Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 10
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Early Stringency and Closing Ease in Money. The Rate on Call Ranges from 25 Down to 5 Per Cent. "BEAR" ATTACK ON PACIFIC MAIL. A Fall of 6 Per Cent and a Reac tion of 3 Per Cent. Further Doclino in C., C. and I. C. and Union Pacific. Tbe General List Sympathizes, but ReeeTen and Closes Strong. THE GOLD MARKET STEADY. k Bank Statement of the Olden Time ? Hearly Three Millions of Surplus Be serve?Government Bonds Quiet Advance in Foreign Exchange. Wall Street, 1 8AT0RDAY, May 3?C P. M.) On 'Change to-day cot ton was doll aud nominal for spot, but In moderate demand for futures, at slightly easier rates. Flour remained quiet, hut, steady. Wheat aud corn were in limited request, but firm. Till! IMPORTS OF TUB WRRK. The total imports of foreign merchandise at the port of New York for the past week were $6,970,387, made up of $1,721,428 of dry goods and $5,248,960 of general merchandise. TUB COTTON MOVEMENT. The total receipts of cotton at all the ports for the past week were 48,046 bales, against 46,373 bales the previous week, making the total receipts since September 1, 1872, 3,267,1)44 bales, against 2,683,2C9 bales last year?an lucrease in the present crop of 645,246 bales. The exports rrom ail the ports during the week were 69,622 bales, against 83,022 bales lor the same period last year. The total exports for the expired portion of the cotton year are 2,165,522 bales, against 1,779,847 bales last year. The stock at all the ports is 419,438 bales, ?gainst 268,938 bales in 1872. TUB FORE I ON MARKET. The London quotations were steady for consols and United States bonds. Eric shares were strong and advanced about a half per cent. The new French loan improved to 5S? per cent premium, bot fell off at the close to 5 per cent premium. A cable report from Berlin announces that the Bank of Prussia has raised the rate of discount from 6 to ? per cent. MONEY EASIER. The money market was easier, with, toward the close, a pressure to lend which revealed an unex pected abundance of money in the hands of brokers. The opening rate on call was 1-32 a 1-16, with the bulk of bnstness early In the day at a new quotation among stock houses, viz., 3-64 As all the commissions were paid for the two days to Monday, the highest ex treme of the day was equivalent to about 26 per cent per annum. After two o'clock the rate fell quite rapidly, aud by the close of baukinn hours money was offered at 5 per cent. Foreign ex change was firmer, and the leading drawers ad vanced the rates for sixty-day sterling to 108 V and for sight to 109 V. The outstanding extra green backs have been contracted $:4j,ooo since yester day, and now amount to the even $1,000,000. A OOOO BANK STATEMENT. The weekly statement of the associated banks is the most favorable In several months, the gain in resources having been large enough not only to take the reserve acrose the line, but to create nearly three millions ola surplus, the latter luxury heing quite a novelty. The increase in deposits begins at length to reflect the heavy receipts of currency from the interior, tint without as yet doing full Justice to their abundance. The gain In specie?showing the payment of the May inter est on the public debt?and In legal tenders is about five millions. The banks have been so much encouraged by their acquisition of strength as to enlarge their loans about a million and a hair. The Itatement compares with its predecessor of last ireek as follows:? April 26. May 3. Loans $2f>9,30i.s<00 $270,721,100 Specie 15,989,700 18,(J77,soo Circulation 27,737,700 27,664,400 Deposits 188.220,600 ia<;,47i,noo Legal tenders 37,61*0,600 40,051,700 ?The changes being in detail as follows Increase in loans. $1,419,200 increase In specie 2,808.100 Decrease in circulation 173,:?oo Increase in deposits 8,251,300 Increase in le^al tenders 2,361,100 An analysis ol the above figures shows that the banks now hold $2,720,425 in excess of the legal reserve, against a deficiency last week of $309,275, making a gain of $3,029,700. OOU) STEADY?116V A 117 a 116V The gold market "was steady, with, at one time of the day, a firmer feeling, following the an noun cement that the Bank of Prussia had raised the rate of discount to 6 per cent, when the price advanced irom 116V to 117. After mid-day the advance was lost, the market reacting to 116^ a 116V. The course of the market is shown In the table :? MA.M 116 V 12 M 116%' 10:02 A. M 116V 1 P. M 116 V 10:17 A. M 116V 2:30 P. M 116', 10:39 A. M 117 2:50 P. M 116V 11 a. M. mv 3 Y. M 11??, a 116V In the gold loan market the rates ranged from J to 7 per cent lor carrylug The operations of the I Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gold cleared $100,657,000 Oold balances 2,385,838 Currency balances 3,082,798 The Sub-Treasury paid out $698,600 on account of Interest, and $2,600 on account of redeemed five twenties. The European steamer took out $220,500 allver. THE SPECrE MOVEMENT. The exports of specie during the week and since the beginning of the year, as compared with pre vious years, have been as follows:? Total for the week $401,318 ?Previously reported 17,121,441 Total sineeJanuary 1, 1873 $17,522,769 Same time 1H72 10,725 593 Same time lSTl 2il 43 05fl Same time 1870 7700 "04 Same time mou '/J h'uh'ua Same ume wo* ;?;;;;;;;;;;;;; ?$$8 1 TUB itAILKOAU liONDS. An unusually large business (or Saturday was done In the railroad bonds, the market being steady. Fort Wayne seconds sold at loo, and New 1 York and New Haven sixes at 67. The following were tne bids at the Board York Cen fl's,'S3.. 91 Tol ,t Wall l?t st L div at) {lew "i ork ( en t.'h,lM>7. S? Tol A W ul> sj ?) YcrK(fi) ? Tol A V\ alMMiuiti ids! *i?/ I trie let ui, extruded .MJ0V Tol A Wab ton < <>nv '.'?*< Erie cm, Hi 9M. Ot UcrtiM m , Ik- v, ??? J.1*,4th in, Hi. . i)*V ?it W int 2(1 in, IMXi . rie i^iui it,, uh loot, (lalcua .HfliicuKn i x mi ""(i l otxin,nds ?7J4 Chic, K 1 Ai'ac loa'' BuM, N Y A h iMm, 77 y? Morris A tnwx I Mm lui - . Uud Wv 7'?, ?1 m ?r, 86.1(*v Morris * fcm?x *itn. ?7V Bnd lt 7 *,:?(! m, 7ft? sw s .j t'en istm.n Alb A biioSo bdn sflv N J t-oLtlicrn l?tnW'? 7m,i Chic, ?u/ A Q .lMm.lll < lev a )'iii>*i hi wO Jflcb ?