Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 14
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OTY BKA1 BHTATB POll RALE. Central. ? ?A -A.-FOR SALE, AT A 8ACRIFICE, A FIRST , class lour story high stoop brown stone House, 2X2S5K loot Lot on west side ol Madison avenue, SO leet miutli ot Seventy-fourth street, clear view to I'ark; three jloori in hard wood, parlor ilcor cabinet work by rotticr A Hymus, wtOi library, butler's pantry, mantel mirror*, Ac. Also ii tlrst class llouse ot similar dimensions and superior finish on Mudison avenue, 25 lvel from the M>u Iheast corner of Sixty-first street. Terms to suit: good location ; lots taken In payment; houses opeu tor Inspec tion. Imruire ol owner, A. KLABEK, ut his marble works, 154 East limUtceuth street. A SMALL FOUR 8TOBY HlOll STOOP HOUSE, Seventy-third street, between Fifth and Madison ?venues; will lie sold cheap; terms easy; possession It omi1' Inuulre of A. CHATAIN, 375 Lexington avenue, between Forty-first and Forty-second streets. AFIUST CLASS MURRAY HILL FOUR STORY" '.'0 toot front brown stone. In perfect order, $26,000; irn CO? 554 Third avenue. Mediate possession ; terms easv. mxKL\ a An extra cheap 22 foot four story stone Dwelling, on Forty-flrst street. Just out of Fifth ave nue, lor sale, with immediate possession. V. K. sTKVKNaOM, Jr., 11 Pine street. A ?FOR SALE, FOI'R FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ? high stoop stone fronts (College lease; on north side of Forty-ninth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, 22x60, lOx'iO and 16x65. Apply to W.M. C. LESTER, 47 West Forty-ninth street _ For sale?four story brick tenement House, with stable, lot 25x98, lu Kast Thirty-lhlrd street; prtco $1,200; easv terms. Inuulre ut 282 Third avenue. ? F, HA USER. For rale?very cheap, with possession, three storv high stoop brown stone, all Improve ments, Forty-eighth street., tine block, west of Broadway, tinly $17,0ii0: also a numbers!' tlrst cluss tenement "Houses, paying 15 per cent, well located; less than uiar let value. SALTER A LEVY, 503 West Thirtieth street, near Eighth avenue. | TPIR.sT CI,ASS HOUSES FOR SALE?20, 22 AND 24 J Fast 57tli street, 20 and 41 West SCtli. 14 and 16 West 65d, Nos. 1 and 15 East 53d, 16, 18 aud 20 West 52d, 26 and 71 West 46th and 11 Kant 41st street : $35,010 to $-0,1X10 aud upward. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. TJIOR IN V EST M E N T?ON RlXTn AVENUE, NEAR J Twenty-Second street, French tint House, five sto ries, nevrH new, perfect order, first class, all rented ; &rlcc $65,000; easy terms; a bargain. OGDEN A CLARK, roadway, comer ot Seventeenth street. HUGH N. CAMP, 10C BROADWAY, cornet Pine street, oiler!) the following Lots as good investments:? Broadway, near 160th street, 20 Lots. Grand Boulevard, nortli ot 130th street, 4 desirable Dots. Sixth avenue Boulevard, north of 125th street, 14 Lots. Seventh avenue Boulevard, north of 130th street, 5 I.*>ts. Tenth avenue, near Forty-seventh street, 10 Lota. St Nicholas avenue, a whole, trout, neur 125th strict. Seventy second street, near Eighth avenue, Lot run ning through. Eighty-eighth street, near Riverside Park, 4 Lots. Ninetieth street, near Eighth avenue, 4 Lots. 109th street, near Madison avenne, 4 Lots. 126th street, near Fifth avenue, 3 Lots. Dyckuiau estate, Broadway, near Elwood street, 24 Lots. And manv other desirable Plots, both east and west side ef the Park. I MUST HAVE MONEY?MUST SELL. NO REASON able offer refused: ten Building Lots In city, near by ; an award ol $700 by the city goes with the lot's: title jior teet Address lor tlirec days, DESPERA I'E. Herald ottlce. PRINCE STREET, ABOUT 130 FEET WEST OF Broadway.? Lari'e II. u ari l Lot, 6x101. suitable lor the erection of a tlrst class dry goods storij, for sale at a decided bargain to close an estiite. Apply to V. K. STE VENSON, Jr., 11 l'ine street, or E. A. BlliitY, .".4 Wall st WE WILL SELL THE FOUR STORY, HIGH STOOP ft brown stone House. 30.5x52x75, corner Madison ave nue and Sixty-seventh street, and .the House adjoining, 20x52x75. much less than anv other house of like quality cau be purchased: must be sold ut once. Inquire of the owner, CHARLES II. TRUAX. or of TRU.YX A DOS CIIEit, Attorneys. No 7 Murray sin ot. TV"EST FORTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVK f? nuc?A beautiful House, 20 feet wide, elegantly frescoed and fitted up in fine style for the owner sown use; price $39,00tt E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine st QCHEAP LOTS, ONLY 650 FEET EAST OF FIFTH O avenue, entrance to Central Park on Fifty-eighth street; excavatcd, block restricted, Ac. V. K. STEVENSON, J a., 11 Pine street. 4 STORY MANSION FOR SALE?CABINET FINISH. 25x70xlu0. between Fifth ami Sixth avenues; no broker- answered. Address FIFTH AVENTE, box 1119 Herald office. 5TH AVENUE. ABOVE 47TH STREET?THE FINEST medium-sized brown stone House ojn the avenue; three rooms deep; price exceedingly low; new and beau tllul lurnlture. Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broad 5TH AVENUE, BELOW THE PARK.?A FINE CORNER Plot of lots; price reasonable; also choice corner Plot, 4 or 6 lots, 5th avenue, near 66th sre.el: do., near 72d, 7Hth, 83<1, 87th and 92dstreeb>; also street Lots, between 4iii and Stli avenues; bargains. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. 5TII AVI M F.. NF.ARTH1RTY.FIRST STREET.?UNU sually cheap lull si/e Dwelling ; Fifth uvenue, near Fiftieth street, medium size, well proportioned Dwelling, dining room extension, tor sale, with or without new Furniture; u bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street. #OQ III in ?FOR SAI.E, PARTIALLY fi it nlshed, lour story English basement House in Forty-tlilrd street, between Broadway ami Eighth avi nu.." Apply to W .k E. V t'l'.l IK. i'iANK, Corner Broadway, seventh avenue aud Forty-fourth st Ku.l M(lc< A THIRD AVENUE COBNER FIVF. STORY BRICK Tenement -. Thirty-tilth street; inufit be sold to close ? copartnership: u great bargaiu li soi l immediately. Til OS. f. DUNKIN A CO., 551 Third avenue. ATIIIKI) AVENUE CORNER STORK AM) TBNBr me nt House it ml Lot, size ZH.SxttxH); is now occu pied l)\ a liquor dealer, doing u :Ir-t class business; price ?45,0(Kf. TIIoMas o. Ilo.lER, 936 Third avenue. AUOol) CHANCE TO IT K. II, tSK CHEAP KOI II brick Houses. Stores and Teneincnts, size 2<)xS0\H(>. on Third avenue, between Fifty-sixth mid Fifty evi nth <wl?; is now rented tor $10, / n i>, r year, price $!>."\uuO. TIIOM A - o ll'UU: ? rill- ! :H. (toe, A ?FOR UU OB TO ONK KofR STORY J\ . brow 11 stone hirh sloop I.i use, southeast eerner of BevenO ilrst street and Lexington avenue, 20:;?xi, ami three I Ionises adjoining, 16x50; terms moderate. Apply on pnmMM AORIAl BAROAIN IK SOLI) immediate LY?THS three story hint, stoop brown stone House 735 Lex ington avenue, btautilully and iully lurnlslied, will be noli! lor $.'4i,000; only one half eash desired, the balance on bond and mortgage. Appl on the premises. AT A BARGAIN TO CLOSE AN ESTATE?TWO Houses; one- a three story brown st"iie, mi Six'y-sec ond miree<. near Lexlu/ton a\< nue. liardwood trimmings, only $18,000, and the other :i lour story English base ment, newlv papered and painted tlm .ligliout, all tnod ern improvements, only $1 i,ul i, on Ki rtv-i'.rst street, near Beaervoi" Park. Address box 3,649 I', i.-t office. A REAL BARGAIN IN THAT SPLENDID BLOCK of brown sloile fronts 22 . hast Forlj--eighth street; lour story, high stoop, painted throughout, 14 rooms; pos session immediately; size 14x6;xiu>; terms very easy; price $i:'.,s hi. Apply at S. ritliv XRICII'S, DOrtund wis Third avenue, or at L. MKNDELSOVS, 7ti Nassau street. IjV>K saLB?A 4 STOKY BBOWN stove HODSK, 20 lect front. 