Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Mayıs 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Mayıs 1873 Page 12
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"PACIFIC MAIL OT3ESY.' Aaotbcr Punic la Wall Rtntt?PaclOe Mall Music la the AliwtiaMfa, 'l)owa? ward Raih of - th? St??ult?stm "??? Sloriei About Mooktwll and the Howe Sewing Hachinti l^rup^riy?Will Horace K. Clark Alan tike Lifeboat* A Note Of SlOO,AOO Said to lie Dishon or, il. Once more that pandemonium ol the l?..lls and bears?Wall street?has been agitated to its lowest ?tepi tit), and this time again the trouble ban come to ttie surface in Pacific Man moi t, known ou the street as "P. M.," or an It is wittily translated t>v the knowing onus*, "Perpetual Misery." Erie stock i was at one time the great source of trouMe ami toil m Wail street, but Hince the change of management tn thai roaii all the boldest operators liave deserted "Erie" foi 'Pacific Mail," and now fivir day to day wt Ileal bi tl.e most astonishing revelation*. coming Irom all quarter*, in regard to tlx officers and directors of this steamship com pany.> ol these rev. utfons are, of course, of a "bogus" nature, and are rotne.uLed and started and led by the brigands an t guerillas of the street, who ate watcliiug, like TUK EVIL SPIRIT, ror those whom they may devour or ruin in pockct and reputation. Yesterday a very strange rumor was started on the nircei about A. H stock well, who is at present tin; President of the I'acilic Mail Steamship Com pany. Tiie rumor, which could not be verified to any exu ni, or yet deuied, on inquiry being made, whs to this effect:?It 1b stated that Mr. Stockwell, who is President of the Panama Railroad, as well an of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, the company being the owners of the railroad, had used shares ol the stock of the Panama liailroad Oompuny, and as collateral security had given to the Pacihc Mail Steamship Company a mortgage on TilK HOWE SEWTNO MACBINK COMPANY'S WORKS at Itridgeport, Conn., of which Stockwell was re puted to be the owner. The stock of the Panama Kailroad whc valued at sometlitng like 120 then, and the total indebtedness of Stockwell became about $1,140,000. Stockwull, it is alleged, made a series of notes to the Pacific Mail Steamship Com pany, which were to run in series for a year, the first one incoming due on May l, 18*3. This note was lor $luo,oou, and as three days' grace is al lowed that would have made the first note payable to-day (Sunday, May 4). But it Js well Known among all business men that when a note lulls due ?it Sunday it must be paid on the Saturday pre vious. TTtK RBIOANDS AND Vtn.TTOES, who are always watching for their prey in Wall street made, as they always do, a memorandum of the date when Stockwell's note fell due, and all sorts of rumors were yesterday prevalent about this note and the consequences that might result irom its non-payment. Cue of these rumors was that the mortgage given as collateral on the prop erty at Bridgeport by Stockwell was valueless, as it was said that Ellas Howe, his father-in-law, iiad left the property referred to to Stockwell in trust for the latter's children, and that he hud NO RlliilT TO MAKE A MOUTH AGE on a property held In trust by him for others. These and a hundred other rumors were flying around in the air yesterday, ami the result was a wild panic In Pacific Mail which lasted for Bomc time. These vague rumors assisted in the jump on the stock, and as the officers and directors were very close in regard to this matter it was very difficult to obtain any reliable information. A reporter called at the office of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, at 59 Wall street, and saw the Treasurer, and on inquiry being made as to the truth of the rumor that stockwell Uad not met his first note of $100,000, or that any trouble had (occurred between the President and the directors, he made answer in a VERY MYSTERIOUS MANNER that the reporter should make inquiry of Mr. stockwell himself in regard to the matter, but that the officers and directors of the company refused to give auy information whatever. Mr. Stockwell was spoken to and the same questions were asked ol him, but he said that there was no truth in the reports and that he did not understand how such rumors originated, and that was all he would say. He seemed very nervous, however, and did not desire to talk. MR. H. W. GRAY, of the firm of Cray A Avery, in Broad street, was also called upon, as he is supposed to be a heavy dealer iu Pacific Mail, but he declined to give any information, although he did not deny that he was conversant with Pacific Mail matters. It was gen erally believed in Wall street yesterday, however, that Mr. Stockwell had not met bis obligations, and this rendered the stock market very feverish. Pa cific Mail opened at 56}*, sold at ft5%, and then broke into a crash, falling to 49X. Pinally it rallied and closed at 53 on another rumor that a sort or a COMPROMISE, HOI.D OVER AUKANOEMENT, bad been made between Stockwell and the com pany of which lie is the President. It was also stated that Horace P. Clark had offered his assist ance to Stockwell to carry him through nis trouble, au<l that Could?who, it is said, helped Stockwell, together with Horace F. Clark, at the time of the Northwestern corner?would probably come for ward in this crisis of Stockwell's agony and also assist in the matter. And thus the matter is re ported to stand at present. THE PATTENBURG BLOODSHED. The Trial of John Bogur, One of the Rioters, Continued ? Strong Point* Against Hi in?The Foremost of the Mob. The trial of John Bogne, one of the Pattenburg rioters, for (he muruer oi Benjamin Desliman, was continued yesterday, in the Hunterdon County Court of Oyer and Terminer, at Morris town, N. J. Notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather, the court room was densely crowded, the public interest in the result of the trials seeming to increase as they proceed. A silly rumor has been in circulation here for a day or two, to the effect that another riot is expected at Pattenburg between the Irish and some Italian and Swiss laborers who have bees brought upon tne works. It is true that Italians have been brought to labor upon the tnnnel, and the rumor oi a riot grew out of the tact that they bad been discharged in a body, as they were en tirely unfitted lor railroad labor. The cross-examlnaiion of Coleman Lewis, the negro, was continued yesterday morning. As he was an important witness the defence endeavored to weaken his evidence, but In this counsel were not very successful. The following is THK evidence:? After the riot 1 talked with a number of persons about what I had seen; don't know how many negroes were in my shanty when the Irish came; 1 came out alone; don't know how many Irish there were; 11 vou were running for your life you would not stop to count them; the Irish were close upon me and 1 made for the Carter farm; Ben Deshman lay with nis leet in the doghole; he was too large to get in; while under the porch I made a slight noise, and Charles Dilley told me to keep quiet and they would soon be gone; I saw the rioters go out of tnc gate; I'at Delay, one of the prlseuers, was with them: the prisoner llogue wasin iront or the crowd when I tlrst saw them by the shanties', I know the prisoner's face at once when I saw him in jail. Jacob P. Apgar testified?I wan along the road and 1 saw the rioters returning; they were armed with weapons of various Kinds; 1 think I saw THK PRISONER AMONi; THEM; there was some one who looked very tnnch like Inm; he was In front and paaaed close to me: I hud seen him several times before, and