Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 13
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TO L.KT FOR Br?PfE?8 PTHPOSES. /^TOiNTION. NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY, NEW FIREPROOF BUILDING, FULTON, nassau AND ANN streets. ELEOANT OFFICES TO rent IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE MTV HALL, THE COURTS, THE FOST OFFICE, A<~ AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYER*, BROKERS, BANKS, insurance companies, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED size, from 10x12 FEET~TO 20X6T FEET, AT $?*), $100, $300 AND UPWARD~TO~$1J,000, ACCORDING TO size AND LOCATION. ~~ THE ABOVE BUILDINO IS completely FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND 11A8 TWO FIRST class PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND AND ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS. bent OF small OFFICES. Sl?>. 2(1 Story. 3d storv. 4th Story. 5tli Storv. 19.10123.6 $2,100 $1,800 $1,BU) $1,000 18x24 6 1,800 1,000 SI 10 14.6x28.6 1,800 1,800 1.200 800 17x20.6 1,8(10 1,50? l.-IO 800 10x18 WK> 400 350 ?N| 10x12.6 600 400 .130 300 19.6x3# 3,(11) 2,W0 2,(11X1 l.:>on l?.6x3# 3,01)0 2,900 2, mil 1,600 10x12.6 MM) 4ml HftO 300 1# 10x23 1,800 l.OIJO 1,200 1,1X10 14.6*23 1.WJ0 1.2.10 l.t?>0 800 14.0x23 1,600 1,200 l,t*J0 H00 17x^1 1,800 L280 1.000 10x18 J0U 400 350 300 INQUIRIES TO HE MADE OF HOMER MORGAN. NO 2 PINE STREET. A?OFFICES TO LET ? In the DREXEL BUILDING, SOUTHEAST COHNEK OK BltOAD AND WALL STREETS. for CORPORATIONS, BANKERS, LAWYERS, AC Twn elevators, two staircases, fireproof, well ventilated arid lighted, heated hv steam le verj mod>rn convenience on each floor. Anoly to JOS. W. DftEXKL, 53 Exchange place; HOMER MOitUAN, No. 2 Flue struct, or uu the premise*. A STOKE, WITH LA ROE SHOW WINDOW, AND Dwelling Rooms adjoining; also Suit* of Room*; also fine Basement, with extru conveniences. Apply to owner, 64 West Tenth street. A HALL TO LET?FRONTS ON THREE STREETS, 473 Oram!, 300 East Broadway aad on Grand street ; square, suitable lor meetings or business. MITCHELL, 77re<lar stTeefc A?TWO FINE STUDIOS, IN THE desirable LO . cation 35 Union square (Broadway), between Six teenth and Seventeenth srreets; rent $25 per month. Apply on premise*, sei olid lloor, t<> E. BOl.'LON. A FRONT ROOM TO LET?SUITABLE FOR AN ollice, on second floor of 832 Broadway; also one neatly furnished Bedroom, fun lie seen to-day. A?TWO FLOORS ON SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR ? Twentv-third street, to let lor business or dwelling; also Lower Part of nice private House lo small tamilv. C. S. PECK A CO., 181 Fifth avenue. A handsome STORE TO LET-ON SIXTH AVE nuo, near Thirty-fourth street, junction of Broad ?way, elegantly fitted up. Hoffman, coburn a co., 602 sixth avenue. LARGE "LOFT, 8I)\10o7 W ITU STEAM POWER, TO let Apply to H. J. WEBER, 59 Ciold street. A STORE ON FIFTH AVENUE. CORNER OF Twenty-second street, to lease; splendid location for tailor, druggist, confectioner. Ac. c. s. I'ECK A CO., 181 Fifth avenue. A CORNER STORE TO LET.?A GOOD LOCATION; rent low to a good tenant Cull on or address W. MILLER, 699 (ireenwlch street, near Tenth. A FOUR STORY STORE AND DWELLING?JUNC tlon ot Broadway ami Sixth avenue, to lease; size 25x65. 11 INE, COLE A GRAY,536 Sixth uvenue. A VALUABLE 1JUSINESS CORNER IN FEE?ON University place, near Fourteenth street: price $27,SW; renting for $3,000; best investment in New York city for future value. THOMAS O. HOJER, 936 Third avenue. Apart of a handsome store to let?on Sixth avenue, between Forty-first and Forty-second street, suitable for *toves and ranges, furnishing goods or any other business. Call at 721 Sixth avenue. A SPLENDID C1IANCE-FOUR FLOORS, FOR manufacturer or business purposes, and Store to let, t.21'1 Broadway, corner Thirty-fifth street; also Store 877 Third avenue ; rent $30 per month. (CORNER STOKE,?RETAIL GROCERS, PROVISION, J meat, tea or cU'ar dealers will find It a desirable Blare; rent moderate; good cellar. See the owner at 107 arrow street. (TURNER STORE, WITH ELEGANT WINDOWS, TO J rent?West side ; first class location; very moderate rent. Apply at 697 sixth avenue, corner Fortieth street. T\ENTIST'S OFFICE TO LET?TWENTY-FIFTH J J street between Broadway and Sixth avenue: brown ! stone house; exiensioii room and small room off. with ] use of parlor for reception room; ftally turntohedi tent, with gas and heat. $20 a week. Address D. .J,, liuraid ; Uptown Branch office. Fine lofts, 50x100. with or without steam power, to let?Suitable fov 'light, manufacturing pur pose*. Also f!l iUt'Ji & anil 37 Wooster street Fortv-second street and sixth AVENUE, I northwest corner, to let suitable tor a baker or busi ness requiring extensive cellar room; will not be let for jale of liquor or any ohlectionuble trade; rent $2.u00. *pply at 69 East Tweiity-Urst street between 10 and 11 A. 1 M., or 6 and 7 P. M. Hotel men.-rare chance to lease tuat sightly Hotel erecting facing Broadway, between Cooper Institute and !llhl? House; over 100 suits of rooms ?toros, Ac. 25 and 27 Third avenue. House 23 amity^street, near broadway and Grand Central .Hotel; fine large rooms; larire gar Sen; all Improvement*, at a reduction ot $1,000 on rent; will let for business 9' required. Seen from 10 to 11 A. M. EAR BROADWAY AND GRAND central HOTEL lit low rent.; large nouse, 23 Amity street; fine large rooms, large garden; all Improvements. Seen 10 to 11 ^nornlugs; will let for business purposes If required. Nearly the whole of a beautiful store to let, verv low, to the right parties; druggist pre ferred. Apply on the premises, 42> Canal street. N 0 N BROADWAY. Three Floors to let or lease. 438 Broadway (Honor store). OFFICES TO LET?IN THE NEW AND ELEGANT iron building 238 Broadway, corner oi Park place, with modern improvement*, including u?e ol elevator. Apply on tlie premises, U> KNICKERBOCKER LlHi Tn urance co. pHTSiriAN'S OFFICE TO LET?ON EIGHTEENTH ,L street, near Cl&ruiidon Uof-eL with a private family, At a moderate rent. HOLMES BROTHERS, 46 and 48 East Twenty-third street OTKAM POWER AND ROOMS TO SUIT?FOR ANY O kind of manufacturing purposes; good, lit!lit and reliable power. Apply on the premises, 633 Went Fifty - first street, of LYMAN G. HALL, or of JOHN & SCHPLTZE, M> Wall street. OTEAM POWER TO LET?WITH WELL LIGHTED O rooms. In the buildings corner Bank and West streets, especially adapted lor manufacturing purposes. Apply on (he premises, to II M. EMERSON, Superintendent STEAM POWER.?TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL Rooms, with or without Power (wood workers al lowed). at the Eureka Maclflnc Carving Works, 60, 62, 64 and 06 Cannon street. STKaM POWER, GOOD LIOITT, TO LF.T,-INQUIRE at 311 and 313 aveuue A, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. OUB BASEMENT TO LET-SUIT* BLR FOR A PRINT, vp inn or lithographic office, with use of power It tie sired. Apply on premises EH* Broadway, corner l'ark j luce, to Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company. GTOBBS ToTTeT?W/UtHUS^STREET AND COLLEGE ' ' place.?The fine, new, spacious Stores, 70 Warren ?trect anil ^College place, with flno cellars; splendid justness location, suitable lor i?tiy kind of trade ? m?v be occupied separately or together. Inquire at 2M Ureeti wlch street, corner l'ark place. SPACE AND OUTSIDE SHOWCASE, FOR EN L'lavcr, stationer or otlier light business. 