70 East Forty-ninth street; $lc,iiuu. In qnirc on the premises. VOR BALK?TUREK SToRV DWELLING HOUSE. J" with basement store, 42 < olumbiri street. Inquire of JACOB FliOMME, Real Estate Broker, 3Ui East lentil Street, and IRO Broadway. TTIOR SALE?FOKR STORY BRICK HOUSE ON EAST JP Thirty-seventh street, near Second avenue, sue 21.6x5(1x100; good order; well rented; terms ea*y. N. H. ESLEK, .V>7 Third avenue. FOR SALE?NEW CORNER HOUSE; TIIOSK HAYING money will meet with a chance; mUM Ic sold, even eacritice, "the owner bring involved In difficulties, ac roxut lank failure. Apply southeast corner Eighty ?eeond street and First avenue. fjV)R SALE?TWO FIRST CI VSS TIIREK STOUT siiti ?< and Hwel lru'?, " ith bv I'tnutl and n 11 modern Improve nun is. F. IMIYLI R, l5> Fifth avenue. Brook yu. IjiOR DA LB AT A SACBiriCE -lUNDsOME BBOWN stone tliree story liit'u stoop, with Furniture, Forty fifth street, near Lexington avenue, $12,010; mortgage ?7,000. I nil Mire at 210 West FitUeth street I'osse soli Immediately. TTOUBP, ON >1UK KAY HILL. FOR SAI.K, AT fH.nti XI !W0 I-exington avenue; lour storv hub stoop'and ba.-' inent brow n stone. LEW IS M. SOB WO ill, No. 0 Murray ?treet Harlem.-two story hocsk and lot. prick $4,.'s>'. Inquire on premise- ll.uli street, lictweeli Third and Fourth avenues, KM; small amount of cash required. T| ARLEM.? FOR SALE. T\\ o STORY IIOC-JE AMI XI Lot; firlee $4.wm. Inquire on premises 119th street, between Third and Fourth avenui (. Small itlnouut rush repuired. UOI SB in BABT BBOADWA*T, B M UU LLY fi r nished Ironi top U> bottom In llrstclsss style, tor sale. The owner, a lad v, is going to Europe, aud wilt sell ail the Furniture, with a Lea-e of the house lor live yi ais, trom May. H7'l. at a low rent. The bouse has been palnU il throughout, and Is lieauliful. Gentlemen's slec( ii/ rooms turnished In the best style, with line parlors, Ac. Ail will be sold low bv applying to Mr PEYTON, 165 Jlenr\ street. I will leave ail to him to settle. "ItrOgrHWl'.ST ( ORM R FIFTY-SIXTH STREET AND 1^1 Madison avenue, 2fi teet front; othi r< adjoining on ?venue. 2& leet iron) sl? i Hnusrs on Flity-sixth street, between Madison and fiilh avenues, ZJ and Zi luet fruiits. Apply to owner, on premises. VJPLENDID IN VKSTM EST.?FOUR FINELY LO O cateil Lots, on north side ot I :vi street, near Second ?venue; block almost eniirelv eoM ri d with brown ?tone bouses; terioseusy. Address 33 M est Fort\ seventh street Mew York. ?>D AVENUE l or. 24.SX12U, FOR SALE ON if easv terms, or will make a liberal lm.n t ? s re-noii Sible builder. <?? FOI NTAIN, D3 EastHlxM -w eond st 4TII OR PARK AVENI E (WEST SIDE), NI \R seveniy-ninth street?Four i\ili Isits, including a torn! r, al a decided bargain if sold promptly-. V. K. STEVE .NSON, J a II Pine street 0?JD STREET, NEAR THIRD AVENI K?TO I KT, A CV) thri e dory high sloon brick House, arren.-eii tor Iw i families, wirn ail lmpro\einents; painted and cleaned all through. NI.Ai IK k ANDREWS. 1.531 Third aveaue d?u AAO (ONE-HALF CASH) BUYS BEAUTIFUL Ilonse in llnrlem ; three slorv and exten eion; near sleamlioai landing; modern improvement mid in perfect order: rare opportunity. Call on or ail ireas HARLEM, 48 Pine treet room 18. Ai 7 (ion ( cash only).?fink thri.k ?I>I (.* MM' storv and basement brick House; all mod ern Improvements furmslnd or unfurnished; nearfJra ?iH ri y Park. T. P. PAYNE. No. 5 Dey street, rootn 10. West hitie. \BULKFTEAD AND WATER RIiillT. WITH ONE halt Block, 4<Wx d lor ae i r to lease lor ,i term of >ear?; runpltlg IIOIII Ihlrjeent'l .?<_? inn '<? tstr-et. k? u A U, T. UIJU.W1AH. up iiHdsv u ?UveL crrr hbai bstaxic for bam. W<it RU(. Atcnf. property (40 lots, norsE and sta ble, beautifully located, froutine on 11th avenue, boulevard and Broadway, above MWB street), lor sale cheap. W. P. SEYMOt'R, 171 Broadway^ A leasehold OF SIX LOTS ON TWENTY-THIRD street, tor busines# or manufacturing purposes, with good buildings; must be told atonce. I?. TuOMfBON A h(?N, 1,4M Broadway.^ Adjoining biohth avenue and central Park Seventieth street.?Five lull Lots on grade, commanding position, for immediate sale; a bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street A CHANCE SKI.DOM OFPERED.-FOE KALE, ON Kit litli uveuue, best business location; long Lease ot House and Stole hi low rent, suitable Cor first class res tuuraut. meat market or any other business. SALTER A LEVY, 3fti West Thirtieth street, near Eighth avenne. Brown stone house for sale?on very easy terms; little money required ; charming home; com plete order; clean block. Addrose D. C. L., box 123 llerald Uptown Branch office. XpOR SALE?ON SEVENTH AVENUE, A CORNER r Lot, with two brick houses thereon ; in a good htisl W locality; price $:iu,ooo. Inquire at &YI Fourth avenue. IilOB SALE?TWO BUILDING LOTS, SOUTH SIDE Fifty-sixth street, went of Ninth avenue; easv terms; all assessments paid. Apply to J. C. levi, No. 7 Warren street. FOR sale OR TO LET?TWO NEW four STORY brown stone Houses, thnionghly built by the owner. Apply on the premises, 129 West Sixty-llrst street, near the t'ark. ("tRAND OR broadway HOULEVAKP.?SINGLE T Lot, near Eighty-tlrst street, forsxle at a bar gain; easy terms. V. K. STEVENSON, .lr.,11 1'lne st. HI0BEST POINT, FINEST VIEW. BEST POSITION, ami most valuable property on Washington Heights; about 20 I-ots; each only $2,660; easy terms; fltty min utes to Wall street; tine present aud inestimable future value; 200 feet fronton Boulevard.. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street MEKCER STREET, NEAR BROOME?TWO LOT8 lor prompt sale, nt great bargains, this week. Ad dress THOMAa .1. STEWART, i.w West Twenty-first St. NEW TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, 12SD STREET, near Eighth avenue.?Basement, sub-cellar, water and gas: stable 2ux2S, two story. Apply at 269West 126th street PRIVATE SAl.E, BY ORDER OF EXECUTORS.-14 valuable Ijots, corner of Imvood street and Prescott avenue, near i'ort VS astilnltton Boulevard. Also, two Lotson Flftv-sixth street, between Ninth and Tenth nvo nues, cheap to close tho estate; only a small amount of cash necessary. POTTER brothers, Nor. 4 nnd 6 Warren street. QTH OR CENTRAL PARK AVENUE, NORTHWEST O corner I02d street; superb view of Park?Four lull Lots lor sale ? exceptionally cnesp ; easy terms. V. K. STEVENSON, .lr.,11 Pine street. OQTH STREET.?BUILDING LOT, 26X100, BETWEEN Of / Broadway and sixth avenue. Cull on or address owner, J. APPELL, 802 Sixth avenue. r 7'1II STREET, NEAR NINTH A VENUE.? 26X200 FEET, ') i to Kltt.v-sixth street, lor sale at a bargain, singly or together Owner, No. 3 Nassuu street, or to \. K. STE VENSON, Jr., 11 I'lnc street. <?? rr QOA ONLY FOR THE NEW TWO STORY high stoop llotise. 46 feet deep, in Harlem, on ISIst street between Seventh and Eighth avenues middle ot block; two parlors; Croton; only $2,000 cash. Owner on premises. dtlOHHA?THE cheapest three story ?PittiUIHI, House and Lot in this city, 21xVixlt)0, high stoop. 14 rooms, in perfect order, with all modern improvements, gas fixtures included; $6,000 cash, aud balance on mortgage. 4.1 West Twenty-eighth street JIHsrrlianrous. A?FOR SALE, GOOD PAYING TENEMENT PROP . crtv. Apply to BRACKEN A garniss, Attorneys, Ac., 60 Wall street TO capitalists OR MANUFACTURERS.?THE AD vcrtiser, owner nnd manager ot a large Piece of Manufacturing Property, wishes to dispose of the same; ill health the cause; property rents for $25,000 per an num. Principals only will address, lierald office. BUOOiaiX PROPERTY PUR SALE AND TO LET. PJEHALI) BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOER CM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM NAM. TILL 9 P. M. " ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND aTTk.NTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE TO LF.T OR FOR sale?37'J Graham avenue, Brooklyn, K. D. inquire of3, 1'. CONSKLYKA, 1-4 Bowctj, New tan. AT OUHIMJA-tBUI E108 TWO STORY AMD J.\ House !,ir sale by monthly instalment..'. Also i splendid lots on (1J monthly payments; only Ho minutes I from city, tlrnm or hor-e c:iri. K. U. LOCKt, ll'.'J ! East Eighth strict, r ar Broadway. \T A SACRIFICE?ON 1 H E "HILL."--FOE BALE, a beautifully located, thoroughly limit, extra desir able three story and basement brown stone. 22xStl, splcn i did order. 12 rooms, every modem improvement; elegant groouds. 