next saw him st the investigation before Justice Dunham. Cross-examined?Can't say how Itogue was ?dressed; he bad no whiskers; I bowed to hun, but said nothing; he LOOKED MORE VICIOt'S ?out of bis eyes than the others, mid his tace was very red; I "am not positive it was Bogue, but I think it was. David W. stoires testified?I live in Patten l)ur?; saw the rioters stap at Ungue s boarding bouse for reinforcements; s.iw the prisoner go #fiertlieefowd and return with ? olbye and several Lothers; he was gone about one hour ; one of the acrowd T A; KEtl MK FOR A DI N ; I said I had none: he said It was d?d strange no had a pun that morning. ?Jobn Wilson, ii n'.'itro, nelng sworn, said?I wrknd at the tunti' i the t.nie ot the riot; was In ttw shanties When tlie Irish came; I fled to the ooOs; I rau by lien Dcshinan ; stopped at Mrs. Carter's, and she told me to bide in iue hog pen. ?il* Court then adjourned until ten o'clock Mon day 'morning. JBLEAKLUY'S SUICIDAL MANIA. The ifsrdrrrr of Maud Merrill Tries It n Mecoiuf Time snd Lamentably Falls AgslfW Kobert Weakley, who shot the girl Maud Merrill In a house *?f ill-fame in Neilson place, ahd whose trial J* now'-on. made a sccond attempt yesterday to put an en?T to his days. At least, as It wool# ap pear, he endeiVrored to give this impression to the public. When the Keeper passed his roll at no early lw?ur yesterday morning he found Bleak ley lying on the Vide his couch, with his ann hanu Ing by his fide jvu\ toward the Moor. The blood whk oosinK slowly /torn an old wound winch he ha<l reopened in his arinA and by the tluie tb? keeper marie the discovery a sinill pool had coag ulated on tie unwind. When asked wMat be meant by acting in this way he answered, in a feelWe voiw "J wanted to put an end to mrself; I <iw Dn'd of life." It was believed, however at the Tottl*-1 'bat this second attempt of Bleak ley was as bad if'sliam" as the first, and that the prisoner only doer's *?rt of thing as usup iKUl to Um? UUfcOX* UMIttlUtT WUltll has been Introduced tinting His trial. It w?? strongly suspected alKO that Weakley had cun ningly mingled with the blood some water, bo oh to give the Idea of the quantity he had lost. In fact, ihe attempt In supposed 10 he as "thin an the Mood. ___ THE COTTON EXCHANGE. Important Meeting of the Board Yeater? ita v?Tnr Prlft of 8?aU Advanced to 9^,300 and t?,000? Attorneyships Abol ialit-d. An important special meeting wan held at the Cotton Exchange on Saturday afternoou, at two o'clock, which wan largely atteuded. Vice Presi dent M. B. Fielding occupied the chair. Mr. George Hiaardon, secretary of the Exchange, read the call, as lollows:? _ _ _ _ ,, **w April 16, 1*73. K I). IliLKiKON, President:? Wo, the undersigned, respectfully request the Hoard of Managers to pass a by Ian, u> bo submitted to the ex change. prohibiting, troiu and alter the Istot June., any attorney from doing any business on the door. Any member wishing a ticket of admission for hi* clerk or representative, during his absence from the city, on the tleor, may apply to the superintendent tor the name. ?run pun k or MKXRitKsiiir from and after the 1st ol June shall be $J ?U until the 14 ol January, 1S74, anil on and after that date $/>,UOO. Any person elected a member ol the Exchange may, how ever, buy any seat at any prtc<; agreed upon with tlie si Her, paying u transler fee to the Exchange ut $.'301 The Treasurer of the Exchange oil and alter the Ut of June is urohibltud frnin BUVINU ANT VACANT SKAT, tint the Kame may be sold at public auction by the Super intendent 011 hvc days' notice, pouted on ihe liiarklmaru. .signed by J. U HACAUf-AY, and 102 other members ol the Exchange. Mr. F. Zsreua moved tlmt article eight bestricken out and the following ho substituted:? Any member may apply to the Superintendent for a yearly card of admitsion to the tloor ot the Exchange tor his partner or elerk. to be used, however, only during his absence troin the. eity or the tloor. Mr. William Muck moved to lay the motion on the table. Lost. The motion on the original inten tion was carried. Air. li. 1'. IIakkk moved that any person now ACTING AH AN ATTORNEY , on the floor of the Exchange become a member to pa-dng the Hoard of Managers, on paying the ad | mission fees now charged, carried. I Mr. Zebboa then moved tliat section one of arli I ule three read as follows:? The initiation fee lor membership of the Exchange shall be, on and alter the 1st July, $2,MM, and on and utter 1st January, 1874, $5,000. A certificate of member I shin shall be issued to each member 01 the Exchange, 1 whlrh may be transferred by any member to any other I number or member elect, upon the payment to the Treasurer ol the Exchange of the sum of $^(W. The Treasurer. on and after the 1st July, is prohibited from buying any RIGHT Or MKMBCRSHir. The legal representative of Hiiy deceased member may transfer such membership as herein provided. Also to strik* out section 5, and any part of any other section of article 3 that conflicts with the above. Mr. Graves moved to amend by striking out the word and substituting $1,000, and suggested that It would be time enoagh to provide lor "on and alter Janiary 1, 1874," when that period re curred. Tills motion, however, was subsequently withdrawn. After an overwhelming vote for the motion or Mr. Zerega the meeting adjourned, the result having caused general satisfaction, the members dispersing, feeling nominally richer, while the attorneys retired to dream of schemes to raise (sou apiece to become members betore the 1st of next July. AY.fEXATIO.1 OF BRITISH AMERICA. Quarterly Meeting of Colonists?The Eagle to Spread His Wings from Florida to Greenland?A Contrast of Republican and Provincial Liberty. About seventy-flve natives of the British Ameri can colonies met last night at 130 Bleecker street. It was the regular quarterly meeting of the Colo nists. The reading ot communications occupied about an hour's time. The Secretary, after a short address, introduced Mr. Frank Kitchie, of Chicago, who, in a lorclble and eloquent manner, made some touch ing allusious to the deeds of several of the founders of the organization. He said that the society in Chicago numbered seven hundred members, and was increasing at a ratio of about five members a month. lie expressed an unswerving belief in the right of every community to make Its own laws and choose Its own form of government, drawing a vivid picture of the differ ence in the material anil intellectual conditions of the United States and the Dominion. He showed the superiority of republican over monarchical institutions, and declared that "the ONLY SALVATION FOH TUG BRITISH AMERICAN COLO NIKS exists in the American Union." The speaker, after pointing out the ob tccts of the association, paid a glowing tribute to tlie glorious land which was ever ready to welcome with the open hand of hospitality the siratigur aud the alien on Its shores. A very interesting letter from St. Louis was then read, stating that the English and French speaking Canadians have united, aud attend oacli others' meetings. Warm applause followed the above an nouncement. The presiding officer, Mr. Albert Oodln, In the course of his address, praised the eflorts now being made by his coantrymen in the United Stutcs to unite the different parts of THE NORTHERN CONTINENT UNDER ONE FI.Afl. He very clearly proved the failure of the federa tion scheme, and said that the local parliament and government are beneath even the contempt of the municipal bodies. The treasurer's report showed that the funds of the society were in a healthy condirion. it was proposed, by way of combining amnse ment with instruction, that on the last Thursday evening of each month there be a social reunion of the colonists, when singing, speaking and dancing will l?e the order of the evening's entertainment. It was so decided, and a committee of five ap pointed to make all neccssary arrangements. APPOINTMENTS BY THE GOVERNOR. Albany, N. Y., May 3, 1873, Messrs. Allen Campbell and James P. Klrkwood have l?ecn appointed by the Governor to supervise the construction of the Beach l'ncuinatic Tube Railroad lu New York city. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for New York?This Day. RCN AND MOON. Hnn rises 4 54 Sun sets o 59 Moou sets....mora 133 mon WATER. Got. Island...mora l S6 Sandy Hook..morn 1 11 Hell Gate morn 3 41 OCEAN STEAMERS. DATES OF DEPART1HE FROM NEW YORK FOR TUB MONTH OK MAY. Htmii tern. Nl Uti. I ftnitituttiim. ? Ktnailia W iseonsln City of Baltimore. 'I'liurliiKia Khein Oceanic Citv<ii Montreal.. Nevada America Hitnimnniu. Weser TN iitlnntHon Adriatic May 7. Mav 7 iMay H. May 8. Mav 10. May 10. May 10. May 14. May 14. May 14. May 17 Mav 17 May 24.. . |<;ia?ow.. . I Liverpool. . I Liverpool. Hamburg. Bremen... Liverpool. Liverpool. Liverpool. Bremen Hamburg. Bremen... Havre Liverpool. Offier, 7 Bowline Green 2D Broadway. 16 Broadway, lil Broadway. 1 BowllnirOreen 111 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 'J9 Broadway. 2 Bowling Green 81 Broadway. 2 Rowling Oreeii .v Broadway la Broadway. PORT OF SEW YORK, MAY 3, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Gasscndi (Br), Mitchell, Liverpool?Busk A Jevona sieamshlp Mosol (Geri, Ernst, Bremen via Southamp ton?I (elricna A Co. steamship Santiago de Cnha, Reynolds, Havana and Matansaa?C LGuilloaume A Co Suam-hin Florida. Cameron. Hamilton (Bermuda)? .in? Hand steamship <> W Clyde, Cole, Galveston via Key West?(' II Mallorv A Oo. Steamship Gen Mo ado, Sampson, New Orleans? Frederic Baker. Steamship George Washington, Quick, New Orleans? Clark A Seaman. Steamship Montgomery, lalrcloth, Savannah?R Low den. Steamship Sati Jarinto, Hazard, Savannah?W R Garri son Steamship Champion, Lock wood. Charleston?U H Mor gan A <"o. steamship Ellen S Terry, Halyear, Newbern?Murrav, Ferris A On. Steamship old Dominion. Walker, Norfolk, City Point ami Richmond?Old Dominion steamship Co Steamship John Gibson, Winters, UcorgetoWD, DC?I) B Merriek A Co. Steamship Regulator, Freeman, Philadelphia?Lorillard Steamship Co. steamnliin Nereu?. Bearse. Boiton? II F Dlmock. .shin Lillie Soul lard (Br). Webster, Lisbon?Boyd A linn-ken _ _ Bark Nancy (Dutch), Pcderson, Aujler?V H Brown A rlo, liark Patrla (Rus), I'lenias, Cronstadt?Funch, Edye A Mark Brodrene (Nor), Olscn, Havre-Punch, Edye A * O. Hark Qyda (Nor), Erieksen, Aarhuus?Funch, BdyeA Birk Hattle M (Br), Card. Gibraltar for orders?H J De Wolf A Co. Bark OlafTKyrre (Ger), Bergh, Rodosto and Constanll nohi??Huni !i. Kdye A Co. Hark Jonallian Godfrey, Hewes, Montevideo?John Nor ton. Jr, A Soil Bark B Murray, .lr, 1'ennlogton. Port au Prince?R Murray ir .. 'j.1Blanohard, Cadiz for order*?Walsh, r leld A War. Hria Alice Hughes, Rio Janeiro via Bangor?Pender ga?! Bros A Co. Hrii.' John W Punt. Hunt, A BnnreM. nc / A i i'i oavia, St Johns, I'll?J F Whit flrij Amy A Lane, Carver, Havana-J B Phillips A Son. Jtcrieaui"a c* S ^ Macoinber,Cardenas?Cranduil, Brig tte'io. Dewey (Br). Merdam, Parsboro, NH-I) R De Woll A ? o. Brig Huil Columbia, Brtreton, Baltimore-J I> Fish A Co. Schr Freedom (Br). Kinn, Wind?or, NB-Crandall, Ber tcpu?^ Co. (To Hon. Active (Brt, Edgctt, HI jkboro, N8? P I Nevtfls A Schr llinnehih?y,D?S?U^1iJonyil4,e~W Rlly bell A Gardner ' **? Mosquito Inlet Kim?Oamp B^imi>!jOUU't Van Bn>V Tooker, Tnditnola?Tupper A J?hB '' MerH H?l*y, Fernandina, Kia?A Ah Schr M<<!t?'B^'L'',w2\,^',,n'n^ton' NO? K K Powell. Bro. U' Bedell, Kicliinond. Va?Van Brunt A Bruit'" ^ F AHcn, Washington. DC?Van Brunt A i-Bchr 11 A-Toile*, Mullen, New Haven-H W Jackson A fnc.tutitJjYJa Burton' Bnr|ey, Stamford?Stamforc Munu Ply'd*1"01 fc C B,dUk' Alexander, Phiiadclphia-W P AltlilVALS. I MtPOKTBl) BY THE IIKRALD STEAM YACHTS AND | IfKKALD WII1TKSTONE TELEURAPII MNK. n 'lty of Ba|timore (Br), Allen Liverpool W-.w,th. "J- a,ul , 01? "H* i to John ft |>ale. Had moderate variable wm *5ntisl bM?k'St,Me:rfAprUJ* Lat? ?. Ww ...T'A I Mtv ^ miiJl d -WuHt com flags WC>K % 1 *?ay l, 50H miles E of Sandy Hook a Gcrmim hnrk ImlVL EW^,,HHn?lv'i,!K 50,n HK^B; same day, taft 3-H miles I.- ,,r,i ?? \u ?.u*on steamer, bound can!; u.5!_ ki "I do a bark-rigged steamer, bound east ?ia Havre 18thBD?ftth <BV' hui,!mcr. London, |?. Iluiit H?,l ?S'. ? ""'"O ?'"! passengers k, V W J ! w!Jn ?nJ?i II 1 . a ear weather till last two days fiv i? vt ii u, <1''ng<! anchored off handy lldoli Vf MD,,k. b, rk Vnf'.?n'"r; ,Alir" ?? N, fon 1039 N 'Ion T7 40 '?r ? ^,und <???'; 'Mll. lut 4? (12 2?ih HtCHllftNu.nvfi'w'1" (Er>' f'>r Liverpool: east tutl. l?i7i m VS0!,1 JX' a German steamer hounrf .at \& ^^?nV' '^^""w^i^il*nM ((Jer)nholice'foxfire'* men; same time a Onion steamer, bound east. sin a 28th '^.ile ? i (? r)' T.V!}Sr Trieste M?roh 22, Mp? andffll nawna^l ?? *?. Alhral,ar April U, with mdse. a v^" .-,0,'8,1111!'"011 Hr0H "*'! heavv sw md^aTuC'n^, ^fey'Ve^YC ftvT * "ence'fh?B?* SSh HatUlr,u'-t,aa6el1 "te.rn.hlp ZiKl.'ac, ^&t,WkST"ApriI 301 wi,u to Baxter a V'n 0r)' ?i0,J'London, 4(1 days, with chalk miwave Znf hirt' T'1 f0 on,er- Too* the northern fronMli..iw^. ih ? moderate weather up to the Banks; Bark v 1 #IuitMB /if H? stroBK westerly winds. to hit h tk 5 (Nor> Irudneri, Cork 3J days, In hnllast fllu- weather ?? n,% anorthern panHaxc and Imd S?o.m we."rW wlndS*1"18' from thunc,; 10 ',a>" wil" llinonNWHt"CAroNor)' Cork 35aayi' wlth fcrti,lzcM <? davrH.lfw?fhP?.m.1? 1 W NK)- 'nneHH, Cardenas 12 llincken A,fr i ??"' .toorder; wssH to Bo.v.l A WhW ?? ?ETlh' ' . l!le hn<l u iK'tvv blow from mofiorntl , Cttrrll;'1? ,,w?.v lualnmaNt hi'itd; siuce s 'hr r V (m^ L ; V(' (Ihvs no,',h of "atlerai. Kf 7 .inoo (Of Bridgeport), JiiKernol, tleorgetown, vari7a.,!.ey^cat^,DaVttl ",0rCS 10 t?nrlbut 4 Had wm^aBv.uf'r^m'nmM^WrSU,r' ?cor?cw?wn. 80, 6days, 8< hr M WOriffltw, Stoeklon, Virtrinla for New Haven Srli'j I A m'b'1 ' iHi!,l)i!1"' v?rKl"J<* lor Providence. ' hihr LAM Reed, Mteelman, Philadelphia for Bobton. fussed Through Hell Gat*. BOUND SOUTH. B08t0n '"'New York, in yHchr Llia 11 Barnea, Avery, New Haven for Alexandria, Yora1' JamC8 n?ffman. Wiropshire, Providence for New 2*rJ'?| Providence for New York. Hchr Arabella, Smith, Providence for New Vork York K l{,{ No i7< HuluJs. New London for New |fe 8 ss; RE: wSn ?i?E? 8,","?'.'""' ??* v?k. ?onehto BriflSeCo,re-8prU" *** '"?? New York, with Kr\\rr ??n*i",;?ur' Kr"",r! ??" River for New York. | ? .i r A T ,r i)OIii ,or N,'w York. ^nr?susta Nclir Ann T Hippie, Peck, New London for New York Rebr lttm?'i t?' Nuw "ave? '?r New York Scl ? m, n f r%r' "'""'P*!''1- StonlnKtori lor Nrw York. 2 1 J!i ..? 9'."?se, Providence for New York. S.l.'r nr'.'i! KeUy Providence for New York. ines to order' ?sborno' B,!"?sttor Rondout. with head order' Uer?' FoM' B,'"ttSt for Rondout, witli lumber to Sch'r Python. Hale, Norwich for New York. wUh Ht^e^o Brlthfo 6arOWll'y' ?'X ,sla"'1 lor New York' order'J08ie' Muchia,lmrt for New York, with pilimrs to SUI Cetace?n. Mace, New Haven for New York. wHh fumber?oorder. ?r* PorUaUd lor E1"^^port. s^hr for Ellzabethport. wfth Iumte?to J^ Haviiand I,orUa,ld ,or New Vork. 1 uti'ibem!Wilson .iSe?11""0"'' f?r NoW YorK' wi,h sr!,'!^ HttkeI' ''ort Jefferson for New York. <!hr [furr^ 1 e?5?>'? 1 ?rf'.v, * ^ovldence for New Vork. to order! Whort, ( alais for New York, with piling laSJooWm^^oa^dra";. CaUUS f?r NeW York? wit" SchJ Sim bo arii!' H un kc'rS Pro Wd'enM U,tuJ.Vg^own Schr Pe.in8vlvai.ia, lluller. Kail Kiver fnr n?w Yo?k lumKSrtM W' b""ko'' ,or Newark, NJ, with ?SJl.