Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1873 Page 10
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Debate on the Window Bill in the Assembly. THE QUESTION STILL I^CTTUD. Continued Indecision Relative to Final Adjournment. ? f. RURAL VERSUS CITX SENATORS. Expend Mcwtjttgc from tlie (n'oforiior on the Local Option Rill. Albany, May 8,1873. The Wtaslow bill, modifying the usury laws, was ngfl|n the Herniation io-ilay. The fight hetween the friends und opponents of the measure was far more bitterly contested than was that which took place between them two weeks ago. Kach Bide bad evi dently made the most extensive preparations, and each went In to nettle the question one way or the other at once. The Speaker left the cliuir and Mr. Busted took his place when the bill came up in its order. DEBATE ON TIIB USURY BILL. The following is the debate on the bill The Speaker moved to recommit, with instructions to amend lib follows strike out sextlons ft and 7 and insert the following as ? substitute lor section U Hkc. H.-flltl act shall take effect on the 1st day of July next, and ahull remain In force lor the period ot two J car* from said date?Uiat is to gay. uiiiil the 1st day ol' illy. 1876, and shull then cease and determine und be ot bo further effect; and the provisions of act chapter 430 ot the J<ttW8 of 1837, entiUed "An act to pre vent uswrv " and no much of the provisions of UUe 3 ol chapter 4 of part 2 of the revised statute* ax well as ail other acts und parts ol ucts which are in conaistent with this act, shall lie and the same are hereby suspended ami to be inoperative during the period afore said, that is to say, from the 1st day ol July, 1873, until the 1st day of July, 1K78. hut lor no longer period. The Spcukcr said the amendment was of the same character as the amendment already adopted, except that it provided lor a suspension ol the Usury law instead ?t au absolute repeal. This, he said, was In accordance with repeated decisions ol the Supreme Court of the United States, and deemed by both the friends and oppo nents of the bill an improvement upon the amendment "Ire? Lincoln moved to ninend so tlinf the bill shall be ?cut back to the committee with Instructions to strike ?ut the enacting clause, lie said lie. believed his motion Mas In the interest of the people of the State, and espe ctallv or thr people of" tlie rural districts ot the State, lie bcneved tbe interest of Wall street was behind this bill. In the interest ot the borrowers he hoped the million ivould prevail. Mi. Aibcrger opposed the motion, and said he believed tbe bill to be demasded by the commercial Interests of the State. Ue thought the merits ol'the bill were now eiitticicnlly understood, and in order to get through Willi it he moved the previous question, which was lost. IN FAVOR or GIVING FKRMASkNCK TO VAI.UKS. Mr Hutchciler hoped the House would pause ticfore it should take any action which would modify the usury laws. Political considerations should be left out of this question altogether, and we should liesitata before we wipe from the statute book the laws which tend to give IM-rinaiieiKO to values. We must have some standard which will nol vary. He spoke at considerable length In opposition to the proposition to abolish the usury laws, urging that such action would be disastrous in its effect tirou the value ol money. The effect or the bill is said to be only a modification of the usury law, and provides only lor the forfeiture of excessive interest. This, he held, was based upon a wrong principle. Money should lie limited to seven per cent interest, what ever the present effcrf, ami by keeping It at that iate the commercial interest of the State would be ulti mately the gainer. The arbitrary character ol money Itself renders necessary an unvarying standard, and un less we have that standard all Is uncertainly, (iur farmers must uotbe left lo the liability of waking up sny mornlag und finding that a corner in Walt street has trough! down the prlccs ot their prodrcis and ruined them. Fix the standard at whatever point you will, (-aid lie, tot give us auiiie stHtidaril upon which we can rely. Unless wc have something upon which we can depend, the commercial and industrial Interests of the couittjy? the debtor chives?will suffer serious detriment The unestiou is a vital one. and we should give tins bill its deathblow at once, no matter whether its passage would affect the republican party or not Mr. Beebe said tbe bill was a cheat and a fraud, and was intended so to be. It was intended for Ihe benefit or those moseyed men who lay awake uiglits studying iilans to cheat their fellows. It is a law which provide* that It shall be violated and provides no penalty lor Its vudation. It is an outrage upon the itconle ol the State, .and be insisted that be spoke in behalf of the coantry section* of the State la opposing it. Ue predicted that Jliyse members who vote for this bill will be knewn no wort In this Legislature. and closed by offering an amendment excluding from the operations ol the bill ex lUIOf Utr, fnrMj Fanee. Mr Plerson defended the UU. W??W ? ?. W framed in the Luter**"***" . . ?ealiei?" " -? >?e people and of public morality. ?... wore opposing the bill who had voted for the ^corporation of loan and trust companies?which com panies were authorized to fake any amount of Interest (bat might be agreed upon between the lender and the borrower. He hoped the House would not be driven Irom its position by using school house arguments. Mr. Lincoln said that he regretted lhat the leader of the republican party In this House bad taken upon his shoulders?broad though they be?the responsibility ol aids measure. The proposition was at variance with the material interests of the people of this State. He hoped the motion to strike out the enacting clause would be successful. Mr. Lewis failed to see any argument advanced show lug that under this bill money would be any cheaper than it is now. On tbe contrary, he thought tt would be dearer. The bill might be advantagouslo tbe commer cial centres, but to the country it was ruin, llankrupt the farming commnnitv and you bankrupt tbe country, lie thought it would be a fatal day when this bill became a law. SHOULD LSC1SI.1TO FOR TBF. MASSSS. Mr. fleacock thought wc forgot where tbe demand for this bill cauie from. Had there been no Wall street this bill would never have been thought of. We must not confine our view t? Wall street, but we must look at the country at large. The transactions in Wall street were large, but tlicy were small in comparison to tbe transac. twins daily occurring all over the State. Where there was one large transaction in Wall street there were thousands of small transactions going on all over tbe Ptate. It was in the interest of the masses-the majority ?l the people, that we should legislate, and nol in tbe in terest of a tew capitalists. Mr. Weed could not see that this bill eould affect mosey ?Derations In Wall street Now money brought In Wail street as high as one per cent per day. Aud iEk is BPilf of the Usury lAw uT>oTl our statute Mot. It was, there fore. lolly to suppose that this bill was wsnted to beip ?Watt street. In his section of the country money was higher than the legal rate of Interest, but he could so ?ver into Vermont, where there is a Usury law like tne ?no embraced in this ball, and borrow money two or three per cent cheaper than he could at home, lie could not see, therefore, wbv this bill should make monev hither He thought the bill was in the interest of the torrower. lie could not support the amendment of tlic Speaker Either pass th" bill or defeat it on Ms merits. Mr. Harke thought the frightful pictures drawn con cerning the effect of tbe passage ot this bill had, no doubt, frightened tbe old ladies of the country mere or less. But he did not see snytblng frlfthtful la it Mr. Beebe suggested that tbe gentleman hare leave of absence fo go and see bow tbe old ladies feel aboot It. Mr. Clarke felt sorry for Mr. Lincoln's greal interest In the republican party. Everything, almost was goiag to ruin il. Yesterday the party was mined by the pas Ege of the Local Option bill. Another day It was ruined ' something else. In fact it bad been ruined very often tne same way. Aad yet it was alive snd strong. Now the way was to do right and the people would take cars ?