Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1873 Page 4
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T SUMMER RESORTS. nut: OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT R. I. JUNK, \m. WEAVERS A BATES. The tappan zee house, v Nyark, on the Hudson. N. Y., one honr fVora New York city, will bo opened Jun* i?i the reception of quests and kept In the best st> It. * trims or the house mar be procured by addressing ?. MANSFlKLi), Proprietor. TtTRIOHT'S OR A.N 11F, HOTEL. WEST FARMS, W Westchester county, N. Y ? Now "''f? ' . in mod son ; 40 minutes irotn Peck -lip by rail in J [)""t ? *'i J??an ern accommodations; Ht?^le\ b<>?tii and P' 8treet. or anil trees. Inquire ot J. K. BERRY, 7? Nassuu street, or address as above. ^ p ^ w w WRIGHT, Manager*. TirOOD'BUBO PAVILION, WOODSBURG, L. I.?-THIS W magnificent Hotel wi\l Ik! opened June 1; can be reached bv South Side orLong Island Railroad. For to run. Ac., address N. T. SEWhLL, Fropnetor. r EIRI'PEA^ STEAMSHIPS. VVHITKO^g?JRKENSTOW.V AND LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New und fttll-powvred steamships. Sailing Irom New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each wav. OCEANIC Saturday, May 10, at3:30 P. M. ADRIATIC May 24. at 3 P. M. BALTIC Saturday. Mav 31. atrt:3) A M. CELTIC Saturday, .luue 7, at 2 P. M. From the White Star dock, Pavonia terry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations tor all classes unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion Is lelt Surgeons and ttewardess accompany the Steamer. _ Rales?Saloon. $liM) (told ; steerage, $30 In currency. Those wishing to send lor friends in the old conntry can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates. $32 currency. Passengers hooked to or from all parts ot America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts Irom ?1 upwards. . , For Inspection of plans and other Information apply at the company's office. IU Broadway, New \ork. Bills of lulling issued to Continental porta. J. H. SPARKS, Agent C1UNARD LINR. ) THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS. BETWEEN NEW YORK ASl) LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. ?SCOTIA Wed., Mav 7 ALGERIA Wed., May 14 ?RUSSIA Wed.. May 21 ?JAVA Wed.. May 2S ?CUBA Wed.. June ABYSSINIA....Sat., May 10 BATAVIA Sat., May 17 CALABRIA....Sat, May 24 I-ARTH1A sat. May 31 SAMARIA ...Sat., June 7 Steamers marked thus l") uo not curry steerage pas " And evcr^ following WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY ^Rau^'ol Pussage?Cabin, $"0, $100 and $130, cold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets to I arts, $l5,goiu, additional. Return tickets ou favorable Urms. Meer aae, $30. currency. . , . , Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown and all parts of Europe at lowest rates. Ihrougti bills in lading given for Bcllast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other ports on ihe Continent anil lor Mediterranean port*. For freight and cabin passage apply at the Com pany's office. No. 4 Bowling Green. l-or steerage pus sage. No. Ill Broudway, Trinity Building. CHAS. ii. KRa.M KLYN, Agent ^ "VTEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON IN and all points in England and Wales. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COM PANY'S new, first class, full-powereil, Clyde-built steam ship GLAMORGAN, Captain Lavbourne. will sail irom Pennsylvania Railroad whurt, Jersey City, oil SHtuiday, May 3. ? ? PEMBROKE, May 24. Cabins. $.15, $75 and $S0. currency; Steerage, $30. For further particulars apply to , ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents, 17 Broadway. VfATIONAL LINE OF STEAMERS. 7?" IN Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; f.i(l"l8utly to London direct. ____ ' TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL,, from piers 44 aud 47 North River. * EGYPT Grogan Saturday, May 10. A3 P. M. CANADA. Webster- Saturday. May 17, aty A. M. SP YIN Grace Saturday, May 24. at 3 P. M. FRANCE, Thomson Wednesday, May 28, at3 P. M FOR LONDON DlRECT. DENMARK. Sumner Thursday, MayS, at 2 P. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARK THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$80, $90 and $100, currency. Excursion? SliXI and $180. Steerage. $29, currcncy. Prepaid steerage tickuts Irom Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, (i lasso w. Cardiff.. Bristol ?r London, CHEAPER fllAN BY ANY OTHER LINE. For turthcr Information apply at tbe ixirnpany s office, Broadway. F. W. .1.111 RST. Manager. 'FllE HAMBURG-AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S 1 iron mall steamsWj.(iTRlJ.0T^ Captain J. Mever, will sail on Thursday, May 8, at 2 P. M? lor Hamburg, ^ , . taking passengers Irom New York to Plymouth, Lotiuun, Cherbourg ana Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. . Second Cabin, $72. Steerage, $3", payable In Inited states gold. KUNHARDTACo!, C. B. RICHARD A Boas. General Agents. General Pass ngcr Agents. $1 Broad street. New Y.>rk. til Broadway. New \ork The HAM MON1A will sail May IS. The steamer VAN DA LI A as extra steamer direct May 17. _ r NITED STATES MAIL TO'IIAV4VA AM> MEXICO, HAVANA. I'KOOKESO ANII VERA CRI /. New York and Mexican vail steamship Line, leaving oler No. 3 North CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) CITY OF MEItlDA (Havana onlvi ? y, CITY OF MEXICO (Havana ami Mexico) May -- CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May 29 CITY OF MER1DA (Havana only) June 5 For freight or pa^ea^.^ BroaJwilJf^ NITED STATES M AIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. ^ WISCONSIN. Freeman, Jr May 7, at P. m. KEY ADA, Forsy th . . . .May 14, at .1 P. M. From pier 4ti North River. Cabin oassage, gold ; steerage. $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers hooked to and Irom Paris, Hamburg, Nor ?av und Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland. England, France and Germany, at lowest rates. Apply to WfLLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. XTORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. IM For Southampton and Bremen. The steamship KHEIN, Captain J. C Meyer, will sal. on Saturday, M.iv 10. ut 2 P. M , tmm Bremen pier, loot or Third street, Hobnken, to be followed by Steamship NEW YORK, ( aptain K Klugklst, on %atks7i'fMPassage to London. Havre and BREMEN, payable In gold or its equivalent in currency. First cabin Saconit Cabin ,J* Steerage For freight or passage apply to 30 OELUICIIS A CO.. Agents, No. - Bowlluf Green. 