Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,409. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOCR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. IMl'SKMENTS?Kiuhtii Page?Kourlh, fifth and sixth column*. , fcSTROLOGY?Eioiith Pauf?Third column. B11.1,1 v it Hi*?Suhmi Pack?Kourlh column BOA RDE KS WANTED? Eighth Page?Hr?t and second BOARD *'AND LODGINO WANTED?Eighth PaOE? >? eeond column. BROOKLYN' bOARD?Eighth Pace?Second column. BROOKLYN RfcAL ESTATE FOll SA LE?Second Page?Firat column. BUSINESS OPPOKITNITIF.S?Fibst l'ACK-Fifth and sixth column*. BUSINESS NOilCES?Seventh I'aue?Sixth column. CITY HEAL. ESTATE FOK SALE-Shond I'auk?Firat column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?TwKLnn Page?Fourth and flllh column-. rLOTII INO?Second Page?Fourth column. POAOUMEN AND GARDENERS?TwKi.rru Pack?Fifth and ilnth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Second Page?Sixth col umn. __OPAltl NERSHIPS?Finn Pack?Fifth column. ICOC.VIRY BOARD?Eighth Pagk?Second and third I columns. I DENTISTRY?Eighth I'agk?Filth column. ?DRY GOODS? First Pagk?sixth column. ^WELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN ? FURNISHED?Ninth Page?First and second columns. I EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Second PAGK-Fifth and hi x tli columns. , EUROPE?Finn Pagk?Sixth co'.uma. BYKS AND Ears?Finn Page?Mxth colniriB. EXCURSIONS?Second Pack?sixth column. FINANCIAL? Fimi 1'agk?Hflh column. FOK SALE?Ninth Pagk?Filtli mid >lxlh columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND Al'Alt'l'Ml.NTS TO LET? Ninth I'aox?Second column. FURN ITURE? ? inn Pack?Sixth column. HELP WANTED?FK.MALKS-TwEi.mi Pagk?Third column. HELP WANTED?MALES?TwELnn Page?Sixth col umn, and Ninth Page?Sixth column. BORS. S, CARRIAGES, Ac.?First Pack?Second, third, fourth, and tilth column'. HOTKLs?Eighth Page?Second column. HOUSES, ltOoMs, AO.. WANTED?Finn I'aok?Sixth column. TKSTHUdiON?Eighth Page?Fourth column. JBRaEY CITY, HOBOKEN, IIUDeONCITY AND RER OEN liBAL R.iT.VTE FOR SAt.E-S*co*l> Pagi Seeond column. LEGAL NOTICES?Eighth Page?Third colBmn. LOAN OFFICi-.S?Finn Pack?Filth column. LOi-T AND POUND?Fikst Pagk-FIkIcolumn. MAClllNKRK?Ninth Page?Sixtli column. MARBLE MANTELS?Finn Pagb?Mxtli Column. MBDICaL?Second Page?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DKKSaMA KING- Fibst Page?Sixth cvitenti. | MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS--Twfmtu Pack Sixili column. KISCELl.ANhOUS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. USICAL -Eighth Page?Sixth column. I NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Page?Sixth column. 1 PERSON AL- First Pac.e?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, 40.-E.GHTn Page?Fourth column. i POLITIC A i.?FinH P.u;k?Fifth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?Finn Page?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?Finn Page?Sixth column. I'ROFl. S310NAL SITUATIONS WANTKD? FE M ALBS? TwEi.rrn Page?Sccoml column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY I'O't SALE OR TO RENT?Sucoso Pag#?Second, third mid fourth columns. _ _ REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Pagb-Fourth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED-Second Pace?Fourth col umn. f EMOVALS?Finu Page-Slxtli column. lEWARDS?First Pack?Second column. ALKS AT Al'CTlON?Ninth I'agk? Third, fourlh and linii columns. SITUAIIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Ei.KvBNTn Pagk? and Tvilhh Page?l'irst and columns BITUATIONs WANTED? MALES?Twelfth Page?Third and fourth colnmn.i. fPECI AL NOTICES?Fiiist Pagb?Second column. SPORTING?DOOS. KIRKS, AC.?First Page?Sccond column. STALLION*?Fibst Pace?Fecontl column. BTORAGE?Finn Page?Sixth column BUMMER RESORTS?Eighth PtGK?Ihird column. THE TRADES?Ninth Page?Sixth column. THE Tt'KF? First Page?Second column. ft) LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?NINTH PiCE Flrst column. TRAYl.LLKR.v GUIDE?Second Page?clxth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LET NitTii Pagk?Second and third columns. WANTED To PUROHAmE?First I'aur?Sixth colnmn. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.?Finn Page- Filth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Pack-First and sccoml columns. rAOHTS. STEAMBOATS, AC.-First Paok-SIxIIi col umn. All) 111 AM 11 tlKFll'F-ri'TOWlll. Advertisements for the new yokk herald RECEIVED AT TIIE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,2C5 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF TIIE NEW YORK HICHAM). Vf ESSItS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, IIAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WIT 11 COPIES OF TIIE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. I'BKWMAL. Alfred cox can see his brother frf.d iiy . calling on Mr. PAYNTER, 01 Chrvstie street. Atlanta-address veronica. herald~of. nee, where a note ot importance will reach you, but not your old nddrcsi MOS COSTA?2 O'CLOCK. M. "Mv S A_ FLOR^M.-YOU WII.L FIND TIMS AFTERNOON A letter irom me at the Place named iu your note, which I did not receive until last evening. R. GEORC.K?TO DAY AT THREE ; FRIDAY AT ELEVEN. EDWARD. IOWA, MINNESOTA ?, ROME, YATES AND SULLI. van ail right JOHN MOONEY?EVERYTHING IS SETTLED; DO vnu want lo come homo now! lam going to Cali fornia; I will take vou with me. If not wfite to WM. KEk.san, 96 Rooscielt street. KITTY.-I FORGOT TO TELL VOU I RECEIVED letter: hope to see yon soon. BLUE STOCKINGS. Missing-since may 3-charles h webb, cor respondent. 77 Amity street. All Information thank tally received by his wile. 472 Canal street. B. T.-CHANDLER ItERRIAN; LETTER AT POST office under your old name. Your*, J OS IE. QUEEN."?YOUR SILENCE CAUSES THE Kt c urst anxiety to "YOUR SLAVE." ITATEN ISLAND.-COMINO up on t P. M. BOAT Tup-day, two young ladies, one in black and other With red shawl, arc requested to send address as proin ted to NAVY, box 2tH Herald office.' TIIEOTA.-BEEN ABSENT; LETTER JUST RF ceived: leave town aKain Thursday night. Can I fee you he lore r ESAU. rit T.-ALL RIOIIT IN TOWN ADDRKSS BOX 17* Jl ? Ili-ra'd Uptown Branch oltlre. The person who took my umbrella at Nlido's is requested to return It to 105 Weal Twenty ?second street. V, BELL. fPHIRD NEW YORK INnF.PENDENT BATTERY.? 1 Any member of the same during the war will confer a favor l.y addressing JOHN COTTIER. No. 7 Maiden lane. Theatre comique-pleahp. send address to YOU KNOW, lleraM office. WILL THE YOUNG LADY WHO IIAI> IIEIt DRESS supped on Monday afternoon, at about halt past /our, corner of Ninth street and llroadwav, make go id ner remark, '"Do you want a piece ol my dress?" by ac quainting her admirer, through Personals, where a ploco ol it could be had frotn her. * WEDNESDAY MORNING-BROADWAY OAR TO Grand street; handsome widow noticed gentle man on her right, riea^e address Y. Y., box 6,8*3 Post office. W/ IIERIi IS CHARLES RORESON t FORMERLY A TT sailor anil late a sailor's boarding house keeper in Oak street, New York city, t-1 reward offered to any body who will give satisfactory information ol his prerent whcreaiiouis. Very Important news to be com niunb'au-d to him If he calls on A. FALLKR, Attorney. at-Law. Mi l ast Fourteenth street. A (Til STIIEBT.-OOT IV TOWN WEDNESDAY MORV atH: iog ; meet me Tuesday next, same placc, at t P. M. L.OST AM) Klll IM), Dog i.ost-a white scotch terrier, long curled tail and brownish long cars. II returned to owner 151 West Thirty-sixth street, will be pnId and no ((notions asked. DOt; LOST.