Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. . ' I ^ . . WHOLE"NOT 13,410. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE POUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. amusements?ninth Pacii?Fourth, fifth and sixth column*. _ , astrology?Ninth Paob?Third column. BILLIARDS?ninth Pah?Fourth column. boarders vv ANTED? Twelith i'auk?Filth and sixth boakb "and looqiso WANTED?Twelfth Pack? ? Sixth column. BROOK i.yn UK al. ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Pace? hr-l column. BUS1N hss opportunities?Twelfth Page?Second column. BUSINESS notices?Seventh page?Sixth column. CITY kb a i. estate FOB SALE?t kcond P auk?First column. clekks and SALESMEN?eleventh Pack?Sixth coi urau. CLOTHING? Niwtb Page?Third column. coaciimkn AND iiakuenkus?Eleventh Pack?Sixth column, uml Twelfth Pace? first column. coastwise steaaislllps? .Second Page?sixth col umn. copartn erstll l's?rioum Page?Fifth column. col!NTllY BOARD?twelfth i'agk?Sixth column. DENTISTRY?twelfth i'aue?second column. OKY GOODS? First pagi?Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. furnished AND UN furnished?second Page?Third and fourth column*. . european steamships?second FACE-FIfth col. uinn. EYES AM) KABS?ninth Pack?Third column. EXCURSIONS?Second Page?Sixth column. FINANCIAL?eighth Page? Filth column. POK SALE?First 1'age?Sixth column. furnished BOOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Second Page? Fourth column. FURNITURE?nintii Pack-tlnnl column. HELP wanted?females?elkvkntii Page?Fourth und tilth column* HELP WANTED?MALES?twelfth Page?First and second column*. HOBsks, carriages, AC.?first Pace?Second, third, lourih, tilth and sixth columns. HOTELS?twelfth Page?sixih column. houses, rooms, ac:, wanted?ninth 1'agb?Third column. instruction?First Pace?Sixth column. JERSEY city, HOBOKEN, HUDSON city AND BER , gen REAL. estate POK sale?second Paue? Fir mi column. legal notices?ninth Pack?Fourth column. LOAN OFFICES?ninth Pack? Fourth column. lost AMI FOUND?firut Piuh-i' irst column. MACHINERY?First Page?Sixth column. MAKHLE MANTELS?ninth Page?Fourth column. matrimonial-Mnth Pace?Third columu. medical? Twelfth Page?Sixth column. miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS?tenth Pace? _ Sixth column. MUSICAL?nintu Page?Sixth column. NEW publications?seventh Pack?Sixth column. personal?piimt Page?Pirst Column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?ninth Pack?Fifth col umn. proposals?second Page?Sixth column. jtofefision AL SITUATIONS WANTED?fkmales Elkvknth i'auk?Fourth column. . PROPERTY OUT OF TUB city FOR sale OR TO rent?second Paue? First and second columns. real estate TO EXCH aNGE?second Page?second and third columns. REAL estate wanted?second Pack?Third column. REMOVALS? filuf Page?Sixth column. rewards?first Pack?First and soceod columns. SALES AT AUCTION?twelfth Page?Third, fourth anil tilth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?elltbvtb Pack? First, second, third uml louriii columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?malts?Eleventh Pace? Filth and sixth columns. special NOTICES?first Page?sccohd column. sportinil?DOOS, 131RDS, AC.?first 1'AGE-Second column. STALLIONS?first Pack?Second column. BTORAOE?kcond Page?Sixth column. BUMMER RESORTS?twelfth Page? fiiith column. THE TRADES?twelfth Page?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?second Pace? Third colnuin. travellers' GUIDE?second Pace?Sixth column. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? Second Pack?Fourth column. JWATCHKS. JEWELRY, AC.?ninth PACB-thlrdcolumn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR . TO LET?second Pace?First column. IAC11TK, steamboats, AC.?ninth Pack?Fourth col umn. gerald ucamu office-uptown. advertisements FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,2116 BROADWAY. WEST RIDE, BETWEEN thirty-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND 8TREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. m.),at OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF jnv KIND. PARIS AGENCY OK THE SfEW YORK. _ HERALD. J^JESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THKY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND AL80 JINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. I'KHSONAL. A NY INFORMATION GIVBN AS TO REMOVAL OR J\. whereabouts of Excelsior Laundry (Mm. Creasy), ormerly University place, will be rewarded by PHILIP A. POWER, 25 West Twenty-second street. A WEALTHY FAMILY WISHES TO ADOPT A MALE I\. Infant Jrom birth, or not more than one week old. Address Mrs. ROBERTS, UeraJd Uptown Branch office. MORALIE.?MEET MB, IF CONVENIENT, AT THE Argyle Matinee, to-morrow afternoon. ROBIN HOOD. UPID'S ARROW?PLEASE TELL MK THE TIME. Fourth avenue ear. Cooper Institute. When did b loveliness leave the realms of bliss? 8. J. PANSY. C. G.?COME AND SEE ME OR WRITE. . JOHN. WOHN MOONEV?EVERYTHING IS SETTLED; DO you want to come home now? Iam uolni; to Cali 'ornia ; I wtil take you with me. IJ not write to W.M. EN AN, 96 Roosevelt street B. T.?CHANDLER BERRIAN; LETTER AT POST office under your old name. Yours, J OB IK. KISS L . WHO LIVED LAST SUMMER IN WEST Twenty-first street, please send your address to blonde admirer. Address BLONDE, Herald oftlce. D ERSON8 INVITED TO THE OFFICE OF "NEW York and Hartford Publication Company" will rur er the ends of justice by sending their address to M. A. MITH. 37 Park row, Advertising Agency. tlHE PERSON WHO TOOK MY UMBRELLA AT 1 Nihlo's is requested to return it to 105 Went Twenty "ond street. V. BELL. lniKKK 18 CHARLES ROBESON, FORMERLY A vT sailor and late a sailors' hoarding house keeper in )ak street. New York city I Five dollars reward otlered o anybody who first gives satisfactory Information of lis present whereabouts; very important news u> be ommunicated to him if he calls on A. FALLER, Attor ey-ut-Law, 148 East Fourteenth street HTILL THE GENTLEMAN WHO SAT OPPOSITE Tf lady in Madison avenue stage Thursday torenoon ommunicnte with the lady who had her pocket picked? address L. P., box 101 Herald Uptown Branch office. LOST AM) KOtlKD. HJOUND-ON MONDAY. MAY 5. AT STEWART'S ICE : tall nore, a l'ocketbook, containing memoranda ind money, which the owner can obtain by applying at he office of the Resolute Pire Insurance Company, 101 iroadway, and proving property. EFr?IN A MADISON AVENUE STAGE. YESTER U day afternoon, about 6 P. M., by a gentleman, who ot out at Thirteenth street, n Package contaiuing a air ol brown broad cloth pants. The finder will receive " liberal reward by returning them to J. C. YAThS A ,99 l'earl street ? OST?A SMALL SKYE TERRIER DOG, FROM ~H55 J Fourth avenue. Ten dollars reward will be given ad thanks of the owner. OST-ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, IN OOINQ FROM I Fifth Avenue Hotel to the Grand Opera Douse, entythird street car, a tilue enamelled (ipera Glass, rhe tinder will he liberally rewarded on delivering it at <o. 7 East Tweltth street OST?ON THURSDAY, IN A THIRD AVENUE CAR. fj a I'ortmonnaie, containing a small amount of money. End other articles of value only to tbcowner. By re timing it to 214 fcast Thirty-ninth street a suitable reward ill be given. 