Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1873 Page 2
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_ r_ wpR BALK. Central. A?A.-a.-FOR SALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST . class four story high stoop brown stona House, 22.1x88. t? foot Lot on wf at tide ot M ud limn avenue, 80 loet couth of Seventy-loarth street clear view to I'ark; three floor* in-hard wood, parlor floor cabinet work b.r Pottler A Stymus, witb library, butler'f gantry, mantel mirrors, Ac. Also ? first class House ot similar dimensions and superior finish on Madison avenue, 26 leet from the PQUtbcast comer of Hixtv-flrst street Terms to suit: good location; lots taken in payment; houses open for Inspec tion. Inquire of owner, A. KLABER, at his marble work* 134 hast Eighteenth street A?MADISON AVENUE, 15-FOOT HOUSE WILL BB ? sold at less than cost this week, as owner must have cash to meet pressing liabilities. FliAMClS CRAWFORD, 9M Third avenue, A comer of Fifty-seventh street. _ AT 917 THIRD AVENUE.?FOR SALE. AT A PRICE that will astonish you, a splendid new four story add basement brown stone House, on Madison aveoue; terms easy. It will pay to look alter the ROWR A?FOR SALE, THAT LAROK FOUR STORY STONE . House and ri.t, 21x63x100, within a few hundred leet of Firth avenue, East Kitty-third street; three "torlea m cabinet work, iloti" by day's work. ?AU,^00, worth #5.>,000, ca?h only. Olllct ilJS Hixth avenue. Eaat Mde. A -FOR sale OK TO LET, ONE four STORY . brown stone high stoop House, routheaat corner of Seventy-first street and Lexington avenue, MxOU, and three Houses adjoining, liixAU; terms moderate. Apply on premises. Avery neat two story and basement brick House, almost hilly furnished, will sell or rent oheae to the right party; this is a chance. Keys and permit* iroui JAM i.S HOW !?;, yi7 1 uird u venue. A BARGAIN.?FOR 8ALE, AN ElaEQ ANT four story brown stone Mansard rool House, ;'5x55, lot built In flat*, with all modern improvements. In quire ot owner, L. WAKsZAl K, ity* feast Eighty fltih street, near Lexington avenue. FOR sale?TWO FIRST CLASS THRER STORY Stores and Dwellings, witii basement and all modern Improvement*. E FHVLKR, 45tl Utth avenue, Hrooklyn. For sale? very cheap and on very easy terms, a new thtee story high stoop brown stone House on Sixty-second street (restricted block), between Second and Third avenues; very finely finished In hard wood* and one ot the best houses hi the Nineteenth ward ; it will pay to examine; size IH.8xfl?xbX); sen it nt onee. owner on premise* or SAM L'EL k1lfatr10k, 1,009 Third avenue, For sale?an excellent si mmfr hoosb on Harlem River, near steamboat landing, contain ing 25 acres of uroiind; suitable for picnics; long lease; cheap rent; stock and fixtures in pertcet order. Apply to Dr. PERRY, HW ."ecoud street. House tn east rroadway, beautifully fur. nished Irom ton to botioni in itrst class style, for sale. The owner, a lady, is going to Europe, and will sell all the Furniture, with a Uaw of the house tor five years, from May, 1873, at a low rent. The house has been painted throughout, and is neatilitui. Gentlemen'.-, sleeping rooms lunnshcd In the best stvle. with fine parlors. Ac. All will be sold low by applying to Mr. PEYTON, 186 Henry street. I will leave all to him to settle. VI'rat Slilo. For sale?at a bargain, an excellent modern small three story House, in Fifth ward, near ('.anal street, 10 rooms; water, uns, Ac.; not much cash required. JAMES PRICE. 201) Qudbon street. JpiVE STORY NEW DOUBLE TENEMENT HOUSE, 25x65x100. rented tor $3 100built tirst class; price loss than $23,UH WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Real Eatate Uro'.cr. Eighth nvenuc and Tw enty-llrst st. PRIVATE SA!.E, BY ORDER OF EXECUTORS.?14 valuable Lots, corner ot Inwood street and Prescott avenue, near Fort Washington Boulevard. Also, two Lots oil Fifty-sixth street, between Ninth and Tenth ave nue*. cheap to close the csiutc; only a small amount of caah neces-ary. POTTER BROTHERS, Nos. 4 and 0 Warren street. STORK PROPERTY. ON WEST SIDE OK SECOND avenue, lor sale at a great sacrifice; extra well built ami finished and having a very sure prospective Yalue. !?KAMIn CRAWl-ORD, i&i llurd aveoue. C7TH STREET, NEAR NINTH AVENITE?S0XJW.10 *) I teet to Filty-sixth street; also 40x11*1.5; for sale ut a bargain. Apply to SENKTM.R A WEIGAND, 33 St Mark's place. O ?THE CHEAPEST THREE STORY ?IP I '"*? House and Lot in this city, 21x50x110, hlu'h stoop, 14 rooms, in perfect order, with all modern improvements, gas fixtures included; jKi.uon cash, and balance oil mortgage. 4-1 West Twenty-eighth street ItEUOKL Y N PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET< VjERALD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROmT a. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM S TO 9 T. M. CARRIERS AVI) AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, brooklyn. J^OR SALE?ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, THE TWO storv and attic well-built brick House and Lot, 25x100 leet, IDA willow street: three minutes' walk from Wall street ferry: in first rate order; gas, furnace, bath room, At.; one-ball the purchase may remain on lioud and mortgage; possession at ouce. Apply to J. >. K.tLLEY, 202 Montague street. .. For sale?a desirable plot for manufac turers or builders. corner Bridge and Plvtnouth streets. lUutlW.; two blocks Irom terry; or will be di vided It desirefl. Apply Ui THOMAS KELLY, tifi Jay street, Brooklyn. Rapid transit.?choice lots, asxioe fei:t, under close restrictions, In a first class neighbor hood, near Prospect Park and the Jln? ol the proposed rapid transit steam road, for sale at $MK) and upwards; a splendid opporiuiilty lor investment or speculation. Ai> plv at the olllce of the late A. J. WALKER, 112 John street, Ntv York, iroui 11 to 1 o'clock. WKSTtHESi'KU COTOff PROPERTY FOR SATiK A KI> TO KE1VT. At TARRYTOWN?ON the river bank, to rent. ftirnUhed, a brick Hi.nsc, 12 rooms; two acres of ground, laid out in lawn; plentv of trutt and shade; Im mediate possession. ?. E9BERS0N, 659 Sixth avent near Thirty-eighth street AT RYE, YYK6TC11 ESTER COUNTY?FOB TflE season, un elegant, large House, lully and finely furnished; stables and accommodation for coachman; six acres lawn and ganlen, with Sound view. For further particulars address S. FIELD, station agent. Rye. At lnwood, irvinoton, dorbs' ferry, tar rvtown, on the Hudson, Staten and Loin; Island; al"i nt stamiord. Ac., on )^>w llitven and Haileui Hall roads, desirable place* to let, sale or exchange. AVIIXIAM TLTKUR, 2^0 Fifth avenue. A ?FOR SALE, ON HUDSON. 20 MILEB FROM CITY, ? 16 Acre.*, suitable lor building sites; liure springs, ne<?r depot, trees, shade. Ac. Must be sold thisweek. WILLIAM TUCKEB, &!U I nth avenue. PARTIES DKSIROl'S OF SECURING A HOME OB A plot of Laiel for investment or speculation in West chester county siiuuli not delay making their selection*, ??property is now very cheap and rapidly advancing In valine Annexation nt the loner portion of Westchestrr to New York city is now a certainty. We have a numlierof choice properties for sale, from IMiacre* to a single lot, at the old price*. < ull at our branch office In W csichester, at Furdnuni, or at >oo. 4 and ti V\ arren street* POTTER BROTHERS. r LET?AT SCARSDALE. WESTCIIEKTFB COUNTY, 11' miles Iron? Oratul tetiral depot via Harlem Kail road , a gentleman's House, containing 12 rooms, fully furnished, attic and cellar, with line stable and out tiuiucs anil 17 acresot land, handsomelv laid out in lawn and garden, with abundance <>i all Kinds of fruit and vegetables; a good tenant inay have use ol horse, cows, Ac.; the house is tmi two minute*' walk troin Scarsdaio station , lias hot unil cold w aler. baib, Ac.. and presents unsurpa*-< d advantage* as n Summer residence. Apply to AIMMk, Mi II aHi, a t'O., Dicxel tuiluing, corner Wall and ftroad streets. rro LET?YONK KKS, SEW Horffi, WTTIf FRENCH 1 root and tower, li room*-, all modern Improvements: throe minutes from boat, five minutes trom cars; one of tlie best locations In town. Kent moderate to good parties. Apply to JAMES L. FITCU, near Octtj House, Vouiters, or OTIS BROS. A CO., 848 Broadway, New York. TO HE SOLD WITHOUT DF.LAY-A VERY DES1RA hie House, oil Mount Hope, Trenioiit; ill) minutes from Oraiirt Depot; with or wlthont Furniture. Call at oner, u? address the owner, L. B. GOODRICH, Treuiunt, N. Y. J Kit SKY CITY. IIOHOKKN. HflBMV CITY AND III K<.L.N REAL 1?TATB. _ F6r tale. A BUTT JERSEY SfBTRRAN PROPERTY .