0 NLY DIRECT USE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S >1A11' STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BRKsT. The splendid vessels on tlil? lavnritc route for the Con tinent will nail from pier No. M North Kivcr. as tol own ?? WASHINGTON. Rou^.san .Saturday, Mav 17 VILLE DK PARIS Saturday. Mavil VTLLE DU HAVRE. Surmont Saturday, June 14 PfcKEIRE, Daure Saturday. June 28 PRICE OK PASSAGE IN GOLD including wine) 'ii> BREST UK IIAVHE, First Cabin, SI. Second Cabin, t'i. Excursion rickets at reduced rat''*. These steamer* do nut < arrv stceraije American traveller* golnif tii or returning tri>iu the Continent ol Eur' pe, t>v tuning this line, avoid both transit l? English railway ami the discotntort* of cross in? the Channel, besides *avlng time, trouble and ex Man. GEORGE M U'KENZIE. Accnt.M Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad ticket* between t'ari? aud Vienna furnished at reduced rate-. INMAN LINK. 1 For gueenstow* anil l iverpool. Royal Mail steamers Bre appointed to sail ;i> follow -> CITT OF BALTIMORE Thursday, Mav S, J P M. CITY OK MONTREAI .Saturday, Y.av I 2 I*. M. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, Mav 15. ?* A. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday". Mav 17. Ill \ M. CITY OF WASHlNOTON Thursday. Max 22. - I' M. CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday. Mav '.'4. 2 p. M. end each succeeding Sattird.iv and Thursday. trow pier It, North River. RATKS OF ,,ASSA(;E Cabin. $8ff and $I0U. gold, according to accommodation. Round trip th kot-s at low rates, stceraife.?To Liverpool, yncenstown, Glasgow, Lon donderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $JU. Prepaid certi ficates, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hambnrg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark an<l Purls, at reduced rates. DrutU Issued .it lowest rates. ? or , aiiin passage and general business apply at the Company's office, 15 Broadway. For steerage passage, 33 Broadway. JOHN G. DALE, Agent, or to O'DONKELL A FAULK, 4<*2< hestnut street. Philadelphia. M. S. CRI.AGII, lirj state street, Boston. F. C. BROW N, ^ South Market street, Clilnapo. WM I.N.MAN, Liverpo ol, and No. 9 Hue Scribe, Paris. fJOOK'S FOREIGN TOURS. ~ ^Passengers booked ky any Hue of steamers to all parts Ireland, Scotland, England. Germany, si. u.j The Rbine, Switzerland. Vienna, Italy, . Fr:in< e, A.-,, tr., at great reduction* trom orniaarr rates. COOK, SON AND JENlilNS, A>'i Broadway, N. Y. Cook's EXCURSIONIST (or Mav, now ready. Hires full particulars as to thecal and exp< use ol o\eri,uuu un lerent lours. Price 10 cents, by mail, prepaid. STATE LINE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY. PENNSYLVANIA, LOUISIANA. AiKORGIA, MINNESOTA, % VIRGINIA, ALABAMA. PENNSYLVANIA SAILS MAT 7. from the Company's dock, Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. Cabin, and Stio. gold ; steerage, $3di currency. Ail on saloon deck Passengers hooked to or from any part of Great Britain, Ireland, Norw ay, 8wed< n and the Continent at lowest rates. Prepaid certilicatc* us low as by any other tlrst class line. DRAFTS ISSUED ON AM, PARTS OF EUROPE. For freight or passage aPBly to AUSTIN BALDWIN k CO., Agents, steerage pAIcI* 45 Broadway, 72 Broad w ay. LfRITED STATES PASSPORT HURKAU.?OFKICIAL J Passports of the Department of state Issued t>v A. C WILLMARTIL United States Court llyUie, il thaw Ux? *ua?b ^ BPHOPBAW BTBAMsmW. T?UROPF.AN TRAYKLLER8 WILL KIND TRUNKS TJ lor nutc room* aud *: o ntln on tHltf?v ?L Oha rs and Hugs tor tlu?teamen, Ac-. at JOHN < AlrNACH S, 7.v> Broadway, near Astor place (removed Irotn comer Broadway ami Wall street). fTNlTKD STATES GOVERNMENT PASSPORTS OB l; talned iroro Washington i? 36 hour*. Fee>$8. Also N'ntnrv Public aud Si ial Commissioner of Deed* lor everyBtatc. *'? K.1NU,363Brdadway, roomL (OAMTWIME 8TBAM8HBWk J?ACinO MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Linn lo CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passengers and fta-lglit to Asplnwall. Panama, Hanlu Mar,ha, Oreytown and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, Peru and Chile. May 10?Steamer COLON, Captain 8, P. Griffln, will ave pier 43 North Hlver, at 12 o'clock noon, torA.spin leav _ wall direct, connecting at Panama with tlie steamer GREAT REPUBLIC, Captain Caverley, touching at Aea pulco, Man/anlllo and Mazatlan; also connecting fur all Central American and South Pacific porta. Departures of luih and 20th of each month connect with the compa ny's steamer, touchiug at San Benito, Tonuta, KaliuaCruz and Fort Angel. Steamer COLORADO will leave San Francisco May 1. 1873, lor Japan and China. For ratetof passage, freight and all other Information apply at company's office on the pier, foot of Caual street F. R. BABY. Agent. ATI,AS STFAMSIIIP COMPANY, MAIL SERVICE TO JAMAICA, HAYTI. NAS SAU, HAVANA, CURACOA, VENEZUELA AND THE SPANISH MAIN. The company's first class iron built screw steamers will lie despatched (unless prevented t?v unforeseen cir cumstaucesi as follows'The sjeamsnip LAOOS, Captain l'geden, for Havana direct, on lDth May. For freight and passage, apply to PIM, FORWOOD A CO., Ueneral Agents, 56 Wall street and 5a Pine street. New York. N EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These flrft class steamships will sail every Tuesday at 3 P.M., from pier 13 North River (loot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, as follows:? . CRESCENT CITY May6 WILMINGTON May 13 MORRO CASTLE May 20 Supplementary mall oil pier at a quarter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passage (having magnificent accommo dations apply to vi i WILLIAM P. CLYDE 4 CO No. 6 Uov\ ling GrtJen. D. McKELLER, Agent In Havana. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton ami St. George, Bermuda, carrvlng the United States Mail, ami sailing as follows Steamship FLORIDA, Cameron, master, Saturday, May 3, at 12 o'clock M., from pier 2'J North River. Steamship ALBEMARLE, Ri-ad. master, Thursday, M a v H, at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier 37 North ltiver, Steamship IIATTKRAS, Lawrence, master, Thursday, May 15, at .'t o'clock P. M.. from pier 37 North River. For freight or passage, having elegant accomin>da tions, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, 28 South street Passage #::0. gold. Excursion tickets Issued for the round trip at $v>, gold. Direct line to Havana, progueso and VERA Crux. New York and Mexican Mall Steamship Line, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at P. M EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) May S CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) May IS CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) May 22 CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) Mav -*9 CITY OP MERIDA (Havana only) June 3 For freight or passage a if ply to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 33 Broadwa.v._ rpEXAS LINE OF GALVESTON STEAMERS, TOUCH J. ing at Key West, carrying the United States mail. The steamer CITY OF HOUSTON, Captain Dee ring, is now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, and will sail on Saturday, May 10. _ . .. Through hills of lading given to Houston, either by the O., II.ihkIII. K. R. or b.v the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to all points on the Galveston, Houston and Henderson and B., It. andC. Railroad. No