Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,406. NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 5, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICK FOUR CENT& DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS* amu8ements?niirrn Pao?? Fourth, flflh and sixth col astli""log Y?skcord Page?Sixth column. cfi.i.ta RDS?first Pack?Sixth coluwn. BOARDERS WANTED?ninth Page?First and second BOABH "an'o LODGING WANTED?ninth Pao*?8?c oii(t column. , BROOKLYN BO A rd?nt wto Page?Second column. BKOOKLYN KKAL ESTATE PGR sale?8kcord Paoe kirst bolnmn. _ ... . BUSINESS oppor1 UNITIES?Second Page?Mxth col bu8iness NOTICES?seventh Pace?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Skcond PAOE- Flrst column. _ . . CLERKS AND SALESMEN-Twelfth Page?Second and third column*. CLOTHlMi?secnnd Page?Filth column. COACHMEN AND gardenkr6?Twelfth ta(??Third and tourtli columns. COAI. AND WOOD? Second Paok?Sixth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?riohth Page?Sixth col copjuitnerships? Eighth Page?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD?nintu Paub?Second column. DANCING ACADEMIES?ninth Paok?Filth co'.utnn. dentistry?ninth Pack?Third column. DRY GOODS?kib?t Pack?Filth and sixth columns. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, furnished AND UN. purmsiied?twelfth Page?Fifth column. EUROPEAN steamships-Eighth Pag*?Fifth and f-lxtli columns. EXCHANGE?skcohd Pack?Sixth column. EYES AND EARS?nihth Page?Second column. EXCURSIONS}?eighth PAoa-slxtb colnmn. KIN anc1al?eighth Paok?Fourth column. kor sale?ninth page?Third column. furnished rooms AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Pao*?Filth and Ftxth columns. furniture?second Pag*?Fifth column. FRENCH advertisements?twelfth Page? Fourth HELP? WANTED?FEMALES?'twelfth Pace?First and second columns. _ , (ielp WANTED?MALES?twelfth i'ace-Fourlh col nORSES,1CARRIAGES, AC.?fibst Pack?Second, third and fourth columns. HOTEI&?ninth Pack?Second column. . HOUSES, rooms, AC., WANTED?twelftm PAGE? Sixth column. ? _ instruction?first Page-'fourth column. JERSEY city. 1IOBOKEN, HUDSON t.ITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR sale?second 1 age? lecture ^kTson?ninth Page?Fifth column. LOAN OFFICES?second Pace?slxlli column. i.O-'T AND POUND? First i'agk?hrstcolumn. machinery-Ninth Pao*?'thirdcmtuun. MARBLE MANTELS?ninth Pao*?Sccond column. MEDICAL?second I'agk?Sixth column. mttiltarv? second pagk?1*lttl) coiuiun. miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS?tenth PACK MISCELLANEOUS? Nurrn Page?Third column. MUSICAL?nintn Page?Sixtli column. NEW publications?ssve.fTn Page?Sixth column. PERSONAL? First Page?First column. ? ? pianofortes, ORGANS, AC.?ninth page-Fourth PROPOSALS?second Pack?Sixth column. ? PROFESSIONAL situations WAN TED-FEMALES? VROPFRTY ouf w"thk?c"tV FOR sale OR TO fb% k NT-S?coi?d Pack-First, second and third col ?EAL^'sTATE TO exchange?second Page?Third REAL estate WANTED?second Page?Third column. removals?second Pack?-lxth column. REWARDS?kikst Pack?First column. BALES AT AUCTION?second Pace?Tliird, fourth and SITU atith?s"v?A NTED?FEMALES?eleventh Page? First, second, third, fourth, tilth and sixth coiuinn", and twelfth Page?First column. situations WANTED-MALES-Twelfth Pagk-scc 8pec1al NOTICES?first tace?First and sccond col BPORtVng?DOGS. BIRDS, AC.-first 1'AGE-Sccond column. _ ? , _ stallions?first Page?Sccond column. STORAGE?ninth Pack?Filth column. SUMMER RESORTS?ninth Page?Second column. THE TRADES?twelfth Pace?Fourth column. THE TURK?first Pack?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSE.?twelfth Page? travelulers"vuidk?jsIghth Pack?Sixth eolumn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Twelfth Page?Sixth column. WANTED TO purchase?eighth Page?Sixh col westch*kster COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?second Page?First column. YACHTS, steamboats, ac.?first 1 ace?8ixth col umn. hep ALD bpamh oprick??PTOWl?. 1 dvertisements FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, l,:to BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND TIIIRTY EECOKD STREETS. advertisements ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL t P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES.""no EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK heraldt ttcessrs. KEEMER A <'0., american REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL iks WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND AL80 SINGLE numbers OF~t"hiS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. __ y " pk1howal. Vlesandro PARENT-THBM IS a mwwf Of A Importance, for you. AddMH l. D aubetterk, tox &.h44 Post afflcc. /"1harles WOODS, SON OF THOMAS WOODS, par I ' sonstown, Kinps county, Ireland, who lelt ireiitud in 1S52 ?Vour mother is liviiifs in Melbourne; vej? ?S*loifv' you should write to her Immediately. Virect oMr. AL FRED SHAW, 13 Little Collins street, Melbourne, Aus tralia. ?? TOSIE f.. FORMERLY ON EIGHTH AVENUE, WRITE (j immediately. *79. \t stoninoton?s;:n d a ddress i\ . note will reach you. Address E. , box 204 Her qlti offlcc. ntfi'ivik wisiikk TO BID 1IER fr1knds goodhy before her departure lor Europe. 1*0 same st Ori\l\ REWARD.?a MAN NAMED ii. WOLF i.evt $500 Ills residence at h>4' p. m friday /or Barclay street lerry. and has not been seen since , i* 27 years otaitc, 9 tcctklfh, dark complexion: wore a dark bine Iroek coat, wi:h Maps en side; irrav knitted Jackct, with-red border: dark pray striped pan's- Any person who can irlvc In.ormation flint will lead to his recovery, dead or alive, will receive the above rc**ard. Apply at 173 Grcenwicn street. LOST AM) FOUND. Lost-may 4, smai.l black and tan poo, from 2U8 Finn av.; had on icJ leather collar. Ten dollar* reward will be paid lor his return to above number. HKWA1<D<<I. Alfl REWARD.?LOST, A SI LVER-fJRAY SCOTCH ?J>JLv" Terrier, *!l?lillv blue aloug the back ; answer* to ? the name ol ".Muff." The above reward will be paid on Ilia return to 17 East Thirty-second street. dfelil REWARD?WILL BE PAID TO THE FINDER ?J>1U for the return to 222 Went Thirty-seventh street M a new pair ol hatent leather Boot* left by the sub ici'iber In No. !K>. EWIilh avenue line, on Saturday, 3d Inst., about 6 o'clock P. M., wtien he leit the ear at the above itreet. A. R. VAN NEST. jjj?