Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 2
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?ITY KKAI. KHTATE FOR HAl^K. j Ctntrnl. A _A -A.-FoR SALE. AT A SA< RIK1CE, A FIRST | A cla>* t> nr iitory Mil) stoop I.iowii stone House, j v2ax:a m. ot i.?,t on west si.:. ..i avenue, MMeet ?utii ol Seveiity-lourth street clear v lew to F*rk; tb*ee V, ;,rl in bard ?' oil. railor fl. or coblm l work by Pot tier Vmvuius will llbrarv. butler's | antry, mantel mirrors. , Sr Also ii Uri-t class Houai ol similar *lini> usions and .hi. riu fln>h ?>' MutUn.u avenue. JS loci Irom the , " i?.Mrt rorii< r .1' sixty-tirst Mr. ot. Terms to mil: good iiu niii ii l->t> tnkin in payment'.houses open tor iiifpee Son. Iiiuuir. ot owner, A. KLARElt. *t his marble worlu, ; 184 I an Eighteenth street. I A FIRST class HOUSE?BETWEEN THIRTY four h nuil Flltv-uluth ?trevis ?tu<l Seventh and Lex ington avenues; i,art o.ish and u first ctass house. near Sixth avenue and Teutli street. Apply to <? CLIN ION, Ui Hudson -treet, Iloboken. A r A RARG AI>"?A THREE STOBY HIGH STOOP hrit*k House. Thirty -ixth street, near Broadway. In lint order . pus ' --ion S. EDDY A CO. No. 1 Par* place. A N KXTKA CHF.AP 22-FOOT FOUR STORY STONF. J\ Duelling, on Korty-tlrst street, in-t out ot Fifth uve nuv, for sale, with iniuiediu'c possession. ' v K. STEVENSON. Jr.. II Fine street. At a sacrifice-first class FOUR story brown (tone Koum1 on Madison avenue, near t un* tral Piirk ?t $to.u?? $45.<wu. ?M.ntM and f0UMi: also u corner at ;? l.amain : uiu-l be ?old .money needed. Apply to JoHV I'KTI'RE l oll. I.tiiki third avenue. A MADISON AVENUE 2S FOOT HOUSE WILL BE sold ?t less than oo-t this week, us the> owner must have cush to moot pressing liabilities. I' It A MIS IKAW ? FORD, #63 Third avenue, new bank Irtiilding. / 1ARMANHVILLE HEIGHTS.?SUPERB LOCATION, near Grand Boulevard ?Handsome Houseand Stable. ' with a parcel ot Lot- , cheapest property on Washington Heights WILLIAMS a QO? 11 Pine street. For sale-an eligible lot on ninetieth street, about mo loot east ot Fourth avenue; price $?;,Mlp. HO.MER MORGAN. No. 2 Pine -ireet. 1:iOR SALE?17 YEARS' LEASE ON BROADWAY ' corner Property ; building '?0.lOxitt), lot 3-1.10x104; 4 gtorv iind basement: basement lets lor $-V}00. Apply im mediately. S. LEOR LESLIE, at William- A Prctttiee%38 Brood -treot. FOR SALE?30 YEARS' LEASE ON UNION SQUARE property; building rxliW, lot 27x11-'. Apply Uiiiiio dlatelv to S. LEON LESLIE, nt Williams A Prentice s, ."8 Broad street For sale?lots and hoi'ses, ranging from $19,000 to $120,000, between Sixth and I ?; xiiigtoii and near Lexington avenue. Apply to S. LEON LESLIE, at Williams A Prentice'*, 38 Broad street. PARK AVENUE.?AN ELEGANT 20 FQOt llol-SIC. bfautitully fitted.up, for sale low. with Hit* eluboiatc Furniture, Orund Piano. Orjjan, Biillaid Table, Ac ; price $45,000, Apply to E. H. Ll'DLOW A < <)., No I PilK- ?t. P RINCE STREET, ABOUT 130 FEET WEST OF ? Ilroiulwnv.?A inr?:o House and Lot. 3b.tixl00, suitable lor the ericion of a tlr.-t class dry itoods store, lor sale at a decided barcain to close an estate. \. K. M r.v t..^ SON, Jr., 11 Fine street, or E. A. H1BBY. 51 ? all street. 1 OKTII STREET?$26,000.?SUPERIOR PM)T OF I three Lots, extra si/e, extending by one lot to 124tli Mtrccl, near sixth avenue boulevard ; very'aimtn tageous for dwellini? and stable, orltiv. sttiicnl Applv bi KIKPHI' NS. BRtfS.. 1K7 Broadway, or lo HOMER MOR GAN, No. 2 Pine street. East Siile, ?"H)R SALE?THE 4 STORY BROWN STOKE FRONT 1 House 118 East Korlv-litlh street 25*66: lot 26x100 et. Apply to WARREN I. It li t: 11, r>8 Ann street. I^OR BALE?THF. FIRST CLASS Kl\R STORY STOBS, 1 $0x76,1?., 1UH Chambers street, near Uhiiroh street. MORGAN, No. 2 Fine street. SHXB SA1E-A LOT ON SEVENTY-FIRST STREET, V 126 feel West ot' nveuue A. Inquire of 1. O lil.lhN, U Tompkins Market. lAt?K SALE ? TOU It STORY HKOiVN STONE ITOUSBS r on Fifty-oiKlith, Slxty-lourth and SiM.y-tlKb itreets; ail modern improvements: elegant josloeiiees. * ALLEN, DOOLEY A III.NRlyl h, ?HI and 1,260 Broadway. 3 CHEAP LOTS, ONLY 680 FEET. EAST OF I'll I'll v avenue entrance to Central Park, on Filty-ei^hth street; excavated, block restricted, Ae. Y. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street. QI) AVENUE.?THE FIVE STOKY BROWN STONE O House and Lot. 1.S70 Third avenue, between Seventy eighth nml Seventv-nlnth streets; hart'iiin il -old iinme diatoly. Apply at it. Third ttVCIWO, in Hie store. OOO EAST FORTY-EIQBT1I STREET.?FOUR STORY /?() high stoop brown stone, llxCflxlUO; $14,0il0: Rpletidid enter: possession at on?; terms cusy. Apply uu premises, "i* to L. M ENpELSON, 70 Na.-sail street. Went {ilile. AN entire front on new avenue and MOTH street (cntrnnee to Park) tor wile, exceedingly low to Drumpt purchaser; terms liberal. ..... V. K. STEVENSON. Jr., 11 Pine street. T^OK SALE?TWO BI'ILIUNG I.OPS, SOUTH SIDE f street, west u| Ninth avenue: easy terms: all assessments paid. Apply to J. C. LEV I, No. 7 Wurren street. _ l/oK SM.E?A HAMOOME MEDII M SI/ED BRICK l1 House, on West Twenty.Ilrst street, near Seventh avenue*, routed lor ?o per month: hull cash; price $20.1101). Ap;>iv to J AM ES, l,'?.7 Bro.idw .v For sale?six lots on tenth ayence and KHllcili street; terms easy. Apply to JAMES O'DONoHt E. ss Front street. r*OR SALE AT A SM Itll lCK TO AX IMMEDIATE ?' I.met. an . levant loin story I nulidi Ini-eineiit brown Hone IIoiim'. on IV-1 Iwentv-set'oud-trecl. Willi lurnacc, ranee, hot and . old water, bath, gas, water closets, bells and tubes, house in good order; price $15,IJ0 JAMES R. CDWARHS. ii? West Iwenly-.tlurd street . CjTORE PROPERTY ON WEST SIDE OF SECOND i* avenue?Must be sold : a gro:it bnr.'ain will be given lor cash: three lour storv doiilde II*.uses, 26. C x ??> \ I Li i: $6,000cash wantc.l some^e taken. ' I'll ? V HI.' I'll t it I.*/ i . ? I \ llf.'< 'I F FRANCIS CRAWFORD, SIM Third avenue. dt-I O r/Wl -THE CHEAPEST THREE STORY I I J.Ol" I, House an I l ot in 'Ills eity. 21xWx I'O, Ini'h stoop, Il room.-, in perlect order, with all modern Improvements, gas fixtures included; *?..'*?' o.n?h and l.alaiieo till mortgage. 421 \V e-t TWenty-enjhlh Str* et. BROOKLYN PROPERTV FOR SALE AM) TO LET. 1 f l.RAl.I) BRANCH Ol I ICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, II, THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUIl.DINiS, CORNER OF FULTON AY. AND BOER I'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 0 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 I i.ONT STREET, BROOKLYN. 1AOR SALE?ON THF II EIGHTS, WITHIN FIVE MI N I1 ute-' walk ot South t'o.rrv, the llir.c story, brick 1loU-e. ;.2 Sidii. > place. Apply at 112 John strict, tlurd iimr, belwcui il A. M. and I P.M. ?|H SALE?ON BROOKLYN II EIGHTS, 1111 TWO .T storv and utti" well bnllt brlek Hon- and Lot, 2.">xl(V' feet iu. Willow -irce*. tinee minutes' walk Irom wail street terry: in tlrsi rate order: gas, furnace, hutbrooin, $c.: one-halt the pttrolmse may remain on bond and mortgage ; po--ession ill once. Apply to J. N. Ivi.LLl.V. *02 Montague street tlOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, CHEAP. A FIRSTCLASS t'orner Properly, only tew blocks irom ( :ty llall Mutable tor a grocery or bakery. Apply I" KOLOW RA1 * OOLDSCH JllDT, So. 7 W il ought * micci. Bim.M.,... llvii'moi. eiui'Tf i:V.?AN El.iOlltLK LO I IN ^ the neighborhood ot the ( ;.ufl.i nu>uuiiiont tor sale. 4ddre-s ORhK.N O ID, Herald olHce. A U kdi *11(1 PHYHICI \NS AND OTHERS.?FOR SALE OR TO 1 let. the llou-o :^il Ninth -treot, tieor Fifth avenue. Hrooklvn: ample r.M.n. for stable: doi'lde lot: one ot the in l location.- in l.rooklvn lor a physician. Apply to II. URAVES, PJ2 Broad" *y, New York. fPO LET? A NEW BROWN* STONE HOt'SK, THREE I Htory. baM-numt; liirnace. hot ami cold water on ? \er.\ floor: dumb in alter-, walls and ceilings painted Hlnl fre-c. ed llirouglioiit' to a small faintly will be ! rented at the extremely low von "t? SI.'-1" perntinuui: flo. lo' iiliou: near Pro-p. ct Park. B'ooklyu. \pplv to | owners, Hiuil ii HRos . ju Fultoti str. ei, New York. JU ( 7(1(1 ? NINETEENTH WARD. BROOKLYN, TP I ? 4 very cheap Ihr. story brlek.'