22x200; price $Ht,WK>, worth #-'5,1X111; easy terms. I JAC'll V. D. WYCKOFF, tM and Mi Broadway, New York, am' 3y7 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Apeligiith lly situated ? ?>rr.\?;i-. stahee and tliree or six Lots; Iruit trees, shade and shrub 1 bery: for sulcata positive bargain. Inquire on prein | is< s any dav, or of A. H. WILMONT, Asi()r place, or MAKt II L \I > >, 55 i ila rt.v Mr, ? t. N't u H ork. \ BARGAIN.?FOR SALE, THE FIRST CLASS throe story and basement brown stone House 174 Bedford avenue, between Mewei and Penn streets: everv Improvement: grlct $l.ot which $5,can be paid in short instulmt ills; balance on mortgage. fall and see liclore buying el.-t where. SI'OOSER A BAUER, 20S Canal street. \s i want money for business purposes i wiil-ell lit a bargain the lour traine Stores on Kul toti street, above St. l-'elix, or the small sione Stores on Fultun street, above Downing, north side. Brooklyn. Ap ^ ji i v to B .i SHERMAN. 22 rat ton street, New York. HkRGAINS.?HAMILTON RTREET. RRAS MYRTLE avenue, handsome three story basement and sitb | c< liar brick House. 12 rooms, all imjirovenients, $7,uit); Willotighby street, three. story brick House, 11 rooms, all I improvements. $fi,5U>; Lawrence street, brick House, all Improve incuts, Adams street, lour story hri"k, $13.iW; Gold street, three storv brume, Gates avenue, tlrst cinss frame House, $fi,00'l. W. (MoK, 235 Washington street, Brooklyn. PVIR SVLK?'THE TWO STORY A NO BASEMENT brick Hoiifif ?'.? Clermont avenue, 7 rooms, water and gas; price $4,;mi0: O can remain on mortgage; i nr> to ail the Brooklyn ;rtid New York terries pass the dour. Api dy to Mrs. OR ANT, on the protnlse.s. FM?U SALR?OR TO RENT reasonably BRICK House 7H feet from Lee avi uu ?, Brooklyn; !M in in utes Iroin terry ; all improvement"; neighborhood good. ALBERT DAY,?.? Willi street. New York. FTOR SALE?ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, THE TWO story and attic well-built brick House and Lot, 25x101 feet, W8 Willow street: three minutes' walk from Wall | street ferry ; in tlrst rate order; gas, furnace, bath room, Ac. ; une-halt the purc hase may remain oil liond and | mortgage; possession at once. Apply to J. N. KaLLEY, , 2ift Montague street. j T.TOI! SAl.F.?A PLEASANT HOME; MUST 1IE SOLD; I clem-; 75 per cent can remain; owner going to Ku ] roc tu live; plot &ixl25; powerful house , U rooms: fine i garden ; Imported truit trees; location city and country e nibiii'il \pply on the premise* to V.'.M ALBERT, ; owner, llti Clinton avenue, n< ar Myrtle, Brooklyn, or .S. M. OSTKANDKR, 75 Nassau street. FtoR BALE?A KIR.-T CLASS BROWN STONE HOI SE in everv respect, built exclusively tor the owner; no , e.\| eiise pared ; eoine and see ? splendid location ; 3nif. i t from Flutluish avenue, near the main entrance to the ! I'ark: will lie so.d eheiiti. as the owner l? going ill the Country. Inquire of JOIIN DONOVAN, 54 St Marksave I nuc, lirooklwi. Ft OR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY l'?*enie:it and cellar high stoop brick House, on Thirl aveme; w ill be sold at a sacrifice: not much ca?h 1 require i; t'ikepatt hi liquors. rail on or address JOHN W DEL\N, ulW Eighth avenue. New York. ! TpOR RENT THE WHOLE building OR FIRST, I m ; ml and basement Floors of the tmir story build I ing on the corner of thirteenth street nnd Third avenue, | Broi ' lvn; si/.. ;v*|,*i teet: with engine, boiler, shafting mid belting. Apply to S. B. POTTER, 73 Broad street, New Vork L'oll SAIK < 'HhAP-A KR\MK HOUsK FH'i; VIN I nitv. alk trom the Grand street ferry, lffl North Third street. Williamsburg, E l?. IjTOR SALE OH IO LET?A T1IRKK STORY HIGH 1 stoop brick House; I i rooms and li.i-enient?; 2*1 ROsft street. Willlatu-huri;, near South seventh street ferry; terms reasonab e Apply to I' CROWE, 3B East Broad way, for one wt ek. / "t Rf' KNWOOD.?FOR SALE, A^ MODK I:ATE SIZE ; "* already enclosed in a pflRn. subs'uitlal mail 1 ner. and situated in ? very desirable location near i n triinee. Inquire of W. SCklMttoix. office at Cemetery. /TRFENWtloD CKMKTKRY I (IK SALE HOOD LO. \T cation, the whole or hall of ploi u i;h ,, , ,n/ ,| ? fencing, granite posts, monument In centre ; sl/e m , t pi i inches by 27 feet. Address, lor one week, GREENWOOD | Herald t tllce. Hol sE, WITH OROUND, TO LET ON MYRTLE avenue, corner of Throop ; a 21, story brick, 25 to, | and wiug, 25x15; 12 rooms; sieam beater; all nnpr ve' menu: nootl order; eight lots of ground; fine barn and shed . in eood order and supplied with water, location hljh am! healthy. (WYGKOFF A JAMES, 189 Montague street, Brooklyn. IN BROOKLYN?TO RENT, FURNIMII D, A SMALL 1 House, 10rooms. In first class neighborhood; | art of rent taken in board II agrceabie. Anply on the premises, 3? Cambridge plaot. I rro LET BROOKLTN, TO a family OF two or I three ailiilts. four Rooms on second floor and two on i third. 19 minutes (Voin Fulton terry; gas and waler Rent ! i f < p' r month, one lainlly In the house. Address T.J. Mo iiik, W)Liberty street, New York. I 1 'po LET IIP. TWO STORY BASEMENT AND CKL- ? I l iar House js i vs <? I it li street, between Fourth and ' ririh avenue.; has range, water and gas; courtyard; I I garden In rear; rent ?40ft Apply at ?it, next door. T" ' '' H Oi.KLYN, 1IIE SPLENDID BUU.D t. ,. v?. I <1r<'' store and bast ment loo n et I ilet p iht bt st Uu si. I location In the < Itv ; Store will he I li t I parately n desire,|. Apply to C. C. FLEET, M.I I I Fulton street, up stairs. j I i/)0 PU* VV>IT" "" I'll REE HTORT I!' K I . n i'l , ' " "e"r? olunitila. IIrook lyn i,a* nml ? iter in. s. ll:i-.LA.Ml, 2UI Broadway. I MVSr"LY--Foil CO PAYMENTS (WITHOUT I qpi ?'> Interest or taxi. Will buy a sn lend Id ibrei. st.T> b'if'k Hoi se .with modern Imp rove me: te; good lo i vativfii, jt>n?e: ienl to ferries * " ' ,u i JtOLvO.MB, cl i.ruftdwejr, Blgvklya, L, i>. * ' BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AND _ _ TO IjET? <fcl CAS" WILL SECURE A FIRST CLASS jpl.Ov/l/ Home, located In the bent part of the Twenty-first ward; farther payments can lie arranged an desired: a cheap and very desirable property. Address PROPRIETOR, box 188 Herald offlce. (J" 1 A A A ?BABY TERMS, FOB ONE OK FOUR ?PTiTUU, new two story frame basement and sub cellar Houses; nine rooms, bay window, water, gas, range, heater, water closet ami sewer connection; cars to all the ferries within 200 feet and (We minutes' walk to Prospect I'ark; tocntion lirst class. Inquire on the premises, Thirteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, Brooklyn. WESTCHESITEIl COUNTY PROPERTY ITOlt S.-XLK UP TO KENT. A?MORR1SANIA, WEST FARMS AND KINOS ? bridge.?Agents for the sale of properties in tlu* above towns (included In the annexed portion of the county) itnd other parts of Westchester County. F. Q. A 1>. BROWN, Hroadwuv, corner Wall street. At fokoham, near depot.?a neat french root ?'?>it;tM<?, 11 rooms; all improvements; one acre of land, stable, Ac.; rent low to responsible part v. _JAMES J. FHKLAN.a South William street_ astohia.-'TO LET, A NBW FIRST CLASS FULLY /\ tiirnishcd Cottage; marble mantels; bay window; fruits, shade ami snrubliery; 30 minutns by boats from Feck slip add three minutes trom steamboat binding, on Camelia street; rent moderate. F. L. RICHMONO, Miiu liattun Bank, 40 Wall street, or 8. W. GREEN, on prcin 80S. A FINK PLOT OF SIX FI'LL LOTS, ON WASHINO toii avenue, near Tremont depot, can be purchased at once for $4,500; this property will soon be in Twenty fourth ward of New York city. FOTTKR BROS., Nos. i and 6 Warren street. New York. Branch ofllce, Fordhain. Anew homestead law-mutual associa tlon.?The Westchester Homestead Association, or ganized under the new Homestead law. have purchased 5* acres ot Land In the village of Westchester, live miles trom Central Park, and divided It into sot) shares $200 each, payable 810 monthly. Each share represents a plot of laud containing from one city lot to one acre, with Improvements valued at from $500 to $5,1100. Sub scribers to draw (or choice of lots. Shares exempt from execution by law. Prospectus and maps at the olllce of the Assoolatlon, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. At yonkbhs, irvinuton, tarrytown, AC.?DE f>i ruble Residences for suit) or to let, famished or un iurnlshcd. BL,ACKWELL & CO., D."