|n REWARD -LOST, ON SCNDAY EVFNINO^~A ?PIU white Spit* Dog, on Eighth avenue and Twentv ninth street. The above reward will be paid by return Ill'/ the dog to K. DONNELLY, Mi Eighth avenue, corner Twenty seventh street. d?QH REWARD WILL BK PAID FOR THE RECOV ?OV.' ery of linportaat papers, ol no value excent to . Ihe owners contained in a package taken trom a g< ntle * man on the Sixth avenue cars on the lu Inst. The abore reward will be paid upon the delivery ot the Papers at Ihe bookstore of Synod's Rooms 31, Vemy street, second door, and do questiomi aiked. SPK< IAI> IVOTICKa. \ T A MEF.TINd OK THE BOOT AND SHOE LACE I\. Manufacturers' Association, held in Providence, R. f. May 1, 1*73, it was voted that notwithstanding the ad vance In supplies of all kinds the price and terms of pood* <. ol tlielr manufactures shall remain the same as thatttxed {t the last meeting ol the Association, which look I'ffeet larch I. The following e impantes were represented at (he meeting:?Fletcher Maimiacturmg Company, Jen kins, Bros, k Co.) Iliman Manufacturing I oinpunv, Osborne k Cheeseman Coinpanv, t'nlon Lace Company, C. R. Stafford k Co.. James Ulriie v, John J. Kenvoti, Oeo. r. Douglas". Signed, S. u. TRIPP, President. C. R. STArrown, Secretary. "7'RRIVAL (7f Til i K E Vl% INS _OF~B f S11 < IP M'lL JV valne.?The Coinniitlee of Arrangements on the re ception of Ihe reinnlns of Bishop Mcllvaine are re quested to meet at St. Paul's chnpel, this (Monday) after noon, at hall-ra?t three o'clock. * FREDERIC DK PEYSTER, Chairman. ALL PERSONS HAVINO (iOOD.l AT THE FRENCH scouring establishment of A. ('RICK LETE UKACO, LS27 Broadway, will please wrd lor tliem on or before Tuesday, Mavti, in consequence ol Hroadwav w.d>-niiig. A" -HERALD HRA.M II OFFICE HHdiiKlTvN, ? coiner of Fulton avenue and Hoertim strcek Open from ? A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trom 3 to 9 P. M. LL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOl'ND L ed, ruptured < r in ured. however slightly, are en titled to p? nston. Address or applv to Dr. fc. B. .lACKSON, fate wrgeon I inte.i Malta Navy, No. i New Chambers at R B. B. FITCH'S FAMILY MEDICINES FOR BALE at 7U Broadway and by all first class druggists. A' 1) fjlLBCTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVKN THAT AN Fj election will he held at the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 WsUr street. In the citv of Brook'yn. on Monday, the 2d day ot June next, at 12 j'cloek nooh o? that day. for Otteen directors of said tompany, lor the then ensuing year, and lors of election for IH74. The transfer hooks will be closed from Mov 3 to June 8. H73 Dated May 2. 1*73. IIF.NRY C. ML'ftp Ay, President. O. P. QlMlin, Sccretarr. H^Havana and kentccky lottebibs,?prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH HATES A CO., f] Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. XTBW YORK, MAY 3, 1.?73.-PARTIKS HAVINO ll rlaims against the late Mrs. M. A. Ilerrinian are r? kiiested to present the same to me for payment withaut Iclav. JOHN 1IEKR1MAN. ?i Broadway. 8PKCIAI. m'ICKg. Horre and carriage bxciianok.-mk arch. JOHNSTON buopenoi! at hi* downtown office, 37 Nassau ?Tret, a register tor hersea, carriages. gentle mcn'H turnouts, Ac., at prtva'e (ale, and will hereafter make this a spaclrtlly anil a featare of bis business. Gentlemen having horse* or carriages to dispose of, or those wishing to purchase, will find this the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal di rectly wiih principals. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. .. w CL.A" "O. ?*.-?4Y 3, 1873. It, 16, 36. IS, 16. 11, 71, ii, 42, 52, 50, 70. KOBTB C A ROt. I If A CLASS HO. 24.-MAY 3, 1873. 70, 30, 48, 48, 69, 4A 21 ? 44, 33, 7 32. OEKKE.N A CO., Manager*. LUTUY AGO., Brokers. ____ 274 Greenwich street, New York. 0 FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY KTaTE LOTTERIES. ? XNTUL'Kr?KXTRA CLASS WO. 309?NAY 3, 1873. 72. 69, 60, ?2, S4, 30, 63, 68, 67, 42, 22, 62. ? RKTOCKY- CLASS HO. 310 -MAY 3, 187S. 66, 67, 28. 75, ?1, 24, 40, 62, 70, 1. 60. 74. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. tltlCLBY (OILKGE?EXTRA CLASS MO. VO0? MAY 3, 1S73. 68. 26. 9 41, *5, 11, 5J, 2. 34, 20. 60, 12. SIIRLRY COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 210?MAY 3, 1873. ?0, 67, 71. Bit, 19. 14, 68, 40, ?, 69, 43, 56. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUT8, Broker, 203 Broadway. Post office box 4,900. '"S"*1 ??*? ?a ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA.-PROS. pectus for 1*73 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM, No. 3 Weybossct street, Providence, It. I. STAMMERING.?DH. WHITE'S UNITED STATES Stammering Institute, 417 Fourth avenue. Best ref erence. One week trial given to sattei'y the patient. No pay until curt d Send lor circulnr. STAMMERING.?NEW YORK STAMMERING INSTI tute, established 1S70, Profs. MANN and COLVIN. Managers, 107 West Twenty-third street This Institute closes July I; reopens September 1; seven days' instruc tion Hllowcd applicants to satisfy themselves; no pay lor board or services until cured. Call or semi for prospectus. VIENNA EXPOSITION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY given that, in pursuance ot an order from the De partment ol State, tne business of the New York office of the Commission to the Vienna Exposition is transferred to the charge ol Mr. Rail-jllttc Baldwin, 72 Broadway, to whom all applications by exhibitors and all correspond ence respecting the fame must be addressed. RADoHkFE BALDWIN, United States Despatch Agent WILLIAM H. HANKINPON'S STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works, 15 East Twenty-seventh street, be tween Fifth uud Madison avenues. New York.?No con nection whatever with any other hoaac. The original Hsnklnson, and tlie only one of that name, established In tills business in 1S61. $589 9 189 DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL I red Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree ; 12%c. commission allowed. Address It A LEY A CO. lofficc established SO years), 174 Broadway. ?PORTIAC?POQg. BIRDS, diO. A?FOR KAI E, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS ? Birds, Ac.; Kedicincs (or ell diteases, Prepared Food le.r mocking I irds, at B. G. DOVER'S. No. 3Greene Urtet, r.tar Canal. Francis butler, no. 3 peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs lor sale and stock. BUT LER'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75c.; SUTLER'S new work, $i. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines tor all diseased. _ ^ STALLIONS. I^DWARD EVERETT, THE EIRE OF JOE ELLlOTT, J who trotted last Slimmer on Mvstic l'ark in 2:15)6 (the fastest mile ever trotted,either in public or private), also of Commodore Vanrterbilt'g Mountain lloy, who trotted in 2 HC^i, and ot Judge Kullerton, who has trotted in 2 21^, will make the reason nt the larai of William Kccich. near Goshen, Orange county. N. V. For Inrther partlculais see the "i urf, Field and harm." 