Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1873 Page 4
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COACHMEN AND GARDENERS. A* 8MA BT. ACTrVE. INTELLIOBNT MAN WANTS cmplormcnt us coachman or driver, or In any ca taeltv ; w riu?s a good hand and understands account*. Idri ai J. B., box 126 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND, bv a married man ; can milk and take care ?r ?; beat city retorcnce. Addreiw 0., box 106 Uerald ortice. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YODNO MAN AS coachman; good city reference. Addreaa P. M., Uerald ottice.^ a NY LADY OR GENTLEMAN WISHING A GOOD JV English coachman can be suited by addressing J. T., i; 40th st, private stable. A GERMAN MAN. MARRIED. NO CHILDEEE, WANTS a situation at vegetable gardener on a gentleman's placc; unJewtands his buslncaa; can take care or horses mid cattlr, wife will do housework in a small family, or ? ? eook or UundrcRi. Address N. D. WILLIAMS, l'ost office. 7Mh *t. uud Boulevard. ACOAt IIMAN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED IIv it competent man; present employer la going to Europe Call at hi* residence, 105 West 2l?t at., or private amble, ?!J West i:>th at. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A flrst class colored man ; understands his business In ail t:s bran'his; good city reference. Address J. M. UIUHT. SI I ?th av. AS COACHMAN AND OROOM IN A PRIVATE famiiv-H\ n single man, Engll*b; thoroughly un til* busineia. Call on or uddress P. P., 140 West !<tb st., private (table. A* COACHMaN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANT ed?By a sngie man: tliree yearn' xatiafactory city reference* from bis last placet no objection to the coun try Call on or address T. K., 1,252 Broadway, harness ?tor? A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED BY A MAN who ' roughly understands the proper care of flne ? arru.T horse* and harneaa; married; no family; Ave ies's reference lor Now York and Newport driving. Addn .. I M Kant UHth at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE YOUNG ?>>? ii . who thoroughly unJerstatil* the caro of '? >. has first class reference from last employer; la willing to m.ikr himself generally useful; country pre ferred. < all at I.V West lHth at A Vol NO ENGLISHMAN, LATELY LANDED, WHO thoroughly understands his business, want* a nitu> an..ii ?-grooia. Call at Itf West With st, privato stable, for two day a BY A YOl'NO MAN AS FIRST CLASS COACIIMAN; boat city references aa to capability and good con duct Parties requiring the service* of such a man plcnso addrew JAMKS I) , care ol J. B. Brewster A Co., 6Ui uv. and /Tib st , for three daya. CtttAi HM ws SITUATION WANTED.?A GENTLE i man going away wants a good iilnoe for his coach man (colored); first elaaa man. Address box 6,0X1 Post (.(Bra I lOACHMAN-BY A SINGLE MAN AS FIRST CLASS 1.7 coachman In a private lamily ; ten years' best citv reference from last place. Call on or adurcss 11. G., 793 (iroftdwa v. at Gibsoii'a t lOACIIMAN.?SITUATION WANTED BY A SCOTCH ' 1 man ot large experience nml 16 years' first class ref MMi Addreaa kLoTE, MB West Mb It (lOAOIIMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE i man; understands bis buslnesi; can milk: will lie found ?tiling mi.l oblU'lnj; goo I references. Address G. M., box UK Herald offlce. (lOACIlMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOMPE J tent vnun* man; exiierlenced cttv driver and good groom; citv rctcrence* Cull on or aduresa P. K., stable, I? Weei l-ih at / lOACII MAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SOBER. 1J industrious fintfl?- uian; perfectly understands driv ing. proper < are boraes and carriages and gardening -.can milk ? llll'u to make himself useful. Address THOMAS, II isi l office. OOACIIMAN?BY A COMPETENT MABEIED MAN. I ' wnliout encumbrance; understands his business thoroughly . Ii.ts tour veara' first class citr reference trom list employer. Addrtts M. C., box liKI llerald Uptown Branch office. flOACIIMlN?BY A COMPETENT COLORED MAN; raretul driver; will he tound willing and obliging; beat flty ueteren e rail at or address lit 5th av. flOACEMAV* SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG \ i mm Protestant); can I* well recommended. Ad dr> -. .1 m (mix I'jn lleralil Uptown Itr.inch office. fVlACHMAN AND OROOM-HY A SINGLE YOUNG \man iProti-.unti; understands h|< duties well; good driver and Ill s' i lass groom willing and obliging; City or t..imtr? !??-? . itv reference. Call i>n or addrew D. 8., |.lhat. -.table IU Mas' Ul st CIIE^T CI.AHM ntACIlMAN AND (IR(H?M, OF LONG I MtfHKr, want* a situation Is a < arctul driver; best < itv r. renci a? to s..tiriety and capability Address COACHMAN, box ill lleral.t office, for two diya. I^IR* i I.A4I*. COMPI TKNT COAenMAN; MARRIED] r Ui..r..iiabl? understand* his business |M'st cltv refer rnee rail on or addreaa J. L., Campbell's aatldlery, 10 lib a*. i 1 *ROFXF.R'* SITUATION WANTED?BY A EMLB If mm inter tan W tti.i management of greenlioU'C, ktap. io i nit tiowi rs and ^< ^etatdtfa Au.lress A. M., I offi. e (y ABDEN Kit's BITt'ATION WANTED?BT K SINGLE I man < an tak<-care of horsei; good reference. A'birrs* It K.. boa I* Herald otBee. AIDSREBtl SITUATION WANTED?UNDER t stands his business m all IU l.raneio s , hugliah , mar ried . no tsniklv Address A K . K7t< ltroadwav. V|A> ANH WlrK WISH SITUATION*?THK M \H AS i?l c.irJener and t>. Make hinis<'lt generally useful; the * lie |..r rclwral lious* work Apply at Zft'? William st., Iroin 12 to I nVioek (^iTUATKiN wanted hv a singi.e man. as 1^ eot- tiir? ?ii , thor.'ii.-li!\ tin lrr?lamis Ins business; ?trn tit tvmperab . ? an imla ir r^itiirrd best city refer en< e Ad<1re?< ,f f*. t>?\ i;l Herald offiee. oiti ATtoN wanriti>?as ro.ACHMAN, hv aneng I ' ti> .man . >111(1. ; thoroughly understands h'a bu?i n..- hi i tie t >? '-est city ret< rence Call on or ad dr- ?mj K.. 112 M< -l Mtti st. tJfTVATION W ANTED-BY A MARRIED MAN: IS A i' rompeteal enarbman and sar.l.iicr; ru. familv. first i la- rrleri-m .? !r> oi last etaaloyei Wife a< chamber m ii J and wattless Addreaa W i'. Herald office ^lft *TH>N WaNTED-BT * VOfKG CtiMlRED t rnarl msfi i- u?.er and o'liigtng: I* a rood driver, road and i ?t? Addeess K. M C. Ileral.f office MITI'ATlOb *?NTMI BY A MtKRIKD BCOTCH p lar-l-aff ha< a thorough kn ?ii .ig" of avcrytlilng b.'lootfin.. to gardening "all or add re -? J. A , at Brwlg man *. an? kr.sMl* ay. ^ITt ATIHN W \ N Till H V A ~ I *?11 K. Si?ltER MAN, i ' a*. >i. iiinaii i?r gr.sam ?> ill c?>no am It |i veara' ret i rrtn>. *? druer from bis last Plate Address fl c.. No i ltr>KTK|i ?m*Afl<>N AM KIBHT ? I.AM* rou'll. *? wan and groom: iii..r..?<hlv un Iar><an4a hi?Iwal. ???a?. Ih ?rtr. Ih .? .IH r, frr. ui i- nom Ua: nu| Inier Cal am ?r addrraa r K l If. Knot tm at. U'AMllli * SITUATION AK URIHilt A SID COACH MW: WMlTitiftti tfarilt nini.'. ?ill bf loand a run) r-i< ri1 ni l wUIMC "??? ? *+"4 f* 'WiK1'- AdJrmi I'AT. plumi- r . ?? r. . < omrr liraM tnl v niton at?, or Brook !>? Rran> li llrr*|.l nftu?, l<>r l*o <i?f |Arantiii * notation ah <'<ia<hvav ry a " 1 -l.rxl iran un !? r-tan.W hi* lM<inr? in all i;a branrhea ('all a* <>r .vl.ln ?? JAMfc* RAY. 151 H?.| HI it. rrar 1irA*TKI?- II* A* ACUTA, IIMnlTIC YOCKO ?? man with ten yaara'? tprrl. m ? aa ?alranian and f rmr if ?I 111 wb..iraaV, a fMitjiM wa*tf ? altli anil irliaM* man M want .1 AdJrr.. kA>TKKM, ll.ral.l nk? UfA^TKr?A KIT! ATIO* as COATSMAN AMI (1 ...m (?* a ?"?m* Iriabman . trmprrat*. aolwr an I "I'lNrinir n .1 ?IHI.I 01 w..rk ?m .t ni% ill.) country rtfrreii"* Addr. ?? W n . hat 111 ll.ratd .4li?