>r the rest Tbis bill was right and should pass. BBKBF'S lltntMIKT A SOFT SO. The previous question was ordered. Ths smendment offered by Mr. Beebe. which provides that the person m ho pays over seven per cent lor monev may sue and recover at any time within six months alter lie paid It, was adopted?Ml to 11. fu sfbabbb's ahbspbbtt adoftbs. The question was then taken on the amendment offered hy the speaker and It w as adopted?77 to 17. TBS BNACTINU CUT SB. The question was then takr n on the motion of Mr Mn coin to recommit the bill, with Instructions to strike ont the enacting cliuHe, ( When Mr. Clapp's name was railed he said be was railed upon to vote here in accordance with the wishes ?i bis constituents. His own views were directly ths re verse. lie believed ths existing usury lsws detrimental to all branches of trade and business. It they wers en forced it would destroy all bns.ness?banking, commer cial, mechanical and agricultural. But It was almost ?he unanimous opinion of his constituents that the pre vent usury laws should continue. They were opposed to nay modification. In obedience to their wisheshe would -Tote yea. Several members naked to be excused from voting in ?order to express their views Mr. Lincoa'i motion to strike out the enacting clause was lost N to <0, as fellows ? / ras rem _ _ _ . _ Yuas? Messrs. Batrbeller, Beebe, I. B. Brown, J. B. JBrowu, Ruikley. Burrttt, t'laip, Coclieu, Cogfesball, O. Cornell, Couchman, Crandall, Davidson. OeiiDifton, JflVfit. Fish, niun, Foots, Kurbcck, Oere. Gilbert, floss. MJrimn, lUrdy, Ueacoek. Bill, llollister, I lusted. Johnson, Beanedy, Knettr te.,r T#*tWr,?, .... utiiuuk. a. i* van vsssa w, ?. ?au Jiusen, vedder, Walker, Wells, Worth, Yeomana, Young /,lberger. Babcock. Badger, 5 n* Blumeathal, Hrewer. Burns, Campbell. Clarke, Cleary r.ook, Cope, C Ounpocll, ClirkitClciry (kioJi, Crtrv C^rAwtord! J'umuilnir?, Airing, lK)iioliuf, for/ fort. Fow* TjLBayea Hendee, Uerrick, lierriag, Higgins. Allly ? McTTiire, Mosli k' d 2' ? iik 'a ; Plerson, i'orteous, fri Bsi accordance with the smen lmei adopted ,.n the 1 hiotions of Mussrs. Beebe and tbe Sptuker, ami agreeu to, IB to at TBK BILL LAID ON 1BK The hour of two o'clock having ai rivet], ju?t an ?tiie vote to recommit w*fl declared, a recens was tnSen to neven o'clock. When the Monte reaMsem l.ied at that honr many of the friends of the bill ?rere Hbseut, and wtien the committee, in accord St* with the instructions ot t he House, reported as amended im opponents determined to tako vantage of the circninstance and kill It. iwever, when it was announced for a third reading Jacobs moved to have It lay on the table, and on tbis the yeaa and naya were ?railed. The motion prevailed by M to O, and rthue the fnends of the bill have still another chance Si organise and go in for a decisive victory. It is slieyed that to-morrow, when five members vorable to It who were absent to-day will Ue In gbdlr seats, it will lie passed. As amended the eiiate will be certain to pass it at one* if It gets here. It was pa/Meti bv tne Henste In its original (ghape some time ago. Being less onjectioniibie to phe more weak-kneed heuatorp us amended, there Ictkb be no reason why it should be defeated. /ttONftrmrriONAL AMtNfmSNTS? <<l ki'TlUH ?/S A K* rws. Mr. fterags caiito oj, fentmuvo of 'Jom ? ? ar<jgja ?& g ??MBF?MK w? l^T^^tefOr all me articles adopted by vV oSSiratlonal Commission He therefore them to t* elr own iatwactten. He concluded by Moving to disagree with the report bo to as the resolutions were concerned. Mr. Batchelier moved, as an amendment, to close legislative business on Friday, the 2ad Instant, and meet again the lollowlng Tuesday for the con sideration of the amendments only. Mr. 11 listed stated that the committee to-day nad adopted a resolution recommending the Legislature to adopt all the amendments except the two articles on the lieglslature, its organisation and powers, and that those should be referred to a committee and be made a special order for discussion. Messrs. Weed unci Jacobs were surprised to learn tnat a meeting was held to-day. They, as mem bers, had received no notice of such meet lug. Mr. Prince and others alBO stated that they knew nothing oi that meeting. Considerable de bate ensued as to the neoesBlty of this Legislature considering the amendments. Mr. Meebe took the ? round that It waB entirely unnecessary, because be next Legislature could do it with much more propriety. Alter turtber debate, Mr. Fort moved to recom mit the whole matter t? the Joint committee. Fin ally the previous question was moved by Mr. Dex ter and ordered, and Mr. Fort's motion was car ried. PAYMENT OF EMPLOYES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS. The Assembly bill providing for the payment of the ofllcers, employes and workmen in the Depart ment of buildings, which directed the Comptroller to borrow ou revenue bonds of the city $22,220 to pay the employes of that department the arrears said to be due them, came up ou third rending in the Senate to-day. The act requires payment to be made within thirty days after its passage. It failed of the necessary vote this morninp and Sena tor woodin asked to reconsider it and have that motion lay on the table. LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. The Senate bill to amend an act "in relation to certain local improvements" came up irom the Assembly, and Mr. Woodin asked that the amendments be concurred In. It appeared, however, when the New York Senators brought their lights to bear on the subject that tho bill as returned from the Assembly is an entire substitute for the original bill as ?assed by the Senate, and Senators Benedict and iemann both contended that it Involved millions of dollars to the city. Senator Tlemann moved to refer the bill to the Committee on Cttlcs, that It may he considered and amended, but It was lost by a vote of 7 to 12. senator D. P. Wood moved that It be referred to the Committee of the Whole. He thought it was the most remarkable exhibition he ever saw in a Legislature that such a bill as this, ground out as a substitute by the sub-committee of the Assembly, returned here lor concurrence in the amendments, should be sought to be pushed through by the Chairman of the Committee on Cities, without al lowing it to go to the committee of which be is chairman, and on which are placed most of the Senators from New York, and without allowing the delegation from that city to discuss or consider it. Seuator Woodin said that he had known nothing whatever of the bill until this discussion came up. tie wus satisfied to have the New York Senators consider it to their hearts' content, but he did not want the bill to lose its place on the order of third reading. Senator D. P. Wood said that if such simple re quests in regard to local bills ot their own, to have it referred to a certain committee, were denied to most of the Senators here as they have been per sistently denied to the New York Senators, there would be a commotion raised about it, and he tor one, if so treated, weuld resign and go home. The time was coming rapidly when the poisoned chalice must be commended to the lips of those who now impose it on fellow Senators. Senator Woodin said there was nothing to be gained by sending the bill to a committee. It can not be amended. Nothing can be done but concur or non concur. Tho responsibility for this bill is the responsibility of the whole Senate and not of the two New York Senators alone. Seuator D. P. Wood claimed that the committee could amend just as Conference Committees amend, and it was nonsense to argue that on a bill like this, which, in at least one