Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Mayıs 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Mayıs 1873 Page 8
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VHUfflUL MD COMMERCIAL. Money Active at the Start and Easy at the Close. Up to 7 Per Cent, Cold, and Down to 4 Per Cent. THE STOCK SPECULATION QUIET. Ab Erratic Movement in Canton and Its Explanation. THE GOLD MARKET STEADY. Heavy Decrease in the Bullion of the Bank of England and Consols "Off." Governments Higher for lite Currency Sixes and Lower for the Five-Twenties. Comparative Table ef Railroad TrafDo-De cline in Union Pacific Income Bonds? Advance in TenneBsees. wall stukkt. ) TqukSDAY, May 8?6 P. M. J On 'Change to-day cotton was Anil and un changed lor "spot," while "luturcB" were In /air demand and a-Bhade better. Flour was in fair re quest and steady. Wheat was firmer for prime, which is scarce. Corn was only In limited request and heavy. THE GOVERNMENT GOLD SALE. There were fiiteen bids for the government gold, calling for a total of $5,305,000 at prlceB ranging from lie.87* to 117.30. One firm bid 117.27* for the whole amount offered for Bale. The award of $1,600,000 was made at 117.27* a 117.30. TUB FOREIGN MARKET. ( The Eondon quotations up to one o'clock showed a recovery of * in consols from yesterday's de pression. The reason of the favorable change was not stated tn the cable despatches, but it was due probably to the fact that the action of the Bank of England had not disturbed the ease of the money market. Something of it was also causcti by the BETTER FEELING IN PARIS, French rentes having at one time advanced to 64.86, although they closed at a reaction to 54.62. In the afternoon, with the publication by the Hank ?f England of a los* of ?400,ooo in the bullion ac count for the past week, consols became unsettled and weak and lost the morning'n improvement. The new French loan was a trltle firmer on the an nouncement that the weekly report or the Hank of France exhibited a specie gain of 3,000,000 francs. United States bondB were steady, if not firm, the only exception being the new fives, which declined a further per cent. Erie shares were without essential variation Irom the previous day's quota tion. MONEY EASY. The money market opened with a more active Inquiry, and 7 per cent was the rate in the re newals and early business, a strong effort being made at the same tune to get the figure up to 7 per cent, gold, with possibly a successful result In a rew transactions. By half-past two o'clock the market tarned in favor of borrowers, and the rate fell to as low as 4 per cent before the close of banking Hours. The government gold sold to-day will help to render the banks still more capable of extending accommodation to borrowers, as the coin will ?well the reserves while tho liabilities will be re duced by as mnch national bank currency as can be turned into the Treasury in exchange for the gold. The features of the market for MERCANTILE PAPER were about as already noted. The demand con tinues active, and prime names are quoted 7 a 10 per cent dlncount for actual business, buyers' rates toeing 8 a is per cent and sellers' 7 a e per cent. It will be seen by our Albany despatches that the Usury bin, amended so as to expire at the end of two years, has brth the subject of active debate In Albany all day. The outstanding extra greenbacks have been reduced to $1,000,000; a further decrease of $68,000 since yesterday. Foreign exchange was duU and nominally steady on the basis of 108 .a 106 * for prime bankers' sixty day sterling and 100\ ft 100* tor sight bills. ?OLD ffTKADT?117* A 117*. The gold market was steady In the mala, although fluctuating frequently between the extremes of the day. which were 117* a 117*. The market opened atrong, owing to the development of great scarcity tn cash gold, which commanded as high as 1-16 per cent for its use, but arterward loaned at 7 per cent for carrying, the "squeeze" having been engineered toy the "bulls" In sheer despite of the eirort of the ??bears" at the beginning of business to make cash grold heavy. The courac of the market is shown In tbe table:? 10 A. M 117* 2 P. M 117* 10:06 A. M 117* 2:06 P. M 117* 11 A. M 117* 3 P. M 117* 11:66 A. M 117* 3:20 P. M 117* 12 M 117* 3:30 P. M 117* 18:30 P. M 117* 4 P. M 117,* a 117,* 1 P. M 117* In the gold loan market the rates ranged from t per cent for carrying to 1-16 for borrowing. Tne operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as fol lows > Gold cleared 172,66(1,000 Oold balances 4,002.3?0 Currency balances 6.637,073 Tbe Sub-Treasury paid out (365,000 on account of Interest and $1,709 on account ot redeemed flva twenties. THE RAILROAD PON DP. There waa a better demand lor the railroad toonda and a larger basiness at flrmer prices. Pittsburg seconds sold at 100 and Central Pacific firsts advanced to 103*. Northwestern firsts brought 100. Union Pacific incomes were weak and fell to 71*. Tho following were the bids at tbe call as amended by prices In subsequent busi ness:? Hew York Cen IPs.'88... 91* Tol A Wab Irtm, ?x 98 8?? York <ui 1'i.rc.. *7 Tol A Wnblat, Hi L dir. VI Mew Ytlktcn l'Mub.87 Tol t K?l< 2<1 m 9'* Hew York On 7*. 16.. 101 TolAWab eon con v.... Kric irtm, eitcndcd....01 Han ANapleslst ni.... 87 Xrte (??, id m, "7# 09* (it Went 2d m, 1805 86* Krie Vi.tfm, *3 W 111 A K<> Iowa 1st ni 88 Um Doesbondi 97* t'hic.K lAI'ac.. 103* Ball, N *A E 1Mm, TT. W Morrif a fcaaex latm.. .1 oijj liud Rlv 7'?, M m af,'H6.10?* Morri* A Kkwi -Jd ui... 97% Had H 1't,So m, 76 OS N J C?n latm.n 103* llarlem em andaf 6'a...loo N J t-outl.frn latm 7'a.. 70 Ait A hut 1st bd*. wo rim, k w a ehic lit ui. iu6 a it> a 8us 2d bda ? PittiKwacsd m... loo* Alti * ????? 5d b'Ja..02* PitU, I- W a Chic 3d m. 02* aim Ccn7'f,con. 1002..100 ClevtPittaM m V6U Chic, eur A V 8'a . latni.lll Clev APittMLhm s? Mich hi> J v c ardm C7* chic A Alt n f y?u Mich Bo A N Iaf7pc..l0i* rhicA Ait utm lot* Clev A Tol nf 108* t'hle A Alt income 04 Cm v a Jul new bda... 83'? Ohio a *u? con if 03* C. PA A ok) bda. f* Ohio A Mi? con yj C, Mi new bds 08 Ohio A Mine 3d in. con.. 84 Bet, Moll a Tol bds..,. 0?* gl i.oui* A Iron M lat.. 07* Pun a trie new bda ... 0? Mil a MP latm,irs,PD.IM l?ke Shore div bda.... 02* A m Haul 7 k g. r d W* Jjtkr Slior* eon r SS 1* A W V 1st m, l*C D. 81 r*c RK >'a fi'd Mo ?* M a 8t P lat m, I a MU. Hw <?11 Pacific Kold bda...103* U A 6t P lat m, C k M.. S3 I'nion Pacific latin.... 86* Chic A Mil latin KH' Union 1 k< iflc j ft 7'a... 74'. Joliet A < hlc lat in lot;' Union P?c)fi< tnc lt^'a.. 17* Col, Chic A lnu C lat.. 87^ iM JicTtllc A S III lat, 8'a. 06" Col, Chic A Ind C M.., 72>7 Ait ATer H, 2d tn pref.. H8 Tol, P A W, K U Wi 4 lilc AHwtl W Tol PA ?, W D * luc A N W intbdi.... M* Tol, PAW, Burl'n <liv H6 <'hir IK* eon Uli ... Iw* Tol, 1'eo A IV Id m 7 J r luc ANWiatm wj! Tol, P A W cob Pa 71 Han A M Jocon?crt... m*2 N Y A N Ht>'s '?I. l ack A W lat id K?* Boat, H A Erie Istni 7'a '?* ttl l*i k A West 2d tn. W>{ <^d Fall* A Mtn lat m.. 80 i*ck A W ;'acon..liw Bnr.C HAM 7'a, lat, g.