08T-IN A BROADWAY CAR, ON WEDNESDAY J afternoon, the 7th InsL, a Diamond Ring In a small ase. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning I to J. MCALLISTER, French's Hotel, corncr of Fraak ort street and Park row. OST?ON THE EVENING OF TUESDAY, ?Tn TNST., 4 at St Thomas'church, a Jabot of Mu*lln, trimmed 1th antique lace. The tinder will be suitably rewarded "? leaving it at 23 West Filty-flrst street. OST-BANK BOOK NO. 18,113. THE FINDER WILL J please leave it in the oan^, 185 Chatham square, Ir at 58 Forsyth street In the store. REWARD*. 5 REWARD-LOUT, ON TUESDAY, RAT 1 A Scotch Terrier; collar marked "Restaurant, 292 Iroadway. REWARD?FOR A WHITE POODLE DOG WITH yellow ears, brass necklace, lost on Wednesday Reward will be paid at 144 East ^entv^cond it. ' C GOLDSMITH. ?1 (if) BE WARD AND NO ,QUESTIONS ASKED? >1'"" Lost or stolen. ? $1000 Queens county (NY) otid. with conpons attached, dated March I, 1804, due arch 1,187#; No. 940: issued in name ot Halstead Frost he above reward wilt be paid for Its rsturn to the under sued. and no questions asked This bond is of no value > the holder, as payment of principal and Interest has een stopped. Bankers and broker^ are cautioned against egotiatmg the same. WAKKMAN a LaTTINg. 93 awtau street, Bennett Building. iinn REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RE VI'"/ turn of the American Oold Watcli (No. 27,01.T) nd Chain leu in the gentlemen's private rooa at the rand Central depot on April 22, 1873. Communications idrencd to D. *REYNOLDS. Crotoa Falls, " *. $150 REW AtU>9. REWARD. Stolen from the sate of Fidel Bnbser, One gold Watch, No. S.4DS, with gold i hain and 8e%l attached, with the inscription on the watch, Cincinnati Schuueuvereiu, to New York, the name on the seal, with cross guus and target. one (cold Watch, heavy, witn gold Chain; the inside oaw on the hack is ot glass. One small i-'olil Watch, lady'a, and gold Chain, with Breastpin attached. One diamond King, cluster , One gold Seal King, with hair in it. 1 he above reward will be paid tor the arrest of the thiel or the recovery ot the good*. FIDEL BUB8BR. Address C. L. PACKARD, Chief of Police, Hartford, Conn. SPKC1AL. It'OTICKS. AT a REGULAR MEETING or TIIR STBPHEN A. Douglas Club, of the Twenty-first Ward, held at their rooms, US Third avenue, on the evening of Wednesday, May 7, 1K7S, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:? Whereas it has pleased Divine Providence to remove ftoin the hitsy scenes of a laborious and useful life our lamented friend and popular Representative In Con gress. the Hon. Jaines Rrnoks, the urifllnching advocate of dem.icratlc principles, the uncompromising opponent of corruption in every form in which It might exist, the devoted and self-sacrificing vindicator ot sound princi ples on taxation, finance aud government; therefore p? it Resolved, That in the death of this worthy and tearless Representative in Congress the cltv ol New tork has lost one ol Its greatest champions, the people ol' the United Stales one of their purest and most useful and up right statesmen, and the editorial corps one of its bright est ornaments. AUGp8TL!g T DOCMARTV, President. Ron hut K. Secretary. A ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, . corner oi Fulton avenue ami Boerum street open irom h A. M. to H I'. M. On Sunday from !t to 9 P. M. D Apikck of that drkss can rk had bv ad dresslng L. A. D., Herald Uptown Brunch oflice. Bargains, baroaink. bargains.-the large stock of Boots. Shoes and Trunks, selling off without regard to cost, at JEW Bowery, corner Bond street; must be sold before .'line 1, 18T3. W. D. BIQELOW A CO. R. S. S. FITCH'S FAMILY MED1C1NKS FOR SALE at 714 Broadway and by all Ilrst class druggists. I ELECTION.?NOTICE IK IIKREBY GIVEN THAT AN 1 election will be held at the ottlec ot the New Vork Bridge Company, Na 21 Water street. In the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the lid day ol .Ini.c next, at 12 o'clock noon ol that dijy, lor fllteen directors of said company, I or the then eftsulng year, aud for two Inspec tors ol election for 1874. The transfer liooks will bo closed from May 3 to June S, 1K7H Hated May 2.1873. HKNRY C. MUlfPiiY, President. O. P. QtriNTjiitn, Secretary. Havana anu kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH KATES A CO.. 71 Broadway, New Yolk, room 31, first floor. JOHN FITCH, LAWYER, REGISTRAR IN BANK ruptcy.?I.:iw oflice, 3lfi Broadway, New York. Whiting's' Building, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, rooms 5 and A. Particular attention given to the preparation ol papers and proof of claims in liankruptcy. MR. JonN UEERY HAS ASSOCIATED HIMSELF with the National Guard Billiard ltoom, Broadway and Thirty-second street, where lie will bo glad to see his friends and the public. Mr. Dccry will also give les sons to persons desiring to improve their game. Notice.?many persons from the north having expressed a doRire to see a first clans hotel erected in Richmond, in which thdir families could pass the Winter months, and also declared their willingness to subscribe liberally tor the erection of such a hotel, we now present the opportunity of if/Atifying their wislios and at the same time conferring a great benefit upon Richmond, and especially npoii the people of shockoe llill. The Monument Hotel presents the best location tor such a hotel, and Is chartered property, with the (privi lege of$3UH,IK!i>eapital, divided Into Snnrcsof S1U0, and can be purchased at a verv moderate Mice, with ground to build as large a hotel as may lie desired. We thcrolore Invite applications and correspondence troni all who feel disposed to become Interested in the enterprise. GRUBBS A WILLIAMS, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. VfOTlCE.?ALL PARTIES ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED iN against negotiating a note drawn by the Gutta Percha and Rublier Manutacturing Company, of thin city, in fa vor of themselves, and endorsed"by them, for $1,4*) is, numbered 32(>, dated April 1. 1873, payable 60 days after date at tin- National Park Hank, and which note hashecn losi and stolen, and a second note has been Issued iu lieu thereof cancelling the above described note. A. K. SHE RID A*, 23 Thomas street. NOTICE-BRICKLAYKRS OF THE U. O. A. B. Brothers, you are hereby notified to abstain from working an job Sixty-third street and Madison avenue until Mr. Cochran's claims arc settled. By order of Council. CHARLESTTOWER, President Thos. -Kiernan, Recording Secreiuy. Notice.-mr. fklix tehee bab sold ius Es tablishment, 1<J8 Bleeckcr street, to Mr. LOUIS AYMARD. 