.l rooms, with Improvetnetits'. t< rm<- to s'tdt niirclin-er. Apply to WM. u. .1, &l Uroadway, Brooklyn, j R. D. 1% BSTC'IIKSTEIt l Ol \T1 PUOPKUTI F?>1< >.\ l,E AVI) TO KKVF. An elegantly furnished residence, in healthiest, prettiest part of lower W. -p lo ? er. now annexed l<> eliv; must be n>ld or exchanged. Call on D.liliV t(IAL COMPANY, 1(W Jlroad wiiy . WHITE PLWNS ? A FINELY LOCATED COI N , tr, seal loi sale or exchange, on ll 1^Il gronial. I.? -.iinutes' wa'K from depot; house, barn, carriage house vid six acres A !s i one with about three acres; oiiop <? S.< atioli, about 10 minutes' drive eust ol (l?|iot. HOLLY bit OS. A KlSSlM, No. 6 I'ilie street, 12 to I P. M. A BEAI TIFI'l. BE -IDENl E A'l MOUNT VERNoJf, J\ on th. n. w il:. ecu Knllr.*?d. 1-4 miles, or ,'tti ralntilci from Hi. em. t in-elegant house has II rooms, witli up and ? l./.ui'.' litlui i - a I tbropgh: hot and cold walerj inc. liathronm; rmisUed in walnut and r,?li: all llie hulls, the dini.i; .oom and kitchen lloors are walnnt and ash; fliruii . In at- ill through*, first class ilcvited oven range. ?a-litnli-. lar.c storoio?in: lias about halt flu> !) hmul-onieiv laid out ? easy I'1 minutes' walk ll? Ho depot-. It.i -id'en alk all llie ?av ; the view Ot the Sotin'! I--upetb, Hi.'place i* healthy beyond any j question', w.iiie one will get kbeai.iiinl home at ulsr gain ; terms very eic RfKFH. Ill ssE A Co, S'o. o Pine ?treet. (cheapest pnopvinv o i f.bed.-oni.y ?.h,i>o j tor large House. .Ve , with |r. :i< rF?w**1ine fruit and garden Ian 1; term*easy. lioiv A Iilti ndahE, 1% I 11ion -?|iiare, I/..R SALR?IN WESTCHESTER COUNTS K COV'N I trv Resldeuii' Willi tell acre* ot Laud: avood two rtory with nn extension, large barn and a two -ton carriage house, o line apple orchard and pleuti ot other irult and shad# Irces; healthy ; U4 inili'H from the Neiv Unveil,id Motion. Port, hester. lor terms apply to 0. D. < II A N DLF R, Ki' _ slci , i r a T1 OTEL to LIT AND FUIIN'ITI BE FOR SALE.? I HE Ml popular hotel known as Elm Cottage, sltuaP d in Fordhaui. near Jerome race courM. For parliiul*i> iu >1 utre on the premisi ? .1 A. L. IIVKl.t VEf BOCHELLE A NICELY SITUATED Ft it. _ls nl-lied Hons cmf In ng II rooms; S minul s'wrk fr. in dej'ot. mi I lb -nine distance from silt water t aili Ing :$*'<! lot month" or ui'p r ymr. Ad.ii'i s .hi. HI',rll I.AMHOI N. \f? Koeli lie or JOHN O. lllu. CTK^, No 7 I ill. Stock New Vol'*. ON THE BANKS Ol III I; H A It LI: M El V ER. N E AR Mel ..Hill's liaill. tor N.ue Don e bar II. line ,g?l den. Apply >"<? ,v he i r. No. i Ni w Cbaiiiticrssticef. mo III 11 rye, 4 UNI HOUKF. < oMAIMNi; 1 Ift rooms, hot all I cold ??ter; nil in tirst rate order; fltn Bj.n.uds,, good i ard. li; | a?lure lor cow. Je All Iv lo MM >1 * '"I M I'atliarilK street, N. w Voik, n> DA* h 1. ? ICA M?. ???', WESTCHKtSTKH Wl'lir* PHUPIRT V POH 8ALB A WD TO RKNT, rfO LET? PURNISI1ED HOUSE. DELIGHTFULLY 1 located at Spny ten Dux Ml. (Ill the Mud-on ; carriage nou?e and two Hrr? of prouiwl; $1,000 per year AUo unturni-bcd Holme, $4ift0 ,.er annum. Pertuith of A Jul RNEAY. ft! Lispenard street. I HrESTt'Hester <or.Niy.?a plot containing 1 IIITC'I on IliomuK avenue, between I'ordhniu and rn iuont stniioiik. l or particular- address or appiv , to oxxin r, nt In i hi.mbers street, Now York. 1 ?' 'V "F ,Ins "ANI'KOMRST LAND !N 1 *"* l *-ti licstcr county, \x itii 1 6flo feet of water front on ihe sound ; tht.- properly should Up seen by tho-e who cun see its ititure value. KiKi.H, HESSE A CO.. No. & I'lne street. JICMMEY CITV. IIOBOKKN, lUJDWON < ITY AND 1IE1U1KN If KA L ESTATE. To Let or TO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE. VAN VORSI SQUARE. Jfrwy ('i)y: complete and first class: itio owner vamiiv' would hoard with tenant if airr<*eiit?U\ M>o nn fn Hushed Honae* to let on Van Vornt souure. fnnuireat 57 Jersey avenne, corner of York utreet, Jersey City. PltOPEKTY OUT OK THE CITY FOil SALE OR TO RENT. A?ELIZA BETH PORT, N J., VACINITV OFMNiiER ? Machine Works. a haildtoau- I ullage. xxilli Ixvn Lots, lor-ale: home cootuius 7 loom- xxatei aud gas: op posite Jackson Park, the propped site im the . rcclion ol I the Male Cai'itol huildinn- and sjionnd- will sell verv low. Address UWM.ll. box I.v. II trnhl ol!lc?. ABOUT JERSEY IMtOi'EMTV.?E1UIIT PAGE PAPER Farms, Country Seals, Hou-cs. Lots, Land to di vide, near railroads (picked bargain*); sale, exchange, rent; can hull any Kid; t .-on. nil Broadway. \ CHANCE TO MAKE A FORTUNE.?FOR SALE, | a House, two Lots and Milk Round, xxiih 11 Cows. Horre and Wagon; a short distance inuu Siupletoit and Vsuderbllt landings. Staleu Island. Inquire id T. GAL l.AOIIER, 110 Orcenxx ich street, New York. AT NEW BRItlHTON?TO RENT, A GENTLEMAN'S xV luriiished Residence, containing I t rooms, billiard room, xxilli commodious stables, eow ami cow houses, and pasture; hennery, gardens: bealltilUl Scenery and agreeable surroundings: a -alislaclory tenant will have I the option id relaiuiug a pair ol carriage horses slid car riages. w. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street A PRETTY PLACE To LET?10 ACRES, HOUSE, stable, fruit uhumlaut, goisl wuter, very healtlix. 1'., I miles ironi Orange, N. J.; rent loxv. Address HEALTH, Herald Uptown liranch otllce. A FIRST CLASS NEW JERSEY FAItM, NEAR Cal 1 well, for sale on easy terms; 80 acres some meadow and woodland, fruit, laririhoiisc, outbuildings, An1.; healthy and fust improving neighborhood; choice location and fertile ijo4i;pri?e $ 1ft. (NX), onlv $1*7 Co per acre- no exchange. Principals address MILES l'AN ?ON, W OOdstdC. Nexxark. .V J. AT PLAINFTELD?COTTAGE \NI? LOTS roil ,Li on the I ioi.ccr Home Savings Hank principle, cnii or send lor circular to TBEOUoR? to. TOML1NSO.N ,lr 71 Broadway. room fill. piONEER HOME SAYINGS Bank. piONEER HOME SAVINGS Bank. T>IONEBB HOME savings Bank. \T PLAINFIELD?COTTAGES AND LOTS FOR SALE, ; on the Pioneer Home Savings Kitnk principle. Call or send lor circular to THEODORE I . TOMI.IXSON, Jr., 71 Broadway, room 63. A HANDSOME PROPERTY- on NORTHMEN RAIL. -1 ro.iil; ul.-o attractive Cottages, near I'lalnileld-, great bargains; will exchange lor I.umber. Furniture or ' Merchandise. JAQI'ES, t nuunissioner of Deeds, all stales, 20.H Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON?A VERY IMiSI It ABLE VII.LA ' - ' Residence, to let, tiufuriAslicd ; is situated in th - best neighborhood and hu-< a tine view; nil modern improve ments nnd m good order; about an ucrc in garden, xveii I waded, Apply to w. n. p., 119 West street, Hew York. A T RAHIfAY?FOR SALE, TO LET (lit EXCHANGE, ' j.\ a good h iuse, 10 rooms, deslruPly locali <1, ft uiiuutes trmn rl'pot ^jioxscs'ion immcdiatelx-. 1 nr|tiire ol J. C. I A PPF.N, x\'111utin street, Rahxxav. N. .1., or address HENRY l'APPKN, Ba.vx'ilie, Ocean > ooitiy, N. J. RAKOATN.?FARM OF 100 ACRES, AT CUAPPA <iun. Westchester county; good house.anil outbuild A ings, well Iruitcd; stream ruiiniiic tiirougii (arm ; price |i0,UQ0. E. W. IIAIGHJ', No. 7 Pine street. ATTAPPAN, ON NORTHERN RAILROAD, tft MI.V -t\ utes troui city.?Cottage House, 10 rooms; hall an acre ground; live minutes' walk Mom depot; rent cheap or xvtll sell on easy terms. F. W. IIAHIII r, No. 7 Pine st. A TlFl'L COTTAGE, ORANGB, K J., FDR JY sale.?13 rooms, piazzas, bay window; high ami healthful; only c. n. OLfyER, No. i Park place. An ELEGANT COUNTRY residence in XOK&I8 town, N. J.; three story, 40x32, xvlth extension and all iinprovemcnt.-; garden handsomely laid out ; a large variety ol Irnit; lor sale, with or xvllhout, luriilturc. A. BLOMyVIST, 150 Nassau street. A-CRANPORD. NEW JERSEY CENTRAL RAIL . road; t-i minutes troin Liberty street; eommu j tation *70 per annual; fluely located Lots; ft?lx200; selling I I 110*1 I roiii $300 to $?; 0. pa x aid, Sift (|Uarterly. Mmlding I j Materials and Labor taken in pavment; xx HI huild houses I to order on small eiuh payments. Owner, 0i8 Third ave I line. '?19 Broadway, room It*. I \ ?FIRST CLASS HOUSES AND COTTAGES To u v. ri-iit, for season or vear, i.nvate or hoarding pur pases, near city. WiLLiam tucker, u90 Pitt? av. j j 4 BARGAIN.?ELEGANT Col NTItY SEAT AT WEST J.X Suminir, N. J., 10 mtntiles' xvalk from depot; HI aires | ol ground ; house in perfect order; 11 rooms; barn, wagon 1 i house, hennery; #b>,0 0; 70 per cent can remain on morl 1 Page. EDWARD BARNES, 43 Mercer street. V -TO RENT, FULLY FURNISHED, ONCASTLETON I j\. IIill. near \\est Brighton landing, Maten Island a ' commodious Residence, with Stable and extensive Grounds; the house is ready lor immediate occupation, ! atii Is provided with halh. water cIom-Is, stalionarx tubs i ana all i"iivi'iilences; .