-c U'AMHi-m A RKAP* 1 T A HI. I IDl'N MAN, almalm* ?? 1 'lacbmin an.) gardener. |<ml mrt Mf * A' aa t R Y . hot II IliraM ..HI. a. U'oti-I' nr 1 ukiijmhi rnt'M HA*. " a 'i.h ?< ratrlmaa M4rriut4i iba car*-of kurar?, k* M trr??n a A.i4rr*a J W M , Hi raid tdfli-a Al'AMMt * "If *Ti't\ A* IXIM IHAR NT A *T f 1 ' 1 l.? ilia l<a. ;<mr ?> -r< r '-4 > I'v rrfrrrnrr 4 all .? iMna K <" , 1 a ? Mrw-i atorr S11 11I1 t*taar \1'a*tki? * 1 MV'tmii a - if Ati'iw. nr a rBn. tf Ua'aM Inai 11< .1 una. . - ? <1 <?? (?rr an 1 Iraaliwrnl >4 h..fw? ? am hariww la rrrtf h iMtl. ka< #?r ?r?f? ? #-a fffrfirnrr fr>M?i laat i>iar* I'all 1 .a ?r addrra* 1 "Ai'lIN A V ( '.?< ?( lrorm NT a pnSKft. art mi m? IK ?mn A ?? rNMM li ratrllBM MM) taH *rr * ?l rttwri fi?>'ii? i. >? fPHM u t .< ratrr.aea AMtrai l> . I?i M II. raid ?#i<? <?/|<| ?r?r win m a uriruiAl wiaMB* a .aln? Im a MH' >? .11 aa caatbma* ? '< at ha r in bifNIr r< f'ia> >1 < all ?* a* ?ddr.<aa HAM TIN *><11 I AT . BBTWBB* BtH ARI? mm NTH - A a.'' I ai it..? ?<I 'flt.1 a r> a?? tafrfc marrtrd man a? - <miaa ml *r.?.m who lb???<bla m>4< ratandi ?im ?.an,.. cM la a Inaf fair nun, la Milling ai <1 ubllcNa.- baa a ..1... . U .a *<. rb? r^unltp. ?2111 ?? A?r v|i r a fN'iTr MTabT 101 hi. la?4 4 ?i4?aa a MalM *a aatHMH ? ?Mar aar4***r in tbr r ...n-ry. A JSlKU? H t?TKIi-NAI.K?. cma*? a Tci t.?A?a r? i.ri.??riir -?kn - ?a?a?a b..?. ai>4 lull Wain ..J lata a.rM'i..n<, flrmaal arral. r ll.a.. 'b w M, I IK >?f oR AI ?lta?*. ?' llh a> , 1 1 p...11* 1 .. la.ti??aa A"1'"1 "??I'M A ATM * ? t.RtlWflTONAT warn a|fffahlf Ml>i ? .a- i?4 >? r AatarVaa loun; m>naal aaiara M..Mtim,a Hiaan ar. At* k ? ?ark.rm?ni win. mw4,. tMi, r??aran<aa rrqairrd ^ AOKNTH, Of O'lOD aitiMi Til nil ? I 'rillaria ? lb* Mi f>valar aalaMr 4*a?rt < (tea *?rr intro4ur*4 Al l ? l.r m. , a l| an.i 1,, , |? , Ui m. t. CMWCTll CO , l?T<'baa>?r. a _______ A k> i n*I) If K AI? WAITKR ?A%T?.I>-.?-<>u>RBI?i J\ Inr a cgmmrr h-.o??, ? b? lb . ..... mi a a, ,n,)t hit t>a?ln??, Irmparata. IN.I arra?4 <.f ???rk < ?.i i,.? NTRWaKIi. Kaal Xtfc 0 . baaruiaal, U ^ I >:ti an wilh ralarant a A 1 ? l< A Mi OPPOBTVPfTT IN ? irRRRII Tl< URN. J\. U<man aarking ? iiiplnrnarnl. wbn* a t*rjr ble Incmna par day can ba raall?a4. ?'?ll al m baa?aa ?tri-ct, room II SMART, AlTIVS NAN WANTRD?IN A UaiT _ onliluor liiialnraa Ai.nlr, adrr ? o'cb^A, at Iba _fRW VdllK BO?>K COBi'rRS, No T Warraa at. fun/lb Boor. _____ __ K Af-TIVK, IBBBOBTIO <jK.nri.riaan or ndoi a HM rapalii. i>l waiting uim.h uii..iiifr. a>.4 I hM A ell'Ml. ? ?|r?w? t?i naiaiiaa ?J'"u ' uanniirii ? ?'? 1. wi^^r ,at 111 nAlbry; ?l?oa irntlaman ?? ba cauarallr <"* , 911 ?i*kly. Apply, I. twe 11 II a*4 I, la McMBN AWr * 00.. rabllaliora. Tit Br0..lway ? _ _ KOT WANTBO -IN A IIAHIlf AKK MTORR; IU41 l?? atront, arUvr. and reaida witb b?a Ad W0 V. II.. Ufraid o?oa HKLP WAJTTKD?MA I. KB. Boy wanted-i.'T a law omon. adders* in liisown handwriting, w. 8 . hox IM llertM Boy wanted?in weismann'b drvo store, corner 70th it. and 3d av. ______ /CANVASSERS AND AGENTS FOR SEWINO MA Vv chine*.?To sell one of the most perfect attachment*, erer patented. Apply at 263 Broadway. C1ANYA8SKRFOK ADVERTISEMENTS IN AN K<*. ) tabllshcd eommerclal medium; Hb'ral term* to an experienced man, with references. Address KSPANOLi Herald office. IilNKROETTC GENTLEMEN, WITH $7 CABH, CAN !i easily earn from $25 to $75 ? weeIt:article the world'* necessity. BEOK A SUIINS, 116 Nassau Ht., room 7. Men ark makino $4 to is a day on dmpi "Universal" Litters, which lift a two ton truck with one hand ; not a dollar rlak. DOTY, 1(H) Washington st., corner Cortland t. PORTER WANTED?ONE accustomed TO sUCII A position. Add rest, with references, 1'. O., box 3,577 Post office. PACKING BOX AGENT.?WANTED, A GOOD MAN who commands a large trad ); such will be liberally dealt with. Addreas E. II. B., Herald office. TWO SMALL BOYS WANTED?IN A PAPER HA NO. ing store. Apply at 936 3d av., one door from the northwest corner of 53th st. WANTED?THREE FIRST CLASS WAITERS, AT the restaurant 411 Broadwav, between the hour* of Sand 11 A. M. H. P. COLK, Proprietor. WANTED-FOR THE UNITED STATU STEAMER Juniata, a competent man as cabin cook. Apply on boar J, off the Battery. WANTED?A SINGLE MAN, THOROUGHLY Ac quainted with making roads, walks, dams and gmd ing, to oversee and make out-donr improvements; the very best reference as to character and qualifications required. Apply to J. A. CAREY, 7S6 Broadway. XXrANTFD?AT THE WHALEMEN'S 1IEADOUAR TT fers, 109 South St., coopers, carpenters, black smiths, cooks, seamen and American young men; Bood chances lor good tnen. Apply at onco to J. MORISON. WANTED?A SMART, HONEST. STOUT BOY, 18 years old, to run errand?. Apply at 4} Park placu, up stairs, between 10 and 11_A. M. TirANTED-FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVY, SKA. TT men, ordinary seamen, landsmen and first class firemen. Apply at the United States Naval Rendezvous, 187 ami 189 Cherry St., oillce United States Shipping Com missioner. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN (american OR ENO lish preferred), who lias had some commercial ex perience and can make himself generally useful in a commission house. Address, with good references, box 4,202 New York Port office. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS MAN COOK. FOR AN oyster and chop house. None other noed anply nt 4>W 8th av., alter 10 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A PORTER AT LONO ISLAND CLUB. Apply, with reference, to A. W. DIKTER, corner ItcmMti and Clinton sts., Brooklyn. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR. CALL at 105 Washington st, Hoboken. N. J, ?WTANTED?gentlemanly AGENTS; MOST FOR TT tunate chance to make money pleasantly and re spectably; >25 to #100 weekly, withont tail; convenient article lor everybody. 615 Broadway, tip stairs, office L ItfANTED?AT SWEENY'S HOTEL, 8TI1 AV., BE TT twven 49th and 5>th sts., two smart young men, to open oyster* and wait on table. TXT'ANTED?A BOY ABOl'T 17. OF GOOD ADDRESS, T? ani with first class reference, Business, family ?tores and retail liquor. Apply, with references, at 120 Water St., before 10 A. M. WANTED?A STRONO YOUNG MAN, WHO UNDER, stands the fish nnd oyster business and care of hor*cs, Apply at MOSEMAN'S Marl^, 4titi 4th av. XjlTANTED?TWO ADVERTISING AGENTSt LIBERAL TT Inducement* to tlio right party. Adarcss S. T., Herald office. WANTED?AN ACTIVE, HONEST DRIVER FOR A ft ginger ale wagon; one who lias had experience and can true good reference; also a bottler, an Englishman, or one who hasha<l experience with an English bottling machine. Apply to ROBINS a SCHIPTUEETm Liberty ?t WANTED?FOR THE UNITED STATES MARINE TT Corps, 500 fine, able bodied men. This service oiler* splendid opportunities to visit lorcign countries on board I nited States ships-of-war. For further Information apply at Recruiting Rendezvous, SD Chatham street. New York. JAMES LEWIS, Major United State* Marine Corps. WANTED-A OOOD, HONEST, CAREFUL AND IN TT dustrious boy to keep rooms in order, go errand.', to do as lie is told by his employer and make himself'gen erally useful. Address, In his own hand writing, giving age. references, wanes expected and former employ ment. B. T. B., lierald office. per week.?AGENTS AND OTHERS TO ijpIlMF sell n new article indispensable to merchants and manufacturers everywhere. Call at 95 Liberty st., room 25. TI1K TRADES. A BUTCHER WANTED?A YOUNO MAN, AT 363 Henderson St., Jersey City. Take Chambers st. It rr.r. A FIRST CLASS BARKER IS WANTED TO TAKE the barber shoo In the New Exchange Building, K.ihw.iy, v J. Verv moderate terms to the right man. BO* MAKER WANTED?ONE HAVING SOME knowledge ol the canientcr trade preferred. Apply .it Mineral Water office, ?Jl Ea.st2.Sth st., n>-nr 2?1 av. IjlNUINEEB'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST J class engineer. capuolc of fitting up all kinds of I machinery, also steam ami Kits pines; no objection to thr country. Call on or address ENGINEER, 3d Bond St., Brook I vn. HOItSESIIOKRS WANTED?FIREMAN AND FLOOR men. No society men need apply at Fourth avenue Mlage Stables, 32d st. and I<cxington av. HORSESIIOERS WANTED?SIX HLOORMEN AND live Bremen; wages $3 80 per day; (food men can have ?