Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Money Easy and the Rate on Call 5 a 7 Per Cent. The Bank of England Discount Rate Kaised to 4 1-2 Per Cent THE MEASURE PRECAUTIONARY. Only a Slight Response from the Gold Market. DECLINE n FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Government Bonds Higher and Mercantile Paper in Active Demand. THE STOCK MARKET IRREGULAR. Wester? Union Weak, Ohlos, C., C. and I. C. and St. Fan! Strong and the Others Steady. Wall Street, 1 Wednesday, May r?<1 P. M. j On 'Change to-day cotton was dull ami heavy for ?p*t and *c. per lb. lower tor future. Hour was steadier, wheat was quiet, but firm, while corn was about steady. COMPARISON OP TOE EXPORTS. The total exports of domestic merchandise from Hew York to foreign ports lor the week ending May?, and since the beginning of the year, com pare as follows :? 1871. 1872. 1873. Par the week $3,910,936 $4,7.0,733 $7.54S,079 Previously reported 77,328,008 68,045,too 87,123,146 Since January l..$8l.23:t,444 $72,83<;,423 $04,641,825 TUB UOVEKNMKNT PURCHASE OF BONDS. rfce proposals to sell flve-twenties to the govern ment were twelve in number, the amount ten iered being $1,351,400, at prices ranging (ex cou pon) from 116.49 to 116.49. The half million was ?btained at 110.49 a 116.92. To-morrow the gov ernment will sell 1,500,000 gold. THE KOKtilliN MARKET. The chief item in the cabio report is the an nouncement that the directors of tlie Hank of England saw fit, in a special session this noon, to raise the minimum of tho discount rate to 4* per cent, as against 4 per cent, the immediately pre vious rate. The effect iu Loudon was to cause a DEPRESSION IN CONSOL3 ?t * per cent, but otherwise the market was Steady. Our bonds were firm throughout the day. In fact the >67's, which wcVe a trine lower before the alteration of the bank rate, recovered and closed strong. Erie siiares were * a * lower. The new French loan was heavy and declined to 4 per cent premium, while rentes in I'aris were about ?teady. MONEY EASY. The money market was easy, and, perhaps, rather Ri?re so than during the earlier days oi the week, tae rate on call ranging from 7 dowu to 5 per cent and ?iesingate per cent. The heller in its continued case has induced a further and active inquiry for mercantile paper, which, to use a hardly too strong expression, Is quite the rage with INVESTORS leeking to use their lunds lor the next sixty days !? six months. It may seem strange that so much eapitai should so suddenly seek this channel of ln restment when there are so many divi.lcnd-paying ?tocks and interest-bearing railroad bonds of un toubted reliability capable of affording nearly as large returns. The explanation is that tho fenycr of the stock or bond runs the risk of a de preciation or the principal in the Interval to the time when he wants his money apaiu, while MERCANTILE PAPER Is certain to be redeemed at par. The security of the railroad bond lor a long Investment is not doubted. But the buyer who wants to sell it out at the end of three or six months may be com pelled to take one, two or even Ave per cent less than he gave for It?a depreciation wh cli would offset the interest earned in tlio meantime. But the merchant's note, amply endorsed, and bought at 7 a 10 per cent discount, Is, in the ordinary course of human events, sure or being taken up at par at the time of maturity. The outstanding extra greenoacks have been reduced $154,000 since feiterday. DECLINE IN FOREIGN EXCHANGE. One of the remarkable incidents of the day was the decline in foreign exchange, notwithstanding the action of tho Bank of England, at least as far U sterling.and francs were concerued, the Conti nental rates Delng Urm. The feadlng drawers low ered sight sterling * per cent and slxty ?ay bills * per cent, widening the differ ence between tho two classes or bills to one per cent. The reduction is due to the abundance o f commercial bills drawn against the heavy produce exports of the past week. The following are tho Quotations as revised:?Sterling, sixty days, com mercial, 107* a 108*; do., good to prime bankers', 108* a 108*; do., short sight, 109* a 109*; Paris, lixty days, 5.31 * a 5.25*; do., short sight, 6.21 * a 6.20*; Prussian thalers, 71* a 71*; Antwerp, l.3? a 5.26; Switzerland, 6.30 a 5.26; Hamburg, M* a 95*; Amsterdam, 39* a 40*; Praukfort, 10* a 41*; Bremen, 94* a 95*. GOLD HIOnKR?117* A 117*. The gold maruct opened only steady, and the Irst sales were at a decline from 117* to 117*. The action of the Bank of England being an nounced soon alter there was a rally and rise to 117*, the comparatively small advance being due to the simultaneous weakness of foreign exchange and to the fact, furthermore, that the raising of the Bank of England rate not only had been dis counted, but was regarded as precautionary, in view ?r the action of the Continental banks, rather than an immediately necessary expedient. Tho course of the market is shown in tho table w A. M 117* 1 p. M mv 10106 A. M 117* 1:06 P. M. .{ft 10:22 A. M 117* 2 P. M."..... 11 a. m 117* 3 p. m...77& 4 P. M 117* a 117* In tho gold loan market the rates ranged from 8 to 7 per cent for carrying. The Sub-Treasury paid out $380,000 on account of Interest. The European steamer took out $44,551 In silver. TOE RAILROAD BONDS. * The railroad bonds were dull and the tone or the market Irregular. The Union Paciflc land grants were strong late in the day, but the firsts con tinued heavy. The following were the bids at the eall as amended by prices in subsequent dealings New YorkCcn?'?.'83... 9Ui Tol A Wab Htm, ex.... 95V New J?rk itn i i.rc.. N7 Tol 4 WauHt, Si L dlv. 91 New York l en l'NMib.87 Tol A Wab 2il in 91 New Y irkI en ,'s. 7t>..lU>K Tol A Wab equip lids... ?1? f.ric Htm, extended...lUl Tol A Wab con ronv.... K5 Erie 5KJ 99 (it Went iatm,18>w 9s* trie <'Mtb m. an 99 (It Went 2d m. 1898 sa Long 1 ockboud*....... 97 4 <>aleim A Chicago ex.. .102 Bull, > V A K Htm, 77. 94 Chic.K 1 A 1'ac 103* liud HIv 7>, 2d m at,'86.104* Motrin A hut-ex Htm...102* Hud H i'l.idm, 74 97* Morrw A hsnex 2d m... 97* llarlem cm andst b'ii...lu0 N J i en ldtm.n li?4i Alb A t Uh .u bus 97 NJ ^outlieru Htm 7'?.. 75* Micfc?o7?< kdm 97 1 itts k JV A V id Mich Bo A N 1? r7p c. .101* Fitto, f W A Chic 3dm. 92 ??? A Tol gf 102"4 Cicv A FllH2d in ^.T.*.10,1 n^w hd8--- & Clev A Pitt* 3d m me ?. PA A eldbda w* Chic A All Htm 104V? C- r ? A new t.dn V3 Chic A Alt income M rfi.n * t'dn.... Ohio A Mini roii h f 93% ?ur *..?ne new bd?... !?3 Ohio A Mlmcon 93 Lake Shore con r Ml ?tliio A Ml??2dm. con.. Ml? i;?e. Rli i *, (ii'd Mo mi* Ht Lotm A Iron M 1st.. 9s Ten I'aciflc gold I,ds...lu3* Mil AStP i?tm,S'?,Fl).lU8 Western I antic bds.... 9fl Mil A M Paul 7 ?, g, R U 92* Union I'acltic Hi in.... hti* M A St I' Ht m, LaC D. 91 Union iMtflrij 74* M A Ht F lnt m, 1 A MO. M* Belleville A 8 111 Ht, 8'?. ?tt M A ht F Ht iu.CAM.. M Alt A ler H,2d m pret... SH M A Kt P 3d in, C A 77u AH A T?r H.kiim Ine.. 78 t hie A Mli Htm 9,11; " >e A N W 11 1 9.) Col, t hk A In.. O 1st.. 87'4 Ic AN W Intbdj).... W* Col, t hie A lndC-d... 72C Ic A N W con bug S?>-4 Tol, 1' A W, K L?...... 92 1. L VI \1' 1 nj vi1.,. n' ... if Ck Chic Chic ? .. ? ? Cnic A N W Htm 98 Tol. r A W , W 1) M 11 an 4 Ht Jotowvtn... 