Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 3
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BOAROBRB WASTED. PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, SUITABLE FOR LADY p una gentleman, with Board ; ilw a nwnbcr it Room.*, fur gentlemen: Summer price*, central location. 4Weet'Twenty-fourtU street. LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR; ALSO two connecting Rooms, large closets, hot and cold hut. with Board. 137 Macdougalstreet. ELEGANT SUIT, TOGETHER OR DIVIDED, WITH or without Board; also large Iront Room, socoiid floor'; educed priced for summer. No. 4 East Twenty-ninth trect, between Fifth and Madlsou avenues. . OR TWO FURNISHED BOOMS?WITH GOOD SUB I stantial Board, tor gentleman and wife; house in a Jraaant location, with tine garden. Apply it Jl Centre itreet, near New Jersey Railroad depot, Newark, N J. IST HOUSE WEST OF FIFTH AVENUE.?IIAND l cornelv furnished Rooms lor families or single gentle nen. with first class Board. No. 7 VV cut Twenty-ninth st. LARGE FBONT ALCOVE ROOM Oik Sl'IT OF _ Room*, on second floor; well luriufmed; modern Im provements; with or without Board , terms very moder ate; private family. lay Seventy-eighth itreet, between ' exlngtoii and Fourth avenues. BLOCt FROM MADISON SQUARE.?ELEGANT 8K0 _ ond Floor, or en Htute, with tlrst class Hoard ; also Suit tnd Rooms tor single gentlemen; references, 119 East twenty third street BLOCK FROM MADISON SQUARE?A DESIRABLE hall Room, with Board ; also, Irom June L large and nail Rooms. lltf East Twenty-third street. DOUBLE ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD-, ALSO A _ tingle Room; tabic unexceptionable and terms t.i per manent parties unusually low; reference*. 67 Macuou gal street (St. Clement's pluce). BLOCK.FROM COOPER INSTITUTE, 33 8TUYVE _ sant street.?Elegatitlv furnished Rooms lor single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, with or with lit Board; private tabie If desired; bouse tlrst class and {private. UNUSUALLY WELL FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, of three rooms, with or without first class Board, at I East Thirteenth street, opposite Stuvvesant Flats, cferences. 2 GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIPE CAN have a neatly furnished Room, with Board, ut illfl 1 West Forty-third street. Reference exchanged. 21) FLOOR TO LET?WITH BOARD; LARGE AND hands line Rooms, singly or together, utl"i7 West Four Iteeiith street; house tlrst class. 2 ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD; HOU8B AND location first class. 3iXJ East Fourteenth street, near I Second avenui*. 2 GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES CAN PROCUE Hoard with a private family; tlrRt class furnished I Rooms on second floor; nice parlor and piano. 249 | East Kiltie III street _ O HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS?IN STRICT Z. 1y private tuinity, with ur without Board, lor gentle men ; tlrst class references required, only those willing U> pay a luir price need apply, at 333 West Thirty-fourth I street. 2 BOORS FROM FIFTH AVENUE.?ELEGANTLY furnished Flour to let, with Board; also other Rooms. No. 9 West Twenty-ninth street. 2 GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES CAN BE Ac commodated with Board in a first class house; prl I vate lamily; also one or two single gentlemen: refer I pnees given and required. Address S., Herald Uptown ^Branch oftlce. 2 OR THREE CONNECTING ROOMS, SOUTHERN exposure, second floor, to Jet, with or without Board, reasonably to persons with good reference. Applv at 113 East Form ill street. 3 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, FIRST HOUSE FROM Fifth avenue.?Very elegant Apartments. en suite and singly, can be bad lor the Summer, at reasonable rates, With or without Board. 3 CONNECTING AND TWO SINGLE BEAUTIFULLY furnished Rooms, very pleasantly located, M West Thirty-third street, with or without Foard, will be ready May 8. For particulars call at 'ii Went Twenty-ninth street, on Monday or Tuesday. 4 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS. ON THE SECOND floor, to let, with Board, to families or to single gentle men: also a Hall Bedroom, with hot and cold water, at ?57 West Twenty-second street; retercnccs exchanged. WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?A SUIT OF h, second floor front Rooms may be had. with Board, n the Kith inst. Prices reduced tor Summer season. fTTII AVENUE.-A PARLOR FLOOR, CORNER t) house, handsomely furnished, hath, closets, Ac., to a IIrstclass party; private table. No. 141). 5TH AVENUE, 78.?DESIRABLE ROOMS, IIAND somelv furnished (a fine suit, second story, flout), with Ito:ir1; reterence. 5TII AVENUE, NO. 33, CORNER TENTH STREET.? Parties desiring Hoard lor the montn of May can find Brst class accommodations. EAST THIRTY*IRST STREET. ONE HOOK FROM Filth avenue.?Fourth floor Rooms. Willi first class 5 5 LARGE ROOMS?GOOD BOARD, HIGH GROUNDS and stablimr, plenty of fruit, shade. Ac.; location, Orange mountain, one hour from city; good references. Address'!. M. M., Herald olMce. 5TH AVENUE.?A SUIT OF LARGE, COOL. COM modi, us Apartments, on parlor tloor, furnished or unfurnished, with private table, in the conveniently situated house 45 Filth avenue. 5TI1 AVENUE, 961, SECOND DOOR BELOW THIRTY fourth street.?An elegantlv furnished l'urior Floor to rent, with private table ; hath, closets, Ac. Also other Rooms. References exchanged. r WEST WASHINGTON PLACE, TWO DOORS FROM c# Macdougal street.?Neatly furnished Rooms to let, with Board, for gentlemen and wives or single gentle mi n ; desirable location, fable tlrst i.i-.i. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET?Til IRD FLOOR and one Room oi (mirth to let, with Hoard; suitable for faimlies or siaj-le gentlemen; references exchanged. 7 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.?HAXD80MELY fhrnished Room-, with Board, for a tamily or party of gentlemen; also Room lor single itcntlcmuri. 9 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenue.?Newly furnished front Room on third lloor, with tirst class Board ; reference. nTII STREET, 117. WEST. NEAR SIXTH AVENUE.?A Room, lor a Inily or two gentlemen; terms for one, B f0 for two, $14; house and table first class. 1Q WEST NINTH STREET, POUR DOORS FROM AO Fifth avenue.?To let, with Board, a very large and elegantly turnished Room, with bay window, to two or three gentlemen; atul tabic unexceptionable, bum mer rates. 13 PARK AVENUE. * Desirable Rooms, with Board. References. 1OTII STREET, WEST, 1.14.?EXCELLENT, FIRST JLO class location; handsomely furuishcu second story nanny Room, with Itoard; two perrons, {10; Third Story, $11; private family; good table. Kelcrcucc re quire (I. ^ , a <* Til STREET, EAST 317, NEAR SECOND AVENUE. 14: T<i let, wuli Hoard, line third story Room, turnisbed or uifurnished; terms moderate. MTH STREET, WEST, 261.?HANDSOMELY fur nished Rooms,snltable lor families or parties < f gen tlemen. at moderate prices; tabic unexceptionable; pri vate it desired. ' MTH STREET, WEST, 2S3.-TO LET, WITH BOAKI), two front Rooms on the ihir<i floor and a large Room tm the second; reference required. MTH STREET, 304 WRST.?A HANDSOMELY FUR nished Suit ot Rooms, on second door, to let, with Board ; also Rooms lor single gentlemen; references ex changed. I ITH STREET, SS WEST, BETWEEN FIFTH AM) J. X Sixlh avenues.?Newly and elegantly furnished Kooras, with first class table (private II required), lor families or gentlemen ; reference. . 14 floors.' , _ gentlemen or gentleman ami wtte, $lt> to $18 Booms, $7; table unexceptionable. References. 1r EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?TWO LAROE ? ) handsomely furnished Rooms to rent, suitable tor Jentlcinan ami wite or sinele gentluuien; superior lable loanl; reiercnces exchanged. Tj? rfl" street; west, handsomely fur. JU nished sttntiv front Room on second floor, with Board; also Itooms for gcutleuieu on fourth and base mi nt floors; terms moderate. "1 I' UN1VERsFf Y I'LXTuT.