-PRINTED eiglit-pnue paper: lacked bargains: i.aiid to dlvidu near new railroad; 1'iirin*, Country .?'eats, Houses, Lots, salt). OX< haui'e! rent; can ?uit anvoi.e FEROUHoN, 161 Broadway. To I,m or L?eaxe. B CHURN PfilNT.-TO LET. THREE FURNISHED nnii several tir-t cla?s Dniurnlsiicd Houses; also a lew at moderate and rent w. S. JEKNINOS. Bergen Point. N. J. MOBOKEN, ONE BLOCK From FERRY.?TO LET, A neatly furnished itootn, to a reaper table young man; its moderate. 17 Newark street TO LET?AN ELkOANT STORK IN VAVONIA AVE nue, situated on out ol the Imst corners In Jersey Cltv ; cars passing b.v it ttom ail directions; also l-'loors to let for genteel lainilies. Inquire at 177 Pavonia uvtinue. Tfo LftT?AT BfcROfcft I'OtNT, N. J., IN THE RAND, i soinest and healthiest location, . irge well Tarnished nodern Residence: grounds filled with oruamental and ehotce irult tree*: fine vegi table garden; immediate pos session. Address hnx <1,107 Post office, New York. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY KOJLl i ?Ai?g ok to mro, A PRIME FARM OF 57 ACRES FOR f-Al.K VkRY cheap? 2?j miles lroin one of the most nourishing J own* in Pennsylvania, halt mile from Itichlamiiowii; and Is smooth, clear and rich a? a garden; profits last year large, substantial building", cost over M.noii; In prime order: stream ol water, abundance ol choice fruit; No. 1 cash market at door; only US iniles from Philadelphia; milk and twelve passenger train* daily; mediate possession, with all the crops, given; price only tS.MO; tcini* $2.i?)0rash, balance easy. Take it A. M. vain from foot ol Liberty street. New fork (New Jersey Central Ballroad), to Bethlehem, Pa.; there take North Pennsylvania Railroad to Quakertown Inquire at Miller s Hotel, opposite Ouakertown station, tor O. L. WALKER. Carnage waiting; can return same day. A BARGAIN AT MOBRIMOWN, N. J-WII.L KB J\ mdd lor W per cent leas than ?us ottered IM year, ? . ountri seat, couiplele, wlih horses, rarnaies and mr liiture ; tnree acres: good house ol II rooms, balh and ?' ? eir^/.t. ao : Ice house, carriage house and garden ? 's>,l jjud hralthy. abundance of * ? o?rk PKbPHKTT OFT OF THE CITY FOR ?AliB OK TO HKHT. At new Brighton.?to rent-a gentleman's Furnished Residence, containing IS room*, billiard room, with oommodiou. stable* oow Iioum*, aud pasture; hennery, gardens; beautiful scenery and agree able surroundiugs; a satisfactory tenant will have the option ol retaining a pair of carriage horses and car riages. w A. CULL IN 8, 38 Pine street A -ELIZABETHPORT, N. J.. VACIN1TY OF SINGER , Machine Work*: a handsome Cottage, with two Lots, lor i-alo; house contalus 7 rooms, water and Mas; op 6usitc Jackson Purk, the proposed site for the erection of ?e Stute Cauiloi buildings and grounds; will sell verr low. Address OWNER, box ISO Herald office. A COMPLETE TWO 8TORV AND FRENCH ROOF u?w1!oum iM Flushing; six minutes' walk from de pot, 30minutes from city; marble iiiniitolM, water and WtMr, M'w?i^'ta>IUCDt' Apply tQUW"ur ANYACK COTTAGE. W ROOMS, FOR SALE OR TO let; partly tarnished It desired ; elegant fruit ; good E?y.or fnquiro v AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8. L?UNSURPASSED LOCA tlun; houses, all Improvements; rents $460 to $2,500 a year ; furnished, *100 to$*H>a month ; some with bil liard rooms; stables; extensive grounds. _ W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street^ AN ELEGANT LARGE NEW HOTEL FOR RENT? Splendid locatiou; a rare chtneo to make in one v; owner would board with tenant Address, B. w. HOLMES, Orange, N. J. A SPLENDID FARM, ON CHESAPEAKE BAY, near tho city ol Annapolis, forming one ol the finest estates in Marylaud, at a great bargain. Full par ticulars in yesterday's and Saturday's Herald. Address PLANTER, box 00 Annapolis (Md.) Post office. CROSBY COTTAGR?NINE ROOMS, SIX LOTS. CAB j ringe tiouse; bcaullfnlly shaded; fronts hay; bath ing; flvo minutes' walk from ferry. Rtaten Island ; $4,000; tortus to suit DA It KIN, (W Broad street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LKT FOR SALE OR EX change?Good house, outbuildings; two hours'ride from city, fall at or add res.- 3.T2 West Thirty-first stm I. I FACTORIES AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES FOR 1 sale, Paterson, N. J., one hour from New York. Canal, four railroad*, 100 daily traina. Powerful water powers. Cheap coal. Ldw freights. Skilled labor. J. FISHER SATTERTHWAITE, 10 Pine street. IrutrroRY for sale-16 miles from city hall, 70-horxe water power, steam power; heavy buildings; near lour railroads and eanul. ,i. fisher sat'1-.uthwaite, 10 Pine utreet ITINE FARM?100 ACRES; GOOD BUILDINGS; SIX P acres in cranberries; all in flue order; 2}, hours from .New York; $6,000; is worth $8,000; terms to suit DARRIN, so Broad streot_ Farm and country seat for sale.-the sub scrlber offers lor sale his place at Preakness, N. J., H miled Iroui Erie depot in Patarsou und 2 miles from Mouutaiu View station on Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad, consisting of about 8fl acres ol land, two sets of buildings, old mill building and water power; locution uu surpassed for salubrity ; place well stocked with young fruit trees; piice low and terms easy. Address N. F., 79 aud 81 William street, New York city. For sale-several farms, from 12 to so acres, in New Jersey; 16 miles from New York by r.irirnad now building; iO miles by steamboat; on cash iering. Cull on owner, at 109 Water street, New York, of fice of Doune A Tufts, irom 10 A. M. until 2>i P. M. For sale?a summer residence at rag har bor. L. I., bouse containing 12 rooms, lot60x150; ex cellent bathing ami fishing; convenient to steamboat landing aud railroad depot. For full particulars address W. L. WHEELER, 411 West Forty-third street, N. Y. FOR SALF.-A Forty ACRE FARM. IN WISCONSIN; house and improvements; only $400. JOHN B. STEVENS, No. 6 l'ine street, room 11. For sale?a splendid country residence, near Paterson; first class house, with modern im provements; about 10 acres of eround, handsomely laid out; all kinds of fruit and ornamental trees; separate house lor working people anil good stable; terms easy. Apply to W. W. FAIRBANKS, Grant Locomotive Works, andft. M. WEISS, 66 Broadway, l'atcrson, N. J., or J. A, KAMPING. 80 Cedar street, New York. _____ IilOR SALE?A COTTAGE CONTAINING 9 ROOMS ' und attic; all necessary outbuildings, 9 acres; all kindsot Iruit in abundance ; extensive view; excellent water; near two depots; $3,000cash; balance bond and mortgage. Also a Cottage of 9 rooms and attic; 2 acres; stable and fruit; goisl water; fine view: ncur two de Pols ; $2,oii() cash; balance bond aud mortgage. One hour from city. Commutation $7S per aduum. Address OWNER, box 49 Post office. Rahway, N. J. For sale-a country hotel, wiTn farm ad joiiung, "in New Jersey. Address COUNTRYMAN, Herald office. For sale-at Richmond hill, long island, on Southside Railroad, only 30 minutes (7 miles) Iroin ferry, a number and variety* of neat Dwellings .also 1 ois und beautiful Villa Sites. Place high, well drained, tcalihr and restricted aguiust nuisances. Apply to J. W. FlhLnKR, 2M1 Broadway, room 13; R. B. HAZARD, 110 Broadway, or o. U. FOWLER, on the premises. For sale, at Kingston, n j.?a charming place of twenty acres; excellent house aud out buildings, good order, choice fruit, shade; near depot; price $0,000; slock and agricultural Implements complete for $(i00. JAMES PRICE, 2nO Hudson stree t. TjtOR SALE AT DABIKN, CONN.-A DESIRABLE I Place of al out three acres: excellent bouse, good barn and outbuildings, fruit garden; short distance from the Sound ; good flsbing. boating and buthin.'. JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street IIOR SALE AT POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y.?A VERY desirable resilience, oil liiuh ground, In one of tho finest locations in the city. The house is new, built ex pressly tor the owner's use, and is in very nice condition, with all modern improvements?furnace, range, bath rootn,gas, Ac.; terms liberal; possession (riven imme diately. Apply to W. B. COLLINS, 87 South Uumilton street Pougnkccpsic, N'. V. For sale or to let?on easy terms, thr late Residence of Oliver I.osce, deceased, situated at Old Westbury, near the line of the Long Island Rail road; near the depot; good substantial house, in excel 1 ut order, containing 8 rooms and cellar ; burn, carriage house, fruit trees and farm containing about 16 acres good land under high slate of cultivation. For further particulars Inquire of EDMUND POST, Old Westbury, L. I., or KDMlND TITUS, No. 7 James slip, New York, Executors. tiOR HALF. OR TO LET?AT OR AND VIEW, ON ttUD r son, a Cottage containing H rooms, with modern Im provements; three-quarters acre land ; river trout, and five minutes walk from depot. For particulars and pho tograph apply to W. II. DL'CKWORi'H, 326 Washington street, hew York. For sale or to rent?a splendid place near Catskill; a good furnished House; 16 rooms; well adapted for Summer boarders; r> acres of land; plcnlv ol fruit of all kinds. For particulars address WM. W BANKS. Catsklll. or GEO. M. SNYDER, 79 West Washington Market, New York. "LMJR RENT FOR THE SUMMER?OX TODE HILL, r Staten Island, a fine furnished House, with every moderu convenience; commodious stabling, outhouses, greenhonso. well slocked garden and abaudauce of iruit trees, with SO acres of land; the situation command* a mak'n^cent view and is close to a railway station, with frequent communication to New York. Apply to McAN DREW A WANN, 40 Broadway, New York. HACKFNSACK.?FOUR FURNISHED HOC SI S, 10, 12,14 ami 17 room4, to let; 4* month* or year; some uuiuruiahed; Erie and Midland Railroads. E. M. MASON, So. 1 Chambers street. IN CORNWALL, N. Y.?FARMS, SUMMER Resi dences for sale or to let. Address C. KKTCHAM, Mountuinvllle Post office, Now York. IONO BRANCH. ?FOR SALE, TWO PLOTS OF 1? J acre* each, finely located, near Ocean avenue, and u short distance from railroad now building. JAMES PRICK, 200 Hudson street VTKAK LONG BRANCH.?FOR SALE, A COUNTRY 1.1 Keat; 4 acres or more of high gronnd; bcnutitul sloping lawn to running -trcam, with at>iin<lnnce of lull Irown shade tree*. Apply to owner, EDW. C. FIED ,ER, Hit Broadway. Newark, n. j.-$?i cer month fob a heauti lul Mansard rooted House. completed loot Kali and never occupied, 22 Newark street, near Sussex avenue; house contains 15 room*: nil latest improvements; high ground; shadv street: laTge vard ; convenient to depots; suitable tnT a hoarding house or lor two families. In quire at 77 Amity street, New Vork, or at 10V Jamoa street, Newark. O'lAKUE, K. J.?A LARGE. OLD-FASHIONED house (suitable lor a hoarding house), verv well and conveniently located, to let or for sale on liberal terms. L. F. IIASKELL, owner, M Nassau street, cor ner ot Liberty street. 0HANOE, K. J.?AT MONTROSE STATION. NEW House* now finishing: superbly located; 13 rooms, gas and nil possible Improvement*; rent , F. S. ST U.I.KNECHT, owner, S7 Nassau street. PINE BBOOK HOTEL, AT PINE BROOK, N. J.? To base; this Hotel Is well situated for Summer b<>arder< and also for transetent custom; flue water, both spring and well : large, well bnllt barn, tor :W horses; lee house filled; excellent snipe shooting; rent f?00 per annum; possession .lone I. THORNTON M. RODMAN, Real Estate Agent, WW ! I road way. Rockland county, on hcdson rivkr.-to let. wtille family are abroinl, a first class place; house roomy and with modern conveniences; gnrden made; fruit abundant; stable, g.iM' uer's house, Ac. Ad dress 8. I'll ENTICE, Plermont, N. Y. KOCKLAND LAKE FARM?22 ACRF.S; BLEUVNT lake view; well watered and fruited; price *9,000; vory easy term*. 8. U. MILL*, 2t>2 Broadway, room 7. SACRIFICE.?fSO.OOO FOR A COUNTRY SEAT WORTH $40,000, near McComb's Dam bridge; five minutes from Melrose depot. WH Broadway, socond floor. TO LET?VERY CHEAP, A LARGE RESIDENCE 11* the village of J amacla, L. I.; carriage hnnse and stable; three acres of ground, fruit, shade and garden. Apply, from 12 to * P. M., to JAMEH A. USHER, 231 Broadway, roomi 19 and 14. TO LET-ON TODE II ILL, STATEN ISLAND. A PI'R tnsbed Cottage, with stabling, garden, shade trees, fine views and easv acre** to a railway stution. Apply o McANDREW 4 WANN, 40 Broadway. 110 LIT?A FARM HOUSE. PARTLY FURNISHED; . garden, barn, Ac.. Dear Winstcad, Conn.; healthy location ; rent tor four months tni. GEO CODLING A BON, 114 and 1,3T1 Hroadwn.v. T? RENT FOR THE REASON?A FURNISHED J House, thirtrca rooms and piazza, with garden, barn and carriage hou-e, in (lr? at Harrington village, Herk ili re county\ Massac husen*. fn.|iilrc of F. M. HAVES, at Wheeler A Wilson's, SUA Broadway. T? RENT-ON THE HCD40N, AT 8INU SING. ABOUT I thirty miles from Now York, House, tnrnisbed, with L.T; i',cr<!" ; fto?' view and plenty of Irult; rent ?1,*? Inquire ol C. N. K1NNEV, 152 Pearl street, Cor Iter Wall. SiiZ PER MONTH,?A HOUSI IN NSW ARK, N. J, containing five rooms; heultfiy loeitlon ; hi. n ground) near Morris and Esnex depot Iu(iUl>-o at ,7 Aiuity street. Nc* Vork. i?r atJL>8 .ijiiu. ?tru:i^A4;>\aik. WOftRTT OUT Of THE CITY FOR Z >ALK or to rent. 000 ~1KOR 8aLK, GOTHIC HOUSE. REVEN i i room*; b?ro wood finish; union; high w?v. J "1 iVfH" m d?Pot: uii nutes from Bro?<l "*/ ? or rent *500. JUSTIN ?ATTEBTKWAITE, 10line street. REAL ESTATES TO EK'HANUR. A WELL established BOUSE furnishing Business. Mock, $SO,OUO; and Building If d??lred; rented lor $6,500; to exchange for I/ois or improved Property. a. BLOMOVIST, 1(0 Nuwu street. AT 917 TUIRD AVENUE.?I HAVE FRAME, BRICK and brown stone three and lour story high stoop nouses lor mile or exchange, at almost all prices; I'nrmi, Lou and Country Nents; a Farm on tho llud>on ot 190 acres to exchange: alio a 60 acre Farm at North port, L. I. Just niakr a note ot those. JamEH ROWE. A VALUABLE FRUIT FARM FOR RALE CHEAP for camii or cxchAn^e,? ContAtnlnj? hh Arre.??, nenr "I*"?", N- J- i houses In good order, Address A. bo* 120 Herald office. AN unencumbered COUNTRY PLACE WANTED? In exchange for a desirable House in Oxford stri or, ?von,?*j Brooklyni price $21,0U>; equity >7.0(10. Address OXFORD, Herald offiee. AN ESTABIjIRHEO oonfeotionkrv store, Tt . " . ? * vvrnr uuitutinni riwnn. Household Furnitnre and handsome llorae and Car i.?Par?'? ?* -- - Apo basement. ? ? - -? %> ?"M Iiominuiiic Iiunw Hllii l/?l rlage.?Party leaving: the eltv will exchange lor Ileal Ki tate. Apply to J. W. MUDGETT, 166 Broadway, roi TjlXCHANGE.?FRENCH ROOP HOUSE, ? ACRE, jS-', **?" lmprovod, near depot, and valuable, at Roseile. f>. J., to exchange tor small Farm nour Central Railroad depot. Address LEACH, box 884 Brooklyn Post offiee. J^XOHANOE FOR RROOKLYN PROPERTY-ONE OP U the beat farms in New Jersey, with two sets of pnHdlngs. J. O. HOVT A h6m. 171 Broad w*y__ "OXCHANOE?FOR TWO OR THREE AD.IOIN1NO AJ high stoop brown stone Honses, a well paying four story and tm so in ent double brick Tenement luneiicum bercd), on the west side: will add cnsli. SENFTNER A WEIOAND. :ta St Mark's place. ODK bale OR EXCHANGE?TWO lots IN harri ? > *?'! Brooklyn, for small House In good nelvh ii'r iiiVi.'.,!..I ro"kli'n JST of New York. Address H., iWi) Fltth avenue, New Vork. F?? 8,A.VB OR EXOHANGB FOR FIRST class Real Estate?extra wide, superbly linilt House, fur nished or uniurtiishnd, near Fiftieth street on Filth ave nue. Address box A, IHI Post office. For sale or exchange?a first class throe story brick Ilouae, all modern improvements, on a prominent avenue in Brooklyn, for a Farm, Mort room21 ? 4o- Apply at 132 Nassau street, For hale?or to exchange for tenement Property, a three story brown stone House in Fifty fourth street, near Lexington avenue. QREQOR A MILI.EK, ISO East Forty ninth street For sale-or to exchange for a centrally located House In New York city, worth about ?w,OU0, a beautiful Piece of Property, containing nearly five acres, fronting on Little Bay, L. L, with a good House, .WxtA. eleven rooms; splendid greenhouse at* tacned: also coach house, barn and Iceh'mo; forty min utes from Thirty-fourth street ferry, only IK miles from Bsyside. Apply to GROGER A MILLER, 160 East Forty ninih street. rpo EXCHANGE?BROWN STONE AND BRICK 1 Houses In Brooklyn, near ferrv.or improved and un improved Property, l'assalc, N. J., near depot, tor Rail road Bonds. 