37* N * A > Bti'i yj I>fl, MfU w lit m lHij F?rt, H k Brtelntm To 38 lit 1, Lack A Wpki 2d m. 97% CeU rail* * Min 1st m . tfl Dei, Lack k W i 'k cuii.. ICU Til K CITY BANK BTOCKS. The following were the bid* lor the city bank snares:?New York, 135; Manhattan. 161; Mer chants', lid; Mechanics'. 188; America, 150; City, 255; Mechanics and Traders', 120; Gallatin Na tional, 118; Merchants' Exchange, 90: State of New York, ex 100; Commerce, HO; American Exchange, 108; Bank of the Republic, 109; Bauk oi North America, 100; llauover, 105; Metropolitan, 134; Market, 122; Nassau, ex lu3; Continental, 80; St. Nicholas, 109; Commonwealth, 86; Importers and Traders', 185; Park, 148-; New York National Kx change. 00; Central National, 04; Fourth National, iio;?; Ninth National, 104; Uerman American, loo. ERIE KA1LW A Y KAUNINU8. The following is the last oillrial return of es timated weekly earnings of the Krte Hallway Com pany, commencing November 1,1872:? 1873. 1873. 6 Days. C Tkiys. For week ending April 30 $386,892 $384,320 ITeviously reported 8,133,847 8,4l?,2&3 Total earnlugs since Nov. 1. $8,610,239 $6,840,68.! Decrease lor week 1,003 Increase lor six months to date 281,343 The earnings of the Central i'aeillc Railroad com pany compare as follows :? For the month ol April, 1873 $1,132,920 For the month of April, 1872 For the month ol April, 1871 Increase tins year over 1872 183,32* Increase this year over 1871 *11.091 Karnmgs first lour months, 1873 3,6o4,256 Ra ulngs first lonr months, 1872 2,989,421 Karuings tirst fourmonthB, 1871..... 2,367,:;66 Increase this year over 1672. 664,834 Increase this year over 1871 1,290,81*) GOVERNMENTS BTHONfl. The government list was strong and pricc9 ad vanced % a % per cent, holding the improvement to the close, when the following quotations pre vailed:?United States currency sixes, 116%' a 115%; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 118 a 118%; do. do.,coupon, 121% a 121% ; do. live-twenties, registered, May and Novemoer, 115% a 116; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 116% a 116; do. do., 1864, do. do., 115% a 116; do. do., 1865, do. do., 117% a 117% ; do. do., 1867, reg istered, January and July, 117% a 118;' do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 118% a 118%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 120 a 120%; do. do., 1868, do. do., 118% a 118%; do. ten-lorties, registered, 111% a 111%; do. do., cou pon, 113% a 114; do. fives, of 1881, registered, 114 a 115; do. do. do., coupon, 114% a 116. SOUTHERN SECURITIES DUI.L. The Southern State bonds were dnll and firm. The Tennessccs sold at 81% a 81%. The others were steady, the market closing as follows:?Ten nessee, ex coupon, 81 a 81%; do., new, 81 a 81%; Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do.,registered stock, old, 36 a 40; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 63% a 63%; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 13 a 13%; Georgia sixes, 73 a 78; do., sevens, 90 a 91; North Carolina, ex coupon, 27 a 28; do., new, 16 u 17; do., Bpccial tax, 15 a 16; Missouri sixes, 94 a 94%; do., Hanni bal and St. Joseph, 90 a 91; Louisiana sixes, 40 a 47; South Carolina sixes, 20 a 37; do., new, January and July, 17% a IS; do., do., April and October, 27 a 28; Arkansas sixes, funded, 30 a 40. TUB LAKE SHORE RAILROAD. Copies of the aunual report of the Lake Shore Itailroad Company were presented to the Stock Exchange to-day at the same time that the otllcial document was given to the stockholders' meeting at Cleveland, Ohio. The following is a summary lor the results lor the year ending December 31,1872:? Cross earnings. From freight $12,613,490 From passengers 4,163,614 From all other sources 814,016 Total $17,591,629 Expenses and laxes, 67 per cunt $11,839,625 Net earnings $6,762,104 Interest on lunded debt, leases, &c. 2,039,?03 Dividends, ten per ceut. on gnaranceed, and 8 per cent, on common stock, and installment oi scrip 3,619,446 Total $5,559,249 Surplus lor the year 192.855 The facts contained in the above statement ex plain the depression of the stock during the past Winter and Spring. It is easy to sec that with a surplus of less than $200,000 at the end of 1872, the CHANCES OF DIVIDENDS In 1873 are materially lessened by the increase meantime of the capital stock to the <cxtcnt of at least ten millions and an addition of $6,000,000 to the bonded debt. In other words, the additional demand upon the company for the current year is 17 per cent upon $0,000,000 (7 per cent Interest and 10 per cent sinking fond) and 8 per cent upon $10,000,000, making an aggregate of $1,820,000. Now, as the operating expenses last year were 67 per ceut, the earnings this year must increase nearly $6,000,000 to allow of the payment of all the company's obligations and the maintenance of 8 per cent dividends upon the capital stock. 8TOCES QUIET AND IRREGULAR. The stock market was quiet and the course of prices irregular. Lake Shore was steady, iiotwltli* standing the unfavorable nature of the annual re port, its fluctuation being confined within the nar row margin of % per cent. Erie, l'aclllc Mall, Union l'aclfic and Central were also steady. The stronger features wero Chios, St. Paul, C., C. and 1. C. and, toward the close, Wabash. At the opening Rook Island was Btrong and advanced to 111%, but re ceded to 110%. Western Union was the weak spot of the list and declined about % per cent. HIGHEST AND LOWEST PHICE8. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Highest. Lowest. New York Central 102% 101% Erie 65 04% Lake Shore 93 92% Wabash 70% 69% Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred 87% 87% Kock Island 111% 110 % St. Paul. 68% 67% Si. I*aul prelcrred 7:1% 73% Ohio and Mississippi 44% 43>.? Union Pacific S2% 32% C., C. and I. C 36% 35% Western Union Telegraph 87% 87% Pacific Mail 53% 53 In Philadelphia stocks opened weak and delined, but recovered and closed steady, Reading at 116% aud Pennsylvania at 107%. The latter sold as low as 107%. BALES AT THE NEWTOEK bTOOK EXCHANGE. Wednesday, May 7?10:15 A. M. $10000US5-20,c.'W. 11. 118% $15000 US6>, 1040, e... 113% 30000 do 83 118% 20000 US 6'?, cur 116% laouoU8i-ai,c,'o7...c i2u 10 A. ill*? Before Call. 100 ithft Cnntnn Co...s3 102 200 *hi Erie KR 64% 100 yuick M Co 40% 100 dot nJ 61.'* 100 Con Coal c 56% 300 do t>5 600 Went Un Tel 87% 200 Tanama RK 113% 1000 do 87% 100 do 113% SW do b3 87% 101) do 113% 200 do 87% 800 Un PkC KR 32% ?00 do ?7% 900 do 32% 100 do c 87? 300 do e 32% 200 do 87% 700 do 82% 100 do 63 SS 200 do bs 82% 100 do o 87% 600 do c 82% 100 do c f5% 1100 do 32% COO do 87 S, 600 do 32', 8W do C 87% 400 do 32% 600 do #7% 100 do 83 32% 40 A(lam> Kx w% loo do 32ii, 100 Pac MS.i Co 53 i00 B, tl A K KK S% 600 do 53% lOOChlc A R I RR....C 110i? a 10 do 63% 100 do Il0% 300 do 63% 100 Oo c 110% 100 do M 'AW do 110% I V do 5i.'? 200 do ?3 110% tOO do &*% 200 do 110% auo do 63% 600 do Ill aw <1o 63% 1W do 111% 600 do 53% 400 do 111% 200 do 63% 200 do ... 111% U) do. WO All *4 do lll? 400 do a.V? 9W do 111% 100 00 63*4 30 do 110% 1W do. 5.1% 400 do 111% 300 do C 63% 200 CO 111% 700 do 63% 100 do Ill IW do 63% (Ml do. 110% 100 do 63% 3U0 do Ill 403 do 63% 1WC, CAIOKK 35% tO P, Ft W A C,atd .... 8*% 200 do C 36% 6WN VCA H R RR ... 