0 MAIJA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. POSITIVELY HA* ML Mk' 8,460 Cash GUI*, amounting to S2S0.B06. Clfts paid in toll. Official lists ofwlnning numbers sent to purchasers of tickcbi immediately alter the distribu tlon. Tickets 91 each; six for $8. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 30 Liberty street, late of 31 Nassau street OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS MO. Sl-^IAT 8, 1878. 19, 32, 14, 20, 78, 74. 40, 67, 71, 48, 9, 29, 28. NORTH CAHOLINA?CLASS NO. 32?VAT 8, 1873. 67, 5, 40, 13. 14, 30, 11, 17, 45. 68, 62, 18, 24, 35. OERKEN ft CO., Managers. LUTHY ft CO., Brokers, 232 Greenwich street, New York. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. E?NTUCKT?1XTRA CLASS *0. 317?MAT 8, 1873. 49, 41, 23. 63. 51, SI, 36, 61, 13, 25, 48, 27, 10. uirrucKT--class ao. 318?mat 8, 1873. 65, 68, 55, IS, 64. 76, 47, 17. 71, 45, 43, 31, L 32. SIMMONS ft CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. snxurr college?extra class no. 217?mat 8,1873. 65, 48. 15, 7. 54, 66, 27. 21, SO, 36, 46, 32, 75. SHELBY COLI.KCB?CLASS NO. 218?MAT 8, 1875. 6, 69. 44, 4. S3, 10. 14, 9. 36. 46, 39, 3. 51, IX SMITH ft CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office box 4,969. Royal iiavana lottery, Royal Saxon Government Lottery, Brunswick Gov ernment Lottery, City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed and Information given. THEODORE ZSCHOCH, 116 Nassau street: box 6,080 Post office. Royal Havana lottery of cuba.?pros pectns for 1873 now ready. Address GEORGE UP li am, No. u Weyboasetstreet. Providence. R. I. Royal Havana lottery.?a. darieh Ha8 RE moved to No. 7 Murray street Post office box 4,909. Dealers supplied at the lowest market rales, SJOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT-FOR free 5 School Fund. psarrrnAL?class 93. 58, 5, 68, 47, 22, 48. 26, 28. IS, 57, SO, 61. class 94. 61, 63, 3, 60, 28. 71, 50. 51, 26, 43, 21, 42. COLK ft CO., Proprietors; New York Post office box 3,856. Charleston, S. May 8, 1873. TO ALL THE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES WHOM it may concern?You are hereby notitled, that at a special meeting of the First Baptist Church, Harlem, N. Y., held May 6, 1873, the following resolution was adopted, and a copy thereof ordered to be furnished to vou, viz.."Resolved, That all the Insurance companies who had risks upon our church building and appur tennnces he notified that William Paul is the regularly appointed and only legal Treasurer of this church and socicty. and the only authorized person to receive moneys duo thereto." Yours respectfully, ALEXANDER HOLLAND, Church Clerk. C1IAS. E. BBRR1AN, HENRY B. DOUGLAS, C. W. D. PURRELL, Committee., May 7. 1873. Aeon cqo n drawn daily in the legal. ?pOo?/.Oot7 ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana aad Kentucky circulars (Tee; 12}? cents commission allowed. Address BALEY ft CO. (office established thirty years*. 174 Broadway. BIRos, Ac STALLIONS. IpDWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OK JOE ELLlOTT, y who trotted last Hammer on MysUc l'ark in 2 USJ* (the fastest mile ever trotted, either in public or private), ?* <-"?odo? Vanderbilt's Mountain Boy, who )ro,J ?,,, n of Judge Fullerton, who has trotted in 2 :i1l?, will make the season at the farm of William Keetch, near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For further particulars see the "Tnrf. field and Farm." _ HORSES, caH1UAOES, <*C. A-THE FIRST REGULAR SALE . _ OF THE SEASON. AT RARKBR ft CHAsk'8 CITY AUCTION MART AND NKW YORK TATTER BALL'S, l.:i53, 1.361 AND I KS CORNER OF THIRTY-NINfH STREET TAKES PLACE TOMORROW * (SATURDAT), MAY 10, AT 11 O'CLOCK WHEN A LARGE kuMBER OF TROTTERS, ROADSTERS, Family and BUSINESS HOR8ES, Top and No top ROAD WAGONS: Depot. EXPRESS and BUSINESS Paeons: ROCKAWAYS, PARK and Pony PHAETONS, DOUBLE and SINGLE HARNESS, Blankets. robes. Whips, haltekh and EVERYTHING IN THE Horse line WILL BE sold. FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS sec to-morrow's Herald. A? 341 FOURTH AYENUB, , Light Carriage and llarne? Wareroom*. The most reliable Goods at the lowest cash price. Park and Pony Phnetons, Buggies. Rnckaways and Depots Leather top Wagons Irom SHU up. Light Kockawar, $1:16. Depot Wagon, ?1I0. N. V. SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AV., CORNKR TWENTY FIFTH ST. A -FOB HALE, ONE BAY MARE, 8 YKARS OLD, ? sound and kind; one top Wagon, one set single Harness: all in goetd order; must be sold for want of use; price $400. Jtujuire atNew England (tables.6*9 Seventh avenue. HOItSKS. CARRIAGES, ^*C. A ?IMPORTANT AND PKRKMPTOitY SALE OF -A. FINK HORSES. PHABTON8, WAGONS. UAK NKS8, Ar? ON KRiDAY (THI8 DAY}, MAY 9. AT STABLE NO. 41 GREAT JONES STREET, AT I0W O'CLOCK, JOHN D. HAMLIN. Auctioneer, consisting Id part of the flne and weil-kpown stock of the late David L Harris. K?q., deceased, and sold by order ol Executor to clone eMate. ? , _ TUn of elegant dart brown Coach or Road Hor*e*, 1? band* high. 7 year* old; flne travellers; superior style and I action. will travel In four minute*; are closely mated an<l drive together to perfection; are without vice or trick; are attractive ana rich, and warranted sound and kind. t ine brown family Horn. i#S hands high, 7 years old; gentle and sale for any lady or gentleman to drive: rape perior style; lear*nothing ,oan trot In to road wagon, and sound anil kind: a flne. semible and genteel horse. Oenteel and flaecheotnut three quartern thoroughbred Kentucky Haodle Horse. lHtf high, 6 year* old; has all known Kail* to saddle; show* flne. high breeding; Is w ell and perfectly broken to all harness, and sale for lady to drive or rule; Is warranted sound and kind. Fail and flne highbred Trotting Mare, sired by Eureka. 1.1)4 hlirh. 7 years old this Spring ; one of the flncst styled and tnokt bloodlike looking msrss on road; ts elegaut driver; uo road too long for ner; pure galled and agree able in company : has been driven nil road by a youth It years old. in delicate health; is warranted sound, kind and perfect, and to trot in 2 riO; this iiono of the Qnest marcs In Uie State. Also an elegant gentleman'* Road Horse, 1S)? high, 7 years old; sired liv Old Gamble Ionian, dam by Star; raised by David Nevlns In Orange county ; has elegant stvle and flne. iientvel and noble qualities, and has no su perior on rona : he has no record, and cau show 2:46 u<>w anil t est '.'