Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,405. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 4, 1873?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUBEBF.NTS Forum Paub?TTiird, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. m _ astrology-Thihtmnth Pa$??Sixth column. B1LLI ARDS?Tenth Page?Fimrth column. BOARDERS WANTF.D?Third Pace?First, second, third and fourth columns. BOARD ANII LODGING WASTED?Thiru Page?Fourth a?d tilth columns. BROOKLYN BOARD?Tmsn Page? Fifth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOK SALE? Fouhtbentb Page?Second and thir?l columns. BUSINESS OF FO RT C N1TIES?Eley kxth Pagb? Fifth anil sixth column". BUSINESS NOTICES?Ninth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Foubteenth Page? First and second columns. CLBRKS AN1> SALESMEN?Sixteenth Page?Third and fourth columns. CLOTHING?Fifteenth Pack?Filth colnm*. COACHMEN AND OARDENERS?Sixteenth Pace? Fuurth^ind fifth columns. COAL AND WOOD?Fifteenth Page?Fifth column. COASTWISE steamships? Fourth Face?Second col umn. copartnerships?Tama Page?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Third Page?Filth and sixth col umns. DANCING ACADEMIES?ForBTii Page?Third column. dentistry?Tenth Page?Sixth column. ?RY GOODS?First Page?Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and econo Face?First, sccoud, thir<l, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. ?WELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHEI)?Thirteenth Page?Sccoud and third columns. BUBOPKAN STEVMSHLPS-Fourth Page?First ami second columns. EUROPE?'Tkntii Pagr?Fourth column. EXCHANGE?Second Pagi-:?Sixth column. BYES AND EARS?Tenth Page?Sixth column. excursions?Fourth Page?Second column. BIN ANCIaA.?Tenth Face?Third and tourth rolsmns. FOR SALE?Fiftrbnfh Page?Fourth ami filth columns. BURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Tiiiuteknth Page?Third, tourth and fifth columns. FURNITURE?Klevknth Page?Sixth column. FRENCH advertisements?Sixteenth Pace?Sixth column. IIELP WANTED?FEMALES?Sixteenth PAG?-Second nil.I third colnum*. . IIELP WANTED-MALES?Sixteenth Pace?Fifth col umn. _ _ . BOSSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Eleventh Pace?First, and third columns. HOTELS?Third Pace?Fifth column. lioUsK.s, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Sixteenth Page? Sixth column instruction?Tenth Page-Fifth column. Jersey ciiy, iioroken, hudson city and ber OEN real ESTATB FOR sale?Fourteenth Facie?Fourth column. loan' OFFICES? Tentu Page?Sixth column. lost AND FOUND?Tenth Page?Fifth column. machinery-Fifteenth Page?Filth column MARBLE MANTELS?Tenth Page?Sixth colimiB. MATRIMONIAL?Tenth Page?Fifth column. BHD1CAL?Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. millinery AND DRESSMAKINu?second Page?Sixth column. _ miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?'Tenth Page?Fourth column. MUSICAL?Fourth Page?Third column. BKW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. B EWSPAPERS?Tentii Page?Fifth column. FKRHONAli?First Page?First column. pianofortes, ORGANS, AC'.?Tenth Pack?Sixth c?l umn. PROPOSALS?Tenth Page?Filth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Sixteenth Page?Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO rent?Fourteenth Page?Fourth, fifth and sixth columns, anil Fifteenth Page? Flr-t column. rkal estate TO exchange?Fifteenth Page? First column. real estate WANTED?Fifteenth Page?Hrst column. religious NOTICES?Seconti Page?Sixth column. XEMOVALS?Eleventh Page?Third column. REWARDS?Tkntii Page?Fifth column. sales AT auction?Fifteenth Pagb?Sccond, third und fourth columns. situations WANTED?FEMALES?Fifteenth Page? Sixth column, and Sixteenth Page?First column. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Sixteenth Face? Third column. special NOTICES?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. SPORTING?dogs, BIRDS, AC.?Eleventh FAUE-First column. STORAGE?Tenth Page?81xth column. SUMMER RESORTS?Thibu Page?Sixth column, anfl Fourth Page?First, column. THE TRADES?Sixteenth Page?Fifth and sixth col umns. THE TURK?Eleventh Pake?First column. 5V LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Thirteenth Page? First ami aocond columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Fourth Page?Socond column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LEI ? Thirteenth Page?FifUi and sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Tenth Page?Fifth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Fourteenth Paue?Third and fourth col umns. WINES, liqtors. AC.?Ten? Page?Fifth column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?bKcoNB Page?Sixth col umn. PAKIs AGENCY THE HEW YORK HERALD. JyraSSBS, KREMEIl A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE biEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF TDK HERALD, AND ALSO F INGLE numbers OF~THis PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING T11KM. I'KKSOfVAi'. A UNA?WHY KID YOU LEAVE MET YOU C AN bare the $2.