^ROf)MS F( 'km Tl EI> OR J. "J unfurnished, singly or en suite; might Hoard im agreeable party. Also, for solo low, elegant suit rose wood and parlor Furniture, newly upholstered. ?1 rj SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE.?TEN MORE TABLE II boarders run be accommodated ; terms reasonable and table first clans. Til STREET, WEST, 32C, SECOND AND THIRD : floors.?Nicely furnished Rooms, with Board, tor Icmcn or gentleman and wife, $lii to $18; single ? at u tt7 ? Initio mil, v iVd.Vkfi.vtiftl.lift IV a.ia. "|Q EAST FORTY SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN MAllf X't eon and Fifth avenues?Very desirable Room* on third floor, with Board; references exchanged. 1Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE At/ Fifth Avenue Hotel.?A .-'it ' oi Kootns, elegantly furnished, to rent to a party ol H<nUeraeu, Willi or with out Board; also ingle Rooms. 1(1 WB8T TWENTY-FIH8T STREET.?WITH BOARD, XO two large Rooms, secouit and thiid floors, front; also single Kooin. _____________ 1QTH RTREBT, 40 EAST.?EXTRA LA ROB, HAND. 11/ soniely furnished Room on scoond floor to li t, with first ela-s Hoard. RetireBCM. OA WEST NINTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY FUR. jZi\J nished Rooms lo let, singly or i n saitc, with or withoat Board; house newlv renovated and with all modem improvements; referencesexchanged. t >/k WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY x.>\J furnished suit or Rooms, with private l.ath aud water closet on second floor; also Room tor two slugle gentlemen, with first class Hoard. inBT STREET, SftO WEST, NEARELEVATED RAIL 4-11 road depot.?Nicely furnished large third story Room, with Board; large clos-t, water, gas, Ac.; talile unexceptionable; terms moderate; reterence. OllD STREET, WEST .IS.?ONE VERY DESIRARLE suit of Rooms, on third floor, to let, with Board, to families or gentluiuen; also single Room on fourili tloor; references, OOD STREET. WEST, M4.-VKRY delightful Au second story front Room, full width; excellent Board; al o pleasant fourth story front Room; terms lode rate tor gminxf. 2on STREET 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON O square.?Elegantly furnished large front Room and hall Room to let, with first class Bo'aru. References ex changcd. * 41QB STREET, 2.15 WEST, NEAR SEVENTH AVE ^?1 n?e.?Delightful Parlor and Bedroom. sccoud story, front. First class table. 2?JD STREET, WEST, ML?GENTLEMEN TAN BE ?"> accommodated with large, newly furnished Rooms, ?ery handsomely frescoed, with or without Hoard; high est references given ami required. 2QD STREET (EXCELLENT LOCATION).?A PPI O vale family will let elegantly furnished Rooms, on aeeotid tloor; alsoabsck Par,or, tvith first class Hoard; privilege lo parlors; English, French ami German ?ipoken; references exchanged. Address S. Ji, li., byx UuiUd VittyWl) Bxi?uvu uiUvc. boarders wanted. 90D STREET, WEST, 325.-AN ELEGANTLY FUR 's'*-' nlshcd Room, with first clans Board; reference* ex changed. 2O CLINTON PLACE.?K1RST CLASS ROOMS FOR ?' tlrst class Boarders, with tlrst clans references. 9 4 TH STREET. 210 rt'F.ST?FLEG ANT HKCOM) Floor U> let. with private liaili uut firstclass table* also liaiiil-ornc Extension. tor gentlemen; location un exceptionable; ret ere lire* exchanged. 2,-r WKST TWKNTY-SECOND STREET?KURNI8HBD ?# Rooms to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without Board: term* inodeiate ; reference required. A WKKK FOR HANDSOMELY FUkNiSHED ' front Parlor and Bedroom, with Board, for two; Second Floor, do.. $20; also single Room. 124 Ea*t Twen ty-second street, near Fourth avenue. 9*7 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.?A PLEASANT j-j I largo front Koom and Dressing Boom (tottrtli floor) 10 let, wiUt Board; gentlemen preferred; reference*ex changed. OQ W?T TWELFTH STREET. WEST OF FIFTH jwO avenue ? W Ith Board, handsomely furnished Rooms for a family or party ol gentlemen; houso and table first class. 9ft W^X?RkEY I>LACE, BETWEEN BROADWAY and Washington square.?To I t, with Board, two large souare Kontnn; very nicely lurnishcd; uUo a smaller Room; house and location first class. 9Q EAST TWENTY FOURTH STREET.?A PRIVATE r 11 "V11"* w'" 'et ?" 8 gentleman and wife or small family handsome and convenient Rooms, with Board. One Mock troni Filth Avenue Hotel. ? On easttwknty-firststreet.?handsomely Jt ? ',.,rn'*hrd Rooms, with Board, tpr gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Ol RUTGERS STREET?A FEW GENTLEMEN CaN ?)1 he hocoiMiiioda:e l with Board ; also a lew ladies. Ol MADISON AVENUE, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE Ol Madison avenue Park ?A private family, having leased it house, handsomely furnished, directly opposite Madison square, will dispose of several Suits ol Rooms, to families or single gentlemen, with breakfast only, served from 8 to 10; house and all appointment* strictly first class. OQD STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?SECOND tiff anil third floors, large and small rooms, en suite or singly, with Board; reference*. Particulars at 1.260 Broadwuy, corner Thirty-second street, reul estate- ofllcc. OO EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?MRS. R. IL OO JENKINS will have two Suits ol Rooms vacant alionr the 1 *>th: also single Koom, for gentleman, private tulile 11 preferred. QQ WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET. t)?> with Board; possession Immediately ; references exchanged. 34 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?WILL LET, r with Board, one large Room and three small ones; near Filth avenue; references required; house Qrst class. EAST TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN J-*"*, Broiufway and Fourth avenue.?A Parlor Floor, handsomely furnished, to let, lo a private family or single gentlemen, with or without Board. OJT" STREET, WEST 323? PRIVATE FAMILY <10 *-*7 ennying llus fine house have Rooms on the first and third floors, with unexceptionable table; hot and cold w ter; Summer prices. OK EAST NINTH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, FUR' tJ nislied or unfumLshed, with or without private tu ba', to families or single gentlemen ; also table board. an EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET?TWO LARGE iJ Rooms to let, with lull or partial Board; privute family. Of' EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?A FIRST AND a > second Floor ol three rooms each, with private table or without hoard ; private bathrooms, closets, Ac.; reference*. Oft EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OPPOSITE Madison Park.?To let, to desirable party, with first, class Board, entire Second Floor, handsomely fur nished, every convenience possible; also Suit upper Rooms; best references. O7 EAST SIXTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR MAJjf ? . so" ovcnue.?One or two young men can find a nicely furnished Room and gootf Bourd with a small Jewish family. u" OQ WKST WASHINGTON SQUARE,?HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, en suae or singly with Board; alio two Parlors, with Board. Reference* ex changed. 4-"lST .STlt.nPT' 139 WEST.?PLEASANT SECOND "XX and third story Rooms, en suite or singly; good Board; reasonable terms; references exchanged. 4_9 east nineteenth street?well FUR. ~T*j nislied Rooms, with Board, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen; also Table Board; terms mod erate; relcrencesexch.inged. uu 49 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.-AN ELEGANT Suit of Rooms, consisting of parlors and second floor, to let. with private table, or Second Floor and Par lor separate, ull handsomely furnished; also other Rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, at Sum mer price*; everything tlrst class. References ex changed. 4-4TH STREET BETWEEN BROADWAY AND SIXTIT J" avenue.?Part or entire second Floor, handsome]v furnished,with tlrst class^Board, tor gentlemen and wives* terms reasonable. 1.13 West Forty-fourth street ' AA SEVENTH STREET.?BOARDERS WANTED-To r 1 more table hoarders wanted immediately. 45 ))T<T ''"'"Y SEVENTH STREET?ABE A UTI r fl 10 lo'1 witl1 IT without Board, to gentlemen of refinement; references exchanged. 4.7 WEST ELEVENTH STREET.?ONE tiARlir: AND ' two snla" Rooms desirably located, with Board. 4.QTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH A VENUE.?ELEGANT . ywly furnished Rooms in flrst class home ; break fast if desired. Apply to J. E. PALMER, 909 Klxill a ve nue, between Fifty-llr*t and Fifty-second streets. 