re warded. /"VVERCOAT.?MERCANTILE READINO ROOM, \J Thursday evening, please communicate with W. MEADE, Post office. New York, or send keys, capers, Tlchberno book, Ac., to care Dodd'a Express, 10 Court atreet, Brooklyn. TOLEN?FROM T. T. CARMAN, AMITYVILLE, L. I., on night May 1, piano box top Buggy: running gear red. with Olaek stripe: brass hubs; Waidron Brothers fnnkers. East Norwich. L I.; also single plated Harness, nformatlon to the abore address will be liberally re warded. TOLEN-FROM WASHINGTON PLACE, FOUR DIA s mond Rings. A liberal reward will be paid and no questions asked. STOLEff-FROM MY OFFICE, NO. 98 BROADWAY, A I'ackase containing the note of W. W. Leland for $?S0, and the following eecurities to same, via:?One Bond, No. 323, for $1,0#) of the Decatur, Hnllivan and Mattoon Railroad Company of Illinois: and one Bend, No. IW2, tor $1,000, of the Knickerbocker Hotel Company of iitxr York. The public are warned not purchase said bonds. CHARLES L. FROST. TTU ILL THE PARTY WHO BROKE INTO MY ROOMS ?T Isst night send the pocketbook containing papers, which will lie of no use but to the owner, to fIlOMAS LOKINU, 311 East Thirty-second stroet by mailt HEWAHDS. ? r i R YARD?LOST, OX WEDNESDAY, XpOCKEf ?) Diary for 187.1, containing photographs, railroad a??s and other papers. The ah<>< e reward will be paid oB fielivcrv ol dlarv and contents at the Astor il?u<o. E. A. MERUIT. REWARDS. & C RKWARD-WILLTHK TURKS YOUNG LADIES <$>0 who picked up a pocket book oa the S JO boat from Hoboken (Christopher street) vexterday aflernoou return the iime to 18:1 Christopher street? ?Q REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED UPON ?PO the sale return of the Valise and Rooks which were taken from HO Clinton place last Monday night Address box 2,006 Post office. (fclA REWARD WILL RE OIVRN OJf METURNING 3> 11/ a Skye Terrier, with a red fertfeer collar, lost April 19, near Sixteenth street and SMrvfsant square, to No. I Rutherford place. <fc"| A REWARD?FOR THE RETURN TO Ml WERT <pJLlS Twenty-third street of a small black and tan terrier Dog; answers to the name of Fidget. d>OA REWARD.?LOST, ON 1ST OP MAT, TWO Klru'fl, marked "M. 8. J. C. 8.," and $9 in money. Above reward will he pa'.d, and no questions asked, by returning them to 831 Broome street <J?Opr REWARD.?SMALL YAWL ROAT CARRIE broke loose or stolen front the Weehawken Oil Docks, Monday night, April 28 ?, newly painted, white outside, blue inside, false keel; length, IS feet: small msintnil and |<b. The above reward will be paid upon return of the boat to CURTIS BARKER, Weehawken. fcen eeward will rr paid for the rrcov. <P?JU ery of a square black Trunk, containing vain . al>le photograph album, valuable books and wearing anparel. The at.ovo reward will be paid on delivering it to JOHN P. ANDERSON, Yonkers, N. Y., and no ques tions asked. SPECIAL MCft'lCEg. A-THE AMERICAN REGISTER . the moat widely circulated of the Amorican Journals published in Europe. A capital medium tor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the Kuroposn Continent Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will ne received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the o flics of the New York Herald, New York. AT A MEETING OP THE BOOT AND SHOE LACE Manufacturers' Association, held in Providence, R. I., May 1,1873, it was voted that nottrlthstanding the ad vance in supplies of all kinds the prife and terms ofgonds ot their manufactures shall remalnVe same as that Axed at the last meeting ot tlio Association, which took effect March 1. The following companies wero represented at the meeting:?Fletcher Manufacturing Company, Jen kins, Bros. A Co.; Iliuian Manufacturing l ompany, Osborne A Cheesenisn Company, Union Lace Company, C. R. Stafford A Co., James liirney, John J. Kenyon, Geo. C. Douglass. Signed, S. G. TRIPP, President C. R. STAirosp. Secretary. ALL PERSONS HAVING GOOD8 AT THK FRENCH scouring establishment of A. CREZ LETS GRACO, 1,327 Broadway, will please send lor them on or before Tuesday, May 6. in consequence ol Broadway widening. ^HERALD BRANCH OKKICR. BROOKLYN^ ? corner of Pulton avenue and Roerum street Open from b A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trorn 3 to 9 P. M, A fcL OPF1 OR AILOR8 AND SOLDIERS WOUND J\ ed, ruptured <-r injured, however slightly, ure en. titled to pension. Address or applv to Dr. E. R. JACKSON, late burgeon I'nlteJ stales Navy, No. 4 New Chambers st D~ & 8. 6. FITCHM 1FAMILY MEDICINES POTOTe at 714 Broadway and by all Jtrstclas* druggists. ILECTIONS-NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN li election will be held at the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June uext, at 12 o'clock noon ot that day, for fifteen directors of said company, for the then ensuing year, and for two Inspec tors of election for 1874. The transfer books will be closed from Mav 3 to June 3, 1873 Dated May 2,1873. HENRY C. MURPHY, President. O. P. Qpiotabp, Secretary. OLD PENS. r KELLER, KURTZ A CO., MANUPACTURERS OF GOLD PENS, NO. 1 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. AVANjTlOTTERY, GERMAN STATE LOTTERIES.? Prices reduced, KUHLMANH A CO., Banker!, 85 Nassau street. Post o'.lice box 3.586. AVANA AND KENTUCKY ijWTKRIES.-PRIZES cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor, S. DANZIQER'B NEW PATENT PLY AND M~OS . qulto Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Pasfe, for the destruction of all kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS _ ... KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. Kurrucxr?extra class no. 307?mat 2, 1873. 34, 19. 2, 35. 15, 37, 14 62, 14, 49, 48, 61. KKNTUCXT?"CLASS MO. 306?MAT 2. 1873. 55, <3, 65. 54, 38, 64. 66. 42. tt. 11. 35, CO. 22. SIMMONS A CO., Mana#lrs, Covington, Ky. SHBLBT COLLBOK?KXTRA CLASS TO. 207? mat 2, 1873. 53, 57. 3\ 9. 1. 24, 61. 13.7*. 40. 70, 46. SnELST OOLLKCS?CLASS ?0. M?may 2, 1873. 34, 20, 02. 7, 70. 43, 67. 4, * 51. 2*. 50, S2. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office box 4.969. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. XXTRA CLASS NO. 21.?MAT 2, 1873. 23, 63. M, W. 6, 68, 36. 29. 60, 41, 15. 71 HOBTB CAROLINA?CLASS NO. mL?MAT 2, 1873. 80, 72, 1, 20, 57, 17, 36, 71, To, 18, 24. 28. 78. QERKEN * CO., Manager*. LUTHY A CO., Brokers >34 Greenwich street, New York. CJTATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, NEWS DEALERS OS O canvassers?Call and see a new novelty. Sells at sljrlit. Big profis to dealers. JONES k 11ADLEY. Publishers, 176 Broadway. N. Y. SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTBRY GRANT?FOR FREE School Fund. ? PRRPrrtJAL?CLASS 83. 