>irk the year through; no society men wanted. Apply at Broadway and 7th av. depot, 7tli av., corntr bl?t st., immediately. H'ORSESHOERS WANTKD-SIX I'LOORMEN AND three firemen. Oood workmen can tlnd steady cm pliivim-iit by applying at the Sixth Avenue Railroad depot, corner 43d st. and 6th av. Society turn need nut apply. rflAILOR WANTED?ALSO A GOOD TAILORF.S.-I 1 on mats -, a man tlia: can make a good, fine Mad frock sti I shape pant*. to work lor a Je-tsovman. at Elua belli; sic ad > work and good wages to the right man. Oct vour railroad t eket and information at Collin.'*, Downing A Co i:? Broadway, N. Y. To ARCHITECTS.?WANTED^ A R&ENOAOEMENT l?y a good draughtsman ; would not object to go to the ri.uiiti'v A i; I I.Es, 9a Broad It, Newark, N. J. mo MERCHANT TAILORS.-YOU NO MAN DESIRES I n situation as custom cutter and salesman; first class , reference given; would go on moderate terms; cltv or ! country. Address, for one week, ALFIIA, Herald office. \\' A NTBD-A "fTrbT CLASS BREAD BAKKR AS ?? foreman. ?o go to Chicago; highest wages paid to a tfo..d hand. Apply at German Mismoii House, corner Pearl and Madison sts. : Y|fANNTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS REPAIR. "? inc French and American clocks. Apply at D. O. Il(MiiIkNH k CC.'S, 3 Cortiundt St., New York. W AN TED. ?A KIKST KATE NATURAL DESIGNER ?? may call, Willi samplos, on T. W. BRACllER, 77 I Greene st. U' \ntki>-\ FIRST clam CHAIN MAKRR TO GO ?? to Philadelphia. Apply to Messrs. PEARCE, Kt'RSli A CO., No. I Bond at., room 1), to-day (May 7), I n IJ and 1 o'clock. VL'ANTKl) UPHOLSTERERS?' APPLY TO "FRANK >? RIIONER A CO.. HI Bowery. IV ANTED?A GOOD SODA WATlFcOBNBiT' AP Is plv to P. KITZS1MMON S, 51 Bolivar St., near Hay mor.d, Brooklyn. PRKNCI1 AI?V 1CKT1BJBMBUTS. ON demi-.b DANS UNE famille AMER1CAINE tine teinioc de ehambrc francaisc au latt a kc-.i1* v.ors, .|ui p. in coiner lev chcvciix et hr.xter; on prefcre uti. irani .iim- <|ui ne parlc pas langlal*. S'adresser pen dsnt den* j.Mirs au No. 7 Montague tcrrsce, prus do Wall St. fcrrir Brooklyn I TNE JKINE FILLB, I'ARLANT L'ANGLATS ET L'AL I. lerasnd desire w p'.accr dans une famille privee. pes uieiiWiires references serontdonneek. S'adresser au Mil 1st ir , second floor MIA* OFFICE.1), I T * BLI.H'KEII HfRKET, NF.AK BROADWAY, UP J\ stairs-IIigbest cash advams on Diamonds, v\ itrki ? Jewelry. Piano*. Ac., or bought, Pawnbrokers' Ik .(? > bought, it 77 Blceckcr street t I si Nt-sU NI'RF.ET, Bl.TWhKN ~FULTON AND J\ Joi.n streets BBwHAN LEOPOLD continues i'io ?.ii)lug. i nns or adtaneing on Diamonds, Wutches, '? ?* *??. 1'ianou, Merchan Use, Life PoIkIcs, for noy I amount J IT ?<*I.F Rk( ITHK. US', aw It It < i \ DW tY, BETWEEN ImrtsrsUi and Twentieth trerts?Money loaned ??? walcb** Diamonds, Jewelry, Stivers are. Milks, and l?riu utarr I*isimm; private parlor tor ladies; business ?tra ils ?unntratial. 4 I 1*1 k?uS, I sWNHKiiKKIt. V> WEST THIRTY. 1 A< ty pt Pnn-e street, loans Moucv in large ,j? ??!?.. stuns on |>cr*?nsl I'ropeity ol every do .? i. >iisn. IT J?| K .ON ?? HHiitliw AY? or I'oslTR-K LEV? A /MB ?l?eei?Money liberallv advanced on Din I ?Wp^Wallk*s, Jewelrv. Silks. Drv llorxls. and per m i s. rrooenjr <4 ttrsry desenptivn Prit ale entranco tor m4mts a I V TMIItr*' Nfll riKKKT, mear briiXdway^ . \ I tlx bigh> si price tor Diamonds. Watches and .i, mi if*. A lnnr? on tin name ISAACS, Diamond Broker. V Thirteenth ?irret. near Hroadnay. Af m PMUADWaf. idKMUt Fill'HTM STREKT ? Mi>era a<t?anies ?? Diainoiids. Watches lewclrv, ?ttlkt. t ssirl's Hair xliawla. La.-e? and uers?oiai property ?4 erery ls?HHIsa. JAMES P. MATTHEWli. (UBBRAl.Ltr Al?AOCBD ON Dl \MoNDS, ffdllki. Jewelry. Mias. India Shawls, Ae : also a fMH Mnrfe the st?.?i IABM MMI on band for sale, to pay ttiOMcOft No I Ws?hi ig('>n place, under New tiKl llotoi. one dour from Kroa.1 * aj. ?J<? K* ttrRNET. OPPOSITE POUT OFFICE.? s??f IsUrsI alvsneee ma t* on Diamonds, Watches, Jbvotre aud all kinds ol hrr kandise I lie same bouglit and rnt* Imhb l IIA YMAN l.Kol'OLD. I 1 j|?l WITH AYBMOE. ?FTWF.F.N TWKNTY FOIRTII I '1 "si ,n.t | ? nil nun streets. ? Liberal advances made on Pit iiiisit* Watcb< s, Jewelry, Iklas, litres and >hawli. ? ttoas. i-.mbi at fun value. L KhItN AltD. ' "*"?I.**T, CORNBR AMITF 8TEKRT.? . . Mot.oe lit? rstiT adtsucedon Dismon Is. Watches, Jeaelry and all M< rcban lite at the old established Umncttre ?am? lK>u<i?t and sold M RQsKNWItKO. ?l"?*'**AT. nLDKsT EtlTANLMIIED AND o?ee.?Bon-v adrtnrnd on Dta 1 2f)7 ".li 2"' "BRALD bbakch FulfU swo2r L2aRr~fil! "V" I??n h in IXrt iV'V "TT 1 ??"'< on Dls'Bundt, ^ j-welff. t<v Mine u,U4k\ All.! ? ia l.imiKl MROa I ? uH>AROItm WARTRDi 1 FRONT i?"M. WUITABLB FOR LADY I'oom^ ^ r il'JiilLJ* ? "-f^: ?l*?" numlier of ?ingle terrrn, jzst" ?"*??? ?"?,K,n 1 liirilihirL'* '"** *"*10 I*** *KM FOK NBATI.T . tr*? ? It iTLhS^l*at'* blaeekrr theboaiie aifeei Mi Seventh t?mur car* |M? "II BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY, Lam .4 ll?"1 N,,>elenHh atreef * '^TuArfl? ??ij.* v?;?'n',r "?w,Ui W,w O BI/>CKH rRO* BROADWAY ?ft? TO lift l*KR Kooiim. with Lilt!, for n"terit:r fi'K:T:,;l!5l,i!;;,p^ *?* 2Pi.rI?-Mnr.L'wN,wlVhMul'V /' EN HI"ITK Room.; Uin. Mrt<MnE,# q?llrS 217 We.t r"'rince> r#" 2U ??i!li??i5~KJlVhL ? *N SUIT* OK nJ.CVlh^iL ? -""rf1 ? " ???"* HII'I ??!*?? riioM ?,mS3i &? tiff*1 "??????*' prices; reer avenue Thinjr-uiird rtrrn, near Fuili a venue ' 3 ?"? #TBRBT, FIBilT IIOVKK FROM ?inJlT^an !z&f*nt AP?r<mmla, en suite mi l w' iii or ? 11ho11! Mila'nl *""?"? ?? reaaonabie rates. ;1 'W.S^^rjSSIi cU-' urmi ",oJf a ELEGANTLY FL'BNIrfHBD KnOML WITH AL umss^m'i^ !1nd,fold waler. with ?rsl rl?? Board, for _*? w*?? y*WP%. W.-j>WliWJ| ROOMS, HAND* with Bwrl ;VpI>?cS(V ' "e ""U '?cond >k,r> ? ,ro,,,) RNIHII ED ROOMS TO LIT, alred teference*' * on oach floor; ?rr?kr?*? II dc 5??nam^r"i Mt-VK"V M.HAHAST ROOMS ON i?. ! noor,aIho Kxten?ion. Mmc floor, and In re* front MOPODjt t<> rent, wiiii Board. Ueltroocdi6xchin| <i $6 ^jgpjaa tjtfs sse^a ag&easvu&ff -j? * H ?i?.T?.i TJJIRTV-KOURTU STREET.?ONK SlIT r?l,t iy ? 1 ',,r fnllclIK II ; dot llll I sired ' no b?ardurs; pronto tinUj; Breakfast Ifde 10 XAV.?RL?/ PI'ACK.-THK FINEST IIOUHK IN ry, c city.?Handsome front Room*. fU, fix and $2U Boor(7r??nWilli Board, tio children; also Initio 1 9T?_2T?.EETl.118 WEST-SECOND FLOOR, FRONT J <?? andi Hn" Room, with Board, for gentleman anl Wile or sinirlc gentlemen; house ha.< lieen lurm-hed new INroiiglioul and cunluins all inoilern Improveinentii. MTU 8TRKET.-KLKOANT ROOMS TO I.KT. WITH Board, at 217 Weat Koiirtecnlh Mreot; hoasc flrrt ciaHM and imusuully desirable ai a Summer raaidence K^fcreuco. 14- EA8T. i"N.TM STREET.?A SPLENDID KUR. t^".uC!} ,hac^ 1'arlor. will, two Bedroom., with or without Board: nUo aoine larito and small Koomt, with good French table; rclerencca rc<iuired. 