etiarge lor forwarding in New York. For freight or passag ? apply to c. H.MALLORY A CO.. 183 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE A CO., 119 Wall street. TTIOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. J? MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship SHERMAN, from Pier:sti North River, on Saturday, May 10, at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight received dally. Through rates given to St. Louis. Vicksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Indianola For freight or passage, having superior aocommoni tion, apply to FREDERIC BAKER, 30 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?SOUTHERN LINE. The A1 steamer CITY OF DALLAS, Captain > will leave pier 21 East River, on Wednesday, slay 7, at 4 P. M. Freight received dally. Throoeh rates given to Galves ton, Indianola, Kockport or Arauzas H Uarf, lirazos San tiago and St Louis. Cabin passage, $50; steerage, $25. For freight or passage (having superior accnmmoda tlon.s) apply to C. li. MALLORY A Co., 151 Maiden lane. IilOB NEW ORLEANS Dili EOT. The Cromwell steamship Line. The steamship CORTES, Captain Frank Kemble. will leave pier No. 9 North River, on Saturday, May 10. at 3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to (?alveston, Indianola, Rocklort or Araiuas wharf, Bra/.os, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $50; steerage $25. For freight or pas sago apply to C LA Ulv A SKA MAN, 86 West street ?JTUIR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? r The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despati-h from tiier 37 North River their elegant sidewind Hte.ira shlp WYANOKB, Couch commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Tuesday, May 8, at 3 P. M., giv ing through bills of lading to all points south and south west. Through passenger tickets issued to all points. Accommodation* unci|ual!i'd. Apply at pier 37, or at the general ofBco, 187 Greeuwich street, corner Dey. TRAVELLERS' G UIPB. If ALL KIVEH LINK TO BOSTON via Newport ami Kail River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI DENCE leave pier 2S North River, loot of Murray struct, daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, iroin foot of Desbrosses and Cortlandt direct", as follows:? Express lor Uarriiliun;, Pittsburg, the VTyit and South, with Pullman Palace furs attached, at '.kSO A.M.;5, 7 utid S:to r. M. Sunday, 5, 7 and 8:30 P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M. ;7 and 9 P. M. Sunday.P. M. Express fur Philadelphia, 8, 9. 9:30 A. M. : 12 :30. 1, 4, 8,6, 8:30, 9 1' M and 12 night. Sunday 6. 8:30 and 9 P. M, For Philadelphia. via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant and second class 7:15 P. M. Por Newark hi 6. 6:30, 7. 7:?>, H:1ft, 9, 10. 11, 11 40 A. M., 12 1. 2, 2:30. 3, It 20, 3 :40, 4 :10, 4-til, 5:10, .5:21), 0:30, ?I:.'*), ti. 6:10, 6:30, 7, 7 : 10, 8:10, 9, 10, 11:30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 :20, 6, 8:10, 9 P. M. For klizabelli, 6, 630, 7, 7:40. S, 8:10. 9, 10. II. 11:40 A. M , 12 M? 123(1, I, 2. 230, 3, 3:30, .'I:*!, 4, 4:10, 4 30, 6:20. 630, 5:50, 6. 6:1(1, 6:30. 7-30, 8:10, 10, 11:30, 12 P. M. Sun da v, 5:20, fi and 8:10 P. M. For Kahway, 6, 6:30,7, 8:10. 9:80 and 10 A. M., 12 M , 1. 2, 3:30, 3, 3:20, 3 40, 4 .10, 4-30, 5:30, 530, 5:'nl, 6, 6 30, 7:30,8:10, 10 P. M. und 12 night Sunday, 5.20 and 6 P. M. For Wi odbridge and Perth Araboy, 0 and 10 A. M., 2:30, 3:411, 4 30 and 5:50 P. M. For New Brunswick, 7, 10 A. M., 13 M., 1, 2, 3, 4:10,5:20, 6, 9 P. M. anil 12 night Sunday, C Hnd 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M., li noon, 4 10 and 5:20P. M. For Lambertvillu ami Fleuilngton, 9 A >1. and 2 P. M For l'hllipsburg and Bel vide re, 2 and 4 P. M. Trains arrive as followsProm Pittsburg, 6:90 A. M., 1 30 P. M., daily, lu ll A. M. and ii:34 P. M., daily, except Monday. From Washington anil Baltimore, 6 40 A. M., 4 M. iu :12 P. M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, 5:21, 6 30. 10:14 11 :D4. 11:54 A. M , 2:14, 3 :M, ti :04, 3 :43 P. M. Sunday, 5 .21, 6:50. 11 :04 A. M. Ticket offices, r>2?. 435, .'71 and 914 Broadwav; No 1 Astor House and toot of Desbrosses and Cortlamlt streets. Emigrant Ticket oftlcc, Nu. 8 Battery placer A. J. Cassat. D M. BOYD, Jo., Oeueral Manager. Oencral Passenger Agent. K\cnisi?\s. \ ? REGULAR SUNDA.Y EXCURSION TO ASTORIA, J\, Harlem and Morrlsania.?steamers HAKLK.M and NKLLIE wilt I V. leave Fulton street dock hourly on May 4, from 10 A. M. to ii P. M.. iandingat Eighth street Astoria and 119th street each way. The government works at lltll Gate within three minutes' walk ol Astoria landing. Last boat trotn Morrtsunia 6 P. M. Fare 15c. Y SUNDAY BOAT FOR NEWARK. on and alter Sunday, May 4, tlie steamboat T1I08. P. WAY will make her regular trip*. Leaving foot of Market street, Newark, at SAM. Leuving loot of Barclay atreet.New York, at 10 A. SI. htei ping at Bergen Point each way. tpOR EJCCt'RSlONS.?THE FIRST CLASS STE\M r boats JESSE IIoYT and NORWALK lona Island, Dudleys, Karitaii lteach, and Spring Hill oroves und Aldemey Park. Barges and steamboats ol all kinds. J. A E. MYERS, .'.71 Wc,.t. corner Morton street. (?OVERNORS ISLAND FERRY,?THE STEAMER VI (KiVERNOR'S Island leaves Custom lfotue pier (new pier), off the Batterv, every even hour dailv, lor Governor's Island. Music bv the hand In the afternoons, followed by dre,. parade. Visitors allowed on the Island between sunrise and sunset. Notice. i'n snd after Sunday, May 4, HT73, the Harlem boats will com in cum their Sunday trips tor the season, landing hi Eleventh stn at \storia and Harlem Bridge. Fir?t boat leaves I'd k slip ai 10 o clock and hourly there alter: lure Iicents. v B.?This is the only line connecting with boats for High Bridge. J. F. IA<.I.MAN, superintendent POLLOCK'S HOTEL. AT IIIGHHKIDGK.?MTKAM boats leave Peck slip half hourly scars leave 'iraud Central I'spot and Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue lour timet dally. TIONDOUT AND KINGSTON, LANDING AT COZZENS JV Cornwall, Newburg. Milton, Potigtikeerste and E-o bus.?lhe .steamboats THOMAS CORNELL and JAMES w BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier 34 Kortti Kiver, daily at 4 o'clock P. M. CUNDAY EVENING BOAT FOR ALBANY AND Trov.?Passage $1 50. I he elegant steamboat THOMAS POWKL1.Will leave pier 19 North River, foot ot Lcroy street every Stmda.v evening at 6 o'clock P. M , making clisc connection with railroads for all points North, Ea-t and West Through ticket* soid and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent. mBI NEW JERSEY SOl'THERN RAILROAD COM 1 call attention to their extraordinary facilities tor the accommodation of Excursion Parties the coming sea son With their steamer* PLVMocnl BOCK, LONG BRANCH and JESSE llnYT an.1 their elegant new Ex elu sion House und twentv acres of adjoining land at Long Branch, they are prepared to make engagements with churches, schools, societies, Ac., for large or small parties, at low rates. Send lor < trcuiar G. W. BEN'ILV, Oencral Manager. I2i) Broadway. New York. Wm j. Sunn**., Superintendent l<ong Branch, N. J. riMIF, WELL KNOWN AND POPULAR STEAMER 1 Oil Mll.ES CIIAMBKKI.AIN. having undergone thor ough unit extensive repairs, will lie ready in a few days for charter l>* the day or lor the season. Being very last and having fine deck room she is peculiarly adapted lor For terms, Ac , apply to ciiaRI.KS CHAM BERLAIN. lbJ South street or address GKuHOE M. , Astor House rro CHARTER?HALOON STEAMER WYOMING, 1 barges .