4Q WEST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET?ELEGANTLY fin suite or HeparaLf, with superior (able Hoard: house Jlrstclasg iu every respect* reference* exchanged. ? A O WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET?LARGE TCV elegant, newly furnished Rooms tnav bo secured' with good Board, at Summer prices, bv first class uar f'eslocation unsurpassed: references exchanged. rn WEST FIFTIETH STREET, BETWEEN^FIFTH and Sixth avenues?A Second Floor to rent, with Board ; also a Hall Koom. .r)0 o 'v"'1; 1:" ? "T'V ^ 'r STREET-ROOMS, WITH V first claw French Board, to let to gentlemen onlv MERig:iERIU ,01' privaUi ^urUc?- Al'Ply to Monsieur JfKST WASHINGTON PLACE. NEAR SIXTH *JVI avenue?To let, with Board, nicely furnished Rooms, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen - house has modern improvements; terms moderate. ' CA WEST FORTY SIXTH STREET?TO LET WITH Uvf Bourd, desirable Rooms on second floor, en'suite or separately. ri SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE, FOURTH tJL street?Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, for gentlemen or resectable married people, with or without private table; tcrmd frasonabfe. ri WEST NINTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH AND *; . -lSixl!' avenues.?Very elegant back Parlor, fur nished as bedroom, and two other large Rooms to rent jo gentlemen or gentlemen und wives, with or without CO TvVTrs*TY-FIR9T STREET?HANDSOMELY y v furnished Rooms, first class?Board, Ac.; reference* exchanged. PO WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.?THIRD bTORY tlO back Room, with unexceptionable Hoard; house first class and locution desirable; suitable tor Kentlemaa and wile or single gentleman Terms moderate. /r i WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN ?/'x Broadway arid Sixth avenne.?Furnished Rooms; ulso Reception Room, with good table; day boarders taken. r f WEST TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND ?)"T Sixth avenues.?Three connecting Rooms, on .sec ond floor, elegantly lurnlshcd an<l having all modern Im provements, to let, en suite or pcpurately, witli or with out lull or partial hoard, to Kcntlciuen or gentlemen aud wives. rn WEST TWENTY SECOND STRF.ET.?DESIRABLE 00 Rooms, en suite or singly, on second and third floors, with Hoard, lor families or gentlemen ; reasonable terms; rcu reiiccs exchanged. ru CI.INTON PLACE, OPTISITE TI1F, BKEYOORT ?)<. House.?Handsomely turuislied Rooms, Willi llrst class Board. TO WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET. -OKNTLEMEN, ?) ?' with their wives, or single gentlemen, cau be ac comtnodHted with Hoard. ? (?l\ IBVINil 1"LACK?DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH * >U Hoard, to a family or gentlemen, on reasonable terms; private table it desired; references exchanged. /?41 JANE STREET.?ONE NBATLY Tt'RNlrtHED "/ tront Room oil vcond floor, with Board, for gentle man and wife or single gcutlcnien; terms moderate. no CHARLES STREET, BETWEEN BLEECKER AND ")') Fourth, second floor. ?Furnished Rooms to let to single gentlemen yr gentleman and wile, with or without B' >ard. 7 WIM1 VtiKIY KofUTII STREET NICELY FI'R 1 ?> nished Rooms to let, large and small, with or I without Hoard ; cool and airy lor the Summer. I 7'> WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE 4 ?) line.?Single irentlemen or nmn and wile can be ae I comtnod.ited with Room* luriuslioJ or untumished. with or without Hoard. 7 1 EAST SIXTY-FIRST STREET. NEAR MADISON I x avenue, one Mock from Central Park.?Handsomely furnished or tinliirnlshcd Rooms, with Hoard, singly or en suite,*in a uew lour story brown stone house. Refer ences. 7 7 WgST KLEVKNTiTTTtREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE I I nuc ?Newly furnlsheil Rooms, for gentlemen, sinffly or en suite; If desired; appointments an 1 attendance first class; references required. 77 ERIE STREET, JERSEY CITY.-A LADY, ?? ?? pleasantly located, and who has lost her only child, will lake a child to Board; mother's care guaraii Iced. Call lor one week. M LEX IN TON AYRNUE.-A WIDOW LADY HAS a nicely furnished Room for gentleman and wile; Board for lady. in"; weht twenty-eioiith htrret.-to let, 1U.J furnished, Second Floor, consisting of three rooms, with or without Hoard ; also Uiird story Roams; reierenees required. 1 Aft east THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.-A HAND iUU sonndy furnished Iroiit Room, two flights up to let, with first class Board; reierenees exchanged; Sum mer prloes. 1A7 WEST THIRTY-EIOflTH STREET, BETWEEN J '' I Sixth avenue and Broadway.?A Jewish family has one or two well luruislied Reoius to let, witli Board; hoase first class. 1AQ WEST TWENTY-EIOHTII STREET.?LAROR J ' ' O front Room on third floor to let, with good Board, to two or three gentlemen ; reierenees exchanged. mWEHT FOURTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY furnlsheil Rooms to rent, with Hoard, to gentle men and their wives or single gvuttobieu ; house private Uam . ruercucei RO&RDRRN WAWTED. mWIlT SIXTEENTH STKKKT. ON SECOND floor.?Pleasant ttont Boom, with Board, lur two gentlemen or gentleman ami wile. mWEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET. TWO STAIRS ?!>??A widow lady will let u large front Room, furnished, with or without Board. m SECOND AVENUE.?ROOMS TO LET, WITH flrst class Board. mF.AST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR BROAD way.?Newly turni-lied large Rooms tor families, mid hall Room* tor gentlemen; a lew table boarders taken. 11 (I EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, FRONTING lit/ llramercy Park? Elegant Apartment" In hand some residence, en suite or singly, wiUl or without pri vate table; references. 191 EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?NICELY Jjl. furnished Rooms or Fluor, with or without Board or private table, lor families or single gentlemen. -lOQ CHRYSTIE STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, WITH X-J<J Board, suitable fur gentlemen or ladles. 1 QSQ Wltr TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?A BAND. soinelv furnished second floor front Room to let, with flrst class Board, to gentleinun and wife or single gentlemen. References exchanged. ion EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVING lOU place.?Largo and small Rooms to let, with Board, to families ami gentlemen; refer*DOM required. lOI CLINTON PLACE.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED lOl Rooms to let, on parlor and secoud floor, with or without Board ; no other boarders. TOO MACDOUOAL STREET.?SECOND FLOOR TO let. with Board, for gentlemen aud wives or single gentlemen. 100 WEST TWELFTH STREET-LAROE SEO ? >?j ond and tliiril story (rout Room*, neatly fur nlshed. to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. References. 1 'JO WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET.?WOULD BE J * pleased to make a home lor outet parties; a handsomely furnished second story front Room, with flrst class Board. !OJ_ EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN lot Fourth urnl' Lexington avenues.?Families or single gentlemen can find handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board, ut moderate price. Convenient to three lines of ears ami Broadway stages. mWBST THIRTEENTH STREET.-?LOCATION central, unexceptionable; elegantly furnished Suit ot Parlors, with ('tuckering grand piano, Ac., .suit able lor small family, with or without Hoard; terms moderate, references required. lOI' MADISON AVENUE, northwest CORNER IOU Thirty-flrst street?Parlor Floor, with private table; front Rooms on second Hour, with or without pri vate table, by the year or for the Summer. 1)1 WEST FIFTEENTH 8TRBBT, BETWEEN SIXTH and Seventh avenues.? Gentleman and wife or two gentlemen can bo accommodated with handsomely furnished second story front Uooui; house mid table class. "I IO EAST THIRTY .FIFTH STREET.?NICELY FUR. Ita nished Rooms to let, with Breakfast if desired; location unsurpassed. Call at or address as above. 