Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1873 Page 2
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15 SIlTAIKIISSi >V A \TKU?KBNMiF.'o CooiM. ?v?, 9 UNION COURT. UNIVERSITY PLACE, BETWRF.N 11th bii.'I Iftlt "t*.?A respectable woman as cook ; thoroughly uu.u ioUiuir her business. best city re le mice. Call tor two says. BAST !?ril M?V'aMTID, A PLAIN COOK, wa-hcr ;unl Ironc r . city references reouired. JCRW CI! YJJIIKRS 8T -AS KXPERTRNORD GIRL ??ij as ordc r took, in liotcl or re ft a ii runt. Address I'or tw? days. QQ WKSI MTU ST., BiiTWfcKN 6T1! AND 8TH <)ii av*A- f.Miii rook, ? usher uii<1 iroucr iu a private family; city reference. Oaiifoi otic week. on SU AV A FIKST CLASS GERMAN CURL. AS Ou cook. washer Mini inner, understands the buaincss thoroughly; bet city re it rriicr. ?J7 EAST .VUii ST. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S,HASH O I mo lit door.--A respectable irirl u- go< d plum cnok in a arivnte iiuinly; If a good Imker: no objection to u* with the v*-1. m*. ____________ OQ 4TI1 AV.. IM TRUNK STORE.?A OOMPKTENT OO woman n? tn st cias< cook in a private family; un derstands all kinds of >oii|f. meats, Jellies ami pantry; an excellent bread nn I blx'Ult baker, best city reter ence irom flint eht-s families. ?OQ WEST 1STH ST, RIAR.-A KRf PJECTAHLR aW. Ot7 cook, withe r ami iron *r in * Niiutll Jmuily; t?o#t citjr referviu v. Oill!?. r iv , il.i w AO- PERRY ST. IS THE REAR. FIRST BASK t"0 nicnt ? A vc ry coinpeieiit. Ktca?l> and obliging wo man as cook, ami to wssli ?nd irou anil M naknr, In the Country; uiidi r?tnu If dairy * > rk. has good reference. ZA UNIVERSITY PI.A<K ? AS (II Mill PLAIN COOK, ti^T washer and ironr: al?o a > oung irtrl an chamber maid and seamstress: have no oloection to go to tlu countiy ; best c;t v rdtrpiicH'k ? WEST 40TH SI.-A WOMAN AS EXCELLENT cook ; city . r country , good city references. 1M7 WEST l-TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AK H" | cook; u Slime to a.-nfert with the warihtnK; city ref erence. mlTEtT 18T11 ST-A respectable YOCWO woman a? cook; thoroughly understand* her business; will a wint in washing; good city reference. I'll WEST lyTII ;-T., IN TUB UKAIt.-A RESPEOTA J. I I hit* ^i11 :>- flood plain cook, washer and ironcr; food city reference. 107 T1k> WEST 19TH ST. ?A RESPECTABLE PERSON AS 11?. Rood cook In a small private family; will do the roars** washing; best < ity reference ftom "her last em ployer. 119 WK8T 20TII ST.. NEAR 6TH AV.?A RESPrO 1 1 ?J tatde woman ns cook in private family In the city; nit Icrstands nil kinds ut tsmily cooking, lioups, meats, poultry, game, paltry and bread;flrstclasscity reterence. mWESr i7TH ST., HEAR -A YOi'NO WOMAN us tlrst <?' conk; good City reterence; will assist with washing it required, ( nil or address. U~ WEST S3II sr., NKAR BTil AV.?A RESPECTA ') ble woman as plain cook and to assist with the w ashing ana ironing In h -.imiII tamil v; is very tidy in kit lien; good re!eieme. 1 nil or address. UK urn AV., NEAR 17TI1 ST.?A YOUNO GIRL TO ?' do plain cooking, washing and trolling In a pri vate family; city riterenee. ("all lor two days. llfl WEST l'.tTH ST.. Flit ST FLOOR, NEAR 6TH LJ v> mv , roar ?A res|.ectable yoiitiK w oiuan as cook; good breail and biscuit baker; best city references. 110 WKPT "''T" ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 1 I*' utrl a> plain cook, washer and trader; best city reference. 11 Q WEST 3UTII ST.. IN THE STORE.?AS COM HE lit/ tenteou'i; llnder.stands mi ats. brend. cake. pics, desserts and jellies; would >U> or assist iu the washing of a sm.iII minify where one or two marc girls are kepi; best city references. "1 ?m EAST 4TI! ST?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS x-j'? first classcook iu a pritate family; uoobe.tion to as.ust witli washing and Ironing. 1 WEST L1ITII ST. ?A FRENCH FIRST CLASS 1?j-j piolcssed cook; understands milk, bultcr ami baking, Hud can take tiill < liarge oi n kitchen, ('an be seen at her employers; riliy. buscinent bell. I <>0 WEST 24TH ST.. It I.N (J BELL It?AS FtMT 1?jO cl i >s cook in u private family who keep a kitrlicii thorouuhly understands all kindsot French and Knglish dishes; would nrclur Koing to some watering place. 197 WK8T MSi' ST-?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I ? I woman a.- good cook in u -mull private familv. who thoroughly understand* her busiiuss . ilr-t 1 lu-? ref erence. Sril ST.. NEAR 6TII AV.-t Rt SPf TAHl.K. iOI' young girl a.-eood plain C4 k W4?iiei a>.. ii?uer n a small private family; best city reference. 10A WEST I9TH ST., TOP FLOOR, RACK ROOM.? J?>\' An experienced woinau as first <in? c?M?k; ub flcrstainls eiHiking iu a!l its branches; best citi relerince Call for two days. mWEsT 2.'>TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged woman us tlrst class cook; underbuild* soups, in .11 and poultry, and is an evcllcut bieud and lu-cuit baker; no objection to go a short distance in the country; good city re fere nee u> to churactcr and capa bility. 1'JO WBSr 30TB ST.?A RESPECTABLE TOCNO ' *?'' girl as cook, washer and ironer in a small private family ; u:> objection to the i ouutrv for the Suinincr ; best city rel'ercuc". lOQ WEST -?ITH ST.?A HEXPECTABLE YOUNG l')>; English girl, lately landed, as cook atul to do plain waaliing ahd ironing ? Rood < it.- reference. IAl* (UirVTH BT.. BETWEEN LF.XINotov ANI) *~i U iaam?a nr-i claacoek; best city reference. 1-A WK.'T 2-TII ST ?TWO MMVOfiRU rovra ?)'' Kill*. sisicrs iii.i- lately landed. one as rook, wgslter and ironer. the other a? chambermaid aud wait ress; no objm-ii,,n i il.t ? <.ulitr> . let . iiv reference. 1" .) KAnT :?ITH ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTEST. ?' ?> aut woman a.- plain cook in a small family; good city r?ftrrenee la,-t place. 1-r WEST 31ST ST. BETWEEN 6T1I AND TTH J ovs ? \ rcspectaWc young trlrl a* plain cook : no | objection to assist iu the wu-liiug or to do general house- 1 w nrK in a .-until private family : reference 1 rum hur la-t ploc.e 1 WEST UV ST.. BETWEEN CTU AND 7TH i ? M > uv?. ? A young girl as rook ; willing to assist with washing; good <itv reference. ]r(k EAST 80TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS COOK IN A ')?' private family; good city reference. 1 71 MlLBiniiY sT.-AN AMKHH AN PIM (TEST A NT 111 woman u-cook iu a small Imnilv; is capable of doltin am other kind oi' t\ ..rk; country preferred : it home wanted inure than watte*. Call lor two days. 9|)9 WEST r.TIi ST ?A YOl'.VO GIRL ASOOOD Z.\*_ cook in a private lamily. will uatdsf with wa*h liu' and iiuiiinu; is a m at, smart, clean girl; good city references. QAQ BAR 00 ST-A respectable TOUNO id"') girl to cook, wusli aud iron in a suiail private lauiily. 9flfi WEST SPTIT ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS first class couk In a private family; willing to do the course washing : 1Z years' city reference. tBJC WI-.ST MtH ST.?AS COOK. WASHER ANII ironer by ? yeuttK woman; no objection to do tin* wushing ot n small lainilv or aasist with washing ; no objtcttoa to the country five years' r? fereuce. 919 WEST 27TU ST . ROOM 5.?A RESPECTABLE mL young girl as first das- cook; no objection to n-.sist with the washing: le.?tcity rciercnce. 