^arali Smith, Caledonia, Republic and Bald win , <mental tirove, Excelsior Park, Kagleswood and other Groves l>> let, with sieiimboats such as desired. Of Uce H3 VV?rsi street, opposite t Uristooher street tcrrv. ' H I ItOSahTT. OLYMPIC THEATRE. J. K. HAYES, Lessee anil Munager. THE FIFTH EDITION, THE FIFTH EDITION Of IIUWPTY DUMPTYI HUMPTY DUWPTYM G. L. FOX I O. L. FOX I O. L. POX-I Tbe "AMERICAN OKIMAI.Oll" The 'AMERICAN GRIM ALDI1" THE GREATEST PANToMlM 1ST OF TIIK 19TH CENTURY. THF KINO OF MITUI THE KINO OF WITH! _ MONDAY. MAY 5, AND EVERY EVENING DURING TUE WEEK, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT TWO, will he presented THAT LAUGHTER CREATING FOLLY, IN THREE ACTS, known throughout ihe civilized wnrlil s? GEORGE L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMl'TY, with NEW CAST, SCENERY, MUSIC and ORIGINAL TRICKS and the LARGEST and BEST CORPS of PANT0MIMI8TS IN AMERICA. THE IMMORTAL C. K. FOX a.? CLOWN, HIS BROTHER, G. L. FOX as PANTALOON, C. W. Ravel, Harlequin; Miss Fanny Beaver, Columbine; Miss Marion Fiske, Burlesque; Mrs. A. YcitmaM, Ro mance, THE SUCCESS OF THF. FIFTH VOLUME OF HUMPTY DUMPTY HAS FULLY EQUALLED THAT OF ITS PREDECESSORS. MORLACCHI! MORLACCHIM MORLACCHIIII the RENOWNED EXPO.sKNT of TERPSIC1IOREAN AHT, Is meeting with the public favor that merit must win. MONDAY, MAY 5, AND EVERY EVENING, AT ?. Mile. MOKLACCIII will dance one of her famous spe cialties, the " Bolero of Sunny Spiiin." and will also ap pear In other unrivalled divertlsemeuts. THE WILSON BROTHERS! THE WILSON BROTHEKSt who have nightly been received with unbounded ap plause since tlieir re-appcarunce, will continue to per form their terrific Kyninastir teats, IN WHICH THEY HAVE NO , SUPERIOR IN THE UNITED STATES. WILLIAM AND BARRY JEEI WILLIAM AND HAKRY J EE! have amply verified their legitimate claim to the title of CHAMPION HAT SPINNERS OF TIIK WOULD, and the dexterity they display in their exercises upon this unique instrument, styled "MUSICAL Rock," U truly wonderful. AMERICUS! AMF.RICU8I AMKRICUSI The INFANT VIOLINIST! The "COMING MOZART." The FUTURE PAGAN1NI! The JUVENILE OLE BULLI This "pocket edition" of the most famous Violin Virm ohos the world has ever produced iB such a marvel thut language fails to do him iusiice. SEE HIM AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. MME. CHARLOTTE V. W1NTERBl' UN, the charming Contralto vocalist has produced a most favorable impres sion, not only by the musical nb.lity she manifest* in her operatic selections and but lad sinking, but also by lier be amy and urace. She will sing several NEW MORCF.AUX during the coining week. HEAR THE GRAND RUSSIAN SEXTETTE sing the operatio airs of their own far-off country. THE LARGE AND COMPLETE PANTOMIMIC AND DRAMATIC COMPANY will he taxed to the utmost to maintain the reputation of the OLYMPIC AS THE HOME OF PANTOMIMIC. Don't tail to see the GREAT RAILROAD SENSATION, the NEW COMIC SKATING ACT, the CAGING OF TAE PERFORMING FOXES, the HOMESTEAD UNDER TUE HILL, the historical tableau of "WASHINGTON CROSSING THE DELAWARE." See the INIMITABLE FOX I THE FUNNY FOX t THE MIRTH FUL FOX 1 MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, VV E D N ES DA Y. W '? D N ESU> AY. SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2. SATURDAY M AWN EE AT & Carriages at 10:15. Seats six days in advance. \\T ALLACK'S. VV Proprietor and Manager..Mr. LESTER WALL AC K. GREAT SUCCESS. ANOTHER TRIUMPH. EVERY EVENING and SATURDAY MATINEE, at I1*' P. M , Mr. NOTHERN Will appear in his original part of SQUIRE CU I'CKLES, in the SQUTRE'S LAST SHILLING! An original Drama of comic and serious interest,.in four nets, by Mr. H. J. Byron. The piece will tie presented by the FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTI8TS: Mr. BOTH I'.RN, Mr. J. lJ. POLK, Mr. J. W. CARROLL, Mr. 0. K. BISHOP. Mr. E. M. llOi.LAND. Mr W. .1. LEONARD, Mr. G. W. BROWNE, Mr. PECK, Miss K ATIIERIN'E ROGERS, Miss EFFlE GERMON, Mine. PO.NISI and Miss VANDYKE. Act First?THE MINER'S ATTIC. A(* Seeond?SQUIRE CHUCKLES' COUNTRY UOl'SE AND GROUNDS. Act Third?lodgings in London. Act Fourth?INTE RIO It OF SQUIRE CHUCKLES' COUNTRY HOUSE. BOX BOOK OPEN. SEATS SECURED IN ADVANCE. CQ/r ATIIENEUM THEATRE, ?JO?) BROADWAY, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER Manager. INCREASED ATTBACTION THIS WEEK. THE BEST BILL YET OFFERED. ENGAGEMENT OF THE QUEENS OF liURLESQUE, THE WORRELL SISTERS. Who will appear in conjunction with our MASTER BURLESQUE AND OLIO COMPANY. "Tile FIELD OF THE CLOTH OF GOLD. ^TIIE WORRELL SISTERS?SOPHIE AND IRENE, MINNIE JACKSON. LOUISA ABNOTT, L1LLIE FIAI-L, GEORGE ATKINS, AND BURLE8QUE COMPANY. BILLY WEST, I Tlic favorite Comedian I HI ELY WE.sT, BILLY WEST, ill Ills Lo< al Banjo Solos. | HILLY WEST, LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. THE BLACKSMITHS: A Local Sketch. Luke Schoolcraft ami Billy VM. THK SCHOOLBOYS (original). George and Charles Reynolds. THK INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. Livingston Duplex JOHN II COE8. steve Sniltherc LL'KE SCHOOLCRAFT. June Ann O'Hoolalian '? LAXO. 10U SPECIALTY ARTISTS EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box ofttce open daily. Seals secured iu advance. MME. ANNA BISHOP HAS THE HONOR TO announce that her LAST APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK prior to the commencement of her FAREWELL TOUR OK AMEBICA nnd her departure tor Calilornia, Oregon, British Colum bia, Ac., will take place ill a GRAND MATINEE. AT STEIN WAY nALL, On SATURDAY, MAY 10. at 2 o'clock. For this occasion Mine. BISHOP lias uiuch pleasure In announcing that n large number of her MOST EMINENT ASSOCIATE ARTISTS (roral and instrumental) have kindly consented to assist. FULL PARTICULARS IN FUTURE ADVERTISEMENT. Tickets of admission 91, including reserved scat, at the general ticket office, 114, and G. Solilrmer's, 701 Broad way ; at all the priucipal music stores, and at ticket office of the Hall. AIMEE AT THE BROOKLYN ACADEMY. CLOSE ot the most successful season of AIMEE PARISIAN OPERA BOUFFK. MONDAY. MAY 13?LA PER ICIIOLE. TUESDAY', May 13-LA GRANDE DUCHESSE. rrUF. SECOND GRAND SACRED CONCERT OF THE J. New York Catholic Choral Society will take place at the Church of St. Vincent tie Paul. Twenty-third street, on Sunday eveninir, May 4, at 8 o'clock. Soloists?Mile. Corradi, soprano; Mtne, Levy, contralto; Mr. Graf, tenor; Mr. Sohst, basso; Mon?. Sauret, violin; Mr. Liesegam.', violoncello; Mr. H. Ooroien, organ; Mr. O. Schmit/, con ductor. A large chorus atid orchestra. Tickets, $1; re served scats, jO cents extra. rpiVOLI GARDEN, Eighth street, between Second nnd Third avenue*. 