- $3 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE return ol a black an ! tan Slut; answers to the name et Hips * ; had on a red rttibon and bell when loat. 210 West lofty third ttreol. LOKT-A red POCKETBOOK, containing a sum. of money; the finder will be liberally rewarded by addressing C. H. J., Post office box # 791. IOST-ON TUESDAY EVENING, MAY * A GENTLE J man's gold Lockcl, with picture ol ladv inside and monogram ol "H. L." on the ou'.a de. The flnder will be libera ly rewarded by ri-lurnlnK II lo '0 Kast Tenth si, I08T.-A SMALL BLACK AND TAN SLUT ON SIXTH J nvenne, near Fourteenth street; right lore leg rtislo ea'ed nt elbow ; she holds It up and extended while walk lug; name of dog, also owner'a name and residence (4} Seventh avenue) on collar; whoever will return or give Mich information aa will lend to her recovery willreceivo a rtMiitil ol (loar.d thanks of the ownci. HEW AH Di. dj/t RFWARD.-I.08T, ON TUFHDAV. A RED RUfl. i.ia leather iiockcthook, containing an English fuiiiCA, a amall key, several inemnmtma and about it in ?urrcucv; Iho same to l>o ralunicd lo ill West Thirtr. lourUi street _ KKWAlins. <t>1 I \ REWARD-LOST, ON HON DAT. MAY 5, A jpl'/ Black an-J Tan Dog; collar marked Jim. 67 West Twenty-eighth direct. d>l A -STRAYED FROM THK STABLE 328 BAST VW. Fllty-tourth street, a red and ? hilo milch Cow, wllh small horn*, one of which It broken off. Ten dol lar* reward will be paid to any person returning litr to the above numbur. SYLVESTER Ml'KrllY 800 Bust Fiftieth street. <$;1 () R'WARII?LOST, A LARGE AMETHYST T1 . .J'1"00''.1'.(J',ru"'a" ??'ting) going from Nassau "reel, through John street, or on Broadway. The above L?JX/""ri5? ro,<l 0,1 ^'turning the saino to 8. LAW ?so.N, 03 Nassau street A v1B!?RA m ARD-3T0R TUB RETURN OF A n?Sl "l,r*yodyesierdt.v from 258 West answering to tho name of Duke; blaeit and curly, with white face and feet SPKdAI, IV"OTIC ICS. W'OTIOK.-.-MR. FELIX I'f.ll ER HAS SOLI) HIS ES Tv w ???> '?huienl. 19U Rieecker street, to Mr. LOUIS A i i?l A Kl). A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICR. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Hoerum street Open iroiu b A. M. to 9 I". M. On Sunday troin a to U P. M, D /CARPENTERS, ATTENTION I?THK MEMBERS OK the I'nlted Order of American Carpenters and Join er.-. are requested to altcnd the regular meeting on next Monday evening, the 1-th lust., lor the transaction of most important business. By order, JOHN A. NOLAN, President. J ami s M. Stxks, Secretary. R. S. S. KITCII'S HEART CORRECTOR FOR HALE at 714 Rroiidwuy, and t>y all lirst class druggists. |i'LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY (HTM THAT AN J!j election will be held al the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street. in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 'Al day ot June next, nt 12 o'clock noon ol that day. for fifteen dtiectors ol said company, tor the then ensuing vear. and lor two Inspec tors of election tor IK7t. The tninster book* will be closed ft-om May 3 to June 3, 1*73 Haled May 2, 1873. ? ? ? HENRY c. MUi/fAy. President. O. I?. Qdintikp, Hccretarv. I EDUCATION COMBINED WITH TRAVEL.?THE KB J is be in]* formed a party ol young fcmlewomcn to leave New \ork lor Europe July 2. under the guidance of a lady who haa pasncd manv years In foreign countries, and who will conduct Ihelr studies In languages and other Details in prospectus. Address TKA\ ELKR, N?i 39 West Twenty-sixth street, New York. Havana LOTTERY,OlltKAN state lotteries ? Prices reduced, KUHLMaNN A CO., Bnnkeri. 35 Nn-sail street. Fust Office box 3.5S5, Havana and KENTUCKY loitekies.-prizes cashed; circulars sent Tree. JOSKi'll HATES A CO.. 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, flrat floor. TOIIN FITCH, LAWYER, REGISTRAR IN BANK f.'. , f"Tcp. Broadway, New York, Whiting s BulIiUni', corner ot Broadway ami l-couard street, rooms 5 and b. Particular attention given tu the preparation ol papers nnil proof of Clat.ns in tiankruptcy. Mkakkh' EARES' PARAGON :?IURT^ made to order and harranfr.1 to fit Sent by express C. (>. D., lo any pari ?f tho country, at the loflowing prlcfs: G Shirts. Masonviiiu muslin and flno Itaen $12 00 G Shirts, Wmnsutta muslin and very fine linen 13 60 6 .shirts, New York Mills and best linen 15 00 Hoys' Shirts ready made and to order. Fancy shirtings in great variety. Directions for incisureincut sent on appllcMlfln. RICHARD MRAWkS, Gentlemen's FurnUMng Cootlf, Plxth avcttttt :uv;l Nineieeth street, New York. NOTICE-BRICKLAYERS OF THE IT. O. A. B. Brothers, you ure hereby notified to abstain Irom working on job Sixty-third sireet Mid Madison avenue until Mr. Cochran's claims are rettlcd. Ill order of Council. CHARI.ES tower, President 'I uos. Kikrkan, Recording Secrelnry, Notice.-many persons from tub north having expressed a desire lo see a first class hotel erected in Richmond, in whlih their families could pass Hie \v niter months, and ulso declared their willnicncss to subscribe liberally lor the erection or such a hotel, we now present the opportunity of gratifying their wishes and at the same time conferring u great benefit upon Richmond, and especially upon the people ol Sliockoe Hill. The Monument Hotel prcsenlsthc best location tor such a hotel, and Is chartered property, with the privi lege ol $:?w,n;iOenpltnl, divided Into slitiresor$l00, and can be purchased at a very moderate price, with Mrotind lo build as large a hotel as may l>e desired. We llieretore invite aiiplieationsund correspondence irom all who feel dbpoied to become interested in the enterprise, GRUBBS A WILLIAMS, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. QMAIIA LEU Al. (HIT ENTERPRISE, POSITIVELY MAY 2a 8.<05 Cash Gill*. amounting to $230..'0B. Gifts naid in ftill. Official lists ofwlnnlnc numbers sent to purchasers of ticket* immediately alter the distribu tion. Tickets $1 each , six for $\ For M*V w* P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 3D l Iberty street, _ late of 31 Nassau street FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY RXTIt 4 CI. ASS HO. 29- MAT 7, 1873. 2, 74, 43, 7, 25, 39, C\ 19, 44. 10, 49. NOKTII CAROLINA?CI.ASS MO. 30?SIAV 7, 1873. 57, 29, 02, It. U, 75. 43. 74, SI. 8, IK). M>, 28. QERKRN A CO., Managers. LCTHY A CO.. Brokers 131 Greenwich strec. New York. o OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. * KKNTCCKV? K.XTKA CI.ASS NO. 3I.V-MAT 7, 1873. 42, 3G, G2, M. G7, K?, 49. Gfi, 37. 3. 61, 11. KENIt'CKT-CLASS NO. 310? MAT 7, 1873. 28, 25. 71. 43 <0, 47, 62, 34. fi?, 27, 31, 6, M. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. MIH.KV rOt.LI-CK?K1TUA CLASS NO. '.15?MAT 7, K7.X 71. 57. 10. 54, .*?, 41, 28, GO, 19, 48. I, 71k SllM.RY rOt.LI-OK?CLASS NO. 216?MAV 7. 1873. 65. 23, 67. 20, ?i.v 39 41, 33, GJ, 10, 2*. 43. 22. SMITIi A CO., Managers, Covington, Ry. _ _ J. CLt'TK, Broker. 203 Broadway. Post office box 4.9U9. Royal iiavana lottery of cuba.-pros. pectos for H73 now ready. Address GEORGE UI' HAM, No.'J Weybosset street, I'rovldence, It. I. Royal Havana lottery, royal saxon gov. eminent Lottery, Brunswick Government Lottery, City ot Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed and Inform*, tion given. THKODOR Z8CHOOH, ltd Nas-au ttreet box 6,0 U I'oat olfice. rpo whom rr may concern.?notice is hereby 1 given that the underuoted certificate* of Erie Rail way common stock, \iz. :? 