instance, sweeps away the provisions of the new charter, nothing could be done bat swallow the dose whole or spew it all out. After farther heated discussion the motion was amended to refer the bill to the Committee on Cities, and it was carried. RUMORED GOVERNOR'S ME8SAGK ON LAGER BEER. There Is a well-authenticated rumor afloat this evening that Governor Dlx has promise* Comp troller Schroeder, of Brooklyn, that he will soon Bend In a message to the Assembly recommending that the Local Prohibition bill be recalled and lager beer and cider be exempted from its provisions. The rumor has created a perfect panic among the temperance men, and they are threatening all sorts or horrible things if the Governor "dareB" to send socli a message. ? THE LOCAL IMPROVEMKWTfl ? passed in the Assembly last night, was fiour/ected to-night in a rather extraordinary fashion. Mr. A. B. Cornell moved the return of the bill from the Senate, and the bill was returned to the Assembly when the request was made known. THE TUBULAR TRANSIT BILL, that passed In the Senate te-day, has reference to a tubular bridge arrangement from Staten Island to New Jersey. Drake DeKay being the principal incorporator of the company. TIIE BLOOM1NGDALE ROAD. The bill to alter the map or plan of the city or New York, also passed, provides for reopening the small portion ot Bloomlngdale road now closed between 133d street and a small lateral avenae running between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for New TnrWFhli D*y, FXTS AND MOON. Son risen 4 49 Sun nets 7 04 Moon ueta,...mora 8 36 HIGH WATER. Gov. Island.. .morn Sandy Hook..mora Hell Gale mora 6 05 i 20 T 60 OCEAN STEAMERS. Rhein Oceanic Citv ot Montreal., SE&. dates or dbpabtvbb toton hew yobe fob thb MONTH OF MAT. Oft*. t Bowline Green 19 Broadway. 18 Broad*** 89 Broadway. 7 Bowling Qreea 29 Broadway 2 Bowling Green 16 Broadway. 61 Broadway. 2 Bowling Oreen fe Broadway. Ift Broadway. 69 Broadway. 7 Bowling areen 29 Broadway 2 Bowling Oreen lft Broadway. <1 Broadway. 7 Bowling Green 19 Broadway. ?9 Broad wav 2 Rowling Oreen ? Broadway (1 Broadway Nevada. New York Cityo! Bristol... H ammonia. Weser Washington City of Brooklyn. Canada Anglia Wyoming America City oi Waahlng'n Mobatia Kuroi>a.. Adriatic, Hpatn Donau ... Idalio.... Bjlenia.... PORT OF HEW YORK, HAT 8, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship City of Baltimore (Br), Allen, Liverpool via yurennlown?John G Pale. Bteaiuahip Denmark (Brj. Sumner, London?F W J Burnt. Steamship Dorian (Br), Taylor, Glasgow?Henderson Broa Steamship Tburingia (NO), Meyer, Hamburg?Kunhardt A Co. Steamship Svend (Dan), Hansen, Stockholm?Tetens A Bockmann. Bteamehlp Humboldt (Ger), Arnold, Havre, Ac?Chas Rammelsbere A Co. Steamship City ot Havana, Deaken, Havana?F Alex andre A Pons. Steamshin Albemarle. Bead, Hamilton (Bermuda)? Lunt Bros. steamship Magnolia. Cheeseman, Savannah?W R Gar rison. Steamship Richmond, Lawrence, Norfolk. City Point and Hichinond?OKI Dominion Hteamshlp Co. Steamship Regulator, Freeman, Philadelphia?LoriUard Steamship Co. hteamsniD Dlrigc. Johnson. Portland?J F Ames. BteamsbloOlaucua, Bears*. Boston?H PPimock. Khip City of Perth (Br), Becket, London-Henderson ship Minnehaha (Br), McCay, Londonderry?O A J Knox A Co. Bark Cere* (8we), Fallstrom, Bristol, B?Tftene A Bock matin. _ - ? - Bark Heapenu (Br), Warpeth, St Stephen. KB?Miller A lloughton. Brie r nittajuoio (ItaD, Saracenl, Gibraltar for order*? Brig Nancy Ross (Br). Roberta, Barbadoe-Jones A Lougn. Brig Oladlatenr (Br), Lennan, St Thomas?Pcnlston A Co. Brig Christina (Br), Hilt. Sagus la Ornndr-Jova A To, Brig J allies Kraser (Br), Burke, Ht Johns, NF?J F Whit nev A Co. Arlg O J Tronp (Br), Bond ret, Sydney, CB?Jas B Ward A Of>. Brig Anna D Torrey. Haskell, Boston?H W Lond A Co. Hchr Rebecca J Evans. Morgan, Book Sound?B J Wen berg. BciirTaaso, Bray, St Johns. NF?Henev A Farker. Bchr Mtiita (Br), Winchester, Bear Kiver, NR?Heney A Parker. Hchr< lara Merrick, Hand, New Smyrna?Overton A Han Ulna ^hr Enchantress, Phillips, Savannah?Evans, Ball A oager AnnU E lloor*- Phillips. Washington, WC-1 B Brvn?AABro Irul*n4, Town?nA, Washington. DC?Tan ples'a c*r*h L *l>0lnt,a<?n, Hull, Providence?1 B Sta ^Weauier B C Biddle, Alexander, Phlladelphla-W P steamer Antbraeite, Grace. Philadelphia. arrivals. bbiortrh bt *11 DRRALD mniAM TAOwra and HBRA1.D WH1TBTOHB TBUWHAPH UNI. Austrian war steamer Helgoland, (,'ant Vlrlch Wtiheim k"J"Ml'?*ana 1J daya """"latpls weather. The H isioo horsepower, uionnu J guus, and has a crew of Slit elBcern and nun all told " w ***** ^J)>U MTU*?vi i 20 anfl <?oeenstowi? 27th, with tnrtue and 1,105 *?.?u.nnprl H.C a i- rancklyn. May 6. lat 41 30, Ion 62, An chor line steamer. bound east. -taw Steamship Washington (Fr), Roussao n?Vrp and Brest April 26, with mdse anil passengers ?' <'i,orffu Hultntle ^VSWWterly W d" ^.tavy lieaS seapnrttf 2J<,.wD?ln?iBIM'. Walker. Richmond. City *daeaudpaa^ersto the Ol5 .oS,llA!.l,ir lot London). Curt la. Hong Kong Jan t9.' ? III"* *.c%,0 C. t Wright A cf>. Passed Anjicr Jan n. Cape of oood Hope March IS and crossed the Equator April a to Ion 27; had light winds and calms B?Sf'*k pVV'(.f"e PMBV: March ?L lat M 31 8, Ion 2701, ipoke bark feklu, from Ceba lor Falmouth, 68 dayi out; April 6, l? i 1 46 H, lolli 26 09 W. ship Leicester (Br), from London lor Sydney, N8W, St days out; name time, liark Luckijow (Br), from Hamburg lor Buenos Ayres, 43 days out; April 9, lat 623 8, Ion 27 04 W, ship Buruiah <Ur), from t'ardiff for Singapore, 26 days ont. fillip Hebe (Nor), Hilt, Newcastle 70 days, via Portland Roads 45 days, with mdse to H A F W Meyer; vessel fo Funch, fcuye A Co. Came ? southern piwagc ami had light windn and calms. Bark Freihundel (Cer), Wacbter, Liverpool 36 days, wkh mdi*e lo master. B.atk ^brH.h5m Bnntlelieh, Newcastle 61 days and Portland Roads AO (lays, with coal, Ac, to 11 A F W Meyer; vesje to Klocovlch A Co. Made a southern passage and had good weather. Bark C F F.lwell (of Hhe1burn, Nfi), Utley, Middles borough 42 days, with ra way Iron to J W Klwell A Co. Hark Maria (Ocr), Keddlck, Falmouth, B, ?4 days, with china clay to order; vessel to C Tobias A Co. Took the SSiPffS.VWj 2nd h"? UKht 3W and NW winds; has been 14 day* W of Hermuda. ?.Uw5? ^rflni (Nor), Nielsen, Swansea S3 dnvs, with rnHwaylro/-*. order; vessel to ranch, Ed ye A Co. Took u u'?r?*P *a8e, and had light easterly winds. Bark Raidia (Nor), Otterback, Luitli 69 days, with iron and coal to Punch, Edye A Co. Took thu southern pas sage and had fine weather. Bark Grad Karjovac (Aus), Regna, Ilavre M days, with Stiff J." * Hmcken; vessel fo Slo< ovlch A Co. t,'c southern passage and hud light winds and calms; has Ix en Hdays W of Bermuiia. Jojicniugeii (Han), Bay, Rio Janeiro 85 days, with Cuylas De Ruyter A Co; vessel to Punch. / Crossed the Equator April is, in lou 40; hud light ytlnds and calms tbrouvhont. 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Bark William Van Name, Pierce, Cardenas 14 days, with sugar and inelado to order; vessel to Hand A wTifd"'andUculm" " Borth of ""'teras, with light Bark Norton, Stover (of Portland), Sherman, Cardenas 8 days, with sugar to Miller A Haughton. flad rough wfmis UP Uttlteras; ,ronl thence moderate easterly y,0,,r?n; Ca5hcSrtt Cardenas 7 days, with suptar to weather Bishop A Co. Had some rough Bark Aristides (Nor). Olson, Onantanamo 12 days, with ?? ^?halJosi vcwel to TcteiiB A Bockiuuuu. xiau fine weather. Brig Beliona (Oer), Sasaht, Tqulque, 99 days, with nitrate of soda to Baring Bros; vessel to Fundi, Edye A li in f^CwV"i'^II<i.r"Jeb ?"?-crossed the Equator April 1A In Ioni 39, ntd H^ht windn and calms the entire passage; May 1, lat 30 14 N, Ion 67 01 W, spoke brig O C Chapman, from Baltimore for Martinique. J". ?*>*, (of Dun{lee). Meutles, Messina 61 "om wn"k"J?rJ1'1(of provlncetown), Orcea, Santa With I.?,U. V' A?"? ? ?nd Tolu April 15, d.t u*stroi VM8?1 to Brett, Sou A Co! S i P?rSu?h weath?r on the pansaffe. r-iLfi i?/att*r"."\.