1 lfi EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET ?ONE It'I large Room, on second floor, to let, with Hoard; suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gentle men; also one hall Room. 1 ?A WAVERI.EY PLACE, NEAR SIXTH AVE J.UU nue.?Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gentlemen or gentleman and wile; home and location good ; terms reasonable. 1 'VL EAST THIRTIETH STREET.?a WIDOW LADY lut has handsomely furnished Rooms to let to gen tleman and wile ; Board if desired. 1 KQ east THIRTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN Lexington and Third avenues.?Two or three boarders wanted. TOT EAST THIRTY.FOURTH STREET.?FRONT AL" XV J. cove Room, for gentleman and wife, with Hoard, $28; rear Room, $'?!() per week ; flrst class ill all respects, with peace and comlurLs all Summer. 1A^ west tenth STREET.?A LAROE SECOND XV?J floor front Room and back Parlor, with Extension, anil two single Rooms for gentlemen; all newly and ele gantly tarnished, with flrst class Board, ? 1 t\(\ WEST TWENTY-SECOND street. BETWEEN 1UU Sixth and Seventh a venues.? Desirable Rooms to let to gentlemen, with flrst class Hoard; also Table Board can he had: references exchanged. 1 >71 east SIXTY-SECOND STREET.?ONE OR TWO J I I nicely tiirnished Rooms, with or without Hourd; flrst floor; terms moderate ; relerences exchanged. "I (i ft DEAN STREET.?TO LET, WITH BOARD. IN A XtstJ private family, furnished Rooms, to gentlemen and their wives; new brown stone house; all improve ments; entirely newly furnished. 90A FOURTH STREET.?FURNISHED Room to let, with Board. Price $'> per wee It. ono WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN fa' 't) Seventh and Eighth avenues.?Nicely furnished Rooms, with Hoard, for gentlemen or gentleman anil wile; also single Rooms. Terms reasonable. Ofl7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?TO LET, 11 Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or with out Board, in brown stone house: it has all the improve ments; Israeli tee preferred; reference required. ono WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD ^SVO way.?A private Jewish family will let a couple ot handsomely furnished front Rooms on second floor, with good Hoard ; also other Rooms. ono WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.?PLEASANT ajv'O furnished Rooms to let, v ith Hoard, suitable for two gentlemen in each room, or gentleman und wife without children; small family. 911 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, NEAR STUY .J I 1 vesant Park.?Rooms, with Hoard, for gentleman and wife, or three gentlemen; tabic boarders; Summer prices; references. 910 THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEAR THIRD Li I ?I avenue.?Furnished Rooms to let, with or w ith out Board ; gas and bath; (iernian family; private house ; terms moderate, Mm 91 f WEST FORTY-FIFTII STREET.?NEATLY FUR ?1. I" nished Rooms to let, w ith Hoard, in a private family, lor gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. References. 917 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.-A pleasant ? Li second story back Room to let, with Hoard, to two gentlemen or a gentleman und wlte, also u hull Bed room. 917 west forty-second street. NEAR .ST. 4* L I Cloud Hotel.?Elegant Rooms to let. furnished or unfurnished, with or without Hoard, to gentlemen and wlvMor v Qf gentlemen; ulna Parlor Floor, with pri vate uiDle 1; .l.'-lr.'-l ()1Q EAST SEVENTY-NINTII STREET.? A HANI). ? LO come bark I'arlor and Room adjoining; also two very large Rooms on third floor. with or without lioard; convenient to Park. Terms moderate. 0|() WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR SEVENTH L?/ avenue.?A pleasant Room, with hot and c<.Id w.iter. and amiilc closets, to let, with llourd, to two gentlemen; terms moderate. QOQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET.?THREE nicely furnished Rooms, with hot and cold water, lor gentleman and wile or three single gentlemen, with Board. refercucts exchanged. ()()() WEST FORTl-THIRD STKRET.?A HAND somely furnished Room, with g'>od table, lor gentleman and wile or two gentlemen; reference*. OQr EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SEC A-i'J oini and Third avenue*?To let, with lirst class Board, Second Floor, or separately ; also an elegantly fur nished back Parlor, With piano, at rWMOMbll prices. OQQ EAST ELEVENTH STREET.?TWO GENTLE Zjv men can t?c accommodated with a handsome, Room and Board at a moderate rate; also a few table boarders. 2on WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET-ELEGANT ? >U front Rooms lor dentists and physicians, with or without first class Board: also fine accommodations for gentlemen and small families, at moderate prices. 2QO west TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. BBTWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues.?Handsomely fur nished Rumns to let, with Hoard ; also a lew table board ers taken, on reasonable terms. no- WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.?DESIR able Rooms, en suite or slnglr, from May 1, sec ond and third story, front, with lull Board; table first class; permanent parties can make favorable terms lor Summer months; references required. 2QQ EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE THE ?)0 Park ?Furnished Rooms, with Hoard, Rooms on second, third and fourth floors. References. 21 7 EAST 128TH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND i I aid Third avenues, Harlem.? Good Board and nice, cool Rooms, for gentlemen; also two connecting Rooms, first floor, for two or lour. In private family; modern improvements; pleasant location; near boats tnj Oafs', 'arm*Moderate. 2 mm WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET, O i with Hoar I. a large Room; abo a small Boom; relerence required. ' O/tt) WEST FIFTY.fOlTRTH STREET?A HANDSOME 4uOO front Rootn, with alcove, third floor, to let with Board; would like ? plain, responsible gentleman and wile; terms moderate ; references exchanged. ? >/\7 EAST SIXTY-FIFTH STREET.?ONE OR TWO O' ' I gentlemen or two genteel voting ladies, em ployed during the day, can obtain good Board at reason able rates. 9(17 WEST TWELFTH STREET, OPPOSITE AB Ov I Ingdon square.?\ Parlor Floor of three rooms, with Hoard, either furnished or unfurnished. Oil EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, REAR SECOND Oil avenue. ? Room* to let, with Board, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; house and table Jirst class Q1 ff EAST TWELFTH STREET ?BOARD FOR UEN * J1 ?) tlemen only, with bathroom and gas. Q1 C KARV THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?BANDBOMK 01 ?> ly furnished Rooms on first floor, with grate tire, gas, bath, Ac., with or without. Board; very moderate terms; no moving. QQ7 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET?FURNISHED SjJj I Parlor and Bedroom on second floor to lot, with Board .fronting Htujrvcsant l'ark. Apply tor one week. QQ/1 WEST NINETEENTH STREET.-TO LET, OO'r with Board, a third story front Room, to gentle man and w Ho or sltigle gentlem< n ; also a hall Room. Q I r W EST FOl RTEEXTH STREET.?HANDSOME O'Tf) ly furnished Rooms, en suite and singly, with first class Board; also Tablo Board; references ex changed. 3f Q WI>T TWENTT.fiR8T STREET, NEAR ELI rO vated Railroad.?To rent, handsomely fhrnlshed second story Front Koom. with first class Hoard, tor gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. ffeJSQ WEST NINETEENTH STREET.?A LARUE OOO second itorr front Room, furnished, to let, with Board, In a private family to a gentleman and wife or one or two sluglc gentlemen ; no other boarders. A OQ SEVENTH AVENUE, SECOND STORV. FRONT T"Oai room.?A private family can accomodate a ladv, who works out through the ilav, with Board , L?vluu jircicrrvil, Uiuultv lor Miss WAN it Y. BOARDERS WANTED. TnOVWr NINETEENTH STREET.?A PRIVATE /I .s.S mmllv having a lew more Rooma than they ^..dwiuSst to gentlemen and their wives. oraliigle gentlemen, with flowd. one block. lrom Elevated Rail road depot; references. n l FIFTH AVENUE.?TWO ELEGANT HI1 ITS OK 34 Apartment*. U> be vacated on the 1Mb and '24th, first mid second tloora. with private table or attendance. sop FOURTH AYENCE.?DBLIGHTFJTL ROOMS 435 to let. separate, or Floor, with or witliotit Hoar.1 ? tir<t claw brown stone house; family small, strictly