<) JtCiiUll .7 CleV A Pitt* Sd Mich So 4 N 1 u f 7 |> c. .luu l li v A I'ltiMUuii 85)5 Clev * Tot al ...l"i Chic A Alt a t !K a nnc*aitl?im 104 5i< {*\ '"J1* Chic a Alt income ti ? A ii4'W tola.....,, y3 Ohio .1 Mimajit), con.. ?u? 4>rle , di - w Jit Loan A lion M 1*1.. Lake Shore ? tv brt*.... i? Mil a Ht l- l?tm,s,s,Pl>.W8 Pac Kit ;?a (fi'd Mo. ... 9fi Mil a st Pnui 7v. n, K l> ?? Western 1 m.lht bds.... MA MP In tn, LaC I). Or) I'nlon Faclflc Im in... SftV Mini f 1st m, I a MD M JJWuii IitiMlc ) g 7'?... 74^ Jum.CaM,, | AUAter ll.Sd m prul... ffl Col, Jfi4CId... Ti Chic Orfii 99 Tol, PA W, KD. 9. Chlr A N W int Ud?..? ?K Tol, Peo A W -d ui U Chic A N W c<m bd?. ?'* Tol. P A W . on Vt 72 Chic AN W lctm.._... 98 N Y A N H 6'* W Pol Lack A w intm .. INM* Ho?t. H A Erie Mm 7's 31 I'd, Lark A WebtSJd m. WV Cod Kail* A Mrn 1st m.. *0), bet, Lack A W 7'moh.. J8 Bur.i K AM ;??. 1st, g.. W TUB CITY BANK STOCKS. A pmall lot oi Continental sold at 80. The follow ing were the bids for the city bank sharesMan hattan. 161; Merchants', 115 v; City, 256; Trades men's, 164; Merchants'Exchange, 90: Commerce, 116; iiercWitile, 138; Bank of the Republic, 109; Ban it of North America, 100; Hanover, 101; Metro- I poll tan, 134 ^ ; East Itlver, 110; Nassau, 107; Shoj i and Leather, 160; Continental, 80; St. Nicholas, | 108V; common wealth, 80; Mew York County, 2uo; j Importers and Traders', 185; Park, 147 V; First Na- ' tloual, 218; Fourth National, 110 v; Ninth .National, , 104; Gold Exchange, 113. GOVERNMENTS STEADY. The government list was sternly and inclLnod to I dulness. The currency sixes were quite | Arm, particularly after the relaxation in money. The following were the closing quotations:? United States currency sixes, 114V & 115 V? do. sixes, 1881, registered, 117 V a .117JH; do. do., coupon, 120V a 121; do. live-twenties, registered, May and November, 114 V a U4V; do. do., 1862, cou pon, do., 114V a U4V; do. do., 1804, do. do., 114V a 114^; do. do., 1895, do. do., 117 V ? 117 V; do., 18?7, registered, January and Jnly, 117 V a 117 V; do. do. 1865, coupon, do., 117 V a 117V; Jo. do., 1807, do. do., lis?, a 118 V. ?lo. do., 1868, 117V ?118 > <!?? ten lorties, registered. 111V a 111 V 5 do. do., coupon. 113^ a 113V, do. fives, or 1881, registered, U4V a 114 V; do. do. do., coupon, 114V # 11*V> STOCKS ACTIVE AND FBVERISIT. The recent raid on the credit or the banks having been defeated by the prompt action of the Conti nental and Manufacturers and Merchants' banks in proenring a special examination of their affairs at the hands of a special committee from tlie Clear ing House, the Mawworms of Wall street directed their calumnies against no less than four ol the leading and soundest houses in the street. In ad dition to this malicious enterprise they unearthed the fact that a note for $100,000due the Pacific Mall Steamship Company was payable to-day, and on the rumored inability of the maker to meet the obliga. tion they based a RAID ON PACIFIC UAIL shares, which fell six per cent?viz., from 65V to 49v? hut recovered at the clone to 53. The decline In the rust of the list ranged from V to 2 per cent, being most conspicuous in C. C. and I. (J., Union Pacific, Ohios, Lake Shore, and Western Union. Willi tho excellent character of the bank state ment and the closing ease In money prices rully re covered to the opening figures, except for Pacific Mail, as already noted, 0. C. and L G., which parted with IV per cent, and Union Pacific and Ohlos, which suffered a permanent loss of aboHt v per cent. The Pacific Mail question will be found treated of in auother column. The Southern State bonds were dnll. The Ten nessees were nominally firm at 79V a 80. The others were unchanged. I11UUEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices or the principal stocks during the day His/first. Lowest. New York Central loov "DV krie 65 64 V Lake Shore 92 V Wabash 69 V ?8V Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred 80V 85V Rock Island 108 107 St. Paul 57 65V St. Paul preferred 72 71V Ohio and Mississippi 42 V 41 Union Pacific 30 V 28 V C., C. and I. C 36V 32V Western Union Telegraph 86 V 84 v Pacific Mail 55V 49 V In Philadelphia Reading was steady at 116V. '"it Pennsylvania continued weak and declined to 108. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Saturday, May 3?10il5 A. M. $10000 cs.vat.c. '64. 114% $500 fS 5-20, c, ti7....C 119% UWOUSS-*), c,'66 .c 117% lOUOO do 119% 8UX) th 62U,C, '65, II.. 117% 10000 US 5-21), c, '68 118 1U A. M.?Before Call. 400 shsWwlHn Tel.... HSTfi 100 shs Mil A St P BR. 57 1U00 do 86 100 ill 567,; 400 .In C 86 200 do 66% 1900 do c 86% KWLSAMSKK c 91% 700 ill 86? 500 do C 92 W0 do c HO'* 400 do 92% 1800 in 86% 500 do 92 500 do *6', 100 do 91% 200 uo C 86 70 no 92% 300 do C 85% 600 do 91% 5<'0 do 86 100 Uo. c 91% UMiCnracRR 30% soo do 91*2 4011 do 30'4 100 Clllc* KIRK .c 107% 500 do SO', 100 do 108 200 do 30)4 200 do 107% aw do 30 100 . (lo c 107% lOOPac Mull .sS Co.... 55% 100T, WtlVKB 69 .'100 Ho ?3 55% 100 do tiyw 15?'0 ao 55l4 loo do C 09% 400 in. 55% 1100 Ohio A Miss RK 42% loo do C 56% 100 do 03 42% 100 ao C 55% 200 do S3 42% 100 do. 55% :#?) do s3 42'. I.JO do 55?, 800 do 42% ."00 do 55% 200 do C 42% 21W do 0 55% 900 do 42*, UK) do ?3 55', 500 do 42'., 800 do 66V 300 do 42'-/ 100 ao 0 56% 1300 do 42 30.1 do 56% 1500 do 41% 600 ilo 55% lOoO do 1)3 42 700 do 56% 400C, CAICRB 3T.U 500 ilo 55% WW do 35'4 300 do s3 55,'4 100 do 351, 10UN VC All RRR..0 100*4 100 do 36}; 200 do 100% 100 do 35'., 41.0 do IOO% 300 oo 36% 400 Ilo c 100% 100 do :u% ?W do I0O", 300 do. 35% 200 do loot ItW do 35% 3.10 do c 100% 200 do 35 100 do H)0% 100 do 34%' 400 Erie KR c 61% 400 do 34% 100H, II A K KK 3 300 do 34% 20 Ait) & Sua KR 95 Viral Board? 10i30 A. M. $18000 SC 6's, n, J * .1.. 17% 100 shs Pae M SS Co... 53% I .iOOO Alabama 8's, '93. 84'4 3lW do 63), 5000 Vn 6's, del. 14 800 do 63% lUOOO K VI' 6's, '83 91 100 do C 53% 2000 N V C 6's, '87 92 700 do 83% 2000 N V C7')I,'76 loo 2300 do 63 1100 do be 101 400 do C 53 1800 Bult.NYAErie 1st. 94 100 do 52% 4000LulIK Dock lids... 98 100 do 5:% 2Mt0('en PacRRndbs 103% /00 do 52 900OI n Pac 1st ui.... m loo do 5"4 80U0 I'11 Pae Ill's, inc.. 72 loo do 52 , 6010 00 >2% 500 do 52*4 20000 do 72% 800 do 52;. 11X10 no 72'4 100 do 51% 5100 U Pac 7's, 1 B b..c 75 700 do 61% SOUOMloh SoUtilsi...x 101 2u0 do 51% fixWChicAN W con. 89'. 400 51', IOIO 1 ,UU Pac7's. 103>4 300 do 51 ?4 1000M..r A Km 2d 97% 500 do 51 2000 (it West 2d m ... 