2, 12, 1, 63, 19, 16, 49. 24, 51, 76, 60, I . class b4. 43, 4, 04, 6, 32, 23. 7, 48, 50, 5. U. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New York host office box 3,865. Chaklxston, S. O., May 2, 1873. Tammany hall democratic republican Genernt Committee.?A special meeting ot the Tam many llall General Committee will be held at Tammany Halt this (Saturday) evening. May 3, at 8 o'clock, to take action In regard to the lamented death of the late Hon. James Brooks; members and ex-members of Congress are, by a resolution of the Committee on Organization, specially invited to attend. JOHN W. CHANLER. Chairman General Committee. William H. Qtnircr,) _ Alprkd t. Ackebt, > Secretaries. John Rkid, I HEBOARD OF EXCISE IN AND FOR THE COUNTY ot New York, on assuming their duties, find the of fice unprovided with the necessary boots, blanks and paper required for the necessary transaction of their business, and are therefore compelled to defer issuing li censes tor a few days. Due notice will be given through the press when ap plications will be received and licenses granted by the tfoard. JAS. L. 8TEWART. ) D. D. T. MARSHALL, > Excise Commissioners. J. R. VOORHIB, ) The principal drawing of the 263d City of Hamburg Lottery, with 60,600 Tickets and 17.800 Prises, commences April M and ends May 20,1S73> There will be drawn :? 1 premium of 150,000 marks. 1 prise of 100.000 marks. 1 prize of 76,000 marks. 1 prize of 60.000 mark*. 1 prize ot 40,000 mark*. 1 prize of 30,000 marks. 1 prize of 20,000 marks. 3 prizes each of 16,000 marks. 4 prizes each of 12,00) ma. k* 10 prizes each of 10,000 mark*. , 10 prizes each of P.000 marks. 10 prizes each of 6,000 marksi 30 prizes each of 5,000 marks. 60 prizes each of 3,000 marks. 120 prizes each of 2.000 marks. 260 prizes each of 1.000 marks and others. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Lottery and Royal Havana lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. THEonoR Z8CHOCH, 116 Nassau street. Post office box 8,080. VIENNA exposition.?NOTICE IS HEREBY givon that. In pursuance of an order from the De partment of Ktate, the business of the New York office of the Commission to the Vienna Exposition is transferred to the charge of Mr. Radcilffe Baldwin, 72 Brondway, to whom all applications by exhibitors and all correspond ence respecting the same must be addressed. RADCLIKFE BALDWIN, United States Despatch Agent IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL Ized Kentucky Lottery. Koyiil Ha vana and Kentucky circulars free. 12)* commission allowed. Address BALEY A CO. (effice established 30 years), 174 Broadway. $589. 589 SPORTING?DOOS, BIROS, AC. A -FOR HALE. ILL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor sll din-arcs, Prepared Food for mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'8. No. 3Greene street, near Canal. STALLIONS. Edward everett, thb sire of job blliott, who trotted last Hummer on Mystic Tark in (the fastest mile ever trotted, either In public or private), also of Commodore Vauderbllt's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2:20J<, and of Judge Kuilerton, who has trotted in 2:21V, will make the season at the farm of William Keetch. near Goshen. Orange county, N. Y. For further particulars see the "Turf, Field and Farm." . THB Ti^pT TjiLBKTWOOD A880CIATION-NOTICE*TnT! |100 V*.1?fi/or !?ors^S tfl*t have never beateirt :HI. is post 8oncd tiU Tuesday, May ?, on account of the hrnvlncss of it track. WM, H, VAN COTT, Superintendent IIOUSKS, CARRIAGE!*, ?(', Al,^ba? assortment OF PONY PHAETONS, all styles and prices, from $120 up; several top wagons, second hand, by cltv makers; one Clarence, second hand; one curtain Coach, by Brewster: one Mx seat Phaeton,do.; one second hand Brett, suitable for livery; Harness Blankets, Whips, Ac. WM. H. UBAY, 20 and 21 Woostcr street A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARR1AGEH,~ltOC KA ways, Phaetons, Buggy, Express, Depot and Busi ness Wagons, new and second hand ; cheapest nlacc in city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street P AOENTLEMAJf, GOINO ABROAD, OFFERS FOR sale a pair of chestnut Mares, very stylish and fast; also one double light Harness, one Brewster Wagon and one Hull i'h act on. Apply at stable, No. 1 East Forty-sec ond street A BREWSTER WHITECHAPBL DOO CART, NEAR ly new, for sale at a bargain. Applr at 19 East Twen ty-seventh street. A BREWSTER (BROOME STREET) LIOHT ROAD Wagon, 1'ole and Hhafl^ for sale: run one year. At Wlnflold stable, 110 and 112 West tUUctli stfe?u NORSK!*, CAKRIAOf. *C. Auction house or arch. Johnston oiu; Johnston A Van Taaaflt). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND. 37 Nmmb street, opposite the Poet offlce. THE HORSE AUCTION BKANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THK SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21, 23 etui 15 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have si way? char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence ot the business community, as well as the public at targe. _ _ Regular sales twice a week throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE AT 12 O'CLOCK. SATURDAY, MAY 8. OBNTLKMAN'S ELEOANT ROAD TURNOUT?TEAM black and brown Mares, 15 hamla, 7 and 8 years, kind and true, verv stylish and warranted sound: In every respect a first class team. Together with Road Wagon, by sti vers In perfect order ; set of single Harness, by stilling*. Blankets. Kobcs, Ac. MAGNIFICENT PARK ESTABLISHMENT. TEAM coal-l>laok Mare*, 15H banda high. 7 and 8 years old; kind and true in all harness, and warranted round. T CART. BY BBEWSEEB. Set of Double Harness. In perfect order. BAY TROTTING MAKE; BLACK POINTS, 7 YEARS, lS.'i hands; kind and true, and warranted sound. OBNTLKMAN'S ROAD HOHSK, GRAY MARE, 18 hands, 8 years: kind and true, and warranted sound; can trot in three minutes. EXCELLENT SADDLB MARE, SIRED BT CENSOR, dam blooded mare, 15X hands, 6 years; kind In harness, aud broken to sll salts of a saddle horse. TWENTY OTHER GOOD HORSES, DESCRIPTION time of sale. Barouche, In good order. Three Purk Phaetons. Victoria, in good older. Six-seat Westchester Rockaway. _ Top and no top Road Wagoa, By Duaenbury A Van duser. Express and Depot Wagon. * Pony Phiietons, Panel and Basket. 10 sots of Double llarnoas, In pertVct order. 