'I'll 10 1'1'K K. BEACON FARK, BOSTON.?THE* SPRING MEETING ol the Beacon Park Association will take place June 3, 4. 5, 6 and 7, when a liberal list of purses will be offered and the races will be governed by the rub s of the Trainers and Drivers' Protective Association. Pro grammes will be is-urd during the present week. ALL'S DRIVING PARK.?PURSE *50 for THREE minute class; $100 tor 2:40 class; trot Thursday. May 8. Entries cIom- Monday, May 5, at 9, atT. B. joii.V hon'S, Broadway and Twcniv-cigiiih street Lease, a* huntington, l. i.-si:kfolk track; one or Ave yeais: $231 p>r year; 50 acres : stabling good; track fine. Inquire of C. fin lay, 141 Eighth uv. H HORSE*, CARUIAGKS, <BC. AIchange of time. . CHANGE OF TIME. CHANGE OF .TIME' THE REGULAR SALES OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AC., AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART ANIi NEW YORK TATTERSALL8, JKos. 1,368, 1,356, 1,357, 1,369, 1.3C1 and 1,303 BROADWAY, corner of Thirty eighth und Thirty-ninth streets, WILL TAKE PLACE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, INSTEAD Ol' TWELVE, AS HERETOFORE. THE FIRST REGULAR SALE OF THE SEASON takes placc on SATURDAY, MAY 10, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, when a large number of TROTTERS, ROADSTERS AND FAMILY HORSES, TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, AC., WILL BE SOLD. Allen u. miner, auctioneer, SALESROOMS 95 chambers STREET. HORSE auction MART AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. carriages AND HORSE* ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McCJULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS, Sales of Horses, Carriages. Ac., Thursday ot each week. Entries ot articles lor auction can he made at repository as above or salesrooms of auctioneer* Auction ndtk k. JENKINS A DUFF, Auctioneers. will sell on Wednes day, May 7. commvnctng at II o'clock, at the old-estab lished carriage manuiuctory of J. L>. Voorhi*, on Broad way, Knty eighth street and Eighth avenue, all the finished and unfinished Stock, Tool*, Ac., v.z. 4 new Coupe*. 1 l.amluu, 3 Coaches, I Rockaway, 2 top Wagons, 3 open Wagon*. 1 Pony 1 second hand Coopc, 1 extension top Park Phaeton. Also, all the Forgo*. Tool*, Ac., In the blacksmith shop; ?II the Toolsin wood shop, v)*. Ronchen, Vine*. Hand and Thumb Screw*. Wheel Machines, with Tool*, Draught Board* and Pattern*, Ac. All the Fixture* In trimmer*' room, via:?1 Singer Hew ing Machine, 1 large Iron Sale, Hutching Horse*, a lot of Webblng,l.eatlier Lace*. Buckle*, Ac. All the Tools and Fixture* of painters'*hop, large and ?mall Tru.-k* tor bodies, Varnisli and Oil Can*, pot* Paint, Stones and Muler*, Paint Mill*, Varnish and Paiiit Brushes, n lot of assorted Color*, Varnish, Ac. A LARGE quantity SPOKES, ? I BS, rims, AC. Also a lot of Hickory, A?h, Cherry and White Wood. N. B.?The above sale wa* postponed on account of the weather Irom May 3 to ateve date. No postponement, rain or shine. Kvcry article will be sold to highest bidder without regard to cost and value. A -FOB SAI.E-THK PROPERTY OF A WIDOW ? lady, a crossmatched span of Horses, black and norrell; tlicy stand 13 hand* 1 Inch high ; 6 year* old ; tlicy are very handsome and very last and fearlesaof locomo tives; quiet tor ladies to ride or drive ; al*o one very fine black llornr; long mane and tail: stands 13 hands3 Inches In height, 7 years old; he is very stylish, and war ranted to trot in 2 :43; kind in cither single or double har neas; the v are sold on account of death of her husband. Apply to Mr. WOOD, 28 Fu'.ton street. Brooklyn. i ?FOR PALE, Till: FINEST TEAM OF BROWN ? Mare* in the State,full sisters, Sand 7 year*old. 1J'? hands high, perlectly sound and kind, together with a 2 a. at Culirlolet and double Harm ?**; also Vwai Wit con and single Harness; all a* good as m-w. To be seen at Waverley Stable*, 149 West Tliirty-llfth street, between Broadway ami Seven;!" avenue. AD.'-r JT CARRIAGE, $S0; BREWSTER TOP BUOOY, $200; Read Wagon, $123; double Humes*, $4(1; at 1,402 Broadway, near Tliirtv n;ntli street. AN H-VKAK OI.I) MAKE, WITH colt'ose WEEK old. good stork, will be ?oid cheap, owner havlaz no ?se for them. No. 8 Wiiieit street. AWT OF HOItSKS FROM~ THE "COUNTRY, FIT for all kin Is of business; one splendid team ot sor rel Horses, young and setind. Inquire at Ml Canal St. FINE BROWN CARRIAGE HORSE?16 HANDS. - - Syear* old. souad and kind ; price $300. 13 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street. Anew English tandem harness-jibt im. ported ; sold lor want of uie. Apply at No. 3 East Twentieth street ABBOWV trotting make, phaeton and har nrns also gray Horse, 10 bands. Road Wagon an 1 Harness; have been used by a lady; sold separate. Thir ty-eighth street and scwntli avetiue. BARGAIN.?HOTEL RTAOE, GOOD 1IEAKSE. A BARGAIN.?HOTEL RTAOE, GOOD HEARSE. D-ig Cart, lump-eat Buggy, nearly new; Coupe, 2 Clarences, 2 glass <|iiarter Coaches, 3 Rrcta, 2 light Grocery Wagons, 20 other*; also 3 sets of Coach Harness; at J. W PirNKY S, 160 Ihird avenue. An assortment of hams very popular and celebrated Landaulets, Coupes, Landau*, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. IIAM, 10 East Fourth street. A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY carriages, ROCK A way, Park and Pony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Ex press and Business Wagon*, 23 per cent lew than any house in the cltr. Ill West Broadway, near Canal st A -FOR SALE, A H SPRING \ SEAT JAGGER J\ . Wagon and Harness, made bv a first class maker; sold for want o" use. To he seen at JAMES P. matthews, B97 Broadway, rooms I and 2. A GOOD ROAD MARE FOR SALE-FIVE YEARS old, chestnut, sound, kind, IS hands, trot In3minuu-a Address J. W. O., Herald Uptown Brance office. A?TEA CART, barouche. VICTORIAS, PHAE ? tons, (our und tw.i seated. $<3; top Buggie*. cheap est in city. 146 and 14i Kidr'dge street near Grand and Sowurji DAY I HON. IIOHSKH, 1'AU KIAOES, AC. AUCTION HOl-SE OK ARCU. JOHNSTON fl.ate Johnston A Van Tasscll). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION' BRANCH OK THE HOUSE 18 REMOVED lO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21,2.1 and 25 East THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the name unci aud lioiioralile principles which have always char acterised the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the Subllc at large. EGULAR SALES .TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries lor sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SHINMENTB. AT THE HOUSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), at the o d stand, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OK HOKSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will find this house perfectly reliable, us this business will be conducted on the same stralglillorw*rd principles which have gov erned It ill the past. We give the purchaser ol every horse that Is warranted sound from 24 to 4H hours lor trlul. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private suie. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON consignments. A?IMPORTANT AND POSITIVE sale BY AUG . tion OF IllCll BLOODED HORSES, WAGONS, HARNESS, AC., ON TUESDAY, MAY (i, AT THE PRI vate STABLE, NO. 1 west TWELFTH street, ON REAR OF NO. 60 FIFTH AVENUE. AT IUK O'clock SHARP, john D. HAMLIN, Auctioneer, of *11 the line and entire stock of George Hoffman, Est)., who goes abroad, consisting of one of the finest teams of premium horses In the city; are. dark mahogany bays, no white, all black I>otn!*; nearly 1(1 bands high and both six years old this iprina wlto tine, Inn;;, flowing manes anil tails; are mated to perfection ; have tine, even tampers and drive like one horse together, without hugging, shying or fret ting: they have fine knee action, are sharp, quick and handy, and their fine, natural style and blooded, handsome UpwrUM cannot be equalled; have fine, s.i nimetrieal proportion*, with clean, strong limbs ami feet, an I tine, long, blooded necks, with clcan, intelli gent heads. They arc both sired by Magna Charts, and raided by William E. Hmtih, near Jackson, Mich., and by him sol i to present owner,after be bud exhibited them at the Siate lair, where they took the first urcmlum over numerous comnctitors. They are finely broken to all harness, tear no locomotive or anything else, and will travel 14 miles sn hour, and are warranted sound, kind aud perfect, aud to show a3:10gait tojiliaeton or wagon; are an extra fine and valuable teum for road, tamily or coach. Tt is team must be seen to he appreciated. Fine let black saddle or harness Horse, 1S)? high. 7 years old. ured in Kentucky; has all galls to saddle; Is hnelv broken to all harness; is extra stylish, either to saddle or liarnes-; sate for any person to handle; a very fine sensible hor e; warranted sound, kind. Fast, handsome, Jet black trotting Mare, known as CREOLE, l)k high, H years old this Spring, sired l>y Alexander's Ahdnllah, dam by Pilot; elegant road mare; is handsome, stylish and agreeable; elegant driver; safe for the most timid to drive; One gal'ed ; bus record of 2:37; ran trot in 2:45 to road wagon, and warranted sound and kind; an elegant road marc for any private gentleman's line. Also a fine, noble, good and Anslble brown Horse, 15% hands high, 7 years old; elegant style and finish; flue traveller and sale for Uie most timid to drive; can be driven by any lady who ran hold reins; fears nothing, stands without tying, and has few superior for style In Park; is warranted sound snd kind. Also one tour-scat I'haelon, by Miner A Stevens; one Stivers' shifting top fide bar Itnad Wagon; one Pony Phaeton; one Set ot double Harness. by Dunscomb; two sets single English Riding Saddle and Bridle ; Blankets, Sheets, Ac., Ac. The whole being strictly first class, ami all to be sold to the highest bidder, irrespective of < ost and without limit or reservation and fully warranted. Sale positive, rain or shine. Stock now on exhibition. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past 10 years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United Stales. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all rcspecta ( qusl in duality to those hullt to the order ol the most \ alucd customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we mnr not be confounded with a Joint stock company ot carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently cluiin the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warcrooms , are at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 10S Liberty, 111 Cedar and 33 Church sts. Horses, Wagons and Harness. THIS DAY ut 12 o'clock, D. W. IVES will sell as above 12 brad ol Horses; also Wagons and Harness. Particulars at sale. Warranties exten t 24 hours. Albert r. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 1(8 Liberty, 111 Cedar and 38 Church st Horsts, Wagons and Harness. THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, D. W. IVES will sell as above 12 Road and Work Horses, Wilsons and Harness. Particulars at Mile. WariaiUccs extend 24 hours. NO. t) COICBLAMW, NEAR BROADWAY. ' Light Carriages, Harness, Ac. One of the largest, cheapest taid most reliable assort ments ever offered in this'uiarkcL Pony Phaetons a specialty , all styles, and of the very best make and finish, at very low figures. First class lop and no top Wagons, Rockaways, Depot, Road anil Jagger Wagons. Extra inducements all this week' several slightly soiled by removal, below cost, to close out. AKCH. JOHN.VTQN, No. 8 Cortlandt street AT BAR0AIN8?VARIETY OF STYLISH PONY Phaetons, flue light Top Ruggles and Road Wagons, lour and six Passenger Kookaways, and a general assort ment of Carriages uiiMirpafscd In quality and finish. K S. BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A?THE FINEST assortment OF PHAETON'S, ? Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons and Top Wagons in the city at the West Side Carriage Re pository, 1,494 and 1.4'Jo Broadway, lietweeii Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. Brewster, ok rroome street, full top Wagon, in Hot rate order. barouche. GOOD ORDER, BV LAWRENCE. T CART, BREWSTER, OK BROOME STREET, nearly new, elegant rorpe rockaway, nearly new. FOUR WHEEL DOG CART, SHIFTING HEAT, IN first rule order, liy Wood bros. ELEGANT SIDE UAH NO TOP road WAGON, nearly new. built bv Rivera WOOD GIBSON DOUBLE HARNESS, NEARLY NEW. CORBETT TOP WAGON. SIDE BAR, NEARLY NEW. At private sale at arch. JOHNSTON'S Mart, 19,21, 23 and "S East Thirteenth >>treet, near University place. C1arriage HORSES ANI) HARNESS.?FOR sale. A ) spun fit roans bay Horses, about 16 hands high: nell broke, sound uinl kind. Also Double anil single Harness, silver mountings; Carriage una Horse Blankets. Ac.} for i-nle at private stable, f>5 Madison avenue, and can be ?een dally trorn i< A. M. to i P. M. C1KKAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING glove8. J Single button, $2; double button. $2 2A. Ever* pair warranted and sent free on receipt of price. union adams A CO., #37 Broadway. (1ARRIAOES TAKEN ON storage IN LOFTS BUILT J for the purpose. Apply to A. T. demarest A CO., C28 Broadway. tiarriages.-A variety OK SECOND hand TOP > and light Road Wagons, Doctors' Wagons, Rocka wiv. Depot and turn-out s< at Buggies, tour aud six-seat l'haetons, Ac., Ac. Also a ve ry lurge and superior stock new work, unsurpassed in mv particular. r M. mi\ i rs. 144 tom Ea?t ihitty-flrst street. Cioupe AND TURNOVER t-EAT w hj K A W A yd AN D J Doctor's l'baetons, in great variety and style, at 1,494 und Mix; Itr mdway. Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias Sundowns, Dog Carta, Park Phaetons, ltglit Rocka ways, Buggies anJ other seasonable style* family Car riagc* ami light Wagon*, at reasonable prices. manufacturers' UNION, ffw Broadway. Ijid. MUBPHY. CARRIAGE MAKER, 2t> GREENE J street, hss tor sale one new Dog Cart or turn out seat on platform springs, built to order; also one light Victoria, weight 6w)pounds; one second hand four-seat

