Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1873 Page 3
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?ITLATIOMS WUTTID-PEMALE8. Ltawlratti) 4fe* on a tta av., between mm and rrm bts.-a ZmJ't respectable young Ktrl as flr?t cImm lauiulreaa; thoroughly understand* her buaiaess; ean do all kinds of tmlm; beat city rclercuce from b?r lust place. QAO WEHT3STH ST.?A BKSPBCTABLK GIRL AS ?t\l& flm claw laundress; understands fluting, doing ?I> flap muslins, lie a, Ac.; country preferred; best ref erence. QAQ WEST 27TII ST., CORNER OF 7TH AV?A8 ? r '? J lauaar?M. Call tot two days. Good city refer ences. 9(\a EAST 1JTII ST., FOLBTU FLOOR. BA*'K Owl) room.?A respectable Scotch girl hn first class laundre** in a rinatl tamilv ; city or country : good home aiurr ol an object thuu wages; good city raferecee. QrtQ WEST 44T1I sr., THIRD FLOOR FRONT.-A OUO respectable woman by the day to wash and iron and do house cleaning. OlC BA8TMTHRT., TOP FLOOR, BACK ROOM ?A tilt) respectable woman to take in family wa-hiiig at her own home; gi od riiy reference; la a ttr?t cluss HHM OO' EAST 34TH ST?A RESPECT ABLE WIDOW as nurse or chambermaid, in a respectable family; no objection to go in the country lor the Summer month*. Call lor two day*. !>?)Q EAST tfril ST., NEAR 2D AV? SECOND FLOOR. OwO A respectable (German woman wishes washing anl irolling at her own home. O'W EAST 48TU ST., TWO PAIR STAIRS UP, ?>?>'! hm k room.?An experienced laundress to do ladies', gentlemen's or children's washing and Iron ing or tinting; would go out by the dav; any reference that is requ'ted. 0,71 WKST12TH ST.-A WOMAN TO HO WASHINO 0?J?/ und ironing or house cleaning bv the day. Of*r\ 3D AV., IN THE BKAK.-AS FIRST CLASS Ot/fJ laundress; can do all kinds of fluting, polish ing of the finest kind; best city reference from her taut plare. OQH 7TII AV., BETWEEN HIST AND 32D STS., TWu ?>?/*' pairs ol stairs, bark roam.?A resectable woman to ko out by the day washing und Iron In .' or house clean ing, or will take wusbiwr to her own house; is trust worthy ; good city referenoes If required. QQ7 7TH AV.-AR COMPETENT I.AINDKESS IN A I rentieman's family ; would assist with chamber ?work; best city reference. Address or call. 4ft! EAST 7CTH ST., CORNER OK 1ST AV., TOP 1 floor, back.?A resectable woman to take wash ing and ironing to do by the week or month at hor own home; good raft re ilea. AO L WEgf SZD ST.?A GOOD. RELIABLE WOMAN TT* '*X wish?< work by the day or washing at own home; best cit.v reference. AO A KAST ,STH OT-! TOP HLOOB, FRONT ROOM ? T'VT An English Protestant voting woman, flrst class laundress, to co nut bv the day to wash and iron, or h Wife cleaning; good reference. A 41- EAST 15TH ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND2D AVS. A respectable voting woman ss tlrst class lann dress and to assist with'the chamberwork ; Ifcst city ref. armce. iOO liTii ST.?A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WISHES T"0> > a few gentlemen's or ladias' washing: enn do up ahlrtasml ladies' clothing in first class style. Call for two days. * if 07 1ST AV., NEAR 2flTH ST., TOP FLOOR.?A Tre) I woman to go out by day or week to work at Eonsecleitnlng, washing or anything. Call ail ihe week. AA? BVO$OM ST., SHCoxi) PLOOR.-A BS*PECT? Tit able woman, ? flrst-elass laundress, wanis some family washing at her own home, or go out by the day; goml reference. AZft WEttr 42D ST., BETWEEN PFH AND 10TH * f I nvs.?A good woman to take in plain washing and ironing, and go out by the day. AQfi 1ST AV" THIRD FLOOR, HACK ROoM.?A woman to go out by the day to wash and iron or Clean Imnse; references. KOn EAST 12TII ST., BETWKEN AVS. A AND B.? *Js-1"? Two competent girls to do the washing of soine families, and wotil I go> out bv the dav if required ; best etty reference. Call or address. flOfi 20 AV ? "EAR S4TH ST.?A FIRST CUSS \P?\t laundress; can do all sorts of (luting and polislt tec on gentlemen's fhirts In the neatest manner;good eiry references. *7Q1 7t(l AV NEAR S2D ST.-A RESPECTABLE I Oa willow' \VVilU$u wishes a few families' washing to do, at her own resuTenCi4. OAT fiTII AV., NKAR 46TH ST.-A YlT^'^'O WOMAN OVA as laundress iu a private family; good city I"?.'*** ahee. OIQ 6TIT AV., NEAR 4tiTII ST.-A OIRL AS IN OIO fnnt's nurse; best reference; no objection to travel. Can be seen for two days. QQO 3D AV.. NEAR53D ST., RING THIRD BELL.?A OOO respcctabfe woman gentlemen's or family wasti li?g by the dozen or month; shirts und collars done up In superior style; good re.'erenee. Ifnrsr?. ??, 7 PARK AV.?A RESPECTABLE VOUNG GIRJ-, NOT long In the country, as nurse orsjninstressortomake kercclf generally useful in a small family. Can lie seen R?r <wo dav'!. 8 WEST 19TH ST.-A YOUNG PBOTESTANT GIRL to take care of small children; no objection to other light work. Call for two days. 9 WEST 44TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS child's nurse nnd fo do plain scwlntr, or chamber work and waiting; first class city reference (roui last place. Call on or add res.--. 07 EAST 37TI1 ST.?A NICE GERMAN GIRL, WHO OI speaks her national langnage with the best ac cent, to assist in the care, of children and do sewing. Can Be seen at her present employer's. 2D ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A VOUNG GERMAN ^rt J glr! to take rhnrge of children with a family going to Europe; best city reference. ? A (J WEST l"Tir ST.-A PROTESTANT YOUNG WO. T"? " mail as nurse: aood experience and first class city reference. Can be seen until engaged. frt WEST SCTII ST.?AS NURSE AND CHAMBER ?JJ maid : nn honest, ohiiginc gin: willitipc to po to the country In Summer; one yeai's reference from pre rent employer. C/l fiTH AV.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS NURSE; ?Jtc can lake full charge of a bahy; cansejy on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; has good reference. Can be seen from 10 to 3. /?] WEST 44TII ST.. BETWEEN STH AND fiTH AVS., U1 two pair Malm, front room ?A competent yonnir girl as nurse and to assist with chambcrwork; good City reference from lust place. eO WEST MTII ST., BETWEENftTH AND 6TH AVS.? ? > A trustworthy, respectable pcr.-on as nurse; sat isfactory rofcrencc. Call or address. OA MERREPONT ST., BROOKLYN.-A RESPECT O"' atile Protestant fflrl as child's nurse or maid With aladv going to Europe; best city references. Call for two days. non ST. PERRY, ASTORIA, I* I.. NEXT DOOR TO UZi Washington Hall.?A respectable married ladv wMies to take a child lo wet nurse, of about two years of age: will get the very best of care. Address Mrs. MICHAEL MAYIloN. Healthy location. 1H EAST MTII sr., THIRD FLOOR.