8?% 300 do 51', 4000 N J Cell 1st, new. 103% 500 do c 51'4 6UU'N .1 South 1st 76% ll/U do 51 1000P, Ft W * C ad... 100 KM do 50V 1000 M A St P lst.LaCd 90% 400 do 50', 1000 do 90 2000 do 61 6000M k StP.lo dlv.. 84 400 do 51% 4WXIC, ? AI C 1st 86% 800 do 61 lOtoOl.C Ai C2dui... 72;, CO dp 50% 1000 N Y * N H IPs.... 97 800 1* 51 200O Lake Shore con r 98!* 700 N Y C A 11 R. 100% 5000Tol,PAtVlstui,KU 92 100 do c 100% 6001).North Mo 1st 91 300 do I00'? 3UuO <'an south 1st. .. 92% 71W do 100% 1.100O('lev A P4tll 86 300 do C 100', 10 shs ll'k Commerce. 115 IOOO do ltw% 49 Am Ex Bank 108 800 do 100% 11 Bank ol Republic.. 109 61W do s3 l<W 5 Continental Hank.. 80 1500 do 100 20 l?el A II Canal 114% 500 In Pac KR be 29% 200 Mew Cen Coal 42 300 do 29% fluo Wertt'nTel...bc.c 86 nut) do 29% 900 do 8? JiO uo 29', 1700 do 88% 200 do 29'4 500 do 85% 10110 do 29', 300 S3 85% 1500 do 2tf 400 do c 85% 100 do. 29% 2W) do 85!, 600 do 29% 5'W do H5% H00 do C 29!, 10X) di 86 70) do 29% 800 do 85% 200 ao 29!, 600 do 85% 100 Uo C 2i)'4 26 JO do 85', 300 do 29!, 600 do 88?, 300 ui 29 400 uo ^5.4 luo do 2n% 400 do 85% loo do 28% lotw do ?5% 3J0 do 28', 800 do 85 100 do 28% 700 do c 84% loo Mil Am PKk .be 66?, 200 do 84% .100 do C 56'. 200 do 84% 200 do C 56% 400 do 86-1, 2U0 ilo /... 66% HAW 84% 200 do 56 COO do 84% 300 Uo 56'4 7110 do * 84^4 100^ du ?-.? 6(sl do. (WO do. - '200 (j,, 400 Uo. .. w!" JJJJ, do!'.'."'..'.'." 500Krlp RK ^k" ? RK ..'u'c y?4 7u0 Harlem 134 m ^ ' tit 400 do 121 3,10 1(W do c 91 Too Pnimina 109 119 C, t . ( A 1 KR 88? 600 do 91% axjPacMSSCo 55% J? ^ v ? ? S 'pi h 1 tlo hC.C *^> 4 ilo 'n ^ do.::::. v,% do....... ....a ?% ... M do 55 1(W? do 91% ?2.M So . ..U 58 2tw <U) 91% do . .. 54% 27C AJ>KKKtd...bC B8% 200 ' do c 54% J1BC4KI K#....bc.O llBJb 2W do j6 &w do 0,% 100 do ..C .'16 100 do 10| , an do 64% loo do I0|% .v .If |||> 64% 20T, WAWR bo W", SOO do 54% 30.) (lo ,l>^'? 400 do o*\ 300 Del, LAW KR 101% .*?>? ilo 54lUOSt L A I M KB...... m 21 ?) 110 c 54% 10 N V, N 11 A HAJ't KB 138 1 5.M 1 54% 10 do b C 137% "W 1, 64 300 Ohio A Miss < 41% 500 00. 63% WJ0 do 4I% 3'W do 63% 1000 do * .% K/0 61 >10 ill) *'% 2iW 110 62% l7lM do .to.) 00 62% 3110 do..... \\'? 1000 OO 52% 30IJ do *1% 111) do C 52% 400 do <1% 200 do 62% 3tWC, C A I C KH...bO 84% ;i0l) do 62% 6W do... <? 34% 4< sj di> s H) do O 34% 2oO do M ilOO dv 34% MO aha Far M PR Ho. 200 :?*> 4(0 100 2.(0 100 :wo 2li)0 6ilO 2U0 4<K> 1(10 sou 900 ;uo do c a?H "w <to ?.3% "00 do <00 Uu 6S 1)1 <15 P. M. $4000 UK ffa, c, '81 12f?V MB00 U8 5-2U, c, 118K ttOOU* 5-au, u,'u6 117!? 10110 "u<? 2.'4J0 uu 117.NJWWUH 5-20, c, '87. c 119% 6UU0 UK5-2U, c, '66, ii.. 117* 1U00U do b3 119^, 1S4I3U P. M.?Before Call. sou aha Par M*S8 Co... NJU 100 3 ?? 300 IIIO soo 100 3M) NO (500 aw 800 fan) 500 400 HKi 4110 '.vo 300 1400 200 1100 100 100 fiOO sou 200 13(10 N*J 7110 | IM) no ( 10(10 I 200 TOO 200 51 % 61% 51% an! do. do. do. do ai>? do 51s do 61 (o *3 51 no 3ta) 600 90(1 aw do ........ 51 700 do 51% 2oo do ii1 loo do C 51 % 500 do 51 2oO do. 50% 80 do 50?, 600 tto .. 50% aoo do 60 '.4 600 do 60% 500 do 60 400 60 aoo aooah# U Pacific KR... 29% 60(1 do SOON * C4 II 11 Bll.... 100 do ? do c 99% do V?% do ?00 do. 100% ilo. 100*4 do hi 100% do 100% do 100 do 99% do ?3 110 do 9% do #9* do 99% do 100 do 100% do c loo* do. 41% 100 Uil a MP UK 56% do 49*4 WW 50 500 do 50% liliO do 60^ (100 do... do... do... do. do. i to 60 56% 66 66* do c 5ti 56% do I>3 56% ft? 50% 100 61 20(1 51% lilt) 613a 100 Mil* St I' KK pi.. . 0IJ4 2J0 L, .S A MS UK 519-4 WW do C 61% 4j0 do MS 11 >00 "1 do 51% 400 do. 81 '4 300 UO 8l|j 100 do ;>i 4 200 do 61 % 600 do 51% 2300 do 5l>4 600 <10 81S 12(10 do 51V, 600 do 51', 200 do. 61% 1600 do 51% 300 do 51% 100 2t? Brie UU h3 t?4% SOO 400 do 64% " 1200 300 AWAWKU 60% 100 no 200 UO 1)3 ti?S, 1(H) C A K 1 Kit MOO do 68*i 100 do 301) do tW% 8IIU do 20O do C 6H% 100 do 100 UO (iu 200 Pitt*. Kt W .1 i'lllc. 700 Wont Un Tel ?4% 2tW Han A bt Jo KB... SOU ! 1000 I 20U 5"W ! 300 ? lllO 20) 200 200 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.. do. do. do. do e ?4% 500 Ohio A M UU. do MV 400 do. UO. HIV, 300 do. do c MS 200 do. do S4% NO0 do. do C (v?l4 MW do. do M% 700 do.. do 400 do.. do 84S MW do.. do 84'4 100 do.. do ?5 400 do 20U ?W 1000 200 400 300 2U0 100 100 400 doO .100 300 000 do too Union I'uc uu 500 1300 500 100 200 31D leu lUUO 91 (4 . 91X c 91 . 91 ? 80?* . 90?2 . 91 . 9}* . 91'4 . 91). . 91 . 90% . #oj2 . 90;', . 91 c Sg . 91% . 91* . 107 c 107 . 107% 107% 93/4 40 41 41>, 41S 41% 41% 41?, do ?6% 800 C, C A I C UU. do. do. 85% 86 -9% 2V% 29 50) 100 IrtOO 300 3(W do. do. do 28% 100 do 28/, 700 do c 29% 400 do 29'4 200 do 29% 100 do 29?? 000 lij2 41?, ? 33 4 ?a*, 3j% 33 33% 33% 33% 33*4 Second Board?I P. M. 100aha Con 56% 91% - ?ou do 91?, 100 do l>3 91% 2UU Ull I'uc UK be 29% 4(JU do 29% 20 C A U 1 UU.. .bc.c 107?'. 1600 do 107Ji 200 Mil A St Paul pt . 71}, do. do. do. do. do. 2to West In 1'cl be a-V? l2oo " ?'i 85^ do. do. li'UO do. 2<IV do 17'WiN y ( A 11 10li'4 2000 do 10U?| 200 00 e loos 200 2U) do b3 U1OV4 250Adaiua hx 95 UO. 72 40P,Pt\V A C,gtd.... 93* 6 do 93?4 4lWPaeMS? (.2 '4 100 Del, L A West 101}, do be 62i"i 226 UO 101 do 62*4 2W1C, CA 1 U 33 do 52^ 100 do 32Ji do 52 -4 10U Hun A St Jo 40'. 10 Alor A Essex UK.... 92}, 300 Ohio A M uu...b e 200 300 4W 400 .-00 tiOO 10(0 300 300 300 1(1(10 62* 62J4 63}, M'J do do do 63. do 5.1 1600 do 62% 700 do 52 J4 400 100 Harlem uu 122}, 100 100 ilo. be 123 100 do. do. do. do. do. 42 M 42 42 % 42 4U< 41' 20UM A St PUB be &i>4 200 ToL W A VV 08), A to 3 P. M. 700 ahs West Un Tel... 88%' 400 aha L S A M S UK... 91% luO you 5 0 30) 400 2KW 900 1000 300 do 85), 500 do HSU 40U do 86J, 200 do C 8S?j 300 do 85?, 700 do do. do. Uo. do., do. 91' 91?, 9IJ, 91 91' UO. do. do a3 Hi nj7| |UU UU.. 91 Q (S5U 401)Mil A St P UU 60', MJi 100 do 5h?? .St) 200 do 54>', 100 do. 56^1 600 Erie UU tHk 4(W do 67 400 I'ae-M S? Co 52 , 2UU Un Pue ICU 29% 3(10 00 52'4 300 do Wi sum 2uo 200 300 300 400 300 211 700 HOI) 800 200 yoo 7(0 700 18(J0 201*0 100 800 do. do. do. do. do. do.. do. do. 52',' 52'4 62>, 52 blJi 300 51'4 100 61}, 100 5114.W do. do. do. do. do. do.. do., do. do. do. 61 % 61', 52 52)i 52'.! S2;, 6.( 63', 53 22IW 300 two 200 400 tiOO do 100 C, CA I CBU. do do do do do do do do a? ... 2a.s .83 29J, ... 29s ... 29J4 ... 29=4 ... 29 , ... 