> Liberty street At tarrytown.?an elegant country seat, with fine improvements, and lnnd in high state of Cultivation; magnificent river view; near New York, Boston and Montreal Railroad. Apply to BLACKWKLL A CO., 55 Liberty street, or opposite depot. Tarry town, AT NEW ROCHELLE? FIVE MILES FROM NEW Jl York city limits, tor sule, highly desirable Country Scat, located on the sound, conveniently near station, on Now Haven Railroad, bv which It is 47 minutes only to Forty-second street (on completion of Fourth avenue im provements tills time will probably be reduced one tlnrdl; commutation, J75; this estate, ol uhout 10 acres, in its completeness, fi unsurpassed; the grounds are high and healthful, an I command charming water and inland views; the improvements consist of spacious mansion house, witli city conveniences, stable, coach house, Ac., i all in the most thorough repair am! ready tor an appre ciative occupant. Full particulars, photographs, Ac., with STEPHENS BROTHERS, 1H7 Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE AT MOUNT VERNON, on the New Haven Kuilroad, 13 miles or 35 minutes ! trom the city; tills elegant house has 11 rooms, with gas I and elegant fixtures all through ; hot and cold water; nice bathroom: finished m walnut and ash ; all the hulls, tin (lining room aud kitchen floors arc walnut and ash; lurnat c hi a;s all through; first ( lasselevated oven range, ?Vushtubs, large storeroom; has about liult an acre of land very handsomely laid out; easy 10 minutes' walk irom the depot; flag sidewalk all the way; the view of the Sound Is upcrti; the place is healthy beyond all question ; some one will get a benuiiful home at a bargain; t? tins very easy. RlKER, HESSE A CO., No. 5 Pine street. a great baroain.?four lots, looxnsxsa, J\ fronting on 151st street and Fourth avenue; must be ?old this week; easy terms; will sell separately; $2,500. Apply to J. OI1.EM ART1N, 26 Hubert street, or to B. S. LEVY A CO., 271 West Thirty-eighth street. A T TAURYTOWN? ON THE RIVER BANK, TO RENT, J\ furnished, a brick House, 12 rooms; (wo acres of ground, laid out in lawn; plenty of iruii and shade; Im mediate possession. S. EMBERSON, 659 Sixth avenue, near I'liirty-figlitti street. AT RYE. WESTCHESTER COUNTY?FOR THE season, an elegant, large House, lully and finely furnished; stables and accommodation lor coachman; six acres lawn and garden, with Sound view. For lurtlicr particulars address h. FIELD, station agent. Bye. AT PORTCllESTER, WESTCHESTER COUNTY.?TO J\ let or lease, a large Mansion House, live minutes trom depot; 18 rooms; ull the improvements; carriage house, stables, outbuildings, greenhouse and 19 acres ot laud, uii in complete order aud ready for Immediate oc cupancy; location the choices;; fine view of Long Island Sound; ri ntlow to u desirable tenant Apply, lor terms and permit, (o W. K. PEYTON, 27-and 274 Broadway. / <ol'N I'RY SEAT TO RENT-IN WJSSTCHE8TBR, AD v inining '.Vest Farm; a large frame niaiisl<)B, with modern improvements; garden, stable, coach house. 10 acres of lund; newly painted aud papered throughout; well adapted for Winter or Summer; three miles from llai l m; a good macadamised road all the way through; t" a good lenunt a lease torn term of years will be given at alow ri it; New Haven Railroad will run close by. Apply toW i. WATSON 4 CO., 99 Franklin street, or on the premises. L"1OR SAI E?PRICE 22,750, $NO CASH, BALANCE TO r suit, a two story House, H rooms; gas an J water; 3 minate* turn Central Morrlsania depot lmjuire' of owner, lOCortlandt street, or at 710 East Ninth itrei t. TjlOR SALE?Hl'MMOCK HOUSE?A FINE HOTEL r propi rty, at Rye Beach, on Long Island Sonnd, one I mile trom live station. New llaven Railroad; good bath iug and tlshing. l or particulars inquire of .1. A .1. EAoEk, :w cuti street, or If. M. WEIIB, on the premises. LpOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER AND WINTER r Residence, containing 14 rooms; house newly tur I mshed, in complete order; all Improve men Is, carriage | he,US' stable, ice hon e. .ti\; IU acres, all free and clear; location uiisurpa.-neit for healthiness; s minutes'walk from station, 41 miles by Harlem Kuilroad; price for house ami furniture $ir.u:0. Full particulars by addressing OWNER, ho* 7.'i i'ost olllce, Katoiiuh, Westchester county. New York. IjlOR SALE?AT FIERMONT, WITHIN 10 MINUTES' walk of the depot, the place lately owned by Ueorgc A Jolies, eonsltinif of 22 1-5 acres; line house, stiiblcs, ice house, ? 1 ill magnltlcent view ot the Hudson, both north and south, as fur as the eye can reach; \>ill he soil at a bargain; seven per cent can remain on bond and mort gage. Applv to lil till N. ('AMI', lud Broadway, or J. R. MALLoitY, Nyack. T^OR SAM'. OR TO RENT?three MINUTES' r walk from Tuckahoe depot, 11ai loin Railroad, 16 mil. - from New V ork, two story French roof House nnd Carriage House, nil tew; 10 rooms; runner lot, 75xh0; healthy; beautiful surroundings; price $'i.0n); terms easy; relit $.'>00. Apply to C. 11. (lSl'KA.NDLK, Mount Vernon, N. \. I)ARTIE8 DB8IBOC8 OF 6 EC I imnc \ BOMB OR A plot ol Land lor Investment or -i < <illation in West chester eouuty should not delay making their selections, as property Is now very ( heap and rntddly advancing In \ alue. Annexation ol the lower portion ot Wegtchestrr to New York city i* now a certainty. We have a number of clioice properties lor sale, from 151) acres to a single lot, at the old prices, ( all nt our branch otlicc In \S culchcstcr, at Kotdhain, or at Nos. 4 and t> Warren street. I'oTTEK BUOTIIERS. Hye beach.?son feet water, i,soo avenue tront; modern House; 1- acres-, garden, beautiful lores* trees: boating, tlshinir and l athing facili ties; location and view - utiiiirpass. il; rear New Haven ami Portcheiter depots; no better investment lor hotel purpose or private dwelling; for sale, easy teruis; ex cliaugcd tor city House ; would let cheap to right party. Apply to \\ EIINF.R, M Broadway, from 11 to 3 o'elocK. rfUBRYt'iWN.?to LRT, A KICK PLAI K. two J acres; hou>e, l.'trooms; fruit ahundnut; tine river view; (' .1 r ri U'e house, Ac. : rent, $sio. JOHN WEBBER, 233 Ore.nd street, corner Howery. 11REMONT, WBSTC HB8TBB COCNTY.-FOR 8ALB, a newly-painted two <dor> House, eight rooms, on Madison avenue; two mtnutes from horse cars; 3D min utes by Harlem Railroad ' > New Vork city; lot 'iri\ UN); term* ea-y. Inquire ot CilARI.ES POl'LKK, Agent, Tri mont, orJAMKS L. l'Hi.Ll'S, Real Estate Agent, 330 I'ulton street, Brooklyn. rp WO HOUSES IN TKFMOvT To HINT-NEAR X Harlem road ; high around ; plcasnnt; lov rent. M. HALU, 41 Been man street rpo LEI?AT SCARS I'ALE, WKSTCHI STFR COUNTY, J Hi ii.I s troni (iranil Cen'ral depot via Harlem Rail road , a gentleman's House, containing 12 rooms, fully ftirnisheu, attic and cellar, with line stable and out homes and 17 acres ot land, handsomely laid out in lawn and gar len, with ubundancc ol all kind- of Irtnt and vegetables; a good tenant n.ay bawnseot hor-e, cows, Ac.; the house is nut t\\o minutes' walk from Scursdate station; has hot and cold v 11< I : . and pruenta unsurpassed advantage* as n Summer re-i.1 nee. Appiy to AI'A.M , McIIARO .* CO., Urexel building, Corner Wall and Broad streets. rpo LET?AT TltEMoNT.. I ICHT MILKS FROM CITY, I hor?e Stable, I', a r ? lir id; all l.imU fruit; rent $5 0. Apply to ticket agent, railroad depot. rpo LET?IN WESTCHESTER, foN'V KMEXT TO THE I city. Cotta e and <.r umls, it i'. rilliain. near depot; $420. luriilsln d. $<oo ion-., all imt'iovem nw. stable, 1 acre; at Ford hn hi $s>il?Furnish <1 House, nil Improvement, stabl. halt aire, ut M< 1ms. $ 1 ,Mli>? Mansion, all lmprnemeat*. ? tilde, lis ies; Pordnam. Also, a numb r of mm r>, luinis ? I aini uniurnlsheil, from $37.'