101% 100 do 36% 600 do 102 lOOMAMtPRR 57% 100 do b3 102% 100 <10 1)30 .18' 300 do ......83 102 600 do 67% 200 do c 101 (>u0 00 67 200 do 102% 10') do e t7% 300 do C 102 200 . do 68 800 do 101% 100 do 58% *M do *3 101% 3WT,W*WKR 200 do s3 101% 100 flo 69% ?00 do 101% 200 do 6?% 200 Xi 8 k M t> Hit 92% 200 69', 400 do 92% 100 do 69% do 92% 300 Ohio 4 Miss KR.. ,c <3% 1000 do 92% tOO do 43% not do 93 1W do S3 4;)% 300 do C 93 100 do 43% 200 do u2% 10 Co 4.1},' 610 do..... 92% 300 3o. 100 do ?M 92% IW do 200 00 92% Firnt Hoard?10:30 A. M. $1.1000 MlwonrI 8'k 91% 400?h? Lh A MS KR.b c 9% aollo <10 94 100 do 92 lOUO f? Y bounty I, c... 106% loo ranama RR b c IKii 60W Alabaman'*, '93.. 86% 200 do 1L1% 6000 Brook 6*8, W I 94% 60 C * Pill*. bUI S9 600 N V C6's, '83 90 20 do be. 1.3 8l> BOOOAlb k 8ns 2d m... 97 Ml t'r Pa, i!K. be 3000 Micli Sooth 2d III. 97 -I' ,, 1,1 wV JUWI'?;Mr?.*t4*o, ysU r "... 88 (WW lwi# L'n Pae lit m., .. WkO ilu JUWI do. H?il'ni,icJ'?.i>!..c 7ajJ ifWX'en rackHgdbs lu. % h luciiu tsw con. SJU SOflOH A St J con.. ?'! h* ROW L'villeAN cnn.'SW aa WW) Del All let, 'HI lUMfc MHil'TA W lKt.Ktl.dlv 91 3UUU r, I' 4 W. lM.VV'u KM 7000 To! A Wublsun.. 96 3Utha B'H ouiiiieivii. Uti% 3j)(iallatinNat'l Bunk 120 am it** hW wo 110 do s!? 32% do t>3 32% do do do do. do *3 000 1(0 4m) m 10(1 100 ItIO fli(t 500 17 N J Ceil KR.. do. do. do. do. do. || 32 jj 825, m si? its, 102% 100 Oel * ti Oanal U4% SOot * Koik 1 Kit.. DC HI 100 Canton Co 102', 3oO do ISO Md t'oiii IW> Oon C of Md. .b c.b.t WH) West Un lei b c 100 00 do c do s3 do. do. at) H0 17CU MM) lit) 1(D) 100 41)1 MM) 2ll0UHfcxOo 71 1UI Uo be ?AO An) M il Kx iOOfac Mail tUt'o.,., WW uo do be <!? Uo bt do c do do do i??4 Sfc b7% s?5 *7*. >7?; aw s$ sx ?/% auo 100 do 111% . Oil do c U1H. 'AMI Oo 11?% lnOToLW A W KR..bc 200 do 100 do c luiBost, 11 A .00 l.el, I, A West 101 as uo iuu i> M?.r A ICssex RR.... 92% 41)0 Mi) A M i- Hit.. .be do do gj 09% 70 70 0$ 100 1.0 100 100 soo fun 200 21VN Y l A 11 K..bc.?3 lui>; do. do. do. do. uo. do. do. do. do. do. do Iu2 c H2 J0.?!"' . 102*4 e los1, . iu^ c ku ' S3? Mi* 4S% 88% 6.1% bti'. 4 ?S do 48% Oo s3 0f>}? do c w?% do w>, do c 6,1% uo W, 100 Mil A m )? III 1)3 7 % 11). 1 Ai A I'ac |U be 2.>>a 14 N V.N 11 A Hurt Itlt I..9 600 Ohio A M do. do. Id uo. do. ,b3 1MM 300 SOU avo lod 20 100 700 lOUKriehH t.4% 300 lu liliiioU Central RR 118 600 UiM and iiir. p. M. ? I'OtlO U b6's, c, fll 121k $(>0Ut) UK 6.20, r, '08..... 117% 4600 US 6-20, r, '(>7 ... 117% 14 .0 Ut> 6-20, c. ??( 118% 2j00 U o6-20,e. '07....C 120% 600 do 118% P. Mi?liclore Cull. 000 100 1UI 000 1600 200 300 1(0 C, OA 1 C KK. be 43,.. 43* 43/i 44 43% 41 44 43?* 3 % m. bVj 300 shs West l'n Tel... 110 do 1?0 do t . 100 Pacific Mail Sm Co. 63% 2U0 I. SAM Kit. ..Ii3 91 1200 Un I'ac K R 32% loo do c S2?. 100T, W A W Kit. bS 70% 200 Mil A bt 1* Kit... 03 6fc>% KM do 58% 200 do 6X:'4 2t0 do. 68% 1)0 do 60% Wt) Ohio A M ltlt 44 1000 do s3 44 800 aha Ohio A M RR... KO do 210 00 bt 2(0 Uo sJ 0(0 ;lo 1(0 C, C A I C KR 70# 1000 100 100 200 300 400 200 do. uo. t. do. do. do 4<X 44 >4 44 4 44%. 3'S a* S3 3b 80% 3t> So% $6000Tenn 6's, old louoo do hi 8600 Va (j'orron h3>4 1?0 MiKcoui'i O's U3% 7000 do 94 ftlibb iCrie 4ih 111 91) 20UO Ceil 1* (,'KI Ixls.. 103% 3>'00 Un 1 ue ibl 111.... Hu'2 70(0 do 8u% 1000 uo bo% 2(00U Pae 7'n, 1 g u. .. "" 2000 do 10(10 C. C A 1 C 1st 11110C, ('Alt 2d )n. .. UCXlMil A Sti', lodiv 2U0 sbs Pae llfift Co. b c lot.o uo do ? bit 74% ?*% r4 t3>, 3$ ItlU L. 210 100 110 1(0 600 12U0 13(0 ?0 400 ?''?% aoo juo 210 boo luo 301) 2)0 1)0 lt0 100 1'K) Mar L'd A 13'% ^.0 100 West Un'lei..;oc.c K7% 600 2t") uo b7\, 310 do H7-, 3i0 ilo b7i* 600N YC A 11 Di2 1(0 00 lUl?j 010 do IU2 do do do do do 1,60 63k do e 43% do .3% do 43% fcrcond Hoard?I P. M. 81% SOashii Harlem RR. .. 127 A .VI fa KK 92 % no 92 ?0 ao. 92*. do 1 >3 92% do 03 92J, 200 Un- 1'uc KK be 32>a 100 00 S3 32;^ do 32% do b3 32t2 3^% Uo s3 32S, do :i2% awn A P Kit gtd. .be &?).. luo C A N \V pi..b C.b3 ?I% 60 N J Con Kit 102'4 60 do 102 y. luo H A St .1 KR... be 42 624 Del, 1, A W KK 102 _ 200 do be I02 63% 310 C A K 1 KK be 110% 6.S% 010 do 1111 Va lud do 110% 300 do U0V4 1(0 do iloj, 200M A st PKU bo 88,%' 100 do S3 6W% do 6S>? do S?!-, 100 do 68'4 200T. W A W K be 7u 20tlt)|iio A M 43?. 6t0 do b3 41 100 C, C A I C 36% %i30 to 4 P. M. 200 8hs L. S A M S R It... P2?i 11 ?<? 4(0 Uo 92 K 1(0 do b.3 9:% ... 92;'! .b2 92* , flCOOOCcn Par gold b. 103% 1 lUiibliH Canton t o 103;. 100 uo 101 110 do b3 104% (00 do 100 Jo s30 104,'j 210 (lo b2 9-J4* 210 do *30 106 2(0 do It!'. loo Erie KR 04% louCA HI ku l,ns 1'0 do U3 64% 1(0 do Ilu'^ Wt0 UO 04% b0 uo 110% 100 Oo *3 (14% 600 do 110% 200 do ... 64>, 100 do 111)% 700 We?t Un Tel S7H lt0Mil A Ht P Rlt b3 4 :-Ut) do 03 ??% 410 loo do S3 87 % 3)0 400 do ?7% 100 400 do 87 Jd 100 4'0 do 87'? 100 1410 do 87% 100 300 do 87% 2(0 100 do 87>; 401) lUOPnnainu KK 114 luo N J Cent RR 102% do.. do. do.. do. Uo. do do. do. 6NS, 68'4 30.1 Pac M s8 10 100 Z?N 3i0 2(0 1(0 2wi) 700 0(0 400 3% do 63% do 43*( uo 43% do &3 83% ao 63% 4:t% 6;t', 4.1% 70% ?'.'% 1(0Del, L A W KR 102 1(0 do 102% 100 Ohio <t M KK 44', do UO. 410 T,W A W Kit 100 do 7)0 N YC A II KK 102 100 Uo k3 102 600 do I(i2% 1(0 tlo 102 100 do b3 li2 K0 do 101%' 4(0 do 101% 100 U Pacillc KK 82% 1)0 Uo b3 32% 1400 do 32)4 800 do S3 32.^, 1100 900 2)0 I2U0 1200 80U 1800 800 900 2(0 1100 21*1 110 7(0 do 1)3 do 44% do b3 41% do 44', do b3 44% do 44% do 44% do b3 41% do 44% do s3 44% do. do. 44' do. do 200 11 A bl Jo KK 61M do I<0 do... ,b3 44 44 43% 1)3 42 .. 41% .. 41% KM0C, OA I (' Rlt. 100 do b3 36 " loo Uo :J6S loo Pac ltli Oi Mo 4/ CLOSING PRICES?4 O'CLOCK P. M. 88 % a 80 u 87 a .102% a 110% u . 4s,% u 7.),% a

#9% ? 43% .1 41% a .1 36% a Wontrrn Union. 87% a Ouieksilver 30% a 1 aiiatna 113 u AdHinshx 96% a Wellu-Kargo lix 80% a A111 Mer Un Ex. 0V% a U s Express.... 73% a Pacific Mail.... 83 , a \ Ceniral...l01>4 i : trio 64'% a Harlem 12b a ! Lake hbore 92% a Union I'aeilic.. 32% a Pittubunr Nortlnvesnni.. Norihwcst'n pf. .n J t en 11111 Rock Island H Paul ft Paul prel Wiiiiash Ohio A Mis lian A st jo.... Dos toll, II A E.. t, L * 1 I, 89 82 87% 103% 110% 68% 3% COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Dull and Heavy?Receipt* at the Ports 8,658 Bales ? Flour Steadier ? Wheat Firmer ? Corn Steady ~Oat? Iligher-Pork Nominal?Lard <tuiet? Groceries dulet, but Firm?Petroleum Htcady?Spirits Turpentine Dull?Rosiu Easy-Whiskey a Shade Firmer. Wednesday, May 7?6 P. M. Business In general merchandise was only moderate to-day, and the markcta were In somo canes irregular. There was more tone to the breadstulTs market, and prices were rather higher, ?hough business was very moderate. Flour was a trifle firmer; wheat was a cent a bushel dearer lor prime samples, which were scarce. Corn was without decided change, but quiet. Oats were in better deniaud and dearer. Whiskey was also dearer. Pork was quiet, weak and nominal, while lard was steady without much movement. Freights were quiet. Cotton wan dull and heavy. Groceries were quiet, but Ann. Petroleum was quiet, but steady. J^aval stores were dull and not essentially changed in price. Apples.?The market remained about the same as when last reported. There was a continued good demand for selected Winter, wnich are be coming scarce. The arrivals have been moderately (air, but included very few choice. We (juote :-StlecU><t choice Winter, *3 s $3 60 perbbl.; Western New York mixed lots, $2 24 a $3; Rivor mixed lota, $1 60 a $2 50. Buttkh.?The reclpts have been more liberal, but, under n continued good demand, stock does not accumu late to any extent. Prices were about steady. The ex port* for the week ending were 74,(J0o lbs. We quote:? New?state, pails and tubs, good to flue, 34c. a 36c.: do. ^ e,lsh, do. do., a4i\ a .15c.: State tubs, shipping selections, 37c. a 38c.; Western, dairy packed, 30c. a SJc.; do., store packed, 24c., a 2Sc.; Orange county pails, retail price. 