6J.153?To L. I*. Morton, Uemu* A Co., 10 shares, of $110 each. 107,338?To Jonathan D. Copcman, 10 shares, of $.00 each, I07.3C9?To Jonathan D. Coleman, 10 sharea. of $100 each. . havr been lo*t or destroyed, and that the undersigned will apply in due course to the Erie Railway Company for new certificates in lieu thereof. All person* are cau tioned against negotiating the said certificate.", as their transfer ha* been stopped. WILLIAM Bl'TLER DPNCAN. JKos. 9 and 11 Nassau street rpiIROVGIl THE DEATH OK ??OUIS FCHNIT7ER OF I the firm ol U Schnltzer A Brother, the business ol^thc above firm will lie carried on as before, by the youngest brother, under the firm of H. Hchnltrer, Jr. A HERS FIELD, Executor of estate of L. Schnitzcr A Brother. rpi) DEALERS IN LI MBER AND BUILDERS' MATE 1 rial?Large River Front, substantial Docks, Canal in rear, business location, at Newark, to leare. Appl\ at 97 Duane street, New York. GEO. W. IIOJKR. ' T|,R r'.'wT-io MS j:p::nuY notified that i i nave on? coiiu^cwa lu busiues* wiu. ? ? cautioned against giving any one credit on my account B. H. y* ING, 15 and 17 Eaat Twenty-eighth street! qMIB GENTLEMAN WHO GAVK THE ORDER FOR i imported oigars and cigarettes last week (at 360Kixth avenue^ ^*n get them by catling at 1.2-fJ Broadway, near OrandJljttcl. EMMA. D>; BEl'KKLAEH. coq re drawn daily in the lf7gal ized Kentucky Lottery ?Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free; lik cents commission allowed. Address BALE\ A CO. "oft'.ce established 3U years), 174 Broad way, M'tillTI\IlOtiH. Hilt 1>H, &( . A -FOR KALE. ALL KINDS OF 1ANCY DOGS, . Plrtts, *c. ; Medicines tor sll diteares. Prepared food lor mocking blids, at B. O. DOVEY'H. No. SGreene street, near Canal. A LARGE ST. BERNARD DOG FOR SALR?IMPORT ed from Hospice last Miminer by the owner; cost $:?W, price $75. To Ijc seen at 52 West Thirty-eighth at STALI.IOiVK. I I'D WARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OK JOE ELLlOTT, i who trolled last Summer on Mystic I'nrk In 2:l.'>y (Hie fnslekt inile ever trotted, either In public or private), f1*' of Commodore Vanderbilf's Mountain Bov, who 2 '20?i and ol Judge Kullerton, who ha* (rotted in 2-7iv, will make the season nt the larm ol William ceteh, near Goshen, Orange county, N. V. For lurther particulars ve the "Turf, Field and Varoi." T1*? rpROrriNG AT PLERTWOOO PARK On"TUl'RSDAY, I May 8, at 3 o'clock. three In Ave. to wagofis. Good day and truck. t. Hodges enters b. in Annie. D. I'halun enters b ni. Rosa. A 1'aiterson enter* br. g. Wesler Pain. M. McNamara enters br. a Dumlarburg. "M. I. TAX cott, Mftrlntendent. Homsaa, cARkiA?iB?. ?vt . A COUPE $l?; OPEN WAGON. $29; DEPOT i*,. V) *7?: fo-. $115; su\e Spring Wagon. v ;- flr ? i f,i 0 To" w?8"n? 1,4.10 nroadway. near i : ? first?trcct jamich jknkInh. A8UPKRIOR WORK MARK, KIND AND TIU'R $115: |iair nice Ponies; bar Dorse, trots in 2 50, $I.K)'; good work si are, $85. good trnck ?r business Horse. $150; iwo seat Rockawav, $125; ll-ht Road Wacou B85- side bar Road Wagon, <75 . 54 Grove street, ne^ BuTck'er A "ARK CHANCE TO BITV A VERY FAST TROT -fV for, 16U hands. In years old, sonnd and kind; has a record ol 2:31; can best 2 35 anv day , cost $3,roo one year ago, will be sold to-day lor $Atn, n owner must leave city to-morrow. Apply at New York stables, 15 and 17 East Twenty eighth street. A FIRST OI.AH3 WORK HORSE AND MARE, WITH Colt, for rale cheap, at I.t8 West Forty third atreet between Broadway and i-'eventh avenue. A -FOR SALE, ONK BAY MARE, 8 YKAI1S (>LI> ? soiled and kind; one top Wagon, one aet single Harness, all In goad order; must be sold lor want of use; I price $400. Inouire at Now Enclard atablcs. 669 Seventh HOUSES. t'ARMAOai, *c. A?IMPORTANT AND PKBBMPTOBY BALK OK . FINN HORSES, PHAETONS, WAOONS, HAH NKSS. Ac.. ON FRIDAY, MAY 9, AT STABLE, NO. 11 GREAT JONES STREET, AT lil^ O'CLOCK, consisting In part ol lh? line and well-known stock of tha lain David U Hurili, Xiq., ileeetiMl, Mid sold by order ol Executor to close cstuie. Tmiuol elegant dark brown Conch or RAad Horse* 16 hand* high. 7year* old; line traveller*; superior style and action; will travel in four minutes; * re closely mated and drive together to perfection; are without vlc? or trick , are att. active and rich, and warranted bound and kind. tine brown Family Horse, lfl.Vj' band* high, 7 \ oars old; gentle und auto for any ludy or gciitlomaii to drive: supe perlor style; leurs nothing; can trot in 3 :?J to roud wagon, and i<ound and kind; a tine, sensible and genteel horse. Genteel and Hue chestnut three quartern thoroughbred Kentucky Saddle Horse. 1S\ high, li years old ; has all known gaits to saddle: shows tine, high breeding; Is well and perfectly broken to all harness, and sate for lady to drive or rule: is warranted sound and kind. Fast and flue highbred Trotting Mare, sired bv Eureka, 15k high, 7 years old this Spring; one of the finest styled ana most bloodlike looking mares on road; is elegant driver; no road too long for Tier; pure gaited and agree able In company ; has been driven on road by a youth IS years old, in delicate health; is warrauted souad, kind and perfect, and to trot In 2:10; this is onn ot the finest mares in the state. Also an elegant gentleman's Road Horse. 151, high, 7 years old; sired bv Old Hainbletonlan, dam by Star; raised bv David Nevlns In Orange comity ; has elegant style and fine, genteel and noble qualities, and has no su perior on road : he has no rocord, and can show 2 45 now and beat 2:50 to road wagon, and waminted sound and kind; this fine young horso must be seen to bo appreci ated. Also the welt known and fast black trotting Horse Cooley; 16li h inds high. 10 years old this Spring; an ele gant road horse: fine driver; warranted to ueat 2:50 now; ran beat 2;40 in condition, and warranted sound and kind. Also one of the finest child's l'ony in the city, 12 hands high, 7 years old ; can almost talk j pcriectly safe tor any child or lady to rido or drive; Is perfectly trained and finely broken to ail harness; is a perfect picture and a perfect little home; is warranted sound and kind. Also one elegant six seat Phaeton, one l'ony Phaeton, two Brewster Wagons, one Dubois Trolling Wagon, double Harness by Imnseomb, two seta of single by Duns, cemti, Blankets, Robes, Ac. Hiis is one of the finest sales of the sonson, and geutle men in search ol something really fine should attend this sale; thev will find every tiling just as represented, and a full and responsible (warrantee given, and nil will be sold to highest bidder, without the loast limit or restric tion. Mr. narrls was well known and noted as being a con noisseur of fine stock, and would have none other; the balance are ike property of a retired gentleman, who sails with his family for Europe. A great special, unreserved and posi TIVB SAI.B OP ELEGANT HOUSES, CARRIAGES AND WAGONS, SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, AC., INCLUDING ALL THE ELEGANT STOCK OF HIRAM IIORlIKAI, ESQ., WHO IS OBLIGED TO GO ABROAD FOR AN INDEFINITE LENGTH OF TIME. AND NOW OFFERS HIS FINK AND KEI.IABLE STOCK FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, ON THURSDAY (THIS DAY), M,iY 8, AT 10? O'CLOCK SHARP, AT STABLE NO. 3 NEILS ON PLACE (MERCER STREET), BETWEEN WAVERLKY AND CLINTON PLACES. HY JENKINS A DUFF. ACl TIONliICRS. Team of elegant and flno black Horses, I.V., hands high, liolh 6 years old ; are li a ?; - broth era; were raited in the State ot Maino, and have few superiors for style, beauty or action: are bigli-liended. with lotty action, long, lull manes and tails, nfld arc vpry clowjy mated 5 can hardly be distii^'ur-ned apart; naVP no white; they have liljj. J;e^n aini strong limbs: good feet; can pull ft road wagon together inside of 2:60, snd c?n trot mm h fas.'er single; tfiev are warranted sound and kind and free from spot, vice, trick, inuli or Idem sh, and gentle men in search of a fine reliable road or family team are respectfully invited to cull and examine lio'ofo sale. Handunn? und finely bred team ot Bay Marcs, Ift'i hands high,6 und 7 years old : tliev aro closely mated; have cacn a slur in torehead, with all black points; they were raised In Kciitrcky bv Col. R. A. Kulston; thej-ha ve fine dispositions; are easy, pleasant and prompt drivers, ond can tic driven bv the most timid with per teel safely. They can trot in S minutes any day to road wagon; are superior under saddle; was used all last summer nl Saratoga, and rode there by the Misses Bor beni; they have neither vice, tr:ck nor fault, and are warranted sound and kind. Fastatid high hrod black Trotter. 15V hands high, 9 yours old, bred by .fames L. Monteith, hs<|., in Stale of Maine, and sired by I he M or re 11 Horse. He is a perfect beauty, drives without check; Is high-headed, and honest in company; a good breaker; can speed a 2:10 gait, and warranted sound and klud. Also a fast and handsome sorrel Gelding, U>?? hands high, 7 years old ; raised iti tiriinge coanty, and sired by Volunteer. He trotted, when 5years old, in 2:47; since then ha* neve* been trained, but can go to track and beat the above time now. He U perfect in every respect, and warranted soun l and kind. The above two horses make an csccllenl team (owner has driven them together past year) hihI can trot sure in 2:Sl to Dole. Also fast, handsoino and highbred brown trottlnp mare Lixzette; slic is lliV, hands high, 9 years old and sired by Alcxnnder Abdnl'th, dim an imported thoroughbred mare; she Is an exfra fine, prompt and resolute driver; ran go to track at all time* and bent 2 and has shown trials below 2.:m>; warranted sound and kind. Also a tour-?ear Ilambletonian Colt, sired by Kysdlck Hamlilelonian dam by Ethan Alton; she is thoroughly broken to all harness; can speed a 3 tuinutc gait and warranted sound and kind. Also one extension top Park rhaeton, pole and shafts; one lop Wagou, one Pony Phaeton, two open Road Wa gons, one Sulky, built by Dusenbtiry A Van Dnscr; two scl.i uf double Harness, one set of coupe Harness, three sets of single light road Harness; also Street, Stabln and Sweat Blankets, Robes,, Ac. This iale is ah?ulute, positive and unreserved, and with out limit, restriction or reservation, and a full warrantee and time for trial given Stock now on exhibition. SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. At private salk, at arch, joiinston's NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART. 19, 21, 2:1 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. TEAM IRON GRAY IloRSKS, sired by Gray Eagle, dam Bashaw mare, l.">\ hands, 4 and & years; kind and true and warranted sound. DAPPLE okay hoksk, ir>>? hands, 0 years; very stylish, kind and true, can trot in 2:40, and warranted sound. THAM BAY MARES, thoroughbred. 15 hands, < and S years; kind and true and warranted sound. ELEGANT SORKIJL HORSE, out of imported Trtts tee by Abdallah ma re. 10^ hands, 5 year*; the finest sad dle horse in the country. ? FIVE PONY HORSES. 1SJ* hands. 6 years, and war ranted sound ; can be driven or ridden by lady or child. SEVERAL FINK ROAD HORSES. S EXCELLENT SADDLE HORSES. 51) other Horses. HOG CART, by J. R. Lawrence. Brewster top Wagon. Express and Depot Wsgons. Pony Phaetons, basket and panel. Call ana examine. ABCH. JOHN9TON. A?CHANGE OF TIMK. . CHANGE OP TIME. CHANOB OF TIME THE REGULAR SALES OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNRSS, AC., AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITT AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTERSALLS, Nos. 1,353, 1,355, 1,357. 1,369, 1,361 and 1,303 HROADWAY, corner of Thirty eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, WILL TAKE PLACK EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, INSTEAD OF TWELVE, AS HERETOFORE. THE FIRST REGULAR SALE OF THE SEASON takes place on SATURDAY, MAY 10, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, when a large number of TROTTERS, ROADSTERS AND FAMILY HORSES, TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, AC , WILL BE SOLD. THE "BREWSTER WAOON," x. "in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing In their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past 15 vears. maklnij !..em the standard for Quality throughout the 1'nlted flutes. These wagons are exclusively the productton of onr well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in ull respects equal in quality to those built to the order ot the most > allied customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a loint stock coinpanv ot carriage dealers who have adopted a firm ninic similar to our ow n, and impudently claim the Sf nutation we have made lor ilie "Brewster wagon," we bee the public will remember that oar only warerooms are at Ibe corner of Htth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our ouly Kac'orv on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., Brooine street. A1 TTENTION A T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 and .610 Broadway, offer at genuine bargains their innuendo stock of fine Carriages. new styles, iuit finished lor the Spring trade. Elegant Lauduutettes, five sizes. I andaus, four sizes. Platform and "C" spring Brett". Platform and "C" spring six-seat family Rockaways. Five new styles ot Victoria*. Park Phaetons Pony Phaetons, on platform "C," two and three springs, catitlcmcn's Depot Wagons. Fine stock ot T Carts and Ona Cart*. Wo shall oir^r liargnui-. nml invite lookers. A I.AROE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA way. Park and Pony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Ex press nnd Business Wagons- 25 per cent lets than any house in the (II?. Ill West llroadw ay. near Canal -d. AT OUR FACTORY, IN TWENTY FIFTH STREET, near Lexington avenue, sccond hand Carriages, in first rate order. 2 Barouches, nearly new. 2 six-passenger Rockaways. 2 I'ark Phaetons. I Depot Wagon, for six persons. Top Buggies and Koad Wagons.