private; a splendidofllco for dentist . nn/? LEXINGTON AVENUE.?HANDSOMELY FCRj 686 niched Booms, single or en suite, on third floors; tlrnt class table; home coiuloita, delightful location ; term* moderate. PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUHYING THEIR OWN House will rent, with first class Board, one or more Roou.l aU.BlV or en suite. No. fttt) Lexington ttveuue. ? GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO SINOI.K ??EV A tiemen can be accommodated with first class Board, in a private family. Address E. B., Post ofllce. Harlem^ A SMALL FAMILY HAVE THREE CONNECTING Rooms to let. with Hoard, in modern ?,r*,.wn house first rate accommodation^ delight!Hi location, convenient to Madison avenue cars: no other boarders, us sevcniy-einlith siro t. near t entral Parfc. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN A FIRST CLASS A location, will let some handsomely ftirnlshe.1 Rooms, with Mio. rior table, to a gentleman and wife or to single gentlemen. Address box 3,969 Host oftlce, PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO RENT THB1B Third l lonr, with Hoard, in MhiIib.>ii av'i.r Thirty-Or^t street. Address, with full name, 1 OS1TIV E, lleritld Uptown Branch ofllce. . , A FAMILY OF FOl'R HWE A SEt'ONH STOR\, I rout alcove Rooml handsotnoly furnished, to let, wltb tirst class Board ; suitable tor a room and bedroom. 50 West Thlrty-fl'th street ? . HANDttOMELT FURNISHED SUIT of Rooms, suitable tor a party ol gentlemen orgentleman and wire, with or without Breakfast W Madison avenue. 1 N ISRAELITE FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOMELY A furnished second floor front Room, with Alco\>, to rent with first class Board, to gentleman ami wile or single" "itlcmen. Addresn ll? VVest Forty ourth street. 4 H ANDSOMELY FURNISHED THIRD STORY FRONT A Room, with first class Hoard. Thirty-tlllli street, be tween Fifth aud sixth avenues. Refcnntces , *ch""f,id Address J. A. I)., box i:*4 Herald I ptown Brunch office-! ss&rattttar ? Broadwaj'. ? no tv a tr FAMILY WILL ACCOMMODATE IJ1 A Uieir own bouse. Forty -seventh street, near ** Hvt?rtno in*wIv lurnisbed, u Iftmily oi adults: none but those who are wWgtoCompensate tor rtrs. class bourn and attendance need answer. Address 11 KDr.rAM, Herald Uptown Branch office. A WIDOW WILL LET ONE OR TWO NICELY furnished Rooms, with or without Board; would suit lady or went Ionian; to a reasonable; location, between Tltlrty^lghthi and Fortieth >treetn, near Lexington a\enu<;. Address kay, Herald. tTptown Branch ottlco. , 4 OKNTLKMAN DESIUOrs (IK A niMFoUTAHliK _V\ home can secure hack Parlor, B?'?!ri>otn and ittintf Koou? ulljohdnt. 'w I th full or l-rtial ljoanl . locut ion Krookl.Mi; convenient to all lorries. Address u St., uox 1,889 New York Host ofllce. A HANDSOMELY furnished ROOM TO let? With Board, to sin ale gentleman. In refined privau nimilv, near Fourteenth street, west side : r.-U-rences ex changed. Add res El REKA, box It-llerald OtlUl. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY OFFER A HANDSOME SEC A ond Floor, en suite or single, with Hoard, to gen lb men and wives.or gentlemen; references. Apply at 1.6 West Forty-sccond street ~T private family occupying an elegant A house,West Twenty-third street, will rent, wit:h or without Board, the Parlor Floor, unfurnished; the sec ond story back 'Room, furnished, and several single Rooms, tor gentlemen. References exchanged. Desirable board can be had in a private boarding liouae: rooms on first and second floors, references required. Address H. M. F? Rutherford Hark. New Jersey. ?? J~7lEOANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR TO \j rent-In a private family; house and b^atlonflrst class reference given and required; Private table tl de sired. Address A. C.. Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. TTtURNISIlED ROOMS?FOR tlKNTLEMAN^Ain) WlFBj r Board for the lady oiily. Address yilEfNESs, sta tion A. Fine labof. front room, secoed floor, near Fifth avenue, below Fourteenth street.?Excellent table, refined family; n,Jrrir^^'"pLe ?r4 ^"f?ost ofllce.' ii,en ; references required. Address tiox 4,fss? i osi onu IVront alcove room, or entire second ' Floor to let, with Board, In first cla>s house, P"\ato lamlly: two doors from Fifth avenue, near Uilaey House. Address box 653 New York I out otne.6. OKNTLKMAN AND WIFE CAN SECURE HANDSOME Ct iv furnished Rooin,seo.?nd iloor; sunall laniily tidults; exci llent location; good table nH y' highest references necessary. Address OH10RTI NII Y, Herald Uptown Branch oflice. /GENTLEMAN AND WIIE WISH FURNISHED o Rooms; Board for the lady only. Address, stating particulars, L. B. C., Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. VlKNCNO"? BOARDERS' DIRECTORY, V UNION G" win are.?Beautiful Rooms In every locality. wlUi or without Foard: particulars and permits gratis. . ?w-r i nI KM ~ VN ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, WITH TT Board,'to gentleman nnd cars or boat Address aI C. D? Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. Next door to grand hotel pn west thirty first street)?Elegant accommodations to let, with or without m .m . high, st referenaee ?ch?nfea. mo LET-A FRONT AND BACK I'ARI OR, WITH T Bedroom connectlsg, furnished or unfurnished suit, able for a doctor or n party ot gentlemen ; will be let sep arately If desired, with or without Board. Inquire at .47 West Forty-ninth street. TO LET-A HANDSOME BASEMENT, IN A FIRST class location, with water and gas, an.l nicely fur nished. suitable for a physician, with Board If required. A.l'lr. rn H II.. llerald Uptown Branrh offlee. O LIT?TO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. AN ELE uontlv furnished Room, all newlv frescoed; house brown stono- would prefer boarding ladv only; those seeking a good home can addreos IloME, llerald Uptown Branch office. TO BENT?IN A PhlVATE FAMILY, TWO FRONT Room*, with pnrt Board, to gentlemen. Extensive ?lew ot the bay, with bathing and tlshing: within live minutes of two landings. Apply, with references, at the stone House, Seaman's lb-treat, Stapleton, S. I., or to J. JI-.H(iU)>l I.N. 152 Uroiidway, rooui No. ;t. TWO OR THRBR GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE IN ? refined North Unrmnn private family (Israelites), near tin- t'entral 1'ark, well furnished Rooms, with or wlthi nt Board. Address, with. references, COMFORT, Herald offlei. TWO VERY PLEASANT, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms on second floor nt!M.t West Twentieth street, to let, with Board, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentleman: family private. TIIBF.E GENTLEMEN CAN RE. ACCOMMODATED with furnished Room* (front, second door), in a pri vate family with no children. Apply, Tuesday uud Wednesday, at ill) West Forty-lourtli strict. ?VTOBKVILLE.-THREE FINE ROOMS ON SECOND 1 floor to let, foiretlier or separately, witli Board, at 151 East Nmet.v-second Street. 17 ?TO' LET, WITH HOARD. A LARGE FRONT ii. Room and Bedroom, furnished <? r untarnished; brown stone house ; genteel location, overlooking Ceti tral 1'ark ; home comforts. Address 11., West Filly.eighth street, station G. BOARD AM> LODGIIVG W W i l l). A gentleman and wife, with NI.RSE AND balie, wish pleasant Rooms, with Board, where there are few or no other hoarders; location between Twenty thlril and Fifty-ninth streets, Fourth avecue and Broad way. hest reference will be given; for agreeable accom modations $125 per month will be given. Address BROKER, Herald ofllce. A FAMILY OF 411 REP. ADULTS WILL kent Ho .?e. completely furnished, to 11 suitable party. 