Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1873 Page 9
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I TO LET FOR P"Hi!?K8S PPHPO8B8. 'XttentionT NOW READY KOK OCCUPANCY, NEW PIBEPROOP BUILDING, PULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO KENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEINO IN CLOSE proximity TO THE CITY UALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, *C.. AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, (Banks, insurance companies, ac., ac.. Can be Pad, sinuly or en suite, of any desired SIZE, from 10X12 FEETTO 26X67 FEET, AT $300, f4O0, $.*? AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDINO TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND IIAS TWO FIRST class PASSENGER elevators AND ALL MODERN IM provements. rent OF small OFFICES. fltzo. 2d story. 3d Story. 4th story. 8th Story. 19.10x23.6 $2,000. $1.H00 $,?W $1.'"* 16x24.6 l.*00 1,5 0 1.200 34.6x25.0 1,80) 1>?) 1.200 W* 17x26.6 1.800 1,5.10 l.;'M **> 80x18 000 400 M0 10x12 6 BOO 400 sw 300 tl9.Cx39.' 3,0*1 2,500 2.(100 1,800 19.11x39 3.00U 2,.*00 1,800 IQxI'J 6 500 401 H5(J ?W0 j'j.ioxviii!!!.*.' i,hjd i,6uo 34.6x25 1.00 1.280 1.000 WW 14.6x23. 1.500 1,280 1,1*0 J'O |7* J3 1,5 0 1.250 1.000 JJ jO lOxIR ?00 400 350 300 INQUIRIES TO BE made oF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2riN F street. LARGE loft TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER; A plenty oi light; size 80x100. Apply to U.J. WE BER, 89 (Sold street. A LARGE FACTORY TO LKT?FIRST floor. 100X75; Ji. second Morv, 7 l.iu- tory high; with 40Uurso jpower engine; shafting throughout flUB t . A ?TO LET?ON THE best BLOCK ON 6TH AY.. A JK. Store wi h dwelling apartmenU; OOJeet deep .rent Only $70U; also a .arne store at $1,200. Otllcc 1W9 sixth yyen ue. VERY FINE CORNER (FIFTH ^VBNUTS) STORE anil Bum-men}, Twenty-sixth street, ray; rent low. V. K., Sil.Vfc.NsON, Jr., 11 Pino streit. A ?THIRTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR BROADW AY, V\, all ol three story brick House, exoepioffloe; suitable inr hiisiiir^s or rcHnli'tico. Also 40oinw? uniou BIMOX "os A kc" L?.-TOa\, ftO W**t Thirty-Art ?treet. BAKI RY TO LKT? ND TOIIE 131 PEARL STREET; .,reet.1S? " '?r * rMUU"U>t |U'1 JOSEPHHARlilil fir\ESK ROOM TO LET?ALL FURNISHED, ON FIRST Ui tloor, near Broadway. Appiy to MONAGllAN A CO., 82 Cedar street.^ _ icTEAM POWER AND ROOMS TO LKT CHEAP.?ONE trround Floor, snitali'o tor Heavy work, and others, trood in- any other business, at Twenty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. StvOUBLE LOFTS TO LET?separately OR TO (J / gcthcr, on Fourth avenue, below Thirtieth street, suitable lor meeting rooms, light ni?nuiacturliiK, ?Ujrage, ftc.; now. W. A E. A. CRUIKSllAN K, Broadway, corner Forty-iourth street. IriTEAM POWER.?TO LET. LARGE AND SMALL P Rooms, with or without Power (wood workers al (Jowed). at the Mircka Machine Carving ^ orkn, 00, o& 04 feiul 60 Cannon stnet. C!TORE AND basement28 PRINCE STREET, 25x105. To lease cheap ; a Hue place lor a cheap grocery and provision store, or anv business thpt requires _ room. Look at it. M. s. MYERS, 434 Broome street. Studios in building i,n?7_ broaoway; rent $250 each. Apply to W. S. MELDRUM, 1,-69 Broad way fro LET-TIIK FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS OF 29 J Beck man street, lie ween Nassau and WUIlam rtreets, VrlUl Power. earli tloor 22x85 'eft- 'nouin- oi RORER A VLOt'K, 3U9 Broadway, or JAMES CONNER & bOMB, corner Centre and Re iue street*. O LET?OFFICES, WIT1I HKATS WATER AND gas. in 318 broadway. Apply to S. B. HUTCH1NGS, Jon u street. fP0 LET?OFFICES IN 3117 H ROADWAY. i I Also a Lort, 23 by 36 fee:, in 98 Duane street, -econd uoor. , Apply to S. B. HUTCH INGS, 88 John street fro LET?OF KICKS IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER OF ,J! Reade street. Apply to A. B. HUTCHINGS, 31 John reet. lO Lhl? A LIOllOll SiORK; STOCK AND FIXTURES __ for >ale; a aiVndid stand w the Summer ; between 141 At anil HJd *tr*0Y*, on the iio<ton road. Apuly to JOHN ?ONOIIOE. wlio keeps the stoic. fM UtT-^AV OFFICE. sUIi able PO? A DOCTOB A or den'ist; llrslelass uccoinmodatlons. Call at iio fc est IWenty-tbird stri at, near Seventh avenue. rro LKT-ENTIKK BUILIH STOKKS. LOFTS, OF J flees and Knsemcuts, desirably located. Apply Im mediately to GUs A\rUS H'tAMsON.went for rentlng ami sale of business properly. 3 0 ami .52i Hroadway O- LET?STORK <>N IIIUMOWAY, FIRST FLOOR and Basement, 25 (eet hv 165, between Franklin and anal streets; rear entr.inee lor shipping; steam ele vator; good light; all modern improvements. Address ioNGSTKhET. Herald otllce. rro LET CHEAP-A LIQUOR OR GROCERY STORE; ;A has been established lor ?|? years as a liquor store, and is the best corner in the Mntli ward ; is lilted up, and an excellent corncr lor groceries. Apply at 603 Hudson ytreet. rro LKASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS fivestory J. Tenement House, with Store, near Centre Market, suitable lor lager beer or din nn saloon. ' hj. G HYAT i, 429 West Sixteenth street TO LEASE-FOR LIGHT MANUFACTURING Busi ness, tlirre Floors, very litfht, northeast corner ot Chatham s<|iiarc and Oliver street. ?o 2 P- M. on the premises. W ^OARVY., O RENT?FIRST CLASS FLOORS ON BROADWAY, near Thirty-second street; all conveniences; com-. blcte order: suitable lor housekeeping or business pur j'oses. A. <\ LOO.u IS, 1,254 Broadway. _ STKAM POWER.?TO RENT, ONE ROOM, 60X80 FEET, with light on all sides; very desirable tor wood workers; posscs-Mcn at once. Apply to Mcuuws a * LL, 156 Bank mreef. i ? JEM Al. THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OK THE NEW building on Klxili avenue (about 6UxSO leet each). In the rear ot and connected with 1.V68 to l,2t>9 Hroadwav, ? between Ihlriy-first <>r><. Thlrt.\ -second streets, the whole or any part; will be fined up to suit tenants. Apply to W. S. MKI.DRI'.V, 1,2M) broadwnv. TWO ELEGANT WINDOWS AND ONE-HALF OF COR. ner Store to lot; rent moderate; first class location. Apply at 6>7 Sixth avenue, corner or Fortieth street. !?<? AMITY STL EE I', ONE lil.oOK WhS I OF11ROAD AdO wav and Grand Central llou l?Used as a tenement Che past ten years; large rooms; tine garden; modern Im provements; low rent. Can be seen trom into 11 A.M. l)WEbl.I\(i 1IOI SES TO LET. Purnliilird. A LARGE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE Trt let?Furnished, on Thirty-third street, near Fltlh avenue; rent HA.UoO per anniiin. II. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House to let-Furnished, Twenty-third street, near MiiMi avenue; $21*1 par month. II. R. DREW A CO., No. :l V\ est i wentv-tlurd street (Filth Avenue Motel). A?TO LET. A NEATLY furnished HOUSE, OR ? will rent Part to a privnie tatnilv only; references exchanged. Apply at I2U West rorty-tlith street. A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MADISON AVENUE, below the Park, to let lor six months or one year, to ? private lamlly;$-00 ner month. JAt'oB sii ARl'E, 149 Broadway. BEAUTIFULLY AN.) FULLY furnished THREE story brown stone J lou e, clovcjo sixth avenue, A above torty-Utth streel, to r nr very cheap, ? 1 "ALM KR, ' Palmer, hi tioth avenue. A FIRST ? I.Ass BROWN si ONE FRONT HOUSE, handsomely furnished, on Foriy-ninth street, near MXth avenue, will bu let immediatelv and hall ot the rent taken Inboard. Address CHESTER, Ileralfl Up town Branch oltlce. v A?HOUSES TO RENT, AT 20 PER CENT REDUC. . tlon. three and lour story brown stone Houses; also furnished llou cs ihat must be Aiuilv to JOHN KETTRETC.I I.KW Third avenue. Furnished and unfi i.'ni iikii iioi ses to lei?On Thirty-third, Thirty-tilth, Fnrtv-thlrd and Forty-sixth streets, Lexlug on and I'ark avenues; dcslra tle l loors. ALLEN, uooi.EV .t HHNRlyi ES. 98 and 1,-uO Broadway. KAItE OPPORTUNITY.