Pony Phaeton, u itb Canup.v, Pale an i sluitts, city made, liwi one month; will sell cheap, to make room. Fine, large pair carriage horses?i? hands; dapple gray: sound every war; styll-di nnd fast; Dog Cart and Harness; will be sold together or sena rately at a very great sacrifice. Call at COOK'S Stables, 247 and 249 West Forty first street, or 192 Front street "i/IOR SALE-ONE VICTORIA, BUILT BY BREWSTER X1 a Co., Brooine street; n?ed one season. Can be seen at Cunningham A Co.'s Livery und Boarding stubles. 119 and 121 West Forty filth street. CUNNINGHAM A CO. For hale-one very finf, stymsh bay coupe or coach Horse, 6 years old, ifl'j hands high ; fine action one pair ot Roadsters, is>j hand*; can beat 2 ?0, i together;can be driven by a lady or the mast timid per son at the to;) of their speed in any crowd; also several other gentlemen's fine Road Horses, all sound un.l kind ; three leather top Wagons, one two-seat open Phaeton, good us new; all to be sold low. Apply at 210 West Forty eighth street. J^or SALE ?a BAY MARE, 1m{ HANDS HIGH, 7 years om ; warranted sound and kind. Apply at 193 atld iw En?t thlru street: Ifor BALE-TWO SQUARE BOX OPEN WAGONS the property ol n Brooklyn maker, deceased, 91 .'a each; also several second hand Wagons cheap. 1,494 and 1,49(1 mrondway. Ifon SALE?an itfported ENGLISH THOROUGH tired Horse, very handsome and bloody, broken to saddle and also to Harness, t an be seen ut diokels', 441 Filth avenue, between 12ami 1 o'eiock. tfor SALE-TWO hob8r0, WAGON AND harness r and E*pres? Route cheap. Apply to owner, 313 Van Brunt street, South Brooklyn. I^or SALF.-A BREWSTER tiirke QUABTBB HEAT i 1 light Wagon. Apply at prhnte stable, 97 Christopher 1 street, near bteeckcr. ___________ 1.10R BALI TWO LIGHT RUNNINO 0labib0b8, IN | ' first class order Apply at Opera slitblc* 4u and SO &mt tliutv-kcond street. t HORHKS, CARRIAGES AC. ^ I MM ilia B11|TT eiUHNO, M iund:< UIOH, years old, sired hy New Jersey, sound ami kind, tine open action, has never been trnined ; Nino a bay Mare, 13U hands high, 6 year* old, soon.I mid kind ; ridden by children. Apply at private stable, 107 Weft Thirty-third street. ? IpOR SALE-A I'AIK OF DARK BAY HOB8E8, 16.1 high, warranted souud ; remarkably stylish drivers; will trot in about 3:3!); vuitatdc tor a gentleman's road team or coupe. Apply to R. A. DONALDaOM, SB Dey st. IpOR SALE?A HAY MARK, SIXTEEN HAM'S, 8BVBN yea rs old ; warranted sound and kind; long mane and tall; can trot in Sfc; n most perfect coach horse. Opera Stable*, 4s and fO Bast Thirty-aecand street. For kalb-tooethkr or separate, pair cab rlage BorW,tl)i hands, S and 6 years; perfectly a.iund and gentle; unsurpassed tor style, safety, endu rance and beauty; with remarkably heavy and long manos and tails to the ground ; very well bred and fiut; Clarence, to order and us good as new -, also 18>$ bay road also eleuunt satin lined C spring circular glass, trout llorse ; can show 3,'? with two in waroo ; ail are without fault or blemish ; Ethan Allen and Hlack Hawk stock and guaranteed; will trade lor sound mare arc gelding, 1SU hands thut can snow 2:30. Address 1*. 8., box 112 Herald office. T710B SALE?TH' MOST STYLISH COUPB OR DOG r cart Horse In tne city; brlnht bay, 16 bands high, 7 years old and a ry free and handsome driver; war ranted touml Hii< ind. Inquire tor Mr. RAND, at stables 1M East Kitty-!** th street FOR 8AL!" REW8TER TOP WAGON, POLE AND Shatt?. at private stable It*) West fifteenth st t.tOR sale--v .'AUK PHAETON, SIX BEATS; HUT 1 little used, made by Brewster, Brown street; cost S>1,3A0; price *7W; sold for WHiit ol use. Stable 172 Paciftc street, Brooklyn. Owner O. C. ROBINSON, 14 Codifies slip, Now York. 1jV)R SALK-A SUPERIOR BAY HORSE, 7 YEARS J/ old, 16.1 hands, for single or double harness; war ranted sound and knJ; can trot In 3% minutes. Call at private s.uhlu 42 Kast Thirty-sccond street, any hour up to 12 M. and a Iter 5 P. M. For sale?a Canadian pony, heavy black, 6 years old; sound and kind; 1?V hands high; suit a butcher, baker,grocer or express. Ci9 Ninth avenue, between Thirty-fifth and Thlrty-jixth street*. For sale?victoria, cone a adam8? make? one Horse, in good order, HOD; very handsome. Ap ply at 12.H West Thirty second street Tj'OU SAI.E-A SPLENDID PAIR OK DAPPLE OKAY r Horses; I.M? hand! high; white manes and talis; 7 years old ; kind and gentle in all harness; tree from all vice ; stylish and last travellers; good action; feur nettl ing; iu every way a tlrst class team; Messenger and Morgan stock. At the stables of Dr. E. B. MIDDLE BROOK, 17D Seventy-eighth street, near Third avenue. TyiOR PALE-TWO SPLENDID TOP BUfiGII-.S, CIT Y T made; price $2 0each, at 28)^ Commerce street, be tween Icdtord ana Hudson street!; good for country or city u*e. TjlOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? ONE HANDSOME I? Clarence ; made by Brewster; in pertiect order; also a pair ofdark brown Morgan llor.