Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. DIRECTORY FOR, ADVERTISERS. AM chement8?fourteenth Page?Fifth and Sixth col umns. -? astrology?fifteen? Page?Fourth Column. BILLIARDS?fourteehth 1'age?Fourth Column. boarders WANTED?fourth pauk?Third and fourth columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?foubth Page? fourth column. BROOKLYN HOARD?fourth Pack?Fourth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Fiitebnth y<h wwt and mmd colu ana. business opportunities-first page?sixth col umn. business NOTICES? Nintii Pack?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR 8ale?fifteenth Pace? First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN-Tiiied Pack?Fifth and sixth columns. CLOTHING? firrf.kwni Pag*?Fourth column. coachmen AND GARDENERS?TniRD Pace?Sixth, and Fourth P*ge?First column. COASI WISE steamsiiil's?firiuti Pack?Sixth column. COPARI'NI- RSHIPS?eleven? Page?Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD?fourth Pack?Filth columo. DANCING ACADEMIES?fourteenth Page?Fourth column. dentistky?Fifteenth Pack?Sixth column. DRY GOODS?first Page?sixth t'olumn. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN furnished? .sixteenth Page?First and second columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Fifteenth Page?Filth and sixth columns. EUROPE? Fourteenth Page?Fourth column. EYE< AND EARS?fourteenth Page?Fourth column. EXCURSIONS? Fifteenth Page?Sixth column. financial-Eleventh Page-iuiii column. FOR SALE?fourth Page?Filth and sixth columns. furnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? Sixteenth Page?s'?cond and third columns. FURNITURE?fourteenth Page?Fourth column. FRENCH advertisements?third Page?second column. HELP WANTED - FEMALES - Third PAGE-Third, fourth and fifth columns. HELP WANTED?MALE8-Third PAGK-First and sec ond columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC?first PAGE-Sccond, third, fourth and fifth column*. HOTELS?fourth Page? Fourth and fifth columns. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., wanted?first Paoe-fuui column. INSTRUCTION?fibst Page?Fifth colninn. . ?? JERoKY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER. GEN REAL ESTATE FOR sal-E?fitteenth Page? Second column. LOAN OFFICES?foubth Pack?Second column. lost AND FOUND?first Page?First and second col ums. _ ,. , MACHINERY?fourth Page?Sixth column. MAR RLE mantels?fourteenth Pace?Fourth col umn. _ _ , MEDICAL?fifteenth Page?Sixth column. miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?sixteenth Page?Sixth column. MUSICAL? Fourteenth Pace?Fourth column. personal?fibst Page?First column. pianofortes, ORGANS, AC.?sixteenth Page?Sixth column. post OFFICE NOTICE?eleventh Page?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?eleventh Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL situation'S WANTED?FEMALES? Tii'ian Page?Third column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE city FOR sale OR TO rent?fifteenth Page?second, third and fourth columns. real estate TO exchange?fifteenth Pace? Fourth column. real estate WANTED?fifteenth Page?Fourth column. REMOVALS?fourteenth Page?Fourth column. REWARDS?first Page?Second column. 8ALBS AT auction?sixteenth page-Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. situations WANTBD-kf.MALES?second Page First, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth col umns, and Third Page?First, second and third col umns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?TniRD Pace?Fifth column. SPECIAL notices?first Pace?Second column. sporting?dogs, BIRDS, AC.?first Page?Second column. stallions?first Pace?Sccond column. STORAGE?sixteenth Page?Sixth column. SUMMER RESORTS?fourth Page?Fifth column. tiik TRADES?tnmn Page?Second column. THE turf?first Page?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?sixteenth Pace? First column. travellers' GUIDE?fifteenth Pace?Sixth column. unfurnished rooms AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Pace?Third column. WANTED TO purchase?first Page?Firth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR sale OR TO LET?fifteenth Page?Second column. YACHTS, steamboats, Ac.?first Page?Filth column. hkrai/D branch ok kick?uptown. advertisements for the new york herald RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,200 BROADWAY. WEST side, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND TniRTY second STREETS. advertisements ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. lj^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., american REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR tne NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE numbers OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING Til EM. fKHSONAIi. Allen-come to the club on Wednesday at a r. M. allen. G EO. L. CARTER-CALL ON A. B. COSTELLO, IIUD. son City, N. J. I will give you what you asked. HARLEM-WE WERE TO HAVE MET ON SATURDAY last: rnlii interfered. Do not (all to be In the Har lem ticket office, Grand Central depot, on Thursday next, 8th ins!., at 12U o'clock. Much depends. II rainv. next day. TREMONT. H OMER-IP pleasant AND WELL ENOUOtI I will state three. IF T. S. STROWBRIDGE, BROOKLYN, HAS NOT fota sec him. Rot a situation lii? old employer, O. B., would like to Information WANTED-OF ANTONIO LOTIRZO, who left Rockaway last Thursday for home and lias not been heard Irom since. Call at or address 55 Mulberry ?tr;et. Information WANTED?OP ELLF.N DENEIIEE, aged 25 years, who arrived In the Greece on the Will of April, by her brother, James Denehee. Any person knowinuif her whereabouts will please telegraph to him, care ot Rnstus Cheesebro, Stoningtou, Conn. Shall pay all expenses. JOHN MOONEY-EVERYTniNO IS SETTLED; DO you want to coinc home nowf I am going to Cali fornia; I will take yon with me. II not write to WM. KEKNAN, OS Roosevelt street JB. P.-WILL YOU PLEASE ANSWER MY LET . terf Address ELIZ. L. MILLER, 115 Broome street, Newark, N. J. You will bear goad news. Lulu.?we dink at fourth street hotel, m West Fourth street, niter mtttaee to-day. HARRY. Letter received?orant interview; intro dure myself. Trust unknown friend. Know your name; will tell mine. Address J. B., 146. Missing sinck may n webb, cor respnn.lenf, 77 Amity street. AH Information thank fully received by his wife, 472 Canal street. M IBS JOSIE ROGERS?rLEASE CALL diatcly on Miss NKLUE 1<K CAMP. NIBLO'S?SATCRDAY-LADY TOOK gentleman'S note when going out Address S. P., box 136 Herald office, where I can sue you. To uvoid mistake describe my note. PRETTY NECKTIE.?H. W. HAS REMOVED-WHERE will you incet me! Address box 122 Herald offi-e. GOLD DOLLAR. Robert james jack son.?wanted, informa tlon of Robert James Jackson, who left London April A 1869. Address A. M, W., box 101 Herald Mike. SIXTH AVENUE CAR, TI ESDAY MORNING, PROM Fortieth to Eleventh street; 20 minutes of eleven; ?cntleniHn opposite holding newspaper would be de lighted to meet you. Ad'Ires*, in confidence, HAMLET, box 147 Herald office. _ STATEN ISLAND.?COMING UP ON 6 P. M. BOAT Tuc d-?y, two yoang ladles, one In black and other with red shawl, arc requested to send address as prom scd to Navy, box 204 Herald office. Tt.