-lajre pa-se^ Ihe door; rent low. I ' Appl.x to John Ml DONALD, No. 8 Battery place. 4 N E LEG A N'T MANSION, WITH ABOUT Gfi CITY i .? Lot-. 011 th- C. ntral Railroad ol New Jersey. This I portion 01 the State Is high and rolling, I ellig 180 feet ' ; anoyejtlde xvater and equal in beauty to any part ot j ! " e*tel:e.ier county; ftft minutes from foot of Liberty ' street over the lies' railroad in the United Stales. Tin's mansion contains a'out SO large rooms, besides sexving ] room and man's room ; aho large wine cellar,! I cellar I ve-etable cellar rind turiuu e room; the parlor story is ; very elate.lately tinislieil In hl.iek walnut; parlor fres coed : there h a large stable, with room for six Imrres j | carriages, Ac.; there are gasx.orksoii the prcmi.-es to I supply the liou-c; location is very su;Kmor, having Ana yn H ot the Orange Moimtains from oiie side and Staten Island on the other; easy seven minutes'xvalk to depot; I street lighted xx hole distance; no em ntuhrances 011 the' property: uood city properly xxiil be taken In part pax 1 ment rieer, hls-sE ?Ie t*o.. No. 0 Pine street. 4 VALUABLE TRACK OF TEXAS LAND WITH , JX flue walnut grove on it, b -sides othcrgood tlmbei" al?" .1igoiHi < oil Pcd, tie,ir a railroad, to exchange ;'or jxexv \ ork Broi If I x 11 or -UTSev Properly or ; Call or address c. r. HEARNl lit: Hnane st.. New York. A LAHGE PR{\ \ 1 K RESIDENCE FOR RENT? Mitisxxiek Terrace, \stona; gan'.i n, greenhouses graperu s. (Ynlt, lee, stnfdes, hathhoU'e, Ae,; coniplelelv Him shed; loxv rent. \'. K. STE V I-:.N;.oN, Jr., 11 Pine st. BE.M TIF1 I. FARM, 7ft MINI TES FROM LIBERT\ ?tree near Dunell-ii depot, < entral Railroad ot New ?ii'isey ; O a ere -. inoilprii buildliigs. Address |>r NE1I rhlrdax-enne, lllth siroet. ' BEAI TIFI I. >l!ORE FitONT Ir 1- S11lTfxCK FOR scle; 11 room> modern improxcmenis: over one i acre ; irult; shade ; near depot; hi alth x ; f-.i.miO; descrlu tive circular. j. \v; atwaTER, Ri' erslde Station, Conn. / 1"K.\PEST sl MMEK i-OTTMIH IN Nr.xv KVULANJ) \ f>r sale?fin l'i-i mill" ot Orn-ntnl Park. West 71 jVvim J onn.; ext. nsn .1 viexv excellent bathing ba'h IP.rue railroad conncelioii wi;li Nexv Haven every III minute.; Inli-c Ii. xv; price *1.500. Apply to -s | 1 HOtitisuN, oxxner. sf. 11 ' ' /lOI'NTRY HOUSE To LET?A FURNISHED COT Lc.'c in Stoekhiidee, Mass., to be -lei lor one or more v-ars; rent ?*?>. Apply to FIELD A Silt ARM AN No I Pllie sirei t ' / IOTTAGE .SEVEN ROOMS TO LET?T. XR'JK" GAR ainjux shaded; xx itcr front; 30 minutes from * .lauibers street, in,-' x ? ri-nt $2.'. n month. MONAGHaS.' .4 CO., si Cedar street. / IOSLY I . ITI AG I:?MM-; KOUM.S; SIX LOTS ( U?. v risgc liou-c beaiitiinllv shaded; fronts bav! bath lug. fixe minutes xxmk troin lerrv. Staten Islaini? Hidh terms to mil. ? 1>A ItRIK. 60 Broad stri ct. ' I L""LIZ Mil. III, N. J ?TO LET OR I uH hAI.E A J i medium size Hnni-hed House; mo.ifn Improve ments: plea.antly sillisted near depot ; rent lU.ttiif: also a large House, delightUtlly loi an d. and ?hudc "" ? atej-oniel. lurnished: cltlu . xvill Is- let |,.r the 1 nor xiir. Apply to or adlrers W 11.11 AM M DAY oxx 11 r. e-rin-r Anra i.n I Linden s rei t?. l-.lizala-th. I L1 N i.LI WOOD, HIGHLAND, TIN A PLY AND OTHER V.I l'"'!' 1s'ol;,l"'l'M Railroad . ? Fin- Cottages I ai l 1,, slut 1. es, iui iilsln d and uiiiiiriil-l.ed, lo r. iil ind sale,;, ^bargains. ? LARK, 111 Broadxvay, basemcui. j L1 AC TORIES and RESIDENT PROPERTIES loit * sale. Pate rami, N. J., one hour from Nexv York. Canal, lour railroad", hm daily train". Powerful xxater powers, Cliesp coal. Low trei'jhts. Skilled labor. T. FISHER S ATI ERTIIV MIU. 10 Pine sir. el. EMI.x| aND ItOTEL PROPER I V. ? E Ii HI IV III. I IT I acre-, iimli r line cultivalion ; heax v c!m lo-iin -oil irult ot all kinds: nne house and . utbiifldiiigs? irmits on txx o roads ; one mile ironi station ; house kepi as hop 1 pi X f l:!,000; farm or hoUl worth tae mi V J. s. FERUI'soN. 3.1 N.iss.tu street, room r I/INE I ARM?100 ACRES; GOOD BUlLDINoS- ,-|\ I acres In eralib'-i ries; nil In fine order; ??, hours fiom New > ork ; ,5W); is worth ti mi. 10 suit .... DM! RIN . 00 II road strict. L'"l: saLE-A NICE PLACE AT NORWAEK, CONN. ? eoii-i st in -g ol house containing 10 rooms xx itii pu? end xxaic. 2<> lots ol gi oiintl, xx ith barn, on ea?x ft-nns;ort.) ' xi iiiiigi-. Apply toWM. II. GRAY, X! \\ .ioslcr street. Volt ? \LE?>c \ E1IAL FARMS, FROM 12 7o hi 1 .I.-." ,V ?" "'1 " ?',,rsiv; III miles fi om Nex> 4 oi k by rr '"I,"' 1 "'I'""*Miih'S hx stomnt out ; oil cii.v I i . 1 1. '"L0." r' n' "u 1 -'trcet. Next York, of. "I D,i,ine A lll(l., |? A M B|,?| j,. p M F"acres' brtiV P 1:1 i*S L 1 ? A KA,<M ?" W I Oiiv n'l arn Ai.: churches, .clieols depoi ? HEN lift i'i ' K SK S '^1U < C11" * U'' -v ? Apply to.lAMIS : F 'V-r.^K-.'^ru'?>.nn\'V'V m^.n" |X '' "T,,,il{ 1 3%; litli iui'! pi|l I hl ^M r.j. gc 11 PROPERTY out of the city for MAL.R OR TO UK NT. IjViR HALE?COI'NTRY VILLA* ANI) VILLA SITES, J: , Iroiitlnti on the Sound, ui Eastrhesler Bay. The duiiiIiuvk new, having been erected (luring tin- pant K'aifoi) nil- conveniently arranged ?u?l handsome in dc Mpn; tin- locuti'iM is unsurpassed lor healthtulnes- and beauty ot Htrroanitiw scenery, while aiiordimr .?ni|?l? opportunities lor hoiuinir, sailing. h.liiin: ami bathiiw. I lie lit nil has been laid out in park style, gnu will oul.v be deeded id Mich a* will cjiuage not to erect nuisance* or obatrtictloiir. The prlei s are moderate, and terms easy, so a* lo enable a Lauillv of moderate means In eu jov ii deliahttul home witlilii earr dUtauco oi the city. I ho uew I'ortehoster Railroad. to tie Completed In Apnl, w HI have a station within fifteen uiiuuics oi the prop V'iUv.,rlans#"(l view*can lie ?e?Mi at the olthe <?(' I'. ?, KJLLAHD A CO., 10 aud*l* Chamber* street, where ml: Information will be obtained. Fl"Ht HALF? A DESIRABLE BRICK VILLA OS THE east bank "I (he Hudson: IS rooiint ; modern improve ments ; tiiruace; hot ami cold water; la rife tileu hall; i uurd w ood floor* and mantels, ? I < 'corated ceiimjrs; piazza I flti l Iih.% windows; mound high; river view Ironi near i Newbury to tin; <'ut>kills; abundant fruit; hothoUHc lor 1 strawberries, ripe March I; conservatory; coul Krapery j and lodge; ?) or more acres oi laud, (liveraided with ! snrubbcrv, terraces, lawn, shade trees and evergreens; ? well drained and health''; one mile from depot and ii) troiii New York ? Furniture wild it desired; pric $.'!U,t?0. Apply to TAV LOR A STEA RNS, No. U2 I'llie street. IT OR SALE?AT RICHMOND HILL. LON'ti ISLAND, I on Soulhsidc Railrond, only 3D minutes (7 miles) ironi jerry, a number awl vuriety of ueat Dwellings ;alao Lots anil oeaiitlfiil ViliH Sites Place high, well (Irabu d, 1 against nuisances. Anph toJ. W. I HI' LDER. JS1 Broadway, room IS; It. j;. II \ZARD, 110 Uroadway. or O. ?. KOWLElt, on the premises. I L'olt SALE?A SPLENDID COUNTRY RESIDENCE ,t "udtipn, near New llainhuiv, and adloinintr | the lalnindxe 1'oint 1'lnce, consisting 111 Ten Acre, lit i I.and. with medium sized House, newlv liirnished. and j ail necessary outbuildings; location and scenen unsur passed ; price $Vf>,U0t); terms eaay; also a tine Plot adjoin- i lug for building purposes. Tor particulars ot the above . and map of same apply to A. PO'ITIER, 37". Lexington avenue. tpOS SALK-A GENTLEMAN'S COUNTRY RH8I I donee; good sized house; all tile n ecssiirv out build lugs; irurden, plenty ot truit; C acres land ; onchour iroin ? ew link; live minutes4 walk from slntlou; will lie sold cheap. Address Ii. U., |><>x J,XH New York i'o't olllee. 