17!) Eighth ? venue. QTORES. STABLES. AO,, TO LET ?A SMALL STORE, .suitaliie tor lancy goods, tailor, grocery, candy or hat Store ; hIso a Stable. Feed Store and Carpenter shop. Ap ply at 6(13 Hudson street Studios to let?in bi i,j?7 broadwav rents $225 to $m Apply to W. S. MELDRL'M, 1,2 T. road w ay. TO LET?THE LARGE FACTORY BUILDING, 12? WD 12t> West Twenty lllih street, .WxlilO; Jour stories. Apply to owner, J. N. IIAVWaRD, 124 Bowery. U LET?GROC ERY STORE, GOOD CORNEIt. WHERE a large business can be done; no other near: Twelfth avenue, corner 130th street Inquire of TIIEO, F. TONE. fpo LET?TilE FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS OF J9 I Beckman street, between Nassau and William streets, v-tth Power; each floor SixKfi feel. Inquire ol RORER A FLOCK, :??J Broadway, or JAMES CONNER'S SONS, cor ner Centre and Read* streets. aW LET-STORE AND TWO BACK ROOMS, WITH gas and water, in a fine house. KB Seventh street near Colu street Jersey City; rent $20. Inquire on premise* TO LET?OFFICES; DIFFERENT KINDS. APPLY TO ?L WASHINGTON. 87 Lllierty street. TO LET?HTORES AND OFFICES IN THK LARUE Building, corner Washington wiuare and Sonth Filth b* ouuu. JoUN SHIRLEY A SON, 81 Cedar street TO_LKT?UPTOWN, a LaBOK, WELL LIGHTED M,<>am Power, at u moderate price. Ap to.WIL,'IA VL J HOLBOROW A BRO., A86 Ninth av. To LET-ONE HALF AN OFFICE ON SECOND floor, near Broad way and near the New Post office. Address bo* 2,476 Post office, stating business to bo car ried on. niO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BASEMENT, TTIE A elegant new Store, eorncr of Twentv third street and Nluth avenue ; rent very rcu?onahle. QOQPENOUOH A WEBBR, ill Broadway. TO LET?A LARUE STORK, NEWLY FITTED UP, Ibr a nice business, at 541 First avenue. CI LBT?A FINK BAKERY. STORK AND CELLAR, wUh Oven; in a good location, an the west side of ih arena*. near Thirty-fourth street TO LET FOR m'BlWKRB PDRPOMC*. TO UtuTlklBaB HANDSOME STOKE ON BEST part of Third avenue, west side; nl?t 25*6%; will be lea?ed tor three year* at ? low figure to a first class party. suitable lor grocery, clothing or dry goods; Fix turun ai a bargain. "? T- . 139 East Twelfth street T~~O LBT-FOB MANUFACTUBINO PURPOSES, A brick Building, 126\*). with water powei; 38horse power day and night, on MorrisCanal and Midland Kail road, and but a short distance from the Delaware, Lack awanna and Western and trie Railroad. Address box 6,704 New York Post otllce. TO LET?OFFICES, WITH BEAT, WATEB AND OAS. In 318 Broadway, corner of Pearl street. Apply to 8. B. HUTCH 1NOS, 38 John stroet mo LET?OFFICES IN 307 AND 309 BROADWAY AND I vt> Uuane street. Apply to S. B. HUTCMIN'GS, .18 Jonn street TO LET?OFFI01S IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER OK Heuile street; also Store 86 Duaue street Apply to A B. lIl'Tl'IIINOS, 38 John street. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR, FOR BUSINESS PUR paw. Apply at 481 Sixth avenue. TO LET?Til E LOFT AND OFFICE IN WEST street, on the doek, between I'errr and West Eleventh streets. Inquire ot A. WOODRUFF, 70 West Forty-dxth Burt, or at 4I7 Wwt street. I^O LET?WITH CiOOD, STEADY STKAM POWER. Rooms, 25x60; lighted on three sides. GEORUE HOYEY 1 SON, 3'.*3 East Twenty-second street. TO LET?HOUSE AND STORK, ON THE BEST l'AKT ot Sixth avenue, at a low rent. Inquire of JAMKS NAPQHTBB, 21H Ban Thirteenth street, near Third av. TO LET?BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY E ST AII lishinent, with Toots and Fixtures; good stand; rare chance ; in Brooklyn. Inquire at 239 Water street New York. TO LET?SECOND LOFT 122 LIBERTY STREET; well lighted by skylight and nine windows; rent low, Apply to BYBNE, DUO A CO., on the premises. TO LET?A SAMI'I.K AND BARROOM. FURNISHED complete, in West street, near Washington Market. Apply to II. M. BAILEY, 336 llroouie street. TO LET?A LARUE DOUBLE STORE, 318 AND 320 Fulton street. Brooklyn; tour window s and two sepa rate entrances; sultaolo tor clothing, furniture or other large business. Apply to JOUN NOBLE, 320 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET?THE STORE 1,269 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Thirty-first tind Thirty-second streets; can be con nected, it desired, with store in rear, running through to Hxth avenue. Apply to W. S. MELDKUM, 1,26U Broad way. rpo LET CHEAP?A LIQUOR OB GROCERY STOREi 1 has been established for *)years us a liquor store, and is tin best corner in the Ninth ward ; is tlttcil up, ami an exculleut corner lor groceries. Apply at 6U3 Hudson street TO LET OR LEASE?FOR STORAGE OR WORK shop, n splendid Loft, 25x42, cue flight ot stairs up; well lii/lited, water, hoisting w heel; rent $100. 33 Ridge street, near Broome. rpo LEASE?FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, AN ELE J gant Suit of tour luge Rooms, second story, on EittU avenue, opposite Madison square. W. K. Alt.VIISTEAD, 12 I'ilie stroet. rpo RENT?ONE FURNISHED AND ONE UNFUR X Dished Hotel, SI) rooms, on the Hudson II1NE, COLE A GItAY, 536 Sixth avenue. TWO LARGE LOFTS TO LET? FOR STORAGE, o\ Broadway, near Twelfth street; also the Building 61 East T well til street, 100 lent from Broadway. II. M. CONDlT, 139 East Twelfth street. TIIH SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue (about twixSn feet each), In the rear ol ami connected with 1,265 to 1,268 Broadway, between 'I hlrty-flrst and Thirty-second streets, the whole or any part; will In- tilted up to huit tenants. Apply to w. s. MBLDRUM, 1,?8 Broadway. ?1 LARGB LOFT, AC., TO LET?VERT LOW. IN .L quire on premises. T. W. BBAOHEB, 77 Oreene at. 1 LARGB OFFICE TO LET?VERY LOW. INQUIRE on premises. T. W. BRAOIIER, 77 Greene street 1 LARGE 8TORE, AC., TO LET-VERY LOW. IN uuire on premises. T. W. BBACHBB, 77 Qfeene St. cyn UNION SQUARE WEST.-TO LET, HANDSOME ?u I Iront Rooms, on second and third floors, Miitahle lor anv Urst class business. Apply ou Hie premises, to Miles. LYONS A MOUNT.)OY. BROADWAY 622. To let?A large Room, 36x72, ou llrst floor, fronting Broadway, suitable for light business. Inquire of GEO. II. TYLER, Olympic Theat* 622 DWEl.!il>\? HOOTM T4> LET. FniuiihML A FOUR STORY BROW'S STOKE HOUSE TO LET? 20 rooms, with parlor Carpets, Mirror-, Gas Fixtures anil Shndes. C. S. PECK A CO., 181 Fifth avenue. A PARTIALLY FURNISH ED MOUSE TO LET?IK Fifty-sixth street, near Lexington avenue; modern style: in fine order; rent only JI.hoi. OGDEN A CLARK, Broadway, corner of (Seventeenth street. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE?BETWEEN FIFTH AND Madi.-on avenues 2fi Fiftieth street, 2h.1x70, with ex tension.-5xlh; parlor* only furnished, but in best style; rent very low. Apply us above. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED IIOI SK OK LEXING ton iivenue, lor six months, ouly $l-J0 lnoiithly; un unfurnished House near Lexington avenue, clegalit or der, $1,-50 per uuflum; assortment .-till on hand, troiu $tiiil to $4,U0U. LIONEL FROEIIL1CH, Third avenue, corner Fiftieth street i NEATLY Fl'RKISHED THREE STORY BRICK iV House, 151 West Twelfth street ; all modern improve ments; finu per mouth. Apply on premises niter 9 A. M. A THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET?FULLY AND elegantly furnished : a good tenant wanted immc. diately; rent very low. C. S. rm;K X CO., IB Wi>fe A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House to let, furnished, on Thirty-seventh street, near Filth avenue ; SM"1! per month. H, R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. A LARGE NUMBER OF DESIRABLE FURNISHED and unfurnished Houses, at greatly reduced rents, to let, hy WILLIAM TUCKER, ?10 Fifth avenue, first door above Twenty sixth street. A3 STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LKT, FUR uished, on Twenty-fourth street, near Madison square. H. K. DREW A CO.. No. 9 West Twenty-third street. Firth Avenue Hotel A3 STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE HOUSE to let. furnished, on Lexington avenue, near Twenty-seventh etreet; $17.'