38c. a 40c. Old?State, firkins, good to fine, 40e.. a 44c.; do., tubs, do. do., 40c. a 4Sc.: do.. Welsh tubs, do., 36c. a 38c. j Ohio and Michigan dairy, tubs, 28c. a 30c.; Western, firkins, 14c. a 25c.; da, tubs, 16c. a 23c.; Canada, com mon to good, 14c. a 23C. ^ 7,'l h,e con tinned good, both for export Ana frotti tlui home trade. The export clearance for the week was about UU0.1M) lbs. Martct firm. Ws quote7 Old-State factory fine, lobbing, 16c. a 16%c.: Htatc fac tory flue, shtpplnu, 14c. a 16c.; Mate factory common to good. Si^alSc.; Western factory fine, Jobbing. 13?c. a ?Airsa 8tate?<J?lry, tlcfa Uc!*'* "Ct0ry' aU,,lmed' r??or.rn"'7 he. ?ar*et, to-dav has been very nutet " , ?uk p u'v' jUt Prlcc" w?re not <|uolablv Srrf *K^nV. hardl>' IM? strong. No sales from flrst hands were We ouote:?Rio-ordi P*'y cargoes, 17^c. a 17^c.; fair eunfoeji 18e. a ? n\Vr ' "f"0*'"' lN%c' a lxjic.; prime cargoes, lilc. a 60 a 90 days' credit; Java, govurainent bnBfC^bc * 21c. f16 ' ^"KoPorc. grass mats, ! atiia?r? y. ?U J ^ l8c- i "aratalbo, inc. a 19c.; Angiitura, W'i and ?. et f?!, c?tton on the spot was dnll dolK?Jir?J/j.iITi^ io.i-i k cha""e in prices future tha eifilnl 1(7 ' ,n *t" marked decline In prices, jy0*".1.* showing a reduction of fully %c. per ?till weak. Wo sum un thus Total. 616 426 S poand, with the market stTll weak. Wo iu'm ip tbuiT Fxport ~ 110 2s I Consumption "* 141 Hpeculailon j pTo,u) v '.l 444 "ton 944 For luture delivery (basis low middling) the sales havo been as followsHales lastev ning alter three o'clock ? .u 716c.; June, 1,000 at IS9-16c.; July, 40Uat is ll-lte , M? at 18%c. Total, 2,900 bales. Sales to-day Pi JJ J*.?May, (KK) at lH%c.. 400 at 18 7-lfic., *uo -[ ^ *c.,J.IOOalJ,85 l6c J Jan*. ?*>'" V at 1H /.16c., ? IW at lake. 4U) at 13 l?-iac- 2.2U) at 111 /-16c., 100 i.t - |no *l "H'-. ?'?*) at 18I.Wo., "** *f *} ,aV:;ilu? ",l 18 S-Wf-. -,*1 at 18 ll-:?c,, 1^CM IUO Mt 18 5-I0C. ; July 400 tit 1.4V, r '/Jill nt \h&o '1ik.V ,V wAc-.:iUl ut IH u ^-::;?.?! lit ut ?i:vai!c. |no nt l8We., If*i ut !2 iiL?? ? "?*}????? ls 9 ^?8UU ?' ' v'5< ?. II?? at 18 l5-.Ce., 300 at ln7-lfte., 4110 at 13kc.., 9<S) Ml 18 7-l?'o ? August, Aw at ih*c., Mm at in 7 16c.%d at i?t'-c 711.1 ut SmVimi?*' "a," . at w" "<iat iftviec.! & ?tlRfcc. tfcptember. loo at 17 3-1*., 100 ut 17 9-32.. October. 100 at I7e Total, 23,700 bale*. lira ml total 2tMi00 bales. The receiptsat thf ports were a* follow* Ualvc*ton, MA fiale?; New OrUuns, Miflg; Mobile 1S8 Savannah, 315; t hai U nion, MB; Wi luinirioti* 75' Noriolk, 892; New York, 948; Ba.t..n, 77^ To Ul, K,ti62 bales ThU day last week, f,H7? hales. This day last year, 1,6 8 hale. Riteti on cotton to foreign ports were nominal at the tallowing figures:?To Havre by att ain, lo.; sail, lc. compressed ? to Hamburg, h}- itnuii' VI. compressed : to Hrem-n, by steam. lc.: 10 Liverpool' by steam, }?d. a 7-lftl.: tail, 6-1&I. a ?<d. We quote:? ' .... UfUutiU. Alubaum. Mete 1'rleaiu. Tl'in. Ordinary UJf 14b U% u*A Uood ordinary 1S? 16< li.i? ltiV strict good ordinary 17lJ 17W 17*. 17?7 Low iniddling isB i$? l8ij J(c3 Middling 19}/ I.|l2 |ii? v<? Uood middling Jli? iij? jjji' Xi ? I lie quotations arc bused on cotton in store, running in quality nut more than hall a grude above or below the grade quoted. AJ": O"'?-?~0lPt* floor. f.^C bbls.; wheat, 31..I. 4 liubels; , orn, .14,.'.00 do.; corn local. :'5 bbls. uud .197 bags: ?t?, .10,699I bush. Is; barley, I,MM do. The flour market was a trifle ttrmcr under a litile better inquiry tor .hiding and amily bran,la. The lules since our last foot u,. about 12,jU) blila., ut prices ?Itliui the range of the subjoined quotation*. ? orn meal was quiet but Nteailv. 1-hu sales were confined lo 250 I>L> 1st., at irom $3 25 a $a sd for lair Western to choice caloric. Feed?The market was quiet, but steady; 2ft ton# mild at ?J0 tol a ?U Oiioledt-'O' lbs. sharp*. $25a**; l(K, lhn. No. 1 middllni}' ?'7i Uja'n' ? ' So, u ^a 923; Ul ib' , (2t) a ?uperunTsiuie.:::::;:v.::v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.',6 S:1?S g Kxtra Minnesota... j in * u Sti | Round hoop Ohio, alii|>pniK brands.!"..'.!!!! 6 2* u 7 J6 , Kouiitl hoop Ohio, trade brands 7 Sit u 8 00 fcjt. 1-euiM, iow extraV.I" ? ?6 2 7 is bt I-ouls, slraipchl extra 7 76 a 8 -S I ouiM, choice douole extra 8 7o a ? so TvinnlnV^0'00 l""ily ....".'.'.10 110 a 12 DO iwiinoi iiiu y on u u hi Ityo flour : : 4 is a 8 40 Sou-hem No. 2 4 bouihurn superflne n 7s ? ? in Southern extra 7 23 2 a -S Southern futility q r?o i? 1*2 mt Corn ui al. Western "i::.:;" ? "7s a 'l ? Corn meal, Jersey ? |V. ? Corn meal, Brandy wine .'.'.'.'.'.'.I'.'.'.'. 3 66 a 3 75 lialtimore 4 40 t <> h , Caionc?tl, *//# 3 *io a 3 oi l uncWon.j ,U UU i. o. b, ?-n neat w a* quiet, but very scarce, and prime was about 1C. '|; ar?r. I he sale.H were only ulioiu tiO,uOO bnsliels, at Si fjo 11 ?1 59 li r common spring, $i B6 tor good fhicairo, ?l bi In slore lor No. 2 Milwaukee, (2 (14 lor amb> r, $2 20 lor < ulltornia. 1'urt ol the above sales wore made last evening, including No. 2 Milwaukee Spring, lor dr.-1 hull' otJune,ai$l tO, and do., tor last hall ol May, al $1 6!i. Corn whs steadier, cosing ut 66^c. bid lor old mixed in store 1 hi* .-ales were only about 45,UK) bushels, a! 67o. l?ir old in store, (>7h,c. a 68T-o. lor new do. atloal, ti8>ic. u 6'Jc. lor yellow, 73e. lor Western while nnd 7*c. a 8()c. nouuually lor . ouihern do. uuu were decidediv firmer and lairIv actue nt ilie improvement. The sales agitro gale tuIIv !'5,IK1,I bushels, at 48c. u 49c. lor lnierior new Western &Jc. a 52c. tor lair new mixed to choice light do., W' 14 M ?u' lor 'air lo elioice Western while aMoui; old . L .Vu'f ;1" re-, Barley-sales 8,ooo bushels Canada toi iiier pri .i^ju r *ss not dealt in, and nominal at ,?M{>"?;"T?-TThorj wus v?ry little accomplished to-day in the line ol berth Irelglits, but rates were firm. A lair business in charters was consummated, the inquiry beiu? I principally lor vessels adapted to the petroieiiui trade, | '*a'i's wiT" not noticabiy changed Th?* engage men Is lit ( elude:?To Liverpool, by stcuin, 37,300 bushels ol grain tor fuiiiru shipment, at wl. a 6J$d.; 000 boxes bacon, 4iis. To London, b.v steam, 225 tons ol oilcake on private terms, and, by s.iil. lwuorccs ol beei at 6s. 01. The cliar tors inc.utle : A Hritish bark, hen etoBiistol Channel. I"- praiu at lis. tid.; a Uerinan bark, hence lo a Baltic port, 4,000 bbls rellned petroleum, 6u. 4J?d; a Nor wegian bark, .l.uoo bbls. refluod do., same voyage and rate: an Austriun bark, hence to Odessa, 13,(fKJ eases rc flneddo., at 45c.; a Hrilisb bark, hence toOork lor orders, to the I uited Kingdom or Contiuent, 3.00U bbls. rellned do., rate reserved; a Norwegian burk, irom Philadelphia to a Continental port, 6,500 libU. do. at (is. ti rellned or lis. oikiTi iS i ;,H Ni,riWt Klau ,,ark',r""1 <ln-,0 11 Baltic port, 2,mm bids, refilled do. on private terms; a briij, hence to a Baltic port, 1,40) bbls. rellned da at 7s. Moi.AssBs.?ihe Inquiry lor foreign was lair, but with out rc-illtlnu in any considerable business. 