1jV?R SALE?AT LNULKW OOD. N. .1.. O.V LINK OK ? Northern Itniiroad, a tine Cotiare, well uirnlslicd, about null' mi acre of laud : polity o! truit; three minutes' vialk troni depot; cottuRc in perfect ord< r. CLARK, 111 Kroadway, basement, room 1. L^oH SALK AT I'OI'OHkbKPMK, N. V ?A V10ItY 1 desirable rPHidenee, oil liiuli urniiud. In one of the Iinext locations ill the city. The home is new, l ullt ex pressly lor the owner's tine, and is in ver\ nice condition, with all modern improvements?junuice, ruiiKe. luitli room,kus, Ac.; terms liberal* possession "ivpn iuiiTie dlately. Apply to W. H. COLLINS, ?7 South Hamilton street, lVititfliki epsie, N. Y. F^Oll HALK OR TO LET?ALHKMAltl.K HOUHK SaratoKii Springs. Brnadvay. near t larendon Hotel; over ??> rooms; terms easy. Addreas J. LEVI, No. 7 arren street. IfOB SALE OB TO LET-TWO HBsr Tl.ASS 1 Hon es; all improvements; 40 minutes ironi this city on Centra 1 Railroad ot N< w Jersey; verv cheap. MONAOHAN A' (-*>., 8*' ('eilar street MOB KALE OR RENT-ON THE B ABIT AN, AT NEW I Hruuswick, N. ?!., a fiiio Country six noro# rlmicv land, l ^ acren Kmiiom l^a ivm riirrinit>, apples, I pfiars, Hiorries Ac.; <hi? Imusc or *J0 rooms, attic and 3 I cellars; outbuilding complete; price SI2.HK); clicap. ?). S. Fi;it<U S(>.\, 39 Nusmuu street, room 6. l?OR UK NT?A MOST DICSIIiABLY 8!TL'AT?D sLM I mor and Winter Residence, lumi-died ; 17 roomn; all mo4lern nnprovfmciitu; near station Tenaflv Ifeifriits, overlcokint? wood, only iHI inmutcw |>v rail from t liiimbers street; also on premise* tine i'otta^c, s rooms; stabling lor u'i\ liorMoa; I'roin 2 to aere> ot elegant land; tresli row; immodiaro p<>ss?-tun; would sell on literal terms or trade for ffood M*ctiritie>: notldi'ff better around New York tor investment. Apph at ii> Cham bers street, or 1(M Montauue street, Hrooklx h. pVRKISBKO IIOU8R <? . NORTH BHORE f- 1.. TO 1 let?l.'l rooms; 20 miles from New York; rent, with i l ow, f60;>; near lathing. Addrens HKA Chil F, Herald office. HUp80N IJ1 v V. K.?10 i j ??:?; \ s T E|EI VATE BE? n>EK0B tor sale, witii immediate possession, known as redar Lawn, situated at KiahkiU-on-thc-!lud*on, above tin* IIicIiIuikN direetly opposite an I ovrrlookliiL' tlie city ol Newbury, half mile trotn depot and river. !??.' hours from cit.v, with seven daily trains; Id minute.- from | entireties, schools, stores, ?fco. ; douldc mttusiou, 40x(i.*?, i w th all modern improvements completelv f'tirni-bod, < which, together with all outside farm implements, ior I sale. Nine acres, tilled with choice voting troll uinl tine old slibde trees und everifreens; kooiI outlntildinu".. in- I eluding trla-s urupery and Icehouse lllied; river and ; mountain views iinaurpansed ; ueigliliorliood first class; | lartre uarden coiitaluiiit; abundance ot smull IVuits. It is a Keutleiuaii's place, lieiuK unexeeptional In everv |oir ticular, and ot a class seldom o lie red for sale! Tlie ' owner wiahiiiK to po abroad will sell eheap or exelianue I tor lirst cluss unencumbered citypropertv. Address ti. I S. M., room Otist. .lames Hotel, New York. ' Hotel pbopurty to let?at mihu.nd i-akk. on Vidhind road, will lease- for ten voar?; splendid lo. atiou lor liotel, near slation. K. AL MAStiN, No. I f'huiubers ?treet. TTOMES IN NEW .1ERSEY.?IIOl'8KS, FARMS AND JJ Lots tor sale, rent or exchange; property in Eliza beth anil Linden a specialty. f. T. WARREN, ltiO Broadway, room ill. MO I! HI-TOW\.?IT RNIHH ED AND I'Nfl RNUHKD (ottauesand Country Sculs to rent, for Snmtner sea son or year; harms and Residences for sale and cc change. ,1. HENRY JOHNSON, l(<i llroadway." MORR1STOWN ?FIVE ROOMS OX SECOND FI.OOR to rent, with Hoard, in a private fsinih ; va- and | water in the hoit?e. Address Mrs li. L. It., liox H40 t'ost olllee, Morrlstown. / \RA.Vf1E, N. .I.?TO LET, FCHMSIIRD. FOR SI M tner, I'.'t desirable Residences, from to $"*)!? iter month; hatidsoinelv located and iu excellent neighbor "OQ<1- HAMILTON t wALLIS, 3D Pine street. / \IUNtiK, N. J. AND VICINITY (SI? Ki ' IA 1.1% . - ,l/ '','p.nt yar.ety Property lor sale; nuniber of Houses to rent, nirnislied; season or year; eataloune*. I. II. OERRY,39 Nassau street, corner Liberty. (>C',,AN VILLA PLOTS FOR SALE?AT NEWPORT Il- .'?? "" > anclusi! and ludlaii avenue* and The. t litis, Ot two to six acres each at tW'tu $1,2'II per acre ; these piotH arc dry, siiiooln, urassv lands, eoinniuiiiiinu wide and various ocean and Inland views, with u ?outli easterly slope, terniiinitiii^ in a tine shore, with rocicv cnils and linn beaches; Indian avenue Is tp feet wide 7 V" . about 5/M) feet Irom the shore aim ironi 20 to I Hi leet above the ocean; anioilK the propel loi's and Suminer resident^ of these and thi' adjoinItiif binds are I rotessor K. L. Youmaiis, Rev. JolinT." i:untVni.'toii. (tov crnor S..inueltl. Arnold .John N. A. tirnccwold. Ks.|., te. Apply to 1IOMKR MOItdAN, No 2 I'me street or I I MonToomkrv, 2D2 Kroadway. O* JIIK RANKS of THE HARIEM RIVER, NEAR Vet ion i - dain, lor >,ilc lloii-e. barn, tine warden. Apply to tl. U. DITC'IIKTr, No. 2 New Chambers street /\M.V $7 AN ACRK. CASH.?8,117 ACRES OF niE -V very best heavy timber Land- in Centre count-, i ennsvlvama, lour mile- :rom depot. joiijj H. EW'KX, 89 Nmiiu street |>t AIM-1 ELD. N. .I.-FOR SALE AT A BAKOAIN " in . ,.v!' A}"T"' '"''"ecu flainllcld ami Diinellcii; w?A(' 1,,1.',>l,,'ts of It) and Uaeres. Vjiplv lo HEI \ ES E. sELMES. Ill Broadway, rooms $7un<1 *!?.' PART OF A HANDSOMELY IT'ILNTSIIKD HOUSE? All improvements, piano, billiard roem; rent #7B per month tor Sumnicr; ti n minutes 'rotu West Rriebton istaten Island) hindimr. W. A. Collins, '.s fine street r)ENT IfiOO A YEAR -A NEW COTTAUK tH~o ' ?-"ot"s, with statde. at llmhwood I'ark (Tenaflv, on me Ni rthern Railroad ol New ,ler-e\ a hiiKe IMiu e n.-.r Alpine, bv the season or year. ApplvtoMr. KENNEDY the owner, at 27 1'ark pla e. 13 I DOFIELD. N. .1., NEAR EN< i I.KWOOD.?A BEAI . It t it ii 1 House and Orounns on a eouiniaudiuK it-; bouse adiniratdy planned -. pi - e onl\ Ii.liams A Co.. it Pine street. COl'Tli owa.Viie, N. .1.?IIOI'sE FOR SALE; tie surif to p'lenM'? c'larminu view.- II rooms; will ''? * riCKK.N'OR, Ol? West Broadway. CKVlisn TWo \CKI> OS ORaNOK MOI NTAIN, IN ^retiue. N : ^'aiadamized road; line views; ??HI per aere; term** hl ? ral Ji- ' ? 11 ASKlii.L, owner, V.9 Na-sau street. OTA M FOKI?, CON N . pK<>PF.RT V.?RKSIIM- \Cf*'S i i rot 11 $4.uuo to Mi o o 0; several to let lor Sum tner or vcar, furnished or tiniurnishcd; two beautiful Cottic/e. to tent at K\ e for $4(K) per year: other Property on the ftew ifa^en Kailroad; sotne to exidtange, im lttdin; a j ropprty well, rented. i ilviCLK-4 VV. ;? i . ! * ,!4'tb?m'cr. m Broadway, < orner Twentv third streef. New Vor!i. ALT-: TOR t'ASll.? Sl'Hl'KHA N HKHIIli;NCK AT . \p.oi!!a on puritan Hay; \ ilia, lit room* i '7'\r.V uu n?y ; viua. iu room<>; sfablt ; 'ot ?0x3&i tei-.t; water rijiht ; all brick , 11. hours by "*teaixib(?At* i"Ce photograph and de>< rlpfion. _ !'? I'O^VfiRS, Broadway. S'Vr, .. >IX<i:~;2.0 acres of laxd. a very fine .. >lil 1,1 '? Ac., tne ui ile iron depot, overlook hip !!. !'i ?'"'i i" " ^I c\i bullae for citypropertv: suitable lor dividing into jilots; a tiniK.iln ALDIIOl'SK .? S.MYT1L l.|7 Third .ivCnna flW LET- * FINE llOt SK OF Hi ROOM?, I I 1! \ : ~ 11 I.D I modern improvements, j?t Moil tela ir? for the Sttrn* mer or year. Applj to o. O. HEN NET. No. t' i'llie street TO LET?AT WEST NLH IIRIOHTtiN S. I FOl'R J i ottae-es, with stables and irrnieds to each K-t I a M room* each rent very low, ...r Uie war or .1-011; verv healthy locution and twenty mln ite < ?valk trotn the '." V i 'J.1'1! M ?'SA ^ ?' '".D on the premUvs, or at Ij Ccdiir street, New York T? ''j1- 1 F1' I; NI SI IE D Ri: I DUNCE; It ROOMS; , carriai e iiouse, Ac. one hoi.r mi I a i) nirter by Lontr 1 land l,.ulroiid. ?i I I hiun , ec.'s veiretnlde' and truit Irom the larni: n. .ilthv ,.1; i tr. <? irotn til t. i s. \ p,dy to JOHN Slintl I V ,v ON. Sl ( ed.r Street I ' 11' ' ' ? i ^ V I I-? ' ? " ' COl'.NTRY RKS1DKNOB IV , I I,. r'.V, ',"";Kt"lh?""-' I'ou-e tb iroiifrhlvitir nlshi d . truit, and berries In ahnnnMiira; the on imt would like to remain In the Don e as a boarder, h desired, in Vi/'i .'