. to riMiO. Po'i TE It ltuoTll E it , Nr. i \\ urren street, and Ford hum, Wejtche-te, ? o.imy. rpo l,ET?ON VAT.EN'I INE AVF.Nt'iv. FORDIIAM, 1 nice House: Iruitgarden ; 10 city lots: marble man tels, dumb waiter, 11 rooms, wuli irrriKe hou-e, -t able for two horses: eight minutes from depo'. In in:r?ol M. \\ COLLINS, ifi V\ est Kiev -IIIII street. New Vork. rpo LET?AT WHITE PLAINS ONE HOUR FROM J city, a Cottage. Ut acre*; million. - . mpleti good ground- plenty fruit; lor Summer or year. Address J. Ii. RATIIBUN, Is7 R ilde street rpo let vonkers, new hoc <>:, v ; r i erencii I root and tower, 1A rooms; nil modern improvements: three minutes trom boat, Ive minutes ?: ? cars; one if the best loeations in town. Kent modern etouood partu s Apply tO.IAMKS L. 1 ITCtl, nei:r(>et*> llou^e, Vonkeis, or OTIS BROS. A Co., 31* Broadway. New Y. rk rpo let-at tarrytown, on the iii hson, for J six months or a year, a furnished Coti.i :e, suitable lor a small family j contains eight rooms and closets, lur nacc and gas; has water In kitchen : shad \ aril and line river vo w. Inquire of C. A. TO!?i>, UniUu Stutes As-ay oilice, .".0 Wall street. rno BE sol.II wmini r n: LAY?A VI J hie House, on Mount Hope, Tremont: M) minutes from (?rami He pot: with or without Earn our. ('all at once, or ad dr. ss tin owner, E. B. UOOORICH, frcmont, N. Y. rpo RENT, AT VONK KIts FOR $7.-iii llol SE. NEVE 1 Rooms; lu perfect order; stutdi and acre o .'round; pleasant lo atlon. /dtlrcss PRINCIPAL, box 5,o\j N' vr York Post otllcr. TO RE.NT-A Ci TTAOE. V illi 13 ROOMS, OOOD stable ; 3', acr< s ground ; garilen nau r supplied by ?a in; on ridge, i lit h Budge, w it bin mp hour' drlvu from Fifth Avenue lintel. Appiy to HLiiH N. CAMP, ili'i Broadway. TO BENT?FOR THE ,-l'MMKR, TWO OR THREE handsome Places, overlooking the Harlem and East Itireri, in Weslclu ?ter c uj, within an hour drive of Fitih Avenue Hotel. Apply te IK lilt CAMP, li*? Broadway. rpo LET? furnished, A uksiraftI.E COUNTRY I He-'idencc ; carriage hoii-e. Ac.; high ground . no ugue; two hours by Harlem Railroad ; express statiou; iicut Lul'C Wawkttbusk ; reasonable. See i notogr oh. iL il# URC.NiilOi., jij Urvftd >vay. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE AMP TO REWT. Y0NKERS.?TO RENT, A handsome NEW HOUSE, within twelve minutes' walk of depot; only $>(?> to a desirable tenant Address box 129 station A New Y ork. lfift ACKK PARM-PURDY STATION, WE8TCHE9 IUv ter county; 125 ucrea Saratoga Springs; under lii^'h state of utiivatlon; good buildings; exchange tor city Tenements. SLAKE A CO., 23 union square. JERSEY CTFYj HOBOKEN* HUDSON CITY AND B?R(i?N ILEAL. ESTATE. H For Sale. OT'PES, BUILDING LOTS AND PLOTS. ALL prices and sizes, in Rood locations, near ferries, lit Jersey City and in all parts of Hudson county, N. J., for wile, on easy payments to suit everybody ; now 1h Hie tune to buy cheap. Call or send stump tor R al Estate Circular. J. M. <11BSON, Auctioneer, t, corner Greene, Jersey City. 31 Montgomery struct. To Let or Leaie. An unfurnished house, wayne street, .ieu sey City ; 10rooms; linelv located ;immediate posses sion ; rent $U00; for one or two families. ROHERT l\ wekks, HO Cedar street. A nice TWO STORY FRAME DWELLING ON JER sey City Heights, with little more than a l.ot, will he sold cheap; terms easy; first comer has a bargain. Address (jUICK, Herald office. A TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, EIGHT rooms modern improvements. In good order, convenient to ferries, rent $5d0; Parts of nouses, Floors, Ac., Irom $10 to $30 per month. GEO. w. FIRTH, 81 Montgomery street, Jersey City. BKRGBN POINT.-TO LET, THREE FURNISHED and several first class unfurnished Houses; also a tew at moderate and low rent. W. S. JENNINGS, Bergen Point, N. J. Furnished cottage to let?jersey city Heights; fruit, shade, lawn, scenery, Ac.; 30 minutes lrom city; rent $50 monthly; beater anu water. QtTIKK, 72 Maiden lane. New Tpffc. Houses, stores and apartments to let? All sizes and prices;good locations; near ferries. Call or send stamp for Real Estate Circular. J. M. GIBSON, Auctioneer. :ti Montgomery street, > orner Greene, Jersey city. JUST THE PLACE FOR A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND shoo store?'J04 drove street, Jersey City ; completely renovated; fine business location; will be rented very cheap to a good tenant. UEO. W. FIRTil.M Montgomery street, Jersey City. To LET?AN ELEGANT store IN PAVONIA AVE nue, situated on one of the lie*tcorners in JerseyCity; eat s passing by it from all directions; also Floors to let for genteel families. Inquire at 177 Pavonla avenne. rno LET?AT HERUEN POINT, N. J., IN THE HAND 1 somest and healthiest locution, a large well-furnished .modern Residence; grouuus it 1 led with ornamental and choice lruit trees; tine vegetable garden; immediate pos session. Address box 6,1(1/ Post office, New York. rno LET?JERSEY CITY bright8, COTTAGE 1 House, completely furnished tor housekeeping; seven rooms, gas and water,garden spot: 17 minutes man New York, Newnrk and New,York Railroad. Apply to II. H. l'UDNEY, 315 Broadway, or FOYE A CO., Bergen avenue station. PUOPKKTV^Ol^^^CITV FOH A S?M^A?ife.ftPom oS^tStmtS(^S^ ?;*iss^ I gillS^ill WlT lfEB. Carnage waiting; o*n rotnro ?aia* day. J cat^aSfafflr 5s?0ff%nS; i lipS^is! wmmm\ oily, Md. ? ? a xsfeAc^SSWSBh cSSSsSflsSS ntf ^rESsf H-aR&fts mto or toKi'tncr; prue 'or , %-! ??< iwii i ty>oN f 'lKH) or W*? together. Inquire of UfcU. J- T*?U?, Fitlh Avenue Hotel. "~ ?QT rT 4Hja anulTRRAN HOME STEAD.?V K R Y iisKsfgsp#!'! Grand at n et, New lorlc. __? * \ SA??uiNu^?tSiX > i-ci^1"?'?^tv,V^iA rr. Juu'o. 8 x %sseng er oSins daily; reason for ? N. 1'hlcago. . 4 ttinniTN AT MOUKISTOWN, N. J.?WILL BE A ?old for *'0 per cent lea* than wan offered la^y.p'ir* S'S?7; te5? 'i~Ka5? ?rtl.K k?w jiivl liiirtlm- , A ?u?'ourJH^T^r%lac^MoV^Jaua?"lS in hcaitii.v and 3KBroadway. ~i VALUABLE FRUIT FARM FOB SAl.E CHEAP A for cash or exchange.?Containing Hi acres, lienr Faterson, N. J.; houses in good order, Addre.-w A. W? box UU Herald office. . COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR HALF, OR TO RENT? A nrcler renting, !'?> liiiHs iroin New 1\j?rk- }", N^,w. I, i?cv :? train- <a< h w.xy daily; 17 acr, it; 180 irult 'rets, cows, poultry and wagons on place . one mile trom depot Addr. 's hONUrt,. 4 Broadway. New York. . 4 T vi I <111M. - V VEKY NICE COTTAGE, NINE t*H\ cull oil .IAQTKS, who takis acknowledgment of deeds for all ihe states, 20? Broadway. *? lfBW BRIUHTON.-TO RENT V GENTLEMAN* \ Furnished Residence, containing I ' rooms, billiard rwm with commodious >tablcs, cvw and row houses, and insture- henncrv. gardens; licautuul scenery and a>.ri i - abfe surroimdltiis; a satislactory tenant will have the linn ni retaining a pair ot carriage horses and . ar rfaes. rt"lu""1' A_ coLLINH, 28 Fine street. 4 T NFWARK-THREK STOUV M A N S A Rl> ROC IF A House: I- rooms; gas. range, inmate, lanndrv , r,>nioii't< throughout; conveniently locate.!; 8HM>i0, SSS&MMy. TtoBERi r. Ml EKS.XOCeda. Mrect._ * BEA UTIFI.'L FLACE TO LET?TEN Ai RI.S; A house, stable; irult abundant; wood water; very iiealthv; l'i miles (rom Orange, >. J.; rent low. Ad dress HEALTH, Herald office. _EL17i VBETII I'ORT, N. VACIN1TY OF Hi NO ER A. Machine Works, a handsome ( ottage, with two 1 ,7>I lorVale; bouse contains 7 rooms, water and gas-.op l i,uT<, n C irK the proposed site lor the erection ot ^lUSttt"e (-a"uol.rbii!l'lu!gs and .rounds; wtll sell vcrjr low. Address oM NhK, box li*. Herald ottlce. 4 . 41 ,.r. botei. T'i i.i:r-i nk i:nisiii:i>. at A .ir. enport. Is. I. -.splendid .:hanee to ma*.; money; tov. rent to the right party . boating, ll-htng <?nd bathing in immediate neighborti'Midv,^ ^ (;0 inl putt, avenue. A ?TO REST, FULLY FURNISHED, ON CA8TLETON A Hill near West Brighton landln.'. Staten Island, a ii.,'iu with Stable und ext^nslNo fSounds. ti,e house is ready lor Immediate occupation, ^d s provide " ? ith bath, water . lo?et>, stationary Hbs 2S l al conveniences; stage passes the door ; rent low. Apply to .lolls M tK>NAl"o, So g Batter; pl?ce. 4 put ST fl.vss WATER F-.WER FOR HALF IS A foot tall; Shoii. House and Karn, with three acres of , i ii from railroad, 4ll null s from New ^ ork Jitvt \>nc-e Sis,?"