-A RBSPECT ?1,11 able youna woman as nurse or chambermaid ; pood city references if required irom her last place. Call front 10 to 12 o'clock. 11Q East 2sth st.-a colored oirl to oo 1J.O in the country as nurse. or nnrse and chamber maid. Inquire for two days at tier present employer's. mWFST S8D ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTEST ant young girl to take care of children; willing to 4o fo (he Country; good city reference from present em plover. ij A 7 EAST 32D ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT J."! I room.?A respectable woman as nurse; can take entire charge of a baby Irotn its birth; best City reference bikI would give satisfaction. mWEST 24TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE OlRL AS nurse : understands the care of a babv ; Is n good plain sewer; or would do chambcrwork and'sewing; no objection to the coantry; good city reference. lOt WEST 49TH ST.?A YOUNG PROTESTANt WO JLZi"t man as nurse and chambermaid; no objections to travel; referente. Can be seen for two days. 1 OK WEST 10TH ST.-A y?H'V0 WOMAN AS CHILD 8 J? t) nursoi has good city refeianct. "1 'JO WEST 4DTII ST., BETWEEN ?Tlt AND 7TH li)ij avs.?A competent pi rson as nurse and seam stress : understand'! cuttinc and fitting children's clothing and all kinds ot faintly sewing; can operate on Wheeler k Wilson's inachinc; best city refercncc. 1 fcA WEST 2STH ST.-A YoUNO OIRL AS NURSE J.UV and seamstress; Is a good hand sewer; can ope rate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; can make shirts; no objection to the country; good reference. Tri WEST l.Vnt ST.?A YOUNO OIRL AS NURSE ?)l and to do plain sewing; Is willing and obliging. Call between n ana 4 o'clock. 3 ,-rt WEST 27TH ST.?A MONTHLY NURSE WOULD .OO take one ?r two more engagements, with good foooivimendations. Inquire lin^ Mrs. MAC. ?ir J EAST 41ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO J.O*T girl as nurse and seamstress, or to ,?lo cliainlxr work and liglit sew tiig; best city reference. Call for two days. 1-n WEST .->21) ST.. BETWEEN fiTH AND 7TH Ol) avs.?A young girl as nurse In a private family. "It'll BAST 2XT11 ST?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ,lv)U <rirl as nurse and seamstress; has no objection to the country; lias good reference. 1 nil WEST 4STII ST. RINO THE JANITOR S BELL.? JOO A respectable married wopian a bahjr to bring iip on the hotilo or otio or two cnilaren to board. "lUM LUDLOW ST.-AN ELDERLY WIDOW LADY InW nurse, or attendant on an invalid; capable and experienced. 1 ()Cf au AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN as nurse and cuamstreiQU or Would have no objection to go as rhamhermaid; best of city relerenccs. (WW) HUDSON ST.?AN AMERICAN OIRL AS ?\i\t children's nurse; no objection to tho country. King the octl. n/\?> WRST 2ftTII ST.-A RESPECTABLE l'KOT ? fslant uirl as nurse; ?? nn take entire charge ot a child and do sewing ; iiest city reisreucc. linn WEsT 1*TJ1 ST?A RESPECTABLE PROTEST j?i\J O nnt womsa as nurse ; competent to take charge oia baby ami -cwliig; best cit> re.c re nee. Oil WEST 20TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL Zd II as nurse, Of chambermaid and plain seamstress; eliy r"feri ii'-i1. ____________ Site KAHT .vi II St.?A RESPECTABLE PROTECT ? 1 ?J nn' Saotcli woman as nurse;.cun take a baby from birth. has lon^eJtpcrlence: good sewer, none need ai'ph but tir*i ? lasv private lainilii s; . i nntry preferred: ij refrienc* s?fen two ilavs _ SITUATIONS W A WTKIV?KKMA L.KS. Knrici. ?c. 910 WKST MD ST., BECOWD FLOOR, IN THE . l. rear.?A ?lrl, 16 yeor? of ago, lately landed. to take rare of children anil uutkf he rue If generally use ml ta anything required, with a respectable family. 99 f WEST 1STH ST.?A YONNO AMERICAN GIRL ??JT to lake care of children anil t<> assist in berwork or waiting: la wlllin* and obliging; cliy refer ence. Call tor two day*. 99'1 WfcVT DOTH >T._ A COMPETENT N|-RSE-~NO ~*-j' ' objections to assist In chatnherwork; 3 rrare' reference Irom last place. f>97 WEHT 15I//a, *T--A OOLORBD (iIRL TO ww I travel a* child a nurse or loan invalid lad v. In quire tor one week. 22ft ^E^Tni,flThf,.ST-;A UTTLK a(?k~i7, aMl children in a private family. Call or 231 JJULBERRY ST?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED wet afrS.*hbr'Mi ?*? Illllk. II babr to CAMPBELL. 0,v" llou^- Call on or address Mrs. OQ9 WEST BOTH ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND .ID h^tw? ?a ZrZr,""h BirI a* "UIW ur waltre**; no oh inrJ?1 y /?. .*!, or to the country; good refer ence*. tall for two daya 23o WKST ->7'"1 ST.-A YOI'NG <iIRI. AS Nl'RSE; "" ?w on Wheeler* WlUon'i machiuc; win , MM |8l in rhami or work ; best city rclereiice. I 93ft west ?rrn st? between ttii and rru | wi 9Kj a vs.?A resectable German girl to take care of two jrrown children and do fliie lrouing; Israelites pre j lerred. I 9'-lft RAST ?TIl ST., TniBn FLOOR?AS wet I I nurse, by a young and healthy woman ; milk 3 month* old; bout references. I 9<J_7 WEST 22D ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTEST [ - I" i ant persou a* nurse. to take cliargc of mi Infant : ; or growing children; best references; no obleetiuii to the | 1 country or to travel. Can be seen lor two davs at lire i M ill employer's. Call ur addrese. j (irj ELIZABETH ST?A YOI'NG WOMAN' (JEST | I lauded from the Old Country) as nurse to young ! children uiul to tl<? plain sewing. Address M. B. , tif'l WEST J7TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE TOCTCO woman as nurge : can take entire charge of nn Intant; or would do u|Wtairs work uud plain sewiiur; ffood city reference. | 9fi7 VVKST SP ST -A KESPBCTABLE GIRlT AS I rw.. "urso and seamstress: can operate on Wheeler , A Wilson .i and Singer's machines; beat city reference Can be teen tor two days. ? 9ft|) WEST jmi ST.-A YOUNGOIRL TO tTke .cai? chilrt|,enand do lljjht chamberwork; vary nest reference; no objection to the country. 303 Wh m'.42" ST?A <'<>Mi'KTE.vr woman as r/>.n t.u 11 lij ,n"rs<> '? can take cm Ire charge of a child thc coiuitrv ' e,erCnCC: c,ti or a distance in 311 *A.S,T ?IT-A BBSVBCTABLK yoitno *'?*?1 girl in a private family for lakirw cure olchildren, ???cir?anMtecd.gCn0r",ly UbB,nT; bc,t clt>' 31 EAST 12TH ST.-A NORTH GERMAN PltOTES ,lu taut, who has experience in taking care of chl'- I ,,v- c;iillon 31Q FAST ?.9TH ST., TIIItKK PAIR OF STAIRS I ... up- l,ack rnnnt-?A respectable woman wants to take care of children and ilo plain sewing, or aegbt with wnahiiiK and ironing: good city reference. I 0<)0 EAST24TH ST., FIRST Fl/JOR, BAt"K.?A RE "si" spcetable young married woman to take care ol children at her own home : would t:ike good care of thein Call on or address Mrs R. POPOT. Q90 WEST 40TII ST.?A RESI'EOT A 111 .K MIDDLE aged woman as nurse in a private family; is ac customed to children and willing to make herself gencr desirctf wapes "? 