Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 7
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LOUISIANA. Civil War Raging in the Usurped State. FIGHTING AT ST. MARTINSVILLE. Conflict Between the Metropolitans and the Registers. THE INSURRECTION WIDESPREAD Troops Ordered Forward and Citi zens Stopping Transportation. NEW ORLEANS IN UPROAR. An Attempt to Assassinate the Car pet-Bag Governor. KELLOGG SHOT IN THE NECK. Two Citizens Assaulted and Beaten in the Streets. PROCLAMATION BY M'ENERY. The Robbery of the Gun Shops Denounced. INTERVIEW WITH GEHERAL EMORY. ? A Riot in New Orleans To Be Sup pressed at All Hazards. NOTES FROM THE FRONT. Poiilion of the Contending Forces in the Disputed District, New Orleans, May 7?Noon. There were n# metropolitans on the beat last flight, those remaining In the city being concen trated at tbe stations. It is understood that those who refuse to take' rifles arc allowed to resign. Several members have loft ttie lorce, declaring they wonld not take up arms against the people of the State. A GUN STORK BROKEN OrEN AND ROBBED. Madge's gun store was broken into by a mob during the night and almost Its entire contents carried off, there being no policemen present to protect the property. De Blanc reports to Governor McEnery that he holds the metropolitans in check. No general en gagement had taken place at last accounts. UNITED STATES TROOPS EN ROUTE. General Emory has ordered Company A, Nine teenth infantry, with General Smith in command, to procced to Brashcar. The latest despatches received n-om the acenc of the disturbance report that an engagement Is Im minent at St. Martinsville. So far one metropoli tan has been killed. No citizens are reported killed or wounded. New Orleans, May 7?7 P. M. Nothing inrther has been received as yet irom St. Martinsville. At last accounts an engagement was Imminent. The troops sent up this morning to Brashear by General Emory have obtained frans portation, and will leave to-night for the scene of action. They number forty-seven privates, nnder command ol Captain O'Relllr. JAIL BIRDS SENT TO REINFORCE THE METBOPOLI TANS. This evening, by freight train, forty-flve horses flnd about thirty men, said to have been released from the Pariah Prison for the purpose, left for Brashear. They passed over the lerry in Citizens' clothes. They are intended to reinforce the Metropolitans. GREAT EXCITEMENT prevails in the city, the news of a Dattle between Colonel Deblano and the Metropolitans being mo mentarily expected. AN ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE KELLOOO. This evening at half-past four o'clock as Mr. Kel logg was coming out of the office of the Morgan Steamship Company, corner of Natchez alley and Magazine street, he was accosted by Mr. Charles K. Bailey, a prominent merchant of this city, who ?aid:? '?Are you Mr. Kellogg?" Kellogg stared at him, but did not answer. Mr. Italley then said:? "If you are you arc a cowardly, swindling scoundrel, and if you will stand like a man I will treat you as you deserve." Mr. Kellogg made no answer; but, turning pre ternaturally pale, sprang into his carriage. Juut at this moment A riSTOL SHOT was heard, and Mr. Kellogg instantly placed his hands to his head and cried out, 'Take me home! I'm shot I" The carriage immediately drove off. We havo round It impossible to ascertain who flred the shot. Several people saw the smoke, but no one saw the shooting. AN EYEWITNESS' ACCOUNT OF TIIB AFFAIR. Mr. Hutchinson, of the Arm of C. A. Whitney A Co., said:?"This morning a detachment of police took charge of and picketed the wharr of the Texas Railroad Company. They Interfered with busi ness to an unwarrantable extent and created con siderable alarm. I rebuked Captain Flanagan, who was in charge, and sent word to Mr. Kellogg, expressing my disapprobation of their conduct. ARRIVAL OF KELLOOO. At hair-past rour o'clock Kellogg called at the office In his carriage, to explain the matter. While doing so his carriage at the door was imme diately surrounded by A LARGE AND KTCITED CROWD, who commenced Jeering and denounring him. Just as the negro was driving off some one In the crowd flred a pistol, wounding Kellogg, it Is said, in the neck. The driver Immediately piled the whip and drove up Natchez street at a furious pace. The crowd lingered for some time in the neighborhood and the utmost excitement pre vailed. TflE SnOOTINO DON* BY A DOT. A bystander who witnessed the whole affair called at the HernUt ofllce to state that the shoot ing was done by a boy about sixteen years of axe, who escaped at a rapid pace down Magazine street. Mr. Kellogg was taken