Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1873 Page 4
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ROARDKRO WIUVTKn. 1 PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NtTXTABLK 1'IIR I.ADY J .?nu -cnUcmtin. witli Board; also it number of single I'ooius, lur gentlemen: summer prices, central location. m We [ Twenty - ion rtli street. T LABOR, NICELY FURNISHED KRONT ROOM, with large pantry, t? let, witli good Board: Slii for two; also Kooius lor single gentlemen. Inquire at 42 OlfTI street. In^NllSOMK TIIIRO STORY ROOM- Wil li H??A'U), at a moderate price, containing closets, riimiiiiK water ;?ml mm, witli a lainllv residing at lit.' Ea-t Twen ty-fourth street. 1ST HOUSE WEST OF FIITII A VKN t. F ? IIAXII soinclv tarnished Room* tor latnilieaor single gentle meii, witli first class Hmnl. No. 7 V\ csl Twenty-ninth sU 1ST FLOOR.?PARLOR SUIT, RLROANTLY FUR uished, to let, with private Table, al Summer rale*. Apply at 14 East Thirty -second street, hetweeu Fifth and Mauixou avenues. 1DEPAU HOW.-IH TO ?I0 PKR WEEK KOK NEAT ly furnished Rooms and excellent Board, at 15N Bleccker street- Two line* of cars pan* Hie house. 18UIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND floor and onk Kootn on (Inst floor to let, with superior Board: refer ences exchanged. 29 West Twenty-sixth street, near Broadway. ]l UI.OCKS FROM BROAD* AV. 2 IM Eaiit Nineteenth ?trc?t large and single Koouis, with Board. Reference*. i) DOOKS FROM FIFTH A VKNUF.?EI.EOANTLY mmj rtirfii*tic(l Floor to Iff. wifh limtnl; ulncr Kooiuft. Mo. I W?st Twont.v-nlnth street. 2 BLOCKS FROM BKO AIUVA V.-$7 TO $10 PER week tmud!<uiu''ly luroblictd Knonw. with Kouru, (or family orHintfle ?tntleiiieii; Ubic l>oart1t?rt) ittkcu; ko<k1 neighborhood. ti Bast Fourth rtwH OB FLOOR, RICHLY ftJBNIHHBI*. BM SUITE OR Si separately, with Hoard; also faiuilv and Mingle Rooiiih; nveryl'iiiii! strictlv tlr-t class; Summer prices; rderences required. .til West Thlrly-tl'ir<l street. WI ST THIRTIETH STREET, FIRST IIOUSK from ? ? rum ii venue.?Very elegant Apartments, en suite and Singly, run lie had lor the Summer, al rcasouahle rat en, with or without Board. 4TH VVENUE. 349. ?A LADY HAVING TAKEN A house would rent newly painted, papered and neutly furnished Rooms, with or w itliout. Hoard, to geiitlmnaii and wile or Dingle gentlemen; terms moderate. 4 HANDSOME rooms To LftT-OB THIRD floor, together or separately. with Hoard; convenient to car*; references exchanged. 273 West Eleventh street. /TTH AV KNUR, 7fi.?DESIRABLE rooms, HAND ?' somely furnished (a flne suit, second story, front), ?with Board; reference. era avenue, M.-mv flhabant kooms on ? ) second lloor .also Extension, smnr floor, ami litrge front Basement, to rent, with Board. Reloroiices exchanged. CTH AVEtiUE. 164.?furnished Rooms TO LET. ? ' ironi and back ; hatha on each floor; Hroaktast it de siied. iteforenccs. r.TH AVENUE, an, SECOND DOOR BELOW THIRTY ? t fourth street.?An elegantly furnished I'arlor Floor to rent, with private table; bath, c.lomls. Ac. Also other Room*. Reference* exchanged. r ItOORS FROM FIFTH AVENUE.?DESIRABLE ? ' Room*, handsomelv furnished, en suite or singly, at Jiuinmer prices with or without Board. Id West Thir teenth street. n WEST WASHINOTON PLACE. TWO DOORS FROM ?) Macdougal.?Neatly furnished Room* t>> let, with Hoard, tor gentlemen ami wives or single gentlemen; desirable location: table first class. tfjft TO Sin PER WEEK, SI SO PER DAY.?FINE ipl? Rooms, with excellent Hoard, for families and single persons, at 172, 174 and 17U Bleccker street, six block* west ot Broadway. d?7 TO $A PER WEEK.?OKNTI.EMKN OR FAMI *I> I lie* can obtain tumished Rooms, wifh Board, at Ko. 1 Spencer place, or 184 West tenth street; reference. -J/\ EAST FIFTEENTH STRRET, NEAR FIFTH AVE JU uuc.?Parloc Floor ami liontn* above, (iirni*licd or unfurnished, with Board; privnte table it desired; Her man family; Table Hoard. References exchauued. 13 WEST TWENTIETH STREET. Large Rooms on necond floor, with Board. 1'JTH STREET, Ztl EAST.?WELL FURNISHED ?? large and small Rooms, with good Hoard; large closets; location excellent ami central, lour minutes from Broadway; references. Table Board. HTH 8TRBET. S*l, WEST.?A LAROB FRONT ROOM, on second floor, with first das* Board: terms rea sonable; references exchanged. 1JTH STREET, WEST, S84.?TO LET, WITH HOARD. IT a large front Room ou second floor, with hot and culd waler; terms ni'slcratc. II TH STREET.?ELEDANT ROOMS TO LET, WITH 'r Hoard, at 217 West Fourteenth street , lionse first, t'lass ami unusually desirable as a Summer residence. Reference. lftTII STREET, WEST, 41.?BOARD.?HANDSOMELY 1") 'urnished. newlv fitted. *unny. front Room. ?ec?ind rtiMir, $23 p<T week tor two; Room* on lourtli floor at moderate prices. U UNIVERSITY place.-To" LET.' WITH ROARf>, desirable Rooms, nicely furnished, on sccond floor; houae tlrsi class. 17 WAVERI.EY Pi \?'E - LA ROE, ELKOANTLY Fl'R I nislied Parlor> and Hedrooms, on first floor, and nicely furnished Upper Rooms, with first class Board ; re ference required. 1Q CLINTON PLACR, KEAB BROADWAY.?NICELY JO turiiishcd Rooms and eh-ga?tly iiirnished I'arlor on second door, for lamilies and gentlemen; IIr-; class Board; English, Frr nch and Oerman spoken; ren renccs required. 1Q WS4 TTWKNI V-FOFRTH Si*REET, OPPOSITE J ?' Fifth Avenue Hotel ?A soil ot Rooms, elog.intlv furnished. to rent to * party ot geutleiuen, with or with out Board; also niiirm Rmnai i n WKST TWKN l'> FIRST STUKET~?WITH BOARD, .1 ?" targe Room, second Coor. Iron'.; also Dingle Koom. top floor; Hmtiimtr rate*. ()18T STREET, 144 ? PLEASANT, SNUfJ ROOM TO ^1 lot, with Board, to two gentlemen or gentleman ?ml wife. Itcicruces. Ok)0 STREET, 260 WEST?A LARGE SECOND am story t'runt Room, nicely nirnished ami with two large clowts, to let, with B< arn, to a party of two. Ref erences. H?Vu street, 114,7.vf7 block fast or iHiol suusre. Elegantly furnished large Iront Room and hall Room to let, witu tlrd class Board. References ex changed. oq IRVINU PLACE.?SECOND FLOOR; THREE _i?) rooms; private family; lurnished or unfurnished ; *uitahl>- tor light housekeeping : with or without Board ; very convenient ami near Westminster and other hotels. OOD STItl ET, WEST, NO 54.?FINE SVIT OF PAR m?) lor Rooms, first floor, with or without Board; if desired, private table; also other pleasant Room* to let. $k)~ A WEEK KOR VERY HANDSOMELY PUR jji) Dished Parlor and Bedroom, with Board for two, ?Hi large furnished Room. Board lor two, $16. 124 East Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue. (WOII STREET 44 ? EST ?TWO GENTLEMEN CAN *Li't si-cure a fine aecond story tront Room at $30 per week; bathroom adiotnlnr; with jood Board; rear Itooin. t?/? WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET?A PRIVATE _') laiuih . o-cwpving an elegant Imiise, will rent, tur tii-hcd or untilrnislied. the Parlor Floor, with or without Board, the back Koom (second floor) and several single luoni lor gentlemen; references exchanged. t?7 Wl.sT TW ENTH SEVENTH STREET.?FIRST I ami Second Moor- to let. with or witliout Hoard, to families or a party ol g> ntleiiieii, also single Rooms; private table it desired. NORTH MOORE STREET.?A LIMITED MM tn-r ot Hoarder- ail he accommodatcd with good Board .f reasonable rata*. QQ EAST TWENTV-POt'RTH STREET.?A PRIVATE latnilv will let to a gentleman and wite or small u11111y handsome and convenient Rooms, with Board. Oar I.lie k from i'iMh Avenue Hotel. Q|\ EAST TWENTY-PIRST STREET.-HANDSOMELY OO turnished toom?, with Board, tor gentlemen and llieir wive- or single gentlemen. Q 4 TH~STREET, liwTwRST.?FCRNlIltHtr ROOMS, ?