33-4 33), 33 do. UO. 1000 A N W pt 88K 800 1000 N y C A II K KK.. IKJS, 300 do do 1)3 10014 do do do. 32% ... ;? ... 33), .1)3 33', ... 33, ... 3.<), ... 33 ... 33', ... S3s 33 S 3 J4 do b3 3.1', do bl 34 UO 10!?4 300 Ohio A M UU 41V do b3 loo?4 de ltxc, do 10 >}? lot! ?' AU I KK.'.V.'.'J;.' 107% 3(H) 30UT, WAWUB Oi .'4 100 11 A St Jo UK ...1)3 40 looO 300 do. do. do. do do. .b3 42S CLOSING PBJCES Wr stern Union. S5?^ a K6 Adams Kx '-^ia a Pacittc Mall.... M h ft.'i'jj \ Central...1UO& i 100', Erie a 6*% lluricm 121 a 124 LaHc Short! U1J* > V2 Union l'acltic.. 2Uv's a 2u?jJ Pittsburg 8S a ?w?4 Northwcst'n pf. S6 u 85?, -3 O'CLOCK P. M. N .1 Central.. ...101), a 102'^ Rock island 107 Ka a 107?^ St l'aul .Vi'a a 57 St Paul pre!.... 72 a 73 Wabasti a titf'4 Ohio \ Miss 42'4 a 42?g llan* St Jo.... 4UJ, btd. boston, 11 A K*. II a C, t * t 0. 33 Ji a 34 HAVANA MARKETS. Havaxa, May 2,1873. Susar buoyant; No. 12 IHitch standard ten" renin per arrohe. Exchange irregular and excited; on 1'nited states, sixty days, currency, 10!a 11 H Por cent premium; short sight,'14 a 14}< per ceni premlnm; sixty days. Bold, ist, a 2h |>er cent premium ; short sltflit, 32>j a 3S per cent premium; ou London, 44!, a 4.1 per cunt premium; oil Paris, 26>j a 27 per cent premium. The Spanish Bank I" unahlu to supply the demand Tor exchange. The grand bear scheme of the bank naa tailed ami exchange is rapidly rising. .Merchants consider the crisis over. There is no longer any teurs that some of the heavy sugar houses wilt be compelled to suspend, although some of them will lose heavily. EUROPEAN MARKETS. Lowno* Moskt Markkt.?Lojinox, May 3?6 P. M.? Consuls ami Americuu securities closed unchanged. Erie Railway shares, 51',. Pakis Bourse?Paris, May 3?A. M.?Rentes opened at 55f. Livkrpooi. Cottow m*rkpt.?l.trrnrrHM, May 3?5 ?'. M.?the market is heavy and declining. Middling up lands, itd. ; middling Orleans, 'J'.,d. sale.- 10,0(10 bales, of which 2,000 were tor export anil speculation. Of the sales 7.0m) bales were American. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston May and June, at ; from same ports April and May, at H?,d.; and troth same ports, deliverable in May, at V,d. l.i v Kit pool. HuKAiistrrrs Maiikkt.?Liverpool, Mav 3? 5 P. M.?The market is quiet. Liverpool Provisions Maiikkt.?Liverpool, May 3? 6 1*. M ? I'ork, (Ms. tkl. per bbl. lor new mess. Ijird, 40*. 3d per cwt London Prowtck Markkt ? Londox, May 3?6 P. M.? Tallow, 43s. 9d. per cwt. FINANCIAL. A l?STOCK AND GOLD PRIYILECF.8. J\ L Parties wishing to speculate can do so safely anil with small capital by buying privileges. Write or call ou HASKINS A BKAl.Vf., Brokers, II Broad street Explanatory circulars mailed on application. At reasonable rates?monrs on like ami Endowment Insurance Policies. Mortgage* and other Securities. Insurances oi all kinds eltS'cu d with best companies. J. J. HABRICH A co., 117 Broadway, A LA ROE AMOUNT ok MONEY to LOAN ON HUM) and mortgage Kirst ana second mortgages cashed, citv property only ' h. KRKIDKN RICH A CO., Ul)6 and WW Third avenue \_74 BROADWAY.? I.APSLI Y A BAJSI.EY. ? Brokers in stock and Hold Privileges, flow will purchase a Put or fall tor loo shares; $125 for $fl0,'KW iolrt , no further rink; tlrst class names on all contracts Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and references, mailed free. VPUR0HA8R MONEY MORTUAOK KoR SALE? $11,000, nine years to run, on New York city Im proved property ; or will exchange for part Brocklyu im proved property and part cash. Address THBOOP, Herald oltlce. . ALL PERSON'S DKNIRINO TEMPORARY LOANS ON Life Policies, Commercial Pa tier. Stocks, Bonds and other approved Securities, apply at H2 Cedar street, room 2. A?\ A.-$5,009, *-*.000, $1(1,000, $20,')ll0 TO LOAN, ? on Bond and Mortgage ; flrit class property; also Money tor good seconds. JOHN W. WOODWARD, 1(53 Broadway, room 3. A-tri st money ji si- paju in to loan \m> . buy Mortgages on Citv Real Estate, In suiif to suit; no bonus. Address TRUSTER, Itox 2,(>M Post office, N. Y. TJOND8 AND MORTOAOES K It HALE?FIRST, OK J> $4,000, Ave per cent off: second, of $:*.(??), 12 per cent oft : safe bargains. Address OWN EH, 210 Broadway. HI. hannah, 40 I) ROAD STREET, BROKER IN . Stock Privileges exclusively. Established Refers to ('linkers, brokers and stock operator* generally (lOTTON, STOCKS AND OOLU HOUOHT ANDSOl-D? J on margins, by Euclid Young, member New York stock Mid Cold &u;haugos. OiUic JO Auw street, N. f. PIHiiVClMi. TmTrOPEAN LADY. FRENCH. PKKS^ AND OUIAK Hi iMker, wishes a loan of $50 or $UU, to '^business with: paid bu.k by the month ? by dressmak^, se curity given. with furniture ; can give rc-lerence. Mdress MI8S, Dresaraaker, boa 108 tteraid Uptown Branch oflica FOR BALE?CUB VP POK CASH, OR WILL TRADE tor merchnndixo, :?JU Shares Capital 8{Pf*,?f a ? road runnln* hast and Wert In the fttau* of Illinois. Ad tlivhb, lor one week. J. P? ??m iwram omcc. i TTOWE8 AMACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET, I NKW YORK, OFFER THE SAME FACILITIES TO I DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND j ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT TUE RATE OF FOUR FER CENT. KrSSsSir QTOCK BROKERS, BANKAN'VonViectbm or O Wanted, a party who has blu>,,lJ^ ?y tt basis J^Tery?t^*e-,^^T,t^*e * particulars tt"drf*8 box 4% New York Fort oillee. milP ESTATE OF I)R. GOBTACORA city" TRUST FUNDS TO MAj^W *0*^ n, st ffieeond mortgages bought Principal* only apply to K. B. ROLLING. *? Park row. ? : ^^MgAreawgaBggl ipbmms uriMTPn-flOOD CITY SKCOND MORTGAGES, ??M*? IMS) Herald otticc. n TO 12 PER CENT. We make a specially Vitv^fah'^onds Hold "collect on sales. ^"'{^Vaw ofMuniclpal Bonds. ... ... just published by our senior,.^ouid tfce hand price Wrested in |2.000 oM?K|p| ? iWaYd Unfnwn Branct^ottce. 2-?PiSS?SS ufactory, 5H0 Hudsou street. - \ _ ,.,.A T() LOAN-ON FIRST MORTGAGE ON $5,000 New York city Real Estate; no delay; no bonas. ROBERT T. MEEKS. B0 Cedar street . TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. APP1V *WM. A A. W. LOWERRE, 289 Greenwich street. $6,000 $5,500 $5,1* W $3,5uu $10,000 ? ^a-?D w " c,IO,CE lands in West Virginia will be exchanged immediately for a Stock of Woollens suitable for Western city trade. Address LEONARD COOKE. Chicago, III. L_ | $90,000 ^p^Mstf^eM^ | on New York city le's.m Wall rtwet, /WWuT T() LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT- I $150,000 gage on Cttf Real v^URNETT. Mortgages cashed iitoni'^^?y ro()m baw mcnt. $200000 m SSSKy for Secoml^aiul ??