1'riees were uncbaiiged. We beard oi sales ot 143 hhus. ol Cuba lor bollingat .HiJ.r. and I HO obis, of New Orleans, in lots, ut 73c. a <8c. We quote ' Cuba, centrifugal and mixed .'/t-e.'u'i&c Ife^?r0?' Cuba, clayed ? a ? 29c a H2c Cuba, muscovado, reflnlng ?a? SUr'? txn' ro^;.lt,:rcuvuao,Kr,M;i'rj' 3^:"?^: jorio rvK.o _??? Hfto n. iiin> KugUfih Uland? ~ a ? 25t?' a flit" New Orleans _a_ .p,itl.VAIV rTO,"'a'~,,n 't:h:in)?e to-day tlie market lor splnt?of turjientine was dull und entirely nominal: 49kc was the best bid, but holders were asking 5*: A iule of -6 bbls. was made late yesterday at 49*gc. Later 100 bbls. ^Id to-day at ink'. K. sln was quiet and easy btralneit quoted ut $3 a $3 10. We note sales of I,M06 bhlji! Rhmi't1 ?x liVi |jfjirj'{ ,on private terms, said to be. al or about #.116, 3,lluo bbls. <fo. to arrive at >2 90, cost and freight; SOU bids. K brand on private terms, 'i'ar wasuuict but steady ; 60 bbls. of Washlugtoitold it W 75. ' ' ...k1!1?"8?:Thu tJl'muluJ '"r Irish, potatoes has been rather slow since our last, but there wus no maicriui cliunge lii pru'es. We append quotations, which are lor lots in bulk; it in shipping order, 50c. per hbi. additio.iil must be added. Wo quote:? I'eacli blows, 11 a $J .'ir '?!"1y.r')h?',trj,'i Jackl,1"" whiles, ]>2 a $2 50; Priti. e Alherts. f.'5n u IS 75, peerless, }2 25 a t- 50; (Iyrutins $1 76 n 92 ?J5; sweets, $4 u $4 50 for kiln-dried. ' 'change to-day the market for refined holders manifested considerable lirmiiess and pr lees were nominally steady. May quoted at2iic. a 20 4c. We note a >ale ot 2,500 bbls.. sellers J uue, ut 2n;>.c Crude, in bulk, was tlrraly beld at 10c., but there were no buyers Ui that price j.ate yesterday 500 bbls sold at y^e. Cawes wore ouiet, but quoted Mteariv at a 27c. Naphtha ua* (lull and nominal at 11c. a like. lorVehU rn oreity. At the creek the market was 7epoV.e?l quiet yu"t<i'1, Mt 80 a $2 85 ul Oil City! $2 65 at Petroleum Centre, 92 ti2k bid and $2 ?5 asked at Titusvilie. I tie Philadelphia market was ?encrull> quiet but there wus rather more inquiry noticeable, und sales' were reported ol 2,500 bbls, rellned. sellers, last halt of May. at IKkc., and 3,000 bbls. <lo., buyers, J uue, ut 20' c Later wv heard ol hales in >ew York, ol 4.500 bhls m cltv naphtha lor last halt of June at ll^c.. and 20 o(JO chik h cif rellned tor prompt delivery on private terms." Provisions.?Receipts? lork, 360 bbls.; beef 55 nark, apes; cut meats, 649 uo.; lard, 881 bbls. and tierces nnd 200 k"i;s. I lie market lor mess pork coniinued dull and iioiiitnal; quoted at $18 50 tor May, J uue or .July. 250 bbls. sold .or the latter month at thai price, and 50 bbls of clear mess at (19 76. Bacon was rather easier and very qn I. 4.'4) boxes of short clear sold last eveiiiuu lor e port at 10c. ; to-dsy 26 boxes of city long clear, at 10c ? short do. quoted at ffte. Dressed hogs were easier and' heavy; iiuoted at 7}*c. a 8c. Heef-Tlio market continued quiet, but prices were about steady. We heard ol sules of 120 packages, ?t prices within the ruage ol $1) a (11 for new plain mess bbls., S12 a $14 lor do. extra do. bbls., $'ila $22 lor do. prime mess tierccs, and $.3 a $26 lor do. Indian do. tierce*. Reef hams were neglected, but quoted steady nt $2H a $33 lor lexun and Western. Cut meats?The market was llrm under a moderately fair demand. We note sales of 500 tresli bams, 12 lbs. average, at 9??c.; 50 boxes oickiwl shoulders at 7?e. ;'lbs. of 'tlo.' r^Ui "?^cmprivatS Jcr"js^ yuotatloiis tor other meats were unchunued Lurd?The market for Western was quiet, but prices were about steady. We heard of sales of UK) tierces oMTIu grade, at Diic.; 1.000 tierces tor May at tfke., Juue quoted at 9j^c and .1 uly at 9%c. a lllc. City was also quiet, but Steady, hales 150 tierces at i))4c. and 30 tierccs No. 1 at sJisar.?The market for raw ruled quiet to-dnv, and in the lace ol large arrivals Prices were very firmly held. Wc have on.y to note the sale ot 260 hhds. and h?f boxes ot ceutruugal at #?c.; 10 hhds. of Porto RIcoTat sic Other transacOons were pending. Refined was In iair reiiuest and stoady in price. We quote :-Cuba? Rclintni: 7." "r-i. ? com?<jn, 6*/iC. a 7V,c.; fair to good lair! 1/\< | a 8><c.: good to prune, 8ifc. a S'4c.; grocery, tair to 12? 'hI V'* HCV Prll"e Uj choice, 8*|C a 8^,c.: ccnirilu f !'? slv." ti "? * ""'lasses, fihds. and boxes, t>^c. a 7^c.; ineludo, 4c. a tic. Havana?Boxes Hutch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7*c.; do., 10 in 12. 7?ic a h, ? i.J1" ' a DHc. ; do? 16 to'l8.9Wc\ 9&. : *>. a lOSc.; white, 9'+c. n \6ftc. Porto Rico- hetliuiig, common to prime, 6Jic. a 8c!; grocery L* n is ?sh^CC' ?SC- ?i5'"0- Brazil?Dutch sUndsrd Nos! ? I u\/* u *AC' Java?Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, 8e. a "He-Manila?Superior and extra superior. 7c.a7Hc. Rick.?The market wus steady uuder a continued lair demand. We heard ol sales of 40 tierces of Carolina ut ike. u N'-.c., and 1'ftJ bags of Rangoon at 6'i.c. a 7c STeABm? conUnued quiet, but Arm; 25 hhds. sold at J Z" ?^!ldy ""f1 ,n ?n"<Jeraie demand. Hales I outside at n'jC. a 9c., according to quality and J00hhl8. ot common, lant evening, at8??c WHiss"ir.-Rcceipts, 842 bbls. The market' continued ,,ot closed a shade firmer. Bales 150 bbls. at 91c. a DOMESTIC MARKETS. Cotton dull, nothing doing; Texas ordinary'fHc. .''good S2r? ? * . . N?* osmss, May 7, lrt73s Cotton in rair demand; low middlings, I6?c ; inii)dlings 18c. a l?Hc. Net receipts, 5,062 bales; gross, 5,16s. hx porta to tlie Continent, 1,230. Sales, last evening, 1,000: to-day, i,JM. Stock, 164,905. ? ... ^ . Monti, May 7, 187S. Cotton dull and weak; low middlings, 15?c.; middlings 17!?c. Net receipts, 138 hales. Kxports?To Great Britain 8,73J; coastwise, 307. Sales, 300. Stock, 30.9o2. . . ,, . SAVAsiriH, May 7, 1S73. Cotton dull; middlings, Set receipts, 31a bales. Exports coastwiu;. 290. Sales, 368. Stock, 30,220. ? , , , Ciiaklkston, May 7, 187S ( otton dnli and nominal ; middlings, l?Hc. a I3>?c.. Nei receipts, 592 bales. Sales, 100. Stock, 24,336. ,, .. . ? . Mmmphis, May 7,1873. Cotton dull: low middlings, 17c. Receipts, 854 bales. Sbipuicnts, 96L Stock, 3j,0itf. w Oswkoo, N. V., May 7, IS73. Flour unchanged ; salee ot 1,800 bbU. at $8 iu tor No. 1 Spring. $9 .5 tor amber Winter, $10 50 tor white Winter ?nd til lor doubleeitra. W'heat quiet: sales of one car No. 1 Milwaukle Club at $1 fiM, Corn unehaiiKed ; sales el 4,700 bushels of Wesurn at 6<)c. Barley held at$l m ,orAV'5>kf 1??n?da. torn meal sold at $1 26 tor boiled ;nd$l 20 tor iiubolted per cwt. Mill feed unchanged, at $21 tor shorts, $22 lor shipstulfs and $23 lor iniddlings per '"'i- Railroad trelghla-Flour to Boston, fine.; to New i ork. 60c.; to Albany, 4Jc Receipts by Iake-lu>i0 bushels ol wheat, 3,6Wda barley, 23,000 do. rye and 316,uoo feet of lumber. . . . ,. , ^ _ Hvtt/uo, May 7,1K73. Lake and rail imports >-Flour, 0.OW) bbls.; wneat, 3,7ti0 bushels; coru, 1 27! do.; oats, l,.wi do. No export* re ported to-day; the Lake trade not Inirly opened yet. rlour active, at $7 75 a $8 26 tor Western spring; $s 50 a $9 26for amber; $0 SO a $10 for white. Wheat scarce; sales of small lots of Northwestern Spring at $1 52; quoted, Milwaukee No. 2 Spring, at $1 52 a $1 56; Chicago No. 2do., at $1 46; white Canada, $1 75 a $1 90. Corn firm; uo sales as yet by the cargo ; sales 5,600 btuhe Is S? .,*? ln '?'