6. COPELAN1), 21 Pine street TO EXCHANGE FOB improved FARM OR LOTS? One of the best patents for making monev quick in the United States. Apply ot PUTNAM, 60 Broadway, second floor. WANTED-A BROOKLYN HOUSE, WORTH $10,000 to $12,000, lu exchange for Brooklyn property uuy ing 10per cent. JOHN B. STEVENS, REAL ESTATE WANTED. if HOUSE, WORTH for Brooklyn propi JOHN B. STOVE. No. 6 Piue street, room 11. WANTED-A COUNTRY PLACE ON THE HARLEM or New Haven Railroad, not more than one mile from depot; nt least four acres; an elevation preferred; price not to exceed $5,000 cash; not more than 1 hour Irom Now Vork: stream of water or a brook near it desired. Address L M. M., 24 West Thirty-third street, New York. SAliES AT AUCTION. ^DRIAN H. Ml'LLKH, AUCTIONEER Sale at any sacrifice. NO POSTPONEMENT POSSIBLE. THIS DAY (MONDAY), MAY 5. 90 Plots, or 128 Lota, with Barn and Dwelling, near Macomb's Dam, adjoining'Central Boulevard and Smith's Central Hotel; half an bour from city by cars, one hour by boat. Now annexed to New York. Sixty per cent on bond and mortgage. Maps at Auctioneer's, No. 7 Pine street A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? tuesday, MAY 6, at 12 uoon Supreme Court salo. V aluable Properly on Spu.vten Iiuyvll Creek and Washington lleixhts, at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, under direction of Philo T. Kugales, Esq., Referee. Nineteen I.ots of t.and on 222d street and -puyten l)uy yII * reek, adjoining Hie Dyekman estate and close to the lludron and llarletn River Canal. Maps at 77 Cedar st Arch. Johnston, auctionekr. Otlice and salesroom 37 Nassau street. Horse Auction Branch ltfto25 East Thirteenth street Carriage Repository No. 8 Cortlandt sireot SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ste1nway PIANOFORTE, FINE OIL PAINTINGS, MIRRORS; HOYAL, WILTON and VELVET CARPKTS, cfilNA and Vi'o,H?>V^RI'V *AVANAGH A BILLIARD lAliLK, AC., 4bC. ARCH. JOHNSTON WILL SELL AT auction on TUESDAY, May 6, at 10'io'clock, ... ?t the marble mansion 746 FIFTH A\ ENUE. BETWEEN HIKTY SEVENTH AND ? t FIFTY-EIGHTH STREETS, all the elegant Furniture, Ac., contained in said house, being lu part carved rosewood and walnut Drawing Room. Dining Room and Chamber Furniture: Cabinets, EUgeres, French plate Mirrors, lull Carom Billiard Ta ble, Kavanagh A Decker, maker; Balls, Cues, Ac., com plete_; Royal, Wilton and velvet Carpets and Oilcloths; fine feather Heils, Pillows and Bedding. China And Glass ware ; a ho ROSEWOOD pianoforte, 7 OCTAVE, STEINWAY. MAKER; together with the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. CaUlwxuu at the auctioneer^office. rch. Johnston, Auctiowber. Office and salesroom :t7 Nassau street opposite the i'ost office. Horse Anctlon Branch 10 to 25 East Thirteenth street Carriage Repository No. 8 CortUndt street A FINE CARRARA MARBLE STATUARY, STATUARY MARBLE PEDESTALS, HEBE, ROMAN ANI> URECIAN VASES, some 10 leet high. AI<SO F1NL CLUCKS, BttONZES, AC. Great assortment of elegant Vases of every description, i'igui"H, Ac., Im'Iuw tlie importation of Slgnor ULYS&K UIVONlNi. TT1I1 be sold by ARCH. JOHNSTON, at 111* Salesroom, 37 Nussau street, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and liu KSD.W. May 6, 7 and 8, at 11 o'clock each day. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms M Clumber*uuil 77 Reade street Late Henry II. Leeds Miuer. Established In IW. Horse Auction Mart, KS7, XWaiul 341 Fourth aycaue, cor ner Twenty-tilth street. By ALLEN If. MINER A BitO. ON THURSDAY, MAY 8, at 10W o'clock, at their salesroom*, ?6Chambers in*! 77 Rea<le strut, KALE OF UNITED STATES MEDICAL AND SURH1CAL SUPPLIES. By order ut government. Comprising Medicines, Surgical Implements, Trusts, hcnlesand Weights; Trunks. Mattressr*. Linens, mUu. Ac., Ac. The goods will be on exhibition Wednesday, Way 7. with catalogue*. SATURDAY, MAY 10, at 10U o'clock, at their salesrooms, !tt Chamber* and 77 Reade street, GENTEEL H<lUshliOLD KL'KNITURK, MIRRORS, Carpets, Ac. Details in Utije. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE.-ON SATURDAY, MAY 10 at 11 o'clock, at north side India Wharf, the keal schooner yacht Cnprtre, lannehcd May, 1.971, 70 2S-I00 tons new measurement; length 97 leet, beam SO feet, depth of hold it feet; lias complete suit of sails, awnings and wind sails, rigging, anchors, and s*ll? about 40 tons, Iron ballast; two boats and gear, galley, stove and lurnitiire, carpet, Ac., for cabin: all In < ouipleteorilcr and ready lor Imme diate u.>e Sale noiitive. with-out regard to weather. II. nARRIS A CO., Auctioneers, Boston, Mass. Auction notice. Special nnd rerv attractive sale of Soft Hal*. Panamas ami Men's, U'oniuu'a and Children's straw Hoods. MONDAY, MavIV 600 cases of new and attracthe tiooJs, including 80 cases Suit 11uti niitl Men's Straw Rata. By or Ut r ot assl^ae*. 1. TOPPING A CO.. Auctioneers, 1.12 Church street. Art notice. An elegant collection of foreign and American Pictures Is now on exhibition at Mr. SCllENCK's Art nailery. 8'i Liberty sfi et; to lie sold at auction on Tbur* day nnd Frldav, nth ami 'Jth inii. A^buction sale. auction sale. THIS (Monday) MORnt^o, Mav S, at 10^ o'clock, the elegant Household Furniture, at the brawn stona niatflon 104 East Twenty-tilth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. ERNEST ROTH, Auctioneer. I'arlors? Velvet. Brussels, medallion Carpets; magnifi cent (irande Duchesse, Ponuiadonr and Marie Anralnetta styles Parlor Suits, covered with the riehast description French satin, brocatel anil reps; Turkish Easy Chairs, Lounges. Mirrors, Curtains, Bronses, Vnses. Clocks, Tables. Cabinets, Etageres, magnificent Oil Paintings, by great artinm ; Engravings, elegant double round Vi octave rosewood Piatiotorte, Stool and trover, rosewood nn<l ? altiut Chamber .-tuts, style ol Louts XIV. j Bedstead*, Bureaus, VVasbsiauds, spring and hair foat tressos, Bedding, walnut r'ps Suits, Sofas, Chalra, Lounges, Curtains. Mirrors. Fr? nch walnut inlaid Bullet, Extension Tul.le. disss, rhina. Silver Ware; CutJery. N. B.?Koapolisible lueil iu atteiidiuioe to cart or pack or slui> good* lor pi n liu.n r> ineity or country. A^HUCTTON sale. AUCTION SA L*. ? THIS DAY, MONDAY, AT 10 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. The entire Furniture of Residence 210 West Twenty-flrst at., mar Seventh a v.. to be aold at auction, without reserve. HOBKRT O. CASUIN, auctioneer, sells, vixParlor Suits In aatlu, brocatel, cotaMne, Ao.s two magnificent rosewood Pianofortes; one ilonble round 7V octave; one grand suiiare 7 ociave; Carpets, Mirror*, Paris clocks, Broti/.es. Oil Paintings, Inlaid and gilt Cabi net*, Etageres, Turkish Chair*. marqueterte and gilt Centre Tables, lace Curtains, music al Clock, Statuary, Jardnterea, Ac. Diuiiif Room, viz Extension Table, Buffrt, Chair*, Silver Tea Set, China and Cut (ii iss Ware, Cutlery, Ac. Bedrooms contain Stilts In reps, rosawood ami walnut Bedsteads, Bureans, Waslist iinU Commode*, spring and hair Mattresses, Car pets, Oil Paintings, ve'vel and Brussels and ingrain Car pets, Ac. Sale positive, ruin or shine. N. B?Take 7th or Mli av. curs to list street. Competent men in attend ance to car*, jbtp ji prnJi gut/1*, uu ur eui'jutr.v, II "ALU! AT ACCTIOIT, A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER. " ? Salesroom 79 Nassau street Extraordinary large sale new and recond hand Furni ture. Monday. May 5, at 10)4 o'clock, consists Parlor, Chamlter and Dining Room suit*. Beds and Bedding, Tallica, Chairs, Lounges. Hail Stands, Mirror*. Car pot*. Paintings, two Pianotertes, Kitchen Ware, Wardrobes, Bookcases. Office Furniture. Ac. sale positive, oliering great inducements to housekeepers and dealer*. Auction half. at private residbncf, 120 Went 23 I street, between Hth and 7th avenues. THIS DAY (Monday morning), May 6, commencing at 10>J o'clock. LUKB FITZGKKA LD, Auctioneer, will sell, till* day, oyer 876 I*>ts by oataloguo, nil the costly and plain Household Furniture, made to order lor present owner, namelyMagnificent 7** octave rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated city maker*, cost $1,000, used H month*; plt?r and nmntel Mirror*, line Oil Paintings, rich Biotue f ig ures, Groups, Ac.; Velvet and Brussels Carpet*, lace Cur tains, brocatel and magnificent black walnut Ktageres. four rich Parlor traits, covered in Crimson, Satin una brocntel cotcltne; also rep Hull* and haircloth, Cen tre Table*, Bookcases, Mi l vol*. Book*, Ac. Bedroom C< mains, vi/.. Sttpcrh rosewood and inlaid biack'walnnt Stttt*, nilt and plain Bed.