111 exchange lor first class Board; German or French table. Address M. V., box I'M Herald office. Ayouno lady of refinement, engaged during the day, desire* Board In a genteel family, where instruction ou the pUno would oe taken 111 part payment; reference. Address D. D., Brooklyn Branch Herald otnee. Ayouno wiikiw lady would like a neat Room, with Board, for the entire Summer, whether nbsent from the cltv or riot; Board not to exceed $0 ? week; no object Ions to going up town near the 1'ark. Address, lor one week, Mrs. E. D. C., Herald Uptown Branch oflice. A GENTLEMAN AND wife, with NURSE AND three children 8, 5 and 1?, years eld, wlsli pleasant I Booms and good Board, German or French table; loca tion between Fourteenth and Filly-ninth streets. Ad dress, stating lull particulars and terms, S. M. K., Ucr aid ofllce. A- LADY BREAKING I.I' IIOI'SEKEEI'INO WANTS a sunny Room, second floor, with Board, in a pri vate tainil , not too tar up town, west, m-ar sixth avenue, until the middle of June, then from Sepf/nber It); din ner 1 o'elock ; good location ; terms mu/l tie moderate; best reference given and required. Address S. K. J., Herald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE IN THF. HOME of a widow two handsomely furnished Rooms, com municating, with full Hoard for lady; boarding house keepers will pi ase uot reply. Address RETIRED, box 161 Herald ofllce. _____ BOARD WANTED?IN A STRICTLY private FAM 11v b\ a gentleman and wile; references given and required. Address, suiting terms and particulars, X., Herald offlrr Board wanted-in a private f\mily, by a gentleman and wife; the best of references given and required. Address, with full particulars, U. F., box. l.fji I'ost office. ___ Board wanted.?a young lady desires a Room, with Hoard, in a private family, where she will fin.I home comiorts; location between Eighth and Twentieth streets, west side. Address C. L. M., btutlug terms and full particulars. Herald office. Board w \nted.-second floor, with pri. vate table; permanent; not tan than three or tour rooms will !>e accepted; location up towu otllv. Address 2. E. S., Herald Uptown Branch nfllce. Board wanted-hy two young gentlemen, in a strictly private family; references exchanged; boarding house keepers need not answer this advertise ment Addre?*. staling terms, which must be moderate, H IIOI.KS t EE, I'm* I'ost office Board wantkd-ry a single gentleman, with a family residing below Twentv-fh n; street; a Catholic tamliy preferred , reiuxcuce*. Addrcas, stating terms, M. R. C., Herald office. Boarding wanted?by a gentleman, wife and daughter lour year* of age, In an intelligent and Christian luiiuly iptivuU:,). li?.lt.r<.ui.c?. AUui'tM J- U. i fclaUuli U. BOARD AMD LOpGIJIO WASTED. HANDSOME ROOMS, WITU board, THIRTIETH street, near Fifth avenne; rtrtreoott Address JOHNSON, Ueruld Uptown Branch office. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?BY GENTLEMAN mitt wile. at $18 per week: will not pay extra for Are nn.I gas in Winter season. Address J. K. UOOilK, box 1,7'J8 New York Pout office. TWO YOPNG LADIES (SISTERS) DESIRE A ROOM and I'cilroom in a private family, with or without Board , terms inodei'iite ; references given ami required. Address A. HAYES, 111 Bait Forty-eighth It!act. TVANTED-BY v WIDOW lady, a single room, * ' w>th Board; terms not to exceed $8 per week. Rel eregceaexchanged. Address F. R , ll.-ru.itl office. \irANTED?BO ARD, by a cientlkm AN AND WIPE, tt on second floor-. east side preierred. AddresB, with terms. V M. K , Herald Pptown Hraii'h office. YLTANTED?BY A tlENTLKMAN, ROOM AND BREAK *t tast In a German family of refinement. In a llrst class neighborhood. Address L. S., box 0,706 Post office. TIT ANTED?BY A LADY, FURNISH ED KOOM (OOOD TY neighborhood), with or without Boar.l. Addrew O. \I < raid otllce, Ktatlug numLer of occupant* aud lull particular a. WANTKn-BY TWO OENTLF.MEN, A NICELY FUR tt nishr.l Room, with Board, In a private Jcwich fam ily i location above Fortieth street, on the west slile TlWBI Pol to lltMd $**). Address L L., UeraM office. WANTED?BY A LADY, A NICP.I.Y FURNISHED ?? square Itmim, Willi Hoard; central location; pri vate l.imily preferred: terms not over $40 per mouth. Address W. J. W., Herald Uptown Branch oltice. TV-ANTED?1WEST OF SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TT Twenty-third street, hy a young gentleman, a pleas ant Room, lull or partial Board ,1'nitiiriun or other liberal people preierred. Address box lib Ueruld Uptown Branch office. T\rA NTKD?BOARD and furnished ROOM, BY ?? a gentleman and wile, In a private family, where there arc no other boarders preierred; location. Twelfth street to Twenly-tlilrd street, between Sixth avenue and Second. Address HOYKR, Herald office, stating terms, which must be moderate. BROOKLYN ICO A It I). 3rr FIFTH STREET, BROOKLYN, E. D., FIVE ?' minutes' walk from ferries.?To let, with Board, nicely furnished Booms, to gentleman and wile ornnglo gentlemen. House tlrst class; relerenees exchanged. "W? SOUTH NINTH STRERT, CORNER FIFTH, J'!?J Brooklyn, K. D.?To let, with or without Board, to two single gentlemen, an elegant Parlor, with bath room attached; al-o unfurnished Room to gentleman and wile; excellent ground*, with shade; terms reasonable. Board, city and country combined.?a family owning a modern built residence, with ample grounds, extra large garden, choicest fruits and vege tables. will accommodate two gentlemen with front room and Hoard on moderate terms. Inquire in Fitty Ufih street, tlrst house below Third avenue, Brooklyn. HOTELS. MAISON pa RISIKNNK. .<W AND 40 EAST TWELFTH street, between University place and Broadway.? Elegant salt and single Booms; private attendance if required; table d'hote attiuJU P. if., at ?1 25, including wine. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL. 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF Bavard street,?200 light Rooms, neatly furnished, 50c. or IMc. per night, $2 M) to $4 per week. For gentlemen only. EESERVOIR PARK HOTEL, CORNER SIXTH AVE i nue and Fortieth street. -A line Suit ol Rooms to rent, with Hoard, oppo*,ite. the Park. ulso Rooms fur slugle gen tlemen. * CO! NTRV KIIAItl). A FAMILY BOARDINO 8CHOOL FOR HOYS AND girls?$5 per w<>ek, iivludlng board, washing, tuition and all the cointons ot a country home. For circulars apply to Mrs. 11. C. MORRELL, Manhusset, L. I. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, OF PARTS, DESIRES TO Board in the country: can pay $lrt per month, and would give French lessons. Address K. L., box 151 Herald oltice. A LADY AND CHILD. THREE YEARS OLD, WISH to engago country Board lor the Summer mouths with a good liermaii family; place at or near Morris town, Dover or on any of the higher parts of New Jersey would he preferable. Address, with full particulars and terms, SUMMER BOARD, Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDINO IN A MOST DE siruhle locality in Norwalk, Conn., oil Long Island Sound, can accommodate tor the Summer, or longer, one large family with four fine airy Rooms and good Board; Hlno accommodations lor servants, horses and carriages; access by New Haven Railroad and steamer Amerleus; city references given and required. Add rem SUMMER BOARD, box New York Post office. At plainfield, n. j ? four rooms, wiTn Board, ill pleasant location ; high ground ; line view; ptentv shade. Addxese W. S., box 281 rust office, l'laiu tlefd, N. J. AT stamford,?FINE ROOMS, WITH BOARD. FROM .lune IS; house contains eiiy conveniences j lawn, cro quet ground, stabling, Ac. ; 10 minutes trom depot, otio hour from city. Apply at or address No. 7 West Thirty second street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND A DESIRA ble home with a private family, in the city ol Eliza beth, N. J.; house delightfully situated in a healthy lo cality, near depot; splendid grounds, frmf and (lowers; only35 to 4f. minutes Irotu New York city. Ai!dr?sa jameson, Herald office. OARD WASTED -AT A PLEASANT PLACE IN THE country, for family, as follows:?(ientletnan and B wife, two si.ns (2a and VI years), two daughters (19 and 11 years): must he so located that the gentlemen can reach New York eucli morning by 8:30o'clock Address, stating particulars and price, to FftANK A. ROCKWELL, care H. B. (Martin A Co.. New York. BAY SHORE. L. I.?WITHIN a FEW minutes OF the South Buv, easily aecewdble by South Side Rail road?Families can be nicely accommodated with Hoard. Apply to T. J. COX. 47 Liberty street, or ISAAC DAVIS, 47 n arren street, New York. /COUNTRY HOARD?AT BERGEN POINT. NEAR DE \J pot and boats landing from foot ot Liberty street. Ad dress /,., box 113 llerald office. /country BOARD?SOUTH SIDF. LONG ISLAND; \J accommodations tlrst glass: price $M per week. Refer, by permission, to Mr. UEOKUH. 