Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 11
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_BPORTIIMUPOflg. BIRDS, SsC. _ ?FOR KALE. ALL KINDS OF h ANCY DOOiL . Birds. 4c.; Medicines lor all diseases, Prepared ood tor mocking birds, at B. U. DOVEY'a Mo. SOrecne 521 ttrect. near BREECH LOADING GUN wanted?central or Din lire, li) bore. Address, with particulars. BRfc-ECll OAUER. Imx 1W .Icrald office. TjlRANCIS BUTLER, NO. 5 peck slip. HAS ALL * the choice breeds of Oogs tor sale and stock. BCT LER'.s Iniallllile Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. 78c.; BUTLER'S new work, $i. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicine* tor all disease*. _____ I^OH HALE?PGR half HIS VALUE, AN ITALIAN Urej hound, suitable lor a lady'* |>et; have been offered lY.'i. Ad lress P. J. B.. >>ox 3 Post office. OLD FISH AT WHOLESALE AND REEAIL; COM IT m, ii and Kancy Plgeowi; Fancy Poultry of all *<iiidn; Maltese Cuu, Lop-eared Rabbits, Squirrels, Ouinea Pigs, .to. 11ALK A CONKLIN, 209 Fulton street, N. Y. THE TPHF. Hall s driving park.-purse $50 for 3 min ute clan*. $100 for 2-M)class; trot Thursday, May H; entries close Monday. May 9, at !), at T. B. Jun.NSO.VS, Broadway and Twenty-?li<hth street. Mav 'Mj?#20u lor 3 minute class. May 20?1300 lor 2:-7 class. May ai-fKHU lor 2 :t4 class. May 21?MOO for 2 :H dais. Mav 22-?-'nO tor 2 uTS class. May 23?$500 tor 2:23 class. May 2S?$260 lor double teams of horses that never beat 2:40; National rules with trainer's amendments. Entries close May IS, At JOU.N SUN'S, Broadway and Twenty eighth slrcet. Prospect park fair ground association.-a special Premium ot' $2,mm Is hereby offered for b. m. Qazelle and oh. g. Judge Fullcrtou; mile heati^ best 3 In 6, In harness, according to the rules of the National Asso ciation. lo he trotted Friday, May 30, tlic winning horse to receive the entire purse; acceptance to be declared at Chamberlain's, 1.146 Broadway, N. Y., Friday, May 9, at 0 P. M. Good day and track. GEORUE W. OAKLEY, Superintendent, HOUSES. CARRIAGES, <SC. Allen it. miner, auctioneer, SALESROOMS US CHAMBERS STREET. HORSE AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HOUSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McClLLOUGH, PROPRIETOR ALLEN H. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Bales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday ot each week. Entries ot articles for auction can be made at repository a? above or salesrooms of auctioneers. AUCTION NOTICE. JENKINS A DUFF, Auctioneers, will sell on Wednes day, May 7, commencing ai II o'clock, at tho old-estab lished carnage tnanutactory of J, 1). Voorhis, on Broad yay. Fltty-efghth street and Eighth avenue, all the finished and unfinished Stock, Tools, Ac., viz.:?4 new Coupes ,1 Landau, S Coaches, I Rockaway, 2 top Wagons, 8 open Wagons, 1 Pony Phaeton, 1 second hand Coupe, 1 extension top Park Phaeton. ? Also, all the Forges, Tools, Ac., In the blacksmith shop ; ?11 the Toolsin wood shop, vi/.. ;?Benches, Vises. Hand mnd Thumb Screws, Wheel Machines, with Tools, Draught Boards and Patterns, Ac. All the Fixtures in trimmers' room, viz:?1 Singer 8c w ng Machine, 1 large Iron sale, Stitching Horses, a lot of "'ebbing. Leather Laces, buckles, Ac. All the Tools and Fixtures of painters'shop, large and small Trucks tor bodies, Varnish and Oil Cans, pots Paint, Stones and Mulers, Paint Mills, Varnish and Paint Brushes, a lot of assorted Colors, Varnish, Ac. A LARUE QUANTITY SPOKES, Hl'BS, RIMS, AC. Also a lot of Hickory, Ash, Cherry and White Wood. N. B.?The above sale was postponed on account of the weather from May 3 to above date. No postponement, rain or shine. Every article will be sold to nighest bidder withomt regard to cost and value. A?CHANGE OF TIME. ? CHANGE OF TIME. CHANGE OF TIME. THE REGULAR SALE ot Horses, Carriages, Harness, Ac., AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERRALL'S, 1,353, 1,365, 1,387, 1,369, 1,861 and 1,303 BROADWAY. CORNER 38TH AND 39TII STREETS. takes placc EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 11 O'CLOCK, Instead of 12, as heretofore. In i W A -THE CITY AUCTION ? AND NEW YORK TATTERSALLS, 1,353, 1,355, 1,357, 1.389, 1,361 and 1,363 Broadway, corner of Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets. ENLARGED, REFITTED AND RENOVATED. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR FEET on Broadway. THE LARGE DRIVING RINO RETAINED. The first sale of the season will take place ON SATURDAY, MAY 10, AT ELEVEN OCLOCK, when a large number of Trotters, Roadsters, Family and Business Horses; top and no top Road Wagons; Depot, Express and Business Wagons; Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Halters. Ac,, will be sold. Bemember the date and attend the sale. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Tassel!). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF TIIE HOUSE IS REMOVED to THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21, 23 and 28 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same Ft net and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. BEGULAB SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sale may be made, as usnal, cither at onr downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the marl, 1!), 21, 23 ami 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON S1GNMENTS. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), at the old stand, 110,112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE. OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will find tins house perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on the same straightforward principles which have gov erned it in the past We give the purchaser of every horse that Is warranted tound from 24 to 4# hours tor trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various improve menu introduced by us during the paat IS yours, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factorv, and ure offered In stock In nil respects equal in duality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to alL In order that we may not be confounded with a iolnt ?took company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to onr own, and impudently claim Urn reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms arc at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., of Broome street. ALBERT B. WALDRON. AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms lift Liberty, ill Cedar and 38 Church at Horses Wagons and Harness. On MONDAY, at It o'clock, D. W. ives will sell as above, Horses, Wagons and Harness. Descriptions at sale. A -FOR sale-THE PROPERTY OF A widow ? lady, a cross-matched span of Horses, black and ?orrell; they stand 19 hands 1 inch high ;6 years old -. they are very handsome and very fast and fearless of locomo tives; unlet for ladles to ride or drive; also one very fine black Horse; long mane and tall; stands lft bands 3 Inches In height; 7 years old; be Is very stylish, and war ranted to trot In 2 ,4ft; kind in either single or double har ness; they are sold on account of death of her husband. Apply to Mr. WOOD, 28 Fulton street Call on Monday. A? TOR SAI.E, IN BROOKLYN. IN THE VERY ? best locality, an established Livery Stable of 21) years' standing, having 68 boarding horses at $30 and $3ft per month each, and running 14 coaches; the property can be bought or leased for a term of years; will be sold on account of owner retiring from business; no brokers need apply. Address, with real name, LIVERY STABLE, Brooklyn I'ost office. A BREWSTER WHITECIIAFEL DOQ CART. NEAR ly new, for sale at a bargain. Apply at 19 East Twen ty-seventh street AN assortment OP HAM'S VERY POPULAR and celebrated Landau lets, Coupes, Landau* season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. HAM, 10 East Fourth utreet A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA way. Park and Pony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Kx Eress and Business Wagons; 25 per cent less than any oust in the city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal st ANY PARTY HAVING A GOOD BBCOND-HAND TWO sent Rockaway, either to sell cheap for cash or to exchange in part payment fore first class Pianoforte, may address at once, siating price if cash is required, s. W. J., Brooklyn Poet ofBee. _____________ A?FOR SALE, A * SPRTNO \ SEAT JAGGER ? Wagon and Harness, made bv a first class maker; iW?ld lor want of use. To be seen at J AMES P. MATTHEWS, 697 Broadway, rooms I and 2. Anew one truck for balk cheap. Inquire at No. &3 Newark street, Hobokcn, N. J., two blocks from Ferry. J. o'IioNNEl.L. A -FOR SALE CIIBAP, A PAIR OF CLOSELY ? matched bay carriage Horses, 1S?