0,,Jl'ct> ? comfortable home being Q9Q WEST iliTfl ST.-A RFSIUCTABLE YOL'NO , tf Kv' as nurse, and to do sewing; good city 1 ref< rencc from her Inst place. 3 QQ9 EAST S4TII ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 20 AvV * too floor, iront room.-A. yoiinir clrl, 13 venrs of , agc^as children's nurse; good city reference. Address 009 EAST 6TH ST.-A PROTESTANT GERMAN ! ence R'r c *''s l,urHe or ehamliermald; city rctor '4Q/I WEST 21 ST ST.-A YOC.VfJ PROTESTANT V* .Birl ?" will assist wilh livlit cliumlivr work ; city or country : good city r< f. renceii. ?> J I Wi-.ST Z6TFT ST., FT EST FLOOR. ROOM Nft o tJ s.?A restt^otanw young girl as nurse; is willing : to assist with clianiberTork or sewing; is competent; 1 liafteood reference; 110 objectidn* lo the country. Q |Q EAST 60TH ST., SECOND FLOOR FRONT? ?>'!"?/ A respectalile young .American girl as nui>e aged 15 years; residing with her parents. qr:i east sist st? second floor?a french *f'>x girl to take enre ol one ur two children and to do sewing: no objection to travelling. 411 WIST 23D ST?A PRO TESTA NT CIRL AS T: J X nurse and to do plain sewing. Can be seen at her pre??nt employer's, from 1 to ? P. M., tor tfiree days. in9 WEST 81HT ST.-A YOl'NO OIRL TO TAKE t''-^ care of children ; good reference. A()f\ EAST 15TH ST.. ROOM 10.?A RESPECTABLE I * young woman as nurse and seamstress; can take entire charge of a baby Irom its birth ; liest city refer cnccs. Call or address. 197 7TII AV.-A VOVXO tilKL. 15 YEARS OP AOE, f lately landed to take care of a baby ami make herself generally uselul. A*J9 WEST MT8 S T., ROOM 10?A RESPECTABLE ! X?/Z/ marrk'd woman doires a child to nurse at her own home; It will have ? mother'*care. JOO WEST 2PTH ST?A YOUNG GIRL, AlJor 115 to take care ot a baby. 4-<10 W,'"?T 37T" sT--A Rkspeotable woman ' wishes a' airy to bring tip 011 the bottle or the care of a child at her own home; no objections to its uire ? best city rctcrence. WEST IflTH ST BETWEEN 9TII AND If ITU "jT*av*.?A respectable yonng iiirl as nurse and to dy chamberwork; can do embroidery; best city refer once*. 4r A WEST 19TH ST?A YOL'NO (iIRL TO TAKE ? 't: care of children, i i a private laiiulv; would do plain sewing and make herself generally useful. Best cltv rcicrenco. Jfi9 8T" AV?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, OF Ltmi exi?erlence as nurse ; can tak< entire charge of o buLy; city references. A 7"! TTII AY., BETWEEN 35TII AND S6TH STS - ! "II A reipectablc tonng girl as child's nurse and seamstress; can do all kinds of embroidery and braiding' best city reference. /ion B? A v.?AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN OK i intelligence as nurse an<1 companion In mi in valid [ lady; ha* M|lMtnnce in slckncs.s; Is kind and pn- r tient; understands housekeeping, il required; best testi monials. AQA STH AT., BETWEEN S7TH AND KHTII STS.-A twt young girl a-* nurse; no objection to the coun try ; beRt city reference. 694 ZAri 7TI! AV.-A YOUNO GIRL AS Nl'RSE TO young children; is n neat, pin in sewer; speaks French and English ; ctin bo well recommended. CQQ SD AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOING WOMAN tlOO a* nurse or lady'* maid ; in fully competent; good city reference tvoin her last place. /?f?- 6TH AV ., PRESENT EMPLOYBR'S.-A LADY wishes to recommend her nurse, a respectable woman; 1* fully competent to lake entire charge of an in fant from birth, night and day. 2D AY. BETWEEN 37TII AND 38TH NTS., IN uv x the rear hou-e. top floor.?A young girl a* nurse in a nice family; no objection to the country ; city refer ence. *1(\A 3U AV., near NTH ST.-A YOCNG WoMAti I Ut: as nurse and seamstress; dew* on Wheeler k Wilson's machine; would assist with chnmtierwork ; pre. fers Hie care ot growing children; Is capable of hearing lessons it required; good city reference. >7QQ lOTH AV? CORNER ajTII ST.?AN EXPERL I iftJ enced English woman a child to Wet or dry nurse ?t her own home. Mrs. ANDREWS. 1M1 7? AV., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ?A COM I'll. peteut Protestant young woman as nurse and aeamstrcM; intant or growing children ; good city refer ence. A rrrn lOTH AV., BETWEEN MRT AND 5tD STS ? A I ?lO girl to take cure of children ; will be kind und Willing; good city reference. 7OrZ. RTH AV., BETWEEN 4fiTH AND 47TH STS.-A ( Ot) resectable young girl as nurse and seamstress; can sew on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine. Call all week. >77Q 7TH AV., NEAR 52D ST.?A MOST RESPECTA I I <7 hie woman as imr<e; lim lived six years with her last employer; is a neat sewer on Wheeler A Wilion's yiaehine; highest testimonials with regard to character froM lAst employer. 1ST AV., TOP FLOOR, ROOM 15.-A RESPECT able young girl as nnr?e and seamstress; will make hersell generally usetul. Call on or address M. C. 1 OftQ 2n AV., BETWEEN' 56TII AND 67 Til STS.-A respectable married woman'wishes a child to wet nurse at her own home; non" but respectable people needapply. Call oil or address Mrs. FLANAGAN. A RESPECTABLE COLORED (URL AS Nl'RSE; would like to travel. Address, lor l?vo days, M. J., lleraldJTptown Branch office. A FRENCH GIRL liESIRES A SITUATION IN AN American family; would prel'ei to take cure nt childroil Apply at German Mission llnusc, Pearl-t. RESl'KCTA IILE COLORED GIRL AS MUSE; would like to travel; city reference. Address, !?"r two days. M. O., lli rakt I'ptown Branch office. J^ RELIABLE Itlltl, WISHES A SITI" A t T??N \ SlJV Brooklyn. ? nurse or chambermaid, or to a?lst in the care ut'nn Invalid may. Add re? K. IcC., HernM Branch office. A RESPECTABLE YOLJjO GIRL To MIND CI1IL dren; good reference from her la,t place. Apnlv nt first house east ot 3d av., in fllth st A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH A CHILD, AS ntirse uml plain newer, and would do housework or waiting; good rale ic nee irom last place. Address H , box 210 Derai l office. A RESPECTABLE YOtlNO GIRL WISHES A S1TI' atlon minding children; g.,od reference from her last place. Apply at flrst house east of 3d av., mth st. VTTHSE'S SITl'ATIoN WANTED?BY A MIDDLE IN ag?d Protectant woman. Address NI'KSE, box 160 Flernld office. \I' VMTED?BV AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN. A W child to nur-e at home, on the bottle; plenty of fresh gnat and cow's milk ; references from J?h> mi' uii? and Indies. Address E. B. D., Jerome Post office, We'st coiintv. N. V, SITUATIONS WlfMgjl ? ??II II ? u Mm. AM-, i ? 