- FofR STORY BASEMENT Hou-e, full oi Ix arders; immediate possession; lo< a tlon unsurpassed; a lew door- trom nrixidway; also lodging rooms MM >even h avenue, owner. SMALL FURNISH'D HOUSE DOWN TOWN TO rent?16 rooms, wnier, gas. Ae.. and in fire order; low rein. JAMi.s I'lUi E, 2UO llud.-on striet. TO LET?A COSY THREE STORY HIGH STOOP House. 167 West Twenty-first street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; perfect order; furnished or un furnished : near elevated Itailroud i-talioti; rent >1,000. Apply on premises. TO LET?english BASEMENT HOUSE, furnish ed, 143 Lexington avenue, near Twent\-ninth street. Rent, to a desirable tenant, moderate. Apply between 11 an.1 I and .'I and15. TO LET-IN HARLEM. A COTTAGE AND grounds, northeast corner Filth avenue and II9th street; rent low. most oi whieh will lie taken iu board by owner, a wldewlady. Apply on nV) LET-A FURNI.s ED FOUR STORY BROWN J ? one House, nesr Central Park, to a small family th it ?Hi eo ird he proen occupants, two person- Ad dress vv iLi'IAM, i eraid o i ce rro KENT FUKNISII EU?A IIHOWN STONE FOUR J. story House, East Tlnrtj-third street, between Madi son and Fourth avenues. Apply to WM. BLISS, Esq., 18 h ismiu street. ?}.| Til STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE NUB.?FULL ?n size, lully inrnishe l nwelllns; will lie rented rea sonably to approved puny. V. K. S'lEVENSON. Jr., II Pine street. Farniahetl. A FINE, LARGE, TIIREE-STORV, HIGH STOOP brown stone House, 153 West Fifty- hlrd street ; (.-noil order and loratlon; bandsouiely trcscoud; reut low, la West ruty-third street DWWfiMTro MOFSKS TO bFT. j l niarnijiliH, AnoPH", io let on leasb, aheap, at kb ( K East Twenty-sixth street, next '?{J^ n*vd!u>gJS Tn ELEGANT UESIDKNCK?BETWEEN FIFTH AND A Madison avenues, * K1 ftleth Btrvet; 2H-1 x70. w.tIt extension 21x18; purlors only turnlshod, but m best stylo, rt'iu very low. Appiyjis above. L ion HOST MNGLIRI! BASEMENT BROWN A stone Home. on West Thirty-fourth street, west ot Hroadway, t<? i? ut to a drat class tenant. Apply to J. Ro.MAIN'K BROWN, 1.2H0 Broadway. "a FINK LA BOB THHEB 8TOKY HIOH STOOP A b-lck IIou?* on Forty-seventh itrcet. near Broad way 1 good order; all improvements: rent low. 7 ,h HIKE, COLE A GRAY, 5'#> Sixth avenue. A' fl \NDSOMK FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT brown stone House to rent, on West Twenty-second street, with furnace, range, bells, tubes, hath. t:as, kot and cold water: rent 11,-00. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 6'J West Twenty-third street. A -MUST BE LET, A THREE STORY ANP BASE ? mcnt brown stone House, on Rcventv-elffhih street, near Lexington avenue; a low r?nt will bo takeu lrom a good tenant. Also many others. R ' FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 9M Third avenue, corner oi Fifty seventh street Dkstbabui foue btobt house, on kvth avenue, near entrance to Park, to let; possesion now; to a desirable tenant the rent will be made satis lactory. W. A M. A. CRUIKSTIANK. Broadway, corner of Forty-fourth street. House to let? unfurnished: a delightful location anii cheap rent; Immediate poescasiou. Apply on the premises, 423 Fourth aveuue, corner Twenty-ninth street. TO LET?TIIBRB STORY IIIGBL 8TOOP BROWN stone Iloute. Prospect place, between 1-orty.second and Forts -third streets; low rcut. Apply to W.S. MEL Dlll'M, 1,369 Broadway. Fl HIV18HK1) BOOMS ANI> APABTMESTS TO LET. A WIDOW II \S A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO J\. lot to ft centleman with home comforts. Adclrf'Sii, lorthreo day? bOMK, box i76 Uerald Uptown Branch office. 1 LADY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN SHE RE A quires will let a handsomely furnished Room to one or two gentlemen: without board prcterred. 69 Bank street PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET BACK PARLOR, fully furnished j also Back Room on second floor, newly nnd hundsomely furnished ; pleasant.location for summer; near Central Park. Inquire at24l West Jifty tlilrd street A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Con venience lor housekeepini;, or to itentlemen: mod ern improvements; leur lilies of c:irs wltliin one block; term* low. 40J West I lurt.v third street. A_ T 91 FIFTH AVENUE PARTIES CAN NOW MAKE arrangements for elegunt furnished or unlurnished Apartments, en sullo or singly, without board; th? house is being uewly fitted aud furnished; also Iront Basement lor doctor'* olllce. __ A NICELY FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM, ON THE second floor, to let,to a gentleman, without board; house private. 13 Perry sticet, near Greenwich avenue. HANDSOME I. Y FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO let, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentle men, at 267 East Fourth street, near avenue B. An elegantly furnished second floor, two communicating rooms, all conveniences, to let to gentlemen rtnly. U* Eighth street, near Broadway. A CENTRAL LOCATION.?HANDSOMELY FUR nished Rooms, tor gentlemen. In a bouse newly (Hteil throughout; tamily private. ?0 West Tweltth street between Filth and Sixth irvi nues. A BEAUTIFUL SECOND STORY SUIT OF BOOMS, A furnished, to let cheap, wi houi hoard, on Twenty third street; reierenees. Address box *:9 station 1). AT 32 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET. NEAB Broadway?Single or connecting Rooms, elegantly furnished, lor rent to gentlemen. I ELEGANT PARLOR FLOOR, furnished. NEAR u Broadway ; would let to a private club ol gentlemen. Address lor three days, C. toWNSEND, Herald office. ItURNISHtfD-A DELIGHTFUL PABLOR, ON SAME floor wl'h b?th; very desirable lor one or two quiet parties; would let to a party requiring It only when In the city. R"tcrcnces exchanged If desired. Ailurcss J. II U., Herald Uptown Braucji office. Furnished floor?in private house, suit able for housekeeping; gas and bath; Booms for gentlemen. $7 per month. 11 and 17 Abingdon square, Eighth avenue, near Twelfth street Fburnished booms TO LET?FOB LIGHT HOURS keeping, with hot and cold water and gas; convenient to Sixth avenue cars, inquire at 149 Waverley place. Furnished booms to let in a private fam lly; hot and cold water: wltli all conveniences. #8 Macdougal street, near Houston. IftLOOR, handsomely FURNISHED; ALSO SINGLE 1 Rooms to let, to gentlemen, in brown stone house 126 West Thirty first street, near Sixth avenue. HOBOKEN, ONE BLOCK FROM FERRY.-TO LET, A neatlv furnished Room, to a respectable young man; terms moderate. 17 Newark street. Handsomely furnished parlor and bed room, also single Room, for gentlemen without board, in tliencw first class house ti'A Seventh aveuue, junction ot Broadway nnd Forty-fourth street. Handsomely furnished second floor to let?Together or separately; suitable for a party ot gentlemen; all the modern improvements. 31 East Twentieth street, near Broadway. ___ Handsomely furnished front boom and Bedroom to let without ooard, to one or two gentle men; private family; terms reasonable. 151 West Ihirty sixth street^ T ABOE AND PLEASANT furnished ROOM, WITH Jj closet, running water, bath, Ac., near Broadway, to one or two uenUcnicn, at low urmn. 103 nest Twenty ninth street. r OOMS, NEATLY furnished AND DESIRABLY j i located, In house, strictly private, 118 East Twenty seventh street between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Apply corner Twenty ?seventh street and Fourth avenue. rpo LET-FURNISHED HALL ROOM, AT ?3 PER J week, tn gentlemen only, at 113 West Thirty-sixth street References required^ TO LET-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS ON SECOND fli or. vas, Ac., for ^entemen only, in a private family. Inoiure at i.65 i ivisio.i street. rpo LET?A furnished BOOM IN A PBIVATE I family to one or two gentlemen or a gentleman and wife; references required. Apply at SB Esst Fourth st TOLET-A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS. FURNISHED or unfurnished, with large closets connecting; hot and cold water, with use of bath; will be let singly or to gether, to gentlemen only; private family. 