{$*%? street nnPlttlSERSHIPS. aaa!BajSgKS&g 01 a genera BMWng and/J^a^' ^^ oontent New Yoiik, May 1, 1873. THE PARTNERSHIP ;'^'7,;^:lih;,(ll^J;T,hli ARNOLD LI'.O. Nbw Yiikk. April Mv ITOl M)A" ' eViSe busi'ne^ under tlie linu uauie o^d^ Content at 19 Broad street NOAH CONTENT. THE BR00KLYH HEALTH BOARD, Yesterday the officials designated by the act of the Legislature to appoint health ?Ulcers o cttj of Brooklyn met iu the Mayor's office,?nd, on motion of Auditor Schaurman, Dr. J. r. Conkllng wan appointed one of the Health Commissioners. The Board then a.ljonrned until Monday, when he waf&tK; Oonkitng s under the Metropolitan Health Buperlnlemlent under tne m i Qf a bUc i ^aTsT8 fe&ssriisss; ?:r,lmi"S? SitSc",.i:.,!e.xn a,im,?u?.i.?n Kl I'.OPE. IfIRANCE.?BIARRITZ.?ORAN'D HOTEL L'ANOLE ' tcrre. reunIk ; bathrooms, billiard room?. Foreign newspapers. ' gPA KARLSBAD, BOHEMIA. World-renowned Thermal Waters, whole sanativo powers for deseases of the stomach and Intestines, liver, enlargement of the liver, call-atone, Ac.; of the mitt and urinary organs, gravel, stone in the kidneys, diabetes, gout, Ac.; menstrual anomalies, uterus, imnrctlon. Ac., are not surpassed by any medicine. Opening of the Min eral Water Baths in the house of the Sprudel Bath; also the newspaper reading rooms for ladies and gentlemen, on April I; of the theatre, on April 15; of the Mineral Water, Moor, Vapor and Shower Ruths; also the Iron and Chalybeate Spring Baths, In the other bathing establish ments, nn May 1, on which day the Spa music and the re unions In the fur lloiise will also commence. Cathode, Protestant, English and Russian churches; Jewish temple. Charming and salubrious location, mag uiflcent environs, with splendid woodland grounds, rail way terminus, Po<t and Telegraph offices. The Mineral Waters ami the products of tiie springs ol Karlsbad are forwarded to all parts of tile world. THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL IP8CBLLANB0VI. (1ANCKR PRONOUNCED INCURABLE BY MOST J phvsicians Is a. curable as tlie simplest disease it treated in time, with my remedy, a topical application that extract* the cancer body, root* and branches. I guarantee a perfect cure and charge nothing tor treat uii-ni <>r medicine until the cure Is effected. Coughs, of months' standing, epilepsy, dropsy, liver and kldne) com ulaiuts, piles, gout, rheumatism, hysteria, intermitting lever, Ac., cured upon the same terras. No euro no lee. Dr. ILflORR, 85 Warren street, Jersey City. DON'T LBT Your Tail'dren"" l>Il. -< ROi;p 1H positively cured, wlien first taken, hv Or. Tom vs' VENETIAN LtNhMENT. Sold by the druggist* Prlco 50c. B WALKER'S SONS.-liXTItA AMI PLAIN BOOK Jy. binding done at shortest notice and lowest price; editions ot books done in best style. 86 Pey street. (1 RNTLKMKVS HATS?LATEST STYLES, AT LOW T est prices. P. EKNENWEIN, 148 Nassau street between Beekinnn and spruce. QLOTK A JANES, STATIONERS, PRINTERS AND Blank Book Manufacturers, 93 Pulton street. Blank Books made to patterns. COPT CAPSULES, n SOFT CAPSULES. Castor oil and many other nauseous medicines can be taken easily and safely in DCNIMS. DICK A CO.'8 SOFT CAPSULES. No tnste, no smell. Sold by all druggists in this city. HOLE, I THINK, IN TUB WORLD.?I CAN REALLY i restore the hair ; therefore, yon pay my tees only alter restoring; the oiiro ot ail children diseases Is my second specialty Address, tor ten days, FRENCH DOC ToR, Herald I ptown Branch office. S' ? BILLIARDS. k 1 ?LATEST DESIONS OF BILLIARD TABLES J\ 1 ? and all appurtenances connected with the trade; special attention to i rivate trade. OKOIIOE K. PHRLAN, No. 7 Barclay street. 4 "I ?STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\. I ? and the I'helan A Collcnder Combination Cush ion*, tnanufacturetl and lor sale only by the inventor and patentee, II. W cullender. succiwor to 1'lKlau A CuiiiiMivr. 730itruad?vav. New York I.OBT jutd ftohd. A CANARY bird WAS LOST SATURDAY AFTER noon from &>7 Went Twenty-fourth street. A re ward ot 95 will Ik paid for its return to the above add re sc. Bank hook LOBT.-BA.nk book no. sm.wr op the Howery Savings Bftnk Is missing; the finder In nquitited to return it to the Hank. II not restored betore the Al day of June, 1373, application will be made to the Bank for a new book. POUND?IN HTEINWAY HALL, ON SATURDAY evening, u handsome Shell Sleeve Rntton; raiiiio frani three letter* Apply by letter, giving description, p., bo* 194 1'ont office, New York. Lost?two canary birds. Saturday morn ing, May 3. A suitable reward will be given for their return to 10 Wert Thirty-fourth, street L0W-O1I HHiiADWAY CARS. ON FRIDAY EVEN inn, a Focketbook, containing three gold pieces, $12 i"?IWS?And onB 'fane piece. The fludcr on returning it u. J7y roth avenue will be rewarded. Ti?"n;A, ?old uem, black enamelled. w "ma" pearls: engraved on back A, Doall, A. W. M. D. and A. J. B. D.; hair arranged as a J " ,""* b>' bringing it to 678 Broadway, third floor, will be rewarded. 1 08T-BILVER WATCH, HUNTING CASE, ON FRI if i. ev,"""1H> Bay a, probably near Cooper Institute. Suitable reward will he given to ftndcr. ft BLAKE, 100 East FIfty-flfth street. Lost-on Thursday evening. A moss'To ate Sleeve Button, gold setting. A liberal reward will be paid tor Maine at office oi stnrtevant House. Lost?o. y a badue. finder will be liber ally rewarded by leaving it with F. Daggett 826 Broadway. FRED. HUGHES. Lost-may l, a small black and tan doo; long ears; had on a red leather collar; lost near the Fulton terry, Brooklyn. Any one bringing hiin to 134 Sands street, Brooklyn, will receive $2 reward. IOST?ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, ON (IREAT A Joaes street, between Sand 6 o'clock, a brlndle and white Bulldog; had on leather collar; answers to namo of I'eter. Return to MONAGHAN'S, corner Amity and Greene streets, and receive $10 reward. Lost-white poodle ; blue velvet collar and bells; $5 reward. Return to 12 liexington avenue. Lost on 29th. IOST?FIRE DEPARTMENT PATROL BADGE NO. J XI; finder please return to the quarter* of Hook and Ladder Company No. 3,1UH East Thirteenth street. Lost or stolen from m west fifty-sixth street, on May 1, a gold Watch, with hunting case, long Chain and <'nanus. If left with Mr. SAVAUE, fio and 68 Worth street, a suitable reward will be paid and no questions asked. STOLRN-MAY 1, 1873, SORREL HORSE. IS)* HANDS high, white face, thin tail and mane; square box top Buggy, striped red. Liberal reward tor property or thier. Smith and Third street. Brooklvn. L. C. WILLIAMS. RE WARDS. dljl REWARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY, NEAR SIXTIETH ?PA street and Third avenue, one large Setter Dog, with blown spots. Deliver at 1,096 Second avenue. REWARD. ?LOST, YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, A Patent Lever Watch, No. 2,548, F. Adams .t Sons, makers, Cornhlll, London; the reward paid by R. MAR TIN, 78 Nassau street, New York. d|> I n Reward?dog lost.?black and tan ?P Lvr 8Iut, about 6 lbs. weight, and well bred, lost last Tuesday, near the corner of West Eleventh and Fourth street The tinder wi'.l return her to B. G. DOVEY'S, No. 3 Greene street, and receive the reward. d?OA WILL BE OIVF.N FOR THE RETURN OK A <PijO White Spitz Dog, answering to the name of Fido; right fore toot a little sore; a small piece cut otT his tall; lost on Tuesiay evening, March 18, at corner of Broome and H udson streets Return to 115 Vnrlck street d>OAA REWARD MAY BE HAD FOR THE DIA ijp^U" mond Rings, Ac., in accordance with my ofler in the Herald of April 6, bv returning the same to Har vey Spencer, Esq., 108 East Eighteenth street. D. F. Dk COSTA, Wl nnn REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE jPl.UUU return of $.W,WW registered convertible Hannibal and St. Joseph Railway Company's Bonds, professionally abstracted last October. Address OWEN O'CONNOR, General Post office. THE GENTLEMAN THAT FOUND A CANE IN the water closet of Sweeny's Hotel on the morning of 3<1 Instant, if lie will leave it at the ofUcc he will receive the thanks of the owner. INSTRUCTION. A GENTLEMAN, EUROPEAN BY BIRTH. OFFERS hit service? us teacher, companion and interpreter for a Summer excursion on the Continent; references Riven. Address R. A. B., Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, THOROUGHLY posted In the best methods o!' instruction, desires a few pupils in the English and French branches; the highest testimonials as to competency and effective train ing; courses (riven In colleges and schools; pupils visited at their residences. Address SEBASTIAN KENNEDY, 2SH East Fifteenth street. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE. 20 FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute. -Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught 'practically with instru ments. Demand tor operators. All young men and parents should visit the West Side Business College, Sixth avenue and Twenty third street, now, best practical Instruction in bookkeeping, penmanship, Ac. Open all Summer. Please call or write for circular. A?INSTITUTE OF PHONOGRAPHY, LATE 744 . Broadway, corner Astor place, is removed to corner sixth avenue and Twenty-third street. *oung men, now is the time to commence aud learn the bent paying short hand writing. " Business writing, bookkeeping, arithmetic. Ac., lor gentlemen, ladles aud boys.?DOLBEAR'S Commercial College, 87S Broadway, corner Eighteenth street, remains open day an I evening all Summer, l'u plls can have genera! or special private lessons. Stiffness, cramping or trembling entirely removed and an elegant business handwriting guaranteed. Two private desks for boys vacant IftRENCH, GERMAN, QUARTERLY, THOROUGH, BY 1 SO years' approved mnemonic method. Ladies' In struction separate. $2 50 a mouth. Professor GEORGE SEHo, 60 Delancey street French and GERMAN rapidly TAUGHT by j. DEItRIG (formerly wtth French "Courier," and translator lor the English Press). L'angials auxctratigers. No. 7 Second street, opposite Bond. CiERMAN TEACHER WANTED?MU8T dPBAK PURE T Hanoverian German, possess a liberal education anil have a thorough knowledge of English. Address E. P. F., No. 2 East 33 I st, New \ ork. P~ RIVATE LESSONS IN FRENCH, ITALIAN AND Spanish lor ladles and gentlemen; quick and accu rate tuition, combining theory aud practice; conversa tional fluency insured Professor BoNFANTI, 241 West Fourteenth street OPAN1SI1 CLASSES NOW FORMING"AT THE MER 0 cantile Library; private lessons at 799 Sixth avenue, by Professor de toknos. Spanish and frrncii thorocghly taught; method very practical, instruction to foreigners. Ad dress or apply to ANTONIO RAMOS, :w University place. WANTED?if? A YOUNG ENGLISH LADY, A FEW more pnpils to instruct on the 1'lanoforte at their own residences; terms moderate. Address R. M. R., 367 East Fitly-third .street. WANTED TO PUHCHA8K WANTED?A SECOND HAND SAFE, IN EXCHANGE tor any standard Sewing Machine. Adilress W. C. H., 69it Broadway. 2 MANTEL MIR RoRS AN1) PIER GLASSES wanted?Cheap, tor cash. Address box (19 Station D. NEWSPAPERS. * N UNMUZZLED PRESS. J\ THE THUNDERBOLT, with "The Beecher-Tilton Scandal," nnii Theodore Til ton's "True Storv," at last A terrible tale. No "Obscenity, but God's Truth." Out on Tuesday. MATRIMONIAL.. A WIDOWER DKSIKES CORRESPONDENCE with single lady or widow, with view to matrimony. Ad dress HONORABLE, Herald Uptown Branch office. A BACHELOR, Sii YEARS OF AGK, OF MEANS AND good social position, matrimonially inclined, desires the acquaintance of a respectable anil refined young lady 01 goou personal appearance. Address lioLLIMS, box IS# Herald office. AN AMERICAN LADY, A<iED~2ft. WITHOUT RELA tlves, desires the correspondence of an honorable gentleman with a view to matrimony; none others need notice. Ad dress Miss ELLA woods, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. PROPOSALS. Proposals for stocks of the city of new YORK. sealed received at the Comptroller'!! office until l nursday, 8th day ol May, 1S73, at two o'clock P M . when th' same will be publicly opened for the whole or uti.v part of the sutn of one million and fort.\ five thousand five hundred dollars ot Stocks of the city of NCADDItIuNAL NKW CROTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized bv chapter 2S), Laws of 1370, pay able August 1. !!??? $180,(iUO CROTON WATER MAIN STUCK, authorized bv chapter S93. Uws of 1372, payable November 1, lis*' 7S.-VX1 CITY PARKS IMPROVEMENT FUND STOCK, authorized by chapter 7:t9, Laws of 187S, payable In thirty years % 70,000 ADDITIONAL CROTON WATER STOCK, authorized bv chapter n?"