8 pets of Single Harness, in good order. Wea'hnr never luterierea with our sales. Take the Broadway and University Place cars. Allen r. miner, auction bee. SALESROOMS 95 CHAMBKKS STREET. HORSK AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND MORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE HALE RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A DRO.. AUCTIONEERS. Sales ul'Horses, Carriages, Ac.. Thursday ot each wook. Eutrlea ot articles for auction can be made at repository as above or salesroom* of auctioneers. A. -OLD HOUSE OF BREWSTER. Established 18381 Bole maker* ot Brewster Wagons, with the Vertical Steel Plates. The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread of the axle, a prevailing source ot an noyance to those using road wagons. Besides the additional strength aud security which tills great Improvement gives to our wagons an experience of thlrtr-iour years enables us to challenge comparison either in quality or finish. * See certificate irotn General McClellan j? Nkw York, June 1,1871. QKNTumir?I liave carefully examined your patont vertical steel plate axle. I find that the addition ofthe vertical plate renders the axlo about two and a half (2k) times as stiff as it would be without It Very respectfully OEORGE B. McCLELLAN. Warerooms, Filth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh st Factory, 143 East Twenty-filth street. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A, THE "BREWSTER WAGON," In all wolghts, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing In their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past 111 years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock In all respects equal In Quality to those built to tho order of the most valued customer, and at prices uuliorm to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a joint stock company ot carnage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and Impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms arc at the curnor of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. A SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE J\ hy PUBLIC AUCTION, THIS DAY (satubday). MAY 8, AT 11 O'CLOCK BY JENKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEER#. AT the CARRIAGE manufactory, CORNER BROADWAY, both st. AND 8TII av., OF THE ENTIRE STOCK AND fixture8 OF ABOVE FACTORY, ? ? Including Coaches, Landau, Rockaway,piiaetons.Coupf, top and open Wagons, Pony Phaetous, Express wagons, Ac. All the Tools in smith shop:?viz., Anvils, Bellows, Vices, ac.; all ftols in wooa shop, all Flxtnres In trimming nnd paintshop. N. B.?SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. TO HIGH EST BIDDER, WITHOUT LIMIT, RESTRICTION OR reservation. Sold on account of THE WIDENING OF BROADWAY. A?FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, in THE VERY ? best locality, an established Livery Stable of 20 years' standing, having tid boarding horses at $30 and $35 per month each, and running 14 coaches; the property can be bought or leased for a term of years; will be sold on account of owner retiring from businosH; no brokers need apply. Add rev, with real name, LIVERY STABLE, Brooklyn Post office. Arrived at last-j. c. dezo, of jackson City, Mich., with 34 bead of the finest single and double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. 8. CHAM BERLIN'S, Twenty -fllth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. A-ELEGANT V LANDAULET. ON "C" SPRINGS, ? at a great bargain; very light; carries four persons; been used four months. Also second luind fi-sent Rockaway, light; Top Buggy, Depot Wagon and four-seat Rockaway. A. T. DfcSAREST ft CO., 828 Broadway. A?THE FINEST assortment OF piijETONS . Rockaways. Depot Wagons, Pony Phictons and Top Wagons In the city, at WEST SIDE CARRIAGE DE POSITORY, 1,494 and 1,498 Broadwsy, between Forty fourth and Forty-fllth streets. A?THE OLD established HOUSE OF HAM, s6 . years' standing, offers the largest assortment of landauiets, Landaus, Coupes, Ladies' Phaetons. Several second hand carriages taken in exchange. Prices to suit purchasers. 10 East Fourth street. AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP SEASONABLE Carriage*, nulled to city or countiy. Park or seaside driving, lor sale, at very low prices. Those purchasing carriages are invited to inspect my stock before buying. A. 8. FLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and lb East Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. A -TEN HEAD OF GOOD YOUNG HORSES. JUST . arrived from the West, warranted sound and a good trial given, must be sold this day, as the owner wishes to get home. Apply at 180 Washington street, New York. Army wagons,* farm carts, blankets, Tents. mccleilan Saddles, Mule Collars, Harness, Canvas, rubber waterproot Wagon, Horse Covers, Feed bags, Army Clothing. W. A. CARTER, 81 Cortlandt street, near Greenwich^ A -FOR sale, five HORSES, FROM THE . country ; one very fine road or saddle Horse, very fast, 6yearsola. round; also other three fit for driving or business purposes; also one large truck or work Horse. They are young and warranted sound; to be sold reason able. Apply at 4ft and 47 Qrcat Jones street A CHOICE selection OF PARK PHAETONS, light hockawnys, Depot Wagons. Pony Phaetons. Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies and other seasonable styles family carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand? manufactubkrs' UNION, 838 Broadway. A BARGAIN-SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, JUMP seat top Buggy, for two or four people; good light i;og Cart, back seat reversible Clarence, about 20 others. 4fi0 Third avenue. B LOODED STOCK AT ARCH. JOHNSTON's NEW MART, 19 TO 39 EAST THIRTEENTH ST., thiri DAY, at auction, at 12 o'clock. DO NOT FAIL TO ATTEND, RAIN OR SHINE. b OAT AND DEPOT WAGONS AND LIGHT ROCK aways in great variety of styles and prices. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 568 Broadway. CARRIAGE iiorhks AND HARNESS.??bk SALE, A J span of vouue bay Horses, about 18 hands higb ; well broke, sound and kind. Also Double nnd single Harness, sliver mountings; Carriage a no (force blankcia, Ac.; for sale at private stable, 85 Madison avenue, and can be seen dally Irom 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. C1arriaoe8 AT REDUCED PRICES. J Extension top Cabriolets and mhaetons. Park snd Ponv Phaetons, Victoria* ana Cabriolets, Four nnd su seat rcckawars, For sale vjry low hy A s. FLANDRAU, No. 7and 18 East Eighteenth street,. Between Broadway and kiflh avenue. Ctarriaoes-slightly DAMAGED; GHKAT BAR J khiiih; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scrlptlon, at low prices; now is the time to purchune. be fore trade commences. manufac1 uhkrri' UNION, 6.18 Broadway. Carriages?