-teads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Taldes, Com modes, ArmoirCH-a-Olace, id curled hair Mattresses, spring Beds, Pillow*, Bolsters, Quills, Blankets, Linen, Carpets, Ac. Diniug Room?^uperb black walnut BnlTet, cost SS00; Extension Table*. Chairs, French china Dinner and Tea Sots, lull Sets Cut Glass and Silverware, Sheffield Cut lery, solid silver and other Articles too numerous to men tion. Sale positive, in lot!), to highest bidder. N. B.? Goods packed and shipped or removed by competent men alter sale. Auction notice. AUGUST MARTINES A CO.. Auctioneer*. $20,01)0 worth of Magnificent Household Furniture, Pianoforte, Bronze*, Painting*, velvet Carpets. Statuary, ami many rare, costly Works or Art, at public auction, ON THIS DAY (MONDAY). sale commencing 10k o'clock, at the elegant residence .16 West 15th st, between nth and 6th avs. Drawing Rooms?Superb Suits, covered silk brocade of the richest description; marqneierie, hois do rose Cabinets, Tables, Encoignurcs. Jardinieres, elegant Canopy Bin gere,Secretaire Bookcase; W0 vols, choice Books; velvet, medallion Carpet*; Luce Curtains, Mirrors, Cornices, Paintings by emluent artiste. Bronze Statuary, Clocks. Vases; magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated city maker; Music Stand, Stool, Cover. Chambers?Rose wood. w-.lnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, Style Louis XIV.; Mattresses, Ac. Dining Boom?Exten sion Table, Bullet, silverware, Chlnaware, Linen, Glass ware, Cutlery, llasoment Kitchen and Servants'Apart ments furniture. N. B.?Parties wishing to attend this Sale take 5th av. stages or tlth av. cars. ENRY B. HURTS, AUCTIONEER. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ON MONDAY, MAY 5. AT lOJf O'CLOCK. AT aii WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, Rosewood and walnnt Parlor Suite, velvet and "rnssels Carpets, oak Dining Boom Suit, mahogany and cottage chamber Suits, leather Beds, Mattresses, Bedding, Crockery, Glassware, Sewing Machine, Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash. Catalogues at sale. Goods must be removed same day. HBNRV B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. SUPEBiI HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. RICH CABINETS. VALUABLE PAINTINGS, CLOCKS, BRONZES, STATUARY, VASES. AC., ON TUESDAY, MAY 6, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT NO. 9 EAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET, NEAB FIFTH AVENUE. Tnis will be the most important sale of the season, the furuitnre having been all made to order regard less of coot and In use less than six months. The sale will bo peremptory, the owner having to leave the city on ac count of ill health. THE PARLORS CONTAIN Royal Wilton Carpets, elegant Ebony and real Ormolu trimmed Parlor Suit, in crim<on satin, with Conversa zione Chairs, Reception Chairs mid Piano, Stool to match; superb inlaid Cabinets, Pedestals, Music Statins, Jardinieres, Card Receivers, French Clocks,, Statuary, Roman Vases, Easels, valuable Oil Painting, rosewood seven octave Piano by Brautigam, Lace Cur tains, Mirrors, Ac. DINING ROOM CONTAINS Elegant walnut Dining Suit, in massively enrved and inlaid Sideboard and Extension Dining I able, elegant Mantel Mirror and Cornices, to match, rich Lace Curtains, French China Dinner Service, elegant cut Glass Wure, Cutlery, Silver Ware. Ac., Ac. LIBRARY CONTAINS Brussels Carpets. oHd walnut Secretary and Library, Bookcases, dwarl and three-wing Bookcases, Library, Table, tine Oil Painting, Library Suite, in reps; Lace Cur tains, Ac., Ac. CHAMBERS CONTAIN Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Mirrors, massive solid walnut Chamber Suit, cost $1,AOO; rich Plate Glass Ar moires, Wnrhrobes, Turkish Lounges and Easy ('hairs, I ace Curtains, elegant Crinoline Suit, In drab and blue silk reps; Centre l'ahle. Side, Card and Tea Tables, Ac , together with the utual assortment oi Kitchen Uteuslls, with which the sale will commence. the house will be open tor exhibition by permit only, on Monday, trom 1" till 6 o'clock. Catalogues and per mits may be had at the office of the auctioneer, 16 Cort land t street. Y F COLTON, AUCTIONEER, Salesroom M East Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Superb Household Furniture. Eight or ten elegant French plate Mantel and Pier Mir rors, Grand Pianoforte, Ac. On THURSDAY, May 8,at 11 o'clock, at the private residence No. 2 Rutherford place, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, the entire superb Parlor, Bedroom and Lining Room Fur niture, in good condition and was made to order by first class nianulacturers; elegant Carpets, rich China and Glass Ware, Ac. More lull particulars on Tuesday. Cat alogues can be had at the salesroom on Wednesday. BY ROBERT SOMERVILLB, AUCTIONEERUOFFICE Ha FIFTH AVENUE.?ROBERT SOMERVILLB WILL SELL BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY. MAY 6, AT ll)k O'CLOCK, AT THE PRIVATE RESIDENCE, '27 CLINTON PLACE. ALL THE FINK ANTIQUE FUBNI Tl RE CONTAINED IN THE ABOVE HOUSE. Mahogany Parlor Suits in H. C. ;m#hogony Bookcases, Cabinet, Centre and Cgrd tables; oil Paintings, Curios ities. Shells. Ac.; mahogony carved Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wasnstands, Commodes; tine china Toilet Sets; curled Hair .Mattresses, Feather Pillows; Wardrobes, Secreta ries, inlaid Bureaus, Cabinets, Desk, Library I able*. Lounges; Hue china Dinner and Tea Sets; Cut Glass War#; India China, Vases, I'm*, Flower Pots. FINK STERLING BlLVER WARE; OOLD AND SIL VER WATCHES, CUAi.NS, CARD CASES, SPECTA CLES, Ac. Also a large assortment of Silver Plated Ware, Crock ery, Tin Ware, and Kitchen Utensil*, with which the sale will commence. B BY JOSEPH HEGEMAN A CO. Thirty -second annual sale ot new and second hand Carpets. Frltlay, Saturday and Monday, May 9, 10 and Li, att) o'clock A. M. each day, at the Central salesrooms, corner ot Wilioughby aud Peart streela, Brooklyn. Many of these can.eta are as good as new, from parties movlait, who avail themselves ot this opportunity to >ell their carpets and select troin the large awortnwnton the catalogue others to tit their new rooms, without waste. Contributor* picaso tend goods by lucsday evening, the 6th. BY 8 W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. ? DAtfcilY A JOHNSON Bell tills day, at 2 o'clock, at Canal street, a large and desirable lot ot Household turnlture, consisting ot UK) velvet, tapestrv, three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths. Ilugs, Mats, Parlor Suits black walnut iiotiairi* Suith. black ?aluut and oilier livdtftcads, Bu n hum Wushitan in, Heds<, Meildin^ hair and other Mat tresies; Extension and Wning Tables, Chairs, Solas, Kunges, feather Bed., Pillows, P er. Mantel and other Mirrors; Oil Paintings, Engravings, binlng Room Furol ture, sideboards, (stoves, Bookcase*, Commodes, si'ver lilated Ware, Spoons, Fork#, Ac.; Table Cutlery, Clocks, Mantel Ornaments! Kiichen Utensils and a great variety ot other Household Goods removed to our salesrooms tor convenience of sale. Also tialoon lables, Office furni ture, A(\__ By b. b. goodalf, aucticneer, office, No. 6 West Twenty-third street. GOODALE, 0AMPBE& A CO. will sell on to-morrow (Inesday), by cala!ogue, entire elegant and costly Hous hold furni ture contained in tour story hi^h stoop private hrown sione residence in Went Twenty-fourth street, between Fifth and sixth avenue", ^bracing in part superior 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated maker; elegant rosewood Inlaid tulip wood Parlor Hull, it) pieces, in crimson brocatel; black walnut marble top and cottage Bedroom Bulls; I-.ll/rary suits. In reps; superior curieJ '1"iriL, "tJ" " t,n! other Mattresses; elegant French Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Pillasses, Bedding, flue marble top Centre, LI brarv. Extension and other Tables: elegant black wal nut and other Bedsteads, superior walnut Hureaus, wtth plate Mirrors, elegant black walnut Armour, sola bot tom. cane seal, Side, Bocker and Dining Chairs; superior marble top Buffet, fonr rich Oil Paintings, by celebrated artists, original cost $1,800; other tine and vuluable Paintings, line Hilvor Plated W are, Lace Window Cur tains, Brussels Carpets, Oilcloths, Refrigerator, Kitchen I'tensils, Ac. Catalogues early at rcdrtence. Special Invitation to buyers. UOODALE, CAMPBELL A CO. BY DANIEL A. MATTHEWS. AUCTIONEER, BALES rootn. 