91 IT AV. A.. TWO FLIGHTS STAIRS. HACK ROOM.? ?1') A respectable Protectant woman an cook; will with the wash.i.i.' it required: good oUj reference 91 7 WEST J.?T1I ST.. IN THE STORE.?TWO RE ? 1 i spictahle girls, one ns good rook, the other a* chntnl>eriiiaid ami waitress: best city reference. *>17 EAST 2.VTH ST. FIRST FLOOR. BACK ROOM ? 1.11' Two respectable young girl* (sinters!; one as first class rook : thoroughly understands her buslne1* in all its branches: the other as superior laundress no < b |erti< n to the country ; statcu Island prt lerred ; bent city reference*. 9?J1 EAST :c.Ill >T . REAR HOPSE. FIRST FLOOR. ? I A respectable I'rut est ant woman as first class cook i thorough I v understands her business m its various branches, boning, la-ding, soups, game and deaserts; city or 1 oiititrv ; |., s: city reference.- Call or addretui tor three day*. 991 EAST HIST ST . BETWEEN 2I? AN1> 3D ATS.? 1 As first < lass , in private luinily or private li ar ling house ; is an excellent cook: understands all kinds ot meats and -t ups. is a good bread and pastrv maker and d> sscrt* ot all kind-; best eliv reference; no ?ih;ection to go u short distance iu the country. 99Q WEST rTII ST. BETWEEN 7TH ANDKTII *.??) nv?.? \ ri special It yi.uug girl as plain cook. wa?lier and ironer; aUo a girl us chambermaid or waitress. 99 I WEST S7T\t ST.?A HESPFCTABLE TOP NO w 1 girl as good cook, wnshcr and Ironer, who un derstands ber business; no oliiertlon? to general house, work in a small family ; city or country; good reicrence WOW her lust )ilnc<>: 99 I east :<tii sr., between id and sd avs s- ? i in the store.?A com|>efenl girl as good cook and baker; w ? >ul<l assl.t with washing and ironing of a small lirivatc t.iniil\ (1 ur years'good city reterence; none ??tit ? k'"?l iHiuily hu keep their help t>erinuneiillf need apply; m .111.1 k ?ith ? lamily to the country lor the Summei months 99(1 ' A <l *^'1 ST ? A RESPECTABLE tilRL AS ? as L'ood pia n cooV .1 to assist with the wash ing ami ironing >i -.t ???> r> en ure. 99W A,v A N' Alt 1?TH .ST.-TWO RESPECTABLE *md". Oerniau girl- , one as cook ; other as ekaniher nisnl and tons in, with 111- ?a-liing aud ironing: good City role retires. *' " i)iik) THIRD FLOOR ?A FIRST class rook: tin '.cr- ulid? em kiic I ukies 11ml pastry In al their I r.itn In u., ob.cction to g? a ati.irt di?tatire in the country with a clly lauiily Im-.i cltv reference. Call or address QQ 9 EAST 22I> ST.. il> II . ,, A rkm'ECT _?)_ nidi. Protestant young woman is a good plitin rc-ok, excellent w aslier aud Ironer; no ohlectimi to umng a shortdi.-;aiicc into the country with a lamily; gi.od leference*. 2?>?> FAST <riTII ST. ?A OIRI, AS COOK. and liuner; best city rclerence from la-t plaoe. 9?>') WI.S1 .VIH ST. BETWEEN 7TII ANIiHIl nrs a respect aide Frotestant women s? cook, utideistat.d.scooking, baking, piutry. game aud dessert*; good city rc.icrence. OQa WEST 20TH ST. BETWEEN 7TII AND STH LiO"/ 11 > ? goo1 plain rook, washer and Irnnrr In a ?mull family: best dty rciercnce. Can he teen lor two day* 919 WFST 19TT1 ST.. BETWF.F.N 7TH AXD 8TH ? T& ?v*?A re .ptrtable woman at rook ; a native of Dublin: has twelve years' character; can be rocoin cnended by one of the (list futilities iu New Vork i 110 oh. Jertion to the country; a kind rni>trcai preferred to wages Qm f>e seen (it two duva M. A E. 9 i A WEST 41ST ST., BP.COND FLOOR. FRONT.?AS Jj'T T rook ; Clin cook French and F.iighsli duties. ii Alee a flret rlast laundress; good city lelercuce. M'lTATIOBS W#WHO Cook*. dtr. Ik 4/? UFAT OT1I ST.?A 8 FIRST CLASS * 2i I () understands all k'"!u ''^VthtV'Mwe^waJSiiug br-ad and cake maker; willing ?? ?'? ?*' < in a small family; cit> reference. . . ? vvk-t 47TH ST BETWEEN 7TU AY. AND '>,r)9 H-'.i.Tvv' v "a reap*1 table ?tirl as <ir"1 ^??k thoroughly understand. her duties ; best clt.v r?t?ri-ne?. m 'c\r.n wt>r ?i? sr.?a respectable yocno 2().i ui,i ,,4 dr-t rla->s emik; lit to H**l*t til wfold Ironing; best city rHfivi.w troin last place. o/v- R A ST WTll ST.. IN Til K 8TOBF.-A RE I a(),> ?i>?riui>l<' ?ouim Rlrl to rook. wa?h and Iron in ? small private family beat city rrfi nie*. ,",in 7th av . hktween vra and wth ?)!?> A respectable young Bin As cook. washer and ! Ironer. In a private family ; lio objection to the country; good elly rrtNMM> _____ _ ??1?7 I.AWT 37TI1 ST.. SECOND EI/lOR, FRONT t>l I room.?A respectable young girl as plain cook, wa-her and ironcr; boot of city rerercn o*. ? >k> I EAST 3I8T ST.. BETWEEN 1ST ANI? 3D AV8 ? ?>uT Two rvapoelable tlrla;oneas first class cook. the other an rhamtanntU Mil w?ltree?i nnohcrtlnii In f" h short distance in the country; best city reterenrrs ironi In^t place*. ' - ??0fi VAST S1TII ST. ? \ COMPETENT VOI Nil *0 ? >*?t) man to cook, wash and Iron. In a pri?at< family, excellent rtwww*. ooo KtST 83D ST.?A YOUXO OIBl< AS f''Al^ oin cook ami lo a?4af with washing ami Ironing In a ?mail private family; good cltv reference. a i ')>)U !?? a ST fitiTH ST.?TWO OOMI'BTBNT i)in together or separste one as V"'.l.^miaW a! I ! Ironcr: is a good liaker; the oilier tui ehanibuiinaW anil i waitress t bwl city re fere no at. ?> 4 /\ VAST I7TII ST., FIRST Fl.ooB.?A ER .HO spcclablc Kin as cook, washer and lr?(W P" objections to the country; be?t cltv reference. all two Jays. ?? ?) < n EAST lilTII ST.- AS (iOOD PIiAIN COOK i)4(I In a private family; first das* washer and ironer' cltv reference: also a voune ??rl a- chamber maid and waitress; willtiiR .mil obliging. ? > ?a DTK At, BMWVH Ml ANII Wll S*rs., ,y] I) thiid lloor.?A re?i?e?tiiblc woman ??eoi?? tn_a amall private rmnlly; willing to aaatut with tlie washing; beat city re tore nee. .. - O I n P.AHT 17TH ST.?TWO SISTI RS; ONR AH ?> }" ( rook, the o*h?r as i Immi crinaiil and w?ltro*<; wllllnu to do the work of h small 1:1?nd winliur- mi vcrv nice and tiilyglrl-; very oklUIng and billing, m> obii'ciloii to Hie country: k>*t rainrenoe. O I -7 KA8T 17TII ST.?TWO HISTKR8: ONR AH ? ? 1 / cook, the other na chambermaid mid to help with the wasliimtand ironing; very ouliglni? and wiHini?i best city refercncca. ,) -ft WKST25TII ST.. HKTWKKN HTH ANOUTII A VS., tit) I in the rear.?V respectable voung woman as cook, wu-lu'i ami ironer; gooil city refrrence. o/.() WF.ST 26T1I ST., NEAR 9TII AV-A RK ,?t >.i snertable American widow as ifond plain cook, washer and ironcr: i^ a good bread and city or a short distance in the couutry; ban a little glr 6 vei'ir* old whom slic would like to have In the bouse wilh her ; no objection to tlic housework of n iiunll prnaw family; reference if required. ?>/?r lira av.?a rbupeotajWjB wow a n as .">(?.) good cook ; will assist with the washing; willing ntid olillgiin/. OQ7 in AV., FIRST KliOOR, FHONT.-AK F.X1'K ? ?o7 rlemed cook; undernands her blislmss tliorongtily; city reference. 0<\1 .<*TII A v.?as IflisT CI. ASS COOK; MKATH, ? >''1 soups, 111! kinds Of r??'ry; or would d?p?nin cooking anil i-iiarse washlnasuo objection to the coun try ; t wo ye ars' city reference. 