1 ?i-TIJ. ^7'RKKT. S5 WEST, BETWEEN FIFTH AND r 1 nycnuoH.?Ne\A'lv an I clogtinHv turniiheil House, with first clius table (privato i! desired), for lauii* lies or KciiLlcnion ; reicrenceH. MTU STREET, 28 tt EST, NEAR FIFTH AVE line.?Largo, handsomely (nrnlshcd Hulls of Booms s<\?a"l,o:v or together, witli or without urstclusi Hoard. He.erencesexchanged. UTII street, west. 3M.-NICELV FURNISHED Rooms on second Hoor, w ith Board, lor two, $is; a'spee'ift,|tyCOnnCC ' *lu|jlu Koo,ns- 87 to SS; good table nTII street, four doors east OP SKCOND avenne. opposite Stuvvesant square.?Pleasant lur >mS'wilr'^uk1?m.' i "'"f.1" 'V" Kfitlemen or gentleman ent'csexchniiKed Board; terms moderate; rcler 1Q CLINTON PLACE, near BROADWAY.?NICELY i"Jur.,n,sUcd. Ko<mis ???<? elegantly furnished Parlor on seeoiid tloor, tor laniilies and gentlemen; llrst elaiu Board; hngltsh, trench and German spoken; references 1 equired. 22 WAV'ERLF.Y PLACE.?FURNISHED rooms, with Board, either for Rentlemon or a family. 99d street. S9 east.-SECOND floor TO LET. Mice's required wllllout Boar<'i also single Rooms; lefor OOD STREBT. west, 164.-very DELIOTKUL shv. ? ii ",!',?s,or;Y ,r(!llt Kooin, full width of house, with excellent Board; also pleasant fourth atory Iront Room ; terms moderate lor Summer. 99 !5A8T forty-sevrnth street.-a lady has r'rti n.m* to rent wngly or en suite; suporior tablo Board. Terms reasonable.' 90D HT, 161 WEST.?A GENTLEMAN CAN FIND ? v*ry elcaant newly furnished Rooms, with or without Board, sliiKle or In suits; highest relereueeo. 9YT.H ^TBEGT, 157 EAST.?A ROOM ON SKCOND ? i . noor. wiih large closets, suitable for one or two gen tleincn, with excellent Board. Rclcronce*. OQ north MOORE STREET.?A LIMITFD NU!tf. n ??i .r ' hoarders can be accommodated ? ith tood Board at reasonable rales. w*wm 9S WKrT NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND |?J .~i?,lxlh ??:*">??*-A large third floor front Room Io let, ulth H<?ard; relerencen required. QQ WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.-LARGB AND ?J?i amall Room% with Board, to lei, to families or eon tlcmcD. Reference required. 33 IGHSJK? STKKKT. BETWEEN broadway t,.. and ? llHi a venue.-Five Rooms to let, with Board, f(?r families and gentlemen; rei.'iences exchnnKed. Qi TH STREET, WEST S23?PRIVATE FAMILY OC n,CilJV-vinB '1"(! l,ou"e have Rooms on the ilrst and third floors, with unexceptionable uble; hoi and cohl water; Summer prices. 'j i Til STREET, 1(57 WEST ?ROOMS TO LET WITH i ,, Board, for gentloman and w ife or gentleman; uired 00,n' L nexceptsblu relorenees g.ven and re EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET?THE COM. n-lm. wi.K m .r,,1rt?<'.d1 ,lnm<> n"'l ? handsome Suit of re!erenees exi? haiiuted. '' lW? *"??- tCfnt'-ine..; O^J WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET, NEXT DOOR with or?*vi!'b hitIin<V?"h!PK?f'lpBllI,t accommodations, Willi or without Board ; highest references exchanged. Sf?TI.hSrRoKT _A?J K!'K"ANT M'lT OP TWO OR "u Booms, handsein-ly furnished, nnd with every convenience, to let, with or without Board. 214 Madison avenue, corner Thirty-sixth street. '-*fl ^AST FORTY-NINTH STREET ONK DOOR J, ^ from Madison avenue.?Handson'iolv furnished Room, oil sec. ml tloor. tlist cln-u Board suitable lf.r gentleman and wile or sinule gentlemen; rct'erenee QQ BARROW STREET -PLEASANT FRONT ROOM SJWd'^iS: ,urn,s"e,, or un,"urnlshod, 'ifl WEST 43D ST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHFO ???/ Booms to let with Board, lor Kcntleman ami w ife or single gentlemen. 1 **?? QQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.?ELBOANTLY ., furnished front Parlor and Bedroom on iccoml <& I?i on"< l0r 0"""v? or lP'n'lemon; separately or to gcther; unexceptionable reier. nc.-s exchanged 4.9 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET?ROOMS TO """ 44 gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen a k IiEXINllToN AVKN I E ?FRONT ROt)M WITH u . ,?lcovo- on second tloor. furnished, wlthflrst clai I Board, lor geutleman and wile or simile gentlemen aTl modern Improvements; reierenees exchanged 4-7 2OND STREET.?II ANDSOMEI.Y FirRNISHRD T I Rooms, with Board, to venlleu n ,j ; and wite; table tlrst class; Kea, ,S centrS?" | moderate ; rcfcrenco. central, terms 4? WEST FORTV-EIGIITII S1UKET?RliOMS EN ? ^oi'e or separate, with sunerior *l??i,l?? n,,rtt-a ''""'cnew'J Ircscoed and furnished. (>nlv partleswUh-' exch^mged!**" MCCol,'ul""1 need apply. Heferencca 4M VrKST. i THIRTY-SECOND STREET ?I.aROR 1 </ desirable newly lUrnlsbcd Rooms to lef^with or without good Board, to first class narUes- hnu?t Vn.l location flr-t class; references exchanged. hou,? and ^*0 ^ E S T EIGHTEENTH STREET?ROOMS WITH * )' i drat class French Board to !et to irentl?m?'.i ?ni J' MKR^IER:m '?r PnVat? Pftr,l,,? Apply to^onslcur /xl MCXINOTON AVRNUR, NKAR TWKNTY-VIRTII out noardCL~,hlrd dt0ry front hftU K#ora? ^ith or Willi 1 NINTH STREET, BKTWRRH RROADWAY amti | r/J WKST TENTH BTRKKT, BETWEEN KIKTII ANI) I O r Sixth avenue*?Elegantly furnished Room*, on ! .second flour, In kultx or neparately. with or without | Ho.trd. _ _ (-7 WEST 12'ril ST.-ItooMS T(? LET,"WITH* FIRST ?) 1 class Bo*rd, front 17 to $12 per week ; reference* exchanged. r.(l WKST THIRTY SF.Y1.MII STKKRT. ? A HALL UV Room, with first class Hoard, to a gentleman. /?Q WKST THIRTY-FIFTH NTRKKT.?A SMAMj ")#? family will let ?oine elegant wnall nnd largo R?inn?, with Hoard: nono need apply hut thoM dcslriu,} I fir*t rl*?< accommodation*. Q| MACDOUOAI. 8TREF.T-A HALL ROOMTOLET, ' O .E with Bnard, and twotaldr hoardcra wanted; refer | cneea rsquircd. |A- WKST TWKNTYKMIITII STREET.?Tl> LET, JUu furnished, a suit 01 Kooma. consisting of parlor and two bedroom*, Willi or without Hoard; refercuco required. 1A/> EAST TWKNTV TUIlUt HTRXET.?DESIRARLE 11 M) lor families or gentlemen, witit Board. L'nexccntlonalde reierences cxchmitred. l/\7 WEST KORTY-REt'0>i|? ST KEET.?DESIRABLE X" " I Eoomj to rent tn gei-ilemen and their wivo? or itngle gentleman, with Hoard. 1AO WKST TWENTY EKlIITII STREET-FUR 1\"?' nished front Roo n, 011 third floor, to lei, with or without Hoard, t" a gentleman nnd wile or two ningle gentlemen; terms rcaaonabls. m CLINTON Kl-ACK (EKlIITII STREET).-Kl'R nuhed Rooms to let, with or wltliout Hoard; large and amall Rooms: all modern improvement*; U'iuii mode rate to rc?ue<tablc iianii* SOARDBKS WANTBD. mKAST TWENTY-FOURTII STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue.?A Suit ol Rooms. with Hoard: ? l-o small Kooui lor gentleineu; hou>e strictly tlrat cla?e; reierences. lOfT WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.?A FAMILY. 1 having iuht taken the hou-e, offer choice of rooms, furnished or unfurnislieJ, with Board | alto ex tension Room or front Daw-incut to a physician, with or without Board. 19Q WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET-HAND 1 ?<'' hi in-1r furnished second floor Iront Room and hull Red room to let, with first class Board, to gentleman