*t ?* Mc. Oats quiet; (ales of small lots Western mixed at 4$c. Barley steady, at 95c. a $1 lor Canada: 90c. a 95c. for No 2 W estern; 84c. a 8dc. tor two rowed State ; 96c. for four-rowed State. Rye qniet and nominally at 86c. Barley malt steady, at $1 a $1 10 lor Western ; $1 10 a $1 15 for prlrta WTnfer WtjM'Tn; $1 to ? 91 ii lor prime Canada. Rye malt held at 35c. i ,r!0T,r ?n'et 01 changed. Wheat excited'; prices higher, demand mainly speculative; market Irregular; No. I Spring dull; prices nominal; No. 2 do. sold at si 2#i*J a 91 2/H, cash, closing at $1 27; seller Mav closed it $1 Xly. seller June if 28; No. 3 do., $1 17 ^91 I7U; r" Jected, 91. Corn active and higher; sales of No. 2 mixed a\, i" i"Tot or ?o'lerMny; 40v r? seller June; ii v , seller July; rejected, 35>,c. -a 36?<c. Oats active ami higher; sales ol No 2 at 37v,c. spot; 33'4c., seller June reiected, Soc. a :?Xc. Rve firmer and scarce at 09c u r?? 2"' 2 i".n1rley "r!" !" '?lr demand nt 7V. a noc. tor Wo. I rail, according Ut location. Pork atpuriv at 917 26, selicr May: 917 50, seller June. Lard nrm at 9c. a 15c., seller June. Bulk meats and bacon quiet and un changed: no sales. Whiskey active and higher at 8HUc FreightsIn I air demand and lower; wh. at to Buffalo, 9c.: i'h. W?,'.1!1' Kecelplf-JLOW bbls. Hour. :*l,uuu buMiels wtieaL 51.000 do. coru. 33,owd?. oau, do. rve uud inno hurley. Shipments? l2,noo bbls. ftour, Snt.ooa bnshnls win-Hi, 1 Hi. 100 do. turn, 28,1 UO do. uuU 2,000 uo. ry>? nud 3,000 ilo. barley. BPEOfEAU MA&KLT3. London Money Marrkt.?London, May 7?5 P. M.?Con toll) unit Aincr.cail securities closed unchanged. Consols opened *i Wit lor moaoy anil tor the account I'nltcsl Slates tlve-twt-iiiv bonds, Ih66'h. olil. '.i2. Wi, #3J< i ten forties, hui.; new lives, 8#>?, ami Erie Railway shares at 50){. Paris Sours*?Paris, Ma* 7.?Renter opened at 54f. 32c. VkANitouT Bouhs*.?Frankfort, May 7.?United ?Utei five-twenty bonds. X>U lor the issue oi 1862. IiiTkarooL Cotton Mskkkt.?LlVKRrooi, May 7?5 f. M .?aU> of cotton .-hipped :'rura Mobile and still at ?ea it HII by. i hr market opened quiet. Middling upland*. H'-tl. and ; middling Orleans, 9Ud. a9'4d. Olthe saleo to-day li iXJO bales were American Salesol cotton shipped irom Sa vannah ?r Charleston, April and May, al H'Kd.; trom New Orleans, May and June. 8%d-: from Savannah or Charleston. deliverable in June, at 8 ll-lfld., aud Iroui the sauie ports, deliverable In May, at 8 Ulrtd. '?lv,tRr10oI* Bkrapstufiti M ikkkt.?Liverpool, May 7.? The in irket Is quiet London I'l.diiui K Markkt.?London, May 7.?Refined petrol cum, lid. per gallon. Spirits turpentine 40*. per FINANCIAL,. August belmont a co~ Hankers 19 aud 21 Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credit*, avadaole in all parts of the world, through the Messrs. DR ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and telegraphic trunsrers oi money on Calitoruia, Kurope an.I Havana. AT REASONABLE RATES-MONEY ON LIKE ANI1 Endowment Insurance Policies, Mortgages and other becni ities. Insurances ol all kinds e(Trefoil w:ih best companies. .1. J. IIARKICII t. Co.. n; Brondwiv. A?TRUST MONEY JUST I'AII) IN TO LOAN AND ? buy Mortgage* oil City Heal Estate, in sums to suit; no bonus. Amin es TRUSTEE, b^p 2.liil I'osl oillce. N. Y A-LAPSLEY A BA/ILKV, 74 HROADWAY, BROKERS ? In stock ami Oold Privileges.?$100 lor put or call lor 10(1 shares, $1?V tor $W,000, gold; first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and rclerences, ma.led U> any address. A FEW MORS GOOD SECOND MORTGAGES wanted, this city rat*, 6 to 8 per cent, to cover money within five days; principals. Address or apply to J. 11. LICHTENHTEIN, 1& Broadway. JJANKING HOUSE OF RISK A HATCH, No. 5 Nassau street, Now York, May 5, 1873. The present high price of government securities is in creasing the demand for first class Railroad Bonds, and It Is not reasonable to suppose that the present ditTeronce of from 20 to SO per cent can ho obtained for any great length of time. ? We aro recommending for exchanges or lor new in vestments:? Chesapeake and Ohio Seven 1'er Cent Mortgage Bonds, interest payable January and July, principal and in terest payable, In gold, in New York cily. Only (3,000,000ot these bonds will be amurnJ for sale at present Price 90 and accrued interest. We consider thani amply secured, and a very desirable investment. The proceeds will be used in adding largely to the present equipment, and in extending to deep water on the Chesapeake Bav, whore the largest steam ers in the world can load and unload alongside the ears. We continue to deal in Government and Central aud Western Pacific Bonds, receive deposits on which we allow Interest, muko collections, execnto orders at the Stock Exchange for cash, and conduct n general banking business. FISK A IIATCTI. BIx HANNAH, 41) BROAD STREET, BROKER IN ? stock privileges exclusively. Established 18 .s. Relers to bankers, brokers and stock operators generally. FOR SALE?CERTIFICATE OF FIVE StlAllKS 11K the Central Hallway Const ruction Company of Iowa. Apply to RUFUS HATCH, 17 Broad street, TpOR SALE, IMMEDIATELY?$H,10il, $7,!*? and $V?IJ0. r llrst mortgages on business avenue in this city, :i years, worth double; Philadelphia brick fronts; "fair bonus. Apply to J. B. LICIITENSTEIN,. l&'l Broadway. JJOWBS A MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OFFER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT THE RATE OF FOUR PER C^NT. IMPORTANT TO INVESTORS.-$275,000 WANTED?TO establish a manufactory of goods its staple as cotton or woolen, under the direction ol a pariv now producing in large quantities wares superior to aiiy maniiiuctured in this country or Europe, and under very udvautageou* circumstances, as 80 per cent ol the goods sold here aro lminulacturcd in England, where the high price ot cial and labur Is rapidly precluding export. Profits very large and sales uuliinited. A thorough personal iuvesti gatiou solicited. EI.LIH A B III Nt!K E RH O FF, Financial Agents, 48 Bmad street Money, in various hums, to loan on im proved city Property. First and second mortgages cashed. THUS. A. A ROBERT EMMET. 36 l'lne st TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE?$11,000 FOR three years, on strictly first cliisj improved Property in New York or Brooklyn; also 10 purchase a first Mortgage on Improved Brooklyn Property. Apply to II. GRAVES, l<u Broadway, New York. WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR AMERICAN AND French Burr stone Bonds, a Buggy and Road Wagon. Address, stating condition, box 67 Post ofllce. $4 Cily Real Estate. GEORGE B. WALTON, 51; Pine street 000 TO LOAN ?'V dtjcrj nrm executor's money to loan?on ?ptJU.Ul/w city Property; also First and Second Mortgages promptly cushtd. HALL J. HOW, 12 Pine street dt;QA nnn ON HAND FOR FIRST MORTGAGES; ?POIF.IMmJ $75,(00 for second mortgages; sums to suit; city property only. S. FUElDENlltcn A CO., 906 and 90S Third avenue. <?1 nnn 10 LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT ipItJU?WUU gage, without bonus, lor a term of years, on real estate in this city. JOHN F. CONREY, 112 Broadway, room 9. $300 000 -RX'?CnTOR,,S FUNr> TO I'OAN ON w w ^ bond and mortgage on New York im proved property, In kukih from $x 000 to $2.'i.i<?i'; only principals or their attorneys dealt with. No bonus re quired CALLENDElt A LAURENCE, 30 Pine street. COP AIIT \ K ItS HI PS. MAY 1, 1H73.?THE BUSINESS OF EDWARD P. Hampsou, at 38 Cortlsndt street, has been consoli dated Willi that ol Wliiti hill. Smith A Co., of Newburg, N. Y., under the firm names ol Hampsou, Whltehitl A Co., New York, and Wliiteliiil, Smith A Hampsou, Newburg. NEW YORK, may i.