?? Address A., box 101 Herald tptown Branch otllce. A iiKIiHAli rFULLY LOCATED FIHST TI.ASS FI R ninheil IIdihc. ^ acre* ?round, 18^, milea irotn ... .n Vvtiirai Itallroad of Now Jeraey, to rent t-? a rtrjet Vv nrtVate tamilv the oeenpanH a tamtly of threo adiiltH ^,'d boanl or not with the les.see. Address U? box :i,679 Hew York Fost office. "a ii \s,m i. . ..II w.i:. STABLE. <? viM'l \.;E A Hmi??. and one acre ?l gsrden. well ?,,>ekcd with ^olce irtnt tree-, situated elo?e to depot. Maple Mood, n t ontc *4,1*10 II -old this Week; Die property ts worth Si.Oud. W. COOK, Washington street, Brooklyn._ Tt TFNAVI.Y V. ,r. NORTHERN RAILROAD).? A Nea'tlv furnished House tor the reason or year ; 13 Inwn and shade tree' ; good stable lot; cheap t?r7llnb{? pirty. Addre? B. B? hoi 111 Herald Optown Braiu h office. "I Ki'LENDio s ii.i. \;i: imiofkrtt in \ feiinsvlvanla, consisting ot live Building*, to ex change tor other neiir-by Froi.erty; price *lS,m?; niort j^aK*' Ad<lro??M It., ho* li? Herald ottin. ... "a CHOICE PLOT OF LOTS, I* ALBANT, or A A dr<t rlass Farm, in Michigan, to exchange tor n good Urooklyn House. Address M. A, box 10J Herald omce. TlRAl'TlFL'L SHORE FRONT UK.8IUF.NCE _ FOR ^e "'iruij1;'shade; n?^depot\nl?jal^y^*^,^;K<J?l,cr'P" live circular. Riverside station, C%?nn. ^ ? ' kOTOKT, poxn, THRU BTORT and Tt ! mnnt with 40-liorsc power steam engine, two H. basement, willn 'n? j wa,k (r?m ?treet nei.o"' Rewark . to let at a bargain. Apply to J. UAUO vu'iVa 00.. WO Broadway, or at Newark. I-nicK BUILDINO. 40X80, THREE STORY AND R basement corner of Centre and Front streets, New ,'rk ' cHeto the depot and steamboat landmg , U.r or to let at a great bargain. Apply to J. LAU0W1U * kto., wuBiwadw?>i w SALE OR TO RERT. BLOOM FIELD. n. j.?to rent, for the season, furnished, modern House; large ground*j near tho depot; rent $75 per month. Apply ut tOS^Brottdwa^^ CHEAP FARM IN ORANGE COUNTY FOR SALE, on easy terms?12(1 acres. For further particulars Inquire of JACOB BEEMER. 75 Barrow street,_N, V CCOUNTRY SKAT, ON PASSAIC RIVER, TO LEI OR ) lor sale?Ten miles from New York. Cottaee, twelve rooms: stable and outbuildings; ten acres; privete water front along the entire lawn: all kinds of very tine fruit and old forest trees; situation very beautilul and pic turesque; Wall street within an hour: depot half a mile from house; rent $700for the seuson or per annum; alto mrgp Mouse, In Italian style, 18 rooms: baru and stable; ??.l4?r.?1v^>r,Ttttc water front; rent $1,200. Apply to Mr. VAN ZANDT, 19 West Twenty first street COTTAOE TO LET?SIX ROOMS, THREE-QUARTERS .2!??,n n^re l"* garden, three minutes from station; rent One hour from city, it; Hast Eighteenth st. /^OTTAOE, 12 ROOMS, 8 ACRES LAND, HALF MILE Vf nwn depot and from Rye beaeh; flne bathing, boat intf and flailing; njtfh ground; line view. Kent cheap to good tenant Add rem A. M. HAL8TKD, Bye, N. Y. /CENTRAL NEW JERSEY RAILROAD.?SEVERAL V nKri'M WW" delightfully situated Residences. W. II. ii 1LLER, 194 Broadway, room 10. CHOICE PINE LANDS FO~U~ 8ALE.-A NUMBER OF I'lots of from 1,000 to 1,500 acres of the finest pine lands in Michigan and Wisconsin; prices ranging from $6 to $25 per acre: a capital chance for a sate invest ment. Fnll and reliable particulars at office ol tiUtiii N. CAM I', 106 Broadway, corner Fine street COSEY COTTAGE?NINE ROOMS, SIX LOTS, CAR rlage house; beautifully shaded; fronts bay: bath ing; live minutes' walk from ferry, Staten Island ; $4,ilU0; terms to stilt. DAK KIN. 50 Broad street. ENOLEWOOD, N. J.?TO RENT FOR ONE YEAR, furnished, a large elegant flou^e, all modern Im provements, delightfully situated, near station; stPble, lour acres, garden, cow, chickens, Ac.; $250 per month. Address OWNER, box C47 I'ost otliee. New Yt>rk city. 1 FACTORIES AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES FOR 1 sale, Paterson, N. J., one hour front New York. Canal, four railroads, 100 daily I ruins. Powerful water powers. Cheap coal. Low freights. Skilled labor. J. FISHER SATTEKTI! WAITE, 10 Pine street IilACTORY FOR SALE-IB MILES FROM CITY HALL, 70-horse water power, steam power; heavy buildings; near lour railroads and canal. J. FISHER HATTi'.K'I'lIWAITE, 10 I'ine street El ARMS, TIMBER LANDS AND COUNTRY PROPERTY generally; Western and Southern Lauds in large tracts; exchanging a specialty. JOHN S. EWEN, 39 Nassau street. B1INE FARM?IU0 ACRES; GOOD BUILDINGS; SIX acres in cranberries, all in fine order; 1% hours from New York : $5,500; is worfti 4>s.ikk> ; terms to suit. DARRIN, 50 llroad street FOR BALE-SEVERAL FARMS, FROM 12 TO 80 acres, in New Jersev; lti miles from New York by railroad now building; -0 miles bv steamboat; on easy terms. Call on owner, at 109 Water street, New York, of fice of Doune A Tufts, from 10 A. M. until 2){ P. M. IjlOR SALE?A SUMMER RESIDENCE AT SAO IIAR ' bor, L. I., house containing 12 rooms, lot 00x150; ex cellent bathing and fishing; convenient to steamboat landing and railroad depot. For full particulars address W. L. wheeler, 413 West Forty-thtrd street, N. Y. For sale?a splendid country residence, near Paterson; first class house, with modern im provements: about 10 acres of around, handsomely laid out; all kinds ot fruit and ornamental trees; separute house lor working people and good stable; terms easy. ?Apply to W. W. FAIRBANKS, Grant Locomotive Works, and E. M. WEISS, liC Broadway, l'aterson, N. J., or J. A. KAMPING, 80 Cedar street, New York. IpoR SALE AT POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y.?A VERY desirable residence, on high ground, In one ol the finest locutions in the eity. The house is new, built ex pressly for the owner's uso, and is in very nice condition, with all modern Improvements? 1 urn ace, range, bath room, gas, Ac.; terms-liberal; possession given imme diately. Apply to W. B. COLLINS, 87 south Hamilton street l'ouglikiepsie, N. Y. IflOR SALE?A COUNTRY HOTEL, WITH FARM AD joining, in New Jersey. Address COUNTRYMAN, I Herald otliee. 1 IpOR SALE?NEAR MILI.ERTON, N. Y., A VALU- ! able Hematite Iron Ore Property, showing a ca pacity of 1,000 tons per month ; three railroads wifhin two miles ol mine: ore will yield 55 percent. Address IRON ORE, Herald office. I^Olt SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE AND FULL-SIZED Lot, located in Cypress Mill Cemetery; will sell tor j two-thirds Of its value. Address RAMSEY, Herald office. flOR SALE?AT LINDEN, N. J.. ONE ACRE, HOUSE, barn ; improvement.*, Ac.; on easy terms. Inquire of valentine, SOCortUndtstreet, New York. IpoR SALE?IN NEWARK, N. J.. A COMPLETELY lurnished three story modern House, with all con veniences; hard tlulsh, gas, water throughout : neighbor hood tlrst class; curs pass door; great sacrifice; prioo $10,500, with rosewood Piano, owner going to Europe. Address box i,'.W Post ofllce. New York. IlOlt SALE.?THE ATTENTION OF PARTIES LOOK ing lor u site to establish a large chair or wooden v> are manufactory is called to a tr ie of 451 acres ol weil tl in be red i.and In Ulster county. New York, covered with all kiiiiis of line liinl cr, such as ash, maple, birch, hem lock, Ac., In abundance; no better opportunity in the State; price $10 per acre. Address J. W., Herald office. IjlOR SALE?AT HIGHLAND, N. J., ON LIVE OF Northern Railroad, a tine CottagK, elegantly fur nished; about half an acre land ; plenty ot fruit; three minutes' walk from depot: eottane In perfect order. CLAKK, lit Broadway, basement, room C. ElOR SALE?CHEAP, ON ACCOMMODATING TP; RMS, the splendid Residence and Estate of Seldon Mail (750 acres), half way between Norfolk and Richmond, on James River, near landing. Apply to IRA W. GREGORY, 80 Cedar street. ^OR SALE?VERY DESIRABLE COTTAGES AT KEY port, N'. J., at low prices; easv ol ncce*s. P. S. GOLDEN A CO., 937 sixth aventte. T/OR SALE?IN PIKE COUNTY, PA., A FARM OF r acres: 150 clear, balance heavy timber; good dwellin" snd barns. Also Farm ol H4 acres, with Slock. Trice Al'I'iy to JOHN STEWART, 238 West Six teenth sircet flOli HALE.?OKANUK, N. J., A HANDSOME 3 STORY twelve-room double House, with tiny windows ami piazza round three Bides; high situation; heantiiul view; only fllty mlaute* from New York mi l ten from station; only four miuutcsfro n new rat road in !