Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 8
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1 2 BOARDERS WASTKD. _ ELEGANTLY FURNISHED 8ECONDFLOOR TO * let? together or separately, with or without Hoard; Meation and table lira clasa. U3 Kant Thirteenth strict. 1DEPAU ROW (lf? BLEECKER STREET).?NEATLY tarnished Rooma, with Board, lor families or single yeraons; $12 to $16, single $6 to $8; two lines of cura pasa the bouse. "|1 BLOCKS EAST OF BROADWAY.?ELEGANTLY -12 furnished Parlors (or gentleman and witu or singla gentlemen, who desire a private home of the higbest re aaectability; private table il desired. h3 Stuy vesant airect, near Cooper Institute. D FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, EN SUITE or separately, with Hoard - also family and single Beoma; everything strictly first clans; references re quired! 217 West Forty-second street. 2D FLOOR. RICHLY FURNISHED, EN SUITE OR separately, with Rnard; also 'amllv and single Rooms; everything strictly first cla?r; references re quired. 33 West Thirty-thlril street 2 OR 3 GENTLFMI N CAN IIA\E ROOMS, WITH Breakfast and Ten, at 133 Henderson sir et, corner ?f York street, Jersey City; Sunday dinner; lauiily private; prioe $5. 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY.-$7 TO $10 PER week?Handsomely furnished Room-. with Board, lor family or single g< nilcmen; table boarders taken; good ?eighnorhood. 61 East Fourth street i 3 WEST THIIETIETII STRHET, FIRST HOUSE FROM Filth avenue.?Verv elegant Apartment", en suite and atngly, can lie had tor the summer, ut reasonable rates, with or without Hoard. 31) STORY FRONT ROOM, TO GENTLEMAN AND wlte, with good Hoard ; also Rooms $14 per week to twagcjiticmen ; uewly turmslied. 148 Waverley place. 4HPENCER PLACE (229 WEST FOORTII STREET).? Furnished Booms, with Board, to let at moderate price. 4 RESPECTABLE KEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Hoard and washing in a small family, at 310 Bast Hiatv-third street, near Second avenue depot 5 FA^T THIRTIETH STREKT.-H ANDSOMELY FUR auoed Parlor Moor to rent, for the Summer, at very Moderate price ; private table If desired. 5LEROY STREET, NEAR BLEECKER.-A LA ROE second story front Room nnd other pleasant Rooms to let, nicely furnl-died, on moderate terms; bouse first ?lass; excellent Hourd guaranteed. 6? AVENUE ? A SUIT OF LARGE, COOL. COMMO dious Apartments on parlor lloor, furnished or un tarnished, wilh private table, in the conveniently located touble house 15 ruth avenue. 5 WEST WASHINOTON PLACE, TWO POORS FROM Macdouaal street.?One or two neatly furnished ltaams to let, with Board, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; desirable locution. TO $10 PER WEEK, $1 SO PER DAY.?FINE "fO Rooma, with excellent Board, tor families and angle persons, at 172, 174 and 17ti Bleeckcr street, six blocks weat of Broadway. tJTll AVENUE, 201, NEAR TWENTY-SECOND STREET. ? Handsomely furnished second story front Room to sat, with Hoard, to a gentleman and wire or single gen tlemen; terms moderate. B COMMERCE STREET.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE or single gentleman enn be ucc ini.odatcd with Board, with handsonicly furnished large Room; also ?mailer ones, with bath and gas. "JO WEST NINTH STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM -V'> Filth avenue.?A large, elegantly furnished Room, ?with bay window, suitable for two or three gentlemen < r gentleman and wne; house, table and location unexcep tionable; Sumn er rates. "lOTH STREET, 2.11 EAST?11 ANDSOMEI.Y FUR -1" nlshtd front Parlor and large Room, ihlrd floor, ?euthern exposure, with Board; large closets; location desirable; four minutes Irom Broadway; references. "|0 WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET?A 1IANP. -l.?J somely furnished secoud floor to let, with Hoard; private table If desired; also Single Rooms; references exchanged. "I/4TH STREET.?ELEGANT ROOMS TO I.ET, WITH J r Board, at 217 West Fourteenth street; house first ?lass and unusually desirable as a Summer residence. Reference. 1^1 EAST NINTH STREET.?A SPLENDID FUR -l"jr nished back i'arlor, wltli two Bedrooms, with or without Board : tilso some large and sinail Rooms, wltli food French table; references retiuired. MTH STREET, 287, BETWEEN SEVENTH AND Eighth avenues.?A large handsome front Reoin, fourth floor, for two persons, $J0; one single front Room, Ultra floor, tor $10; good table and cleanliness a.specialty. 1f?TH STREET, WEST, 41.-BOARD.?HANDSOMELY X\J furnished, newly fitted, sunny, iront Room, ?ecornl floor, $25 per week tor two; Rooms on fourth Bear at moderate prices. n WAVERLEY PLACE.?LARGE AND SMALL Rooms, nicely furnished, on first and upper floors, with first class Board. References required. 1Q EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH JL'J and Madison avenues.?Desirable buck and hall Rooms, with Hoard ; references exchanged. 1 Q WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.?WITH BOARD, ?0 two large Rooms, second and third floors; Summer ratca 0(| WEST SIXTEENTH STREET,?A VERY HESIRA X;' ' ble Suit of Rooms on second floor, with first class Beard, private bath and water ilisct; terms moderate to permanent parties. 01 WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.?TO LET, WITH Board, large mid small Rooms, at Summer prices: references exchanged. 20D STREET (EXCELLENT LOCATION).-A Pltl tJ vate family will let elegantly furnished Rooms, on ?econd floor; also a back I'arlor, with first class Hoard; privilege to Parlors; English, French and German spoken ; references exchanged. Address S. E. E., box 194 Herald Uptown Branch olllce. 20D STREET 32.. WEST.?HANDSOMELY FUR ?? nl?hed Rooms, with all conveniences; unexcep tionable L'tble and attendance; terms moderate. Refer ences exchanged. f)ATH STREET, 210 WEST.?HANDSOMELY FUR a nished Suit of Rooms, second floot to let, with pri vate bath and first c s Hoard; also elegant Extension, for gentlemen; locate i unexceptionable; references ex changed. SO (Z WEEK?BOArfn. S FIT A H I.l Ft IK TWO CE\ ?f' tlemcii or lady aud gentlemen; elegantly fur ajshed Parlor and Alcove, with Piano; one Room, $16. "4 East Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue. 2C WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? FUR O nished Rooms to rent to gentlemen only, with or without Beard. Term* moderate. Reference required. OC PERRY STREET?TO LET, WITH BOARD, large furnished Konnn on second floor; terms Pom $14 to $16 uer week; table Boarders $4 per week.. TH STREET, 29 WEST, NEAR BROADWAY.?TWO Rooms on second floor to let to gentleman and wlte or gentlemeu, with Hoard; one Room on first lloor; ref erences. OQ NORTH MOORE STREET.?A LIMITED NUM X/O ber ot Boarders can be accommodated with good Board at reasonable rates. OQ WEST TWELFTH ST., NEAR FIFTn AVENUE? Z<0 With Hoard, handsomely furni-hed. suitable for tamlliea or party of gentlemen; house and table ilr-t elass. OQTH STREET, 105. BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND ~ ^ Fourth avenues. ?Furnished Room* to rent, with Board; newly papered; hot and <'old water; references. OQ EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?A PLEASANT aud desirable Room on fourth floor to let, with Board, to two gentlemen or gentleman and wile; terms reasonable Jor summer ; references exchanged. 