(of T>"k's Island), Anderson, Porto Cabello lSdays, with sugar to Dallett, Bliss A Co. Had Jtrfg IHca (oi Belize, Mon), Montgomery, Truxlllo93 weather Egger* A Helnlen. Had variable Crowell (of Yarmouth. N8), Marris, St Johns, PR lldavs, with sugar to I V Onitavla A Co; ves sel U> master. Had fine weather. ' H (of Turk s Island). Eastman. Cardenas 10 n*.ar'?ve??el to Peter McKing. Had i * ''S* been 6 oavs aorth of Hatteras. n veDi , sagna 8 days, with sngar to weaTher ; to * C'*PP- Had fine jJS.n''Cr^ H?K!n"> 10 days, with sugar to Orinnell, Minturn k Co; ve^el to R P Bock k Co. Has calins y- nortl1 or Uatte|,M- with light winds and wfth K-^ii?*47wZ.(0!r8t ,Joh?*., NB). Hill, Bagua ?days, ACo/TaVflnlTe^hVr10' * ?0i Ve"el to J Wtlweli . C Mariner (of Portland), Durken. Sagua, 8 * w,'h *"?*'. to Moses Taylor A ci; veasel to "alsK I?lel3 l"Way7^" * ^ Z^""" "Z- - 8chr Rlcardb Uarras, Newton, Matanaas 7 days, with gj^neapples to J A T Pearsali; vessel to B J Wcnberg. Had Hcbr Georg'ie Clark (of Philadelphia), Bartlett, Matnn i?*8. day*, with molasses to order; vesael to Evans, Ball A Co Had strong 8E gales from lat 29 to lat 3& Has been 4 daVs north of lTatteras. 8th inst Littlo Egg Har bor, bearing WSW14 niles, passed a vessel's boat, bot tom ttp, painted green. . /esrte Black (of St Johns. MB). Ludlow, Cal baften 9 days, with molasses to Danpartl, Knowlton A Co, vessel to J 11 Winchester A Co. Sailed in company with bark Fannie Loring for New York: had fine weather. Bchr Abbie Ingalls (of Machlas). Ingalls, Manaanlllo 20 ?54"10 ?rd*'? ?*??*' Simpsoa A Clapp. Had light winds and calma. Bchr Arthur Clifford (ot Provlncetown), Spauldlng, ?...? - T J Madge; venal to Isaac Baraeoa 7 days, with fruit to Staples. Had variable weath Bebr M O Curren (of Prov ??? ? ? - ??.-*? weather, Schj * Q Curren (of Provincetown), McMillen, Bara eoa 7 days, with ftuit to James Douglas; vessel to B J Wenberi. Had fine weather. iof fcyhurvport), Brown, Baraeoa 10 5 !T??tv.0 1 vessel to B J Wen berg. Had variable weather, SehrJ A Decker, Freeman, Abaeoa 6 days, with pine apples to Joa Eneas; vessel to B j Wenberg, Had fine weather ? Bchr Laura A Dodd (of Gloucester/, Maladay, Govern or's Harbor 6 da vs. with fruit to J B Brown; vesatl to Wenberg. Had tine weather. ' Bchr John Moseer Abrahams, Elenthera 7 days, with Une'weather0 U*'M; ve#8el toB J Wenberg. Had (0f N"wk?). In*?ham, Eieuthera 0 wtfathZf P'^'PP16* to Joseph Eneas. Had roo?h Bchr LII Warren (of Deer Isle), Johnson, Eieuthera 8 wfndt'en "y,nor? of Hatteras, with light easterly Kchr Mary Louisa, Oaskill, Washlngten, NC. 6 days, with naval stores to Zophar Mills. Bchr J L Leach, Johnson, Richmond. Bchr H J Raymond, Cranmer, Alexandria. gchr Exertion. Lyman, Virginia. Schr Snowflake, Brown, > Irginla. Bchr J H Seguine.ftaAlll. Virginia. ?*u Tf 'u i V01!; Virginia. Bchr L U Hopkins. Predmore. Virginia. bchr Joseph A Franklin. Randolph. Virginia. Scbr Sarah Mills, Kelly, Virginia for New Harm. Schr James Phelps Rockwell, Virginia for New Raven. Schr Dwight Davidson, Freeman, Virginia for Fatrha ven. 7J),?0rTllj,K**P' Georgetown, DC. Schr A H Howe, New bury, Georgetown DC. 8chr A B ('aril, Taylor, Baltimore. Hu'*j "altimore for Bridgeport and ^atb. t<MBaster"' '' #th 4d*y'' w,tl1 . ^h,_Anil? ! Cannon, Outen, Boston 3 days. In ballast, 7.8SK bv E from Fire Island *boat 10 miles, was run into bv Br steamer Wis consin. cutting away oor stern for about 16 fret on star board side and within two feet of water1! edae snlit mainsail and did other damage euge, spin Paiaed Tkreagh Hell Oat*. ?OCND SOITTB. Steamship Kerens, Bearse. Boston for New York, with mdse and passengers to HP Dlmock 5V??m?h'P Wamsutta, FUh. New Bedford for New York, with mdse and passengers to Ferguson A Wood. Brig Arabel (Br), Brady, Cheverle. NB, for New York 8 days, wiU> Plaster to D/be Wolf AC# ?r TOrK' ' Bf'* J l^kghton, Lelghton, Mlllbrldge for New York, withlumbar 1? blmpsoa^Clspp A Co. Bchr Virginia, S.mali, Windsor, N8, for Philadelahla, with piaster to order. ' ' ?"" "?* Yo"' Bohr Sappho (Br), Bpragne. Hllisboro, NB, for New York, 7 days, with plaster to D B De Wolf A Co. r?jas skvjs;? si '*?? <? ??? .WM.n'irVTrV^i'S'i "? "? ""T?" sSfc^iSTfoffiiiA'SSiA'^ "? With lath, to Jed Fry# k Co. reports in a severe easterly ^ Inst lott partoi SecTload; ?"i wreok of a and took Tr: nlca was an old vessel of about 100 lona, owned by Robin Haven for Hh.*dalt'/nd bou0<1 ,0 ??neyard Haven for ordera She filled up with water durinf the gale and at about 2AM on the 4tn (Munday) eapsized, toon after whlcft the three men above named were lost. The survivors succeeded in Consul would care tor them The U Vl W also renorta tha buoy on Rocky Point shoal, netr Oriiot tone and two ?chrs aground on It?a large loaded and a small light one m avfiasr w*i<r ^ ^ At wUh^MtonVkD order!'0,1 Tribb1*' ?* York, S^bf Neihe for ytw TOrk. York Benedict, Thompson, Boston for New Mrl?iCa*"KtH?rn "p"1*/' "o^^h for New York. York 'am, Parker, Porwhester for Naw mWgtt&S!"' rbMfl,ld' PorU*D?1 New York, *r)torder Mll*W'tUrtl 81 ?*or** 1ot New York, wltli stone laShtoSWaH^W' M*eh'Mfor N,w Tork* wltth^UtoB^I^0S^,,', V,n"h*T" '""^^rk, t^J ?' Haiiiwi^ 6uckUnd ror *?" *ork, with Urns ato^'Jj'w K^S^tmi ^kP0,t ^"?w^.wlth .^^U?JwTv"e,rh"r*d*t,hA,?5BCkBOrt ^ "#W T?^ HwsVv'X"*' Cr0eM,V k<>chl*8d <* *?* *ork, with flchr Hudson, Port, Rockland for Flushing, with lime to it E Heck. Bchr John D Grilling, Gould, Gloucester for New York, with Ash to order. ? _ _ Schr B P ihurcb, Churoh, Nantucket for Mew York, wltli flub to order. - Sohr C 8 Hazard. WWeta. Bridgeport ft* New York. Bohr Bailie W Ponder, Thrasher, Tauaton lor Y^k?lir Anthony Barton, J oh neon, Pawtaoha* Bchr Franklin. Brown, Vlnalhavea for N^w Tork> ?tone to Bridge Co. .. ....? Hcbr Abby Galea, Great, BllrworU?,rt)r Hew York, with lath to L H Brlgham _ . Sohr Forest Belle, Brett, Bangor for New York, with be ad lugs to order. _ . . Hchr Henry Cole, Chadwtck, Fall River lor Hoboken. Sohr Ahnon Bacon. Crosby, l'rovldence lor New York. Bchr Darius Eddy, Conant. Providence lor New York. Belir Alice Oakes, Ma radon, Gardiner lor New York, with lumber to C G Covert A Co. _ , . Schr Nellie Crowell, Crowell, New Haven for Jackson ville. Schr Sarah Brnen. Austin. Providence for New York.

Hchr 11 1* Illy, Htokes, Providence lor New York. Hchr sheppard A Mount, Young, Kail River lor New York. . . Schr Jane, Haskell, Providence for New York. Behr Marcellus, Sherwood, Boston for New York. Hchr Reno, Foster, Calais for New York, with lumber to Siinpsou, Clapii A Co. Behr Amelia, Ferry, Hartford for New York. Schr u U Miller, Smith, Millstone Point for New York, with stone to order. Schr Peerless, Smith, Providence for New York. Schr Josephine, Saunders. Newport for New York. bchr Charles Roberts, Roberta, New London for New York. Schr C P Shultis, Young, Providence for New York. Schr Vandalia. Fuller, Vlnalhaven for New York, with stone to Hridge ?'o. Sclir Helen, Perry, Fall River for New York. Schr Robin Hood, Baker, Norwalk for New York. Schr 8 F c'ahill, Gardiner. New London for New York. Schr Eva Divert.v, Hood, Providence for New York. Schr Czar. Thouias, New Haven lor New York. Schr E M Babcock, Habcock, Westerly for Newark. Schr Cabinet, Westhall, stoniugton for New York. Schr Sarah R Read, Arnold, Connecticut River for Philadelphia. Schr Hamburg, Preseott, Norwich for Philadelphia. Hchr Com Kearney, Mctcalf, Calais lor New Yori, with lumber to Simpson, Olapp A Co. Fehr Ions. Kendall. Vlnalhaven for New York, with stone to Bridge Co. Schr G s Allison, Keefe, Pawtucket for New York. Schr Peacedale, Caswell, Narragausett Pier tor New York. Schr Wm Riley, Riley. Block Island for New York. Schr A G Lawson, Fitzpatrlck, Providence for New York. Schr Charles Hawley, Nostrand, Hartford for New York. Schr Rachel Jane, Taylor, Fall River for New York. Schr Heading ltR No 44, Landry, Norwalk for New York. Schr Beading RR No SB, Adams, Westerly for New York. Schr Unison. Bearse, Fall River for New York. Schr Henry B Gibson, Gibson, Kail River lor New