1 aw* wninuir; (rood ritr r?r?; .. d. h.m.l e 'v..rk | I lKAHrX?&7rSV,. AiMr??* 'RMMrAtl M'?l|rnsf?, itc, ! 0 I.Slv.?2fHi?8t ' nk*r "? ^ ? pki:<wnt r**., BrcUklrBWtfcr"d!"4leUCed *'"1 watt K) H?A^TMTn. 2T??A LADY C.OIM; to F.IROPP T<* ?-AKA.**" - - w2 : is ? jess try preferred, bent city reference. ""'ire-*: coun mWBRT WTH *T~A CUMfKTKST Y.U'vr woman a? wain-ew.; thor<,i^l,,v ,, i.l , :Vj tm?ine*n; city or country; h?wt rli\ . " 'I* the 110 KA,ST ,9T" ?T?WAXTED. A n i; -.r i'fTeo l?Lj~rVlX.V? * family of tfine , er^'VmVtVa^ f 140 3111" s r ~A)J PIKST CL \ys '1 4ITR1 fM cnee lVoui ^?Tpi? "c e..untr> ; K? deity refer l/)*> W"KST 28Tn ST.. I'P ONE |-| h;|[T-A<S rilKT ? ?la?* waitre?j; l.est of rltj relcreiioV. FrRf,T 22P> S5F ?25 ST i'in,,R t.,nvr cTfllmKaTd*amtPr u"I,''? l',r,'V,'' ?5 ?itre"I reference. ?:?u Vwin/oMwo du!>' ""'Mm; city 99Q RAST ?TII KT.-A fOVPETKVT #mi,. "7i emmtrv; bert^gr'rS^reSi th' ,wor*; "r 235 ,K^X "D ST- BETWREX 21. ami 1'. iva~. ?*1? In ctiam|emo}kjf?n?,^ Ht.vf|?i7iVtlS!<M 254 W K'T 41ST ST.. ROO>r 7 V Vnl'vo \r,m.v de rsta nd" he r h'twi newi requlseil; hest rolerence! "? ,'"1 "" rnrvin? if , 413 lU AV v "JK' O.Vn FLOOR, INCITE RKAM 1 ' ^d^nlable"* wal\%*y*lT]Zll) 'i' " ble family Wa"re? ""<1 chambermaid n n res,.ecu. 4-3/) yj.?23IST ?? i n; T rr \ss \vu,rrth\'j. Iiijr Htul ob'l'i" |ln?'S^r.,(HVcitv"cl,'A!|'ncnL " m'i'Ulie 1 H w'"' farfoiy. Call or nddre+? ; 0 ,<")1"1 stt,ls f)23 25 AT,-A ranrBWTAirr r??w? a- pfrot ! ctty or country; b?t city rcftre?^L**ktllf * ****?' ' AVU CORNER 3flT,{ fJT Dnnu u | Stl&i, Wx^nt^r'TI r^-i ?no?; ctty or "onntry. lr""ur i bc?t city nter- | 7f)/) rtrt'^?n?B?TWI!''iN M"T ,Nn :,'n ?T? -TWO i MlacellaneoiiD, SSSSs= to Iravenini. " N*?w?'rfMi. no objccttcnn 194 ?kkmav mHkinir nnd nnfnfrcuslni?* n ?w>r^vt ir? dro<?. ??** with n hnv\i; ;;,n WEST 37TFI ST., NRAR 7TfI ? A vnnirn. jlnnds ?lT(S of ^wingT'flv^vo u ^chv01"H;runf,rr from last place. 54' nv< ciry reference 211 ^ ST.?A VOUNO OI * K \f NT I AHY Tfi wlt> an '?i.v \vitri'..r wit/i 974. KA8T BROADWAY, THIRIt KI/IOR - nriiHll lamHy'.wlth Vti^frivileuo'"""iVvi'i! '!"* k '4 <" ? Hort duSS^U 9jM wjroMiMo plaob ?a toojio t ,,,v urr,. nrti,uhe\fa^Vo'Zn?pr^^ 4-A/t ^T5P? "? ST.?A RBSnfOTABLE nil rs * itf19 JTH Av-A liurficn PROTEST\MT [ ihT ' ^ !?> tflkr enre of vnunir ln.l!< i 1.1 ' , A"" or Ave veors old : (food relerenciv g,rU ,0"r f?70 A,' 'oA * 'fcf: *V< TWO niMllt:< I'flOM firii J Rood fiiilor wilhrs t.',' m^omp'm v '"f?m,Y,!IJ1}},?'0 {" " ! ropi'; would take charee of children ,ii..",! 1 1 i "' i flf!<t cta?ipreference , >vap? i n.. ohterr. (?.,'n ?r addre"^! 731 'iRKKNWlfii nr.. CORVKI' c? ;: rv ? a r tar I AIARK travelling companion, rail on or'addrew M. J 731 "REENWU-II A\ , COR.VI R |>| IfRV ST Za I nu?e; ii accustomed to travel; not ?e, "ickf"cal, or^aV A ^riN?P- WRU' "DWATKn OERM*W r.ADY IflKRHSHI A Mr?v Of KRflVEMEXT AVI> IXPERtVvrr r\ in travcllitiK desires to accomiitnv a tno.iiv , S;a.?HSS?i rei|"ired. Address Mrs. C ( ARR, lleraiil ortl.'e ' A OP EDI CATKIN ami H,-.K,NEM|-Vr JJJ 5 t11 Mome Mnplovinrn tlmt a ljuiv rnn%i/% YV^NTRD-RY \?REEI.N'Ef) KN?.M,f) y?, H?: I a,T7 a? ctjsJ and obliflfip; wonld take finv p.).|tli,i, tn.M-?ni??J iCife ?oafe.isK Adoption* A DOPTION.?A PRETTY LITTLT: lilUL WANTED, J\. of lair complexion, flood, retire; fit tire, and ol lively ntif ninialilc disposition ; noiildhc wlioll.l n>'optcil into a hnppv Chriitlnn homo nnil recotv, .1 ?.?oimi 1 duration, With every comfort. Application*. w :I'| mil particulars, must contain pltotograpn am) description toInsure reply. Address box 4.818 New York Poftolt" ?? Intflll)(encr Oftl?c-. CI IRI f WANTED IMMEDIATELY?I Ol! FIHMT CLA8S r situation*. city nnil 1 01111 try. conic mul scv. ODELL'H, Hit Wert :4th ?t , Hroadwnr. WELL REi oMMFNDED MM ?. \ .IVWTS, FOR ? U capacities, constantly tomii a sii> atnl 518 Bo?v*ry, entrance Bleecker at Jlr*. LOWE. PROFESSIONAL.*ITI ATIO\n VV ANTED? FRMAI.Ks, A LADY lNHTRUrTH ADULTS V Ml MI?-<E8 (FIRHT . ela**llitnlllef) in mathematics, 1 ? 11 iI<? o; hv. astrono mjr, rhrtnlrtry, history, irrnmmar, 1 literature, oral explanation* on dlftlcnlt Knlvo ?!?. 1 n lertiiff study delightful. Addrc** BKILVliL, Hen ,'I ? p'own Branch office VYot'NO f.ADV (PARtST AN), O' - I-'.1 KRAI, YEAR*' experience, dcnltci n position I11 a i.i n lv or school to tencli her lanunaec nnil the eh uu tttar.v KiifI1<Ii branche- in exchanyo for Iter hoard ? re erence*. Address MADEMOISELLE, Herald 1 id 1". 11 Hnnch office. ! A YOU NO LADY OF IIK FIN KM I \ i. I'o .SFRSTNU \ JV thorough medlenl education, would like an oppw tniiity to ko to Koroj>e; would go 1- ph clan or com panion to nn invalid, or won Id t a'?i* ?-ji-. ? o; n ehiln; nest of reference jrlyen and requlirl. \ ? !,???? h. \\. I'., 1 Tlt rald Branch office, llrooxlyn ! 1 Y00NO LAt)Y RPKAKINO h:K'.i II AND K NO ? . lisli desire* A lew pupils to hum iiiiiic. Ad(lrc?s ; .1. A , Imx 207 Herald office. ('F.RMAN AND FRKWIl TA'Mtl t lloRODOItLY: T KB eentf in 1 lanse i lor In lie. 11.1 I 1,1' ??*. \pply tlli ; week nt Mrs MIX'S, I I "i* h nveMtr. nc i" Eleventh *1. P' IANO, KINOTNO. DRAWiNo, 1.! "V< i* HIGHER ami loner Kngllwli brand 0 ^h.ikspe .rim recita llons, letter* wriiten ami literal ' urn n ? iiirni'hcd to I newspapers nt Individual*. Nl-< H t* ' 1-117ill it. HKI.P WASiTRi:-l'KtUI,l>. AYOt'Nrt OIRL, AUDIT l?, W WTI II To DO I.10IIT cltiimherworR nnil waiting In ? lamil* m three. Ap? I ply nt IM West 4!)th *t. hcioro ii \. >1 At IIA.VCH TO LEARN TFLl-.i. II \ I'll V? M KN, Women hoy* nfnl flt ls learn no.I ink. t os|i|.r?is; ! ilemnnil trrc.Oer thnh ?He Mippty. iiiO* I'- ? 1'olhfre. itfHth a\ opposftc I'oopcr In-tmito. - ?. HKllP WiltKU-WtKAIJCN, a * MTEWAKT * CO WANT 111111 CI y t*pern uce. p..(?|\ ami ?itnatnm STKHN BBOTHBHg, M7 6tli ?v \ ?!???''11 ?uu? 1?p?miniuifnirrnniu w-T. k ^ Bo "ut i'y "><? <uv or oiNcr. ' x "tri4l<1 I'l'iown Um'iicli A.""wrS?S>,k?r^H,,KM K" SALK81.AJ?!KS khii cimu |>e?e ut .ieoU a",!ly.U ? ?nly th<^ lolly _ WBI1I BROTHERS. Wfithar. A wtt-?'r^?Vn!|S,(L,T:,lATOR ?N W R**Ul* A wTT Mmc. HHU), 57 ^un uth Lf" i"ri Apply to way. 1 Ml" #t-. ? !?* ilcur* writ of Hru*d A 0000 ikmimkhs ALSO tk.v ton -n,p.u,lt r^soV: A oncwho iml^n^Sh;r^^,A^Dl.,'YSI?REHS: TT*d- CM ut V- 7 *?? ?"hitinn ? SrtS5 as I ^'P2&&& AU.1n,?, it. L., to* IM H,ir?lTortlee. "* ,<"riT",n Preferred. I IBAAcVoLf^W KMrK V"*