> ner month. 11. R. DREW A co., No. 5 West Twenty-third street, Fifth A venae Hotel A?SUMMER PRICES.?TO LET, 117 WEST FORTY . seventh street, beautifully furnished lirown stone, t'-'i') per month; 60 West Forty-fifth street, fulh inrnishtd, brown stone, );0)0 per month : 106 West Forty-fifth street, broijD Jtunc. lully furnished, $175 per month; 240 West Fifty-fourth street, fully furnished, three story brirk, $1U> per month: other Houses at equally low raie,-. Permits of CRANK A CO., 1,206 Broadway, corner of Twenty ninth street. A NEATLY FURNISHED BRICK COTTAGE?233 East Fortieth street; every modern Improvement; $73 per month to a small tanniy. Apply on premises, A ?THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, ? thPPe story high stoop brown stone, IS rooms, hand somely furnished, $2,400; Forty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue, three story high stoop brown stone, flnelv fur nished, $J,1U0. SIMONSON k ECCLESTO'N, Thirty-first street and Broadway. A FULLY FURNISHED BROWN STONE. FINE central location tor physicians, artists or families; furnace and sewerage new; IS rooms; rem moderate. Call this week on owner, on premises, ?4 East Four teenth street. A K ATTRACTIVE, WELL FURNISHED HOUSE TO iv let, with all city conveniences; grounds hand oniclv laid out; within easy distance of New Brighton. Stateu Island : moderate rent. Address box 3,313 Post otllce. I4IOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, furnished, f to rent chest): Forty fifth street, near Sixth avenue. HINE, cole A GRAY, S3fi Sixth avenue. BRICK COTTAGE?ON FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. UE tween Seventh nvemie and Broadway, furnished; tne vicinity of the I'ark make- this dcstraole; 6 rooms, water and gas. Apply at 897 Eighth avenue. Rent $-im per year. joiin bkanigan. I ELEGANTLY FURNISHED CORNER HOUSE ON j upper Filth avenue to rent low tos careful tenant; ground 45x110 feet; house .'>1 leet sqtia.e. Apply to owner, 98 Broadway, room 10. I BURNISHED HOUSE TO LKT?FOR THE SUMMER or year, to a small private lamlly: four story English basement Hou?e, in good order; furtiiture nearly new; terms made satisfactory to a desirable tenant. Inquire, , between the hours of il.-md 1, at 1IJ Lexington avi nue, ; near fwenty-ninth street. Furnished house to rent-to private i \m lly, one hour from Jersey ? ity ; rent may l>e taken in board. Address II. HUD-o5i HOLLY, 111 Broadway. IfURNlSIlEI) COMPLETELY AND HANDSOMELY; chlekering Piano, Ac.; for five months, to a small private family only, at $1ft0 per month, a three story high stoop House In Forty-third Street, betweeu Sixth avenue and Broadway. Inquire ut .V>2 Broadway, lit store. TilOR KENT?A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT r House, stationary tubs, with hot and cold wate.r, partially furnished il desired; or would let in lloors; op posite seminary Park, 43-? West 1'weutieth street. Price 11,000per annum.4 House to lf.t and furniture for sale.-a three year.-, lease ot a full-sized four story l>rown stone House m vicinity ni Forty second street at tl.e ex ceedingly low rent of S2.&00, will be given to any parly purchasing Furniture, all new and elegant; will he sold at very gn at sacrlllcc ; halt cash rcquireil and balance in easy payments. Address O. K., Herald ofltce. I WILL LET A CAREFUL FAMILY OF ADULTS have my HuUM in Loxinctnii avenue, between Fifty* second and l-ity-tbird streets, at a nominal price uniil about No\ember L Address box 4,611 Post ofllce. vnCELY FURNISHED PRIVATE RESIDENCE TO -i-' let?At a moderate rent to a strictly private and re sponsible family; owner going away. Applv on the premises, 48 West Fortjr-eeventh street, from '8 A. M. to Rare opportunity.-four story basement ? Ilouso. lull o! tmarderN; ttninetliute |?< i4?e*<*inn . lora* lion unstirpasiicd; a lew doom irovn Broadway; alao lodging rooms. M3 Seventh avenue, owner. TO LKT?FURNISHED. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSES, sion, tile first class Residence 81 hast Twenty-second street; ? teet front; 13 rootas. Apply on premises, Mon day, from 9 to 1. I art ol rent would be taken in board If desired. _ TO LF.T-FURN18HEI), THE FOUR STORY BROWN Residence 109 hast Thirty-fifth street, near Park ave nue; 18.9x60: furniture handsome. HUNTINGTON A RICH A RDS, Kn. 8 Pine street rLET-KLEGANTLY FINISHED CORNER HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished, on Madison avenue, near Grand Central Depot will be decorated and rented for club house or business pttrpovM. Address owner. L, Up* Utt J'oM ottoQ. 1 nWKMilMO HOUSKS TO LF!T; Furnialied. TO RENT?FURNISH KD, A FOUR STORY ENGLISH ha* men t brown atone Uouae, pleananUy sttuatea on Thirty-dflh street, neur Park avenue ;tully and very nicely turnlsbed. Apply to 1 M. .VI l .VI), Broad rpo rent-furnished, ?15<ipf.r month a c"*]^ 1 complete House. suitable lor ft small lamily. Address box 5173 Post office. TO KF.NT?A VERY DESIR ABLE NEW HOUSE. Fl'R ni-bed. iiv n family going "^'^j^^Xstrcct.' it isextreuiely nest at tt East? ortvstxth U'l LI. IT RN' 1SII K1) HOUSE 1? LET?VIVE DOOltS wont ol Broadway, lor six months or one J ear, every modern improvement} P?1 uiouiU. Xuijuire IS! West Thirty-sixth street. nn WFST TIIIKTY-T|||RI> STREET. NEAR fifth 20 Hvenue.-Handmmiely furnished..'A?VK:,i,u!T.i2".or tlireo years. SHED, TO A Alk?r PER MONTH -TO LET, FURNISI % 1 -??) small family. the lour story brown shine House r] n'Ait l'toth street, between Fifth and SixtU avenues. Apply to WM. KENftELLY, No. i Plue street. l!ufurnl?hfd, 4 THREE STORY niOH STOOP HOUSE TO LET? A Unfurnished, on Forty-third street, near Broadway %\ KM) nor annum, Immediate pom* hmoii. aj?i \y 10 H B- bREW i l'r No. 3 West Twenty third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. A THREE STORY Hllill STOOP BROWN STONE A to let, unfurnished, Forty sixth stroc t near Lexina ton avenue; $1,7?W per annnin. H. R. UI^J-\v * to,? "? S West Twenty-third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. k THREE STORY HIOII STOOP BRICK SUB CELLAR A House to let, 26 Third street, between So^nd ave nue and Bowery; all Improvement* and iu good order, rent moderate. A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO A let-In good order; lis East Fifteenth str.el. he tween I bird avenue and Irvine place, tor permit apply to HIRAM MERR1TT, S3 Third avenue, . * -THIRTY-SIXTH STREET NEAR BKOAOWAY^ A . High stoop brown stone, l? rooms, Thirty eighth street, near Sixth avenue, tour story.?gl? ?t0Ol brown stone, ta.WO; Forty ninth street, w?r h?thave nue, lour story high stoop brown stone, $1.?W. A law number of otters, 'fefLRSTON? Thirty-first street and Broadway. "7 FIRST CLA88 THREE STORY HIGH STOOP A Philadelphia brick House to let or for .sale, all nn i) rove men ts splendid order, with new carpels, shades. Kn Hfly sUtl. stroet near U;xi..gton??veI?ue; rent and price moderate. Apply to JOHN COAK. la- Last Thirty-seventh street. k NEAT COTTAGE nOUSE AND GROUNDS TO A let. at Harlem, uorlbcast corner 129th H'r'"'t. Fifth avenue; rent low, the owner, a widow, will board with tenant. Aj.j>i> on pTcmlaus. k LARGE FOUR BTORY BBOWN STONEi. house A to let uniurnished, on Fifth avenue, m ar Twentieth rFeet Ailplv U. 11 R bltfcW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty third street, tilth Avenue Hotel. A FINE COTTAGE TO LET?IN 8E\ ENT\ -ninth street; line situation; all modern ',n|\r"Y7?mV. M/e Mix 100. IIINE, COLE A UKAH , Wt> Sixth umiiui . A -KMR SALE OR TO LET CHEAP, THE BLROANT A. 4 story high stoop l.rown stone house, W "est Thirty-ninth' street, near Filth avenue, iu splendid order. Apply on premises. . * Fill I, SIZE FOUR ST<?RY lll'lll STOOP BROWN A stone House to let, uniurnished,' 1?"n1"?uyiVltKW street near sixth avenue ; rent reduced ll. it. ,v CO.", No. 3 West Twenty third st.. Hilth Avenue Hot. I. 7 HOUSE, :?1 WEST MTU ST., If ROOMS ?I.?