?. amended by chapter 328, Laws ol IS7I, payable November I, 18ill 150,000 CITY IMPROVEMENT STOCK, authorized by chapter 920, Laws of WJ. pavablo November I, 1hsi2 Said stocks will bear Interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, payable ou the 1st day of May and No vemlier In each year. Ttie proposals wilt st ite the amount of stocks desired and tin'price per $100 thereof, ami the persons whose proposals are accept) d will thereupon be required to de posit with the ( omptroller the ?nins awarded to them respectively,together with am premiums thereon, when thev will be entitled to receive certificates for equal amounts oi lb par value ..? the sums awarded to them, bearing I St* rest irom the d ties ot pavment. Each proposal should be scaled ami ?Tidor?ed "Pro posals lor Stocks of the t'lty of New York." and enclosed in a second envelope, addrcssod to the Comptroller. The right is reserved on the part of the Comptroller to reject any or all of tbebld-, it in his judgment the in terests of the Corporation require It. ANDREW II iiitERN, Comptroller Citt or Nrw Yohk, Hki-aiitmhn r or I'inanc*, / Co?rTBoLi.i..H':i orrti K, April 29, Itn. S WINKS, l.uil nils, AC. WIMiS, WINKS, CHEAPEST AND BI ST IN THE city.?Fine Table Sherry. *2 per gallon; find old Port, $4 SO per gallon; flu.- Ifock Wine, |l IW; pure I a tawba, $1 SO; choice Clears, 92 per hundred. At #9 Ful ton street, corner ol William. / ' KKAT BARGAINS IN TEAS.-FINE OOLONG TEA, I r Sfic. per lb.; English Breakfast, .10c.: Nankin Young II v sou, 40c ; choice Gunpowder Tea, tiOi'.; first qualify eboicest unentered Japan Tea, "0c. pur lb. Samples tree at W >u I ton street, corner of William. PIJIIOFOHTB^ OllGAJW, *C._ Afir*tclas8 seven octave albert wkbkhI Piuno, carved le-ts and mouldings, all improve-1 ireiitH, lor lent, than hall the maker's price. Apply USUI fceooad avenue, near forty-ninth itrwt ? A-tm.-tub cblbbbatkd qirard pianos,! . endorsed by oar icuding urtists and seminArianaMl the best Piano* made. <u 1 and examine. COLLEGE, Broadway and Ninth street, New York. A PRIVATE FAMILY, ABOUT LBAVINQ THE] Sta.cs, arc d-niromoi dlnpu-lng of .ln'ii magnificent L rosewood 7V? octave double round Piano'orte; maker,! Decker A Brother; cost $976, for $275; in Ug bat .seveiijl months-, a beautiful 7 octavo grand square, $700, tor $226 jI also, entire elegant Household Furniture, elegant'.! Bronzes, (Carpets, Bedding, Paintings, Pruameula, Ac. I Call this day at private residence, 2ld V\ c*t Twenty-Arse.I street, near Seventh avenue. At private residence m east twhni v-Kimijl street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues.? I A private family will nil theirelegant round,I roue wood patent agraffe grand square parlor i'lituolorto. J nearly new, fully guaranteed. cost $950, tor $1'0; siool. I Cover; hasbox tor shipping also rich Parlor, t handier, [I Library and Dining Room Furniture, at a great sacrl- I flee lor cash. An immense sacrifice.?m.vonikicbnt 7 oc-1] tave rote wood overstrung Pianoforte; latest im- ?' firovemenM: luliv guarantied; bcaulUul piano , only $LO j f takeu this week. OOliDbMlTHf, 26 Bleecker street, near Bowery. ,1 At private rksidbnce 120 west twkntytiiird ? street, near Sixth avenue?Private family leaving for , Europe will soil their mugnlflcent 7X octave round-cor- I nereu rosewood Pianolorte, used rtmon Its, made to orderv | best city uiakirs, cost $1,000, lor $-50; one do., in good order. tor$12S; alio 1'arlor and Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Mirrors. Silver, China, less than half cost. Call this dar or Monday. A LADY WILL SELL FOB $166 A handsome ROSE, wood seven octuve upright Pianoforte ; sweet, pow erful tone; modern improvements; in perfect order. 23 Third street, near Bowery. American pianoforte company. warerooms 863 Broadway.? I'i.mos, ot six first class makers ton sale, on instalments and for hire on reasonable terms; a> good 7 octave Piano, for $200, but little used. An elegant piano, large mirror, paint ings.?Any one not wishing to store them can haven same well c.arud for in a beautiful parlor at M East Twen tieth street. A magnificent ROMKWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale?Made order; city maker; fully guaranteed; used five months; cost $900, lor $275: Parlor, Chamber, Dining Furniture; a sacrilic.e; property family leavinic city. 3f> West 15th St., near 6th av. Beautiful 7 octave rosewood piano, $iao? almost new; cost$400; richly carved, with agraffe; sacrifice: instalments taken. R. CABLE, 107 West Twenty third street, corner Sixth ay. C1ASII OR instalments.?WE uave A NUMBER > ot first class Pianos for sale that were rented during' the Winter, in perfect order and warranted; also several cheap second band Pianos. W.M. A. pond A CO., M7 Broadway. First class 7 and 7)4 octave pianos a? wholesale prices lor cash or on instalments; Pianos, second hand, by various makers, tor sale and to lctcheap, F. LUDKB, 46 Second avenue.. For sale?a second hand parlor pipe or gun, in a fine case. Can he seen at IL L. ROOSE VELT'S Organ Manufactory, 40 West Eighteenth street. New York. First class 7* octave pianos retailed a* wholesale prices, direct from foctory. Send for cir cular. 7H Burrow street, near Hudson. "flOLD MEDAL PATENT TILTON GUITARS," "VIOJ VX lin Chin Rests," Ole Bull Violin, Guitar and Banjof Strings; circulars and catalogues scut free. Address J.. JAY WATSON, 92 Clinton place. EW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOUBLE REED* Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES; $110 and $125 each. Fifty other styles, $66 to> $600 and upward each. The MASON A HAMLIN Organ Company now offer, at their new warerooins, 26 llmonj square, the largest assortment of the best instruments ot this elass In the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their unequalled facilities for manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payments. ORGANS FOR SALE. - A NEW ORGAN, WITH two manuals and pedal pipes. $1,500; a second hand Organ, one manual, $460, ana a large size cabinet Organ* witli two manuals, twelve stops, $390; also a large two manual Organ. Apply to J. u. A C. S. ODELL. Organ Builders, 407 and 409 West Forty-second street, New York. PIANOS AT $70, $90, $100 TO $70O-ORGANS, $50 TO $300; best in city; for rent or sale on Instalments. BERRY A CO.. 7H9 