?.AO to roan wagon, and warranted sound and kind; tliL? tine young horse must be seen to be appreci ated. Also the well known mid fast black trotting Horse t'ooley; 15)4 hands high, 10 years old this Spring; an ele gant road horse: fine driver; warranted to beat 2:50 now, ran beat 2;40 in condition, and warranted sound and kind. A Iso one of the finest child'* Pony in the city, 12 hands high. 7 years old; can alinott talk; perfectly safe for any 'child or lady to ride or drive; Is perfectly trained and finely broken to all harness: u a perfect picture and a perfect little horse; is warranted sound anil kind. clegunt six-scat Phaeton, one 1'ony Phaeton, two Brewster Wagon*, one Dubois Trotting Wagon, double Harness by Dunseomb, two set* of single by Datu comh, Blanket*, Robes. Ac. This is one of the flnost sales of the season, and gentle men In senrch of totnclhlng really flne should attend this sale: they will find everything mst as represented, and a lull and responsible ginirranlee given, and ail will be sold to highest bidder, without the least limit or restric tion. Mr. Tlarrls wns well known and noted a& being a con noissour of line stock, and would have none other; the balance are the property of a retired gentleman, who soils with his family lor Europe. A -MAJOR OH AS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . OKKAT SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE OK ALL THE CELEBRATED TROTTING STOCK, AC.. THE PROPERTY OK JAS. WALLACE, ESQ., WHO SHORTLY SAILS for Europe, AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERSALLS, CORNER OK BROADWAY, Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth streets, ON TUESDAY, MAY IS, AT 10*? O'CLOCK. AND COMPRfSINW THE FAMOUS HAY TROTTING fielding JOHN J. BRADLEY, i5V high, about II years old; has a rccord OK 2; is FIN ER and will trot faster this Spring than ever; is also a perfect gentleman's roadster. HIGHBRED okay OELtilNO, by Young Morrel, dam by Abdallah, 15\' high, 7years old; very stylish driver; no record and can TROT IN 2:36. ELEGANT KAY IIAMBLETONIAN Colt, by Volunteer, dam a Star mare, 1M4 high, 6 years old in Jnne next; very tree and gamy driver; trotted last Kali in 2:50; has no record. ? EXTRA FINE BROWN HAMBLETONIAN Colt, bv Young Carncll, dam by llenry Clay; 15 high; 6 year* old; elegant driver, and can trot CLOSE TO 2:4(1 ELEGANT AN1) EXTRA CLOSELY MATCHED pair of bay coach Horse*. Kentucky bred, 16 high, 7 years old; great style and action: heavy, full manes and talis; arc perfect in every way. KINE HAROUCIIE, MADE by Corbet. TOP WAOON, BUILT by Corbet; polo and shafts. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built bv Dusenhury A Nelson. NO TOP ROAD WAOON, built by Wood Bros. SET OK DOUBLE coach Harness. TWO SETS KINE SINGLE IIaruess, by Dnnscomb. BLANKETS, ROBES, SHEETS, Whips, Hits, Ac. PEDIGREES AND ALL REPRESENTATIONS of above stock will be guaranteed. SALE POSITIVELY without reserve. CATALOGUES NOW READY. STOCK ON EXHIBITION early on moraine of sale. NO POSTPONEMENT on account of weather. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. . ill all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint stock company of carriage dealer* who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently eluun the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. Attention i A. T. DEMAREST A CO., 62f< and 630 Broadway, offer at genuine bargains their immense stock of fine Carriages. new styles, just finished for the Spring trade. Elegant Landuulettes, Ave sizes. Landaus, four sizes. Platform and "C" spring Brett*. Platform and "C" spring six-seat family Rockawayg. Five new styles of Victorias. Park Phaeton*. Pony Phaetons, on platform "O," two and three springs. Gentlemen's Depot Wagons. Fine stock ofT ('arts and i>og Carta. We shall offer bargains and Invite lookers. A LARUE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA way. Park and Pony Phaetons; Buggies, Depot, Ex gress and Business Wagons: 25 per cent less than any ouse in the city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal st AT OCR FACTORY, IN T WE NTT-FIFTH STREET, near Lexington avenue, second hand Carriages, in first rate order. 2 Barouches, nearly new. 2 six-passenger Rockaways. 2 Parx Phaetons. 1 Depot Wagon, lor six persons. Top Buggies and Road Wagons. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A?TWO MINIATURE PONY ESTABLISHMENTS . AT AUCTION, THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. By WM. VAN TASSELL, Auctioneer, at his Auction Mart, 110, 112 and Hi E*st Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue Black Pnny, 40 inches high; Set Single Harness and square box W agon. Sorrel Pony, SO inches high; Set Single Harness and Wagon. ? Look at catalogue for full descriptions. A CHESTNUT TEAM OF CARRIAGE HORSES, brother and sister; sound and kind double or single; 6 and 7; 15 3 hands; good,stylish steppers. 337 Newark avenue, Jersey City. A VALUABLE HORSE FOR SALE-GOOD ROAD ster, perfectly gentle and sound, 18 hands, bay; will trade. Call and see hlin. 8. C. SMITH, Frankfort House, MB William street FIRST CLASS COUPE, COST $1,180, ONLY USKD a few times; price $700; also a variety of ray cele brated Top and Road Wagons, latest styles, just finished. FRANK ASIIE, 164 and 168 Crosby street?( A GENTLEMAN GOING ABROAD WISHES TO Dis pose of his Landaulet (by Wood), used one year, a pair of young sorrel Horses and Harness. TEANEY'H stable, 41 West Forty-fourth street. A PONY PHAETON, $105; DO., $125; BASKET. $130; C spring, with lamps, $198; Basket, with rumble, $200; all kinds Harness. 1.430 Broadway, near Forty first street. JAMES JENKINS. A CHESTNUT SORREL MARE, 8 YEARS OLD; trots In 3 minutes; warranted sound and kind; the best animal lor a phaeton now offered In the city; can be driven by a lady. Apply at Underbill's stables, Lafayette place, __ A" N ASSORTMENT OF HAM'S VERY POPULAR nnd celebrated Landaulcts, Coupes, Landaus, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. llAk, Broadway and Fonrth street LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Rocknwavs, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Grocers' und Jiuslness Wagons, A at greatly reduced prices. Fulton avenue and Kevins street, Brooklyn. A?THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS. . Rockawsvs, I>cpot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, and Top Wagons tn the city, at the Wustslde Carriage Depos itory. 1,494 and 1,4#6 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. A -FOR SALE?A LARGE TRUCK OR WORK HORSE . 6 vears old, and good worker; also two Horses, 7