> 1 with Board; gentlemen and wives or aiugle gen ttenien , terms moderate. Q | Wl.ST FIFTEENTH STREET.?ONE DOI'Bi.E Ot and one-Ingle Room to Irt. with Board, to gentle men oiii v. Term* moderate lor Ihe Summer. ??/? EAST TWKNT1 1 IR.-T STREET?THE COM Ot) t.irts o! a refined home nnd a handsome Suit of Rooms, wlilt table . two Kooina for gentlemen; reierenees excliatit'eil. 0?J KA*T TW1.N1 Y-SFt 'ON I) STREET. ? HAND OO soinelv furnish'd Room- to lei. with first class Board, at eummer rates. Reierenees exchanged. ?/? WERT TENTH STREET.?TO LET, WITH OR ? >0 without Board, a very large trout or back Koom; term. low. *J(> BAST TWENTIETH STREET ?A PARLOR FLOOR, Ol) other Rooms, nrivaf" bath. Jtr.. >vlth private table; ? secou.i Floor, to gcntleaen, without hoard. Refer ences A IRYIN't: FL4CK.?TO RENT, WIIH BOARD, HI two tarnished front Rooms on the second ami tlitrd floors; terms tor the Summer reasonable; refer vares emehanged. WEST TWENTY.NINTH STREET.?FAMILI I S T' 1 and gentlemen ran i>e accommodated wiili hand aomely tarnished Rooms. >vith first rl.ig* Table, at reason alile terms tor i Sumiii' r . re ten noes. Ai) EAST NINETEENTH STREET .?W ELL Fl'R 71 in-tied Rooms, with R..aril, to gentleman and wi*?s or single gentlemen; ?|M. ruble Hoard . teruis mod erate; relareneesexcbanged. A*} WEST TWRNTV-FOrRTH STREET ?SEVER VL Tr??i handsomely.ronrtshe,d lioom? to i?-t with Hoard, to gentlemen or gentlcmt n Mid their w Ives 4/T LEXINGTON AVENI E.?FRONT ROOM, WITH ? J alcove, on second floor, inrtiished, with first r!a-? Board, lor gentleman ato wifeor Unule tteutlemen; ail modern improv? meiita; rtterenC'S exchanged. A ri WEST THIRTV-riFTH MRKET.-A HANDSOME T ?) Iv iiirnished third si<.r> troni Ro< m and hali Room vitii first < ia?s Board; reieremcsexchanged. A (' SOUTH WAlllINUTON Syl ARE.-LARGI ANIi 'I') plea-ant furnished Rooia. with Honrd. tor one or 4 a 'I qentieincfi ol (|iiii t haLilr, III a small lutniiy. A /f IRVINU I'LAi'F, NEAR SEVENTEENTH 'j s'rst ?Handsome!* fnrnislied Rooms, en suite or aitiglv. with or without Board . Mi'tuble lor gi ntlemen or Juihmii location cemrai and quiet. ~A /; WKsr VtH Rl M'S I II STREET ANOSOMETY 'ill furni*to'd Roions to let. w 'fit first class Hoard, suit able for faiuiti?:sor |i.i: ?- i g. ntiamcn; reierenees ex ( ha uged. , a 7 WKST TWENTY NINTH STREET.?PARTIRM *T I wlalNM Board for the summer will find the -,im? rt fills deaoable house ; Room on lirst, second ami third floors. can reler to prcavul hoaulors, who arc l< avtng the city. . A 7 BOND STREET.?HANDSOMELY U RNISIIB? f\ I Koo.flS, WltU Board, 10 genllemen ..r m nUnimiii nml wne; table ilrst ciaMi ioeaiiou central; turuis 8UAKDKKH WKNTRD. 4Q WRST FORTY-IUCillTH STREET.-BOOMSI EN ?1 hUito or separate, with superior lanle nojira, limine newly frescoed mul furnished Omly pMtl??Wlan iiiK first class accommodations need apply, Keiereueea exchanged. /T/i NINTH ST It F KT. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND i)U University place.?Desirablo Rooms. all coiivp nlciices, with superior Hoard, (or families or single nen tlemen; terms moderate r/k WEST TWKNTY-SIXTII STRKET.?NEWLY AND DU haudsoiuely luruuUed Rooms lo let, with Board; reference*. n SOI I'll WASHINGTON SQUARE FOURTH ?)| street. -Furnished Rooms, with or without Hoard, for geutleiiien or respectable married people, with or witlioRt prnate taMe, terms reasonable. /.<?? WEST FIFTIETH STREET, RETWEEN FIFTH 1)1" and Sixth avenues.?Two tront Rooms on scconu floor, nicely furnished, and a Hall Room, third floor, to rent, with Hoard, in ai|iuel house. Reference. /?I ST MARK'S 1*1.ACE -ROOMS, WITH BOAItl>, "I ?<> permanent parties,single rooms or doultio; only a few hoarder* taken; reference. f*S IBViNG PLACE. NORTHWEST CORNKR OK Eighteenth street.?A large hack Itunin on second floor, also hall Room ou third floor, to let, with Hoard. f'0 * AD ISO* AVENUE, NEAR TWKNTY-SKVBNTH street. ?Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, in suit or singly, with superior Hoard. The house has been Jilsi newly fitted up mid tarnished. 7| MADISON AVENUE.?RBGOND I'M If) R. WITH I 1 or without private'aMe ; also one 011 (?urlh floor, suitable lor two gentlemen. 70 SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN FOURTEENTH I ? and Fifteenth s'ruets. -a nicely furnished Room ii>r two. closets, Ac., lo let, with 'irst class Hoard; also a small Poom to >1 single geutluiiiau only; retcrcnoes. Q( 1 SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN I'l KTEENTH ('O ahd Sixteenth streets.?A linn Isome suit of Rooms on the second floor, front, lo let. with Hoard, suitable lor a gentleman and vi lie or parly ol single geutleiuen. inn bast thirty-first street? furnished ll*<? Rooms to let, with Hoard, '? gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Table Hoard 1AQ WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET,?AN I \l?i American lamily have a pleasant furnished Iront room 011 third flour to let, with or wl'houl Hoard, to a gentleman and wit'' or two single gentlemen. I 1*1 EAST TW KX.H H STREET, NEAR HROAD I i I way.?Six or mnr? gentlemen eau l<e accommo dated with day Hoard ; good, substantial home table ; ref erences exchanged. "II J EAST Kill IITFENTII STREET, FOUR DOORS .Li"! from Clarendon Hotel. ?Handsomely furnished Rooms to let to gentlemen, w ithout board; house llrat class TOn EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NF.AKIRVINU iu? place. ?^-e and small Rooms 'o let, with Board, hi families and gentlemen; references required. "I OA WEST TillItTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR LO' t Hroadwav.?Front Room, on second floor, with first class Board ; references. CI.INTON PLACE.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED IOI Rooms 011 parlor itud second floor, with or with out Board, in private lamily. TOO EAST SIXTEENTH STRKET, NBAS IRVING lOO place.?Desirable Rooms to let, with Hoard, to gentleman and wite or two single gentlemen; reiereaces. | OQ EAST 71ST ST., NKAR I.EXINdTON AV ?A L?)>7 few genteel persons can he accommodated with Rooms and Hoard in a first class house. 1 ,IQ WEST rORTT-WfTH STREET, NEAR HROAD i ry way.?With Board, a desirable third Moor (three pleasant rooms), together or separately, suitable tor a family; terms moderate; lamily private; American; references. "Ifil EAST THIRTY FOURTH STREET.?FRONT AT, J.OJL cove llooin. for gentleman and wife, with Hoard, $3!i: rear Room, $111 per week ; first class in all respects, with peace and eomlorts all summer. "177 LEXINGTON* AV., CORNER SI ST ST.-PI. MAS ill nut tront Room to rent with Hoard, to gentlemen <>r gentleman and wife; terms reasonable. l)ftO WEST FOURTEENTH STRKBT.?HANDSOME 'O ly furnished Rooms, eu suite or slnglv, can he ob tained, with Hoard, by single gentlemen or gentleman aud wile; referencesrequired. Ofjo WEST FORTY FIFTH STREET. NKAR BROAD jl'O way.- A private lamily will let a couple of handsomely tiiruishcd second story Iront Rooms, with gOO<I Hoard; aNo other Rooms. OflO WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.?PLEASANT ^.v'O turuMied Rooms to let, with Hoard, to two geti tlcineu or geulleman aud wile; small family. QAQ WEST TWENTY FIFTH STRKKT.?A SHALL ?private taiuily have a Room and Bedroom. on third floor, to let to gentleman and wile, or gentlemen, wJib or without Board. 0*1 7 WKST FORI'Y-SE<OND STRKET. NEAR ST. I Cloud Hotel.?Elegant Rooms to let, furnished or untarnished, with or without Hoard, to gentlemen and wives or party of gentlemen; also Parlor Floor, with pri vate table if desired. 