/'.I vi'j..;!1' I r''"' K"r P?r(iculitrs imiuire ol it. WAl.t >I.M, <9( eiUirstreet. T" 11 Kt It N I-11 |.;d, ai M.H IMMBl'ltO. \N 1 eh'KHiit Hesid? iue, with -pirn lid view-, urecu houses, rtriilf, eows, ,tc ' ' * _ I A > Lull A si I,a UN'S, No. P I'llie street. T? I'ET?AT M It I D<. I. I'oli i, ||> (IOLDE.N HILL, A I pleasant and well furnished House, for six months i ',1 rH"i';. uiil' '"'?rriavte houao. Addroaa 1 i"CR no* io, Mrlittfejmrt, t onn. T?, 111 1 j ' Nl I" I' PART III A I ARMIOI 8% rnad .l New IVntial Ralf rosioke. ' " ,v- '"?* ,s5 '''ninth-Id T? ' ' rwo COTTAOI ?. I , , . ii H \ |t\ Idi asalitlv ?'tmi'te.r 1 " warden ; both Vi' ken. , i v V i Hatv-ki ii-nek River, oppo ltfl | to S. Ml'N.V son"* t"l!n"\?ivW.r'ks,^o1?, Ne'e YoidcP"ly I T",' rTT.V.t 'Vi V'r A 1 A,tM w ACHES, IN HER I'ii, I' f niimileV inlo from the cily, near !i. il ' il PI " '"l|" and Other bulbllntrs, w|Mi n in'*.wAlio!*I.,k*v.Thi"a>n " ": ,MT II... flppi* lo a v(i, M> I'ean street, itrooklym I V.^i'e, M111,'1! 1 A , ''E^IKABLB COUNTBY ij '.i ,? J *dabb Ar., r>ni- or more acref of llf Jn.v Hi i n*tPr; hih!l i*r?>ttnrt: very ,i* 1 .1. .. . ni l.11- tno hours by Harlem /fctlio. 11. I JfiiK IIiM-.i; ,.)H1 ?.w iirnphs at ">? M M II It I NDI<E. I T PROPKRTy M T OP THIS CITI FOR SA^E OR TO KK\T. LET?AT PORTCIIKSTI'H a ciion (VI, ... L., . iicuraMi?. ZTotl,rnwiy "r >""? i Wr-lrlu-jUT- !vA -n'mll l,.nW,||' .V,-.'!* ' neighborhood mid schools; r, nt tin. vv?r *??o

jor tiiree day a ' ^-..^1^.. dW, rrn rent . for Tin: season'-a it rx(sjiki? i iiou?c, uiirtiearooiii- arm piazza. with irarde > Vim and carrlairc hon e, in Ureal Harrington \ H-rk "hire couuty, .Massachusetts. Inquire.,IF .M. WAYris ,? Bhcrtw A- \v il.-on's, ASA Hroiidwin. T?? RENT-FDR THE SIMMER SEASON. THE ' IN I e-t country Ec-tdenee on the Hudson. near N. u Hamburg, uiid known an the "Tabnadgc Point fljcf" location? .-cencrv and tl-lves muuinusseit; |p nsj iieivlv and elegantly lurulslied ; hot and fold water :-nH ill con veniences; should In? >een to he appreciated Fir |l;ir. tlenlars apply to I'Ol i Ji lt, 376 Lexington,i-'inic ftl 000 Jv" P IM ''' llA' 1 ?* A< PI - OOf> fl.UWU Eaud, small House, 40 mile* norti Loast Island,near village depot; h> ?ltliv; iiitprovii,;, ? Mr ilti . K'"!*???, owner,218Clermont avenue. Hr< .Kit? <&f) 500 /W"'1' "rY A Bl A1 ril'll'i v A rwi> T " <0 nc re farm; no w a>tu land: -iU.;e.;w h up ng to ward - th ? oufli; stone jarm lion*- ?i ? nii.g'w rooms, hall and piazza; ham and outbuilding :iim T' lint apple orchard ot choice tree* in Ue ufpg; 1Mi (lilcc grapevines in heuriiiK; land ,'a tine tor fr .it mluT' (S'f. 'oi.f'hi ,n,i5'v l'enii?ylyanIn. Sii mile., (rom I hi Sdelphla, w lili'tf on.' mile Ot ?? ^-ow-lna tow n w h( re thire railroads Inter-eel; pari'ir um ,v mav remain Apply to HANS KM ROGERS, r, -<uUti, Kith s'reet, Philadelphia, I'a. $10 000 -8W?!H>? BEtlMWOE U . .i.i.y, T? to trade lor New V?rk i.rivnt, >r n.l.i i'i.1 fell*i:v' Al.|??v to WALTER W. M( . \ i vol !?: R? al ljtutu Bruiser, l.iL'liih avenue and fn^n'v ttr?t street, otlicc open till 0 I'. M. lr' il 0 000 -?(,R SAtB- VKsrfiitN Property, upon which a new itv is jijarkcd out, ?dtuated in .Jucksou eouuty, Iowa, iead ha. h< ei iound in larsje (|uantity in slnklue ralli .. , ! i-hol Kor liirllier pafiicuiars address .TAMES i'I.U'h Vi.-k" UW, Iowa, or S. K, box IKJ} Herald oltlee. MEAr' EXTA'PE TO BYCIIANGfi, A '"m, !,tS%ih'WSi.Ni' A ,h'IRHT ?'t\88 KSTABI.IMII. u.1 |. ' 'K4' a e.aiiilrv Kesld oi, ? t "i'l'ortn'iit.v lor exelmn*.'; Iioi?? iti .'?'mi ii. l! l>lar0 in eoimtr- nynitl ccnt in its appointments, replete with even %mv,?ti. lenee, and unexcelled an a residence lor a ^etitl-.n m ,,i M R "<?' lYeroMi l\'e'e"Cl|",lfi?Hly nco<1 al'',|v 1 I'^ess A HAMWOMK RKSlDKNTR, WI'iH t l\ I. VK?K u\ iv,velJ 1!?'lr<uid, near depot, wjtl.ii n.,- hour oi .Vow York and rented, to exehalige oil t ml h>,-in ( Ni w \ ork ur lirooklvn Pronertv. "l- "I'l^ Kll OARS BR, N<>. 4 Pine -trc ?t,ro -I 10. A Hi NTI.TCMA.N'ri VILLA FOR SAEV: OR l'<> MX ,ii,,l !;l."'u u!ri"!v '*ro|M-rtJ. - A Villa, splelldidh !?. catiid hi Weeliavvken tow iisiup, liinlxin muillv. .1. wiihln one mile irom the city, and in atn,.,t -'l.'slnilde UeifiUljorhooil ; vionnds comprise II eilv lo ?. e ill: ri.... new triune -efiiletmin's dwelling. Ai'.ph c ,m f, Ulth a venue ul O. HKHEC'K. ' Is EI.KOANI I'l.AtlE AT OO0BS' PKKRV M KX X3L eliujiK Jor city Houses, Jrce it in 1 clear ? jt .'.an loid, elegant jilaei; >outh side Eong Island. WII.I.IAM TI.'t'K l-.R, 2*0 l"i.?- , . ? ,, . tVM'HAMIK-r.VKMTMHKRKO l.OT- IN MvW d,i,.i .P7?'V ???r pood tor investment, for .i ?oo<l saddle Horse, sale lor Tudy's use. ami tw.,.sealed Car' 1 ? ' I.. M . BADOEB, 91 Oedai tlreet L^XnilAXdR?TRICK FARM, ??2 ACHES, MONMfU TII ,i m.ii .V 4>'t , s llll:""' ,ro,n Keyport, moro Ci;?n halt "u'roni ; stojunhoat Malleiiwnn to IV tsHlngton Market. ElIV, \ltl? POWERS, 208 llroadw .v, < Itv F!X(:.n V"'K V!! OArfll?PBl'IT FARM, A. RK? grapes, 0111 'k.h Iu--, 'muVlii;. aeur",nnu ?' l.'ir n|t ?;-x?,hax.!k-a mODmtti Hocnw i. ooxhi, ].. roonifi, 2 licres varden, ](> jniks in ii?r<ov and Lot in lUMIi stivet, 100 toot cust ni MudUon moiiiic' <'*eh,iijne lor city House. valtUl at "i." it oiltee ol " some cash. Address I., CK)R SAI.E Oil EXrilAXliR?TWO I.OT.~ fv HAHRI tfi.lirhi,?,.1 Cei Ur'"'!'b ?. lor a small, tidv Il ri>e; ,'ood I'Vw . I value not to exceed ITC.OOU. Vd'lross 'Ml (.reenwlch sireet, giving full partieulnrs. t^OR SALE OR I-.XrHANl)E-MONT(-I. MK N r_ i Mouse, l.'i rooms, bath, lauinlrv ,Ve ? i ,,ni,. friPi^' i.rf Midland Railroad ; 8 acres of l.u'l.I ,|,rinu'< Irult, shade, Ac.: staldes and hothouse * ' J0UN ii. parsons. William itreet F? 13''/??. ':'I!AHNE. AMI TO I.KT-,:oiINTHV I . eats. < ottaifes and Huildiug Sites In ull narls ,,r New Jersey; also furnished Houses. ?a s ' MASOX. No. 1 Chambers street. V??r sai.i:. to rent on EXciiANwE-nxK .-or' MOTT11,'t liuufs* fH1"' ?Ln,V,le: "" llKI'lfrn pro. A. moit, .it Iii~ l.i^ office, I.'i hmuhcrs street, New Vork HOggB OR l*' 'is, BETWEEN HAS LBV ivn I Old tin m. u1l! 1)0 taken in i?x change tor Purnirtim m'.'m Vi ''^"''Ushed boarding house in renfral part otci^y; ttill ot ^oocl paying bourder^; %ti*Hfactorv reasons.^Address FURXITU&K, station P. l x^ory rp? BX< 11A \. i._! .)?: XBOVT ftS.009 WOBTH X 1 urn tor tanuly use and We-tcni frd'ert* (rood ? qiO EXCHANGE?PRIVATE HOUSE OX SECON?) !"K. , ilsll,?r Lots near Fourth avenue ind r'n?"f?' "tre< t; a private House, on slxn 'lr.t itrcet i ot !'!?'! i'n,iniiV ? " splendid French I'I 11 f,,r it c,ish; u Kfln"' >b'? ?? FHED1 N,!ii " * CO., 896and >38Third avenue DRAROH OFFICE OF THE E VEX I X(J TELEO RAM, SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADWAY ABO THIRTY-FIRST STREET. UPTOWN HEALERS AND NEWSBOYS iUi- ",[Ef> EVERY EVENING. KKVI, E>rAT|.; W.WTEi), A SMALL FLACE IN THE COUNTRY. FROM ?AUtlil *f ? '? ' i'i"' ' 'ear, wanted?In ev hauue for u OXFORD. lleV,?rottk^,1,''n ftVU,,U0' Bro,,kl-vr Stone Houses, in Krooklyn, upon ra^li ba^-U l'At I. P. TODll, M Ulici-.y ,fLeet. ll'AMI.I) IMMEDIATELY. To Pl'Ri H VSK ;.!. " """lorn lloii?e In a central posili- n "vvn >r only need a) plv personally to l?r. HIXoN. 1J F nil ave liue, atter 7 In the evening. 1 BILLIARD*. A 1 ~,Tr AMERICAN BEVEL T.VBLEfi AND di,. ol I . ,|' ,n , l'?llCtulcr Combination Cm.>;i(0d< wleoi 1.1 by the patentee, II. W. COL LENDER ,u< c,,,, to I ln'ian a- t oilender, #58 Broadway, N? n Vork. l^"rin U'1i':.r 'i ,l'"l'<ST (', ASM POCKET ANI> V1MM vToi I.',! i n- ra!,'.c,.,a KOod order; also an Ice-hoK , t ? i street.' Bn ,.^vn!'VlU!? ,,ushl(,*?- AH'ly at w* York ? liOTHIfjg. A i BDW ARD Mil LEE'S NEW STORK,88 .1 KDU v , c nm<i . ii ,u' !' ^ a\ e'rlev pliiee (formerly Itii) Sevenih ive. 1 ei- ? l" "/"'O*' \al"e paid for ? itsi-oif-Clollitng !vILLElV.' ? Callln/ 0,1 ??l'Ire,Mi.g Mr. or Mrs A8CastIS,"NU PRIC,3f' CAN Bl- OBTAINED FOR 1 oft Cloth In?. Carpets, A .; lor Pan us, to<(7; I Coats, $9 to fcrt; i.rcs?es, to #76; Diamonds, Lnrres, the i utmost value will lie paid Please call on , r i i li e* . liv nole Mr. or Mrs. II. HARRIS, 81 Sixth avenue, tlur t ftere 1 above Waverlei place. I T THE WELL RENOWNED ESTABLISIIMSNT, -'41 | ;\ Seventh avenue?I have just received old is to Ute amount ul $r.'>,oou-. I am therefore compelled to i>.?v the inflow In* prii os:?For silk Dresses, to $???); < \>nts, $5 to ?