9Q EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?a PRIVATE 4jO family will let to a gentleman and wire or ?mall family handsome and convenient Rooms, wilh Hoard. One block from Fifth Avenue Hotel. Qfk WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET. ?A BEAU. O" titully furnished Room on second floor to let, very law, with or without Board, to a desirable party, in atrictly first claas house; private family. rm EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.-DESIRABLE OV Rooms to let, with Board, for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. WEST FORTY-FIFTH ST?ROOMS TO LET WITH Board; references exchanged. 33 ?JO WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD way and Fifth avenue.?Fine Room* to let, with Board, tor families ami gentlemen; references ex changed. ^4. TH1RTY-SF.COM> STREET.- NEWLY \Ml Or handsomely turnl-dicd Rooms on second and third ?oorsjo let at mwdrrate prices; Hoard first class. *Jfi EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET. Til E COM forts of a refined home anil a handsome Suit of Rooma with liberal table; two kooins for gentlemen - references exchanged. QQ WBBT THIRTY-THirtD STREET. BETWEEN nJiJ Fifth avenue and Broadway.? Sei ond floor large and Hall Room on third, en suite or siuglv, with Board references exchanged. A "I WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.-lUNDSnMK il ly furnished Rooms, with first cla>? Hoard. Rca aonablo tonus for Summer Relercnces required. GROVE STREET.?A HANDSOME ROOM. ON second floor, with large pantries, hot and coll water; good table; $16 for two; also Rooms for gentlemen. 4*? HOI III WASHINGTON SUI ARK OH 122 \\ I I Fourth street, opposite the Park?Furnished iwwims to <?', with Hoard, for fainilie* or single gentle. men; day boarders taken ; terms moderate. 4-4- /LACE.?PARLOR AND EXTENSION tleinen,'wm.*Hoard M0"r ; Ul"? 0 Kcdroi,m tof ?ingle gen 4f) 1'.AV/''K--FRONT ROHM, WITH n a } ' ^ H,cond tlfinr, turiil.>he<] with ?^era imbrovi^nu a?ifiwl,e or ln"ie ^"tkincn; all nxHi< rn uni-r. % uk 1.1 h i? f, m . , xcj aDg( ^ 4PL 82VKNTH AVKNl E, NK AR 11 ? I rti ! nth il ?trcet"~ k'1^ *n ,'1' ~'u,t front Loom with alcove mird floor, wuh first rm-. Board; hiiu,i, i,,T? and wife, or party of gentlemen. ku't?blt lor man WEST ELEVENTH STKM-:T-I ut'.F am. ? ) small connecting Rooms with hot and ,,*| ?ei arately or together, with ?r without Hoard nou.1,1,! lor 'atnilles or gentlemen; Sumim r prices. ??'table A_r. east TWENTY-SBCOND 8TRBRT, BETWEKR "T't Broadway and Fourth avenue ?Rooms furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Board . h1m> Rooms sulLai.lL for an otfice. u'" WEST FORTY-Mi JHTII Mltl.H R. .iim is *xO sui-e or separaU-, with superior lutle Hoard bouse newly ftescoed and furnished. Only parties w ish ing first class accoinuiodatious need apply, References exchanged. CA WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.?A LA ROE AL cove Risitn. with first claw Hoard, on second -iurr, front, well furnished ; table iitst el a.-,.-, private iauilly of lour; terms moderate. /ri MOUTH WAHHINOTON SQUARE (FOURTH ST.)?A tJl handsomely flirnlshed Second Floor to let, of four rooms, together or separately; also Third Floor; suitable for a party ol tfeuUeuRU, wiui vr wubuul Buaj'J , luu.s ?itHiwata. 59 BOAKDERB WAWTKO. WF.BT TIIIRTY-SBVF.NTfl HTRKET.?A HAUL Room, with frst class Board, to a gentleman. IRVING PLACE (ORAMF.RCY PARK).?'TIIIRT) I " " fl<H>r front large Room, with I'ressing Room, hand somely furnished with or without Bourd; house ami ta bic first class, low price. _ _ mfKST TWENTY-SE VENTH 8TRKET.?A LADY unit ireutleuian can ho accommodated with a ple.sant Boom, very reasonable; Board tor the lady only; also for a young lady. 1/1(1 WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?LARGB I w?7 jiii a-uinl, furnished Roo.n on third tloor tro t, to let, with Kood Hoard, to gentJeuiau uud wite or aiUKlo gentlemen. 119 MADISON AVENUE.-DE8IRABLE ROOMS ON second and third floor*, with Board; references. 199 MADISON AVENUE.?A PRIVATE FAY II,Y will rent a suit of handsomely tarnished Rom# wif. ll!re,l Kcntlcnien or itentlciuau and Hr*atta>t If dent red. Terms moderate. 1*^1 PLACE.?HANDSOME I.Y Ft'It. ii.fc--* uL'^^?an!!to,^"n ?uit* or with or without Hoard, in private house; central location, 133 E.AST sixteenth STREET, NEAR IRVINU ?place.?Desirable Rooms to let, with Board, to gi liileinan and wlr>? or single gentlemen ; refercticc?. mEAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?DESIR A bl? Rooms lor families or ulnclo gentlemen, Ex ceiicnt table arid every possible comfort. I'Jr EAST SIXTEENTH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, j '"riilahi'd, with or without Hoard, on first ami second m ors, to gaiillemen or gentlemen and wive*. Relcrenccs, Ac. Call lor three days. lOQ EAST SKVINTV-KIRST STREET.?A FEW ? 1 genteel persons can be accommodated with fur nished Rooms and Board in a first class house. kast twevtv-skvknth street, near 1 Til Lexington avenue.?One targe Room, on second tloor, to let, w ith Hoard ; also one hall Room. 1 r A west eleventh street, n*ar sixth JL?M* aveque.? With Hoard, pleasant Rooms, hand somely furnished, for gentleman and wile and single gentlemen: house, location, table, Ac., first class; rcicr ence require^. 1 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET.?A PLEAS l?M7 ant larue front Room, with large closet, to let to one or two gentlemen, with Hoard; rotercnces. 9flO WEST TWENTY-FOURTH ST!:KET, BETWEEN jmI'O Seventh and Eighth avenues.?Nicelv furnished Room, with Board, for gentlemen or gentleman and wile; terms reasonable. 907 tiiirty-eioiith street. - fur ' nished Rooms to let, with Board; house in thorough repair; location pleasant and table a specialty; possession at once. 91/1 EAST eleventh street.?several I handsomely furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gentlemen, or gentlemen and ilielr wives. 9QH wk8t thirty-eiohth street.-parties breaking up housekeeping, wishing to Hoard, cun make satisfactory arrangements with their ttirnitnre an a handsome second tloor. Gentlemen und families reasonably accommodated. 9'J>1 east nineteenth street.?a large, nicely furnished front Room, with large pan tries, water and gas, to let, with Bonn!, to a gentleman anil wile orsinyl ? gentlemen; price low. 909 EAST thirteenth street, between Second and Third avenues, In a German lam ily.?An elecant front und Halls Room, newly furnished, gas and batb. 907 WE'-IT 1WEVTY-SEOOND STREET.?HAND Zj'> 1 somely furnished Rooms, with Bourd, in brown stone house; reference. 9CA WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues.?Well furnished Rooms, with Board, to gentlemen and wives ami single gentlemen, with or without llourd. 2rz>J WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?HAND 'ft somely furnished front Rooms, on second floor, and Parlor Extension, with Bourd, for futilities or simrle gentlemen; location convenient and unexceptionable; references given and required. 9^7 WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET, +/U I with Board, n large iront Room, also a small Koom; reference required. 9Q1 HUDSON STREET.?TWO SINGLE GENTLE juOL men and a gentleman and wife can be accomiuo datcd with good Bourd and pleasant Rooms; terms $6 to $7 each per week. OH4. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO LET w,th excellent Board, a Suit or Rooms, to gen tleman and wito; also pleasant Iftioms to simile gentle men. Terms reasonable; references exchanged. Ol n 7TH AV? FIRST FLOOR.?A FEW RESPECTABLE J younif men can be accommodated with Room and Board in an English latnlly; terms, $.>and $0. OOf' WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A LARGE aecond story back Room, with alcove and ample closets, to let, with Board. '-J97 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET.?NEWLY ' furnished Parlor ana Bedroom on second floor to let. with Hourd, fronting Stuvvcsant Park ; Summer prices. Apply this week. OOC EAST FORTY-FIRST STREET.?A NICE ROOM *J'MJ or Suit of Rooms to let, with first class Board ; private table If desired. . ?iftl WEST THIRTIETH STREET.-A SMALT, PRI OUJL vate New England faintly of adults would rent two or three liatul-nme Rooms, turiuslieil or unfurnished, with or without full or partial Hoard ; neighborhood un exceptionable; convenient to cars, stages anil elevated railroad ; references; terms moderate. HIT) N'-yrii A VENUE.?A FEW RESPECTABLE t OIU ladies and gcutlemcn can he accommodated with Hoard, from 55 M to$8 per week; gas und bath. Table boardcrj desired. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? I J\ With Hourd, tosinele gentleman. in refined private tamilv, near I-oiirieenth street, west side; reterenceaex changed. Address EUREKA, box 1?2 Herald office. A FEW ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, WITH A New England lamily, or Board only, at 46 West sixteenth street A SMALL FAMILY, HAVING A N ELEGANT FRENCH JY firti up town, beautiful locality*, can accommodate man and wife with very comfortable I'.ooms at reasona ble rales; no other boarders; satisfactory references re quired. Address W. It M., box 4,;i'J7 Post oRloe. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH XO REnT THF-Tr third tloor. with Board, in Madison avenue, near 'I hlrty-flrst street Address, with full name, POSITIVE, Herald Uptown llranch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRING FIRST CLASS Board in a genteel family, first clan location, ne ir fourteenth street, may be suited by addressingC.. box 181 Herald office. AI ADV, LIVING IN A CENTRAL LOCATION ON the east fide, will rent a pleasant front Room, to a gentleman and wii'e, with Loard lor the lady only; home comforts. Address B. C., box ICJ Heruld Uptown Branch office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, TAKING A FEW BOARDERS, fx wil. rent, with Board, to adults, a Parlor umt Bed room on second tloor and Hall Room oa third tloor XI West Nineteenth street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED THIRD STORY J\ large iront Room and two Hall Rooms, with first class Board, in Thirty-filth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; references exchanged. Address box 111 Ilerula Uptown Brunch office. A FINE, LARGE, SECOND STORY ROOM: SUITABLE tor twog< ntlemen, with or without breakfast 24 West ? nirlirth street, admitting Ullsey House. Handsome rooms, with or without board in all ports 01 city. Inlormation gratis. ' (lr.Nl Nii'S Hoarders, Dnectory, W I nlim square. TO LET-TWO LARGE, HANDSOMELY FUR fitshed Rooms, with or without Board, in West Four teentli street Address II. J. 1>., Herald office. BOARD AMI LODUIKG WANTED. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM,WITH BREAK!'AST Is desired by a young man: privaU- lamny preferred! Address, with lull details, PAUL SAMSON, box 12n Herald office. ' ^ Board wanted-by a young lady; single Room; house below Fourteenth street, west sides will pay Sb for good accommodations. Address, with full particulars, WE'T nlDE, Herald office. TfOARD WANTED?FOR GENTLEMAN A>D WIFE J J between Eighteenth and Thirtieth streets, Sixth and Ninth avenues; terms not lo exceed (n> per week Address, by letter only, W. P.. 2M Eighth avenue. l>OARD WA.VTED-CITY AND COUNTRY; SEND J J particulars; hoard seekers directed Immediately; the best opportunities. BOARDERS' DIRECTORY. 737 Broadway. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN. A WELL M R ?' nlshed Room and Board with a refined (iertniiu family; table und accommodations to be first class. Ad dress, stating terms and particulurs, T. W., Herald office. BROOKLYN BUAJtoi riFTH ?TRKBT, BROOKLYN, E. I).. 1 \ *>'> mlnuU's' walk from ferries.?To let, with Board, nicely furnished Rooms, to Kriilleman and wile orsinglu gentlemen. House first clavs, references exchanged. I ARfJE FURNISHED CHAMBER. WITH AMPLE JJ closets: modernly Improved house; pleasantly locate I first class Board; eight minutes' walK from ferry; convenient to City Halt and cur n uics. 213 West Hai ren street between Court and Clinton. MOVKL9. / 'ALU N HOUSE, K16 HUDSON STREET. CORNER V' ol Laight ?Excellent Board. to $* .VI tier week, with single Room; single Room, without hoard. $1 ami upwards; Lodging, fiu cents gentlemen onlv. open uli night Hotel st. germain, broadwav. twenty-sec. ond street and Fifth aven ue.?Table <1 bote $.'< AO per day; rooms all front; coolest in the city; some splen did Rooms tor transient and periiiunciit families. XTEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER OK Is Bayard street?200 light Rooms neatly furnished, Sft'. or COc. per night |2 50 to S4 per week. For gentlcnu 11 only. Ur IVBRLEY HOI SE753 BROADWAY HOARD AND Room #2 a day, 19 lo $13 a week; Rooms without Board 7:> cents and $1 a dav, $4 to $7 a week ; family rooms $1 So uml $2 a day, $7 to $15 a week. COI VTHY HOARD. AT ROSLYN, L. I. ABOUT an riot R'? RIDE FROM ?ix the city.?Goed boatimr. fshing and pleasant drives, ror further particular*, apply t? L. I'. sTOFFORK, New _ ,'1"' insurance Company, :J>4< and .'!4.s hroadway. A bMAI.I. FAMILY or REFINEMENT (GERMAN) <>i v#.???rUii. Ul< H. hou*e In the nioit desirable part Room? ,:,V .? ' ?w"nl t" dlspo-e of two or tfiren a marr'ipii! ... T "oard, and all home comlort* tor Address M H. ? , Herlld K00d ^\Telt, .""AI'TIPUL FARM HOUSE NEAR B. ,rd III.I lull ?!lr.."r |' "r". n ??"lily can secure best of "vifVy'UiX ' "to*"*** ttAl'PY JiUML, ? COPfTHY ROAltl). A private family at yokkerb will, take a gentleman und wife or single gentlemen to Board; km:? ion near depot. Refer to . B UooDALt, No. & West Twenty-third rtmt, Fifth Avenue HoteL AOOMFORTAHLE IIOMl. ON SIK LOTS OV HP.oVX River, three minutes' Irom Wllliamshridgc depot; B?0(J tioailn,', fl?hing and bathing. Address MECHANIC,, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. BOARI> FOR TilE SUMMER AT KAKM HOUSE.? Private tamlly; no objection to one or two children; one or two Rooms, an desired; Am> rieaus only ; no other boarders taken. Address box 65 Struffurd, Conn. "OOARD AT ROCEAWAY, L. I., FOR FAMILIES; * ' l"i4r3 ?nc hour und tun minutes. inuuirc at the Post office. l^OA"{' WANTED? FOR GENTLEMAN, WIPE AND y' *r* "'^l. u,s<> voung uurse girl, on the line 01 the New Jer>ey Railroad, between Elizabeth anil .Mciulii'n, or ut.Monflair, N. j. Address, with lull par ticulars, stating terms (which uiust be moderate), II., bo* 4,061 New Vork Font office. Board for adults or famii,y-at farm resi. s deuce, SO minutes Irom ctlty, near ear.