and witn or slnglo gentlemen; references exchanged. 1?)1 LEXINGTON AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY J Ol eighth and Twenty-ninth street*?Room* to lot, with Arst class Hoard; locution plcusint nnd convenient |')() WEST TWELFTH STREET.-A LARUE BED I')y ond and third story front Room to let. with Board, on reasonable terms, to gentleman and wile or single gentleineu; references. I'JQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?nANDPOMB ? >?/ Rooms, cn suite or singly, with Board, very de slnehle (or the Summer; flrstclass in every particular. 1/11 FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH I'll avenue.?Gentleman and wile or two gentlemen can be accommodated with second story front Hooin, handsomely furnished and table flrst class. 1/1Q WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED J li) Rooms to let, with Board, to gontloman and wile or siityle gentlemen. 1 Ztt WBBT TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?PLEAS l?M) ant Rooms, with Board; house contains nil Im provements: table well suppliod And neatly served; terms $G to js per week; family small; references. Utl EAST TWKNTY-EIOHTH STREET. CORNER J.UL 1 bird avenue.?A low younggentlomen and ladies can l>e accommodated with Board and pleasant Booms. lftfi WK8T TWENTY-SBOOND STREET.-A THIRD 1"U story front Room and a fourth story back Room to let to gentle men, with flrst class Board ; rclcrences ex changed. 10O BLBBCKER STREET.?TWO VERY LAROE, I Oi) hundsomcly furnished connecting Rooms, on accord floor, with all conveniences, with partial Foard, to gentlemen, at moderate prices, in a strictly I'M van: family; locution good. <110 WEST FORTY-NINTH STREET.?A PRIVATE ? 1 ?) lamlly v illi no other boarders would IM, with Board, to n gentleman and his wile two Rooms, either tur nislied or unfurnished ; reloruncos reiiuiiod. OA A BABT ELEVENTH STREET.-SEVERAL ?1^: handsomely fltrnished Rooms to let, with or without Hoard, to gentlemen, or gontlcmen and their wives. OIQ WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.-TO LET. WITH ^lO Hoard, a very nice, largo Room, nicely fur nished, to n gentleman and wile orlwosiugle gentle men, on moderate terms. 904 WEST FOURTH STREET, CORNER WEST AUT Tenth street?Very pleasant location for the Summer.?Two connecting Rooms, second floor, nicely furnished; also one large Room on the third floor; with or without Board; very modcruto terms to permanent parties. 9?J7 WEST 221) ST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED A>'i Rooms with Board, in brown stone house; ref erence. OA*-I WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET?TO LET, ATt) In h private family, a handsome suit of Rooms to u married couple or two single gentlemen, with Board. OC1 WEST FIFTY-SECOND STREET. BETWEEN 1 Broadway mid Eighth avenue?A gentleman and wife can have a furnlshod or unfurnished ftont Room and Hoard, with n small private lamil.v, WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.?A PRT t)U vine family will let two or three nice, hand somely furnished Room", with or wltnout Board; very reasonable to desirable parties. 2r. 7 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET,?HAND ') I somely furuished front Rooms, on second floor, and Parlor Extension, with Hoard, lor families or single gentlemen; location convenient and unexceptionable; references given and required. OA 7 WEST FIFTY-SECOND STREET.-IIAND OU I somely furnished Rooms, with first class Hoard, tor gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. References exchanged. OOn WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?GOOD Oaa Rooms and Hoard for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with private lamily, at reasonable price; references. QQA WEST THIRTY SECOND STREET, BETWEEN OOU Eighth and Ninth avenues.?First floor parlor Suit, handsomely lurnlshed, to let, without board, or with private table; also, Room for gentlemen. one AND 37 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET HAS *>?') changed hands, and newly furnished, with a choice ol lurnlshed Ro<ms with flrst class Hoard, in a good location; terms moderate for Summer. A On EAST FIFTY-EIOIITH STREET-LARGE, TtlU pleasant Rooms, with good Board for four, in private lamily; references exchanged; terms moderate. f?1A NINTH AVENUE.?A FEW RESPECTABLE VI Lvr ladlels and gentlemen can bo accommodated with Board, from $5 50 to $3 per we ok ; gat and bath. Table boarder* de-lred. OT Q SIXTH AVENUE.?A NICELY FURNISHED OlO hall Room, with or without Hoard, In a small pri vate family of education and refinement; terms moder ate. References. A CLUB OF GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO. dated with first ela*s Board and newly and hand somely lurnlshed Rooms on West Twenty first street, he. tween Filth and Sixth avenues, and where no other hoarders will be taken. Addross 1 . box 104 Herald Up town Branch office. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISIIKI) ROOMS on second floor, I11 a small, sociable nrivalc inmilv, with first class Hoard. -'M West Forty-third street, be tween Broadway and Eighth avenue. A PRIVATE JEWISH FA MILT WILL LET SEVE ral handsomely lurnhhed Rooms, with first class Hoard, en suite or singly, to gentlemen or a lamily. 231 West Forty-third ireet, near Broadway. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, largo closets, Ac., to rent, with Board. 88 West Nineteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Beterence. AVERY DESIRABLE FRONT ROOM TO LET? With Hoard, to two gentlemen, on reasonable terms, at 219 West Fifteenth street, near .-cvenih avenue. A LADY WILL LET A NICELY FURNISHED Room, with or without Hoard, bath, closet*. Ao., to a respectable party; location east side. Address WIDOW H., station F, Third avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFER A HANDSOME SEC ond Floor, en suite or singly, with Hoard, to gentle men anil wives or gentlemen; references. Apply at 126 West Forty-second street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO BBrtT THEIR third floor, with Hoard, In Msdison avenue, near Thlrtv-flrst street. Address, with full name, POS1TIVE, Ilorald Uptown Branch olllce. Board in a private Jewish family-fine Rooms; centrally located: easy of access. Address A. B.. box 118 llerald Uptown Branch office. Rooms for gentlemen, with or without Board, In a private tamlly; first class house; relcr cnces. 58 west Nineteenth street. TWO OR THREE NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON sccond floor, with or without Hoard, at very reason able price for Summer; references exchange. I Apply at ID hast Seventeenth street. TWO LARGR, ELEGANT CONNECTING ROOMS.? House lurnlshed entirely new; all conveniences; home made lood; vegetables and frail direct from farm; unexceptionable references. 131 East Twenty seventh street, between Fourth and l^xington avenues. r LET-TWO LARGE, IIANDSOMKLT FUB nlshed Rooms, with or without Hoard, in West Four teenth street Address II. J. !?., Herald office. BOARD jfSD UIDUINl^ W.WTKI). A YOU NO MAN DESIRES HOARD WITH A RE *pectalilc private i.miily In the country, convenient to the city. Andre** F. U W, bos 124 Herald office AORRTLRMAR WANTS A HINOI.E IHHiM (RAU. room prelorred) ami Board in a ornate'iv; term* must not aiceod $7 per week: Uxkiuhi eentraL Address P. K. K. B., Herald Uptown llram-h oiet. ANEATI.Y FURNISHED ROOM. WITH HOARD, wanted?By avium; In a ft in 11.v where no other boarder* are taken t term* not to exceed ft per week; ptric't Presbyterian* need noi an*wcr. Ad.Ire*- J F., box lk'9 Herald Uptown llrani-li ottue. AOF.NTI.KMAN OF ROME I.RIHURR DKSIRRn Honrd In the iamllr of a *prightlv Intcrratinv widow lad/. Address C .AUDE WILLIAMS. Ilerald office A YOUNO LADY, EMPLOYED MMMMt (V wIhIioh Hoard in a private Ohri*tlan lamily, term* must not exceed per week; un<|u<-a'iooablr retrrcn. ?