-5; rant-, $1 to $ll; thr highest prices paid tor Carpels, j Please call on or addre?s Mr. or Mr?. KiiSENBEKO, 2i?i 1 Seventh avenue. N. B.?Scconil house above rw.'iity. tonrth street. AT TIIE IPTOWN ESTAULIslIMLXT." 31<JITrxffl JY avenue, near Forty-sixth street?Wanted imme dlately, a quantiry ol <'?st-ofl Clothing and Carpet* lor the Omaha market. Will pay from $3 to $ji) lor mts.W to $7 lor pant*. $5 to SH5 tor dresses. Cal! on ?r ad<'r"ss Mr or Mr-. rLA 1 I'o. A r B. MIXTZ'S. J|S I IIIRD AVENUE, BhTW EEN J\ Twentieth nnu rwentvllTst streets.?Waiired, |i5,r<)t) worih 01 cu t-off Clothing. Car|w<ts. Jewelry, tor tlw Wcst ern trade. Laulcs and ucntlemeu will bu aatoiiisli.-'ii it the prices we pa\ in cash; silk dressc*, $11) to >75; emits, i $3 to $'.it; pants, *>tp $18. A note by post punctually au 1 tended to ny Mr. br Mrs. Mints, in and out ol 'lie It.y. I .... ? ; A f M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLI 'TIMlNT, ; J\ 101 sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, Udlos md 0c11tlcn1. il can receive the utmo-i value in cash for their c.i-i nti clothing. Ciiprpets, Jewelry Laces, 4i Please I call ot or addrrs- the number as above. L.idn ? e. uted I 011 bv Mrs. MaiK- Please try, and satisfy yourselves 1 IT TUT THIRD AVENUE. NEAR TH'ENfY rillltH ' -li. ' t? M. LI.o.N pay? the Highest pri ' ?r Ladle-' ii *1 1 < :<-1111' men's Cast-ol' Clothing, Carpet , A Lai lies walien 011 by Mrs t.fon. 1 A ?A.?F. B VRRIS, 71 SIXTH AUIiM'f:, PI'TWRBN \ . Wa-hliigton aimIWavcrlcy places.?Ladic itid gen. tlemeti w III be a donudicd at the prices givnii ;.,i ?! < <t,off 1 Clothing, ("arrets and Jewelry. Never iiefor ? iiave ueii high prices i,e,11 nai l, as we are bound to fid an ,rder, and pc .Is mint bo had. FflB1 Coats from t"i1 . iji 1' iats, $2 to tvOt Drosses, 95 to $7(1. I'lease eall or iddrosa U j above. Ladles attended b.v Mrs. Harris. I AT II ROSENTHAL'S m THIRD VVI-.Nt I. NEAR | it Niiieleentli street, ladies niul gcnileinen ' ih btalii ; lull value of Ca-t-,?ii ei,,thni'/, Carpets, a- bv siium ornddn -?i!u. Ladies attended to bv Mrs. Boson',h.ll ATs. MISII s, 1.17 THIRD AVENUE.?LADILh AND . gentlemen can receive the highest pre ?? t t . i<i flr nothing and Carpets b,\- calling or add resting Ladso? attended to bv Mrs. Mtsh. AT II. M ANNE'S. :?M AND 803 SEVENTH .WEN' Ladles and gentlemen Inning Cast-oil 1 tiling, Carpets, f urniture Ac., to dispose of will i|u well 11 or address as iiIiom'. IIighest price paid. IT Itn SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR NINETEENTH J\ street, gimrailtees to nay the Itlll value .r--a:?i >t1 Olothlng and Cnri'ets liy culllnu oil or ?ddif*-..i i Mr. .r Mrs tISKNSTRADf, ' AT .?. ANIIALT'S, 170 SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES and gentlemen will positively receive tic highest price lor < iist-oft Wearing Apparel, Carpet- a d > ? ?-??! 1 , 11s 1 have a great demand for tliciu from the W> : tlio nr'i-e is no ol.'ecf, as I must llll up my Orden. lev.)lev waited 011 by Mrs. Aiihnll. OQ1 SIXTH AVENUB. NEAR FOURTH si REI'T,? i)*ti Ladies and gentlemen will recoivc ?" .'r ;"nt inoreihanan* other dealer will pay R>r Cast-off CI thing, ? arpcts, Ae. 1 all 011 or address Mr. or Mr*. NAXH '. N Q?)?) BROADWAY. NEAR I HI HTE KNTH HTREI T ? 0?* #J H. II EH/pays the lilgbc-t price for Utiles iti.I wrnilcinen's Wearlnu Apt>ar< ? a r pets, Ac Lai ? > Ul lie waited on bv Mrs. Ilci/. Kl KOKE.iS NTKAM80IP8. H'MITK ST.lit MNK. 1? I OIt gl KENSToWN AM) LIVERPOOL. CARRYING 111 K I'MTIIU STATES MAIL. New ?ui| iuli-|?>u -red 'teuin?bip. Sailing irmii New York on Sutiirduyc, from Liverpool on rbursdajs, calling iH c?rk liartmr each wav. VVV..1Nlr Saturday, May 10, at '4 -JO P. M. u [ ,VIU' M? V 24. at 3 P. M. 'V- i.,1 Saturday Mi?v :il HI* :SJ A. n. ' Saturday. June 7. at 2 P. M. - Hi"' While SiyitocJc, Pavoiim terrv. Jersey City. Hnat'iiuer i lor all eia??** unrivalled, eoiiiliinlug safety. hJicmI and oiuiort. saliHHi-. salon,. i?^( hHKiliiuj: room uiul baibrooin* lu nil?l ? I? f11 vctlnn, n lit re least motion ip to It. Siuveoll" uud **lw fuiixnij ilu' steamer. Kales?Kahwu. $1.0 void; stcorsve. $30 In currency, i li">e wUhinu lo M ill! to;' friend- lu the old enuiitry now ot.iiilu Kieei'jKe prepaid oeriidcuit?. $32. uricucy. ?? !.a,M '?ookeil to or Iroui all parts ol America to Miiiia Non.ay, Sweden, India, Australia, Dratt- from 11 upwards. I or inspectiou ol plans am) other inlortnaiiou applv at ?he ooinpaOJ-s ottlee, IV Binalwuy. Now *ork. HHNot lading Issued to Continental port*. .1 II. $t*ARU, Afl uL /1UXABD U IB. \ Till; JJK1T1. II AND .NORTH AM Kiln AN KOVAL MAIL STKAMHH1 P(t, Ml". I WEEN NEW VoltK AN'jl LIVERPOOL, CALLINU AT Ct)Rl\ II A It Hi >li. I HUM NEW YOKK. ABYSSINIA ?Sat.. Muv 10 HaTAVIA Sat., Muv 17 CALAHIUA....tiat,, May 24 I'Attl'lllA Sal.. May 31 .s '.MARIA hat., J line 7 n not earry steerage pas S' oTIA ?eii. Mav 7 Vi.?;i:i:ia. Wed.. Muv 14 KI S-iiA Wed., May 21 ?' A V \ Weil. Hiuy 2S '' I B \ Weil., Julio 4 Steamer* market) thus (*) senger*. Mill 'very lolloping WED.NESD VY and SATURDAY lrom Now York. Halt s ot Passage?Cabin, $#>, $100and $130, gold, ae Oortlni".? tii accommodatUm. Tie kef* to Pari -, Jt 15, gold, additional. Return tickets on tuvoruble terms. Siter a-'e. currency. Mceragt! tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown nnd all part* ol Europe at lowwt rates. Pol" treiehi and cabin passage apply at the OoM iuiiy's offleo, No. 4 Bowl ing Given. I;or steerage passage, No. Ill Broadway, liiliity Hmlniiig. ( HAS. (!. FRANCKLYN. Agent, New York, or <" * P. II. JJUVERNKT, mi ner ol Clark ami Randolph street*. Chicago, 111. VSW YOKK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON -1 "" l,u',,ls '? England and Wa'?u*. ... lK..S01 T'' walks atlanth: stioamsiiip com i .? Pw,r'..l1rjt r1"-. lull-powered, Clyde-built steam sliip ilLAMoltUAN, Captain Lay bourne, will sail I'roui IV'it'sylvauia Hallroad whurt', Jersey City, on Saturday, rl.MHROK K, May 24. Cabins, t.O'i, $7Va?d eurraney; Stterapp, $30. I or lurttiur pui'tleulars a-"' * r pui'tleulars applv to ARCHIBALD HAXTKR & CO., Agents, 17 Broadway. ATTOXAL LINE <?K STEAMERS. Weekly t.i Qu?cn*lown and Liverpool; fortnightly to Loudon dlrcct. N. TO Ql'KENSToWN ANii LIVERPOOL. from jtlers 44 and <7 North River. EGYPT, Grogan Saturday, May 10. nt3P. M. CAN \DA, Wehster Saturday. May 17, at9 A. M. SPAIN. Grace Saturday, May 21, at 3 P. M, USANCE, Vim in.-en Wotlnestiav, Mav *8, at8P M KOR LONDON DiREOTl ' Di..N MA UK, Sumner Thursday, May8, at 2 P. M THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE , , the largest in the trade. Cabin pai-'sixe?$80, SIM and SUM), currency. Kxcurnlon? $1(10 and $1S0. I ? ... Steeruuo, $29, currency. ( Prepaid ?teera?e tickets troni Liverpool, Queenstown, Loiidonrterry, lllaignw. Card ill, HrlKtol or Loudon. ! w /'Hh^HEIJ THAN BY ANY OTHER LINE. _ , *r tnrthtpr information apply at the coinnaiiy'u olllco, W> Broadway. F. W. J. U UBSl" Maaaaer" rriiE 11A M Hl'Ril-A M ERIC AN PACKET COMPANY'S j X iron mail st?ain*tii|i I Tin'RiNaiA, Captain J. Meyer, will sail on Thursday, May 8, at 2 P. M.. 1 for Hamburg ... i, General Auent?, General Passenger Agents, Ti fl A'fVw'.'K^1;" !!r ',, 01 Hroadway, New York. I lie HaMMO.MA will sail May IS. 1 lie steamer VAN u A LI A as extra steamer direct May 17. XT'HI I'll UKHMAN I.LOYI) STKAMSH IP COMPANY. -O,, l or Soiiihaiupton nnd Bremen. I he Ktcamvtiln RHEIN. captain J. C. Meyer, will sal! on >nturilay, Muv 10, at 2 P. M., I'rom Bremen pier, toot ol' ilurM sfro<?t, Hobokcn, to be followed by sa-unship NEW YORK, Captain E. Klugkist, oil >>rJnexhiv, Muv ]4. ^HATESOt.- PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND nKKMl.N. ptiyahli in gold or its eijuivalent in currencv first Cabin <|V| Second Cabin 73 Steerage 80 l\u" tn iglit or nassage applv to OELKICllS A CO.. Agents, No. 2 Bowling Green. /^NLT DIRECT LINE lO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMP*WV'<5 havrk%%l!in,,!1,1.,StEN nkw yokk and The splendid vcs>els on this favorite route for the Oon tmenrwill sail Ironi pier No. 50 North River, a* ful vu'iV1 m>TrARK",,a" Saturday, May 17 J,)"!: . ,, , vpp ti Saturday, MaySl ??iB!:^S^-r:."JaaK:JsSi5 rnicB or ^^"oriWR"?;""101 *""" First Cabin, $125; Seeond Cabin. $7J. ti . Excursion Tickets at reduced rates, ilipposteaiiinrsdo not earry steerage passen<ors. r.'