1-1 r WEST~ 40TT1 ST., BBTWTJEN 9TH AND leTII '1 1?) avs.?A Protestant woman as coo*: wlllin* to do t|,(. roarse washiiw and Ironing, in a private lamlly:city retercnc* l;om In r last plaec. i-l/i KAST 17TI1 ST.?A BKSl'KfTAKI.K WOMAN 4 It) as tlr-f elas? cook In n private laniily or board lug h<.u-.-; would assist with Oie wuslinig: city or country; IrisalKiv, IC vears old, who < un as-ist wltli wnlting or di. chores about the place; city reference from her last place. I1Q WEST 16TII ST.?A RBgf?OTABLB PBOTgB; ?| | O tant girl as cook, washer and Irouer In a small private family ; good city reference. 4 WEST ?TII ST., TIIIBU KI.OOB.-A PKOTK8 \ ?i?) tant woman as plain cook, washer ami ironer; , city reference. _ ' i cti 3D AV., NEAR SUIH HT., HEOOND KI.OOB, M L t front.?A rcspecluble young woman as cock. , and t?^l iu w.i?hitw and ironUWS bcstcity rctercm e. ill/) WEST 4ITII ST.?A RE>I'E<"T AHI.E YOON'l '4 ??t J girl ?s cook, washer and Ironer In a small lamlly; is willing and obliging: ?oo<l relerejieea, 107 WEST litiTIf ST.. 1IETWEEN JTH AND 10TH 4'? ? l avs.?As plain cook, washer and ironer In a pri vate family; city reference. | | O WEST H7TII ST.?A HESPIvCTAREE Olltl, 4 4 o u? Plain cook, waslicrnnd Ironer 111 a small laml ly; good reference if required. i A a WESTV-7TII ST.. NEAR WTH AV.-A RKSI'ElT. '|- tt) aide young woman ns first claw cook In a sm'Ul nHvata family; woald do the coarse washiiiK it r?.|Uircd; no objection to go to the country for the Hummer; best city reterenee fVom last phu o. ! , 7~H WEST 3ITII ST., HI* STAIRS. ?A BBHPEOT 1 44 I able .'11 1 to cook, wash and Iron; city roterenoc. I - r HTH AV.. N EAR 35TH ST, K1KHT KEOOB? A ?J r),) ivspeetable Kirl as good cook In a private fain ilv : would assist in the wasnlnir and Ironing it required; ; five years' city retcrencc troin la t place. 1(1 i 1ST AV. NEAR 29TII ST., 8ROOND FLOOR, 4? ' I front room.?A respectable woman as e?M?k ? un stands her business perfectly. and M ill assist in washing if required ; a goisl bmkerot bread and biscuits. -l/v WKsT 2'jTH ST., IN TilI'" REAR, BETWEEN Olw IOtl> and lltli avs.?A respectable woman ascoiik, wa-her and ironer in a small family: uo objection to the country ; lu st city relerenee*. rl T WEST 28TH ST.?A CdMPETKNT YOCIWI OIBQ ,011 as cook, washer and Irc.ner; lu st relereiiccs. -,)7 WI ST 4.STH ST., BETWKEN 10T1I AND I1TII in.?A rea| notable woman as cook and to assist with plain washing; Hirce years, reference from last vlacc^ r tZQ TTH AV., CORNER 40TH ST.- A RWWTSOTABtiE ? )?)?' voting woman as good cook: is willing to assist with the'wa-bing aud ironing; bestcily relerenee. I rnft SB AY.?A RESPECTABLE (IIRI, As COOK, ,),Ml washer and ironer In n respectable private t. milj . n<> objection to the country ; best city relerenee 0--7 v'D AV., BETWEEN SSTI1 AND HiiTII S'l'S.? ?) ( Two respectable young girls; one as rook and to wash In a reapec'able family; no obiectlon to go to tlie countri tor the Summer month*; the other to do cliam berwork an I waiting or assist with the washing and iron | Ing; good city references. _________ ?T IU' 3D AV ?A YOI'NO tilRf. AS (iOOD COOK, | t Ft) aud w lllinu' to aasistjn the washing, m' ? Sl? AV., BETWEEN MTU AND t.VTII STS.-A ) young girl us good cook ; Is willing to assist Willi I the washing. <- 1 ?) SD AV., NBAR 40TH ST.. SECOND FI.OOR. i 4?> Two respectable girls, together; one as good plain cook, washer and ironer; the other as cbamlter inaltl and waitress an I to a-stst with washing and iron i lng; no objw tlon to the country tor the Hummer; good citv releieuce tnau their last place. rrrk) 1. IT 11 AV, SECOND FLOOR.?A MIPDMvAUhO i woman as rook: Is an excellent cook aud gisxl baker; would do the coarso washing; would go a short distance in the country ; city reference. r (>- itTII AV., BETWEEN .'.1ST AND BSD 8TB., | t >* > three flights of stairs up. front-A resportnble girl as good plain cook, washer and Ironcr; good bread and biscuit maker. Cull tor two days. n.) 211 AV, BETWEEN 41ST AND 4.'D STS.. IN ? the butcher store.?A good Oerman cook, who understands French cooking. i) 2L> AV.. HEAR 44TII ST.?A RES PRCTABLR ? girl to ill) kitchen work ; Is h good plahl cook, washer mill Irotier anil nn excellent linker. QKfl 1ST A V., BETWEEN 47TII AND 4ST1J KTH.-AS 0? M) first class rook: understand* her hiislnciie thor oughly ; in a private family or small boarding house; i uy or country; excellent retcronoe. 1 H'V"\ :,I) AV BETWEEN 621) AND Ml) HTS.?AS l.'Mi) plain mok, wn-hcr and Ironcr; understands nil twirt* of pastry, Ac. j good city reference. 14OO SI) AV.?TWO (URLS; ONE AS CO<?K. .1 washer ami ironcr; the oilier a* cliuinlicruianl and waitress. I 4Qr BROADWAY. BETWEEN 4',Til AND ?.Til i . 1 ?"'? I nt?., MKMind bell.?A respectable wxinan iw good plain cook . a go?d washer hit, 1 ironcr; wilt asai-t Willi the wlulling 111 u private family. Chanibrrmaldi, Air. ?i east ran st.-a he writable youkc girl to *> do chainberwork anil waiting in * small private tain- 1 II v: would go in the country tortile Miminer month*; two and a hull' jears reference. Can l|p wen at her last employer'*. r EAST 39TI! ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ?l a* ctiambermalil nnd to nnsist with washitiK, or do plain tewing. 19 OREENWrril ST.-A RESPECTABLE VOt'NO Ijj woman. of Rood address, a* chambermaid ; in> oh lection to rravel with a good tntnily. Addre*.. iur two days, H. W. 11} EAST *mi ST.?A HEHl*KCT ABLE V1 > I N (i O I It l~ IO Fix nionthi landed, In a private tnmily. to do chain berwork and waltinic or asaist in homework; im< objection t<> the country or children; can embroider; is willing nnd obliging; heat reference. ^ ?JQTH ST. PLACE, THIRD HOUSE. K? WEST 1MTH IO at.?A eompctent young woman a? chambermaid or mi rae; excellent city rnfiefWW. 2?1 WEST 13TII ST., BETWEEN 6111 AND f.Tll AVi ? > A ri'?pectable voting woman a* chambermaid in a private tnmily 1 no objection to a private boarding hous ; pood city reference. I)- WEST WITH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYERS).?A ?-? ' Voting girl as first class <?liunihermald and fine | wa?her ami ironer; cKy or country; city reference from prc?*nt employer. l)w WEST 1HTII ST., BETWEEN BTH AND 6TII AYS ? A yonna w.,inan as iliainhermuid nnd waitrew In a private tamity ; host eMy reference. Can be seen until suited, at her prevent employer'*. ?m EAST 34TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE TOUKO ),tr' a? chaiuberinaid or waitress or chamber maid and assist with washing; bent city reference. EAST 18TIJ ST.. BETWEEN 4TII AV., AND .. Broadway.?A respectable voiinc trirl as r ham tier ^tly! ?i5*rele"n*. Urc*'i un<4,r,Ul"U lK,Ul 'l*r" /i?? WI ST.WTII ST -A UWPROTABLE WOMAN AS fb?jnb?rma d and to d<> uluUi Hewing or to take care of growing 1 hlhlren; wuuld like <0 go in tne country lor the kuintncr; lour yearn icterenee irow lier last place. SITt'ATIONM WANTGn-KEIALKN. I haiulMrniBldt, 4c. f\U WEST I9TIT ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A <'!->. .V.,l,n* ?ir' ?? cliaml;ernimid nr m nur*w? togrow rnuntrv MU' ** claaa reiereuccs; uu objection to tlie WEST ?I> ST., THIRD FLOOR. ROOM 11-A young girl ah chamber.naid and waitress; best mferenee. f',Q WBbT 4ID .ST., ROOM Itt.