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase, be fore trade continences. manufacturers' UNION,858 Broadway. FOR BALE-A PARK phaeton, BIX SEATS; BUT little nfed ; made hy Brewster, Brown street; cost (1,260; price 9700; sold for want of use. Stable 172 Pacific street, Brooklyn. Owner o. C. ROBINSON, 14 coenlies slip. New Yort For SALE-A FINE SORREL MARK; saddle or harness; gentle for a lady: owner gone to Europe; now at Williams' stable, East Seventeenth street, near In lng Dlscc.. Address box 1,009 Post office. For sale?a six-seat rockaway carriage, Brewster, of Broome street, make; In perfect order; will be sold cheap, owner having no (\irthcr use lor it. Apply at bbodeVICK'8 stable, ??.) Ninth street, near Second avenue. For sale-one large bay horse, 18 hands high, round and kind; also one set or single coupe Harness, almost new; alfo one Coupe and a Coupe Rock away. to lie sold cheap. Inquire at mmpson's stable, 148 snd mo East Thirty-ninth street. For sale?one victoria, built by brewster a Co., Hroome street; ured one season. Can be seen at Cunningham A co.'* Livery nnd Boarding Htablos, 119 and 121 West Forty fifth street. CUNNINGHAM ft cl>._ For sale-an elegant new light set of double Harness, made by dunacoinh, leather nnd fold mounted, with initial letter D. cau be seen at 84 mon taauo street, Brooklyn uaiehta, HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. For sale?pair ok bays, one sorrel, and two chestnut carriage Homes; all drivw single or double, and are stylish and sound. Al*> light top VI anon, Hingle and double light Wagou and Coupe Harnene. Situa tions wanted tor coai-lunao and groom. Inquire at stable 121 Bant Forty-flrst -rtnet, or U M. IIOWLAND, No. 1 West Thirty -eighth street.

f" OR SALE?A BRKWSTRR TOP WA.OON, POLE AND Shafts. Apply at private stable 100 West Fifteenth st rR SALE?PINK BUSINESS OIO, IIORSE AND Harne-s, reparately or together. 600 First avenue, near Thirty-iourth street For sale-orat oeldino, sired by general Knox, t'am a Mestenger; la hands, lull (> years old : a perfect roadster; can trot In 2:ft0 now. promises great speed; if sound and kin l; Godwin Road Wagon, single Harness, Ac.; mild under responsible warrantee. 134 West Thiity-nlnth street, club stable. For sale ohbap-a pink stylish bay horse, suitable for ooupe or family carriage; sold for want ot use. Can be seen at papor factory, Kilty eighth street, near Eleventh avenue For sale-a handsome bay horse, 8 years old, perfectly gentle; must be told for want of use. 531 West Twenty-third Rtreuu For SALE?A VERY 8TYU8H COUPE HORSE, SIX years old, bay, with black points. 16 hands, sound and kind In alt harness. Apply at private stable 42 West Flity-fllth street, from 8 to 12. IfOR SALE?A SPLENDID COUPE CARRIAOE 1 Horse (bay), f> yoirs old, very stylish and over 16 handa high; warranted sound and kind; will be sold cheap. Apply at Win field stables, HI) and 112 West Fiftieth street. Great lush?it re at rush.?manufacturers' Union Repository?Carriages, all styles, new and second lisnd, dirt cheap. Don't tall to give us a call. Manufacturers' Union Repository, tiSS Broadway . Horse, barrel cart and harness for sale cheap?Together or separately, at01 Kent aveuue, near Clyiuer street. Brooklyn, !?.. D. Harness, saddles, house clothing, car riage ltobes. Lap Dusters, Fl.v Nets, and a Urge variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. 0. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warden street. New York. ARNESS.-THK CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York- good double truck llarnoss, $40; good single biigpy Harness, hand made, $17; u good >? table Hlnnket, t- 60; the largest assortment of Oart Harness tu the city. Cheaper than ever on account of moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street Harness.-the largest variety of harness and Horse Kurni.thlng Uoods of every grade and kind of any house in New York, at MUSIC MAN'S Manu factory and Warcrooms, 114 Chambers street HARNESS.-I HAVE A LA ROE STOCK OF HAR ncss, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robos aud ovorything iu the horse line cheap tor cash. E. BABTLETT, 82 Warren street, corner College place. H H ORSE FURNISHING BAZAAR, wholesale AND retail.?Harness, Saddles, Blankets, 4c. vkrplanck BROS., 91 Chambers sireet IF YOU ARE IN SEARCH OF A GOOD ROAD TEAM, I'ark Turnout, T Cart or Family Team, attend the sale at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart. 19 to 26 East thirteenth street this day at 12 o'clock. See catalog? above. PAIR OF HORSES. B.VROL'CflB AND CLOSE CAIt rlMes tor sale cheap, as family are leaving lor Eu rope. To be seen at 87 Irving place. SPEED.?YOUNG STAR MARE FOR SALE; G YEARS old, 16% hands; record 2:42 as u five-year-old; very stylish; sound, kind and gentle; with or without Road Wagon; $1,(101. Address A. K., box 3,014 Post oilier. SECOND HAND CARP.IAOES, SIX-SEAT ROCKA wav, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, Ave Rock awava, several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number ot Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargains MANUFACTUREUS' IINION. CS9 Broadway. TCART BY BREWSTER, OF BROOME STREET; pair of Blackhawk Mares. Harness. Blankets, Ac., at auction this oa/, at 12 o'clock, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart 19. 21, 13 and 2fi East Thirteenth street, between Unlversltv place and Fifth avenue. Soo catalogue above, aud be sure and attend tho sale. THE MOST STYLISH OENTLEMAN'fl ROAD TEAM In the county tor eale.?Klaelt and brown Mare, 15 hands, 7 and 3 years; kind and true in all harness and warranted sound; can be driven by a mdy or children! can trot in 3:30 together; sat ot double Harness. Road Wagon, polo and slialt, by Stiver*, at the mart of ARCH. JOHNSTON, 19 to 20 East Thirteenth atreet, near Univer sity place. If not sold at private sale before Saturday, at 12 o'clock, the whole establishment will then be sold at auction at the mart at above, positively without reserve, to tho bidder. Can be tried at any t!mo previous to sale. If you aro In search of a first class road team, a ride bohtnd these will save you further looking. REMEMBER, THIS TEAM IS TO BE SOLD THIS DAY AT 12 b'CLOCK. WILL BE SOLD ON SATURDAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, TT Ul front of ABBOTT'S salesrooms, 80 No jr Bowery, one gray Horse, f> yours old, sound and kind ; one gray Mare, 6 years old, found and kind: one brown Horse, 7 years old, sound aud klud; by order of the Marshal. dh/Jfk ?DOCTOR'S WAOON, VERY STRONG, NEW 3pOU. ton: small Saddle Pony, very kind; Pony Phaeton. $110, byDomarest; splendid top Buggy; Con cord Express, $Hm, cheapest place. 