-es. ('an be keen for three days at 34!) East Eighteenth street. Call before 3 P. M. FOR SALE?a vicry HANDSOME BROWN MARK, 6 years old, 16 bands hii:h; very gentle In single or double harness; stands before steam car! without ty ng; a shifting top Wagon and Harness, made by the heat maker, little nsed ; separately or together; has been used by an invalid : sold very cheap a* the owner lia* gone to Europe Call for three days ut 212 East Twenty-seventh street. B. MATHEWS. FOR SALE?A FINE PLAN EI MARK, 8 YEARS OLD, kind and gentle and a splendid ladles' riding horse; guaranteed to work single or double. Also a splendid single buggy Horse, 7 years old: Star, out of May Day; can trot inside of three minutes. The above can bie setn by applying at POST A NICHOLS', Twenty-fourth street, beyond Lexington avenue, up stairs, between II and I o'clock. IflOR BALE?A CARLOAD OF WESTERN IIOR8E8, 1 riiflu from the West; must be sold as the owner must go home this il?y; some are suitable (or truck and others are roadsU>rs. Call at 16!) Washington street CIOR 8ALE?A handsome DOG CART, EQUAL TO .P new, with first class set heavy English made Har ness; also Coupe, by Wood a bargain; family going to Europe. Apply at private Stable Mti West Fiftieth at IrtOR SAI.E?A BAY HORSE. SUITABLE FOB A 1 milk route or express. Apply at No. 8 Vurlck street, near Franklin. a I7?Olt SALE?CHEAP, FOR WANT OF USE, A SATIN lined Clarence; lltt'c uted. Also a bnv Horse, young, sound and Kind in all harness. 121 East Fifty-fourth !t JtOK 8ALB?A BBAtrnfOL PONY. 12 HANDS AND 6years old, thoroughly broken for children to drive or ride, at stable 1ft Rait Twenty-eighth street. I-tOR SALE-A VALUABLE CANADIAN MARE. 1 sound and kind except a little sore forward, al-.o a title family Mare tor sule, $160. 77 New Chamlters ?.rect I/?ol< SALE? $75 BACH, 2 TOP WAGONS AND COUPE 1 Rockaway. and 2 tie's of light Harness. Apply ut stable 148 t'.ast Fortlfffl) street, near Tliira avenue. FOB HALE?A HANDSOME BLUE LINED CLARENCE, (660; a leather top Wagon, $178; a Coupe Roc ka way, with glass front, $189, H. Bl'RR, 2US Mercer street. F^oit sale cheap?a pine stylvsh hay hobbe, suitable for coupe or family carriage; sol.I for want of use. Can be seen fit paper factory, Fifty -eighth street, near Eleventh avenue. /mving up horses.?handsome ih.iiands first cla** carr ago team Hays; also black faimtv Mare, Buggy, Tep Wagon, Harness. Apply at 27 West Twenty sixth street. _ Horse ajjo carriage exchange.?mr. arch. JOHNSTON has opened, at his downtown office, "7 Nassau ..trcet, a register lor horses, carriages, gentle men's turiHiuts, Ac . at private sale, and will hereafter make this a specialty nniWa feature of his bn-lacHS. Gentlemen having horses or carriages to dispone of. or Uiose wjshili:,' to purohasc will find tills the ino<t desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal di ne: with principal!. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, l.ap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety ot Saddlery Hoods always on hand. fe. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 War-en street. New York. Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York - good double truck Harness, $:vi- good single buggy Harness, hand made, 817-, a good stable Blanket, $2M; Hie largest assortment of Cart Harness In the city. Cheaper than ever on account of moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 4.1 Murray street Horse furnishing bazaar, wholesale and retail.?Harness, Saddles. Blankets. Ac. VEKPLANCK BROS., <? Chanitiers s'rect. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. ?W BROADWAY?'I HE place to buv cheap, Purchasers should not tail to rail. Largest anil best as?oruncnt of new and hccohiI band Carriage* In into market Mmdway. ONE STIVERS SIDE BAR ROAD WAGON. 118 lbs., lii Rood orders one Dusenbury A Van Duzrr i!o.; one Hrewster Broome street top Wagon, one Cnrhett side bar do.; also a large assortment or top and open I'ony Phaetons. Kockawayi, Extension Top*. Barouche. C springs; one six M'at Phaeton, Victorias, top niul open Koail Wagons, Sulkies, top and o|<?ii Express Wagons, single ntiil double Harness Ac.; a flue assortment of top and open side bar Wagons, two Clarences and one Coach ot my own manufacture. ft, H. GRAY, 20 to 27 Wooster stroct. PONY KOR SALE.?A BOY'S PONY, VERY SUPERIOR, sound, kind and gentle : suitable lor the Park ; price $225. Apply irom 9to 11 A. M. at private stable 140 West Flltieth street, rear stable. Pair of horses, barouche and close car rinses for sale cheap, as family are leaving tor Eu rope. To be seen at 57 Irving place. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET.-TWO OR FOUR STALLS; rooms fer coachman, carriage room. Ac.; rent low to a permanent tenant; $55 per month. 1,372 Broad way. GEO. CODLING. CTYLISH BLACK HORSE FOR SALE?ADAPTED TO ^ coupe, phaeton or stddle; ridden ami driven all last Summer by present owner's wife; sold tor want of use. Applv at GREEN'S Riding Academy, Thirteenth street, uenr Nilth avenue. SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT (3 Wagon. Pony Phaeton, four Rockawavs, light Coach and H'veral slightly Fhop-worn Carriages, at bargains; lurge assortment of Harness. * MANUFACTURERS' UNION. K? Broadway. rpwo~fink Circular front- round boot 1 Coune?, and larne assortment ot Ponv Phaetons, at 1, IX and 1,W Broadway. TWO NEW EXPRES8 WAGONS, *125 EACH; ALSO 1 lull <pr!n,' and two half spring Ton Bugirtes snd a t>vitii111uI doctor's Phaeton: 2 riding Saddles and 10 sets Harness; mnsl be sold. Horey's Stable, Sixteenth street, near Third avenue. "IVOl'LD bEI.L OR EXCHANGE?A STYLISH, FOUR TH seat Cotipe Rockaway, trimmed in brown sitin, al most aew, for a Horse; marc preferred. Apply tor two days at ?S Irving ilace 2 BIG. YOUNG WORK HORSES, FIT FOR ANY work, and "tie Wagon Horse ; must be jold. Inquire at 77 Willet flreet, near Blvlngton. 2MV EXPRESS WAGONS FOR SALE CHEAP? Price |1 wand ?I65. Apply to S. LOWERRK A CO., 307 spring street M 1IORSE8, 2 FAST TROTTING MARES, IS WORK llO 'ses, all so iml ami young, to be sold cheap. To I e mn until sold at M tlrtwwiw street aoCA-TEA* BLACK HORSES, T TEAM OLD, 15SJ hands high; bay, 15 hands high, pony made $1M; black. $125; sound and kind ; double Express Wafoa, cheap. 216 West Thirty-first street, near Seventh avenue. ' inktru<;tion.~ ~ C PPLICATION will tie received until the 2tith day of May, 1W3, by the Board of Trustees ol Frederick Female Seminary, located In Frederick City, Md., for Principal, to take charge of said Seminary. The Principal to furnish all the furnltnre necessary for the boarding department The furniture and fixtures for the tuition department will be furnished by the Board of Trustees at reusonalde compensation annually. GIDEON BANTZ, President pro tem. A. Born, Secretary. .7 THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE, j\ opposite Cooper Institute.?