67 West Twenty-first street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. rpo LET?FUBNISHBD, A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM 1 ami Bedroom; suitable for light housekeeping; *6 per week. 3U8 West Thirty-first street TTTbent-sevebal desibablb apabtments, in large private house; good neighborhood; partly furnished In handsome style; convenienco for house keeping ; a small lamlly; can he accommodated at a rent lens than ordlnarv tenement houses. Apply to J. C. KAN^, 20 Fourth avenue. To families.?handsomely FUBNISHBD rooms or Floor; hot and cold water, bath, Ac.: light house keeping if desired; neighborhood unexceptionable: ref erences given and required. MSVVesl Eleventh street. rrwo 11ALL BOOMS, NEWLY Fl'RNISnED. AND 1 two rear, southern exposure, to let cheap to respeet alile gcutleincu or ladies with rcterence, on Twenty-third street Address box 69 station I>? _ <?. ? -SITTING AND BED ROOM, FURNISHED FOR ?P'x. housekeeping; water in rooms; large washroom ; house up town; clean, healthy and respectable. Particu lars at room 16, Nassau street. - A WEEK.-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT 0 Room to let. Inquire at 433 East Fitty-eighth st $? 8WEST14TH STREET?A SET OF handsomely furnished Rooms to let, without board; near Dc'.mon ico; teruis moderate 11VTH STREET, VIM F.AST. NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? 1U Two or three turnished Rooms to let, without board, SuLuablc for gentleman and wile or single gentlemen. 1i th STBEKT, M AB DELMONIOO'R-AN ELEGANT 4 Second Floor?parlor, bed and dressing rooms, bath, closet hot and cold water; nlso third story lrout Room. Address H., box 4.o46 Post ofllce. 14 Til STBEET.-A handsome la rob boom, -? newly rent, to gentlemen only. Ap ply at fW West Fourteenth street "l/? university PLACE. CONVENIENT .To WASH it) lngton and Union sqtinrc*.?Furnished or unfur nished Rooms, singly or en suite: would rent Basement Floor, with parlor privileges, to a suitable parly. in CLINTON PLACE. NEAR BROADWAY.?NICELY lo furnished Rooms and elegantly lurntshed Parlor on ser.oncJ floor, with or without Hortril i Knullsh. trench and utrimii spoken; references exchanged. Ifl WEl TTWENTY-FOI RTII flTBEET, OPPOSITE !?/ Fifth Avenue (lotel.-A Suit of Rooms, elegantly furnlslied, to rent to a party ol gentlemen, with or with out Hoard; also single Rooms. f)7 WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.?A PRIVATE _ I family will let a good Room, well furnishc I. over parlor, to a single gentleman, without board; also back Room, story higher. on EAST TWENTY-SBCOND ST BEET. ? HAND ? III somely furnished Rooms to let, with first class Board, ut summer rates. Reierenees exchanged. /4Q WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR ST T"0 James Hotel.?Nlcelv turnished Rooms; also two large Parlor-, with hot aiid'coUl water, bath and all con veniences; prices moderate. BAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, CORNER IvO of Fourth avenue.?Furnished Room to let In quire Itftlie store. 1/1 4 WEST TWENTIETH STREET. NEAR SIXTH JL''Tr avenue.?A nicely turnished Room, with gas, hath. Croton, to genilemen only, by a small lamlly of adult*. mWF.ST FORTY FIFTH STREET.?FURNISH ED Rooms for genilemen at reasonable terms; also OiTlce for a physician. OAQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?HANDBOME Z.\ IO Iv furnlshml Room-, en suite or singly, can tie ob tained, with Board, by single gentlcineu orgentlemun and wife; references required. VirrtJRJriBifKD boomi anu apart WEKTS TO I.KT. A FIRST AND FOURTH FLOOR-OVER TH F, STORK 430 Fourth avenue, near twenty-ninth street; five rooms; all Improvements. Apply to the owner, on the I premise*, from 12 to 2 o'clock. apartments to let (on the frbnch plan) All new, light and modern; first class and desirable; I 8 roouis each. 11W West Tlilrty-rlghth street 1 B. M. BULNDliiL. DIU Broadway. iiKFuinisiii'i) noons aku apart. MKMTS TO I<ET. A HANDSOME. SECOND FLOOR IN A DESIRABLE Jocellty. with all modern improvements, pa*. buUi, Ac Inquiie at 113 Went, Twcn.y-lourili nlreel. Rent moderate. A ?TO LET, SBV HAL SUITS OF FOUR ROOMS, |N J\ . corner house 100th street and First avenue, Cents from jO to $11 per mouth. Olllco 'J99 sixth avoiiua. ( A -TO LIT, SI ITS OF KMlIK ROOMS, ON CORNER ? ol Tin til avenue and Sixtv-flllh street ;renU icoui $20 in $2H per muutli. oilice. 989 .Sixth a venae. Avkry desirable upper PART OK HOUSE? All modern improvements;bath, laundrv. Ac.; new ly painted; In first cluas order ; runt lew. Inquire at 255 West Eleventh street. CH'KNISIIRI) OR UNFURNISHED?TIIRRE VERY " dc-ir.thln Rooms, to gentlemen; location verv desir able: family nrlvae; terms moderate; best reterenee. S9 place, opposite the Astur Library. Flat-only onk lew. on fifth i i.(?<n:; elegant; suitable tor a small flr<t class tumllv: 112 East Fourteenth street, near Third avenue; monthly. Apply tu uinitor. Floors to let?in first class location, ani> at very moderate rents; al-o himdsome French Flats. HOFFMAN, COBURN A CO.. W? Sixth avenue. Floors and a house to let-ninth ward-, a Second Floor, water and fra?, 822 50; Klrst Floor and Basement, $27 50; brick House, water and gas, II rooms, $*W; (rood order and neighborhood. Apply at 0(11 Huil moh street. Frknctt flats on the best part of third avenue to let ?Halls tiled and finished in hard wood ; dumb waiter to top ofhotve; all Improvement* and In perfect wrder: rents from $4Hto $5 I a month. W. A K. A. CRUIKsHANK, Broadway,corner Forty-fourth street. IaRi;e and bfautiful front room, fob J nlshed splendidly, for gentlemen; no boarders; first class house nnd location; superior accommodations; all conveniences. 21 West Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Pleasant apartments op three rooms each, in new house; water in all apartments; rent trom $13 50 to $15 60. Apply on premises, 220 West Twenty-seventh street. TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS?SECOND FLOOR; water, gas, bath, Ac. 23j V\est Fourth street. TO LET?FOUR BOOMS, THIRD FLOOR: QUIET Lo cation. at 2(14 East Twenty-fourth street. TO LET-SECOND FLOOrt, TO SMALL FAMILY, West Fifty-fourth street, near Fifth avenue. Apply on premises. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF A NEAT TWO STORY Cottage, tn a small family. Apply at 427 West Twenty seventh street TO LET?LOWER PART, WITH THREE ROOMS ON third floor, of private house, 160 East Mxty-flllh street, near Lexington avenue ; in splendid order, with all Improvement*; rent low. inquire on premises. TO LET, 242 EAST 111T1I STREET, HETWEEN Sec ond and Third avenues?First Floor and Basement; watt r on each floor; convenient to steamboats und cars. Inquire on premises. TO LET-A PARLOR AND OTHER FURNISHED Rooms, at 307 West Thirty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. ItO LET-SECOND FLOOR, 218 EAST FORTY-FIFTH street, near Third avenue; just painted and papered; In splendid order; all modern improvements; gas, sta tionary tubs, water closets; will be rented low; rooms open ; Ken without permits. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR, WITH |'\RT OF the third (five rooms). In the three story house, with Mansard root, 13,'> East 11411) street; small family ol four persons In the house; rent $20 per month; or will rent the whole house at $700 per year. TO LET?A 8ECOND FLOOR, WITH ALL IMPROVE menU. jn house 215 East Twenty-Oral street, to a small family of adults: owner living in house. Can l?o seen tici ?veen 10 and 4 o'clock. TO RENT?IN EAST I10TI1 STREET (BOW, HARLRM, two Floors, in u brown stone house, new, for one half the original price. Apply on the pr.i mises. TO LET-FLATS OF NINE ROOMS, WITH ALL THE latest improvements; halls eari eted and janitor in charge; location private. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 05.1 Third avenue, corner Fifty-seventh street. NAIiKS AT AUCTION. Art sale o* IllUIt CLASH OIL PAINTINGS, Embracing the Names of the following well-known Artists:? Chnrles tlopuct, J. Trayer, Aug. Bonlictir, Iloetrg, A. Stortenbecker, E. E. liackalowlcz. Altamura, Rene Legraiul. R. Amado, George Washington, Victor l<educ, Ceaora Dell Acquit. M. Cossinan, L. i.usalle, De La Hoesc. Everson, Morel Williott, and others, of the American School:?Duvld Johnson, A. D. Shattnck, W. H. W ilk-ox. A. F. Mellows, W. L. Sonntag. Redmond, Fay, Chnnin, A. F. Tait, J. F. Kensett and others. This really superb collection, In which every picture la guaranteed. Is now on exhibition, and will be sold at uuc tiou at the Art Gallery, No. 6(1 Liberty street, THIS DAY and TO-MORROW, May 8 and 0, at 12 o'clock each day. fcDWARD SCIIKNCK, Auctioneer. Art notice. This (Thursday) evening, at 7'? o'clock, snlc of the Collection of Paintings belonging to Beni. F. forties, Esq., comprising choice examples by American and foreign artists, at the Clinton Hall salerooms. The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers. A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER. . HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ELEGANT HOSE WOOD PIANOFORTE, AC., AC., AT THE BROWN STONE RKSIDENCR NO. 6 EAST TWENTIETH ST., NFAft FIFTH AV. Friday, May 9. at 10>i o'clock, all the entire contents of the above rc-idence, consisting of elegant Parlor Milts, superb rosewood Pianoforte, velvet and Brussels Car te > s, Mirrors, Wardrobe, Centre Tables, lace Curtains, l uffet. Extension Table, Chairs, Lounges, Chamber Fur niture, in walnut and mahogany, hair Mattresses, Pil lows, OulIts, Oilcloths, Lounge. Kitchen ware. Ac., Ac. The whole lor positive sale to the highest bidders. Deal, ers and lion ekeepera arc here otf> red a rare chance Sale rain or shine. Deposits required. AVERY'S AUCTION OF FINE PAINTINGS. Ill* celebrated collection of 100splendid works, b.v over 100 great artlsta, now on exhibition day and evening at fits nroadway, will be sold on TUESDA Y and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, May i3 and 14, by R. SOMERVILLE, at his gallery, 82 Fifth avenue. Achitiihach. Rougucreau. Caban"l. Casfres. Bakalowicz. Houlanger. Koek Kock. Clairin. Geromc. Roller. Desgolfe. Escosura. Jounlan. Rlefstahl. Lagve. Stevens. Couture. Boughton. Stclrfhell. Plassau. TLese are only a lew ol the artists represented. Auction.?e. roth, auctioneer. Extra large sale of Magnillcent Household Furniture, Paintings, Elegant rosewood Pianoforte, cost $870. Velvet. Brussels Carpets. Mirrors. Curtains. This (Thursday) morning May 8, at 10'{ o'clock, at the elegant first class residence 113 East Twenty-fifth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues?Magnificent latest styles Parlor Suits, covered with the richest de scription French salln, green and gold broeutel. crimson and satin and blue and gold hrocatel; Turkish Chairs, Lounges, 50 fine Paintings, Works of Art. Bronzes, Vases, Statuary, Clocks, Etageres, Cabinets, Tables, brilliant tone rosewood 7'4 octave patent agraile Pianoforte, Stool and Cover; rosewood ana walnut Chamber Muits, style of Louis XIV.; Bedsteads, liurcaus. Washstunds, Commodes, Wardrobes, spring and hair Mattresses, Bedding, Sofas, Chairs, Lounges, walnut reps Suite, Mirrors, Curtains; Herts' patent Extension Table, Buffet, ('hairs, (llass, china, silver Ware; Cutlery; Servants' Furniture. N. B.?Responsible men in attendance to pack, cart or ship goods for purchasers, city or country. Auction notick. auction notice. All the elegantand costly Household Furniture con allied lu private residence 21 hast 20th St., between Broadway and 4lh av., to be sold in lots to snit purchas ers, this day, commencing at 10^ o'clock, comprising every article necessary lor housekeeping, viz.:?Parlors contain grand square Pianoiorte, cost $UA0; elegant Suits, latest styles, covered In plain and figured satins and plu*h ; till Paintings, Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Console, und nntrlile top Tables, Cabinets, Chairs, Clocks, Ornaments, Bronzes, Etageres. Bookcase, .??ccretnrics, Ac. Bedrooms contain rose wood una walnut Suits, single an I double Bedsteads, Bureaus, Ward robes, spring, hair and feather Beds, Bcddiuu', l-outiL'cs, 'furnish Choirs. Rockers, rep Suits, leather Pillows, Bolsters, Dressing Cases, Ac. Also uinliig Room, Base ment and Kitchen Furniture; Plate. Cutlery, china. Glassware, Crockery, Ac. HENRY /.INN, Auctioneer Auction sale of elegant and costly Household furniture. Pianofortes, Ac., at the private residence 36 West 15th st., between j(li and 6th avenue,', 10o'clock, ON THIS DAY (THURSDAY), AUGUSTK MARTINES A CO., Auctioneers Drawing rooms?-uiierb Suits Furniture, Pompadour, Marie Antoinette styles, covered silk brocade; boisdc rose Cabinets, Tables, Etageres, Secretaire Bookcase, velvet, roedallon Carpets; Mirrors, Lace Curtaius, Paint ings by eminent aitists. artistic Bronze Statuary, Clocks, Vases, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated city maker; Canterbury, .Music Books, rosewood, walnut Dressing Bureaus, Beda eads, Wardrnhes, en suite, style Louis XiV; Mattresses, Extension Table, Huflcls, Linen, Glassware, chinuware, Cutlery, Basement, Kitchen Fur niture; also Furniture servants' apartment*. N. B.? Parties wishing to attend this sale tuke 5!h av. Aagcsor 6tli av. cara. Auction sale at private residence 120 West ?VI street, between flthund 7th avenues, THIS (Till RSDAY) MORNING, Maytj, commencing at Ift o'clock sharp. LUKE FITZGERALD, Auctioneer, will sell this (lay over 37.'. lots, by catalogue, all the costly and plain House hold Furniture, made to order for present owner, namely, magnificent 7l4 octave rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated city milker; cost $1,000; used eight months; pier and mantel Mirrors, fine Oil Paintings, rich Bronzes, Figures, croups, Ac.; velvet ami Brussels CsrpetM, Laco Curtains, hrocatel, Ac ; magnificent black walnut Etagere, French Piate; lour rich Parlor Suits, covered lu crimson satin, broeatel and eoteline, al?o reps and plush; Centre Tables, inlaid Bookcase. 800 volumes Books, Ac. Bedrooms contain?viz.. snperb rosewood and inlaid black walnut Sets, gilded and plain Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wardrobes, Tables. Com modes, Armoire-a-GIace, 16 curled hair and Spring Mattresses. Pillows, Bolsters, Vuilts, Blankets, Linen, carpets, Ac. Dining room?Miperh Inlaid black walnut Buffet; co?t $300; Extension Tables. Chair-i. French China, Dinner and Tea Sets, full sets cut Glassware, and Silver plated Ware; other articles too numerous to mention, sale positive: in lots to hivhest Idddcrs. Notice.?Goods packed and shipped or removed by com petent men alter sale. \UCTION SALE AUCTION SALE THIS DAY (Thursday), at 10 o'clock. The entire Furnitnre of elegant residence 210 West 2lst street, near itli avenue, to be sold at auction without reserve. ROBERI C. CASHIN, Auctioneer, sells, viz., Parlor Stilts In satin, broeutel and eoteline; two magni ficent Plonofortes, one double round 7'j octave, ono grand square 7 octave, best citv makers: Mirrors, Clocks, Bronzes, on Paintings, inlaid and gilt Cabinets, Etageres, lurklsh Chairs, two Bookcases, 5(X> vols, choice Hooks, gilt tables, lace Curtains, Musical Clocks, Orna ment-, statuary. Jardinieres, Ac. Dining Room, viz.:?Extension Table, Buffet, Chairs, Silver (service, China and cut Glassware, Cutlery, Ac. Hedrooins contain Suits In reps, rosewood and walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Commodes, 20 curled hair Mattresses, spring Beds. yards ol Brussels and velvet Carpets, Oil Paint