-", steamboat un I bathing; location hea thy. Address Mrs. DEERE, Jerome, Westchester county, N. Y. Board can be iiad in a very healthy and romantic place, 2ft miles irom the city: plenty of milk, Irult and vegetable*. Address T. LOCK WOOD, hi ring Valley, Rockland county, N. Y. /"COUNTRY BOARD?SMUTI1 SIDE LONG IsIaMD; \ > ace. tirst class; price $11 per week. Refer, by permission, to Mr. liEORUE. 121 Eual Twenty tilth stiect. flOlJNTRY HOARD?FOR TUB BUMMER, CAN 1IE T. i r *?'* or fight persons, at Park Ulilge, on the ? lack. usack Extension Railroad; 10 minutes' walk trom the depot; 1 liour and iO minutes by rail irom the city; Iioum; new; rooms large ; situation beuiitiiul and healthy; ?"Wd reaaoiiabl#. Address A. J. TEltHUNE, box 31 Park Ridge Post office, Bergen eountv, N. J. /AOUNTHY HOARD.?THOSE WISHING A PLEAS V ant home, lor the Summer, can find first class ac commodations 2% miles irom Nyack, V/j hours by rail, Northern Jersey or Hudson River Railroad, or steuinUiut irom loot of Harrison street; ample shades, plenty ot unit, (tabling. Address K U? N,vac it, N. Y. / COUNTRY BOARD?AT GARRISON'S, OPPOSITE V West roint, directly on the bank of the river, five imnulciT walk below .station; house large, commodiou*. with a lawn of six acres. Addrcsa HENRY CROFT, Garrison's, N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?BY A LADY AND IN \/ valid daughter, at a (arm house ; pure air and plenty Sl,SJUF;Uern,A>n??t ?>? reasonable. Address COUn l'RY HOME, Herald office. C COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?BY TWO YOU NO ' ladies; within three hours ot water or rail commu nication with New York; go?d. airy room; moderate term* Address, with lull particulars, Mrs. S., box 1.12 Herald Uptown Branch office. p ATS KILL.?THREE EXCELLENT rT)OMS. PAR \J iors and unexceptionable Board in a handsome pri vate rend, nee on orange street, close to Prospect Park Ilotel. Address M. F. JONitS, 68 East Forty-ninth street. Desirable parties can secure first class Board In n handsomely lurnlshed residence, with all city convenience*, at Englewood, .N. .1. Address box 16:1 En lie wood Post office, or cull at 43 West Twenty-second street. New York. FillRST CLASS COUNTRY BOARD-IN PRIVATE I amity on deliglittul water front, opposlto (lien Cove and Seu Cliff; large modern house, with gas and water; splendid butti ng, boating and fish u stabling for horses. Call at 183South street. or 37 West Ninth street. Address W. IL VANDEltV EER, Port Washington, i.oiig Island. /^OOD COUNTRY BOARD-IN A DESIRABLE LO VT cality In Connecticut. Call on L. F. DUDLEY, at tlio Revere House, and see photograph of building, and se lect rooms; terms moilera e. SUMMER BOARD AT LANS1NGBURO, ON THE UP per Hudsou.?Fine Hotel, near the river; will accom modate about twenty for the season; stabling it desired. Meters to Joseph Cornell, hup riuteiidcnt. ( itizens' Line steamers. Pier 49, North River, loot ot Leroy street, or address P. II. rAYLoR, Lan?ingburg, N. Y. Summer board?turei: families can he ac commodated; delightful upland location; large, airv rooms; a lew minutes' walk trom railroad and bout. Ad dress tiox (il. Pcnkskill, N. Y. CUMMER BOARD.?fit WET TWENTY-FIFTH street, between Filth and Sixth avenue .?Furnished Rooms, single or en suite, with tlrat cla-s Board entire second Floor vacant soon ; private table il" desired; par ties seklngu permanency tr. ated lib. rail? . Reterenees. T'.VO NTI.i.Nir s AND THEIR WIVES CAN FIND ITrst class Hoard in a private family where there are no other iMiurdcrs; luwn, trull and sliade trees and ull the comforts of home; lust an hour's ride from the eitv, on the Erie kallroad; a tew minutes'walk troui the de lot. Ad.lress W. A. M., tiox 14<l Herald office. W \NTKI>-,iOARI> FOR T1IK Hl'JIMI.R, l'i)Ii TWO tamilies, within two hours of the citv, up the Hud son or in the vioinity of Morris town, h. J.; must he shade: terms moderate. Address, stating terms, S. C. H? box 195 Herald office. ' WANTED-BY a party of gentlemen, board on the Hudson, below Vonkers; state terms, locali ty and general accommodation. Address HUDSON, box 760 New York Post office. SI MMER HF.SOItTS. Bun HOTEL, HATH. L. I.-THIS mPDtARSUM. tner resort has been completely renovated and re turnishi'.l, and will be ready lor the reception of board ers on the 15th of May; sea bathing, bostine, fishing, Ac. for Rooms. Ac., apply as above, or at the office of Irving Plucc Hotel, corner Fourteenth street ami Irving place. AUGUST FUNK, Sr., Proprietor. Belmont hall, schoolky's".mountain, n. j.? Will be opened June 1 tor the reception ot company. D. A. CKOWKLL. (10ZZENS' WEST POINT HOTEL J will open on Saturday, May 31. Two Cottages to let, with Hoard in Hotel; special lerius otlircd to parties engaging rooms lor the season. For Particulars address EDWARD COZZENI , West Point, S. Y. F1IRST CLASS PARLOR, DANCE AND CONCERT music furnished for part or whole season; t.vo to six pi. ecs. Address PROFESSOR DYER, 460 Fourth avenue. Cut tills out. HKATH HOUSE??CHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS Morris county, N. J., will open dun.' l^tw.i hours' ride trom the city via Morris and Essex Railroad. Appll cation tor rooms can be made by mail or at the Colemon House, where the proprietors can be seen every Wednes day irom \i until 3 o'clock. .1. WARREN Cot,KM a.N. Maple grove imrsK?\ first class country hotel, desirably located tor cltv b .arders. For par ticulars, Ac., address J. II. PLACE, Proprietor, Bush lull, Pike county. Pa. Mountain house, soith orange, moxtrose station, N. J.?Tins ,'nvorite Ilrst class hotel open tor spring and Summer sei.son; it lias all the cotive niences and eomtorts of a city hotel: 60 minutes irom toot of Barclay street, via Morris and Kssex Railroad 34 trains daily. Kxtra Inducements to parties wishing im m. diate Board. C. BITIKL; I'flOKR, Proprietor. Mount pkospkct hoi sk. montclair, n7j.3 "his deliglittul Summer retreat will reopen Mav 1. Apply as above. NYACK-ON-HUDSON.?SMITHSONIAN HOUSE IS open tor the reception ol permanent or transient """rders. M. L BKIELOW. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will he openad on or about the 1st of May. For terms, Ac., address COZZENS A MURRAY. Knelewood. N.J. Riverside hotel, ibd btreet, at carmans. ? VL. ? ?n Hiver,?Thi* popular hnu^e, en tirely fitted ami lurnitihcd anew throughout, is now open lor the reception of mienf*; minut * Irom Thirtieth mrret depot, trtr terrag, Ac., apply to PAULL A DUN V \ 1 ?i' . CT. MARK'S HO I EL, NKW HRIOIUON, STATEN IS k land.?rhis favorite resort is now open for the recep Hon ot guests. For terms and other information apply at the Hotel, or address O. Dk.CA.MP, Proprietor. rPllh OCEAN HOUSE, ' NEWPORT, R. I JUNE. 1S75. WEAVERS A BATES. rpARRYTOWN IIEKiHTS HOiiiL, TARItYTOWN, ON tl'c Hudson ?W i ti open the Nt oi June: parties wish inff to engnpc Koom*i for se??M?n will And enrriatres at depot on arrival nl Hie tram trom New York, lues nKiii'fc'l- K.ur -A'-, apply to JAMES T. DUDLEY, 20 Nassau street, 3d, THE WEST END. FORT WASHINGTON.?THIS NEW i i.ou i. , 11 opposite the culuades, on the Hudson, and In all Its appointments (Ir-t class, will ..pen about W?y ^ ? I or rooms address CHARLES H. SHELLEY. \r OODMINE IIOfl.L, 111 <, 11 IIRIDOE.?OPEN FOR f /."