York. Schr Joseph E Potts, Oillard, Kail River for New York. Schr E M Williams, Russell. Mlddletown for New York. Schr Entire, Klnnear, Providence for New York. 8ehr George Whistler, Keet'c, Boston lor New York. Schr Hunter, Crane, Dighton lor New York. Schr Wm Mayo, Lunt, Northport lor New York. Schr Uen Torbet, Hopkins, Newport for New York. Bcbr Sunnyslde, Dickinson, Northport for New York. Schr Angler, Besse, Marion for New York. Schr Edwin 8 Tyler, Murray, BocJcport for New York, with stone. Schr Onward, Wheeler. Smith town for New York. Schr J H Bunlett, Gardiner, Providence tor New York. Schr Lizzie Raymond, Lord, Fall River for New York. Schr D L Sturges, Chase, New Bedford for New York. Schr Flora A Sawyer. Mulier, Culais for New York, with lumber. Schr J B Knowles, Merrltt, Machlas for New York, with piling to Snow A Richardson. Sohr Ltllte Ernestine, Wells, Provldonce for New York. Schr Sarah Elizabeth. Kelly. Wareham lor New York. Schr J S Lamphrey, Gould, Newburyport for Philadel phia. Schr Ney, Chase, Fall River for New York. Sclir Fashion, Buttery, Fall River for New York. Schr D Sawyer, Rogers, Providence for New York. Schr Iris, Rowc, Harwich for New York. Sclir J B Cunningham, Crowell, Fall River for New York. Schr A J Williams, Morreti, stamtora for New York. Sohr Asher s Parker, lugraham, Ulen Cove lor Now York. Schr Dart, Williams, Stamford for New York. BOUND EAST. Steamship Dlrlgo. Johnson. Now York for Portion 1. Steamship Ulaiious. Bearse. New York for Boston. Schr Lowell, Wells, Auiboy for Newport Schr Sylvie, Baxter, Port Johnson for Portsmouth. Sclir PC Copeland (Br), Martin, New York for Si John, NB. Schr Johb Hlokey, Hnlse, New York for Norwich. Behr A Franklin, Baker, New York tor Noank. Schr Isabella, Church. New York for Noank. Hchr Hattie Perry. Chase. New York tor New Bedford. Behr Jas Phelps, Rockwell, Virginia for New Haven, schr J B Wines, Scull, Baltimore for Boston. Schr Richard Hull, Smith, Port Johnson for Provl* denec. Behr Restless. Haskell, New York for Boston, Behr Herald, llali, Romlout tor Boston. Schr Francis Edwards, Hill, Port Johnson for Fall River. Behr Volant. HaU, Hoboken tor Somerset S^tir Bar* uB Buckley, Buckley, New York for Brldge ' "" ' ' " Norwich. ' '? <?uJ I for Stonlngton. ? _ . - ? ? for Providence. Behr Ida DeRatore, Davis, Georgetown tor New Haven. Schr H B Diverty, Niekerson, NcwYorkiw Provi dence. Sohr Gnsste Wilder, Ward, New York for Boston. Behr O C Acfeen. Mead. New York for Stamford. 8ohr B A Fornvthe. Hobble, New York for Stamford. Scht David Nelson. Ferris, New YOrk for Stamford. Behr Wm D Mangum, Chase, New York for New Bed ford. Sohr Fair Wind, Bowman, New York for New Bedford. Steamer Doris, Young, New York for Providence. ?v A -f i ' . S AILED. Steamships City of Baltimore, for Liverpool: Bernard, do; Denmark, London;Thuringia. Hamburg; Humboldt, Stettin: City of Havana, Havana; Albemarle, Bermuda | Magnolia, Savannah; Richmond, Richmond, Ac; barks Gertrude, Hague la Grande; f)ba, Havana; Gyda, Aar huus; Gladstone, Satllla River. Sailed 7tli, steamship Pennsylvania, fbr Glasgow. The following vessels are anchored at Quarantine, out ward bound;?Barks Ilmari. for Kouigsberg; Minnie Campbell, for Waterford ; Fridlelf, for Cronstadt; Patrio, for dot Jonathan Godfrey, for Montevideo; Gertrude, for Bagua;Elba, for Havana; Teresa, lor Clenfoegos; brigs Shetland, for Rio Janeiro; Clto, for Bahia; Bianca Salva toro, for Cork or Falmouth; Eberbard, for Gibraltar; J H Bpplng. for Brunswick, Ga. Wind at sunset BSE, fresh. Marine DIimUn. Sbip Southampton (Br), Dana, from New Orleans for Rcval (before reported), wu burned at sea 200 mile* east of Cape Hatteras, The captain and crew were picked dd by bark Vlneo, or Liverpool, from Charleston, and landed at Klnaale, I, jbth nit 8air Tekktsok, from Calcutta for Boston (before re ported foundered at sea), with her freight and cargo, was Insured as follows;?India Motual Office, $10,000; Ohina, M0,000: Salem Marine, $10,000; Orient ana Insurance Company of North America. $80,000; Narrasanaett, $7,600: Manufacturers', $7,000: Boylston, $1,000; union, Bangor, $8,000; Maine Lloyds, a4,7(8); Merchants', Bangor, $4,000: American, Boston, $K000; Atlantic, Mew YorV $10,000; Pacific, Mew York. $10,000. The indigo In the vessel was owned by J 8 A R Wright A Co, of Boston, and insured in the Great Wegtern Insurance Company. The above U only a PflTtlaTlilt There !f !Bu.T?nCi in Philadel phia. N?W York CM one or two Boston offlcesi not men tioned above. Bask Lab* (Br), from Philadelphia for Hamburg*, and a lomber-laden brig, bonad np, rati ashore on Bulkhead Bar, Newcastle, Del, May 8, but came off same afternoon without damage. Bahk Euii Evelina (Br), Monroe, from Wilmington, MC, for Hamburg, put into Fayal Anrll IS, having en countered very bad weather; on the 13th of April she was struck on the port side by a heavy sea. which split cover ing board and broke rail and several stanchions, and had also shipped much water. She waa to be surveyed en the 17th, weather permitting. Babe Mabt Kdsok, Sparrow, at Boston 7th from Mes sina, on the 10th ult, in lat SB. Ion 37, in a gale from 8W. was struck by a sea which broke 13 stanchions and rail on the port side; split plankshear, stove forecastle and house and had two seamen disabled. Bute Agxbs Babtob, from Baltimore for Martinique, re ported ashore on Thomas Point, succeeded in getting off afternoon of 7th init without assistance, and proceeded on her voyage. Bnto Tsaua (Br), at Boiton 7th from Barbados, reports May 2, lat 37 40. Ion 68 40, In a SW gale, while reefing mainsail, Thomas Rogers, seaman, or Waterford, I, fell from the main boom and was lost overboard. Senb Billow, which arrived at Mew Bedford 5th, from Bockland, with lime, was driven to sea by a gale off Cape Cod, and on the 9d it was found that some of the lime was slacking, and the casks had taken Ore. A sup ply of provisions, fresn water and bedding was imme diately taken on deck and the hatches, cabin gangway, Ac. were tightly battened and plastered. It was thought the Are bad been smothered, and the hatches were to be opened on the Bik* Scbb Abbica (Br), from St John, MB, tot Vineyard Haven Bound, before reported abandoned, was picked up on the 6th Ins), 90 miles from Cape Cod, by the brig Model, from Boston for 81 Domingo, and towed Into Bos ton on the 8th Inst, foil of water and dismasted. kcur Gbo B Ricbabds (Br). Barlow, at Portland 7th tnat from Cienfuegea, lost maintopmast Bona Plbob db Mabib (Fr), Thomas, from Mew Tork for Algiera, with a cargo of petroleum, put into Lisbon 18th ult, reported leaky. Copbbbaobb, April 8?Bottom of the steamship Thor waldsen. from New York for Bietun. which ran ashore at llallands Vaderoe April 4, has broken through be neath the boiler; chimney raised four feet; otherwise no change. 