-all RKinr in town, address box 174 . Herald Uptown Branch office. The person who took my umbrella at Nlblo's is requested to return It to 105 West Twenty second street. V. BELL. ILL THE LADY DRESSED IN DARK CLOTHES (iind a fancy umbrella and paid lare for young girl, who loot her money, in crosMown cars, Brooklyn, yester day afternoon) please address 11. G. W., Brooklyn Tost office f WILL "HATTIE," WHO NOTICED AN OLD FRIEND In little oyster saloon 101 We-t Fourteenth street last Sunday evening, please tend present address to above placet H**"Y. WILL THE LADY LIVINO ON WEST NINTH street, near Fifth avenue, who has noticed gen tleman frequently, and especially this (Tuesday) even ing, address CONFIDENT. Herald Uptown Branch otiVe, stating when and where an interview may be had f w LOST AKU WIl'ND. Dog lost-black and tan,"answers to the name of Gypsy. A liberal reward will be paid if re turned to 210 West Forty-third syent. FOUND-yesterday. BEtWF.EN GRAND and Broadway, a small niece of Gold. The loser eftn get the same by calling M4M Broadway, up stairs. Lost-opera glass, on Monday evening, in Madison avenue stage ;t5 reward for Its return. FRED WKIGIIT, ?C New street_ Lost.?(so reward will be paid for the re. turn ol a white Poodle Dog, ears tipped w,th yellow, answers lo name of 'Hector,' to 396 Grand street, and do ouesUous asked LOST AND FOUND. I~"oST^UNDAY NIGHT, A SMALL BLACK ENAMEL j cd Locket, with a lady's picture inside. The finder wit: be liberally rewarded by returning it to Mr. COL MAN, lit# Olintcn place. LOST-A LARGE AND BUSHY BLACK AND WHITE I Spitz. A suitable reward to the Under by calling at 85 Amity street. IOST?from 358 FOURTH AVENUE, FANCY STORE, J a small Skyc Terrier Dog. A liberal reward will be given for the return of the same. Lost?on Monday morning, sth inst.?a spot. ted Don, with one eye cast; answers to the name of Dan. A liberal reward will be paid on his return to 139 East Twenty-fifth street. I08T-0N MONDAY, MAY B, A blue ENAMEL J Gold Watch, set with diamonds, going troin Thirtieth street down Sixth avenue to 1 we ntv-seventh street, trom Twenty-seventh .treet ami Eiuhth avenue up Eighth ave nue to Kilticth street. Tlio tinder will be I i he rally re warded bv returning it to Leonard Reed's Hotel, Eighth avenue ?ud 125th (-treet. IOST?ON SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTEENTH J street, a Hluck and Tan slut: ri?ht tore lei dislo cated; name of dog and owner on collar; Is a c'nUl'i pet dog. A suitable reward will be paid lor his return to 49 Seventh avenue oral Filth avenue. REWARD*. IF THE PARTIES WHO TOOK THE JEWELRY FROM 219 Canal street on Friday morning, April 18, will return the articles through any source, shall receive as a reward morn than they cun get elsewhere tor them, also a guaiftntee that there will be no proceedings against tticm. REWARD.?LOST ON MONDAY NIGHT, A JplU large black Newfoundland Dog; answers to the name of "Dash." Return him to 109 West Thirty-first street Mrs. STERNE. j|(in REWARD, AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED. IF IpZU the person who picked up two parcels from a basket In the hall of 839 Broadway will return the con tents to FOUNTAIN A CO., on the second tloor of the building. djrtC REWARD.?LOST, ON THIRTY-FOURTH ?pXcJ street, near Sixth avenue, a Scotch and Skve mixed Terrier; had on a Russian leather silver-mounted collar, with name and address. The above, reward will be paid for his return to 41 West Thirty-lourth street. ^ _ SPECIAL NOTICES. A?THE^ AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the most widely circulated of tbe American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and Uie European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will oc received and single copies of the Baper may be obtained at the office of the New York ierald. New York. (1ARPENTERS, ATTENTION I?THE MEMBERS OF ) the United Order of American Carpenters and Join ers are requested to attend the regular meeting on next Monday evening, the 12th Inst., for the transaction of most important business. Ky order, JOHN A. NOLAN, President J auks M. Sticks, Secretary. DR. S. H. FITCH'S FAMILY MEDICINES FOR SALE ?t 714 Broadway aud by all first class druggists. Election.?notice is hereby given that an election will he held at the office of the New York Bridge Company. No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June next, at 12 o'clock noon ot that day, for filtcen directors of said companv, for the then ensuing year, and for two Inspec tors of election for 1871 The transfer books will be closed from Mav 3 to June 3, 1873. Dated Mav 2,1873. HENRY C. MURPHY, President O. P. QriNTABD, Secretary. Education combined with travel.?therb is being formed apartrof young gentlewomen to leave New ^ ork lor Europe July 2, under the guidance of a lady who has passed man v yoars in foreign countries, and who will conduct their studies In languages and other branches of learning. Details in prospectus. Address TRAVELER, No. 39 West Twenty-sixth street, New York. Havana and kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashcd; circulars sent free. JOSEPH HATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. Notice?bricklayers of the u. o. a. b. Brothers, you are hereby notified to abstain irom working on Job Sixty-third street and Madison avenue until Mr. Cochran's claims are settled. By order of Oouncll. charles TOWER, President Tnos. Kierkan, Recording Secretary. jMAIIA LEGAL GIFT enterprise. positively MAY 20. 8.406 Cash Gifts, amounting to 9330.UK. Gift* paid in (tall. Official lints of winning numbers sent to purchasers of ticket# immediately atter the distribu tion. Tickets $1 each ; six for $5. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, SO l.lberty street, late of 91 Nassau street OFFICIAI. DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTUCKT? KXTRA CI.ASS HO. 313?MAT 6, 1873. 9, 34, 29, #s 91, 74, M, 2A 32, 68, 21 59, 42, 61 KKNTfCKT? CI.ASS NO. 314?MAT 6, 1873. 60, 19, 59. 11, 55, 53, 43, 30, 43, 34, 6.1, 71 SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SniLRY COLLKGE?EXTRA CLASS NO. 21.1?MAT 6, I><73. 13, 78, 36, 65, 8. 17, 60, 55. 51, 36, 39, 4. 71, 40. SHKLBT COLLKGK?CLASS NO. 314?MAT 6, 1873. 73, 73, 16. 66, 76. 34, IS, 7, 70, 31, 45, 58. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 2t>? Broadway. Post office box 4,939. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KXTKA CLASS NO. 27?MAT 6, 1873. 69, 58, 10, 40, I, 57, 14, 37, 23, 55, 71, 5, 56, 61. !*>RTB CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 38?MAT 6, 1873. 35. 34, 43, 35, 33, 46, 69, 37, 36, 63, 17, 1. GERKEN A CO., Managers. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, K4 Greenwich street. New York. Royal Havana lottery, royal saxon Gov ernment Lottery, Brunswick Government lottery. City ot Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed anil lnlorma tion given. THEODORE ZSCliOCU, 116 Nassau street Post office box 6,080. Royal Havana lottery of cuba.?pros pectus for 1873 now ready. Address GEORGE DP HAM, No. 9 Weybossct street, Providence, R. I. SHIP JOINERS, ATTENTION .?AN ADJOURNED meeting of the ship joiners of the city of New York and vicinity will be held at 8 o'clock on Wednesday even ing, May 7, in the Military Hall, 193 Bowery. Punctual attendance of all.joiners is requested as business of import ancc is to be transacted. N. BUTTS, President. J. D. Maiiont, Secretary. SOFT CAPSULES, SOFT OAP8UI.E8. Castor oil and many other nauseous medicines can be taken easily and sa'ely in DUNDAS, DICK A CO.'S SOFT CAPSULES. No ta<te, no smell. Bold by all druggists In this elty. SOUTn CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT?FOR FREE School Fund. FBRFKTUAL?CLASS 89. 53, 44, 34, 43, 49, 35, 28, 46, 30, 76, 41, 48. CLASS 91). 90, 16, X M. 20. 39. 50, 71, S3, 68, 19, 31, 76. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New York Post office box 3,855. Charleston, 8. May 6, 187.1. THE BOARD OF MISSIONS PROTESTANT EPIS copal church.?New York Auxiliary Committee.?The Seventh Missionary Meeting under the auspices of this Committee will bo held in Trinity Church, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The Bishop of the Diocese will preside. The newlv consecrated Bishop of Cape Palinas, Africa, the Rlgnj Rev. Dr. Auer, will address the congregation on th? subject of our Airlcan M sslon. The closing address will be by the. Kev. Dr. Henry C. Potter. Rector of Urace Church. The preliminary short Missionary Service will be Choral. A collection will be made in behalf of the Missions of this Church. HORATIO POTTER, Chairman. BENJ. I. HAIGHT, Vico Chairman. Francis Harrison, Secretary. TO DEALERS IN LUMBER AND BUILDERS' MATE rial?Large River Front, substantial Docks, Canal In rear, harness location, at Newark, to lease. Apply atIinane street. New York. GEO. W. HoJt-.R. ?>o/wt nODNTT.?WAWTMl MO vf.terans of the late war: bring discharges or receipts; to f[o to the Modoc country and < nnture Captain Jack and lis tribe of Indians. Inquire 'or Colonels CURRAN and SNOWDKV, at lieagan's, .11 Pa^k row. iCQQ KQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN TUB LEGAL JO?7.*JOt7 Ized Kentucky l-otterv. Roval Havana and Kentucky circulars free; lzjf cents coniinlsloii al lowed. Address BALKY A CO. (office established 30 years). 174 Broadway. jgRANCH OFFICE ~~ OF THE EVENING "TELEGRAM, SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADWAY AND THIRTY-FIRST" STREET. UPTOWN DEALERS AND NEWSBOYS SUPPLIED EVERY EVENING. SFORTnG-IXKiS. BIRDS, AC. 4 -FOR HALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOlis" J\ ? Birds, Ac. j Medicines for (.11 disrates, Prepared Food for mocking Lirds, at B. o. DOVEY'S. No. SOreene street, near Canal. \y ANTED-A DARK BROWN OR LIVER COLORED tt Setter. None but ihox* having extra fine dogs need apply at 101 Ea>t Thirty-eighth street. ITALLIOHI, IfDWARD F.VKRFTT, THE SIRE OF JOE ELLIOTT, J who trotted lost Summer on Mvstic I'nrk In 2:15(< (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), also of Commodore Vnnderbilt's Mountain Boy, who trotted in and ot Judge Fullerton, who has trotted in 131V, will make (he season at the farm of William Keeich, near Goshen, Orange county, N. V. For further particulars sec the "Turf, Field and Farm." TIIK TIRF. Lease, at uuntimgton, l. i.?Suffolk track; one or five yeais: ?2i)0 per year; 60acres-, stabling good;track fine Inquire of C. FINLAY, 14) Eighth av. HORSFf9, CARHlAaM, ?C. A COUPE, $125; OPEN WAGON. $2.V. Di:POT Wagon,975; do., fli'i do., 8145; Side Spring Wagon, 8126; 10 Top and No Top Wagon*. 1,4*1 Broadway, near Porty-flrststreet JAMES Ji.nrins. A BUGGY PHAETON, WITH SHIFTING TOP, IN good order. Address. with full description, maker'* MBit ami price, PUAEfON, lleraid officii, HORSES, I'A14 HI KM, AC. A GREAT SPECIAL, UNRESERVED AND POSI TIVK BALE OP ELEGANT HOUSES, CARRIAGES AND WAGONS, SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, BLANKETS, SHEETS. AC. INCLUDING ALL THE ELEGANT STOCK OF HIRAM BOR1JEM, ESQ.. WHO IS OBLIGED TO GO ABROAD FOR AN INDEFINITE LENGTH OF TIME. AND NOW OFFERS HIS FINE AND RELIABLE STOCK FOR < SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, ON THURSDAY (TO-MORROW', MAY 8, AT 10? O'CLOCK SHARP, AT STABLE NO. 3 NEILSON PLACE (MERCKU STREET), BETWEEN WAVERLEY AND CLINTON PLACES, BY JENKINS A DUFK. AUCTIONEERS. Team of elegant and fine eoal black Horses, l.V, hands high, both 6 years old; arc hali-brothcrs; were raited tn the State or Maine, and have few superior* lor style, beauty or action; are high-headed, with lotty action, luni:. full manes and tails, anil are very closely mated ; can hardly be distinguished apart; have no white; they have tine, clean and strong limbic pood feet; can pull a road wason together Inside of, anil tri.t much (aster single: tiiey are warranted sound and kind and free from spot, vice, trick, lault or blcm sh, and gentle men in search ol a line reliable road or ftmily toain are respectiully invited to call and examine before tale. ilandsoni'j and tlnely bred team ot Hay Mares, IV4 hands high, 6 and 7 years old: they aro closely mated ; have each a star in forehead, with all black points; they were raided in Kentucky by Col. R. A. Ralston; they have fine dispositions; are easy, pleasant and prompt drivers, and can be driven by the most timid with per fect safely. They can trot in 3 minutes any day to ro;:d wa'on; are superior under saddle; was used all last summer at Saratogn, and rode there by the Misses Bur hcm;tliev have neither vice, trick nor fault, and are warranted sound and kind. Fast and high bred black Trotter, ISJ* hands high, 9 I ears old, bred by James L. Monteith, Esq., in State of lainc, and sired by the Morrell Horse, lie is a nerfeot beauty; drives without check; is high-headed, and honest In company; a good breaker; can speed a 3:40 gait, and warranted sound and kind. Ali-o a fast and handsome sorrel Gelding, 16hands h'Rh, 7 years old; rat?ed in Orange countv. and sired by Volunteer. Ho trotted, when 6 years old", in 2:47; since then has never been trained, but can go to track and beat the above time now. He is perfect in every respect, and warranted sound and kind. The above two horses make an excellent team (owner has driven them together past year) and can trot sure in 2 ui) to cole. Also fast, handsome and highbred brown trotting mare Lizzctte; she is 16% hands high, 8 years old and sired by Alexander Abdallah, dam an imported thoroughbred marc; she Is an extra fine, prompt and resolute driver; can go to track at all times ard beat 2/<ft. and has shown trials below 2:30; warranted sound and kind. Also a four-year Hambletonian Colt, sired by Rysrilck ITamblctonian. dam by Ethan Allen; she is thoroughly broken to all harnesa; can speed a 3 minute gait and warranted sound and kind. Also one extension top Park Phaeton, pole and shafts; one top Wagon, one Pony Phaeton, two open Road Wa gons, one Sulky, built by Duseubory A Van Duser; two sets of double Harness, one set ot coupe Harness, three sets of single light road Harness: also Street, Stable and Sweat Blankets, Robes, wh'ps, Ac. This sale is absolute, positive and unreserved, and with out limit, restriction or reservation, and a full warrantee and time for trial given. Stock now on exhibition. BALK POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. Auction house op arcil Johnston (late Johnston A Van Tassell). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 19, 21, 23 and 2S EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence ot the business community, as well as the public at large. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE (WEDNESDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. PARK ESTABLISHMENT?Crossed matched team brown and black Mares 13 hands, 7 and H years; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice; very stylish and prompt drivers and warranted round, together with FOUR-WHEEL DOO CART. BY WOOD BROS., with pole and shafts; also set doubio Harness, by Wood Uib son. PONY TURNOUT?Iron gray Pony Mare, 13 bands, 7 years; kind and true in all liHrness; superior under sad dle ; free from vice; warranted sound, together with TOP PONV PHAETON, city made; also single Har ness, Ac. PARK OR ROAD ESTABLISHMENT?Team well bred black Marcs, 16^ hands, 8 and 9 years; kind and true in all harr.ess; free from vice; pure galted, stylish; war rsn ed sound: together with T CART. BUILT BY BREWSTER, of Broome street; set double Harness, city tn:ide. in good order. SPLENDID COUPE HORSE, 16 hands, 7 years; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice ; excellent travel ler. THOROUGHBRED BAY STALLION, pedigree time of sale, 15f{ hands, 4 years; kind and true, and warranted ?ound. ELEGANT FAMILY HORSE, 15V hands, 9 years; kind and true in all harness; very stylish: all day traveller, with great endurance, and warranted sound; cannot be put in the wrong place. BLACK HORSE, 16 hands. 9 years; kind and true; an excellent work or business borne, and warranted sound; together with TOP EXPRESS WAGON, in first rate order ; Set of Har ness, Ac. TWO MAGNIFICENT TEAMS OF CARRIAGE HORSES. THREE SUPERIOR WORK OR BUSINESS HORSES. TWENTY OTHER HORSES, DESCRIPTION TIME OF SALE. TURNOUT-SEAT PARK PHAETON. Top road Wagon, by Brewster, of Broome street, in first rate order. Baronchc, in good order. Coupe Rockaway. Four Dog Carts. In perfect order. Express and Depot Wagon. Ten (? ets of Double Harness. Six Sets of Single Harness. Weather never luterteres with our sales.. Take the Broadway and University place cars. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing In their construction the vnrlous improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock In all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and Impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster wagon," we tea the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. * TTENTION I ii. A. T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 and 63(1 Broadway, offer at genuine bargain* their immense stock of line Carriage*. new styles, just finished tor the Sprint trade. Elegant Landaulettes, Ave sizes. I .and uus, four sizes. Piatlorm and "C" spring Bretu. Platform and "C" spring six-seat family Rockaways. Five new style* ot Victorias. I'ark Phaeton*. Pony Phaetons, on platform "C," two and three springs. Gentlemen's Depot Wagons. Fine stock ot T < arta and Dog Carta. We shall offer bargain* and invito lookers. A r, GREAT SALE OF THE SEASON. TO MORROW, ?t ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Ne w Mart, 19 to 25 East Thirteenth street, near University placc. l)o not fail to attend. sale positive, at 12 o'clock, rain or shine. Avery elroant four-in-hand drao, MADE BY BREWSTER A CO., OF BltOOME ST., cost $2,500, u?cd only six times, one of the finest in this country, will be sold at private snle, by WILLIAM VAN TASSE1.L, at his Auction Mart, 110, 112 and 114 Eust Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, and If not sold by Friduy, May 9, at 12 o'clock. It will lie sold then at auc tion, without reserve. ?TilE FINEST ASSORTM KNT OF PHAETONS. ? Roekaways, Depot Wagon*, Pony Phaetons and Top Wagons In the city at the West Hide Cnrrlngc Re pository, 1.494 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. A thoroughbred BAY MARE FOR SALE-SIX years old, thoroughly trained for saddle and har ness:* very stylish lor gentleman. Applv at James Dowd's stable, West Eighteenth street, corner of Seventh avenue. _ LARGE LOT OF FA MI LY CAR RIAQBH, R( M K A way, Park and l'ony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Ex press and Business \\ Hg.His; 25 per ccnt lens than any nouse in the city. 141 West Broadw ay, near Canal st. LOT Of FINE BAV CARRIAGE HORSES AND five stylish saddle Horses, selected with great rare. Just arrived at Brigcs' stable*. 141 West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Inquire tor Mr. EI.WKS. A FINE ItRTUOKT SADDLE HORSE. 15'j IUND8 high, thoroughlv broken and stylish; sold lor wani ot use. J. bra1nakd, 21s> East Twenty-third stre"t A -FOR HALE, IN BROOKLYN, IN THE VERY BEST ? locality, an established Livery stable, of 20 years' standing, having 6A boarding horses, at $30 anil $:& per month each, ana running 14 coaches. The properly can he. bought or leased for a term ol years; will be sold on account ol owner retiring from business; no broker need apply; tcimsensv. Address, with real name. LIVEKY sTAftLE, Brooklyn Pott office. AT OUR FACIOKY, IN TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. near Lexington avenue, second hand Carriages, in first rate order. 2 Barouches, nearly new. 2 six-passcuiter Kockawuys. 2 I'ara Phaetons. 1 Depot Wagon, for six persons. Top Buggies anil Koail Wagons. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A -TEA CART, BAROUCHE. VICTORIAS, PIIAE . tons, lour and twos.nteil. $/5; top Buggies, cheap est In city. 146 and I4H Eldridge street, near Orand and Bowery. DAY * HON. A VICTORIA FOR SALE.?BUILT BY BREWSTKR; latest style: used only three months. Apply at pri vate ?tabra i:v> West Thirty-third street. A?carriages AND HARNESS. ? No. 8 Cortland! street, near Broadway. The lowest prices; best goods; cash only. k ?ELEGANT BERLIN BAROUCHE AND DOUBLE Harness, gold mounted, cost $:t,ill*\ for SU**'. wood as new; several second hand and lessonable new Car nages, reduced In price. II AM, 10 East Fourth street. A gentleman, WHO IS A CAREFUL DRIVER, wishes the use of a Saddle Horse three or lour time* a week, alter six o'clock In the afternoon; in list be stylish and kind. Any one having the above will be sin e ot its kind Ireatment. Address, with teruis, SADDLE, Herald uptown branch office. gentleman, QOING ABROAD. WISHES TO Dis pose of his Lundnulet (l>y Wood), used one year, ? p.iliof young sorrel Horses Jntid Harness. fSJ^Nti'l staple. 