121 Lost Twenty tilth street. CIOUNTRY BOVRD-AT CATS KILL, AT A PRIVATE / house, from muv 1; term* to fill pcjr week. Refer pnces, l>. F. Harris, |S2 Fulton street, New York. Address S. \v. HOLHROOK, Catsklll, N, v. f lot' NTRY BOARD? BERGEN 1'OINT.?THE HIS ' J k'old House, liuvinu' changed hands, is now open tor irnosts. Charminu location, within .'?) minutes of city hy boat or train: 60 tmins daily; airy rooms, fine views, boating. bnthing, (I-Iiidk'. lrc-li intIK. fruit and veceta Men, stabling, <lc. Pier 1?, Liberty street. Address us above. POITNTRY BOARD AT TltBMONT?IN PRIVATE V ' family; nice lorntlon; Rood rooms; lamily table; plenty shade; terms from $.1 to $fi per week. Apply at land agency opposite depot. (lOITVTRV BOARD AT CAIRO -FINB LOCATION, J near Catsklll Mountain-;: pood board, Ac.; terms modi rale. Address K. E. DARBY, Cairo, Greene county, N. V. (K)UNTRY BOARD FOR CHILDREN?ON HARLEM ' Road, one minute from depot; mother'* eare : terms fSlper month. Address W. W. K., Tremont Post office. pOt NTRT BOARD-IK gre.y VI i.Li-;. NRW JERSEY; \J '.'ii minutes bv New Jersey Central Railroad. Ad dles, Mrs. c. vaN horn. /lot'NTItY BOARD-TWO OR Til HE K ll\NDPoME x J Room", with gas. bath, *<?? to let. lu a private French family ; suitable lor a party of Rents or a family. Ad dress L., East Orange, Essex county, N. J. (COUNTRY BOARD?AT monticello, SULLIVAN > county, N. Y., 100tnlla* from tile city by Brie or Mid land Railroad , pure air: K"0 I water: plenty of milk and vegetables; refer to Captain C. II. Krlsble, 331 anil 333 Broailwav, or A. B. Au?tin, No. 2 Chamhi rs street; terms $ti to a week. Address J. M. C.M.MICAKL, us above. (10UNTRY BOARD?ON CENTRAL RAILROAD OF ) New Jersey; pleasant Rooms; gentlemen or gentle men and wives: flno view ot New York Hay: boating, fishing and bathing Address V. V., Greenville, N. J. (IOCNTKY BOARD AT A BARM HOU8B, WITHIN J halt an hour's ride from ear or boat, lor family or adults; rooms law : plenty of stable room. Address J. II. V., box <1 Post ollice, Peeknklll. New York. (lOCNTBYBOARD WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN* J wife and infant, from about .Inne I to October, within one hour of New York ; plenty of fresh milk, itr , desirable. Address, with full particulars, O., bo* 1(J6 Now York Post office. /COUNTRY BOARD?THE INSTITUTE, CLARK'S \V Mill, Stamford, Conn., will open for boarders about the 20tli itist tinier new management, Goo.1 and plenti ful table ; ample stabling. For terms and further particu lars apply on premises, or at 12 Lafayette place, city. (10UNTRY BOARD AT ENGLEWOOD, N. J.-GOOD J Rr oins and excellent table tor single parties or for families; 40 minutes from New York, 2 minutes from station; price $h to $ll per week. Address or apply at the Palisade House, as above. Ijl.NGLEWOOD HOUSE, ENGLEWOOD, N. .1., BY !i Northern Railroad, font ol Chambers street, or steam boat. foot ol Harrison street. Appiy to the Proprietor, Englewood House. 17HRST CLASS country BOARD-IN PRIVATE r family on delightful water front, opposite den Cove and Sea Cliff; largo modern house. with iras and water ; splendid bathinu. boating mid Ashing Maiding for horses. Call at IMSottth street, nr 37 Wi -t Ninth stre* t Address W. H. VANDERVBBB, Port Washington. Long Island. TjMRST CLASS COUNTRY BOARD-IN A SMALL PSU r vate family, with all tlio comforts of a home, at Greenwich Conn., for two retitlcmen and their wives: convenient b> both cars and steamboats; references ex changed. Address or apply to Mrs. J. A. JACKSON, Greenwich. Conn. TjlOUR (iENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN" BOARD AT A X" prlva te residence in Fairview, N. J., per Northern Railroad ; 3D minute from Chambers.street; billiard taMe and - table accommodations. Address box f 7' Post office /TOOD country BOARD-AT A PLEASANT FARM \X House, in the Cat/ikills, at $fi and $7 per week, com mencing May 1. Andres.-) A. 11. OAKES, No. 7 turning ton place. New York. GRAND VIEW HOUSE, MORBISToWN, N J -PURE mountain air, picturesque drives, and all the ad vantages of country living; Rooms can be secured by applying at U Filth eyenut. ? GNNTLEM I'.N AND THEIR WIVES OR SINOLB ! gentlemen can have good Board and large, airy Rooms, 20 minutes from the city on the Jersey i cntral Railroad. Central Hotel, Ccnireville, Uayotiue City, N. J. CGENUINE COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?ON OR BE T forn 1st June, about an hour's distance ironi New York, for a party ot tour adults and servant. Address, with Aill particulars and lowest terms, PARTR1DUE, llerald otllce. MONTCLAIR, N. J?ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD, In a private lauiUy. Address box 181 Montclair Post office. Montclair. n. j.-two gentlemen and their ? wivp-i can And first class Board in a private family where there are no other hoarders; lawn, fruit and shade lrvva> AddrtrtA. imoWiN. MoUWUil, N. J. ^_ COCVTRT BOARD. New'Brighton statfn ihland-mrh.'brkhSit hn? taken tin- house <>n Richmond terrace Wester vult avenue, and has a lew Apartments connecting tor families; also singleRooms. Apply early for choice. ONE OR TWO LADIKH OR A LADY AND CHIlI dren ma obtain giM*l plain Hoard una larin tn Koo.k lunil coimtv. New York; very healthv location; plenty ol truit and shade. Address U., box iH Herald offlce. PARtlEH DESIROUS OF ORTAINING COUNTRY Hoard tor the Summer season, where sea hathinir, fishing and drives are utie<|tialleri, and where mosquitoes and lever ami ague are not know n, will do well to apply to SEYMOUR CORWIN, proprietor of Miainogue House, Jamesport, L. I. PARTIES WI8HIK0 To COMBINE CITY AND COCK try can find superior accommodations; warranted perfectly heaithyr high ground and accessible l.y l>oal and cars at all hour* ; one hour irom t'lty Hall; plaee mini lie wen to he appreciated ; unexceptionable refer enced Riven and required. Address Mrs. C. M. KlDDEK, Melrose, Westchester county, N. Y. SUMMER HOARD.?COMFORTABLE ROOMS. WITH goo.1 Hoard, can tie obtained in the beautiful villaue of Middle town, orange county, N. Y? only ifH hours by Krie or Midland Railroad. For particulars call on HAMILTON BROTHERS, .'?91 We*t street, city. _____ SI M MRR BOARD?THREE FAMILIES CAN BE AO conimodatcd ; delightful upland location ; large, airy rooniN; a tew minutes' walk troui railroad and boat. Ad dress box 61. I'ecksklll, N. Y. OUMMER BOARD AT NYACK, ON THE HUDSON.? Superior accommodations In private family; house large, commanding tine view of river, and short dlstauce (rmn depot; well suaded grounds; abundance of truit; fine stabling for horses, references exchanged. Apply at No. 5 Fast Ninth street. STAMFORD, CONN.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR two ladies can obtain Hoard In a small private fam ily. with home privileges: house contains modern itn provcinents Address STAMFORD, hox 18U Herald ofllco TO LET?FU RNI KURD ROOMS, WITH BOARD, IN A private lauilly ; In.use situated near landing : com manding view of Hay, references required. Address either fountain House or I'oat office box ItU West New Brighton, Staten Islnnd. Till'. ELEGANT HESIDE.NCE AT RYF, FORMERLY owned by Renlauiin I.o<ler, Is now open tor heardcrs tor the Hummer; house has gas and water, with accompanying conveniences; 10 acres beautifully laid out ill shade and irmt trees; location ltluh and healthy, euibra> ing a tine landscape mid water view; distance from the city miles, 12 minutes'walk irom depot. For particulars apply to or address l.oDElt lloUSE, Rye, Westchester county, N. Y. WANTED?A FEW CHILDREN To BOARD IN TUB TT country, about ll! miles from the city, in Jersey: terms moderate and the best of attention ; instruction if required. Address L. M. II., ?tl Ninth avenue. TITANTBD?FOR Fol'R YOUNG MEN, BOARD FOR V* Summer months; private luuillv (no other boarders f referred), address, stating terms, Ac., G. KNACK, suv nt-'s bank, 58 Bowery, New York. "ll/"ANTED?BOARD FOR THE SUMMER FOR GEN Vf tleman, wife, two small children ami nurse. In tho mountains; up the Hudson preferred. Address, statim* terms, place, Ac., BOARD A., box IM Herald Uptown Branch office. "TITANTBD?COUNTRY BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAM tt ily, for gentleman