-A RESF KCT ABI.E <11 *'r M chamlwrniaid ami waitresi In u nrivate tainily : no objection tu go a abort d Muiiet in (Uu uoun try; bast city rolorence. 79 W^HT 47TH ST., PRKHKST KMPIjOYRR'S.?A ' ?> re?peeUMe iiirl aa chambermaid and plum-earn sires*; H illing t?* wait on a iudy or take charge m grow uu' children. 101 KAHT S0TH HT- "BAR 4TII AV.?A YOUNG J J *,rl Si chambermaid and aeauutrcss, in a good on. rator on Win i>ltr A Wilson'* machine; no objection m the care ofgrotwi children; ii willing and obliging. mWKHT 40TII ST.-A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM bennaid and Hue wa?her; is neat hii<1 obliging ; bunt city iwlerence from piaec mWff ?JH ST.?A TOUMO (11 Rl. UtlBAH BE It >11 at?l and flue wi^ltfr or waUiumi : sood vit v re* fcrcnee. "M Q EAST 69TII ST.. LATE nfbSTU'A-A RB II ? ? spcctable girl a< chambermaid and fo a>sist with the line \\ ashing mid Ironing in n private family, or In do Koneral housework for a family notaxaetditig Jour; no objection to going w-ltli a family to the country lor the Hummer month* 1 O9 WEHT 19TH ST.. IN THE REAR. ?A YOUNG I -j ~j w oman as first claim chamborranid and to do ttna washing; Rood reference. 1 ^)A -n ST.?TWO MERMAN GIRLS, SISTERS; ONE ?I ^ r *? chambermaid or waitresa, the other as nurse i no wnKhing. mWFST '1 <T ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO do chambcrwork, or wiiltimtSsnr housework, in a antail family; city or country; rctercuce^ given. 1\)7 WEST 31 ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOI Ml 1 ?,? woman as chambermaid and to aMst In tine washing, or as waitress m a small private family; first class city reference. "IOQ WEST 2HTH HT.-A RESPECTABLE YOWNO l?l?/ girl UK chambermaid find waitress in a small private family; wishes to go to the conn ry. 1 J.1 WEST BOTH ST.-AS CHAM BKRMAID AND X 11 waitress, or to assist with the washing und iron ing; city rel'erciiee. mWEHT 80TII NT., BETWEEN ?TII AND 7TII ays.?A rcsnoclnble young girl as elmmbcrmuid ana waitress or to do general housework in a small family. M PC WEST SfiTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE TOlfWo -? **' Kirl us chaiiilicrmuid and waitress; good ruler cncc. 1JQ WEST .1.11 H ST., III!ST FLOOR, FRONT.-A V * *" young irirl as chambermaid, or would take cure of |4rowliiu children and do plain h? wing; ffood reieroncc Iroin lint place ; would go in the country. "1 ri EAST 321) ST., BETWEEN 3D AND LEXING 'n.n ?vs.?A voting woman a*chambermaid and waitress, in a smnll private family, or to takecare of dill ?Iron; city or country ; two years' city reference from last employer. 1 r."1 WEST I7III ST.?A Nl at and TIBT WRL cliamberinaid ; would teke ( lire of children ; no Objection to a short fllttftftce in the country. IRK WW SOT ST., THIIID PLOOR, FRONT lyy room,?A respectable young girl as chamber maid and waitress In u urlvote fnmltv, or would take eiiambern or* alone ; good city re.erence. Call after iu o'clock. 1 rif\ T':AST 4''" ST - A KESKRfTAHI.E YOl'Nll <iII!L !?/'? In u private finully as chambermaid and wait rem; good city reference. lftl WKs'f 51ST sr.. COltNEIt 7I'll AV . FIRST J*?l floor.?A respect able girl, aifed 10, h< chamber maid and waitress in h private family; first cla-s citv reference. Call for two days. ' 1A1 1191II ST.. BETWEEN 3D AND ll'll AVS.-A ?"J, respectable girl u- chambermaid or nurse in a private family ; no objection to go fo the country with a family iu the Summer; first duns city reference, fall for two days. | 71 WEST 1STII ST.. NEAR 7TH AV.-A* YOUNG 1 1 1 ,.,V(."'".UI "? ehamlieriiinld and waitress or to tiike care of children and do chaiuherwork ; the best eltv ref e renee. 10 9 511 AV'? (INK DOOR FROM 17T1I ST.?- \ UK J,. ri "pectable girl as cliamberinaid and wuUress; no objection to tlie country; liest city relercnce. EAST an II HT -A GERMAN OIRL AS CHAM iMTinald or wnitreas ; best city reference. '>01 ALLEN ST., BASEMENT.?A WELL EDUCATED work K'r chambermaid or to do general house 90'^ WEST 27TI1 ST.-A COMPETENT PERSON AS ^ . .-st '?n'"1 cliamberniald and laundress; thor oughly undcrstiimls her business; would go in the coun try ; good reference. VOft :?D s r., CORNER OF 8TH AV.-A YOtINO GIRL as cliauiboruiaid, and to asaint with children good reference. 1 90ft WES* S2D ST.-A YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL 1 . 1. tlm<uberniiiid and waitress; no objection to a short liistunee in Ihe loiintrv i) 1 i) WEST 33D ST RING THIRD BELL.?A YOUNG jtMP.' uJlHit 2 ai!y doChainborwork and wait Wliilng and oMlKiniT,m' P< '"' "" "ld <'"un,r> ? U *>19 EAvT aei? ST.-A YOI-NG WOMAN AS CHAM w*rmald and si^aniMtrcxn or cliamhcnnaid und waitrcaa ui a muuil private family; city reu-r^uoo-j. Call lor two nays. 914- WEST JTTII ST., NEAR 7TH AV., ROtlM ll.-A ^'7 resiiectable person to do chambcrwork and to a^Hifft Hitli the waAlunjf; no obiection to go a short diri tancg in tup count! y ; goad city reference. 91/1. F;AHT K.Tl'ST-A young GIRL AS CHAM ?tai.i "I"! w or as ehainliermaid and to Sr.'J t ? j ?ud ironing ; or as chambermaid j?nd to do Kcwlng; no objection to the country; present Vnipbiycr i-olng to ; good ? Ity refereuce. 91 (A KAS.T ff* PT.-A RESI'ECTARLE girl chambermaid, waiiress and to assist in wash 99,ft WEST 18TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOVNG tf.ti , ^r1 a* c'iarabermal1 and wultrcss, or to do light chambcrwork and nursing; can read and write; good reference t all or mUlres-v WEST IS I'll ST., FIKST FLOOR. A RE \ spcctable vouug girl as chanibermald and wait reas or to do 0 lamoerworU ami plain sewing iu a private family; no ol J xtiou to the country; city reference. 221 ?A,nr 2}ST ,y?rN0 AMERICAN GIRL as chambermaid and in willing to do waiting. 222 EAST S9TH ST.?A YOUNG I.ADY AS CHAM itcrinald and waitress; good city re le re nee. 4?4? A WEST 23D ST.. NEAR 7Tlt AV.-A RESPECTA ^^4 hie young Kirl as cliauil>ermaiii and wuitres.'; Is w iUiiifc and obliging; has best city reference. %>??-< EAST J9TB sT-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ?th \ chambermaid aud waitress; best reference. Call lor two days. _ __ (?0/\ EAST 46TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.?A ^>nl competent yoling ifirl to do cliaiuherwork ainl walling in a private family; no objcctlou to uo a short distance in the country; excellent city reference. Can be seen tor two day*. _ _ OQO EAST 4VTH ST.-A GIRL AS OH AM BE UM AID LO>) and waitress; rcterenuun from last place. WEST NTH ST.?A REI.IAIII.E I'EKSON AS chambermaid and waitress; b?st city reference. OQO mm 27TH PT.-A RESPEC'TABI.E TOCKO irirl as chambermaid and waitress or to do chain lie.rwork and wanhlag. notl EAST 4ftTII ST.-A GIRL A8 CHAMBERMAID ^Ot) and waitress; references trmn last placc. 2or WEST ftlST 8T ?A HENPECTABLE OTRI, A8 ???) chambermaid and waltreaii. In a smalt tamlly, or chambermaid mill seamstress; no objection to the country. Call tor two dim. 'O'Ml WE8T ?D ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG fiOU girl a? chambermaid, or would take care of chil dren ; city reference. 2??7 WK8T *7Tlt ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUKG ?>< woman as chuiiiberinald and to assist In tine washing. or as laundress. In 11 small private family; dr*t class city relcreuce. Inquire in the store. *??)Q WEST ?rrn 8T.-A competent yopno ^OO girl as chamtiermaitl aim waitress, or ? humlicr maid and to do tine washing; city reference. VIM S7TII ST. ?A TOBM W< ?MAN AS >0 chambermaid; woukl assi?t in taking care of children or In washing; would prefer a family going In the country tor the Summer mouths; row! dt v reference. ()4 i) FAST r/ril ST., BETWEEN ZI> ANDSDAYS.? U As first clnsi clianitiermald and waitress inn privute family. Call or address. ??4?? WEST !7TH ST.?A OTKL AS CHAMBERMAID und waitress; three years' reference Irom last place. ()AA WEST DOTH ST.. Til [Kit FLOOR, BACK