8ab Fbabcisco, Mar 1?The brig Lncy Ann, with a cargo of Inmber from Humboldt Bay, came Into the How ard street tmlkhead and lammed her head cloeo up to the string piece. When the tide ebbed the nose of the brig caught on the string piece, and the great weight at the vessel caused the Umbers to give way, and damaging the Mlacellmmeomi. TJJ tmrs^of ttie steamship Algeria, from LIvsrpool,"has nr thanks for favor* onri ?air Maputbo I (Fr), AM*, which sailed from Tqulqn6 previous to Dec SI, reported for New York, arrived at St Pierre, Mart, Maroh 10, ana was discharging her cargo April 18. Bona Ajai, previously reported ashore on Gravelly Point, In Newport harbor, is having her sails altered preparatory to sailing. This being her first trip the sails did not hang as they should, and hence the captAln la compelled to remain until they are done, which will be a great loea, owing to her being loaded with toe. IVottee to HarlMn. Cant Collins, of schr O M Wentworth, from Calais, ar fired 8th, reports the buoy on Rooky Point Shoal, near trient, Li, gone. MwwaravroBr, May 7?The harbor tights are about com pleted, and they are to be lighted with gaa. H avaba, May 8?Vessels arriving here from Mew Or lean* are quarantined two weeka. The Iron bnoy placed at the Ponl Oround to the eaat ward of the beacon light at the entrance of the harbor of Bt John, NB, has been carried out of its place, and is now afloat to the northeast of Partridge Island. In the channel. The bony cannot be replaced near the Foul Oround Reef until the freshet current abates. Notice will be given when replaced. THOMA8 M KRRU. Mavor City of 8t John, MB. ?pehsa, Ship John C Potter (of Hearejiort), from Liverpool for Callae, Marh it lat 28 8. ion 88 W Hh.p Robert L Lane, Cowan, from San Praneieoo for Qaeenstown, April 8, lat 2# 9 N, Ion 48 w. Bark Manmretha Blanca (Oer), Skorka. from London for New York, April A abont lat 48, ion 1(1 Brig Anna Gardner, bound east, April 38, lat 38 48, Ion 69 IX hehrs Prudence, and IISH, (Tom Philadelphia for Boa ton, no date, >8 miies KBK or Aboeoom light (by pilot boat fcucUantreaU Beto mnc, from Rio Janeiro for Hampton Boads, Ma^ f, ao'mueg off Cape Henry. Foreign Porta* + ? -CDiniLLA, Pit, April 23?In port schr David Miller, /letcher, I'or Baltimore, ldg; only vessel in port. Biucoi. May 1?In port schrs Oeo Washington. Sher lock: J M Fish, Smith, and G W Pettis, McKay, lor New York, wtf cargo; Carrie Bornell, and M O Cnrreu, for do, Biiiuxo, May S?Arrived, brig# Falcon, Truxtllo; Bro ther* (Br), do. Oa??nia. April IS?Arrived. actors Mary A Holt. Jor dan, Bt Thomai; Virginia L Hickman, Khmer. Phlladel SkUi Mth, brl? Walter Howes, Pierce, do: scnrs Martha 1 Oray Conklin, do; W Wilson, from StJohn. NB; May '?J"1?? Havener, Boston. baiTud May 1, brig* Haliy Brown, Matthews, New York; Angola (Br), for north ol Hatteras. CiaNrcaoos, May 2?Arrived, bark Snowden, Wood, ',hrlge Ale* Nickel*, Rosebrook, (lo; John BttltnaorcU' ,,,'on? Mtfladelphla; scbr Miaul';, Hudson, ^J2u,lM,ibalS NcP,une'Ben,Si Boston; brig An fioston ' 0: y *? br'g Minnehaha (Br), Morrell, Havana. May 1?Cleared, brtgi Navasota, Rnnker, Bal timore; Lizzie /dttlesen, Dow, Hagua and New York; id, bark Oeo W Rosevelt, Harriman, Cardenas and New York ; brigs UU. Anderson, Hbkuu; Water Witch. Waller, Baltimore: Hartoloine (8pan), Munoz, New Orleans: schr Ralph Carlton, Patten, Sagua. In port 3d, barks Josephine (Br). Hepburn: Jonathan Chase, Chase: Clansman (Br), Brcmener; John Uriffln Westberg; hddystone (Nor>, Rhind, and Sea Orltt (Br)' Altkenhead, all lor New York; Western Sea, Hanson, for Baltimore; Palma (Span), Granada, aud Cyclone (iir), llockcn, lor N ol Hatteras; Ada Barton (Br), McUrath, for New Orleans; brigs Long Reach, Curtis, for New York; Barracoota (Br), Adunts. lor N ot Hatteras; Oco W Chase, Bacon, for New Orleans; scbrs Alberto Paige, Hariand, for New York; Linda, Newton, lor New Or leans; and others unc. Halifax, May 0?Sailed, steamship Hibernian (Br), Ar cher, Liverpool. Liverpool, April 29?Sailed, steamship Royal Standard (Br), Klrby, Baltimore. Arrived Mayb, steamship Italy (BrX Andrews, New York., Mav 8? Arrived, steamship Caledonia (Br), Houston, StJohn, NB, for Glasgow. Mklkournk, May 7?In port ships Pharos, Collier, from London; Hercules, Lincoln, from do. Montuvii-ko, March 26?Arrived previous, ship W G Russell (iir), Owen, London. Mayaoukx, April 23?In port brigs Italia (Br), Roberts, lor Baltimore; Olenora (iir(, DuV. for do. Matanzas, April23?Arrived, brigs Mary M Williams (Br), Hansen. Philadelphia; Blanche (Hr), Cole, Kings ton, Ja; Amelia, virion, New York; .?chrs Alzona, Boynton, Philadelphia; B U Lvaiw. Yates, Porto Cubello; 28th, brig Aiwiu M uuight, Davis, PhtWulidphiu; -Dili, bark Caro, Beals, New York ; brigs Glpsey Queen, York, Hus ton: Hride (Br). Brook.i, Portland; Keystone, Hurler, Philadelphia; schrs Aloana Hokes, Rhodes, Martinique; Beta, Brown, I'hllailclphiii; May 2, Imrk James li Brett, Grant, HtThomas; Whit hall (Br), Priest, Philadelphia; Hose a Rich, Pierce, lluvre; Adriatic (Br), MoKenzle, Barbadoes; schrs B J Willard, Woodbury, Philadelphia; Chas A Bovey, Price, St John, NB: Louise A Orr, Orr, St Thomas. Sailed May 2, barks Waller, Berry, north of Hattorsn; Lord t'alnierston (Br), Simpson, .New York.; brigs Volant (Br), McDonald, do; Winfleld, Miller, and Ortolan, Phelan, Philadelphia; Wenonah, Stone, New York; Ethel Bolton (Br), Haney, north of HaUeras. In port 2d, barks Ellen Stevens, How, for north of Hatteras; W J Whiting (Br), Spicer, and Keslral (Br), Faulkner, for New York; brigs Amelia Kmma, Carlou. for do; Kanuy H Jennings Ross, for Portland; schrs 8 C Evans, Yates, for north of Hatteras; W B Chester, Brown, for do. Nkwcastlr, NSW, May 6?Tn port bark Lyttleton, Ilos mer (late Beck, deceased), lor Dunedln. Pavta, April 18?In port bark North Star, Smith, from Cardiir, arrived Oth. dirt?. Porto Cabkllo, April 29?In port brig AB Patterson (Br), Andersoti, lor New York In a low days. yrKhNSTOwn, May 7?Sailed, steamship City of Wash ington (Br), Lochcad (Iroin Liverpool), New York. Kt Miciiakls, April 0?Sailed, schr (lalena, t-iiva, New Bedtord. St Johns, PR, April 26?In port brigs Carrie Pmtn :ton, Whittetnore, for Areclbo, to load for New York; ivaUli din, Saunders, from Philadelphia, arrived 23d, di?g. St Pikkuk, Mart, April 15?In port ship Maputco I (Fr), Allx, f;om Imiique, arrived March 10, dtsg. In port 16th, schr Ann A Susan, l'udgcr, for ITiunpton Roads for orders. Saoua, April 22?Arrived, bark Joslc Mildred, Maine, Havana; sihrs Gruce B West, Lord, Ht Thomas (and sailed 29th for Philadelphia); King, Bird (Br), Simpson, Havana (and sailed 29th lor Philadelphia); 28th, brig Forest Princc (Br), Marriner. Hayll: 27th, schrs Laura Bridgman, Clark. Havana: Mary A Power, Willey, Car denas: Mary E Staples, Pettiurew, Philadelphia; -Stli, bark Enrique (Arg), Orcutt, Havana; brig 0 C Colsou, Pavson, do; 30th. brigs Nereus (l>r), Kerr. Boston; Ocean Belle, Duor, Havana; Mechanic, Nichols Portland: schrs Bortha 8ouder, Wooeter, do: Josephine, Brown, Machtas; Gen Conner, Cousins, Boston. Sailed 26th, bark James K Ward, Wiley, Baltimore; 26th, brigs Little Fury (Br), Hill, New York ; 28th. Mary C Mariner, Dier, and Raven, Spencer, do; Mohawk (Br), Mnrphy, Boston; schr J. B Marshall. Seave.v, Philadel phia; 29th, brigs Alice M (Hr) Richardson, do; 30th, bark Bessie Simpson (Br), Bradford, Baltimore; May 1, schr Calvin P Harris, Benton, north of linltcras. Sr Jaoo, April 8?Sailed, bark Aristules (Nor), for New York via Guantanamo. StJohn, NB, May6?Cleared, schr Lome (Br), Flowers, New York. Tbinidap, April 14?Arrived, brig Alice Tarlton. Con nor, fit Jsgo.' Sailed 24th, brigs B Inginae, Austin, New York; Iza, Noyes, Boston; senr J K Manning. Gaudy, Philadelphia. CPs* Steamship Amhria.] Alicante, April W?Arrived, Sophia, Cong don, New York, Antwerp, April 23?Sailed, Ptelnmann ft), Lcchere. New York; 23d, Astrid, Kluver, do; John Bertram, Km], Philadelphia. Bristol, April 25?Arrived, Sldlaw, Webster, New York. In Kingroad 34th, Comet, from Charleston. Buizhab, April 26?Off Berry Head, l'eraevcranza, Carv, from London for Philadelphia. Bordeaux?Sailed from Bovan April 21, Alphonse Ma rie, Privat, New Orleans'. Breberhavbn. April i3?Arrived, Hannover (?), Him beck, New Orleans. Bailed 23d, New York (s), Klugkist, New York (and ar rived al Southampton 25th); Atalanta. Hagemann, do. Barcelona, April 20?Arrived, Dos de May?, San Juan, New Orleans; 22d, Hugo, Guunshcns, Charleston. Bombay, April 24?Arrived, Gardner Colby, Dunbar, SWelifek, . ? i * CAiiCir#, April 23?Arrived. Anreoln, Rom, Liverpool. Sailed 23d, River Lune, Williams. Han Francisco. Entered ont23d. Brilliant, Komer. tor Galveston. ConcNKACKW, April 22?Arrived, Neater Lauren, New Orleans, CADia, April 17?Arrived. Thalia Borotan, New Orleane; 19th, Maria Antonla, Alvarez, do. Calcutta, April 24?Arrived, Daniel Draper, Clark. Bol ton. Sailed 24th. City of Lncknow, Watson, New York. Elsinorr, April 22?Arrived, J LBowen, Hall, Phlladel Shla for Cronstadt; Jem Nielsen, Andersen, do lor or ere. Kalboutr, April 24?Arrived. Prlscilla, Fraser, Callao for Bllgo (and tailed 25th); 2>th, Androclos, Keuter, Sao Francisco. Sailed 