< hands high; young, sound and stylish drivers; also a road Man-; trots in 2;ftfl; must be sold this week. Apply to T. A. SMITH, ls:t Sixth avenue, or at Bailey's stable', im West Fortieth street. A GOOD ROAD MARE FOR SALE?FIVE YEARS old, chestnut, sound, kind. 1ft liami?, trot in 3 minutes, j Address.i. w. g., Herald Uptown Bra nee office. A GENTLEMAN OWNING A PAIR OF TOUNG i 11J!". r,l's' and having no further use for them, win sen to any one desiring such, guaranteeing them to give satisfaction. Address t.. C. K., I..,* 47# Post office. A Np?tiE.',,ANT .assortment of seasonable " ? ?"'?f'l to city or country, Park or seaside oliri.iLi'i '"w Those purchasing carriages ore invited to inspect ni3 stock before buwng. _ , .. A. 8. HLANDRAIT.' J! n'L ftgt Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. A D*SIH1? wmn ins PRIVATE , 1 ample ctrrittgf room and conch* wail's rooms; also to sell his pair of Horse* Dog Cart Phaeton, Wagon, Harness, Robeii Ac., whiclV he will sell together or separately The horses are spKsndid sTeppcri, among the handsomest in the city, and without a anlT KriV.'VPrellll3",S m ****** ^Ctromal HOnSEi, rARRIAOE8. *C. NO. 8 CORTLANDT, NEAR BROADWAY. _ . Light Carriage*. Harness, Ac. v One of the largest, cheapest and uii*t reliable assort ments ever offered iu this market. Pony Phaetons a specialty, all styles, and of the very bc?t make unit finish, at very low figure*. First class top and no toi> Wagons, Bockawsys, Depot, Boad and Jaeger Wagons. Extra Inducements all this week; several slightly soiled by removal, below cost, to close out ABCH. JOHN&TON, No. 3<' street AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER. SALL8, Noa. 1,353, 1,866, 1.357, 1.359, 1,361 and 1,383 HKU \DWAY, CORNER OK THIRTY-EIGHTH AND THIRTY-NINTH STREETS. MAJOR C. W., AUCTIONEER Regular Miles of Horses. Carriages, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK.. GENTLEMEN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS dis posed of at public or private sale to the best ad vuntage, uud it large assortment of everything in the Horse line ul ways on hand at private sale. THIS IS THE ONLY AUCTION MART In the State having the proper facilities tor showiug ll.irses on sale, viz:? A LARUE DRIVINO KINO, ENTIRELY UNDER COVER. TWENTY-FOUR Hol'RS allowed for trial on every Horse sold under warrantee. SUPERIOR STAliLlNii tor Horses on sale. OUT&1DE SALES SOLICITED and promptly attended to. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID to sales of Furniture at private residences. DURING THE TEARING DOWN of the front at; this mart, the regular sales nave been suspended, but will be continued on SATURDAY, May 10. AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, and each succeeding _ _ WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. KUOBO W. BARKER, New York, j Proprleton. L. C. CHASE, Boston, > AT BARGAINS?VARIETY' OF STYLISH PONY Phaetons, tine light Top Buggies and Road Wagons, four and six Passenger Rockuways, and a general assort ment of Carriages unsurpassed in quality and finish. S. S. BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A?THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS, . Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons aud Top Wagons in the city at the West Side Carriage Re pository, 1,494 anil 1.4jo Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-filth streets. Avery fine and stylish pair of coach or coupe Horses for sale; rich chestnuts, 16 hands hign, 6 and 7 years old ; warranted sound and kind in all hur ncss; one a very flue saddle horse : will sell separately if desired; any reasonable trial given. Can be seen at stable. 152 West Seventeenth street Anew single truck light express wagon; second hand double Truck, In good order; second hand Butcher's Cart. McLAUGHLIN A 11AITE, 336 West Twenty-flftli street Brewster <of broome street) second hand Wagons.?One >? spring top Wagon, $197, nearly new; one ^spring no top Wagon, $136, in fine order; Pagons.?One spring top Wagon, $ii?7, nearly one ^spring no top Wagon, $136, in fine order: also others of the above celebrated maker on full and hall springs, tops and no tops, for sale bv A. S. FLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street (CARRIAGES AT R EDUCED PRICES. J Extension top Cabriolets and Phaetons. Park and Pony Phaetons, Victorias una Cabriolets, Four ami six seat ltockawavs. For sale very low by A. S. FLANDUAU. No. 7nnd 18 East Eighteenth street. Between Broadway and Filth avenue. (1REAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVINO OLOVES. J Single button, $2; double button, $2 25. Every pair warranted and sent free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS_A CO., 637 Broadway. CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR J gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of cvorv de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purcliuse, be fore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION,638 Broadway. /CARRIAGES TAKEN ON STORAGE IN LOFTS BUILT \J for the purpose. Apply to A. T. DEMARKST A CO., 628 Broadway. "10A<7H FOR SALE?GLASS FRONT AND SIDES; been used but little. To be seen at 146 West 125th st (10UPE AND TURNOVER SEAT ROCKAWAYS AND J Doctor's Phaetons, in great variotv and style, at 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway. CROUPE ROCKAWAY, J in good order and but little used, for sale. W. FRANK DUSENBURY (successor to Dusenbury A Van Duser), 135und 137 Chrystie street, New York. c Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias. Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons. ltght Rocka" ways, Buggies anil other seasonable styles family Car riages and light Wagons, at reasonable prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ED. MUBPHY, CARRIAGE MAKER, 225 greene street, has for sale one now Dog Cart or turn out scut on platform springs, built to order; also one light Victoria, weiirht 6U0 pounds; one second haud four seat Pony l'hueton, with Canopy, Pole and .ShuIts. city made, used one month; will sell cheap, to make room. 11TINK, LARGE PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES-16 HANDS; dapple gray; sound every way; stylish and fust; Dog Cart and Harness; will bo sola together or sepa rately at a very great sacrifice. Call at COOK'S Stables, 247 and 249 West Forty-first street, or 192 Front street For sale-a very stylish bay mare, 6 years old, and from 15St to 15Jt hands high; perfectly sound ; price $3&i; worth $6U). Apply at Lamb's stables, on Fifty??Ightn street, between Flith and Madison uvs. 1TOR SALE?ONE VICTORIA, BUILT BY BREWSTER '. A Co., Broome street; u'ed one seuson. Can be seen at Cunningham A Co.'s Livery and Boarding Stables, 119 and 121 West forty-fifth stri ct. CUNNINGHAM A CO. For sale?an elegant new light set ok double Harness, made by Dunscomh, leather and gold mourned, with Initial letter D. Can be seen at tH Mon tague street, Brooklyn Heights. For sale?a very handsome, stylish 16 hand brown Horse; black points, long tail, 6 years old. sound, limbs pcrtectly clean, quick stepper; a splendid animal. Apply at private stable 69 West Forty-fourth st. For sale?a pair ok bay ponies. i? hands high ; very stylish; one quite fast; the other suitable for a lady. Apply at stable 216 East Thirty-eighth street. For bale-a stylish black mare, 6 years old; perfect In every way; without a blemish; suit able for park phaeton or doctor; is very last and an all day traveller; any trial desired given before purchasing. Call, for three days, at 340 Van Brunt street, between King and Sullivan streets, South Brooklyn. I TOR sale?A park phaeton, IN fine order, 1 but little used; seats lour. Apply at BRIOQS' Stable, corner of Seventh avenue and Vorty-sccond st For sale?a bay mare, is^ hands high, 7 years old; warranted sound and kind. Apply at 153 and 156 East Thirty-second street For sale?two square box open wagons the property of a Brooklyn maker, deceased, $125 each; also several second hand Wagons cheap. 1,494 and 1,49c Broadway. I TOR rale?pair OK bays. ONE SORREL AND ' two chestnut carriage Horses; all drive single or double, and are stylish and sound. Also light top \\ agon, single and double light Wagon and Coupe Harness. Situa tions wanted for coachman and groom. Inquire at stable 121 East Forty-first street, or if M. HOW LAND, No. 2 West Thirty-eighth street For sale?a brewbtf.r top wagon, pole and Shafts. Apply at private stable 160 West Fifteenth su 1TOR SALE?FINK BUSINESS GIG, HORSE AND 1 Harness, separately or together. tt)6 First avenue, near Thirty-iourih street TTOR SALE?A splendid COUPB CARRIAGE T Horse (bay), i years old, very stylish and over 16 hands high: warranted sound and kind: will be sold cheap. Apply at Winfleld stables, 1IU and 112 West Fiftieth street. For sale?an imported English thorough bred Horse, very handsome and bloody, broken to saddle and also to Harness, (an be seen ut dickels', 441 Filth avenue, between 12 and 1 o'clock. For sale?by a family going to europe, a match pair of coal black Hnmbletonian Horses, not a white hair on them; I.'?H hands; very stylish; sound, kind and gentle; heavy mains and tails touch the ground. Also one Set of Harness, gold mounted; one open Pa rotic hi. C springs, gold mounted; one C spring Clarence, lined with satin, gold mountod; as good as new. Can be seen at Mott's stable, 119 West Twenty-third street I TOR SALE?BUSINESS WAGONS OF ALL SIZES, to carry from 8 to :to cWt., at BARRETT'S Wagon Fac tory. southeast coraer of Navy and Johnson streets, Brooklyn. 1TOB SALE?A DOCTORS CARRIANGE, IN 1 splendid condition; had but slight wear; made to order by Brewster A Co., of'Broome street. Inquire at stable, 304 East Eleventh street. For sale, kob want ok use?a bay mare, is hands high, 7 years old; very fine under saddle and in single and doable harness; warranted In every par ticular. Address J. R.. box 12U Herald office. For sale-two horses, wagon and harness and Express Route cheap. Apply to OWNER, 313 Van Brunt .treet. South Brooklyn. I TOR SALE?english TWO WHEEL DOG CART AND 1 Harness; the handsomest thing of the kind in the city; never has been used. A party wishing something fine will please address Pox 3,254 Post office. For sale-a brewster three qi arter seat light Wagon. Apply at private stable, 97 Christopher street near Blcecker. FOR, ,H,AAVA. OOOD FAMH-V HORSK, 8 YEARS old. 16* hands high, dark bay : also top Buggy and narnc-s. Address box 1,392 Post office. J TOR SALE?ROAN GELDING, 16 HANDS HIGH, years old, sired by New Jersey, sound and kind, fine open action, has never been trained; also a bay Mare, 13S hands high, 6 years old, soand and kind: ridden by Mne?r""' |,p y 01 ,,rivii,e *table, lu7 West Thirty-third TTOR SALE?A SPLENDID PARK PHAETON, NEAR F ly new-; never been us. il hot a lew times; suitable lor single or double team ; to be sold at a great sacrifice "ITOU SALE?ELEGANT PAIR OF STYLISH HORSES, r Landaulet, lour wheel and a two wheel Drag, made in Paris; double, Single and a Tandem Harness com plete. owner going to Europe. Address 0. PARK sta tion A. ___ JIOB SALE?A DARK BROWN HORSE, 1SU HANDS very stylish, gentle driver; good double and single'; has trotted in 2:83; sold lor want of use. Anulr at Ltj West Thirty-first street. TTOR SALE?A PAIR OF DARK BAY HORSES 16 1 r high, warranted found ; remarkably stylish drivers; w ill trot In about S3n. miltable for a gentleman's road team or coupe Apply to II. A. DONALDSON, ;? l?ey st POB SALE-A VRRY STYLISH COUPE HORSK, SIX J? years old, bay, with black points. 16 hands, sound nnd kind in all harness. Apply at private stable U West HOa?KS, CAHRIAGKS. AC. ' TjlOB SAliE?A rONY PHAETON, ALSO A COUPE r Rockaway, both in good order and but little used by a private family. Apply to J. FLYNN, carriage maker, Eightieth a tree t and tiraud Boulevard. IjlOR SALE?A PAIR OK IIANnKOMK BAY HORSKS. kind ami gentle, go iu about 3 minutes; also a T Cart, noarlv uew, used abeut I.' tunc*, au<l lulu Wagon, double and single Harness, Blankets, 4c., Ac. . will he Mild cheap or exchanged tor other property. Address BAY HORSKS, Herald I'ptown Branch office. fpOR SALE?COMPLETE GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, 5 minute trotter, 15 hands huh, 6 yearn, nnd perfect evcrv way; Stiver*, top Buggy, nearly now, Ac. Apply at ji V\fit Nineteenth street. I^OK SAI.I-A \ I.IMI 11A K K HA V ill" HANDS) X Horse ; lilack mane aud tall; 3 years old ; Hound and kind ; a laily can drive hun; n good S-mlnute horse. Ap ply to 1>. E. MAN TON, (T7 Broad street. ? IpOR SALE?ONK OF TltE FINEST YOIJNO ROAD Mares In the cltv ; sound, kind, verv fast and styliHh driver. Cau be seuu ou application Ui SlUI'MAN'S EX PRESS COMPANY, 1,2112 Br.-adway. LtOK SALE-TWO-LIGHT RUNNING CLARENCES, IV F tlrsi clasa order. Apply at Opera Siables, ts audit) Eajt Thirty-second street. IpOR SALE?THE MOST STYLISH COUPE OR DOO cart Horse iu the city ^bright t>ay, 16 handa blub, 7 yearn old and a very tree and handsome driver: war ranted sound aud kind. Inmire tor Mr. RAND, at stables 154 Kant Hlty -seventh streut IIOR SALE?A SQUARE BOX HALF SPRING ROAD 1 Wagon, pole aud shafts; Dusenliury A Vanduaer, makers; at a bargain. 275 Columbia streut, Brooklyn. IilOR SALE A BARGAIN?AN ELEGANT THREE 1 quarter Clarence, llued crimson satin; very little used. Apply at 220 filth avenue. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR A PONY PHAE toD, brown Mare, 16 hands; warranted Round and kind; gentle lor a lady to drive. Apply at UuderhiU's stables, IW Lafayette place. IftOR SALE CHKAP-A COMPLETE TURNOUT, beautiful llamhlctonian, I5V4 hands high, e yearn old; sound, kind aud can trot in 2:60, single or double, with light top Wagon, Harness, Ac.; property of a private geutleuiau. Address TURNOUT, Herald office. HAMBLETONTAN TROTTING HORSES FOR SALE AT TAYLOR'S stuck farm, near Turner'*, Orange county: can show from 2:50 to 2:30, from 15 to 151* hands high. Parties wanting trotters call and nee; troui 3 years to S years old. HORSE WANTED?FOR THE SUMMER.?A GENTLE tnan, who owns several horses, would like to take a kind, gentle Horse to his Summer resldeuce lor oc casional light uae; will give it hoard aud the best of care aud good treatment for its use. Address 33 West Forty-seventh street. New York. Harness, saddles horse clotiiino, car riago Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety of Suddlery Goods always on hand. fc. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warren street. New York. Harness.?the cheapest harness stork in Now York- good double truck II unless, $30; good single tiUKgy Harness, hand made, $17; a good .?.table Blanket, $l'SO; the lurgest assortment ot Cart Harness tu the city. Cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray streeL HARNESS.-TIIE LARGEST VARIETY OF HARNESS nnd Horse Furnishing Goods of every grade and kind of any house in New York, at MOSEMAN'S Manu factory and Ware room*, 111 Chambers streeL Harness.?i iiavr a large stock of har ness, all kinds and .?t,vlcs. of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices , also Rldiug Saddles and Bridles Whips, Spurs, Halters, blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the horse line chcap lor rash. E. BARTLETT, 62 Warren street, corner College place. H ARNESR No use talking, no use talking! 'Tts mi everywhere. Ti> do as lolks ot tashion do. You've got to pur uti? MosEMAN'S Harness. The only place In this country to get a complete outfit Is at MOSKMAN'S unequalled Horse Equipment Institu tion, 111 t h ambers street. LANDAl'LET? FOR ONK OR TWO IIOKSE8, will be sold at a very low price, by BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 63H BROADWAY?1 HE place lo buv cheap. Purchasers should not tail to call. Largest an<l best assortment of new and second hltnd Carriage* in this market. 638 Broadway. ONE STIVERS SIDE BAR ROAD WAGON, 118 lbs., In good order; one Dusenbury A Van Duzer do.; one Brewster Broome street top Wagon, one Corbett side bar do.; also a large assortment of top and open Pony Phaetons, Rockaways, Extension Tops, Barouche. 0 M>rings; one six seat i'liaeton, Victorias, top anil o|ten Road Wagons, Sulkies, top and open Express Waxons, single and double Harness Ac.: a fine assortment of top and open side bar Wagons, two Clarences and one Coach of iny own manufacture. _______ W. II. GRAY, 20 to 17 Wooster street. ONK HORSE FOR BALE?OUT OF three; SUIT able for any kind of business. Call an G. W. MAN TEL, 52 Kivin^tou street, corner Eldridge. PRIVATE TURNOUT-COST $3,000 last SPRING, will be sold tor $1,SU0. Pair stylish bay Horses, li> hands; imported French Landau, heavy English tug Harness, Blankets, Kobes, Whip, l.ivery, Brushes, 4c.; family going abroad. A tlrst class coachman will lie dis engaged. Can be seen until Monday utteruoon at private stable 152 East Twenty-second street ROBINSON, coachman. PONY PHAETON, made TO order, ALMOST NEW, for sale on reasonable terms, ('all on DOUGLASS A PETIEHK1N, Clyiner street, Brooklyn, E. D. PAIS OFHOB8ML BAROUOHK AND CLOSE CAR. rlages lor sale enrap, as family are leaving tor Eu rope. To be seen ut 57 Irving place. PRIVATE stabling WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, for one horse and dog cart, in a good, quiet (.table, near Twenty tilth street: no coachman kept. Address, with full particulars, W. W. K, box 5,71# Post office. SPEED, STYLE AND BEAUTY.?A GENTLEMAN'S line Road Turnout cheap ; a black Horse, 1S.S, hands, 7 years old; can trot sure in 2 10; no vice or tricks; very fast to the pole; can be driven at speed by the most timid person; wurranted sound and kind; with fine road W agon. Harness, Blankets. Robe, Whip; at Waverley Stables, 147 West Thlrty-lllth street SPEED.?FOR SALE, A BAY HORSE, 18)< HIGH, 8 years old; sound, kind; don't pull; afraid ot nothing; can trot in 2:48 or no sale ; he is a very fine pole horse; with Brewster Wagon and Harness: the establishment cost the owner $1,500; will be sold lor $750, as the owner leaves the city. Also a very fine Pony, lor lady or chil dren, very sheap. Call at private stable, 146 West Thirty second street. S" PEED.?YOUNG STAR MARH FOR BALE; S YEARS old, 15^ hands; record 2:42 as a five-year-old; verv stylish; sound, kind and gentle; with or without ltoa'd Wagon; $1,000. Address A. K., box 3,014 Post office. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES AT LOW PRICES. Landau. Clarence, (loupes, Park Phaetons, Cabrio lets, top and no top Wagons ol good city make, for sale very low, by A. S. FLandrau, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth st., near hilth avenue. S~~ECONI> HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT Wagon. Pony Phaeton, four Rockaways. light Coach and several slightly shep-worn Carriages, atbarguius; large assortment of Harness. M A MKACrtiiEES' UNION, 638 Broadway. Cl'LENDID COUPE'S?JUST FINISHED; ALSO A C? variety of top and no top Wagons. Every descrip tion ot vehicles on hand ail my own make "ami war ranted. Call and inspect. FRANK ASHE, 163 and 165 Crosby street. HOMAS L I). B\LI. A CO., 138 WOOSTER STREET" between Prince and Houston (Broadway ears pass the door every three minutes). -Manufacturers, wbole salesale and retail. Harness and Saddles: Commission Merchants: a large and complete assortment of Harness constantly on hand, ol all the newest and latest styles of mounting, as tollows:?Nlckle, Gold, Silver, Rubber, Ac.; Single and Double buggy. Express and Rockawv, Farm, Truck, Contractors'('art Harness; new style or Gents' Road and Track Harness; l.ivcrv and Coach Harness a specialty; Blankets. Kobes, Halters, Whips, sheets, Horse Boots, Ac., ana a general assortment of Horse Kur nlshlng Goods, l.adles' and Gents'Saddles and Bridles. All goods warranted as represented. TWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT Coupes, ami large assortment ot Pony Phaetons, at 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway. TO LET?STABLE, a STALLS, GOOD HAYLOFT, ALL the conveniences tor horses, Thirteenth street, near Hudson; rent $3u0 per year. Inquire at 353 West Four teenth street, basement door. TIT ANTED?A MODERATE PRICE TEAM OF HORSES TT for family use, a!?iut 16 bunds; ruus* be perfectly sound and gcnUe and good travellers, saviour minutes; pair that have been driven in city preterred. Address HORSE, box 3,811 Post office. or ANTED?A SOUND YOUNG BORSE OR GENTLE ? T man's complete Turnout in exchange for new Piano forte, one ot the largest and best city maker? ; can be ?e lectcd from a warerootn. Address C, S? box Wy Herald office. \rrANTED?ANY PRIVATE~GENTLEMAN HAVING A f? pair of stylish dark bay, brown or black Horses, with long tails and mane?, not under 16 hands, warranted sound and kind, and willing to dispose of them at a low price, may address, with full particulars, CASH, box 2,010 Post office. WANTED?PONY PHAETON. ADDRESS, WITH full particulars aud lowest price, box 4,483 Post office. "fXTANTED?A YOUNG HORSE FOR LANDAl'LET; tt to 16 hands high; bright baj preferred. Address hex 124 Herald Uptown branch office, slating lowest price. ~LARGE STABLE, AC. TO LET-VERY LOW. IN qnlre on premises. T. W. BKACllEK, 77 Greenest 2 NEW EXPRESS WAGONS FOR SALE CHEAP? Price and $165. Apply to S. LOWERRK A CO OT Spring street 1 A 4 (k?$56, $60. $35?TWO OPEN EXPRESS WAGONS. one top Grocery Wagon and a Batcher t'art 2w West Twenty-fifth street, southeast corner Eighth av. A IOC -FOR 8 A LK. A BOARD COVERED Top IJliio, Wugon, platform springs, with pole and (11100*. In good order; siiltublt^l'or an express, pie or mm "? *""" ~ ; ouiinuie lor an express, pie or min eral water wagon. Inquire at No. 3 Rutgers place, Mon roe street. D REMOVALS, Artistic penmanship. BENJAMIN P. BRADY, Ornamental engrosser, has removed to 767 Broadway, corner Ninth street. Testimonials a specialty. R MARCUS P. STEPHENSON HAS REMOVED