^rdc? ' K"tbl""- ?W, ilUi hchr Jane. Stoddard. Westerly tor New York staves to onler.^00^ While' Bc'1",st '"r Nt w i'urk- ^Ith York'.r TI"""U6 P Cooncr- Sleeper, Providence for New ijVl.'r Ty'ef, Tirrell, Providence for New York. Bridge Co. W,lalhuv?n 'or Now York, with stone to Schr J S Terry, Raynor, Somerset for New York. ?c,hr Miranda ardy, New Haven lor Virginia Bchr Charlie Miller. Jones, New Haven for Virginia. Schr JennyLlnd,WllsonTWew Haven "or NewVork hcl.r Mary Natt, Baker, New Lmidui. for New York York.r Ooodspeed, Morre.l, New Haven lui New airMinp Kl'welo. Soper. Boston for New York. Schr S M Meant y, Lewis, New Haven for New York York'r n,"c Ha,"u, r. "rooks, Vineyard Haven lor New 5cL,r J.?!1 Mltehell, Newport for Now York. York '"a,i Jc"L'rson' Jol.uson, Stamford for New to'OTder"*8*' RiCh' Qreenwlch for Ncw Y<rk. with stone Schr J R Mitchcll, Morrell. Stamford for New York. BOt'NP EAST. landMn8hiP cl,csaPcake' Mangum, New York for Port Stcamshin Neretia. Be arse. New York for Boston 8teamship Wamsutta. Fisti, NPw York tur Sow Hnrirnr.i &ul N?v \?rk" " 'larnorii ' Schr Phil Sheridan, M.irphv, New York for Tinnton Schr Thos Potter, lia?dy, Rondout for Va l Rive" River nJamin ,!?n'{lls,,? Strong, Hoboken lor Fall Schr Agnes, Chester, Hoboken for Ediartown Cove Llndsley, Kierimn, Nbw York'for Glen ic\'i ?PT- Nc.w York ,or Fall River. Sehr El Ma| ".VVC. '? R<,n,,0"t 'or I'rnvidenee. dence Nuffield, Haynor, New Vork for Provi d^;'rbr Henr^ ?roskey, Brackctt. New York for Provi 5?!"" ?? "aIT1!'6! naverstraw for Providence \J-Jn J!**1, Tujrcll, Hoboken for Providence 5?tr wlI,n.w HarP? Hoi ton, lloooken for Vrmridonnm Schr H U Bird, Hlacklngton, New York for Boat m y schr M W Griming, BranfcomU Vi^niaforVeW Ha ScDr ?w ^?kPn- New York for Stamford Bedford Jr' Kellcjr- A1^ny "fbr New Hkrai.d TRi.r.nRApn Station, > W iiitksto.ik, May 3, 1873. J The following table shows the number of vessels which Passed thu station during the week ending May S;? U. . . .WWARI) norvn, Steamships. li Brigs o ' ^ehooncrs...!!!.!!!!!]"'^! Toui ?; ... , , OUTWARD ROUND. Stea.nshiDS 10 Brigs A kfl ? Schooners. .".".'.""""210 T"U1 ? =. ...^ y.VILED. Steamships Celtic. Greece, (lassend!, ami City of Pari*, for I.iverpool, Mosel, Bremen; Australia, (llasgow; Pe rii're, Havre; Glamorgan. Cardiff; Florida. Hamilton (Bermuda); <?eo W Clyde, Oalveston via Key Weil; (ieo Washington, and Oeu Meadn, New Orleans; Montgome rv, and San Jacinto, Savannah; Champion, Charlestons <>ld Dominion, Hlehmond. Ac ; John Gibson, Georgetown; ship John K Worcester, Khanghae; barks Antelope, St Kitts; Traveller. BtRnos Ayres;brig 0 A Sparks, Car denas; schrs Nellie I'otter, Washington; l.i/./ic Dew ey. . ' Vessels anchored at Southwest Spit, outward bound Ship Kllza, lor St John, NB; harks Piore nee Pe ters, Matan/as; Traveller, Buenos Ayres; Victor, Port F. I i/.abe t h, brigs Clara P Adams, t'anlenas; C A Sparks, Havana, A Thurlow, Matanzas, W W Lurd, Sydney, CB; Antelope, Cordelias; Herman, Bordeaux; seluia, Key West; Miana I'raub, Matan/as. Wind at sunset, NE. Shipping Notes. The Sew Haven steamboat Kim City wa? lowered yes terday from the large balance dock foot of Pike street, after having completed extensive repairs, nucCMltated by her recent accident above Hell (!atc. On the smaller balance dock adjoining since our last report have been bark Bishop lirun (Nor), r>2A tons, to strip, calk and coaltar; bark Baccicla (Ital), Mfl tons, for examination and to patch metal, and bark (Julckstep, tons, of Portsmouth, NH, to strip, calk and retnelal. On the large sectional dock foot of Rutgers street have been bark liarrUburg, ill tons, of Boston, to repair shoe; steamships Isaac Bell, 1612 tons, of the old Dominion Steamship line, to calk and paint bottom, and City of Dallas, 914 tons, of Messrs C II Mallory A Co's line, to paint bottom; hark Cherokee, 207 tons, for general re pairs. and bark Itoving Sailor, 17(itons, ol Boston, to paint bottom. On the Clinton street sectional dock liave been propel lers Klleii 8 Terry, 3M tons, to repair sleeve, and Leo, 1184 tons, owned by Messrs Murray, Ferris k Co, to paint bottom , Mr Henry N Smith's new steam .vaeht America, to receive her first suit ol copper sheathing, and the Har lem steamboat Momsania, to patch metal and do other slight repairs. Brig Blanca Salvatorc (Ital), .125 tons, was on the small sectional dock loot ot Kutgcrs street to rcnull metal, and was followed by brig Ugo (Aus), 476 tons, for examina tion. On the same dock have been barks Girl of the Period (Hr), 226 tons, to clean metal, and Sarah A Sta ples, 4(1) tons, of Belfast, Me, to strip, calk and reinctal. At the screw docks loot of Market street have been On the large dock, brigs Eliza. 3*0 tons, for painting and general repairs, ami Thotnas A Darrell, :ts| tons, to strip, calk anil reinctal; schrs Enchantress, 371 tons, to repair ?boe. ami Nellie Hcott, '?<6 tons, to paint, and bark Ilea pcrus (Br). Hi) tons, ty strip, culk uud muut On the raid die dock, nchrft Jnlla R Floyd, 291 tow: Ltatie I*ee, 91 tons; old Chad, 73 tuna. Franklin, 294 tons, and E W King. 108 tou?, *11 to paint; II II Netvc;, 131 tons, to patch metal; brig Tropic Bird, 301 tons, to paint bottom, and brigs Julia A Blake, 164 tons, and Salve, 434 tuna, both to patch metal. On the mammoth actional dock at liobokcn have been propeller New Orleans, 1440 tons, and the East River Kerry (Id's ferryboat* Southampton and Garden City, all to paint bottom, am) the North River steanboat Mary Powell, to patch metal. On the small dock have been pilot boat li II Qrtnnell, for general repairs, and schr Robert Myhan, 92 tons, to paint bottom. Mr .lames 8 Dean hasnad at his railway at Red Hook, steamboats Nellie White, and America, ol R Cornell White's line, for repairs to copper, caulking and paint ing ; elevator Haire, to calk and paint; sclir M E Car lisle, calking and painting, and steamer Norwich, of Cor' nell's towiug line, for extensive general repairs. Messrs P J O'Connell 4 Co have hail on their Erie Basin sectional dock schrs James Donohue, C AC Brooks, I/enox. Swan, and Kegulus, and steamers Regulator and Beuct'actor, all for calking and painting. Marine LMaaater*. Kciir Quonnr, Fanning, from Boston, arrived at Iiuhec, Me, April 24, with loan of jibboom and maiiisufT, and sailed 30th lor Windsor, NS, to loaa tor Philadelphia. Ki ur Wa Hill, of Franklin, went ashore on west side ol Bass Harbor. Me, April 17 (lot oil bllglitly damaged .nprll^4, and sailed lor Franklin 36th. Bthr Annik, trom Point Reyncs for San Francisco, be fore reported ashore on the Ocean Bench, San Francisco, April 1, was got olT on die night of April 23, but slightly damaged. Kcbk Ajax, from Boston for Mobile, previously reported run ashore on tiravclly Point, Newport harbor, was floated at high water 3d inst, and will proceed oil her voyage as soon as the weather Ls luvorublc. Conhtantiroplb, April 14?The Favorite, Pavne,-which arrived here to-day Irom New York, (petroleom)i has ihited protest, having experienced very severe wuatlier in erossing the Atlantic. Cahdbm, Me, May 3?Tlie schr Dolphin, owned here, sprung a leak to day off Turtle lie ul, and sank with <?000 feet of ash lumber and I8,'KJ0 laths The ere w and 2 passsngers narrowly escaped. There was no insurance