uinl wilo; must he within one hoar's rido ol New York. Address, stating terms and lo cality, k. T., Herald Uptown Branch office. \\7ANTED-IBOARD IN THE COUNTRY, FOR TUB ?? Hummer months, by two families, consisting of sixteen, where no other boarders are taken; place must lie healthy ami shadv; Gorman or French preferred. Address, stating particulars, box 106 Post office. T*TANTED?COUNTRY BOARD, FOR ABOUT TEN ? ? weeks from July I, In a pleasant ami healthy loca tion, within two hours' distance from New York; by a school for young ladies, comprising about twenty per sons, adults and children, who want to be the onlv board ers of the house. Offers, stating particulars and lowest terms, please address A. B. 0., box 1,890 New York Post office. WANTED?ROOMS AND BOARD FOR A FAMILY of five or six adults; private family preferred; lo cality and surroundings unexceptionable'; convenient to cars to City Hatl; all modern comforts;about four rooms required; answer, giving locality, rooms and price per week : location central, but might go us fur as Harlem. AddressfO. W., Herald office. SUMMER IIKSOIITS. Astoria house, astokia.?well conducted establishment for boarders; fine apartments anil table ; rw iiiMtutes sail; handsome grounds scenery, trees, Ac ; terms Moderate; country and city comforts com bined. 7 ? .JSjU. BELMONmDALL, SCHOOLKY'B MOUNTAIN. N. J.? Will happened June 1 fur tho reception of company. w D. A. CROWELL. Bath hotel, bath, l i.?this popular sum. nier resort has been completely renovated and re furnished, and will be ready tor flic reception of board ers ? i the 1Mb of May; seabathing. boating, fishing. Ac. For Looms, <ke., apply as above, or at the office of Irving Place Hotel, curucr Fourteenth street and Irving place. AUGUST FUNK, sr.. Proprietor. Brighton house, PERTH AVBOY, N. J. Tills hotel, having been taken In charge bv new parties, lias been thoroughly reiiov amd and refftted. and will tie open to the public on the 15th day of M*v. Pino fishing, boating ana bathing; bcautlfnl scenery and splendia drives, with cool tea nreer.e ; liberal arrangements made with t mi lilies and permanent boarders, one hour from New York. For lull particulars apply to S. C. BAN, pr<* pile tor. / ' BO FT HOUSE, OPPOSITB WEST POINT.?HIGH * J. elevation ; newly fitted for families; every comfort; tabling, tine drives; river views; opens Muv I. C. O. KKHWOI.DT, Harrison's. N. Y. T7IAOLESWOOD 1'ARK HOTEL, PERTH A M B< >Y, I i will bo opened June I; among the attractions are extensive law ns, salt water bathing, boating and Ashing; also a mineral spring (Iron and sulphur). The house is handsomely furnished, having every convenience, water, gas Ac. ; good stabling; communication by Penn sylvania Railroad, also by Staten Island Railroad. Ad dress the subscribers, who can be seen at the Coleman House, New York, between tho hours of 1J and I, on Tucsduv*. * S. S. CoLKVAff. COLEMAN A YELLOTT, G. W. Ykllott. Perth Am boy. N.J. pRNTRY LEAVING THB CITY FOR THE SUMMER " I would do well by having their paintings and engrav ings cleaned and restored by EARL, the well-known pic ture Restorer, K15 sixth avenue, northwest corner ol Thirty seventh street N. B.?No charge lor storage dur ing Summer months. Hotel proprirtobb at summer resorts ? . Schilling's well-known orchestra can be engaged the coming season; will nirnish a single pianist tou^ull orchestra Call on or uddiess E. SCHILLING, office Ibl Broadway, N. Y. High hotel opens for summer visit ors on May 7 Rowing on the Dolawure ; new boats, free to guests; troiitlng In the mountain streams; fishing on the river and lakes; beautiful drives and walks; grand waterfalls; pure mountain ulr; no mosquitoes; no chills nnd fever; special terms to parties engaging board tor the season. For circulars apply to Pill LIB F. FL'LMKR, Dlngman's Ferry, I'lke county. Pa. I A TOURETTE HOUSE, BERGEN POINT, 30 MIN J utes from New York, will open for ihe reception of guests on May 1; special, terms made with tatnllles. Call on or address It. M. MICHAEL, Bergen Point. KIGHTON HOUSE, Newman Spring*, Red Hank, N. J. Tills dellghtlul Summer resort. beautifully -iluatert nn the Shri'wulinry River, will be reopened iin<lcr uew man agement May I, TMu house has hern enlarged anil re fllted. Shady proves, fountains, Summer h uisesaml lino lawn*. Chalybeate, iron surlngs, till'' drives, fishing, boating ami bathing, billiard room and stubling. Forty flve minutes' drive to Loiik Branch. For circulars address box 41111 Post nflV'e, New York. FREDERICK Bl.l.iiEK, Proprietor. 1AKK OEOKOK SI'MMKR RE8IHENCE.? A I.ADV J and gentleman or two ladle* can |n> accommodated Iroin duly 1 in a strictlj private family: situation unsur paused, with eve ry possllde comlort; price $W> u monih for both; rcierences ol the hiahest respectability given anil required. Addresx lor particulars under real name, M. X., box 2.KM Port office. Mm-vtaIN HOUSE, SOUTH ORANGE, H0NTR08K station, N. J.?Tills favorite first c ans hotel isopin lor Spring and Hummer season: it has all the conven iences and comforts of a city hotel; iW minutes from loot of Barclay street, via Morris and Ksscx Railroad', ;H trains daifv. Extra Inducements to parties wishing im mediate Hoard. C. HITZELBU R<jER, Proprietor. Mansion house-on the terrace, new Brighton, S. I.; healthy neighborhood, pleasant sur roundings, line drivos, boating, hathinir. Ac.; will be con due tad. an heretofore, us n strictly first class lainily resort; to parties doing business In the city it otters Indue emi nts by IsiaLs every hour iroui loot of Her street, time ;W minutes. Mrs. k. L. UUCKLtft. Mansion house, larchmont manor- 19 miles on New Haven Railroad, sea bathing, bos tine, Ml luirds, howling ulley . large, airy rooms; lawn and shade 5 accommodation for horses. Apply at :tt Klith avenue. WILLIAM SHAW. Mount prospect house, montclair, n. j. This delightful Summer retreat u til reopen May 1, Apply as above. Montvert hotel, middletown kprinus, vr, opens June 2: house new. at) rooms; gas, water and bath; mountain sccnerv. mineral springs, lino drives, llshlng; health and comfort are the attraction!. D. D00LITTLE, Proprietor, HI West Forty-first kl 1)alisai)KS ? MOUNTATN HOUSE will be opere'l on or about the 1st of May. For terms, Ac., address 002ZBNS A Mt kkav. Bnglewootf, N, J, T>BBHIim POINT house.-DKMOHTVT Ll.Y situ X ate I on the Sound , sea battling. ft-blng, boating, pleasant drives, "tabling; no chillsJarul lever ; 45 minutes iroiiici'y. A. r. PLYMPt'oN, 'A West Twenty-fourth st_ "pavilion HOTEL, OLEN cove, LONO ISLAND. J will open about June I; accommodations tor 2i*J guest*; superior drives, boating, bathing and Ashing ; de. sirable location lor business men ; guests can here, enjoy the advantages of a first class establishment at very rea sonable rates; liberal arrangements uiadc with flmilllet wishing early Board. C. L. BRKJOS. PARK HOUSE, BLOOMKl ELI), N. J., NOW open. J. W. HOWKLL. ceven SPRINOS MOUNTAIN HOUSES, MONROE, k> Orange County, N. Y., opens June l.V ? ru!I band lor ertire wubon. No pains spared; first class Summer ro ?ort. J. M. HETMAN, Manager. ST, MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRIUIWON, STATEN is land.?This favorite ri sort i- now open lor the recep. tion of guests. For terms and ether Information apply at th? Hotel, or address U. DcCAMP, Proprietor. ST. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J.? EIOHT minutes from Jersey City ferry, Cortlandt or Des brosses street; Pennsylvania Railroad; beautifukloca tion; first class talde; elegantly furnished Rooms, elf suite or singly; all modern improve me uti; boating, driving, good suidlng, 4c. Tarrytown 1IKIC.HT8 HOTEL, TARRYTOWN, ON the Hudson?Will open the 1st of June: parties wish ing to engage Rooms lor season wilt find carnages at depot on arrival ul the 10.4ft train from New York. lues d.ivs and Fridays. For terms, Ac., apply to JAM ho r. DUDLEY, 20 Nassau street, room 36. rpHE WEST END, FORT WASHINGTON.-THIS NEW I Hotel, located opposite the Palisades, on the Hudson in all its appointments llrst class and within quick com munlcatlon with all business centres,.will reogen ab?u JlU) i* Fur Rooms address llliliUU H.

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