to 21 Ka.-t Forty-eighth street. Dr. white, dentist, removed to 239 sixth avenue (tormerlv 76).?A beautiful set of Artificial Teeth $i and $10, warranted to lit perfectly. Teeth filled with Gobi, Boae and riaiina, $1. LitolfF's depot of the brst and cheapest editions of classical and Modern Music has removed to N6 Fourth avenue. M. SULLIVAN HAS REMOVED TO 317 tH.*TH avenue, near Twentieth street over Bellchamner's lialr store, where she will continue to C&iry ou Ur?l class spkcul notice*. A??30il[000 ? ? OITT MONET. all up In hank, pledged to pay in mil the 10.(W>c?Ti gifts which are to be distributed by hit among ticket-holders to the Third Grand Gift Concert tor the benefit of I bo PUBI.IO LIBRARY OK kknthcky, as per the tollowlng certificate of the Treasurer OrricK or Fakmkbs and Uuovkus' Bark, ) Louisviluc, Kv , April 7, 1873 ( This I* to certify that there U In the Farmers and Dro vera' Hank, to tho uredilol Uie Third Grand Gilt Concert for the Benefit of the Public Library oi Kentucky, $5Ud,i?i<>. which have been set upart by ttie unn.iRi r.iio pay the gifts in lull, and will be held l>y the ?>auk and paid out for this purpose, and tor this purpose (Siguedj R. S. vLECH, Cashier. By the term* of tho charier, the money must be held intact, unit cannot be lined lor speculation or any purpose whatever excipt to pay giM.v The date of Concert and Drawing ha* been extended from April 8 and definitely fixed for JULY S, 1?73. ToUl, 10,000 tiifu, all cash, Ticket, $10; Halve?, $5; Quarters. $- SO. Hon. ox Governor Thomas K. Brnmlettc, oi Kentucky, has charge of the business of the Concert tor Trustee*. It*),000 ticket*?10,0011 glfta?chance* one in ten. New York sales are made a special deposit with the FOURTH NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK. Ord> rs Should be suit in immediately, us Jroiu present indications a rapid sale ol all the ticket/ will soon lie made. For tickets, full programme, information und all par Ucularsapply to tlie General Agency Supplv. ?niOMAS 11. HAYS * CO.. fiOtf Broadway. New York. * T A MEETING OK Till-: BOOT AND SHOE LACE Manufacturers' Assoc in t Ion, held in Providence, H. I., May 1, 1873. It was voted that notwithstanding the ad vance in supplies of all kinds the price and terms ot goods ol their manufacture* shall remain the same as that tixed at the last meeting of the Association, which took effect March 1. The following companies were represented at the meetingFletcher Mnnutacfuring Company, Jen kins, Bros. A Co.; Inmun Manufacturing ? ompany, Osborne A Checsemati Comuany, Union Lace Company, C. K. Stafford * Co., James Biruey, John J. Konyon, Goo. a Douglass. Signed, 8. U. TRIPP, President. C. R. Stafpoku, Secretary, ALL PERSONS HAVING GOODS At Till'" FRENCH scouring establishment of A. CREZ LETE GHACO, 1.327 Broadway, will please send tor them on or before Tuesday. May ti, In coiiscijucncc ol Broudway widening. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Boeruni street. Open from MA. M. to 9 I*. M. On Sunday irom :(Up tf 1\ M. D ALL OFF1CKRS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOPND ed, ruptured or Injured, however slightly, nro en titled to pension. Address or apply toDr fc. B. JACKSON, late Burgeon United states Navy, No. 4 New Chambers st /1LUB, \J HOTEL AND RESTAURANT PRINTING SOLICITED. T. H. BORDEN, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 712 BROADWAY. R. S. S. FITCH'S HEART CORRECTOR FOR SALE at 714 Broadway, anil by all tlrst class druggists. Tjl LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN Xli election will Ik- held at the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. -'1 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of Juno next, at 12 o'clock noon ol that day, for fifteen directors of said company, for the then ensuing year, und for two inspec tors of election Tor 1871 The transfer books will bo closed from May S to Juno 3, 1873 Dated May 2, 1873. HENRY C. MURPHY, President O. P. QrtNTAnn, Secretary. I ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS.?ALL KINDS OK J Mechanical, Topographical and Architectural Draw ings, as well as estimates on railroad works, calculation of strain on bridges, roofs ami other structures neatly and correctly dune, at the Engineers' Draughting Bureau, office 71 Broailwav, room 1-0. IPSTIMATES WANTED-FOR ALTERING DWELLING J for a store and building up higher. s i'. Ml III, Jiu William street, corner of Frankfort. CI OLD PENS. f KELLER, KURTZ ,t CO., MANUFACTURERS OF GOLD PENS, NO. I MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. Havana lottery, germ an state lotteries.? Prices reduced Kl'HLMANN Jt CO., Banker), 83 Nassau street. Post ifffice box 3,5K%. Havana and KENTUCKY lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room M? tat floor. Havana and kentucky.?prizes cashed; 12^ ptr cent allowed. Address GEO. II. BOOTH, Com mission Broker, lt>-' Broadway, room 12. HS. DAIIIOnra NEW PATENT FI.Y AND MOH ? qulto Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste, for tin-destruction of all klinlsot vermin. 72 \\ lute street, corner Broadway. J^OBDELL, T1NSLEY A CO. Men's, Boys' and Children's Fine Clothing. 1,180 Broadway, corner of Twenty-eighth street. Finer Ooods, Later Styles and Better Fitting Garments Than any House in the city, and prices as low. M E A RES' EARES' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to flt. Bent by express, C. o. 1)., to any part of the country, at the following prices:? 6 shirts, Mason viilc muslin and fine linen $12 00 6 Shirt", Wauisutta mu-din and very tine linen IS fiO 6 shirts, New York Mills and heat linen + 15 00 Boys' Shirts ready made unil to oroer. Fancy Shirtings in great variety. Direction* lor measurement sent on application. R1CII ARI> ME A REM, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Sl*tli avenue and Nlneteeth street, New Vork. Ma.-i can find no doctor who can cork ? cancer, except Dr. Eiinore, 86 Warren street, Jer sey City. o MAHA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE POSITIVELY MAY 20. 8,168 Cash mm, amounting to $230,505. 0 0 Gifts raid In full. Official list* ofwlnnintf number* *rnt to piircli*M-rs ol ticket* immediately alter the distribu tion. Ticket* f I each : nix fbr $5. For sale at P. C.DEVI.IN'S stationery store, SO Liberty street, PFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KXTHA CLASS NO. 23.?HAY 3, 1S73. 64, 16, 35. 1\ 15. II, 71, 22, 42, 62, 59, 70. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 24.?WAV 3, 1*73. 70. 36, 49, 58, ti9, 48, 21, 2, 44. 33, 7, 32. OF.RKEN A CO., Managers. LUTUY A CO., Brokers, 224 Greenwich street. New York. FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. EKNTrCXT?XXTIIA CLASS NO. SUII?MAY 3, 1K7T 72, 69, 69, 62, 34. 30, 53, 68, 67, 42, 22, 52. KKNTL'Cir?CLASS NO. 310?may 3, 1873. 66, 67, 28. 75, 51, 24. 42, 52. 7?>, 1, 60. 74. SIMMONS it CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SMKLBV <'OI.IJ.OK?KXTRA CLASS NO. AI9?MAY 3, If73. 68, 25. 9. 41, 45, II, 39. 2. 34. 2tl. 69, 12. SIIKI.RY COLLKGK?CLASS NO. 210?MAY 3, 1H73. 60, 57, 71, 53, 19. 14, 5X, 46. 25, 69, 43. 56. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Kv. J. CLLTE, Broker, 206 Broad way. Post office box 4,969. OTATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, NEWS DEALERS OR Ji canvassers?Call and sec a new novelty. Sells at sight. Big profls to dealers. JONES A HADLEY, Publishers, 17C Broadway. N. Y. SPIRITUAL MANIFESTATIONS' KXPLAINEI ? P Every person can become a medium tor communl cations, special directions to me<1lum-hip sent on receipt of f 1. Address o. < 'of FIN, II Piatt street, room 30. CTAMMKRINO.-NRW YORK STAMMERING INSTI O tute. established 1870, Prof*. MANN arid COLVIIf, Managers. Iil7 West Twenty-third street. This Institute closes July 1; reopens September 1; seven days' Instruc tion allowed applicants to satisty themselves; no pay for board or services until cured. Call or send for prospectus. QTAMMEBINO.