Sffi:SS?!rr? CAKTKIt, <17 Iv#rl *r ror i,v!!d^Wn'" u' ' ? 1 gAljKSI.An'K^ WANTED?FOB out si I.' )>F.I'ART riios. >? IN>o r. 2,J2 Rnwcrjr, corncr Prlixm gt WANTMi-aS OPMUTQR on UROV EP A BAK1 RIB inacliiur:dri>Miniikiiv. CalUt.H East What WAJrfT5?r.A NKA.T "RKMAN UIKI, to TAKE CARP Lexinirton atu^'oh ?v.-!!''lA 10,1 K'"' sl'' TXTANTED?A Yoi'Vtj Woman foi: ciivmuii/ n,u* no??.; W A NT hI)--A FfKSr ('I.J8S COOK WAsfIf*'i? * vn ,Il,i Vro?2;;i Riri"m m;;"v best oily rc.rrrmr, y^uiu 14' ANTED?A (HRf, FOR (iK.NKII AL HOI'SKWoi.t a?p.v,' e,U: \\r ANTKP IM M EM A TK1, V?<; ||{ |,s VVITII flWrwri at lmi "vaIK^r ?f."U?UJ> 'lligh0Ht l?"lee? l>ai<i. Apply TL'ANTKU-a WO.MAX who IS A UtKH> I'luv latnily ; "Iha,? jfitt Kr"u'rr!i(-llOWAW,,tlt "V."1""" 19th st? bi-twet-n 9?OT^oVIock. IM y * VV'Mt irnri WlT" P,;i",;r ? r ' *' ?" " CHt ??!.. Iietwecu 2 tin] 4 l? M. WAJT noon ofRi,, to no oenkk \t. norif Apply at 101 SUt'i?" COTBwW?h IIJ: ""0'' \L'A\TKn?A GOOD (11RI., TO COOK \V i^ill ivii Ply at la ^ A" WA;VJ' "rAi >IltST CLAH8 woman cook ? 41 so \\ AN1KD? IN A SHALL I'ltlVA I'M KAMIIjV A I'tllt 8' r!_".' r :*e|tof<' i"^n^m[u:irr(in''lZ^Iian' iSl hVjt."',el' \v ANTKIWTWO PROTKnTANT WOMKN' ONK WAVTKO-a voi \i; Q]|f ?Q ijkkh njBB feaysaa! taLlss*?!? SSra:v??r in VItaMr!?:n?ax kxrhhii;\?:, u gi;amhtrehr on Call ftn- twoda^S^^y othw "H'l.C. jg&Jusxssi^ WAJEri,-A. plwr,"'Al" MIM.fVKK to (III INTO thpcountrv jpiioil v.mkcs p#U). ?i ?'? BTKlNBhROgK A sons, iff Hroadivny. 1 ISANTI' D- k I It sT cljkn DSRflflJIAKBJM Ml .mln.ri.VZ:,.,'"1'1 "rrHI"1 "'lrl APP'^t -W We?intli't ,* "fl^ANTED?A FIRST C1,ASS Nl'RSK, WITll (IfMID ml,?t C"' r * tfr,,wl,,? < itan at 2? We? ll'AMKH \ (UMIMTKNT I. AI N .RKss- aI.s,, 1 , yoinip frtrl iih wuHrrM nn | , hambcriiialrt ?7.,i # arig| -I\-ANTH1) A WOMAN TO cook. WASH AM) in ON wAf RHT <"I,ASS MII.MNKIt tl'I'I Y Th A. M A ,fts A SANI'OltD, KW Broadway, Hlli-r III "ll-AM'l-.n-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO COOK WASH ami 12 !I,m k.' ?,',i;;"'\V>^ ^UlV st'" V "'"n""- I" \V^A'^T''"~A "IRI, of OOOO DISPOSITION To I Partl^V" C", ',ron ,,n<l Pln'nVcwln?. l? WANTKn -AN RXI'KRTENCBD youno i.ady, to ft attend In n restaurant. UlLMOR'S, 2iM <1rBenwlcli si. ?ttf ANTRI1?A OIRLTO DO HKNERAL HOI SEWORKf ! \ i in tint be n good washer ami Ironcr. Apply at 2?!i West 4flth !?(. \lrANTK!)-A YOUNO GIRL TO DO QBRERAL 1 1 bou?ework in ii small family a short ditUnee in the country. ?'ull at XS2 Went .''let (it. ?rtfANTED-A fllRI/ TO COOK. WASH AND IRON Vt in ii small Miiillv: wiiii"* $11 per month. Apply between In ami II at 23 west 27th *t. XV ASTRO? A HTRONO OIRL, FOIt GENERAL HOPSE fT work; (Jermati preferred; city reference reunited: at tfi East 12th st "117" A NTA COLORED UlRL TO COOK, WASH i" mill Iron in a j>rivin ? family; belt reference re quired. Apply ut SB f ast 19tb st. \V ANTKD-A NEAT YWlINtl OIHI, 14 OR l?~ YEARS yt old, to fttiri<e a baby;one t'nit lire* ut borne with her pnrenfa nu*v apply to-day at 21/ West lfti.h st. W'AVIIiH-A SERVANT TO Do OENERAL iToUHK i t work lor a small family at Oranjje, N. .1. Apply at 61 WM47tIi st.. New York. j. tXTANTBO?A miOK, WHO I NDKRSTANDS Till-. \} cooking In a dairy, at the oranoB DAIRY Ll'NCll ROOM 127 OtA'id St. W ANTED?BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, A IT few more eiwaireinenfs bv the ilnv. Address L. L. (', Rnnklyo llrau Ii Herald office. W ANTED- ^ MIDDLW-AOBD PROTESTANT WOMAN VV te ilwrtrt In general housework. Call, tor two days, lit SOB West 2Hrii st. WANTED?A WAIT REUS AND FINN WASHER; V? \mi-Ii1iix very itpht. Apply before 12 M. ut 840 Maal ?ini avenue, near nth at, thi* .la,' (Wednendny). VV A ST E i?-A~ NORTH TTkRMA N OR ntl'N.H NURSE Vt ami seamstress; one who understands the entire chance oi tlin e children. Call at 1402d av. ai antei'-a cook, Washer and ironbr for Vt two mouths. Imiulre, let ween 12 and 2 r. M., at ?o Wert fi?l St. ilTANTBD?A STEADY, RELIABLE I.IRI., AS CHAM ii Iiermni I H-id lannnress in ti small family In Tarry town. Apply at Went 4?th st., betore I P. M. to-day. ttTANTBD-AN KNOLI8H OR herman OIRUTO It rook and do general lioamiw ork. Apply at 70 west Kith St. _________________ tlTKT Nl use WA*ted-roit A bar! TEN DAYS Mi old. Apply at -*t??l East 17th ??., corner oi 2d a v., be fore 1 P. M. t If A NT P 0?A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND I RON Elf. ft ti>r a sited tamily. Apply, with references, alteri o'clock, a' 810 Lcximtton n?. _______________ \\* ANTED?A I'IRST CLASS FRENCH on HERMAN Vt girl tu take care ol a baby and wa-h for liliu only; reIcrenei? rei|iilrvil. Call, before 1 P. M., at 2.1) Werf fttd st., near Broadway. ? - WANTED?A HOOD DRESSMAKER; COMIt I'RE li pared to Work; al*>a girl tor general housework. 411 We>? 24th St.. ha-etnent door. "llfANTBD?A CURL TO Do OENEBAL Hrtl'SEWORK VV In n small lamlly. Apply, alter !? o'clock, at M We?t 27tli ?t.. basement door. \\TAN'TED-oNE FIR^T t'l.ASS SALESLADY FOR Vt the Fiiit department : ills? tw > yoaiW Holes to attend in tW same. Aplov to M. Rt.lMAN A CO., 26 L'ninii aqnwre. \V ANTED.?A DRESSMAKER Wo I L!) LIKE A FKW tt more enea^emeiit? bv the day or tveek In private funi die -; enn operate mi WBeeler m wllwon'a mitehlm ; iin l< r-t imi- all kiioln oi triiiuniox and iniikinx out ilrc?se? terms. >1 fJ per day Address M. L., 2!2 Ma 'l?ell ?t Hnslness W.mien's I'tilon. WANTED- A FlBRT t^ttASS SALESLADY ; ONK WHO V> Iih- bi'Mi in the comet department otily; nlso n vniii'j: !ridy ? ho ean make v oven Irnop t-kirts and Ik Ip in tlie ?to'. person-" food Wnues am! steady em ployment. V.ll t'til hv .. ortwf 241 ll M air ANTED?A Ml LI. IN* R To HO A SMOltTIHS. VV from tlw-ei v, la a flr*t eiata eata4>ii?hno'nt, mmt tie competent to d<< good work. Apply to CASE, CH A I'M AN A LO< :K WOt iD, Howard St. U^^NTF.T?~A COIXtftBD < Oi'K. WASHER AND troiwr t>? on otRcef's ? faaitlv at Fort llaaiHtoii; 1 liiBhwuf*** and oo.r honit tmi 11 ?t oi Minocvsre. Qll .-e. A p| hi I' ? i ; *b'l CV w IIKlif WANTKi*?KHMAI<K.S. ? 117 AN TED? A WORKING HOI SI KEIiPlvK iAMEHL TT cttU te go to Ur' country. Addrcs* <?'. IIII.!-". tor tWAtliyr, Ciiinmi ri'i il Hotel, SenYuri, or Flulnvllle, Conu., lor <)i.e nirk. \\* ANTED-A TliOKOl'UIU.Y COMPETENT I-AI .V ' ' ?l?rk? is willinf lonniM in Hie cliamberwork: must In ittu t il v re furtive ? irom In r lust place. Appl\ ,ti 12 Ki?^t 1 *?., f.rtm'i ii the hours ut 9 und 12. U'ANtKh, AT ONCE?4IIRLN TO WOJili ON HK ?|) 1 "r'?"uein?i lor million y Inquire at l,272Stl..v., near i.>ti ?t., t,, s. El.IAS. 111'III;,'h fissoi* i nil Uninhl 'i along. "14rANTED-A NKAT, TIOY (URL AS CH A MB KRM W l> '? and lnun'ii-s. uiu-t have irot'd city rt'iorcneof. Iji'iuire. irom ;i tin i o'clock, ut it; ?