>?? eompleted tins Summer; lias garden attached; pas, furnace, hot and cold water, bathroom, laundry ; will be sol.I furnished or unfurnished; recognizing the tact that. May 1 has pus'cif, owner will sell on extremely rensntiahlu terms: only $4,two down. Call, or address No. 9 Murray street. New York. Tj^OR 8ALE-AT RICHMOND HILL, LONG ISLAND, P on Southside Hailroad, only 30 minutes (7 miles) from terry, a number and variety of neat Dwellings; also I ots and beautiful Vllia :-ites. I'lace high, well drained, healiliy and restricted against nuisances. Apply to.J. \V. FIELUEK, 231 Broadway, rootu 13; It. 11. 1IAZAU1), 11U Broadway, or O. K I'owMiii, on the premises. B|H>B SALE-HAMDSOV! I V I'l KNISHKD. O.VK OP the finest Hotels tor Summer boarders to he found in the vicinity of New York; six aeresof nrpund; beauti fully situated. elose to the station, on one oMIic leading railroads, about one hour from city: 60 rooms; all modern conveniences; will lease for live years. CI.ARK, 111 llroailwuy, basement, room C. f'nlt SALE? AT A BAKGA IN, TIN ACRE COUNTRY r Seat in New Jersey; good buildings, choice Irtilt, water tront, near denot; also a tine Dwelling on Jersey City lleinh's. II. I'ATTBEKG, 2W, Hroaiiway. IjtOB SALE?A PARM OF 51 ACHES, HOI'SE AND barn, three miles irom depot, price $suo; one of 115 acres, with buildings, 40 imuroved, price $2,.rifr); all free ami clear; about 11 'Z utiles from New York; will exchange. Apply to C. GREEN, 311 Bowery. fM>R SALE Oli TO LET?AI.BKMARLE HOt'SE, Saratoga Springs. Broadwav. near clarendon Hotel; over 3'I rooms; tcruis easy. Address J. C. LEVI, No. 7 Warren street. F'oll S A I.I: nil T<? LET?SEVERAL COTTAGES and country Resident't at and near Saratoga. I\ S. GOl.DEN ,1 CO., US7 Sixth avenue. Y Furnished not:si:, containing is rooms, to rent, for three months, with n<e ot large garden, gar dener and horse and buggy; one hour irom New York on the New Haven Railread.' For lull particulars apply ;o JAMES LEE. 72 t'ilie street. URNISHED COTTAGE TO LET?NEAR LONG Branch; fourteen rooms, large garden, stableil Ac ; for ^eSMin or year; very healthv location. Address LONG BRANCH, :?W WctYwenty-tliird street. LIOB KENT?AT EATON IOW N, N. J., NEAR LONG _F Hranch. Dwelling House, with II rooms; garden and stables. L. WHITE, Eatontown, N. '. FlURNlSllED HOI SE ON NORTH SHORE STREET to let?IS rooms;'ill miles from New York; rent, with Crnik $Coo ; near bathing. Address SEA CLIFF, Herald office. TjUJRSlSHED HOUSE TO LKT-ON THE BANK Of r tlie slircw-*burg Kiver, near Fair Haven landing. Inquire of E. VAN BKl'NT, or ISRAEL FERGUSON, No. 9 Ferry street, New York. fBURNISHED FARM IlOCSK TO LET?FOR THE summer; the Geer Mansion, near Norwich, tioun., with stable, carriage house, garden, fruit, Ac., Ae._ beau titul location. lor particulars address CHARLb.i L. DAVIS, 208 Broadway, Brooklyn. E. P. _______ 1TURST CLASS COUNTRY SEAT, AT CORNWALL-ON r Hudson. To rent, inmlshed; $1 :0' lor season; stable tor five horses and room lor coachman. Address A. 1'. W., Herald office. Bior RENT FOR THE 8UMMKR-ON TODB HILL, staten Island, a line tarnished Hon sc. with every modern convenience; commodiou^ stabling, outhouses, greenhouse, well stocked Harden and abandance of trull trees, with SO acres of land; the situation commands a magnificent view and isclosn toarailwav station. wi?h freiiuent communication to New York. Apply to McaN PREW A H ANN. 40Broailway, New York. TjlOK RENT?A MOST DESIRABLY SITUATED SIM r tner and Winter Residence, furnish, d, 17 rooms; all modern Improvements; near station, Teuafly Hi ighi.s, overlooking Englewood ; only SO minutes by' rail Irom Chamber-street; also on premises, line Cottage, eight rooms-, stabling lor six horses; irom two to acres .d' elegant l:?ndt tresh cow ; immediate, possession; would sell on liberal terms, or trade for good securities; nothing better around New York tor Investment. Apply at 76 Chambers street or 114 Montague street, Brooklyn. /"IBOUNDS FOR FACTORIES; WATER FRONT IF IT desired; three miles rruni New York; to lease tor term of j ears. O. F. WESTtRVi.LT, Nos. 6 and 7 Dcy street, room II. nACKENSACK? FOUR FURNISHED HOUSES, 10. 12. 14 and 17 moms, to let; six month* or year; some unluriiished; Erie and Midland Railroads. E. M MASON, No. I Chambers street._ IN ELIZABETH, N. J.-ONE OF THE FINEST KESI I dences, partially ftirnlshed ami beantlfnlly located, to rent Hi a very low rau-; every modern convenlenco and well stocked garden. Apply to Itcv^S. A. CLARK, or to i LAlUt 4 MWU?ACJaiiK tUcct, blU4 bvUi. PROPERTY OCT OF 1^IC CITY FO?' SAIjK OR TO RKWT. ,nr iTfiWiill-rOR SALE OPPOSITE JAY HOWB k sl< ai| within two miles of station, one ol the mint beautiful a's well a* healthy region* In'hS^?ne1i<M?s? man's Reside uee. containing 4|acw a fine ?tooe nou . with 15 rooms, with all the convenience of a < i ty nou.e, flue carriage house, stable, cottage, grapery, ic. Appiv to HUGH N. CAMP, I0t> Broadway. lrnvTPr vtr V T T*> LET, A COTTAGE WITH M nine rooms, and stable. In first elasii order; hot (nd cold wator on two floor* i plia^-antl} uwos lift* tai.ce iroin the station. Apply to BllolE*'BROS,, IW Pearl street. New York, or WILLIAM JACOBUS, Montr clair, N. J. XTEAR lono branch?fob bale. a country JN Seat; 4 acres or more ol high Knmn'l. be?ut']l[J sloping lawn to running stream, with *hundanee {J,l iv grown shade trees. Apply to owner, EDW. C. riai*, 32 Broadway. . NYACK.-ELIGIBLY LOCATED "RST CLAS8 Houses for sale and rent; alsovery desirable bote and Plots at reasonable rates and liberal terms ; magnifl cent river views; also good variety ol Farias. Apply to TAYLOR A SMITH.^Nyack. Newark?275 hioh btreet.-for sale, threr Story brick. House, with extension; neigh^rhood first class; lions.- contains all Improvements; price . terms easy. Apply to JAMES A. A!J;^irB nEvxvK. &Cftl William street. New York, or to ARTHUR DEV1NK, lieai Estate Broker, Broad street. Newark. VfEWARK, N. J.-$50 PER MONTH JN lul Mansard roofed House, completed last Fall ana never occupied, 22 Newark street, near mishox avenui., house contains 15 rooms; all laU-st Mliprovcments , h gU ground ; sliad.v street; large yard , convenient to depoU, ?u. table for a boarding house or for two quire at 77 An.ity street, Ntw York, or at 1j? Jamca street, Newark. ? KANOp7. N. J.-A LA ltOE. ()r.D-KASH10NEl> house (suitable for a boarding house), very well, ami conveniently located, to let or lor saleioni liberal! terms. 1.. K. HASKELL, owner, 39 Nassau street, cor ner ol Liberty street - Oil! now BEAUTIFUL?THE BAY AND I}***?? ?views; Lots rapidly sold bv Installments, appreciation <>r Bayonnc property. ?ee yost?raa> g Ilernid on New Jersey, and address OWNER, bo* 4,J*w Post oillce. _ . PtNB brook HOTEL, AT PINE BROOK, N. J.? To lease; this Hotel Is well situated tor Summer hoarders and also lor transelentcustom; flue water, botii spring ami well; large, well built barn, tor 30 horses; Ice house tilled; excellent snlpo shooting: rent $500 per annum; possession June i. THORNTON M, RODMAN, Real Estate Agent, f.Wi Broadway. HOCKLAND COUNTY, ON HUDSON BIVER.-TO lot, wliile fannlv are abroad, a first class place;, house roomy and with modern conveniences; warden, made; fruit :ibun lant; itable, gardener a house, Ac. Ad? dress S. PHSNTICK, Vermont. N, Y. T>UT1IERFl'IID PARK.-TWO VILH LOTS ON boil-. JV iug spring avenue, near Orchard: otio Lot Union Svenue, opposite depot, and one Summer street; equity improved property, if clear, oi mortgages taken. Address SELLER, Herald office. ___ t?t/\'t ifj| ON THE BANKS OF THE HUDSON, AT R West Park, Esopus, stone House, I'oinni.uullng flri? river and mountain views, eontaiuin/ H rooms,!thr e good cellars and outbuildings, two Ini^'e gardens anA paddocks; if preferred, the entire I;i i wnrln Ksodu? be rented or b ased. Address 0. SMaLLWOOD, Bsopuv Ulster county, N. Y. |>ENT?FURNISHED COTTAGE. ACRE LAND, VA ll riety Iriiits, water, carriage house stableupon heights above New Durham i?