ings, Chairs, Rockers, Ac. N. B.?Take Seventh or Eighth avenue cars to Twenty first street. Experienced uieu to vart, pack and ship goods city or country. A BOB. JOHN Ti/N, AVCTioNKtiR. Office nuJ oimi ,?7 Nassau sir- et, opposite (he Po<t oPlfo. Hur*#Auction Mart 19 to T> Ka t thirteenth street Oarr.age Repository, No. 8 Cortland' street Til IU I) A.<H CLOSING aALli OF MAUBUS >.OODtf, FINK Si ATI)AllV, FIGURE* AM) GROUPS, CLUCKS, THIS DAT (Thursday), May 3, ut I o' lot it. by AllCII. JOHN I'lIN, at Ilia salesroom, 37 Nassau street AllCII. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. Office and salesroom s7 nusim street, opposite. the Post office, HOUSEHOLD AND OFFICE FU iNITlIRE, stein wav Piano, Koitrdman A Hart Piano. ARcn. JOHNSTON will sell thisdav, at lOlf o'clock, at f?i? salesroom,!!7 Nassau street, a Urge assortment of Household Furniture, painted Bedroom Suiu, Bedding, Ac. Also two Piano*. Alexander Organ, Otik-e Furniture, Ac. hale commences In 68 Liberty street and continued in :17 Nassau struct A ECU. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. Oltlco aud salesroom S7 Nnssau stroet opposite tile Post office. Horse Auction branch It to 26 Baal Thirteenth street Carriage Repository No. 8 Cortlandt street. L.VIMK ? Ai E III' PI B AND M \NTHL M1UROR8. JOHNSTON A VAN tasm.i,!, will >ell on Saturday, ut 11 o'clock, at the salesroom 37 Nassiu street, 7ft l'ler and Mantel Mirror*, gome with cornices an>1 table* to inatpli, elegantly trained in gold, walnut uud rosewood lramea Sale peremptory, to settle an estate. can lie seen on Friday. Allen r. miner, auction rkr. Salesrooms 96 Chamber* and 77 ileade street Late Henry II. l*eds A Miner. Established in 1M7. Horse Auction Mart, 8S7, :s.i9auu Mil lour lb avenue, cor ner Twenty-tilth street. By ALLhN H. MINKK A HltO. TIHS DAY (Tint USD A Yl. MAY 8, at 10,W o'clock, kt their stile-rooms, l'& Onn tubers mill 77 Rea In street SALE OF UNITED STATUS MEDICAL AND St'KiilCAL SUPPLIES. By order of uovernment Comprising Me iiclnes, Surgical Implements, Trusses, scales and Weights; Trunks. Mattresses, Linens, Silks, Ac., Ac. THIS DAY (THURSDAY) MAY 8, at lU'i o'clock, at private, re idonco S27 M on roe street, . rooklyn, Rl.RGANT HoUSUiioLU fURNITUIlK, made to order bv Bruncr A Moore, and In perfect order, consisting of Wilton and Brussels l.'urpets, carveil rosewood Suit, In drali nud crimson reps; black walnut iratne French plute pier Mirrors, black walnu' marble top Centre ami Side Tables, Reception Chairs, In figured satin; carved black walnut Bedroom Suits, do., and marble top Bullet. Kin Inn Extension Table, best curled hair Mattresses, foliage Sii'ts, China Pinner Set. Sllverpluted Ware, Cu.lery, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Take Greene and Gates uvenue cars at Fultoa ferry. ?SATURDAY, MAY 10, at 10J4 o'clock, at their salesrooms, 95 Chambers and 77 Reade street, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FUKNITURR, MIRRORS, Carpets, Ac. Details in time. B A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. . TUESDAY, MAY 13, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, ill Frond way. Host Fifty-ninth street?Three story high stoop brown stone House, No. 139, *> leet from Lexington avenue, 2t>xS(), with all modern improvement.* Map* ul 77 Ce >ar street ^DRIAN H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER, THE BRADIII'RST ESTATE. PEREMPTORY SALE, BY ORDER OF THE HEIRS, of tho magnificent Property, consisting ot TWO ENTIRE BLOCKS, ON ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE, 146TH, 147TH, 148TH AND 149TH STREETS AND TENTlT~A VENUE, will be sold at auction on TUESDAY, May 2a Tills property Is beqptifully situated; tho avenues aro completed. Sale will be absolute. Title perfect; 70 per cent of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage for three, Ave or seven years. Maps now ready at the ofllee of the auctioneer. ADRIAN H. MULLEIl, P. R. WILKIN'S A CO., No. 7'Pine street. Auction sale. auction sale. This (THURSDAY) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at pri vate residence 800 West Twenty-first street, viz.Parlor Suits, Bedroom Suits, single and double Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wnshstamls, Ac.; bronze Ornaments, giit i nbi nets, K luge res. Family breaking up on account ot ill health. ADMINI8TltATOIl'8 HALE.?ON SATURDAY, MAV10 at 11 o'clock, ut north side India Wharf, the Uecl schooner yacht Caprice, launched May, 1871, 71) 23-100 tons new measurement; length 97 leet, beam 2;) teet, depth of hold it feet; ha- complete suit of sails, awnings mid wind sails, rigging, anchors, and sails about 10 tons, iron ballast; two boats and gear, galley, stove and furniture, carpet, Ac., tor cabin; all in eoinpleteorilcr and ready lor imme diate use. Sale positive, with out regard to weather. H. liAiiiUh a co., Auctioneers, Boston, Mass. Y F. COLTON, AUCTION ERR, Salesroom 5.1 East Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Superb Household Furniture. French plate Muntel and Pier Mirrors, llallet A Davis' I'iano, Bronzes, Ac., Tnis DAY (Thursilay), May 8, at 10), o'clock, at the lour story private residence No. 2 Rutherford place, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, fronting on Stuyve.sant square, near Dr. Tyng's church. Parlors contain velvet Carpets, Turkish Parlor Suits, sunerb Mantel and Pier Mirrors, with Cornices aud Con sole Tables; Spanish court satin Window Curtains, cost $1 ,600 the set; Lace Curtains, Bronze Clocks uud ornu mcuts. large Bronze Figures, tine Oil Paintings and En gravings, Centre Tables, llallet A Davis'7 octave rose wood Piano, one fine rosewood upright Piano, French Secretary, Ac. Bedrooms? Elegant carved black walnnt Bedsteads and Bnrcaus, l.onnees. Chairs and Lambrckins en suite, best Mattresses, Blunkcto, Sheets, Bolsters and Pillows. Spreads, bnglish Brussels Carpels. Dining Booms?Carved rosewood Buffet, Extension Table and Chairs, China, Gln?s and Kitchen Ware. The house Is fully furnished and the furniture in good order. Catalogues at the house morning of sale anil at the salesroom, 63 East Thirteenth street, near Broadway. On SATURDAY, Muv 10, at 10K o'clock, at the salesroom 63 East Thirteenth street, near Broad wuv, first sale in the store this month, when we shall offer an immense amount of Goods from a thousand and one different families, more than soo Carpets, Ac. BV BOBKBT hoMEHVILLE, auctioneer. Office Hi Filth avenue. ROBERT SOMKRYILLE will sell at auction, on Thnrs dav, May 8, at 104f o'clock, at the private residence 18 WestTwentv-tourth street, genteel Household Furniture, velvet and Brussels Carpets, Mirror, Ktagere, black wal nut Suits, in reps; Pickhard Sofa Bed, black walnut Bedsteads. Bureau, Washstar.d. curled hair Mattress, Pillows Bolsters. Buffet, Extension Tables, Chairs, l ounges, Oilcloths, ide Tables, Centre Table, together witti a large assortment of Kitchen Utensils, with which the sate will commence. BY DA.VL a. MATHEWS, auctioneer, SALES rooin 7<X1 Broadway, near Ninth street. ON THURSDAY, M AY 8, at 11 o'clock. AT SALESROOM 7<M BROADWAY, near Ninth street. SPECIAL SALE of about 100 SUPERB TURKEY OAIIPETB AND RUGS. Very recent importation.?Now on exhibition. V VIRTUE OF RXBCUTION. S. W. dauchy. Auctioneer. DAUCHY A JOHNSON sell this day, at 2 o'clock, at Canal street, a general assortment of valuable Household Furniture, consisting ot Parlor Suits, In reps: black wal nut Hedrootn Sets, black walnut Bedsteads, Cottage Suits, marble top Bureaus. Tables, Chairs, Window Curtains, Shades, Beds, Bedding, hair and other Mattresses, Pil lows, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Curpets, oil Paint ings, Engravings, Mirrors, Ac., Ac. By order ot HENRY M URPHY. Marshal. Also 111 casks of fine Stock Ale. By order of GEOKOK TALLMAW, Marshal. C1ENTRAL SALESROOMS, ) corner of Willougbby mid Pearl streets, Brooklyn. JOSEPH IIKGEMAN A CO., Auctioneers. Regular Sales of Furniture, Carpets, Ac., EVERY FRIDAY. Personal and faithful attention to sales at privato residences. ?,? 