>-! Mb sr.. between &IU unit btli uvi. WANfKD-V UtlllsEKP.Et'KU FUR AN ELDERLY , widower limine ii i-. in lor la Mo ?bc mn : understand Iiotnework and n,,t .h it v< ?r> old. Ail dies*, lor thrci day*, J. II. l.tiNV, IU KUcckcr nr. \I^ANTED? A LAt'NDRESH WtlO TIlORi llHill I. Y TT understands bcr l>tisiii< >*, und who will ns?|*t mill cliamlicrwork. r.'lcieuce* ruiuirud. AppU ut :u INcst 31*1 ?(., iront D to II to-day. ir A NTK D?\ PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN Willi ? uiidt.'r .funds cliamberwork. title wii-iiun.' hair dreftdlig ami opwiatliu ou Drover A Hitler-- .mii'r.' line chine; Hitch u on?, wi.-hlug u uood permuiicn: home can find ithy nprdvlmr at 115 East 341 h *?., Deiwe-n'j a m and 2 J*. M. this day. SITUATION* WANTKIVMAI.K.M. A FRENCH COURIER AND Ol'IDK TIIKDI iillOl r Europe. having I lit* bos' ren reuce-. wishes to Hihi a family. Addros lirt.MKV, 1U7 3d av. ASTRONfi OKRMAN, 3d YEARS OK AUK. ARI.E TO ipoiik nnd MIM itcrtwl liiulUh, want- u rl'iraiion a* porter. Address E. M., No. 7 Kldridgn st., wcoml Hour. I A8IM1I.K MAN WISHES A SI I CATION AS H \R- , tender. Apply ut lit 7lh it., kp Hour, Jrrw v I'ltjr, A SITUATION WANTRD-UY A YOl'Ni MAN; I N derstands ttit* rare ol louses and rmv. ; can do plain gardening. AMrwi J. shannon, iJotU ottice. A MAN WISHES TO ENGAOE HIMXKI.F WITH A coMnn iltiiililin^ con rem, understand!)!)! hi-* busi ness thiiroutflllv. Address DAVID WILLIAMSON, 47 Front*!., Brooklyn. A MOTHKR WANTS A HITl*AT/ON FOR HKR BoY, 13 years <*l aire; is smart anil aetivn; can anil write; connlry preferred: no wages required first year. Call at or ml dross 734 llth ar. A BOY WANTS A IMITATION IN THE CDUNTRY? to make himself reneriillT u?ertil. Addrcws .1. II. S., tiox I'M Herald t'piown hraneli olllec. ARBSPEOTABU1 fOVNtt MAN WANTS A SITI A tion asv ilet to travel with a ifcnllonian: I'UU In well reeoniniemleil to lie tnisln iirlliv Apply, in liernoll or by letter, to .?. A., 6'fcl W oat iUlli st. A frenchman, M'EAKINd A I.fTTLR K.NflLIHH, wants a sltiiatnni ,'is waiter in ft private liunily. Ad di'OatLKON li. M., tithnv., t are of Mrs. Mollan. AYOUNII MAN, OKltMAN, WHO SRKAK~> FRKNCII and Knir!!*h, wants n situntlon n? trnvcllltnf servant to ito to Europe; hiiM travellud nil over Kurope; liewi re coinmeiiJntioii. Ai dies< O. I'., licriiltl I ptown llriiu Ii otliee. Aman and WIKIi WISH TO TAKE I'AHK or A geutleman'* house tlu rinur Sninmer ahnenee; ho^r city rclerenres. Call or address sin Weat Srttli ?t., second floor, hack room. A BARKKEFKR'S situation WANTED?BY A RE- , /\ siieefjilile .vntinif niiiii wllli nr*t flah? ro nrencrs? no obtt'cflon fo the country. Address, lor iwoilavs, VV. IV box 134 Herald urttee. A TOUNO I/ORRAJNB, HAVING BOMB EXPKItl ii encn in cooking mi l waitintf, wunt" a position to make hitns II iisetul; no nblcetion to the country ; (fnoil references by M. I.?clcn q. 224 Wootter ut. A man or ai.i, WMUL on a i;i:nti,kman's \ pla 'e. <11 miles tip HWson River: ore who nn ter stands mtlkln .' unit eaio of horaer. Applv al i;?i l>;iisl I'Jtti 1 Kt, between HI ami M o'clock. A RESPEt'tahijk YOUNO MAN, LATELY LANDXD, 1\ wants m sitimtlon nj biirtender. Call on or addrftM I.AWKKNCK, 72.' Enxt Htli at. AHITTATIOS WANTED-BY a YOU NO MAN. TO bo in the countrv to tuUe cure ol garden and horse*, call on or ii'ldn ss .1 I'ONWAV, 233:til :.r A FRENCHM VN AND BU WIKH WIR'I SITI* \TIOSH in a private American I'umllv; ibe man as ilrsl elaM ; waiter, and In wile lis first el,-tat French rook ; beat ri'ter- I ence* Irom In* place ?. no oblection to the country. Ad drestti. s., Herald Uptown Branch office. ABITUATION WAN1EII?BY A YOI'NO MAN. TO taxc care of a garden und horse, ('all or adilieis J. HOWM \N. '.Ti't 3.1 av. \YOtTNO AMKRICAN LAD, AORD III, RI.KIDINO I with lit* purenfs in Hrooklvn, wants eniplovinent in I some whnli sal ? house; Is well acniiainfed with New York and Brooklyn : bCilt reference given. A'tdre < for two days W , Herald office. Ast'rr.M io.N WANTKD by a hard worki no, i Industrious und thoroutthlT coinpetent b rkecper. Call at Ills prrs"nt employer')). 211 lith *t., near Bower>. A YOUNG MAN, LATE I, Y LANDED, WISIIKS TO work a. I'artuer, in eitlier city or country; c hi take 1 care of horses and nu.k cow*. Call ut ll.r> West 3UI ?t. AYOUNU IRISHMAN, lIAVINli EXI'i.RIKNOE AND . good retereiice. want, to work as pnrtei or hall boy in it hoi"l; city ov countrywould work in a store. Call 1 on or uddi'iiss.I. II., 113 \VeslX3it st., first floor, back. NO SALARY.?A CAPITAL commercial i-CHOI.AR and leli i/ruplii?(, so ill u capitalist, would devote it few hours daily to learu business AihlreM., lor two days, R. T., station D. CITI ATlrtN WAN I'M)?BY A FIRST CI,ASS COLORED 0 waltor, a* head waiter In hotel or large hoarding housei city or country : can iuriii?b good colored Help; i bent cify reference Address 4'tt 7lli av. SITUATION WA NWii) BY A HoV OF 16 YEARS; IS A good |?'niniin ami will inako himself gem-rally ui-clul. Address W. c. I*"-, 172 nth av. f U1TUATION WANTED?AH HEAD W AITKR, HV TUB ' 14 ot Jnnc ; help lurnMird it needed; (food reference. ! AiMrcM in West soili st. QITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CUM GENERAL O ennk lor hotel. red inrAiit or chili; best references. Arli1rc?s CuOK, care ot Henry de Mars, 4S Exchange i place. SITUATION \\ \NTEI>- fS FOOTMAN OR SECOND | waiter, In ii private family, by n youn* mnn ; strictly temperate; U willing and obliging; best reference*. Ad- ' drt-sg j., box l:ti Herald ottlcc. tlTANTED-BY A MAN AND WIPE, SITUATIONS; ! It tlto man ns waiter, the woman us flrnt clam cook; | both well recommended: twelve months in last place. Addrcs* K. h\. Herald Uptown Hranch office. \,4" A NTHl>? It V A RESPE<TABLK MAN AND WIFE, j Vt the ?/ire oi n house for the Summer molitha; Iiiik best ot recommendation*, an I cttn be seen at 443 West 17th at., room 12. tlTAN I'ED?BY AN ENGLISHMAN (MARRICD), A it situation on n gentleman'splace; understandscare Ot hor?e?; i- n generally ntclnl man; wife good cook, washer and ironer. Address ENGLISHMAN, Herald office. j YOUNfi MAN 10 OR 17 TBAR8 OLD, | 1 l who wrlu ? a good hand; lives with his parents an I hlphlv recommended tor Industry and honesty Apply, alter 10 o'clock, at 2? Cortlandt st WALLACE k CO. H?ANTED-A SITUATION FOR A SINGLE SWISS ' ii man, to make himself useful on a gentleman's ptac; a good home needed more than wages. Inouire at t 7Went 17th ?t. W'ANTMl?BY * BOY, 17 VI- \Its OLD. SITUATION ii in a it ore or office: willing to make hliii?cif gene rally useful; gonl rch r? n- e. Address.I. R., :u Hester st. t ? ttfANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENti ii Hshinan, a frituutlon a* first class waiter in hotel; Is thoroughly competent and Well recommended. Ad- 1 dress, lor three day*, W. S., box