- W ?OUTH1BN SECl'RITIES FIRM. The southern State bonds were dull, but the ton'1 of tbe market was noticeably firmer, especially for tbe Tennessees and Alabama*. The following wer< tbe closing quotations:?Tennessee, ex coupon, 81* a 82; do., new, *i* a 82; Virginia, ex conpon, 43 a 48; do., registered stock, ?M, 87 a 46; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 63 a 68*; do., sues, deferred scrip, 13 a 13*; Georgia aaes. 78 a 78; 0o.. sevens, ot a ei: North Cujv-^a. e* eonpon, 28 a 28; do., new, 16 a 17} do., special tax, 16 a 18; Missouri Bixes, 98% a ?4; do., Hanni bal and St. Joseph, 00 a tl; Louisiana sixes, 40 a 4fl; Alabama eights, 86%; Hontn Carolina aixea, 26 a 87; do., new, January and July, 17 a 19; de., do., April and October, 27 a 38. RAILROAD BARNIWGfl. The following comparison of railroad earnings for the past month and the expired portion of the year, with the earnings in 1873, is made by the Financial Chronicle:? Jtoadii. Ai. and Qt West.* Atlantis and Pae*. Burl., C. H. and M. Central Pacific Chicago and Alton Chic, and N'west.. CI..C., C. and I.... Erie... Illinois Central ... Ind., Bl. and W.... Kansas Pacific* Lake Hhore Marietta and Cin.. Michigan Central* Mil. and 8t I'anl. Mo.. Kan. ana T.. Ohio au3 Miss? Pacific of Mo* Hi. L. and iron M* St. L., K. C. aad N. Wabash AmriL 1871 $309^724 00,41* 64,581 949.598 374,878 900,378 SSI.11? 1,527,988 669,871 114,842 224,746 1,52*, 250 145,858 380,207 474,188 117.542 273,920 206.258 137,367 230,11(9 447,313 1873. | "8870.774 73.952 77,387 1,132,920 412,318 990,816 432,928 1,541,966 5+4,035 1*4,046 262,300 1,694,643 190,662 407,300 669.236 261,700 333,236 220.79)1 15A.762 231,886 446,527 Jon. 1 to May 1. ? 1872. ? $1,962,382 ? 309,724 269,090 2,982,420 1,452,706 3,236 446 1,414,900 5,619,168 2,304,320 425,184 898,760 5,660,758 601,627 1,928,149 1,748,962 SHft.iiTO I,071.77l> II,017,271 I 649,422 980,190 1,779,680 | 1873. | $1,488,9.^1 | 370 774 I 302,657 11,576,790 18,468.443 ll, 666.906 15,703,593 12,339,435 I 427.382 I 908.372 16,667.619 I 708,637 Ilium 11,882,672 I 932,739 11,224.668 ? l,054,M7 I Cf 1,306 I I 871,978 11,699.228 ?Three weeks only in April of each rear. OOVBKNMBNTS IRREGULAR. The government list was irregular, being active and strong for the currency Blxes, which jumped to 115%?iirm for the long sixes of '81, and heavy and a fraction lower for the 87'b. The following were the closing quotationsUnited States cur rency sixes, 116% a 116; do. sixes, 1881, regis, tored, 118% 19118%; do. do., coupon, 121X a 121%; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 115% a lie; do. do., 1882, coupon, do., 1153? a 116; do. do., 1864, do. do., 115% a 116; do. do., 1805, do. do., 117% a 117>i; da do., 1867, registered, January and July, 117% a 118; do. do., I860, coupon, do., 118* a 118%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 110% a 120; do. do.,1888, do. do., 118% a 118%; do. tcn-lorticB, registered, 111% a 111%; do. do., cou pon, 113% a 118%; do. fives, or 1881, registered, 114% a 116; Oo. do. do., coupon, 114% a 115. BTOOK8 QUIET AMD IRREGULAR. The stock market was quiet and steady In its gen eral leatures, but Irregular upon a scrutiny of de tails. Thus Western Union. Rock Island, Ohios, Lake Shore and Central were heavy and lower, while Pacific Mail, O. C, and I. C.. Erie, Union Pa cific and Wabash were steady and firm. Union Pa cific was not afiected, at least unfavorably, by the decision of the United States Attorney General ex tending the retention of interest moneys on ac count of tolls for government transportation over the company's BRIDGE AT OMAIIA, liis opinion being that "under the act ef 1873 all compensation for services to the government by the said company upon its railroads of any kind la to be retained bo long as any interest in the United States by the company upon Its bonds remain un paid, and that the railroad of the company across the bridge is one of the railroads to which said act applies." In the miscellaneous list Panama ad vanced to 110, while CANTON after a rise to 110, fell to 101%. In explanation of the latter fluctuation 11 lS'Said that "Uncle Daniel'' had sold a number of calls at 104 a 105, which ex pired at a quarter to two o'clock this afternoon. The situation afforded "Jakey" a chance for the execution of a brilliant idea. With the sanction or Uncle Daniel he went into the Board and bid Can ton up to 110. The holders of the expiring calls were electrified at this rise, and notified their in tention to take the stock. As Boon as they had formally done so "Jakey" ceased bldaing, and the holders or the calls, in trying subsequently to sell the stock, found no better market for it than 101 a lox Result, a dead loss or 2a3percent, Instead or the prospective gain or & a o per cent. The re cent rise in Ohios is explained by a gain or $60,000 on the earnings of the montli or April. Toward the close Hannibal and St. Joseph dropped to 80%, closing at a little rally to 40. niGlIEST AND LOWEST TRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the dar Highest. Lowest. New York Central loi% 101* Erie 64% 64% Lak.?; shore 02% 91 s Wubusb 60% 60% Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred (No transactions.) Rock Isiaud 110% low% St. Paul 68% 67% St. Paul preferred 74 74 Ohio and MiBsiBBippi 44 43% Union Pacific 82% 82% C., C. and I. C 36% 84% Western Union Telegraph 87% 86% Pacific Mail 64 62% In Philadelphia Reading was steady at 118%. Pennsylvania was strong and advanced to 108%. BALES AT THE HEW YORK 8TOOX EXOHAHOE, Thartdsy, Mmj 8?101 IB A. M. $2000 l'P <P?, r, 'HI 118 $1000 US 6'*, 10-40,e.... 1I3V 30UuUt>6-w,c, 'w 113X A0000 US 6'a. car U6!? 10 A. M.?Befor* Call. 200 ?h? Wert l'nlon Tel 87* 100 *?>? M Co. .C Uft am 100 800 m w? wo 100 200 X M0 SOU M0 do. do. do. Uo. do. do. ?lo. do. do do. do. do. do. do. M0 LB A Mb KB .. MO 200 100 11)00 8*10 100 000 100 ioo 200 do.... ao. do. do. do. ao.. do.. do. do..,, do.... .1*3 S?$ 200 Canton Co s-'to h?>< 100 do *30 lu&i It*) do #31) 106 Wj N Y C A li K KB.... 101^1 5*10 do C 101* SU0 (1(1 lull) 600Erie RK wj. HA) 1, It I W KR aoj* 4UUUaPacRR 32? 600 ao " SUO do 100 do 0 100 Ohio A Xllm UK.... 800 do *3 *? do .... ?0 do 100 aw do #??? 10J do lOOPac MBSCo 6.? an Chic* BIBB..:.* 110^ c jg SS. mt 63? 2.0 700 4(H) 90 ?<U 2U0 Ml J 200 M0 du. do. do. (to do. do do. do.. do.. 1000 do. . 200 do IIOU 63)2 100 do s3 nu'i 6S'< lOOMAhtPRR " 8*2 an $" ^"4 800 do flMC ?MC, C4ICBU 36'/ 600 ao. AS 63 6Vi M8 600 do Viral Hoard?10i30 A. M. $4<)C0Tenn <Pa, old 81K 100?h?N YCi IlR..b3 101? liHMJU do *3 81^ 100 do 1011, 14wo Va i'?, con 63>4 1<j0 Prie liR b c Ms! 60WNC ?'*, spec tax, luo llarlcm RK l?3 127 7>, per cent off... lfljf .TOlnPacKK be 32* 13U00 Mistourl 6'f 94 4(J0 ao. 2000 Alabama R'x, K). *6* 600 do. 6MIU Ohio 6'*, 1881 1U6\, lUQ do. a* 80UN T CC'i, '88.. 2W0 Hrle 3d m c 600CJ l^oiktc l)ock till*... >J7V *f.... 10lS 2000 Micli KcHlh lMU) 1), M A To) 1*1.,.. 7000 t'n I'ar lit m.... 1000 Alt A T II tit ?.. 97 iKgma&si 1000 Han A Naples lnt 87 4000 Ot Wert lat. '88..; 95k 1000Gt Weft Sd 08 I A Pa. 7'?. 