-DR. WHITE'S UNITED STATES stammering Institute, 417 Fourth avenue. Best ref erence. one week trial given to satisty the patient. No pay until cured. Send tor circular. ooCTl! CAROLINA LOTTERY TlRANT FOR FREE School Fund ? Perpetual Clans 85-16, 32, 56, 44, 73, 37, W, 74, ITT, 31, :6, 48. Class 89?21, 19, 40. 26, 14. 49, 28, 75, 57, 35, 6, UL COLE A CO.. Proprietor*, box 3.656 New York Post office. Cbari.kston, S. C., May 3. 1873. The hoard OF RxnsB in and for mr. county ot New York, on assuming their rtntles, And the of fice unprovided with the necessary boons, blanks anil paper required for the necessary transaction of their business, and are therefore compelled to defer issuing li censes tor a lew days. Duo notice will be given through the press when ap plications will be received and licenses granted by the Board* .IAS. L. STEWART, ) D D. T. MARSHALL, \ Excise Commissioners. j. &. rooRBis, \ mas AMERICAN CONGREGATIONAL VKiOE will hold Its Twentieth Anniversary- Rennion, at the Broadway Tabernacle, comer Thirty-fourth street and Sixth avenue, THURSDAY EVENING. MAY 8. Rev. Henry M Sendder, D. D will preside, and brief addresses u:av be expected from Kev William M. Tavlor, D. D., Rev. C. S. Robinson, D. D., Rev. William T. Sabine, Rev. J. M: Buckley and liev. IJ. M. Galtaher. Music will t?e rendered by the new eholr of the Taber nacle. a wis ted by Miss Antoinette sterling and oUicr emi nent talent. . Tickets i50 cents) tnay be procured at the room* of the Congregational Union. 69 Uiiiie House; at the Broadway Tabernacle. of the Sexton, and at the office of the Inde pendent, No. 8 Park place. fflENNA EXPOSITION.-PASSPORTS. $3, CALL BE tore 10, or alter fi evening-. COSTER, 64* Mrosdway, St. Charles. HIT* \ vs CONFECTIONERY, 6o East Twelfth street, second door from Broadway. Manufactures the best French Candies. Prices 30per cunt less thau on Broadway. Poda Water with choice syrups of our own manufacture. Candles wholesale or retail. 11'ILLIAM H llANKINRON'fl STI\M CARPET VY cleaning Works, 16 East rwentv-neventh street, be tween Filth and Madlsofl avenues. New York.?No con nection whatever with any ofier house. The original llankinson. and the only one of thar name, established In this business in 18<I. Ci'-dH PPBrilAEE A SPLENDID WHEELEE * qpOU Wilson Sew In* Machine; black walnut ease; half cabinet. In perfect order, go?d as new. Mrs. SMITH, 143 ha.?t Twenty-eighth.-street. -,C(i IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL l/ed Kentucky Lottery; Rjyal Havana and Kentuckv circulars tree; !2>?e comml'/ion allowed Address HaLEY A co, ujIUcc established.JO >v tis;, 174 w BVSIKH98 OPPORTUWITIKS. < A -WEIlL'KMTABLWHKD BROWN PAPER AND JV Rtrawboard Business lor sale cheap, wiili lease of store. Inuulr* atW Ann street. A LADY PARTNER?WITH $SM CA"5H, To TAKK A oh urge of a basinets employing a few girls; will pay lai.;e pro ills* K. EVANS, JM Broadway, room 14. A VALUABLE. PATENT, AND OTU HUM WORTH of goods manufactured under R, tor sale; wUI trade ?or good roul ? state or mortgage*. Apply at 84 0entrc street, in nt,,re. \N ESTABLISHED REAL ESTATE OFFICH?DOING agood business; largo amount ot property tor sain anitolot; lutmlsaiucly luruislicd office. Ai>ply at 1SU fcast I wonty-sixth street A ?ENTLEMAN OP EXPERIENCE AND AJHUTT ii,. Invest $\0t? in a reasonably protlta !'1 ? btV*i1!Vs'.l'.rVH'1 > l'gtul)li?lieJ. Address OOOUPA. ION, POX 178 Herald Iptown Branch office. A VROKITA.BUK OPENING fOB A GENTLEMAN i l. u^T, '. EW?"'"??t retiring principal Iii an PL 0 i', business, wall enormous *i?'ii r.SS y?or'y, easily made. Uldross Al, II raid Uptown Branch office: AN^ OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, SUOCPSS iii 11.v carried on lor ovor thirty vciirs tiir mli* oil easy turn* on account of 111 health ol the proprietor S& iak0? l" "change if desired. Apply at aw au.l -05 Centre street. 1' A SUBSTANTIAL COMPANY, OP THIS CITY ARK desirous ot extending and making a specialty >f a branch of their business; to a suitable p rsoti o; un questionable character. industry and responsibility pos sessing business and salesman tact, an opportunity in of. fcrcd lo engage in u highly respectable and prolHable business. Address, staling ago and business antoi. louts. BUSINESS, Herald otllcc. A CHANCE TO mark HoABY I HAVE ONE OP the bent paying and cheupcat rent Sample lioom and Alo House in this city. Now selling three hogsheads of Evan*'ale a week. Other wet KOmls In proportion. I have kept it three years, anil ba*e t,> sell to till an engagement out ot the city. Any porsou willing to w>rk and who has money tomvest in business can tlnil a rare opportunity to do so by applying on premises, (10 Hutl. on street, corner of Thomas, opposite the American Express Building. ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED A, for merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated; persons with capital seeking busi ness ad\lsed of approved opportunities. Reference :? Howard, Sanger A Co.. fancy goods, 108 Chambers street; other leading nouses, and our many clients, city aud else where. GR1UGS, CARLETON A CO., Financial anil Business Agents, 96 Hrosdwav. A -CAPITAL SECURED KOR INCORPORATED . companies, merchants, manufacturers; our register contains many uaiues possessing $10.1)00 to $75,000 each, desiring Investing In established business. ALEXANDER FROTHINGHAM A 00., IM BrOftdwajr, A -WANTED, SPECIAL PARTNER WITH $30,000 ? capital in an importing tlrin of lti years' stun,ling, with well established aud profitable trade In alt parts of the country. Address box 183 Herald 0000. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY KOR PLUMBERS, gas titters, Ac.?The Stock, Fixtures and tiood Will ot an old established plumbing and gas fitting establish ment. doing the largest business in the place, will be sold cheap, the proprietor retiring on account ot 111 health. For particulars call on or address CHARLES E. LUCKEY, 127 Franklin street, Ureenpolnt, Brooklyn, E. D. An established manufacturing business successfully carried on, Is now tor sale at u very low price on easy terms; profits $75 weeklv. LLOY D, itf Broadway. A THOROUGH BUSINESS MAN, WITH 94.000 TO $10,U0U, wishing to engage capital and services in a profitable manufacturing business, now in successful operation by the advertiser, will address SUPERIOR, box 1M, Herald office. As a live business inan,willing to reside at the manufactory, which is well located, is as much de sired as capital, none other need apply. AN ENERGETIC MAN, WITH $1,500, THE MONEY to be paid on the land already purchased, cun se cure Onc-fittli Interest in a suburban Real Estate opera tion that will net over $50,000 profit in one year. Address U. E. C., box UK Herald office. AN OLD-ESTABLISHED MEN'S RETAIL PURNISH Ing anil Shirt Manufacturing Business for sale ut a bargain ; doing a siiuk, profitable trade and low expenses; parties with less than $10,01,0cash need not apply. Ad dress HENRY WILLIAMS, bp? IK> Herald offlcj, Arabs chance.