years old, !R for the road or business purposes. These horses are sound and kind In single or double harness; to he sold cheap Apply (it 45 and 47 Great .Tone* street. LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE; ONE COUPE, BY Woods Bros.; one six-seat Pheaton, one four-seat A do , one light Curtain Coach, by Brewster; 50 top aud open Pony Pheatons, 21) top and open side-bar and ftill Iprlng Road Wagons, by Brewster, Stivers and Dusenbury A Van Daser; top and open Express Wagons, single and double Harness, two Sulkies. WM. II. QUAY, 10 to tt Wposter street A STIVERS TROTTINO WAGON FOR HALE?USED three months; weight 110 lbs. Also Furniture Truck, in good order, with pole and shafts. Apply at 384 Third avenue. A LARGE STOCK OF PONY PHAETONS, IN ALL styles, with and without top* for No*. 7 and IS East Eighteenth street, near Filth avenue. A WELSH PONY FOR RALE?6 YEARS OLD, 13 hands high; beautiful mane and tail; warranted sonnd nnd kind in all harness; not afraid of steam carsi can he used hv the most timid ladv or child; also Phaeton Saddle snd Harness. Apply at rtrst private stable west of Third avenue, In Twenty-eighth street. \ LDBRBXY cow.?A choice IMPORTED cow, .it now milking, tor sale cheap. Inquire at stable, 81 New street _____________________ A -HOUSES AND WAGONS OF EVERY DESCKIP x\. tion, such as Top Wagons, Park and Pnny Phaetons, Cabriolets, Koad Wagons, Ac., lor sale or to let, also Horses taken on livery by the month, at the Waverley Stables, 147 to 151 Wi st Thirty-fifth street, between Broad way and wsventh avenue. JBNK1NB A RYAN. A SHETLAND PONY FOR SALE, 6 YEARS OLD; warranted sound nnd kind In all harness; free from all vices nnd tricks; can he ased ny the most timid lady or child ; was selected and imported for its beauty anil fine temper; also a small Dog Cart, Saddle aud Harness, made to match; sold only on account of denth of child ; wQi sell together or separate. Apply at private stable, 161 East Twenty-eighth street HOHHK9, CAUKIAGKS. ?*C. At auction. this day, by WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VaN T A SMELL), HOUSE AND CAURlUE AUCTION MART, 110. 113 and 114 EAST TH1UTEENTU STREET, NEAR Fourth ,ivenue. REGULAR RALES ok HOUSES AND CARRIAGES EVKRY TUESDAY AND PKIDAY. Twenty-roar to lorty-eighi hourH Riven to purchasers to (est warranties. CATALOGUE Or THIS DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. TEAM CHESTNUT MARKS, DUROCK STOrK l.^H hands high, 7 and 8 years old; kind und true 111 all har ries* ana excellent under middle ; tree irom vice or fault; fast travellers; tree and sty lint) drivers, and warranted sound. Also set Harness nnd TOP WAGON.NEARLY NEW. ELEGANT COUPE HOUSE. BAY. ?V nANDS high, 8 year* old ; kind and true in all hurness; (rue from vice ; a fast traveller, ver* stylish and handsome; fear* nothing, and une ?i the tlne?t coupe or carriage horses in the eiiy. Alao set Hue (.'old-mounted harness und COUPE R(H'KAWAY. IN GOOD ORDER. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. BAY KENTUCKY HOUSE. iSH HANDS HIGH, 7 years old ; kind and true In all harness; tree irom vice or tault; ean trot In 3 minutes, to top wagon; a splendid roadster in every way. and warranted sound. Alto bet Dunscombe llarhcss and toe wagon, nearly new, built by r. m. Stivers; Cuttrr, Sleigh. Saddle, Robe*, Ac. PONY ESTABLISHMENT?SO lilt BL PONY, 14* hands high. 1(1 years old; kind and true in nil harness; tree from vice; excellent saddle pony for Indies or clnl ? dren; a fast traveller and \ery stylish. Also set Harness and WAGONETTE, IN PERFECT ORDER: CITY MAKE. Dapple gray uorku, i6\j hands, 7 years old; kind and true In nil harness; can trot better than three minutes; a fine st> liah driver; superior roadster for a gentleman's use and warranted sound; also Har ness and TOP WAGON. HAY SADDLE HOUSE, HANDS, 9 YEARS OLD; kind and gentle In every way; very stylish aud a supe rior .-.addle hurae and warranted sound. EXTENSION TOP PAKE PHAETON, WITH POLE and sliaits. CHESTNUT PONY, 14W HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS old'.kind and true In all harness; excellent under sad dle; a good traveller, and warranted sound, kind and true; alao Kef Harness and NO-TOP POKY PHAr.TON. HAY KENTUCKY HOUSE, 15* HANDS. 9 YEARS old ; kind and trae in every way: very stylish; trots close to 3 minutes, nnd warranted sound. kind and true. FOUR-WHEELED DOli CART, FOLDING SEAT; also set Harness. BROWN MAKE, 15* HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD; KIND and vrue in every way, and a superior roadster; lias a record of 2 ;M, and is warranted sound. BLACK PONY, 40 INCHES HIGH, 9 YEARS OLD; kind 111 all harness and under saddle, nnd perfectly safe tor children to ride or drive; also set Harness and 8IDE BAU PONY WAGON, NEARLY NEW. BAY HOUSE ift'i HANDS, 9 YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harness, and an excellent horse for gen eral business use; also set Harness aud TOP phaeton IN GOOD OUDEU. BAY HOUSE. ]&& HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; a free driver and good worker. CHESTNUT HOUSE, lft^ HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD} kind and true in all harness; extra fine under saddle, and warranted sound. FIN K LARGE WOUK HORSES, SOLD TO FORECLOSE a mortgage. FULL BLOODED DURHAM COW. 4 YEARS OLDt gives 18 quarts iuilk per day. ELEGANT FOl'H-IN-IIAND DRAG, BUILT BY Brewster A ('0.. ot Broome street and used hut six times. TOP l'ONY PHAETON, ON C SPRINGS, NEARLY new. TOP AND NO TOP DEPOT WAGONS, ROCKAWAYB AND Pit A ETON 8., Harness, Saddles. Blankets, Whips, Ac., Ac. Weather never interferes with our sales. AT AUCTION TO MORROW (SATURDAY# MAY ML" 12 O'CLOCK, BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT HIS NEW HORSE AND CARItlAfiE MART, 19, 81. 21 AND 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVER SITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. ELEGANT ROAD T1 AM. black and brown. 7 and 8 years; kind and true and warranted sound; can trot in 8}s minutes. COAL BLACK TEAM CARRIAGE HORSES. BLACK SADDLE HOUSE, 15% hands, 8 years; sold to close litigation; in every respect a lirst class saddle horse for lady or gentleman. MAGNIFICENT THOTTING HORSE (dapple gray), 15k hands, 0 years; kind and true In all harness and under saddle; can trot in 2:60; warranted sound, with out blemish. TEAM OF ELEGANT THOROUGHBRED TROTTfNG RAY MAKES,sired by Key West; long flowing manes and tails; 15 hands, 4 and fi years; kind and true and warranted sound. TWO EXCELLENT FAMILY OR COUPE HORSES. TEN PONY HORSES, all thoroughly broken to saddle and harness ami warranted sound. TWENTY OTHER fine-bred Horses, just arrived from Kentucky. Description time of sale. EXPRESS OR OUOCEU'S ESTABLISHMENT?Black Horse, top Wanon, Harness. Ac. TWENTY-FIVE OTHER HORSES. Two Dog Carts, by Lawrcuce, in first rate order. Brewster top Wagon Express and Depot Wagon. T hree sets of double Harness. Five sofa of single Harness. Top and no top Pony Phaetons, panel and basket f-ale positively at 12 o'clock. Weather never inter feres with our sales. ?CARRIAGES AND HARNESS. . No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. The lowest prices; bust goods; cash only. A? FOK RALE, THREW UOEKKS LEFT OF A CAR . load ; must be sold this day, *8 the owner in com pelled to leave the city. Apply al l?) Washington street. minutes, or pull top wa/on, with I wo men In, in 3:1# any day; is a perfect picture and warranted overy way sound, kind anil true; also TOP WAGON, used only short time, made by R. M. STIVERS. Also set fine Dunsromb Single Harness, Robes, Baddies, Blanliet!i. Ac., Ac.; also CUTTER SLEIGH, made by KTMBELL. Look at catalogue for full description. T)AROAlNfl.?VICTORIAS, CABRIOLETS, pony CCONSIGNED TO arch." JOHNSTON FROM KEN J tucky. and lust arrived?Two car loads of line well bred young Horses, all well broken and sound: will be sold at private sale very low, as the owner wishes to realize at once. Call and see tbcm at ARCH. JOHN ston'S Mart, 19, 21,2S and 20 East Thirteenth street, near University place. The invoice includes two fine Car riage Teams and several extra fine Road Horses. CANADA HORSES FOR sale. ?D. CIIOATE IS AT the Excelsior stables, Washington street, Brooklyn, with a car load ot very tine work Horses; weights iroro 1 ,(M) to 1,4011 pounds. Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias Sundowns, Dog Carta, Park Phaetons, Iteht Rocka wavs, BugRios nn<f other seasonable styles family Car riages anil light Wagons, at reasonable nrlces. * m antka<rn rkrs' UNION, 698Broadway. EPOT WAGONS, PONY PHAETONS, VICTORIAS, Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons, Light Rocka ways, Buggies aud other seasonable styles lainilv Car riages ana light Wagons, at reasonable prices. NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. I mm STOCK?AT TBI MART OF ARCH. JOHNSTON, 1 19 to26 East Thirteenth street, between University place and Hiith avenue. Twentv-flve of the finest bred Horses In the country, directfrom Kentucky, comprising Road Teams, Saddle Horses and Family Teams. All to be seen and tried at the mart as above. There is not otten such horses in the market If not sold at private sale before Saturday at 12 o'clock, will (>e sold at auction. Call and see. them. _ For BALE?TWO complete RKiS, AS FOLLOWS : One dark brown Horse, 16 hands high very fast and stylish, long tall and mime; one fine top Wagon (Dusen burv * Nelson), one good Road Wagon. Harness, one dress Blanket, one stable Blanket, Whin, Ac.; one fine black Ponv, flue driver and good traveller; good Pony Phaeton, Blanket Kobe, Harness. Whip. Ac.; will be sold chcap, us owner has not time to use. Call for three days at stable In Hamilton street, second soutti of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. For salb-stylish high-stepping chestnut Horse; has no faults. Inquire for ROBERT, stable 18 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street, between the hours of ? and 8, for two Jays. near New York Hotel. street. ? ' ncariv ii"~ ? nw ?,u|^ ^w? j > fourth avenue, sear Thirty -fourth street. ano Kiuu ; ww ?? Thirteenth street. IOR HALE?A POWERFUL 8TRONO HOR8B; 7 ? ? ti ??,! u'nlnht ? riAii tr htlllt ? Citlind IIOBSKS, CAHUIAGRf. *<". FOR HALE?A SPLENDID KENTUCKY RAY MATCH or coup* Horse. 16^ hands hit.'h, 7 vears old; war ranted sound and kind; iust Uw thing for it stylish 44 carl; sold only lor waul of uw Apply tor three days, be tween 9 A M. ami 2 IV M., at private stable No. 2, nt bot tom ol alleyway in West Thirteenth street, one door Iroui Fifth avenue. For salf.-a dark DODHJ hav ROMS, 7 ykars old; warranted sound and kind very stylish; well broken under lady's and gentleman* saddle; laity ran drive him. Reason of sale given at the Inmg Island Hid ing School, 161 and l<B Clynier street, Brooklyn, B. D. POK HALK?AN 1UOAXT ttADDltK HORSE, |M hands high, wjjIi suited lor a lady; is kind uud gentle and a perfect be ioty; can trot, pace or Hinlilo. Can be seen for two days at MOTT'S stable, 119 and 121 West Twenty-third street. FORRALK?BLACK NARK, 9 TEARS OLD. 15HANDS; stylish in hurness; good under saddle; with Harness and 'top Wagon, nearly new. Keen at private stable 114 West Fiftieth street. For sale?light express wagon and har ness, almost new. Inquire at No. I Broome street, East River. IJtQE SALK-A BLACK THAN, 15 HANDS. ? AND 7 r vcars old, hroihers; used by present owner two yenrs: sound In every way. Also one two-scat Phaeton, oni' three-sent Phaeton, and one l.aodau : the best In the city, used but a lew Units. AUo two >vts liarM-sn. Ap ply at private stable, No. 3 Fast Twenty-tilth street. FOR BALK?PAIR of EXTRA KINK HAV CARRIA08 Horses, |0.| high, 6 atid 7 years old; high steppers; fresh lrom tho country : separate or together; warranted sound and kind. Kiss's siaides, Forty-first street and Eighth avenue. d |j*OR SAI.K-A LOT OP work HORSES, just FROM r the West; among them are some tine driving horses and work horses. Apply nt 17ti Mercer street. For balk?a handsome unift pony, o years, 13 hands hieh; suitable for a ladv or boy; Is well broken, fears nothing-, price 9125; warranted sound and kind. Apply at Ml King street, near lludxou. IjWIR bale?ONE OP TIIK PINEST SADDLE HORSES in the city; .iet black, long tail, 7 years old; a period beauty; 15.1 blub. Alto a gentleman's road Horse; 6 yoars old . l.v2; can trot In 2:4s, and sold cheno. Call at Uw Kast Fortieth street, near Third av., for three days. TitOR KALE?AT LANOAV'S STABLES, 142 WEST X Thirty-ninth street, a Private Establishment. com prising m Clarence (Brewster A Baldwin make) and a six-seated Pbaeum; both in splendid order , also a fluo coupe Horse; price $5tio. FOR SALE?THREE HORSES, FROM 5 TO 7 YEARS old, flt for curt, truck or Ice wagon; will be sold cheap on account of the owner going to liie Old Country. Can be seen at 62 Sheriff street. 1MB SALE?A VBRV FINE COUPE OR FAMILY Horse, dark brown, 16VJ bands high; verv genlle: G years old; sound and kind in cverv respect; also skele ton Wagon; never been used. Apply at private stable ISO East Thirty-tifth street. UH)R SALF AT PRIVATE STABLE Ml WEST FORTY r fourth street, a very superior dark brown Horse, 16 bands high, six years old; soaud, without a blemish; a good stopper. FOR HALK?A GENTLEMAN'S ESTABLISHMENT; dark bay Mare, IJubol- Wagon, (iibson Harness. Ap ply at mitchell A N KW Bolii's, ID Exchange place. For hale?a gentleman's turnout, horse, light Wagon, Harness, Sleigh. Whip and Lap Robe; all In the best, condition. Inquire at Mahopac stables, 134 West Forty-ninth street. FOR SALE CHEAP-FINK TEAM BAY MARKS, 15.1 hands high; sound and kind. Apply at private sta blo 115 West Thirty-seventh street IpOR HALE CHEAP-A VERY HANDSOME YOUNG 1 Mare; sound, kind and gentle . suitable for a lady to ride or drive; a perfect beauty. Address box 4,855 Pout otlice. For sale or exchanoe for lioiit wagon or phaeton, bay Horse, 16 hands, or black Colt, 3 years old, trotting slock. Stables UK West Twentieth street. Great attractive sale to morrow, <satur. DAY). MAY 10, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MART. 19 TO 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN university PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. 3 ELEGANT THOROUGHBRED ROAD TEAMS, DI RKOT FROM KENTUCKY. 2 magnificent SADDLE HORSES. WOULD MAKE EXCELLENT TROOPERS. TEAM OF superior BAY CARRIAGE HORSES. 20 fine bred Horses, all to be soM at the Mart as above. Call and examine them. Take the University placc cars. __________ ARCH. JOHNSTON. Harness.