Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,407. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY ??, 1873.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE b'OlTR CENTS. DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS* amijsem10nts?fou rtu i'aue?Fourth, filth ami sixth columns. ? ASTROLOGY- Third Pace?Pixth column. Ill 1x1ak1 is?sixteenth Pace?Sixth column. BOARDERS WAN'l ED?Fourth Pack?Fir nt and second columns. BOARD AM> LODGING w ANTKD? Fourth i'jck?Sec ond column. BROOK l .1 N BOARD?fourth Pick?Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE kor SALK-sktiisu fiiik klrsl and second coiumus. BUSINESS opportunities?second Pack?Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICED? Ninth Pack?Sixth column. CITY HEAL estate FOE SALE?Second Pack?First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?sixteentu Pace?Third and fourth columiih. CLOTHING? Fourth Page? Fourth column. coaciimen AND GARDEN BBS-Sixteenth Pag?? Fourth and fifth columns. coastwise STEAMSHIPS?second Pace?Filth and mxth column!). COPARTNERSHIPS? eleventh Pack?Filth column. COUNTRY HOARD? Foukth Pack?Third column. DANCING ACADEMIES? Fourth Pack?Fourth column. DKNT1STR v?third Pau*?Sixth column. DRY lioous?first Pack?Filth column. dwelling HOUSES TO LET, furnished AND UNFURNISHED?third Pack? flral and second columns. BWROPFaN STEAMSHIPS?Second Pack? Filth col umn. bi1ko pi-.?fourteenth Pace?Second column. EYKS AND KARS?sixteenth Pai;k?Sixth column. excursions?second Pace?Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Elk\ enth pauk? Fifth column. k1ne ARTS?fourteenth Pack?Second column. for BALE?first Pack?Filth and *ixth columns. furnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LOT? Third Pack?^econti anil third columns. furniture?third page?Third column. FRENCH advertlsements?sixteenth Pace?Sixth column. HELP W ANTED?FEMALES?Sixteenth Pack?First wild second columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?sixteenth Page?Fifth and mixth columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.?first Pace?Second, third, fourth and fifth c.olnmn?. HOTELS?fourth i'aue?Third column. HOUSKS, ROOMS, ac., wanted?Fourteenth Pack? Second column. INSTRUCTION?fourteenth Pace?Second column. JERSEY city, HOBOKEN, HUDSON city AND_ i?ER oe.N real estate FOR sale?second pauk second column. LECTURE SEASON?fourth Pace?Fourth column. legal notices?Second Pack?Sixth column. loan OFFICES?first Pack?Sixth column. lost AND FOUND?first Pack?First column. machinery?first Page?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?foiritth Pack?Third column. medical?tumn Paoe?Third column. MILLINERY AND.dressmaking?first Pack?Fifth miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Pace?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?second Pack?Fifth column. musical?foitrtii Page?Sixth column. NEW publications?ninth Pack?Sixth column. PERSON AT.?first Pace?First column. pianofortes, ORGANS, AC.?FOURTH Pack?Filth . column. PROPOSA LS?second Pace?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?females? si.vfpkntn Pack?First column. PROPERTY OUT OF the CITY FOR sale OR TO rknt?Second Pack?Second and third columns. real kstate TO exciiange-Skcond Pack?Third and fourth columns. real estate WANTED?second Pack?Fourth column. REMOVALS?fourth Pace?Fourth column. REWARDS?first Pace?First and second columns. MALES AT AUCTION?third Pack?Fourth, filth and sixth column'. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?fourteenth Pace? Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns; fifteenth Pack?First, sccond, third, fourth, fifth und sixth columns, and Sixteenth Pack? First column. situations WANTED?MALES?sixteenth 1"aue?see ond and third columns. special notic us?first Pace?Second column. spohting?DOOfl. BIRDS, ac.?first Pack?Second column. stallions?first Pace?Second column. STORAGE?sixtkf nth Pack?sixth column. SUMMER RESORT?fourth PA.ib-Third column. THE TRADFS?sixteenth Pace?Sixth column. THE TURF?first Pack?Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?third Pack? First column. travellers' GUIDE?second Pace?Sixth column. bnfurni8hed ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? TniRD Pack?Third column. WANTED TO purchase?second Pack?Fifth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?second Pace?Second column. TAOHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?fourteenth Pack?Scc ond column. IIKRAID BKAIVCll OFFtCR?UPTOWE. DVERTlSEMENTg FOR THE NEW YOKE HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRAN I'll OFFICE, 1.2C6 BROADWAY. WEHT SIDE, BETWEEN ThIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY. SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEKDAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 T1I.L9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES.""NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGEJVCY OF THE NEW YORK. HERALD. ^jKSSKS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. A PERSONAL. LLEN?COME TO THE CLUB ON WEDNESDAY AT 6 P. M. ALLEN. CIORTLANDT STREET FEB RY, MONDAY. HALF J past 12.?I.ady dressed In black, in stage; bowed to nntlciuan with paper ill hand, on Broadway, opposite Herald office. Plensc grant Interview Tuesday, at 12, where Inst >een, or write to LUCIUS, Herald office. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN MAGU1R& A native of the parish of Keetohrct, county Leitrim, who arrived in New York In duly, 1867: was in Morrls ania in lH7n; when lust heard of was In Orange countv, N. J. Any inlornuitlon thankfully received by hi* sinter, MARGARF.l NOLEN, Foot office, Mornsnnia, N. Y. IF THE PERSON WHO FOUND THE I'OCKETBOOK in McOreery'i ("tore, Broadway and Eleventh street, Sesterday, returns the *nme to 349 West Fnty-fltth street, fiey will be liberally rewarded. No qnestions asked. OHN MOONBY?EVERYTHING IS SETTLED; DO yon wanf to come home noWt I am going to Cali ferma; I will take von with inc. If not write to WM. KEKKAN, 9fi lk>osc\ell street. MRS. SMITH, OF HENRY STREET.?PLEASE SEND address and circumstances ot first interview to W. 8., Herald Uptown Branch om< e, 1.360 Broadway. N- IBLO'B?8AT~~:RI>AY-HDY TOOK OB iff I. EMAN'fl note when iroing out. Address S. F? box 136 llerald office, where I cau we you. To avoid mistake describe ay note. AINBOW-AM HIGHLY PLEASED TO CORRE spond with you. Send whatever address. STEIN WAY HALL-THE LADY WILL CONFER' A favjr on gentleman sitting next to her night before last by stating wl?e? and where interview enn be hud. Address ANGKLo, Herald Uptown Branch office. m T.?ALL RIGHT IN TOWN. ADDRESS BOX 174 Herald Uptown Branch office. ILL BE AT HOME AT H A. M. FIGARO. R W lost ami youwp. A RING, FOUND IN THE TRENTON DEPOT, N. .L, on the 23d of June, 187?. will be given by describing' the property, i all at ill West Twenty-sixth street LOOT-ON MONDAY, APRIL 28, A LAROE WHITE Rpiti Dog: answers to the natne of Rover. A reward Of $10 will be given lor his return to ROBERT McCIIRIS ?1 E. corner ot lltoli street and First avenue. Loot-on toe f.vr.n i\g~~of april so, going from West Sixth avenue to 128th street and Fourth avenue, lady's gold hunting case Watch. The finder will be liberally rewarded by Waving it at McKENiUE'ri. ISM street, batwe. n sixth and seventh avenues. LOST?$3?ON SUNDAY BTBMlVCh 4TI1 INST.. AN old style Cameo Earring, on Eighth avenue be tween Fourteenth and Th;rtv t!ilr.l streets. Please re turn to M M y., 120 West 1 hirty-third street EOKT-BANK BOOK NO. IpS TUF. FINDER. WILL please leave it at the Union Dime Savings Bank .'