<*w cash by coming hack. GEORGE. 1"t XE^ANDRO PARENT?THERE IS A LETTER OP _/\ importance for yon. Address L. D'AIBEI'TERE, box S.'Mi I'ost aiflcc. AjfO? COSTA.?SORRY TO HEAR OP YOUR trouble. Chorea in the morning or Thursday. N ATlEKIOA^ LAD?~w6uLb ADOPT A CHILD OR take uno to hoard, between JO jnontn* and 2 years. Address Mrs EDLEtf, box lit Hcrai.1 Uptown Branch ?flice. _ 4 FAMILY WISHES TO ADOPT A CHILD WHl' II will oe born In a lew days or ?o; lull surieniier. Address A. B., box ISO Herald oRice. CIHAP. E. BELLOI8.?AN IMI'OKTANT LHTTBB FOR J you at the Grand Hotel, Iroui thu friend j'ou met at the ferry. C'iOTTON, 36?CALL AT 106 WEST TUIRTY~FTRST >_stroj>t BT.^CLAI R T? P. HaTLey, LAtW"or WHITNEY IIOUsE, r . please wild ail please send address by mall. i'tlRIEND HARRY."?YO I' CAN KIND ME BY AD? r dressing MADELINE PARKER, ration F. F PRIEND TO HONESTY?WHERE CAN AS INTER view lie had T PRESIDENT, Herald office. ("SbRMANIA THEATRE, FRIDAY* EVENING? T Gentleman following young Indy to her home in Fourteenth street, saving good night win n In her room ni' stairs. It acquaintance agreeable, address, in confi dence. T. B., box 14ti Herald office. _____ INFORMATION WANTED-OF MARGARET AND Mary Ann McGiiroei, aged about lfi and -it years; five ?ears sinee last si" n. Any iutormation will be m '-t lanklully received tiv their brother, JAMES MctllN BihH, Zi. East Twenty-ninth street. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN Gil LIOAN. PON of the late Henry Ollltgan. of nallagh Honse. Lecar ron. county Roscommon, Ireland. Any information con cerning hi in. living nr ile id. will he thankfully received bv his brother, HENRY J. BELVILLE. Essex county. Stew Jersey. INFORMATION WANTED?OF CORNELIUS MOLONEY, la to oi skongh, Kilkenny county, Ireland, who ar irlved per steam-hip Greece, lit, Castle (iarden, on Tues oi'.v, April ?'.i, will hi thankfully received by his cmi-in, JaMES J. MOLONEY. 17u Fourth street, WUlianibburg, L. L J' N FOR MAT ION WANTED?OF BROTHER PHILIP O'Neil, freemason, of Albany, Rwnn rlyof Qnebce, Canada. When last hivirfl irmn' he was in New York. Vuiie. i.s7;*. Any information of bis whe^ about* will be ih itiki'ully received ai 72j Broadway, Albany, N. I. TIM A*IDON?*11* Is VERY UNHAPPY; DI-t \ l~ X proves of onr vari'iu? places of meeting; jaw you "n Bafurdav (April 24) morning, (o'clock, in Hew Fifteenth Street going from i ighth avenuo to Sixth avenue: to watt again in the iliernonn, at the matinee, from 4 to5 c'e.lock, atS*tl West l ilteenth street; she lias saved me, as none but she ami Uod know of iIlls; card found in Bocketbook; tore it to pieccs too late; Providence re veals all. IH. LANGLF. V?I WANT TO SEE YOlT A I' S~IN ? clalr House, in A. M., to-dnv. ,to>. M, HUNTER. }'OSIB P.. FORMERLY ON EIGHTH AVENUE, WHITE tamediately. 27S>. 3"' IZZIB MILEY-SEND ADDRESS TO HERALD J o'hee. 8. O. M. TtfUS. OKNKRVL .' E. I" \ rt N'? I A jf?WILL SEND J'l aadrcs* to 1'. B. J0NL..S, Ueraid &:iicc ; will receive Jlll'-k.'l ? "Tl f IS;' C. P. H., MAONETD PIIYSD l AN.?PLEASE i'. call at 32 v\ a.-hiugt >n square, youi .uidri .-ha\ui^ III rll lost 3* > ?fi.MK nil.. EVKNlNli. Wli ;. BE WAITING . ? from 4 P. X. F. M. THURSDAY, MAY H; NO CHANGE, t. __ TltrsT. CAVI 'I, < I ILLAIftME?Ft> . . |:LY I: K VI R l ' t?ham, left New York for "Alrlca" in h p Littleton, February I \ lf*7I II living ni- p at address \ anted. f?ir hi liel-oual advaut igi, iiy Ju&Li'll iJ 1 \1 ? , 2oa Broads i.v AND PL V0 *<QPIttED HUM."?SAME TIME k? evening, ______ C-Ol'TII SIDE RAiT U i VOf'.Vt-.DN', -I v V-BOI N; To P 1'atel ' ih' Per-o 11. I i , .III. Mima,-. Addrew Cot it 11 .i MtDS' >N, Hi i anl I'pi ivn Brain h olTlce. "UTILL THE REV. MR. TI'THILL, OR TI TTLE. WHO ? ? ? '"I as pastor ?t the :4< a<> u-t . id- ,.al ihui h ?t H'M.m'd Station, *'i?teli'--ti -.IHIIIIV S V, ri iN?lto *'?*. pleaMi si n! his address lo E. U M., box 1*0 Herald I', t^m . Branch mt 1 1 Til ,4Tih-:ep stagic, wall riu.Kr to tmii:d J'r avenue. Krul.iv, i . |?. Will . ?nn- lady In rr iv ill st and bia"t< sacuui grant an intcrviuw to gentleman ?Vliosalop! Mdte? "Address ,. B. M., II laid ohico. ?4^-rTH'' WTLI. PLEASE COME AND SEE Mi5 AT tm I Hi. and obK-e "A." t.tlUi REWARD.?A MAN NAMF,D H. WOLF LEFT his r< .Ideiie. i: , IV M. rrldaj ni.'ht, fcr Barclay strce i ierry, and h. . not h nisi'inslti e; Is 27 *? -ir ol age, 5 !? ei. high, dark complexion? vvon adark blue Rock coat, wi h on dde; -.rrav knitted l.ickct. with r??d border: it n'k gi iv ?tiij.?