It') Herald office. W ANTED?HY A MAN AND WIFE, SITt ATIO.VS AS j TT waiter and cook ; mm Is a first clus. waiter and tlioroughlv dotrn si leafed : v ne is a first class cook In all its branches and a good baker: economical ami trust- ! Worthy, and both have flu highest reference*: Protest afits. Address ADVKRTISER, .W 2d av, between 5#I ail I 23d sts. _ . \NTFtt -WORN: AM WELL EDUCATED, TFM- 1 ll perate and able bodied: will take either Indoor, outdoor, cii\ or country employment; salary some oh lect reference-first cla^l; formerly lit business on own account. Addre*? LIYINUSrOJi, box 1114 Herald office. WANTS EMPLOYMENT?A FIRST CLASS I'ROTES- ; 11 fant waiter man of much experience, in whom ; every confidence can be placed : VeVj be?i city reference; is single: no objection to flic country. Address W. O. M., Herald I'ptown Branch office, l,->H Broadway. TV ANTED TO E \RN fi t) PER MONTH?BY AN i ii American .1.1 years of nsre, wlio has had 2S years' active diver-*- business experience; is n thoro.igh k.cuiu ttl-ip and steamboat man. familiar with Custom House matters, a trained wholesale grocery man, (food brewer, first class slock broker and good accountant: but recently I arrivcil Ih this city wit't faintly a ltd anxious fa be eiu ployed; references. Address II., box Inu Herald office. UrANTED?SITUATIONS FOR TW<? HOYS, AOVI? t-e?t ectlwly 14 ami 16 years American birth, lately from Paris; thoroughly conversant with the French and English hiiwuaucsi holiest, enpaMa ami willlir/ : anv (;ood lionse nce<'ine the ervices til cither or both ot these ad*, can be furnished With the hicrhest city refbrenocs; fkmlllcs v i?hlnj; to perfj cf themhelves In French eonver s.itioa will flnd the servlcesiM either of the* |*i|< ter> valuable. Rclercnces or interview procured by artdres*. , inu WINHLOW A DAY, K3 Beaxer strt-ct. MWEST ?3I? HT --A CIIAMBKItMAID WANTfcD. i to assist with waiting; city rewrenoa*. (iiKRh H AMI) HAI.ESMEI. \CCOFNTS, FIC.IIT LA Ntil A<:I S ; AIIRK \Its WRIT ten up, books devised to i?icel a(<ecial rci|U?r< nu ills; books opened, kept, examined or balanced. .1AMES COx, removed to HI New street, room U A N AMERICAN TOUNO MAN, AHol T STARTINO J\ tor Furope, wishes to make arrHiiU' iuenis with some (nod Ik.use hs buyer on cttmiulssion nrviiih nu n ? luriiidilli'.'a spev.laltyi, or \ ill accept < nffimis-ions irnni private parlies; rcteicnccs exchanged. Address El OKNK KERN, !M Fulton -tr> et. Bio >kh ft. \YOI'N?i MAN, OF BUSINESS KXT'lRIt'NCK, good address, wrWt'S a if>od Hand, Cotitfotnit t*M?t keeper, wishes empbn menl; iiatwfraM ol wark;wwli?c< ?to accept any Iespi'itatd sini?ii?,ii. sali*laet?ry rittr. once. Address C. *.V. box 131 Herald tflit'C. A CUlTHIXO SALHSMAN, WIHl IMH.KSTAM'S J\ his business thoroughly and has a nice iv?|iliiint anec. w ill inak<- its for the Fait w ?tIt a cloth ? iiMt Itoiisc manolucturlng llltc goads; has ln>eii He.' a term Ot years ht otic ot ttw latgesi tine rend* maite clotlHug houses in iIlls city ; a worker and otic ntio Is | ..iklnir atb r business always. Address y , llrruld office. WAVrult if)? A HtilKI.; M1SI Di.I'OSIT cash security for his hottesty. Ad lrv-H H? -< ><'? i nMcc. AN FXI'KRlENCKtt I?HY titKUis' AHLI.stl t\ wanU'd for the cloaks and suits, j I'lHis, EINNOTT, Bowery and I rnt'i ?: A " EDUCATED YtH Mt <jRllIIAN BKMRM A t Ii i J* ation as tnM,kkeeper <>i imkitr reisssin*. lened til pre'M <U,| |,.\e Addivsatt Ins ?><? lli ? "* i att'ev.. C'liRRKN AM) ?AI.MHKN. \YOUNO MAN WANTED I.V T>Ul ?: -f >KE, ABOI'I* Bjitiriulili mtli <iuc ai ;w<j ye.i,-? e\|icn?nce, otf ?mod chaiaoter uud witliru A. Tl. W.W.I ill: Hunk and West fourth it MAN, EM?'LOVK!> l?l Kl\.. riIK UAV A* . bookkeeper, wonId like ivrillng or -op.vl i?r to doal homo aOcr 3 I'. M. A Mr .i- f. J II . I? ? i ?* ?! Uptown Branch offlcr. ViiKNTI.KMAN oK |.,i'..L ai vl' iIXUNOK AND i xperlenco with Snuitioi n trade '< -fr < a pooition In a first cIiiks wholeval ? I ()?!<??. ?:?ii .-..tirrr.l and hindie it lante bu?lncN.. Ahilnn*. .'.iLmu ?? Hl'SINENS, I'ox I'21 llfinlU uffli'i". t vot-Mc ml: vk\rr? of \<:r wno writer -V a good hand and i.? in. v it ll.'ur, . wniiN a fltna lion tu ? hunk or whi>!e?.al ? liou?.- ? .in :iu-nl>h Ix-etcity rclcwiicc. Addrew K. I>. H , M"-' Kweti <t.. Hro klyn K. D V RELIABLE AMI < >Ml'I.TFVT M' MAN desires a Mtuaiiou of fru*t and 'i :i?'n e; can rflvc rttHfliilorj' ffur'iv i I ' ??i.inoiil.iN. AitilirM PF&AUUK, Herald oill e. t OK.MTI.EMAN. WITH iti V :? A ITS' l:\ri ItlKNC*. IN importing and dra'ltig in tr.?r> > ? 'i. Middle anrf l.nttrliriir linrt" are. will if -->???} <?!' ?? ;ii n icond hmnw Hilar, si-cond to (wi'tiput on . li i? limine-- m i|iininmiu'?> tii alflhv large iatit?: I e.?t n-rerun ?? a I !ri .-? F. ?i.,l?x 4.0 ORlce. Wilmington, I>'? I ny a vonNu m\n. aord ?, knows riiE city I) thoroughly, * uoaiilon <i iri?*t, o'lector or im o' lu r t>u.4ue*>: heat r?*j?? ri*i? <? .in I -<?< i:j Mveu. Ail <lrr,-* ACTIVITY. Herald i(TI RF.rAff. PRao CT.KRK WASTID-\OORKSK Box iHh Elizabeth N J.) Post ?Br ? rpiin 1110HK8T WA'iKi f\rr> r>? rvrEU.ruBNr I acent.s for <elliinr Hie In*>?i Pai'iil*. H l > uuhllaheil. mpi.i.i V* t n1 'in s. li Dry n. rPRAVELLINU SALESMEN. VITH i?>0D UROCIIT I Mil l dnii! connection, .re, I In- a flr?f cla.-v IiO'Im1; good cnniml**ton only. Vldi>*<< O. O., HcfftM oflleg. \lMNTf:r>_\ Or>>|i f>RC.j CLKKK n IU1DKRER .t RRI :? IT II Vo*l Hioadwav. VV-AMED-AN HXI'r. HI I .>'?'?{;) -i A f. K ?? *1A N TOXEI.L '? an IHiMtiMlPil tiimilv 'I ii' 'i inn.I 1!I llltifnoco; nil ii - nil I term* will In* niv'i to > !?r i M<:niti. ('all at IM* I iilfon nr., N Y. UTANTED-?CA>UIKR xoR a ! J W? STAND, TV A liolcl. Apply, ? itli 'iiMr ?!", riM'V ?IH'C", rri>in 10 t<> II P. M., at FriMHdi'i Hot ?! UrANTED? RY 1 YuUNO MAN (k. HIT* \ ri<>!? l? A wliolfiul,'or r.oail fori', n'tur-ari- uivni. Ail drOM hox 1X4 Ik'raid ottlr.> Ur ANTED?A VnrNti MA.V IN A CARPET AND napArhan^ln^ ?t4ir- n . ? u -cd .n.pu hut thow in-. I mi i n (<?< i with the huciii'-. Wiiilv, ittrrUA. M.. to ?lAMEs w. co a n:.77 ; i i n t! \lfANTED?TWO KXI'F.itfI:N' V!> l))!KSS GOODS V? unlfMn^n at.i, <r I. O'lfKri.l.V-i. jti Fultoa et.> K rook.Ij n. IirANTEM?A VITIATION- ?! ? TRA V 1.1.1 NO SALES TT man for rlu or rnvirl'- trail" in a wIioIpmiIi* honw lt? ai>Tgood htliilncsn, hr a itiaui'vl man oi experience-, can fflvc! jroo.l reiVrenri'* <irl i.'rarifv if ?>'?? Addrc^i F. P. 8? Herald ofllce. l.\'AKT??D?RY A Vi>' NO VtRtllMlAN. Jl YEARR OF ?' ntfo, a Nltuatlnn In i rn'ni?ln:i and produce honi* : can I'omniand ??oii.iliK'i'.'liIii Nnn >!k m l Norfolk county triulp; i"atH?actory rcMi-reinii'rf Address VIIKilNIAN, bdx ll^i llrrald nfflcr. VI'ANTED?TWO HOOD sa LKRV HN FOH A FIRST " das* (trocorv utor i; din.' whn undi'is'.and the hus incfi; iilao a (t<K?d lioiilikfMrpi'i-, <vlin m lanilliar with the liNHlnenH. AddreuM LIV KflKO-'HK, lm* mi Herald Uptown Branch i>ffli t>. ?