?I6 Canal street LOBT-ON lUNDAY EVENING, WH ILE CROSSING Madison square a large, dark Seal Ring; letters on sntaide; "Teddie to Horn" engraved inside. The finder ?rill be liberally rewarded by returning it to 21 Weat twenty-fourth street Lost.?$?? reward wrtL be paid tor the bs. tnrn ef a white Poodle Dog, ears tipped with yellow, answer* to name of "Hector," to 396 Grand street, and no questions asked. LOOT-IN A SECOND AVENUE OAR, NEAR TWEN. ty-thlnl street, oa Sunday night last, about half past fl o'clock, a Poeketbook, containing some money; two rings?one a plain gold ring, the other a plain black, with some papers, ol no value to anv one except the owner. Thev will be thankfully received at 107 East Thirty ninth street, and no questions usked, as they are the token ot a deceased wife. LOST-ON BKOADWAY, BETWEEN TENTH AND Spring streets, f?0, by n poor errand girl. The tinder will please return it to her atSfl East Tenth street. Loot?a apfnT?LUT: answers "to the name ol'flora. A liberal reward will be paid lor her re turn to A BROOKS, 52 Maedougal street. Loff-o? strWDAT a^brnoon, Mat i a silver Skye Terrier, with a slight blue tinae on his backs the name of Muff. A reward of $lu will be paid |M his return to 17 F.ast Thirty-second street. CTOLFV--ALL PKKSONh AKh WARNED AGAINST ?i iJI'IS. - 0,f ln*4* hy L. S. Fleishman for ^ Dni,ft on demand, dated Book on Bow.ry .-avings ~?5*' 9 my name, as trustee for my children, payin< ut ?f the same having been stopped. anna frank. JlA!!JY yip _ occupied parlor ? L hi second row at Orfind Opfm Hoa^ on Mtnrdav night j> ea^return to 12 Waverley place the o^wTexchangef ln and reeeive thetr BBWARDi. tin REWARD-LORT, ON SUNDAY EVENING ^PlW between Slatcri Island and Sixth street a gold' enamelled Locket, containing the I ike new of u lady The above reward will be paid to the Under on Mwviiia it at HRWAUDR. Ain KEWARD?LOST. HONDA T MORNING, FRO If Jp I U 30 West Kilteeuth street, u Scotch Terrier Iiojf. The ?b ve reward will be paid it delivered to Joseph <'orncII, Superintendent, pier 49 North Kiv?*r, loot ol Leroy street, New Yurk. $or REWARD.?LOST, ON THIRTY-FOURTH _?/ street, near Sixth avenue, a Scotch ami sMe mixed Terrier; had on a Russian leather stlvernioiinied collar, with name uml a.ldres*. The above reward will be punLtor Ills return to 41 West Thirty-iourfh streci. *QA KKW ARI) WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECOV ijVjw cry of importaut papers, of no value exceut to the owners, contained in a pueknge fnk*-n from u gentle man on the sixth avenue ears on the 1st Inst. The above reward will be paid upoli the delivery ol (in- Papers at the liooksiore of Synod's Kouius34, Vesty street, second tioor, and no questions asked. REWARD FOR THE RETURN ok T1IK PAPERS ?T''" taken i'rom 73 Maideu lane on Saturday, and no questions askid. MICA ROOFING COMPANY. A REWARD WILL BK GIVEN for a LITTLE BOY'S Coat, lost on Sunday afternoon, between City Hull and Knurta street, on Broadway. Return to P. LUHK SEN, No. ii Vaiidi water Htreet. * REWARD WILL BK PAID fflR A MEASURE A Hook left In Third avenue ear, No. 116, on Monday morning, bv reluming it to 11) University place. 'special NOTICES. A SPECIAL SERVICE ON THE RECEPTION OK the remains of the Right Rev. C. P. Mi.ilnnine, l?. I#., will he held in St. Paul'* chapel, Broadway corner Veaev street, this (Tuesday) aMeriioon, st 3 o'clock. FREDERIC OK PEVSTKB, t'halrmun Comniitte<' of Arrangements. A? HERALD BRANCH OKPICK BROOKLYN, . corner of Kulton avenue and Hoermn street Open IVoin h A. M. toy I'. V. On Sunday from 3 to 91\ m. DR. S S. PITCH'S HEART CORRECTOR FOR SALE at 711 Broadway, and by all tlrs: clas- druggists. I ELECTION.?NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN TliVT AN li election will be held at the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. il Water street. In the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day or June next, iit 12 o'clock noon ot that day, tor fifteen directors of suid company, for the then ensuing year, anil lor two inspec tors of election for 1874. The transfer books will be closed Iroin Slav 3 to Juue 3, IH73 Hated Slav 2,1H73. HENRY C. MURPHY, President. ? O. P. Qcihtabd, Secretary. Horse ano carriage exchange.?mr. arch. JOHNSTON na?. opened at his downtown office, 37 Nassau street, a register tor horses, carriages, gentle men's turnouts, Ac., at private sale, and will hcreulter make this a specialty and a feature ol his business. Gentlemen having horses or carriui/es to dispose of, or those wishing to purchase, will timl this the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deai di rectly with principals. Havana lottery, German state lotteries.? Trices reduced KUHLMANN A CO., Banker*, 85 Nasaau street. l'ost iwlce liox 3,005. Havana and Kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashed; i ircularssent free, JOSEPH BATES A (!0? 71 Broadway. New York, room 31, first floor. JSULIEWSKI, KRESCO PAlNTEfo?WORKS IN . the besi Krcneh aud Italian pati/rns; all orders promptly attended to. 1,010 Second ?venae. NEW YORK, MAY 3, 1873.?PARTIES HAV1NO claims against the late Mrs. M. A. llerrlinan arc re aucmed to present the same to me'lor payment, without eluy. JOHN HKKIUMAN, W7 Broadway. NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY.-A STATED meeting will be held at the Library, on Tuesday evening. Slay fi, at So'clock. Rev. SAM DEL OSGOOD, D. D., will read a paper on "The Surprises of History." OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTCCKY?UTRA CLASS NO. ,11 I?HAY 6, 1873. 45, 37, 10, 36, 38, 40, 59, 29, 23, 39, 48. 6, 24. KENTUCKY? CLASS NO. 312 ?MAY 5, 187?. 27, 6, 74, f>7. 55, 11. 10. 32, 4, 47. 40. 16, 13. 17, RIMSIONS A CO., Manager*, Covington, Ky. SJIKLBY COLUr.UK? EXTRA CLASS NO. .1-?MAY ft, 1873. 1, 75. 63. 33. 10, 10. 6. 29, 4, 13, 15. 70, 42. Kllhl.SY COIAKGK?CLASS NO. 211--MAY 5, 1873. II, 23, 48, 76. 77. 61, 5ft, 67, 44. 30, 18, 4ft. 9, 27. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington, K.v. J. CLUTE, Broker. 20> Broadway. Post office box 4,969. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS SO. 2ft? MAY 5, 1873. 48, 57, 9. 72. 4, 12, 38, 2ft, 68. 64. 39, 42, 20. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 2C?MAY 5, 1873. 13, 27, 32, 43, 17, 69, 78, 19. 22. ftl, 47, 30, 8, 67. GERKEN A CO., Managers. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 254 Greenwich street. New York. Royal Havana lottery. Next drawing May 8. First prize, )IIX),000; second prize, $50,000, 203D CITY OK HAMBURG LOTTERY. Principal drawing couimenced April 30 and ends May 20. 50,600 tickets, 17,600 ? Highest prize, 290,000 murks. 374TII BRUNSWIGlt GOVERNMENT LOTTERY. Principal drawing will commence May 26 and end June 13. 55,000 tickets, 23.000 prizes. Highest prize, 120,000 Prussian thalers. ROYAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY. 95,000 tickets. 47,500 prizes. Hiehest prize, 150,000 Prussian thalers. Next drawing June 16. Prizes cashed and information given. THEODOR 28CHOCH, (box 6,080 Post officei, 116 Nassau street. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OP CUBA.-PROS pectus for 1S73 now ready. Address GEORGE UP u am. No.9 Weybossetstreet, Providence, R. I. SlIKEIIAN.?REMOVAL?COUNSELLOR JAMES M. Slicclian has removed his offices to 23 Chambers street, corner of Centre. WILLIAM H. HANKINSON'S STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works. 