-a light manufacturing Business established 23 years; cheap rout; large profits; easily managed; will bear full Investigation; will sell lor hull Its value. ABBOTT.808 Broadway. A RESTAURANT? FIRST CLASS, GOOD PAYING business: the place is fitted up in good style and well furnished; three years' I^ease for the whole house and cheap rent, in Sixth avenue, neur Thirty second sL J. ULAENTZER, 1,243 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN OF BUSINESS HABITS?ONE WHO is reliable anil energetic, can hear of guod oppor tunity to invest $'.',000 in first class pleasant and profit able business; first class references given uud ruouired. Anply to HKtl. WEBVI'ER, 319 Broadway. An opportunity seldom OFPERBD TO A party having $7,000 or $M,000, us equal partner in a first class clothing house, 15 years established, doing a good business, on oue of the host streets of the city; no com munications noticed unless accompanied by undoubted reference; capital wanted to extend the business. Ad dress B. K. It., box 030 Post office. AN INCOME OF $20,000 PER annum may be eas ily realized by a gentleman investiug $3,000and tak ing a snare in an old established business of welt known standing. Address LEX, Herald Uptown Branch office. AN IMMEDIATE NET PROFIT OF MM can be made by an investment of $10,000 tor a few weeks, on first class security, besides a position ensuring u hand some yearly Income lor occasional services. Address TREASURES, Herald l'|,town Branch office. Business - established is?o ; principal street, large store ; legitimate; only ordinary bus! ncss capacity required; stock about $5,000; cash $2,000, balance on time; would exchange lor cosey place near New York, tree or small mortgage. Particulars at ll Broadway, office l, from 11 tos o'clock. BUTCHER'S SHOP, WITH DWELLING?ON A PROM inent corner in Trcmoiit; Fixtures for sale if desired; is suitable for any business; rent $35. Applv at 13<l Third avenue. Now York, or of station agent, Tremont IlOB SALE?THREE UOOD ICR ROUTES. APPLY 1 to the KNICKERBOCKER ICE COMPANY, 432 Canal street, New York. FOR BALB-THB ABSOLUTE BIGHT OF A DOOR holt and lock combined; lust pateuted; worthy the attention of builders. For terms apply to J. W. UEE, 944 Broadway C1BOGERY BUSINESS ON A LEADING THOUOUGH X tare and with a first class trade for sale; well as sorted stock ; best of fixtures and everything requisite tor the business; will he disputed of on cany terms, owner having other occupation. GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO , 98 Broadway. IV11,1, INVEST, WITH HR WITHOUT SERVICES, about $l,uoo, in some good business. Address V. 8., box AV Herald office. I HAVE A LARUE KIRK INRURANGE BUSINESS under iny control; having another business raimot uftend to It; wish an agent of some out-of-town company to talk tome: no one elite paid attention to. Address FIRE, Herald office. 1WANT A I'ARTNER IN STOCK BROKERAGE business, with $20,001; have been a member of Stock Board tOT five years. Address JOIIN, Heruld office. PARTNER WANTED?TO OO INTO THE DRUG Busi ness in a growing city, a lew hours' ride from New York, by a young man thoroughly experienced in the business and with some money, one desirous of invest or a few thoii?an'l dollars in a profitable business address 0, V., box 11H llernld office. PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANT IN WANT OF a partner, with about 91.0U0 and a large country ac quaintance. Address D. S. O,, Herald office. TO HOTEL MEN.-WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN ager to take charge of a large and popular Summer resort; one who can purchase an Interest preferred. Ap ply In person to S. EDDY 4 CO., No. I Park place. TO HOTEL MEN.?ONE OF THK BEST CHANCES IN the country for parties wishing to go into hotel busi ness; house well established and doing an excellent, pav ing business; only responsible parties, with capital, need answer. Address or apply to ALEX. STETSON, Astor House. ItTANTED-IMMKIH ATKLY, A PARTY WITH A vr ready cash capital of $25,ww, u take one thini interest in a business of which this and foreign govern ments are large purchasers: full particulars will '>? fiveu upon nn Interview. Address, with real name, E. ' O., box 2:2 Post office. ______ \\TANTED?A PARTNER. AN ACTIVM TEMPERATE Tr man. with $4,0110 or $5,000 cash capital, as partner in a knitting factory In the country. For further infor mation a<l(ln -? l>ox US Herald WW. __________ WANTED IMMKIHATKI.Y?A TOUKG MAN OF good address to take entire charge ot a store tn suc cessful operation in Newark and to till a place made va cant t'V sickness; $1,000 required, to whom an interest will l><: given, and references. Addresa BABE OPPOR TUNITY. Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A PARTNER. SILENT, OR ACTIVE PRE Tf terred, with $80,000, in an established manufactur ing and wholesale business ; principals only need reply. Address W. H. f . boa Post office. \I' ANTRD?FBOM$*,000 TO $10,00$, TO secikk a Vt valuable tract of Land, near Brooklyn, at less than $100 per lot; perfect security and targe profits warranted. Address SECURITY, Herald office. __ ttriLL KNOWN COAL BUSINESS?HAVING A, \\ first class wholesale trade, arid retail with families and business houses, and making money, for sale to a ca*h customer; property consists of yards and every thing requisite lor business at the various offices. OHIUUB, CABLETtlN A CO., I* Broadway. ?firANTED?A FIRST CLASP MAN, WITH MEANS. TO W conduct the New York agency of the best sewing machine in the world, now made by Colt's Armory, Hart lord, Conn. Inquire 01 W. J. PEASE, 179 Broadway, New York, room & WANTED-A PABTNKR HAVING $81X000 To $111),?*), to engage in the cotton commission business with two men well acquainted with Uie trade. Address COTTON, Hi raid office, when interview can' be htwl and particu lars made known, .satisfactory references guaranteed. WANTED-A PARTNER, WITH FROM $800 To $1,000, YT to join me in the market bnsin> ? , established for tt year-. Address C. B. A . Herald office. ffltinA -PABTNIR, WITH THIS AMOUNT (LADY ?P^2''U, or gentleman) to open a Servants J'"'*?? Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; good location; ''"["I Address BUSINESS, 1,035 lulton street, Hroukljn, care Ileal Estate offico. _ S"tU \ ?PABTNKR WANTED IN A CASH BI'SI i)UU. ncss pm to $*? can be made a month ami I no attention required, nusinesa honest ami legitimate Address B., Herald office. AenA VlU BUY A LIGHT MANUFACTURING SS'HJU Business; locatiou and profit.* good; a rare Since AddrX INDUSTRY. box U5 Herald Sfcot. "fVn -AN ASSOCIATE WANTKD TO BECOME. Interested in an establiahed House Kur l,|na and Hardware Store, doing good bnsiness , *atis taction guaranteed. Addruss HARDWARE, box 121 herald office. ______ __ AO CfWi ?PABTNBB WAN rED, IN A HOVBL IN the city paying large profits; open to in stigaiiou. AUdtv?s ILUtUlri. M \Yoal fweuty sveoud BtrgiyKBB OPT^mTtTiTrnKB. $5 000 man ^,UI? W A NTV. IV- W IT I l"x ITTlTm PANY, Herald Uptown flranch ? .^ l^ Broa l AAA 2**? wrr-*' purchase trk entire XH'm X .HtTk- ?"J Ooodwiil of a UrioUyrwk lfehtMauutoturing Business. with a steadily laerea.15 'srt5tt,jS!fd X ye*Mi hM *|W#V ?etK?l "!IS * ? !? to $10,000 per annum, an eucrRetlc nartv eaa easily double this amount K.