-il pan Anv ??sdi: *rbo can .ive, inli'im.i ion h? willui t,, ins rei-ovn v, riesdornln , w:l eeeive the uhove reward. Apply at IV.f1 .ri t .iwIistreet fino ?!. 'VOW W, A LI v. '< i!,|. II ' v.; < nail it I K'tid ;i' r tH'M'iil iiddiii tv iiv'rt lti-ik, Jiera.Uon. ei DRY MOM. T KINZKY'h. Great Ribbon Kale. Ribbons. 60 cents on the dollar. Over All silk Ribbon*, Sc., 4c. 6r *e":?nIPlCCe'1 'rom *uction All Milk Fancier 60., 8c., lot- , lake viini Gros grain Ribbons. 8.-., 10c , 12ft. Vi ,,n Watered Ribbon*. 8c., lV. likc iic ,.W P "^od Oro. Grains, ill siik, ,4c ' up' nasn Ribbon*. J5c 42c. 4iU' 7v m, Black Plaid Saab, W. yard' P' f?y?n inch plain Wimfsor Silk bashes, 2>j yard* long, at 91 96. FLOWER DEPARTMENT. Over 40(1 different varieties fine * ft nth Mowers, at popular prices STRAW COOD8. | TRIMMINO DEPARTMENT. All the new shapes in Bonnets and Rouud Hau, In imported ana domestic Roods, from 23c. to $5 96. English and French Chips, 91 up. J PARASOL DEPARTMENT. ? INK) 1'nrasols, Hun I'mbrellaa, English .silk Umbrellas and 1 arasols at popular jiricet, Paxscincnterie Gimps, 91 piece up. Colored silk Gimps 50c. piece up. Black silk Fringes in great variety. Irom i>c. to 9:1 96 a vard. Colored silk Fringes in eyerv shade and stylo, oc. to $2 % a vanl. BraidSiCordn and Kindings * Pique Trimming*, I0c. toil 96 piece. Beaded Oruuweuts mid l,oop*. ^ LACE DEPARTMENT, f* An immense stock of real and irnit^ price. S aUd Lacu (iuuds ??*? Yak ilace, 29c. a vard up. ?rcnch Thread I-aces, ate. a vard un Real (Impure Uee.s, 15c. to 95 P' French Point i.aees, 50c. a vard ut> Silk dotted Veilings, Ok''onienneb Lact's' 19t'- ? dozen up! Silk Brussels Net, ,'Jic. a yard. Llama J-ace Shawls, iroin 93 50 to $49 , Llauiai Lace Saciiues, Irom 91 <8 to Jon- Silk Lace Huriieu, VfiV to??2: Colored Crapes. Wc. Wido Klack silk Lace* tor hcurlb, We., worth $1 29 a yard. ^? . ^ TIE AND SCARP DEPARTMENT [ We are opening over 1,21*1 dozens , .l!!!,"r"'(l ?""5 1,e*> *t about /o cents ?*n thedoliur. You can buv lor 25c. all silk Windsors rwlli.,i S1' Brocade Iwilled silk, Changeable Silk Ac- ?*> dozen all Mlk Romans, at 19c. 675 dozen very rich Silk Ties, from SkTto 96c ?> worth 65c. to 91 jo, EMBROltlKRV DEPARTMENT"^ i?"',?o^ ar,'s w'<'c Tucking* and ??? ???. wlt,huw!S? ^'"broidery, 20c. a yard d t!'U Rfilings, 3c. to I2?;c. Ru filings. Embroidered Band. 25c. a piece rhoiisaiids ot yards of Hamburg Embroideries, irom 3c. to $1 29 a yard. Worked I ique Trimming, 25c. Auction lota ol Embroideries. Hn?i ?f cl,,gin? cheap. Keal Lace Collars, very low * lutings and RuiHings tor the Neck, in Real and Imitation Laces, Irom 10c. to $ I 2:, a yard. Normandv Caps, fine assortment Lace Iidies, irom 15c. lo $1 w Thousands of vards of%!ta?,,liqne LttCU Co,tar?. ?*? in Jaconet, Swiss. Nainsooks Lawns, Plain, plaid and striped ; figured and doited bwlss all auction goods;, 15c. up. On Monday we shall throw on one counter all our Lace Curtains, worth trom to at one price?91?to close, as w* art closing that department: also 8.000 Skeleton and Gosmiuo? 1 urU4'u L?ces cheap, loreeta, worth 91 50, at 75c. each. 2,au genuine French ContOle Hand -embroidered 4i)-hone Wortl> ?t 91 90. rrinch Corsets at 91 49. z tfNDERWEAR department. 3110 boxes fine and richly-trimmed 150 boxes tucked, ruffled*"""* % 'r?,U **? tu $? *"J' trimmed Drawer?, 47c. to $4 39. Fine fucked, embroidered and Night PreRscs and Sacquc? * 74c' to 1 all styles, 86c. to 9i>. W.f,.ha.Vf',,u> liirResl .lsxortmetit o; I nderwear in the city, ail well niiide and of good materials. We can sell it at what you pay for the materials, and it costs voii ""thing for the making. Examine. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT f Ttiviisanils of dozens of ladies'. UI'hsvs' and gent's Hosiery, ill French. Pnclish and Oermnn Hose in every variety, and as low s they can be bought at wholesale. hiLOVE DEPAKTMENT. Thousands ol dozens Kid (iloves. One button, 39c., 50c. j.?ir, worth double. jrnrobuttMl Kid Cloves, Three button Kids, 9Cc. pair. ?- M 7&C ' ^ pulr Berlin Gloves, 1,2, Hand i bnttdtlfl. ^"ANDKK luTil"IKK DE P A RTM E NT? Thoiisaadx id Do/.ens Linen lleinstitciied. Fine Linen do. lle^ti^ed^nd^' ' *C- SU:- " Uc' Hand Linbroidtred, 25c. to 9oc. Cent's all Linen Hemmeri, 20e. up. Real and Imitation La? 8 u?"i?Utclied, 21c. to>lc. Dandk?rcUiets, 25c. toiiO. to departmi:nt. ^ Liniag Silk*., 25c.TTlc.. 40c. .vie Bonnet 81 Iks, ftlc., 62c., 7Se., S9i. up . Silk forquoies, 75c., ttc &l am Rich Watered Silks in ^verv ' ' color an.; Riac k kt 7.V. per vard. Black Silks, 91, 91 15, $i AM Silk Crnpe de Chines, .vie. Rieh ( orrted Silks, 7.'