*J iv fiu I'.th av., 12 rooms fi#< Washington st , II) rooms . jaj 232 West ilth^ ^VT^URNHAM^Hud^o^ 7 f<Y GOOD FAMILY WANTING A FIRST CLASS A Home in the country, large l?rni*l,,/'(1 ,\\?,Vh?urlv shaded urounds. hall hour trom the city, half hourly trains, near depot, and iMnl nwer. ffSiyi?o/to&c" an equitable bails, may address box 3,651 losiouicc, N v w York. _____ ? T-r ini i. ii no let tee modern high stoop TTA hm s^rv and Payment brick House 591 124th street near Mount Morris Park Apply to SAMUEL KKNYON, Ileal Estate Agent, corner i^lst street and Third avenue, or on tlie premises. House iw> west fourth street to lf.t?in quire in the paint store, next door. . Heal estate-parties desiring to have their houses rented and pronerly ,a^"1p"'?.l0.^HJJ,j. do well bv addressing CH ARLES, box *3Herald office, best reference given 11 required. fPO LFT?HOUSE 217 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET; T 20 rooms; First and Second Floors ol^lS^ttl^l'actory 218 Wert Thirty-seventh street At.ply to PARTRIDGE, 2ti West Filteenth street or 127 Broad street, 11 to 3 o ciocn. mo LET?THREE STORY BROWN STONE "IGll T stoop House, northeast corner of Flfty-^v*nth street and First avenue; rent moderate. Apply at A.U East Fifty-seventh street. rno LFT-A S STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE T House on the south side ot Forty-flrst street near Madison avenue; rent moderate. luquite ol B. MU - DooN. 145 East Sixty ninth street mo LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF A THREE STOR^ T hltth stoop House, In East Nineteenth street, with ull improveineiits. A| at Folsom's. ISO Hrst av. nue. rro LI" T COTTAOE, IN PERFECT ORDER, 115T1I T street near Third avenue, ?4.'> a month; alw.Cot tage on Fifth avenue; Cottage at l'luiulleld: can be pur chased by paying rent n Rroa?)wu7.' room G9. mo LET-TWO ELEGANT BROWN STONE HOUSES 1 in West WV;? Sixth avenue. _ mo LFT THE VERY DESlHAHLE FOI It STORY f l.rown stone House, 148 West Forty-lllth street ; in perfect order^aUHowyeiit TFR ,?it)(< slr0,, _ mo LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF \ MEHIUM I pl/ed House, ?7H l.exln(fton avenue, corner Flftj -sixth sfreet! location llrst class. In.julrc ol the owner, on the premises. rrn'll'T-A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BAREMB:<T T bri'-k House, newly paintiMl and papered throutfh^ttt; all modern Improvements Mini i' h\yVOif fl,4W'. Apply on the preinUc* or to\VM. H |t-,Y>0I', N.J, pjne street. < n> - ? - * ! moTFT-THK" Yi'iRKR ^TORY AND HIGH STOOP T l.rown stone Dwelling "Vm-VW/rtv nUithJt rent $i.tu. k. GRIFFITH?, westForty-ninw mo I ET?THE NEW THREE STORY HIGH STOOP i brown stone House, all iinproveinentA PrcHjiect place, between Kortv-second and lorty-lhird streets, rent, $l'(W0. V. w. S. MELI)I!I M. 1,269 Broadway. mo LET?THE FIRST CLASS dwelling 4^7 WEST T Flitv-seveutli street; respectable private family,rent moderate. rPO LET OR LEASE?ON EAST FORTY THIRD STREET, T one door from Filth avenue, fine lour stoo ,hi?li stoop brown stone House. In perfect <'r<1er, newlv paliited throughout; also tine brown stone Houses on Slxtj nrst street near Central Park; all improvements, nifrrori, "as tlxtui?*. Ac ; and one SK storv brick House. Wlcet front, on West Twentv third street. Apply at oikc to owner, F. F. BEALS. 31 Broad street. mo LET OR LEASE?THE convenient DWELLING I House 21B West Thinv-tbird street; Ingomlor'iir; 1 rooms;?fnt $l,UU.-. Apply to Mr. harding, 1.0 JJroad way, - rro RENT UNFURNISHED?A BROWN STONE FOUR I storv House, N-t Thirty -<hird street, l*itween Madi son and Fourth avenues. Apply to W M. bliss, Es<|., 15 Nassau street. mo nVVT UNFURN'ISIIED?THE desirable FOUR T sU)^.v En?n^h t s'ement Mouse? ? Kan Fortv-t r-, street; rent i2.2iW per annum. Apply tor.. ,t Co . No. 3 Pine street, or :?!> fca?t >eventecnth sir. 11. mWO~KINELY LOC XTED CoTTAOES, CONNECTED, 7 \ rooms and bath, all itnprovfnientt. stableandcarrWge ?t , Tli.rd Klonr ill bl'tjWll StuT16 nOUM', f? IIII m nioms f in. adjoiiiltif -20 I- aM U ahty-lxth st. .wide street. Oiifi WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET.-TWO 1^0" tine Parlors and !*rpe Peilroom to let, uniur iii?he?l; suita' le (jr a detttMt ur artist if. 1 OAA -TO LET. THREE STORY HIGH STOOP S brown ?tone House, in Fittv-lourth ?_'r'e'' near Lexington avenue, or would rent part Apply owner, US !? ourth avtnne. FlItMBHHD ROOMS A VU APAHTJ1K.VTS TO LET. 4 furnished PARLOR adjoining BEDROOM. TO .il let, on second Hour, t<> one or two ironflemen, at low prior. In it -mall family. ;vi Waverly I'laee. A ? FIRNISHKD 4ND UNKURN1BHED rooms TO J\.? let. Apply at Id Wert fhirtv-tecond street 4 RESPECTABLE FAMILY WILL L F T? Ft R- ' J\- nlihcil, a second floor I runt hall Room, 92 26. In quire at 128 Thompson -treet. I 4 NEAT FURNISHED HALL ROOM TO LKT-17 ! Cornelia street, between Bleeeker and Fourth street A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH j A nas suitable for two gentlemen, at 47 Horatio street 1 4 NIf'RLY Fl'RNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO A I A party of two. Apply nt41o Ehst Ninth rtreeL \ NICELY FI RNISHKD HALL BEDROOM. ON THE J\ second lloor, to let to a gentll-raan. without lionril; hoine private. 12 Perry street, near Greenwich avenue. A NICELY furnished FLOOR, consisting OF three room*, bath, 4 e., to let, together or separately; private family. 242 East Twetuy-thlril street. j A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT HALL BEDROOM i to let; ull improvements. 1,(U1 Third avenue; riug I mm hen. 4 ? KURNISIIEU ROOMS TO LET TO GENTLEMEN, J\. without board; terms moderute. 61 Amity street, ; near Fifth avenue. V NEWLY FURNISHED HALL ROOM?FOR A i;EN- j tlcnmi; very cool and pleasant for Summer; terms 60 per week. 270 West Eleventh street. Ring lourth hell. A LADY, II A VINU TAKEN 42 EAST NINTn STREET. | J\ and hail the same thoroughly repaired, newly and elegantly furnished throiit.liout, will rent her Room.- at Hummer price*. Apk1yate FAMILY WILL l/ET To OENTLFMEN first Hat and eompMftely fnrnished Rooms; .'>7 Wn?t | Ninth street; location unsurpassed-, reference* ex- I changed. A LAROE PLEASANT ROOM TO let-UN FUR nUhed, without board, at 328 West Twenty second ?treef. A private family will LBT COUPLR OF FUR nlulled R?wi? for gentlemen, without board . refer- I euce* required. Sim East Ninth street, near (iecond av. Alajiob. comfortably furnished room on second floor to a couple of gentlemen or for I iff lit housekeeping, house just beeu punned; terms moderate; . references exchanged. No. 8 Bedford street A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ONB OR two nice Rooms at reasonable terms to gentli m.-ii with reference. 166 West Tweutr-eaeuod ?tfvvk between , bUtU and sertmUi avenuai. J Fl'HNIMHED ltOOMN AND APAUTMEKTS TO L.KT. A?ELEGANT SUITS OR MINGLE ROOMS TO LET, . in a first tin-* house; small private family. In quire at 142 Ka.?l Seventeenth street, near Irving place A NEATLY FURNISHED HALL ROOM TO LK1 -215