103^ ?I0 1000 Mor A Ks 2d 08 800 SOW Chic A N W con. 89y, WOO-V.I South 1st 76 MUOCIct Jk Plttfifcl m. 100 8MWC.CAIC 1st if!i, tmc,c Ai cmio... rA MOOT, P A W, lot,WD <000 ,\orill Moist 2000 0,C, C A I Int.... 4000 B. C K A M 1*1 Hxv 1,'villeAN con,'08 7 sh?Central Nat B'k 8 do 100Canton Co be 1U8 luo do 110 200 Quick M Co 40 1(M do b3 41 M do 39 100Qnlck M of be 60 400 Wert Cn Tel. cKR be 32?f 32** 3 bS 32 .'j w 100 L 8 A M' 8 KB.'.'.be 92U 100 do 92', 1100 do 93 800 do *3 91 SOU do 1.3 93 do b4 91 do 91? do *3 91?, du *3 91V do 9>K do *3 91,S &6 VK do'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'bS 91^ $ do 91 % uo b3 Hl?4 do 91/4 do , 9I>, do *3 VIS ao b3 9134 do 91;. 34 C A Pitt*. Rtd 88?i 100 N J Cen KK HU 100 C A R 1 RR...bc.b4 ll0?i I0U do ilil* 100 do C 110 100 10n0 an ioo e<n Si do. do., do. 110 U*U II? OO HhfTj, S: !S5 do *3 no do im;z rto llu do llu!' do Hit Oo MUX do ikm4 do id iio? do Ill) do lwni .be &*<>? 68 100 Mil AMPBK do. uo. BJU 68 68S 68, X Del A II (,'anal 114:, '*> ? u* 116 2w Pac M Mb t:#.b c.l>3 88,''4 68>J 6"H r do 100 1W) do luo do lu) do loo do SoO do 12 Mil A HtPanl pi... ioo a.> r.i,c .. 100Tol.WAW KR.bc.c 69V . .. 200U.II A K KK.. ,bc.c 3 6:j< 1001>?1, L A Weg| 101 ^ 251 uo lu2H w ao 102^. jy.or a bimx kb. .:: #r 8OCI1IC A AIL bo 111 1W) Olllo A M RB.. .b C 4S? <|" *3 43$ do 48U 43 u <lo 43''" do ctjJ do. *3 ?sj2 do 484? On _m tM lOJNTTCAH R RR 101% HO 7 do b ? 102 400 do 101% AM do 101% 100 do 200 100 aoo 400 100 900 11X1 200 do. 8?i. do. do. ... 43V .a 43% ... 43% m do u)ltf do 101% da 101% do 101% ao 101% ?3 101% 300C.C A I C RR.bc.n3 36% 11)117 urn ,i? i.a ?i do US 35% ?lo 38% do 35 do 34% do S6 nd iiuo P. M. Mllfi $28<M> U B 6'?, e, 'R1 ? 121% $2000 08 5-80. c, '88.. . 117% 60000 UB6'g, r, i)l...bc 11S% 3000 US 8-20, C, '65 n 11H% aoooL'Sa-20.c.ts 50000 do7...?.... ii8? ?~w. r**Uct! bond* 116% 100(0 t'8 6-20, p, > 120 .?*?V*?-20,c. w na% loooo ub8's, cur iib% lOUOO 00 be ll'?Ji 6000 do 115?' Wi-'W P. M.?Before Call. lOOehs WestCn Tel..e KCi *0 ao do c 86* do 300 !M> 11<*0 do. aoo do..;...;;.;;;; lOOPac M SB Co 400 ao 100 do 100 U Pacific RR 200 do ? S00Nyt:*llRRH..b? 101 *00 do 11H MO do 101 W 11 >2K II 3g g 8000 N V bounty 1, c... 106 WOO Ccn P ffId lid8.. 103% 8000 Un Paclft m.. .. 86k 8000 U Pnc 7'e, 1 u b... 74% MOoCPaclO'Mnc.... 72* 10000 oo 7ir 1 ?W0u*RI4Pac7'a. 103 8?00H, HAElft ..... M 1000Tol,PAW l?tin,KD 91 1(00 T. 1' A W 1st, \VD, 8* luoo Mop A Kh 1st in... 102* 600alia (-'antou Co.. .be 107 700 do 105 {{ft, do b3 104 10"0 do jog] <00 Wc?t Un Tel be H0! do b3 87 do 87 do 87 SOOdhll.BA M SRR... 91V 100 do 912 700 do 91 % 400 Jo 91% 200 Panama RR 113% 100 C A R 1 RR 109V 100 do 110 100 do b3 110 200MU A St P RR 200 do 6h% 200 Ohio ii M RR 4.1% 100 do ?*? 100 <2, C A I C UR 3.')', 200 do 38 Second Roard?I p. m. 83% wS 14 W X'? 95* *225? ,?* ??*????? Pae M 88 Co.. 18t0 400 600 300 700 .1(3 do.... do.... do do do 200 Un Pac RR be aaoo do 18 Adams Rx ? 700 N y c A U R..bc.b3 101 100 do 101 1000 do lol rv 800 LHANH RR.bc.b3 91% 200 do 91% 2"8 do 9t'i 100 Panama UR be 115 800 600 IllO 100 300 200 600 100 100 104 100 do b3 87% do 87% do b3 do do Of >4 87 W 87)J do 114% do blO ll'?>2 do 115 do 115% do 115 do 114% do b3 115 do I|&% .. _ do lltl do hS 87 100 Rrie UR nret 74 do 8C% 30 C, C, (,' A 1 Kit NJ do. 200 PdC M S8Co"...bc 52* 100 100 800 200 900 100 600 1300 500 200 do do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. 100 ?ht Canton Co 102% 10$ Jo *3 100 100 300 600 200 do.rTTTM 1300 We?t Un Tel H6' 100 do b2 8e< 200 NYC A II RR 101 l<j? do b2 101 40O Paelllc Muil SB Co. 53 400 100 500 100 100 loco 100 Un Pae RR ,b3 100 do. 300 0o. do. do. do. do 1,3 Mte do Ki g oo. v-, V, C? ? r>a 100Chic A HI UR 110% 400 do be 110% 100M A St PRB...bc.c fru, 100 do (J 58;% 100 (lo b* 400 do 6K% 100 Han A Bt Jo 41 30P.PtWAC.iitd.... 93% 53% 100 Ohio A Mlaa.b c.blO 41 200 do b3 43% 6U1C, CA 1C RR...bc 3i ?i30 to 4 P. M. 500 ahi Erie RR fcflO 63% 800 do 64% 100 Panama RR 11S% 101% 400 Chic * Hock I UR. 109% 102% 12UI LBAMK KH fl% 400 do s4 91% 100 do ?. b3 ?1% 400 do 91% 1000 do 1)15 91% 100 do h3 91% 200 Mil A Bt 1' KR ft.i% 100 M1IA Bt P RR pf..b3 74 110 Ohio A M Kit 43% 700 do 43% 1400llan A BtJo UR.. 41 loo do 40 300 do 100 do 100 do <>3 39', 40% 40% CLOSING TRICES?4 O'CLOCK P. M. Western I'n on. 80% a W% Northwestern.. 81 n J{!f!CusJi ,,i" n Norlhweat'n pf. 86% n Quicknilver pf.. 49 a 50 N J Central 103 Am Mcr L'n Kjt. C7% a 07% ~ " " " D B I-. *| rcsv 73% a 73% Pacific Mall 53% a 5.1% iN V, J01% trie 64%' a i>4% IJnilein 126 a 127 i4tke Bliorc 91% a '.il% Union Pacific.. 32% a 32% Rock Island 109% ? I,1 A'8"1 6H% a fit Paul prel.... 7j% a Wnliasli COM a Ohio A Mi*..... 432 a llan A BiJo.... 40 ? Hoston, 11 A K.. 3 a C, c A 1 O. 38 a

82 t8 103 % 110 W% 74 70 440% 36% COMMERCIAL EEP0RT. Cotton Qnlct< Kecelpta at the Ports, 4 < 05 Bales?Flour Steady?"Wheat Firmer?Corn Heavy?Oat? Firm?Pork and Lard Quiet and Ea?ter?Groceries Quiet., hut Firm?Petroleum Nominally Steady?'Spirits Turpentine Firmer? Rosin Unchanged?"Whiskey Firmer. T11UR9DAY, May 8?8 P. M. Business continued slow to-day in most depart ments of trade, and we note some important cliauges. Cotton was still dull. Flour was Inquired for to some extent for export to Great lirltain, and several sales were made on the basis of lower prices. Wheat was very scarce, nnd old Bering was taken at some advance for ex port. The supply of tnis sort is about ex hausted, there being but one or two loads available. For other kinds the market waa quiet and steady. Corn was duli and heavy, though a fair aggregate business ras done at about yesterday's prices. Whiskey wa3 again decidedly higher, bnt not very active. The pork market was dull and prices were decide 1ly lower, both for lots on the spot and to arrive. Lard waa also decidedly lower and nearly nominal. Grain freights were stronger wider a fair demand for room. Groceries continued quiet, but were held with considerable firmness. Petroleum remained dull, but was nominally Heady. Spirits of turpentine was very quiet, but a shade firmer. Rosin was about steady. Corns.?The general market continued very quiet, but prices were nominally unchanged. We have only to note a sale o1 4,800 bag* Pantos, ex steamer Burnard. at 18*c. We quote r-Rlo-Ordlnary car goea, 17KO- ? fwr cargoes, 18c. a 18*c.; good cargoes, 18*c. a 18J<c.; prime cargoes. Mo. a ll^c.; extreme range for lots, 17?<c. a 193iic. gold per lb., 60 a *0 days' credit; Java, government bags, 20c. a 81c. i do. (grass mats), ?c. a 21 Sc. -, Singapore, grass mats i6Ke a 17Kc-; Ceylon, 18c. a 19c.; Maracalbo, 18c. a 19c.; Laguayra. 18*0. a 19*c.; Jamaica, 17c. a 18c.; St. Do mingo, UKe. a 16c. s Porto Rico, 18c. a lte.; CosU Rica. 18c. a 19c.; Mexican, 17Kc. a 18Xc.; Manila, 17o. a 18e.; Angostura, 17*c. a lS^c-; Bavanilla, 17\c. a lfl^c.; Cu racoa, 17Xc. a l?Xc. gold per lb.. 80 a SO davs' credit Cotton on the spot was dull and generally nominal In value The business for export was understood to have been at low price*. Future deliveries were fairly active "-ttjrMi* w ? 386 Cons^ption."*.*. ? 246 Speculation " _ -For fetnw delivery (basis' low middling;[ the sales have wnM? follows? Sales last eveniug atier three o'olock? u?m at 186-l?r.; Jnne, *0 atMftc.. 