15 East Twenty-seventh street, be tween Fifth and Madison avenues. New York ?No con nection whatever with any other bouse. The original Hnnkinson, and the only one of that name, established in this business in 1861. <*?QQ KQO IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL lJied Kentncky lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free; 12HC- commission allowed. Address BALEY A CO. (ofllue established 30 years), 174 Broad wuy. SPORTING?dogs, BIRDS, &( . A?fob kale, ALL KINDS OF fancy DOC,8, ? Bird*, *o.; Medicines lor nil diseases, Frepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. ci. DOVEY'ti No. 3Greene street, near Canal. Francis butler, mo. spec! ?uj?. has all the choice breeds of Uoga^or sale and stock. BUT LER'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 78c.; BUTLER'S new work. $2. dogs boarded and trained. Medicines for all diseases. STALLIONS. If dw atu> EVERETT, THE SIRE OF JOE BLLlOTT, 'J who trotted last Summer on Mystic Park in 2:1A% (the tautest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), also of Commodore vanilerbilt's Mountain Bov, who trotted in 2 :20Jj. and ot Judge fullerton. who has trotted in 2:21*4, will make the season at the tarni of William Keetcli, near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For turth'cr particulars see the "Turf. Field and Farm." THE TURF. PROSPECT PAUK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION.?a special Premium of 12,800 is hereby offered tor b. m. Gazelle and eh. jr. Judge Fullerton; mile heats, best :t in 8, in harness according to the rules of the National Asso ciation. to be trotted Friday, May the winning horse to receive the entire purse; acceptance to he deelarcil at Chamberlain's, 1,146 Broadway, N. T., Friday, May 9, at v F. M. Good day and track. GEORGE W. OAKLEY. Superintendent. Trotting at Fleetwood park, on Tuesday, mav 6. at 3 o'clock. Purse $100 lor horses that have never beaten 2:40. $60 to first; $30 to second ; $10 to third. Mile beats, best :t in 8 in harness. J. I'auldlng enters b. m. Belle of Orange. P. Maneeenters g. in. Craiy Jane. J. Harbcck enters ch. m. Saratoga. WM. VAN COTf, Superintendent1 HOUSES, CARRIAGES, ?(. i LOT OK nORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT l\. for all kinds of business; one splendid team of sor rel Horses, ynung and sound. Inquire at Ml Canal st. an ASSORTMENT OF HAM'S VKRY POPULAR and celebrated Landanlets, Coupes, Landaus, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. HAM, 10 East Fourth street A GENTLEMAN'S establishment for SALE - Pair bay Horses, 16 hands s Inches, S years old, fast roadsters; a gray coaeh or coupe Hor?e, 10s hand?,good roadrter; all sound and porlect; C spring Clarence, Phae ton. Top Buggy, Trotting Buggy. Beardaley's make ; three seta double Harness. one single Harness, Gibson k Bon ner. makers; a fourwated Gould Sleigh, Robes, Blankets, and stable Furniture, al private stable No. 4 West Forty fourth street, or applv to owner, J. H. SHERWOOD, 522 Filth avenue. a BASKET PONY WAGON, NEARLY NEW. FOR sale at a bargain. Apply at BEMAN'S stables, 121 West Eighti with street A GOOD ROAD MARE FOR SALE?fift YEARS old, chestnut, sound, kind, IS hands, trot In 3 minutes. Address J. W. G., herald Uptown Brance office. A -TEA CART, BAROUCHE, VICTORIAS, PHAE ? tons, lour anil two-seated. $/8; top Buggies, cheap en in eity, i4tiandl48 Eldridge street, mar Grand and Bowery. _DAY A SON. A COUPE $136; OPEN WAGON. $28; DEPOT Wagon, $7j; do., $128-do., $148: Side Spring wuiron, tu5; 10 i op and No lop Wagons. 1,430 Broadway, near Forty-firststreet. james jenkins. A NTCEw PAIB OF MAMM* IN THE CITY. a. hh hands high. 6 and 7 years old; Ethan Allen stock, out of a star mure: lull sisters; finely matad; extra nil e ilmer.*; can speed together in three minutes; war ranted sotura im ittbd. m Grove street. A FULL SIZED BREWSTER TOP WAGON, nearly JY new. for sale. Apply at 120 hast Fitly -eighth street. A BARGAIN-HOTEL STAGE, GOOD HEARSE Dog Cart, jump seat Buggy, nearly new; Coune' two Clarences, two glass-qua rier Coaches, two R re its! two light Grocery Wagons. 'JO others: also three sets oj" Cosch Harness, at J. N. pitnby's, 460 Third avenne A GENTLEMAN ABOUT i.eaving THE cittwill oiler his elegant Kentucky Saddle Horse, warranted free from lau't or blemish and kind and true in all har ness, ui auction this day by WILLIAM VAN Tahsell. AUCTIONEER, at his,mart, 110, 112 anil 114 East Thirteenth street. A PAIR OF bbbqtvul BLACK PONIES, I4W hauds high, with flowing manes and tails; an sound and kind and suitable lor a lady to drive ? would e* chkiigt tor other hursts. Briggi' stable, 141 Weal Thirty seventh atiwt HOUSKS. CAUtinCKS, ?o. AUCTION NOTICE. JENKINS A DUFF, Auctioneers will sell on Wednes day, May 7, commencing ai 11 o'clock, at the old-estab lished carrw-je uiituuiaclory of J- D. voorhis ou Bioad ??v, Fnty-eighth street. and Kighth avenue, all the finished uod unfinished Stock, Tools. Ac., v.z. 4 new Coupes. t (,?n luu, 3Coaches I Rockawa.v, 2 top Wagons, 3 open Wagons. 1 Pony Phaeton, 1 second liunu Coupe, 1 extension top Park Pbai ton. Also, all the Forges. Tool*. Ac., In the hlack-mlth shop; all the Toolsln wood shop, viz. :?Benches, Vines. UuiuI and Thumb Screws. Wheel Machines * itii Tools Draught Boards and Patterns Ac. All the Fixtures in trimmers' room, viz:?1 Singer Sew. in if Machine, 1 large Iron Safe, Stitchlug Horses a Lot of Webbing. LeatherLace*, Buckles Ac. All Uie roolK and Fixture* ol painters' shop, large and small Trucks tor bodies Varnish and Oil Duns pots Paint, Stones and Mulcrs Paint Mills, Varnish and taint Brushes, n lot ot assorted Colors Varnish, ke. A LARGE QUANTITY SPolvES, HUBS, KIMS, AC. Also a lot of Hickory, A ah. Cherry and White Wood. V B.?The above nale won postponed on account of tlie weather trotu May 3 to above date. No posiiiouemint, ruin qr thine. Every article will be sold to highest bidder without regurd to cost and value. ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making tliem the standard for Quality throughout the I'nited Mates. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome stri ct tactori, and are offered in > stock in all respects equal in uuality to those built to the 1 order ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to ull. In order ihat we may not be confounded with a lolnt stock company ol tarriagc dealers who have adopted it firm tiiiine similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have mane lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember thnt our only wurcrooius are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our ml\ Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. A OCTION HOI SE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON 1V {I.ate .loiiuston ,t Van Tuxsell). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OP THE HOUSE IS REMOVED IO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, If, 21, 28 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will '>c conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the Siiblie at large. EOULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT TI1E YEAR. Entries for sale may lie made, as usual, cither at our downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, ly, 21, 23 und 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. A RCn. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER.?OFFICE AND Salesroom, 37 Nassau street: Horse Auction Branch, 1!? to 25 East i hirtocutb street; Carriage Repository, No. 8 Corliundt street.?An elegant lialt thoroughbred jet black Horse. 