24th, Columbus, Burrows (from Hamburg), Phil adelphia; Maria Gardclla, Boston. Off the Lizard 21at, Percy, Jnul, from Pensacola for the Baltic; Wilhelm, Thornlornsen, from do lor London : 23d, George, Begelken, from New York tor Bremen; 25th, Pla net, Ootids, from Pensacola for ??. Fatal, April 16?Arrived, Kliza Evelina, Monro, Wil mington, NO, for Hamburg (see Disasters). Sailed 14th, N K Clements, Kelly (from London, having repaired), Boston. Obboa, April 20?Arrived, Clara Maria, Bugge, Pensa cola. Gun woe i, April 25? Arrived, Hope, Frazer, Pensacola. Sailed 26th, Assyria (s), Smith, New York. Havrb, April 25?Arrived, Niphon, Day, New Orleans. Cleared 24th, J P Wheeler, Jenkins, Cardiff and Singa pore. Helvobt, April 24?fallen. Olaf, Mortenien, Boston. Hamburg. April 25?Arrived, Peter Maxwell. Sulis, a hnttUUljiltA K ins a lb, April 25?Off, Yineo, Robson, from Charleston for Liverpool. Liverpool, April 24?Arrived, Hlndostan, Ballley, New Orloana. Sailed 24th, Nelson, Wall*. Pensacola; Sappho, Wllber, Boston; Margaret, Roach, do; Marianne, Nottebohni, Manter, New York; Circassian (*), Wylie, Monireal; Annie Aindle (s), Corkery, Philadelphia; Annie Fish, Yates, Payta; 25th, Countess Dufferln, McGoiiagle, Bal timore; India (a), Todd, Boston; Peti Dubrovueki, Cher sonaz, Philadelphia; 26th, Richard Robinson, Stetson, New York; Regent, Chase, San Francisco. Cleared 24th, Dagmar, Kolstroui, Baltimore; 25th, Re becca, Oetcovich, New York: Screamer, Hall, Philadel phia; Charles Purvis, Small, do; S Vaugban, Snow, St Thomas. Entered ont 24th, Batavia (s), Monrland, for New York; Legislator (s), for New Orleans; Alpine, Waters, do; He Una, Wylander, Philadelphia; 23th, Shateinuc, Thornton, Bahia; Louiso, Bahlrus, City Point; Republic (s), Glea dell. New York. London, April 24?Arrived, Oscar (s), Hutchinson. St John. NB; 28th, Columbus, McNeilly. San Prsncisco; Holland (s), Bragg, New York (and entered out to re turn). Cleared 25th, Marlanno Ferro, Aotola. New York; Mari ano. Ivanclch, Boston. Arrived at Gravesend 26th, Devana, Thompson, New York. Lisbon, April 18?Arrived, Flenr de Mario, Thomas, New York for Algiers, leakv. Bailed 16th, Jeven Thomas, Costa, New York. Louon PoTLB, April 23?saileo, Norsk Flag, Nielsen, Baltimore. Marsbillss, April 23?Sailed, Lacy Radman. Karg, New York. Malaga, April 17?Arrived, Yirgen ae las Nleves, Solcr, New Orleans. Newcastle, April 35?Cleared, Alieo Yennard, Hum phrey, Rio Janeiro. PmARTB. April 24?Arrived, Bablno, Paine, Havre. Sailed 23d, George Green, Wilco*. Singapore. Prntlanp Virtu, April 21?Passed through, Ceres, Grnn berg, from Philadelphia for Stettin. Plymouth, April 25?Pnt in wind bound, Isabel, Nobas, from Wilmington Tor Rotterdam. (Jdebnstown. April 25?Arrived, Missouri (s), Mathias ^vHngaunn, npin sv?auav (and sailed 28th for Liverpool. Sailed 24th, City of Amoy, Br iryoe (from San Francisco), London. Rotterdam, April 33?Cleared, John B, Oil more, Vew York. Reval, April 10-Arrlved, Tyro, Scott, Savannah; 14tli, Ironsides, Berry, New Orleans; Constantla, KMid pen, do; 15th,lfrancii B Fay, Dunham, and Ceres, Ouadcisoo, do. Scillt, April S3?Off, Schiller, Wlachaaen, from Galves ton (and sailed for Bremen). Swinbbdndb, April 31?Arrived, Wilhelm Voss. Thorsen, New York. utavambii, April ??Cleared, Haakon Haakonsen. Meier, America. . Southampton, April 34?Sailed, Black eyed Susan, Cogh lan. New Yorfc. ....... _ Tabbaoona, April *0?Sailed, Idnn, Wahlgren, Philadel aiasTB, April 21?Arrived, Emma, Ctstaua, Philadcl I American Part*, ALEXANDRIA, May 6-Arrlved, steamship John 01b. son, Winters, New York; schrs Hannah K Baker, Three Bisters, and Mettle Raker, Boston; Forest Oak, New lis ven; John R Holllday. New York; Margaret t Lucy, Groton, and Lemuel Hall, Providence. rawed up-Ssfcj V tfm ?- for George BoItoN, May 7?Arrived, brig Mary (Br), Forrest, Cleniuegos; schrs President, Beg l? v. Ran tan River; Fawn (or Dennis). Wilmington. NC; Charles E Jackson, Tomlin iLQO Wlshart, Mason, and T J Trail on, Donne, Philadelphia; Trott King, Rradiord, Hobokeu; Mist, New. bury, Calais. cleared?Steamer* Blackstone, Hallett, Baltimore; Saxon, Orowell. Philadelphia; Nereus, Bear*, New York; ship Herald, Gardner, Bala\lai bark Kndora. (Br) Tnrnbuli, London; brig George W Halls, (Br) Mltchner, Matanzas; schrs Pioneer, tothrop, Geergetcwn, DC: J B Pratt, Niekeraon, Philadelphia; H P Blaisdell, wood, Mobile; Jamee A Crocker, Cnrrier, Jacksonville; John Farnham. Chase, Philadelphia; Scud, Lewis, Lane's Cove, to load for New York; Marcellos, Rankin, Rock port. to load for do; B H Furlier, Cobb, Georgetown, DC - Ella Amnlen. Hlver; Marys. sailed?Steamer* , , dorm and Nereid (latter anchored In Roads and remained at sunset): and from theRoade. bark Brna. nth-Arrived, steamer Neptnne, Bearse. New York; brigs <jueen(Br), Baker. Surinam; Black Swan, Wins lade, Areelboi Mary A Chase. Dolan. Mntnnaa*. Also arrived 8th. brig M B Mckerson, Cardenas; schr Matilda M BarliKlos. _lv baltimork. May 7?Arrived. Bark* Edith, (Br), Churnsida, Tralee, I; Jamos B Ward, Wiley, Magna la Grande; Antonio S (Italy, Rut tore, Bristol, R; Cvlet (Aiut), Butorucich, Newry, Is Aktiv, tBuss). Lackstiani, Liverpool; Bertha, (Norw), Berg, Southampton; Brigs Helen, furbish, fniardo, PR; Si Lluto (Br), Ct?ffrey, May . M ifMi. ^[Ap?a? <?*.raMock, rnrum, Mart; P!of? ence ',af), Monroe, Cardenas; sehr Sarah Jane {Br), Fan? C,'dlak?iJ3Sb^f'Uaac Oberton. Achorn, 8t Thomas* 'Walter irvin Alrey, Portland; A t. Butler,Butler, Boston* sii"ed?Barlu Aiitoinatta Borapne, Cork; Angioljna, Londonderry; brigs Torrent, WalfvUle, Demerara; tchr Isaac Oberton, 5l!r?S?^n?*KA?i 11?. 8th?Arrived, steamship Moravian (Br), Graham. Llr eriATH,1*May 6?Arrived, Sea Nymph. Haskell, Tort I ?orf?r<i. Pt>Tsns\%ri"WUA?U^E^X schr' Be&mUL C?LUABEn7ro?RT,'Mav ^Anlved ichrt Llarie D*. ' kern. McDonald New York; White Rock. Lafferty, Bruige | pSrt; AnX 'sewe. New Vork; M J ^u^wn Laagh | ton. do; T B Abeel, Fowler, Providence; Vineyard, BSa?led,'?chrg narry Lea. Mayo. Salem; FranciBridte nltt, Allen, Providence; white Rock, ii*n uort- T P Abeel, Fowler, Providence; Python, Uall, Boston; Express, Letty, Providence; Eliaa Runyon. Bun > 7th?Arrived, Brie Caroline, Hunter, New Tork; i Velnm, Luke, do; Teaser, Dam, Ncw,arwi?v,Hk iS if1 Ashtord, and Robert Begron, Clement, New York, MF I Wga&^2SS5r2!aa. Knowles. Providence: Golden I Rule, Wilson, Norwalk ; Sarah Louise, Sneld, Portland, m&s? w??S!fSsiiS ounce (Br), irom West Indies for do. A northeast atorm prevails. The road Is lull of shipping. M11. nn (p(< (JALVES'i ON, May 1-Arrlved, bri*s Nellie Hnstod, White, New York; Mary B Rowland, Rowland, Balti ^Sl?Arrived, bark Herbert (Br), Hill, Liverpool; schr Lena Hunter, Somers, Boston. 7th?Sailed, schr MaWl F Staples, Cole. New York. Nl.W ORLEANS. May S? Cleared, achr Etna, Nyberft | ^fli-Arrlved, steamships Alice (Br) Kills. Llverpool; Mississippi, Orowell, New York ; schrs Warren Sawyer, Crie, and Annie Lyons, Grant, do. . n.m Cleared?Steainanip Oerinuuia (Qer)? WlBicn, nam bUN EWBERN, NC, May 7?Sailed, steamship Ellen 8 Ter ry, Chap in. Now York. . . . ? NEWBURYPORT, May 8?Arrived, brig Pronta (Br), ASu"leM-^cKraa?I>A Pearson, Williams, Phil 6th?Sailed, schr J S Lamprey, Gould, Philadelphia. 