41 West Fortv-fourlli itravL HOMM, C AHKI A(?KS. AC. A?MAJOR C. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GREAT SALE OK CELEBRATED TKOTTKRS, AC., TIIE PROPERTY OK JAMKS WALLACE, ESQ., WIIO SHORTLY HAILS for Europe, at RARKER A CHABK'H CITY Auction Mart anil New York TattcrfiaU's, corner ot Broadway and Thirty-ninth struct, ON Tl'ESDAY, MAY 1?, AT 10** O'CLOCK, AND comprising THE FAMOUS BAY trotting Gelding I JOHN J. BRADLEY, with record of 2 25*<. HIGH BRED ORAY GELDING, by Young Morret.dam by Ab<lallah. can TROT IN 2:3\ ELEGANT HAY HAMHI.KTON'IAN COLT, by Volun teer, dam ii Star mare; has SHOWN 2:30: no record. SPEEDY BROWN iiambletonian COLT, by Young Camel), dam hy Henry Clay; can trot close to2:l(>. ELEUANT A\'l) VERY CLOSELY MATCHED pair of bay coach Horses, Kentucky bred; unsurpassed for style, action and appearance. ALSO KINK BAROUCHE, top and no top Road Wagons, double and single Harness, Blankets, Robes, Sheets, Whips, Bits, Ac. PEDIGREES AND ALL representations of the above stock will be warranted. CATALOGUES WITH KUI.L particulars now ready. SALE positively WITHOUT reserve. NO POSTPONEMENT (?N account of weather . A T PRIVATE SALE AT THE 2\. HORSE AND CAKRIAGE AUCTION MART OK WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, 110, 11?, 114 East Thirteenth street ELEGANT TEAM BAY HORSES, 15>i HAND* HIGH, 6 years old; kind anil true In all harness; perfectly gentle ; very stylish drivers, and warranted sound. TEN FIRST CLASS ROAD AND WORK HORSES; ALL younir. and warranted sound. PONY ESTABLISH Mi. NT-BLACK PONY, 46 INCHES high; kind and true in all harness; In every way reliable , a splendid pony lor children's u-e. ALSO HARNESS AND PONY WAGON. POUR SEAT BASKET PHAETON, VERY FINE. THREE JUMP SEAT WAGONS. FIVE AMERICAN ROCKAWAVS. Top and no top Pony Phaetons. Top and no top Road Wagons. Express, Depot and Business Wagons. Harness of all kinds. Prices to suit the times. Call and examine. AT THOMAS DONOIIOK'S STABLES, NEAR PEI. liam Bridge, Westchester county.?The thoroughbred mahogany hay Mare Psulme, hy Kentucky, out ot blue Ribbon. Pauline has been perfectly broken to harness, U coining 4 vcars ot age, Is 15.2 hands high and a perfect beauty, without fault or Meinish of anv kind; would ?iuko a superb light carriage horse or flrit class saddle MM. AT BARGAINS-VARIETY OP STYLISH PONY Phaetons, flue light Top Buggies and ltoad Wagons, tour and six Passenger Hockaways, and a gencrnl assort ment of Carriages unsurpassed In quality and finish. S. S. BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE: ONE COUPE, BY Woods Bros.; one six-seat Pheaton, one four-seat do., one light Curtain Coach, hy Brewster; 40 ton and open Pony Pheatons, 20 top and open side-bar anil full spring Road Wagons, by Brewster, Stivers and Duscnbury ,t Yin Uiu nr.;! Express Wagons, single and double Harness, two Sulkies. WM. U. gray, 20 to 27 Wooatcr street.^ AN assortment OF HAM'S very POPULAR ./I. and celebrated Landaulets, Coupes, Landau*, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. HAM, Broadway and Fourth street A ?FOR sale, ONE STYLISH BAY HORSE, FIT FOR 11. a coupe, 16 hands high; pood for a lady or gentle man to drive, single or doiihlo; also a crossmatched Team, gray and sorrel; must be sold this day on account ot a death m the family. Apply at 220 Eighth avenue. A NO-TOP WAGON. BY BREWSTER k CO., OF Broome street; also a ton Wagon, hy Godwin, In good order, tor sale uta low figure, at Lcadbctter's stable, Seventh avenue, near Korty-flfth street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Rockaways, top and open Buggies, Pony Pbaeions, Grocers'and Business Wagon*, at greatly reduced prices. Fulton avenue and Nevlns street, Brooklyn. A VALUABLE ROAD MARE-STAR STOCK, 8 YEARS oldltrotj In three minutes; warranted sound and true; sold l>v a private gentleman for want of use. Apply at U.NDERIIILL's stables, l.utayctte place. A STYLISH TEAM OF YODMI CARRIAGE HORSES, gray and bay; warranted sound and Kind; easy drivers; hee from all tricks; can trot together in tlirco minutes; kray horse has trotted in 2:41; for sale; price $1,800. Address W. C., box 120 Herald Uptown Branch olncc. AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S New Mart TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY). AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT AUCTION. FOUR magnificent TEAMS, BLACK AND BAYS. 8 road Horses. 10 work Horses. See catalogue ubove. Come and see. Ifyott don't buy. Brewster top wagon, with pole and shafts tor sale.?Has been but little used, and Is lu good order. Can he seen at stable corner .Henry aud Clark streets, Brooklyn. CI ?YOU CAN ALWAYS PLACE IMPLICIT RE LI J? ance on the representations made by the house of AROII. JOHNSTON'S. It you are tn want ot a family team, road team, business horac or anything in the horse line, he sure and attend the sale at the Mart, this day. at 12 o'clock, at )?) to 25 Fast Thirteenth street, between University place and Filth avenue. It*ail i atahigue, and be sure anil a'tcnil the sale. CABRIOLETS. EXTENSION TOP PHAETONS. Con ne Itockaways. Victorias. Hlx seat Rockaways. Park Phaetons. Top Queen's Phaetons. T Carts. Dejot Wagons. Pony Phaetons. C Spring Brett. T. O. seat Dog Carf. Rumble Phaeton*. Four scat Rockawavs. 1 he above flne Carriages (or sale at reduced prices, A. P. FLANDRAtT, No? 7 and 18 East 18th street near 5tb avenue. / i \ KltlAGE HOUSES.?PA IR 18 HAND BAYS; FREE V. drivirs; very stylish; saddlers; one a lady's. WASHINGTON RIDING ACADEMV, Sixth avenne anil Twentv-slxth street /CHILDREN'S PONIES.-PAIR CROSS-M ITCHED, 13 V' hands; sorrel and black; good saddlers; sell sepa rate ; also a 14.1 hay Hamhlctonian, 4 years. Washington riding academy, Sixth avenue and Twenty-sixth street. /lOUPE AND TURNOVER SEAT ROCK AW AYS AND \j Doctor's Phaetons, in great variety and style, at 1,4!H ?ad I.4W1 Broadway. Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons, light Itocka ways, Bogries anil other seasonable stvles tainily Car riages anil light Wagon*, at reasonable price*. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, CW Broad war. DKPOT WAGONS-ALL STYLES. from $110 up: Top Buggies $140; Pony Phaeton $12#. AKClt. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cnrtlainlt st., near Broadway. For kale?a splendid coupe horse, black, 16 hands high, sound and kind. Can he seen at Me tropolitan Stables, corner Prince and Crosby -trect?. For sale?a fine chestnut sorrel mare, 0 years old: can trot In 3 minutes; also a Sulky. Apply atl"0 Graham avenue, Williamsburg. For kale-an elegant saddle horse, bay, 15 hands 3 inches; took first premium at Sta'? bit in Kentucky: goes all tancv gaits; Is kind and gentle and all right. Can be recti at Fleetwood stables, Fortieth street, near Sixth avenue, for two days. For pale-a bay mare, is hands high, 7 years old: sound and kind: suitable for lady's phaeton ; will be sold reasonably; price $150. Apply at 2ft Colum bia street, Brooklyn. For sale-two clarences, one blue on drab lining; two glass front Coachcs, two top Buggies, one six-scat Rockavray: all in good condition. II. Rl'lt It, 2'M Mercer street. I10R BALE.?VINE BUSINESS OIO AND HARNESS, noarlv new; alao, Horse. separately or together. Gufi First avenue, m ar Thirty-fourth street Fob bale?a first class depot wagon, with shitting top, pole anil shafts, nil complete, t.y Wbod Brother*; also one Family Wagon, with two seats. city made. Apply at 402 Writ forty flut street, near Ninth a v. Bior bale-for ana, a clarence, cost $2,100; light, runs easy; C springs, 'peaking tube, Ac. an;,1, Broadway, cigar store. FOR SALE?A team OF TRUCK HORSES. AD dressJ. W. BOYLE, boat No. ?, loot Broome street, East Klver. Ijior sale-A HANDSOME BAY MARE, 14 HANDS, 1 li yearn old, heavy flowing mane ami tall; kind, gentle and sound a* it dollar; Just the thing lor a phaeton, to which she lia< been used tue put year by K. K. Dur kee, 136 w ater street F^OU sale?A OOOD pair OP BAY Oillun Horses, 1# hands high; price $.V*J; to be seen at Drcnnnu's stables, corner Thirty-seventh street nnd Seventh avenue. JIOR SALE-A LARGE BAY MARE. NEARLY 16 tiaiKls; splendid coupe horse, can trot In .1 minutes; g|so black Gelding, sfred liv Knox; canbtatSriO. In quire ol JOHN J. UAM1IK, 230 West rorty-flrst street. tpOR SALE?A STYLISH BAY MORSE?It TEARS, r 15 hands; warranted sound and kind ; can I e driven by a ladv, or any one : suitable lor doctor, butcher, ex press or milkman; sold lor want of use. Apply at 924 i.ast Eleventh street FIOIl SALE-A BEAUTIFUL TROTTING BUGGY, built to order by Silvers with unusual care, latent style; has been run butonco: cost $129; will be sold at a literal deduction. Also, a Stivers Top Buggy; has been run nbont two months; weight 212 lbs. Addre.s* K. M. U., Post office box 1,618. IIOR SALE-A BLACK HORSE, 15 S HANDS niOH, 1 handsome saddle horse or good roadster, with Top Wagon or separate; sold tor want of use ; can be seen at 2:'.4(irien street, Oreenpoint, L. I. FOR SALE?a pair OF young road horses, .') and <i j ears old ; warranted sound nnd gentle; can trot in three' minutes o? tier has no lurtbcr use tor them. Address F., box 101 Herald office. I SOB SALE?A NICE LIGHT VICTORIA, MADE BY 1 Brewster 4 Baldwin; excellent order. Inquire of Mr. SNiiWDKN, Fourth Avenue Railroad stables, Fourth avenue and rhlrlj second ltr?W? hlOR SALE-A CARLOAD OF western HORSES, right front the West; inust lie sold as the owner must go home this day ; Home arc suitable tor truck and other* are rund-u rs. call at ItW Washington street. BH)R SALE-A VERY FINE DRAUGHT HORSE, IfiW hands high, 7years old: warranted sound nnd kind; also a fine saddle Horse. Not. Sand 9 West Thirteenth ?t. T^OR SALE-(OWNER LEAVING THE CITY) HAND r some Brewster Clarcneo; also pair of brown Morgan Horse*. Apply at:t<j Kan Eighteenth street, WtiH$ F. II ipOR SALE-A HANDSOME H A UHI.ETONI AN r Hnrse, 15*4 hands, ( year* old; warranted soun>t and Kind, in *liu;le or double harms*. Apply at private st*bk!?. 131 west Seventeenth streeV HORMMI9. CARRIAGE*. AC. TOOK SAl.K-A Col'I'K-ROCKA WAY (BREWSTER A A Hnlilwin, in it k?* r k>, in good order; price %J2&- Apply at No. M 1'nlversily place. For hai,e-a second hand coacu, in good order; also set double Harnesa, made by Graham; a Saddle and Bridlo and Wagon Pole. Apply at 136 bant thirteenth street. li^OR SALE-A TOP PONY PHAETON, HARNESS 1 and Horse 6 years old, warranted Hound and kind, and suitable for a lady to drive. Call at HAY A bros., 332 Hudson street. IpOR SALE CHEAP?A THOROUGHBRED BAY Mare, 15'4 hands, 8 ve.irs old m und nrvl kind : very handsome ; sired l?y t)M Wolul, or Kentin kv ; good stop per. w lilng driver. Can be seen any morning at Truea deil's stables, 126 West Forty-sixth street Address 11. B. S., box 871 I'ost office. For hai.e cheap?pair ok handsome ponies, I'haeton and Harness suitahlo tor a lady. Imiuire lor NEW/, at Thorne's stable'), 10} West Thirty-tlrat street "LIOR sale CHEAP?AN EXPRESS OR (IROCER'S r Wagon, with shifting top; also light shitting top Bucrcy and double Truck, all nearly now, at 23 West Thir teenth at rest. Harness, saddles horse clothing, car riagc Robes. l.ap Dusters, Ply Net*, and a large variety ot Saddlery Hoods alwavs on hand. fc. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. Harness, horse furnishing goods, ac.-no lanry price*. C. M. MOSEMAN A BRO., Manufacturers, lit Chambers street. Harness-harness?in great variety. Balance of a bankrupt stock selling off cheap. No. 8 Cortlundt street, near Broadway. Harness?the cheapest harness stork in New York' good double truck Harness, 930: good single buggv Harness, hand mode, ?17; a good stable Blanket, $2 AO; the largest assortment of Cart Harness tu the city. Cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 41 Murray street. H Harness.?i have a large stock of iiar. ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I ofl'cr ut extremely low prices ; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the horse line cheap lor cash. E. BARTLETT, 02 Warren street, corner College place. ORSE FURNISHING BAZAAR, WHOLESALE AND retail.?Harness, Saddles. Blankets, Ac. VKRPLANCK BROS., 92 Chambers s'reet. IMPORTED PONY PHAETONS, OF THE BEST LO.V don make, lor sale by A. S. FLANDRAU, No?. 7 and 18 F.a-t l?th street, near 6th pvenue. IIVERY STABLE, EXPRESS AND HACKING J business, at Tremont. near Harlem railroad station, to lease ; none In place. Apply at 184 Third avenue, N. Y. GEO. W. HOJER. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 broadway?1 HE place to buy cheap. Purchasers should not tail to cull. Largest anil best assortment of new and second hand Carriages iu tills market 638 Broadway. Magnificent team of bay carriage iiorsks. with flowing mane and tall, 16 hands, 7 years, kind and true, very stylish, all day travellers, and warranted sound, in all respect* a tlrst class team; also two-seat Itockaway, in tlrst rate order; set of double Harness, Blanket, *c? hi the nmrt of ARCH. JOHNSTON. 19 to 23 East Thirteenth street, near University place. If not sold at private sale before Saturday, at 12 o'clock, the whole establishment will then be sold at auction at the Mart as uhovo. Can be tried at any time previous to the sal*. PONY PHAETONS?largest STOCK IN THE CITY, all style'', very best work and the lowest prices. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT Wagon, Pony Phaeton, four Rockaways. light Coach and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, at bargains; large assortment of Harness. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadwny. mWO FINE CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT A Coupes, and large ass. 1,494 ami 1,496 Broadway. 'oupeo, and large assortment ot Pony Phaetous, at TWO NEW EXPRESS WAGONS?$123 EACH: AI.SO lire handsome Top Buggies, one Phaeton ami 20 sets Harness, two Saddles; all cheap for cash. Ill East Six teenth ttreet. fp<> RENT?SMALL STABLE. COACHMAN'S Hnovia 8Ub""wureV;yrcoW?0venie^;.ee carr'^ ??"*o 5? KoMy^fou r th\trlso t. VA^ARI.K horse for sale.?a good itn*n i c'U'miteKi-?nk1l for furniture. Mtrl'. *? ranktort llouw, arj William at a assay "1^"" ANTED?A COl'PK; OMR SLIGHTLY USED WIT r "Ilf ANTED?TEAM OOOD draught HORSES- MTST r?.nn tkln/,r.OB,U on, ? Kontl. m?n'? place 5 2 5l, Poiltofhcef 6*^ W,,h "*"?"*?. *>* ?.?3 New York 1 LAROE STABL'* TO LKT?VERY LOW I.VOtJIRK l_on premie. W. BRACHER/77 Grene f275"S?A?t* YACHTS, NTKAWBOATsT&ei ~ F?? SALII--,T,IK OABli SLOOP YACHT OLANrp" ? ? vnte5 ?ln??trre?t. r,CmUon or ?darc*H *- U BWAN, si POR SALE?THE WHOLE OR HALF OF A sToop w?'"- wr at Wanted-oood sizkd sloop or~s(toovf^ |-??.??<?? E?S2SS " WA M ED ItTpllRCHAlK " T W ANT TO BCY A GOOD CORNER l/lOUOR HTORP' A Po1t,h l'Vrrv 1,1 Hamilton, on Colnmhla or Illrki jtrcef, Brooklyn, preferred. Addrew BI'hinpss wav Brooklyn Branch Herald office. '' E"N MAN WANTED-WALNUT OR WHITEWOOD LUMHFR f??s!saa4r ?r "???'?<>? W& VyAin.r7nr^* office ..I K W. Ill KTT ,t IIKII., 9m Mm<len fane.' P T W CT^now^XuV. ?eVt wide, or thereabout.. Addre* SH^WCA^*Hw53 . rvsTiircTioN. I accounts, bookkkkpjno, Bcsrnns Amtu -iV I uuctllatlon, speedily taiiuht PAlvi. ??? it i ' rrtUew, l,m Broad^^SerThlryS'hlrdJSSfFa Bowery. Twenty-tour Writing Lcason* ?/ii r.ii qualified at bookkeeper.!. W. Ladle? AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 fourth AVFVlf!.' orrortU, Cooper rn.titute^?onl,keepVntf Wmh,J' v>ritliinell< ainl Lnnguaees. J>nv nn<t erriilnir I a.lift' SHT'RtiSTOSS.'SS" "A? ?*. SK BcK'!'ISyS"AKgK'L,ag: *WP.vm Commercial College, K7* Broadway, corner Elihteenth rtu'rVn?""'''n""p,,n,d?y and evening nil ^ummcr l'u irKT.srr,m"' ??"????<? **. ;?ra / MII RCH Ilir.L, WASHINGTON. CONN -r",i I.,Til r.?i y'.*r * h'""c a"d "f forty week* in cation unsurpassed: lour hour* from New YorkaJ?;? tor circulars, H. II MOREHOUSE. Addrcsa, VfY new AND RAPID METHOD IN TEArntVa i?l trench, German, Spanish or Eniclish warrant.!? p? rfect snecess; terms durinx the Bummer''*7? ZH} * ' rj^2i "? N,;r. itV?;:??^,gn \Tf;W method OF LEARNING FRENCH AND cp7 thoroughly by convcrsAtinn ami 1^*ER* gramm-tr; Coiiver>ntloiml flumcy iiHiirnit ^?LUre'???no >ve. k (three les-ons). Addre* ?Ko^*5i J?rV ?? ? Herald I ptown Branch office, * ?*KG?ESSI>R, box 121 "WWW* MOMI, ?Ch WAOTiir In this City and Brooklym pt'rnishf.D HOUSE WANTED-BY A OF NT! VM A V ?gi gv.a^^gs^"* PCRXISHIID PARLOR FLOOR WANTED? BY A Pttn Slel&FE'dr-iaT^ton'ind ''S^R Xe A,1,Iross '* W "-7 Herald Uptown Branch House wanted?three story nron stoop re?pectnhlc neiulitiorhood, for familyof three ait.i'??' rent ?t,ot?l to $I,60U. Address A.. Li 1M r..n? ii . S,1 i1"?'. ",r of three adults: Branch office. ' Addr,M A- box m Utr'* Uptown' Room wantkd-by a i Kourth and Fifteenth str tnirs, on the south side ; price WARD, bo* 10. Ilcrald office. ROOM wantkd-BY A RKTWexw Fourth and Fifteenth streets, Third and Sixth .v? H?uVn,'h: ? .sric? ?lu?Adi^VS: TLrANTED?A SMALL cottage^ WITH A OAnn77 1Z!?X.i'W&'-&? '-KSASHifB toMceCj>.i per week. Addrew W^Q. K. '/e'r^SToffica. In (h? Conn try. W45S8rii ?K:S> ?? ? ??? ^ ^ DRY OOODf. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 911 BROADWAY* near Twentieth street-Imported Pattern* froui Puri*, Berlin and London. Milieu will save MON E Y and be SIX WEEKS in ADVANCE of Importers <il ready, made Suits. Pull lino of all the new design* Patterns and Cloth Model* now rea<lv. Cutting and Hasting. Tli.i Magic Costume ready made In Linen. Patterns fitted to the form warranted perfect C^IOMPAGNIIi DBS l.NDES, ~ J Par In. MM. VERDE DELI8LB Kit fi RES, of the Comnagnie de* Indes, respectfully address themselves to ladle* of Amerlra contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their production* of Lucca and Cashmere Shawl*. exhibited at their warehouses, 80 Kue Rich lieu, Paris, and No. I Hue dc la Kegence, Bruxel'ea. Those who call, either from interest; and curiosity or for the purpose of buying, will meet with equal courtesy. A* ihi* house pays no commissions under anv circum stance* to agents, the direct purchaser obtain* all the ad vantage*. All goods marked in pluln figure-. Prices in invariable. Eagli*h spoken all over the hou*e. Fabrlqne* do Dpiitelle*, | Fabriqncsde Cashmere des llaycux, 14 Kue Koyale. I Indes, Alencon, 10 Kue de Lencrei. I Cashmere, I'mritzur. Drbmmakino.?a CAUSE or COMPLAINT at the procut time i* extravagunco In ladies' wearing an parcl. V hat It cost* now to dress a lady of lash ion would nave supported all entire family a few yenrs ago. Messrs. loud it TAYLOR, t<i prove that retrenchment Is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Depart ment that economy in material and triuimin^ is particu larly studied iu every detail, and they are now furnish ing Dteases at it much less price than the Cost of im ported garments, while for style, fit, appearance, and general make up, tliev are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. LORD Jt TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. T)ABI8.?AU COIN DK RUB. No. 8 Rue Montesquieu, 16, 18, 2)ntid 22 Rue do* Bonus Enfant*, near the Palais Royal. Ureat Emporium of Fashion. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good taste and modest price ol each article. India and French Cachtuire Shawls, Silk*, La< c Goods, Mantle*, Costumes, I'arty Dresses, Ready-made Cnderclothing, Wedding Outfits, Baby Linen, (Doves, Perfumery, Fancy Article.*. The largest, most varied ami cheapest stock in Pari I. PCOLE, Hlifl BROADWAY.?BALANCE OF STOCK OF ? Dry Oood* must be sold this week: great bargains; Counters, Shelving, owning Posts, Ac., for sale. MILLINERS AND COUNTRY t-T iKKKICI PERS JOBBING DEPARTMENT. Cheapest Straw Moods In this city. Chepest Florida and Palmetto Hats. Cheapest Ribbons and Flowers. Inspect our Stock. We have cheap Millinery Goods HIMVARD RIDLEY A SON, 309, 311 and 311.^ Grand, ?2, t?4, Mi, Its and 70 Allen street, fifth block east from the Howery. ITIO BCS1NKM* OPPORTUNITIES 3. AN ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSINESS now lor sale at a bargain; splendid profits: article new and In great demand; such an opiortuuity seldom offered, ('all a: 96 Liberty street, room 24. A?CAPITAL OBTAINED FOB MERCHANTS, MANC ? facturers and other*. Parties wishing to engage in bum ties* advised ot reliable opportunities free of charge. Established 1,-W. MOODY A CO., 183 Hroadway. 