1 lie tie st accommodation at our new storeage rooms for the storage ot Knrnlture. Pianos, Ac. thursday. MAY 8, At 10 o'clock A. M., at the Central Salesrooms, corner ot Willoughbir and I'carl streets, Brooklyn, Large and general assortment ol Furniture, 8 Parlor Suites, <> Pianos, 20 Refrigerators, .11) Parlor, Office anil Cook Stoves, Ac., Ac., which must be removed imme diately bv the purchasers to give us room for our Thirty second Annual Sale of New and Second-hand Carpets, Friday, Saturday and Monday. May 9, 10 nnd 12, at 9 o'clock A. M , each day. at the Central Salesrooms, cor ner of Willoughbir and Pearl streets, Brooklyn. Many of the?e Carpets are as good as new, from parlies moving who avail themselves ot this opportunity to sell their carpets and select from the large losortment on the catalogue others to fit their new rooms without waste. D INGEE, PORTER A Co,, auctioneers. A special and unreserved sale by public auction of $20,0 - " 1,000 worth of new .handsome and substantial Furniture, Bedding, Ac. D1NOEE, PORTER A CO. will sell, THIS DAY (Thursday), May 8, commoncim,' at 10 o'clock A. M., at 304 Third avenue, near Twenty-third street, (SOSuits solid black walnut Chamber Furniture. 20 handsome Parlor and Library Suits. 3;> marble top Tables. 40 tine Hat Backs and llall Stands. Ml black w alntit Bedsteads. so black walnut Wushstaiids. 30 black walnut Commode*. 26 black walnut Dressing Bureaus. Chairs, Tardcs, Lounges. Wardrobes, Bookcases, Ac. 7o superior curled hair Mattresses. gOhukk, tliire anil other Mattresses. A lui ^e quantity oi Bolsters, Pillows, Ac., Ac. ' DINGER, POKIER A CO , 2,308 Third avenue and 82 Cedar street. H ENRY B. HERTS, AUCTION HE K. to nice! Ilou-phold Furniture. Upright Piano, by Worzel, of Lelpsie, Ac. On THURSDAI, May 8, at 10 o'clock, at 344 West I hlrty-tlrM stroct, comprising rosewood I'arior Suit In satin, velvet snd Brussels Carpets, square and upright Pianos, Mirrors, Clocks, Bronzes, ornaments, walnut snd other chamber Suits, Beds, Bedding, dining room and kitchen Utensils, Ac. Catalogues at sale. n ANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE At auction without reserve. A. CALDWELL, Auctioneer; salesroom 79 Nassau street This day (Thursday) at 11 o'clock, large and extensive variety ot parlor, chamber and dining-room Furniture of every description, including Carpets, Mirrors, extens oii Tables, Lounges, Wardrobes, Ac., Ac. | s. wbibbkciikk, AUCTIONEER?SEIXS THIS I. dav (Thursilay), May 7, at 12 o'clock, in the base ment of 16)4 Bowery, about >10,000 worth of assorted Wines, Liquor* uud CUauii?tfue4 to pay ttvruiie aud advauccs. '-AfaBH AT AtO^IOd. I fi. WF INB R< B , AUCJI IN. Kit VkTlH TiUS I. ilmy (Thursday), At l < >? o'clock. ut I t. Howcry Household l iirnilute, Carpets ami Oilcloth, l?,utiles Cutlery. Pencil*, I'ockctbooks t*o<-k.<-tkiiiv<-n, faint Boxc* and general Morliauilise ; also .1 .-sewing Ma chines I I*. TRAVl.R. AUirTiONEi.R, t, * Great Jones street, will dell on Thursday, Miiy 8. at H?'j o'cJo k, nil the Furniture of Ladles' uuii ?tV.V corner of Grand anil Centre streets, en ??l,oe_ 0,1 'laxier street. known in Odd Fellows' Ball. i ."'T1' roouu, Tables Chair*. Mirror-". rr,,V.if.'i*.'. !s Casters, Kitchen Furniture, large lot irockerr. Cooking IHeu-nl*, Oiuasware, Ac., Ac. 7 AOOB BOGART. AUCTIONEER 8ATURHAV. May IflL ?.??? ? * room* No. 1 NorthWilliam ??rro^ C.ri^u, J JAa t/'^o v I *? k"u! AUC?IOMEIiB. HKLLS this day, Hoiii .r? Uau^?l'B!lr? Furniture ol the Northern r .m 'in. cL,?,y^?>n.s.lstlni< ?'?rlor, Dining, Hed fieTnom S i i w r . including Parlor Suit*, TabU?? Chair*. tJ?io *' uUr,,"'n<' '"'"Sir*, I xtenslou Ac., rtUo, at S o clock, 75 iin?' Ottriwt*. Mattlim Muss Ac ' also a large quantity ol medium Furiiituro il^keeV erg and the trado Invited. uousen ep Morris wilkins, AOtrricyNKKiT Peremptory Halo by order ol the xtiprome Court of E I^LmMOwTcVwrn1, nT Kourt"' ?. .iU . J * " ? w"' s" I', '>y auction,ou Timrsiiitv May 8,1871, at 12 o'oiock, at the Exchange Salesroom ifr Broadway, under the direction ol Goorgo 1'utuuin smith rclerce. Lost 110th street -tour full Lots on ilie ?ii.ih side of ilOth Htreet, caiieet weal ol Third avenue AIho. at name lime and place. Madison avenue?Two Uits, west side. 62 feet !l Inchon north ol Eighty-third street, each 20x?5 leet. .J'?''VYcve%y'seven,,,?alroet-l,<>t. north side, 200 feet east ol Fourth avenue, 24x102.2. No "'pine Htre'V purllou,ttri' Bt 018 Auctioneer'* ofllcc, VI uftTdAdK 8AL K.?IIE NR4' DRKIIER 4 SON, AUC i*' Coneer.s, o'tlco 172 Kmt Houston street, sell ihls ilav, at a Huyard street, at 10)i o'clock, Contents of a Lager iscor Naioon. HKffRY E, DRRffER, Attorney for Mortgagee. jyjORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. llamlKome Household F'lirnlturo, * IT .TMr-SS ClftlP'orte, tine Cabinets, Ac. Mav #Dm^ ?J*Vwi i?2' *'11 anoiion on Friday. f 1 ?.i? ook A> M i*1 ,ho Prlvato rnsidenoe, th..'in ^iJ. i ystruct, till the handsome Furniture l'iw?,l *?,?i?I^ '? ? d. c on sis tl n g In part ol carved rosewood l arlor suits, oak Mining Room Furniture, black walnut Bedstluufa' Lr1(1"iewoo',|?'hamber Sulis, Armnircs a-OlHce, Tabi.^?.m!?>"iU2' bil#ck wal!,ut library hookcaae* ami laoli*, enanieieil Beiirnom Suits, fine pier and mantel l?.r^.Hru'r?''1 e? a,,lesi Cabinet rosewood I'iano r"m! *n<f !nn? ,l!lu < ut lilass Hinl Chin* Dinner Services, k^K L urtuins, hair and spring Mattresses cS? ?N r" "Ih ''"lows. Velvet Bniss, Is and Ingraiii Snd'uti^rV nf,t?i"S^,,lc,A,,tthe,B?.LtU^YS 8Sy"tee?ntl. str^tT""' #t N?' 3 n"U "ruot- or 35 Kaat P^N??,?!CE.R'S hAIjE.?SAM. F'DRKST, A UCTION ter, sells to-ilav, ut 17 Bowery, SKI lots Men's ami M'o men s choice Hoods, Silk mi l inner tine Dresses llrochn hi'ws^Coafs^??i^/wJYTtS'iKl'<1 BouU- ''?? lows, voats, 1 ants, Watches, Jewe rv and other vilu ibiu gooilH. Order ot Fruneis Kely, Front street, iirooVlyi. PAWNnilOKKR'S SA IjK.?THOK. J." M'URHTM Auctioneer, 133Chatham street, will sell this day n't ii o clock, 500 lois ol Men's mi l Women'* rioiliiii' Dresses, Mia wis. Remnants, Bedding, Hoots. Shoes Ac By order Mrs. H. Co-ti ilo, 1 ti Mott Htreet. ' PAWNBROKKR'S SAI.K.?TllOH. KISVWORTH \\ II.I, sell, tliis day. ut 4<iU Ninth avenue, at 1 o'clock, a li'r?e asjoriinent ot unredemeed Goods, consisting of ot ttfili^i Wcaver" Itomn*nt^ Dre??* *c- By order RIOHARD J. OA'IRKTTSON, AUCTIONEER. ByWINANS A UARRKTTMON, Auctioneer*. _.t,i n 6%,an,l 8t*lh Avcuue, New York. v ill sell oil Thursday, May 8, 1873, at 10:10 A M on the premise*, at 326 West Thirtv-tourth street, near Kightli uvenite. all the >aUinlde Household F'urniturc, consisting riJi^Mr"r BJ,<|r"oin Suits l arp. ts. Mirrors, Curtains, Cornices, Crockery, Olassware, Kiu-lien i tensiN No reserve, suie positive. Articles delivered ul close ot KICHABD J. oarrf:ttson. auctionkkr. . By WINANS A (lARUKTTSON, Auctioneers will sell on F'rlilay, May 0, 1873, at ibelr Cemrai Auction Rooms, 6./ mid fi.'O Sixth avenue, near lhlrty-sccond slreet.a lanie. v u ietv. ot fine Carp?ts; also Mattresses I alllusHCs. Holsters, I'il'ows. Ac. j also I'arlor and Heii rooin Suits, large amount of Crockery and Kitchen Utcn gCPREME COURT SALK. . . In Koreclo nre of Flonsc and Lot, 122 west Twenty-sixth street On fHLfksHAY, May 8.1873, at 12 o'clock inio'u. A. H. MULLER, P. R. WII.KINS A CO.. Auctioneers. METER S. ISAACS, Referee. C HERMAN, AUCTIONEER. O. Hule ot Kourbon and Rye Whiskey. Hrnndies, Oln, ? ent<??,t?ck of a dealer.?F'riday, May 9. at lit,, o clock, at 13 Bowery. 