J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A -TEA CART, BAROUCHE VICTORIAS, PHAE ? tens, tour and two seated, 9/5; top Buggies, cheap est In city. 146 and 148 hid ridge street, near Grand and Bowery. DAY A SON. A VICTORIA FOR SALE.?BUILT RY BREWSTER; late?t style ; used only three moutlis. Apply at pri vale .-t a I do I.V> West Thirty-third street. AGRNTLRMAN'S ESTABLISHMENT K)R SALE I'Alr bay Horses, IS hands 3 Inches, 8 years old. fart roadsters, a gray com.'lt or coupe llorsc, His hand", good roadster ; all sound and periect; C spring Clarence, Phae ton, Top Bugay, Trotting Bnirgy, Heardsiev's make ; three sets double If urn cm, one single Harness, Gibson A Bon ner, makers; a four-sealed Gould Sleigh, Robes, Blankets, and Stable Furniture, at private stable No. 4 West Forty fourth street, or apply to owner, J. 11. SHERWOOD, SM Filth avenue. Any person having a nice light grocery Wagon. In good order, for sale, may hear of a pur chaser by addressing box W New Brighton Post office, SUNen Island, N. Y. _____ A CHESTNUT TEAM OF CARRIAGE HORSES, brother and I'lrter; sound and kind double or single; 6 and 7; 15.3 hands; govd, 3lvlub stfaners. XV Newark ?venue. Jerscr I'll* HOR.8KS, CAUK1AGKS. AC. A?MAJOR 0. W. It A KK Kit, AUCTIONEER. . GltKAT SALE Of CELEBRATED TROTTERS, AC., THE PROPERTY O? J AM KM WALLACE, ESQ., WHO SHORTLY SAILS for Europe, at A CHAHK'S CITY Auction Mart and New York Tnttersall'a, corner ol Broadway mid Ihirty-nluth street, ON TUESDAY, MAY 1,\ AT 10^ O'CLOCK, A NO coinprl-lug THE FAMOUS BAY (rotting Gelding JO H.N J. BBADLKY, wttli record oft t'W. HIilU BBED GRAY GELDING, oy Young Morrei.dam by Ab.iallnh, can TROT IN J A\ ELEGANT BAY IIAMBLETOS IAN COLT, by Volui teer, dam a Star mure; has SHOWN 3:50; ho record. SPEEDY BUOW.N II.VMIILETU.N1AN COLT, by Young Carnell, dam bv Henry Clay; can trot clo-o to 2 :I0. ELEGANT A>JI> VERY CLOSELY MATCHED pair of bay roach Home*, Kentucky bred; unsurpassed for style, action and appearance. ALSO FINE BAROUCHE, top and no top Koad Wagons, double and tingle Harness, Blankets, Kobe". Sheets, Whips. Bitn, Ac. PEDIGREES AND ALL representations of the above stock will bu warranted. catalogues with full particulars now rbadv. 8ALK POSITIVELY without reserve. NO POSTPONEMENT ON account ot weather. Auction HOUSE of AROH. johnston (I.ate Johnston A Van Tassell). OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE 13 REMOVED lO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, SI. 23 nnd 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue ami rnivcrsity place. The business w III V conducted on precisely (he same si net and honorable principles which have always char actorizcd tlie dealings of our home and won the' respect and contidenre ot the business couimunltv as well as the public at large. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT TIIE YRAR. Entries tor sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or al the mart, H), 21, ?1 aud 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES. AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. AT THE HORSE AMI CARRTAGE AUCTION MART OK WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSKLL), at tlie o'd stand, 110,112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. REGULAR HALES OF IIOKSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will find tills house perfectly reliable, as this business w III be conducted on the same straightforward principles which have gov erned it in the past. We give the purchaser ot every horse that Is warranted sound trom 2! to is hours lor trial. Horxca uml Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENT'S. AT PRIVATE SALE AT TIIE HORSE AM) CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN 1AHSELL, 110, 112, III East Thirteenth street. ELEGANT TEAM BAY HOUSES, 1st, HANDS IIIGH, <i years olJ; kind and true In all harness; perfectly gentle ; very stylish drivers, and warranted sound. TEN FIRST CLASS ROAD AND WORK HORSES; ALL young, and \> nrranted sound. PONY ESTABLISHMKNT?BLACK PONY, ?i INCHES high; kind and true in nil harness; in every way reliable ; n splendid ponv lor children's it-o. ALSO HARNESS AM) PONY WAGON. KOI'R SKAT BASKET PHAETON, VERY FINE. THREE JUMP SEAT WAGONS. FIVE AMERICAN ROOKAWAYS. Top and no top Pony I'liaofons. Ton and no top Road Wagons. Express, Depot aiul Business Wagons. IlAhiK* r.t alnifiids. Prices to suit the times. Call and examine. A gentleman would like to take a sty lish, kind anil gentle Horse to Ills Summer residence. Stated Island, lor light use; the best of care will be given lor Its nso; rltv reference furntalied. Apply at 50 Broad streot room 7, from 10 to S o'clock. A thoroughbred bay mark for sale, is.3 hands h'gh, six rears old, thoroughly trained for saddle and harms**; very stylish stepper. Apply at JAMES DOWO'S stable. West Eighteenth street and tor cnth nvenue. T A LOT OP HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY FIT for all kin l.s of business; one splendid toam ot sor rel Horses, young and sound. Inquire hi mi Canalit ?CARRIAGES AND HARNESS. L ? No. H t'ortlandt street, near Broadw ny. The lowest prices; best goods; cash* only. Aim; hand HORSE FOR sale CHEAP-S YEARS old; suitable for any work, city or country; good style ; warranted kind. 543 Seooud a venue, corner Thir tieth street. A "1 SADDLE HORSES FOR SALE AT 229 WE?T Al Fortieth street: five <n hand ot extra quality, breeding and gaits; receiving additions from Woodford county, Kentucky, evjrv lew weeks. Call for Mr. It A1 LEV. A TWO-SEAT Bill FT I NO TOP CARRIAGE, SU1TA J\. ble tor tho country; one two-feat open Wagon, one open Buggy, city made, and low price. 158 West Forty tii st sireet. AT THOMAS DONOHOF.'S STABLES, NEAR PEL ham Bridge. "'MttMCr county.?The thoroughbred mahogany bay .Jare Pauline, bv Kontuekv, oui of Blue Ribbon. Pauline has been terfectly broken to harness, is coming 4 vedrs ot age, is l.\2 hands high uml a perfect beauty, without fault or blemish of any kind; would make a superb light curriage horsy or Ar it class saddle horse. AT BARGAINS-VARIETY OF STYLISH PONY Phaeton.", fine light Top Buggies and Road Wogons, lour anil six Passenger Itockaways, and a general assort ment of Carriages unsurpassed in quality and finish, s. S. BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. __ A LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE: ONE COl'PE, RY Woo.Is Bros.; one six-seat Plieaton, one four-seat do., one light Curtain Coach, by Brewster; 50 top aud open Pony Pheatons, 20 top ana open side-bar and tull spring Road Wagons, by Brewster, Stivers ami Dusenbury A Van Duser; top nnd occn Express Wagons, single aud double Harness, two Sulkies. WM. II. GRAY, 211 to 27 Wooster street A?FOR SALE. TIIE MOST STYLISH COUPE OR . dogcart Horse in thecity; bright bsv,- IS bauds high, 7yearsol;l. a Very fast and handsome traveller; first class ineietvpariculnr: warranted sound and kind ; also very fine under the saddle. Inquire for Mr. RAND, at stable 151 Kast Filtv-seventh street. A N ASSORTMENT OF HAM'S VERY POPULAR 1V and celebrated Landaulets, Coupes, Landaus, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. HAM, Broadway and Fourth street A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Kockaways, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Cirocers' and Business Wagons, at greatly reilurcd prices. Fulton avenue and Ncvlns street, Brooklyn. A?THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS. ? Rookawnys, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, and Top Wagons in the city, at the Westslde*Carriage Depos itary. 