? Room and Hoard, for cne gentleman. er week Steamboat to IV? k dip In one hour. Hudson ?iver Kailroail to Oram! Central depot in ^0 minutes. lepot in minutes. S. HKOt OH TON. "lirOODSBURG PAVILION WOODSBURO, L. I.?THIS .1 il'"'il "l'1,'' w'" "l"'iied Juno t; ran lie reached hv South f ide or Long Island Railroad. For terms. Ac., address N. P. SEWkLL, proprietor. LEGAI, IV OT ICR tf. I N THE ORPHANS' COURT FOR THE CITY AND county ot Philadelphia. In the matter ol the partition of the estate of _ . . ROBERT si i:\VART, deceased. ~ase notice, that the sal.l Court has granted a rule on the heirs and pcr-on- inter. -ie.l In the said Estate toap pcar in court to accept or ret use the premises as divided nt the valuations placed thereon by tne in.iucst, and, in ease of refusal to accept the said premises at the valua tions, lo snow cause ?h> the same should not be sold. Returnable on thel7th day of May, 1-73, at l?o'clock A. M. Jo.SEl II 0. Ill IEKMARY, Clerk of Orphans' Court. JOHN' F. GOODWIN, _ . ... .. At,ornt.v lor Petitioners, Philadelphia. To Hngh Walker and Thomas Stewart A MTKULOGT. A DKLAIDK II. LAMIIRHTSON. CLAIRVOYANT, HAS J\ removed to 104 West Eighteenth street, near sixth avenue. \ *E IK Mils vans is hi >ines - vm> me in cal i lairvoyant, Spiritiuihst. tells name, (lay of marriage, brings together th .se long separaU'd, gives positive Inlorimitioli on ull atlain of life ; no saiisfactioti, no pay. >econd avenue, corner Thirty fourth streot. t TTI-..NTION !?CO N-l LI VriONX ON BDIINIttt, J\ law suits, enemies,, at.sent, love, mar riage, siekne <s aii.l death. Pay tetused unless satisfied. >1.11.'. SI Mini, i'lairvoyant, bill .sixth avenue. JjlUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT?TKLLS N\MKrt, SHOWS i likenesses, causes marriages, gives numbers^ w cents and $1. 14^ West J wenty-Attn street, basemrut. VJISS WELLING TON, THF. BEST OF ALL CLAIR jti voyants. tells past, present and luture: gives luekv mi in b? rs; tells ol losses and thefts; brings tlie separated together and gives good lu< k to uU. il Lust I wtuty altfUUi ttftel, uvar fouriU avcuue, v &mt!4KMKnr?. WAL!,A(!K'R Proprietor and Manager.. Mr. LESTER WALLACE GREAT dUCCaSH. ANOTHER TRIUMPH. EVERY EVENING and SATURDA^MATIN^at IX P. M., w ill appear in his original part of SOUIEE CHUCKLES, in the SQUIBE'B LAST SHILLING I An original Drama of comic ami serious interest, in fonr sets, by Mr. H. J. Byron. The piece will be presented by the FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTISTS:? Mr. BOTHKUN, Mr. J. B. POLK, Mr J. W. CARROLL, Mr C. B. BISHOP. Mr. E. M. llOi.LAND. Mr. W. J? LEONARD, Mr (1. W. BROWNE. Mr. PECK, Mis* K A I IIKK1N K ROGERS, Miss EFFIE GERMON, Mine. PONlsl anil Miss VANKYKB. Act First?THE MIPF.R'S ATTIC. Act Second-souIUK CHUCKLES' COUNTRY HOUSE AND GROUNDS. Act Third?LODGINGS IN LONDON. Act Fourth?INTERIOR OK SQUIRE CHUCKLES' COUNTRY IIOUS. . BOX BOOK OPEN. SKATS SECURED IN ADVANCE^ OOTlfriTH K A TR B. BOUCICAlHVr. Edwin Booth Manager und Proprietor positively LAST WEEK

of Mr DION BOUCICAl'LT. who will appear during these LAST BIX NIGHTS in his great character of MICHAEL O'DOWD, in Ilia new Comedy Drama of DADDY O'DOWD. LAST BOUCICAULT MATINEE on SATURDAY, at 2, and LAST TIME BUT ONE OF DADDY O'DOWD. Seats may be secured for the remaining nights of Mr. Boucicault nl the Theatie, or at Dittion A Co.'s music ?tore, 711 Broadway. ? BOOTH'S TlIKATRE. NMLSON. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENTS Retnru of MISS NEILSON. The management respectfully uiinounccH the reappear auce of tiiu celeiiratcu English Tragedienne, MISS NEILSON, On MONDAY EVENING .NEXT. MAY 12, when she will appear tbr the flrsi time in this country, iu Her Original Character ol AMY ROBS ART, In the grand Historical and Romantic Drama of that name, written by Andrew J. Ilalliday, H?q., and tounded on Sir Walter Scott's fainons Historical Romance of Ken ilwortii, in which she achieved such greatraceeft at the Drury Lane Theatre, London, sustaining the part of AMY RuHSAIM' tor over one hundred consecutive nights. Miss Neiison will be supported by MR. FRANCIS BANGS as LEICESTER (his first appearance in tour months), MR. NEIL WARNER and a POWERFUL CAST, with Now Scenery, Costumes, Armors, Appointments, Music, Mechanical Effects and an increased Auxiliary Force and Corps de Italict ot nearly 2u0 PERSONS. The Box Sheet lor the NEILSON PERFORMANCES is now open at (he usual places. MIONY PASrilii'S OPERA HOUSE. 201 BOWERY. I TIIE BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED FEMALE MINSTRELS, FEMALE MINSTRELS. THE WONDERFUL HIO ZAGS. THE COMIC PANTOMIME, THE GREEDY CLOWN. FRANK JONES, THE MUSICAL WONDER. BILLY PASTOR. ROSA LEE. SIXTEEN CHARMING LADY VOCALISTS, AND THE GREAT STAR TROUPE. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, ?SliC. At blumb's?elegant chiokerino piano forte, rosewood ease, finished all round, full iron frame, sliding music desk, $-00; rosewood 7 octave Piano forte, $160. FREDERICK BLOME, 27 Union square, Broadway. A?STKINWAY and CHICKBBING PIANOFOBTBS . at half price for cash; Pianos rented ou instal ments; $1? and $15 monthly until paid. J. BIDDLB, IS Waverley place, near Rroadway. A" GRAND SQUARE fj\ OCTAVB B08BW00D Pi anoforte, In use 8 months, eolebrated Git;' maker, cost $S50, tor $275; stool and Cover; at private residence 21 Last Two ntieth street. AUHICKERINO PIANO FOR $123.?STEIN WAY AND other line Pianos and Organs; great reduction before removal; an $800 Piano for $'.&); to rent and on instul uieuts. S. X. BALL A CO., 137 Eighth street, four doors east from Broadway. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF BTEINWAY * SONS' second hand square, grand and upright Pianos for sale at a bargain. Also it number of Instruments of otlier lirst class matters. Every Instrument in good order. STKINWAY A SONS, Steinway VI all. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE ROUND PATENT agraffe grand square rosewood, 7!i octave Parlor Pi anoforte, nearly new; fully guaranteed; cost $1,100, for $300: Stool, Cover; lias box for shipping; msgoiflcent satin, broeatel and rep Parlor Suits. Mirrors, Curtains, Paintings; rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, Mat tresses, Librarw, Diningroom Furniture, Silverware, Bronzes, less than half cost. Residence, 104 East Twenty fltth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. A maunTficent rosewood PIANOFORTE FOB sale,made or .er, parlor grand, city maker, fully guaranteed, used tlve months, cost $900, for $275: Parlor Suits, Etageres, Bronzes, Chamber, Dining Furniture; a sacrifice; property family leaving city. SoWeA 15th at., near Sth a v. A LADY, ABOUT MOVING, MUST DISPOSE OF her 1'iano at a great sacrifice, to-day. Apply at 312 East Nineteenth street, between 11 and 3 o'clock. AT PRIVATE IIOt'SE 120 WEST TWENTY THIRD street, a family will sell their magnificent brilliant 7 -4 octave rosewood Pianoforte, used eight months, cost $1,000 tor $230. also Stool, cover and Music Cabinet, coKt $1(>0; Parlor suits, Chamber Suits, Carpets. Mirrors, Ac., every article necessary for housekeeping, less than half cost. Call betorc purchasing elsewhere. A LADY WILL SELL FOR $123 A HANDSOME ROSE" j\. wood Pianoforte, in perfect order: iron frame, round corners, modern improvements; la splendid tone. Call at Third stroet, near Bowery. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LEAVING THE CITY, ARK desirous of disposing of their magnificent rosewood 7l4 octave double rout.d Pianoforte; Lest city makers; cost $1,200, lor $kM; stool. Cover and Music Cabinet; one grnnd squaie 7 octave, $2fi0; also entire elegant Housc liold Furniture. Call at private residence 210 West Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue. American pianoforte company, sab broad way.?Pianos ol six first class makers for sale on easy Instalments and for cash at low prices; a good seven octave Piano tor $"00; Pianos for hire. BAEOAIN-7 OCTAVE. $12'); FOUR BOUNDCOBNERB roeewocd llano, splendid tone, irraml scale, agraffe, $-io; almost new; Instalments R. CABLE, 107 west Twenty-third street, corner of sixth avenue. / UHhTiR INSTALMKN I'S.?we" have A NUMBER KJ of first class Pianos ffor sale that were touted during the Winter, in perfect order and warranted; also several cheap second hand Pianos. WM. A. POND * CO., M7 Broadway. First class 7^ octave pianos retailed at wholesale prices, direct from factory. Send (or cir cular. 7S Harrow street, near Hudson. pIBCHBB'8 NEW SCALE PIANO, WITH PATENT linDrovcments, the most reliable Pianos made; hand some. second hand Pianos cheap; Plunnsto rent 425 West Twentv-clghth street, near Ninth avenue. F For sale at a great sacrifice?a splendid 7 octave Pianoforte, but. very little used; has ull modern improvements. Apply at ill Bast Forty seventh street, between Second and Third avenues. E'w styles fIve octave double reed Cabinet Organ*, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES; $110 and $125 each. Fifty oilier styles, $.r>5 to S5II0 and upward each. The MAsON * HAMLIN Organ Company now offer, at their new warcrooms, 24 Union square, tlic largest assortment of the best instruments ot this class m the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their unequalled facilities tor manufac ture. Orguns rented with privilege of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payments. I)lANOS AND ORGANS AT GREAT BARGAINS?FOR cash or instalments, or to rent. $:< to $10per month. CliAS. J. BETTS, 788 Broadway, corner Tenth st., next to Grace church. P~~ 1ANOS. 8E(JO.NI) HAND, OF VABIOUS MAKERS, IN thorough order, for sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on Instalments, by CHICKEKING A sons, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fitth av Ol ANOS AND O IttiANS.?(IRK AT BARGAINS, NEW J! and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and bv best makers, at low er prices for cash, or i monthly instalments, or lor rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 4>l Broadway, than can be lound elsewhere. PIANOS (BE AI riFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MERRELL'S, No. 8 Union square, 1M Fourth avenue. PIANOS AND ORGANS.? M~NKW AND SECOND haml Pianofortes and Standard Organs at a sacrifice this week; rosewood Piano only $100. PEKK A SONS, 127 Blocker street. PIANOS AT $60, $70 TO $&>0; ORGANS, $30 TO $:t00; best in city; new Pianos cheap for rent or sale on instalments. BEBrY A CO., 788 Broadway. TIIK MOST RKLIABLB, BEST FINISHED AND richest toned Pianofortes manufactured from $iii; seven octave Pianoforte, nearly Mw, only $IB0. CO-OP ERATIVE PIANO MAKERS, No. 'J Great Jones street, near Broadway. Al/ANTKD?A FIRST CLASS GRAND OR SQUARE Tf Piano, nearly new. Address, with full particulars, maker, price, Ac., BELL, box 3,050 Post ofllce. INSTRUCTION* ~ VT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE. 20 FOURTH AVENUE^ opposite Cooper Institute,?Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic and Languages. Day and eve nine. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught practically with instru ments. Demand tor operators. Accounts, bookkeeping, business affairs, Punctuation, speedily taught. PAINK'8 Business ? ollegv, 1,vm^ Broadway, corner Thirty-third street: <2 Bowery. Twenty-four Writing Lessons, $.' lt0. Ladies qualified ns bookkeepers. ALaDY ACCU.sTOMKD TO teaching WOULD like to make an eagagement tor the Suimner ; can teach the English branches, music, | aiutliix, sketching from nature, and speaks French fluently; natlstactory reference*. Address C. T. S., 201 7th av. Acting, oratory and public readino taught from May to July at Summer pricta A lew hours open. Address ELOCUTION, station /-1I1URCH HILL, WASHINGTON. CONN?*250 PER V' year lor a good home aDi school of forty weeks; lo cation unsurpassed . four hours from New York. Address, for circulars, H. H. MoRBU9vlli> MUN80N'8 Pil()N()GBAP?Y TAUGHT AT PVPILS' residences. New York or Brooklyn; $10, In advance, tor 10 halt-hour lessons. Address S. L. K., box 4,457 Post | office. ANTED?SCHOOL TEACHERS, STUDENTS AND others seeking honorable and lucrative employ ment, having ability, energy, and perseverance; good saiary to suitable parties. Address E. W., box 127 Herald otllee. A1A -MMK. HERMAN IS NOW PREPARED TO give private lessons or teach classes in her new and improved method Or in.-.king A ax Flowers; it has i pen pronounced the greatest invention of the day. Mine. 1IKRM \N guarantees that her pupils will learn in the -hori space ol three hours more tliun they can learn bv the old method in three weeks. Terms $10, which in elude a bouquet of flowei ?> aud a full set ot moulds and tools, which would cost by the old method f.'s). Mme. HERMAN will alsojtve lessons in hei beautiful art of Foliage, which cannot lie taught by any artist In this country ; in.ule without moulds or scissors, and isaper let I representation of the natural leaf. mui?. uERMA.N,iu wilt ?(;??(> > w AnCMKnKtT^, OLYMPIC THEATRE. hole Leasee and Director Mr. JAMBS & HAYES BVERY EVENING AT H, and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT J, tin- Fifth Edition of O. L FO-X'd HUMPTY DTMPTY. Thoroughly reconstructed by the author. NEW CASTS, NEW BURLESQUE OPENING, - NEW SCENERY, NEW MUSIC, NKW TRICKS AND EFFECTS, AND AN ENT1REI V NEW PANTOMIME. MLLK. MoRI.Afr'CH I, Qoeeu ol all Premiere Dau<euses. THK Wl I.SON BROriiEKS. _ WILLIAM AND HARRY JKK, Champion Hat Spinners ol the World. AMERICUS, the wonderful Intant Violinist MM?THERU.SrilAN SEXTETTE, MME. CHARLOTTK WINTKRBirRN. KAJLROAf?rCH(;ENE. COMIC SKATING ACT. wa qnIV, ? T1!V^orlr#l Tableau of WASHINGTON CR08al>iU THE DELAWARE. MAFFITT aud BARTHOLOMEW; Clown and rSSuIwi THE SENSATION GYMNAST, LL UtJ Ull LL up uu LL UU UU LL ? UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU ?LL UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU LI, UU UU LL UU UU LL UU UU I LLLLLL UUTTOUU LLLLLLb UUUUUU I,l.l.t.l,LL UUUUU LLLLLLL UU UUU TnE FLIGHT THROUGH SPACE. TIIE TRIPLE SOMERSAULT IN MID-AIR. EVERYTHING NEW IN THE PANTOMIME. Mme. LAN NI Kit. Mile. PXTTERI. DEMON BALLET, CALEDONIA BALLET, BALLABILK. SUPERB TRANSFORMATION SCENE. MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at TWO. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager M* A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at I :.W. Carriages may bo ordered lor 11 o'clock. LAST NIGHTS OF KROU FROU. The management, in order to adhere to plans pre vlously made lor the production of novelties during the current sea.