7i<6 Broadway, near Ninth street, lust below Stewnrt's. ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 7%, at 10 o'clock, at Oie private residence, 216 KA^T IH1KTY SECOND s i Ki*.KT. near Third avenue, HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE?MlKltOK-i, Brussels Carpets, China, Ulass. silver Ware, Ac. Cull particulars hereafter. BY ISADORE J. HWARZKOPII, AUCTIONEER?WILL m il, to-day, at 10% o'clock, at 155 Eu-<t Hlty second street, stock Fancy Hoods, Hosiery, elegant Matures, in lots. Dealors ,n^^jJua sw ARKKOPn, S75 Bowery. By DANIEL A. MATH I'.Wf, ATTCTIONKKR-BALES room 781 Broadway, near Ninth street, Just below Stewarts! On THURSDAY, MAY 8, at SALE-ROOM, lt? SUPERB TURKEY CARPETS and RUG8. VMU be oil ex hibition on and alter Tuesday, 6ih Inst. y JOHN A. DUNN, Al'CTIONEER.?WILL SELL to-morrow (Tuesday), 10% o'clock, at fll Sixth ave nue the entire f urntturo of a first class Billiard and Bar RoomFour Billiard Tables Backs, Balls, Ac. t black walnut Counters, tour-pull English Beer Pump, OH Palntings.Carpeta.< hair?. Bound Tables, Partitions, Eight dav Clock, safe, Mirrors and everything pertaining to a tirst class saloon. Catalogues at the olhce ol the auction eer. 227 Bowery. Bankrupt half, o? fine jewelry, diamonds and Fancy Goods, at 9M Broadway, near Twenty second street, this day at 10 o'clock A. M. J H. FRENCH, Auctioneer. /J REAT SALB of AMERICAN PAINTINGS at auction, May ft and ?, at the Somerville Gallery, *2 Fifth avenue ; 300 Paintings bv our best artist* Exhibition tree. Names of arllst* represented In this sale s? W. T. Richards, .Tuiiies Hamilton, M. J. neade. James M.Hart, Mrs Murray, K.W.Perry, A. I . Bellows, A. C. Howland, ?lr?; Beers. S. R. Gilford, J. F. Cropsey, W. H. Roblna A. II. Wyant, W. Whlttredge, <?. H. MeCord, Wm. Be'ar.l, Arthur Parton, Hall Hughes, llarvey Young, I-rank Waller, T'i f K. Van Eiten. J. H. Irving, J. B. Bristol, J. R. Brevoort, C. P. Beam, A. P. Sliattnck, George II. Story. Clinton Ogllrle, Walter Blackman, B. r-waln Oltlord, W. Holberton, W nr Bradiord A T Brieher, Walter Satcrlee, R W. Hubbard, J. W. Casllear, II. C. Blsphaui. W. F. i?e lluas, J. Hopti, M. K. H. L?e Haas, Geo H. Hmllev, Eastman Johnson. H. A. Loop, T. H. Hinckley, Win. Ilart, Ernest Parton, Jervls McEntce, Alex. W ust, ? J. C. WUrglns, J am os H. Beard, Eugene Meeks, ^ ,. W. Magrath, * F Kensett. 1- W JS.'?r;h,in' E. Mornn, A. B. Durwmt, ^ JJ. A Carl Braiolt. Clias. 11 Uifford, C. F. BlauveK, A Blerstadt, J. H. DolDh, H. D. Kldred, lm ill Johnson, ^aninel Oolinan, F. A?*frn, Winslow Homer, J. O. Eaton, Marlon R. Beers, A H I'm It. M. C. Ream, K A, Silva, Loul't c. Tlffuny, W M. Davis, W. II. Wlllcox, Homer Martin, Alex Lawrle, D. Huntington, U. M. Pratt, Geo. Inness, T. L Smith, W L Sonntag, I. U. Brown. J. A. Vreeman aud wOicrfc ji. soMKUVll.Lli. Aucllonco* SAliVS AT AlCTIOB. T\TWnEE, PORTER A CO , AUCTIONEERS, ?L' will ieli on TUEBDAY, MAV 6. 1H73. commencing at 10 o'clock A. M.,al 2,293 Third avenue, near 12.Vh street, Murium, the contents ot two private dwellings, removed for convenience ol sale, _ . w cotisi-tlug In pari of rarlor. Mbrary, Chamber nm! Minn? Boom Knmitore, Crockery, Glassware, Kitchen utensils, anil SO hand-.ore Carpets of Velvet, Briifwls, Tapestry, _ ? , 8-plr and ingrains. at tn* olfce ol the Auctioneer*. ^?aUM Third arena* and ?* Cedar street. JACOB BOGART, Al'C IfON IS IS ?.?TUESDAY, MAY 0 WlSL'iJSiff'6' 11 tfclock, at the auction room* 2?! ' "ortnWlllUm street a large mock ui Dry Goods Fancy Goods, 4d U. b. r'KKGUSON, Marshal. ..i. . . w ^. WEDNESDAY, May 7, ?i li ?nc'>o# rooms, :i large assortment of ilottSQiiola t urnitaro of every doMirlpttou, Carpets, Ac. MOHTOAOR SALE.?BlR AMD SALOON FIXTURES, at oorner ol Third avenue and Seventeenth street MONDAY. May 5, at HMf o'clock, line Bar Counter, Fr. noli plate Mirror, rosewood 4-pnll Boor I'unip. Counter Oiiae, walnut mm marble lop Tallies So a*. Chin id, Oil Palti}iiii:s, Engravings; nil the liar Fix turen. Glassware Chandeliers, lee Box, Bookcase, Ac. By order ol mortgagee. Goods must be removed on day of wale. PAWNBROKER'S HALE.?THIS DAY JAM ICS A (J A It, Auctioneer, will sell, at 59 New Bowery, 500 lot* men's ami women's seasonable Clothing, and other goods; by order of uBOKOti C UDL1PP, 521 East Twelfth Street. PAWNBROKERS' SALK.-TIIOM AS.I M'GBAZH. AUC tloneor, 133Chatham Htree . will sell this day, at It o'clock, 50J lot< of men's ami women's Clothing, Drosses, Shawls, Remnant-1. Ac.; also ( oats, Pants, Vesta, Ac. By order L. Cohen, Canal street, aud T. F. Casey, Thompson street. PAWNBROKER'S BALK,?R. FIELD, SHERIFF'S and General Auctioneer, salesroom 1-1 Bowery, will Bell thin day, at II o'clock, 400 lots men's and women's Clothing, Dresses, Shawls, Remnants, Underclothing. Bedding, Quilts, Blankets, Hoots, Shoos, Ao.; also Coats, Tants and vests. By order E. Tnnnonnolz, Market at. Richard i. oarrettkon, auctioneer. WINANSA OARRK IT iON, 427 and 521) -ixth avenue, near Thirty-second st., will sell at their rooms, as above, on Tuesday, May ti, in>? A. M., a lurge variety ol valuable Furniture, Carj>ets, Bedding, Ac., Ac.; rosewood, black walnut, oak, mahogany and cottage Suits, tor drawing, dining and chamber rooms; Tables, Buffets, Bookeus. s, I'lanos; Carpets in large quantity; Bedding, Crockery, Sewing Machines, Mirrors, Ac., Ac. Sale positive. Nothing reserved. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER.? GENTLE MEN'S AND . Ladles' Furnishing (foods, Monday, May ft, at I0}i o'clock, at 18 Bowery, the Stock and Fixtures, via.Or i heuiises, Skirts, Ribbons. Ties, l.aoes, Whirls, Gloves, Ac.; also two Counters, showcases, Ac. Sale positive; in lots to suit dealers. SHERIFF'S sale.?R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER. 181 llowery, will sell this day, at 11 o'clock, a large lot of well-known brands of Claret and Rhitie Wine, In cases. By order. MATTHEW T. BRKNNAN, Sheriff. J. Koehlkr, Deputy. William abbott, AUCTIONEER. Continuation ol assignees' sa'e In bankruptcy. WILLIAM ABBOTT will sell, this day, ftth inet.. at 10 o'clock A. M., a lurge assortment ol Furniture anil Bed ding, at the salesrooms, SO New Bowery, the contents ol a furniture store. Wainut and malioganv Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Wash stands, Suits, in haircloth and ieiw; Office Furniture, walnut Desks, Chairs, Ac., Ao. JOSEPH CRAWFORD,} AMl?nces. u MILITARY. ? NITED STATES GOVERNMENT, WASHINGTON.? Wanted, permission to lorm a company of volun teers (the majority of the late Sixty-ninth regiment) to proceed as speedily- ns possible to the lava beds to totally exterminate the Modoc Indian*, which have caused so much Indignation among the citizens of New York, to re venge the blood of our soldiers in arms If provided with arms and ainmunlton, we will pay our own ex penses, and will be ready to move to the scene of action at the earliest opportunity. THOMAS Hi'Zl'AT 1UCJC, Captain, 209 West street, New York. Vl'HNITUKE. At bendall's old stand.?furniture, car pets and Bedding, cheap lor cash or by weekly and monthly payments. C. E. CANNON, 209und 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. A?PARLOR AND SOFA BEDS; THE LARGEST VA ? riety of any house in the city; Payne's patents. Depot 40 lileecker street. A LARGE ASSOBTMENT OF CARPETS, FUBNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly instalments, at O'FARRELL'S warehouse, 410 Eighth ave nue, between Thirtieth and Thlrty-flrst streets. A PRIVATE FAMTLY WILL DISPOSE, IN LOTS, AT private sale Furniture S storv residence 12) West 2.'id Street, 2 Pianofortes; one for $250, one lor $125; Par lor Suits; cost $&U0, for $200; rep Suits, $40, $5m, ftiO; Mir* rors, Carpets, Bedroom Suits, $25, ?7 j, $100, $12ft, $16'J; complete, with Beddinir, Painting, Bron e% Curtains, Mirrors, Etaueres, Bookeus ?