Broadway. PIANOS AND ORGANS AT GREAT BARGAINS-FOB cash or instalments, or to rent, $3 to $10 per month. CUAS. J. BETTS, 768 Broadway, corner Tenth st., next to Grace church. PIANOS, SECOND HAND, OF VARIOU8 MAKERS, lit thorough order, tor sale at low prices; also Planus to rent and on Instalments, by chickering A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fitth av PIANOS AND ORGANS.?GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever nuide, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 481 Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. THE MOST RELIABLE, BEST finished AND RICH, est-toned Pianofortes manufactured from $225; I octave, nearly new, only $150. CO-OPERATIVE PIANO MAKERS, No. 9 Great Jones street, near Broadway. WANTED?TO BUY FOR CASH, A SECOND HAND Piano; must he In perfect order. Address, stating maker and price, BALLIN, Rush st, Williamsburg. TTirANTED?A pianoforte, IN exchange FOR A ? T lotbof first class Sewing Machines of standard makes; also Horse and light Wagon wanted for the same. FINN, 106 Chambers street. dtjl nn ?beautiful SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte; carved legs, iron frame; fine tone; little used ; coift $450; bargain lor cash. J. BIDDLE, 13 Wavcrley place, near Broadway. N DKNTISTBY. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETU, $H; SINGLE $1; warranted; Plumper*, imparting a youthful ap? t pearnnce; Silver Killing!50c.; Extracting with gasSOc.} open Sunday till 12. 26! Sixth avenue. Absolutely painless.?teeth extracted-, fresh gas daily; Combination set* extretnclv light and durable ; Rubber Sets, $10. 216Sixth avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. Established 24 year*. Or. L. BERNARD. " A NIMBLK SIXPENCE BETTER THAN A SLOW JX. shilling."?Teeth?Ordinary Set". $7; best, $10; gold lined, $15; inserted sumo day ordered; gas admin istered, 50c. 264 Sixth avenue. DR. ALBERT KIMBALL, FORMERLY OF LMfl Broadway, has removed his Dental Office and La boratory from 48 West Twenty-sixth street to 54, nine block. Teeth extracted wtthoct pain.-sixteen year?. Benumbing application. Beautiful teeth, $1; set, $10. Plumpers for hollow chocks a specialty. Sets repaired. J. JAY VILLERS, 155 Grand ssroet, near Broadway. MARBLE MANTBIig* AKLABER, STEAM-MARBLE AND MAKHLEIZING . Works, i:M and 130 East Eighteenth street?Marble and Marblelzed Mantels, Tiling, Marblo Counters, Monu ments, ut prices that doty competition. Marble Turning lor the trade. 4 H ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, UNSURPASSED J\. for beauty of design and quality of workmanships slate Work of all kinds a specialty. PENRHYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Uglon square. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS.-RICH AND ELE gant designs; Slute Works of every description; Mar ble and Wood Mantels. T. B. STEWART A CO.. 220 and 222 West Twenty-third street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y> STORAGE. A?8TORAUE.-WEST SIDE STORAGE ~WARE ? houses, 593, fi84, 636 Hudson street, 779 Orecnwich street and 10 Ahlnedoii square, for furniture, pianos, bag l gage and all other lainily property: all goods are placed in seperate rooms; these establishments are the most re sponsible, reliable, accommodating and lowest in rale In New York; trucks nnd express wagons always ready for the removal of furniture, either in city or country. R. TAOGART, owner and manager, office 598 Hudson street, near West Twelfth street. A -STORAGE, FOR FURNITURE. PIANOS, BAG ? gage, Ac., In separate rooms; this Is one of th? safest and best ventilated buildings In this city. We in vite the attention of all parties having furniture to store to our accommodations lor hoisting and packing goods, style of rooms, 4c.; the best storage rates in the city. MICHALEs A SON, 38, 40 and 42 Commerce street, neiir Kleec.ker. 4 ?STORAOE. " JA. STORAOE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac.: ALSO CARRIAGES. WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expressly for ihe purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASES and other PACKAGES containing articles o? EXTRA VALUE can lie stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persons can forward their goods from anv part of EG ROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC is invited to examine the superior ac commodations, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which this warehouse posses*, over all other*. h morreia Owner and Proprietor. T P. BATTKRSON AH A COOK'S STORAGE ft . wareroums, lor llirnlture and goods of every de scrlptlon 596and ft<J7Sixth avenue; taken on the most reasonable terms; also furniture removed to city or country; 30 years'experience. Office 595 Sixth avenue. Sixth National Bank. E1KH AMD EARS. 4 RTIFHUAL HUMAN EYl'.s.?T. J. DAVIS, InT J\ ventor and only maker of the improved Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged by the faculty to be the only correct Imitation of nature in the world. 1J7 East Fifteenth street, between Third snd Fourth avenues LOAN OFFICES. 4 T 77 BLEECKER STREET, NKAFt BROADWAY, HP j\ stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds. Watches. Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleecker streeL A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, .V! WEST 1'IIIRTY ? first, formerly 90 Prince street, loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property of every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, SO# BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEV cntij street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, Mlks, Drv Goods, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance lor ladles. MONEY LOANED?'ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Jewelry and Silverware. The same bought and sold. GEO, O. ALLEN, H41 Broadway, near Fourteenth strict. Money liberally advanced on diamonds, V niches, Jewelry, SIIks, India Shawls, Ac.: also a large StocI; of tho above-named Goods on hand ror sale, to pay advances. No. 1 Washington place, under New York Hotel, one door from Broadway. __ (AO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH TtVOand Twenty-filth streets. -Liberal advances made on Dluniomls, Watches, Jcwolr", Silks. Laces and Shawl*. M.m. hnmrhtatlnll valua. L. BERNARD,

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