Weit Houston street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET PART OK THEIR House, furnished, for housekeeping, rooms larue, airy and commodious; rent low to* small family 212 West Fortieth street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM I<? LKT-ON ttie second story of a brown sloiie house, suitable for one or two gentlemen ; splendid location; term-mode rate Apply at 333 i.ast Forty-tlrst street A CONVENIENT LOCATION?IN A FRIT ATI FAM llv, two very pleasant, well furnished, extra large front Rooms. connecting, to let, to gentlemen only. Ap ply at 60 West fourteenth strcot. AKHV NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Con venience tor housekeeping, or to gentlemen; mod ern improvements: lour lines of cars within oue block ; termi low. 409 West Thirty-third street AI'AKTY II AVISO TAKEN a HOUSE-WHICH has l>een newly fitted throughout, will let hand somely turn shed Rooms, references exchanged. SO West Tweltth street A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM? with clothes closets, water and every convenience lor lltiht housekeeping, on tlrst llooi 1 itt seventa avenue, near Twenty-first street \ SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED SUIT OK ROOMS TO ./v let to gentleman and wife ; also a large hack Room and Bedroom, partially furnished, suitable tor house keifping Apply at 329 Sixth avenue, up two flights. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? With large closct, suitable lor gentleman; reler cnces. 15 West Twenty -sixth street, opposite St Jamas Hotel. AN EXTRA LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH CLOSETS and drawer", suitable lor two gentlemen ; hath, gas, Ac.; also a hall Room; rent $2 per week ; all newly fur nished; can bo scou to-day. 7# Irving place (H'uutor street), Brooklyn. TjlURNISHEB ROOM TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. IN A r small private family, suitable for two gentlemen; house brown front, nice furniture, Brussels <ar|>cts, Ac.; terms, Ac., $5 per week; reference* Inquire for Mrs. N1SSEN, atlllfi Pacific street, near lloyt. F1URMS11ED ROOMS TO LET?A LARUE FRONT Room, suitable for two gentlemen; hath anil gas. Also two smaller Rooms; good location. T3tf sixth ave nue, near Forty-second street. I burnished ROOMS TO LET?SINGLE; ORNTLE men or gentleman and wile, with nit board, reicr cnces required. 43 South Washington square. riURNIBHED ROOMS To LET?WITH ALL IMPROVE I incuts, suitable inr housekeeping; alio Front and Back Parlor. 343 West Thirty tjilh street. IilURNISHED FLOOR AND rooms FOR LIonT housekeeping, in a private family. 221) East Thirtieth street fjlURNISHED ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD, SINGLY I or en siiito. 38 East Twenty sixth struct, adjoining Union League Club House; relcrences. fBURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?ON SECOND floor; hot and cold water, bath, gas, Ac. ; terms mod erate ; ulso llall Bedroom adjoining, to oue or two geu tlcincu. Call second floor No. 5 Vurick place, Sulli\uu street between Houston and Bleccker. I BURNISHED BOOKS?FIRST CLASS, SINGLY OR on suite ; reference required. Its East Twenty eighth street. T/V1R RENT?ELEli\NT APARTMENTS. AT 1 ICO r Broadway ; suitable for single gentlemen; parlor, bathroom anil one or two bedrooms. Apply ou the premises. CpBONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, NICELY KUR I nlshed, to gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. 1,503 Broadway, < orner Forty-sixth street, second floor. HOBOKEN, ONE BLOCK FROM FERRY.?TO LET. A neatly Uiriiished Room, to a respectable young man: terms moderate. Address HOBOKEN, box ?30 Herald office. Handsomely furnished rooms to let-at 12 But Twentj first street. Handsomely furnished rooms?in a small, social, refined family, at 233 West Thirty-fourth street ; terms moderate; references. Handsomely furnished rooms?for gentle men, just ready; all new furniture; cheap if perma nent for Summer. Call at 350 West Twenty-third street, this week. Handsomely furnished second floor to let together or separately; .suitable for a party of gentlemen; all the modern Improvements. 31 East Twentieth street, near Broadway. TTANDSOMELY furnished FRONT ROOMS. SIN II glo or in suit; ulso Parlor Floor to let without Board; in private family; references exchanged. Apply at5S Lexington avenue, corner Twenty-fifth street HARLEM.-TO LET, IN IZ7TII STREET, NEAR FIFTH . avenue, a large trout Kooui, furnished, without board, to one or two gentlemen. Address D., box 2u7 Herald office. IN MADISON AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-EIGHTH strt et.?A handsomely furnished suit of Booms on first floor will be let to gentlemen tor $.5 per week w ith out bourd. Address P., box l,0'J7 Post otllee. ! S TODGiNOS?TO GENTLEMEN ONLY NEWLY FUR J nished Rooms at 32 Great Jones street, near Broad wit v and first class reataumnts, and ca->y walking dis tance to business. IAROE FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH ALL J conveniences. 133 West Thirty-filth street hear Broadway. IARGK AND BEAUTIFUL FRONT ROOM, FUR J nished splendidly, for gentlemen; no boarders; first class house and location; superior accommodations; all conveniences. 21 West Ninth street, between Filth und Sixth avenues. NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO SINGLE gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; good neighborhood, convenient to several lines of ears. Apply at 2lo West lenth street, two doors from Bleeeker. Nicely FURNISHED LARGE ROOMS adjoining, separately or together, for gentlemen; first clas-. lifttfe and location; bath, Ae^ Terms very moderate. 2l< East Tenth strief, near Second avenue. _ ONE OR TWO furnished ROOMS TO JiKX-TO gentleman, in a private hoti?e on str??. n^ar Second avenue. Apply to TUOJLls o. AlcKAK, sw? Broadway, ' ONE OR TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH use oi tiatb. In private house 32s East Forty ninth st. IIO LET-TERMS REASONABLE, furnished Rooms, to a iientleman and wife or a small family; all complete for housekeeping. Apply at No. 8 Domiuick Btreet. IO LET ? FURNISHED, 'A HALL BEDROOM IN A French family; 115 Fast Sevetit enth street. rpo LET?AN ELEGANTLY furnished FRONT PAR I lor arid Bedroom. lm.uirc at Dr. R. G. DL'BKIN'S, No. 7 Clinton place. Eighth street. TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD, TO ONE OR TWO GEN tlemen, a Suit of furnished Rooms, comprising the entire se -ond floor (exclusive of bathroom), in a tlrstclius prlt ate house, situated between Madison and Fifth ave nues atid Thirtieth and Thirty.fourth streets; colored waiter in attendance. For further particulars address a S.. Herald Uptown Brunch otBce, 1,285 Broadway. rpo LET?A HANDSOMELY furnished SECOND i Floor ot 5 rooms; also elegantly furnished Apart ments. en suite or Mngly. Apply at 32 East Twelfth street, one block west ot Broadway. rro LET?HANDSOME ROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR, L furnished or unfurnished, all improvements, to tren tlemen without board, at 4-"J East Ninth street, west of Broadway. . rro LET-NICELY FURNISHED. TO A nMAI.1, fam J ily of adults, In private house 22M West Eleventh street, *ii etnire .'-eeond Floor, I'urt Third nnd Front ment, suitable lor housekeeping; rooms large; neighbor hood tlrst elans; rent $'W per annum. riM) LET?FURNISH ED ROOMS, (M MAtDOI'GAL I street, near Houston. rro LBT?BY AN amerhwn FAMILY, THBBB J front Itoom?, well furnished, for llirht housekeeping; nNn ii I'.irlor iiih! Bedroom tor lodging. 264 Mxtli ave nue, near Seventeenth street. rrb LET?A NEWLY FURS I SUED!RuNT Roo STto a 1 single gentleman. with mII modern Improvements; (amllv private. Apply 312 haul Fifty seventh street; ret erences exchanged. To LET?A FCBinilHBD BOOM, IX \ PBIVATE family, for n simile gentleman. with reference*. ( nil, between 12 mil! 2, nt 143 l-'ast 1'orty-lourth street. rpo RENT-TO HENTLEMEN ONLY, WITHOUT I liniiril. richly furnished Rooms, singlv or en suite; term* moderate; references exchanged. Apply at IU \\ i st T\>' ittli street, near sixth av> nue. Tci PINT?To GBNTLBMBN ONLY, FURNISHED Rooms; hot nnd cold water; private family; reter ences. 77 Went Twelfth street, between Fifth and .