29 barrels choice old Hour bon and Rye Whiskey, casks Brandies, oln: casks Port and sherry Wines, cases Wines and Liiiuors, Cigars, Champagnes, Ac. hale positive, bv order of L. Levy, Ksn. Also 24 barrels Kentucky Bourbon, to pay storage and advances; ulso 40 cases Sardines. Also, by order ot the Underwriter*. 6fl,00U Cigars and 30 cases Tobacco. TIIOS. OAFPNEY, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO 6 Centre street, will positively -ell this day. at io'< loCfio'filU ?"e ',rmorc lots, the Fixtures of the dutches Shop 62t> second avenue ; a large icehouse. \iriLLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER, !? will sell on Friday, at 10^o'clock, a large ntitnlier ol CorpetH, from a lirst class hotel, consisting of Brussels. Axminstcr, rhive-ply. Velvet anil ln?rain, n't the sules rooi.i; ?) New Bowery; also a large lot of Kurniture, be ing balance of the U. S. Hale. POll SAliB. AflEWINO MACHINE BUSINESS, F;STABLISHED i three years, with stock of the different kinds of leading Machine*, doing a fair business, will he sold cheup for cash. Apply at the store A04 Court street, ?^ij'tth Brooklyn, or Division street. Now York. BARROOM FOR SALE.?INQUIRE OF J. H. A II. -??. WhLLHROOK, 61 and 05 Vesey street A WELL PAYING STEAM FACTORY, WITH GOOD business, for sale for $2,000; easy payment*; re h1' attention. Address AT 1F.N1ION, box 101 Heraltl office. A FIRST CLASS MACHINE SHOP AND FOUNDRY convenient to the city, with every lacility for wood', iron, brass and steel work, wants a responsible party lu the management of the same. Address BUSINESS Moralil office. * Alaosriimii and liquor saloon cheap? F.staoilshed a long time; doing good business; owner otherwise engaged. Apply at 24.. Monroe street. A RARE CHANCE.-FOR SALE, BEST LOCATED "0,,s,'? Har and Restaurant down town; rent t.a vear; 4I.'-""- Particular* at MIT CHhLL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A -FOR SALE, BAKERIES, RESTAURANTS, LIOUOR . Stores, downtown Sample Rooms, Drug Stores Wood and willow Ware stores. Hat suire*, Meat Marl keis. Butter Stands, Bllhnrd Saloon. Halls to let. MIT?'HELL'S store Agency. 77 Cedar *tre?t. A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE-BEST business location in the city; long lease, low rent; uocidedly a splendid chance to make, money. Partieu A -GOOD CHANCE.?1125 WILL BUY THE STOCK and Fixtures of a good paying Orocerv Store Annlv 1! "'''f' West Fortieth street, between Eighth uuii Ninth avenue*. * AN OLD ESTABLISHED STEAM LAUNDRY FOR sa c.?Location unsurpassed; favorably known; ex tensively natronized; excellent opportunity enterprising party make money. Particulars 25 Chamber* street. GEORGE W. SIMKRS' Store Auenev. A FIRST CLASS CIGAR STORE FOR SALE-LO catei\ great business* thoroughfare, lower part cltv ? sold consequence ill health. Particulars 25 Chambers street. GEORGE W. SIMERS1 Store Acncv. A -MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEK, A BUTCHER . Snop, on Third avenue; long lease; doing cash business; reasonable rent; price moderate. Apply at 4tii Third avenue, In lager beer saloou. AN OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSKKURNISHINO AND Hardware Business; most desirable in the eiiv stock $2ri,li00: last year sale* (Hil.oni); a decided baritain' Address A. BLOMQVJST, 150 Nassau street. * A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale?On I nird avenue, doing a good business thn owner going into other business; a rare chance. Anulv to THUS GAFF'Ni-.V, Auctioneer, No li Centre street. A COAL HI SINESS FOR SALE-LEASE, GOOD Will, Cart*, Ac.; established nearly 25 years; cheap for cash Apply at yard 521 East sixteenth street, or at CONNOLLY s, next door. AW1LLCOX AOIItHS SEWING MACHINE, ALmTiST new and in perfect order, for sale cheap Call at or addtess 3:?5 East Forty-first street. AN OLD-ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING HUM "ess tor sale?Stlccemul operation, extensively pa troni/ed ; splendid investment; enterprising parties can readze a fortune. Apply Immediately at 25 Chamber* at GEORGE W. HIMBHS' Store Agency A restaurant, lagf.r beer OYSTF^R ANfl , Hilt"rd Saloon, Wit), a long lease, low rent silu. atcil in one of the pleasantest towns in New Jersey rnu*'ft of M'll.iitf, owner huH to ffo to Kurooe* a ivtrirnin avenue ?ne" '*r'ce terms easy. Call at 136 Thud A GOOD PAYING BAMPLB BOOM AND ALB . \ I , i""' ^Pap r<>nt;.Ktork flxtures; rent paid to August 1; must sell. Apply on premises fill Hu.l sot. street, ?orn< r of Thorna*. premises, ou liud A <,''IANCF. SF.LOM OFFERED ?FAMILY GROCERY . ior,.> '"r d'^ng a business of $1,000 a week; ?? l'i JSC rrvnm, tnney Mrug Store, ' Y:,PA' *>: JvENNEV DAVO. m IV. St I'ltirn llrst -t BUTCHER'S SHOP IN A GOOM LOCALITY. REA sons lor selling having two places. Apply at 282 west Nineteenth street ' Drug store for sale-in consequence of the death of the proprietor; established 20 years: can be purchased on easy terms. Apply to 11A Lii. 152 William street tlOK SALE?A TEA AND GROCERY STORE, A SHORT I distance trom New York; the store is fitted up in good style, and doing a fine cash trade. Interest ami niturcscan tie had without stock, It preferred, a? mod crate valuation. F'or particulars address SALF;S, Heral I ofncc. Fi?OR SALE-STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASFfTiF Crockery, tllass and Uunp Store; r?nt Jli? with rooms; death cause of selling. Apply at 1,213 Third ave nue. (Jreat tisranln. piOR f&LE-SODA WATER BOTTLING BUSINESS I eatabllshcd 14 vears, doing a ci.el liiistm>>? win,' bottles enough for the season i satisfactory reas..ns'glven lor selling; would exchange for Brooklyn or New Vork Property. Address Soma WATER, box 1;.7 I!. ral7om! e '"a' EW.J'blSiofSSfiSSW?*""" V1"' SALE? SIIKLVIKG, RoARIM At" vkuv * etlcaB- tAMl-fi 4 cyw 93 CU?mb?r? ?t. K?! f{~X SKK 1,1 UUOH STi*K* ? on Ninth AVonue ; two vtAM* i.-j.-., ?,.!? i w,l'':Ki ply to K. lllTt? I, id- W," r'lri, (Z? renL pOB SALE?A riBST CLASS LIQUOR STORh h? r business street In t'le city; e.7o<l i?? - - Bfs*l ojbtf Imonem lh- ctu ?,. A pi .It ffff KtiS? 'JRJ WN L1('K SALE?A FI It <T NLAS.-4 COUNTER, WITH Milt! ? lillok walnut i?| manle ?ecllnd'irtreet. '? * *l U7 "nd "? && FOR 8^K ?"*AJ?^f Wl-'-r' FURNISHED MH'*K Factory, with all the latest iraoroveinents and rhru burg * I"1"?- Inquire at 3D Noriii First ?tr.-et, W dliaiu* OIIK.VP?^7 BOUND VOLUMES OFTHK scientific American," ir?m 1845 to 1872. Apply M 401 Greenwich street. M s. nei$u?i. For sale chrap-a hardware, iioirshrvR. uishing. Tin aud Stove store, with Basement- f?ur years lea<e; owner Man other bu.sluess to attend to An. ply at 1,4U5 Third avenue. Fob sale chkap-a six foot metallic show Case, two mnrlile top saloon I'allien, a Refrigerator a ten loot Hrnadthrow, ai U Hampden street, near Park avenue, Brooklyn. PfOB HALF. CHEAP?ON AOCOUNT OK ILL HEALTH* lour year*' I-ease ot Dining Saloon, with Bar attacked. ltii|Uno at 164 Chutfiaui afreet Fob sale or lease?a kink hair sti?i<k Stock and Fixtures, on Sixth avenae. na ir Twentie th Ird street, ol long standing; will Mail low, or rent store. SlMONSON A ECl'LESTON, 50 Wost Tlilrtv-flrst street TjMXTURKS AND FURNITCRE OK SEAL E8TATB * office. near junction uf Broadway and Sixth avenue, for sale, with leaae it desired, at a reasonable prion. ai dress L., Ihix i.tii licruld IJp'own Branch olllce. T IUUOR STORE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, WITIl ^?..J?Sr/,,lrV opposite Tenth Avenue Railraa* depot, botwo.-n *iity-ttilrdand Klfty-fonrth streets, s?I? ?'?* [V'f'l restaur uit or dining saloon ; satistac-ory re*. Imm. nVn?7 J n!L Apply ou the pre mines. 