to the St. Charles Hotel, where he arrived very badly frightened, but uuhure. KELLOGG'8 STATEMENT. Immediately on learning of the shooting we despatched a reporter to Mr. Kellogg's residence, on Prytania street, just above Clio, presuming that he would be taken home at once if injured as reported. On arriving at the house he found that Mr. Kellogg had not yet arrived, and the inmates were entirely Ignorant of the affair, as no an nouncement had as yet rcacbed home. From Mr. Kellogg's residence our reporter went at ouce to the headquarters of Oeneral Emory, corner of Camp and Delord streets, where he arrived just in time to see General Emory dismount from his carriage. Engaging that gentleman in conversation relative to the shooting and the rumors concerning it they entered the building, and tn a few mo ments afterwards Mr. Kellogg himself entered the door, looking quite natural and smiling. He shook hands with Oeneral Emory, who Inquired If he had been hurt. kei.logo?<Oh, no. Some foolish fellow shot at me as I came out of Charles Morgan's office, but did not hnrt me. The whole thing, you see, oc curred In this way. I rode in my carriage, accom panied by Captain George Norton, round to Mor gan's office to see Captain Hutchinson on somo business. Arriving there I jumped out, and told Norton he need not wait, as I should be detained some little time. Ho thereupon left, and I entered the office to see Captain Hutchinson. I remained there about twenty or thirty minutes and when I came out I noticed quite a crowd of persons standing on the >aiiquette, out did not attach any special signifi cance to that (act. Just ?3 I was on the point of entering my carriage a gontlemau whom 1 did not know approached me and asked if my name was Kellogg, on my answering in the affirmative he began cursing me. I do not remember what he said, but I replied, "I don't know you, sir," and stepped iuto tne carriage, as wc were turning into Natcliez alley, a moment after, a pistol was fired by someone unknown to me, and Instantly I felt a peculiar SENSATION IN TXIK BACK OF MY NECK. I think the ball cut through my hair and must liavo come through the back of the Carriage top. At any rate, for some reason I do not now under stand, I fell forward on the front seat and the carriage dashed forward at a rapid rate. The driver evidently being scared, I found It impos sible to restrain him, and wc dashed along over toward Carondelet street, and Into the stable. There I got out and came up here. That is the whole story.'? - kkllogg congratulated. While Mr. Kellogg was narrating the incidents of his narrow escape quite a number of persona dropped in, having heard the flying rumors, and when he closed Ids story they stepped forward and congratulated him. Dr. Kellogg, Judge Howell and others of Kellogg's adherents were among those who first offered their congratulations. ANOTQEB STATEMENT. Another eye-witness made the following state ment:?"The young man who fired the shot was about three paces behind the carriage as it | turned into Natchez street, followed by a loud and | Jeering crowd. The shot penetrated the back of the carriage. The man was well dressed, very j quiet and very collected." MORE OUTRAGES. W. R. Pish, editor or the New Orleans Republican, and S. C. Dibble, ex-Judge, have both been aa j saulted and beaten on Canal street The most in tense excitement exists tn the city. j A Sharp Engagement at St. Martinsville. New Orleans?Midnight. At eleven o'clock the Picayune received the fol lowing despatch irom New Iberia, dated 8:45 P. M. I Eleven O'clock.?A sharp engagement took place to-day at St. Martinsville. The po lice at two o'clock made a sortie from the town and attacked the forces of Colonel De Blanc, who fell back berore them. The police fired with solid shot and shells from their cannon, but without effect. They advanced about one mile and * hair beyond the town and made a stand, but retreated, arter a brisk skirmish, berore the advancing forces or Colonel De Blanc. THE UNITED STATES TROOPS DELAYED. The troops will not be able to leave for Brashear till one o'clock to-morrow. They will arrive at New Iberia at twe o'clock on Friday morning. They then have ten miles to march to St. Martins ville. DANCING CNDER difficulties. A ball was given at Brashear City to-night, to which all the United states officers were invited, hut all the Metropolitans were excluded. COLONEL DE BLANO in command or the citizen forces was regularly commissioned by Governor McEnery last winter as a regular colonel or mllltla, and the forces were organized by him some time ago under his com mission. They