511 seventh nvon no and Thirty-seventh street. FOR A DEPOT WAOON; OPEN WAOON, TOP Buggy, Dog Cart, all city made, at one-third cost al bargains. 158 West Forty-first street. POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE.?THE MAILS FOB EUROPE. ' during tho wook ending Saturday. May 3, 187$, will close at this ofllco on Wednesday at 12 M.; on Thursday at 11 A. M . and on Saturday at and 11 A. M. T. L. JAMES. Postmaster. PROPOSALS. OFFICE OK TIIK UNITED 8TATK8 CENTENNIAL COMMISSION. 9W Walnut Sthb?t, I PHILAt>RLPBIi, April. 1873. f PROPOSALS FOR PLANS for tho CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY BUILDINGS. Architects, engineers and others are herein- invited to ofler preliminary sketches or designs lor the buildings to be crected In Falrmount Hark, Philadelphia, tor the In ternal lonul KxhlbiUon in 1876. Specifications and other document* prepared Tor those desiring to compete tor the design, . . together with inlormaflon an to the sums to be paid for the plans which inav be selocted. will be furnished on application to Lewis Wain Pmlt.h. Secretary of tho Centennial Commission, 904 Walnut street, Philadelphia Ail plans must lie placed in the hands of the Secretary of the Commission before uoon on the fifteenth day of July, 1373, after which tlmo n? designs will i)e received. By direction ol the Committee on flans and Archi tecture. A. T. GO-SHORN, Chairman. ROPOSALS FOR STOCKS OF THE ClW"OF NEW YORK. P Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller'* jfllrc until 'I iiurMlay, 8th day of May, 1873, at two o'clock P. M., when tha Maine will be publicly opened for the whole or any part of the sum ol one million and forty - Ave thousand Ave hundred dollars of Stocks of the city of Now York, to wit:? ADDITIONAL NEW CROTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized by chapter 23u, i.?ws ot 187U, payable August 1,1W0. $190,000 CROTON WATER MAIN STOCK, authorized bv chapter S93, Laws of 1871, payable November I. 1900 75,K0 CITY PARKS IMPROVEMENT FUND STOCK, authorized by chapter 7S9, Laws of 1873, payable In thirty years 70,009 ADDITIONAL CROTON WATER STOCK, authorized by chapter 90, amended l?y chapter 328, Laws of 1871, payable November 1, 18-J1 190,000 CITY IMPROVEMENT STOCK. authorized by chapter 920, Laws of 1868, payable November 1,1892 601,000 Said stocks will bear Interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, payable on the 1st day of May and No vember In each year. The proposals wilt state the amount of stocks desired and the price per 1100 thereof; and the persons whose proposals are accepted will thereupon be required to de posit with the Comptroller the sums awarded to them rei-pectively, together with any premiums thereon, when thev will be entitled to receive certificates for equal amounts ol the par value ot the sums awarded to them, bearing interest from the dates of payment. Each proposal should be sealed anil .endorsed "Pro posals for Stocks of the City of New York," and enclosed in a second envelope, ad-Jresped to tlio Comptroller. Tiie right Is reserved on the part of tho Comptroller to reiect any or all of the bids, if in his judgment the In terests or the Corporation require It. ANDREW II. GREEN, Comptroller. City or N*w Yob*, Dipabtmknt or Fivauck, { CoMFTBOt-uta's Omen, April 29, 1X73. I ?ICPHMOllg. A -REGULAR SUNDAY EXCURSION TO AKTORIA. , Harlem slid Morrl?ania.? Steamers HARLEM and NbLLIE WHITE leave Fulton -itreet dock hourly on May 4, from IDA. M. to 6 P. M., landing at Lighth street, Astoria ami 119th street cach way. The government works at Hell Gate within three minutes' walk of Astoria landing. Last bout troni Morrlsanla ft P. M. Fare 19c. ^ SUNDAY BOAT FOR NEWARK. On and alter Sunday, May 4, tho steamboat TIIOS. P WAY will mako her regular trips, Leaving foot of Market street, Newark, at 8 A.M. leaving root of Barclay street. New York, at 10 A. M. stouplngjit Bergen Point each way. IIOR EXCURSIONS.?THE FIRST CLASS STEAM hoats JESSE 1IOYT and NOItWALK. lotia Island, Dndlevs, Karitan Beach, and Spring Hill Groves aud Aldernev I'ark. Hurge* and Steamboats of all kind*. / A E. MYERS, 371 West, corner Morton streef._ XTOTICE. ii On ami after Sunday, May 4, 1873, the Harlem boats will comnieuco their Sunday trips lor the season, landing at Eleventh slrret, Astoria an I Harlem Bridge. First boat leaves I'eck slip at 10 o'clock aud hourly there, alter: lare Ift cents. V B.?This Is the only line connecting wllh boats for High Pfld/B. J.'F. TALfi.MAN, Superintendent RONDOl'T AND KINOSTON, LANDING AT COZZKNS Cornwall, Newbui*. Milton, Pouglikeei sic and K*o ?us ?1 he steamboats THOMAS CORN KLL and JAMI S 1. BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier 34 North Biter, dally alt o'clock P. M. THE NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD COM pany oall attention to their extraordinary facilities for the accommodation ol Excursion I'arlies the coining sea son. Wllh their steamen PLYMOUTH ROOK, LONG BRANCH and JESSE HoYT and their elegant new Ex curslon Hon* and twenty acres of adjoining land at l-otig Branch, the/ are prepared to make engagements with churches, schools, societies, Ac., for large or smail parties at low rates. Send lor circular. <?. W. BKNTLY, General Manager. ISl Broadway. Now York. VTu.J. Stun*]!. Miperlntcihkiit. i-on* Branch, N. J. EVKOPKAN STBAMHIIW. WHITF STAR LINE. FOR QUKBN8T0WN AND LIVERPOOL. Carrying tiu( united status mail. . i.i i Ne,y *ni1 itdl-powand kteainshlpo. Sailing irom now York on Saturday*, from Liverpool on ??? "U-ng ? Cork Harbor each w*v. SJNft&A ?? Saturday. May 3. at ?:? A. M. OOKANIC. Saturday, ilay 10, at J :M P. Jl. ADRIATIC Muv U at 3 P. M. 1JALTIC.. Saturday. filsy 3?, at 8:3) A. M. ?Froiu the Wlilus star Jock, Pavonia lorry, Jersey City. ?"*cn?cr accommodation* tor ail clasaos uurlvalleiL Combining safety, speed and eomfOTt Saloon*, stateroom*, smoking room and bathrooms in midship section, where l^ast motion la telt Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steumor. Rates?Saloon. $1 JO gold , steersue, $.T) In currency. Those wishing to .tend lor friends In tlio old country can now obtain steerage prepaid cerMflraUs. ill currency. Passengers hooked to or from ali part* ol America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. DriUt > iroiu ?1 upwards. , For Inspection or plans and other Information apply at the company's office, 19 Broalway, New York. Bills of lading Issued to CoulinetiUl ports. J. II. SPARKS, Agent ("INLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCS. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC! COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWKEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The splendid vessel* on this favorite route fortho Con tinent will sail from pier No. W North River, as fol lows ?? PERKIRE, Dauro Saturday. May WASHINGTON. Roussau Saturday, Mi?v 17 V1LLE HE PARIS Saturday, II VILLE DU HAVRE. Sunuont Saturday. June 14 PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD InMudinj wlii'D TO BREST <>R HAYRE. First Cabin, #125-. Second Cabin, tTX Excursion Ticket* at roduced rates. Those steamers do not carry steerage [>*Men<ori. American travellers goln? to or returning from tha Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by English railway and tlio discomforts of' cross tut; tho Channel, besides saving time, trouble and ex pense. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. 58 Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad ticket* between Paris and Vienna furnished at reduced rates. C1DNARD LINK. J THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMDill I'd, BETWEEN NEW YORK ANl> LIVEKPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. S40H rmu NEW YOHK. ?SCOTIA Wed., Muv 7 ALGERIA Wed., May 14 ?RUSSIA Wed., May 21 ?JAVA Wed.. Miiy 28 ?CUBA Wed., June 4 AIIYSSIMA....Sal., May 10 BATAVIA Sat., May 17 CALABRIA....Sat., May 24 I'AKt'HiA sat. May III SAMARIA sat., June 7 Steamers marked thus (?> do not carry steerage pas. gouger*. And everv following WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY from Now York. Kaus ot Passage?Cabin, $>#X ?100and $H0, gold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $19, gold, add'ttonal. liuturii tickets on iavorable terms. Steer ago, $*>, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown and all parts of Europe at lowest rates. Through bills of lading givuu for Belfast, Olaagow, Havre. Antwerp and oilier porta on the i;<nitlncntand lor Mediterranean ports. For freight and cabin parage apply at tho Com pany's office. No. 4 Bowling Green. For steerage pas sage, No. Ill Broadway, Trinity Building. ' CHA8. 6. FRANCKLYN, Agent_ NSW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON and all points In ICngiand and Wa'es. Tho SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COM PANY'S now, first class, ftitl-powered, Clyde-built steam ship GLAMORGAN, Captain Laybourtto, will tail from Pennsylvania Railroad wharf, Jersey City, ou Saturday, May 8. PEMBROKE, May 24. Cabins, $M, $74 and $r'0, currency, Steerage, (130. For further particulars apply to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents, 17 Broadway. STEAMSHIP GLAMORGAN. TO CARDIFF CABIN pastongers by above vessel, 3d Inst., arc hereby noti fied that they will be conveyed on hoard by a steume from the barge office, Whitehall, near South ferry, a lt|:.10 A. M. ol that day. Mat 1. 1873. ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agent*. National link ok steamers. Weekly to Quecnstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct, TO QUEBN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Irom pier* 44 and 47 North Rhror. GREECE, Thomas Saturday, May 3, at 10 A. M. EGYPT, Grogau Saturday, May 10. at 3 P. M. CANADA, Wobster Saturday. May 17, at 9 A. M. SPAIN. Grace Saturday, May 24, at 3 P. M. FRANCE, Thomson Wednesday, May 28, at3 P. M FOR LONDON DIRECT. DENMARK, Sumner Thursday, May 8, at 2 P. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARB TnE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$00, $90 and $100, currency. Excursion? $160 and $180. Steerage. $29, currency. Prepaid stecrago tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow. Cardiff. Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN Br ANY OTHER LINE. _ For further information apply, at the company's office, 69 Broadway. F. w. J. HURST. Mauager^ rpHE HAMBURG-AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S I iron mall ,U3?m^piURiNGiAi Captain J. Meyer, will sail on Thursday, May S, at 2 P. M? for Hamburg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $71 Steerage, $90, payable In United States gold. KUNHARDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, 61 Broad street. New York. 61 Broadway, New York. The HAMMONIA will sail May IS. The steamer VANOALIA a* extra steamer diroct May 17. ONITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO, HAVANA, I'BOl!KKSO AND VERA CRUZ. New York ami Mexican Mnil Steamship Line, lea via* Dler No. 3 North River. at 3 P. M. V EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) Mayl CITY OK MKRIDA (Havana only; May IS CITY OK MKXICO (Havana nml Mexico) May 21 CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) May2J CITY OK MKRIDA (Havana only) JtuieS For freight or 8QSa>M Broadway UNITED STATB8 MAIL. LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENS, town ami Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. WISCON8IN, Freoman, Jr May T, at IK P. M. NEVADA, Forsyth May It, at 1 P. M. From nier 16 North River. Cabiu oas*nge, $80 gold : steerage, $:W currency. Prepaid tiokots, $32 currency. Passengers bonked to and irom Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest raj^^^to ^ NORTH OERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. For Southampton and Bremen. The Steamship HANHA, Captain E. Hrlckenstein. will sail on Wednesday, April 90, at 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, foot Third street, flohokcn, to be followed by Steamship MOSEL, Captain G. Ernst, on Saturday, MRATf?8 QF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payable in gold, or IU equivalent in carrency. Firat Cabin $i? Second Cabin 71 Steerage 30 For freight or parage t 0(> ^ . No. 2 Bowling Green. Anchor line. Steamer* sail from pier JO North River, New EVKRY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. AUSTRALIA...Sat., May 3 ASSYRIA Wod., May 21 ISMAILIA... .Wed., May 7 EURO PA Sat., May 14 VICTORIA Sat.. May 10 TRlNACIA....Wed., May 28 CASTALIA....Wed., May U CALIFORNIA..Sat.. Mav 31 ANQLIA Sat., May 17 OLYMPIA....Wed.. June 4 The passenger accommodations on steamers of thia lino are unsurpassed lor elcgance and comfort. Cabin state rooms arc all on upper dock, thus securing good light and ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE. TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL OB LONDONDERBY. Saturday steamer*. Weduesday steamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins $75 and ftf 975 and $66 Cabin return tickets, recur lng best accommodations.. $130 $130 STEERAGE, $30 CURRENCY. Ticket* for passage to or from an v seoport or railway station In Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent Issued at lowest rate*. DRAFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CUBBENT BATES. Company'* offices, No. 7 Bowling Green, New York. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine of information lor ocuan travellers; can be bad Iree of charge on application. INMAN LINE. For Queeiwtown and Liverpool Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail a* follow* CITY OF PARIS Saturday. Miv 3, 11 A. M. CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, Mav 1 P. M. CITY OF MONTREAL. Saturday, Mav 10, J P. M. CITY OF BBISTOI, Mav IS, 1 A. M. CITY OK BROOKLYN Hatnrlav. May 17, 10 A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from pier IS, North River. RATgR 0|> pAMAOR Cabin, $*S and $I0J, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip ticket* at low rate.. SteeraiT.?To Liverpool, QueensUrwn, Glasgow, Lon donderry, Loudon, IJrUtol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid certi ficate*, $?, currency. Passenger* also forwarded lo Havre,Hamburg,Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Pari.., at reduced rates. Drafts Issned at lowest rate*. For cabin passage and general business apply at the Company's office, 15 Broadway. For steerage passage, 33 Broadway. John g, dale, A? nt. or to O'DONNF.LL k KAUI.K, 402 Chestnut street. Pniladeipliis. M. S. CKKAGH, 102 State street, Boston. K. 0. BROWN, H6 South Market street, Chicago. WM INMAN, Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue scribe, Paris. /I RF.AT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. vT New York to Bristol (England) direct, taklna goods and pa winger* lor Loudon, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and all ports In Bristol Clian-icl. The steamers of this line will sail Irom pier 18 East River as followst? ARRAOON, Western Saturday, May 17 LAPLAND Wednesday, June ? LADY LYCETTB . ..? Wednesday, Juno H GREAT WESTERN Wednesday, July 1 New steamer now building. C.ihin passage... .$70 currency I Stecago.. ,.$.10 currency Parties wishing to send for their friend* can obtain prepaid certificates. Draft* lor CI and upwards. For freight or passage apjdy to MOROAN,g 7i) South street, New York. State i in k TO GLASGOW LIVERPOOL. BELFAST AND Londonderry. PENNSYLVANIA, LOUISIANA. UEORtSIA, MINNESOTA. VIROINIA, ALABAMA. PKNNSYLVANIA SAILS MAT 7. ffom the company's dock. Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. Cabin, $soand $?(, gold; steerage, $3), currency. All on saloon deck. Pa-xengers booked to or (Vom any part of Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the Continent at lowest rates. Prepaid certificates as low as by any other first class line. DRIFTS ISSUED ON ALL PARTS Of EUROPE. For freight or passage apply to AUSTIN OXCDWIN A 00.. Agenta, Steerage office 45 Broadway. 72 Broadway. EUROPEAN S'rRAJLSUIIN. QOOK'8 EUROPEAN TOURS. COOK'S TOURS TO VIENNA, over 100 different route*. COOK'S TOURS TO ITALY, over 70 different routee. COOK'S TOURS TO IRE~LAND, over SO different routes. COOK'S TOURS TO SCOTLAND, over ? different routes. COOK'S TOURS TO HOLLAND, BELGIUM AND TDK RHINE, over different ro.ites. cook'n tours to egypt, the nils and palbs TINE, everv possible route arraiiaed. COOK'S TOURS KIlUvll THK WORLD. COOK'S SINGLE JOURNEY TICKETS to alt parti of ^COOk's PERSONALLY CONDUCTED PARTY TO ITALY AND VIENNA, leaving pur VICTORIA. Mar lit. COOK'S EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO VIENNA, leaving "cook's SPWMAL TOUR TO IRELAND, ENGLAND!, FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, VIENNA, Ac., to loave by C"orAftiU p?rtIc?lar"so'^'COOK'S EXCURSIONIST" lor April, now ready. Price g JKXJC[Ng 2tU Broadway, Ne?v York. IiUTROPEAN TRAVELLERS WILL PIND TRUNKS 'J for state rooms and Coutinonial travel. Chair* ana Rum lor the steamers, Ac., at JOHN OATTNACH'S, 73$ Hroadway, nnar A?tor place (removed (rem corner Broadway iiud Wall s.roet). _______________ UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL Passport* of tlio Department of Statu issued by A. C. WIl.l.UARTU, United State* Court House. 41 OD1B b?r* strout. COASTWISR KTKAiWHHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Line to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying malls, pasoiuoi-* and freight to Ahplnwull. Panama, Santa Martha, Gravtown and Pitclrto c-ast or Mexico, Central America, Peru and OluU?. May 10? Steamer COLON, Captain 8. P. Oriffln, wlR leavu nlor 43 Nortli River, at 12 o'clock noun, tor Asuin wall direct connecting at Panama with the steamer ORKAT REPUBLIC, Captain Caverley, touching at Aca pulco, Manzanillo and M.k/.iitlaualso connecting for all Ivnirul Anierl :an and South Pacific. ports. Dep-trturos of 10th and 'JOIIi of each inouUi connect with thu eompa ny'a sieamor, touching at San Ucniio, Toiiata, SallnaCrus and Kurt Angel. Stoamer COLORADO will leave Ran Francisco May L 1873, for Japan and China. For rates of pannage, freight und all other inU.rumtion apply at oompauy's office o* thu pier, foot of Caual streeL F. a. BABY, AueiiL N EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. Those first class steamships will anil every Tuesday ai 3 P. M., from pier 1) North River (loot ol Cedar street!, for Havana direct, as follows:? CRESCENT CITY .......May* WILMINGTON May U MORRO CASTLE M ?y 20 Supt>!omeutary mall on pier at a qn.irter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passage (having mtgnitlccnt accommo dations) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO., No. 0 Howling Greon. D. McKELLER, Agent In Havana. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and St Oconee, Bermuda, carrying the United State* Mail, aua sailing as follow*:? Steamship FLORIDA, Cameron,master, Saturday, May 3, at 12 o'clock M., from pier 29 North River. Steamship ALB KM A RI.K, Read inns! a r, Thursday, Mav 8, at 3o'clock P. M., troni pier 37 Norih River, Steamship HATTKRAS, Lawrence, master, Thursday, May IS, at 3 o'clock P. M., rrom pier 37 Nortli River. For ircl?lit or passage, having olejant aceomnuda tioUri. apply to LUNT BROTI1KRS, 23 South stroot Passage $30. gold. Excursion tickets Ixsned for the round trip at gold. POR HAMILTON, BERMUDA, (tarrying thu U. S. Mall), Steamship FLORIDA, Captain Cameron. will sail lor Hamilton, Bermuda, Saturday, May 3, at 13 M? IVom pier 29 North River. Freight and litmirancc at lowest rates. For freight or passage apply to JAMES HAND, 119 Wall street Texas line of galvbston steamers tough Ing at Key West, earning the United St-ite? mail. The steamer GEO. W. CLYDE, Captain Colo, is now receiving frclarht at pier 2J East River, and nil! soil Saturday. May 3. Through bills of lading (riven to Houston, either by th? O. H. and H. R. R. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Campsny, and to all points on the Galveston, lloiutoa aud Henderson and R. B. and C. Railroad. No charge Tor forwarding in New York. "^TL'KHMK'iV in UI. u?e.? W. P. CLYDE A CO.. llJ Wall street. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwoll steannhlp Line. The steamship GEO ROE WASHINGTON, Captain H. 8. Quick, will loavo plor No. 9 North River on Sa'ur.lay, M*y 3, at 3 P. M. Freight received duly. Through rate* give* to ualvoaRm. Iiidlnnula, Rock fort or Aralua* whar( Brazos, Santiago aud St Louis. Cabin passage. $fr): stoerage, %tt. For freight or paa sagn applyto CLAkK A SEAMAN, 96 Wost street. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINK Front Pier No. 8 North River, ill 3 o'clock P. M. GENERAL MEADE, Caiituin Sampson, on Knturdoy, May 3. Freight received daily. Through rales given to St Louis, Vioksbui-g, Mobile, Galveston aud Indiunola. For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tion. applvto FREDERIC BAKlltt. 30 Broadway. POR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT,? SOUTHERN LIN8. Thi A1 summer CITY Or DALLAS, Captain ?-j will leavu pier 21 East River, on Wodncsdsy, nay 7, at# P. M. Freight received dally. Through rates ttlven to Oalvoa ton, ludiauo'a, Rockport or Aruiuu* A'lntrl, BrasosRoa tiai?o and St. l.oui*. Cabin pas*.igo, $5'); steerage, $23. For freight or pas-ewe (havln-; superior accommola tlons) apply to C. II. MALLORY k CO., 151 Ma'.den Ian*. FOR NORfOLK. CITY POINT *\ND RICHMOND.? The Old Dominion Stcinniilp Company will despatch from pier 37, North River, their elegunttlde wheel steam ship OLD DOMINION. Walker, commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Saturday, Mav 3, at 3 P. M., giving through bills of lading to all points South and Southwest. Throush pa**cngor tickets iwued to aR poliiU, Acomiaodations unOTuaUfd. Apply atpior JT or at the genoral offlde, 137 ure^SWloh <Ti>rn5T m. Dey. TRArmiiaa' c?ui?r> CITIZENS' LINE FOR TROY?PAS8AOR $1 SO.?TUV elegant steauibaats 8UNNYSIDR and l'OWRLb leave nicr *9 North Rivor, foot ol' Loroy daily (Sn!Ui\*a>1t eXCCpted), lit 6 O'clock P. M., connecting win morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Troy and Boston railroads for all points North, East and West Tho inoit direct route to Sarato ga, Lake ileorgo and Montreal. Through tickets soM aud baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent Fall river line to boston, via Newport ami Call River. Tho worid-reiiowiiiiti Htoamerj BRISTOL and PROVI DENCE leave plor 23 North River, loot of Murray (treat, dally (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent FOR STAMFORD ani> GREENWICH.?TU.'5 STEAB boat NELLY WHITE leaves dally from pier37 Kit River, at.1:lo and toot oi Thiriy-tbira stree t at 3:15 P. M, Loavt.Stamford at 7 A. M. For norwalk and danbcrv.?the hkw stoamar AMERICI'S l?aves dally at foot of MarM street 2:1ft and Thirty-thirl ?iruot atSP. M., connecting with the Danbury Railroad. P- KNNS y L V A NIA RAILROAD. Traill* leave New York, from foot of Desbrosses aat Cortlandt street*, at follows Express tor Harrisburir, Pittsburg, the West and -SoatK with Pullman Palace Oars attached, at 9:30 A.M.; J, I and 8:30 1'. M. Sunday, 9, 7 and 8:30 P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. U. if and 0 P. M. Hnnday, 9 P. M. Express for Philadelphia, 9, 9. 9 :30 A. M. ; 12 31, I, 4, 5,* 8:31), 9 P. M and 12 nlgnt. Sunday 6. rt: J) ami 9 P. M. For I'hl'adelphla, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant and second class, 7 :I5 1*. M. For Newark at 6. 6 JO, 7, 7 :<0, 8.10, 9, 10. II, 11:40 A. K, 12, L 2, 2:31, 3, 3:20, 3:4.), 4:10, 4 3). 5:10, 5:20, 5 JO, 5.3*. 0. tf :I0, 0:30. 7. 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10, 11:3J, 12 P. M. Sunday. 6:20, 6, S :10, 9 P. M. For Elisabeth. 6, 630, 7, 7:40. 8, 8:10. 9, 10, II, 11:40 A. M., 12 M., 12 JO, 1, 2. Idi 3, 3:M. 3:10. 4, 4:10, 1 :TU, ?:* 5-10, 5 SO, 6, 6:10, 8.30, 740,1:10, lo, 11:30, 12 l{. M. Stia day, A :20. 6 and 4:10 P. M. For Railway, 0, 6.30, 7, 8:10. 9 30 an 1 10 A. M.. 12 M . I. 1 2 30, 3, 3:20, 3 40. 4 :I0, 4 -30, 5:20, 5 JO, 5: V), 0, (J JO, 7:30,3 :i$ 10 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 5.21 and 0 P. M. For WcodbrliUe all I Perth Aiuboy, 0 ami I'l A M., 1:31 3:40, 4:30 and 5 40 P. M. For Now Brunswick, 7, 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,1. 3, 4:10, 5-J^ 6,9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 6 and 'J K M. For East Millstone, 7 A. V., 12 noon, 4 lit and 5:30 P. & For Lamhertvillc mid Flemlngton, 9 A M. and 2 P. X For PhilipstiurK and Belvlilere, 2 and 4 P. M. Trains arrive as follows:?Fl?m 1'ittsburg, 8 :m A. U? 1 30 P. M? dally, 10:14 A. M. nil I 0:14 P. M., datlv, oxooai Monday. From Washington and Baltimore. ?>:10 A. 1L, 4 34, 10:12 P. M. Sunday, 6:H) A. M. From Philadelphia. 6 21,6:5). 10 U, II :M. 11:31 A. M., 2:14, 3:54, 0Ai,IAF. K Sunday, 5 31, 6 JO, II A ,.M. Ticket offices, 586. ??. 271 and 914 Brotidwar; W*. I Astor Hon* ami fiiotofDeshroesas and Cortlaudt streets. Emigrant Ticket office. No. i Battery place. A. J. ('4JUT. D M. BOYD, J*,, General Manager. General Passenger Agent DRYOOOm. HAIR! HAIRI 1IAIRI The largest stock of Human Hair Goods In the clto at SHAW'S, 352 Bmr?ry. between Fourth and ?lreat Jones street* aaf V>3SUth avonue, between Twenty-second and Twenty* third streets, tip stairs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed, (I each. Unman Ha'r. cheapest and l>-st in the market Short Ualr Switches. f2each and upwards. French Switches, $3. Curls, 91 and upwards. Latest stylos at way* on hand. Mattings. mattingb.-18K cents fink witns Mattings; red check, tancy ami coir Mattings; great inducements offered. Cloths, Cas?lin>-r*?, Robes, Ac. ANDREW LESTER i co. ,103 Chambors street. MARBLE ma VTKI.M. AKLABER, STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLRnmS . Works, 134 and 136 East Hehteenth street.-Markka and Marble! *ed Mantels, Tiling, Marole Counters. Mow? inenta, at price* that dory competition. Marble Tnrnlnc lor tne trade. ___ A N assortment of MANTSLS, CNSORPAJHW J\ for beau(y of design and quality of workmaruhtfk ??? rSSHW'YU? co*MKT, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Union *iua.? _ Stewarts slate mantbls.-rich and gaut design*; Slate Works of every descripUoii: Ma? ble and WoJiTMantoU. T B. stewart M CO.. M aal m West fweauuuru street, near Sereoth av?nae. Jb ft

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