< exchanged. Address A. K. A , box 134 11< raid I'ptown Branch office. . ARRCOND STOUY FRONT PARLOR AND HK[) room wanted, handsomelr turni?hed. with immediately, In tir*t cla**, central locaton, tor Krotle man nnd wile. Addreaa 0., CtltH llouw Board wan TED?by a flROU man. in a plain, private family j eait ?Me, between Grand :.n I Four' teentn street*. Andre** p. P. rt., ho? 149 Herald oitl. ? BOARD W a STED. -r II ALL AND SQUARE ROOM* AD Joining, tor father nml dnuttbicr. home comforts respectable neighborhood ind'*|icn?ahle; private faintly or but low Hoarder*; ra*y distance of to,>ier I men 1 armanent it suit-d; term* mint tie moderate and atatect: reference* exchanged. Addrc*.* SKi KbrAl! \. Ileral.1 office. HAKLKM.-BOARD WANTl-D, BY A YOU NO MAN; Rood anted Room ; above IJJlti a: reel anil ea?( ul FMUl avenue, only communication* containing lull particu lar*a* to terms Ac., notice I. Addrcis a., box S,ati l'o*t office. WANTED -TWO COMMUNICATING ROOM AND Hoard for threo ndtilt-*; | rice not to excr ed $*'? week; will be. permanent ir suited. AddretsH. W It, box l.w Ilerald office. WANTED?BY A BINOLE OBNTLEMAN. A MODER. ate priced Room, with Boaid, sooth of Fourteenth atraet, we*e*?lde, where he can have the ?<n iei) ,.i in die*; reference* Riven. Add re** K. 8, box III Ilerald Uptown Branch office,1.26A Hroadway. BROOKLYR BUARD. FIFTH flTRRRT, BROOKLYN. R. D? FIVB ?) minute*' wnlk from ferries.?To let, with Board, nicely furnished Itooin*, to gentleman and wiir or ?iiix!e gentlemen. llou*e tlrst cla**; rcicretu ciexchanged. HOTEitS. CI ALLEN tlOVHB, IM HUDSON HTRRRT, < nits Fit ) ot Laight. -Excellent Honrd, $f> to fJ IW per *cek. with ?lnglo Itooin; *iniile Room. ?itliout board, ft and upward*; I<odging, 50 cent*, gentlemen only open all night HOTEI. ST. GERMAIN, BROADWAY TW RNTV-SRO ond street and Filth avenue.?Table d'hote jil MI per iIh/ ; room* all tront, coolest in the clip; some ?|uen did Kooni* for tranileut and i>vruiaoeBl families. HOTELS. LIHBY HOTEL, M W A It IIK N STREKT, ONB BLOCK from City llnll.? Light Room* U> cen?* ? dsy, S3 to $3 ? wreck; family room* ft an J *1 40 a da/, >t to 910 ? week. VTEW ENGLAND HOTEL. 30 BOWKRY, CORNER OK 11 B avard street.?aw light Rooms, neatly furnished, COc- or Gl)c. jior night, $J 50 to $4 per week. Kor gentlemen only. SOUTHERN HOTEL, 67# BROADWAY.-ROOMS KOR O families; also single hoonis, by the day or week, at ?err reasonable prions. OT. JULIEN HOTEL. NOS. 4 AND 6 WASHINGTON ^ PUce having changed proprietor and being entirely renovated and newly carpef-d. Is open lor the reception boa Me r i* ta ken*1 lJ,l*lu Kentlemen ; Krench table , day ?WfAVERLRY HOUSE 759 BROADWAY-HOARD AND Boiiril 7?"* ??* "T1 *9 ,0 *13 a week: Room* wi'hout nfom, .im.",1; 5"1 /> ??>?". 84 to a week; family roomi 91 50 and a day, $7 to $15 a week. COV1VTR V BOARD. AJTORIA HOUSE. ASTORIA.?WELL CONDUCTED ?Cii 0*i?li!iIl V.n,ll ii f boarder*; fine apartment* and tabic; 30 minutes sail; liand^oino grounds, sccihty, trees, Ac.; terms moderate; country and city comfort* com bincd. A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDINO IN A MOST D*~ iv (irnblo locality in Norwalk, Conn., on Long Island Hound, can accommodate for tho Hummer or longer one largo family with lour line airy Rooms nnd good Bo \rd; also accommodation* for servant*, home* nnd carriage*; access by New Ilavon Railroad and steamer Amerlcin; city references given and reqnired. Addroaa HUMMER BOARD, box 3,2& New York Post office AT l'lainfield, n. j.. some fine iioomh, very pleasantly located, noar the depot; fino ground*, ?hade. Ac. Address00* 792 Post office. Board wanted?in a healthy locality, kor a gentleman, wite, child two years old, ana nurse, for the Summer season; sea shore preferred. Address J. C. T., box 184 Herald uptown Branch office Board at rockaway, l. i., kor families: cars one hour and teu minute*. Inquire at the Post office. Board kor two gentlemen, within one hour ot the city, conven'tut to boatinJ and bathing; terms must be moderate. Address H. A U., Herald office. Board on the hud^on.?clip* house, tarry town, Is now open lor the reception of guest*; targe airy rooms, commanding a flue view ot the river. The house is situated on a rise of ground, with water itnd cas: lino boating and tlshlns: good stabling lor horse*. Call on or address L. P. STILE. /COUNTRY BOARD?SOUTH SIDE LONG ISLAND; \/ accommodations first class; prlcc Sit per week. Refer, by permission, to Mr. GEORtiE, 121 East Twenty fifth street. /10UNTRY BOARD. ?A OENTLEMAN AND WIKE \J want good Board in tho country; upper part of New Jersey preferred : one hour from New York; plenty of shude and fruit desired ; place where there are no other boarder*. Address G., box j.lrtj Post office. New York. CIOITNTRY BOARD-AT NEW PRF8TON, OONN.. 1 near Lake Warrainany.?Fine mountain air: ro*! table and excellent fishing. This county Is celebrated for beautiful scenerv and good roads; horses. Ao.. on Jila'sa; terms per week. $8 to 810; would llko boarder* or flvo or six months at a deduction of price. Kor full particulars address II. A. BENNETT, New Preston, Conn.; tor reiercnee, Bev. H. Cornwall, 329 Stuyvcsant avenue, Brooklyn, L. I. ClOUNTRY BOARD?AT CATSKILL, AT A PRIVATE i house, from Ma> 1; terms $8 10 tin per wcek. Refer ences, l>. F. Harris. 182 Fulton street, New York. Address 8. W. HOLBItOOK, Catsklll. N. Y. , /COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE HAD AT ELTINOYILLB, IJ Ktaten Island, five minutes' walk from station, near church and schools. Ad Iress Mrs. J. J. BEAltB, South Hide Post offico, Statcn Island. (COUNTRY BOARD FOR A LADY IN A COO!,, J healthy locality; not further than line hour (rotn city; can furnish her room if desired; terms not to ex ceed $7 or $S per week. Anply, giving lull particulars at 109 Allen street. New York. (lOL'NTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR GENTLEMAN J and wile, wllhln hour of city; Westchester county preferred; terms mo.lerate. Address box 135 Horald Up town Branch office. /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?ABOUT AN ITOUR \ ) from the city, lor gentleman, wife Hiid infant; plenty ot fresh milk required. Address stating lull particular* and terms, M. J. O., Hcra'd office. Desirable rooms can now be secured in a modem house, 40 minute.) from city; location per fectly healthy, fresh vegetables, Ac., raised on the farm. Address It. KINGSLANu, New Jersey. /TOOD COUNTRY BOARD-IN A DESIRABLE LO \T cality In Connecticut Call on L. F. DUDLEY, at the Revere House, and see photograph of building, and se lect rooms; terms moderate. ORANGE, N. J.-PLEASANT ROOMS; DELIGHTFUL location; modern Improvements; large, shady grounds; good table; moderato terms. Address or call on Mrs. M., corner of Oak wood and Central avenuos. SUMMER BOARD.-VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS MAY be found in a cottage pleasantly located on Occnn avenue, Long Branch. Inquire at 41 Wost 'thirty-sixth street References exchaii.'cil. TIO LET?IN ORANGE, N. J., LARGE, AIRY ROOMS,' with first class Board, within lour minutes' walk of depot; house situated on high ground, with acres in lawn, with fine shade; reference given. Address J. P. C., Orange, N. J.; city, St John's Park, Varick street, care M. I). Transportation Company. \V" AN TED?WITHIN FOUR OR FIVE" HOURS OF Tl the cily, among the Connecticut hills or the Cats kills. Board tor n lady, child (2 years old) ami nurse, from ab< ut June 1: hotel preferred. Address, with particulars of accommodation*, term* and reference*, K. II. T., box l,:-37 New York Post olllce. ? WHITE PLAINS.?A FEW PERSONS CAN BE AC ft commodated Willi a pleasant home In the country anil good Board, at a rea-onahlc price, by applying to MARTHA SEAMAN, White Plains, Harlem Railroad, five minutes irom depot; veiy healthy location. WANTED?BOARD FOR THE SUMMER, FORTWO families, within two hours ot the city, up tho Hud soil or in the vicinity of Morrlstown. N. J.; must be shade ; terms moderulo. Address, stating terms, 8. C. H., box 195 Herald office. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, SMALL ROOM. Breakfast and Dinner, within 75 minute* of Wnll street, at $7 per week. Address EDWARD, box 1UG Herald office. WANTED?COUNTRY BOABD. KOR TWO OR THREE months, at a larm hou-c. by a single gentleman: terms not to exceed t:'S per month. Address, xtating full particulars and if there is any fishing in vicinity, K. P., Herald office. \VTANTED-HY A YOUNG MARRIED LADY, WITH *? out children, country Board near the sea shore, with a private tamilv. No pretensions with regard to fashion, but a pleasant, homelike place wished for. Send offers, stating terms and location, to S. B., box 106 Herald office. r large rooms?good board, high orounls t) an I staM.n,-, plenty of frnlt, shade, Ac.; locaticn, Ot.inge Mountain, one hour from city ; good references. Address T. M. M., Herald oflce. SUMMER RESORTS. Bath hotel, hath. l. i.?this popular sum mer resort lias been completely renovated and ro turnlsheil, nnd will be ready lor the reception of hjard rrmin the 15th of May; sen bathing, hn.itint;, ti-hin^, Ac. Vat Rooms, Ac., apply as nbove, or at the otllco ol Irving Place Hotel, corner Fourteenth afreet and Irving place. AUGUST FUNK. Sr., Proprietor. J^EIOUTON HOUSE, Newman Springs, Red Rank, N. J. This delightful Mummer resort, beautifully situated on the Shrewsbury River, will be reopened under now man aKement .May 1. The house has been enlarged nnd re fitted. shady (trove*, fountains, Summor hou-e* and flne l.iwns; rhalylieatc Iron springs, flno drives, Ashing, boat ing nnd bathing, bil'tarit room and stabling; 4j imuutcs' drive to long Branch. For circular* address box 4f*) Post office. Mew York. FREDERICK HEKOKK, Proprietor. MAPLE UROVE HOUSE?A FIR8T CLASS COUNTRT hotel, desirably Incited tor eltv boarders. For par t'culars, Ac., address.!. H. PLACE, Proprietor, Rushkill, Pike county, Pa. PALISADKS MOUNTAIN HOUSE n ili he opened on or about the 1st of Mnv. For IcroM, Ac. address COURNri A M I It it AY Knglewood^N. J. PREMIUM POINT IIOU.sE.-DEUOHTTOLLY Situ ated on the Hound . sea hatninu, (1-liiiisr, boating, pl.-n-n II t drive*, stabling, no chills and le.vcr; tSnvnutes Iroin city. A. t". PLYMPTON, M West Twciity-tourth st. Riverside hotel. ixn> htrext~ at carmans * Ills-, on Ihc Hudson River.?Tills popular house, en tirely (It i d and tarnished anew throughout, Is now open lor llie reception ol (nests; 2H tninut's Irom Thirtieth aireet depot. For terms, Ac , apply to PAULL A DUN CAI.K. ST. M \ ItK'S Hutu., NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN is land. ?Tlila lavorlle resort Is now opei; lor the recep tion <>f gue-ts. For lerins anil other Information apply at the Hotel, or ad I rets o DaCAMP, Proprietor. rriu; ocean house, * NEW POUT, R. L IUNK, 1*73. WBAVERS^A BATES. TIIK WF.ST END rovr w VSIUNCTON.??THIS NEW Hotel, located opposite the I'allsa lea, on the Hudson, and in all Its appointments first class, will ..pen about Mav J* For rooms sddresi OlIAKUM II MllhLLEY. 'PARRYTOWM IIFHillTM HOTEL, TARRYTOWN, ON 1 the Hudson-Will open the Isto* June; parties wish Ina to en? ue Hooms lor season will flml carriages at de|i?t on arrival ol the |o:IA train from New York. Tue? d its and Friday*. For ?erm?. Ac.. apply to J AM Erf T. DlOLkY, 9) Na?>au afreet, room \irooiiBINK IIOTKL, HIliH HRIHOK -OPEN FOR YY boarders lioom and Hoard, i?r me gentleman. Eft week Kfeaintntat to Pe> a >lip In one hour Hudson Iver Railroad to tlranj Central depot hi .v ininuies. _ H. RNOl.OlfToN._ ttTBST point hotel. YY fronting Wn- naiale aroun.1, I* row open. For particulars a Idress ? ILI.IAM ? (OXXKNS \l'' oi>MMt ro payimom, wounsauRa, L l.-Tiil? YY magiilAcent Hotel will lie opened lasc I; eaa *?e reached H< ? outh -lie or I Island Kallroad For terms. Ac , s. .VP at. MTl-LL. Pr?i r*tor FOH Has. A ittMPH WHITE inlaw IlijM MVlTADj J\ lor sale; will lie sold very caeap Apply to JAM** A. SMITH flUI a.anise, corner rainy tliird *lr. cf A COAL BUMNKiiM FOR MAL?-UUalt. OOOD Will. Carta, Ae , ?t a eoal yard. eslahLolied nearly f? years. Apply al yard Sal Kaat Matoaai* Mraat, ar al C -ihNKLi V'e ueai duar FOR BAA.B. BOOR, STATIONERY AND FANCY GOODS BUST ?rt uesa for sale on very favorable terms; well estah Hulled over 20 yearn. Address MILTON, Now York Post office. An old-established manufacturing Busi ness lor sail?Successful operation, extensively pa tronixed ; spl.-ndid investment; enterprising Dirties can reaiiaa ? fortune. Apply immediately at 23 Chamber* at. A HEWING MACHINE BUSINESS, ESTABLISHED three yeirs, with stoik of the different kinds of leading Machines (loins a lair business, will be sold cbesp for cash. Apply at the store 501 Court street. South Brooklyn, or l!W>i Division street New York. A BARROOM FOR SALE.?INQUIRE OF J. 0. A U. WELLBBOQK, 61 and W Vesey street. A WELL PAYING STEAM FACTORY, WITH OOOD business, tor sala for $3,0.10: omy payments; re fuireino knowledge, but ?.h.>rt attention. Address AT I.NTION, box 101 llorald office. A 1 FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOB J\. 1 sale, in the Thirteenth ward, with a poo I run of tra le; terms reasonable. Inquire at A. C. WKNZKL'S, SO Gold stteet. A GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.?A LONG AND favorublo lease of house in a goo.I business locality; first class fixtures, and stojk of a first class wini, lagur beer and liquor saloon, with two billiard and threo mooting rooms, whore twenty-eight societies now moot; for sale at a bargain. For particulars, Inquire of GUS TAVUH LEVY, 15 Contro street. A WELL LOCATED CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale cheap?In Williamsourg; doing good business; a long lease and low ront Apply to THOS. GAFKNEY, Auctioneer. No. ti Centre street. A LIQUOR STORK FOR SALE-WHOLESALE AND retail, with lease; low rent; established ten years; owner leave* the business; west Hide, below Twentieth Street. Apply to C li ART, 78 Pine .street. AN OLD ESTABLISHED WINE, LAOER BRER 8A loon and Restaurant, In Newark; Lager lleer and Lunch Room, downtown: splendid location; Grocery Stores, to., to. WARNER A CO. No. 5 Dcy street. A?FOR haLR, RESTAURANTS, MQUOR STORKS, ? downtown Sample Rooms, Oyster Saloons, Chop Houses, Bakeries. Confectioneries, corner Urocerios, Meat Market* Butter Ptan4s. country Liquor Stores ana Restaurants. House Furnishing Stores, Stationery Stores: Billiard Ha'ooas to let. MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. A OOOD I'AYINli SAMPLK ROOM AND ALE House?Cheap rent; lease, stock and fixtures; rent paid lo August I; must ?ell Apply on premises, V) Hud son str'-et, gpmar ot Thomas. BUTCHER'S shop FOR SALE CHEAP-OS A OOOD busini as avenuo on the eaat side; If not sold this day will no Mild to-morrow at suctiou. Apply lo TH04. OAFFBMY, Auctioneer, No. ? Centra street. DRUG STORK FOR 8ALR-I* MoKKI-ANIA; WELL fitted ; corner store ; rent cheap: good lease; estab lished by the present owner lor seven years. s r kick D'H Agency, 78 Cedar atreof. DRUO 8TOKR FOR (Alt OHBAP?IN TUB CITY, doing * fair business, good reason for selling given. Apply at GMNNM llotol, 44 Ch.tlh.itii street. For sale-a first class LIQUOR KTORB; rest business location ill the city, long lease, low rent. Particular* IIKNRY pert soil, 34J East Eighteenth street, from o to I o'tlsek P. M. IjtOB HALE.