-on, are compelled to announce the LAST NIGHTS OK FROU FROU. Last nights of the charming young actress, . ^ MISS AGNES ETHEL, In her most brilliant creation. SATURDAY, LAST MATINEE (hut one) of . FROU-FROU. SHORTLY, a new drama of great Interest, entitled, WITHOUT A II HART, which will be superbly mounted and produced with a GREAT CAST. FRIDAY EVENING, May lfl, BENEFIT ol Mr. D. II. HARICIN8. KQ/t-ATHBNEUM THEATRE. T, 7.r opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. It. W. BUTLER Munnger TIIK OKKAT VARIETY THEATRE OF NKW Y O R K. EVERYTHING NKW AND ORIGINAL THIS WEKK. ENGAGEMENT OK THE QUEENS OF BURLESQUE, THE WORRELL SISTERS. The charming Sisters, SOPHIE and IRENE, the Queens of Burlesouc. ? THE FIELD OF THE CLOTH OF GOLD. MISS MINNIE JACKSON, MISS l.UUISE ARNO'i'T, MISS LILLIE HALL, _ . GEORGE ATKINS, WM. WEST, WM. WEST, WM. WEST, LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT, AND A RKGULAR OLIO ANI> BURLESQUE CONPANY. See "in"11 bills. Doors open at 7. Curtain rDes at 8. Box iimes open daily. Seats secured in advance. Matinee every Wednesday and Saturday. NoUco?Next Monday the GREAT ZANFRETTA TROUPE and the REMMEI.SBERG SISTERS will appear. Academy of Mustc. lydia Thompson LAST PERFORMANCES of the present season by the world-famed MISS LYDIA THOMPSON and HER INCOMPARABLE COMPANY. THURSDAY EVENING. May 7, the Sylvan Burlesque, in two acts, of ROBIN HOOD. with all its SPECIALTIES .?MARKED FEATURES, including the SK.VTORIAL PHENOMENON AND LILIPUTIAN , WONDER, in hi* marvellous performances on parlor skates. FRIDAY EViiNING, May M. farewell bene lit of ... miss lydia Thompson. ALLADIN. "WE'LL TAKE 'EM IN." SATURDAY MATINEE, LURLINE. "And Yet I Am Not Happy." ONE DOLLAR TO ALL PARTS OF'THE HOUSE. Open at I, begins at 2, ..v<.r at 41, o'clock. Evening, open at 7, begins at S, over at I0}i o'clock. Orchestra, $l.r>0; balcony, $1 ; boxes, $t">. Mme. ANNABISHOP, SATURDAY, has the honor to announce that her last appearance in new York, prior to the commencement of her FAREWELL TOUR OF AMERICA. WILL TAKE PLACE IN A GRAND MATINEE AT STEIN WAY HALL ON SATURDAY, MAY 10, AT 2 O'CLOCK, assisted by the following brilliant array of artists, who have kindly proffered their assistance ;? MLLK. PAULINE CAN1SSA, SOPRANO; MLLK DRASD1L. CONTRALTO; MLLK. FKRRKTTI SO PRANO; Mil. ALFRED WILKE, TENOR; Ml'. J It THOMAS, BARITONE; MR. L. G. GOTTSCHALK BARITONE; MR. KM ILK SAURET, VIOLIN; MR A* H. PEASE, PIANIST; MR. F. HKRONER, VIOLON CELLO ill R. HENRY* CARTER, ORGAN; HERE GOE ? ? N ET' CONDUCTORS aVd ACCOM. Eo{\J,s??-H?ssrh a- "eiff, mabzo, c. c. gof. FRIE AND CHAR. FRADEL Tickets of adml>sion, $1, Including reserved seats at the general tiekut office, 114, and G. Sehlrmer's, 701 Broadway; at ail the prlucipal music stores, and at ticket otlice ol the Hull. Rubinstein matinf.e piano recitals, AND HIS LAST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA AT STEIN WAY HALL, ON THE AFTERNOONS OF Monday. May 12; Wednesday, Mav 14; Friday May 16; satu dav, Mav 17; Monday, *lav 19; Tuesday, Mav 20 and on the EVENING of THURSDAY, May 23 otT?1?, SALfi Of SEASON TICKETS for the ENTIRE DAYEVENING? at 5PCMTAL8 Cl0#e TI"S C? U K8' frlcc .Tern (10) doll&rs *5a,',.for SINGLE RECITALS commences TO-MORROW (fRiDAY) Morn'ING at usual ticket offices. Reserved Seats to single recitals two (2) dollars. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD STREET, i^J'ten M*Ui aH() seventh avs., near Booth's Theatre. isvERY EVENING ATS. SATURDAY MATINEES AT2. " .,5r.'lh 'ashlonable and delighted audiences. MINSTRELS. I UNDER T>E GASLIGHT. BRYANT'S vrv?TnwiV ,The Railroad Scene, hhvahI.2 1^, permission of Augustin BRVANTW Mrw*r5vt'5' I Em*" ^erde Gaslight Bkyantw SivalnE'r^' <-,,'nro?u'? by l,.an Bryant, II? "IN8TRELS. I Nelse Seymour, Dave Retxl, iiarry Ktanwood, HrocKwav, Carter, ltlee, Morrissev secured0* Family Matinees Saturday at ? Scats BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TO-DAY EXTRA MATINEE TO-DAY. Benefit of Messrs. MORRISSY and EMERSON. The following popular artists have kindly volunteered (by permission otthelr managers) for the occasion;? THE GREAT COOL BURGESS. It.his Inimitable specialties; THE REYNOLDS BROTIIElls. in their plantation scene, MY GAL; CHARLES E. DOBSON, . the Champion Haniolst; LLKB SCnooLCRAFT AND OKOROE COES. in comic banjo scene, MRS. DITIMIJS' PARTY; . BILLY HART AND HUGH FAY, in their original act, THE TWO O'DONOHUES. wilh "AN BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. ? f>AV, AT 2. MATINEE. TO-DAY, AT 2. TO-DAY AT 2 MATINEK. TO-DAY, AT 2. MORRISSY AND EMERSON'S BENEFIT. MORRISSY AND EMERSON'S BENEFIT. Lion park opening. lion park. Our sixth annual opening will take place on THURSDAY. May H, with a grand Military Concert and Ball, lo commence at 4 P. M. ?u?lc '>.v the Kitth Regiment Band, National Guard S. N. Tickets (complimentary) can bo ?btaincd at the Park, or Steuben House, 20ft Bowery. Hoping that we mav have the pleasure to greet our many triendsand patrons on ibis occasion, we remain, most respectfully. SIXT LUDWIG K.APFF A SON. MISS ANTOINETTE STERLING will give a BALLAD CONCERT Previous to her departure for Eurooo, at Irving Hall, on Tuesday, May IS, at8 I'. M. She will be assisted by Mis.s Henrietta Becbe, Soprano; Miss Matilda Toedt, Violinist, and the English Glee Club. Tickets, $1; rc-erveil hi at.s, $1 (V) Mav lie obtained at Sehlrmer's, 701 Broadway, and at the door on tne evening of the entertainment. CIBVBRAL KILPATRICK, ASSOCIATION HALL, X Wednesday eveniag, May 14. Sublcct?"The Ameri can Stumu." Tickets to be had at Sehlrmer's, 701 Broad way, aud ourlcy's, under hail. Admission 60 ccnts. Re served seats, 7.i cents. -yy-ANTED TEN YOU NO LADIES FOR THK BALLET Apply, from 11 A. M. to 4 P. M., at the Box Office, TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE 201 Bowery. ?J^KANCU OFFICE OF THE EVENING TELEGRAM, SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADWAY AND THIRTY FIRST STREET. UPTOWN DEALERS AND NEWSBOYS SUPPLIED EVERY EVENING. ORNTIMTH V. " A 'N'I*,nr'K SIXPENCE BKTTER THAN A SLOW i. ii B ! i."K-? r?cth? Ordinary Sets, >7; best. $10; gold lined, 916; inserted same day ordered; gas admin istered, ,'iSi ?. 364 Sutih avenue. 4 BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE SET OF TEETH from $10 up wards. Partial ?efs from 91 each tooth upwards. Perfect (Uliug guaranteed at J. C. KENNEDY'S, lat Bowery. Drc WHITE, DRNTIST. TV.) SIXTH AVENUE, BE tween Klltceutli and Mxfeenfh street* (formerly 7tS>. Beatlfiltil Sets of Teeth. Hj and 910; warranted to fit. Teeth tilled at reasonable prices. TEKTII EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN.?SIXTEEN years Benumbing application. Beatiutul teeth, 9'! set, 910. Pluiikpei* tor hollow cheeks a specialty. Sets rspaUvd. J. JAY VILLKRfl, jp wfu?K img um*aw rjmkatre comiqub, MR. JOSH HART... Lessee anil proprietor i.aht two elaoii OF THE fktb^ni TROUPE. ^ last two nights, LAST two ntffrtri THURSDAY AND FRIDAY? OF THE MAMMOTH TROUPE. ' FRANK KERNES. COOL burger frankenstein MYSTERY. j The leat of . . decapitation Positively the lut two entertainment* 01 the MAMMOTH TROUPE, THURSDAY NIGHT AND frid ay night. . FRANK KERNES. keener COOL BURGESS. JOHN HART. JOHN wildy in new and pleading acta. HARRIGAN AND HART in their comicalities. EXTRA NOTICE. SATURDAY MATINEE AND night. AN ENTIRE CHANGE o^bill^ ^ 0l10| and first :^MILy IN til KIR CAT DUEL The wonder of the world, _ LING LOOK, in hi* _ . Fire-eating, Egg and sword swallowing Feat Mr. o. W. JEaTEB and hi* TALKING HAND. LITTLE JEN ME YEAltMENS in her characteristic! Mons. li'] KURT, in his slight ot hand act, ogether with the GREAT COOL, BURGESS, THE FRANKENSTEIN MYSTERY. The great act of decapitation. All the above for 8 hATURDAY MATINEE AND SATURDAY NIGHT, MAY 10. OWKRY THEATRE. WM. B. FRELIGH....... Manage* THURSDAY Evening, May 8, 187S, ENTIRE CHANGE OK PROGRAMME. Revival of the ureal Drama of claude DUVAL, cast to the full streug h .ot the company. 