15hands high, 0 years, kind In nil harness; is not ai'raid of a locomotive; excellent traveller, ot great endurance and bottom, aim in every respect a first class family or business horse; cannot put him in the wrong place; warranted sound, kind and true; to bo sold by auction *?y A RCH. JOHNSTON, at his mart, 19 to 25 I list Thirteenth strec;, on Wednesday, .May 7, at 12 o'clock. Full particulars in catalogue. AT AUCTION TO-MORROW, WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 12 O'CLOCK, BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT HIS NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19, 21, 23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVER SITY PEACE AND FIFTH ATENUE. COAL BLACK TEAM OF ELEGANT ROAD H0R8FS, 152* hands 7 and 8years; kind and true; can trot in 3% minutes. TEAM OF BLACK MARES. SORREL IlORSE, 16!,, HANDS, 9 YEARS; KIND AND true, and warranted sound; not airaid of locomotive. T CART, BY BREWSTER (IF BROOME STREET. ELEGANT FAMILY TEAM BLACK HORSES, 8 years Ifi'.i ban is; kind and true; excellent all day trav ellers; can he driven by a lady. 20OTHER HORSES; DESCRIPTION TIME OF SALE. BAROUCHE, BY LAWRENCE, IN GOOD ORDER. Park Phaeton, in good order. 3 Dog Carts. 2 no lop Road Wagons, by Stivers 1 top Road Wagon, by Corhett. 3 sets of double Harness, city made, in first rate order. Sale positive at 12 o'clock. Weather never Hiteriercs with our sales Allen b. miner, auctioneer, SALESROOMS 95 CHAMHKRS STREET. HORSE AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTn AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEER*. Sales of Horses, Carriages Ac.. Thursday ot each week. Entries ol articles for auction can be made at repository us above or salesrooms of auctioneers A?MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GREAT SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF ALL THE CELEBRATED TROTTING STOCK, AC., THE PROPERTY OF JAS. WALLACE, ESQ., WHO SHORTLY SAILS for Europe, AT BARKER <t CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERS ALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY, Thirty-eighth and Thirty ninth streets, ON TUESDAY, MAY IS, AT 10?? O'CLOCK. AND COMPRISING THE FAMOUS BAY TROTTING Gelding JOHN J. BRADLEY, 1S!^ high, ahout 11 veurx old; li:is a record OF2;2ft}?;is FINER and will trot faster this Spring than ever; Is also a perfect gentleman's roadster. HIGHBRED GRAY GELDING, by Touug Morrel, dam by Abilallsh, 15^ high, 7 years old; very stylish driver; no record anil can TROT IN 2:36. ELEGANT BAY IIAMBLETONIAN Colt, by Volunteer, dam a Star mare, 16,'a high. 5 years old in June next; very tree and gauiy driver; trotted last Fall in 2:50; has no record. EXTRA FINE BROWN HAMBLETONIAN Colt, by Young Carnell, darn hy Henrv Clay; 15 high; 6 years olil; elegant driver, and can trot GLOBE TO 2:10. ELEGANT AND EXTRA CLOSELY MATCHED pair Of bay coach Horses, Kentucky bred, 16 high, 7 years old; neat style and action; heavy, full manesund tails; are perfect in every way. FINE BAROUCHE, MADE by Corbet. TOP WAGON, BUILT by Corbet; pole and shafts. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built by Duxcnburv A Nelson. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built by Wood Bros. SET OF DOUBLE coach Harness. TWO SETS FINE SINGLE Harness, bv Dun<=combu BLANKETS, ROBES. SHEETS, Whips, Bits, Ac. PEDIGREES AND ALL REPRESENTATIONS of above stock will be guaranteed. SALE POSITIVELY without reserve. CATALOGUES READY on Thursday. STOCK f>N EXHIBITION early on morning of sale. NO POSTPONEMENT on account of weather. A?IMPORTANT AND POSITIVE RALE BY A CO. . TION or RICH BLOODED HOUSES, WAOONS. I HARNESS, AO.. ON TUESDAY (THIS DAY), MAY 6, AT | THE PRIVATE STABLE, NO. 1 WEST TWELFTH STREET, ON RKAR OK NO. 6(1 FIFTH AVENUE, AT 10W O'CLOCK SHARP, JOHN D. HAMLIN, Auctioneer, of all the line and cntlrr stock of George Hoffman, Esq., who Roes abroad, consisting of one of the finest teams of premium hornet in the city; are dark mahogany bays, no white, all black points: m arly 16 hands high and both six yearn old this Spring. with fine, long, flowing inane* anil talis; are mated to perfection; have flne. even tempers and drive like one horse together, without hugging. shying or fret ting; they have fine knee action, are sharp, quick ana handy, and their flne. natural style and blooded, handsome appearance cannot be equalled; have tine, svmmetrlcal proportions, with clean, strong limbs and feet, and line, long, blooded necks, with clean, intelli gent heads. The\ are both sired by Magna Chnrta, and raised bv William B. Smith, near .locksun, Mich . and bv him sold to present owner, after he had exhibited them at the State fair, where the.v took the first, premium over numerous comoetltora. They are tlnely broken to all harness tear no locomotive or anything else, and will travel 14 miles an liour. and are warranted foand, kind and pertect, and to show ? 3:10 Rait to phaeton or wagon ; are an extra tine and valuable team tor road, family or coach. Tbi? team must be seen to be appreciated. Fine Jet black saddle or harness Horse, 19X high, 7 Sears old. nred in Kentucky; has all gaits to saddle; is nelv broken to all harness; is extra stylish, either to saddle or (lames'*; sate for any person to handle; a very fine sensible horse; warranted sound, kind. Fart, handsome. Jet black trotting Mare, known as CKEOLK, 151, high, H years old tills Spring, sired by Alexander's Aodallall, dam bv Pilot; elegant road mare; is handsome, stylish and agreeable; elegant driver; safe for the most timid to drive; flne gal'ed ; has record of 2:37; can trot in 2:45 to road wagon, and warranted sound una kind ; an elegant road mare for any private gentleman's use. Also a flne, noble, good and sensible brown Horse, lft!? hands high. 7 years old; elegant style and finish; fine traveller and sate for the moat timid to drive; can be driven by anv ladv who can hold rein?: fears nothing; stands without lvfn?, and has few superior for style In Park ; Is warranted sound and kind. Also one tour-seat Phaeton, by Miner A Stevens; one Stivers' shifting top side bar Road Wagon; one Pony Phaeton: MS Set ot double Harnett, by Dun?coinb; two sets single English Riding Saddle and Bridle; Blankets, Sheets. k<-., Ac. The whole being strictly first class. and all to be sol.l to the highest bidder, irrespective ot cost and without limit or reservation and tullv warranted. Sale positive, rain or shine. At bargains-varikty of stylish pony Phaetons, fine light Top Bungles and Road Wagons, tour and six Passenger Ituckaways, and a general assort ment of Carriages unsurpassed in Quality and finish. S. R. BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A -THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS . Roekawavs, Depot Wagons, Poliv Phaetons and Top Wagon* in the elfv at the West Side Carriage Re pntitorv, 1.494 and 1,4?6 Broadway, between Forty-fourth ami Forty-flflh streets. AOF.NTLF.MAN WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A STYL Ish. kind and gentle Horse to his Summer residence, on Staten Island, for occasional light use; the best ot care will be given for its use; City reference furnished. Ap ply at 80 Broad street, room 7, from 10 to 3 o'clock. A THOROUGHBRED BAY MARE FOR SALE?SIX years old, thoroughly trained for saddle and har ness: very stvli?h for gentleman. Applv at .lames Dowd's stable, West Eighteenth street, corner uf Seventh avenue.