300 at 18 gfec.; ?uiv 4 200 at 18 7-16c.; August, 100 at 18 3-iflc., 800 at 18^0., au'at 1H 7-32c.; September, 100 at 17 3-lfic.; October, 300 at vti, TotaL 6.V00 balea tales to-day up to three P. M. 200 at 18 7-iec.. 1,100at ISSc.. 300 at lal^M ^at 18VJ, ?u toiinwa??OaTvcston. 406 bales; Now hi,n savannah, ftt8; Charloiton, , st ?Vorl'olk873? Ne w York, 1.470; Boston, si Total, 4,964 files This day last week. 4,088 bale*. This day last year, 2.015 bale*. Rates on cotton to lorelgn ports were nomi nal at the following figures:-To rinvre, by steam, lc.; 2fii lc compressed ; to llsmhurg. by steam, *d. com - to Brfmen, by steam, lc.: to Liverpool, by r^d. 716d; sail, 5-16d. a '^d. We quote Steam, Uplands. Alabama, jitif OrUwu. Tex*" Ordinary {Jft }$ f? m & | ?T?& ?ouSo"*are based on cotton In, running to oaeftySSfmo??than hall a grade above or below the fer2?^,A iVb'ri**i!i.-R*ceipts-Plour, 8,215bbls.;wheat. ? M hu^s; corn, 64.424 do.; corn meal. 270 bbls. and 42-'ftags? oJts. 61 >77 bushels. + hare was a '<altW d*Aland tnV .1,1 i)i>inn grades, but at lower prices, fhd eholoa txtra HiatrJLld^osomeexuntfor ixpert st n decline. Other v^d. were steady. The sales, including all kinds, foot up Irt^it li.MO bbls. at prices within the range ot the ap Mndad nnotations. Corn meal was In moderate demand an 1 Steady; ?ales 300 bbls at ?1 26 a $2 36 lor Western yel low and tS to for caloric. Feed continues quiet but steady IUW nnu WW J.J u m ?,,! 11,wa ? Hlft Hit fh HPn? $4 00 a$6 15 Superfine State Ultra State IS Choice State... 7^6a 7 ou Superfine Western 8 <6 a 6 ki Kxtra Western. 8 76 a 7 uo Rouad Coop Ohio, trade brands 7 ? a *60 sf.'uo'uis, low extra 6 Hft a 7 st Louis, straight txtra..... 7 .? a 8 St. Loul?, choice double estra H ,5 a 0 60 St. Louts, choice family 10 W a 12 w Califoraia J g{ a ? Rve flour Southern No. 2. J 76 a 6 30 Southern superfine 8 Ij> a Southern extra ' S " ., ? Southern family ! ? * l! Corn meal. Western 8 15 a 3 40 Corn meal, Jersey. 8 16 a 3 ?? Corn meal. Brandy wine 8 65 a ? 7S Baltimore * '? ?i 2i r'nlorlr " w a a ? is oo f. o. h _______ Ing, betaf almost l Si 87ajl 68, In store, lor r*o. 1 Milwaukee ; W I'M i"J Noa. 1 and 2 mixed. t2 04 f.<r amber Winter, $9 tut white California; red Winter nominal at tl ? a |1W Corn'was dull and heavy. The sales since onr laot foot uu about 76.000 bushels at ?7c. a W?c. for old initxed1 I" store and afloat, 67c. a 6Sc. lor new mixed, Wfc ? WH low and 73c. for Western white Oats wetj fl, i?rtor to'ehoTc? ne'w whiw'afloatJTS heTd abov# the views o( buyers. Barley?Sales 6,CW0 bushels ?' It at is ii?iivered at Jeraey City; Western nominal at 75c. a remained dull and innchanged. vitumTi ?ilitrp win h fair lnQWrt'v for room for -^ wul7atMraU? madf. Vvw for Other produce wm little roQRlit after. The cherterHfbnaineM wm very tliiiet, but about former rates were current. The enauge lnents includeTo Liverpool, fv gtoam, 78,090 bushels of grain, at 6d. a 6Xd. The non.inai rate for provision* waa 40k. a 48b. To London, by steam, 22JSC0 bushel* of grain, at 9d ; 2,000 bblea. of flour, at 2a. Vd. The only charier we heard ol waa a Oerman bark, to arrive, hence to a Baltic port, 2,600 bbls. reflned petroleum, at 6a. 6d. Rumored, a bark irora Philadelphia to a Continental port) with petroleum, at 6?. 3d. . . . _ - .. Moi.assks.?The market to-day haa been quiet for both foreign and domestic, but prlcea were steady. We heard of sales ot 16 hhds. of Porto Rico, on private terms, and 8Q bbls. of New Orleaus, jobbera, at troin 74c. a 7$c. The stock this date includes 3.628 hhds. of < uba,115 do. of Porto Rico, 149 do. or English Inlands and 2,000 bbls. of KewOrluans. We quote:? _ _ Old Crop. Aw Crop. Cuba, centrifugal and mUed 18e. a 22c Cuba,clayed -a- ?? a32c Cuba, muscovado, refining ?a ? 30c. a ?*? Cuba, muscovado, grocery ? a ? 38e. aMC. PortoRleo ?a? 36c. aft*. English Islands -a? 28c. a sate. New Orleans ?a? 88c. a oOc. Naval Stohkh.?Kor asirita of turpentine tho murjet was quiet, but a shade firmer, uIo^Iuk at M)^c. a 61c. We have only to note a sale of 26 bbls. atSOkc. 'i'he market lor rtain was dull; strained quoted nominally at$9a$3 10. We heard of sales ol 70 bbls. Dale at $4 26. 60 bbls. of extra do. at $4 76 und 900 bbls. of No. 1 at $'i 78 a $4. Tar was neglected but nominally steady at S3 76 a $4. Pbyuolkum.?On 'Change to-day the market for reflned was dull and nominally unchungcd; quoted at 20c. spot and remainder ot month, and 2tmc. for first half of June. Crude in bulk was neglected, and in th* absence of sales we quote nominally 9\c. a 10c. Cases were firmly held at 26%e. a 27c. Naphtha remained entirely nominal at IK . a lt^c. lor Western or city. At the Creek the mar ket was reported quiot and unchanged; quoted at $2 80 a $2 ,H6at Oil City, $2 63at Rousevllie, $2 60 at Petroleum Centre and 92 6& at Tltnsvllle. The Philadelphia mar ket was dull, neglected and nominal. Reflned quoted at 19>ic., spot or month. Later we heard of sales In New York or 3,500 bbls. of city l aphtha at UUc. lor June de liverv, and 600 bbls. of prime white oil lor firstlialf of July ut 21c. Pwovisions.? Receipts?Pork, 777 bbls.; beef, 202 pack ages; cut meats, 1,7M do.; lard, 1,240 bbls. und tierces and 100 kegs. The market lor mesa pork was abont steady for cash round lots, but easier lor tutnre, quoted at $18 so cash and $18 26 tor May. Wo heard of sales of 261 bbls. for June and 260 bbls. for July, both sales ut $18; early, .'00 bbls. sold at $18 60 tor Juno. Bacon was quiet; little or no disposition waa manifested to opetato, aim in abscnce ot'sales prices wcro quoted nominally as before. Dressed hogs were firm, at 1%c. a 8c. for the range of city. Bee i remained quiet but steady. In lots about 40 packages sold within the range of $10 a $11 for new plain mess, bbls.; $12 a $14 tor do., extra mess, bbls.; $20 a $2.2 for do., prime mess, tierces, and $23 a $26 lor do.. India do., tierces. Beef hams were dull, but quoted steady, within the range of $28 a *33 for Texas and Western. Cut meats were generally quiet in a wholesale way, but a lair business was consummated from stores, at full prices. We heard of saloa of 276 boxes ot dry salted shoulders, at 7c.; ISO pickled hams, at 12c.; M boxes do. shoulders, on private terms, and 100 tierces of pickled hams, 20 lbs., arrived late yesterday, at U V4c. Lard?The market for Western waa irregular and easier. We heard of aales ol 100 tiercea of kettle, off in grade, at Vic. cash; 280 tiercea, sellers May, at 954c.; l,ont) tierces for June, at %c.-, 1,760 tiercea for July, at 9%c.; 10U tiercea of new lard, at 9Jie. cash. City waa dull, aud quoted nominally atWfc. a 9>4c. Butter, under increased arrivals, was rather easier, quoted at 31c. a 34o. tbr new State half tuba and Wclah tubs, 26c. a 31c. for Western. Cheese was in moderate demand for export, quoted at 14c. a 16c. for new good to choice State factory, and 6c. a 10c. for skims. Kic*.?There waa less doing to-day. but the market continued firm. The sales comprise about 36 tierces of Carolina, at 7%c. a 8J4c., and 126 bags of Rangoon, at 65?o. a 7c. sucar.?The merket for raw continued quiet, hut firm. We heard of sales of 476 hhds. of Cuba on private terms; 400 do. ol Porto Rico at 8c.; 34 do. of Porto Rico ut 9'^c., and 100 boxes of clayed at 8?jc. Reflned was only in moderate request and not essentially charnged in prices. Messrs. C. Anuinn A Co. report tho stock, sales and re ceipts as follows :? Bhdt. Boxes. Bags. Mtlatlo Stock (ascertained by actnal count, including specula tion), May 1. 