-i have a large stock of HAR ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the horse line cheap tor cash. E. BARTLETT, 62 Warren street, corner College place. Harness, saddles horse clothing, oar riage Robes. Lap Dusters. Fly Nets, and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH k CO.. 40 Warren street. New York. ARNESS, HORSE FURNISHING GOODS, AC.?NO fancy prices. C. M. MOSEMAN A BRO., Manufacturers, 114 Chambers street. H Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York. Good single bugiry Harness, hand made, fI7; a good stable Blanket, 50. Cheaper than ever, lease call and examine for yourselves. NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE repository. FOURTH AVE NUE, CORNER OP TWENTY-FIFTH STREKT. AHNKSs-THK CHBAPE8T HARNESS STORK IN New York - good dowlilc truck Harness, $30; good single bugiry Harness, bund made. $17 ; u good stable Blanket, $2 50; the largest assortment of Cart Hurness In the city. Cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, ?3 Murray street H HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. CHANGE OF TIME. CHANGE OF TIME. CHANOE OF TIME. The regular Mlc? AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER BALL'S corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, take place EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 11 O'CLOCK, instead of 12, as heretofore. Horses pastured, it; milks in new jersey, on farm nt 100 acres. Horses taken from ami de livered in New York. Address 11. E. PICKEKT A CO., 2J Old slip. ORSE FURNIHH1.VO BAZAAR, WHOLESALE AND retail.?Harness, Saddles, Blankets, Ac. VeRFLANCK BROS., .12 Cumbers street LADY'S SADDLE HORSE KOR SALE.?PERFECTLY sound. gentle and kind ; 6 years old ; owner going to Europe, has no further use lor him. Can he s?tn at owner's private stable, southeast corner of Madison ave nue and Twenty-tilth - trect, before i o'clock. Marshals sale.?j. p. traver, auctioneer, will sell this day at 10}? o'clock, at 59 Great Jones street, black Horse, W hands nigh, 9 years old, has bent 3 minutes, kind and without blemish; I gray pony-built truck Horse. 7 years old, cost $490 two months ago; I very tlae road Horse, cost $66'i; Harness, Ac.; will be sold to the highest bidder without reserve or limit By ord.-r. PATRICK DAILY, City Marshal. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 BROADWAY?THE place to buy cheap. Purchasers should not fail to call. Largest and best assortment of new and second hand Carriages in this market 638 Broadway. H Nicholas r. connor, auctioneer. Positive sale ol Carnages, Roc kit way, Phaeton, Robes, Harness, Ac. HUGH V CAMP will sell by auc tion, on Saturday. May 10. 187S, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the private stable 117 West lAth st, between 6th and 7th avs. Lot I?One Depot Rock away. Lot 2? one four.scat Phaeton, top on back scat Lot 8?One large Coach. Lot 4?One close Carriage. Lot 5?One open Barouche. Lot??One brown Robe. Also sundry sets of Harness, both single and double, Ac., Ac. Particular attention to unimproved Property in New York city and Westchester county. Furniture and out door sales attended to. HUGH N. CAMP, 106 Broadway. Branch, Tremont, Westchester county. NEW YORK HALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSI TORY, 337 TO 34) FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET. Carriages, Harness, Blankets, Ac., taken on *aie end storage. i'ash advances made on same, and sold at private or auction sales. Special Trade Sales for manufacturer* of carriage*, harness, Ac., arranged on liberal terms. Articles left on storage will have the advantage of being constantly on view in the Repository. (Insurance effected at once if desired.) RICHARD McCULLOUOH, Proprietor. AUCTION 3ALF.8 THURSDAYS OF EACH WEEK. ALLEN B. MINER A; BROTHER, Auctioneer*. PONY PHAETONS-ALL STYLES.?THE LARGEST, cheapest and best assortment in the city. Harness ef all kinds. NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE repository, 341 FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. SACRIFICE.?HORSE, 151,'; CAN SHOW 2:38; X-BEAT citv made Road Wagon and Harness. good as new, for sale cheap, separately or together. A4dre*s ROGERS, Herald office.. STABLE TO LET?2S LEXINGTON AVKNUE; IB ?talis, water, ga* and use of yard; ample room for feed, Ac.; in good repair; possession 21st ol May. Inquire at 1H Union street South Brooklyn. SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT Wagon. Pony Phaeton, four Rockaways, light Coach and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, at bargain*; large assortment of Harness. _ manufacturers' UNION. 638 Broadway. TO EQUESTRIANS.?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID thorough-bred bay saddle Mare, UK hands, ? JJ0K* old ; must be seen to be apnreclated. P. B. MASTERsON, corner Kitty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. TO BE SOLD?THE INTEREST IN THE LONG Es tablished Veterinary Surgeon's office, 19 Lexington avenue, occupied by the late Dr O'Hsnlon, together with Drug*, Surgical and other Instrument*, and an extensive practice connected there with. TITANTED?A SMALL PONY, FOR AN INVALID'8 TV u*e, must be very gentle; give full description and price. Address M , box 121 Herald office. Yl^ANTED?A TWO SEAT BUGOY, NEW OR SI.IUHT tt ly used, In exchange for one or two new premium Organ*, or new furniture or Real Estate, Address, with particulars and price, E. D. LOUIB. ? iizabeth, N, J. "Tl/ANTED?DOUBLE GOLD PLATED HARNESS IN VT exchange for Diamond Stud; must be handsome and in good order. luaulre iu drug ttore. 134 First av. HOKV.EfS, CARRIAGES, S/B, WANTED?A COCl'E OK BBOUQHAM, IN GOOD order, bv first class city maksr; Brewster pro* (erred. Address U. H., Herald office. H H. HELLISTER, U New street. I LARUE STABLE TO LET?VERY LOW. INQUIRE 1 on the premises. T. VV. BRACHER, 77 UfKM street. A1/\A FOR A YOUNG mark, LIGHT BXPBBM ?ll/U Wagon and Harness; top Grocery W;igon, *ft>; Butcher Cart, $:?. Call two day * at grocery, 2'J4 Eighth avcuue, corner Twenty-fifth street. (t;! A (\-BAY MARE, 7 YEARS. IS* HANDS, PONY ?1t:U mude; gray do., M hands, llli: both sound and kind ; gentle lor lady. 218 West Ihirtv-Urst street, near Seventh avenue. FOR MALE. _ A?FOR SAI.E?CORNER LIQUOR STORES, RES ? tauriiniH, Sample Room*, Lunch Rooms. Oyster Saloons, Chop Houses, Bakeries, corner Groceries, Con fectioneries, Drug Stores. Hat Stores, Stationery Store*, Country Restaurant*, country Bakeries, Billiard Halls to let; Provision Stores on Eighth avenue. MITCH l.LL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street Avery profitable manufacturing bcst noss lor sale; well established ; extensive cash trade: entrrpilsiug tiarty; splendid opportunity to realise a fortune. Particulars at 2A Chambers street george W. 8IMBR8', Store Agency. An enoush shades and ale house pgr sale, location unsurpassed; established twelve years; excellent easli trade; rare investment. Par ticulars at 25 Chambers street. george