?'. per Vard Marceline Siik,25c. per yard t special BARGAINS Carve and fine \\ bite ShctlauJ Wool Shawls. *1. 150 dozens Misses' Fnncv Ilose 12V.V o.n . 25'dozens English Half Hose "(le 25n dozens Cents'and Hoys'isjlk ' ' ^"C Ties and Bows, 10c. to 91 '29. 120 dozen large square Silk 20,000 yards French woven Tnekin "r edgl'"' ut toc' e,lth bias and straight, all w idths, 10c. yard. 4oo lb.. Zephyr Worsteds, 12,MO yards French SilkY'aces?101* aBj k",a, 0,,ncc thread t atfcrnt?, ed|?e In th ?*idii for Kcaris or Bonnet strings, ^ yard wide, 50c. yard. FANCY GOODS. ^ Photograph Frames, gilt, oxidized, v. [vet, carved wood. Itussia leailier, velvet and silt, Ac., from 10c. to $5%. Carved fwlm Onds in great vnrictv; Brackets, Match ."-ale*, booHshciN cs, I rallies, Hacks, Ac., Ac Rrrinz" and oxldlwd ornaments. Fancy Basket-', greal variety. Parian and China Goods. Silk., I.ace, Russia an<l Ivory Fans. Silk. 19c., toe., 40c. to$.V?. Perfumeries and fnnps. Stereoscopes anil View*. Large assortment of Croiaoi.*c a?--ortnv-nt of BrlN, ll.'u". I'orteinoni'tle*. ? .ird Casesi Cigar Casec, Ac., *c. Combs, Bm?ho, Mirrors. The new sty 1 Cmnbs Fine Fancy Articles low. Oxidized Rnttons, ornaments. Pin-, "cts chain-, Bra- < lets, l.ockcts, Chaiaiimn, Buckets, Sleeve Huttons, Ac. i in imi: a ease of Robber and k Wlnthy Jet .Jewelry, Chains, l.oi kcis, NtckluiA.-' Kurnng*, Ae. P?nrl Enr Kcrcws, with silver wire, hi 4:r. i r i air. Oilt Jew. Ir>, Urge assortment. Opening i In r-c ?toek of Buttons, III peill'l, OXi-lized steel. Silk Crochet Mil Velvet cbeup. .-I'EC'I AL NOTlt SI On Monday we shall oifer from bankrupt sale over mo boxes <it "eh Uonrti l Millions, from 15c. to Ijc, pei yard, worth d.iiitiie. On Mondav, flpjim bankrupt ??ale, over BOu.OUO wi rth of real and linltation Luces and I.ace _ . ... ??hhI .Sonic great bargains. On Monday we shall open mm) nice* i black and cob red silk Fringes l-rlnges bought at fii.j cents on tbedollar. J'" Monday, from hankrnrt sale, i.. pieces ja< ni't, Vic torid and Swiss i< Irt Pin ft; i . with wide em ... hrot ierv con 6Uc., to b? sold at Ale. From bankmptstock, over;?,(??? rich fil* lie* and fcartti, t,, be closed out from 19c to OA., Wuith niur? than double Or, Monday, 800 Lace Saenues, with ruilles, (tin^ s and plain . i.k I.accs to lie closed out 1.200 dorens linen nMtdkcTcbbV 10 **' *omi U("Jb'e' l;i lies' 11id grntK' extra iin?, nil linen, tueae i, c irrted and era brouHrc.l,Sve. to IRK. Worth double. From auction, f,n Mondav. i-r. at bar-aim in real i]ti|. I ure Laces, trom I to flinches wide, iron. IS.. to i.l JO yard. From auction, ft* lots II,un ion ? Kdgiii?s ami ln?erti< nf, troio 3c to ' < v.-ir ! also *:.ilitl \?ork huiOroub ni IflC to *"? vunl "" AiLl.lAM KINJWs, 7i 7 iml 76!) Bread way, icrnci i-vlu'V .-ie w.u'l & coruer Niuth lUcet. DRY GOODS. JJOD8EKEEP1NG GOODS AT GREAT BARGAINS. B. AMMAN A CO. call the attention of HOUSEKEEPERS and of parties ?bout preparing lor housekeeping that they will open on MONDAY, MAY 5, with a very extensive and magnificent gtock of Housekeeping Goods of every description, in cluding every possible articic In Cotton, Linen and Wor sted Goods required for fitting up Parlors, Bedrooms aud Dining Rooms, comprising In detail as follows:? WINDOW DRAPERIES, NOTTINGHAM AND LACK TIDIES, PIANO, TABLE and TOILET COVERS, MARSEILLES and HONEY COMB QUILTS, WOOL BLANKETS anfl~~COMFORTABLES. DAMASK TABLE LINENS and TABLE CLOTHS, LINEN NAPKINS and DOYLIES, DAMASK and HUCK TOWELS and TOWELLING, STAIR CRASHES and KITCHEN CRASHES, 4c., 4c., at R. AI.TMAN 4 CO.'S, 331 and 333 Sixth avenue, near Twenty-first street ACE CURTAINS AT B. AI.TMAN 4 CO.'S. lace 150 plccec LACK CURTAINS At'the following GREAT BARGAINS. 25 pieces NOTTINGHAM LACES, at30c. per yard. 25 pieces NOTTINGHAM LACKS, at 35c. per yard. 3(1 pieces NOTTINGHAM I.ACES, at 40c. per yard. 40 pieces NOTTINGHAM LACKS, at 50c. per yard. 20 pieces NOTTINGHAM LACES, at 66c. per yard. 10 pieces NOTTINGHAM LACKS, at 75c. per yard. 200 pair NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, as I'ollnws:? <!0 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 3}j yards long, $.i 50. 50 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 4 vards long, $4 60. 30 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 4 yards long, 25. 20 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 4 yards long, $5 75. 20 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 4 yards long, $0 50. 