on tlie vessel. Rkvai., April 17?The E Sherman, Deshon, from Wy burg tor l.ondon, reported Nov 19 as having put in hern making water, has reloaded, and Is onlv waiting a favor, able wind to proceed. The expenses for repairs and tho the cash advances to tlie master amount to S Its 9U86. Strttin, April 18?Advices received here yesterday state that the water in the Thorwaldsen (s), wrecked at Hallandls Waderoe, hiul been re-luced bv 8 Icct; there was a hole 311 feet long in the forepart of the hull, and there was another leak near the engine room, the leak ait had been stopped, and the dischurgc of cargo was pro ceeding. Miscellaneous. The purser of the steamship Virgo, from Savannah, has our thanks for fuvors. We arc indebted to the purser of the steamship Georgia, from Charleston, for his attentions. Bhig Abrie Ellrn, of Ellsworth, has been bonght by Pierre McConvillc and others of Bangor, and will here alter be commanded by Capt L P ililkey., of Marion, haa been sold to Capt DW Arey, of Catnden, Me. Sciir Alaska, of Cherryfleld. 128 tons, built in 1887, has has been purchased by Bunkor Brothers and others, of Portland, at $7,000, which is considered a good bargain for tke purchasers, as she is in flrsf rate condition and is a profitable vessel. She Is to be commanded by Capt Joseph 11. Thorndtke. The lumber on hoard ship Hnmber (Br), at the time of her being wrecked at Orand !Ucban, amounted to 1,168,277 feet. Some 200,000 were lost or destroyed; the balance lias been sold to Mr.I W Blgelow, of St John, NB, for $!> per M. The broadside that now lies sunk was sold last woek for $600. Shipbuilding?Samuel Staples & Son and others have contracted with M B Stevens, of Cutler, for a double decked schooner, to be commanded by Capt John Small, now of schr Virginia. Capt Almon Row ell, of Lnbec, has contracted with Langinald A Mugford for a single-deck 3-mustcd schooner, 112 tt keel. 30 ft beam and I'iK ft hold. I Mr C B Harrington, at Rain, Ve, is building an AO ton iron steamer for the porgy fishery, for Mr Brlghtman and others at Tiverton, III, which is to be named the Pauline Wilbur. Adams A Hitchcock, of Bath, are building a three masted schr of 873 tons <old measurement), to car? 1100 tons coal, to cost 46,U00, for R B Reynard, of Fall River, and others, her builders also having uu interest Capt Reynard will take command. At Lubec, Langmnid A Mugford have commenced tho moulds for a schr to be built in their yard. She willjbe 112 feet keel, two decks, three mast*, and is to be com manded by Capt Howell. This vessel will be set up In June, or as soon as tho one now building is launched. The two vessels now on the stocks are each having iu the deck frames. Launchkd?At Brewer, Me, April 26, the schr Melville was successfully launched from the shipyard of Joseph Oakes A Son. The Melville is 86 feet long, 23 in breadth, measures 113 tons, new measurement, and, like all the vessels troni this vurd, is well built, she will be com manded by ?'apt E Wentworth, of Brewer, and will be ready tor sea In a few days. At Brewer, Me, April 29, Irom Mctlilverv's vard, srhr Millie Trim, 101 feet In length, 27 feet wide, 8 7-10 feet deep. Total tonnage (old measurement), 189 tens. She is to be commanded by Cant Klisha Trim, formerly of the Nellie Treat She will clear at Bangor for Jacksonville, having been chartered to take a cargo of hard pine from that port to Boston. At Bath, Me, April 29, by Hagan A Thurlow, a bark of 026 tons, rigged on the ways, named B Webster, and to be commanded by Capt A A Smart ot brig Emma. She Is owned by Beniamia Webster and others, of Portland, to which port she will be towed to load for Buenos Avres. She was built under a special survey, French Lloyds, anil Is of superior model and build throughout being one of the best vessels ever launched here. At Bath, Me, April 30, by C B Harrington, a l>eautiful schr vachtot about 70 tons, owned by James I, Little, of Boston, and named the Brinda. She goes into the Eastern Yaeht ('tub. At Thomaston 29th, from the yard of Walker, Dunn A Simmons, a three masted schr, to be commanded by Cant Webb, Length of keel 137 feet, beam 33 feet and depth 11 feet 8 Inches. At New bury port May 1, a three-massed schr of about 6U) tons, Irom tlie yard ot Mr George E Currier, at Belle ille.near Newburyport Shields, April 21?Information has been received here that the master (Robert Towns), of Baltimore, US, ot a \essel at Basmian, near Calcutta, bad died Of a wound Indicted by one ol his crew, who was in u state ot in sanity. Notice to Mariner*. KNGLAND?SOUTH COAST?INTKNDRD ALTERATION IN LONG MI ICS LIGHT. The Trinity House. London, lias given notice that tho new lighthouse In the uourse of erection oh the Long ships Rocks, la-nig now tar advanced towards comple tion, in the course of the ensuing Summer a fixed light will be exhibited theretrom. The light will show white seaward between tho bear ing SSW W anil N by W, leading half a mile ontslde the Brlssons Rocks aad three-quarters of a mile outside the Runnelstone. and will show red between SSW"j W and SW, and also between N by W and NNW V W. A reil light of less power will be shown toward the land. The llliiiniiiatiiig aparatus is dioptric or by leuoes of the flrst order. In thick or foggy weather a bell will be sounded twico in quick succession every quarter of a minute. Further notice will be given when the ubove changes are effected. (Bearings magnetic. Variation, 22 degrees westerly in 1873.) ?AST COAST?NEW LIGHT VESSEL?NEAR THE INNER DOWSING SHOAL. Notice Is herebv Riven, that, pursuant to notice issued from this house, dated Feb I, last, a light vessel has now lie en placed at the northeast end of the Inner Dowsing Shoal. The light vessel lies in 10 fathoms at low water Spring tides, with the loilowiug marks compass bearings and distances, viz:? North Inner Dowsing buoy, SW by 8, distant 1 mile. Protector buoy, NNW i4 W, distant .S miles. Spurn light, vessel, N by W iiW, distant 19 6-19 miles. outer Dowsing light vessel, E's N, distant 195-10 miles. Dudceon light vessel, SEK, distant 13 s-10 miles. North Races Bank bnov, SE by K, distant 8 miles. Docking buoy. S by B k E, distant <5 3-10 miles. South Dowsing buoy, SKW, distant5 8-10miles. A areen revolving light, showing a Hash every 20 sec ends and burning at an elevation of .'18 feet above the level of the sea, will be exhibited from the light vessel from sunset to sunrise on and alter this date. The light vessel has the words "Inner Dowsing" on her sides. A gong will be sounded in foggy weather. In oriler to render the Inner Dowsing light vessel more readily distinguishable in the day time irom the other light vessels in that viciutty two globes are shown, one above the other. Trinity House, London, April IS, 1873. STRAIT or GISRALTBR?SCNKBN WRECK RETWEZN MARL ROCK AND TBK SPANISH SHORE. Information has been received at this office that the Spanish steamship El Oano, after striking the Pearl Hock, sunk nearly rnidwav In tho channel between that rock and the Spanish shore. The upper masts, which at present show above water, denote the position ol the ves sel; on their disappearance the wreck will become an unmarked danger. The vessel now lies In ~}i fathoms, NW ny W 3 cables from the Pearl Kock, !* ?W % W 4 cables from Palomas Island, and E SE 6 cables from Kravle Point ^Bearings magnetic. Variation, 18*{ deg westerly In This notice affects the following charts, vi* : ? (A). British Admiralty. Nos 159S, 267.^ 25(16 and 2473; U 8 llydrographlc office, No '279, and tT 3 Light list Xn 4. (B).'British Admiralty, Nos 3717, 142 anil 1448; IJ S By drographic office, Nos 715 and 285. MEDITERRANEAN?ADRIATIC SEA?COAST Of DA I.* ATI A? WKKl'K NEAR I'UPINA POINT, IN TIIK SESENICO CHANNEL. A (Jreek vessel has foundered in the Sebenicu Channel, off Puplna Point, north of San Niculo Fort. The bow of the wreck protrudes above the water, while the siern lies in iJ tathoms i?) water. A smail white light will be shown at night trom the bow of the vessek HBDITTRRANKAN? ADRIATIC SEA?COAST Or ISTRIA?NPW IIAIimill LIORfS AT POI.A. It Is intended to establish the following light* in order to facilitate vessels ol war entering and leaving the har bor of Pola at night :? 