Ai'il room.?As first class clumt>crinatd; cltv refer ence. 91" WEST Sf.TIf ST \ Itl-^TI cfable YOCNG w I'l Kirl iis chambermaid and waitress, mid willing to take care of children good city rctcrcnc -s from last place. <y 4 K WEST ssr> sr.. REAR.?A YOt'NG IJIKI. AS ^'t?? chambermaid or waitress; liest city relcrence. Call tor two days. f) in EAST 44TII ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT aide young Kirl a- chnniliertnatd and waitress; city or canntry; Rood city reference. Call irom 10 to 4. 1) |Q W EST .'KITH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE YOCNG ? I ?' Kirl as clia iiilMTiuaid ami waitresi or chamber maid and to do plain scwIiik ; coo.I elty reference. ?)P1 BAR :?l> ST. -A BESPECTABLE PROTEST 4*' ) 1 ant girl to (lo chamberwork and ussist with wash 11 > K In a nice family; bust city references. 2-i) 47TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE C1IBL A8 CHAM Li liermaid and liinndrcss in a private tamlly, or waiting alone; best city reference OnA WEST HTH ST , NEAR RTH AV., SECOND ?t*l*T floor.?A respectable young woman to do cliam berwork ana assist with the waiting or take care ot chil dren: good ieter?nre. 2/rr WEST .10TH ST., IN Tllh REAR?A RESPECT ?/?/ able young Kirl as chmnberiiiaid and waitress: nn objection to a short distance In the country ; food ref erence. 0/?0 WEST 4UTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO LMit do charabsirwork and waiting or as seanxtreu; willing and obliging ( an l" n at cmoloyer'a <>??Q WE8T 86TH AT., BETWEEN 7TH AND HTH iOt) avs.?As chambormald aud waltrw* lu a privata tamlly; best cltv rMerenr* srrratiom w\trriad-pkiulkh. (kambrrniBlda, M\!>I.-(IN AV.. CORNER tOTU ST.-A VERY r r spietalle girl as chambermaid an<l mjid jlrcs*; uo object leu Ik the CHI oi children; country pre ItrrM. i ?? lw wen at prewnt employer'*. OQQ AV. A., KIIMO- FM>OR.?TWO RESPECTABLE cirts, fine m- chimhermaid and tu tauil with the floe washing; Hi" other Si WSllNiWseBi reference. QH7 EA>T 61/I'll ST.?A YOl'NO (JIKL AS CHAM i)'< I bennuid ann to <lo Duo washing nnd ironing; city relerenee. full for two da.vs. ?>l|| BAiT ISOi 11 >f., UETWK N 1ST AMP 2D AVS Oi"' AKUri. ol g<>.?| cllyr'-fcrcncp, as chamtiermaid; no ofeii'otiou to do li;ln housework; is willing to go to the country. ?)1 lk WK.-T 2<il| ST.?A RKSPECTABLB OIRL AH Oi"t elmititx riiMliI and waitress; best reference froui present employer. __________ ?)1 n BAST SSI? ST.. NKAH 2D AV..SECOHD FLOOR, ? )1 ut front.?A young woman as chambermaid and to do lliu iva -liing an I Ironing or to do wailing; good refer ence. *> 1 7 WESr ?th st.-a Top NO woman to do ? M I rhuniliprwork iiimI a?*i?t with tlm washing in a private isutilv ; city rewNtWWk ona KAtrr mtii 'st-a yoino mui. t<> no U?" cbamberworit and ?s*lst with washing; u a good washer, fiuter and intaer. Q01 WKtiT JflTII ST. ?A REHPF.CTABLK YOUNO 0?* L woman n." cbninb rmaid and waltrem. will take cure of children jelly or couufry ; city rotwaci. onn bast aoiii st.-a you ui woman ascham. Mrmaid and waltrosa in a private family , good city reference. ? , OQi EAST 2STH ST., SECOND FI.OOR. BACK.?A viiutiu srirl. lately landed, to do ch?nil>erwork and plaili sewing; willing to make MHla Useful. QiiS EAST IflTU ST.. KEAH, TOP FLOOR.?A RE t I spi'ctable German rirl to do tiputair.< work in ati American family; no nl^ertlnti to the cvuatry ; will take MM oi children. Call from ll> tUl 8. *>9f? east mi> st-a rupmtablb you no Ou'' Rirl to do chuiuberwork and wailing; is willing toas-ist with washing ; pood city reference. ttOA WEST liltll ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ? girl as chambermaid, and to doactrlng; good cltv reference from her Inetplaoe. OOfl WEST 4ID ST., IN TUB FANCY STORE.?A ? respectable young girl as tlrst class chambermaid and waitress in a private family; best city reference. Call or addresa. OOQ EAST MTM ST., TOP FLOOR] FRONT -A HE 0> spectnb'.e girl ns chambermaid or lo take oare of children and asg'sf with the tine washing; is willing lo go with a re>-prct*lilo lauiily to the country: bast city reference. Call lor two days. OOPT EAST 22D ST., BETWBBN 1ST AND 2r> AVS., ???)>) third floor, front room ?As cbambermnld and wal'rnss, or to aaslxt In washing if required; good clly reference. <)Or TROOP A v., BROOKLYN.?A YOUNO OIRL 00?) to do upstnfrs work and waiting on the table; good reference from last Hue*. . OQft WKST MTH ST-AS CHAMBERMAID AND OOI) waitress In u small private lainiiy; host city ref erence. (MA EAST Iffl! ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID and to ? J r ' / tuke on re of children ; city reference. O I O EAST 21TI1 ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO OtO ehambemorfc in a j rlvato boarding house; is willing and oMIglncc; city reference. 3 A 7 FAST turn ST.?A yovwo woman, with a r I private family. a< cliuinbcruiaid und to do line washing i goo l elty reference. ?>rkn WEST 8STH .-T.-A RESPECT A BLB YOUKO girl as chambermaid and waitress; good city relcrence. OKA ITU AV., BETWEEN 220 AND 230 HT8.. IN millinery afore.?As competent cliant'ier maid 'ind good plain M'gnulrca*; can emhrolder : would take care n'children oywfijtona lady : is willing aud obliging; over five years' city rclcrenco. OC\rk 3D AV ?A RFPPKOTABLE YOUNG OIUL AS ? chambermaid nnd waltrem; cil.v or country. A /\1 WERT "1ST ST.?AN AMERICAN OIRL AS I'M chiimbermaid nwl waitress in a private family poliig to tl:? country for the Summer; good city refer ences. yl "I Q EAST 1IITII ST., FIRST 1'TiOOR ?A YOl'NO ^ I O woman as chamtierinald an I to do fine washing, or iih cliRtnhcrinaid and waitress In the country; best city reference. Call for two days. A 1 O WEST 21TII ST., FIRST FLOOR.-A RESPECT. t" I ?> aide young woman n* chambermaid und wait res<; no objection to the country; good reference. I WKST HPT ST. - A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO 1 I 'r girl a< chambermaid and waifrc-s and to assist with fbe wa thing, cull an Mrs, dillon for two days. A! n FAST I7TII ST. ? A YOl'NO OIRL AS CHAM ill berina!d and waitress, or to a>eist with children; Iiest city reiercnce. A 99 EAST *18TH ST.-A RESPECTAB1,E YOUNd girl as cliainbermuld und waitress and to assist with washing and ironing; best city reference. Cull lor one day. A WKST S2D ST., ONE PAIR OF STAIRS, BACK. " ?As chambermaid and waitress, or would take Charge of children ; can be seen for two days. A OO WEST 42D ST., SECOND FLOOR.?A SMART rr and tidy yoaiii girl to do cliamherworli anil waiting In a small private lamlly. nnd is willing to assist in I he washing and ironing or to assiit in tuking care of cliildri n; good reference*. A on. WEST 40 11 HT TOJ* FLOOR.?TWO RE t O'J speetuble girls in the same fainUy ; one to do up stairs work and assist with the washiug , the other to do kitchcnwork. /fOO WKST 31 ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO rOo girl, lately lauded, as chambermaid and wait ress; best city reference. Ad.WKST JOTH ST.