4701 WI'.ST TWENTY-THIRD STRKET, BETWEEN ? ?>L Seventh and Eighth avenue*.?A private family will let with Hoard, on reasonable terms, two Roouis. handsomely I'uriiishen, to gentlemen and their wives aud two rooms 10 gentlemen; relereuces roipiired. QQ1 BAST NINETEENTH STREET LABGB, ?-?>! 1111 e|v luriiisin d iront Boom, with large pantries, water and jtas, to 1st, wits Board, to a gentleman and wite ?.r single gent'emeu; price low. Q-f{ WTST THIRTY FOURTH STREET,?A Pltl ?? ? M ) vste r'sniily will lei, with or without Board, two or three nice. haml*mnely furnished Rooms very reasona lile 11. desirable parties. 2,-7 WBST TWKNTY FOURTH STREET.-HAND 'it soinel.v tUrmshed front Room?>, on s?'eond floor, and I'arlnr Extension, with Hnnrd, lor families or single g 'litiemen: loeafiou convenient and unexcepllonable; references given aud re,|Uired. OA7 WEST FIFTY-SECOND -STREET.?HAND. *><' I soinely furnished Rooms, with first class Board, tor gentlemen and wives or single gentleuieu. References exchange J. OQ1 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.-TWO LARGE j ? )?1 aad ii.indsoinely furnished Parlors, en suite or i separate ; sl-o handsome Rohiii, on third floor, wim first | class Hi.aid. to gentleman and wlie, or single gentlemen; reierencc exchanged. 31 o east mnkteknth street.?a young 'I >) couple or two \ouug men can have good Board in a Jewish family. Qftl III DSON STREET.-TWO YOUNG MEN CAN BE ?>?' L acenminodateil with Boaril anil Eodglng, wi'h all home comforts, in a private English lamily; terms $6 a week. 4 IQ EAST FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET.-TO let, ^TT"*) with Board, :i handsomely furnished Alcove Room on ?found floor, witli sunny exposure ; til?o a back I'm rlor nn flrst tlo?r. itnturni-lied. nrst class locution; prices moderate; reference. </? i SIXTH AVENUE, FIKST FI.OOR.?A I.AHVI.IV HI1 trig alone will lei a neatly Itirni-hcil Room to a gcntliman ami wife, with Board lor the lady n desired. A handsomely FURNISHED room to let? With Board, to slnaie weutleman. in refined private family. nmr Vi??;rt<? 11111 afreet, ?r?t side; reference* ex changed. Address KI'UI'.KA, box 11- Herald ntlice. A FEW rooms TO EKT-WITH BOARD, with A .'\ New Enviand family, or Board only, at is \\ est sixteenth street A fink LARUB ROi>M ON SKHiSI) STORY TO li t, with Bourd; located near Filth avenue: house and appointment* nr~i el*-- in every particular; reior to H. K. DREW , .No. :f "I weutv-third street, Kittli Avenue Hotel. a x klei; v ntlv furnished second floor to J\ rem. ?n -nlte or simri.v, on I'lftv-flrat street, near I'in h uvemie: u reltned and itcnurMhl home : private table it .le reference* c .\ciianxcd. Addrtm VON AK.s l>AI.I-:. Herald Uptown Branch office. A rr.VK OF tIENTLSMEX t'AN BE ACCOMMll J\ dated with tlrat c!a~? Hoard and newlv and hand somely ? nniHtaed Room4 on ffe?t Twenty-flrsI street. Iie t wen Kittli siitl sixth avenue*, and where no other hoarder- will he taken. Addruts D., box lib Herald L'p to* n Brum li office. i PRIVATE I'AMILY HAVE A HANDSOME j\ second ?torv iront alcove Itoom to let, with tlr?t . i.i? Hoard, st moderate rates; nnexce| tionalde neigh borhood SdWesi Thirty-fifth street. HAXDftOMK ROOMS, WITH B'?\KI>, THIRTIETH ?treet, near Fifth avenue; references. Add res* JOIINstin. Herald Iptown Branch otllce. TWO I.AR< K. KI.EOANT rOXIIBCTI.NO ROOMS.? House tarnished entirely new; all conveniences; home nmde ft.od ; \ cgetables and truit direct I'rotli farm ; unexcel>ttoUWe rtlerence*. 1X1 East Twcaty-sevciith atreet, between Fourth and l.exini;ton avenues. f|*o Til TWO LAROE, HANDSOMELY FUR J ntshed Keom-. with or without Board, tn West Four teenth stli et. Atldrest H. J. I)., Herald otllce. BO/IHD A \ l? liODUI>'G WASTED. AHKST CLAH* DRESSMAKER WOULD ..IVK I art of her time in excitative tor a Room and Board Addrej>* DRl.S.-.MAK EK, box 101 Herald I ptown office. A I<ADV WOUI.D I.IKE A l.AROE l'NFI KNISHED JA Koom with Kuaril, not above Fortieth street nor below Twentieth street, and between Second and Fourth ?vetillea; trrms rot to exceed $26 per month. Address Mr. v* II,m 'N, station I'. Board wanted with room, for a student. Of J." year*. in the neighborhood ot -:txih aveiiNe and Fourth Miert, not over six block* distant. Please address I- K. BU RtlC.H, care of hhrman'a drug store, corner of Sixth avenue and Fourth street. H AKI,KM.-HOARD WASTED, HV * YOCNO MAN; good aired Boom; above I15tn ?*reet and ensi ot Fifth avenue only commnuicatioM containing 'ull particu lar-a* U) term-, Ac., noticed. Address A, box ">.WI I'oit office. |)Oo.M WITH BOARD WANTED?BY A YOI NO WAN Ik in a -mall \merican lanilly where there are no other boarders, find where he can emo.v all the com torts ot a home j He nil- moderate; location not above Tliirtv fourth ?tr ei Address ,1. 8., Herald office. ri'Wn OK THREE UKNTLXMEN DESIRE A NH'EI.Y I iitrm liMl suit ol Itoom* without board, In a private family. i. '?een Ninth and fwentv third street* and Fourtli and sixth avenues; no altentlon paid unless lull Mrticuiars are given ; reference* exchaMed, Address W (.. box I'm IN raid Office. II \N rED?FOR WIDOW LADY, FRONT I.AROE ?? Room, ?iili U mrd, between I'ourteeiifhencVTwenty* tittli ,ii et- and Hurl and -ixtli avenue*; lerin;, not to ex :eed Jin pet week. Mrs. I. . Herald office II' ANTED 1 111 NTt.i m\N WANTS A WKM, Ft f< *' imbed i!<s)ni wi ii Ho*io tn i private Inmily ot rcilneni' Mi. '..I "n nol to exceed per neck. Address C INO, HerMd otllce HKfNIK ljV X BOAHII. ?J" FIKTII 8TRRKT, BROOKIWN, E l? FIVE ?>?> minutes walk from terries to let, with' Hoard, nicely furnished Ifonma, to gentleman and wile orsm-tu _ HOT KM*. (1ALLEN HOUKK, 166 niiRsoN H1BEKT, UOUtt J ol Laight.? Excellent Board, $6 to #7 rj) per ?\cek. with single Koom ; single lumm. without hoard. %'? uod upwards; Lodging, SO ccnts. gentlemen only 0|nm all Bight HOTBL ST. 010It MAIN, BROADWAY, TWIvNTV-SbO ond street and Ktltta avenue.?Table d'liot" t-'t so per day; rooms nil (rollt; coolest in the city; tunic splen did Booots for tranaientand permanent iniiiilea. IIBItV HOTEL, 56 WABRBW STREET, ONE BLOCK I iroin City Hall.?Light kuonu Sik'. a Uh v, ?2 to >3a week ; family Koom* (I and $1 Oti a day. $1 tn $1(1 a week. New England norrij, ;?> howeby, corner ok Bavard street.? 200 light Rootna, m ail.v liirtil-.lied, BOc. or Gfc. |>er night, $J50lo per week. For uoutlcuiofl only. WAVKRLEY HOUSE, 7M BROADWAY.?BOABD, $2 a dar. $10 to tn a week: Rooms. williont board, 7Sc. and ?1 a day. $4 to $7 4 week, family Rooms, $16f) and $2 a day, ft to JH.% a week. -*~ COUNTRY lit ?/Mill. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OWNING TflKIB HOU8B OK Staten Island (New Brighton Heights), h:iN a few handsomely turnislied Ilooins to lot, with good Hoard, to a Iiarty ol four or ox gentlemen; German* prelencd; ionic oouiiorU, terms uiodrrate. Address box 127 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, WITH BABY AND nurse, a pleasant liotue with some private Ismilv in the country, williin an hour of New York, Westchester county pr. ierrod; beat relerencea given; SUM per month will lie givcu. Address HOME, Ileralu offico. ANY GOOD FAMILY WANTING A FIRST CLASS Home in the country, lame lurnislied house, well shaded grounds, halt hour from the city, half hourly tram*. near Uc pot, and board owner, family ol four, on mii f(|iiii:ililo basis, may address box 3.