'HIS EVENING, at 8 o'clock, Grand Sacred Conccrt TWENTY FIVR OK THE BEST MUSICIANS. TWENTY-KITE OK THE BEST MUSICIANS. Conductor AUG. ROBRELEN Admission Scents. PAUL KALK. "llfALTER C. LYMAN. ? ELOCUTIONIST, 4S University plaoe, between Eleventh nnd Twelfth sts. MUSICAL. 4 CARD. j\ THE NEW YORK CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, No. 6 East Fourteenth street, next to Dclinouico's. and BROOKLYN BRANCH, Nns 102, 104 and llHj Court street, near State, REMAIN OPEN THE ENTIRE YEAR lor private and class Instruction in all branches ol Music and Modern Languages. A CARD ?THE UNDERSIGNED BEGS TO INFORM il his patrons and thepublic generally that the AMERICAN CONSERVATORY OK MUSIC has removed to8o3 Broadway; ' also, that he has established an AMERICAN NORMAL CO.NSER\ A I ORY OF MUSIC at the elegant reoinsover Decker Brothers ', 'X\ I nion S(|iuire, where the most eminent masters in this eountrv teach. Pupils are now received at the general office, fw Btvinrtwflv. HENRY SCllROEDEB, Director. Connected with this institute is the American Musical V.'cnev and the American Musical Gazette. For particulars apply m above. A TENOR SINGER OK EXPERIENCE IS DESIROUS 'of engaging with a church choir (or the ensuing year. Address EDUARDO, Herald otilee. ?lil HARD COLLEGE OK MI'SIC, BROADWAY . and Ninth street. Instruction in nil branches or music nt $b) per quarter, special attention culled to our Vocal Daportmeiit. FIRST CLASS PRECENTOR-ALSO A BASSO want situations; have full, cultivated. pleasing voices and best city reference; iami;i ir with Episcopal service. Address HARMONY, Herald office, A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRI'CTIONON THE pianolortc at pupil's residence tor flu per quarter; best reference given. Address, with residence, Teach EH, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,26.1 Broad way. A SOPRANO WITH A FAIR VOICE WANTED a church choir; not particular about n admit, i about $:gJ0 Address MUSIC, box 120 Herald L'| soprano with a kair voice wanted?for salary _ - Uptown Branca office. \ SOPRANO, with a I'l l,i . WELL-CULTIVATED voice, and fair reader, dc-in ?? position in a church; moderate salary expected. Address II. Brooklyn Branch Herald office. /IARD.-PIAKO. ORGAN. <; 1 I I V l;. SINGING Ml-S \J WATSON gives private le??on- iiav and evenlng, at lier residence, 92 Clinton place (l lith street). Iiistru menu furnished lor daily practice "Cri liP,NT'S JOURN AL" AM) AM t I EUIt"-BEST O musical and literar\ ?mrnals pnMi-heJ. Real them. Given away nt WATSON s mu-n rooms, 92 Clin ton place, or mailed lor ten cento e.iclu WANTBD-IN A PROTESTANT CHOIR, TWO SIS ? T t<r?; one as bass, the other as * ij.r an< > niter; small ,salary required. Adur?s BASS, Herald Iptowu Branch PANC1MJ A( AUK.1I1R8. A J. S A USE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. . SOIRBE at Brevoort llall, Monday. May S. PRIVATE LESSONS nt any hour, day or evening. CIRCULARS at Private Academy, 212 East Eleventh ?t I)ALLET MASTER DUMARS PRIVATE DANOINO I) Academy, 24 West Fourth street, near Broadway. All fashionable Dances taught; ballet dancers' instruc tion for single and chorus Dances lor the stage. SAUtJE'S CALICO SOIREE. Irving Hull. Wednesday, May 7. IJT5 amusewknts.

fjlllEATER 514 BROADWAY. Ml <OMI<ll;R MR. J^HABT ?ROAD*A*" Theatre ? 514 Lessee and Manager. BROADWAY. J in*Hire 514 COMIQUE. THEATRE COMIQUE. BROADWAY llicatro 514 COMIyUE. 514 BROADWAV BROADWAY. J?HOAD W AY. Theatre *14 COMIQUE. BROADWAY Theatre A U4 I COMIQUE. I COMIQUE. V??? ?? BROADWAY. Theatre $ 511 . i?uvJ/vwn /V l . I COMIQUE. 4? $ BROADWAY. Tlwatro 514 COMIQUE. BROADWAY. 1 lieatre 514 COMIQUE. THEATRE COMtQUE. BROADWAY. THEATRE COMIQUE. THEATRE COMIQUE. 514 511 514 514 514 511 }ll 514 511 Sit 511 514 514 514 514 .511 511 514 514 511 814 514 RUU 5,i ?u 611 511 511 514 THFATR* BROABWAY. 514 5U COMIQUE. 514 514 511 514 514 511 ... 514 "i.4 su 511 514 515 514 514 514 514. 2 511 fill ? a 2 511 514 ? Z 414 514 O a 511 514 ? ?A 5K 5 3 511 514 3J -1 511 514 > 514 511 ?K| 514 511 M4 514 51* 511 514 514 514 SU ?i5U 314 ?U 511 5|J 511 *U 5,4 RU 61 ' Oil Mi 514 BROADWAY 511 Au entire change of hill All ENTIRE NEW OLIO . Everything new, fresh and Mpurkllntc. NEW ACTS, NEW SONGS, BURLESQUE, NtW dANCE8, AC. DRAMA, FABCB, a. V , MINSTRELSY, AC. 1 he Star Novelty Troupe of the World in n new ami pleasing hill. UNSURPASSED ATTRACTION. _f , COMPLETE TRIUMPH. Novel, varied and select entertainment. I All the inuiniiiiith troupe retained. First appearance in live month* ot tliu Star Ethioi>luu Comedian, Mr. tUANk- KEEKS. *EmS Mr. FKANK Mr. FRANK KERNS, Mr. FRANK. KERNS. ' EEkNS Iff FRANK KEENS. KERNS , Mr. FRANK KERNS will Introduce Ms TRAINED ELEPHANT Mr. FRANK KERNS and the Mammoth Troupe will appear only six times the cumlug week. SIX TIMES ONLY. MONDAY NIOllT, TUESDAY NIGHT WEDNESDAY NIGHT, THURSDAY N T FRIDAY aud the WEDNESDAY MATIN Eli: the MATCHLESS EIGHT 1 MATCHLESS EIGHT ^luul f , COMEDIANS, Mr. FRANK KERNS. THE GREAT COOL BURGESS, FRANK KERNS, Mr. EDWARD IIARRIGAN, COOL BLTRGESS. Mr. TONY HART, EDWAB? UAR'??AN, Mr. JOHN HART, Mr" T0NY UART> Mr. JOHN WILD. ** J0HN IIAKT' Mr. JOHN QUEEN. Mr JOUN WUD' Mr. LARRY TOOLEY, M'* J?UN <*0BISS' Miss JENNIE HUGHES.? "r LAKRV T00LEV' Miss JENNIE HUGllES. ) Mls.s ADA WR\Y. MUa KITTY O'NEIL. ( M,#s AUA WKAX Mlas KITTY O'NEIL. ) Mist! NELLIE SANDFORD. Miss NELLIE SANDFOKD Miss KITTY TILSTON. ) W"U Miss KITTY TILSTON | Second and last week of PROFESSOR T. W. TO BIN'S wonderful FI? A N K F. N ST!?: IN V YSTR It Y , , , FRANKENSTEIN MYSTERY.' and the great teat of ' DFO VPITATIOV. DECAPITATION. DECAPITATION. Second and last week ot the great COOl. lil lit JESS. cool burgess. Remember, the last SIXNmilTS and the LAST WEDNESDAY MlTIVEE of the Mammoth Star Troupe. Concluding with the Sensational Drama, JOE RUS,SETT; or, the JOE RUSSETT; LIFE OF A NEWSBOY, or, the LIFE OF A NEWSBOY. asThaddeus Pips, a colored gentleman. KERN'S . All the company in the cast. Joe Russett, a New York newsboy Mr. John Wild Th.uldcus Pips, a colored gontleiuun of much lire tension .-..Mr FrMnk ITi>rns Judge tiandley, of Police Court 7. .. . Mr. G L Stout Peter Piinpelblock, a Dutch musician. .Mr. Larry Tooiev llcrcules O'Flanagan, proprietor 01 a llrst clai whiskey lorge in the Sixth ward Mr. E. Ilarric-nn John Millward.a New York policeman.Mr. J F. Crosseii Harvey Potter, a merchant of William street Ella Elliott, a poor seamstress *rMbs^Ada?Wra v Dora Potter, a high-toned young Jadv. ...Visa Kitty Tilson wy Short'J?e s favorite Miss Jennie Hughes Maggie Dtuier, her rival Miss Kitty O'Neil ? SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY, INCIDENTS, 8CENE 1.