-A PROTESTANT CURL AS TTt) chambermaid and nurse ; city or country. In quire lor JANE JUtOWH. ZtftU "T? AV.-A YOUNO OERMAN OIKL, TO DO T'Jt/ chamber work and waiting. r 1 7 WlidT 2CTII ST.-A YOUNO OIRL AS CI1AM ? ) L I hermald and lodo tine washing, or as laundress; can do plaiting aud fluting; best rofcrences, uo objection to the country. nao SOT I' ST., CORNER 2D AV. -A RESPECTABLE ? )<)?/ young girl <t? clinmhormiiid nnd waitress or to take care of children and do sewing; best city retercnco. >T1A 31) AV., THIRD FLOOR, BACK BOOM9.-TWO ? J" youug w onion, in the same house; one ns chiimborinaiu oml waitress, anil to n>si*t with the wash lug; the oilier liscook mid laundress; out' U II I'rot estiint; flood ritv references. 74O 8D AV.. BEOON? FLOOR.?A RESPECTABLE i tO girl n< chambermaid and waitress or would do light washing and ironing: best city references. 7f*tX "Til AV., BETWEEN 46TH AND 47TII 8TS.? !')?) A respectable Protestant girl as chambermaid; first class MMMM. Apply lor two days. r/?7 9TII AV., BETWEEN MST AND S2D STS.-A I <)< voiint? girl to do chumfcerwork and plain sewing; good reference. onn 1ST AV., BKTWEEN 47TH AND 48TH STS.-A 0?M> competent girl as chambermaid and to do fine washing: city or country ; best city reference from last employer. Qrtt> 6TII AV ?TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS, TO OO OOO together: niw an chambermaid and waitress; the other as nurse ; city or country ; good city relcrence. (UM 8D AV., BETWKEN flTTH AND MTH STS.-AS iflrr chnmhermnirt and wnltress, and assist with washing, In 11 private family ; best oK> re'ereiice. (W?Q 30 AV., CORNER MTH ST. WEST SIDE-A i/DO respectable girl, lately arrived lrom London, as ehamhermald In a private tamlly: would not obiect to going in the country lor the Hummer months. Call for two day*. 1HA7 8I> AV< BETWEEN fUTH AND S7TH HTS.. ?UOI top floor.-A respectable young girl an chambermnld and waitress; would assist with any other work; good reference. 11 or 2D A v., COKSKK OF 69TH ST.-A RF. ? 1 tU'' *i?eoUbU> young woman as chanibeimaid and to assist witli the wa?liing anil ironing. 11Q/J 2D A v., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.?A ? I OH re ipeiialde young girl to do liustairs work or watting, and k?ms! villi the washing and ironing ; good reference. Gull lor two day*. ? 1 r.l n 2D AV., BETWKKN 7?TH AND 79TH STS. first floor ?A yonng girl as chambermaid and will tress or to do Meht housework; good citv refer ence given. Call, from 10 to 2 o'clock, on Wednesday and Thursday. VLr ANTED?BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, WITH GOOD tt relercnre, a situation as chambermaid and wait ress or 11 s 1111 rse In 11 private fuinily. Address il. W., llerald ofMoe. lJLr ANTED?'BY A RE =PE? ?TABLE TO DUO WjOMAN V? of Kuod address, iuat arrived limn Europe a Mina li hi n* chambermaid . 110 otileciion 10 travel with a good family. Address E. B., box 205 Uerald office. rrcsairtnhem and Sramstrrstes, SHHHIIIT ST., JERSEY CITY-AS SEAMSTRESS, by tile week or month; can operate on any machine nnd understand" making nil kini* of Indies' and child ren's clothes: no oli'ection to wo out of town Call on or address R. A. Mo. lor one week. i)C bait lira sr.?a pirht clash drkssmakkk > wishes n lew more customers by the rtny or week ; city reference. QQ WEST 24I'll ST.-A VOFN'O WOMAN AS SEAM OO stress, to work by the day, week or month oil Wheeler A Wilson's machine; l?esl reference. A ?> EAhT 2D ST, SECOND FLOOR.-A OF. IIM \ N 1 ?) seamstrc^. to go out by the day; understnnds dressmaking and can operate oil different machines; reference. KA 6TII ST., 1IOHOKEN, N J?A PERSON WHO ?*t: understands making ladies' nnd children's dresses and operating 011 Wheeler A Wilson's machine would like an engagement by the month ; best rclerence. Call or ad dreaa. no MACDOlIQAL ST.?AN EXPERIENCED DRESS. t/?l maker desires the work of a few first class families at her residence, or won In go 0111 by the day. 1AO WEST 20T1I ST, IN THE STORK-A DRESS l'JfJ maker, competent In all It* branches to work la families by the day Call or address DREsSM AKfc.K. "IOO WEST MD ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S?A l^i) young woman as seamstress and to wait on a lady; country preferred, or would travel to Europe. m| WKST 49TH ST -A RESPECTABLE OKRMAN girl lo sew for ? dressmaker, by hand and ma chine. TI%?>WE8T 40TIT ST, BETWEEN 6TI1 AV. AND IaO Broadway.?A Protestant woman as family seamstress Iit the day or week ; understands dressmak lag and children'} clothes, wftgci $1 a day ; hem refer ence. # I MW'ATIOW n\\TKI)-KKMALFH, J "*?<?*>iiiBbcra and Seniiiiirrsnti. 1 9fi WKf*T 17HI ST.?A WOMAN IV A ?bout housp-''na nh M*.",4tre,,s: make herself useful aoouijmjMiaootoecitlon toa dre.maker; m the city. 13/5 WKST ?,TH ST.-AS HKAMSTRESS; CAN work fay or raK^nd^ by 137 ^irftT 20X11 UT-' BKI'L JO.-A EROTKSTAN'T rL-terciico no ohillrViV1.1^ IK a ' ???>?'> : (rood c ity , no ohiertion to the eoufltry. i 'alitor two day* 142 JnSLff! JJrfMI# family sowing ?? wanted l.y a young lady, <\i 11 or address. 15] ?wnLr^??2z\K,KTB<7ABrjE wo*A* AS llfco loco to the rouiiMrJ^iti".! rh#mlwrwork; Would ? family to Europe hK feTJi", vui""?"r <>r ?o travel with fofu; t?c*tI'ltyrx-ierrne!* ""'ope with h lauuly 187 ^im'l1?iHS - A liKSI'Ki'lA IU,H I'KOTUST ruts and fllsdreafciind5?i'2ii?v'iU!? 9 "" operates ou WJitt'ler ?-i! l"N<Js of 'mmly wwing; 21,9 SSjr^?!JSL?r;?? cutting Mini flU nir, woulj Uk,. a f! w^ by ttoday; i<a ir.;...i UamJ?r/4. t}Jw,l,nVi;i to ? fir- cU operator o? WI^VTy^'rj,.^;^ ; 940 KAST 3lST "--A KKtPSOTA nr v sti\! nwsras tu*,fer?{Tr;sii ??-"? ' 241 ' KP 8T.?A K ASTIIO \ A BI.K Ijr?r7 ass. rk,a',"tr?"f,i?y .??WSt | inents of nil kinds flr^claas s'yl" OVur Mr' ! 242 a V^T7''," HTV "??K"N an \.\DU AWlL wantlT.i f?,lr eUM dres mtuer un I Rood operator **M or ad?nia^^ the day or^week' I 24 5 Eto rfnfnB aS];-?4 DRESS* AKKlt ACCUSTOMED nowe and complete it when desired. Call on or addre* 270 8TI1 AV- IN the STORK.?a OAHPRTXVT 'lay or vrST pritVuV'lainillel,"^ '*? the 2,s>sfc?7^' s?x &&. 'aig.!5fei? 310 ""^T 44TJI ST.?A YOt'NG AMERICAN rim ales mm W&^^wni"^to "s11 nt ?Iressmnking; op?? country Wilson i machine; no objection to the 397 l? AY;,'.y^AR 28TH ST.. THIRD floor ?as 4 ^|) Jf' AyT J5TH ST?SEWING WANTED BY TIFF '\ ^ "KTW"!"! I'.' V U I ff A XI) lOTIf AVS ? gag ()f)8 AY"i ?KtwEEN i2V AND STS ?A COM wtmrnmamm 88f) ^y.-lA P??TE8TANT VOUNO WOMAN TO 1)4-9 M> *v??A YOCNO GIRL WHO nvm.-i, iiiakiiic wMil's ^l!<'<'ler * Wllaon'a niaeliine. Qlso dre^-" week" 'cTlf fur tL%?0r0 ?"'?