-ixtli avenucii. IV) RENT-TWO C<iMMt'NICATINO PARLORS, FIRST floor, handsomely furnished, on Ninth street, eon tiguoti* to Broad way, sultalde forcluh rooms. Apply at ii7 Broadway, room 13. mwo BaWDROMELY frl'KNIsilED HALL rooms 1 Ofi Twenty.third street, tn uentleuien or ladles, with reference, cheap lor the Summer. Address box 63 sta tion l>. rnilE I.VIIHE LOW B It PART OKA PBIYATE BOUSE. 1 completely nnd handsomely furnished, to a family of aduUs. 131 West Thirty-sixth street. 1\'i:sT TWENTY-SIXTH BTBBBT, no. flt, NBAB TIIK ?> St. James Hotel and llofl'man House.?Two well furnlslicd Parlors; also a suitable Room lor doctor or dentist. 1 OR TWO GENTLEMEN f'AN BE ACCOMMODATED I with nicely furnished Rooms, in a private family; 38 West Twelfth streut; good references required. l.sT FLOOR TO LET?FI'RNISII '"l>. WITH KITCHEN I lor housekeeping. for a stnall family. Apply, after 10 O't lock, .it 810 West Fourteenth street. flND STORY TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFUB ? Dished; also hack P.irlor, at 86 \\ est Twelfth street. i) ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND h floor and one on third floor?To nentlemeu, without hoard, terms verv reasonable, laiully sirielly private, ut :i:i 1 ii ? Thirty :liird street. 4 Til AVENUE, SR.?ONE LA BOB FBONT BOOM, suitable tor au otllcc ; also furnished Rooms, with or without Hoard. rTII AVENUE. 1(W?FITBNIHIIKO ROOMS TO LET, ? I front and hack; baths on each lloor; Breakfast it de s 11 I'd References. - C.ARDEN R(?W, WEST ELEVENTH STREET.? ?) Furnished Itooui* for light housekeeping; rent mod erate. Q WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.-A SET Ol O handsomely furnished Rooms u> let, without Board ; near Delmoulco's; terms moderate. TO EAST TUIKTIETn STREET.-A PA BLOB FLOOR JL*J ol three or four rooms to let, well furnished, with ? oufhoarJ .no housekeeping; also two k.hiuu ju '.hlrd iMf; t^rua vet> madarau mr the Sunnner. , s FURNISHED ROOM* AND APARTMENTS TO LET. ? T~l east kiftkbntii iitbbbt?two larok, I I pleasant furnished Rooms to rent; also hall Hud room ; very convenient to cars uud slug"* 1 |TU STREET.?A LARUE AND IIANDsOMKI-Y I I furnished Room to let. to gentlemen, without board. Apply at Kl West Fourteenth street. ^ l<f kast fifteenth stbekt, between fifth i'? avenue and Broudway.?To Ini, without board, extra lame and handsomely inrtiMied front Boom, with hoi mill uoiii water. Terms reasonable. nCLARKSON STIlKKT? A NEATLY FCBNISHKD Koom lo let, without board ; It Is the only lit the block; ver? desirable, either lor gentleman and wile or one or two sinirte men; terms are verv reasonable, Sixiu anil Eighth avenue car* puna the house. OOD 8TBEET, 39 EAST.?A DESIBABLE SUIT OK Room* on the sccmid floor, bark, lor the scasou or year; alto single Itooms on lourlii Moor; will have the middle ol May largo an.I ironl anil hall Koom* on second (lour; lllsooilier Itooms; reierences required. 2on STREET, WEST, 244.?FURNISHED Rl?OMS TO ' ? ? let, to gentlemen only t erms moderate to perma iii lit parlies; taiuily private , rtlercnccs required and given. 97 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET BETWEEN ?< I Fifth and sixth avenues.?Klegaiiily furnished Rooms; reierences exchanged. ?JQ LAFAYETTE PLACK.?FURNISH ED. ONE OR ?)?) two Rooms to let, to gentlemen only. Cau lie see a niiv time alter to day ; reierences required ?)Q KAST KIGI1TU STREKT (ST. MARK'S PLACE), OO three minutes'walk iroin Stewart's.?Nicely tur nlshod iront l'#rlor and Bedroom to one or more gcntio men. Terms moderate. Ring fourth hell ?) A TH STREET (44S WEST).?HANDSOME ROOMS, 0*X lumished or unfurnished, iu private family ; ret erenres given and required OiJ CHARLTON 8TBEET.-A PLEASANT RACK OO Room on second floor neatly furnished, to one or (Wogentlemen ; running water m the room; frtper we. k. QQ UNIVERSITY PLACE.?A LARGE FURNISHED OO Koom to let, without hoarit, reasonable, for the Summer; best references; also line Rooms, on suite or aingly, at is. 4 1 WEST TWKNTY-NINTH STBEKT.?FAMILIES i I and gentlemen can bo accommodated with neatly furnished Itooms. for the Summer, at moderate prices; reierences. 4 4 WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, NEAR it" Mmlt-nn square.?Pleasant, well furnished back I'arlor, also othrr lodving Rooms, to lei, without board, to gentlemen , Summer prices. |f? IRVING PLACE, OPPOSITE WESTMINSTER T\) Hotel?Handsomely furnished Rooms or singly; location central and quiet. CA WKST Till RTY- second STRBET v WHOLB ? Mouse, undergoing complete renovation, to tie rented to gentlemen, without board; Rooms on suite or singly, furnished or unfurnished. ({ijWEST rillRTY THIRD STREET ? A NICELY FUR 1)1/ nished front Room, on second floor, to let, with running water and bath room, In a French family ; mod erate price. /?Q PRINCE STREET, ONE BLOCK EAST OF BROAD DO way.?To let, comfortably furnished Rooms lor gentlemen; terms moderate; prirate tamlly PQ WEST ELEYBNTM STRBET.?HANDSOMELY />?' furnished Rooms. 7/1 WEST THIBTY-BBVENTH STREET, OOBNEB I I" 01 Sixth avenue. ? Second Floor to let, six Rooms, in line order. Inquire on premises. fTQTH STREET, BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND I O Fourtu avenues, 128. ? Well fiirnislieu Boom, or Suit of Kooms, 011 second floor, with or without Hoard ; family .small and private : terms moderate. 1H7 WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET,-DESIRABLE l"l Rooms to rent to gentlemen and their wlvei or single gentlemen. 1 |jQ EAST TENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY KUB 1"0 nished Rooms, large and small, for gentlemen only; convenient to restaurants. House llrst class. I t)i) KAST SIXTEENTH STREKT ?FURNLSHKD I ZiLi Rooms to let; finest location iu tho city. Oppo site the Westminster Hotel. 1|Q WEST FOItTY FIRST STREET, BETWEEN *t?7 Sixth avenue and Broad way.?Furnished Itooms, wiiliout Board; furniture, bedding, Ac., new ; referenoea. 1 QA SECOND AVENUE, NEAR TWELFTH STREET.? Wtl Elegantly furnished Suit of Rooms, together or singly; splendid location; private family ; terms moder ate to parties permanent; finely adapted to party of gen tle men. 2?JO EAST THIRTEENTH STREKT, BETWEEN ?)?j Second mid Third avenues, In a Herman family, an elegant front and hall Koom; uewly airmailed; gas and bath ; references. / OOO LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR THIRTY <??)*) fourth street.?Two nicely lurnislieil front Rooms, second and third doors, to let, to gcntlcmeii, without hoard; terms moderute; reference required. i) |1 EAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET ?ROOMS, w'r 1 turnldied or unfurnished, hot and cold water and bath, to gentlemen only. O I O EAST SIXTY.FIRST STREET.?A I,A BOB ? 1 ?I furnished Room to rent, in a small family; pleasantly located. Q40 WKST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN atu seventh ami Eighth avenues.-remittee and gentlemen will And elegantly furnished Boom, with iu perior accommodutloirs; reierences giv. n ami renuind. 11 -Q WKST FORTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN jJ'Jij Broadway and Eighth avenue.?A young Jewish couple will let u suit ot handsoniclv fnrnfslied Rooms, on second floor, to one or two gentlemen, with Board. 077 WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET.?TO LET, I I furnished, two large Boom* on second floor, one front ? two Booms en parlor floor: Booms on tlilrd floor, to gentlemen or gentleman and wile; light housekeeping , 96 and 97 per week. * OAO KAST EIGHTEENTH STREET.-DE^fRA'BLK ? /'m> furi' ohed Kooms 10 rent, singly or mitg, 622 BROADWAY 623 .y, iw.-'' Y(, let? A few finely furnished Room*, for gentlemen. Apply to OF.O. IT. TYLER, Olympic Thenfro. 71 ?