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic a-id Languages. Kay and evening. Ladles' department?Telegraphy taught practically with instru ment*. Demand for operator!. BUSINF.SSWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC. Ac., lor g. ntlcmcn, ladies and boys.?D OLRE A R'S Commercial Colle^.1, H75 Hroadwav, corner F.ighteenlli rtrret. reinslnsopen day anl cvenlnu all Summer. Pu pils can lia'c general or special private lessons. Stiffness, cramping or trembling entirely removed and ail elegant business hindwritlnjj guaranteed. Two private desks for boys vacant A DRY GOODS. T KINXEY'8. " Great Ribbon Sale. Ribbons. SO cent* on the dollar. Over i.. ,.l bivw . . JO,nan piece* ivom auction. All *ilk Ribbon*, .V., 4c., 6c., ?c. vinl. All ailk Fancies, 6c., 8c., 10c., l'ikc. yard. liro* grain Itlbbon*. Sc., 10c , 1'iCo., Iftc., up. Watered Kibbons, 8c., 10c., li>4o., 13c., ud. Shaded Oros drain*, nil silk, 25c. SaJili Kibbuns. 25c., 43c., 49c., 75c , up. Black Plaid Sash, 4?ic. yard, sevcn-lnch plain Windsor Silk banbes, 2>, yards long, at |l 96. FLOWElt DEPARTMENT. Over 400 different varieties fine French Flower*. a( popular prices. STRAW GOODS. ?> All the new ahnpcMin Bonnets and Rouud Hate, In Imported and domestic goods, from 35c. to $9 90. English and French Chips, $1 up. PARASOL DEPARTMENT* 2,500 Parasols, Sun Umbrella?. English silk Umbrella* and Parasols at popular prices. Till MM IN (J DEPARTMENT. Pawicmenteric (liinpH, $1 piece up. Colored silk Gimps 50c. piece up. Black silk fringe* In groat variety, irom lie. to 93 d6 a yard. Colored silk Fringe* in every shade and style, tic. to t'i 03 a yard. Braid*, Cord* and Binding*. Pique Trimmings, 10c. toil 96 piece. Beaded Ornaments mid Loop*. rt ^ LACE DEPARTMENT, An inuifense Ntock of real and iniiio^ tlon l.aoe* and Lace Goods under price. Yak Lace, 29c. a yard up. French Thread Lucua, 2uc. a yard up. Real lluimire Lacc*, 15c. to 99. French Point Lace*, 50o. a yard up. cm. a ,, i Tf in Valencieinieo Laces, 190. a up. Silk dotted Veilings, 60c. up. Silk Brunei* Net. 50c. a yard. Llama Lace Shawl*, imm $3 50 to (49: Llama Lace Sacques, Irom $S 7ft to *ti0; Silk Lacc Veil*, 26c. to $6 96; Lace Kurbcs, Mo. to $12; Colored Crapes, M)c. Wide Black Silk Lace*, for Scarts, 50c-, worth SI 29 a yard. * TIE AND SCARF DEPARTMENT We are opening owr 1,200 dozens of Imported Silk lio*, at about 2ft cent* on the dollar. You can buy for 2ftc. all silk Windsor*, wide Fringed Tie*, Brocade Twilled Silk, Changeable Silk Roman*, Ac., Ac. 900 do/en all Silk Romans, at 19c. 67ft dozen very rich Silk Tic*, from Site, to 96c., worth 65c. to 9> 90. EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. 20,f0)yarJs wide Tucking* and Rattling*, with wide Embroidery, 20c. a yard. Tucking* and Ruffling*. 3c. to lift^c. Ruffling*, Embroidered Band, 26c. a pleoe. Thousand* ol yard* of Hamburg . Embroideries, from 3c. to $1 29 a yard. Worked Pique Trimming, 25c. Auction lots of Embroideries. Lots or Collars, closing cheap. Real Lace Collars, very low. Fluting* and Ruffling* tor I he Neck, in Real and Imitation Lace*, from 10c. to 91 *"> a yard. Normandy Cap*, line assortmont. Lace Tidies, from 19c. to 91 29. Lot of Applique Lace Collars, 25c. Thon*and* of yards ot Muslins, in Jaconet. Swiss, Nainsook*. Lawns. plain, plaid and *trlned ; figured and dotted Swiss rail auction goods), 15c. up. On Monday we *hall throw on one counter all our Lace Curtains, worth from 92 to 96, at one price?91?to close, a* we aro closing that department; also Remnant* Curtain Laces cbeup. 8.000 Skeleton and Gossamer Corsets, worth 91 S0,ut 75c. each. 2,000 genuine French Coutllle Corsets, worth 93 50, at 91 96. II and -cinliroldered-41bone Krench Cornet* at 91 49. UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. Sir) boxes tine and riclily-trimmea Chemises, from 60c. to 96 29. 150 boxe* tucked, ruffled and trimmed Drawers, 47c. to 94 39. Fine tucked, embroidered and nulled Skirt*, from 74c. to 97. Night Dresses and Sacques, all-style/, 86c. to 90. We have the l*rge?t assortment of Underwear In thecitv, all well made *nd ofg.-ol material*. We can sell it at what you pay for the materials, and it cost* you nothing tor the making. Examine. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT housnnd* of dozen* of ladies'^ mimes' and g tnt'S llo*iery, in French, English and German. Hone iu every variety, and as low as thev can be bought at wholesale. I GLOVE DEPARTMENT. Three button buttons. -4> ?. oiovesi *'^^555555 Thousands ol Dozens Linen Hemstitched, 12',r., Ifie., 20c., 2#e? -De., 31c., 39c., 42c. Fine Linen do. Hemstitched intd Hand Embroidered, 25c. to 95c. Oent'Hall Linen Hemmed, 20c. np. Gent's Hemstitched, 24c. to 90c. Real and Imitation Lace Handkerchiefs, 25c. to 910. <?>: SILK DEPARTMENT. , Lining Silks, 28c., 31c., 40c? 50c. Bonnet Silk*, 50c., 62c., 79?., 8?c. np. SilkTorquoic*, 79c., 89c., 91, np. Rich Watered Silks iu every color and Black at 75r. per yard. Black Silks, 91, 91 19, 91 2>.t'?( All silk Crape da Chine*. 80o. Rich Corded Silks, 75c. per yard. Marcellne Silk, 25c. per yard. -aj, B^s^'-sk^'saxi. '?? ^^e.V0;;7d,,r,n^''ir ounco* ^otorr.,,r7^222^~? 4c- *- * &?& 5? *? *????? ffiss^^ssasBsr* u*-'??.?*. to It, esssESfflsjS^ss: Pearl Bltr % A \2^?""&"? ' omt.\y*"pr'.\? "tee "?"?? '??;% " '"o"?',:? ^<37TKS5i- "J'! K"'?jHSCr" (ffS'j'Si1 M|?"!vSAW'r ??in wiSMtsSHP On Wondjw rP. . SaanifMSS fl'^e?nt.onn(Si?',*o|boo(ri1, ,f rkw^*4** ,n,n double Co?^tel S?,5;^??;,lr,I,Lu* HISZEY'H, corner Ninth street A1 dry GOODS. KOCH'S, ^ CARMINE AND blekckkr strkbtr Jut reoeived from Auction a large lot ot LACE curtains, at very Great Bargains. nandsomc Nottingham Laces at life., ilOc. and 15e. i*r yd. Very nnu notlini(i>iiin Laces, 30c., 40c. to 80c.; worth from joo. to 75c. Nottingham Curtain* by the net, $1 50. $2. $1 and $4 a pair. Splendid Kfal l<aee Curtain*, 116 aild ?*)per nuir; worth 926 and $30. ia our new ^ suit dei'artmknt t we will offer some Extraordinary Bar/alns. Handsome murk Alpaca Suit*, 9h, $10, 912 tin 1 #10. redingnte* ot cumel'* llalr mint Black Material*, $9 to 912. Liuen suite, 93,94 ami up. ^ DRUSS GOODS. At the late forced auction sale* wtthave secured, at about half the original cost, some very flue Good*. Beautiful ratine*, Poplins anil aluurasin Mignonette aiul Sage. 1 case Itlack Alpaca Poplin ut t ie.; worth 60c. 1,000 pioces strip-d Grenadines ut 12 tin., itic., 20c. anl ttc. 160 piece* Black Cashmere ut 7$l and 91 25: rcxular prices, 91. 91 so and 93 housekeeping linkns. t Table Daina.ik ami Napkin*. Towel*, Towelling* ami Crashes. 28 per cent cheaper than any where eliwi. Sheeting*. Rcadv made Sheets and Pillow case* soa Marseille* guilt*, 92, 92 50, 91, 93 50; worth ivira 93 to 9& i-arcc lloney Comb Quilt* at 91; worth $1 5j. Unusual Burgains will be found lu every department 11. c. F 'kocii, Carmine an<l Bleecker atreit*. ?A A.