20 pairs NOTTINGHAM LACK CURTAINS, 4 yards long, *7 25. APPLIQUE LACE CURTAINS, as follows:? APPLIQUE LACE CURTAINS, 4 van^ng, nt $10. Fine APPLIQUE LACK CURTAINS, 4 yards long, at Fine APPLIQUE LACF. CURTAINS, extra long, at $15. Fine APPl.lgi E LACK CURTAINS, extra long, ele gant patterns, In every variety, $lti, $14 lu $35. EXTREMELY ELEGANT MEDALLION CURTAINS, at $20. $25 to S3* LACE LAMBREQUINS, reduced to $12 50. CURTAIN LOOPS, at75e.. $1 and $1 50 per pair. J Oil LOT of LACE TIDIES AT GREAT BARGAINS. Lace Tidies oblong, round and square, 19c., 22c., 26c.. 27c., 3UC., 35c.. 40c., 50c. to 75c. FINE APPLIQUE TIDIES, 26c., 30c ., 38c., 40c. to $2 each. GUIPURE LACE TIDIES, 25c. 30c., 37c., 48c. to $leach. CLUNY LACE TIDIES, inserted with satin squares, at $1, $1 60 to $3. GUIPURE AND NOTTINGHAM LACE SPREADS, with PILLOW SHAMS to mutch, at $10 40 per set of 3 pieces. B AI.TMAN A CO. Bali MAN A CO. . housekeeping DEPARTMENT. PIANO covet;.-), vor.v elegant, silk crobroj?lerc<l. in all color*, lull size, $11 85. piaNO COVERS, very elegant, silk embroidered, in all colors, lull gl/.c, $u. PIANO ('OVERS, very floe work, silk, scolloped edges, at $16, $17, $18, $19. fb. TABLE COVERS, silk embroidered, 6-4 size, all colors, $4 50. COVERS, silk embroidered, 8-4 size, all colors, $(j 50 and j-7. STAND covers, silk embroidered, 4-1 size, all colors, $2 50. Larce rarletv of kink embroidered MATS, TAP ESTRY TABLE cov1jrs, Ac., Ac. quilts > at the akstllles quilts 1 GREATEST BARGAINS. B. ALTMAN A CO, monday, may 6, WILL OPEN 10 CASES of FINE MARSEILLES QUILTS, Also HONEY-COMB ql ILTS, at EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. b. ALTMAN a CO., SIXTH A VENT E. t inen department OF B. ALTMAN * CO. Oil MONDAY, may S, will be opened LINEN NAPKINS, DOYLIES, TOWELS, AC., at the following extraordinary LOW trices, as follows:? 100 dozen % i'cre LINES N APKINS, $1 per dozen. 100 dozen fine LINEN napkins, $! 50 per dozen. 200 dozen m superfine LINEN NAPKINS, $170 and $1 'j7 per wzen. Super quality )? NAPK" inh $2 5^ per dozen. Fine quality^ napkins, $3 per dozen. Extra fine quality v .' vPKlNS, $3 80, $4 per dozen. Extra qn.ility '? fin ? Table Napkins, $"> p.'r iloZ' n. 100 dozen white and colored LINEN DOYLIES, la round, -iiiiarc, ovul mil octagoi.i.i, at s-..? s|, $1 25. $1 ?5, fl Ml, $1 7j, $2 to $2 50 per dozen. Also WHITE. ruff, PINK. dear and GREEN SjA'i IN HAM i SK 1 \ It 1,1. ( 1JVEKS and 1 > 1LET cgvkks to MATCH, Iro n $2 to st ?*}. towew, towilli.m; clusiilh, ae. $8inch FINE iicck TOwiLS, $2 per down. 40 inch FINE IIl'CK I < >\V* i. l.?-, $2 00 per dozed, 42 Inch FINE IIUCK TOWELS, $2 75 per dozen. 45 Inch FINE Ht'CK tow ELS, $3 per dozen. 4Slneh FINE DAM A K roWEI.S, $5 50 perdozeb, 48 Inch lr|(|i': DAMASK Tott i ls, $ii|.. rdoseu. EXTRA FINE SATIN da.MA.iK 'i owe is 25 per <? nt h ss than form' r prices, se 11in? it $0 30, $7, $7 60 to $?< per dow n. C.I,\?s towet.LTNG rc.-sia CP. vsti, til'Alii AND K,i i 08 en crashes, hi Sc., 9c., 10c., 11c., lfc. to 15c per yard at b. A ?n a CO.'S, 181 and 333 ?? i \ TIT ar< nue, ne:ir i wonty tlrst street. \t ' IKlLt.'jALE PltlCI'S i'll!! slleeti.m.S ?? p11.lo w CASINGS. All the popular nin'ei ot T.INKN AND enn >N umewlmitf AND luiluw i '. iix'.:' will l>? offer.- i .it wttotl A! l i'M k . COMMENCING MONDAY, MAY 5. 8 4, 9-4, 10-4, 11-4 am' 12-4 OUT 'ON siiee IN , at ojc., 40c., 42c., 45c., 48o., 50c. and po. yuru, r>.4. m and 7-4 piltowt CASINOS, 21.., 20c. 28c. to . lor best per ya td. 8-1 to 12-4 un EN 9HE1I INGE at $1, $1 10and?l 5. 5-4 to 7 8 LINEN-I'll,i.OW 01sin\!S, 48c.i 00c. and 7f? per yard. 11. ALTMAN A CO . 3.h and i1s blxi'u AVENVii. jumke i WENTY t'lli. i tfltteet, DRY GOODS. jg~~AI/TMAN A CO. ___ will alio make an extensive display In their DRESS 811,K DEPARTMENT. COLORED DRESS OOdKTj^^ MOURNING UUODS ) PARASOL AND UMBKKLLA DEPARTMENT. laces, lack noons, / dri'aktment RIBBok and TRIMMING \ ?BrAKTMBHr. LADIES' SUIT and LADIES', MISSES and IN FANT8' OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT. KID OLOVF, HOSIERY ?ml HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT, And . ELEOANT NOVELTIES and RICH, FANCY mid LEATHER UOODS in their JEWELRY DEPARTMENT. All U> be offered at tlie lowest possible prices. Al.TM VN A CO., 351 and 333 sixth avenne, near Twenty-first street. JJRESS SILK DEPARTMENT. ELEGANT NEW Bl.ACK SILKS. $1 SO, $1 75per yard. BEST LYONS BLACK SILK, $2, $2 25, $2 50 per yard. FANCY STRIPED GRISAILLE SILK, $1 per yard. BLACK AND WHITE, 1 OKAY AS'I) WHITE, > OKAY AND BLACK, 1 Hue striped Silk", in the best makes, at $1 IS, $1 :s, SI per yard. TAFFETA AND GROS GRAIN SILKS, ill ALL THE NEW COLORS and SHADES, at SI 45, St 60, $1 75 per Yard. B. A L I'M AN A CO. offer on MONDAY, MAY 5, MOHAIR POPLIN DRESS UOODS, 38c. per yard. SERGES, DOUBLE WIDTH, at 45c. per yard. GRAY MOHAIR POPLINS, 33c., 35c., 37c., 45c. per yard. DUOHE8S