(31 I'ost office, New ^ ork. _ v?. "OOABD WANTED? IN A HEALTHY LOCALITY. FOB l> a uenlleiuaii, wile, child two years old, and nurse, lor the Summer season; aea shore preferred. Address J. <!. T., box 1H4 Herald Uptown Branch office /COUNTRY BOARD?SOUTH 81DB LONG I8LAND; \ / accommodations llrst class; price #14 per week. Refer, liy permission, to Mr. GEORGE, 121 East Twenty fillli si reel. /10UNTRY BOARD.?A OBNTLBMAN AND WIFE \J want good Beard in the country; upper part ot'New Jersey preferred; one hqur from New York; plenty of shade and fruit desired ; place where there are no oilier boarders. Address (>., box .1,18U Post office, New York. (lOONTRT HOARD?AT A FARM HOU8B NBAR J Somers Centre, Westchester county, on the New York mid Mahopac Railroad; live minutes' walk from depot-, ten minutes from Luke Mahopae; high ground; healthy location; pleasant drives: aecoinniodatioii lor horses. Call on or address W. GABBIl'HEN, Somers Cen tre, Westchester county. (lOUNTUY BOARD FOR SIX FOB THE 8UXMBB AT J a private dwelling.? Shade, milk, two dallj mails; terms, $8perweok. Address box 23 Marshall's Creek, Monroe county, Pa. IF N OLE WOOD BOOSE, BNOLBWOOD, N. J., BY 'j Northern Railroad, loot ol (Chambers street, or steam boat, foot of Harrison street. Apply to tlie Proprietor, Englewood House. ?jllRST i I.ASS COUNTRY BOARD?IN PRIVATE F family on delightful water IVout, opposite (Hen Cove and sea Cliff; large modem house, with gas and water; splendid bat him;, boating mid tlshiuw; stabling lor horses. Call at 163South street, or 37 West Ninth street Address W. U. VANDERVEER, Port Washingtou, Long Island. First class country board can bb obtained at a Farm House near Kntouah station. New York and Harlem Kailroad; very dcsiruble locafion. now ready lor entertainment. Reference given. Terms mode rate. Address Mrs. 0. ADAMS, box SO Kutonah I'ost office, New York. SUMMER BOARD?THREE FAMILIES CAN BE AC eoiiiinodated; delightful upland location ; large, airy rooms; a tew minutes' walk trout railroad und boat Ad dr. ss bOX f>l. 1'eckskill. N. Y. S" UMMBB BOARD AT LAN8INGBURG, ON THB UP per Hudson.?Fine Hotel, near the river; will accom modate about twenty for the season; stabling if desired. Refers to Joseph Cornell, Superintendent Citizens' l.ine Steamers, I'ier 40, North River, foot of Leroy street or address P. H. TAYLOR, l.ansltiKhurg, N. Y. rpARRYTOWN.?BOARD IN PRIVATE FAMILY; OAS 1 and bath accommodations; short distance Irom de pot and steamboat la niting; references exchanged. Ad area box 143 Post office, tarry town, N. Y. fm LBT?IN ORANOK, N. jT, LARGE, AIRY ROOMS. 1 with first class Board, within lour minutes' walk of depot; house situated on high ground, with '.'Ji acres in lawn, with tine shade; reference given. Address J. P. ?',, Oranue. N. J.; city, St John's I'ark, Varick street, care M. I). Transportation Company. W anted?hoard on east end op long T* Island, near salt water, by two ladies, two little boys and nurse. Address, with Bill particulars, D., box 102 Herald office. WANTED?WITHIN FOUR OR FIVE HOURS OF the city, among the Connecticut hills or the Cuts kills. Hoard tor u lady, child (2 years old) anil nurse, irom about June I; hotel preferred. Address, with particulars of accommodations, terms and references, F. 11. T., box 1,337 New York Cost office. WHITE PLAINS.?A FEW PEBSON8 CAN BE AC M commodated with a pleasant home In the country and good Board, at a reasonable price, hy applying to MARTHA SEAMAN, White Plains, Harlem Railroad, five minutes iroin depot; very healthy location. WTANTED?COUNTBY BOARD. BY A LADY, FIVE ?? children and two nurses; also accommodation for a horse and roekawuy. Address, with mil particulars, box :i,4.'ll New York Pout office. WANTED?BOARD FOR THE SUMMER, FUR TWO families, within two hours ot the city, up Hie Hud son or in the vicinity of Morrislown, N. J.; must be j shade ; terms moderate. Address, stating leans. 8. C. B., box IPS Herald office. B BCNMKR RESORTS. Bath hotel, bath. l. i.?this popular sum mo r resort ha* been completely renovated and re furuir.hcd, and will be ready tor the reception of hoard ers on this Mtli of May; sen battling. boating, flshinu, Ac. For Rooms Ac., apply as above, or at the office of Irving Place Hotel, corner Fourteenth street and Irving [flace. AUGUST FUNK. Sr., Proprietor. ELMONT HALL RCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, N. J.? Will be opened June 1 for the reception of company. I>. A.CROWELL. I^AGLBSWOOD park hotel, PERTH amhov, j will be opened June 1; anions the attracHons are extensive lawns, salt water tin tiling, hoatiu* !uid Mslilng; also a mineral spring (Iron mill sulphur). The house Is handsomely ftiiiiishcd, having every convenience, wuter, gas, Ac.; Rood stabling; eonimunieation hv Penns.vlva nia Railroad, also by Staten Island Railroad. Address tho subscribers, who can be -eon at the Coleman House, New York, between the hours of 13 and 1, on Tuesdays. Mr. Buchanan's carriages will lie at the depot of Pctiu svlvunia Railroad at Amboy on th?- arrival ol the 10 A. M. and the 2:.t0 1*. M. trains from New York, to convey per sons to the hotel S. S. Col,KM \ N, COLEMAN A YELLOTT, O. W. YELLOTT. Perth Amhoy, N. J. / 11IKA'I'. NECK HOUSE, LONG ISLAND, BETWEEN \T Whltestone and Sands Point.?Accessthle by steam boat or railroad : one hour trom oitv ; bathing and tlitti ing. Address 105 East Twenty-eighth street. Mountain housk, south oranoe, montrose station, N. J.?This tavorito flr?t class hotel is open tor >nring and Summer season: it lias all the conve niences and cointorts of a city Ito'dlsflO minutes trom I toot of Barclay street, via Morris and Kasex Railroad: 34 trains daily. Extra Inducements to parties wishing im mediate Board. C. HlTZKLHUUOER, Proprietor. Maple grove house-a first class country' hotel, de?irahly located tor eity boarders. For par ticulars. Ac., address J. H. PLACE, Proprietor, Bushkill, I Pike county, Pa. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will be opened on or about the 1st of Mav. For terms, Ac., address COZZKNs a MURRAY, Knglewood, N.J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE.-DKLIGU I fct'LLY SHU ated on the Sonnd; sea ii.tinnu, 1 lilng, boating, plea 'Out drive . stabling ; nu chilis and le\er: 43 minutes I from city. A. c. PLY'M PToN, M West Twenty-iourth st. PAVILION HOTEL, GLEN COVE, LONG ISLAND, will open alion- June 1; accommodations tor 8CU Kiie?ts; superior drives, boating, l>athiiii< ami fishing; de sirable location tor business men; quests can here enjoy the advantages <>t a tlrsi class establishment at very rea sonable rates; liberal arrangements made with families i wishing early Hoard. C. L. BRIGGS. RIVERSIDE HOTKL, WD STREET, AT CARMAN i vlile, on the Hud -on River.?This popular lionsc, en i tirely fitted and tumlshed anew throughout, is now open t for the reception ot guests; 3) minutes from Thirtieth ? ireet depot. For terms, Ac , apply to PA I'LL A DUN I CALF. I C' VI-.N SPRINGS MOUNTAIN lint sES, MONROE, > fi orange County, N V., opens June IS.?Pn!l band tor I entire season. No pains spared ', tlrst class Summer re i sort. _ J. M. BET MAN, Manager. Sr. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRIGHTON. STATEN 18 1 iiml. ?This Mvr.rite resort Is now open tor the recep tion ot guests For terms and other Information apnlv at i the Hotel, or address O. l>i:CA.MP, Proprietor. fTARRYTOWN HEIGHTS HOT Elk TARRYTOWN, ON ' I the Hudson ?Will open the 1st ot June; parties wish lux to engage Room* tor season will find carriages at depot on arrival ol the ll):l> train from New York. Tues d.ivsand Fridays. For terms, Ao.. apply to JAMES T. DI DLKY, 20 Nn--.Mii street, room :w. mHE Ol EAN HOUSK, NEWPORT. R. I. JUNK. IKT.l WFAY1R8 A BATES. rnHK WKsTEND. FORT WASHINGTON,?'THIS NEW I hotel,lo ated opposite Palisades .,u the Hudson, and In nil Its appointments rtr-t clans, will open about Mtv 2& i For rooms address cHAkLKm H. SHKi.lBY. W'ooDBINi: HOII L, HIGH BRIDGeT-GPKN FOR ?? boarder*. Room and Board, lor (iie gentleman, $13 per week Steamboat to Peck slip none hour. Hudson : River Railroad to (.rand Central depot m jo minutes S. BROt GHTON, IIARRI.K -HANTH s. \ KI.ABKR, STKAM M\RilLE AND M A HULK 121N( J A. Works, 134 and l:W Last highteenth street.?Marble , and Marblelaed Mantels, Tliiii-. Marble Counters Moiiu inentSi at prices Hint doty competition. Marble turning lor me trade. \N ASSOKI M KN f OF MANTELS, UNSURPASSED lor beauty of design and duality ol workmanship. Mate Work oi all kind* it speelaltv. PKNRHYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Uuion sqoars. STEWART'S SLATE MANTRLS.-RICII AND ELK P gam designs; Siato Works ot every description; Mar ble.ind Wood Mantels T II. STKW \RT A CO ?> au l _ 2^ WwiVtffiWla vtiMU kVUMW* U. Xt, ARbKBDTKKIT^ N IliliO'S GARDEN. AgBAEL LULU. TllOltOlK.II AND COM PLhTIi TRIUMPH. The brilliant Pauuim.iiie, AZRAVL;OK, Tllii MAd'CHMIARK. A/ill AKH.. OR.'TIIK MAGIC CHARM. WrKFITT H.i'l BAKTII<>l<OMKW-4l1iiwn ami Pantaloon. M A P PITT auJ BARTHOLOMEW?lllowuaud PailUlooll. I.OLU, LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LUl.U THK LULU. LULU. ' 8,,ULi'^ LULU, GVMNaTT. I.ULU, LULU. , liUt'", ( ri u tm tiii/ MOST Tlin'lLJ'INU G VMNAflTfl' PfcR* ,N kJrMANCeJ EVBB.'kBN in THK WOULD. THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE RISES IN EXCITEMENT WONDROUS FLIGHT THROUGH SPACK, IN WlliCh LULL BOUNDS FROM TIIK^STAGB SUSPENDED THIRTY-FIVE FEET ABOVE IT, AND Til 1'iN EXECUTES THK MOST DIFFICULT OF ALL ATII LI'.TIt1 EXPLOIT*. A TRIPLE SOMERSAULT IN MID AIR. ACkNFRY Mi;?,!( COSTUMES. APPOINTMENTS, MMy I,A\NIER MLLN. PITTBRI. CORPS DK BALLET IN I'M REE liRAND HALLE I . TH E IRAN H FO K M ATI ON St KNB , .

IS REMARKABLif B\K? A1^, ?inoilniil ' IN 1> ESI ON A.N l> CONCfcl HON, M a nd brilliantly g o r ?'''*..!fl,}',,){? at two MATINEES WEDNESDW AND N-\ I LRDA ? A I ?**<?? iron ras omtoS"'"1* nr?viapT?iisr?rMis^ WEDNIt ;DAV AFTBBNOON. Al I V\ J. LULU?TUB SENSATION GYMNAST?LUbU. rrtV ATHBNEUM THEATRE, Oo?) Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel uiiTl.KK incheaski) Attraction this week THE WEST BILL VET OFFERED ENGAGEMENT OF THE QUEENS HURLI.-sQlE, TlTiT WORRELL SIBIERH. N Who will appear In cotijunotiaii *'?'>,(''^v MASTER Bl KLESQUE AN D OLIO (-OMI \ >Y. THE FIELD OF THE CLOTH OF OOLD. 0 THE WORBELL SISTERS. SOPHIE and IRhNH. Miss Minnie Jacktoli, Mis* Louisa ArllOtt, ?'i? LUlli-Hall. (<Eoroe ATKINS, the B?rle8QU? Ooincilian. u(i I v Wh'^T I KVMR\ I IjUKK SCHOOL<?ltA? ?. Silly west I evening. | lube sohoolcbapt. Door* open at 7; Curtain risen at 8 o'clock. Box office ??pen from9 to*.""PKC*1 L1lru\??AY MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. LYMPH! THE \TRB. TtorWMM H\YR? nolo Lessee aiul Director... .Mr. 'AMES E. HAVES EVERY EVENING AT 8, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT 2, the Fifth Editiou of G. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. Thoroughly reconstructed by the author. NEW CASTS, NEW BURLESQUE OPENING, NEW SCENERY, NEW MUSIC, NEW TRICKS AND EFFECTS, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW l'ANTOMIME. ML LB. morlacchi, Queen ol all Premiere Dauseuses. THE Wll<S()N BROTUEKS. WILLIAM AND HARRY JEM. Champiou Hal Spinners ol the Worltl. AMKRICUS. the wonderful Infant Violinist THE RUSSIAN SEXTETTE, MME. CHARLOT "E WINTEKBURN. The great _ RAILROAD SCENE. COMIC SKATINU ACT. A in; w Historical Tableau of WASHINGTON CROSSING TIIR DELAWARE. \\ A 1'ropriclor and Manager. .Mr. LESTER WALLACE GREAT ftUCc:i,jSs'-ANnTHBR TRIUMPH. EVERY EVENING anil SATURDAY MATINEE, at l)< P. M., j^Ij, SOTIIKRN will appear In Ills original part ol SQUIRE CHUCKLES, ill the SQUIRE'S LAST SHILLING 1 An orldlnul Drama of comic mid serious interest, in lour acts, bv Mr. H. J. Hyrou. The piece will be presented bv the. FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTIST8:? Mr SOTHERN. Mr. J. B. POLK. Mr. J. W. CARROLL, Mr C B BISHOP. Mr. E. M. HOLLAND, Mr. W J. LEONARD Mr O. W. BROWNE, Mr. PMK, Mi's KATHEKINE ROGERS, Mis* EFFIE OERMON, Mine. PONISI and Misi VANDYKE. Act First?THE MISER'S ATTIC. Act Sccond-SQUIHENCllUj?a COUNTRY HOUsE Act Third?LODGINGS IN*LONDON. Act Fourth?INTERIOR OF SQUIRE CHUCKLES COUNTRY HOUSE. ? vr ? BOX BOOK OPEN. SEATS SECURED IN ADVANCE. I'BINSrEIN MATINEE PIANO RECITALS l> and HIS LAST APPEARANCES IN AMERICA, at STEIN WAY HALL, on the AFTERNOONS of E MONDAY. May 12; SATURDAY May 17; WEDNESDAY, May W; MONDAY. May 19; FRIDAY, Muv 10; TUESDAY, May 20, anu on the kVENINO of THURSDAV, May 3. These Recitals are Riven as a fitting close to the (treat scries ol Rubinstein Concert*, the most successful artisti cally and pecuniarily, ever known in the UlUted States. The programmes to i?e presented ut these Recitals are intended to present a resume ol the great Wano Music? cotiiiiieiwiBg with the cldur Bach and ending with Rubin stein. To the student and virtuoso they must prove a* invaluable as a complete gallery to the *rulptnror painter, affording, as tliey do. the best illustration of each si'hool of classic tninic, and teeuuug with opportunluc* tor instructive study. Programmes can now be had at Stelnway's. Scliirmer's *'!s'i ;'i ssckV PTH Jn'ticK BTB, Including Re?crvedSeaUU> tlu* entire scries of scvoii recitals, riuN ($10) DOliLARn, Ciiu now ho bad at box olflce and Hchlrmcr * niintfc iitore. IN.STRELS^^''^' GRAND "rEUATIFUI^VOCALllmt MATINEE in TO-DAY MAFFLIN'S GREAT SPADE DANCE. ' , a TUI FUNNy |?ant0MIME. Ar THE GREEDY CLOWN. BILLY PASTOR'S COMIC SONGS. 3>i O'CLOCK. ALL THE ARTISTS APPEARING. DANFINL ACAUli-HlKM. CAUSE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. O PRIVATE LE-SONS at any hour, dav or evening. CIRCULARS at Private Academy, 212 Ea?tElevcmh st. THF IK( TI KK SKASOV. roHB H. OOCOH?AT ASSOCIATION HALL. (DOR. ?I nor Twenty-third street and Fourth aveuue, lues dav evening. Mnv ?. 1873. Subjiiot-' Eloquenca and Ora tors.'' Admission, W cents. Reserved seat*. * . For sale ,t u Stradley's, 127 Nassau street; G. Sehirmcr s. 701 Broadwav; 114 Broadway, and Arlon Plauolorte t_oni pany No. '? East Fourteenth street. Mr. I'. J. Barrett will preside at the organ. REMOVALS. ' QBKEHAN.-XkMOVAL-COUNSRLLOR JAMES *. O Sheuhati has removed his offices to ?i Chambers I street, corner of Centre. CLOTHING. AT EDWARD MILLER'S NEW STORK, tiS SIXTH AVK- I nuo. near Waverley place (lormerlv liMi Seventh ave- f I nue); lite utmost vnlue paid tor Cast-ofl'-Clolhing, Car Bsts, Ac., by calling on t>r addressing Mr. or Mr*. I1.LER. AT 160 SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR NTS ETEE XTII street, M. ElSENSTISADT guarantees to !>ay the full vulue for cast-off Clotliliigana Carpels by calling ou or uddressing Mr. or Mrs. EISENSTRADT. AT J. ANHALT'S, 178 SEVENTH AVENUE.?LADIES and genilemcii will po si lively receive the highest price lor Cast-off Wearing Apparel, Carpet* and Jewelry, as 1 have a great demand lor them trom the West; the price U no object, as I must till up my orders. Ladies ' i waited on by Mrs. Anhalt. I ABTOXISmVO PRICES CAN BR OBTAINED FOR | | A Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac.; tor I'ants. $J to $7; ; Coats, $3 Ui $AI; iresxes, t.ri to $75; Diamonds, !.aces, the I utmost value will be paid. Please eall on or address by . note Mr. or Mrs. II. HARRIS, 81 Sixth avenue, third store . above Waverley place. AT THE WELL RENOWNED ESTABLISHMENT, _'!