-A. ? India Camel's Hair Shawls and scirts at bargain*. Retiring from business in July, will sell out entirely. Building to lease for three or live year*. J. RUSSELL, xi East Twentieth ftreet At SMITH'S parreltn bazaar, 014 BROADWAY, near Twentieth streot?Imported Patterns from Pari*, Berlin and l.ondon indies will SAVK MONEY and be SIX WEIiltS in ADVANCE of importers ot ready, made Suit*. Full line of all the new designs Patterns and Cloth Models now ready. Cutting ami Bunting. The Magic Costume ready made in Linen. Pattern* fitted to the form warranted perfect Dressmaking.-a cause ok complaint at tub present time is extravagance in ladles' wearing an fiarel. What it costs now to dress a lady of fashion would tave supported an entire family a lew years a'jo. Messrs. LORD a TAYLOR, to prove that rctn nnhment i* possible, have *o arranged their Dressmaking Depart ment that economy iti material anil trimmin; is particu larly studied In every detail, and they are nowiurnish Ing dresses at a much less priee than the cost of im ported garments, while for style, tit, apnearance, and general make up, they are every way eiiual to the finest i'arisian manufacture. LORD \ TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street K ID GLOVES. 1,000 dozen Spr'ng shades, tuacka atnl whites', 45 cents per pair. 2,000 do/.cn two button*, drabs, browns and Mates, at 75 cents to 91 per pair. The best two button Marquise dollar Glove in America. 6,000dozen Edwards, at 91 2i to 9> so per pair. 2,600 dozen of Clara, Alberts, kantasia and militaire, 91 65 per pair. ^ GENTLEMEN'S. Gentlemen's Gloves, 91, 91 25 and 91 50. Our own manufacture and importation. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, SOP, 311 ana 311',' Grand street, and 62, 6t, 06, c8 and 75 Allen street, tilth block east front the Bowery. j?id GLOVES. JOBBING department. Samples ot our Stoek, for the convenience ot buyer*, at spellmau's Building, !wj Broadway, second floor. Best low-priced (.loves in America. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 309, 311 and 31H; Grand, ?2, 61. 60, i k and 70 Allen street, fifth block east from the Bowery. gTRAW GOODS, PALMETTO IIATS, RIBBONS, KRENCII flowers, PAKASOLS, AT THE GREAT EAST SIDE establishment, E. RIDLEY * SON, NO. 309 GRAND STREET, NEW YORK. plorida AND PALMETTO HATS, TRIMMED AND UN f RIM MED, At least 25 per cent cheaper than previous offerings. Consigned and purchased for cash. Over ten thousand Hair and Neapolitan Round llats and Bonnets. Very desirable, at 50c., 63c. and 75c. 100 cases id the latest imported Shapes in Belgian and Paris Split Straws, English Dunstable*, Ac., Ac., of the very finest grades and finish. French and English Chip Hound Hat* and Bonnets, 9160, 91 75, 92, 92 50 and 93 600 custs Milan Round Ilats and Bonnets from 80c. to 91 75. Youths' and Boy*' nata, extensive stock. wc invite attention to our Trimmed llat Department FROM AUCTION. Twenty thousand Fans reaoy to-day for Inspection at 10e.r 12c., 15c., 26c.. NX-., 7U. and 91. at one third regular prlccs. PARASOLS! PARASOLS I In stock over Fifteen Thousand, Lined and Unllned, with and without fringes. Club Handles, with chatealtne. In nilk. pongee and linen material*, at 25c., Mk\, 75c., ?1, *1 2ft, $1 M>, 81 7ft, 92, up to $6. Cheapest this >ea<on. A special cash purchase. HI ItHuNS. ribbons. Gros Grain, at 10c., 15c., 20c., ItJc., Hie. and ?8:. <>ur finest grade* will be tound unusually rticap. Hutli Ribbon*. all silk, 15 ?., C5u., 7ftc., H5c. und Ittc. Silk Tiir<|Uois, V*-. 91, l> 50 per yard up. MM carton* ot French Flowers, ucw purchases for CUB, ready to day. EXAMINE Ol/K REAL LACKS I Passementerie Trimming*. Fringes and Ornament*, Para-ol Covers, Burbc?, Handkerchiefs, Collars, Lace Veils, Ac., Ac. , . , ladles' fine muslin, linen and cambric tnuerclutaing; In lull varlet.v, at reduced price*. PARIS AND VIENNA GOODS. Largest stock in this eity to select from. Real oxidized Goods, hundreds of new styles and varU ties. SILVER PLATED WARE. Children's Carriages, Infant*' Carriage*. Leather Travelling Bags and Satchels, 66c.. 75c., 8Sc., 91 up. Leather Belts, Pocketbooks, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, ' EXAMINE OUR CURIOSITY ROOM. Examine our.Iewelry. Full line of Gents' Furnishlug Goods and Hosiery. Wlislcbone Corsets, 60c., Wc., 75c.. We., 'J4c., 9> tip. Punier Bustles, 10c.. 25c,, 37c., 45e. uml SOte. E. RIDLEY A SON, 309, 311. 311>. Grand, and 82, 04. 66, 68 and 70 Allen sUeet, New York, Fifth block east from iri,- Bowery. fpO MIL LINERS AND COUNTRY hTOItEKBfcPKM ? JOBBING DEPARTMENT. Cheapest Straw Goods In this city. Chepest Florida and Palmetto Hats. Cheapest Ribbons an 1 Flowers. Inspect our Stock. We have cheap Millinery Goods. M EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, SOS, 311 and 31 Hi' Grand, 62, 61, 66, 08 ami 70 Allen street, fifth block ea?t from the Bowery, YAC HTS, BTKAMBOAW, A. 4 IilOB SALB-TOW BOAT; CYLINDER 1 ?iX17 INCHES; 1 boiler 4 years old. For particulars apply to WM. C BARRETT, M Morris street, Jersey City. F- VoR SALB?THE VBRY FAST SAILING SLOOP Yacht Anna, length 41 feet, also a 21 loot Sloop Yacht Apply to WM. A. CUMMING, Stamford, floaa. I" ''OR SALE?A SCHOONER; CARRIER 1U TONB oft 1 deck ; new sails and rigging: draught six leet Ad dress PRICE A REEK MAN, New Brunswick, N.J. "|ii()R SALE CHEAP FOB CASH?BY JOHN B. IIKR r RESHWFF, yacht and boat builder, Bristol, R I., on# Schooner Yacht, 52 feet long. 2 years old ; efltlphM JO every particular ?, built on same mould* a* .i. op vaeffS Orion; also one Steam Yact", ?- tcet long, with cabin; * months In use. SMALL HTEAJTEaUIICU FOr. SALE CHEAP-ALSO ljtf horse Engines, Boilers and Screws for boats. Ap ply at pier SJ East River. WANTSD-A 8AILB()AT, I?"TO~ir>EET UiNgTTO hire lor the season; will bur if extra g< dress, with full particulars, box 2,7iw Post nflice. hire for the season; will buy !f extra good. Ad ?\1TANTED TO CIIAKTKR-FOR >IVK MONTHS, AN f T open Canal Boat, not less than 17 teet wide tc carry lee. Address, giving mil particulars, ICE COMPANY, ilU Ogden street, Nowark. N. J. 1 CM BOATS OF ALL KINDS, WOOD AND METALLIC AUU on hand and built to order, at my shops, 368, J7J Booth street, and 114th street anj Harlem Kivsr. STEPHEN ROBERTS. AT. BILLIARDS. -LATEST DE8IGNS OF BILLIARD TABLE8 ami all appurtenances eonnecu>>l with the trade; special attention to private trade. _ GEORGE K. P11KLAN, No 7 Barclay street A -1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\ 1. and tho Phelan A Collender OnntMssliM Cush ions, manufactured uml for sale only by the isvciHW aw patentee, 11. W COLLENDER, successor to I'lieUn * fcolkuder, 7JB Broadway. New I ork.

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