*, Sliver, chins, less than hali cost Call before piuchaelug elsewhere aud exp limine. ALL THE ELEGANT FURNITURE ATTIIE PRIVATE residence 104 East Twenty-tilth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, tor sale at a great faeriftce tor cash:?Magnificent Marie Antoinette style satin brocatel Parlor Suit, nearly new, cost $975, lor $1?I0; one do., $150; brocatel and rep Suits, $75. $65 and $90; Paintings, Bronzes, Vases, Clocks, Cartains, Mirrors, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style ot Louis XIV., $46 up ; Mattresses, Bedding. Carpets, Hullet, Extension Table; niagnltlcent patent agraffe double round 7% octave Pianoforte, cost $t?50, lor $300; Stool aud Cover; has box tor shipping. A RARE CHANCE FOR HOUSEKEEPERS.?MAG nitlccnt Household Furniture lors lie, at a sacrifice, properly family leaving city, two superb Suits of Draw ing Room Furniture, covered silk brocade; Tele-a tete Sofas and Armchairs, cost $J0O, for $200 each; do., $150; do., $45; Velvet medallion Carpets, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture, style Louis XIV.; hsir spring Mat tresses, Sccretarie, Bookcase, Marqueteire. Bois de Rose Cabinets, Tables, magnificent smiare grand Planolorte, Mirrors, Paintings, Bronze*, Statuary, works ol Art, Extension Table, tiuffuts, hilverware, Cliinnware, Glass ware, i ut.lcry, Linen, Ac.; half original cost. 30 West 19th St., near ftth av. PRIYATE FAMTLY WILL SELL ALL THEIR elegant Household Furniture, made to order lor owner, via.I'arlor Suits, Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Spring and Ilalr Mattresses, Oruainents, Kitnlien and Dining llooiu Furniture, Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wa-ti stands, rich Bronzes, Clocks, Ac.; P anotorte tor $lu0. Call ut private residence 210 West 21st st., nuur 7Lb av. C1ARPBTS, J Furniture, Bed', Bedding, Ac. Payments tuken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twcnty-flfth street and Sixth avenue A Good second hand and misfit carpets a specialty?English, Brussels and Ingrain, handsome patterns, all sizes, tor sale cheap, at 112 Fulton street, corner of Dutch. Entrance on Du'ch street Monthly or weekly paymkmts.?carpets. Furniture, Bedding- Ac. DEALY * CUNNING MAM. 884 and 386 Third avcnne.noar Twenty-eighth street. Prices lower than any other hou-e in the city. PRIVATE PARTIES DKSIRING TO DISPOdlS OP their Furniture can meet with a cash purchaser of uddrcsing B. li. P., box 38i Post othce. PARTIE9 ABOUT REMOVING AND HAVING FUR niture to dispose of will tind JAMES UKAll AM, 190 Third avenue, will live full value tor every description, Cai pets, Ac.; likewise a large assortment on liaud i?r sa lo. ?MrEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR ?f niture, Carpets and Redding, at B. M. COWPEK THWAiT A CO.'tL 165 and 157 Chatham street An Immense stock and low prices. WANTED TO purchase?POR OASH, A QUANTITY of'choice second hand FurnMur* j? Mlir wno got to break up ICeeploJ lioiise. Address, with particu lars, ONE WHO WXSULS TO KEEP HOUSE, box 140 Herald office. jCLOTHINtt. AT ELIWARD MILLER'S NEW STORK, 68 SIXTH AVIi nue, near Waverley place (formerly HHi Seventh ave nue); tile utmost value paid for C ast-off-Clothlng, Car &pts, Ac., by calling ou or addrcsMug Mr. or Mrs. ILliKR. * AT 160 SEVENTH AVKNUE, NEAR NINETEENTH street, M. kisknstradt guarantees lo pay the tuil value tor ca*t-o(l' Clothing and Carpets by calling on or addressing Mr. or Mrs. EiSENSTRAUi'. AT.I. ANHALTS, 178 SEVENTH AVKNUE.?LADIES and gentlemen will positively receive the highest price lor Cast-off Wearing Apparel, Carpets and Jewelry, as 1 have n grent demand lor them from the West: the price Is no obicet, as I must fill up my orders. Ladies waited mi by Mrs. Anhalt. Astonishing prices can be obtained for Cast-olf Clothing. Carpets, Ac. s for Pants, $2 to $7; Coats, $3 to $20; i resses, $5 to $73; Diamonds, f aces, the ntmost value will he paid. I'lense call on or address by note Mr. or Mrs. II. II ARRIS, 81 Sixth avenue, third store above Waverley place. AT T1IE WELL RENOWNED KSTA HLISII \| SNT, 24S Seventh a*enae? I have Just received orders to the amount of |7A,000; I am there lore compelled to pay the (ollowing prices:?Kor silk Dresses, J5 to $(U; Coats, $;> to |2A; Pants, (I to $11:the highest prices paid for Carpets. Please call on or address Mr. or Mrs. KosKNBKRo, 246 Seven til avenuo. N. B.?Second house above Twenty, tonrth street AT TUB UPTOWN establ1shm KNT, 81fi SIXTH avenue, near Forty-sixth street? W anted imme diately, a quantity of Cast-off Clothing and Carpets lor the i Imaha market. Will pay from $a to tin tor coats, $1 to $7 for patitt, $5 to $69 lor dresses. Call on or address Mr. or Mrs. FLAT To. At b. mintz s, zis third avenue, bktween Twentieth and Twenty first streets ?Wanted, flft.iOO worth of cast off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, lor the West ern trade. Ladies and gentlemen will be astonished at the prices we pay In cash; sdk drew, $10 to $;S; coats, ?8 to $*>; pains, $2 to $10. A note bv post punctually at tended lo l?y Mr. or Mrs. Mini*, in au.l out ot tho city. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT. 101 Sixth avenue, oproslte Eighth street, ladles and gentlemen can receive tlir utmost value In cash for their Cast-oft clothing, caprpets, Jewelry Laces. Ac. Please csll at or aildress the number as above. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Marks. Please try, and satlsiy yourselves. A T BROADWAY, NEAR THIRTEENTH STREET A 11. JIKItZ pays the highest price lor ladles' and gen tlemen's Wearing Apparel, carpets, 4c. Ladles will be attended by Mrs. Herz. All kinds op oentlemrni clothino re pslred by a voting lady, late of London, cheaper and with more cure than tailors take, at iUH East Sixth street, first Boor, iloor to the right. AT m THIRD AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-THIRD street?M. LEON pays the highest price tor Lndles' and Gentlemen's Cast off clothing, Carpets, Ac. Ladle* waited on by Mrs. Leon. _____________ T H. MUMCO'S, ?*> and 80B SEVENTH AYENUB.? __ I ndies and gentlemen having Cast-off Clothing Carpets, Furniture, Ac., to dispose of will do well to call or address ss above. Highest price paid. OQ1 SIXTH AVKNUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET.? OO# Ladles and gentlemen will receive 40 per cent mor? than an v other dealer will pay tor Cast off Clothiug, Caructs. Ac. Call oil or address Mr. or Mrs. N ATUAN. A ivuhesi oPPOKTriirnic^ , T WELL-KSTABT,T8TI ED BROWN A strawbosrd Business for sale cheap, wun lease <" ?tore. liwuire at 90 AMitmi i fit ptt Af SEfURED FOR INCORPORATED A . companies, merchants, ? register contains many names P?*?,*)'??bn,lness $75,000 each, deirtnir Investing In estab Isnid bn.Ines . ALEXANDER KKOTtilNGtfAMjtOO., 113 Broad W?y._ * N OLD-ESTABLISH ED ^ ::N'? HI.TAIL rUHMSir A lug And Shirt Manufactory Buslnee* fly swe^at ? bamuln; doing a snug jirorttnble trade and ..} panics with less than $10,011 ctish need not apply. AH 5res* HENRY WILLIAM*, box U# Herald office. 4 RESTAURANT-FIRST CLASS, GOOD ''JJ1"? A business; the place la fitted up in good st;jrle aua well lurniahed; three years' Lease for the w^o'e j1?}"* A N INI'OME'OF $20,n0J im:r annum may be kah. A iiv realized l>y a gentleman Investing $S,OX>ana ut Inn a sfiaro in an oid established business ot wwli kf*['*a standing. Addres* LUX, Herald Uptown Branch otii? e. AN IMMEDIATE NET PROFIT OK $40.00(? can BR made br an investment ol $10,000 lor u lew weeks, on first elnw security, besides a t;osltlon f nyrlnn sumaBSft?!!!!! A'jfsss 'a?