<> seventh avenue?I have itist received orders to the ? amount ot $7.\UU0; I am therefore compelled to pay the tollowing prices:?For silk Dresses, $:> to $?*?>?, Coats, $:> to 1 9&">, I'uutK, SI to Sli; th" highest prices pmd for Carpets. . Please call on or address Mr or Mrs. KoSEN'HERtl, I Seventh avenue. X. B.?Second house above Twenty- j ( fourth street. ^ , A1 T THE UPTOWN ESTABLISHMENT, 810 SIXTH avenue, near Kortysixth street? M anted inline : diatelv, a quantity of Cast-On Clothing and Carpets for the < imalia market Will pay ironi $9 to $J0 lor coats, $J : , to $7 tor pants, $9 to $69 lor dresses. Call ou or address Mr. wlrk nATtft AT B. MINTZ'S. 248 THIRD AVENUE. BETWEEN* I Twentieth and Twenty tlr?t streets.?Wanted, $19,000 1 worth oi cast-otT clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, tor the West ern trs le. Untie* and gentlemen will be astonished at the price* we pay in cash ; silk dresses, $10 to $79; coats, i $:t to $.1): pants, 92 t? $10 A note by post punctually at tended to r>y Mr. or Mrs. Mlniz, In and out ot the cMy. I AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT. 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies and gentlemen can receive the utmost value In cash lor their Cast otl Clothing, Caprpets, Jewelry Laces Ac. Please cjII at or address the number as aliove. Ladle* w atled j on by Mrs Marks Please try, and satisfy yourselves. | AT 838 BROADWAY, NEAU THIRTEENTH STRUT i II HERE pays the highest price lor ladles' and Ten tlemen's Wearing Apparel. Carpets, Ac. Ladies will bo attended by Mrs. Hsm. At m thiiid avkm;e. neaii twexty-tiiikd ! street--M. I.KON pays the highest price lor' Ladies' | and Uentlemcn's fast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac. Ladies waited on by Mrs. I A?A.-F. HARRIS. 71 SIXTH AUENUB, BETWEEN . Washington anil Waverley places.?Ladles and gen* 111men will lie astonlsheil at the prices uivcii for Cast-off Clothing, carpets ami Jewelry Never before have such lng!i price* been paid, as we are bound t<? flil an order, and woods must In- had. Kor Coats, irom $,'< lo Stth I'ants, $3 to $10: Dresses, $A to $70. I'lease call or nddress as above. Ladle* attended by Mrs. Harris. _____ AT H. ROSENTHAL'S 4$ THIRD AVENUE, NEAR JY Nineteenth street, ladies and gentlemen will obtain lull value of Cast-oir Clothing. ? arpets. Ac., hv calling or addressing. I,adies attended to hv Mrs. Rosenthal. , ATS. MISH'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE-LADIES AN' f) iieiitlemen can receive the highest price lor Cast-off Clothing and carpets by calling or addressing. Ladles i attended to by Mrs. Mish. A T II MANSE'S, 300 AND 302 SEVENTH AVENUE.- I JI Ladles and gentlemen having Cast-oil Olothing. Carpets. Furniture. Ac., to dispose oi will do well to call i or address as above. Highest price paid. OQI SIXTH AVENUE. NEAR FOURTH STREET. - ?)i)i I,tidies and gentlemen will receive W per cent more than any other dealer wiil pay lor Cast of! Clothing, [ U*U uu.ucmUUCM Ml. mMuk HAUUU. If AMrVSKMRNTft. MUN ..QUAItli THEATRE Proprietor Mr. JillKRIDAN BROOK Manner Mi. A. M I'Al.MKU Begins .u 1. Saturday Matinee at 1.10. Carriages may lie ordered at M l ?< i c . 11 Wi;|.;k KKuU Mill uiuliaUvl success 01' NF:wr YOttK'S FAVORITE ACITKKHB. MISS AGNKS KVKKI., FROu"VkO0. Rrery Mnuns until f?r Uier notice. will |M> pro duced, by special arrange. ,w. , Auaustiii Daly, Ills brilliant adapta tioti ol Mllhoe iml llaicyy's wonderful iirnuiu. FRou fkoU WITH ITS (IKKA I' CAST AND ITS MAGNIFICENT SCENERY EVER* NIGHT and at the SATURDAY matinees. Heats secured oue monlh In advance. B . ..w,. . .. rv. Ill tttlVrtllPC. wA!Y.IK?er" VJ!?vASi5S ETHEL. Miss MARY OHM ? ? tfVr I'^uV,^ i vn ?i A\7/.R' MUs 'RNNIK I.KE. Miss KATE HDLL AND, Miss CHARLOTTE GAVE a-id Mis- I.I I.I IK ED WARDS, and Messrs. I>. H. IIARKIVS ED. LAMH. GEORGE PARKKB, W. H. LAURENS J W* THORPE J. W. WILDKKand W. QUIGLEY. * in acti ve preparation (or early production a Society Coined v of iiitcusc emotional iuleri al, enlided WITHOUT A HKART. FRIDAY EVENING, Ma, IS. HEN EI-'IT (?!?" Ml'; l?. II. HA UK INK. OOTHy-l THEATRE. ? BOUCIOAULT. I M win Booth Manager and Proprietor POSITIVELY I.AST WEEK ol Mr DION BOUCICAULT, who will appear during these I.AST SIX NMi 11 I'M ill his great character of MICHAEL O'DOWD, in his no w Comedy Drama of DADDY O'DOWD. I.AST BOUCICAUI.T MATINEE oil .SATURDAY, al 2. and tiA.iT TIME BI T ONE OF DADDY O'DOWD. Seats may lie secured lor the remaining nights of Mr. Boucic.iiill al the Theatre, or at Ditson 4 Co.'s music store, 7ll Hrondwa.v. BOOTH'S THEATRE. NEILSON. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Return ol' MISS NEILSON. The management respectfully announces tho reappear ance or the celebrated English Tragedienne, MISS NKILSOK, (Ml MONDAY EVENING N li XT. MAY l?, when she will appear tor the rtrst time in this country, inner Ornrinal Character ol AMY ROBSART. in the grand Historical and Romantic Drama of tliat nnmc, written liy Andrew.I. Halllila.v, Kan., and Joundcd on Kir Walter Scott's famous Historical Romance ol Ken ilwnrth, ill which she achieved such great success at the Drury La no Theatre, London, sustaining the^iart of AMY ROBSART lor over one hundred consecutive nights. Miss Neilsoti will he supported liv MR. FRANCIS BANGS as LEICESTER (his first appearance in four months), MR. NEIL WARNER and a POWERFUL CAST, with New Scenery, Costumes, Armors, Appointments, Music, Mechanical Effects and an increased Auxiliary Force and Corps de Ballet ol nearly 2U0 PERSONS. The Bok Sheet lor the NEILSON PERFORMANCES is now open at the usual places. Academy or music. i.ydia Thompson. SECOND NIGHT Of THE CARNIVAL. OK MIRTH, ? . and Indisputable success of the "Peerless Queen ot Bur lesqua." MISS LYUIA THOMPSON, aim HER INCOMPARABLE COMPANY. The most complete burlesque organi/.utinu in the world. Stage Manager, Harry Beckett; Musical DlretfW, Win. Withers, Jr. TUESDAY EVKNINtl, MAY 6, KEN II. WORTH. Wednesday. May 7 1.1'KLINE ' And yel I am not happy.'' Thursday, May 8 ROBIN HOOD FRIDAY EVKNINtl, MAY 9, FAREWELL BENEFIT OF MISS THOMPSON. ALADDIN "We'll take 'em in." SATURDAY MATINEE and EVENING. LAST APPEARANCES. POPULAR PRICKS. Orchestra* $t -Hi; Balcony Circle, 91; Family Circle, 50 cents; Boxes accommodating tour persons. $ti. to be secured in advance al the box ulHce of the Academy WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CI1AROE WHATKVKK. Evening?t ?pen at 7, begins K, over at lO'J o'clock. Matinee?Open at I, begins 2, over al ('? o'clock. MATINEE PRICKS? SI to all parts of the house. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, IffKNTY-THIRDSTREET, tictween Sixth and Seventh avs., near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENING AT& SATURDAY MATINEES AT2. Crowded w ith tashlonable and delighted audiences. I BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I UNDER UEOASL1GHT. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. The famous Railroad Scene, I BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. | bv permission ol Augustin BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. , Daly. Esq., Underdo Uasligiit. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Characters by Dan Brv.iut, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Nelsc Seymour. Dave Reed, Harry Stauwood, Broekwav, Carter, Rice, Momssey, Emerson, Ac. Family Matinees Saturday at - Seats secured. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. EXTRA. Extra Matinee THURSDAY Afternoon. Mav 8. Benefit of Messrs. MORR1SSEY und KMKItSOX. Cool Bmgess, Reynolds Brothers and others. THURSDAY. MAY H, MATINEB UKNKFIT. ANTED?SOME PRODUCERS ICE CO. STOCK. State price and amount. W. F. JOHNSON, Herald office. w ? A IM1SZ VOUS LA MUSIQUK?" DO YOU LOVE xV "Music t"?'This bcautitul book mailed for 10 cents. "Students' Journal" and "Ainaluur," also 10 cents each. WATSON'S Music Rooms, K Clinton Placu. OOK OUT SEE THE WONDERFUL ZIO FOR THE FOUR KAtSS as the fottre.-caped lunatics, LUNATICS. at TONY PASTuR'S OPERA. MATINEE TO-DAY. Don't tail to sec them. IpENCINO AND BOXING ACADRMV, IH Ct lNTON ' place, nenr Broadway.?Boxing taught in l'J lessons A fine assortment of Feucing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand uud tor sale. Colonel MONSTEKY. VllliTI!, X Beauty, T The Female Minstrels. Talent, At TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HtfUSK. nAHOrORTBll, ORG AH*. &t . A BEAUTIFUL CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, all modern Improvements, celebrated maker, with Cover and Stool, for $100. 243 East ;?)tU street, between 2d aim 'id avenues. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale?Parlor grand. 7'? octave, made to order by city maker, fully guaranteed; used a months, cost $1.11*), for $275; Parlor Suits, fctageres. Bronzes, chamber and din ing room Furniture, Silverware, Glassware at a sacrifice; property of family leaving city. :<A West 15, aear 5 av. A GRAND SQUARE 7'4 OCTAVE lOMtfOOO PIANO torte; made by celebrated cltv maker; in n?e S laonths; cost $M.V), tor $275; Stool and Cover ; maker's I warrantee tor 5 years, at private residence 2i East 20th afreet. AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE KMEA8T TWENTY-FIFTH I street, betweeu Fourth and Lexington avenues, a : private tainlly will sell their magnltlcent 7^ octave 1 double round pat nt agrafle rosewooil PianoiorU-. hril 11ant toned, tully guiiranteed, neurlv new, cost $!W. for fUlO; Stool and Cover; has box tor shipping; also ricli i arlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Room Furniture, I Paintings: a great sacrifice for cash. A PRIVATE FAMILY. ABOUT LEAVING THE CITY, arc desirous ot disposing ot their magnificent rose wood 7'? oi tave double round Pianoforte; celchralcd city m.tker; cost $U75, lor $275; Stool, (.'over. Music Cain net. one granu square 7 octave, $250; also entire elegant ! Household Furniture. Call at private re side ace 210 West j 21st. st., near 7tli av. i ACHICKERINO PIANO FOR $125.?STEIN WAY AND i other tine Piammaiid Organs, great reduction lie I ore removal; an $s0n Piano tor $.480; to rent and ou 1 its Lit I incuts. s. X. BALL A CO., I'<7 Eighth street, four doors east from Broadway^ \T BI.UME'H? ELEGANT CHICKERING PIANO forte, rose wood ease, llnishcd all round, full iron frame, sliding music desk, $.00; rosewood 7 octave Piano forte, $150. FREDERICK BLUME, 27 Union square, Broadway. A LADY WILL SELL FOR $125 A HANDSOME ROSE, wood Piauolorte, in perfect orilor; iron frame, round corners, modern improvements; in splennid tone. Call at i'8 Third street, near Bowery. N' AT PRIVATE HO BSE, 120 WEST 1 WKN'TY. I'HIRD street. a family will sell their BMgnifli cm bril liant lonra <'4 octave racwtod Pianoforte., need 1 months cost for $2.10; Stool, Cover, Mimic *t.iud, cunt SUM, lor $25; l'arlor Suits Chamber Suit*, Carpots, Mirror*. Ac.; every article neces-ary lor housekeeping leist'ian half cost. Call before purchaalng elsewhere /I ASH OK INSTALMENTS.?WB HAVE A HUM It Eli \ ' 01 (tret class Pianos tor m!* that were rented during the Winter, in pertecr order am' warranted : also several cheap .second hand Pianos. WM. A. POND A CO.. M7 Broadway. / MlirKEhfNtl MAKE ROSEWOOD PI INOKORTE? V #100; ere lit ?>? rumn ; eleuant 7^ octave Installment, having carved leg*; overstrung bass; every modern im provement ; great sacrifice for cash. JAMES (XiR HON, 1W Rleecker street. VISCHRB'S NEW HCAI.E PIANO. WITH PATENT F improvements, the most reliable Planus made; liHnd nomi' second hand Pianos cheap; Piano* to rout. 4M Worn 1 wenty-eighth stri ct, near Ninth u\enuv. F1IRST CLASS 7'? OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT 1 wholesale price*, direct from factory. Send lor cir cular. 7(j Harrow street, uear Hudson. F^OR SALE?PIANO, STEINWAV, FULL GRAND; goou as new; co>t $l,wo. M.I Henry st., Brooklyn. EW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOUBLE REED _. Cabinet Organs, renily this month, at REDUCED PRICES; 9UU and SliS each. Fitly oilier styles, $.".5 to i f.ViO and upward each. The MAsON A HAMLIN Organ j Company now offer, at their new w&rerooma, I'tiion square, the largest assortment of the best instrument* of this clam 111 the world, at, prices which ar<- rendered 1 possible only by their unequalled facilities tor mniiuiac tnre. organs ranted with privilege of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payments. PIANOS A NO ORGANS AT GREAT H \Rii \JNS?FOR cash or Instalments, or t.i rent. to *ln per month. CllAS. J. HETTS, 7H* Hroail way. corner Tenth st., next to Orace church. PIANOS. SECOND HAND, OFT VRIOL'S MAKERS, IN thorough order, tor sale .it low prices; also Pianos to rent and on Instalment*, bv 1 IIM'KEKIMt a- SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, lietweeu Rroadway anil Kltth av PIANOS AMi OROAHS.?GREAT BARGAINS, NEW I and most beautltul styles and perfect tones ever made, mill by best 111 ikcr? at lower prices lor cash, or monthiv instalment*, of lor rent, during this month, at 1 w vTKkwp. 4*1 Bread?uy, than can he found elsewhere. | PIANO* AMI OROAN'rt,?FIFTY NEW AND SECOND ' band Pianofortes , twenty sianduril Organs ; gieat ] bargains: seven octave rosewood Piano, overstrung, carved legs, onh **>0. PEEK A SONS, 137 Bleeoker at j PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEA P | as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or sale, rent allowed purchaser; at MEBRELL'S, No. 8 Union square, IM Fourth avenue. ____ _ _ ? The most reliable, best finished and richest toned Pi motoric* manufactured from aeven octave Ptanoforto, nearly new, only #?*' CO-OP ERATIVE PI\\o MAKERS, bu. V 1itc.1t J ones street, war tfctfwlww*. UIV1RiSK<rpi>. CI RAND OPERA aOllUK?COM,*KN?.Hd AT P? * r Mr AOOUSTrH DALY.. dole md Mr. I'M \RLEH KKCHTEU a* MONTH CKIHTO KYKRv"MUJil'f in the iiiagnulccui romantic Oram* of MoiTi. cumin. Produced with the moxt elaborate mil IngeuImM *ceiik ami Mechanical iiIu?idii?pf?r pratentvil upou Uiu \ium lenu aitifii Magnificent Scenery 1 Snnerh CohUuihihI Character* by Mr. CH ARl.KS WH BATLBIG FT, Mlaa I.IZZlrt I'KIOB. Mr. J. B STUDI.EY, Mi CMIAitLIM LKOLERQ, Mr. K. T. RINOCOLD. Mr J. W JKM NINOS, Mr. C. J. ROCKWELL, Mr. M. GOLDEN, Mr. DOIUKY OODEN. Mr. OtBAfMAN, Miss JOSRPniNH IIEN'RY, M?asrs. Meade, Peakes, Fierce, Chapman, Hemes, be arte and other*. GRAND FhCHTER MATiNKR NEXT SATURDAY! V seats mav i?e tewed Cor an (lavs in advance. A|?pH raUuiMby mail or telegraph, Birocted w? the Manager, will ho promptly attended to. Box office os?t>n imm 1 till li daily. r.TM aVUNiik theatre, (Curtaiii rise* at 0L? ? ) 7'JH mid 730 BROADWMT. Sole Us?ec and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DAI*. "lUyoRCB.n Mr. AUGUST1N DAIiV'S Famous Drami of Bocletr, EVERY NIGHT. New nnd Magnificent Scenery by Mr. JAMES ROB IKTS, Characters by Mr. Charles' Flaber, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. .lamea Lewis, Mr. Louts James, Mr. Heurr Crisp, Mr. W. Davidge, Mr. I). Whitinir, Mr. George De verc, Mr. Oweu Eawoett, Mr. Frank Chapman, Mr J. A. Mackay, Reekinan, Carroll, : Mils runny Moi'Sni, .Miwg Kanny Davenport. Miss Clara Morrtit, Misa Otida (Mela. Miss liava Jewett, Mr*. E. II. cilbertt Ml* Nellie Moriimer. Roberta Norwood and others. LAST "DrVOKCIS" MATINEE, (but one.) SATURDAY, AT IS O'CLOCK. Monday, May 12, heuelltoi Mr. OEOBOE CLARKE WEDNESDAY, May U, bcuedt ot MIm LINO l DIETS. IN REHEARSAL, For Marly and Elaborate Representation, aniirmuml play of POWERFUL EMOTIONAL CHARAC TER, by Mr. iDBOSTIN DALY, parti r founded on a Drama !