CLOTH and Summer Cretonnes at 50c. per v ard. STRIPED CAMELTINES (very desirable), 50c. per yard. FINE SUMMER SATIN ES, PLAIN and STRIPED SERGES, ALL WOOL CRETONNES and CAMELS' 1IA1R CLOTH, at 50c. and 62c. per yard. ELEOANT SILK PONOEE KOULAKDS, in all the NEW SPRING COLORS and shades, at 78c. and 80c. per yard. JAPANESE SILKS, at 42c. per yard. B. Al.TM AN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE. M OURNING GOODS. SPECIAL. Black all wool CASHMERE, U6c. per yard. Extra fine all wool CASHMERE, SI 10 per yard. Best quality BOMBAZINES, $1 25, SI 59 per yard. HENRIETTA CLOTHS, SI 50 per yard. ALL WOOL DELAINE, 47c., 50c. per yard. CREPE CLOTHS, 50c , 62? .,75e. per yard. ALL WOOL CRETONNEsT^T, 75c per yard. BLACK IRON GRENADINES?50c. per yard. EXTRA QUALITY QBBNaDINM, 75c., 8Uc. per yard. Bla^k Satin Striped GRENADINES, flue quality, 27

inches wide, SI per yard. Colored striped URENADINES, 25c. per yard. Including other popular brands of MOURNINO GOODS at low price*. J?EAL LACES. LACE GOODS, VEILS, AC. A new and very extensive slock of REAL YAK, GUIPURE and THREAD LACES. Elegant assortment of SPANISH und CHENILLE SPOTTED LACK VEILS. LACK FICHUS, BARRES, COLLARS, HANDKERCHIEFS, AC. Also, RICH GROS GRAIN BONNET and SASH RIBBONS, SILK TIES. SCARFS AND NECK HANI'KERCHIEFS. RICH DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, Finu Black Dress and < |,.ak KKfNt.ES, RICH PASSEMENTERIES AND ORNAMENTS, all at exceedingly low pricos. 1 IT IT DI P IRTMKNT, ) XADIKS, MISSES' AND INFANTS' OUTFITTING department B. ALTMAN A CO. The balance of our stock of fine ready made SII.K AND WORSTED SPRING AND SUMMER SUITS, WALKING AND "TRAVELLING DRESSES, will be sold out without regard to tost. Black Silk Suit', $43, $.7\ $?0, $75. ( To clone out Elegant Silk Suits, $85, $95 and $100. I the I hnliince of FINK IMPORTED COSTUMES, $:S5 and $10. | this ?? I aMaon'a I INK IMPORTED COSTUMES, $'J5 un<l $.M). | slock. FINE IMPORTED COSTUMES, $U and $20. We still continue to offer the Mmt and siiil greater bargains LADIES' FINE UNDERWEAR. Please call and examine our prices, B. ALTMAN A CO., Ml and 333 Sixth avenue. J^ID GLOVES FOR LADIES AND MISSES at 50c. and $1 per pair. The *ainc gold last year at $1 and $1 50 per pair. LADIES', MISSES', GENTS' AND YOUTHS' BRITISH HOSIERY at GREAT BARGAINS, IN COTTON, LISLE THREAD, SILK AND BALBRIO OA N, in .blenched, brown, striped and silk clockcd, ranging at the low prices of ;5c., 30c., 40r.,4.V\, 50e,, .We , 60c., 73C. to $?*? per in*ir, and from $:t to $50 per dozen, beliJj fully 33K per cent less ttian their regular value. LADIES', GEMS'AND CHILDREN'S ? HANDKERCHIEFS of all finalities at REDUCED PRICES. The must UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL NOVELTIES In PARIS and VIENN A FANCY GOODS, OXIDIZED, JET, RUBBKK, PEARL, and GILT and SHELL Jcwe,ry. Belt Clasps, Hat, Hair and Dress Ornament!. BRACELET", EARDROPs, BllOOCHKS, LOCKEi6, COlIiiri, FANS, including a complete stock a FINE LEATHER GOODS, ~~ SATCHELS, TRAVELLING BAGS, VALINES, I \BY'S COMPANIONS, PORTEMONNAIES, LEATHER BELTS, Ac., Ac. Ail new, novel and attractive, at Our USUAL POPULAR PRI~E8. B, ALTMAN k CO., S31 ui. i W4 SUUi avenue. OK V GOODS. J^ TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. LOW PRICES KOK RICH UOODS JJ DDDD A N N H F.EEEE L JJ J) D A A NN N II K L _ 33 D n A A N N N II K L t JJ D DA ANNNI1K L JJ D D AAAA N N N 11 EE EE L JJ D DA A N N N II E L JJ D I>A A N N N II E L JJ D DA A N NN II E I. JJJJ , DDDD A AN N 11 EKEEE LLLLL 759 I1ROADWAV AND NO. 1', CLINTON PLACE, ONK BLOCK BELOW A. T. STEWART A COt'S. i?? 4, We nail spe cial at tention to a ease of rich Lyon* satin fin ish (Iron drains, 26 inches wide, at SI 75, tl Mi, $1 85, >1 80. t'i; good value lor $2 W1. Also a large lot of extra heavy Oros lirain, at 10, 9'-' 20, 92 25, 12 50, $2 75 and ft?25 per cent miller present market prices. Rich black Iatl'ctas. at 91 35, $1,50, $1 H5 and upward-. Belion'S black Orns tiralns al $2, 12 25, $2 !i0, 1'.' 75, 93, 13 25 anil 13 50. Poll nun's Black <ros drains, at $2 25, 12 5ii, 12 75, $3, $.1 5i. c. ,r. Hon net's black tiros Grains, at $2 75. $:i. 1'. 50, $.1 C. J. Bonnet's $?, $? 