1,494 and I.4UB Broadway, between Forty-lourth and Forty-fifth streets. Brewster (OF broome street) second hand Wagons; several very choice in stylo and quality and of variou? welghtst also a great variety ol season able Vehicles, both new and second hand, at reduced prices, by A. S. FLANDRAtT, No.s. 7 ami 13 Kast Eighteenth at., near Fifth avenue. (iabriolp.ts-in the newest designs and of J best quality, tor sale at reduced urlees, by A. if FLANDRAIT. Nos. 7 and IS Kast Eighteenth street, near Filth avenue. ? ?'t - a UOiuiiS, light Rock.v ways, Itiiifiles and other seasonable styles family Car riages and light Wagons at reasonable prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. STOCK-AT THE MART OF ARCH. JOHNSTON, F 19 to 25 East Thirteenth street, between University place anil Filth avenun. Twenty-five of tho finest bred Horses in the country, direct troin Kentucky, comprising Road Team?, Saddle Horses and Family 1 earns. All to be seen and tried at the mart as above. There is not often such horses in the market. It not sold at private sale before Saturday at 12 o'clock, will be sold at auction. Call and see them. FOR SALE?A KENTUCKY THOROUGHBRED Horse: che>tnut. sorrel, I6V{ hands, fl years old, kind, gentle And w i limit blemish; is a perfect beauty and can be driven by a ladv; can trot in 1:M and prom ises to be laster; price $1,2)0, will takeasaddlc horse worth $900 in exchange as pnrt i ayinent. Address G.( Post office box S,!i93. HlOlt SALE?I ROCKAWAY AND 1 DOUBLE-SEAT shitting Top Wagon, in perfect order; seats for four in en.'.-' he ?* owner has no use for them; price ?!? 4nl Inquire until sold ol S. D. MEDLAR, csrrince painter, new t?o. 89 North t'eroOd street, nenr Second, Brooklyn, E. D. t^OR SALE-A FINE CHESTNUT SORREL MARE, r 9 years old: can trol In S minutes; also a Sulky. Apply ut ltO Graham avenue, Williamsburg. EJIOR SALE - FINE BPSINESS GIG AM) HARNESS, 1 nearly new; also. Horse separably or together. (Wfl First a*cnue, near Thirty fourth street flOR SALK-FOR >701, A CLARENCE, COST fi,IU0; light, runs easy; C springs, speaking lube, Ac. * 307>i Broadway. '? iwr.-ir store. ljloR SALE-A TEAM OF TRUCK HORSFfl. AD r dress J. W. BOYLE, boat Xo. 8, foot Brcorae street, East River. IjlOR SALE-TWO CONCORD HOTEL STAGES, F nearly new Apply, till sold, to P. MOORE, at stable, 10U"Thompson street I .ii > R SALE-A BEAUTIFUL LANDAULET, BUT [' little used; plate glass octagon front; brotvn satin lined, and sold only for the want of use: property ef a private gentleman. Address II., box .1.1 SI Post office. FlOR SALK-FOR WANT OK USE, BAY MARE, 6 years old ; very rtyllsh ; perfectly sound. LAMB'S livery stable. Fifty-eighth street, betweeu Fifth aud Madi son avenues. ioR SALE?DOG ('ART, TWO WHEEL, SKATS FOR four; in excellent order, by JOSKPII LEACOCK, iblcs corner Thirty-sevtnth streot nnd Seventh avenue 1,-lOR SALE-A GENTLEMAN'S ESTABLISHMENT; 1 dark biv Mnro, Lu)>ol< Wngou, Gibson Harness Ap. ply at MitcMELi> A new B u.u's, u Exchange plaee. IJVOB SALE-TWO COMPLETE RIGS. AS FOLlX>WS: 1 One dark brown Horse, ltf hands high, very fast and stylish, long (ail and mano; otio fine top Wagon (Dusen biiry A Nelson), one good Road Wagon, Harnesa. one dress Blanket, one stable Blanket, Whin, Ac.; one flno black Pony, flue driver and good traveller ;go<>d Pony Phaoton, Blanket Kobe, Harness. Whin. Ac.; will be sold cheap, as owner has not time to uso. Call lor three days at stable In Hamilton street, second south of Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn. _ F.inu HALF-ONE OF THE FINEST SADDLE HORSES 1 in the city; jet black; long tail; 7 years old, a beauty. Also a bay Trotter, 6 years old, IJV, high , long i tall, Volunteer, white hind feet: can beat2.30. and is a 4 good oole bnraa C*ll at 2W East Fortieth ftrcel HORHIQK, CAMRIAOK^, AC. l^OH SALE-A BORREL HORSE 0 YEARS OLD, 10 .? Ri. "??'"???Wh; sound and km,i: trots from ,'i minutes ?? double or single harness; a ladv can drive hiin. Apniy at3sj or 341 Went Twenty first street, from 11 to * o'clock. {''OK S\L,K?BAY HORSE, 0 YEARS, liU HANDS; stvlish driver; good Step| er; price $155. Also ono I'oiiy, and one cheap llor?, too Al! sold tor waat of tiso 12* Charles street, near Greenwich BOR KALE?ONR PAIR OP YOUNG SORREL SJ'un ont.iv?\jm r, UK YOl.NU KORUKIu X1 Horses, liU; liandM high, weighing 1,300 pounds eucltt suitable for heavy work, Can 1m mv-ii atClianitxjrlaiu's st-ibles, Twentviourth streut. between Lexington and Third avenue", troin 10 A. M. until ? I". M. this day. IfOK BALB?A six 8BAT PHABTON.BY BBBW8TBR, of Broome trtreet; will be solu cheap Apply at CUR LEY'S Carriage Factory, etatc ami Hoe rum streets, Brooklj n. ITtOB BALB?A 7 YEAR OLD BAY HOBSB, IUOT ( arrived from Halifax, ISSi hands high. Apply all wook at 20 East Kilty-fourth street. If?OR SALIi-A G It A V HORSE, IS HANDS HIGH. 7 1 years old; has the haulsomcst knee action In tho city; also bay llorso, l.'> s hands high, 7 yearn old, with superior knee action; warranted sound. Apply at No. 9 f ast Tenth street. IjlOR SALE-ONE 111, VCK HORisE, lfi'-j HANDS IIIOH, sound and g'.od worker, for $S5; on* gray Mare, very cheap, lor HI ill; a ulco six year old roan Mare, i>er leci in every way ; tbcae horses must be sold. 370 Hudson street, feed store. UIOR HAl.K- KINK TEAM OP STYLISH SOBREL r Mares, It!, hand*, 8 ami 9years; lit for any light use ; price lor teaui, $225. AL->o one bar Horse, fit lor any work; price $9A. All sound anil kind. Imiuiro at IM Perry street, rear. IIOR KALE ?A CORRECT STYLE OK T CART, SET of double and one coupe Harncsst all English make ; usod only a few tunes. Apply at stahlo lil East Kitty seventh stroet. VOI BALB?A POWBBPPI* STRONG HOBSB. 7 I; years old, IScwt. weight; pony build ; sound, kind; to bo fold tor want ot use. Call at ?15 Washington .street. FIOR SALE?SINGLE TRUCK, WITH POLK, SHAFTS, anil Concord Ex Y\agon. Inquire lor JOHN FOLKY, 25 West stroot I7IOB IJJjl-A ('AHLOAD OK WESTERN HORSES, right IVoni the West; must be sold, as the owner must go homo this day; some are sultabl.) for truck and others are roadsters, t all at lO'l Washington street. I^OR SALE, THROUGH A DEATH IN FAMILY?A pair of very stylish blfte.k Hones, off Black Hawk stock, Hi hands high, warranted bound and kind in all H harness; can be driven by a lady or gentleman . ali o ono coupe Horse, 16 hands high, suitable tor a lady to drive, Apply at 2M Eighth avenue, corner Twenty third sireet. flOB BALE-A HANDSOME CANADIAN MARE, STYL ish and frou driver; little soro forward; 9*5. 77 Now Chambers street. F10R SALE? STYLISH. IIIOH STEPPING CHESTNUT Horse ; has no faults. Ini|iiiro for ROBERT, stable, 10 and 17 Knst Twenty-eighth street, between the hours of 9 and S, for two days. IfOR SALE?A TRUCK, AS OOOD AS NEW. INQUIRE ol CARTMAN, 62 Leonard street. BlOR SALE CHBAP-A ONE-HORSE VICTORIA, BY Cone A Adams, cost H9"J0must be sold this week. Apply at 128 West Thirl,v-second street. IjH>R SALE OR EXCHANGE?STALLION NEW YORK, by Volunteer, lie by old ILimMctonlan; mahogany bay, black points. Address box 57 Post oftioe. FfOU SALE?A THOROUGHBRED KENTUCKY BAY Gelding, thoroughly trained to all the fancy gaits; warranted perfectly sound in every respect. Can bo seen for two days nt stahlo* 29 East Kortleth street. Horse and carriage exchange.-me. arc a. Joli NSTON has opened, at Ills downtown offioo, 37 Nassau street, a register for horses, carriages, gentle men's turnouts, Ao., at private sale, and will hcreattur mnko tills n siioclult}- and a feature ot hli bu-dness. Gentlemen ha vim; horses or carriages u> dispose of, or those wishing to purclias<> will 11 ml this the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal dt? rect with principals. Harness, saddles, horse CLOTHING, cab riige Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, ami a largo variety of Saddlery Goods always on'hind. C. ?. SMITH A CO., 40 Wnr'en street. New York. ARNESS, horse rUBNISBINO GOODS, AC.