> BROADWAY, CORNER OF WASHINGTON I 1 ?> place.?Handsomely tarnished Rooms to let,very reu unable. Apply ut 71.'t Broadway, room 1U. l \Fl RM<tllKl) ROOM!) A Mi APART MKNTS TO LET. An elegant flat,on a corner, nine rooms, nil lighted from the street; size of house, 25xSA; three blocks irom Central Park; west side; sfrictlv first class, with janitor. Apply to JOHN BRANIOAN, HJ7 Eighth avenue. A FRONT BASEMENT FOR A DOCTOR'S OR DEN tist's office and pleasant furnished rooms for single gentlemen at 34 Bond street. A SPLENDID AND LARUE FIRST FLOOR, AT 629 Sixth avenue ; ull modern improvements. * delightful Sl'IT OF ROOMS, IN A PRIVATE JI house, best Rooms, unfurnished or furnished; suit al le for a small family; excellent situation for a physi- I clan; hII conveniences required, and moderate rent. 211 East Fifty-seventh street. \ ?TO LET. TIIE LOWER PART OF THE THREE j J\? story high stoop house 4S7 West Twenty-fourth street; all'thc modern Improvements, bath, Ao.; stages and cars three minutes' walk; rent moderate. 4 SECOND AND I'ART OF THIRD FLOOR To LET? | J\ House '.fi Harrow street; rent $40 per month; lest references required. Apply on the premises. \ .SECOND FLOOR, S ROOMS, S? WEST II I'll 8TJ? I A Second Floor, 4 rooms, 7S Perry st :?? i First Floor, 5 rooms, 4ii Horatio st z* ' Third Floor, 5 rooms, 345 West 12th st .'Ill | First Floor and Basement, 9 rooms, SI I Greenwich st.. 7.'> | First Floor and Basement, (i rooms, :s."J3 West 11th st... 40 | Ibird Floor, 5 rooms, 776 Washington st 20 i E. L. A B. T. BURNIIA.M, 609 Hudson Street. A PLEASANT LOCATION AND CHEAP kent ?421 | I , \ Fourth avenue; seven Rooms and basement Kitchen. Apply on the premises. V DESIRABLE SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR, OR parts ol both, to let, water ami gas, w uli separate meter. Apply on premises. 217 Monroe street ? ?TO LET?CHEAP, TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, J\ . Tnlril Floor of 2M Bowery (plate ?lai< ami lugli ceilings!; suitable for otllces or aiiy light business. Apply . at 245 Water street. 1 A SECOND FLOOR (FIVE ROOMS)?ALL IMPROVE incuts, including bent, to a very small select family; ' rent ??to. 44S Last Fifty-eighth street; private house. V HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS?FOR LADY AN'f> gentlemen, without board, on Twenty-third street, j near the opera House; reierence required and rent ! i hi ap Address ho*. 69 station D. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH BEDROOM; ALSO j\ Hall Bedroom, with gas, bath, Ac , for gentlemen onlv at .'?*) I bird avenue, between Twenty sixth and Twenty-seventh streets. Ring fourth bell, north side. A FLOOR TO LET?C(HtaININO FOt'R ROOMS, ON Fourth avenue, near .Nineteenth street Inquire at 2:%7 Fourth avenue. A FEW DESIRABLE FRONT ROOMS VACANT AMD J\ others to be vacated at 12 Lafayette place Persons desiring to niak'- arrangements for the summer cm be accommodated with pleasant, airy Rooms by applying at once. Finest location in the city. A NEAT THIRD FLOOR, ISO EAST FIFTY FIRST i'V street near Lexington avenue, to let; parlor, kitchen anil three light bedrooma; gas fixtures, ward robes, Ac.; rent per month. PARLOR FLOOR \ M> basement TO RENT?IN Fifty-filth street, between Eighth avenue and Broad way; 7 rooms, besides bath and wafer clo-et; this is a most desirable neighborhood ; rent $.Vi a month. Apply at897 Eighth avenue. JOHN BRANIQAV^ Apartments or six rooms- r?i i v-i twi nty sixth street, in liou-e with one small tainilv; rent moderate; now vacant. Apply to I'llo.s. McKEl,vlilt, trunk store, 9IS Broadway, or on premises. A Sl'IT OR FLAT OF FIVE OR SIX ROOMS To J\ let in the European House 7S West Forty-eighth street, col lie; M.'.fli mcnue. Apply to the porter. 4 riNE FRENCH FLAT TO LP.I -IN ItOWR J\ k one house 668Lexington avenue, near Flit) tlrst ?tract. ______________________ AY OI Nil MAN OF SOCIABILITY AMI REFUTE mont, and a vocalist who would like to exchange ? references with the new ol sharing * room may address W., bo* 2.277 Post office. _____ V PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE BOON rHAS they require will let furnished, larao and small Rooms on top lloor, $.5 aud per week. .16.1 West Four tei uln "treet A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET 1<> ONE OK TWO .\ gentlemen, without hoard, a handsomely furnished Room on second lloor. Inquire at 11W East Twentr-foui Hi stieet near Madlsou square aud Aslilaud Dining Room*. Af 122 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR Fol RTB avenue?Five Kooms, nicety arranged for luaise keening , all convenience* on Uu? floor; rcul Mv. .vi>pU [ in the?(?(?, MiniKJiiNHEi) nnojiK and apaut* _ MKNTS TO LET, ADKKP PARLOR FLOOR AND BA^^NtT"? . Rooms; lowered to $40; every convenience of drat class house: children welcomed, genteel neighborhood: landlord sobdued ttfl Wot Porty-thlrd itfwt ' DESIRABLE ROOMS TO RENT Tl) OENTLP.MPN? 110 West Forty-llflh street; also an office (or ui physician. EM.EOANT FRENCH FLATS TO I RT?IN HANDSOMB j brown stone house in Went forty-third ?treet; each, floor forms a complete house ol It.-alf. and contains ran^B. boiler, stationary wasbtubs, marble mantels, chande liers, water cioseta, bathroom, dumb waiter, Ao. Apply on premises. I/IRI.NVH FLAT Tt) LF.T-AI.L IMPROVt MKNTSt I' rent 921); also three Rooms to let; rent Jit, ni"?i house Inouire at 442 West Thirty filth .trcet, ring .?runl bell, cast aide. F TRENCH FLATS (FIRST, SECOND AMI THIRD floors i to let, iii n ?'<?iir story high stoop brown *ton<* honse ; box gas, bath, stationary tubs, range, hot and col* water. Ac.; Filly-first street, between Lexington au<t Ttiirct a^t nl""'r||OKA3 a HOJRR, 936 Third avenue. FUTS TO LRT INTIIR NEW BROWN STONE I10TJSRI* north side ol Sixtyninth street. near Lexington avenue all the modern improvements on eacn floor* rents from $32 to 94ft. InijUiro on the urcmises. T FLOORS To LKT?CONSISTING OK Fori: itooMit ' with gas fixtures and all Improvements,tc? smalL respectable taiiillloa; rent $17 pur month. 1,587 .sooottX avenue. L^LOORS AND ROOMS T(? LRT?AT 42 UNIVERSITY r place, together or separately; newly painted; boo* In flrst class order: lanitrea* In building. , . W N ORIS WOLD, 744 Broadway (Aator place). ^ tTIIOORS AND A HOUSE TO LET-NINTH WARD; A r Second Floor, water and gas, $22 ft(); First Floor ane Basement, *27 W; brick House. water ami gas, ltroonm. $KW; good order and neighborhood. Apply at bU3 Hiai* son street. _____ HtNDS'tMK Fl.oult TO LET?CORNER nO??SB overlooking Reservoir I'ark; very pleasant Itooma Apply att>97 Slxib avenue, corner Fortieth street ; TOWF.R PART OF HOUSE IS CHARLTON SXREET J containing Ave rooms mid one dark room; gas auil heater. Apply at 21 t'liarltoii street SUIT OF SEVEN ROOMS ON SECOND AND FOURTH1 stories, house June street, very convenient; rent per monlb; bust reference* required, lmjuiru o? premises. Second and third floor to let?pgr iiousb keeping, Rood neighborhood, ut West Twenty* eighth Street. Inquire at place. M. RICH. OBCOND 1ND THIRD PLOOBS. O* PIVB ROOM 0 each, in high stoop brown stone house, in good local ity , rent $'*'? anil $Ul. W J. II ARI'gR, 382 Third av. rim LET?'two floors, hh and no watts street, 1 one block trotn Jersey terry ; rent $2S and $30per linrath " Wa i.sii. rpn LET HRCOND FLOOR. POUR ROOMS, I'RIVI 1 lege of bath room, at 32 Charles street Inquire on. premises. mo LET?TO AMERICAN OB QUIET OBBMAW X funiiiles, two Floor-, in new house, lis Suffolk .street, consist I n v, of tour roontseach. Apply to huuaekeeper, at landlord, 24 First avenue. _ _ mi) LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A WHOLE 1 Floor or anv Part, unfurnished, or tnrnished to suit occupants; locution unexceptionable; references ea 1 Imaged Apt>ly lit 132 E is' Sixteenth street. rpo LET?A floor, 2ftXl?0. Ill east Et.EVF.NTI* 1 stree , between Third anil Fourth avenues; rent a year. Impure In taney store, 24 Fourth avenue. TO LET- ELKUANT FRRX4MI flat, SIX rooms gas, water an il bath; rent $.1ft to $81; to none but small uenteel families; good location, very accessible; also ? Dwelling. 