5H, 94 mi, $5 ii ml 16. sample* given era tuitously or sent liy mail on ap plication to all parts of the coiin tr>. <? ^ n _ a 3 OUil BLACK SILKS ArtK DAILY GAINING POPULARITY. L 1. K LLLLLL K K K KK K K KS88SB S 8 B 8 6B888S B K 8 H 88SS8S SSTf KNLAKGFMENT OF RIBBON DEI'ARTMl c: ?? t*?U c a fj tons ot rich Bon net anil Trim ming Itibbons, purchased at the recent large auction sales, nt 600. on the dol lar: 7>j ineh l'iaid Itih new mi ; 17a"iireii i taiQ lions, al 90c. iicr yard : Spring Sash Ribbons, Irom (15c. yard upwards, rich Roman Sash Riiibons. at 91 45 yard ; Bonnet Itib bons in nil the new shades, at 42c. yard ; Grostiraln Neck Ribbon in choice shades, lkj-in. wide, *t!8c. yard; best quality Neck Ribbons, l|a inch wide, at 12*40. per yard; ft.tXX) yards 41 incli silk Rililioiis, at 25c. iter yard. Also 1(0 cartons Silk Velvet Ribbons, from I to 1J(J inches wide, at 5c. am: lilc. per yard, in all color*. Also an cartons Fancy VPKrot Itib bons. at 5v. and lUc. yard. V vl CV' iV Zz. r-j" as:' ?" C.1"! W3 gw Jo 0 = M-. CO< *>X ta R ?<s> GREAT SACRIFICE IN BONNET. HASH AND TRIM MI.NO RIBBONS FROM AUCTION. MM MM II L MM MM IU MM M M II |; M M M M II L M II L M II L M II li M II L li NN II N V II N N II N N IIN N II N II N II N N EEEE RRRR N E N E N E N EKE si N K N N K N N K M 11 LULL 1,1.LI. IIN NN EEEE R R R R R R R RltRK K R R R R R 11 20,(100 YAttllS (IF NEW EMBROIDERIES FROM AUCTION AT LOW PRICKS. 4 > 3.1*10 y a r il s Embroid ered Flounr ings, from 580. to Unr. vd. I case ot extra'fine Flounc ing*, from 91 4n to 92 10 per yd. 1 ruse ex Ira tin* French Nainsook Edgings, from 3Hc. t? $12.'i per yard I cnw oi Swiss Kdgingsand Insert ing*. AO dost. flue flimltv Bands, from ll^c. lo 30c. a hand. Magic Buttl ing*, 23c. piece up. Coventry Ilutlllnss at 45c. piece and up. 5,0(io Kmbroidorcd Medallions, 5c. each up. Embroidered Ini tials, all letters, for hansierring. Ladies' flue Linen < 'ollars. at 1 in*, each up. La dies' lino Linen Cliffs, ut 21c.pull up. indies' fine Linetl Sleeves 46c. luiir up. The new plaited Linen Collars and CutTs. t he latrst novelty Col' r'd Collars and Culls Ladies' Mourning lldkfs., 25c cm. up. La dies' emb'li lidkls.. 75e, each up La dies' heinst'd lldkfs , IX'., 2's- , 2.V',, :*ic ,:?c., 50i up. 0 So tfiSI J is ?ec E.V Victoria l aw ii. IHi yd. no : Bl'hops Lawn. 22". yd. up H-4 flue French <ii KMdie, at .ri0. per yd. and upwards. FFFFFP K* K F FFF F F F I A K \ A A N NN N .V N N N N N N N N N ( N rrcc n c o N <' N C N O N C N N C V Y Y Y Y Y Y Y YYY YY Y PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLoWKR<*. <V, <i> <$> < li h ve just re 0( IVC'l :iT rawsdi Hp'-' nl nnveltlen, w hieh, in addition tn nnr already e x te it s i vp MoiilM flocCrcnchl'lnff ers, we invite your particu lar attention I'HT comprise Hiiiiriui'iv Monturc*. tiarland*, rich Bridal l'arure*, Floral Ores* Trimming*, Ac. .v.B,?Flower*branch ed to order In every ?tyl? at *hort notion. I.ilieral dwountto wli ile.?ale cu.*toni< m. Eolifliin. French and English Chip, Mtiw and Neapolitan Hat* and Bonnet* In nil the prevailing rtiapes at tin lowe*t po? iilile prl' i'*. Jiwt receivi d one caw of extra line I^irhorn IIh * and Hnn ncmat price* much under Mleir re i value. our *tock of ? ? >. ;i Bonnet: anil Hat Frames i- the lantent and most Complete hi the f? iI v, at prices defying com petit i' ? ti. IJaisand ii et* iritn n led to or<|. r. V V V Bill DAIj W'KKATIM \ND PARI It h\yi IMI'B 1>ESI?NS IN Bit I DAI '*?* A SPECIALTY. I id w. vk11. . j I) A A N If EEEEE r, NN N II K .IJ D l? A A NN N II i: J.I It I? A A N ? N II F J.I li l> A AAA N N N I ( EE JJ It OA A N N N IT F, J J li 11 V A N NN II K .IJ II li A AN NN II K .1 J.IJ , UUUi) A A N N 11 KEEEE U.LLL, 7W HROVDW vV A V11 NO. I > , ? 1,1 '""N I'l, w E, ON;. III.' it'K liEI.OW A. T. yiliWA*t A 1-O. H. We have ' an cMi n *ive assort tnentofnits ia I catber Pocket booklirit.' and Satchcls. '<?do/, real Rusma Wallet*, 7.V ??'?,. worm $1 Wt r< al l u -ia F n?. $:i 70 up : Velvet Helta, With . i differ. nt style* tickle* Mid chntelaln*. Including t'm latest novelty! Jet and JiijianeiNI But kle* all I Chnt lain*; i.ilt, "xi ili/i d, Japanese, < oral and ?'< i .1 'welry. Choice i iti? rn?il?eeiv( I by ever* Hteuiu?-r, ut unusually low price (lilt Hf k Cliiilit", al i c. en . usuailv sola 1<? jew* ell rs at fl -?> ea.; Noveltli < in 1 eat I, UUtiand TW.|UoIh- Ear Ser. wa. A lat HP ck it w Fain, I'earl, I\. rv, satin, ..lit ana I'ortouw Siiell, ol exuiiisite work man hip aini design A u i odti ,-s vorlety o: i :imt tiHinri in (ixoili/.ed Jet, (lilt and .1 a Jj.tiT'MO, lor I <n i, \<' ??. I'm:,I li.,;'., ami t'a rusolH. <4> r ii. KN'.I' NEW I' \ .: A -'< ? 1. Bill KS, FKOH $1 1.1 !, WITH i EA: il r i DRY GOODS. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. LOW PRICES rOK HICI1 OOOD8 L L L L L L I, LLLLL kk k k kk kk k k k k k k k k kk kk ssss oooo 8 8 O O tt 8 SS88 a 8 8 S 8KS8 OOOO NN ? SN N O N N N O N N N O N N N O N N N N Nil N N N N NN 710 itltOADWAY AND 13a CLINTON PLACE, ONK BLOCK BELOW a/V STEWART A OO.'s. J A vail ing tliem ? ipIvcs of the prnaent derangement in prices, are enabled to offer their entire *?