\1TANTED?EMI'LOYMHN T AH OEXKRAL CLERK, tf ci?rre^pi>nd"ht,, na-il-taiit lioiikkn.-pi r, superintend cut, timekeeper, shipping rrlerlt or itJicr capacity, by an cnllndy reliable, active, i?ner( and < xncrlenccd man oi Kooit education an I MMnMi with tvoail koowMnof general buslneai; reference to lormitrcmployerii. Addrim K, I)., Herald OfBCC. A "OI J ?A SITUATION )R ItmtHF.ST WANTED? .p. It Ml. By a yontig man, with almve amount, In dome utore busiiieiii. Ad<lr''iM IMHI ST.'IV, Herald t'ptown Branch uftlcu. CUACII9IEN AMI* O AR1>?.VKR?. 4 SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A ^ \ Scotchman; a omtwhiil loan: I* a Rood groom, wuulil i i Wi* u plui'r in i 11 x' ?? l tmuily ; It! year* rel erence*. Adur?:? l.Vi Wc*t '<8 Hi *t. A SITUATION WANTED HY V SIMil.E MAN AS coacbman.?Understand i nir i. nini;; three year* ratcrence. Apply t<> or prcwut employer, HO 21?t ??., SoPtU Brooklyn. A SITUATION WA NTKD?Art ('OATH MAN AND A. crooni, cilv >>r country, ute who is not afraid of work: best reference (rum last pla e Call on or ailurcs* J. U. I?.. i?:> *FMt 39th -t. A vol xa M AN. wm> HA", good city RKKER J\ enoe ami underatnu lit It la buHiuuss thoroughly,. tuhIioh employment aa iMaeluuati ami ?room; cannula we II. AMiwC. ? '. bM IV) H >r?M ?mc?. A V?l NOOftSMAN K!H<JL4t> WANTS A BITUATIOM 04 coachman; tlr?t cli- lrivur l ? n arV experience in tWln oiw; nober and oblltjimi. iieat cit) reierenc?. au dress II. li., box ! 17 II*'ru.? t Ow 6* 4 YOUNG MAM WANTS A MTI AHON AS COACH A. man and uroom; i "exl. nr< tiil timer and under stand.s hi* bualiiesM thomtiuiil; H'."." quired. Atldres* ISAAC OVIsltUOLj&fc., nh 3d av.,be tWWBtOUl and Mat *t>. 4 MMJLE COLORED MAN WISHES A SITUATION A n, coachman; flrnt i U*. ''v Tyt'-reiw'o trom bl? Iwt employer. Call >u or idles* COACHMAN, 18 Wot lttfc at 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A WELL BXTM1 A enced coarhman In ur ?online ami drlvinu; aotier; wllllnti mill obii?iiw Hire- v-.irv rpl^r(Mi. (-tr..m lHHt ?n> plover to ???rri*#|?on<l. ? nil >n ?jr ^Mre^ ifroAU way, corner Frmikliii at \ SITUATION WANTED?BY t KIRS I CLASS COACH mitii sin?l sfro?"?m , ufnlerHtrtihl* Mi** t?u<in?fw in all its branchca; II voars" reference from last place. Call on or add rew M , ?."> We.-d Jd'.h 4 M lis T CI. 4 SSI YOCNU MlN WISHES A SlTl'A A lion (is nifii'liinaii; undenttaiids Ills bualueMi thor ounhlvi atrlctlv sober m.l trintwrnMiv; beat citv n?fer cnee.' Addreaa V. 1'.. Ilatn'< fanis#- lii?po?itory. M ka?t 4ih at. ? 4 COACHMAN ^ SITUATION W lWtg^""?X 4 liyj A. clttMS ???niHfi; iind^rxt-fin't^ li! - w^u m all i\> bratiolieii; H'?k1 city rclcri?iii?!. tall at K. cam BELL'S. M lib .i\ . 4 s COACBM \N H V A STMCTLT EKMPKRATB ?*? A Kle nun. WithIoiik . *|H>n--iic? ; b^t r? lcr*nce Ironi bi.< lornit-i' ?Miipioy?M tor it ni'-Dty. Mjbriviy anJcapability. Apply at M LexlnKton ?* 4 COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A H1N \ ttlc man, who'i'*taiiil* ih? biiriiww; not airaul ol work . bent cltv ami country refurfticiy given. A'l drci> B. 0., box 17S Herald omce 4 GENTLKMAN WISH** A SITUATION KoH HIS A coil'hniiiii (Amorlcau bun. !i" i* KrlectlyHtrkdy. hniiMl ami all excclb nt Ir rur in grmmi. anil Uior otiithlr uniliTitaml* lii? '?u<ltn'i??. Iim hul '31 year* ??M p rl .n .- witli bornein .I n arly I years in my employ. Apply to THOS U nMI '.U, Hi Krnnlii .rt nt., Iron) 13 to il o'olovkt i 4 IltTATION WANTED?BY \ -isiil.K TOOTO \ man tin coachman ?od arte>ni ; city .>r contry r*ftr ^c?. " all on or rldnii K . ?t M. campbcll h ?<W1o IKOfV, 0 ? Ml ITi k mTVATION WaNTRD ? HV A rOMI'ETEKT A coachinan. H,.b,r. hon.Mt ,n.l .l.HKlnst; 10 ??ri cilv experience: retxmnctor that uiim. A?blre?? C. H., Herald I ptown Branch >th ? "a SITI'ATION WaNTED-BT A I'H'Xii MAN (A A l'rotc-tanti a-1 coa< mil itroom; la a poon il fiver; v/lfflnff ami h'Khly refu mantled. A<hlre?- I I' l?-. "'ThI.i k COACHMAN'S illt'.lriON WANTKD-BY a COM \ oeient mall Hr*t ' In*. ;r >.<!?> ip'lhl, steady driver , iftri. ih tpiiinerllle -i\ ve.u V unev relerence. cili oh ir r0 4*HM 4N. IH V*-t XU at. private 4 inFli I Aitl.K ? oijoRRP MNULK MAN WUkUM \ u ?itnaiioii a* coaclnnan aretnl citv driver ".can iX r t.rlait enipl-ver. wl,.. an h.sbly recommend liim. Aildre??.I. w I. . box 111 Herald I :?t'?? ri Kranch offlc*. i COACHMAN'S (HTC'ATIoB "A an i i:i??BY A \ *in1.1 ^liniln man and ac'enii, be?t rclerences from i??t place, i a'l ?>? >?r id*ie*? iJ. M,, care ol llayui?. Lord ?*, W Dtwne ? . tot NO MAN WANTS A ?TI -WION tTKjm ?\ citv or cnuntrv M >icbni*ii. i< willing to Yielptn karileu ;.iiood reference wlilb* mren. call tor twodai!" at t? PreKldeirt ?t., Brooklyn 4 SITI ATION W \ NTF.I>? VS riRST CI.ASS COACH A man: respectable man. ntid Mitandu M? '"'A1"'! thT.ri^hly ; an exeellen. , m tr,< <r temperate am ol'lisrlnir: llr?t clA<? city ret'-rct'.-e iddrccs K. u., iw We?t JUt *t. ? ? dlTfATION W \ NT I'D?BY i YOI'NO MAN, AS .r\v ?4s. nsu?. K . box IWlIerald . vni-vi; \I\N I?K-Ir*r * A STTCATION AS AP A&pS W ' s aaWWE Siitb ?t. 4 SIT' tTloN t' 11M * N WANTED?B* AN \ | naliiiiiiao. who .. .ruijlil/ ur.k-felandi horn*, carriltte* Ac . and i* * flr.t . .?? Vi -r itoial relcr?nce. A<Miv ?J. P. H. Hera! I ???? t I'liM'IIXAN aND t4lti lOM 's f?|TI: ATION WANT \ c,j_|V. a -ingle tan, lim *eveu ? ars? city rc?<: t-m-e : citv or eouHty. \ Id '?? M , i>'? l-i Ileraid ofBct' 4 SIMILE VOl N.. M AS ViAHEA V -ITCATMIN AS A C...O Iikimn; would .e In.ind wiVui -i lif>d obiiKllii. would like to ill t'.i- ",u ?rkl clsi^f* ??!!% reft ft*net*. lVi * - ?? ,r A MNtlLE TOl >li Ul.I'M \N WANT- V si ITA TION A ?-..niener; m.l. v, d. ? r "i m.'k 'T'u i?t ; ' an it!*'' 'V'-* i ?>?),'*? ' IVI. IM.. C Aildre*' MENU* v II# M -?W nfflf*. \ okntueman Aisitri A ????avi.iiiuii-E\ ? O ? t ? milfc vriialwola-rillke |. ? iJre? ''OACll l*r<itrhtar?i|; w \ ? 1 M AN. '.Mil i\< * ? 4 Vol \i< MAN WAN!fd? * "? ?' ?? N ?.\Rl?l'NKIt A Vmlto.ak.-i a. - '\*\^rn!T Call at ?iC?>rlln?itt ?t <" -J KI.M-i;. i 4hi.t s.v. .. mvs * fV\c . .lacimn . VI" - > -r * .?? ' * ?' wt., Jerwy i il.1' ? ? Y SIMM ' V'~l NO V VN . ?NH A?i A man ? ' ,P1V'. ' s lull i ~ ?*d curl ii?s ?. 1.. .-?? !?rO Jil/H' I? f*** ? 111** * i > * ?' 1 II | 4 U. ??l l>*ll ?1 i ^ ? ' ' . ^ A ?:rs..K?-TvHi.t m?n vv ? J\ the muh r '<?HKVI *l? **H*k ilM'i l<* ! y ' 1,1;, w 4 H1I Im* Ml l| l? *r t * ? ? I % \ ? H it .nl 1 0 A

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