1. A fixed red light, with a dioptric apparatus of the sixth order, will soon 'hi show n (probably durihir this month) trom the small mole south nt S Andrea Island (Port Franz). It will he at an elevation of 2h\ feet above mean sea level and 17\ feet, over the mole, and will Illu minate an are of 240deg trom Point t'risto over the en trance and the man-of-war harbor. The lantern stands on a Dole over a pedestal feet In height 2. The ^en^ light on the north tioint 01 S Pletro Island will, at a later date, be changed to a fixed green light, the apparatus being an Anrand Tamp. This notice affects the following charts; (A) British Admiralty, Nos 2211 and 21'.?la. (Hi British Admiralty, Nos 2262 and 2301 (O British Admiralty, Nos 2SM, 2339 and I8s7; V s l!y orographic Office Chart No -i'.d, and 0 8 Light List No 4. ill) British Aailuuralty. No* 14411, 1511, and 2774 (K> British Admiraltv, No* 14411,201 and 901; IT 8 ll v trographtc Office Chart No 2<2, and U S Light List No 3. BALTIC SBA-Gtt.r or BOTHNIA.?IRACON ON LINTIKLCrtT HA NR. Lintiklupii Bank, a shoal of coarse sand, with If!., feet water en It, extending about a cable's length NK and SW. and 12D feet broad, 2 miles irom the Uleaborg Mght Tower, In a northwesterly direction toward Maria Ncml, and directly in the channel, has been marked by a white pole carrying a white Hag 141,910 SBA?THE SOCND?WUKCK NRAR DROGDEN LIGI1T VKSSSU A drift lieacon, carrying a green dug on n sreen pole, has been placed on the western side ol a wreck -i, miles south (per Compass) ol Drogden lightyessel, in 6 tathoms of water. Parts ol the wreck protrude I feet above the water. BALTIC SEA?GOI.r or FINLAND? BEACONS 01* SHOALS lit THK VICINItT <>r KKNAS The following slioals within thu pilot station Eknas have been marked by beacons:? l. Kronomagaslm ts Ground, a shoal with soft'bottom, on thu southern Side of the Imperial Mugutmt, distant frnrn \fm\ feet and from the. southern shore of Eknas 300 ?i '?i" '"?r^e<l by a red pole with u broom. A Krokholms NK Urotind. a klioa! if -and.v and soft ?*/?' **',eet ENE of the Inlet Krokholin, is mai led by ? white pole. WORTH SEA?(1KBMA* TOUT?< IIAVftKS IN TIIR Bl'OTS OP THE In placing the Rammer buoys in the River Wener, tile rolluwlnir changes have Iteen made :? '? T"u re,) buoy in the Wurster Channel, abreast of Iin S.TwL'i1!mi'r!}lL',enr'nK a" " mark fur the entrance Into marlted w'i nne1, 'ltt" t,een reP'?ced by a white buoy has been placed 4 cables north of the old board Jiil.. wt. I"*1 1,u,,y ' '' mu,rt l,e le,t ou tllc sur" DMM aide when going up the river. of Bremer?,.U^V?has bie,n I'1*''0'' directly below the roads and *????!? Sk?J? J?* "'.u eutrauces Into tie Eastern through the We?t?M-Mn<'hH" In aaillng down the river board Hide mruiflf m anncl 11 mMt 'be ?tar on the port side. 8?Ulug through the Kastern Chaiiuei Ja)" Brl'tisu Admt?iA?e f,i|.,owin<f chart*:? *"d 2|"; ? (?). British Admiralty, Nod Xtilt aud 2182a. horth BmA,^ww Cr,Anr or jhtlakd?mohts or craa - year rro.n half an hour utter 8unw to1unr& ?Ut fi^depth o?f 8'? feet water, with 5* t'eet rise and tall of tide * ?el th 01 HIWDOSTAR? BAY Or BKKOAb?L'KTLOK?LIGUTUOP8K Of THE _ , , (JRKAT HASSAS ROCKS. rJ?.f.??r.nBK? ?J)rev'ou* Notice to Mariners, farther in i?" h?a been received tliat the new light on the Mnrnh !n"i8BS ^ "tio\5rUK J'r>' exhibited on the 15th of March la>t, and will henceforth be continued every even lng from sunset to murine. Position (approximate), lat? In N. Ion 81 28 E. beeneremovede8SUl ,athertn m,,ored llear ike rock* ha* aillll^SnK6 ^ Ad-nirnlty Charts Nos 70a. List No 3^ Uydrogruphic Chart No 43, uad lrs r.ight SOUTH AMERICA?I7RtTGCAY?K 10 DK LA PLATA?BTOYAGE Or ?n? ... . BtJEN-VtAUB AND I'OI.VT I.ORUS BANKS. ?hn?. I,,,rt at Montevideo has given notice Riu/n vKlW,TS recently been placed to mark the Se Wo do U mt"1 ntar lhe northern shore of niacoli'iTi'a* "" th? *a?*rn extremity of the bank, is Pow^tK bearin^0X"-? y ?W WaU;r' wi,h llic l"1' 73 W; ,,rava Polnt' 8 76 W' Dlirertb|n"&-??.Khe we?ierP. extremity of the bank, is cPJjle%dN?V?^o^e?n1buaoyy IoW WatW' aml 5410 nlaeed ln?/ n<>rt?jeastcrn extremity of the hank 1* filKfrom the belFbuoy ry '"w water and 5 cables N thf'tVrro NliTThc ?!ltti.n "r rorkn oxtendlni; from I.obl'^mAS'h i' V,8 10(1 { 'edrafl Blancas, ?r i>oint narv t',,w V^Nr..V ?,b.e11 b"ov Placed at at feet at ordl wjt? the folhiwl'ng Iwariw^vlz -?? e3 fro,a th" ? ehurch0 pN H. ^ : ,hp C!ock tower of -Matrlz enuren, N 70 K ; and Foint Vcguai N 81 W. IH73? matfnotJC* Variation, 9^ rtcgrtcs easterly in uTflantTajil0 afrCCtS British A(Iuii'"alty charts Nos 2M4, SOUTO AKKRICA?-NEW GRKNAf>A?LIGHTS AT RIO HACnA AWD HA VANILLA. K KSft SSUS& ?&!%," He also states that the llnht in Savanllla Roads is onlv of use when the vessel has enteredport. y WEST INDIES?rORIO BICO?RKMOVAL Or OLD POUT AT ABK fort'esiTnIit1e<l1#olJi?o0on!?1 ?' Arec,bo sa-vs 'bat 'he old has'been removed "?U U,is "0rt '"ld on tho be,w h. asI|IlliAri#iBr?^^fcr,?niat'rt Public as the said fort often served as a landmark to masters of vessels bound to Arecibo. 1?.. -i"T T"0*AR?'.lOUTFlOtTHK TOM. AT ST THOMAS. toli ,Airnn???,?'.- ' tfovernment a lighthouse w)ll of a quarter of a cent per ton. West India coin has to Tli, m ^ yv vessels of more tlian 50 tons entering St are exe^npted!*0 regular mail und paaaenger lines 22VJ-1" n? "f'Osh Artmiralty Charts Nos ,T?, Lipht Lista^o f. 0mce Clmrt No ttnJ U8 By order of the Bureau of Navigation. it u WYMAN, Commoloro TT.^.v, Ilydroijranhftr. 18 i ? "ydrographic Office, Washington, DC, April 21, i Spoken. Ship Hope (Br), Fra^er. from I'cnsacola (Feb21) for arcenock. no date, lat 51 17. Ion 2S. or Anrii"t7 WSft McMa',ll!S from Charleston for Liverpool, &.1- 7V.l(r ,T,i,es west of the Kastnet. York,^prtttlKhaD1' ,tom UvcrP?ul ^New nr r a^m'Si'i1)^ ?on' Philadelphia tor St John, Fannie, No^^ 0 ???hlands tby pilot boat Foreign Porto. r?^J;.Ma?ch ?ort sh'P Aucrusta, Rnvnos, unc. J, ^ vV.' "arch 28-fn port sThlps Rozeli (Rr), Hemni Georvfl Skoim.VS 'm Lu<'know lBr>. Watson, for do; SsaMSSSi JSSfflfc n."5|??Jn*nT"?' *- - ft..^r?v.^^rf^rMoa-'fcArrlv,!<'- """""p? ?Asssnss ?.%""? L'""'ai* .>?. oa?wr??k,r?.w?,Pdre 1 (fr";K?te??'!!&r'v"oVl|h' "" F'"?" honey^New Y^k.' 3?-Arrtve(1- hark E"za White, Ma or Brook sh.^o^f^ coa|l;ndDcVk^or R7oJ:,n"^lpJtt^U>WU' ral1't0 lnaii 4^V.?cjvTyNe~w V^k din'c?Sh'P ErnSt Morttz Arn(lt Foster,lNcwYo?fcy 1_Clcared- scl,r ??R8le Qulnn (Br), . . I?*1!" fTKAWSntr ABTSStlflA.; -AItwkr?, April 20?Sailed, E A Kennedy, nofTvs New mos, Ellcfkcn. rarragona and New York. rBuistois April 21 Sailed, Newport, Kroger, Newport, At Pill 21 st, Ansdell, Key. for Wilmington, NC BRVMKRnAVEN, April 18? Arrived. Weser (s), Willigerod and America (s). Resslna, New York. ungeron, Cork, April 19?Arrived. Svca, Halvorsen, Baltimore Cams, April 14?Arrived, Woodland, Valentine Lisbon New Yoi?l"orLE> APr" ^Arrived', Favourlte, Pa^c, Sailed 14th, New York, Olbhs. New York. N?w Yirt SidSflMr4, Kuight- Lon,1on for ^ a l mouth, April 21?Arrived. Colon bus. Burrow* Hum llZhn, NB,1for^mdin^Uar <W' HutchiDgon> via stodt'L(1 2l8t' Wid<"nKUin (,)" Tate (fw>ra Savannah), Cron Phlladelph'a1"120th' Merld,aa' Lanc' from Bremen for ()Lr8fi?iwK,AnH|l^"ArwV,'1' Bfuc?' "rasor, Pensacola. York Arrived, AugUa (s), Small, New Livkrpoou April 21?Arrivod, Wyoming (s). Price New York: Tangier, Cringle. Pcnsacoli W' nC0, CW ( leared 21st, Annie Pish, Yates. Payta: Herbert Brach Alten.y8ydney^da e' Andcrgon- Pensacola; Peerless," of Montreal (s), Kennedy, and Al Reria (*),I<eMessurier, for New York; Canada (s), Weh Ur,rMoiitrea", J?