-NO tancy prices. 0. M. mosicma.n a hrg, Manufacturers, 111 Chambers street. HARXKSH.-THE CQBAPBBT HARNESS STOKE IN New York' good double truck llarnoss, $10 good single buggy llariiesa, luind made, $17; a goo<l stable Kl.iuket, $. !?<); tho lurgost assortment or Cart Harness in the city, cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10. 1'lease call and examine for yourselves. Flsitiiii a OSBOBNB,qMurray street. HARNESS.-I HAVE a LABOE STOCK OK II\R ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices ; also Riding Saddles anil Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Halters, lllankets, Sheets, l.ap Robes and everything in the horse line cheap tor csslu K. KARTLKTT, 82 Warren street, corner College place. Harness.-ANYBODY wanting fish nbw light double and single Harness cheap, made in the best manner and finest material, at 119 West Thirty-third street, WCOad Moor. 1IYBBY STABLE, EXPRESS AND HACKINO J business, at Treuiont, near Harlem railroad station, to lease ; none In place. Apply at 184 third avenue. N. Y. QBO. W. IJOJER. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 838 BROADWAY-HIE place to buv cheap. Purchasers should not tail to call. Largest and best assortment of new and secoud hand Carriages iu this market KM Broadway. SPBBD.?S800-?SPBBD.-A GENTLEMAN'S FAST load Horse, 15>; hands, 12 years old; sonnd and a safe, easv driver; trotted iu public last Spring; was beaten a 'neck only In 2 ; will show 2:40 and repeat. Call oa or address OWNEit, 815 Broad street, Newark, N. J. QECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT O Wagon. Pony I'haeton, four Roeksways, light Coacli and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, at bargains; large assortment of Harness. MANUKACTURERS' UNION. 6M Broadway. STYLISH BLACK HORSE FDR SALE?ADAPTED TO coupe, phaeton or saddlo ; ridden aud driven all last Summer by present owner's wile ; sold for want of use. Apply at Green's Riding Academy, Thirteenth street, near Kltth avenue. WA'lONS OHBAP.?THBBB BXPBBSR AND TWO Orocery, one Business and one Delivery Wagon, one Coupe, one Buggy, at 22fi Spring street, corner Clark. (?.7- FOE OODD BAY HORSE, LW HANDS BIGH, ?JP I ?_) In good condition; large, blind Horse, cheap; also three-quarter Truck. 2t,2 hast Fortv-second street. diOfl FOR A OOOD TOP WAOON AND LIGHT ?IP'M/ Harness; $150 for Coupe Kockaway. Inquire at H Walker street, near Broadway. -BAY MARE, SEVEN YEARS, lSV^ HANDS; $150. gray, 16 hands, $175; both are warranted Kind sound and Kind or money returned. 236 West Tdlrty tlrs' siroct. in blacksmith shop. <f>l fje WILL BUY A PHAETON THAT COST WHEN ?JP L I >J new $375, at Teaney's Uvery stable, 49 West Forty-fourth street f)i o WEST -anTxtkl! <jlO Tpllt pl ivile .->l6hie lor four horses, Cna.-h llouso and two story Dwellings, all abovo, will be let verv re.l sonably. Apply to B. S. LEVY A CO., 271 West Thirty clglitu'stroot. BVBIHBsi OPPORTUIITIB9. A -CAPITAL OBTAINED FOR MERCHANTS, MANU ? t'acturers and other*. Purties wishing t(, engage in business advised ol reliable opportunities free of charge. Established 1866. MOODY^ CO.. 183 Broadway. AN ACTIVE BU8INBIS MAN. WITH $800 TO f'WV wanted, to take charge of a branch atere in an .>Id established business. Address A. B. C., bos 191 Herald Uptown Branch office. Alexander pbotbingham a co? ill eboad way, secure Capital for Incorporated companies, bankers, manufacturers, mines, merchants. Our regis ter possesses inan.v names desiring investments; also thorough European connections. We possess .facilities for procuring capl'al and sales of American securities. Agents tor Western municipal bonds. Principal and In terest guaranteed. A WORKING MAN WITH $800 CASH OAS SECURE an in a business established since K',J, satis factory reasoti for Particular# at 21M Broadway, room 1 f. AYOUNO MAN OF BUSINESS HABITS (ONR WHO is reliable and energetic) can hear 01 a good oppor tunity to Invest $:',(?> in a first c', pleasant and profit able bussncss; first class references given and rcaalrod. Apply to OBOROE WEBSTER, 309 Broadway. AN ESTABLISHED AND REMUNERATIVE BUM. ness can profitably employ $10,000 to MU.OUU addi tional capital. None hut capable and responsible par ties need apply. ELLIS A BRINCKERllOrF, 48 Broad st AN ELEGANT LARGE NEW ROTBL POB lU'.NT Spicndld location; a raro chance to make money; owner would biard with teuaut Address B. W. HOLMES, orange, N. J. MAN WITH SOME BUSINESS EXPFBIENCB AND a Cash capital of from $2,0U0 to $.>,00), Is invited to Investigate a business thoroughly ; references given and required, SISSON, 294 Broadway, rooin 17. A A WELL ESTABLISHED PAWNBROKER'S STAND, doing a good business, for ?a!u. Kor particulars ad dress 0. LUBKEN, 18 fputh Fifth avenue. A JUNIOR PARTNER, WHO HAS BOMB CAPITAL anil a knowledge of the book and fancy sta'lonery trade. Address, with real name, reierences, means, Ac., NaRCI'S, New York Poet offlor _ _ APARTNEB. WITH $1,000 TO $5 000, WANTED?BT A down town merchant ot several yesrs' standing, hav ing first class correspondents In tins country and Europe. Principals only ueeil auply. Address MERCHANT, box 130 Herald office . J^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED for merchants, manufacturersaad others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated ; persons with capital seeking busi ness advised of approved opportunities. Kelerenccs;? The BcKillop * Spragui! Company, Commercial Agency, other teadiug bouse*, and our many clients, city and elsa. Whore GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO., yjMMMtel ami Business Agents, 98 Broadway. A WELL ESTABLISHED BBOWN PAPER AND Mtrawooard business tor sale cheap, with a lease or the Store. Jnqtflre T. A J. P. TOWNBKND, .0 Ann street N IMMEDIATE PROPIT OPKMWOAW REMADE by an investmont ot $10,000 lor a low woeks on first Class security, besides a position insui ing a haudsome yearly in tunc lor occasional servloea AddroM I'UbA* UUBB. Herald Ubtowil Uiauvlt vfllge A ^ lll'HISTK^h OPt'oHTVNlTIK*. AO RE AT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. -UOOll wuj* favorable Leaso, flrsi<ln?? Vitturos an.l well assorted ni h'JIii * 'I'"'l'"84 retail business tu be sold, ou icconat !l' a bargain ; yearly cash in lea for li? ? * cn" on nr ?<Mress UEORtJE SIM CHS ft Chamber* street, New York, or V. Si CO., CT Newark a?i nue, Jersey (;it.v, N. J. ??e A N,AfTIVK GENTLEMAN. AND FIRST CLASH IH .*? n? business, wants a partner with SVUO); about to Flvp a4"n ** extension to a profitable anil pleasant inlaa try. ASdreasJ. box Utf Herald i ptown Bran ii oiiice. A LARGE STOCK OK PON V PHAETONS, IN A ljs style*, with and witliout to;v>, tor sato low by A. S. FLANOlUU. Nl" * *"<1 HKnst Eighteenth street. near Kitth avenu? AN ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSINEiW ?&w ,or?Ie. at vory low price, on easy terms; profits $75 weekly, LLPYft, if Broadway. A N INCOME OK *.M,l)00 PER ANNUM MAY BB EAHI ? .kI.HT . W<1 B?n,,,*"?An InvestingJJ lKWand taking ?iani?in? * m old;uil5b'is,,BI' business of w.-li-known "landing Add run LEX. Herald Uptown Branch olflee. V\'VNT A MA,N W,T" HRAIAfS. I'LI/OK kiide 1 ?" m" *n'1 ,ako *" active and rcspon ,' Vr , ' ) couduettnt an enterprise (strictly logitt uiada V'r Ji ? ! 1?if'lun H """I1"1 dollarsa y?ar can be enoM ?V n 1 oxt ,?"