18?3 60,218 S7,m 182.977 4,842 Receipts slncc May 1 18,929 7,624 21,612 806 Totals 69,147 45,318 201,489 6.K48 Bales since Mayl 12,836 6.C99 ? 907 Ptock this day. May 8, 1373... 86,312 33,019 204,489 4,681 Couipuring with stock, May 9, 1872. 61,77# 60,196 31,636 1,497 Comparing with stock, May 11,1871 43,639 60,961 173,713 6,668 Comparing with stock, May 12,1870 94,833 105,076 336,468 2,072 ?We quote:?Cuba?Renning, inferior to common, 7c. a 7??c.; lair to good lair, 7%c. a 8c.; good to prime. 8?c. a 8'4c. ; grocery, fair to good, 8?fc. a 8*ac.; prime to choicc, 8J4c. a 9c.; centrifugal, hhds. and boxes, 8Vc. a Bkc.; molasses, hluls. and boxes, Cjic. a 7&c.; mclatfo, 4c. a 6c. Havana?Boxes, Outch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7Kc.; do., 10 to 12, 8c. a tt^c.; do., 19 to 1& 85-?c. a 9,*ic.; do.. 1(1 to l-". 9)?c. a 10c.: do., 19 to 80, 10>4c. a lu^c.; white, 'JXc. a ln^c. Porto Rico?Refining, common to prime. 7c. a 8Vc.: grocery, fair to choice, 8Hc. a 9,'?c. Brazil?Dutch standard, No*. 8 to 12,63fc. a be. Java?Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, 8c. a 8*?c. Manila?Superior and extra supe rior. 7?. a 7\c. hruAuiNii,?The market was qutet to-day, but prices were quoted steady at !)%c. a 10c.-for tierces. L t.i.ow was quiet, but steady, 110 bbls. and tlcrees of o>!?ide sold at 8J,c. Prime city quoted at 9c. a ?S'c \\ uiskky.?Receipts, 723 bbls. The market continued quiet, but was again tinner. ? ales 160 bbls. at 92c. a 92 ka, closing at the ouuide price. D0MEB1I0 MARKETS. Charleston, May 8, 18731 Cotton dull; middling*, 18c.; low middlings, l<)?c.; strict low middlings, 16';e.; ordinary, 13>?c. a He. Nei receipt*, 566 hales; gross, 1,069. Exports coastwise, 031. Kales, 300. Stock. 14,771 Morii.e, May 8, 1671 Cotton demand good; middlings, 17\c. Net receipt*, 742 t alcs. Exports coustwiao, Oii. bales, SOU Stock, 31,160. Nkw Orleans, May 8. 1873. Cotton demand fair at lower rates; Irregulirruiiddlings, 18c. a 18kc. Net receipts, 434 bales; gross, MS. Exports? To Great V.rltain, 3,760; to the Continent, 1,231. Sales, last evening, 1,000; to-day, 13, OtiO. Stock, 180,837. Savannah, May 8,1873. Cotton dull and unchanged; middlings, ltic. Act re ceipts, 1)76 bales- Sales, 570. Stock, 30,71)8. OiLriinox, **y 8.1871 Cotton dall and nominal: good ordinary, 14kc. Net re ceipts, 4t)6 bales. Exports to Ureat Britain, 4,601. galea, SO. Stock, 4J.4.U Wii.minotor, N. C., May 8, 1871 Spirits turpentine firm at 4SKc. Kosln quiet at S3 40 for strained. $4 ISO for extra pale, $3 76 for pale, $A for window glass. Tbe crude turpentine market is unsettled; $2 lor hard. $3 25 for yellow dip, 93 25 for virgin. Tar steady at $2 75. Bwmm, K. T., May 8,1873. Lake and r?ll imports for tbe last twenty-four hoursh Flour, 1U.2U0 bbls.; wheat, 24,580 bushels; corn, 43,050 do.; oats, 43,400 do.; barley, 1.400 de. Kx ports by rail for the last twenty-tour hours:?Wheat, 72,400 bushels; corn, 8,400 da; oat?, 43 400 da; barley, 2,400 do.; Flour quiet; Western Spring, $7 78 h $8 20; am ber Winter, |8 80 a 19 28; white Winter, 99 50 a $10. Wheat scarce: sales of small lots of Chicago Mo. 2 at 91 48: quoted. Milwaukee No. 2 Spring, fl S3 a Si 56; Chicago No. 2 Spring, 91 46; white Canada. 91 75 a 91 90; white Michigan, 91 80 a 91 ?. Corn weak; sales 4.S06 bushels No.Tat 53c.; 1,206 do. new Na 3 at 52. Oats quiet; Western mixed held at Me. a 4ft. Barley steady: Can ada, 96a a91; No. 2 Western, 90c. a Mo.; two-rowed State, 84c. a 88c.; four-rowed State, Ma Rye?sales nominal at 8Sa Barley malt Arm; Western, 91 a 91 10; prime Winter Western, 9110 a fl 16; primo Canada. 91 20 a 91 28. Rye malt held at 96c. Tlie balance of tho market is unchanged. Oswego, N. Y? Mav 8.1871 Floor unchanged; sales of 1,000 bbls. at 98 75 for No. 1 Spring, |9 76 for amber Winter, 910 SO for white Winter aud91i lor double extra. Wheat steady: sales of 3,000 bushels Na 2 Milwaukee Club at 9165; S.OOflda prime white Canada at 92 05: 2,000 do. fair do. at 91 Corn unchanged; sales of 4,480 bushels Western, In car lots, at 60c. Oats dull; sales of one car state at 45c. Barley oulet and lower; Uptake Canada held at 91 06. Corn meal, 9l 25 for bolted, 91 20 for unbolted per cwt Mil ceipts by lake?11,200 bushels of wheat, 12,900 da corn. 11,2U0 do. barley and 197,600 feet of lumber. Chicaoo, May 8, 1871 Flour steady and more active; sales of sunerflne Spring at 93 76 a $4 50: extra Spring, >5 a$rt JO. Wheat steady; sales of Na 2 Spring at 91 cosh, or seller Mar; 91 18 seller June; No. 3da, 91 17Jf; rejected,91- Cornsteady; sales of No. 2 mixed at 384fc., cash ; 40kc. a 40^c.. seller June; rejected. 30c. ft M^c. Oats quiet and weak; rales ol No. 2 at 3UO. cash; 33c., seller July; rejected, 3oc. a ; white, 37c., on track. Rye In fair demand and Arm at C8Hc. ? 70c. for No. X Barley firm and in fair demand: sales of No. 2 Fall, regular, at 75c. a 76c.: No. 3. 64c. a 70c. Pork dull and a shade lower: sales at 917 30 a 917 35, seller June. Lard nominal at ?9 10, seller June. Bulk meats and bacon quiet and unchanged; no sales: light inqntry. Whlsaoy active and higher; sales at 88kc. a 90c., closing at about *9}<c. Freights dull and declining; quoted wheat to Buffalo, 9c.; corn to do., 8c.; wheat to Kingston, 14>Jc. Receipts?8J?iu bbls. tiour, 18,000 bushels wheat, 99,000 do. corn, 32,0U)do. oats, 1,000 do. rye and 1,000 do. barley. Shipment#?7,?00 bbls. flour, 83,000 buniei- wheal, 41,000 do. corn, 17,100 do. oata and 7,000 da barley. Touna May 8, 1873. Flour steady. Wheat firm and advanced lc.; amber Michigan, spot, 91 79; last half of May, 91 76!^; June, fl 77){ a 91 78; Na 1 red, 91 81 a 9181*; refected red, fl SO. Corn in fair demand oad Arm; high mixed, spot, 47Uc.; June, 47kc.; August, 4?Uc.: low mixed, 40Vc. a 47c.; yellow, 48c.; no grade, 46e. Oats steady ; ?o. 1. 46c.: No. 2, 40c.; June, 41t?c. Clover seed. |?M. nke freight#?Wheat to Buffalo, 4c.: corn to Oswego. 8c. Receipts?7,C00 bushels wheat, 14,000 do. corn and S.iun do. oata. Shipments?1,000 bbls. flour, 26,000 bushel* wheat and 42,000 da corn. HAVANA MARKET8. Havana, May ?, 1871 Sugar quiet; No. It, Patch standard. 10 a lo>4 reals per arione. Exchange Irregular; on L'nfted States, 60day*, in currency, II a 12 per cent premium; short sight, 14 a 16| er oent premium; on London, 39 a 41 per ccnt pre mium ; on Pari', 25 per cent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. London Monrv M arret.?London, May 8?<1 P. M.? Con sols closed unchanged. Vnlted states five-twenty bonds, 1865's, old, 9>: 1?'?, 94. Rrle Railway shares. 50<k. Con solo opened at 93){ for money and 9J?4 for the account lulled Mates tlve-twcnty bonds. 1805, old, 92W; 1867s, M; ten forties. 