- d?: North Amer'can <?). Mil /Pm1 ^-^'ered out, Antonio Casahona, fichiattlno, tot-N.-w^ork: (illvo, Bonomo. Providence Avres C Arnved, Mary Fry. Fry, Buenos teariwsw'j l wick-iro- Murr?y Nkwcastle, April 1??Entered out. Ifakon Adel?teln i?;r,Ai?.re ,NtTafeUS ?oerPOd^d 84ik"1 trom 8hic,di YoPrk7o0rLTon.U,Pnil :,1-0,T? Thompson, fro? New sa^Fmncfsco' Apr" 21?Arrlve',? Winchester, Arnold, _A^r'Lf7"Arrived, I-empi, Franren, Baltimore. York 17?Arrived, Suhtiat ima, ITTlenests New York*1* ?AT' March 16? Arrived,.lohann, Wllshnaen, New Sailed March 19, Christine, Chrlslensen, Boston. American Porta* ALEXANDRIA, May 1?Arrived, schrs Maria Plerson, Jersey City; II J Raymond, New York; Clara, da Sailed?Se.hrs L A Kommell. Chanestown; Edward Blade. Jersey City; H J Raymond, New York; Clara, Ho boken. BOSTON, May 2?Arrivod, schrs Summtrville (Br). Compton, Surinam; K LTay, Bro.wn, Georgetown, DC; Edith. Randall, Baltimore; (? B McFarland, McFarland, do; Ada Herbert, Allen, South Ainboy; J O Collier. Lewis, Ilobokun; Ella Amsdea, Rich, New York; Mary Augusta, 11 otitis, Jacksonville. cleared?Bark Lewis T Stoeker, Kvler.navana; brigs Constantino (Br), Kendrie, Surinam; o C Clary, Ande.r ion, Havana; Model (Br), Walsh, St Domingo; schr lit tle, Taylor, Baltimore Sailed?Steamer Mississippi; bark Elizabeth ; brig Caro line Orav. Bark Primus, outward bound, remained at anchor in the Koads. 3d?Arrived, steamer Olaucus, Bcarsc, New York ; brig Minnie Abhy, Philadelphia. HALTlMoKE, May 2?Arrived, barks Carl (Justaf (Rus), Sillvast, Liverpool;'() M Hume, Hume, Areclbo; brig Liz zie W Vlrden, Kcatiy, Havana ? schrs A L Butler. Ratio r, Weymouth; Mo testy. Weaver, New York; Mary Cobb, Humphrey, Sulem; Marv <> Collins, Kobinson, Boston. Cleared'lst, schr ("has II Lawrence, llawcn, Boston; 2d, steamer Geo Appotd, Loveland, Boston via Norfolk; bark Drvaden (Nori, Sehach, Newry, I; brigs Ahto (Kits , Wlkander, Dublin, I; Kildare (Br),Collins, Halifax; schrs Four Sisters, Rickuiore, Boston.; II E Russell, McHuflry, i'lv mouth. _ Ail?Arrived, steamship Berlin (tier), Putscher. Bremen. BKi'XSWlcK, <ia, April 2fi?Arrived, bark Emma C Litchtleld, Haydou. New York: brig I Rowland, Keen, do; schrs Tangier, Salisbury, Boston; Kolon, McKown, In port 2Hth, barks Cathedral (Br). Webb; Kate Apnea (Br). Ferguson; uuohllda (Br). Sutherland ; Colonial Br), Harding; Village yueen (Br). Homer; Emm* C Ltteh. field. Mavdcii; brigs Julia Dingley (Br), Jones; I'e Iro, Hnliia ; I"Ilowlaml, Keen : schrs Francis Satterlv, Stetson ; Nellie Treat, Trim: Eureka, Strout; Tangier, Salisbury, and Kolon, McKown, all Idg. ba.Noor, May 1?Cleared, schr Millie Trim, Trim, Jacksonville. BRIDGEPORT, May 3? Arrived, schrs Carrie Hever, Poland, Pensacola; Margaret, Murray, New York. Cleared?Brig Coronella (Hr> Mcfulloch, Walton, N8, CHARLESTON, April :it??Cleared, schrs Mollie, Athor ton. Satilla River. Oft; C W llolt. Delay. Savannah ; Lu gano, Dow. Fernandina. May i -sailed, sehr Mollie. Atherton, satilla River. Sd?Sailed, steamship Manhattan. New York; brig B B carver, Jacksonville; schr Whitney Ling, iunnant's Harbor, Me. CALAIS. April 2^?Arrived, schrs Wm Doming, Mitch ell, and Eliza Sawyer, Cook, New York. Cleared?Schrs Com Kearney Metcalf. and O M Wont worth, Collins, New York. ^yih -Arrived, solus Morellght, Allen, and Olivo Branch, Brown. New York. Arrived, schr Lark, Ouptill, Philadelphia. RASTPORT. April 3S? Arrived, solir* starlight, Hlfttch ford. Now York; 2#th, Hntiio, Fanning, do; 2rtth, K 0 dates Freeman, do. ELLSWORTH, \prll 2*?Cleared, schrs Abliy Oftle, lor New York: 2*th, Mlnnoola, WlnUker, do; 2!'tn, l air Wind, Madox, do. ELIZARKTIIPiiRT, Mav 2?Arrived, schrs Isaac Ander son, Johnson, Norwich. Harriet l?ewis. Hunt; Peacodnle, tinker, and Eliza Shaw, .-herninn, Providence; Restless, Haskell, Portland; Timothy Wood, Light, Rondout. sailed- Hehrs Mimiuas, Heanev, and Romeo, Matthews, Providence. t _ ,. . FORTRESS MONROE, May ??Arrived, bark Bcrthe m Jeanne (tor), U'dall, st Pierre, Mart tand is ordered to Philadelphia). . ? ? . FALL ItlVKR. Anrll .in-Railed, acbrt N tt ttUDIlor. I Thrasher, Baltimore; Theodore Dean, Babbitt, UaorcB '?MuyY?Arrived. schr Carrie Fenny, McGiven, Haver ^Siuled?Schrs filiits Braiuard, Hawkins, New York; '^?Arrived, ?< hr? Henry Cole, Chadwtek and R S D,'iin, Jdaeomber, Hoboken; 8 B muiLi, Bowmau, New? 'sailed?Schr Amos Falkenbnrj, Raekett. Philadelphia. GLOUCESTER, May 2?Arrived, brig 1 ronla, Maya guez for Newturvport. . . . ..... r?_ KEY WEST, May 1?Arrived, steamship J I vd?, Ken ncly, New York for Galveston (and sailed -d). Ll'BEO, April 20?Arrived, schr Lookout. Morton, i.m Ui"d?SuU^d*schr Clara Jane, McAllep, Dorchester, NB. l<21!h?Arr'i\ed, schr gcxidy. Fanning, Boston (and sailed 30th (or Windsor, Nti, to load for Philadelphia). "9th?Arrived, schr liattie, Huckius, New \ or*. Sailed?Schrs Clax'a Jaue, McAllep, and Lookout .mop '"iij'tl^-Sailed, 'schr* Mary F Pike, Oood, Dorchester, NB to load lor New York. . May 1?Sailed, schr Jed lie. Turner, New Y? rk. MYSTIC, Ct, May 1?Arrived, sclir Heurietta, MeLiO' don, Philadelphia " .1.,,. Sailed?Schr Connecticut, Staplln, New York; slaop Kuulv, Ilavden, do. . . NORFOLK. May 2?Cleared, brig Nellie Antrim. Loud, Rio Grande. , NEWBURYPORT. May 1?Sailed, schrs Geo M aenger. Smith, nnd Vrale, Price, Philadelphia. NEW BEDFORD. May I?Arrived, schr Jj?dy Antrim, Carter, Warehain for New York. 2d?Arrived, schr I) L Kturges, Chase, New York. NEWPORT, May 1. I'M?Arrived, schr Oilman D King. Eldrldne, Bristol lor; Sparkle, Shropshire, and Mist, Muncev, Providence for Trenton; ExpedMe, Rack et, and Kate Scranton, Palmer, do for New York; t w Bentlev, Baker, Fall River lor do; Thos Miirrm, lJollivert Providence for do: Ocean us, Kail River lor do; B l> Pitts, Williamson, Providence lor do; Elouise, llerrick, do loi do (or Calais); Yarmouth, Baker, flyaunis for do. Sailed?.Schrs J S Terry, Raynor, lrom Hal. Rive* for New York; Silas Braltiard, Buell; Anil Amelia, At lea, and Anna B Jacobs, Jones, from Providence for do; Pennsylvania, ItuUor, Kail River tor do; ''y* Tvlcr, Ttrrcll, and Allda, Knowles, from Providence ror do; Kate McCool. Baker, Iro.n Pawtuckct lor I lave r straw; Albert 1'ailov, Nason, Kali River tor I hiladel phia; M U Mifflin, Ferris, Warren for Hohokcn. 2d, AM?Arrived, schrs Jas Martin, Brown, Boston lot Philadelphia; Madatascar, Uyer, Providencc for New York. _ ^ NORWICH, May 2?Arrived, schr James Divcrty, from Trenton. Sailed?Schrs Sarah Elizabeth, Reading RR No 31, H A Dciuing, and Kunyan, for New York. NEW LONDON, May 2? Arrived, schrs, Co hnsset :or New York : Luther E Chase. Chatham for do; Maria Fleming, Providence fordo; sloop Emily, MysUu fordo: steamer Utility, Alexandria for Allyn's Point. NEW HAVEN, May 2? Arrived, schrs L Blew, Clark, Jacksonville: Fish Hawk, Chase, SaybrooK tor New York; s O Gnrney, Qurney, New London; Mvrtle, Kent, Long Island; stoops New World, Cop, Elizabetbport; Reply, Hutchinson, Clinton for New York. cleared?Schrs Rlla II Barnes, Avcrv, New York; Mattawax. lllll. Fire Island; Charley Miller,^,.Vir ginia; Elwood Doroii, Jarvis, New York; Hair wma. Bowman, do. _ .. , , ,, , . . PASS CAVALLO. April 24?Sailed, schrs Uriah A Tahithn, Morgan, Pascagoula; Thomas Wlnans, We*k% do; Henry A Taber, Benson, Peusacola; Weuonah, Kim ,JI()i the Bar 24th, schr Maud Webster, Wcntworth, from I'ascagoula. . . , , ,M__, PENS ACOI.A, April 29?Arrived, bark Andacla (Nor), Andersen, Ouadaloupe; brig Dos do Mayo (Mexican), Aga, Havana. , . ? Cleared?Ship Ernestine (Br), Augur, London; bar* Hannah Part (Nor), Sandborg. London. . PHILADELPHIA, May 2?Arrived, steamers Virginia, Rogers. Providence; Aries, Wlieldon, Boston; l?r.