A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, RoCKA wav. Park and Pony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Ex press anil Business Wagons; 25 per cent less than any house in the city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal sL i ?FOR SALE?THE FINEST PAIR OF BLA?'K i\? coach Horse* in the city, KiHj bands high. 7 and 1 years old ; large flowing manes and tails. will he sold at a bargain, owner 1< living the city; also a thoroughbred Kentucky saddlo Horse; has no eiinal In this city tor stvle, and has all gaits lor a pertect saddle hor*e; IS)g hands, x years old. and will be warranted sound and kind in ail harMss Can I>e seen at 146 West Thirty ninth street Inquire tor UEOkGK. A?NO. gOORTLANDT STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. ? Light Carriage and Harnos Wareroom? The most reliable Goods at the lowest cash price. Park and Pony Phaetons, Buggies, Korkaways and De pots. leather top Wagons from $140 up. Light Kockaway, fl.'tf Depot Wagun, $110. AJtcii. JOHNSTON. Ma 8 c?a|MMltitre?V IIORMK.S CAURUUKK. ?vr. At auction, this pay, by WILLIAM VAN TA SHELL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL). 1IORRK AM) CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 112 AND 114 l-.ASI THIRTEENTH ST., NEAR 4TII AV. RE(iI I.AK SALES DP HORSES AND CARRIAGES KVKRY TUKSDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty four to forty i i^-hi hours riven purchasers to test * urrantics CATALOGUE OK THIS DAY'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. PRIVATE EKTAR LlSII MKNt, ELEGANT TEAM BAY Horses, !?'.( hands high, 8 vears old ; kind and true in all harness, tree troni vice, last travellers very stylish and handsome; are in every respcct a tlrst class" earriatre team, and warranted sound. Also set names*, Bold mounted, and LANIMU, LINKU WITH CRIMSON SATIN, BUILT by Lawrence. COUPE ilSTABLISIIMENT, HAY HORSE, 15J.,' hands high. 8 years old; kind and true iti all harness, tree from vice, a fast traveller ; line style and action; a very superior coupe or carriage horse, and warranted Sound. Also set tine goid mounted Coupe Harness and COUPE, WITH POLE AND SHAFTS, IN UOOD order. GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, BAY TROTTING horse. Tom Bentnn, 1M{ hands high, 10 years old: kind and true in all harness; tree from vice or triek; has a record ol 2.39 to ?, and can trot in 2.45 or better any day | has great endurance, und warranted sound; also Bet tiae Harness anil TOP KiiAD WAlHiJf, Bl'ILT BY BRBWSTKB A CO. BAY MARK?SIRED BY GAHsl&S M. Cl.AY, HAM an imported thoroughbred mare; 15J, hands high, 8 years old, kind and true m nil harness and under saddle; free iroin vice, a superior roadster, can trot In 3 minutes; is very stylish and handsome and warranted sound. Also set Harness und TOP WAGON, WITH POLE AND SHAFTS, built by Lawrence. HAY thoroughbred KENTUCKY SADDLE HOR.sK; lftjf hands high. 7years old, kind and true in all harness, IVee from vice, a good traveller and one ot the finest saddle horses in the country; very stylish and spirited, hut perfectly gentie and warranted bound, ELEGANT PARK PHAETON, ON 12 SPRINGS. CHESTNUT HORSE, l.W HANKS HIGH, ? YEARS old; kind and true In all harm s? and excellent tinder saddle; tree from vice; good traveller, and warranted sound. TOP WAGON, WBARLY NEW; Bl'ILT BY MONKS A Irwin. DAKK BROWN IIORSK, IfiJ* H ANUS HIGH, 6 YEARS old; kind and true in all harness: Iree from vice or fault; a superior draught horse, and warranted sound. BAY HORSE, 1 !>% HANDS HIGH, U YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness; iree from vice ; good trav eller' free and stylish driver, and warranted sound. BLACK HORSE! 16 HANDS HIGH, ti YKARS OLD; kind and true In every way; free Irom vice; good trav eller; an excellent worker, and warranted sound. BAY SADDLE mark, I.V., HANDS HIGH, 0 YKARS old; iree trom vice; a good traveller; an extra .fine sad dle marc, huiI warranted sonnd. FIFTEEN OTHER 'iORSKS-DESCRIPTION time OK sale. TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS. ROOK A WAYS AND DEPOT WAGONS. TOP EXPRESS WAGONS. Phaetons and .lag'-'er Wagons. Harness, saddles, Ac. Weather never interferes with our sales. A SPEEDY AND STYLISH BAY MARK; CAN TROT Inside 2,80: WatTinan Road Wagon. Harness, Blan ket*, Ac., at SIMMONS' Stables, 78 and HO Bank street. AN ELEGANT PAIR OF BAY HORSES FOR SALE? 1;>U hands high. 7 ami 8 vears old; sound and kind; very stylish and remarkably line drivers; are perfectly Senile; accustomed to locomotives and in all respects n rst class family team. Apply at Thompson's stable, 13C Bait Thirteenth street A LARGE assortment OK NEW AND SECOND hand Carnages.?All styles of tainily Rockaways, top and open Buggies. 1'otiy Phaeton,at greatly reduced prices. Witty's, Fnlton and Bevini streets, BrooMy a, /lARRIAGES TAKBN ON STORAGE IN LOFTS BUILT \J for the purpose. Apply to A. T. DEMAUEsT A CO., ii28 Broadway. (lOUPK AND TURNOVER SEAT rockaways AND J I doctor's Phaetons, in great variety and style, at 1,494 and 1,490 Broadway. POT WAGONS." The "Gentleman's Depot" Wagon, for either two or lour persons. The '?station" Wagon, for six persons. Especially adapted to church use lor domestics. The "Regular" Depot Wagons, tor lour persons, with shitting top and seats. For sale, at low prices, by A. S. FLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and IS East Eighteenth street. "DK Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons, Itght'Rocka wavs, Buggies and other seasonable styles family Oar riuges and light Wagoti", at reasouahle prices. MAN I KAC i'UKEKS' UNION, 638 Broadway. I ftEGANT PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT; TKAM I 11 vary stylish: hay Uorses; warranted sound, kind and trne. Also tine gold inouuted Harness and LANDAU, in good order. Also COUPE HORSE, very stylish and warranted sound, and Coupe Harness and COUPE, in good order, at auction this day, at the Horse and Carriage Auction Martol WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, IK), US, 1M r.ast Thirteenth street IrtiiR SALE?ONI'. VICTORIA, Bl ILT BY BREWSTER A Co., Broome stri ct; used one season. Can be seen at Cunningham A Co s l.ivcry and Hoarding Stables, lit) and M West Forty fifth street CUNNINGHAM A CO. IjlOR SALE?A SUPERIOR BAY HORSE, 7 11AM old. 16.1 hands, lor singlu or douhie harness; war ranted souuA and knd? can trot In 3>j uiinntes. Call at nrivalestalW 12 East Thirty-second street, any hour up to 12 M. and alter 5 P. M. t I^OR SALE?BAY HORSE, 1ft HANDS HIGH, IN GOOD order; pony luiill; price $?6; can be seen at64 Beck man street Inquire for TKNNEY. For salk-an elegant phaeton, at private I stable Ii4 West Fifty-seventh street. Ask tor DENNIS. Price $71*). TilOR SALE?A SMALL PONY, suitable PGR A J1 boy or girl to drive: price $100. Address GEORGE K. AHC1ILit, Mount Vernon. N. Y. IMJR SALE-A *i TRUCK AND A WAGON. APPLY at 70S Third avenue. FOR SALE-ROAD TEAM OK BAYS, BROTHER AND sister, (< and 7 years, 1ft hands; last, sound, drive loose rein. Lamb's stable, corner Kilty-eighth street and Madi sun avenue. IjlOR SALE?A SPLENDID COUPE HORSE, BLACK, ' lfi hands high, sound and kind. Can be seen at Me tropolitan Stables, corner Prince and Crosby streets. FOR SALE?A BASKET PONY PHAETON USED FOUB months last Summer; will be sold for nearly half cost. Call at 208 East Kilty-first street, before 10 o'clock A. M or alter t> P. M. IflOR SALE?A FINE chestnut SORREL MARE, 6 years old : can trot in 3 minutes; also a Sulky. Apply at 100 Graham avenue, Williamsburg. IIOR SALE?A LARGE BAY HoBSE; WILLDU KOR a truck. J. II BAKER, comer Bleecker and Greene street*. Fnox SALE-A H \ T MAI1K, 15 HANDS HIGH. 7 YKARS ? ' old: sound and kind: suitable lor lady's phaeton; will be sold reasonably ; price $lfiO. Apply at 241 Colum bia street, Brooklyn. T.10R SALE?STABLE 122 WEST FORTY-SIXTH I1 strict, small pony Mure, Phaeton and Harness; also Ponv, 14 bands, with Lady's Saddle; drives well; also chestnut saddle Mare, very stylish, and brown Colt, trots to day in 9 minntes. IIOR SALE-A LOT OK GOOD WORK HORSES, snit'thle for all purposes, from ft to 8 years old, Irom 14 to H>Ji hands high. Apply at 176 Mercer street, near Bleecker. F,OK 8ALB?A BAY roan MARE, HEAVY BUILT, 6 vears old: sound aiul kind In every respect ami a free driver; also one gray Horse, a good worker, and very cheap for $65 Keed store, 3711 Hudson street. f'OR SALE-A VERY HANDSOME BLACK PONY, 14W hands high, .6 years old ; lit lor a lady or child to ride or drive. Apply at 121 West Korty-fllth street. 