89K; new flves, 89% and Erie Railway share* at SOJ*. Pasis Boi ksx?Paris, May 8?P. M ?Rentes closed at 54f. 62c Liverpool Cotton M arret.?Liverpool, May 8?5 P. M.?Of the sales to-day 6,000 hales were American, sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston delivera ble in May and June at811-ltfd.; shipped from Savannah or Charleston, April and May. at 8M?I.; from Now Orleans, May and June. 8Ud.; from New Orloan*. deliverable in May and June, 8jjd. The market opened dull, middling uplands, 8'yl-; middling Orleans. 9k<l. Cotton, to ar rive, was unchanged. Mnles of cotton shipped from New OrteanaApril and May at8tfd. ;from Savannah ur Charles ton, deliverable Jaly and August, at 8Vd. Liverpool Brraostupps Market.?Liverpool, May 8? SP. M. -Corn, 27s. 9d. per quarter. The market Is quiet Wheat, Us. lOd. per quintal for average California white, and 12a a 12s. 26. tor club do. Liverpool Produce Market.?Liverpool, May 8?6 P. M.?Refined petroleum, 14Sd. per gallon Lor dor Paonrca Market .? Ijondon, May 8.?Tallow, 43*. Od. a 43a yd. per cwt Linseed oil, ?83 a ?33 05s. per ton. PIHAKCIAI.. a ?LAP8LBT A BA/.LKV. 74 RROA DWAT, BROKERS Am in Stock and Oold Privileges?9100 lor put or call for ion shares, 9125, for 980,000, gold 1 first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address August brlmont a co., Bankers, IV and 21 Nassau street issue Travellers' Credits, available in ail parta of the world, through the Messrs. DK ROTHSCHILD and their correspondent# Also Commercial Credit money ou caUforuia. Euroue and Also Commercial Credit* and telegraphic transfers of Havana. FINANOIAIm American bank note company, 142 BioiMiT, Nkv You, Vt| 8, M71 At Um isoul election ot thla company, held on the 7th lost., the following gentlemen were elected trustees tor the ensuing year John B. Oavit? Albert O. GoodalL 0. L, Tan Zandt, Nezlah Wright, Theodore i, Fr??J?nd. . ? sobsequent mee.lng o the Board of frasteea the following officers were elected ?? Tracy B. Ed son, J. Dorsey Raid, George II. Stayner, Wm. M. SmiUie, John E. Garlt, President V VftD Zftndt ADd I Vl<?? PraalilAnta Albert u. GoodalL I 'c? * r*?wenU. Theo. 11. Freelaiiu, Secretary. George 11. Btayner, Treasurer. TlfEQ. II. FRKELAND, Secretary. AN A1 SECOND MOBTGAOE FOR 8ale-?4,800, on desirably located Hudson Hirer Properly. A liberal discount to a prompt purchaser. Call on DRAKE BKuri.. 66 Broad wuy, at 12 M. A -JAY COOBE A CO., . No. *) Wall street) New York. London, Paris, Exchange on Berlin, Frankfort, Bremen, Vienna. Cable Transfers. Circular Letter*, Commercial Credits, on JAY COOBB, MCCULLOCH A CO., _ 41 Lombard street, London. Cable Transfers up on Vienna direct. -MONEY TO LOAN ONBUND AND MORTGAGE. in New York, Brooklyn und New Jersey.?Prln i only aj wuv, room 11) ClpaU only a^ply to SAMUEL S. WOOD, Jr., 1SS Broad FOR sale-CERTIFICATE OF five SHARKS OF the Central Railway Construction Company ot Iowa. Apply to BUFUS hatch, 17 Broad htrcet Fob sale cheap for cash, ob will trade for merchandise or Western Lands, a few hundred Shares capital stock of a completed railroad, running east and west, in the State of Illinois. Address, lor two weeks, J. D. H., Herald office. F~ OR SALF7.?FIRST CLASS SECOND MORTGAGE OF $4,00(1 on private dtv dwelling property, due le?s than u year; reasonable deduction; principals only. Ad dress C., box 4,960 Post office. IMPORTANT TO INVESTORS.-|2T5,000 WANTEO-TO establish a manufactory of goods as staple ax cotton or woolen, under the direction ot a party now producing in large quantities wares superior to any manufactured in this country or Europe, and under very advantageous circumstances, ns 80 per ceut of the goods sold here are manufactured in England, where the high price ol coal and labor is rapidly precluding export Profits very large and sales unlimited. A thorough personal investi gation solicited. ELLIS A BIUNCKEHllOFF, Financial Agents, 48 Broad street. WANTED?RAILROAD SECURITIES, STATE, CITY and County Bonds. Also, for sale, iron and steel Ksils, bv WM. A. GUEST A CO., 17 Nassau street. <t>Q AAA MORTGAGE FO EXCHANGE FOR GOOD ?P^5.UUU Household Furniture. Address, at once, with full particulars, MORTUAUE, Herald efllce. <fl?0 nnn WANTED-ON REAL ESTATE WORTH iPO.Ul/U $9,U?)U; liberal discount allowed; principals only apply to A. C. L00MI8 A CO., 1,261 Broadway. AAA $i.\<S?, fiO,ooo~$y,"7(j^$sTooo^T6Tc)AN ilp^o.uvu. on City Property, wllhout bonus; First and Second Mortgages purchased. RUFUS K. Mo ll A RG, 77 Cedar street, Notary and Commissioner lor every State. nnn EXECUTOR'S MONEY to loan?on ?|P?)l/.v'UU city Property; also First and Second Mortgages promptly cashed. HALL J. HOW, 12 Pine street <ti7? (Win TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, 4 tJ.UUU on City Property; Second Mortgages cashed at once. RICHARD V. HARNKTT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement. MORTGAGES sums to dbQH hi\n ON HANI) FOR FIRST MOR JpOU.UUU (75,000 for Second Mortsagc suit; city property only. 8. FUE1DENB1CH A CO., IKM and 908 Third avenne. $90000 '10 LOAN?IN SI,MS TO 80IT ANn to purchase first and second Mortgages on New York city and Brooklyn lteal Estate. W. D. A F. llAll TLES, S6 Wall street $150 000 T? LOAN-ON B0NU AND MOBT. gago, without bonus, tor a ter.a of years, on real estate in Uiis city. JOHN F. CONREY, 1G2 Broadway, room 9. 5qAA nnn EXECUTOR'S FUND TO LOAN ON ijPOv/U.UUU bond and mortgage on New York im proved property, in sums from $k oiki to $2'J,lMXK>; only principals or their attorneys dealt with. No bonus re quired CALLENDER A LAURENCE, 30 Pine street. CQP A. UTH K ilSi IK'S, May i, lm?tub businkss of edward p. llampson, at S8 Corllamlt street, has bceu consoli dated with that of Whltehlll, Smith A Co.. ot Ncwlmrj?, N. Y., under the firm names of llumrwon, Whltehlll A <'o., New York, and Whltchill, Smith A llampson, Newburg. REAL ESTATE SLITTERS. There seems to be a little more activity in the market at present, Judging from th6 number of private negotiations effected during the week; bat at the Exchange very litflo attraction has been offered during the same period. The cause of this in all probability la that very little desirable real estate haB been pnt on sale to tempt purchasers with. On 'Change yesterday a large assemblage gath ered; but the day's business was spiritless and conducted without the display of the slightest en thusiasm. We have received the following par ticulars of private sales:? Mr. William II. Raynor sold eight lots on the east aide of Third avenue, between looth and loist streets, for $60,000. Mr. V. K. Stevenson, Jr., sold a full-steed lot. 36.8x100 feet, on the southeast corner of Grand Boulevard and Seventy-seceud street, for |3\oou. Also the two three-story English basement brick houses, 16.8x40x87, 164 and 150 East Eighty-second street, for $8,000 each. J. E. Broome, 10 Wall street, sold ninoty lot?, commencing corner or East New York avenue and Flatbush avenue, Brooklyn, for $750 cash each. The annexed is a list of yesterday's sales at the Exchange ?T MTLIKM, WILKtm AM> CO. (Estate of the lato Martha Ohavcll.) Slots, 86.10x100, on s. e. corner oi 99th st. uud 10th av.; 8. Wormier $11,276 1 lot, 26.2Vxl(X), on n. e. corner of 99th it. and 10th *V.i W/H. Allen 8,600 (For other account.) 