4 ?CAl', SECURED FOR INCORPORATED ;V ? companies, merchants, manufacturers; our register contiin* many names possessing $1>i.imo to ?75,000 each, desiring Investing in established business. ALEXANDER PBOTHINOHAM A CO., 112 Broadway. ^ ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED tor merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated: perrons with capital seeking busi ness advised of approved opportunities. References:? Howard, Sunder A Co., fancy good*, IU.1 Chambers street: Multord A Spraguc, Iiar.hvare, 8> chambers street; other leading houses, si d our iimity clients, City and else where. GRIGGS, OARLEToN A CO., Financial and lliHine-.s Agents, He Broadway. AN ESTABLISHBD and BSMintBBATgVl Busi ness can profitably employ to $211000 addi tional capital. None bur capable and responsible parties need upply. ELMS A BK1NCKEKHOFF, 48 Broad St. AN ELEGANT LARGE NEW HOTEL FOR KENT? Splendid location; a rare chance to make money; owner would b>ard with tenant. Address It. W. HOLMES, Orange^ N. J. A GENTLEMAN WANTS TO INVEST $1,500 IN AN established business a* active partner. Mate nature of badness and profits. Address W. P. C., tox 119 lleruld ofBce. A YOUNG MAN OF BUSINESS HABITS, ONE WHO Is reliable and energc tic, can hear ot u good oppor tunity to invent $2,001 in a first class, pleasant and profit able business , first class reference* given and required. Apply to GEORGE WEBSTER, 309 Broadway. CTIVE MAN WITH *5,0-10 CASH WANTED?TO JOIN advertiser In business in Philadelphia that will net $1.1,000 per year, sine. For particulars address PHILADELPHIA, Herald office An enterprising lady with $200 to invent will fln l a very excellent investment, with buxiness well opcued, by addressing C. 1*. C., Herald Uptown Branch otace. A VALUABLE PATENT, WITH OVER $*,000 WORTH of Goods manutactured under it, for sale low: will trade for good real estate or mortgages. Apply at (W Centre street. ARARR CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.?AN E8TAB lished Coil fectlonery and Cream Saloon to rent, with Fixtures complete, also the Stock if desired, for the entire Summer; rent very cheap. Apply at store, 1,472 Broadway, near Forty-second street. A GREAT BUSINESS OPPOBTUNITY.-OOOD WILL, favorable Lease, ffrsl class Fixtures and well assorted Stock of a first class retail business to lie wild, on account ol death, at a bargain; yeurly cash sales $40,111)0. For particulars call on or address GEORGE SIMERS, 2.1 (Chamber* street, New York, or F. A CO., 27 Newark ave nue, Jersey City, N. J. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CASH CAPITAL of $l,ootl, to put ill a business already ustublish?<l (butter, cheese, Ac.) 79 Clinton Market. AKING AND CONFECTIONERY BUSINESS IN THE A B upper part of the city for ?ale.?'Two Stores, with e Rest ' ' - * " largo Restaurant connected: four years' J.casc; four Horse* and Wagons; large pirty and wedding business: 17 person* employed In the business; *o!d on account or owner retiring;* none but cash purchasers. Address BAKER. box 179 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,206 Broadway. /?iAsir.-$5,noo to >so,wo to invest in any hioh KJ class well secured business, showing substantially, In pistil figure-, witfc reasonable profit". I I.I.Is ,t BRis< kkkhoff, 48 Brond street. For bale low-and on easy terms, a light liianulacturlngbusincss, fully established; the be opportunity ever otered ; >-*ic, profitable and pleasant, aConiiMtstreet, top flo'>r. IllAVK A LABOE FIRE INSURANCR BUSINESS under my control; having another business, cannot attend to it; wish an a*cnt of some out of town company to talk t<> me; no on* else paid attention to. Address fire. Herald office. I WANT A PABTNKR IN STOCK BROKERAGE business, with $20,'K?): have been a member ot Stock. Hoard for five year->. Address john, Herald office. I' ADY or OimiKiK, IfAVINO SMALL CAPITAL, J desiring to us* advantageously, with services. can And unusually favorable opportunity. Address, appoint ing Interview, rkgl'LAli ul'm.ness, box 163 Herald Uptown Branch office. Partnership.?A GOOD PAYINO OLD STORE keeper desires a partner with JI'VKJO to enlarge the business; a German preferred. A IdreM PROFIT, bo* 1!W Herald office. |>ARTNEk with $6,000 WANTED?IN A CARRIAGE X hardware business, owing to a reorganization of the hou?e; firm ha* made money, and party investing will ?:et a good business, as book* will show. Apply to iRIOUti, CARLKTON * Co., #8 Broadway. Patent.?PARTNER WANTED FOR A NEW AIR rifle, which carries the bullet a'fast as a powder gun. Address K. X., box 64fl Post office. Rami chancb,?any gentleman uavino $2,h? and can accompany the advertiaar at once to Cali fornia can realize a ?ure fortune In six mouths by ad dressing ( Kit I AINTY, bo* IVJ Herald office. UfAfl AND COUNTY RIGHTS FOR DUBYBA'S ? patent Refrigerator , the best in the world, or will exchange for R< al Estate. Apply at o'J3 Seventh av. Statu rights of a valuable invention?basy of manufacture, lame profits and In great demutid In every taiuliy. tome and see It. F. MAM'IIA, IS2 Broadway, room ?. fiv> hotel men.-a wf.ll furnished hotel, of 1 about 70 rooms, complete in appointments, fine loca tion on Broadway, will be rented lor three or Ave years, with immvdlato possession. Address HOTEL, box 141 lie raid office. rrm? adyebtiser controls a very popular I. aitrt cheap scientific serial that va?t numbers will Imy; * person competent to sell It Is desired, on salary or copar'n?rthlp. Address A.. Herald office. fir ANTS D?A PERSON WITH B1JOO OR $2,000, TO v? invest In a money-making business, perfect satis faction guaranteed. Address unnicdialely INVENTOB, Herafct Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A PABTNKR, WITH $?U, IN TIIE produce and provision basinet*, established 14 years. Address 0. B. A., Herald office, TBf ANTED?A GOOD BUSINESS MAN, WITH SOME ?? capital, In fne plumbing, gas fitting and h'<ute fur nishing business: the advertiser has a flno location and has been established II years. Address J. M., box l?tf Herald Uptown Branch omrc, 1,W5 Broadway. ?I WILL INVEST THE ABoVK AMOUNT. IpOUU. with services, in some good business. Address stcCLAIN, Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. WILL BUY ONE HALF tNTEREST IN A 3)0""" lixlit. genteel business, easily learned, now narlnu a handsome Income: stock on hand about $i,iw. w " FILLER * CO , 183 Broadway^ rfTi / W\A -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT vlivvvi In the hotel business, either as partner <>r clerk; good salary ana security For particulars spp.y | at 18 Broadway, rooin If. ____________ d>1 O (U\t\ -NO CH ARGE FOR LEASB. FIXTURES, Sblii.UvU. cond will and two profitable agencies. $12,'XJ0 worth of Furniture, in an old established bouse, doing a large cash trade, In a city of over SJ.DW; tippoi sterr and re|>alrlng more than pays expenses . owner re? tiring ; no bonus; no commissions. Address loku, bus 178 Herald office,

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