-Popular Locality. Citizens. Street Charac. Celebrities, Ac. Joe and his Supers. The Ri vals. The Popcorn Business. Hercules O'Flanagan The Excise commissioners. A Nice Prospect for Office Seek S?g' The New York Policeman and the stolen Bonds. The Road to Promotion. O'Flanagan Makes a speech which Is Rudely Interrupted, l'etcr Piinpelblock in Search of his Monkey. An Arrest. InterVenng with th2 Law Two Prisoners Instead ot one. Not so Easily Held Bustle, Row and striking Tableau. 0 ela' SCENE SL-Apartment In Potter's Hon* The Seam stress and the ileircss. An Exhibition ot Temper The Mcrchuut Settles her Difficulty. Harvev Potter s Propo sal to Ella Elliott. The Power ot Wealth. Joe Russott and the Express. "Seven Papers, Now." Ella Elliott Appeals to Joe for Protection. Vice versus Virtue. Joe's Triumph. "How ure You, Honestvr" SCENE 3.?street. O'Flanagan and Foparty. How to Have Satlsiaction on the Excise Commissioners. The Li cense Broken. Peter Keeps I'p the Search. The Gover nor ot West lfroadway and his Lady Love. O'Flanagan Invites his Friends to a Shindig. The colored Race Con descending. A Grand lime txpeotcd. Piuipelblock and his Monker. SC ENE 4.?Room in the Mansion of ncrcnles O'Flan agan. Al! in Readiness, rue Ouest# Assembling. O'Flan agan s Ball. A Scramble for Partners. Dance.8 All the Characters. Hon Butler s substitute. The Fun at 11* Height Drinks all Round. Thaddeus Pips. "Who's the Gentleman tor the Next Harmony?" Song. Dance aud Walk Around Sports, by the Characters SCENE 5.?street, Progress of Potter's Plot Da?tnrdlv Rfsolvc to Ruin Ella Elliott The Pocket bonk. Peter 1 impelhlock in Luck. A Fortunate April Fool. The Seamstress and her Landlord. I he First Ilopo Gone' Potter's \ John Mllhvard's Experience "Duty beFultllkd.'' Arrest 0.1 Ella Elliot AFataiJlk "?kc. The Wrong Pocketliook, Destruction. ^(- EN E 6?Potter's Uouse. Dora and stupid O'Flana gan Appeal to the Heiress in Behalf of the Seamstress An offensive Comparison. Stupid Receives Unpleasant Orders. A How In Prospect The Merchant and the N'^?boy,- The Lackey In Hard Luck. Pugilistic Scene. St ENK 7.-the Interior Ot Police Court Judge Upon the Bench. The Great speech of the Counsellor lupon 1-or bidden Fruit. Joe has a Word to ;>av for tne Defence W ho Struck Ihat Man in the Ejef "I Make it Warui for Him, I tell you. Judge." Ella Elliott on Trial Pot ter s Statement Contlicting Evidence. Joe Gets Ex cited. No Swearing In Court John Millward Volunteer* tin Opinion. O'Flanagan Violates the Rules. A New Witness ."I Want Mine Monkey." Peter Piinpelblock and Ills East Kelatlre. "rive Dollars Reward." The Lost Pocketbook. The New York Policeman Finds a due. The: Criminal Detected. J.lla Elliott's innocence Established. Arrest ot Harvey Potter. Impress \c De nouetnc nt and Grand Tableau. I THEATRE COMlQl'E, # ] THEATRE COMIQUE, BRO AD WlY* MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY MATINEB KVF.KY s A 11 KDA Y 1 MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY ? E D.NES DAY AND SATURDAY M A11A E E K V E R V \| A l l N F F MATINEE WEDNESDAY MAT NFE MATINEE AND SATURDAY. MATINEF MATINEE THE ENTIRE MATINFF MATINEE EVENING MATINEE MATINEE PROGRAM5IE MATINFE MATINEE GIVEN MATINEE MATINEE AT THE MATINKE MATINEE MATINEES, MA NEE H AllNEE BVERV MATINEE MATINEE WEDNESDAY MATINFE MATINEE AND MATINEE ^ATIffEE SATURDAY, MATINEE w it ivr? A'1 MATINEE MATINEE 2 >, MATINEE MATINEE O'CLOCK. MATINFE EX f HA NOTICE EXTRA NOTICE SATURDAY NF.XT, MAY III, MATINEE AND MulIT AN ENTIRE CHANGE. A NEW OLIO and llrst appearance of TWENTY TWENTY TWENTY NEW hi Alt AltTISTS for SATURDAY MATINEB and SA IURDAY NIGIIT. RKMKMBP.R, SAirKOAV MATINEE AM) SATI'KHAV MGIIT. AS KNTIKK CUANUK OF BILL. A NEW OLIO and TWPNTY NEW BTARd In a ploasitin And roaring bill. TJii? performance <>n Saturday matinee and Saturday tmtit will conclude wllli Cool IturKess' VLB* LAI'tjllAHLK FARCE, entitled V. F, l'ypUE. amphemknts. B OOTll'rt THEATRE. BOUCICAUL.T. lid win Booth Manager aud Proprietor POSITIVELY LAST WELK of Mr DION BOUCICAULT. whs will appear during thete LAST SIX NIGHTS in hi* groat character of MICHAEL O'DoWD, iu hU ne,w Comedy Drama of DADDY O'DOWU. LAST BOUCICAULT MATINDG on SATURDAY, lit 2, and LAST TIME BIT ONE OK DADDY O'DOWD. Seats may be secured for the remaining nights of Mr. Boucicault at tho Theatre, or at Ditnou X Co.'a music store. 711 Broadway. 15 OOTII'S THEATRE. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Return of MISS NEILSON. NEILSON. The management respectfully announces the reappear ance ot the celebrated English Tragedienne, MISS NEILSON, on MONDAY EVENING NEXT, MAY 12 appearing lor the llrst time in this country iu her original character of. AMY ROBS ART, in the grand Historical and Romantic Drama of AMY ROBSART, written by Andrew J. Halliday, Esq., and founded on Sir Walter .Scott's famous Historical Romance of KciillworUi, in which she achieved such a great success at the Drury Lain: Theatre, Loudon, sustaining Ilia part of AMY ROBSART for over 100 Consecutive Nights. MISS NEILSON will be i-.-dated by Mr. FRANCIS HA MIS. as LEICESTER this tlrst appe. lee in four months.) Mr. NEIL WARNER.. as VARNEY AND / : . >WKRFUL CAST. ? The Plav will lie -ruled, alter manv months of care ful preparation, v n entire New Scenery, byWlthain; New and Expeiis e Costumes, Armors, Ac.: New and elaborate Appointments; New Music aud Mechanical Efleets, and an increased AUXILIARY FORCE AND COUPS DE BALLET ot nearly 2U0 PERSONS. The Bo* Sheet for the NEILSON Performances will open To-morrow (Monday) It the usual places. CADEMY OK MUSIC. LTD]A THOMPSON, L tlie world famed peerless queen of burlesque, MISS LVDIA THOMPSON and HER INCOMPARABLE COMPANY, the most complete burlesque organization in the world, will close thoir dramatic season oi 1872-73 by SEVEN (iAI.A 1'KKFORMANCES, thus terminating the tilth season in thU country, which, in point of pecuniary results, surpasses any previous one, aud has In every particular bei-n attended with UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. Tho Mnnagementcluiiii for the present organization a more complete mid even balance of art and action than has ever characterized the troupe, and in addition to old favorites the public will find, in new laces and artists, at tractive consideration, CARNIVAL OK MIRTH AND NONSENSE. ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing Monday evening, May 5, 1*73, AT POPULAR /RICES. Orchestra, $1 50; Balcony Circle, SI; Kumlly Clrle, 50 cents; Boxes, accommodating four persons, $i>, to be secured in advance at the box office ot the Academy WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE WHATEVER. CHANGE OK BILL NIGHTLY. MONDAY evening, May 5 BLUE BEARD TUESDAY evening, May H KEMLWORTII. WEDNESDAY evening. Mav7 LI'RI.INE THURSDAY evening, May 8 ROBIN IIOOD KRIDAY evening, Mav 9 ALADDIN BENEFIT OK MISS THOMPSON, SATURDAY MATINEE AND EVENING. LAST APPEARANCES. MATINEE PRICES, ONE DOLLAR TO ALL. PARTS OF THE HOUSE. Evening, doors opeu at 7, begins at 8, over at 10'a o'clock. Matinee, doors opeu at 1, begins nt 2, over at l.'i o'cIock. "JJSION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at ft. Saturday Matinee at 1:30. Carriages may he ordered at 11. FOURTH WEEK aud unabated success of NEW YORK'S FAVORITE ACTRESS, MISS AGNES ETHEL, FROUFROU. Every evening until fur ther notice, will be pro duced, by special arrange ment with Mr. Augiistin Daly, Ills brilliant adapta tion ot Millioe and tlalcvv's wonderful Drams. FROU FKOU. FBOU, WITH Its GREAT Tast . AND ITS MAGNIFICENT SCENERY. EVERY NIGHT and at the SATURDAY MATINEES. Seats secured one month in advance. Characters bv Miss AONKS ETHEL, Miss MARY ORIS WOLD, Miss EMILY MESTAYBR, Miss JENNIE LEE, Miss KATE HOLLAND, Miss CHARLOTTE CAVE and Miss LI I.LIB EDWARDS, and Messrs. l>. 11. 11 ARK INS, ED. LAMB, GEORGE PARKES. W. B. LAURENS, J. W. THORPE, J. W. WILDER and W. QUIGLEY. In active preparation for immediate production a Comedy Drama o4intensc emotional interest, entitled, WITHOUT A HEART. OT. JAMES THEATRE. LAST WEEK I O LAST WEEK IN NEW YORK. FRANK MACEVOT'S NEW HIIIERlCONf OR. IRELAND IN AMERICA. pronoanced by the press " the finest programme of Ireland ever exhibited in this country," combining Irish Comedy, Irish Scenery, Songs, Dances. Wit aud Humor in one performance. Orchestra chairs, 75c.; admission, 80c, Muunec Wednesday and Saturday, I P. M. Admission, 50c., Children, 15c. CIERMANIA HALL. 291 AND 293 BOWERY. X TO-NIGHT (Sunday), May 4, at 8, Grand Concert. Vocal and Instrumental, on which occa sion the principal artists will appear, tor the benefit of the little Martens. Grand Orchestra of the Socicty of St. Cecllc. Admission 50c. Reserved seats fiOc. extra. C1ENTRAL I'ARK GARDEN. ) J. KOOH ,t ro Proprietors. OPENING OK CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 11, AT 8, with TflEODORK THOMAS' unequalled SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. Full particulars in future advertisement BRYANT'S OPKRA HOUSE, TWENTY-TniRIl STREET, between sixth and Seventh avs., near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY MATINEES AT2. Crowded with lashionablc and delighted audiences. BRYANT S MINSTRELS. | I'NDER DE OASLIGHT. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. The famous Railroad Scene, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I by permission ot Angustiu BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. 1 Daly. Esq., Underde Gaslight BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Characters hv l>an Bryant. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Nel?e M'vmuur, Dave 'Reed, Harry Stanwood, Frockway, Carter, Rice, Morrlssey, Emerson, Ac. Family Matinees Saturday at 2. Scats secured. ? BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. EXTRA. Extra Matinee Till us DAY Afternoon, May8. Benefit of Messrs. MORRISSEY and EMERSON. Cool Burgess Reynolds Brothers and others. THURSDAY. MAY S, MATINEE BENEFIT. R UB INSTE1N MATINEE PIANO RECITALS and Ills LAST APPEARANCES IN AMERICA, at STEIN WAY HALL. on the AFTERNOONS of MOND AY, Ma v 12; W hT>NRSDAT, May 14: FRIDAY, May 10; SATURDAY, Mav 17; MONDAY, Mnv 19; TUESDAY. Mav JO, and on the EVENING ot THURSDAY, May 22. Programmesc?n be had at Stcinways, Schinuer's and tile principal music Mores. SUBSCRIPTION TICKETS, metaling Reserved Peat# to the entire series of seven recitals, TEN DOLLARS, sale of which commences at box office ot Steinway Hull and at schirmcr's music store, 701 llroadwav, To-morrow (Monday) morning at 1* o'clock. A CaDEMY OF MUSIC. FRIDAY,"m \Y If., 1^73, FARLWELL PERh'O RMANCE of the GERMANIA THEATRE COMPANY Director * ad. NhUENDORFF Al'S HEK GESELLSCHAFT. Comedy in lour aets, by Bauernfeldt. General admission $1; reserved seats $1 extra; boxes $\ $12 and f is, according to location. Tickeu tor sule at the box office of the Oermnnia Thea tre. at Srhlrmer's music store and at tlie Theatre Ticket ?See, 114 Broadway. VTKW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMT.6U BROAD* ll wav, between Houston and Bleecker streets.? Every one should visit the wondertul Museum; ittsftilI of every ttiin^ people should see and understand. Lectures daily on'The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these Important lectures can have them for warded, post frec.on receipt of 23 cents, by addressing SECRETARY N'tW YORK MUSEUM OK ANATOMY, #18 Broadway. New York. \j\ RIETIEs THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS TO V rent. ?Proposals will tie received until the 1st day of .Tune next for the rent of the Varieties riieatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is complete hi all Its appointment* of wardrobe, Scenery, properties, Ac. Address E. RIGNEY, President La \arictc AssojU tlon, New Orleans. Jl'ST PUBLISHED.?-THREE BEAUTIFUL 80NGS BY I ran/ Abt. '"A Rose in Heaven," "Not a Sparrow Kolleth," and "My Mother Among the Angels," price 40c. each; "Voice*of the Night," J. E. Mnllcr, 75c.; "Song of Llttlo May," Mi?s Hodges, 35c.; "llic Star That Lights My Lover Home," sung at Bryant's, SSrj "Manuscript Waltzes," Strauss, 78c.; "Phi Kai>pa I'si March," Muller, with beautiful steel engraving, 76c. ; copies mailed. WILLIAM A. POND k CO., Publishers, M7 Broadway; Branch, 39 Union square. (t ? |Mi;Z VOUS I.A MUSIQUE?"?"DO YOU LOVE J\ muslcf"?Beautiful Hook t'iven away at WAT So.S'S Miimc Rooms, W < lintoil place, or mailed for 10c. Private Musical Instruction. TJANJO, SONG AND DANCE.?JIG, CLOG AND IRISH JL5 ,llg Dancing taught Pupils flited for the stage. Ban joes all prices. N. 8.?.lust issued, Bogan's Banjo Manual, the most simple and only method ol tho kind ever pub lished enabling the most unuiiMietl person to play at sight; price $5. JOHN J. BOGAN, 1(W East Houston Mrect, near Bowery. CLAUSE'S CALICO SOIREE, h IRVING HALL, WEDNESDAY, MAV 7. HM. EMjOCUTION.-TEACIIRR, GIVING TH"? HIGHEST J3j testimonials ot ability, will receive pupils in eoicu Hon before leaving the city lor .summer engagements. Address ELOCUTION, Herald office. / 1LOWN SUITS, TIGHTS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS IIOSE ? J all sizes it mi colors, plain and striped, in worsted anil cottou. Enclose stamp for circular. n, UNION ADAMS A CO., fWT Broadway. WANTED?80 VOUlfG LADIKrt FOE TOE BALLET lor a new pieca. Apply tt boi office ofT JNY 1 AH TOJI'H Ol'UVA UUUSB ffom U to 4 I . 9 AMDSKWWSTTI. BOWERY THEATRE. WK. B. FRIiLIGH Mauanufl MONDAY, MAY 5, IS7.1, first time here of a uiw and entirely original drama, ul lour acts and effective tableaux, cut., tied HELD IN CHUCK, wrltton by the talented authoress Mln MARY WATSON and pos.-*issluir a soul-stirring, uevcrhaKniug lute re si Irwin the Itcjunuing to thu end. This drama will lie placed upon the stage with the usual elaborate care that lias diitliugu.atied this establishment. SPLENDID SCENERY, Magnificent appointments and an EXCELLENT CAST. Preceded each evening by a laughuble comeditta. FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 9, Benefit of Miss MADE1JNE HARDY. An orlg'nal drama, in lliree acts, by Mr. HARRY SEY MOUR, entitled CUBA LIBRE;or, O'KELLY'S MISSION ? will shortly be produced. Bowery theatre. WILLIAM U. FKELIGH Manager C A KI > EXTRA. FIRST BENEFIT OF MISb M ADELAINE 1IAKDY. FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 9. A splendid attraction offered. * The best bill of the seasoft See bills of the day. Box book now open. OOD'S M USKI'M. DOM. MURRAY* MONDAY, May 5. 