1 plot and 8 8. frame honse and "(able on n. 8. of 113th It, 100It e. of 10th av.; bid in 26,000 1 lot, 26x102.2, on n. I. of 78th St., 225 ft w. oi 2d nr.; bid In 8,900 8 lot*. 60x100.10, on n. s. ofll8thst, 19J ft. e. of 4Lli av.; bid in 8,000 1 plot, 33.6x90, on n. s. of lldtli st, :iS9 ft. c. of 4tU jiv.; probably sold 6,360 1 name Cottage ana L, 26x99.11, on n. *. of 127tli st., 60 It t. of Madison av.: hid in 7,."<,X) 1 frame cottage and 1.. 26x99.11, adjoining', bid In B.800 1 frame h. and 1., 26x99.11, on s. a of I2stn st, 10 ft e. ot Madison av., bid in 10,200 1 lot and frame tinble adjoining, 26x99.11, bid In for. 7,000 1 lot, 26x99.11, on s. s. of l2Sth it., adjoining, bid In . C.'JJO 1 plot of land, .'6x120, running through from Wafer st. to Charry nt, No. 237, with the two 4 story brick buildings thereon, between Kutgars and Pike slips, bid In 12,000 1 lot, 20x90, on e. s. of 8th nv., fc0.5 ft n. of 66th st, bid in 12,000 The lot, 20x100.6, on n. s. of 52d St., 306 ft e. of 9th av., was not offered. The Supreme Court sale of the h. and 1. 122 West26ih st was adjourned to J unc 6. BY K. H. LUDLOW AND CO. (By order of the Supreme Court.'* S lota, 86x100.10, on s. s. of 110th st., 420lt w. of 3d av.; Jh Cunningham 6,7.r>0 1 1< t, 25x100.10, on i. s. of 110th st, adjoining; W. Mullsney. 3,200 1 lot, 26x180.10, a. a. of lluth st, adjoining; .las. Cun ningham 3,800 (for other account) 3 s. and baa't b. ?. h. and 1. 321 R. 80th st, n. a., 236. IS ft e. of 2d av., withdrawn upon a bid of. ...18,100 The sale of the 2 lota, 40x96, w. a. of Madbaa av., 62.2 it. n. of 8Sd *t, was adjourned to May 16. av iisRi m. (By order of the Supreme Court.) 2 lota, a. I. ot 67th st, 218 it e. of Lexington av.: George iiaofleid (for plaintitl) 17.0OJ TAINTOE'8 ECLIPSE. Grambo's Liabilities Over $800,000?A List mf His Creditors. Philadblphia, May 8,1873. The following la an official list of the creditors of Tlarrison Grambo, the banker, who failed In this city about two weeks ago, and whose caao the Hbrald ventilated since that time Insurance Company (J. A. Muhhjberg.... 98.70J0 of North America. .$U,W Mii K. Matflton 939 Evening Star 1W J. b. Muudy 3,//1 Evening Bulletin..... 482 W. Me^urrar 4^0 (?. W. Child l, Ledger. 2S7 O. A. Nuilli delf and J. W. Forney, Pre*.. 60S Trustee) ..... . .... 57,810 W. W. Harding, In- O. Flic (Adminiitra qulrer ? 8J7 tor).. 1,2<0 W. M Swain, Record 26 P. A. 1'ortcr 10,106 Mrs. M. C. Agnew 6,<00 R. K. Smith 20,810 T P. M. Bennett, ae- B. K. Smith (Trustee countant of Mra. for R. Iluddell) .. 12,(HO Blackburn ... 1,496 .1. U smith 13,010 T. M. P Bennett 8,<00 W. H. Sloanakcr i2,tf><l J. R. Buchanan 1,796 Charles Sidnev 2.1 M. L. Burr ... Hurry and Sophia... 20 Baker, Arnold A Co.. 1,062 Joseph ftinsrorlr, R.M.Coleman 4,000 Treasurer 16J.O*) B. Cotnly 4.000 Mr< J. A. K. Kenner. 1,20 1'. Connelly 4,000 .Mr-. M. stokes I?,2u0 J.F.Clark 1,260 .Tames Taylor 6f>'? C. W. K. Calvert 2:;,927 Anthony Taylor 14,000 John Cantz 2,878 J. F. iobias l,'-'60 W. E. Crowi 1,3P0 W. Korode and wlte . 23,666 ltufTell A Co 1,000 J (). II. Archambault 10 J. O. Klnnie 1,600 K Hinder 40 H rTanconi 17,607 1*. Kauaii A Co........ 146 MissH. Ffclier 1,000 Mrs. J. L. Kdtnuudi.. 121 L. (inrmanl 24,600 II. Lyiburn, Jr 2* Bev. James Oravea... 6,(KHi Mis. S. Maynard Ml D. K. IIout7 A Co 446 John M. tinnier 2,740 John Haukmaa 9*6 u. C. Walter 1,216 John Uaissler l.OJt E. 1). Warren......... 2ft,ono M. VV. Ileinmllwright 12,000 Warren, Kirk A Co... *? F. W. Ileiamilwriifht. 900 It. Winterbottom, 8r. 200 R. Hemming* 20,00) Mi*s Winterbottom... 1,160 i. R. Kerr A Bros.... 713 Dr. II. winterbottom. ?,218 <>. D. B. Keeley ?0 J. W. Wcymer l>.?XJ OF. Knemg .t 101 William WrlghA Llpplncott, Walton A SauMH I W rig tit. 112,179 Co.., 1,M5 Jamc*. Stephen and B. 0. M. M in gas 6.116 Cliarlea Flanagan.. 7I.?< 1 Total $867,122 Coroner Tlerrman was yesterday called to the First precinct station kouse to hold an inquest on the body ef Cornelius Lampher, a man thirty-fipht vears of age, wkose death was caused by being crnnhed between a canal boat mid a bridge, at Pier e East Hirer, ou Wednesda* aveniiub THE ANNIVERSARIES. Various Societies Celebrating Thsmteltw?The American Bible Society?The American and Foreign Christian Union?Tha Christian Society, fto. The anniversaries?so many or which take place In the month or May-bare new fairly began, and for some time jet there will be little else thought of by those who enjoy ana partici pate In them. The season of flowers is moet fitting for the celebration of the recurrence of periods marked in memory by pleasing thoughts. The ladles especially delight in them, and happiest are they when they have opportunity to display in public those intellectual qualities which lit well to the duties of the institutions of whioh they are largely members, devoted to semi-religious mis sions. Several of such affairs took place yesterday, and reports of them are given below: but the full height of the season is yet to come, and is fondlj expected. AMEBIOAH BIBLE SOOIETt The fifty-seventh annual meeting of the AmerU can Bible Society was held at the Bible House yee terday morning, for the transaction of business. Alter organization Caleb T. Rowe, Secretary, read the annual report, which contained much of In terest. Reference was made therein to the deaths of Vice Presidents James Suydam and Marshall S. Bldwell, and of three managers, Messrs, Donald sou, Woolsey and Phelps. Vacancies in the Bbard of Managers were filled by the election of Messrs. John E. Parsons, Wm. F. Stearns, Edmund D. Stanton, Joshua M. Van Cott and Henry M. Alex* ander. Superintending the Society's work in this country are thirty-five agents, with fourteen as sistants, and in New York county 108 agents were employed by auxiliaries. During the year 18,664 Bible visitors have worked gratuitously, and thero are three agents employed abroad?In Mexico, South America and Turkey, besides unpaid agents in Spain, France, Italy, Russia and almost every country where American missionaries are laboring. The receipts for the year were $060,407, Including (354,067 lor publications, $29,670 from rents, $130,464 irom legacies, $1-25,897 from donations and $10,614 from sundry items. The payments ameunted to $656,419. it Is estimated that about $79,000 are necessary t* meet in iull the outstanding engage ments of the Society. New translations and revisions are in progress of the Arabo-Turklsh, Armeno-Turklan, Hebrew Spanish, Azerbaijan-Turkish, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Colloquial and Japanese. There have been printed and bound at the Bible House during the year 780.U50 volumes, and printed and purchase* abroad 273,366 volumes, making a total or 1,054,216. Whole number of volumes issued, 1,201,246, in cluding 830,603 from the Bible House, in thirty nine languages, and 200,742 abroad, altogether representing sixty different languages and dialects. The Society, during the fifty-seven years of Its organization has issued the vast num ber oi 20,782,214 volumes, There were circulated during the past year 426,700 copies of the Scrip tures. The gratuitous work for the same time amounted in value to $263,865, of which $86,238 were cash expenditures on foreign fields, besides 11,581 volumes sent Irani tills country. The distribution of the Scriptures lnthe United States during the year and during the last seven years, apart from ordinary sales by auxiliary societies, so far as reported, is shown by the an nexed figures:? During the In Seven rear. Year*. Families visited Jl?,23? 