<ation, >rtlhern Railroad of Sew Jersey. ALBERT DAY, Wall street. CARATOOA. NEAR GEYSER SPOl'TING SI'RINU.? n To let,"furnished, for Summer, to private faint y on y, first class Residence; house large and airy, location un surpassed; lor horses and carriages?. references exchanged. Por particulars address OW NEK? Saratoga Springs. __ -i OTAM FO RD.?BEAUTIFUL MODERN COTTAOETO O lot in Stamford ; 13 rooms; all In gowl order. Fnr nlshedor nniurnished; range, heater, gas, *c., banOj some shade and pleasure grove ; garden , on the bank OK river; rowing and fishing. For photograph and particu lars apply to !?'. B. K(.BlNSON,3fe< anal second floor. rpt) LET?IN RAHWAY", N. J., ONLY HIX M IN 11 1 walk trom the depot, a han.lsoine Cottage wul? rtirht rouniH; gas, water ami large garden, rent I.W ptr aniiuin Apply to Mlr. R. SMITH, So. 4 Fourth avenue. New York. - mo LET?FOR boarding HOUSE OR SCHOOL, FFR I nl'h.'d or unturnlslied. large House and Grounds, flnoiv located near terry, Vanderbllt r?. i. - l0 U ' aKoltiiiJ Vl REENFIELD. 50 Broadway.^ rro let-furnished, delightfully situatei* 1 on Ninetv-seventli slreet, commanding a beantl uj view of the Hudson River, a House, with five Lots of Ground, suitable for a Summer or Winter residence. Ap piv to G. D. U1LYARD, 144 East Forty-nlutU street, alter I P. M.^ ? To LET?AT WOODSIDE, NEWARK, N. J.. JOUSBj with 10 rooms, modern improvements, ^ -S niinntes lr jm depots of Erie and Moutclalr Rallroftils,.? lniniites trom New York; rent, $10per month. Apply to J. W. JORALEMON, Woodside, N. J. ___. n^O LET?FOR SUMMER RESIDENCE. A NICB 1 small House, furni-hed or unfurnished, near Coman Centre, L. I.. miles from depot; location plessantani healthy. Apply at 450 Tenth avenue, corner lhirty-flttl* street. run T FT?AT CORNWALL, ON THE HUDSON, A I nirelv shaded furnished Cottage, 10 rooms, attic and cellarftwo acr.'s ot lawn, trull anS vegetables; earria,o house and stable; situated on main road, 10 minute i W..1K ot rteamboat landing; rent*500. Inquire at 131 \>e^ Forty-first street rn.i T i.'T VITRVISHED AT NEWAUK, N. J., A NEAT 1 Irani.' Cottage ol Hrooms, with stable, on lllghstrect; (moil nelvthlmrhood, high ground, convenient to depot, fu^lture m gwj(?condit1on?wlll rent f<^ 3. ^or^m^mjba at 5100 per month. Apply to KING 4 BOND, 7J* uroau street, Neawrk. rro LET?AT CHATHAM, N. J.. A HOUSE, OCCUPIED i In fart by owner, on big li ?ronnd MoFtll" schools, Ac. Call on or address ALt RED KUlllMUiib, lti5 Keade street, New York. TO LET. furnished?AN ELEGANT COL'NTKT Place, stabling, garden plenty ol Iniit, extensive grounds , 4s miles via Erie Jtaiiway. Address ORANt.3 COUNTY1, box 119 lie raid office^ rnf, I,FT?FOR THE REASON, FURNISHED, A GEN 1 tlem n's Country House, situated j^liour# trom York ? hou?e is large, Iiih fine lawn antl gardens, plenty Xli kinds oi fruit, siablitig for six hows., title team ami carriages will be rented with place II desired. Applj to A. J. DICK.ERSON, 112 Orand street. New York. rnT) LET?AT NAYESINK, N. J., ON THE NAVESINK 1 River, a House, partially furnished, containing 12 fooms' well shaded ; pure spring water; ice lipase, filled , ilvc acres of land, with fruit orchards, containing < ber ries, pears and nuples in abundance; ocean view; bo it jng and tiding at the door. Inquire at No- 6 East M ty thlr.1 street - rnn I ET-LAROK DWELLING, WITH GARDKH T and fruit of all kinds, at Rldgefleld. three minutes trom stution, thlrtv minutes Iroin Chambers street, via No?hern Railntad ; rent $35 per nuin'lK lnnulre of S. >\AKTL1NG, Kidgoflcld station, or 8. UAMMOSD, 41 V? 11* liam Btreot. ? T^th^vUlage^of Jmnac^a^L^^^^irbjee^uiu^'jindl z? B\rz jamesa' Broadway, rooms 13 and 11. , rro LET-AT WIIITSTONE, L. I.. AN ELEO VNT FfK? 1 ni?lied House ot 11 rooms: live, minutes flrotn ?tiv,'i>.n has -ill modern conveniences and Is first class m sver^ ri'spect Address box 2..VJ Post o.llce. rro LET?ON TODE HILL, STATES ISLAND. A FI'R J nlshcd Cottage, with sUbllug, garden, shade trees, fine views and easv access to a railway station. Apply q McANDBEW A WANN, 40 Broadway. rro LKT-IN ORANGE, N. J., LARGE, AIRY ROOMS. I with Ilrst class Board, within lour minutes' walk pi dopoT- house situated on high ground, with acres In lawn wiUi fine shade; retercnee given. Address J. P. r tiramre. N. J.; citv, St. John's Park, \anck street, care M. D. Transportation Company. JTlET? FURNISHED, AT JEKICO, L. L, A LARC.B Mansion, with four acres and stable; plenty of trultj num?r lurnLshes eggs, butter and garden. ?wncrturnisn(sii^tjii|RLKy, ^ S()S hl 0e(lRr gtr,et TO LET A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED COTTAGE, with stable and two acres of ground, on Northern Railroad ot Now Jersey. E. P.COOK, with Longrtreet ,l Sedgwick, 468 Broadway. m<> LET OK FOB BALE, AT PASSAIC, N. J.?HOURS. 1 Barn and two acre* ol land; 12 rooms; all improve* mints; plenty truit; 40 minutes troin New York. PAR.MLY, ail 8ixih avenuo. 110 LET OR TO LEASE?AN ANOLO-ITALIAN VILLAi has greenhouse, stabling ami all necessarv outbulld inn*; -ix acres laid out in lawn; the house Is beautifully sttuittri by the Narrows, on Long Inland shore; has ail the convenience* ot a cfty residence; horse ears from Hamilton oveiMto torry, or by boat Irom South ferrv atopping at liuy Rldgo and Fort Hamilton. Apply to J. DICKINSON, T4 Ntusuii street. rpo LET rNKTTBNrsn ED?PRETTY CtiTTAOE, WITH 1 French root, rtlniiift room extension, containing eight rooms and stable attached; beautitully situated on tha banks ot Passaic RiVer; first class neighborhood; tour mi an ten'walk from depot and thirty Irom New Yorki rent #*X1 a year. Apply to Ur. VON DEHSMITU, Passaic Bridge depot, Erie Railroad. TO BENT FOB THE SEASON?A FURNISHED Bonne, tliirt' en r >oms and piazza, with garden, barn and carriage hon.-e, in <>reat Harrington village, Berk shire eminty, Ma^adiosetts. Inquire ot F. M. HAYES, at Wheeler A Wilson's, 026 Broadway. rro RENT- ON THE Hl'DSON, AT SINU SINO, AHIH r 1 thirty miles from New York, House, furnished, with five acres of ground ; line view and plenty ot truit; rent #1,200. Inquire ol C. N. KINNEY, 162 I'earl street, cor ner Wall. rpo RENT?FURNISHED, FOR SUMMBK OH YEAR, 1 in New Jersey, 30 minut'-s from t'lty Hall, a hand* some Country Residence, garden, Ac.; rent moderate. Apply, between 11 and 1 o'clock Tuesday next, at No. 3 Bast Fifteenth stroet. mo RENT?A COUNTRY BESIDENCB OF 11 ACRES. 1 near ijspot, at New Providence, N. J , nice House <1(3 room*!, good outbuildings. Plenty of truit and shade; very dewrablo place. B. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. __ rro HOTEL MEN.?A FINK HOTEL, WITH SPACIOUS L grounds, to rent; Furniture, Fixtures, Ac., for salo or exchange; open at all seasons; one hour from New York; train* at all honrj^ # CQ No , M ^ BB WHITESTONE HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION (mutual), organhted under the new Homestead law, Durciissi d 7a acres of land In tha village of whlteatone. and divided It info 800 shares, $iM? each, payable #10 monthly. Each share represents a plot of land, con taining'from one city lot toone acre, with three eleganl mansions, valued at from SMof to S16,flOQl Share* cx ompttroin execution by law. Prospect** and maps al the office of the Association, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Poet office. UTESTWOOD, N. J.?FOB SALE, A VERY FINE NEW TT Cottage, 12 rooms; wnter conveniences; three minutes from depot; good barn ion line of HackensaeM Railroad extension: will be sold on easy forms; price *>,000. clakK, ill Broadway, basement, room 0. ?J SPLENDID NEW COTTAGES FOR SALE?Al O Astoria, containing 11 rooms each ; two French roofs, four stories high: lots 37 feet t> bv 1U0 each; streof graded, treason sidewalk: large cistern. Wood house; all new fences; we Will sell for $3,600 each; SHOO cash, balance for Ave years, fall and see for yourself. Inquire ofC. C. MVW&u-,i;wum IwlUATIi" ?4*a witaU

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