'i lie domestic uraina of THE IRISH emigrant. J. II. o'NEIL an ..........tim o'brien FRIDAY, Benefit or ml?s MADELINE HABDY. Those unrivalled musical artists the BERBY9 Will shortly appear. <?UBA LIBRE: or, O'KELLY'S MtSSIoN, by hnrry Seymour, will soon be produced. Bowery theatre. ? WM. B. freligh. - ? Manager FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1873, BENEFIT OF MISS madeline HARDY. THE GREAT DRAMA OF CLAUDE DUVAL and the splendid Comedietta of the ROI'GH DiAMOND. Look out Tor the unrivaled Musical Artistes the BKRRYS, who will shortly appear. CUBA LIBRE; OR. o'KELLY'S MISSION, - an original Drama by Harry seyiuour, will soon be proe duecd. . rood'S MUSEUM. DOM. murray^ LAST WEEK OF MURRAY. b AFTERNOON AT 2t Special for Matinee Performances, The pantomlmist and Actor, Mr. HERNANDEZ FOSTER, ill liu great Drama ot JACK H vrkaway. jack harkaway. MAY 12. BENEFIT Otf DE korre8t. Vi EVENING AT 8. The celebrated Comedian. Mr. DOMINICK MURRAY, iu the new Drama of WILLY REILLY and his dear COLEEN. MONDAY EVENING. MISS gl'SSIE Grand opera house.?commences at k to & Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY....Sole Lessee and mauageiv. Mr. CHARLES FECHTER as MONTE CRIST? every NIGHT in the magnificent romantic Drama of MONTE CRisro. Produced with ttie most elaborate and. ingenious scentw and Mechanical illusions ever presented upon the arneb* lean stage. Magnificent Scenery i Superb CostumesI Characters by Mr. CHARLES wheatleiqh, iftsf lizzie PRICE. Mr. J. b. STUDLEY, Mr. CHARLES leclerq. Mr. 11. T. RINGGOLD. Mr. J. W. JEN nings, Mr. C. J. ROCKWELL. Mr. M. GOLDEN, Mr. DORSEY OGDEN, Mr. CHAPMAN, Miss josephine HENRY, Messrs. Meade, Pcakus, Pierce, Chapman* Hemes, Searle and others. GRAND FECHTER MATiNEE next 8ATURDAYT Seats mav be secured tor 20 ,Iavs in advance. ApplfW cations by mail or telegraph, directed to the Manager, will be promptly attended to. Box ottlce open troai o tilt 6 daily. _____ -TH AVENUE THEATRE. ? ??**?^r?8tat 8 ) Sole Lessee and Manager....?.Mr. AUGUbilN DALm LAST NIGHTS OF DIVORCE. SATURDAY, May 10, last MATINEE but ana of ^MONDAY, May 12, Benefit of Mr. george CLABK8 and last night but Ave ot DIVORCE. nn?k* WEDNESDAY', May 14. Benefit ol Mlas LLNDA DIETZ. ,yh AVENUE THEATRE. Mr. DALY begs to announce that he will produce SB TUESDAY NIGHT, May 20, for the first time on nny stage, a novel play, from th? German, basad upon the latest drauia uf Dr. MO&bn? THAL, of Vienna, and entitled madele1n MOREL. Several unique dramatic and scenic effects occnr hi th? course of this play, which Mr. Daly designs to All the ci.USING PERKOrsiaNCEH ot the PRESENT eventflll SEASON, and the distribution of characters calls oat tag best powers of the Kilth Avenue Company. Box sheet will lie open Tuesilay A. M.. May 13. ST. JAMES THEATRE. LAST WEElfc LAST NIGHT BUT TWO. FBANK M'EVOY'S NEW HIBEBNICON, or IRELAND IN amhrica. IRISH COMEDY AND CHARACTER COMPANY. The most amusing entertainment of the day,eombI?j lng Irish Comedy, Irish Sccnery, Songs, Dances, Wit and Humor in one perkirmance, and concluding with the screamlag Farce, ^ UAUNTKD OUJD& or0hc?ihn^ ftto^^fb'CLOCK. Admission, boc.; children, ific. C^ERMANIA THEATRE. t Fourteenth street, near Third avenne. AD. NEUENDORFE Dlrectol THURSDAY. MAY 8, DAS stiftungsfest. Comcdv in three acts, hv Moso.r. Box offlcc often daily from 9 till 4 o'clock. m RS F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. EVERY EVENING, UNDER THE GASLIGHT. Startling effects and power!ill cast Miss MINNIE CONWAY'S BENEFIT FRIDAY. CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. j kot'll a co Proprietor! OPENING OF CKNTRAL PARK GARDEN, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 14, at8, with THEODORE THOMAS' UNEQUALLED SUMMER NIGHTS CONCERTS. Full particulars in future advertisements. Admission, 00 cents. Packages, containing 12 ticket*, $4. Can now be obtained at tlie principal music stores! also at 285 Broadway mi'i at Central Park Garden. STEIN WAY HALL. MACDONALDli SATURDAY AFTERNON, 2 P. M., . MATINEE LECTURE BY GEORGE MACDONALD. SUBJECT?JOHN MILTON Tickets 50 cents, at Parley's a Schirmer's. I EXERCISE, HEALTH, AMUSEMENT.-JOHN !i WOOD'S Gymnasium, Twenty-eighth street, near Fifth avenue, open day and evening. Special training for Corpulency, Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, Goat, sc. NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 BROAD-, wav, between Houston and Bleecker streets.?Every* one should visit the wonderiul islull ot everv-, thing people should sec and understand, lectures datljr on "The Philosophy or Marriage." Those parties unabla to attend these Important lectures can have them for warded, post free, on receipt of 25 cents, by addressing, secretary NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, til? Broadway. New York t OUIS~DURR'S GALLERY OF PAINTINGS-OPE1* 1 j dav and evening, tn the building ol the German saw? lngs Bank. General mollkc's Portrait, taken from ilia* by Professor Schrader, is now on exnlbltlon. American dramatic fund association?aic? nilhi election of officers Monday, Mav 12. Associate! are invited to meet at tho office, 842 Broadway, at j o'clock P. M., for reading of annual report, Ac. Poll opens at'i o'clock P. M., closes at 4 o clock P. M. CHARLES ST. BERNARD, secretary A. p. F. A. U . imftt voub LA M t'SIQUE ?" DO YOU LOVH A "Music f"?This beautiful book mailed for 10 cent a. "Students' Jonrnal'' and Ainatcur,'' also 10 cenueach. watsons mu*ic Booms, 92J linton I lace. ? fetbopolitan THEATRICAL AND SHOW printing establishment, HERALD buildinli, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET A LARGE assortment OF theatric at* minstrel AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY on~ HANDi_ MUSICAL. A ^CAREFUL AND EXPERIENCED TKACHBR OF the Pianoforte is prepared to give instruction at pupils' residences at the rate of $20 per quarter; one lea son a week for $10. Address J. FRANCIS mauley, llorald office, or at Weber's pianoforte rooms. Filth ave nne and sixteenth street A CONTRALTO, GOOD READHR, DESIRES Ml eositien in a church choir. Cell at or address 334 East rofty-flrat street. / tARD.?PIANO. ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING ? miss \ / WATSON gives private lessons, dav and eventng, at her residence, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street), instru ments luruished lor daily practice. _____ WANTED-A POSITION AS HASSO IN A CHOIR ik v? thiscltv by a good reader, with good voice and exs perlence (Catholic or Episcopal preferred); salary uiuum crute. Address C. C? box i17 Herald office. ME 'ANTF.D?TWO POSITIONS IN A proi'estant church; one an soprano, the oth?x (u omt* ailuruj^ babd, ufinid tptowu ikaiuuoallgfe W/

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