have, however, been largely re cruited by volunteers. ACTION OF THE GRAND JURY?KELLOGO k CO. IN DICTED. The Grand Jury or this parish have been looking Into the matter closely, and after having critically and profoundly weighed the Indictments which were severally made, both against McEnery and Kellogg, have presented William Pitt Kellogg and all those aiding and abetting him in his usurpa tion of the government of the State or Louisiana. The Grand Jury proclaim that the right or seir. government is guarnnteed to us by the Constitution of tne l.nlted Slates, and declare that in their opinion the Metropolitan police should be regarded as criminals for abandoning their post or duty. They request Judge Abell through the Attorney General, to summon William Pitt Kellogg, who claims to be Governor; James Longstreet, who claims to be Major General or the mllltla, and A. S. Badger, Superintendent or Metropolitan police, to answer by what authority the police are sent, rrom the city. The Grand Jury farther declare that Kellogg has violated his oath In sending the police into the country, thereby jeopardizing the lives and property or the citizens of New Or leans. They are of the opinion that the usurpers should bo criminally prosecuted. Judge Abell ordered that the report be filed and subpoenas Issue for the individuals named in the report to appear before the Grand Jury to answer the [ charges made against them. proclamation BY M'ENERY?OrrHAUK.* denounced. The sacking of the /uu shops night hod aroused public condemnation, ami U utterly repu diated by tue citizens. In relation thereto Gov ernor McEnery has issued the following proclama tion To THE people ok Nhw Orleans:? 1 cannot permit the events of yesterday to pass by without calling your attention to a certain transaction that can only bring down reproach and Hhamo upon the good name or this great city and its people. With the object of tho meet ings called yesterday and last night, which was to give expression to onr sympathy and perhaps extend material aid to the heroic Deblanc and his brave people, who are baring their breasts in defence of the integrity of their homes and against the infamous usurpation which to-day affects to govern the State, I most heartily sym pathize. These brave men deservo the active con tenance and support of every honest man in the State. Hut the disorderly tumult and riotous action of some of the residents of this city, who after tho adjournment ol the meeting last night broke into and sacked the gun stores of Messrs. Mudge A Folsom, cannot be too severely condemned. 1 hereby, in the name of the good and truo men of this State, characterize such ucts as dis graceful and calculatcd on!y to bring down disaster upon the cause for wljich we, in common, are struggling, and I do sincerely hope that the plunderers may be detected and punished to the full extent afforded by our criminal Conrt3 and the law. The cause of honest and Just government in this State can hut be subserved by peaceful, honest, determined and lawful resistance upou the part of Its good people. If war Is leucd and armed attacks matte, we can but resist. Hut If no: attacked, our true policy is one of pcace. JOHN McENEItY. INTERVIEW WITH GENERAL EMORY. As there were flying rumors on the street to the effect that United States troops were to be for warded to the sceuc or the conflict a reporter of the Herald at New Orleans couclnded to see what authority there was lor them, and proceeded at once to General Emory's headquarters, corner of Delord and Camp streets, about half-past live o'clock this evening, but found that the General was not In. Not to bo baflled, our reporter proceeded to the St. Louis Hotel, only to meet with another disap pointment. The General was not ihore, and no body could tell where to And him. Helieving tho surest place to And an ofllcer is at headquarter , he wended his way thltherwaid again, ;mi thin time was rewarded for his trouble. Immediately ou sending In his name the General ordered him to be shown tip to his office, where he received him with military politeness. Reporter?General, I have called to see you to ask whether or not there has been any requi sition made upon you lor troops, either by Mr. Kellogg or Marshal I'ackard. General Emory?Yes, sir; Marshal Packard has made a requisition upon me for troops to act as a posse comliatiis to execute writs ol arrest against certain parties In St. Martin Parish. I shall send a company off to-morrow morning. Now, sir, 1 have answered yonr questions and shall ask you some. Is there to be a row to-night ? Reporter?I think not, sir. I have no Idea that any serious