}?,?I1 y, ,lr<- Address, with refer gnoss, B. p. o., box 118 Herald utiles. C^chLr'w.'.M1 2? T" INVKST in any high A itKiN(!ki-:itxi?>rK, 13 OrcNid ?troot. F0hu^nn'lK7/!"|KA1';, '} U,;IIT MANITAUTURINO Business staple article -, established Etvears- muliv value ' 1*'4r mvuHt|K,>tl',n and sel^ for jialf - - ' ABBOTT, 'US Broadway. llKMt SALE?STATU AND COUNTY RIGHTS OP A lfe,lT. " .^,'L?lfU1,i",Provom?ni I" Window Livlita. ices estate taken in exchange. Apply to M. M. GREQOIt 13 Exchange pi,ire, room 18 lug^ MILLINER'S STORK TO UK NT ?TWENTY Y"KAJM pstrtbllshod, tho owwr retiring. Anr cine wautliw a snug little hiuinos.) would find this a rare opportunity Apply to Mrs LAMPAKDE. VVashlnuton avenun butwoea sixth and Seventh streets, Wrlsatila. Milk m.siNiiss -the advertiser, havino eiT pel icnce and capital, would !tK?* to ioin a pat'ti* al rendy eimaffod In the bitslness. with view of Increaii w?{? pATKNT-KAUTNKU WANTED K(.R A NEW AIR ( i,i carries the bullet as last us >i oowdsr iji'n. AdUreai K. X , lilt* '4^j 1' olllce. PAilMN,Kl-.v)r.A,'NT.K.D?,wrTU TO BUY OUT Air old established business; twenty years wrJl nstab usned reputation ; will net over $2iJ,0iHor W,0C0a year* 193 llBraid*?f?ce0U''"ollln8, Al,JreaH PARTNER, bos l>Ain ?Nw n W^7,iDrT01BLT. ONI: ?AI,K tNTKKRSt j}? J" " 'I ostiibli^hnil and well sto-kiwi Hook, ,Toh an? 1 Printlini Offlretouo nnle to take charge oftlio tlnanuis preferred Address T W T., Herald ortlcu. S'nSL?'^SK COP*f* R10BT8 FOR Dt'ltYRA'R > ' patent KetVlaerAtor; the best in the world or wiU oxotiaiiue lor Real IMate. Apply at (ill Sevomh ,i ? S'-S WOHrg IN A NEW PATENT?USED IH ovory Iftuuly; iki hutnbu?; como und ?'!o it* 4t speaks lor itsoli. K. M ancha, ItiJ llroud way, room Ji OTAPIiE MANUFAOTUltlNO Ilt'STNESH, ESTABLISH. hiiorv ?'?l\r. {,':'urA'"llur'-'11,,r ??n account of nn " ''-v which prevents hint ironi car fnlVna! i.?V?' "\0ry thlltlf lit pCrt'llCt ol'def l|III) wOr kI ll(J tO A,J1"y ^ UK,Ua9' UKI.DOM OfrERBD? OPPORTUNITY1 l'OR A MA* n ??">" capital to purchase a Business and In l : ! 10 l l>l?h profit ol it will be proved, ill Fourth avenue,aeoond Boor. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH ?.->.000 TO SI0,(100 IBf an pstttblished business, must be willing; touota r.uropo with advertiser , uudoubied reterenoos tfivon iiud Ilerald o'nice?r lnter,r|ew Ull<,r"s-'i EUROPE, box IM WILL INVEST THK TfiOVg a i ii- ii 1 n IKood huslnew. street Masonic Hull, 114 and lid Kast Thirteenth ftl 000 ~,W)iVr,l:? , ! MAS " H" Tl"s AMOUNT i i '* . 1 hotel business, either as partner or iL u?".";1 U"0, f linty. For particulars apply at us Broad war, room II. 000 T,?*I0i<M0 WANTED-ACTIVE OR SPB cial, bv an eatabllahed inanuiacturiaa comiianv; coods sold (astor thau madu with presont fi .'."r "lanulhcture. Address HARDWARE f'OK i A>\, ileraid totuwu Branch office, l.^tts Broadway. &;") 000 PR('PIT FIRST YEAR.?At'TIYR PART. !r . < :?V. U('r 7anU,<1. w'"' ntWOeadi, to loll! adver tlser (with like cash capital) In legitimate business. Far particulars address l.kulTlMATE BUSINESS, box III Herald ofllce. ' 000 AN INTP.LLIOBNT man. ?r.i . '. with Ibis amount, to take half interest in a piotlt'ime ?ind j'Ktfthliiho.l hiniimKn; igootlg soil for cash to wholesale and retail Kfocers. drua<ists Ac and iyt uei eKt?nd*il u> any nmoiint. KurUiar (tarUculart at H9< ortlanilt street, up stairs. V-' DRY GOODS. ' :AT SMITH'S PATTKn.V BAZAAR. 914 BROAdVaY* j/1 near Iwentietli street?luiporfud Patterns Ironi lsrw, Berlin and l^ondon Ladles trill SAVli MONKV and lie SIX WEEKS In ADVANCE of importers ol ready I'ulllineof all il?e new designs Palteroa and (doth Models now ready. Cuttlnj; and Itastln;;. The Maitlc i o?tiiine ready made In Linen. Patterns fitted ta the form warranlcd jierfect. Dinkpi.spikl. 731 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ASTOR I'LACB. OREAT OLEARINfl OUT SALE, cn account of a RADICAL CilANOE In the nr.ftimKemeut or our bu<lnct). Our entire seleol stock ot LtMUL Embroiileriea, Laces, Sashe^ I^act floods, Ribbon* Tie*, Triinmius*, Buttons, * Silk. 4?_ marked down to ? ^ SO CRN IS ON A DOLLAR All goods marked in plain figure?. MORlTfc DlNKKljSPIEt^ 737 Broadway, opposite .Vstor place. *$SVS?:;^XS? ''KK ('KNT RKpunhed, in cash, on KVLRl PURCHASE ABOVE ONE DOLLAR. Dressmaking.?a cause gr complaint"at tub ?i?' '* extravensnce In ladies' wearing aa parel. What It costs now to dress a lady of fashion would have subported ail enllre family a lew years ak*a. Messrs LORD A TAILOR, to prove that retren-hineal is possible, liavo so arranged their DrossmakiiiK Depart naint that ecoiioinv in material and trimmiui{ Is parlira larly studied In every detail, and tliev are now furnish ing Dresses at a murhlcs; prire than the cost of lin ported Ktrnit'iilM, wliilo for fttvlo, fit, upDcnrancf, zinii peneral make up. tbey are every way equal to the (lueat Parisian manuiaclurc l.ollli .1 TAYLOR, [ " lJroadway and I wetitlotli street. ^jj_OODS FROM AUOTToN. OENUI.VE AND DECIDED BARGAINS. Oor birMlns in DRESS GOODS and 81LKS, lK>U?ht dt the auction ro<}nis diirliiflt Hie recent great ?trinten'cy la the money market for cash, having met with such a crati fylng fuceets, we have been encouraged to agaio pnr* chasc largely and are hereby enabled to offer in Dreai j Uoodsand Silks Spring antTsnmmer Nuveltiet Uiat are M Uacllvo in style, Usly lo appearenco and for chcapneae al price cannot be surpassed by any house in this city. In cheap Dress Goods we have made a special effort, and call the Attention of all consumers to oar large aad varied assortment, which we are offering at prices thai placo them within ca?v roaoh of all. LORD A TaYLOR, Broadway auJ TwjnfifMi ?<reef, rTr,'-,- fc Grand and C!iry?tic streets HAlRl HA1RI IIA 11(1 ~l The largest stjcl; ot linmai: Hair (iootls In the at SHAW'S, VHr .'IM Bowery, between K iurtli and ij'eat .Lines stieels. aad ?? Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second an I Twenta. third streets up stain. ^ MHAW'S Patent iiatr Switehes can bo coinbud and bi ii^heii (i each Human Hair, clieanest mid Itest in tlie market. Short Hair Switches, < aeh and upwvit French s? itelics. fs. ? 'tirls, $1 and upwards. Latest Styles always ou hand. )IH.M\hllY ami PMmmnyq" ^ 4T BINN'S? NEW M I LI,INKRY OPENING TIII1 a tJjV we,l,aTe ffmoved to 77J Broadway oODoiia m.J^L7vVuUfreat sprlna M?"l>u?ry o'l'iiiS* ?jl ^?TK't.NJtHfc*W fooms. opposite Stcwa.f, 1'lease L^OR SALE-AT WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, A Ult V AC UTS, sTKAlllltl A:C. " FV>n SAI.E-SIDK WHEEL KTKAMBO *T." !?? ???* n K?0.1 ,'r*n?,."'itht accoinmo,lotions , ?tdc wbeel nieamboat, new, 131 fe.-t, Wi inches draft; Pa*iaa2S Propeller, 711 leet, feet dralt; Freight and Pa^S^ Propeller, JUO ftfot ; sulendi.l nl:ht aecomniodatiuns. * II V/>\lil), Jr., 6J llArrUoit ?4. 1 '">0 B,?ATS ALL KINDS. WOOD AND METALLIOL at my snops. .twl and !fT3 South street and lls'2 street, Uarkrn River, M second handdhlii-WK ' A _ STK I'll K N NQiUTI WANTBO rt? l'llitnvsE~ ^ V^ANTEp TO PURCHASE?HALF LOT IN ORBEN Uwe?? enih Iy'lw.,,h rn",n* "r without Addrca^ ofS?, for foil? lays loc*t,wl ???KB?WOOD, fleratf \VrAhIi?i,?ir0?l^l!Rr,"ASR?ONE OK TWO BPCON# ? a,u.rteyant Blowers, also aboui wfre* mi9 iS? Wi* tw<> *"<?!' dte.nn Pipe Address ILK-NJAr M1M KOX. SU s?d Ml ttrnai TUirtv /aiaih siml

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