^ Saams (Rus), Durchman, do; schr Lena Breed, Wheaton, Jack sonville; John A Griffln. Foster. Providence. Cleared?Steamers Leopard, Albertson, Boston; Mary Rogers, Providence; barks VihiUa (Br), Coffin, Antwerpi Alio (Rus), Grundstrom, London; schrs John A (Jrimn, Foster, Providence; E M Fox, Case, Newport. T Lewis, Del, May 2, ? PM?Passed in last night, br c J Blckmore, from Matanzas, and schr Mary Jane from Car denas. Ship Ityerson, lrom Yarmouth, went np to-day. Shin Tros, barkMarlanna VH, brig Eudorus, and schrl Louisa Rathhoae and Curtis Tllton went to sea about I PM. A large ship below at 11 AM, is reported to have received orders trom pilot boots, and went to sea at "PORTLAND, May 1?Sailed, brigs Hattie E Wheeler, J B Brown; schr Ethan Allen, and others. 2?1?Arrived, brig J W Driako, Harding, Portsmouth fo? Calais Cleared?Brig Ysidora Rlonda, Plnmmer, Ilayans. PEMBROKE. Me, April Arrived, schrs Beujamln, Crossley, New York: 27th, E S Bridges, Landrtok, Pliila dep1ROVrDENCE, Mav 2?Arrived, steamer W P Clyde, Croeher, Philadelphia; schrs Win D Hilton, Weaver, Ocorgetown, DC: M tt Carlisle, Nothrup. Philadelphia, Martha P King, Jarvis, Rarltan River. NJ; Entire, Kin near South Arnboy; A Q Pease, Dee, Elizabethport; Evg Diverty, Hand, do; B 11 Warford, Sprague do: Ever green, Turner, Ao; R H Wilson, Harris. I ort Johnsjini Anthony Bnrton, Johnson. Hobokan lor Pawtncket; J H Burnett, Gardner, Hotiosen; J H Younp, Barrett, no; Sarah Pnrvea, Lisle, do; Flyaway, Enos, do; Louisa, Ksa?led^Schrs Robert J Mercer, Rackett, Philadelphia! Allte H Belden, Harrison, New York; Jauies Rogers, Rogers, do; Lavina Jane, Mott, do; T P Ahel. <;arrA.(J''j Bertha, Conover, do; George B Markle, Bishop, do. Silas Wright, Brown, do; Sunnyslde, Dlxan, do; o L Tnoinp* son Hull, do; narry A Ned, Palmer, do. ? . PAWTl)cKfeT, May 2?Arrived, schrs Amos Briegu, Knapp, Haverstrnw; Lucy Church, Ryder, lortJohn S"l{lCnMOND, May 1?Arrived, steamship Wyanoke, CSalu'ilt^Sclir8rN*ellie Dow, Higglns, Boston; Frank Wal ters, Brewster. New York. . ? ? . ROCKLAND, April 28?Arrived, schr Mary Langdon, MSailed'?rthT nehra Pyrola, Ginn, Wilmington, NC; Sin '"saV a"&AI?.W May^S?Sailed, steamships Hunts villa, Crowcll, and San Salvador. Nlckerson, Npw York ? hark CarlGoorge (NO), Storer, Narva; sehrg Kate Thomas. New Bedford; Ida Richardson, Now York. ? SALEM, May 1?Arrived, schr New Zealand, Haskell, P^a,ilJe?dh-^chrs Lizzie D Small, Tlce; Marietta Tllton, Richards, and Mary E Smith, Green, 1 hlladelutiia. Tarpaulin COVE, May 1?Injwrt, schrs Bonny Boat, from Boston for Baltimora; R D Becklorn from Wood's Hole for Blehmoud; Paugu^ctt, from Salem lo? Philadellihla; Albert James, from Rockland tnond; Fanny Batler, ttom Portland for Charleston, 8C , Lyata B Cowperthwaite, trom Boston f?>r Georgetown, IK^. VINEYARD HAVEN, May 2?Arrived, brigs Wm R Sawyer, Millbrldge for Fall River; J Lelghton, do for New York : li llavelock, Chenerie, NS, for New London ;schra Nicola. Elizabethport for Machlas; Viola, do tor Rock port, \iass; Laura Robinson and Connecticut, salem lor Hobokon; Iris, New York for Harwich; Almeda, do tor Pembroke ; Timothy Field, Wilmington, N( , lor Boston , Calvin, Port Johnson for Portsmouth; Taylor A Mal lns, H S Brooks. Harriet N Miller, Marietta rtlton, H D Mav Julia A Garrison, F R Baira. Bjtelie uay, DGlfford, Charles E Smith, J H Walnwright Twenty-one Friends. Lottie. Maggie P Smith. Samuel Cashner, Jr. and Rachel S Miller, Boston for Philadelphia; Anna My rich, Gloucester for do ; Julia Clinch, 8t John, NB 'or d>?? '|eo Nevenger and Vraie, Newburyport tor do .Maggie Vanba sen, Lynn for do ; July Hourth, Bathfordo, Mary PIHud ena Portsmouth for do* Manix? Adclftidc ftnd BrAmnailf Fox IsUnd for New York; Iona, VlnalhaVen for do; Gertie Wilson, IIIngham lor do: Sappho, HUlsboro, NB (or do- Ben Bolt, St George, NB tor do; and Mary Standish, Boston for Alexandria; Ilenrv A Paul and Kred Walton, do for Georgetown. Dt ; Mary D Haskell, Portland lor Baltimore ; George Brooks, ?Paaeed>rtyr?8chr*Llzzle Johnson, Boston for Phila ^'ialied?Schr Marietta Tilton. WILMINGTON. NC, May 1?Arrived; bark M E Seed (Br) Reamer. Bermuda; schr Ben Davis, Ne.w York. Cleared?Bark Hilda (Rns). Blomruish. Bristol. E. brig Isola, Lord, New York; schr Goorgle D Loud, llolbrook, Kennebnnkport, Mej MISCELLANEOUS* A. 1! H II >1 II H H H Hiinnit H a H 11 U H H H ssss s s 8 a 8888 8 8 8 8 SSSS A A A A A A A AAAAAA A A A A A A A LLLLL LLLLL A A A A A A A AAAAAA A A A A A A kffff keeee F F F FFF r F F E E E EEE I E E EEEEE > 8888 ' 8 9 8 8 8888 8 s 8 g 8888 8888 8 8 8 8 8888 8 8 8 8 8888 IMS and 317 Broadway, earner of Leonurd street. New York. Absolute divorces obtained from difper ent States; legal everywhere; desertion, Ac., suffl cient cause; no publicity required; no charge until divorce grunted; advice tree. M. HOUSE, Attorney, 194 Broadway. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Bocrum street Open from S A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from :i to 9 P. M. Absolute divorces obtained from courts of different Slates; legal everywhere ; no publicity; no teen in advance ; advice tree; commissioner tor every State. FREDERICK I. KIND, Connsellor-at-Law. Broadway. t IOBN8. BUNIONS. NAILS AND ALL "DISEASES Of " ? the feet roN by Dr. JAMES, Chiropodist. EX TIRPATOR for Corns. Bunion*, 4c., tOc. per bo*. 889 Broadway, near Fourth street ryj you know it? 1 t WINCHESTER'S llYI'opnoSPHITE OF LIME and 80DA ts a grand chemical food lor the brain, the nervous system hod the blood, indispensable to all who labor with the brain, and is the only means whereby that life-giving and life-sus taining element. Phosphorus, can be supplied to the sys tem It is a powerful stimulant and a vitalizing tonic and invlgorator. It Is ol ino*ltuable benefit in Ciiitaump* tinn. Scrofula, Disondes of the Nervous System, Dyipep. sia, Nervous Debility. Prostration of the Vital Forces and Powers, tieneral lieblllty and all Diseases proceeding from an impure and Impoverished condition ot the blood. Sold by all druggist* *1 and ?j2 per bottle. .1, WINCHESTER <t CO., :$<i John street, New 'lork. DR RAD8AKSAPAI11LLA resolvent, the great blood purifier, tor the cure of ail Chronic Diseases, Scrofula, Ulcers, Chronic Rheumatism, Erysipelas, kidney. Bladder and Liver Complaints. Dyspepsia, Affections of the Lungs and Throat) Purifies the Blood, restoring healtli and vigor Clean ?kln and beautiful complexion secured to all. Sold by druggiuts. Price $1 per bottle. RAD WAY A ' <)., S3 Warren street New York. 6TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. TAMMANY HALL GENERAL COMMITTEE. At a special meeting, held Saturday evening May .t, at Tammany Association Rooms, S78 (frond street, the fol lowing resolutions were adopted:? Whereas, by a dispensation of an allwlse Providence, the Hon. James Brooks, long and well know n bv tho people oi this metropolis as cine of the honored represen tatives in the nation's councils, and as such made a record that is an honor to his countrymen, ha- been re moved by death while at the scene of his duties; now, therefore, be It Resolved, That we, the members of Tammany llall Oencral Committee, of Hie Sixth Assembly district, hereby express our sincere sorrow at the untimely de mise of the patriot hero and statesman so lately with us. Resolved, That we, the members of Tammany llall General Committee, sincerely condole with the tnmlly ot the late Hon. James Brooks, and tender to tliein our heartfelt sympathies. Resolved, That we, the members of Tammany HaU General Committee, will attend the funeral of the lata Hon. James Brooks In a body. TIMOTHY 3. CAMPBELL Chairman. J. HaaajCBM. Secretary.

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