disturbance is meditated, though the people are naturally much excited. General Emory?If you know ol any Intention to have a riot I tliltiK you ought to tell me, because It can do your people no possible good, and It will be my duty to put It down with a rough hand. I am determined not to permit any riot, and It Is strange to inc that your people can't see that every act of violence, every dlsturbauce, every negro that you kill, only tends to strengthen the government that you desire to overthrow, and to render your case more hopeless before Congress. Reporter?They are mily aware of that fact, General; they fully appreciate the force of your reasoning. But what would you have them dor Submit quietly and pusillanimousiy to a govern ment they do not recognlzo as having any founda tion in right or law? General Emory?Submission does not necessarily imply pusillanimity. You can maintain a resist ance before the Courts. Reporter?The Courts of the State are effec tually closed against us, and arc notoriously in the interest of the Kellogg government. General Emory?There are the United States Courts. Reporter?They arc closed too to all intents and purposes. The Supreme Court has postponed the consideration of our case expressly, as It seems, to remit the whole question to Congress. General Emory?Well, sir, you will And that Con gress will not bo Inclined to take your case into consideration if there are any more Collax affairs. Reporter?The Collax affair, General, was re garded as having been extremely unfortunate through the necessary result of the condition of affairs existing in Grant parish. At tills moment visitors were annonnced, and our reporter, thanking the General for his cour tesy and candor, bowed himself out Just as District ' Attorney Bcckwith and Mephistophlles Bcckwlth bowed themselves In. REPORTS FROn TDE FRONT* Rumor* and Facta from the Scat of War?The Metropolitan* Hemmed In? Communication Cut Off. Brashhar City, La., May 7, 187.1. Eight Metropolitans arrived this morning, mak ing lorty-flve whites altogether. The citizens re fused them all shelter, and tfeey are stopping tn a small log cabin filled with negroes. Tney have orders to go to St. Martinsville, but can get no transportation. The ferry flat here has been removed and the flsh boats stopped near Franklin and guarded by the cltlzeu*. The citizens here are still determined. All Is quiet. BADGER HEMMED IN. One Metropolitan has just arrived here from St. Martinsville. He came through the swamp. He has verbal despatches lor New Orleans. He says Badger Is hemmed in. He heard heavy cannon ading at two o'clock this morning. New Iberia, La., May 7, 1873. The citizens' pickets have advanced within two squares ol the Court House, where Colonel Badger has concentrated his lorces. Citizens are collecting from every portion of Attakapas. Most of the re cruits arc of the better classes, well mounted and generally ARMED WITil SHOT GUNS. So tar the young meu principally have gone to the lield. The married men in the towns are watching the negro organizations and preparing to frustrate them. Captains of steamboats have been WARNED NOT TO TRANSPORT THE METROPOLITANS, and consequently did not bring those at Horwlck's Hay, k/iowing their boats would be blown up. Tho entire Bayou Teche is under surveillance by well organized bodies of citizens. THE KELLOGG TROOPS can only reach St: Martinsville by lighting their way up the bayou. LATEST FROM ST. MARTINSVILLE. HklrmUhing all Day, with No Result*? The Citizen* In Excellent Spirits?Met ropolitan* Deserting. New Iberia, La., May 7?Midnight. Courier arriving from St. Martiuivllle this evcu ing report skirmishing all day, with uo serious results io far. Badger came out or town this evening with hi* Napoleon Impounder and about twenty-live men. Alter firing a lew rounds he wan compelled to boat a hasty retreat, large bodies or citl/.eua being cu all Bides and rapidly closing In on lum. The citizens are in excellent spirits, and want for nothing. Wagons are c >ming with supplies lrom all points and long distances. l)u Blanche can capture the town at any tiinu ho ioels so dis posed, but his object is more to ? e-<ist tho Kellogg government than have any blood spilt. Several Metropolitans deserted to-day. A large number of citizens arc ready to move when called upon. TI1K UNITED STATUS TROOPS AT BRA81IKAR. At lirashear the United States troops are still quartered In the railroad depot, l'hey expect to leave to-morrow, with the agreement that no metropolitans shall have transportation with them. THE NEW* IN WASHINGTON. Great Kicltemrnt In the Capital?YVliut General Sherman Say*?Fear* of Bloody Work In Ijoulslana. There was an exciting rumor here to-nigut to the effect that Governor Kellogg, while at Morgan'* wharf, New Orleans, had been assassinated. The report spread throughout tho city, crowds gathering at the hotels and principal telegraph offices to learn the particulars. The details ol the light or tho Kellogg rcslsters with the Metropolitans received this