220 West Forty-eighth street. Apply t? owner, fd Liberty street, room 2rt. _________ TO LET?408 WEST FORTY-FOURTH STRRET. Second and Third Floors; six rooms and pantries on. each floor, with separate gas meters and hair bathroom; $H5and$40 per month; also Second HooratnW West Thirtv-fourth street, with bathroom, hot and colu water. Ac., i.'ift per month ;owner in the house. rill I LET?A HANDSOME THIRD STORY FLOOR OP L four or Ave rooms to a gentleman and wife, or * small family Of adult* W Weal Twenty third street TO LET?SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE I'M WEST Twentieth street to a lumlly of adults; rent $90; rec? eretices exchanged. ________ To LBT?A SUIT OF BOOMS, UNFURNISHED OR furnished, or u Reception Room and Hedroom, sulu ble lor a physician, at Sit Boat Nineteenth street TO LET?A FLOOR OF SIX ROOMS. WITH IM prove incuts, at 2211 West Twelith street Ninth ward. Apply on premises. To RUNT?THE SECOND AND PART OF THE TIIIRtt Floors Ol houvr 100 West Forty sixth streot rim LET I'NFI'llNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY O^ I adult*. Third Floor, containing lour rooms and on? room in gurret, in < x.reiUiiit order* with ft wmall privato tamlly. Addre ss E. It., No. ? Beektuan place, between Forty-ninth ami Fiftieth streets. rpo LET?SECOND AND PART OF THIRD FLOOR, jj I tlic flrM new brown stone Iront house west ol FoartM avenue, l .iil street, to u small family ol adults; rent Ui per month Inquire on the premnaa. mo LET-SECOND FLOOR 2K, EAST FORTY FIFTH 1 street, near Third avenue ; jimt pa nted anil papered; alt modern improvements; gas, stationary Jno? j?n''*'rT desirable. Also Second Floor itbree rooms) .'.?S tblra ave nue, and two Rooms Itai East Twenty -eighth stroc*., roooM open; seeu any tiiae, . . . II M. CQNDIT, C.9 East Twelfth street. rno LET?OYER A FANCY STORE, A HANDSOMB I f'.itit Parlor, bai k Room and Hedroom, on Thtnl av,. between Highly third nml Eighty lourtli sU., l,47#._ mo LET?AT WASIIINC.TON IIEK1HTS, FUBNISUBD 1 and unOtrnlshcd Houses; ftO luiniitcs^ lal^ 10 trains daily; prices reduced. A. b MILLS, Ane*^ 121 Nassau street, room 4. , rno LET?LOWRR PART OF" HOUSE NO, 5 KINO I street consisting of two parlors, two r^metnents, iwe garret rooms, w ith gas, bath oud rent $40 to ? ...111 a!I American family. _ TO LKT-23S ROW^KY, SECOND AND THIRCP Floors, each 2.r>x.'>ii feet, tor business pnrpo-es. A only ?? '?A U. JMI1.LER, ItKJ t ultoil street, New York '-'1. !'???- ? . . / ; rnwo SPLENDID l*.\ Hii.iftM TO LKT?FOR BUSINESS 1 purposes; also lurnisUed Rooms. 61 Fourth avenue, opposite Stewart's. t) NICE ROOMS. ON- THIRD FLOOR, OF PRIVATB. Jit house 211 f-lxth nvcinte, m-ar Fourteenth street, tq two adults, for $10 per month ; gas ami water on tloor 4)1) FLOOR TO LET-IN A GOOD NEH1HBOBHOOD; ? water and gas; rant $38. Apply at 332 West Purty eighth street. -III AVI-'.M'E. 224.?LA ROE, VERY PLEASANT ? ) Rooms on second floor, en suite or singly; also large Extension Room, Second Floor and front Uasemout, per manently or transiently leinrencea, 1 4 Til BTRBBT, NEAR DKLMOSH'irS.-AN ELEGANT L I Second Floor?parlor, bed and dressing rooms, bath, closet hot aad cold water; also third story IroUl Room. Address tl., box 4,S46 Post office. 1 I III STREET, NEAR UNION SQUARE.? A VERT 1+ desirable first floor front Room to let, very low, tiulurnlsbed ; adjoining room if desired; no bonrderai no other rooms rented; references. Address LIVUj SERVICE, box l-u Herald Uptown Branch office. <)1 ST STREET, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH J. I avenues.?First class accommodations lor ? plivsician, In a private tamlly: large extension Room, with privilege of Parlor, with Room on second floor, with or without Hoard as desired; only those with unex* ceptionable references and able to pay tor superior ac comnn'datiou ne. d apply. Address X. L., Herald Up town IJraticii ollice, l.?w Hroadway. iiOl) 0TRBET, BETWEEN SEVENTH AND Eighth avenues, second story.?Front Parlor ana Rcdmotn; vory desirable for gelilleinelL OOH STREET (os WEST.?A II WK PARLOR, THIRD floor trout; iilsoa large, single Room, with or with* out Board; private family; reterenees. ______ 0>ir ?T1URD FLOOR, FIVE ROOMS. RATH ; $40, IJ.b), Second Floor, four rooms. No movlui or rent raising to the right parties. lessee occupies lower part. Apply on the premises, 152 West Forty third street ~i 4 IRVINO PLACE.?PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO 'r'l let. on the tlrst floor; also a Bedroom, tor single gentlemen. r 1 EAST TWENTIETH STREET HAS CHANGED ? )*1 bands and is t>cinit thoroughly improved. A flrsl cla.< familv or club can have 13 handsome Rooms over looking Clarendon Hotel. ______ I AA WEST THIRTY EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET MJlF desirable Apartments, on the French plan, S rooms each . aU witli windows on. ning on the streot; now and modern. R. M. brundioe, #1? Broadway. EAST FIFTY-NINTH STREET. NEAR LEXINO ton avenue-To let a part ol; h g.'i stoop broWB stone House ; will rent cheap k> a small tamtlT. m f;,; EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET?TO LP.T, SRC ,, ri w ond and Thir l Floor-, fog 'ther or separau-ly, la brown stone bouse, ooiitalning all improvement* Apply 011 premises. _______ 34H ASTRO LOCI V. A_Wl7<T IS H11K T WHAT IS SHE ? IS SHE A , witch ? These question* ure frequently a^ked. In reply we would ?>** tlial Mine. KKLLEY In neither Mary Magdalen nor the witcli of Endor. but a verv interesting ladv, wh<> makes every one tee I at home with her. Tha greatest living Astmlogiat, Clairvoyant ami .ipiritualtat. Cati?ei speedy anil happy marriages; best city relerene* given. Cures all diseases. satisfaction guaranteed. M IIii Moii street, corner of Harrison. XTTKNTION?KNOW THY DESTINY; CONSULT iht? wonderfullv gifted elairrovunt; give* luck. telb* everything. la# West Korty-flrst street, near Broadway. A -MADAME LA BLANf'II, THE OltEAT, UNKI. . vailed business and (nodical < lairvoyant. 1>U W?4? Twenty-eighth street, near Sixth avenue. V TEST.-MRS TAMSISB, BCSISB8S AND MKDt cal Clairvoyant, spiritualist, u lis name, da) >?r marriage, brings 'ogathnr ihose Ions separated, ji^ea poMtlve information on all mlairs ot life ; no -taiisiaction, no pay. i?l second avenue, corner riiiriy-ioitith -treet. t TTKNTION.?CONSULTATIONS "N niSI.-iK-tS. J\ Inw snit*. enemies, loa?. ?, absent friend*, love, mar riage, *tckne.*s and death. Cay reluscd uutes* sati?lled. Mine. SINUtlt, Clairvoyant, liil sixth avenue. ? TS ST,-ORIGINAL MADAMS STROM, IXMOAi j\ -in.I Bturtness Nplri'nallM. Consultation, old place, Sit Fodrtli avenue, near Twenty-third street LMIKOi'KAN OLAIUVOYaNT?TELI.S NAMM, SHOWN J\J likenesses, ottu?e< marriage*, gi\e* numbers. jHoen'it ami ?l. I4J Went Twenty Ulth street, basement. VflSS WELLINGTON. THE WEST or ALL CI. \ I It ? 1>L voyant*. tell# past, present un I future; give* Incky numbers; tellaol lomea and thefta; brings the ?ei>arate<t together and ulvcs good luek to all. 41 *.?st 1 wenty eiglith street, near Fourth avenue. MISS NORWOOD, RKAlt AUTKOIitMUST. ?CONSULT her lor everything; personally hy letter. 1U East Twelfth street, corner Third avenue. PROCESSOR LISTER IH TIIN ONLY ASTROLOOKW in New York Send stamp lot circular Ul Si*U? [ avenue, near Tw^aty iiratetreeb

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