W. BIKERS', Store Agency. A FIRST CLASS DRUG STORE. NEW JERSEY. FOR sale?old established Flour and Feed Store; splendid locations; great bargains funiculars at 2ft Chambers street. GEO KG R W. SIMKKS', Store Agency. A FIRST class I.IQPOR STORE FOR SALE?ON Third avenue, opposite Lincoln Hall, 116th street, Harlem, the only one or. the lour corners; location the best; two years' Lease and Fixtures. Imiuiie in store. A WELL PAYING STEAM FACTORY, WITH GOOD business, tor sain for $2,000; easy payments; re quires no knowledge, but short attention. Address AT TENTION, box 101 Herald office. A restaurant, LAGER BEER. OYSTER AND* Blllard Saloon, with a long lease, low rent, situ ated in one ot the piuusantest towns in New Jersey; cause ot selling, owner hus to go to Europe; a bargain lor any one. Price $1,600; terms easy. Call at 136 Third avenue. Drug store fjr sale?long established; excellent locatiou: will be sold ^ ery low toreash. Apply at KKMPTON'S Druggists' Trunsier Agency, No. S Park row. IpOR SALE?counters, WITH WALNUT TOP, 1J ' feet loug' iron Safe, medium size, $75; Marvin A Co.; small office Desk, oak office Table, 2ft teet; light Shelv ing, at 7ti Dtutne street, second loft For sale-stock, fixtures and lease of Groeerv store, In splendid position, in Brooklyn: a rare bargain lor cash. Apply to WM. P. ROOMS, 338 Greenwich street. _____ T/Vm SALE?A FIRST CLASS COUNTER, WITH MTO F ror ami Fixtures complete; bluck walnut and maplo wood, 26 teet loug. To be seeu ul 147 and 1411 West Thirty eecond street. FOR SALE-SECOND nAND counters, TABLES, Desks, Showcases, Tabic Chairs. Signs, Drug Drawer, Sash, Office Railings, Ac.; will lie shipped. Apply to JAMES HODGE, 4?4 Hudson street, corncr Burrow. IftORSALE?WITH OR WITHOUT STOCK, THE CIGAR and Sample Store, 241 Grand street, Williamsburg; ? good place tor u cigar mauuiaeturer or a lager beer saiooa. F?sfnr!!AiM^rAiUil'IKST wCLASH CORNER LIQUOR f ,jL orJ ?the Nineteenth ward, with of 4 vears. averfue. ,n' H8 01 to ?3) a day. Inquire at 1,451 ThinI For hale?the best bakery, confectionhrv anil Restaurant, in the Statu; splendid location ? nnndsotne garden; doing a Urife business* the i,wm>r ion,juio/,!,,rr,7oin vA ssraa-p ua as? !?o ftKEO'I+OVFn n fci K,l1fte 1,1 payment. Address '"?^nONER, Brooklyn Branch Herald otllce. JEMgsra,issa *pp,y F,??po?^inEirORO('':,i.Y' ??**S A FAIR AND m Fnd oS?yP5tS<B^f^te loca"*p; cofaer ???* TT?{L5^Ij?-J',E RESTAURANT 99 TJIIRD AVENUK the pl^.Ce" Twe"t'1 ?ntl Thlrtoentn street* Apply in ri?RtSALB CHEAP?A WHEELER ft WILSON MA* thirdC?rncet.0r,3i'C0''t$65- Apply at 402 West Twenty FOR SALE CHEAP?A LIQUOR BTORE~l8 YEARS established; caiiM- ol selling, bad health. Annlv in tne ?tore, aa Krunklin street, Oreenpoint Brooklyn. FOB sale CHBAP-200 DRAWERS, 2 ITT BY 2 FT table tor%mf;5;?Sbh'TlnK and two g,MS Showcases*. WAI I Ktt l/*RT% P/. '<> Sl"re (lr> Roods. Apply to West flouston streeL l't'ur P'Ucrn makPe?/l90 HONESTY IS not EASILY FOUND-TRY IT HERRi ol" ^lOlrjuh, four yearn* Lease Stork Kl** [ SeS/SSl?.' ^dreSf Ho?y??ox M'LK ,^'!'''?_^R SALE?OWNER CANNOT AT _ tend to it 99* Second avenue, in bakery. TJANOK AND KITCHEN FIXTURES FOR A saImmv SAw;.der;sR?aW,,LtK c?KA^??S^i?~~8nB; E.Hl'NT, 48 William street, fourth floor. CAFES'.?A LAROE assortment OF SECONn hand Safes, of all styles and sizes, lor sale ehean fall &B?i?y. AM?Af' 8T*Am SAFE QOjfpANY, Safes.?seven second hand saffs lailms small and medium, suitable for banks twellcrs umi omers; an elegant House Sale, at 72 Maiden lane 8- O. QUIRE. Cafes.?a large assortment new and hpF" ini. ?m! '' Herring's, Marvin's and Wilder'* safes for KANv li"i:.V'?.two sllkmillie safe COM rany, 81 Maiden lane, near Gold street UPHOLfcTERERS AND DECOR ATOR.H.-WANTED^rri bay a nice Business, with stock; without stock' for corner of Perry! ^ ?? Mttl ^ $200 ~?.0B SAI;K' A COMPLETE distillery nri/l V' W?"tl ,ome '?">ds; tor the above cheap ?lFk/B.*mV\- 'Tfi,'", "" one ,u ru" ?*? APPly to A. HER/BERO, No. 0 Rlvlngton street near Bowery WACHMERr. AMES' PORTABLE ENGINES,3 ~TO~4<) HORSE power portable Holsters, Saw Mills. Grain Mills. Ver Bofler^lfP' ,J,','ri*0"U;1 KP???" nnd cut off! and 5?erlnt' and cSaUF* "UC'i 0Ur own m,lkc; Shafting. UAJCraOR, WHITE HILL A CO,W Cortland street AT WILSON ft ROAKK'S, 282 AND 284 WATFR Fmri''I? nr?h?"?l prifht> *orUbl?and Hoisting Engines. Lpright, Locomotive ami Tubular Boilers steam Pumps. Frmmi, Shafting. Pulleys, Hangers, Ac. * SECOND HAND FMCK HOKSE I'OWEIl HOT-AIK iyn K ^fj wsnte,J- -Address box 120, C.'reenpoint, Brook A LAROE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND ik? m kMK^lriev ?nw,\5V.'Ler,i 8t?'am Pumps and ?.uk* FINNEY ftiWOFFMA?}. Manufacturers, ?>2 to 225 Water street Brooklyn. JpORSvLE-DROP PRESS, NEARLY NEW. 82 PARK F?R wale-a steam engine, of ^aee^oger'of^vTnue A^"- at 125 Ht" ? 1',u0" ga?<ms;?u Copper Tanks F?m..8?a,'rj Rhkap-woodworth planers. mieki!>v.U c5?s' Moul<linK. Mortising, Tenoning, ?inH .n^T ',*?*? ShaplOK, Saw Tables, Swlni; >nw riH.h- j 8*w "?chines, Baml Saw iflades Leather and Rubber Belting, llose. Ac., nearly new. O- HARVEY ft CO., 23 Ferry street rANT HALE?OF ALL THE MACHINERY Af? s-J Long Island Sugar Kefinery, Minuted foot ol 2??<-ond street Brooklyn, K. D? an I conslstina o< Kni?lt>/10 Pm.tnu I'amiMfn I*.. .. . I*. .... IMPORTANT HALE?OF ALL THE MACHINERY, AC., Jt"! y1? Long Island Sugar Refinery, situated foot ol Sonth Second street, Brooklyn, H. D? ami consisting ol Steam Boilers, Engines, rumps. Vacuum fails, Vacuum Pump*, Char and Bag Filters, W>"tou'? Centrifugal Ma chines complete, Tanks, both round and nquare, and of all siies; Sugar Wagons, Tools, lathes, Ac., Ac. The above to bo sold In parcels to suit, at private sale. I.iouire at office ol rofinery, loot of South First St., Brooklyn, E. 1?. Wanted to purchase?a new or ooud set! ff ond hand Foundry Crane. Addresa. statlnv r,rW and full particulars, s. ft 8.. t-.x 4..1SH iWottiCT. " P C* | 19X18 BROWN F.NtJINE, 10X24 TODD AND RATFPr" ty, with boiler; 30-horse power Locomotive anH a Cylinder Boilers, all second hanil. in good ord. r at f??? rlflce. HAMI'.si?N, WHIIEHILL A flo?*CortuAot DRY GOODS. : fi?T? ?porh?.r'Jure flmMj',' ?l?w*^M?r,W^ BSVSS?S4; S porte<l garments, while for style, flt, anriearanee 0P? Vt every wav equal t<? the *flne?t Parisian inanutacture. LORD ftTAYLoR, _ Broadway and Twentieth street INHTRUt'TION. ~ ^ rjHURCH HII-L, washinoton. CONN -??sn~pVn \J year for a good home and school of forty we?k? in cation uniurpasM-d ; lour hours from New York Aildr*!^ for circular!!. H n MOREHOUSE. Address, tjlDUCATIOff COMBINED WITH TRAVEL-TWlto^ 1 l,?hctnf formed a partv of young tfnilswJii.n i lr?vf "T *"rk ,or Ktiripe Jnly i, under Jhe ,.7iS?nii ^ ? 1 HEMDVALSt Notice of remoyal.?Dr ovi.fw RKmtiFNri oie'r offlc* ?wt^ri?*y' " UJ K,r"h iTenue ?^C& ??i aier umce. * bare he can now be luuuJ nubt *"*1

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