.i.tif l ti r r^,l<'r'<,Koing to or rTturning from the i i'-'.. J?*ral'e. by tuklnu this line, avoltl both ?./ tii ?,i ' l" railway and the tliscoinlorts of cross '? borfd*" saving time, trouble a'll ex vnTp '// (,i"!<^'i' MACKENZIE, Agent. M Broadway, f,,, i i " r,""'1 .Iil'kl!l" between Paris and Vienna furtlMbed at reduced rules. VNCllOR LINE. sail from pier 20 North River. New York v,i"T,i",\l-RY ? I.DN KSUAV AND SATURDAY. . v J? .IA ?s'lt" ;Ja-v 10 CALIFORNIA..Sat.. Mav 31 I^vilr; " vav,,T OLYMPIA....Wed., June 4 * SSY HIA... .Weil. , Miiv 21 INDIA Sat June 7 l;l HOP A Silt.. May 24 COLI'MBI A.. Wed." June II IRINACHlA. Wed.. May 2S AUSTRALIA...Sat..'June U i lie pawenger ucr oinmodalions on ste iners of this line are ansurpa-sed lor elegance ami comfort. Cabin statc vct'i'ViliiYini ?n ",,,>er <,0''k'lln,!' securing good light and RATES OF PASSAGE. TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. ? <itui(uiy ok* a inert). We due stliiy steamerji. . . Gold. Current*v [^irretiirn tickeV,-secur:$75 ""d ^ & lng best acconiniiNlatifiu*.. $1.V) ?130 Ti I . STEERAGE, $30 CURRENCY, .t.t' e, passauc to or iVom anv seaport or railwav atVowes"rare?1 Irc,lln(1 or 'he Continent issued DH VFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES. Company's oftlecs. No. 7 Howling Green, New York * . , . HENDERSON BROTHERS Airents iiitui-niHM !n^ !P<r Tl"' Tr',) ,0 Kurope," a magazine of chargtM-iii applleatblif11 traVt'Ucr;!i can bc ha l ,rco of ]N.MAN LINE, For Oueensiown and Liverpool. Royal Mall steamers are appointed to sail a* follows: sieamors CITY o? MMNTtiw()iTK Thursday, May 8. 2 P. M. tv i i' np^J,',?i .Saturday, Mav 10, 2 P. M. CITY OK RR mi Vv ThursUay. May lft, 8 A. M. ITV i" S k ik .J,;,' Saturday, Mav 17. 10 A. M. T V of Avrvvvup Thursday, May22, 2 P. M. ' 1 , AN I \\ LHI satuntiiv. Mav 24, 2 1? M 46, North Rlveerf s"turday ami Thursday. iVoui pier ' * RATES OF PASSAGE. Round t'rfp ticko * ^?|?wMrateS.0r,UlW t0 acootn,na,,ation 11mtler!'v''r iT' 1^ii'VH"^oeenitown, Glasgow, Iain flcofes,^62,^ euriwicy. orC,u'al"' *'W" Repaid certi Pii-sengers also forwarded to Havre.Hambursr Sweden 1HV&'h?T/.k,far1:- ut '"educed rato". in iittn i.^sihmI at lowest r ft ten. ( mnnan'j'"^^^ ftueral business apply at the i ompaiu - otnee, lft Hroadway. i' steerage passage, 33 Broadway. O'DONVirt tifiT-iL' JOHN G. DALE, Afent, or to M s t it 1 \'t i'i u) ' ?' hestnut street, Philadelphia, v i" i. V.u v' J1-1" '' "freet, Boston. " Market street, Chicago. vijii IN MA.N Liverpool, and No. # Rue Scribe, Paris. /lOOK'S FOREIGN TOURS. ' hooked by any line of steamers to all parts ! Ireland Scotland, England, Germany, j Switzerland. Thc Vienna, Italy, at great rednetlons ir<nn ordlnarv rates, COOK, son AND JENKINS, 2ti2 Broadway, N. Y. ' n r xri l{ST( i.v 1st lor May, now readv, gives ftill i :...! ""J*? Hie cost and expense of over 1,001) tlli t leient tours. I rice It) edits, by mail, prepaid. I CTA1B LINE O TO (iLASUOW. LIVERPOOL. I.ELKAST AND . LONDONDERRY. PtNNsYLt ANIA. LOUISIANA. GEORGIA, MINNESOTA. VIHiifNTA, alah\>f\ I'fcN.VSYlAANJA SAILS MAY 7A,jAI,AMA' froiii the coiniiutn's dock, Fulton ferry, Hrooklvn. M PERIOR I' \SSENGER ACCOM MODAT'lO.VS. C1 bin, $.*0aiiil $01, gold; steerage, $3>, cmrencv. All on saionii deck. IWngfrs booked to or rrom any part of Great Britain trelntid,.Norway, Swetlen (Tnd the Continent at lowest "Ge'lj F'Tpald ecrtlU' Otesaslowaj by any other first ' 'drafts ISSl'I D ON ALL PARTS OF EUROPE For freight or | a?? age apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO.. .Wilts igeofll ???Broadway. 72 Broa.iw'.iv. TTNITEI) ST VTI.S MAIL LINE.?STi" AM TOOUEFVM U town and Liverpool. ^An lu VJUEBNS ..... . ?. ? Sailing every WedMKlav. M V ADA. 1 or.-ylh Mnvli of 11> ? VV \ (tM I \ 1? I'rlro ?' ?' * At >? i . M. rruc Mfty i\ ial 1U 1> \i From pier *6 North River .*il..M. < a bin uoMoge. $-11, old : steerage, $;W currencv . * ?pwul th'kotA. $%?2 enrroupv a"' m"?P8wea?!,n'11,' "'n 'I?'" ^rls, liambnrr, Nor WiLl.lXMs ,V ,.i ,i >N, 2'J llroudwiiy. V"? *,'AK.K BRISTOL. LONDON " Jte?me?s or thi!it','iDi:"w.tb ?AiiKi,,'la,1l1. an<' WnlM road wliarf, Jers v t itv, ?s lollows'/ll la 1<u"' PRMBROKE.... GLAMORGAN. PEMBROKE " June 14 Glamorgan.;; Pi \ai'nn'i $H|re!irivn2v, Steerage. $"0. MloVKd Ca^T ,a for timber particular* anolv to AKCilluLD BAXTER A CO., Ab?Ii(s, ?____ 17 Broadway. I "Mfl.ll >TAII?S PV>M'OKT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL <?'if.' l,,e Department of State issurd by .V. 'hi ir! t 1 Iniku KUtei Couft Hou#o, 41 chaiu* KIIIUIPMN NTKAMMHIPH. TTTWirrP STATES ftm'UUNMKXT pas. ports or I U famed from WMhlmflou in Hhour*. Fee $1. Alscl Notary Public und Special Comml-aioncr Deed* toil tvorj .statF. KISC, ..till Itr.,m|h.#Vi room* IfUBOPKAN TRAVELLERS WILL FJKU 'fHUNKS I Ij I'm- ttwt<- rooms ait.l iN.iiIjih iilU Ij.nel, rimirs aniJI Rug* lor the steamer*, Ac., at JOIIN CATTJIACll'A, 73f I Hiom Iwav, mar A?tur place <ieu>?.\e,t iroiu Cornell Broadwuv anil Wall street.) COAMTWIHK HTKAMSIIIPh. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Lille to <'AJ.IFOK.MA, JAPAN AXD CHINA, via Panama. earrviug mails. passengers and freight to Aspinwall. l*n nit ma. Santa Mariha, Greytown and Pacific coa?; ?t' Mexico. Central America, IV: ii iiu.l Chile. May 10?Steamer COLON. < upturn S. P. Griffin, will! leave nier 42 North River. at 12 o'clock m>on, tor Aspiu wutl direct, coiinecim,; at Panama with tlie steamer I OH I: AT RK PUBLIC, Captnip Cavcrlcv, touching at Acn puco, Mauzuiiillo ami Mazutlan; also connecting tor ail Central American ami South Pacillc ports. Departures of lot Ii ami 20th of each month conn"ct with the compa ny's steamer, touching at San Benito, Toiiuta, sulinaCrot anil Port Angel. steamer C< 'LORADO will leave Sun Francisco May 1, 1W3, lor Jntian and china. Fur rates of pus-age, ireight, ami all other nrormalion airily at company's office the pier, loot of Canal street F. K. H A BY, Agent. NKW YORK ANI> BERMIDA STEAMSHIP LINK. For llaniilton unit St. George. Bermuda, carrying the I'niteii States Mail, ami sailing us follows: . Steamship Al.llKMAltl.K, Read. master. Thursday. May **, at 3 o'clock P. >1., Irom pier 37 Nor h Kiver, Steamship HA'ITKRAS, Lawrence, ma -ter, Thursday. May 15. al 3 o'clock 1*. M., from pier 37 North River. For freight or passnge, having elegant accommjda? tloiis, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, 2 s South street. Passage $::o. gold. Excursion tickets Issued for the roiinil trip at $"4), gold A" TLA8 STKAM8HIP COMPANY. Mall service for Wont Italics. Havana, Venezuela and Spanish Main. The company's iron screw steamers are appointed to sail as follows:? For Havana direct. LAC.O Captain PeKden, loch iiMt. MANDlNGo, Captain apence. 24th inst. For Turk's Island, Jamaican ami Suvunilla. C1.AIIIBKL, Cupiain Bay ley. SOili Inst. For freight and pa*s;ige apidv to PIM, FORWOOD 4 Co., general intents, 50 Wall street and 59 Pitie street. Atlas steamship company. For Liverpool direct. The full-powered, fast-sailing iron screw steamer JAMAICA, 2,500 tons. Captain Robert Watson, ot the West India and Pacific Roval Mall0owi|?anysline, will lcave>ew York onthcSki ins't. for Liverpool direct. Passenger accommodation* unsurpassed for elegance and comfort. Only first Clww passengers carried. Fare $80 currcitcy. For freight and parage apply to PIM, FO It WOOD A CO., 5rt Pine and .V> Wall streef. Direct line to Havana, Progrcsso and \ era Cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship Line, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May K CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) May IS CITY OF MEXICO (Havauu and Mexico) May at CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May 29 For freight or passage apuly to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 31 Broadway^ T|^"EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINK. These first class sfoamshlps will sail every Tuesday Aft 3 P.M., from pier 13 North RiTcr (loot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, as follows:? WILMINOTON MORRO CASTI.K May 2(1 CRESCENT CITY Supplementary mail on pier at u quarter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passage (having magnificent nceomia^ dations) apply to wjllia>i p cr yDE ? ^ No. 6 Howling Qrceir. D. McKELLER Agent In Havnna. 