-tiie undersigned have this day formed a copartnership for the continua tion ol the business ot I. Baer A Co., under the same name, 46 John street ISAAC BAER. JOSEPH 8. LEVY. WE HAVE THIS DAY ADMITTED MR. MAURICE B. Flynn as a member of our firm, Guy C. Ilotrh kiss A field. I'he business of the old firm will ik> here alter conducted under the firm name ot Guy C. Notch* kiss. Field A < 0., at 74 to 8ft First street, Brooklvn, E. I)., ana at 527 Hudson street. New Yors. Brooklyn, May 1, 1873. UIJY C. HOTCHKISS, CHARLES H. FIELD, MAURICE IJ. FLYNN. I..OA* officio*. At 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, t'P stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry. Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickeis bought, at 77 Bleecker streeL AT WOLF BROTHERS', 896 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth stroets?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jcwelrv, Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos; private parlor lor ladies; business strictly confidential. A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, 06 WEST THIRTY ? first lormerly 90 1'rlnce street, loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property of every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, 806 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry Goods, and per souul Property ot every description. Private entrance fur ladies. At 57 Thirteenth street, near broadway I pay the highest price lor Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET ? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Camel's Hair shawls, Laces and personal properly of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. Money liberally 'advanced <>n diamonds," Watches, Jewulry, silks, iudia Shawls, Ac.; also a large Stock of the above-named Goods on hand for sale, to pay advances. No. I Washington place, under New York Hotel, one door from Broadway. Money loaned?on diamonds, watches Jewelry and silverware. The same bought anil sold. GEO. C. ALLEN, 841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street OQ NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? 0?7 Liberal advanced made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. 'I he same bought and sold. Room 1. BAYMAN LEOPOLD. A rvo SIXTU AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH T;Uu and Twenty filth streets.?Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,Silas, Laces and shawls. Same bought at full value. L. BERNARD. Ion'T BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH ? I ofllce, room B.?Parlors lor ladies; branch IJJ Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought aud sold. UNDO BROS. POLITICAL. Taxpayers and citizens- protective union of the Twellth ward. Organized June, 1871. A regular meeting of the above organization will be held in their rooms, 2,210 Third avonuc, corner ot lrAl street, on Thursday evening. May 8, 1S73, at 7>4 o'clock. Members and Irlends invited to attend. E. H. BROWN, President ( iiari.m Rrstos, Secretary. WATCH KM. .IKWKIitiY, ?fcc. AN ELEGANT DIAMOND BRACELET FOR SALE. aeftlnti uiifiiirpAMMMl. a rare chance to any one de luIILS " I?uko * be??ttful i?rc*;ut Address UEiKLouM, Herald ulUcik FtTtiyTTTTRlS. -PAKLOK ANIi SOFA BHDS; Til K LARGEST VA* CUy: i*Bynu'1' A 300 ? Ma AT PRIVATE SALK-A.tI.THK FURNITURE Of Fur. vate residence 210 West :l?t street u<nr 7th ??, nue, viz. Parlor Suits, Hodrocm Suit*. Carpet* ?*} spring timl carted hair Mattre-weit, ornaments, kiteVn aud diuing room Furniture, B dsteau, Bureaus, Wash siands, Bronzes, Clock*; one lour round Piauoiort. feott makers, cheap lor cash. At a great sacrifick if call, tutu day at residence 10# East Twenty (lith street, between Fourth ?ml Lexington avenues.?Magnificent latest styla Parlor Suits, covered with French -atin, coat $675, for :.V. one do., $179; do, $joi>- hrocatel and rep Suits, (J an I $50; One Paintings. Mirror*, Carpet*, Bronzes. Cur tain*. rowvrood and w ilnui Chamber Suite,styla ot Louis XIV-., $15 up: inagnulceut double round 7'? octave Piano, forte, cost $990. tor $3lJ0; li u bo* for shipping; Buffet, Extension Table. Silverware Ira than halt cost. A LARGE ASSORT KB NT Of CARPETS, KURNI lure and Bedding at lowest cash prices, hy weekly instalments, al O'FARRELL'S warehouse, 410 Eighth ava? nuo, between Thirtieth and Thirty-Urst street*. A RARE CHANCE FOR HOUSEK E E P K It 8. ? M AU? nitlciiit Household Furniture tor sule at a micriflcei property family leaving city j two superb Suits Drawing Koom Mirniture, covered silk brocade ot the richest ile? Scrlptloll, cost $"WXt, for $-00; do., $13*1; ilo., $45; velvet med.illion Carpets, rosewood walnut chamber Furniture, style Louis XIV.; hair .-print,' Mattre**e*, Secretaire Bookcase, Marnueterle, boi* de rose Cabinets. Tables, magnificent ttquare grand Pianoforte, Mirrors, Paintings, Statunry, Bronzes, Works ot Art, Extension Table, Bui let, silverware, Glassware, Chinuwarc, 4c., at half coat. Sfi Went 19th st., near 5th av. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL DISPOSE IN LOTS, AT private aale, Furniture of tire atory residence 1J1 West Twenty-third street, two Planofortea, one lor $2M), one for $125: Parlor St"t*, coatlHO for $200; Ken Suifg $40, $911, $60, Mirrors, Cirnets, Bedroom suit*, $29, $.5, $129, $150 complete; Bedding, Painting*, Bronze*. Onr talns, Etageres, BookcaM), Sllverplated Ware, (/hino, til a.-.ware, Ac. Call beiore purchasing elsewhere ana examine. c 1ARPETS, Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or m >utb. Terms ea?v. KELLY A OO., corner of Twenty-fifth street and-Slxth avonua CIRBATEST BAROAINS OF HIE SEASON. X Foreclosure to pav advances and loan*. $20 .nou worih second ntnd Furniture, carpota. 722 Broadway, opposite Now York Hotel. Second hand Lace and Broc.itel Curtains. Walnut, rosewood and mahogany Chamber, Parlor and Library Furniture. Moquet, Axmmster. Velvet and Brussels Carocta. Valuable (til Paintings and Engravings. Clocks. Bronx's, Cnina and Class Ware. Parties about refurnishing city and country houses will fln 1 this an opportunity to save money. 