1/iiR SALE?A handsome BLACK MARK. 14^ f hands high, 7 years old; sold, on account of the owner having no use for her, at a sacrifice. Call at 86 King street, near Hudson. TjloR SALE-TWO CLARENCES, ONE BLUR ON r drab lining; two glass Iront Coaches, two top Buggies, one six-seat Rockawav : all in good condition. II. BURR, 2U3 Mercer street T.10R SALK-FOR WANT OF USE, BAY HORSE AND JT Mare, 15 and l&H hand*; fit for any work; price* $45 and $?'>. Inquire ai 130 Perry street, rear. LVlR SALK?DARK RAY MARE FOUB YEARS OLD, P sound and kind imjnire 106 Bayard street city. tniR SALE-A BAY HORSE, STYLISH liRIVEK, !l years, 15U hand*; a good stepper; price $156; also two cheap work Horses; $56 and $A6; all sold for want of use. 128 Charles street, near Greenwich. TpOR SALE.?A OKNTLF.MAN, ABOUT TO LKAVB J lor Europe, will sell ? pair ol very fine Road Horses, separately or together. cross match, a gray an<l dark chestnut, 1 h)i hands high, 7 iiml Kyeirsold; sound and vfry gentle; can bo driven tt.v a lady. single or double ; out* can trot In ^ JUL tin- oilier in :i.40. when in condition, fan he seen at Fleetwood Track, where 2;4B will be shown with one and "<!t46 with the other and 2:60 together. Ask (or ISAAC PAWMNU. Also a Dusenbury * Van Duser Wagon and complete Harness. T.10R SALF.-A BRIGHT BAY TEAM, IB* HANDS, 7 J; nnil 9 yarn old, last traveller*, sound and safe team, used hy present owner three yearn; also black Team, 16 hand*, brother*, penectly sound and safe team, band 7 \ ears: had them two years; all used in the city; owner Ruing to Europe reason tor selling. Inquire at private stable No. .'I Eaat Twenty-tilth street, from 10 to 11 A. M. FOK HALE-ONE OF TI1E FINEST OENTLEMKN'H road Morses In the city; sorrel, I6J4 bands high,8 Sear* old; can trot In 2.36; warranted sound and kind, o. .1 West Thirteenth IL Ft OK HALE ?FINK BCHINESSoTu AND HARNESS* nearlvnew; also. Horse separately or together. First avenue, near Thirty lourth street. yolt SALE?A FIRST CLASS TOP WAGON, BUT JT little used, and sold tor want of use; pole and shafts; also a coach Harness, ('an be seen at private stable, 206 West Forty-seventh strut lilOR HALE-A VERV FINE SADDLE HORSE; VERY F St; lish ; id* yeiws old; also fine In harnrsi; sound and kind; also six other flue Uurses. No*. 3 and 5 West Thirteenth street. }jV)R SALF. OK EXCHANCiE?FOR ^ PONY I'HAE 1 ti l. brown Mare, 16 hands; warranted sound and kind: gentle l?r a lady to drive. Apply at t'ndcrhill's stable!", x Lafayette place. i 11 VINO II' HORSES?HANDSOME 16 HANDS FIRST IJ cla?a Carriage Team, bays; alto black family Mare, Ituggv, Top Wagon, Harness. Apply at 'II We?t Twenty sixth street ? Harness, haddlks, horse cumirNO, CAR riag< Rohe?, Lap Dusters, Fly Net*, and a large variety v' s*d?llery Uovds always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO.. ? tylftlUttCNk tf?* Kfltkr M '? DEDUCTION I N PR JV Extension Top Pli IIOKKKS, < A?!. HORSK ANIi OAIIRI AAE EXCHaNO! ..-MR. ARCH. JOHNSTON has opened, at In- downtown otllee, 37 Nassau street, a register lor horses, carriuBts*. gentle inun's turnouts, Ac at private sale, ami will licrwlter make this a specialty Milu /future i t his liu lues*. Gentlemen having horses or carriages to dUuuie of, or those wishing tu purchase will find iliis the inuatdi sira ble medium ever established, as thro..i;b it you deal di rect with principal*. HARNESS.?THE CHEAPEST HARNIM sTOKf IN New York' good double truck Harness, $W; good single liui'uv HarM-fk, I.and made, ?17;a good stable Blanket, SO; the liirwent assortmentol Curt llarnesstn tliccity. Cheaper than ever on accoiintol moving May 10. Please call unit examine for yourselves. FlsIIEK A oshornE,4.1 Murray street. HARNESS ? I 11A V K A LAKGK STOCK OK IIAR ness, all kinds anil styles. ol >ny own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Hiding Sudtllev and Bridles, Whips, spur*. II altera, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the line cheap tor cash. E. BARTLETT, ft! Warren street, corner College place. ANUFACTURERS' UNION. CtH BRo\DWaY?IIIE i mm. place to buy cheap. Purchasersshould nut laden I call. Largest ani! best assortment ol new and second | hand Carriages in this market 638 Broadway. ONE STIVERS SIDE KAR ROAD WAOON, 118 lbs., in good order; one Duscnbury A Van Dozer do.; I one Brewster Broome street top Wairon, one Corbett side bar do.; also a large assortment oi top and open Pony ' Phaetons, Rockaways. Extension Tops, Barouche, 0 springs; one six scat Him ton. Victorias, lop and open i lload Wagons, Sulkies, top and open Express Wagons, single and double Harness, a Hue assortment or ; top and open side bar Wagons, two Clarences and one ; t'oachot my own mauittacture. W. H. GRAY, 20 to iff Wooster afreet. PONY PHAETONS?ALL STYLES.?THE LARGEST, cheapest and best assortment in tlie city. No. H j Onrthindt street, neur Broadway. PASTtTRrf FOR HORSES?ISO ACRES WELL watered anil shaded, only six miles from this city. | Apply to MONAOil AN A HO., 82 Cedar street. 'HICKS." Phaetons and Cabriolets. Coupe and tl-*eat Kockawaya. Cabriolet* and Victorias. I'ark and 1'on.y Phuctoua. Buyers will do well to examine tnv Stock before pur chasing elsewhere. A. S. FLANDEAC, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, near Filth avenue. OPEEIJ, SPEED.?''OR SALE, ONE OF THE FINEST D road Hares; warranted to trot in 2 Af>, or no sale; Kentucky breed and atraid of nothing; must be mid on uceount ol on ner leaving cltv; warranted perfectly sound and Kind. Can hi seen at 146 West Tnlrty-secohd street. yTYLlSH BI .AOK HORSE FOR SALE-A DAPTED TO O coupe, phaeton or saddle; ridden and driven all last Summer by present owner's wife; sold lor want of use. Apply at GREBE'S Kldi ig Academy, Thirteenth street, near Kittli aveuue. QBOONO HAND TOP AND OPEN BITOG1KS, DEPOT 0 Wagon. Pony Phaeton, tour Rock a ways. light Coach and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, at bargains; large assortment of Harness. MANUFACTURERS' UNION,(88Broadway. rpwo FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT 1 Coupes, and large assortment ol l'onv Phaetons, ut 1,494 and l,4w! Broadway. T1TANTED-A PONY, HARNESS AND PHAETON; Vt Pony 14!* to Ift bunds high: must he perfectly gentle for a lady to drive, lor which 1 will give a very desirable lot in a village atiom twenty minutes' ride from New York on the Northern Railroad of New Jersey: lots sel ling troiu $ii(IO to $KU0. Address I'll AE'TON, Herald of ftg. WANTED?A SECOND HAND HALF SIZE LANDAU Vt let; good as new. Address, with terms, LANDAU i.ET, Herald oftlce. WANTED-A SECOND HANI) LANDAULET LATEST style, little worn; also a saddle Horse and Side Saddle. Address, with description and price, box 5,574 Post office. Q BIO. YOUNG WOKE HORSES, FIT FOR ANY Jj work, and one Wagon Horse ; must be sold. Inquire ill 77 Willet street, near Kivington. d!? I Ci\ ?STYLISH BLACK MARE, GENTLE FOR ?P !?)"