<>ck of new Spring Goods at 25 per cent le?? than rout ot Importation. Wo have purchased at the late large auction sales over $100,000 worth of the richest good* Imported thin season, ami expressly adapted for choice city trade, cluei among which are lull line* ol rich black Silks of the re nowned make*oi J. c. Bonnet, Bnllon, Pons, n, Tapissier, Ouinet; also the ccli'lnatfil hraii'l ol the (iuldea Lion, hv Teiilard. Encouraged by the large increase of our bUsineniLwe have made great alterations on our piouil les, extending Into Clin ton place, expressly to enlarge our Klb boli, Millinery & N Underwear I ?| Depart ??-<?> went. ?> ww v. / HE* > cw wn VvRUY ARTICLE MENTIONED IN Tills ApVKli TISEMKNT aUARANTKRD Art REPHKSbNIKD. BEAL ASK IMITATION LACES IN (iItKAT VAK1ETV. ! *** a o > Ileal and Im itation ParasoU'ov ers, Handker chiefs, Barbes, Fan Covers, Ac. 280 doz. Vai Edgings, 30c. <!?/.. 200 doz. du.,*. 'Oildoz.Italian Edgings, 12c. ? w Si*)doz. Brussels yd.. th 2iio. doz. up. Black Kootin, vellings, f>0c. yd. up. 1,000 Brussels \ Brussels Net atftic. yd. yds. Colored $1 vd. up. A law lot Dotted Veilings, "n new colon, .Vic. yd., of English Crapes ?'? I.ace Hats, $2.15 w'h $1 35. Child re. Fringe* Uren each up. The new *? Veils, new adlne Veils. Spanis to $? W si vies, from *1 .'II Eare Pine Organdie and Ties, from .'50c. to ? ' ea.'h. Italian and Kea Lace Jabots, from H5c. each to $1(1 70. Laco Bulling*, in 20 different styles, from lie. yard to I $1 25. S* 9* LLAMA LACK SUAWI R A.M> SACQUES AT LOW PRICES. ENLARGEMENT OF UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. The best materials at the lowest prices. c,* -3> 50 do/. fine Mus lin chemises at (I ea.; extra fine Cord Hand $1 20each, Tucked and iord Bund $1 50 ea.; Tucks, Puffs and ?mbroidcrv.from $240up. SO doz. fine MiinIiii Drawers, 6 tucks and liem. at 9.1c. ea.; If tucks and rullle $1 1)5 ea.; wiih milium fuck* and pulling from $1 21 up.: with line embroidery tucks and putting from (l 70 up. Fine Muslin und extra finish Night Dress s at $1 S5eai h; with ruffling tuck* and embroidery $- up. Fine Musliii Dressing Sacques with ruff Unit and tucks from $1 20 up. Corset Covers irom $1 12 up.; Walking Skirts from 11 each up.; '.adlea' and Chil dren's Aprons, Children's Corset Waists, Ac. A large stock of Hoop Skirts, KV\ ea. up. New st\ leg ol Unities, 2s ?. i a up. We have just received a large lotot imported Underwear at very low prices The above goods will bear close in spection. UNDHKWKAIt OP SUPERIOR QUALITY AND UNI- II. 0000 OOOO O O 1 O O I O O O GO o o o UGUO OOOO o o o o o o o o D O I) o o 0 O O D o 1> OOOO DDDDD D S I> 8 D 8 D S D D 0 8 g SSSSS9 J U ST It El'El V ED, ONK CASE OF OXIDIZED DRESS AND POLONAISE BUTTONS. ?<& The shf la ru f: v Fringe mf Ore ti adlne Veils. All th? spring shades ia troni tBc. a yd. Plain and croch et Buttons in nil -hades aii I sizes. N. H.?Fringe* nnd Ituiuxi!s made loonlcrat ?; notice, .lust received a assortment ot tli<? new Cloak Ornament;. and Frog Huttoiis; also the Crape Fringe, suitable for Veils and lor every description of Mourning Oeoda. A very large stock of Silk and Jet Pa e inen'erie. at low prices. Our small ware and Notions D"parlinent l.s replete Willi every tie. es-arv article; Sewing .-ilks, Twists and Braids ol the liest every possible shadu und color: 3>>-var'l pieces black Ai paca braid at piece, l'carl Dress and .-'hirt Hustons of nst superior tltilsh, at 10c. oz.; Protei live Plaited Wigan, He. yard ; Ilex ter knitting Cotton, all ii ti in hers. Tapes, Bobbins, Fnw, NecitVs, gr> itlv un der usual prices. di LAitGK "i H i'' K OK - SI M.I. W'VItKS AT WHoLKSALK PltlCKS. lLLI.L noon sn O O N N O OSS O O N S O S N O N O N O K 0000 N N N N N K N N N ?< N N NN 7"> ? HROVHWAY AMI No. Pi fl.l NT" IV PhACK, O.N!'. Kl.iiCK IIKl.OW A. T. STHWAUT A CO. S. f-=* > 3 A larj?e lot of .1 'i u v 1 n' s Kill Glove* at Si els. pair; I'O dozen fine two-but ton Kill Oloves al $1 per pair; ISO dozm extra Alio two-button Kid (doves. sprinit shades, at Ji a per pair; 10U doz?n extra tine three button Kid (i lo V c s In new fprum shades at #1 >> per l>->ir. L a die a' Neckties In all the latent tvle?; two hundred dwn stilt Wind sor Tie* at 38 tint" eadi: one hundred dozen new Krlnirea 'lies in lit ty different ah-idea. Novelties in Silk Orenadlne riaa, l'olka 8 ji o t Ties. The new Corlsandor K r I n * ? d h litt wis in new aliades. A No rich, soit silk Km broldered Ties; new ill -.lin. in itott silk flatted Vests, trimmod with fine Italian L a c o s. v v V vv V ? i=l V, ? r ? 3 32 Tib t K :*? I NOVhl.TII- * IN 1/ A I>11- -i" j^TUliKl) on the |tr? ml*t ?> ire ? Alt MANUv'<C-1 ;|| iwrrKHV*. I ?-? -?' ' - ? 1 ? '

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