722 Broadway. ftOOD SECOND BAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A I X specialty -English, Brussels an I lugnln, handsome patterns, all sizes, tor sale aheap, at 112 Fulton street, corner of Patch. Entrance oi Dutch street ONTHLY OR WEEKLY PAYMEMTS.? CARP UTS, Furniture, Bedding. Ac. DKALY A CUNNINGHAM. .184 and 386 Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth street. Prices lower than uny other house in tnc city. "IVTEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR PUR. VV nlture, Carpet* and Bedding, at B. M. COWPER TllWAIT A CO.'S, 195 and 1 >7 Chatham street. Au stock and low prices. xt TILL EXCHANGE-SEVERAL GOOD, HM A f.f i VV Mortgages lor first class Furniture anil Carpet*. Cull immediately, or uJdics H. M. JOHNSON, 20S Broadway, room o. Wanted?to, a pieb glass and Com ices; must he In good order and cheap for cash. Address I'lKIt GLASS, West Side Advertising Agency, :uw West Twenty-third street. POST office: notice. Ijost office notice. I he mails for Europe during the week ending Safttr. day, May 10,1873, will close ut this office on Wednesday, at in1, A. M. s on Thursday, at 11 A. M., and on Saturday, at 11 a. M. and 12). P. M. THOS. L. JAMBS, Postmaster. M PROPOSAL*. I PROPOSALS FOR STOCKS OF THE city OF NEW YORK. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's oftloe until l nursday, Hth day of May, 1373, at two o'clock 1' M., when the same will bo publicly opened for tho whole or any part of the sum of one million and forty B\ V thousand ll^'c li undrcd dollars ot stocks of tho city of NeAIMMrrIoNAL NEW CROTON AQITEKDCT STOCK, authorl/A'd by chapter 230, Ijiws ol 1870, payable ? August I, law $190,000 CBOTON WATER M AIN STOCK, authorized by chapter 9S3, Laws of 1M72, payable November 1, 11*10 75,900 Cfl'Y PARKS IMPROVEMENT FUND STOCK, authorised by chapter TW. Laws of 187A. payable in thirty years 70,001 ADDITIONAL CROTON WATER STOCK, authorized by chaph-r '?*>. amended by chaptcr Luwsol' IK71, payable November I. IS91 190,001 citv Improvement stock, authorized by chapter sttO, Laws of 1869, payable November 1, 1892 fi0),00l Said slocks will bear Interest at the rate of seven pel cent pnr annum, payable on the 1st day of May and N<* veinljcr In each year. The proposals will state the amount of stocks desired ami the price per #100 thereof; aud the persons whoso'i are accepted will thereupon be required to dtv posit Willi the Comptroller the sums awarded to them respectively, together with any premiums thereon, when they will be entitled to receive certificates for equal amounts oi the par value ol the stuns awarded to thum, bearing interest from the dates of pay incut. Eac.ii proposal should be sealed and endorsed "Pro posals for Stocks of the City ol Nj^v York," and enclosed in u second envelope, addressed to the Comptroller. The right Is reserved on the part of the Comptroller to reject any or nil of the bids. If In his judgment the In teresisof tho Corporation require it. AM*UE>V II. GREEN, Comptroller. City or N'kw Yoaa, I)kp??t*k.vt or Fiwamck, i Comptuollkk's OrriCK, April 29, I87:i ) NTORAGE. A ?STORAGE. . STORAGE lor FI'RNITURB, PIANOS, MTRROBSL PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES. WAGONS. Ac., at the NKW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expressly lor the purpose, 103 TO lit EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH VVENUE. TRUNKS, CASKS anil other PACKAGES containing articles of EXTRA VALI.'K can l?' stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persons can lorward their goods Irom anv part of EU ROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is invited to examine the superior ac coinmndatUtns. light, ven:llatlon, saiety, Ac., which thld warvhous<' possusrics over all other-i JOHN H. MORRELL, owner and Proprietor. A?STORAGE.?WEST HIDE STORAGE WARE , houses, 993, 634, U30 Hudson struct, 779 Greenwich street and in Abingdon square, for furniture, pianos, bag gage and all other tainily property: all goods arc placet! In ncpcralc rooms; these estublisninents are the most re sponsible, reliable, accommodating and lowest In rate In New York; trucks und express wagons always ready for the removal of furniture, either in city or country. ?. TAQGA RT, owner and manager, office 5K> Hudson street, near Weft Twelfth street HOISKS, KtMIMS, ?c., WAOTMPi lit tikla City and Brooklyn. A FIRST CLASS UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANTED Immediately by small tamlly; must be In good or der, upltown. and east side preferred; three or lour stories, brown stone front. Addresa HOUSE, box 146 Herald Uptown Branch office. AIT ANTED?A SMALL COTTAGE, WITH A GARDEN, V V tor a small lamily. In a nuiet neighborhood in this city. Address tiox i-,,st oflfca. 1\rANTED?FIVE OR SIX ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR Vt housekeeping. In a respectable neighborhood; rent not to exceed $49 per month. Addrc**J. P., Herald olllco. WANTED?A PLEASANT RO?)M. WITHOUT HOARO, in a private family, between Fourteenth and Thir tieth street*, references exchanged. Address A. B., box 2U7 Herald otlice. WANTED?A FLOOR OF FIVE OR SIX ROOMS FOR VV about $HI per month by a coo.I tenant, to be be tween Thirty-second aud Fortieth streets ami Sixth and Eighth avenue*. Address J .I EI NG, 1.2-17 Broad way. ll/ANTEl)?PART OF HOUSE, UNFURNISHED, FOR Vr family, Ave adult*, between Filth and Eighth ave nues, below Fortieth street; rent about $700. Addresa HA K.N A Kll, box 110 Herald office. In the Country. flOUNTRY HOUSE WANTED.?A FAMILY OF THREE \y person* desire to hire a small furnished Cottaga about one hour from the city. Addre**, with particulars, box 5,16b Post ofllce, New York^ WANTBD-FROM JUNE TO NOVEMBKR, A PUR ntshed House In New Jersey, on linn Krie or North ern Railroad, convenient to New York ; must not tie over one hour; house must be fully furnished; rent from $50 to$75 per month. Addre,*. giving lull particulars, M., box 110 Herald office. VV ANTED to RENT-IN WMSTCHESTKR COUNTY," VV not more than 10 or 15 minutes from Harlem steam boat, a nice House, furnished, with garden and stabln attached; a good healthy neighborhood and reasonable rent. Address S. J , box 2,^99 Post office, New York. ANTED To BENT?FOR THE RUMMBR, A PUlE auihed House, not below !? ishkllL, back Irom tlio Hudson Klver. on hUh ground. Addresa A. C. B., 57 West Twenty-second street MARBLE MAWTBLgT" Aklabkk, steam marbi.e anu makblf.i/.ing . W orks, 134 aud 136 East Eighteenth street.?Murblo and Marblel?r<l Mantel*, Tiling, Marble Counters, Monu ments, at prices that defy compeUt.ou. Marble Turning for uie trade. * N ASSORTMENT OF MANTELH, UNSURPASSED i V for beauty of design and i|utility of worktuauiliiy, SlaW Work of all kinds a specialty. PENRHYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Umou si|it ire. STEWART'S SLATE MANTEL8.?RICH AND ELE gant designs; Slave Works of every le*cription; Mar ble and Wood Mantel*. T. B. STEWART A CO.. 2*) and Z22 West Twenty Unr* street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y| EIKOPK, T HE QUEEN'S HOTEL NEAR THE CRYSTAL Palace, Upper Norwood, l-ondon. ?To tourist* and families?lis elevatiMl, pleasant and most salubrious posi tion, combined with the comfort aitorded and it* general management, have made the oueen's Hotel a lavunta resort of the upper ranks of English society. JK1 EN AND KARK. Artificial human eyes.?t. j. d.avi^ in. ventor and only maker of the Improved Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged by the faculty to be the ouiy correct Imitation of nature in fhe world. 127 L.toil Fifteenth street, betweeu I Inrd und Fourth avenue* REMOVAL*. VrOTlCF. OF REMOVAL.?DR. GYLKS' RESIDE.' , since the 1st ol May, Is 112 Ninth avenue, over I loriuor utllco. wbaie ha uau uuw lia fnnaiUllaht MHaM *1

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