*H$ 115.01)0 per year, sure. For particulars addreu* PUI la DhLl'lilA, Herald office. A PARTNER WANTBD?WITH $500, IN KINKVAT Ing business; none hut partle* of and riMtpectablllty need apply. Call at J65 Went inuty first street. . ? A N ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSINESS J\ no\r for sale at ? bargain; splendid profit*, ?rtlcw now anil in uroat demand; huc\i aw opportunity beldoot offered. Call a: 95 Liberty street, room ia. _ \ BARS (JUANCK-IS OFFRftBX* IN A fflgggff A. store, In a good location'awl ooing ft good busliioss. Applv to E. It. SIMMS, Windsor Locks, Conn. Butciiek's mint*, with dwelling?on a prom Incut corner In Treinont; Fixtures for sale Jldcsjrcai Is suitable. lor any business; rent $35. Apply tit 134 llilrd avenue. Now York, or ot station agent, Iremont. Partnership.?a g<k>d paying ou> stork keeper dedres a partner with $10,000 to enlarge the business: a German prelcrred. A.ldrcM PRO* 11, box 19# Herald office. CTATe'aND COUNTY RIGHTS FOR DURYK V8 FAT r? ent Reirigerator, the best tu the world, or will ex change tor real estuti:. Apply at 693 ?WMB avenue. __ WANTED A PARTNER, AS ACTIVE TEMPERATE man with $4 000 or $5,010 cash capital, an partner In a knitting laoiory In thu country. For turther lutor matioh address box 143 Herald u'.nce. _ T\rANTED?A PARTNER, SILENT, OR AOT1VK PHK \V lerred, with S3U.IW ), In an e?tat. tahed 'nahufactur. lug and wholesale bunnesht principal* uiil} need reply. Addreu# VV. U. K., box 1,206 l'o?t oince. lir ANTED?A PARTNER, WIT11 FROM $5 0 TO tl,0(K^ W to join me in tlm market bu*lness; e?tutilwli?d lor 15 years. Address C. B. A.. Herald omen. _____ WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $\000 TO $10,000, IN an oHUbllslied business; must be willing to got* Europe with a.lvt rtiser; "^oubtS^,^%utieri\dUoffl?o required. For interview ftdgres* hUROl E. lie raid (ifnco (t? r,n I'KIl WEEK CAN HE MADE ItV ANY ONE IN a speculative business, vritlt a capital ol f-M. Aildress ENTERPRISE, Herald Uptown BrunoU oftlco, l,a? Broadway, LlWMWk WILL PURCHASE THE INTEREST OK A $()U0 retiring partner In a gen'eel offloe business, now paying $500 per montl, ;;|tOC-k onW|Mgw>y< (SlTr Tumi ?PARTNER WAN I ED IN A BUSINESS SlO.UUU. done exclusively lor cash ondelivery; paving SO per cent profit. Address M. G., Herald Uptown Branch otltee, 1,265 Broadway. LOAN O^FICKi^ A T 77 BLEECEER 81'REET, NEAR BROADWAY, I'P A stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbroker* Tickeis bought, at 77 Blaecker street "AT 00 NASSAU BTBEET, BETWEEN FULTON AND A .John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD comlnnes the buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds. Watcher Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Llle Policies, lor any amount. Tt WOLF BROTHERS', R9? BROADWAY, BETWEEN A Nineteenth and Twentieth streets*?Mouey loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jcwehrv, Silverware. Silks, and parUdularly Pianos; private parlor tor ladies; busluuuj strictly confidential. *7 J.JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, Sf.WKBTTHtRTY A. first lormerly 90 Prince street, loans Money in ia7gc orSmaUsiun* on personal Property ol every de scription. ? Tt JACKSON'S, H06 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV A entli street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, . Dry Goods, and_ Per sonal Vroperty of every description. 1 rivate entrance tor ladies. "A T a THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? A I pay the highest price u.r Watchosand Jewelry. Advauce on tlie same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker; 57 Thirteenth stree t, near Broadway. Money liberally advanced on diamond^ Watches J owelty. Silks, India Shuwls, Ac., also a large Stock ot the above-named Goods on han l tor sale, to pay advances. -No. 1 Washington placo, under New York Hotel, one door from Broauway. orv Tassau street, opposite post office.? 39 lateral advances made on Diamonds, Watches, jewelry andaalf kinds of Merchandise ^e same bougt.t and sold. Room 1. HAYMAN LKOPULil). nor BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? UOt) Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watchos. Jewelry and all Merchandise, at l',# Loan otllce. Samo bought and sold. M. ROSENBhRG. BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND ,mu most reliable oillce.-Moncy advanced on. Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac.; same bought a? tuU value. A. L. HKKra. 913 PROPOSALS. D EPARTMENT OF DOCKS, M6A*D MS "ROADWAY. 'iir-ttbe'^!kU? ^Sealed X'o-K with the, title of the wort will be received at the oltice of the Departnient of Docks 846 Broadway, until U o'clock noon, ot Monday, May 6. 1373, at which time the bids will be publicly ?'piaM can he'seen and upecifieations and blank forms of prom wis ind contract obtained at the office of the Do parFment BId*, unless accompanied bv the names ot nronosed sureties, will not lie considered. Tin: Department reserves the right to reject any or all bW4" jonN T. AONEW, \ Commissioners WILSON G. HUNT. 1 of the RICHARD M. HENRY, f Department J. ORENVILLE KANE, of WILLIAM WOOD, J Docks. EcarjrK T. Ltnch. Secretary. _____ PROPOSALS FOR 8T(?.<J')KSK OF THE CITY OF NEW Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller'* ofilcc until Inursday, Stli day of May, 1973, at two o clock l* M . when th : Mime will be publicly opened for tha whole or any part ol the sum of one million and forty five thousand five hundred dollars oi stock* ol the city of ^ADJMflONALNEW CROTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized l>y Chapter 230, Laws ol 1870, payable authorized bv chapter m. Laws of 1872, payable N??i'iY PARI^B iMPROTEMENT FUND' STOCK, anthorlzed by chapter 739, l4iws of 1873. payable in tlilrtv years 70 ADDIT:0?AL CROTOM Vf;v7j.;R STUCK, by chapter 5H, amended by chapter 328, Laws o( 1871, payable November I, 1891 150,009 city Improvement sh>ck, authorised by chapter 920, Laws of i860, payable November 1, 1892 60.1,009 Said stock* will bear Interest at the rate of seven per ? cent per annum, payable on tlie 1st day of May and No vemlier In each year. . . . ^ ... . The proposals will state the amount of stocks desired and the price per $100 thereof; and the persons whose proposals are accepted will thereupon be required to de posit with the Comptroller the *tims awarded to thctn respectively, together with any premiums thereon, when tliev will be entitled to receive ccriltleates lor equal amounts ot the par value ol the sums awarded to theui, bearing Interest from the dates of payment. Each proposal should be scaled and endorsed Pro fiosals for Stocks ol the rity of New York," and enclosed n a second envelope, addressed to the Comptroller. The right is reserved on the part of the t/oniptroller to reject any or all of the bids, it in his judgment the In* terests of the Corporation rcouire It. H ANDREW H. GREEN, Comptroller. City or Nrw York, Dkpartnknt or K!*anck,i * Comptkoli.ku's Orncs, April 29, 1373. 1 RKMOVAL8. ]IT01.1F'S DEPOT OF THE BEST AND CHEAPEST i edition*ot* Cli<wlcal anil Modoru Munic lias removed to rt6 Fourth ? venue. w RXCHAMGR. ANTRO?LUMBER, MOULDINGS, DOORS, SASH nnd Bllml*, In exchange (or first clam wood work ing Machinery, shutting and Belting. Apply to WILLIAM A. BRUSH, 849 Adelphl street, Brooklyn. coal AND WOOD. Best family coat,-nut, $s ?); ego and fwk naoo, #6: btove, $6 SO per ton ol $2,i)U0 pounds, deliv ered. THOMAS THKDFORD, corner Twenty-seventh street and Ninth avenue. ASTROLOGY, [NAL MADAME B spiritualist. Coma 814 fourth avenue, near Twenty-third street. ATE8T.-ORIOINAL MADAME BYRON, MEDICAL and Business spiritualist. Con-uitutioii, old place, J EUROPEAN CLAIItVOYANT-TBLLS NAMER, SHOWS u likenesses, causes marriages, gives numbers; SO oents and $1. 14i west Twenty-flltn street, basement i 1YPSY REVKAI-HYOI! R Wli(?LK _LIFK-FINDS AB tjT sent friend*; stolen property recovered. 351>i Bow erv, between Third and Fourth streets. \JTS8 NORWOOD. URAL AHTROLOGIST.? CONSULT 1VI her for everything: personally or by lotter. Ml Bast Twelfth street, corner I iilrd avenue. MISS WELLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS KV ervthing; lucky numbers; lias a positive cure for drunkenness. Call or write to 41 hast Twenty eighth ft, MEDICAL. ..a_. AM. MAURiCEAU, M. I).?OFFICli. liV LlDIiUTY ? street, ne ir tlreenwleh street. A-MMK. MAXWKLIi, physician. residence ? 114 Bast Tenth street, near Third avenue. A~MMB. BESTKLLB, Pit YHICIAN.-OFFICR NO. 1 ? Kast Fifty-second street, first door from Filth av. I) ,R. AND MMR. DKSPARD, PHYSICIANS, 41 EAST Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth avenuo. DR. KINO'S OLD KSTABLISIIRD PRIVATE OFFICE 14 Amity St., near Broadway and Grand Central HoteC DR. AND MMR. HRLDEN HAVR RKTURNED FROM LuroDA. oitloe 87 Amity etrueW ucar Filth avenur

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