>y Dr. MOSEN'I'HAL, of Vienna, and prepared expressly lor tbia company. Every preparation la in progress to make this brilliant plav a worthy crowning to llie season just ending, and lo signalize the <:losiuin>er lorinance* of the Kiftli avenue Theatre, prior to the Sum mer recess. V Due uotie,e will he given of its flrit production. LUFTH AVENUE THEATRE. T TO-MORROW (Wednesday), Mav7. IS73. BENEFIT OF MRS. <1. Ii. GILBERT, ?n which occasion Mrs. GILBERT will appear for the tfiViih lime iu tier original character of Sirs. JUDUK KEMP, iu DI YORCE. THEATRE COMIQUE, 511 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee ami Proprietor LAST FIVE APPEARANCES OF THE MAMMOTH STAR TBOITPB. MONDAY, TUESDAY WEDNESDAY MATINEE, WEDNESDAY NKUl^ THl'RSDAY. FRIDAY. Mr. FRANK KERNS. Mr FRANK KERNS, THE GREAT COOL BURGESS, ? THE GREAT COOL BISRGE9S, T. W. TOBIN'S WONDER, TUli FRANKENSTEIN MYSTERY. The great feat of DECAPITATION, DECAPITATION. AN ENTIRE CHANGE OF BILL. IIARRIG.VN AND HART, A NEW OLIO. JOHN HART, JOHN WILD. The drama. JOE RUSSELL; OR, THE LIFE OF A NEWSBOY. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. SATURDAY NEXT, MATINEE AND NIGHT, AN ENTIRE CHANGE OP BILL and TWENTY NEW STARS. Bowery theatre. WM. B. FrelicII Manager MONDAY. MAY 0, 1H7H. first time here of a new aud entirely original drama, in four acts anil effective tableaux, entitled HELD IN CHECK, written by the talented authoress Mis-' MARY WATSON, and poS'iesHinK u suul-atirriiiif, uevcr-flagKing rutcrest Iroin the beKiuninc to the end. This drama will lie plac?d upon the sta^e with the usual elaborate care that litis distiUKUiahed this establishment. SPLENDID SCENERY, MAGNIFICENT APPOINTMENTS anil au EXCELLENT CAST. Preceded each evening by a Illimitable cumoditta. FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 9, Benefit of Miss MADELINE IIAItDY. An original drama, in three act*, by Mr. HARRY SKY. MOUR, entitled CUBA LIBRE;or, O KiiLLY S MiSSIOff, vi ill shortly be produced. "WOOD'S MUSEUM. DOM. MURRAY. VY LATT WEEK OF MURRAY. KVEINNG AT S. AFTERNOON AT *, The celebrated Special for Comedian MATINEE PEBFOR Mr. MANCE& IX i.MI NICK MURRAY, The PaniomiiuUt and in the new Actor Mr. Drama of HERNANDEZ FOSTER, WILLY RKILLY HERNANDEZ FOSTER, and his in his great Drama of DEAR COLEEN. JACK HARKAWAY. SIT. JAMKS THEATRE.?LAST WEEK. ) FRANK MAC EVOY'S NEW HIBKRNICON; OR. IRKLAND IN AMERICA. Pronounced b.v the press "the llnest Programme ?f Ireland ever exhibited iu this country." SPECIAL NffflCE. In answer to the great numlier of lettera requesting a continuation of the present hiirlilv successtul season of the NEW HIBBRNICON, Mr" Frank MacEvoy ia coin pelleil to announce, owing to previous enuaKcinenta, THE LAST WKEK IN NEW YORK. Will positively close Saturday. May 10. Popular prices?Orchestra. 76c.; Admission, 50c. MATINEE WKDNKSDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. Admission, 50 rents. Children, 15c.; Children, 15c. C1KR.MANIA THEATRE. T Fourteenth street, near Third avenue. AD. NEUENDORF? Director THURSDAY. MAY 6, KLAEFFER. Comedy in Ave act*, by Wiiken and L'Arronge Box office open daily from 9 till 4 o'clock. MR F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. EVERY EVENING, UNDER THE GASLIGHT. Startling ('fleets and powerful caMt. MIms MINNIE CONWAY'S BENEFIT FRIDAT. MME. ANNA BISHOP HAS THE HONOR T9 announce that tier I.ASI' APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK prior to the commencement of her FAREWELL lOUIl OF AMERICA and her departure lor California. Oregon, British Culani liia, lire., will luke place ill n tiRAND MATIN EE. AT STEINWAY HALL, On SATURDAY, MAY.10. at 2 o'clock. For this occasion Mine. BISHOP ha> much pleasure ia anuouncing that a large number of her MOST EMINENT ASSOCIATE ARTISTS (voeal and instrumental) have kindly consented to a*?ia. FULL PARTICULARS I.N FUTl RE ADVERTISEMENT. Ticket* of admission $1. including reserved neat, at the general ticket ottlee, 114. and <1. Nehlriner's, 701 Broad way; at all the principal music stores, and at ticket oRlce ot itic Hall. m . t CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. I j. KOCH A co Proprietor! OPENING OF CENTRAL PARK GARDEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, May U, a! \ with THEODORE THOMAS' unequalled SUMMER NIGHTS CONCERTS. Full particulars In futnm advertisements. CI EE THE | SIXTEEN YOUNG AND BE.VUI'IFUL Is FEMALE Lady VocalUK in Hongs, duels, elio M1NS1RELS. ruse-. Ac., at TONY PASTOR'S OPERA I HOUSE. Grand MATINEE To-day. 16 N'EW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, KIS BROAD w?\, between Houston and Bleeoker streets.?Every one should visit the wonileriul Mus-um; it isfull ot every thing people should see and understand. Lectures daily oil "Tne Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to ntlend these important lectures can have them for warded, post free, on receipt of i*> cents, hy addressing SEt'RE TARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. (US Broadway. New York. BEAUTIFUL I SEE THE Yol'NG AND ACCOM LADIEs. nlishcd female Minstrels at TON1 PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. MAT! | NEE TO-DAY, at 2){. Remember it. I OlUft Dl'RR'S GALLERY OF PAINTINGS?OPES J iIhv and evening, in the building oi the German Sav ings bunk, lienvral Moltke s Portrait, taken from lite, by Protestor Sclirad-r, is now on eMilnltloii, BRINOTHE I THE XIG-&AG PANTOMIME. CHILDREN TO StE | called THE GREEDY CLOWN, THE PANTOMIME. 1 at TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. GRAND MATINRK I TO-PAT. A FIRST CLASS SONG AND DANCE LADY WANT cd, lor nights ot lot li and 12th : liberal salary to a first class artiste: also, gymnasts lor niubt oi the 12th. Address, stating terms, w. R. B. A CO., uox IS9. Herald office. V/TST RO POL IT A N _ THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON IIAVD. xtriicAbi~ A" ?KX PERIENCED REED ORflAN TUNHR AND IN . ventoi wishes a steady place. / ^ ARdT? P IA NO, ORGAN, GUITAR.?PRIV ATE LES I' sons, day and evening. Call on or address Miss AN NIE A. WATSON, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). In struments lumished lor practice. Circulars .nailed. tir ANTED?AS PRECENTOR IN AN EPISCOPAL Tt church in this city, a ntleman with a good b?Um or tenor voice, who hiis had sitccesaiul experience in leading the congregation In singing and chanting, who can instruct children In mode nnd who can play (be or gan at occasional services; u member of the Onttrch la particularly desired. Address G. C. W.. bo* 9S1 Fit ottlee. "WANTED?A POSITION AS OR<i\NIST IN SOME VT church?not Episcopal or Catholic: organ small; service plain Please address A. H., Yorkville Post office WANTF.D? \ GERMAN PROFESSOR OF M "SIC, AT Wells Coll"ge, Aurora. N. V., lor September ne*4; none htn an energetic married Christian gentleman need apply, state salary rei|iilred. witii full reterem*#*. WANTED?A TENOR CHOIR LEADER FOR A church In New York Add few, mli rcloreucu. ?UU yig Mtlatr. IiiilLIM fiwloSin*.

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