796 I'etMk a\?Ti?e, or I.(Ml riixfrh avoiiua. 0LaJl,.>CKJ?',rTA-',1 HOTEL Ki)R SALR.?TBfl ? ro.ia haiwo in thft city, containing 2i) rooms Boulevard0 * In'u,ra "n pre.aMea. lOtfU. S555! I SAK*.H.-A,^AR?B ASSORT MKNf NKW AND HBO. < ?Ti on'",*n'1 l'6"!"*?. Marvin's ami Wilder'* ..altesfod PA Vv Miil i1"" Mlk Sales. LILLIE SAKE CUM. I ' ^ lane, near Gold street. SA?hS.-SKVKN SECOMU HANI) 9AKFS FOR SALI f and medium; suitabia for Jewellers, bankers or inflrcliaiits. S. O. QUIRK,72Malden lane. TTPHOLSTRRERS ANI) DISCORATORS.?WANTED TO y,L b"T ? nicp Business, with mock; wllhont stock'f? $250; Ave year's lease; only 916 rent. 383 Blceckerat. corner ot Perry. JU ACHIiMKttV. AMES' PORTABI-K KMOI.VE". T^TV~IIoSb power por'able lloisferi, Saw Mills, drain Mills, Ver ucal Engines, H riaontal Kngincs, plain and cut off, an* Hollers, all styles and aizes; our own make; sh:iitin. OeerliiK and CaHiings. ' HAlfP80N, Will rKnifiL k CO., 58Cortlandatrwet AT WILSON A IIOAKK'S, 'Mi A.VII Ml WATKB street, IlorUontal, Upright. Portable and Holstlna engines; Hpriglit, Locomotive mil Tubular Itoilen: Steam Pumps, i'resfl.'s, Mlialiing, Pulleys, Hangers, Ac. Amahhinr and boiler SIIOI' TOOLS fob sale; ai o seeonil hand Htuam Engines, Steam l ump, Hollers, Shafting, to Close business. 5<? WesI street, corner ol .lana. For sale-a 10 horse portable and hoist Ing r lttrine; Engines 5 to it) horse power; also a va riety oi Hnilurs. bto *0 norse power. JOHN .ICLAIIKN, Thir l ami 'Irani sts., Hobokett, N. /. IjlOll SALE?RNU1NES. BoILKRS, SUAFTINO, I'UL levs. Millstones, Tanks Piping, steam Pumps, Hoist ufM L^.'vL'il^ Planers, Ac. Address HKNJA MIN I'oX.ftH ami Mt> SVest 'I'llirtv-tourt'i street. yiX-IIOHSK HOISTIVO ENQI.N'E, OOOD ORDEIt? Slaiioiiarv ami Portable i nirines and Boilers, Steam ' f.11!!1!*'' Sl"r? Hoistors, Lathes, Drills, Rendering Tank* Pulleys. WILLABD X DlCBEVoiSE, 45 Dey street^ WANTRD?TWt> MACHINES FOR M ANCIFAfTTUR Ing Bxcelslor: also two Machines lor turning Chair ''r Stretchers, liive price and address A. O. BENNETT, Jersey City Heights, N. J. \AT ANTED TO PUROHASR-A LABOR DROP PRESS. New yA)rjtly U>?r a,1Jn;v' K STEVENS. 8(1 Warren at. WANTKD?A SMALL STEAM ENOINE AND OTHER Mncliinl-t Tools, as Lathes, Presses or shears, la ?.\S!2?.,WJor Oeorgla Pine l-and; enuily $1,5*1 AdJruaa MEtliAMC, Herald Uptown Branch ofnee. r-HORSE LOCOMOTIVE BOILER, RNOINR, AO' 'j.i.'.'j.'l'.fjj foot Paddle Wheel", all comnlete, for $400, at STL PI I hN UOBtUiS' boat (hop, loot I14th street, liar lem lit ver. "I OXI8 BROWN ENOXNK, 10X24 TODD AND RAKKRR. P< S'!!1 l,oile.''i S0-horse power Locomotive and 5 ( .vllnder Boilers, all second hand, in good order, at a sac rirlne. HAMPSON, WHIi'EHILL A CO., 38 Oortlanat at IpgCBUAIMODg. Iil WALKER'S SON'S.?EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOK' J. binding (lone at shortest notice and lowest price: editions ol lmok.s doiio in best style. U> Hey street. OLOTE A JANES, STATIONRRS. PRINTERS ANB ^ Blank Bonk Mantilacturers, 93 Fulton street Blank Books made to patterns. HELP WAIVTED?MALES. Cnutlnned from Twelfth Pace. WANTRD?FOR AN F.LDERLY ORNTLRMAN, RK quiring a companion and atten<iant, an honest, agreeable man ol gooil address and with good reference: to enf at same table and be well treated. Answer statin* Jiariiculars, ATTENDANT, lleralil ulllce. WANTED?A HEAD WAITER IN A FIRST CLASS ?? hotel. A good, reliable, experienced man, wiUi ret. erences, may address W. B., Stevens House. V Broadway. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN TO COOK AND MAKB J? himself useful on a small yacht. Inquire at the Manhattan Club House, foot of 34th St., NorUi River, thia day, from 10 A. M. to 12 M. "JXTANTED?A SMART YOUNO MAN, AS CABVEH and to wait in a restaurant, who can give good rof 'fence. Apply by letter to W. P. M., Brooklyn Poat office. WANTED?A CO.MPKTENT MAN AND WIKR TO OO to Connecticut and take charge of a farm; the woman must understand making butter and cheese. An ply to D. W. IVES, los Liberty st. WANTRD-A BOY ABOI'T 15 YEARS OLD. ONB who will make himself generally useful and can bring Rood recommendations inay apply before 12 M. this day, at '.?32 South st. "IVrANTED?A MEDICAL STUDENT IN A PHYSI ?T clan's office: one having a practical knowledge ol phonography preferred. Address stating ouallUeution* and salary expe. ted, PIIVSICIA^, station 6, New VorkT ANTED?A YOCNO .MAN AS Ft )i) TM AN AND f T second waiter. Apply, for two days, at 18 East Twenty-seventh street. WAITERS WANTED?FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT waiters. Apply at 137 8th sl, between 4th av. and Broadway. T\rE WANT A DELIVERER FOR THB CITY-Ia t? steady, permanent position, with $15 weekly and small commission on cash collected; none but a steady industrious, iairiy educated man need apply between U ?nd 1. McMEN'AMY .t CO., TO Broadway. WANTRD?AN AMERICAN, AS WORKING SUPBrI Inu-iideiit or u small holel in Broadway; good refer ences required. Apply at the Farmers'Hotel, 10 Broad way. ANTF.D?SRa"MEN ORDINAItY SBAMRN AND cooks for merchant vessels and United Status navy. Clothing store, 201 South st. w THE TRADES, An experienced reed organ tunerTand inventor wishes a steady place. Apply at 101 Stan, ton st. Vr. kk nrcke A FIRST CLASS PASTRY COOK AND ICE CREAM man, with In st city reference, wishes a situation in a nrst class hotel or store. Inquire ol M. A1MONE. 34? Canal st. ' A OOOD FRENCH JEWELLER WISHES A SITU A JE WELLER Herald office?'11' ,W per Week- A'",re (1A!lL> ,il;!iANl;:R L wanted-at RARITAN WOOL r? ii j? * Raritan, on lino ol New Jersey Oentrai ?trietia mi'cs from New York; leave loot or Liberty A^R^BRo8weTyANTED-AT ORAA" * IjlNiilNERR'S SITUATION WANTRD-BY A FIRST i?i engineer, capable ot llttlng up all kinds ot luactilnery, also steam and gai Pipes; no obiection to the country. Call ou or address ENGINEER, Hi Bond ?t.. Brooklyn. ? HORSESIIOKRS WANTED? FIRRMAN AND FLOOR men No society men need npplv ut Fourth .ivenus stage htables, 32d st. and Lexington av. HORSESIIOKRS WANTED?AT GOOD WAGES. AP Ply at Belt Railroad stables, 10th av. and 53d ?t. toi A T. SMJTII, Superintendent HORSBSHOERS WANTED-sIX KLOORMEN AND five firemen; wages $.1 SO per day; good men can have work the year through; no society men wanted. Apply at Broadway and 7th av. depot, 7th av., cornar 51st St., immediately. UORSESHOERS WANTED-SIX FLOORMEN AND thre e firemen. Good workmen can dud steady em Iiloyment by applying ut the Sixth Avenue Railroad depot, corner 43d st. ami 6th av. Society men need not apply. M PHOTOGRAPH OPERATOR WANTED-ONK WHO IS ri2 Bh'cckcr'st'11 lerrotyi,lu8- Inquire at GROTECLUSS' TO CLTTERS.?WANTED IMMEDIATELY A FIRST class custom cntter In n large uptown house Address, w'th city reference only, MERCHANT TAlJ^K. sitU.nff' T? '*fl'.>TO(,RAPI,ERH ?^WANTED, A FIRST CLASH ? .P?'nlar< 5J1" capable of doing fine work will receive tVj woijD,awfiSwe%*0'*K<HHl,larkroomm""- Ap|,ly rro boss carpenters.?a young man, latelt J landed from Ireland, who has served tour years to the carpenter business, wishes to finish his time. Inquire at .Ul V> est Jyth st.. In tween 10 and 11 A M., tor two days, WANTED?A FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERER AND A carpet layer. Apply at JOSEPH O'BRIEN A CO.'S. 151 and 153 Atlantic st.. Brooklyn. ?flTANTED?TWO OR THREE FIRST RATE CAR " penters; also a large, strong German boy, to help sheet iron worker. Inquire at I'll 4th a\. WANTED-A CUTTER (GENTLEMAN) ON LADIES' underwear. Apply at 39 West Br ladway, lir.t loft \tTANTED?HOR8ESIIOER8 AT FOITRIII AVENUB ?? Railroad shops, corner of 4th av. and 33d at; society men need not apply. UrATCIIMAKKR.?WANTED, A OOOD, STEADY A.VO reliable workman. Apply, with refcreacc. aAK C. OLJUavh a. ewuct vl 127Ut A and *1 ay. ' H

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