7th?Arrived, brig Chas Wesley, Harding, BucksvlllO, : gf* NORFOLK, May 6?Arrived, schrs .1 O Curtis, PajTie, Wellrteet: v/ 8 Sweet, Young, aud A V Hlggrns, Higgins, "^NORWICH, May 7?Arrived, schrs Joseph Roger* Ho boken; Chief, Rondout; R U Daly, Hobokon; Aunlc 8her wood, North River; sloop Agent. New York. Siiiled-Schr Buckeye, New York. POitT TOWNSEND, April SO?Arrived, bark Beecaamo WAa, Mav 7?Arrived, steamer Achilles, Colburn, Portsmouth ; barks Alice ""Jjam (Br), BorKan, iquique; Rachel, Norton, SagnajBlaok Bagle, Phillips, New Bedford; Hertha A Jennie brig Manson, Gilkey, Cardenas; schrs Robert Wing. Rein gourd, Sauua; Rebecca M Smith, Or?ce. ; Jon* than Stay, Neal. Clentuegos ; J Truman,.Gtbbfc Corpus Chrlsti: sallie Malr, Powell, Jacksonville. Hatne m Howes," Howes, Providence; fculetto Kenyon. Bucking ham; fa r Potter, Anderson, Ivilddletown, Conn; Wllllam Oilluin. Mehaffv. do; Armenia, Co e, Providence, R H Shannon VaiiKilder, Boston; W K Garrison, Chitljn, do; K (i Wlllurd, Wallace, Portland; W H Rowe, Whlttemore, Lanesvllle; Wry A Hand, Dobbins, Port Morris. Clean d?Steamer Aries, Wbelden, Boston, barks N Churchill (Br), Moses, Rotterdam; Martha (Oer), fcbren reich, Konlasberg; orlgs Geo Harris, Stowers. Cardenas, Gem (Br), Muir, Barbados; schrs Marian Gage, Foun ttln, Calbariea; 8 A K Corson, Brower, Boston; A r Colin. Springer, do; Marshall Perrln, Falker, do; B P CabaSa, Swain, Providence; Young Toajcr, Slocumb. New Bedford; R H Shannon, ^angilder. Medford. Ma?, W F Garrison, Chatten, Charlestown; M V Cook, Palkcn burg, Ncw|>ort; Anna Bnrion, fcrink, BogtoiU EBa V Crowell, Howes, do; Rachel Vanemdn, Brlwtl,ad. 8th?Arrived, bark Bremen (Ger), Helliners. Liverpool; brigs Roanoke (Br), Wilkio, Porto Cabello; A H Curtis, MerTiinan, Matan/.as; schrs Grace B West, Loro, Hagua; II I. Bridges, Landrek. Windsor, NS; Thomas 1 laskar, Cranmer, East Harbor, TI. . Cleared?Schrs L C Uickmsn. Robinson, CharlcstoWTi , R Law. Eldred, Warren; M H Koad, Benson, New Bed ford; Union, Wescott, Rockland; Msrtha Innes. Hlg glns, Lyuu; WC Bee, Chester, Norwich; M Cummins, Smith, .Newport; Florence Nowell. Jones, Cohaaset; Aid, smith, Gloucester; Reading RR, Notf, Gan^dv, iBositon, Reading RR, No AO, Williams, Lynn; Reading RR, No 46, Adalns, Mystic River; Westmoreland, Rice, Providence, Maggie M Weaver, Weaver, Chelsea; Clara, Norbury, Danversport; George 8 Bont, Smith, Cainnrldacport; Ilattle. M Howes, llowes, Boston; Kato E Rich, DA"f'hester7th. schr Josephine, Phlnoey, from New York. Lbwks, Del, May 7, ? PM-Two barks from above are anchored off the Breakwater. The (otlowmg schoonera are here:?Win Colyer, Oreensburg, Wiley. L P Pnaro, Eva Holmes, Wm G Tufts, L P Holleck, Thomas B Wooley, Augusta, P A Sanders, Major LCompton, Winged Pu'-er, Yanaec boodle, E K Wilson, Roxana Johnson, Carmlta, Fred L Webb, Wellington. Frank Walton, Jacob BlrdsalL Wild Pigeon, B Oliphanl and others. Three barks and one brig have passed out to-day. p il 8th. 9;15 AM?Passed in yesterday, brigs A H CurUs, from MaUnzas, and Sparkling Wave, from ^owey. The following arrivals are reported at the Brcac watorSchrs Isle of Pines, E M Balrd. Mary B IjiTier, J Miller, Roht F Stogden, und Clara, T Goot, tor Province town; Kllia B Emory, for Philadel phia; John AGrlffln, Cbas P Stickney, and Dantel Sim nions: an unknown bark arrived last night; a bar* passed in about 7 FM. All vessels of yesterday remain. PORTLAND, May 7?ArrlveO, schrs George B Btehardt (Br), Barlow, Clenfhegos; Hyena, Gardner, 8t George for New York; steamer Franconla, Bragg, New York. Cleared?Schrs Marcus Hunter, Henley. Cardenas; ^ Means, Dyer, Wilmington. NO. .... ^ PORVsMoiriB. NH, May 2?Arrived ln lower barbor, schrs Mary BreWer. Rsuders, New York lor Portland I John Balch. Ilodgdou, Philadelohla for do. PROVIDENCE. May Arrived ?chj ^n> Knowles, and Nil Desjperandum. Rlcb, Virginia; Morning Below?Norwe gian bark Anna. Ounnesen from BWMrta. ? . ^ sailed?Llllie Ernestine, Well* Haverstraw; A O La^ son, Pltzpatrick. Croton s Blackstone, Wickson, New Yorlt; D Sawyer, Rogers, New York, or Calais, A J Bent; lev Robinson; Entire, Klnnear; Evergreen, Tarner, Loulsa?Knox. Bva Divert, Hani; B H Wilson, Harris; Peerless, smitii; Amelia, Terry, and sloop Fred Brown, ^Safleil from^Duteh Island harbor6thlnst,Brbark La boramus, Hore, from Fall Blver for Charleston. f RNh0.Tnaii Ph'iZ: naw iora ? saran pruvUf ?? hbhim ?"? $ ? <?. ? Miner, do; Samuel Lewis, Young, do; rell, do; fr Merwin, Bunce, do; M R Carlisle, Njthrop. do; Mlnqnas, Heaney. do; Win H Bowea, Golden, d^ Sailed?feohrs Antbonv Burton, Johnson, New York; April ,wp iw i*wi'fc >?wd?lD. mm! J.?. tff). SO* "5|mI?Arrlnd.>)i1p EImMiMk . SAVANNAH. May 8-SaU*4, Partridal^WYork; SOth, schr ltary J Ward, Wart. P w'fLMfNGTON, NC, May fr-Arrlved. bark Mynheer (Get). Tesnow, Antwerp; schr GfOXK1*. ^llowles. WIOKFOKD, May 7?Arrived, ?chr Fakir, kmowmv. Elixabathport MIHCEI.I, ANKOIIH. A BSOLUTB DIVORCES OBTAINED KBOM COURT* A of different States; legal everywhere; 110 publicity; no fee State. no fees in advauce ; advice tlree: commissioner for entry FREDERICK I. KINO, Counsellor-at-Law, 363 Broadway. ?HERALD BRANCH OFF1CB, BROOKLYN, corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open froin 8 A. M. to# I*. M. On Sunday from 3 to I P. M. BSOLUTB DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM OimiU ent States; legal everywhere; desertion, Ac., soft ftcient cause; no publicity requiredi no charge antil divorce granted; advice free. M. house, Attorney, 1M Broadway. /Consumption can be cubed. lv SCUENCR'S PULMONIC SVBUP, SCHENCR'B SEAWEED TONIC, SCHBNCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS, are the only Medicines that will core Pulmonary Cou sumplion. A Frequently medicines that stop a cough will occasion te death ot the patient. They lock np the liver, stop th? circulation ol the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, they elog the action of the very organs that the cough. Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia are the causes of tv? thirds of the eases of Consumption. Many persons eom* iPlain of a dull pain in the side, constipation, coated Ufnirue, pain in the shoulder blade, feelings of drowsiness ?vl restlessness. I lie food lying heavily on the stomach, I accompanied -with aetditv anabelchiatf np of wln?. J These symptoms usually originate from a disordered condition ot the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected. It they take one or two heavy cold* and if the couch In these oases be snddenlr checked, will find (he stomach and liver clogged, remaining torpid and Inactive, and almost before they are aware the lungs are a mass of sores and uloerated, the result ot which la 'tfctenck 's Pulmonle Syrup Is an expectorant which does not contain opium or anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. _ _ . ?bench's Seaweed Tome dissolves the food, mlxeg i the gastric jnlcee of the stomach, aids digestion ami creates a ravenous appetite. When the bowels are costive, skin sallow, or the symp toms otherwise ot a bilious tendency, 8chenck's Van drake Pills are required. Ib~ " "T'S* ffi'JSos . mn. Northeast corner Sixth and Arch sts., Philadelphia. And are for sale by all druggists and dealers. Wholesale Stent, 3HO. F.IlBNRV, Nos. 8 and 9 College place, New York. P~ R. BADWAY'S BARHAPARILLA resolvent, the great Blood Purifier, tor the cure at all Chronic Mioses, Scrofula, Ulcers, Chronic Rheumatism, Erysipelas, Kidney, Bladder and Liver Complaint, DyftpepttU, Affections of the Lungs and Throat! purifies the blood, restoring health and vlger. Clear skin and beautiftil compieaion secured to all. Sold by druggist* Price fl per bottle. RAlfwAY A CO., S3 warren street, New York. i^WINCHBSTBR'S hypophosphitr OP UMB AND SODA Is a ground chemical rood for the brain, the nervous system and the blood. It ie a powerful stimulant and a vitalising tonlo and Invlgorator, specially adapted for all eases ot Weakness and Emaciation, promptly re storing the nervous energy and producing most refresh ing sleep. For Heart Disease, Feeble and Irregnlar Ac tion and Palpitation of the Heart and a Sluggish Liver there Is nothing known that will equal this great chesafc. eal remedy. Sold by all druggists, fl and $2 per bottle. J. WINCHESTER A CO., N John street, New York. CEWI8* COKDIAL BALM OP I.IFB?A SI KK CURB for Nervous Debility, Ae. Principal depot and office No. 7 Reach street, New York. Pawnbroker'S SALB.-R.FIELD. SHERIFF^ and General Auctioneer, salesroom lit Bowery, will sell this day, at ll o'ciork. sou lots Men's and Women's Clothing, Drestos, Shawls, Remnants, Underclothing, Bedding, Quilts, Blankets. Boots, Shoes, *c. ; also Costs. Vests snn Pants; also three Diamond Hinge By efder yi

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