/. Iad> to drive or ride; 8 years, 1.V, hands; war ranted sound and kind. >lti West Thirty ? first street, near Seventh avenue. DRY GOODS. HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! The largest stock ol Human Hair Goods in the city at SHAW'S, SIS2 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, and :?B sixth'avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty third streets, up stnirs. SlIAW's Patent llalr Switches, can tie combed and brushed, $1 each. Human Hair, cheapest and best in the market. Short Hair Switches, $2 each and upward. French Switches, $8. Curls, $1 and upwards. Latest Styles always en hand. J^ID GLOVES. JOBBING DEPARTMENT. Samples ol our Stock, for the convenience ol buyers, at Spellinan's Building, :*H> Broadway, second floor. Bost low-priced oloves In America. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 309, 311 and 31IHI Grand, 82, ?4. fitt, if and 70 Allen street, mill block east from the Bowery. O MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS JOBBING DEPARTMENT. Cheapest Straw Ootids In this city. Chepest Florida anil Palmetto Hats. Cheapest Ribbons and Flowers. Inspect onr Stock. We have cheap Millinery floods HOWARD RIDLEY * SON, 309, 311 and 311% Grand, t>4, H6, 08 and 70 Allen street, fifth block east from the Bowery. T M1L.MNKKY AM) l)ltiCShlW\KINU. A?EKV OVAL.?BROWN'S LONDON Roind 11A IS ? nnd Pans Bonnets. E. BROWS, sister of W. l). Brown, New Bond street, London, has now some new and elegant style*. H52 Broadway, between Thirteenth anil Fourteenth streets. MME. DOUGAL, 3ft WK8T TWENTY-THIRD STREET, begs to Inform her lod.v customer* that she will rtly have her Hummer Opening of Bound Hals anil Bonnets, and will thank those who have changed their residence* to send her their new addresses, and idle in re turn will send theui cards lor naid opening. FOK RAMk AWKIX LOCATED CORNER LIQUOR ATOM FOB sale chcap?In Williamsburg; doing good business; n long lease and low rent Apply to Til OK. GAFFNKY, Auctioneer. No. fi Centre street . ABABUAIN.-A BOOK ANI. STATIONERY STOItK for sale ; newspaper route pay* all expenses; estab lished nine years;cheap rent. Apply at 147 Third ave nue, one door above l-'itteeiilh >-treet.. A GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.-GOOD WILL, favorable I<ea*e, Hrsi class Fixtures and well assorted stock of u first class retail business to be sold, on account of death, at a bargain; yearly ea*h sales $40,000. m?r particulars call on or address GEOROE SIMERS, 2S Chambers street. New York, or F. k CO., 27 Newark ave nue, Jersey City. N. J. A -FOB SALB? LIQUOR STORES, DOWN TOWN' ? Kamuie Rooms, near Mock Exchange . hotels. Res taurants, Confectioneries, Oyster Saloons, Chop Houses; splendid Halls to let lor business. MITCHKLL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A -FOR 8ALE-BAKKR1EH, HOI78EKURM8HINO . and Wlllowware Stores. GenUcroen's furnishing tioods Stores, corner I'rug Store*, corner Orocerles, Meat Markets, Butter Stands. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A?SPLENDID BUSINESS CORNS? POB SALE. ON , Sixth avenne, best location, between Fourteenth and Twcntlcnth streets ; 30 years' lease of f*ot MITCHKLL'S Store Agcncv, 77 Cedar street A HANDSOME WHITE MAKRI.K SODA FOUNTAIN tor sale; will be sold very cheap. Apply to JAMES A. SMITH, tHM Second avenue, corner Thirty.third street. A LIQUOR STORE FOB SALE-WHOLESALE AND retail, with lea* . low rent; established ten years; owner lcavej the business; west side, beiow Twentieth ?tract Apply to J HAR'I, 76 Fine Street. AN ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSINESS now lor sale at a bargain . splendid profits; article new and in great demand; such an opportunity seldom offered. Call at 99 Liberty street, room 24. A FIRST CLASS ClOAR STORE FOR SALE?LO cated great business thorough lure ? lurgr rush trade; sold conscience ill hculth. Particulars 2A Chambers Stie. t. OEOROE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. An old established steam lai ndry for sale?Well known ; extensively patronised ; splendid opportunity enterprising party make money lust Par ticulars 25 Chambers street. QBORGE W RIMERS, Store Agency. A WELL ESTABLISHED FLOUR AND FEED STORE for sate?Excellent location ; large cash trade; low rent; unquestionably rare chance, bargain. Particu lars 28 Chambers street. OKOItOB W. SIMERS, Story Agency. A NEATLY FITTED UP LlQUoB STORK Foil SALE cheap?In the Fourteenth ward, doing a lair busi ness; with moms attached. Apply to THOS. GAPFNBY, Auctioneer, No. ? Centre street A NEATLY FITTED UP GROCERY AND LKJUOR Store for sale cheap ; doing good business; in the Thir teenth ward ; with rooms lor a family; rent low. Apply to Titos. GAFFNKY, Auctioneer, No. 8 Centre street, AN OLD F.HTABLISHEI) wink, laoer beer sa loon and Restaurant, In Newark; Lager Beer and Lunch Room, downtown: splendid location; Grocery Stores, Ac . Ac. WARREN A CO., No. t> l>cy street. A GROCERY BUSINESS, WELL ESTABLISHED, stock aoout$4i000. 'or ?ale:or, will take real estate. A ?LOMQVIsY, MO Na-?au street. A WELL LOCATED t'ORNER GROCERY FOR SALE in Williamsburg, a long lease and low rent; doing a good business. Apply to THOH. GAFFNKY, Auctioneer, No 6 Centre street ACHANCB.-FOR BALE, CHEAP, A CIGAR STORE and Fixtures with or without Stock; rent paid up to June I; must t>? sold this week. Apply st Cigar Store, 94 Foravth street, one door Bortli of Grand street. COAL HUSINBBS POB SALE-LEASE, GOOD Will, Carts, Ac., of a coal yard, established nearly v> yard 521 fcMV BUteeuUi street ur at years. Apply at yard 521 K w>B SAi-r.. HOT AND M:IOE STORK KOR SALE, WITH IJU8I nni s:o.'K ? Ksinbllsfu d over 25 \aarj. iitte ol the bent location* in the . ity: will l>e >od c!,ctp; t?. a , r*< . tical himti tin i- an ui poriunttv wklout oliered For purtlculer* inquire <.i kokhrt iiuvin, _?? Waie.r elreet BUTCHER'S SHOP FOR SALE .CHEAP, DOING "iitiii''"'"'if i:"o<i avi-nso; with room. Ap ply t" IHOh, t ArI' N i.I, Auctioneer. No. tt Centre street. DRPll STORKS KOR RALB?l)M Mil, THE PRINCI pal a venoms. Brooklyn and suburbs; also, in ium cities ill tlie Eastern slid Western State* STICK LAND'S Druggists' Agency, 74 iVilur street. DRUG STORM KOR SALE?IN CONSEQ1 nNOE OF the death of the proprietor; established twenty yearn: e?n 1?? purchased ou ea-.y ter.n*. Apply to II, IK! William otreeL For sale?a large kibe ash burglar PRoor Sate, Herring's make. for particulars impure ol O. ROSENBLATT A BKO., 486 Broadway, up stair.-. |71()R SALE -A FlAsT CLASS counter. WITH MlK r ror unit Fixturcs complete; Mack ivulniitand maple wood, it leet loinr. To be m C 11 itt 147 and ill) West thirty second street. IjiOR SALB? A STONE MILL, complete KOR grinding spier or eofflpe, Inquire of ADAM MUli LER, SB a venae h, between I mm 4 o'clock i'- M. For rale large lot office railing, sash, show Cases, Drug lira we ra, Counter-, Table*, Shelv ing, Tea Bins, tailors' Cutting, ?t verj low prl< es before removal. Apply to .1 AMES HODGE, MM Hudson stu nt, enriier of Burrow; also at .'>27 Hudson street. the old Ntnnil. 1IH1R RALl'. CHEAP?A HARDWARE, HOUSMFUR nisliing, Tin ami stove store, with Basement; fotu years'lease:owuer ha* other business 10 attend to. Ap ply at 1,40.) Third avenue. E10R BALE?ftllilAF, V KIRiT CLASS FRENCH r walnut Bookcase, with black polished mouldings; lower partcmi lie used ?m sideboard; it la made In leisure hours by the *? ller himself, but has no o*e nor room tor it To be neen at 22ti liasi Forty tlrsl street, second tloor. front ITIOR SALK?A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE: BEST business location in the city , long lease, low rent. Particulars HENRY I'EETSOll, 346 East Eighteenth street, troin it to S o'clock I*. M. tjior BALE?A LIQUOR STORE, WELL KITrED r up;, good t'ade; tiest business street In the city I good lease; other business the cause. Apply 44 KtoIM street. F IilOR SALE.