-A NICELY FITTED UP DRUO 8TOF.E, in Hartford. Connec'lcut. eeiitrailv located an.I do ing a stood business. Address IIENKY BOLLES, IS Lin den place, Hartford. IfOB sale-A TEA AMD OBOCBBY stork, A SHORT distance Irom New York; the store is fitted up in good style, and dolni a flue cash trade Interest and futures ran be had without suick, it preferred, at mod erate valuation. For particulars uddress HALES, Herald office. I BOB sale-STOCK. FIXTURES AND lease OF Crockery, (Has* and Lamp Store; r->nt $4'?. with rooms; dentil cause ol selling. Apply at 1,213 Third ave nue. Orwlhuiilfc IjtOS SALR.-A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY AND fancy goods business, about 90 miles from tho city , in a pleasant and thriving town of 6,'U) inhahi ants. All necessary liilorinxtlon I* obtained by ad trussing MILLINER, litraid office. For sale?second hand soda fountains. Mathews'six and eight syrup I.m| landers, one and two draughts;Dow's eight syrups, one and two draughts; Tutt's Arctic ten syrup and three dram'htst Putter's six syrup an I three draughts: Lippincott's eight nnd ten syrups, one. two .ind three draughts, white and colored niarlil'j; Blgclow'a eight syrttp aud one draught, and mnny other small and cheap Urns, Yatea, Ac., Ac., also two small Mathews'tlencrators; all warranted in good order and will be sold very cheap. Unig?,->u aud oonfrc tir.ncrs eoiitemplntm^ pur. Iia?in; will do well to cull be fore purchasing elsewhere. Apply to or address 1IKALY A SCRIPTURE, js Liberty street. New York. For sale.-a confectionery and fCB cream Saloon, in ? town not lar Irom the oily, and qui'e popular as ii Summer resort, satisfac'ory reasons given for selling, nnd price moderate. Address ICK CREAM, Herald office. Fob sale-laundry in nbst claim loca tion, clearing about |M weekly: smart nun csn double this amount. Apnlv to E. BLAKE, machines, corner Fourth avenue and Twelfth street. filOR SALE-AN OYSTER AND LIQUOB STORR, 7.1 1 East Houston street. Inquire at the store, tor one week. POK ,4 ALE?A OOOD CORNER LIQUOR ftOBB) best locution In the eity; with Least* and Hxturc.s. Inquire on the premises, ol JAS. P. WILSON, corner of Leonard street and West Broadway. TjlOB SALE-A NICE UOPOB 0TOBB, stock and r Fixtures; good English Pump o' the best kind. 2i4 Watt Forty-seventh sirci t, near Eighth avenue IaOB BALK?LBASB, FIXTURES AND rPUWU 1 of a llotcl and Restaurant, well established aud doing a thriving business, located on a leading avenue, near the Park. coles A RYDEit, I.Mi Itrjvlway. For hale?elegant iiar fittinw*, with Counter and six-null Pump ; 'lie h in s nne-t lathe city. Apply at Melville HOMM, 17 West Twenty-eighth at OR 8ALB?A FIRST CLASS llilWS TOWN lll'S taurant; owner retiring. Inquire at I'M William st F For sale?a coal yard, lea^e and fixtures, Horses, Carts, Ac. Address J. E. II., box Mil Herald Uptown Branch offlco. BIOR sale OHBAP?A wkll furnished sii?k Factory, with all the latest miprovt nietits and cheap rent mid lease. Inquire at JO North First street, Williams burir. YflOR SALE CHEAP?WO ODWOBTH I'LANEftS, r Matchers, Snrtacers, Moulding, Mortising, Tenoning, Sticking, Resawing, Shaping, Saw Tables, Swinz Saw Band and scroll Saw Machines, Rani Raw Ktadei, Leather and Rubber Keltitig. Hose, Ac , nearlv new. O. IIA KVlfcY A CO.. a Ferry street BilUR SALE CHEAP?TUB LEASE, STOCK AND F1X 1 tures of the liquor store 221 Elizabeth street, doing good business, with Rooms for a family. Apply on the premises or to THOS. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer. No. 6 Cen tre street For sale, a raroain for CASH-TRB stock anil Fixtures of a Grocery Store; good location; low rent,excellent tea trade; capable of be-lug Increased In quire at 287 Smith street, Rroo'tlyn. GEOROE W. RIMERS' 8TORE AGENCY.?A FIRST class Cigar Store tor sale, located In a great bii?in?M thoroughfare; extensive trnle.; sold eonsequenccof 111 health; sacrifice. Particulars at 2ft Chambers street (GEORGE W. RIMERS' STORE AORNOY.?\N OLD T established Steam Lattndrv tor salo,favorably known, extensively patron I -<1; satisfactory reasons given ; un iiue.'itionahly raro chance; bargain. Particular) at 2S chambersitreet OEOROE W. SIMKHS, Store Agency. IIQUOR STORE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, WITH J Tour years'Lease, opposite Tenth Avenue Railroad depot, between Fifty-third and Fltty-loarlh stresis, suit able lor u restaur int or dining saloon; satistac ory rea sons Rl von for selling. Apply on the premises, 79tf Tenth avenue, or 1,031 Sixth avenue. T 1QUOR STORE 7J ORKENPOIN T AVENUE, OitKEN XJ point, for sale. Two years'Ijoiisc ; with or without Fixtures; rent cheap; doln? a nice trade. Road house for sale-all furnished. three years' Loasi and Fixtures, on easy terms. Ap ply to JAMES CoMUrtN, Rrevoort llal!, Kutv-fi urtii street anil Third avenue, lor thrrc days. SAFiiS.?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AM) secondhand Herring's, Llllie's, Marvin-*, Wilder'* Hales lor sale cheap tor cash. L1LLIB SAFE COMPANY. 81 Maiden lane. ch'-ap;onn large, two medium, two small nnd an elegant Jeweller's or Banker's -t.nte. 72 Maiden Inns, SHOE STORE FOR S A LB?ON THE REST AVENUR in the city ; small Stock, Fixtures and Losso. Apply at 525S; sixth avenue. UPHOLSTERERS AND decorators.- WANTED, TO buy a nice Rusiiicss, with dock; without stock for $200; five year's lease; only $lti rent 333 Blccckerst., corner ot Perry. FOR FIXTURES, UTENSILS, MOTTLES wo"" anil Oood Will of nil Ale-botiling ednbliah nicnt tor supplying private families Address FIX TURES. Hcrnld officc, giving real name and address u; I nan -iiair store for sale, inquired* Jpl.UUU. BRADFIELD A Co., Dailv Aiher'.lirr building, Newark. N. J. Sfore business of all kiibls to sell and exchange for real cstato. HAUHHKKV. AMES' POHTAILB RXOIMBM. :t TO <0 IIONSB power pormblc Holster*. s*\r Mill*, Grain Mill*. Ver? tirni KiiKln<>4, lloriaontal Engines, pin in nml oat olt, and Hniler*. All style* nnd slies; our own nmko; Slmiling, Oecrlno mid Testing*. II AMrsi>N, WlilTRITIl.T, * PP.. M Gorllat.d street AT WII.SON A UOAKK'S, ?-? AND Mi WATER strret, Horizontal, Upright, Portable and Hoisting Engines; ('plight, l.ocotnotivo mid Tubular Hnilur*; Sieim Pump*. Pre?*<'*, Shafting, Pulleys, Hanger*, *C. J.10It SAl.F?A STEAM ENGINE, HO IIORSR rOWRR, I in p. rfcct order. Inquiro at liUth *t, Murk'* place, corner avenue A. _ _ riOli SAI.K?A 10 UORHB PORTABLE AND HOIST. J1 lug I n.'lne; Eiiilnos ? to ?o hor?c power: al*o a va riety i?i Boilor*, 6 in 40 norse power. JiMlN Vcl.ARKN, Ttiir.l an.Miratil *u., Iloboken, N. J. Sl'PEBlOR 8TKAM IMISM AND ROM.RRS, HAFR. economical, <onip*ct, easily managed; combined Engine nnd Holler specially adapted to small power*; at-eut ??' Engines. two to IHO horse, in u?e. Semi for clr? Culim NEW VORK SAFETY STEAM POWER COY. Kan V. D Oorilandt street. STEAM KIRR KNQINKS?FOR TOWNS AND VIL lage*. four sl/.es, lor tl,2i? and upward*. PfliliA l?l. I.I'll IA UYDBAUMC works, Levant ?treei. I'nila delphis. WANTED-TWO MACHINES KOR MANUPAOTUR TT log Excelsior; alto two Machine* lor turning Oh.iir Ronmls or Stretcher*. oire price and addroM 4. O. BENNETT. Irrw-i City Height*. N. J. Wanted to ninciiASB-A i.aimjk drop pkkhb. TT Apply to or address P STEVENS. 90 Warreu it. New York. 1 OKU BROWN ENGINE, 10*11 TODD AND BAPPP.B. 1 Ld ty, with holler ; j'Mmrse power Uicomotlve and ? Cylinder Holier*, all second hand, in good order, a In *ac rillce IIAMPioP, WIIITEHILL k CO., M OorUaudipL m

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