^"'?nta by' the day or ] 0/jf) ? ' AV., BRTWEF.N 62n AND fill) STS TOP take cure ofehilih-eSfn?'K?r' **st>ain?lres?: would A KlUST CLASS DEKSSMAKKR, WHO TlIOROI'im mo n l_ ^in p H ^\o7itn llicg" to "go out'by the d?y L'"Pioy" aidoSicfc s f"r ono week' Jli:,K b'fx lllile?r' A fh"H,T CLA.Sti DRESSMAKER, TO UO OirT BY wi?ifeg wji tt. ^rDwK box 1,0 Herald I ptown Brailcb oflloe, 1,^65 Hr.'ia(iwny Genera.] Iloimevvork, Sir. OI) IIOl'SE IN 67TH ST.. EROM HOIIIFViPn irn to du h^wor?'?oUrP. 30 ^ "T.?A YOUNG WOMAN TO Do ORV rrcS,|eaAr,sne^Ca?n?0",mi,y^; K.'" ",0tbfr Kood city refcrenco from lZ SO BETWEEN MTH ANnchTII STS Ttlnin in a sninl? drIvotcTiml^iiv!''B K'rl 40,10 ?encr?' housework A(\ PERRY ST., RKAR.?A RESPECTABLE YOI NO Ju nil'1 to <li> housework in a private family; under Wild I it thoroughly; good city reference. ea MHHff st.-a young respectable <iirl ?)\) to <lo general house work in a private family; best city fie pence. Call fur three days. 1O9 WEST 19T1I HI'.?A YOUNO I1IKL TO DO OKN ? >? cral housework in u small family; no objection to a floor through. 1 A 0 WEST 19TII ST., RKAR HOUSE.?A RESPECT J'H' able girl to do general housework in a small pri vate imnii.v: best reference. 1^9 WEST MTU ST., ROOM 8.-IN A SMALL I'l j family, by n colored woman: wishes her child with her; is willing and obliging; will work in city or country. 1 in HANK ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO DO Iti" general liousework in a small private lamily; g(K)d city reference. 171 HUDSON ST., LAST PLACE.?A RESPECTABLE I J gir' to do general housework In a small family. Can be seen tor tw o day*. O/yi EAST 62D ST.?A 01RL TO DO OENERAL ?1' "A housework I11 u private family ; good reterence. 91ft SULLIVAN ST., FIRST FLOOR.-A RESPECT 11' able girl to do general housework, in the city or country; good references. 91 EAST GOTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN IO do general housework for a small private family; Is a good cook, washer and Ironer; good re erencos. 91 7 EAST 25TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO jC V t woman to do general housework in a small fam il.v ; good city reterence. 9?J .1 EAST 46TH ST., THIRD PLOO& BACK?A RE i spectable young girl, lately landed, to do house work in .1 small family. 9'17 WEST l.'iTH ST., REAR.?A RESPECTABLE mOI young girl to do housework In n small private family in the cltv: would do chamberwork and assist with washing au?l iron tig. 9QQ WEST 46711 ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY ami Nth av.?To do general housework In a pri vate family,or would take oar* o! two children; city relcrenoe. 9jP WEST SSD ST.-A YOUNO GIRL, LATELY landed, to do housework. 2-(? MU1.BERRY ST.?A (1ERMAN OfRL TO DO t)u general housework in a small family. 0/V7 EAST X2D ST.. RETWEEN 1ST AND ID AVS.? tH' I Two respectable young uirl*, I'rulosunt.s. lately landed ; one to do housework and the other as chamber maid and to assist in the wasbiug. QA7 KAST fi0TH ?T.-A RESPECTABLE youno O" I girl, lately landed, to do general housework in a private family. n-IA Wl'.ST 63D ST.?A GERMAN PROTESTANT ? > I" girl desires to do housework In a small lamily. Cull for one day. _ Oin F AST 341II ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAJf OIO to do general housework In city or country ; no objection to go out by the day. Call for two days. 3OA EAST 2XTH ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN FOR *j\t housework; Is a good cook, washer and ironer: willing and obliging; three years' relereneM from last employer. Q9fi WEST 3CTII ST.-A RESPKt'TABLE CTRL, Ofcjvl lately landed, to do general housework; willing and obliging. OO9 EAST S6TH ST.-A GOOD YOUNO OIRL, OOA lately lanncd, to do general housework; willing and obliging; no objection to go to the country. Q?1J_ 1ST AV , BETWEEN I0TII AND iOTH STS., TWO ? ??T stairs up ? A trustworihv young girl to do gen eral housework in a small private lamily; l? willing and obliging, fail tor three days. __ Q4JQ WEST 86TH ST., BETWEEN <*TH AND 9TH flUU avs.?A respectable girl to do general housework! Is an excellent washer and ironer; good city reference from last place. <),| 1 EAST 22D ST., NEAR 1ST AV.-A YOUNO Or I girl to do housework in a family; goou city ri?rcn? nre. A n?) 1ST AY., NE AR 14TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE x"0 American girl to do general nouaeworR tn m small fsmll v; would go a short distance in the country; iwo years'relereuco; wages *14. MTirATIOWH WANTEIl?FEMALES. (?enrnii liouaetvor*. ??. J_HQ KA*r "T" sT ? BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AT.' T""0 A.?A respectable .voim; woman to do general housework in * small private fimily. Call 'or two days. J '>7 1ST AV.. NEAR 2STII ST.. TOI' FUMM.-A | tO| French woman to 4o hou.-ework or kltchoa > work C?tl Hat two day*. i J ?JQ BANT WTH bT., FIRST FI.'MtK FftONT TOO room.?A -mart, honest and Industrious mr', lnti'lr iaii4v4. In a email private family; no objection to I city or eonutry A AO WB8T MO ST.. BETWEEN 9TH ASP ID II .? ?"ar?.?A resw-table girl to do general hMMV rk in a small private family, city ri f-r nfi*. AA,1 WI'.HT SflTII sr., BETWEEN t?TII AND IHTH r i"t avN.?A young girl to do housework in 11 private futility; no objection to city or country. fall tor two day*. 4rn wKsr ?kth st? one hiair* up.-a rb ? #l nuei-table young woman to do general botue work or chaiuborwork and tine washing; woull like to 1 go to Peek*ill; I* willing anil utilising; g,md reference. I - A wkst aaD ST.-a respectable YOVNU tD woman to do housework ; Is h good 000k ; no ob jection to a boarding how*; fwod refeetune. "H I WK8TMTH ST., THIKD FLOOR.?A REMT.CT able youti* girl to do general lioafe work in a small private family ; is a goad plain cook, wasli?-r and lroner. luTH av.-a respectable young wo man to do general house* ork in a small lamlly; beat ctt.v reference. Can be iieen tor two dam. ?9(1 WKsT MTU ST.?TO DO HOUSBWOBB IN A _ small lamlly; good reference. PZAA i0 AV OORSBB star at.?a rkspkctablb tJXt t young woman to do general housework; good city reference. COO WEST 4.10 ST., NKAK 1ITH AV.?A I'KOT "WH extant woman to do general homework in a ?mall faintly; good washer and lroner. <*h1I or address lor two day*. ?Or 1ST AV?A RE8PBOTABLK GIRL TO DO 'general housework, city or country; good refer ence If required. rtQ7 ?B AV , BKTWKEN 43D AND 44TH BTH.-A Ut7 I respectable young cirl in a Miiull private family to do general housework; city references. Cull for two days. 70J 9TH AV., BKTWKEN 52D AND 53D ST.-'.?TO I ?'T do general housework in a small private family; city rcfwcuce. 7Q7 7l"l AV , BETWEEN 521) AND (BD STS.?A RR I O I spectable young girl to do housework tn a small private family; is a giod washer and lroner; best city ref erence. QQO 31) AV., NEAR 63 ) ST., KING THIKD BELL? 000 A resectable Protestant girl to assist in general housework ; i 1 willing mid obliging. 1 A K^ 3D AV., BETWEEN C2D AND 63D 8T0 ?A respectable girl lo do light housework in a small family; good city reference. I OQ7 3D AV., BKTWKEN 76TH AND 77TH STH.?A 1 L.OO I young girl (lately landed; to do general housework In a private lamily. l all ior two days. 1 2l) AV.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL IN A ii'lou small family to do light housework; best city rei'erenco from bur last place. Henseksepert, Ac, OQ WEST tTII 8T? BOX 4.?A YOUNG WIDOVT <SiO l?dy, lately iroiu the Went, an housekeeper; wid ower's taniilv prelorred; would liko to meet a gentleman thai would asttiil her in a light business. Address Mrs. NEWELL, care M. Eggcrs. 