4,ltH,018 Kami lies found destitute of tlio iilbla.. 52,203 409,120 Destitute Inuiilleg supplied 23.218 803,514 Destitute individuals supplied 24,180 284,973 Sabballi schools supplied 1,1)91 9,363 An election or managers took place in the regu lar order of business, and those for the past year were all re-elected. The anniversary of the Society will be held In Philadelphia on Thursday evening, May 15. AMEftlOAN AND FOREIGN 0HHI3TIAIf U1TC03J. The annual meeting of the American and Foreign Christian Union was held in the Bible House, room 47, yesterday afternoon. Mr. F. W. Wolcott pre sided. The twenty-fourth annual report of th? Directors of the American and Foreign Christian Union was read and approved. It is an interesting document. The total disbursements for the year were $119,633 52. In Italy the Union closed the year with thirteen native evangelists in their employ, occupying as many principal Btatlons, and wittt lour young men, supported by them, at Pisa. In Greece the Protestant churca edifice at Athens, for which Dr. Kalopothakes has la bored so zealously, was opened for worship on the 12th of May. 1872. In Hungary and Transyl vania the work has also been attended with suc cess. Ii was sustained during this year, as before, by E. D. Goodrich, of Boston. In Paris the Rev. K. w. Hitchcock preached his first sermon on tho fourth Sunday of March, 1872, under appointment from the Board as minister in charge or the Ameri can chapel. There is also a "Missionary Associa tion" of the American chapel in Paris. In Chile missions have been maintained during the year without retrenchment. There are stations at Val paraiso, Santiago, Taloa and Oopiago. In Mexico all the agencies, which were considerably Inter rupted by the war, can now be again employed without hlndiance, and the home missions in Louisville, Cincinnati, ftc., have also done excel lent work. AMERICAN CHBiaTIAJ SOCIETY. The third annual meeting and election of this Society were held laat night at the Reformed Preaby? terlan church, 406 West Twenty-eighth street. The ?bject of the Society la to promote Christianity among the Jews. The following officers were elected for the ensu ing year:?The Rev. J. c. K. MUllgan, President; the Rev. Abraham C. Tris, Vice President; William H. JackHOD, Treasnrer. About eleven persons were present, including the officers, and nothing was done except reading the Treasurer's report. AMERICAN CONGREGATIONAL UNION. The American Congregational Union held Its an niversary meeting in the Broadway Tabernacle last night. The attendance was very large, and the exercises were of unusual Interest. They embraced a benedicite, "O All Ye Works of the Lord," and & duet, "My Song Shall Always Be Thy Mercy," from the "Hymns -of Praise," by Mendelnsoba^ and sung by Miss Edith Abell and Mr. G? O. Rock wood; a solo, bass, "Now Heaven in Fullest Glory Shone," frem Haydn's oratorio of the "Creation." sung by Mr. J. G. Lumbard; solo and chorus, "The Marvellous Work," irom the same work, sung by Mrs. Emma Watson Doty and choir; the "Muriner's Song," sung by Miss Antoi nette Sterling; hymn and trio, by Miss Stack, Mr. Ilockwood and Mr. Lumbard ;? brief congratulatory addresses by the Rev. Henry IL'Scudder, the Presi dent ; the liev. Win. M. i'ayior, Charles M. Robin son, J. M. Buckley, W. T. Sabine and A. J. P. Belirend. THE STEAMER ELM OITT. Official Report to the Secretary eg the Treasury?Tlie Csplsla and Pilot Cen Mired. The fallowing communication from Captain Ad dison Low, relative to the recent disaster of tbe steamer Elm City, was received by the Secretary, of the Treasury at Washington yesterday OrncM or ran Uwttrn Statm SwMtsmwo lifsnwross, Y _ ? ?"cokd District. New Yobs, Mayfi, lifr\ J To the Hon. William A hiuhudsok, Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. 0. f? '>? Instructions of the Department lettea Of the 11th ult, I have the honor te report the result of the Investigation held by Mewrs. Beekwith sad Hovey. Local Inspectors of New London, Conn., Into the cause oi the disaster to the steamer Klin City, which occurred on the 8th of April, 1873, near'Tbfof'S Point, Long Inland $<>tind, 'iho inquiry took place at the office of the Local Board, at this port, as the witnesses were more acceseW ble than In Lous Inland or Connection*. From the srldonce adduced it appears that the ateamer Elin Cltr left New York at a quarter past twelve o'clock A. M., April H. 1873. After waiting some time for the fog to lift, passlnz through Hell Gate, made the North Brother and ftlker'sTilsnds and Whltsstone Point, and then run oi. an esst-southesst course for about seven minute*. With an ebb tide this iiltould have brought the steamer to Throg's Point, when her eourse changes to north-northeast, at a right angle froim her former course. At this point the government maintains a lighthouse and a fog alarm belli and, although it 1? one of the most intricate places te navigate in the Sound, and where vessels are very oiten fogbound, yet it is in chsrge of only one lighthouse keeper. Tha testi mony in r?uard to tbe ringing of the tog bell is very con flicting; bat It was admitted that the machinery for working It was defective, aad the sound emitted very faint. The Local Inspectors, in their report, attribute the cause of the aocident to the failure of the Captain and pilot to take a proper departure from Throg's Point, and to their running the steamer on. or near, her usual course, without taking soundings. These officers claim, and, I think, reasonably, that had the bell been properly rung they should have cleared the "Stepping stones;" hut while waiting tor the sound of the bell, the drift of the tide carried the steamer out of her course, and so deceived them. The Inspectors give the officers and crew great credit for their discipline and efficiency at the time of the acci dent In concluding their report, the Local Inspectors say??'"That afler a careful review oi tbe evidence elicited and duly considering all the various clrcum (tancea attending the disaster they find that the conduct of the Captain, Fred. J. Peek, and the pilot, Nathaniel Stevens, is somewhat censurable: but not to that extent which would warrant them In revoking or suspending their licenses." I folly concur In Uirir conclusion* The a mount of loss Is not deflnltely known, but will appear in the annual report Very respectfully, AUDISOM Low, Supervising Inspector. TEMPERANCE EFFORT II OHIOAGO. CHiOAOOb May S, 1173. The Superintendent of Police baa prepared aa order, to go lute effect to-night, enforcing tbe ordi nance recently paaaed by the City Council, provid ing lor cloning saloons at eleven P. M. It Is likely that the constitutionality of the ordinance will be contested in the Court*

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