afternoon Increased the anxiety to hear what had really occurred in New Orleans to-day. Senator West, who remains here, telegraphed at oncc to fyls irtenfts in New Orleans to send roll despatches. KBl.LOIKi'S WOUND SLIGHT. At ten o'clock a telegram was received to the effect that Keilogg suffered oniy a slight wouud in the neck and was able to be about. He would an nounce himself that he had not received any bodily injury. Even the attempt to take his lire Is re garded here as lud o&t on or lite intense reeling prevailing in Mic State auatnst him. TltK WHITES OIU1ANIZXXG. A report has boon received that the whites arc organizing ? 1 over the State to resist the Kellogg usurpers, as the Governor and his lollowera are called. Nothing had been received by tho Attor ney Genoral or the War Department, up to a late hour, respecting the reported troubles. WHAT OBNBRAL HITEKMAN HAYS. General Sherman savs that General Emery has no orders to allow his rorce to tutcricrc, cxccpt upon the regular requisition or the United states officials to the effect that they cannot execute their trust, ir Governor Keilo?g wants assistance he must first convene the Legislature, or represent on good grounds that it Is impossible to do so in time to quell the iuBurrection. I'EARS OK 11LOODY WORK IN Till! STATU. The opinion prevails in official quarters that the aid of the United States troops will be necessary to maintain order in Louisiana, and before peace is restored that t?pre will be bloody work. AFRICA. Sir Bartle Frere Preparing to Beturn to England. TELEfRAIH! TO THE hEW YORK HERALD. London, May 7, 1873. A despatch rrom Bombay says Sir Bartle Frere will return to England immediately. Sir Bartle Frere l&nded at Bombay on tho mid of April. lie was enthusiastically welcomed by the European residents. ENGLAND. The Bank Bate of Discount Advanced?The Colombian Minister at Court TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. London, May 7, 1873. The rate of discount of the Bank of England has advanced one-half per cent, and Is now tour aud a hair per cent. TliB COLOMBIAN MINISTER AT AUDIENCE AT COURT. Her Majesty Queen Victoria yesterday gave audience at Buckingham Palace to Don Justo Arose mena, the Colombian Minister to Great Britain. CENTRAL ASIA. Bosso-Belgie Contradiction of the Khivan Sur render News. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Brussels, May 7, 1873. The Sard, the Russian Journal published In this city, In its Issue this afternoon denies that the Khan of Khiva has offered unconditional submis sion to the Kussian demands. The Sord says it Is true that the Khan released the prisoners held In captivity, but at the same time he demanded the immediate withdrawal of the Russian expedition against the Kliiva, with other conditions which could not be accepted by the czar. WARRING AGAINST MONOPOLY. r*?' National Convention of Producer* and Consumers?Cheaper Transportation Called For. The Producers' and consumers' Convention?or, rather, the convention of the National Cheap Trans portation Association?resumed Its session yester day morning. K. H. Ferguson presided. Alter some unimportant business the Committee on Creden tials submitted a report showing that the attend ance of farmers lncludod over twenty associations from all parts or the country, particularly the West and Northwest. There was considerable discus sion in regard to the Initiation ree. The Committee on Organization snbmltted a report, nominating tho officers or the Association for the ensuing year. They were unanimously elected:?President, Jostah Qulncy, ol Boston, Ma**.; Secretary, It. il. Ferguson; Treasurer, H. K. Thurber; Vice Presidents, Lewis A. Thomas, of Iowa; lienrv Bronson, of Kansas; General Welt, or Wisconsin; W. M. Burnoll, ot Louisiana; Gover nor Smith, of Georgia; J. A. Thomson, of West Virginia; Adelbert Ames, or Mississippi; George J. post, of New York; J. H. l'hlnney, or Illinois; W. G. Wood, orohlo; E. A. Staunaid, or Missouri; J. H. Gray, District of Columbia; Joseph E. Leison, or New Jersey; Franklin C. Johnson, or Indiana; A. Mor rison, or Minnesota; F. G. Dodge, of Vermont; E. Wakely, or Nebraska; ex-Governor Padelford, or Rhode Island; J. C. Hersey, or Maine; J. B. Ser geant, ol Connecticut; M. I). Wilher, or Michigan; James McArthur, or Kentucky; Daniel Pratt, or Alabama; Colonel Palmer, or South Carolina; lienrv G. Hall, or North Cftroiina. The President, Josian Quiucy, delivered an ad dress. . _ . Afternoon Session. In the artcrnoon session Mark M. Pomeroy, the proprietor of Pomeroy's Itenwcrat, was admitted to a seat, and delivered an address. The preambles and resolutions were then read. Mr. Curtis, the Vice i'resident or the New Vork State Agri cultural .society, delivered a speech denouncing theresolutions as too sweeping in their terms. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS ITi;M3. A committee of San Prancisen citizens will rcccive and escnrt the remain* ot (leneral Canby to the Kant. The widow of the late Major General John K. Wool died nmhlenlyjreiitinlay morning in Troy, at the age of eighty ?ix. The funeral will take idace on Friday inornW next. Only three of the ere** of tnn *hlp Tennyson. which foiiU'ii reti at *?'a on the rid ol February, were -aved, in cluding William Noye*, the xecond Tliuv floated lor clitutdto s on a jdace of the wrte... THE VIENNA EXHIBITION. An English Report of the Austria* Industrial Exhibition?A Poor Display to Date, but a Plentiful Production Promised Imperial Honor to the British Prince Commissioner. TELEGRAMS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. London. May 7,1873. The Vienna correspondent of the Dally Xrws in a letter to that journal ridiculed the American De partment of the Vienna Kxhlbitlon, and gives the following a-s a correct lint of the articles to he Been in the suction assigned to the Uaited States Two cases of Colt's firearms. Three binnacles. One sturt'ed eagle. Two Halt. cellars. A dentist s chair. six bottles of water taken from the Mississippi River. Tho explanation ol this meagre display is found In the iormer mismanagement of the American section, and it is couildeiitly hoped, now that tho new Cominisnioncra and exhibitors have gone ac tively to work to repair the evil effects, tnat the goods lroin America will bo speedily unpacked, and tho exhibitions irom that country will come u;> to the standard expected. Austrian Executive Compliment to the Working Officials of the Valr. Vienna, May 7, 1N73. Tho Minister of Commerce of Austria gave an entertainment last evening to thQ officials of the Exhibition. Among the toasts given on the occa sion was one by Bayard Taylor to "Tho Industry of Austria." THE POPE. His Holiness' Condition of Health Still Preca rious. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. LONDON, May 7, 1873. A telegram from Homo reports that the condition of health of His lloluess Pope Pius tho Ninth is still precarious. SPAIN. Caucus of Statesmen and Politicians in the Portu guese Capital?A Carlist Band Surrounded and in Danger of Capture?Lour bonist Losses in Battle and in the Treasury. TELEGRAMS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Lisbon, May 7, 1873. Scfiors Fltjuerola and Sardoal, together with many radical, conservative and monarchical Span ish politicians, have arrived in this city irom Spain. French Statement of Onurbnnlst Losses In Men and Money. Bayonnk, May 7, 1873. The Carllsts lost fifty ktlled and twenty prisoners in their attack a lew days sinco on the town of Vera, in Navarre. It is reported that the Commissary General of the Carlist lorces has absconded, taking with him all the cash on hand. i Royalist Band on the Eve Of Sur render. Madrid, May 7, 1873. The band of Carlists commanded by Don Alfonso is surrounded by the republicans near Igualaila, a town thirty-three miles northwest or Barcelona, and, it is thougnt, will, together with their leader, be compelled to surrender to the national forces. PORTUGAL. Progress of the Work For Telegraphic Union With Madeira TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Lisbon, Mat 7, 1873. It is expected that telegraphic communication by cable between Portugal and Madeira will be opened in July. CHINA. Capture of a Bebel Stronghold By the Im perialists. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. London, May 8?3 A. M. ' A despatch from Shanghao announces the cap ture by the Imperialists of tho city or Talifoo. AUSTRIA. Bailway Accident Hear Pesth, with Alarmingly Fatal Consequences?Twenty-one Per sons Killed and a Large Number Wounded. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALl Vienna, May 7, 1873. A despatch from Pesth brings Intelligence of the occurrence of a shocking railway accident near that city. Twenty-one persons are reported to have been killed outright, and forty injured, some of whom are not expected to recover from their wounds. Six of the carriages attached to the train w*re completely demolished. HOLLAND. Cabinet Presentation of a Bill for War Damages. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Tiik Hague, May 7, 1873. The government of Holland has asked the Cham ber or Deputies ror an appropriation or 5,600,000 florins for the expenses of the Achcen war. THE ENGLISH TURF. Race for the Tradesmen's Plate at Chester?The Betting, Start, Contest and Victory. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. London, May 7, 1873. The annual race ror the Tradesmen's Plate took place at Chester to-day, and was won by Field Mar shal. Laburnum was second and Inveresk third. The betting Just before the start was 16 to l against Field Marshal, 7 te 2 against Laburnum aud 7 to 2 against Inveresk. The following is a summary or the race The Tradesmen's Plate of 200 sovereigns In spe cie added to a handicap sweepstakes of 26 sover eigns, 16 forfeit; the second horse to receive 60 sovereigns from the stakes the and winner to pay 60 sovereigns towards expenses of the course; New Cup Course, nearly two miles and a quar ter (109 subscribers, 61 ol wliom pay 6 sovereigns Mr Vowe's b. b. Field Marsha), by Rataplan, out of Uo-Ahead. 6years old..... ... ?????? 1 Baron Rothschild's b. c. I.aburuum, by King Tom, out of blooming Heather, 4 years old.... 2 Mr. W. Nlcholl's br. c. Inveresk, by Lambton, dam hy Arthnr Wellesicy, out of Polly (Melaii dra's dam), by Ratan, 4 years old 3 IXELAND. Policemen Preparing for a Municipal Strike. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. London. May 7, 1873. A strike ol the policemen in Dublin w imiui I ncut. A TERRIBLE TORNADO. Fierce Visitation of the Wind It) North Carolina. WHOLE HOUSES BLOWN AWAY, Extraordinary Effects of the Storm?Miraeo* lous Escape of a Mother and Child. WiLMlNOTON, N. C., May 7. 1873. One of the moat disastrous tornadoes ever ex perienced in this section of tbe State passed over Columbus county a nay or two since. Its course was from southwest to northwest, and it came int? the county rrom South Carolina, although no Intel ligence or damage riono by it in that Stats had reached here. In Columbus buildings were over, thrown and demolished, fences swept away and LAKIIK TKKKH TORN UP BY TUK ROOTS. Such was the mry of the wind that in several in* stances heavy boards were taken up and carried fully a mile from the buildings from which they were torn. Its track was about TWO HUNURKI* YARDS BROAD. and the destructlou it leit behind was complete. The house or Mr. M. Karris was wholly demolished, and his wifo with an infant only two davs old made A MOST MIRACULOUS BSC A PH. The house was literally torn Iroiu overhead, end she was leit exposed to all the fury of the Storm. The lloor was moved several feet and thrown ever the spot wli'Te the IIreplace once was, and the tender Infant was fore oil from its place in ltd mother's arms aud LO0OFD BKTWEKN TITK RAFTKRH of the dismantled roof. At last accounts Mrs. Sar* vis was doing well, but tbe child will hardly recover. Mr. Luke Fowler's place was visited by the storm and KVKRT niTII.DINO SWEPT AWAY. Mr. Fowler himself was iu his O dd at the time at work and was blown down aud severely injured. The next places struck were those ol Mrs. Martha Mills and Mr. A. Karvls, where everything was swept away. At Mr. White's the buildings were aH overthrown and a stack of ladder was taken up to the air and carried A DISTANCE OK THRKK MM.ES. The tnrnndo next reached the distillery of Messrs. Splrev, Mears A Co., where the buildings were torn In pieces and the boards blown away. The house of Mr. William Ward was turned over, and tila PAl'KRH. MONEY AND OTHER EFFECTS AI.I. SCATTERKO, and a lame quantity ol lencniK on the plantation of Captaiu i). U. Richardson was also - blown away. The last place heard irom was that of Mr. Samuel Kllbern, about seven miles from Whites ville, where the buildings wore all swept away; but the tornado was not quito so violent at thia point as iu the track over which It had alroadr pssxed. l'roimbiy some damage was sustained la liladcn couuty, - NO 1.093 OP MPB. so Tar as heard rrum there has been no loss of life. LAKE 'NAVIGATION. Collinowood, Canada, May 7,1873. The schooners I.ady DufTerln anil 0. A. King, for Chicago; Mary R. Hale, for Mackinac, and Alloe Richards, for (ireen nay, sailed this morning, beiuf the first outgoing vessels tikis season. Tiller lilt tie Fiend* an th?y are, the Bed' hug*, roi<cbes, fleas and other noxious insect* are mar s't.-tIHiiit for tlieir summer rsids. Up and at them, I*. 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