77 WILLOW ST., BROOKLYN 1IKIGHTS.-A RE I I spectable American woman, who is thoroughly competent to take charge ol an invulul, having had largo experience, or as housekeeper iu some family, where >I<R woul I he treated as one of the tauilly ; such a home inure an object than salary: reference given. Call on or ad dress HOUSFK.vSPkR. Irt/X BLEEC'KER ST., TOP FLOOR.-A LADY A3 iUJ housekeeper. M. PATTPRSQN. 1 rr/r west sist st? near 7tu av.-a re AtJti spectaMe, educated J'rutcalant person, with city and other rccomiu n lalion-., to go a suort distance in the country, for widower <or farmer; will soe to milk ami butter; conllden io); will see to his profit and make lierseli useltil; BIMWUfi the employer will be thankful. 1 F.LDRIDtiE bT., BASH.ME.NT.-A WKl.L EDII cated widow ladv as housekeeper iu a widower's family or in a hotel. Call or address. 090 EAST HOUSTON ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT, Jj^iO room 3.?A middle-aged Oeriuan la ly of experi ence is willing to make liergcU useful us housekeeper In a small family; can take charge of any position of trust; Is a good plain cook; no objection to the country; apeaks English and French. Call for threo days. 99(1 WEST 2HTH ST.?AN AMERICAN WOMAN AH housekeeper in a hotel; has a practical knowl edge of the same. Address HOl'SEKKhPKR. *QM1 WF.-iT 28TII ST.?A WIDOW LADV, WELL F.D Ol ?L ucated, retlmsd, young and prepossessing, as housekeeper in a widower's lamily: Is capable of mak ing home pleasant and happy; no objection 10 the coun trv; no letters received; don't ring. Call, ltom 10 A.M. to 6 P. M., on Mrs. WERT. 0/\Q 6TII AV., CORNER 19TU ST.?A YOUNG LADY Ol/i7 as housekeeper in a hotel; is capablc ot taking charge of such aud has.had much experience; b st relVr ence. Call on or address Miss MARTIN. ?>rrl WKST 41D ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND OTH AVS ? ij'tL A respectable middle-aged laily wishes to tako the care ot a gentleman's house for tlie Summer; b \st reference given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY AS HOUSEKEEPER or as lady's companion; willing and obliging; good reference. Address ALICE M.. box ll>4 Herald ofHce. A SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY a .respectable American ladv: 110 objection to th? countrv. Address LOUISE M. BERTRAM, Grcenpolnt I'oH olllcc, N. Y. A LADY WISHES A POSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER or comp nlon. Address A. A. K., box 147 Herald office. Respectable English lady (widow, no children) desires a situation as housekeeper to a widower or elderlv gentleman, or would take care of an Invalid lady; no objection to travel. Address, all the week, Mrs. J. TlfOMASON, box 134 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE, MIDDLE aged Aiuericau lady, a position as superintendent of some hotel; i* accustomed to the management of ser vants; city or country; no ob'ectlon to going Welt; ac customed to take charge of laundry aud linen room ; best reference given. Address, lor one week, Mrs. J. F., box 114 Herald office. Ltunndrcsses, <vc. OJ WEST 13TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Ot wishes to get work l>y the day or week: in it good washer and ironer; can do all kinds of housework or cleaning; good reference if required. Cud be seen lor two days. A Q WEST 37TII ST.-TWO YOUNO WOMEN: ONE TO as first class laundress, the other as waitress; country preferred; beat city references. Apply at present employer's. Q/r 6TH AV TOP FLOOR, FRONT.-A RESPBCTA Ot) ble English wotran to do washing lor ladies or gentlemen; goo<l city reference. * 1 HQ WKST ?ril ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS .LUt/ laundress; willing to assist In chamberwork, best city reference. mWEST 15TTI ST., RACK BASEMENT.?A RE spertabio woman wishes gentlemen's and family washing at her own house; city reference. 1 OO WEST 31D ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS OOOD I ?jt) laundress; no objections to the country for the Summer; best city roterenco. "I i)A WEST 49TII ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S)?AS l^i'l first class laundress In a private family; excel lent city reloronoe. "1 *>rC WEST 16TH ST.-A COMPETENT LAUNORESS I O't to ?jo out by the day or week; an excellent hoti-o cleaner; city reference. Call, for one weok.onMrs. HICK BY. 1 EAST 28th 8T ? NEAR LEXIXOTON AV., SEC lO'i ond story, front.?A young woman does gentle men's and ladies' washing, French fluting; alio lace cur tain* done up. WE-iT BOTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as laundress; good city reference. 139 146 "1JE EAST HITH ST.. SECOND FLOOR-TO DO 1 J fine washing and chamberwork in u private lam ily; good city relerence. 8TH AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN as laundress. Apply for two days. I CI WEST IftTII .ST. ?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN J.?JA would do cleaning, washing and ironing by Uia day, wm* or month. I/TO WEST 31ST ST.?AN EXPERIENCED COLORED 1J*J laundress solicits washing to do at her own liouse ; linens ilone in superior style. Mrs. J. W. BROWN. 1 l\A WEST 1RTH ST., REAR BUILDING. ROOM NO. i ? 1.?A respectable young girl to go out by tho day to do washing or ironing or housoc leaning; good city ref erence. 1 nil ?I> ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL IN A 1?JU private famllv ns first class laundress; good city relerence trom lust place. OOn EAST 47TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Kiri as first class laundress, or would do lino washing and chamberwork; best city reference. Ring tho top be I IT QilA WEST 16TII ST., IN THE REAR.?A RESPECT iOU able woman to do housccleaninjx l>y fhe^Ug ^ ()?)() EAST MTH ST.?A ?OOI?, SMART WOMAN would like to get wafhlng and ironing or house cleaning or any kind or work or to lake washing and Ironing in the house ; gevon shillings a dozen. Call for two days. OO^ EAST 36TH ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES Z.Vi: ladies' and gentlemen's washing: puffing and fluting: laces and all sorts ot fineries done up in the neat est stvle; ordors promptly attended to; bes relerence. " ' ' BRIDOET RYAN. 241 OOn !BTH rT.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ji) girl as laundress in a small private family; no objection to the country; good city reference. Call for two days. _ BAST MTH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS LAl'N _ dress; no objection to going into the country with a family If required ; best city relerence. Call or address. Oi 7 EAST SOT If ST.. BBTWBBB 21) AMD 90 AVS ? Z'tl An English laundress wishes two or three fam ilies' or gentlemen's washing; can flute and pollsli. Ad dress Mrs. LONG. QK.A WEST 418T ST., ONE FL'OHT UP, BACK, romn 5.?A woman to go out by the day to wasn and Iron or take It In; Is a first class shtrt I rimer. 07A 7TH AV., IN BAKERY.?A RRSPECTABL* girl as good laundress; understands fluting; no objection to assist with chamberwork; city reference.

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