>r * thoroughly sale invest ment this opportunity will nevur be equalled; trout reasons lor sellinr Principals only address -SPECIALTY, box I4t> Herald ofllce. * 4il^(k(W) .TO Ultimo IN AN ESTABLISHED ... V. -Mate Mining and ManuiacturtiiK Business; will net$100 per day; capable 01 large increase , profits guaranteed; capital securcd. reference. W- E. l'AitlSli A CO., a 1 >ev rtreet <Jt1 "? AAA -partner wamkd in a nnnniw ?P1? dune exclusively lor cash on delivery paving 30 per cent profit. Address M. (J., Herald Uptown Brunch office, I,MS Broadway. KI l(\ l l'I KK. BARGAIN at PORTINGTON BROTHERS, No. M3 Hudson street, and 107 Charles street in Parlor Suits, from *4<> to $ I.Ml, and Bedroom Suits. all of our mauiifa<-t.tiriug. which we warrant Established twenty-three year*. Eighth avenue cars pass the door. A: Great Murrain! in Carpets, Furniture, Sodding, *?T at the large wholesale and retail Carpet and Furniture Ware rooms, ? S00 to 516 Eighth avenue, corners Thirty-fifth aud Thirty-sixth strocta. D. KELLY. Give as a call before haying. ?CARPET^, A. Furniture, Bedding, Oilcloth*, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets. Comforters, Ac., at very low prices at the large wholesale and retail warerooms, 500 to 516 Eighth avenue, comer ot Thirty fifth und Thirty-sixth streets. D. KEELY, successor to H. O'FarreU. AT BENDALL'S OLD STAND.? FURNITURE, CAR nets anil liedding, cheap for cash or by weekly and monthly payments. C. E. CANNON, 209 and 211 Hudson street, corner CanaL A FIRST CLASS PARLOR SUIT-SATIN BROCATEI* solid carved rosewood, nine pieces, cost $1,500, for 9550. At 174 Hudson street, lluhoken. A WORD TO THE WISE. The best Furniture nnd Carpets are the cheapest Get the best on UEOItliE A. CLARKE'S popular sys tem of payments, at 747 Broadway. N. It.?Houses and Apartments Furnished on liberal terms. A PRIVATE FAMILY ABOUT LEAVINO TH B States is desirous of disposing of all their elegant Household Furniture at private sale, viz.1'arlor suits, in blue uud crimson satin ; also hrocatcl and cote line, from $125 to $175: Rep Suits, $.''0 to $60; magnificent rose wood 7 U octave double round Pianoforte,makers' Decker A Brother, New York; one grand square, 7 octave, both embracing all modern improvements, costing respec tively $S>7!> anil $750, lor $275 and $225; rosewood and wal nut Chamber Furniture, viz.Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waali stauils, Commodes, spring and hair Mattresses, fine Bed ding: walnut and French walnut Dining Furniture. Bookcase, Library Tables; Kitchen Furniture: elegant Bronzes, Carpets, Paintings, Ornaments, Ac.; furniture used but !> months. Call this day at private residence, 21$ West 21st st, near 7th a v. A?PARLOR AND SOFA BEDS; THE LARUKST VA^ . riefv of any house In tlie city; Payne's patents. Depot 40 Bleecker street ALL. THE ELEGANT FURNITURE AT THE PRIVATB residence lot East Twenty-fifth street, between Fourth and Lexiugton avenues, tor sale at a great sacri. flee tor cash.?Magnificent Mario Antoinette stylo satin brocutel Parlor Suit, nearly new, cost $575. for $au0; oua do., $I5D; brocutel anil rep Suits, $75, $i'<5 and $50. Paint ings, Bronzes. Vases, Clocks, Curtains. Mirrors, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style of Louis XIV., $45 upi Mattresses, Bedding, Carpets, BufTet, Extension Table} magnificent patent agrafTc double round 7?i octave Pianoforte, cost $9G0, for $300; Stool and Cover; has box lor shipping. A? A.?PICKHARDT'S PATENT PREMIUM PAR ? lor Sola and Secretary Bedsteads, with a complete spring ami hair mattress, inailo out ol the very best ma terial. by .In UN HEltKLlClI A CO., HHUandSS2 liruaJ wuy, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. KAKE CHANCE PoR HOUSEKEEPERS.-MAO niflcent Household Furniture lor sale at a sacrifice} A property lamllv leaving city. Two superb Suit* of Draw liiK Room Furniture, Marie Antoinette style, covered nlk brocade, cost for$2U) ciicli; do $l.4l; do. $45; vel vet, medallion Carpets; rosewood, walnut chamber Fur niture, style Louis XIV.; hair, spring Mattresses, Secre taire.; niarqucterie, bols do rose Cabinet*; Tables, square grand rosewood Pianoforte. Mirrors, PalnU Inns. Statuary, Bron/.es, Works ot Art, Extension Table, Buffet Silverware, Glassware, Ac., ut half original cunt iw West Fifteenth street, near Filth avenue. A FAMILY, OBLIGED TO VAOAIJ rUIUU ON Tuesday, will dispose of elegant Furnltnre of French flat; a magnificent l'arlor Suit, walnut and satin hroca tel. cost $(JM, will sell lor $300; a lull black walnut Dining Ho.mi Suit as Rood as new. for $1U0: China, Glass, Kltehen Ware ; been used 11 mouths 1,2'U Broadway, between Thirty-tlrsi and Thirty-second street)). A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A.?PRIVATE FAMILY . leaving for Europe will sell all their magnlllcent Household Goods?namely, rich Parlor Suit covered la crimson satin, cost $f???i, for $22.1, one do., fur $125; rep Suits for $50 to $75: 14 Bedroom Suits, $25 upwards; Mab tress, cost $?<>, for $15; Carpets,SOp. upwards; Mirrors,cost $230 for $125; also Beds, Bedding. Ac., Tables, Sofa% Lounges, Curtains, Paintings. Brnn/es, Silver, China, Glass Ware, Ac.; Basement and Kitchen Furniture, Ice> box, Ac., at less than Parties in want of goo4 furniture, nearly new, will do well to call at private resi> ilem:?, I2H West 2.'W st, near 6th av. House open this day or Monday. N.B.?Also pianoforte, cost$l,OIJO, tbr$25A C1A.RPETS, J Furnltnre, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty-fifth street and Ulltt avenue tlAKPKTS AMD PIKR MIRROR WANTED?FOB /cash; second hand will do. Send word bv letter te HOTSPUR, Herald ttttlce. 17I0R SALE CHEAP?A LOT OF OOOD QUALITY , r secondhand Furniture, including a handsome Plea j Glass and Cornice. Apply at S18 Fulton struct Brooklyn. rrtoR SALR?AT i,ess than one .third original I r cost, elegant Suit of rosewood Parlor Furniture, Just ! newlv upholstered. To bo seen at 11ENKY o'UKlKN'd, 207 East Ninth street ______ REATKST BARGAINS OF THE SEASON. J Furniture at half and less than halt cost Foreclosure to pav advances and loans. $:tnj??i worth Furniture and carpets. 722 Broa.l way. opposite New York Hotel, viz. Rich (second hand) lace and brocutel Curtains; ? altiut. rosewood and mahogany I Cabinets, Ladles' Desks, Bookcases, Wardrobe*, massive Bedsteads, Bureaus, Amiolre-a-Glace, Wastistand, Commodes, Etagere, Hall Stands, Extension. Parlor, Card anil Library Tables; Parlor suit* In reps, brocatel and satin ; Dining, Bedroom. Hall and Reception Chairs; Work Tables, Cblffonnleres and Pedestals; lloquette. Axminster, Velvet and Brussels Carpets; valuable Oil Paintings and China ami Glass Ware, and Mantel Ornaments; bronze and gilt Clocks, and bronze Figures; 2 very rich gilt bronze Chandeliers. Parties about inrtilshing for city and country houses will find this a groat opportunity to save mone.y (IOOD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A T specialty?English, Brussels and Ingrain, handsome patterns, all sizes, for sale cheap, at 112 Fulton stre<>^ Corner of Dutch Entrance on Dutch street Monthly or weekly paymemts.-carpet^ Furniture, H^dlng^c.^ ^ crvffIV(inAM SSt and >6 TTitrd avenne near Twentv-eighUi street. Prices lower than any other house in the city. DISPOSE otr pure baser l?y TMIVATK PARTIES DKSHUNG TO I < 1 itieir Kurfiitrir. can ineet With a cash ! tt'lUresing S. If. F., Nix Ja 1 Post office. THE ENTIRE n-RNITI RE OF THE MAONIFICEN1 dwelling 2?s U-xitiu'Uin avenue, between Thirty-fourtla and Thirty fifth streets (Murray Hill), will be aft public sale on Tuesday next. May ti, commencing at 10^. TE7IBKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR V? nlture. Carpets ami Bedding, at B. M. COWFEIfc THWAIT .? cu.'H, 156 and 157 Chatham street Aa Immense stock and WANTED?A SECOND HAND MAHOGANY OR ft black walnut sideboard with Cupboards. Address, stating price, S. C., bo* 1,156 Post ofRce. ZERO REFRIGERATOR, WITH WATER AND BUT* ter I'uoler; best in thft world. ALEX. M. LESLEY, 224 West Twenty third street Send for book. Refriger ators repaired. Huv the Zero, Zero, Zero. MEDICAL. M. MAURICE AC, X. D.?OFFICE 12S< LIBERTY* street, nj;ir tJreenwk h street. PHYSICIAN. EEsIDENOl avenue. -MMF. RESTEL1.E, I'll YSICIAN.?OFFICE Kai iaat Fifty second street. AND MMF.. DESPARD, PHYSICIANS, 41 EABC Twenty -eighth street, near Fourth avenue. R. KINO'S OLD ESTABLISHED PRIVATE OFFICE* Amity-st.. near Hroadway and Grand Central HoteL ULEECKER STREKT! A. A?MVK. MAXWELL, PHYSIClA . 1U Ea*t Tenth street, near Third 1 A ?f! D* DI4 TV*. HARRISON. LATE OF B IJ moved to 43 Carmine street ID R. AND MME. HELD EN H AVH RETURNED FRO^

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