-A NICELY KITTED I P DRUG STORE, 1 in Hnrttord. Couueelleiit; comralh located anil do ing a good hiisiiic-s. Address IJENRY BOLI.Eis, 13 Lin den place, ilartiord. IilOR SALE?A PAIR OF HA\K CAMERA TCBBR) new; Daeuer'a make; cheap. Apply lo 0. K, H1NE, 13 and 15 ijoyer street, near Chatham square. FM)U SALE?A VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT FOLD' ing Chair, lied and Ottoman enmbtn U; lb be sold on acconnt of the death ol ihe inventor. Address F. L. MATUoT, 101 West Thirty-seventh street. IjlOR SALE?ON ACCt'UNT OF ILL HEALTH, A FINE 1 l-'amily Laundry, doing" nice cash business. Fot particulars address LAUNDRY, Herald Uptown Branch office. OR SALE?A KIRBT CLASS CORNER I.IQl'OR store. Kor particulars apply at /l East Houston st IfiOR BALE?TO MERCHANT tailors?fixtures and Lease of an old established Store. No. !) Johnson street, one door from Fulton, Brooklyn; the premise! have been occupied six,years by ihe above business. Ap ply oil the pri inises, or to W. S- PENDLETON, 311 Knltoil street, Brooklyn. 1J10R SALE?PATENTED I'lANO TUNING RET; model to be seen at Messrs. GEO. STP.CK A CO.'H, ?J5 East Fourteenth street, until Saturday next, the lOtli instant. IilOR SALE?FOUR COUNTERS OS FEET). WALNUT 1 tops; small Office Desk; iron Sate. $40(Marvin A Co.), 2ft feet light Shelving; store Truck. 76 Uuane street, second loft. For SALE ('HEAP?A WELL furnished SHOE Factory, with all the latest improvements and cheap rent and lease. Inquire at 3D North Flr<t ?ircet, Williams bur*. ClOR SALE CHEAP-ON ACCOUNT OF ILL HEALTH. 1? lour vears' Lease. Iron' the 1st ol' May; Li<|tior and DlnliiK Saloon. Inquire at lti4 Chatham street. Safes.?a la rob assortment ok second hand Safes, ol all stvles and makes, for sale cheap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAM SAKE COH PANV'S, S00 Broadway. CAFES?KOl'R SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALE O cheap immediately; two small, one law and two medium, at 7- Maiden lane; one tine Jeweller's Sale^ CJHOW CASES FOR SAI.n; CHEAP. O PEBEdO'S. ss Nassau street TO KAKTKRN DRl tiUlSTS.-WE HAVE ON SALK two of the leadline ('liieano retail Dr.ig Stores, $12,1**1 and $l.".,Uuo tftfb; this is an opportunity that Is seldom olTcred in the threat cit\ ot Chieauo. AJdress HcPHER KON A CO., room 2&, li? Wnsliuutou street TO BE SOLD FOR ALMOST NOTHING-VALUABLE stock and Fixtures ol n Grocery Store In one ol tho best positions in Brooklyn. Apply at ?1'J Bridxc street, Brooklyn. 12 Q()() ?M?f>A COUNTAININ FINE <HUM.K FOR sale cheap. Address FOUNTAIN, Herald itirHl.UKKV. AMMHiKsK KNGINK, BOILS RS. STKAM ITMP itiKi connections, Mi feet. 'iV,-luch Shutting, Pulleys, Manner'!. Driving Brit, all in complete running order; used one; will bo 'old cheap for want of use. The HiiihlniK, .'>(txi:U>. tvro stories and basement. with power, suitable for manufacturing purposes, will be "old or rented on easy term*. Apply on the premise*, at Union steel. ami Iron Works, Khineheck, New York, or to MH kVK A BKNNP.T, f.7 fedar street. New York. Amks' portablb engines, s to 40 lom power portable Holsters, Saw Mill*, drain Mill*, Ver tical Engines Horizontal Kngiues, plain and cat off, and Boilers, all styles and sizes; onr own make; Shafting, Geerlng and Castings. llAMPSi)N, WIIITKHILLA CO., 38Cortland street AT WILSON A ROAKK'H, 282 AND 284 WATER street, llorl/.ontal, Uprluht Portable and Hoisting Engines; Upright, Locomotive and Tubular Boilers; Steam Pumps. Presses. Shafting, Pnlleys, Maimers, Ac. (10NTINENTAL BTEEL WORKS AT MASPPTII, NEAR J Newtown, Island, together or III lot*, cgm pri-itit; Train* of Holls, Steam liuinmcrs, Boilers, En gines : one engine Is 20 by All. " :iOUX BTUABT. 194 Broadway. filOR SALE HOll,Kit AMI EN'GINK, 8-12; SUA KT. 1 Ings, Pulleys, belts, Ac. Apply at 'SM West Thirty ninth street. _____ I^OR SAI-E CHEAP?A POTTER'S CAP CYLINDER Press; else of lied, 18x24 Inches; nearly new: sold only fur want of steam power. Apply to THOMAB PHTTIT, SO I'uiton street, Brooklyn. QCMMOR STKAM ENGINI-.S AND BOILXBS, lAriS. O eeonomi' al, compact easily managed; combined Engine and Boiler specially adapted to small powers; about 400 hngiues, two to 1U0 horse, in use. Send for clr culars. NKW YORK SA.KKTY STEAM POWER COM PANY. 301'nrtlandt street. OTKAM KNGlNE?18X24. AND ONK 10X20, BOTH NEW. O for sale at a bargain II taken soon. To be seen at machine shop, M7th street, noar Harlem Hrulife. WANTKD?A NO. 1 OR 1% HARD1CK STKAM PUMP, second hand. Address, statins lowest cash price. MACHINIST. Herald office. flTANTKD?TWO MACHINES KOR MANUPACTUR TT lug Kxcrlslor; also two Machines lor turning Chair Rounds or Stretchers. Gtve price and addrese A. 41. BBNNETT, Jersey City Height?, N. J. WANTKD TO PURCHASE-A LARGE DROP PRESS. Apply toor address W. STEVENS, SO Warren St., New York. WANTKD TO PURCHASE?ONE OR TWO SECOND band No. 3 8turtevant Blowers; also about3UU feel of second band two-inch Steam Pipe. Addresa BENJA MIN KOX. 514 and AIM West Thirty fourth street 2 TUBULAR BOILERS, 5KX16 FEET, WITH 80 3 Inch tutx's, for sale cheap ;ola ones taken in exchange; also 15x42 Engine. JOH N CARROLL. 515 West street. 1QX1S BROWN ENGINE, 11X24 TODD AND RAKFRR 1 Li ty, with boiler; 30-horse power Locomotive and 5 Cylinder Boilers, all second hand, in good order, at a sac rifice. IIAMPSON, WIIITKHILL A 0O? 38 Cortlandt st. MIAN OFFICE*. AT 77 BLKKCKKR 8TRKBT, NKAK BROADWAY, IIP stairs.--Highest oash ndvanoes on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry. Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickeit* bought, at 77 Bleecker street At wolk brother*", nun Broadway, between Nineteenth and rweutieth streets-Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewolrv, Silverware, SUIu. and particularly Pianos; private parlor for ladies; business Strictly eon&dSDtlal. J JACKSON. PAWNBROKER, M WEST THIRTY . first, formerly 90 Prince street loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property ot every de scription. T JACKSON'S, 806 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry Goods, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance lor indies. At 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? I pay the highest price lor Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Money liberally advanced on diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, silks, India Shawls, Ac. ; also a large Stock of the above named Goods on hand for sale, to pay advances. No. 1 Washington place, under New YorK Hotel, one door from Broadway. Money loanf.h-on diamonds, watch re, Jewelry hikI silverware. The same bought and Sold. UEO. C. ALLEN, 841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street OQ NASSAU DTKRKT, OPPOSITE POST Of PICE.? ? Liberal ailvuuccs made on Dlamonda, Watches, .lew elrv an.I all kinds of Merchandise. The same bought I and sold. Room I. HAYMAN LEOPOLD. A HQ NIXTII AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH WtJ and Twenty tlttn streets.?Liberal advances made on Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Stlaa, Laces and Shawls. Same bought at full valne. L. BERNARD OQZ BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY 8TRRET. UOo Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan office. Same booghrand sold. M. ROSENBERG. 1 4)#t7 broadway, OVER HERALD BRANCH IimO I office, room H.?Parlors (or ladles; branch I.t2 Pulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamonds,* Wau Lies. J?w?lf v. Ac. Haauo uTusUt aud sold- mmna UHJlO eWK

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