1*73. ? AFTERNOON AT ?. w EVENING AT 8. FIRST TIME of the celebrated Irish Comedian, Mr. DOMIN1CK MURRAY, DOM I NICK MURRAY, in the new Drama of WILLY RE1LLY, WILLY REILLY, with efficient cant. Special lor Matinee PERFORMANCES. The Pantomiinist and Actor, Mr. HERNANDKZ FOSTER, HERNANDEZ FOSTER, in the romantic Dram*. JACK HARKAWAY, with all the effects. GRAND OPERA HOUSE.?COMMENCES AT TO S> Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY . .Sole Lessee aud Manager. Mr. CHARLES FECHTEIt a* MONTE CRISTO EVERY NIGHT in the magnificent romantic Drama of MONTE CRISIO. Produced with the most elaborate and ingenious Scenlo ami Mechanical Illusions ever presented upon the Amer ican stage. Magnificent Scenery I Superb CostumosI Characters by Mr. CIIARI.KS WHEATLEIGH, Miss LIZ/IE PRICE, Mr. ?>. B. STUDLEY. Mr. CIlARLEd L ;CLE1!Q, Mr. B. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. J. W. JEN NINGS, Mr. C. .1 ROCKWELL, Mr M. GOLDEN, Mr. DORSEY OGDEN, .Mr. CHAI'MAN, Miss JOSEPHINE HENRY, Messrs. Meade, l'eakes, Pierce, Chapman, Bemes, bcarlc aud others. GRAND FECHTER MATINEE, with MOST]-, CRTSTO, SATURDAY, lit hall past one. *?? feats mav lie secured for 20 days in advance. Appli cations by mail or telegraph, directed to the Manager, will be promptly attended lo. Box office open iroui 8 till 6 daily, j _ CTH AVENUE THEATRE, (Curtain rises at 8,) t) 728 and 7M BROAOVVAY. Sole Lessee and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY. "DIVORCE." Mr. Al'GUSTIN DALY'S Famous Drama of Society, EVERY NIGHT. New and Magnificent Scenery by Mr. JAMES BOB ERTS. Characters by Mr. Charles Fisher, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. .lames Lewis, Mr. Louis James, Mr. Ilenr* Crisp, Mr. W. Davidgc, Mr. D. Whiting, Mr. George De vere, Mr. Owen Fawoett, Mr. Frank Chapman, Mr. J. A. Mackav, Heck man, Carroll, ; Miss Fanny Morant, Miss Fanny Davenport, Miss Clara Morris, Mis* Linda Diets, Miss Eava Jewett, Mrs. E. H. Gilbert, Mist Nellie Mortimer, Roberta Norwood and others. LAST "DIVORCE1' MATINEE, (but one,) 8ATURDAY, AT 1)^ O'CLOCK. WEDNESDAY. Mav 7, benefit of Mrs. O. H. GILBERT. MONDAY, Mav 12, benefit Of Mr. GEORGE CLARKE. WEDNESDAY*, May 14, benefit ol'Miss LINDA DIETS. IN REHEARSAL, For Early and Elaborate Representation, an original play of POW KRFUL EMOTIONAL ( BARAC TEH, by Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY, partly founded on a Drama by Dr. MOSENTHAL, of vicuna, and prepared expressly for this companv. Every preparation is in progress to make this brilliant pinv a worthy crowning to the season just ending, and to signalize the closing per formances of the Fifth avenue Theatre, prior to the Sum V Due notice will be given of its first production. IrUFTH AVENUK THEATRE. ' TO-MORROW (Monday), May 5, 187S. BENEFIT OF MR. LOUIS JAMES, on which occasion Mr, JAMES will appear, for the 223d time, in bis ordinal character ot "CAPTAIN LYNDE" in DIVORCE. NIBLO'S gaudkn, AZRAEL. lulu THOROUGH AND COMPLETE TRIUMPH. The brilliant Pantom:me, AZRAEL; OR, THE MAGIC CHARM. AZRAEL: OR, THE MAGIC CHARM. MAFFITT and BARTHOLOMEW as Clown and Panto, loon. MAFFITT and BARTHOLOMEW as Clown and Panta loon. LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, THE LULU. LULU. SENSATION LULU. LULU, GYMNAST. LULU, LULU. LULU, LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, IN THE MOST THRILLING GYMNASTIC PE*? FOKMANCES EVER SEEN IN THE WORLD. THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE RISES IN EXCITEMENT AT THE WONDROUS FLIGHT THROUGH SPAOE, IN WHICH LULU BOUNDS FROM THK STAGE TO A PLATFORM SUSPENDED THIRTY-FIVE FEET ABOVE IT. AND THEN EXECUTES THK MOST DIFFICULT OF A T.I. ATHLETIC EXPLOITS, A TRIPLE SOMERSET IN MIDAIR. AN ATTRACTIVE ELEMENT IN THIS MARVELLOUS PERFORM AN 0 h iS ITS ENTIRE SAFETY. THE APPARATUS USED BEING SO COMPLKTE IN CONSTRUCTION THAT NO POSSIBLE ACCIDENT CAN BEFALL THE GYMNAST. EVERYTHING NEW IN TnE PANTOMIME. SCENERY. MUSIC, COSTUMES, APPOINTMENTS^ MMK. LANNIER, MLLE. PITTERI. CORPS DK BALLET IN THREE GRAND BALLKT& THE TKANSFOHMAJiON SCENE (THE HAUNTS OP THBCORAL NYMPHS) IS REMARKABLY BEAUTIFUL AND HARMONIOUS IN DESIGN AND CONCEPTION, AND GORGEOUS BEYOND COMPARISON IN EXE CUTION. BOX OFFICE OPEN AT 8 A. M. ' MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT TWa MRP. F. B. CON WAV'S BROOKLYN Til LAI UK. HYERY EVENING, UNDER THE GASLIGHT. Startling effects and powerful cant. MIm MINNIE CONWAY'S KENEriT FRIDAY. TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSB, 201 BOWERY. I TUB FEMALE MINSTRELS. SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL LADY VOCALISTS. Till; FEMALE MINSTRELS. TUB FEMALE MIN'.sTRELK T11K FEMALE MINSTRELS. I THE ZIOZAOS an TIlF FOUR LUNATICS THE ZIGZAGS as TIIE FOUR LUNATICS A. W. MAFKLIN'S SPADE AND I.ADDER DANCE. COMIC PAN TOM 1M K?THE OREEDY CLOWN. JENNY MURRAY, IONA LANG. ALICE BENNETT. EMMA RD'E, IDA LESLIE, .JOHANNA GRANGER. FRANK KERNS, THE MUSICAL WONDER. BILLY PASTORS NEW COMIC SONGS. BILLY BARRY, Harry HART and all the Stan. MATINEES TUESD'Y uil<! SATURDAY. Ladies ad mitted free on ['riday evening. IOUIS DURR S (iALLERY OF PAINTINGS?OPEN J dav and evening, in the hnildintr ol the German S?^ inj:? H iiik. General Moltkc'a Portrait, taken from Ilia, by Protestor Schradrr. Is now on exhibition. p H. FOSTER, \J. IP West Twcnty-ir>eond street. N'OTICE?THE ORCHESTRA, CHORUS AND HAL lei for the performance* by the Lydia Thompson Troupe, ht the Academy ot Music, will a*#eiuble tor re hearsal al 1U o'clock A. M, on Mo11|1 :i^v^ Mft- c k'l-?TT^ stave Manager. / 1 \hd ?PRIVATE INSTRUCTION, PIANO, VIOLIN, I Oman. Guitar Sinitlnn, Harmony, day and ovenlnf, W Clinton place (Eighth "treeO; established 1854; circu lars uiuiicu tree. J JAY WATsiiN. Musical Director. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW IF YOU DO NOT KNOW IF YOU DO NOT KNOW IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW AND COULD KNOW, 'AND COULD KNOW, AND COULD KNOW, AND COULD KNOW, IF YOU WOULD KNOW, lr iy YOU WOULD KNOW' IF YOU WOULD KNOW, IF YOU WOULD KNOW, OET THE GET THE <iKT THE GET THE EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM FROM ANT NEWSBOY OR NEW.STAND. TWO CENTS. FROM ANY NEWSBOY OR NEW STAND. TWO CENTS. FROM ANY NEWSBOY OR NEWsTAND. TWO CENTS. FROM ANY NEWSBOY OR \T.WST\ND. TWO CENTS ETROPOLITA.N THEATRICAL AND , SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STRRET. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF TllEATRlCAU MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLt ON HANlfc M1

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