11EXAS LINE OF OALVESTON STEAMERS, TODCH ilig at Key West, carrying the 1'nited States mall. The steamer CITY OF tlorsToN, Captain Dwerlng, la now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, *u<l will sfkU on Saturday, May 10. Through trill* ol lading given to Houston, either by tne O., H. und II. R. R. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Companv, and to all points ott the Galveston, HoUMAJi and Henderson and B., B. and C. Railroad. No charge for forwarding In New York. For freight or tiassag ? apply to c. K. MALLOKY A CO.. 153 Mulden lane, or W. P. CLYDE A CO., 119 Wall street. OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, 'i The steamship SHERMAN, from Pier3ti North River, on Saturday, May 10, at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates uiven to 6t? Louis, Vicksburg. Mobile, Oulveston and Indianola. For freight or passage, having superior accommodar tlon, apply to FREDERIC BAR KB, 30 Broadway. I^OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?SOUTHERN LINE. 1 The A1 steamer CITY OF DALLAS, Captain ? will leave pier 21 East River, on Wednesday, May 7, at* ? P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to Oalvo* ton, Indianola, Uockport or Aranzas Wharf, Brazos San tlago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $30; steerage, $25. For freight or passage (having superior accommod* tions) apply to O..H. MALLORY A (^t)., 151 Maiden lane. IIOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship COIt 1'ES, Captain Frank Kemble. will leave pier No.North River, on Saturday, May 10, at3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to (?alvcslon, Indianola. Rocktortor Aruuzas wtiarf, Brazooi Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $40; steerage $25. For freight or pas? sage apply to CLARK A SEAMAN, 80 West street. "LVor NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? r The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant ste unship RICH MOMD. Lawrence commander, for Norfolk, City Point ami Richmond, on Thursday, May S, at 3 P. M., giving through bills of lading to all points south anil southwest* Through passenger tickets Issued to nil points. Accom modation- unequalled. Apply at pier 37. or at the general office, 1*7 Greenwich street, corner De.v. F mfHJJHW' CHJIPK. _ VJ1| C1 IT I ZENS' LINE FOR THOY?PASSAGE SI 50.?THE , ) elegant steamboats SUNNYSIOE and POWELL leave pier 19 North River, loot of Loroy street, daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., connecting wltli morning trains ou Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central ami Troy and Boston railroads for all points North, East and West. The most direct route to Sarato ga, Lake George anil Montreal. Through tickets solil and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent. 1,1 ALL RIVER LINK TO BOSTON. via Newport and Fall River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI DENCE leave pier 2H North River, foot of Murray street, . daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. < A. P. BACON, Superintendent. jPennsylvania railroad. 1 Trains leave New York, from foot of De-bro?se<- and Cortlandt streets, as follows:? Express for llarrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:30 A. M., 5, 7 and 8 ::W P. M. Sunday, 5, 7, 8:30 P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M., 1,9 P.M. Sunday,9 P. M. Express tor Philadelphia. S, 9. 9iS0 A. M., 14:'#), 1, i, t,t, 8:.i0, 9 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, t>, 8: so and 9 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at r A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant ana second class, 7:15 1*. M. For Newark, utti, ?::#), 7. 7:U, S:lit, !>. 10, II. 11:10 A. M.; 1 12, 1, 2, 2 3, H JO, 3:40. 4:10, 4 ?30, 5:li?, '?:2t>, 5:30, M, 6, ti:10, 6:?, 7, 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10, It :"0, 1-' P. M. Sunday, 5:20 R, 8:1", 9 1?. M. For Elizabeth, B. fiu30, 7, 7H0, 8, ?:10. 9. in, II. 11 :40 A. M.; 12 M.; 12 u'KI, 1, 2, 2 JO 3,3:20, 3:10,4. 111. 4 :3?, 5:20, 5:30, 5:80, fl, 6:10, 6:3). 7 :'HI, 8:10, 10, 11:30. 12 P. M. Sun day, 5:20, 0 and 8:10 P. M. For Hahwav.6. fi30. 7, 8:10. 9:30 and 10 A. M.: 12 noon; 1. 2, 2:30, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4 5':2'l, 5:31, 5: i0. fi, 6:W, 7:30, 8:10, 10 P. M. and 12 night. Suiid.iv, 5:20 and l> P. M. For Wooilbrldge and Perth Amboy, (1 and 10 A.M., 2 JO, ?;I0. 4:30 and 6:50 P. M. For-New Brunswick, 7.10 A. M., 12 M., 1. 1, 4:10, 5rJ0, ?, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday ti and !i P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M , 12 noon, 4:10 and 5:20 P, M. For Lambertville and Fleiiiiilgton, 0 A. M nil I 2 P. M. For Phllllpslmrg and Belvktere, 2 ami 4 t*. M. Aceominndatioii tor Bordeiitown. Iturlim; on and Cam den, 7 and 9: .0 A. M., I2::*>, 2, 3, t and tl P. M. For Freehold. 7, 8 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Jamesburg, Pemberton. Camden, 6 A. M., and, yla boat from l'ier No. 1, H :4'? P. M. Trains arrive as follows;?From Pittsburg. 6 UK) A. M., 1 P. .Si., daily, 10:14 A. M. and 0:14 P. M., daily, except Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6 ;4U A. M., 4 :54, 10:12 P. M.; Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Philadel phia, 6:21,-6:51; 10:11. It ;0?, II :3i A. M., 2:14, 3:51. tfM, 8:13 P. M.; Suhday, 5:21, 0:50. II M>4 A. M. Ticket offices, 52?i, 435, 271 and 944 Broadway, No. 1 A stop House and foot oi lie-bros?es and Cortlandt streets, . Emigrant Ticket otllce, No. 8 Batterv place. A. J. CASSATT, I>. M. ISO YD. Jr., General Manager. General Pas eiigcr Agent.' KXCI itsiovs. ' 1j30 R EXCIRSIONS.?THE FIRST CLASS STEAW J1 boats JESSE HOYT and NORWALK. lona Islaud, Dudleys, Rarifan Beach, and Sprinv Hill Groves ao$ Aldernev Park. Barges and stoamboats of all kind* ^ A E. MYEliS, 371 Wc-t. em neiM.mon "tfCef. KONDOUT AND KINGSTON, LANDING AT COZZEN? Cornwall, Newburu, Milton. Poughkccpslc and Es?' Pils ?The steamboats THOMAS CORNELL and JAMRtf \v. BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier .34 North River, daily at 4 o'clock P. M. ' TUP. NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD COM pany call attention to their extraordinary facilities for the accommodation ot Excursion Parties the coining sea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LONU BRANCH and JESSE IlOYT and tbelr elegant new Ex? eursioii House and twenty acres ot adlolning land at Lontf Branch, tliey are prepared to make evyngeinenfswitfi, churches, schools, societies, Ac., for la rge or small parties, at low .-ates. Send lor circular. O. w. BENTLKY, General Manager, 120 Broadway, Now York. Wit. J. Bnkukn, Superintendent, Long Branch, N. J. 1H) CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS?SALOON STE AMF.B 1 Wyoming, Bantes Sarah Smith, Caledonia, Baldwin and Republic; Excelsior Park, Eagles*or>d. and Orien tal Grove. Oltlce 383 West street, opl'oslto Christopher street ferry. II. B. CROSSETT. UPCOICAI,. 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. A/ ATTWflOIft-DB. FRANKLIN LATBOP PMMIMt ?oiisu*"'1? '?- w ? aTs puliation tree; private office. 161 Bieeekcr MA URIC K A U, M D.?OFFICE 12J LIBERTY street, near Greenwloh street. A. ? MME. HI.STF.f.LF.. PHYSICIAN. ?OTFICR NO. f H East Fjfly second strcel, first door ironi Filth av. Attention:?know thy iikstint: consult this wonderfullv glfled r'airrovnnt! gives luck ; telli everything 15H West Fort* tir-t ?ireet. near Broadwatr. T-|R. AND MME. DESPARD, PHYSICIANS, 41 EAST J / Twenl\-elehfh street, near Fourth av> nit". II. KING S OLD ESTABLISHED 1'IIIV M E OFFICE, Vmit\ st.. near Broadw.iv and Grand 1 Hi al Hotel. Dli D% R. AND MME. SKI.DEN, 67 AMITY STRUT, N B A It MOli hv'iiiic,- \i|\wc ir?o. f?nll <?p Mmk. van Mi HKfiMc imvv? i\ .. ? r. iPKN? i?; Kll-t v|,% l i |v. cm ,Jt| .ni l i\i?! : < j :i\?.

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